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It comes in the soul-rending blackness of night - eager for the sweet taste of fresh, innocent psyches who live unaware in the bright forgiving daylight. Unaware of clotting truths that infect the less-tangible voids that nestle alongside our own world. Surrounded by empty form, eyes that glow blood-red linger in a state of forever within the darkness reserved for our most secret, anguished nightmares.  However, the good news is that Conspiracy Journal is here once again to heal your shattered soul with all the news and info that THEY don't want you to know.

This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such spine-cracking stories as:

- Are Cosmic Rays Causing Toyota's Woes? -
- Cold Fusion Moves Closer To Mainstream Acceptance -
- In Search of Alien Glyphs (or are they microwave blasters?) -
Chile: Luminous Entity Spread Panic Among Bus Passengers -
AND: Child Vampire Hunters Sparked Comic Crackdown

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Are Cosmic Rays Causing Toyota's Woes?

Regulators take closer look at design of electronics.

It may sound far-fetched, but federal regulators are studying whether sudden acceleration in Toyotas is linked to cosmic rays.

Radiation from space long has affected airplanes and spacecraft, and is known for triggering errors in computer systems, but has received scant attention in the auto industry.

The questions show how deep regulators and automakers may have to dig to solve the mysteries of sudden acceleration. Toyota says it is fixing mechanical problems -- floor mats and sticky pedals -- that explain sudden acceleration in 13 models and 5.6 million vehicles.

But at least half of more than 1,500 recent complaints to regulators involve other models, raising questions whether Toyota has fixed its problem.

An anonymous tipster whose complaint prompted regulators to look at the issue said the design of Toyota's microprocessors, memory chips and software could make them more vulnerable than those of other automakers.

"I think it could be a real issue with Toyota," Sung Chung, who runs a California testing firm, said.

Toyota, which has led the auto industry in using electronic controls, told the Free Press its engine controls are "robust against this type of interference."

Electronics makers have known for decades about "single event upsets," computer errors from radiation created when cosmic rays strike the atmosphere.

With more than 3,000 complaints to U.S. regulators of random sudden acceleration problems in Toyota models, several researchers say single event upsets deserve a close look.

The phenomenon can trigger software crashes that come and go without a trace. Unlike interference from radio waves, there's no way to physically block particles; such errors typically have to be prevented by a combination of software and hardware design.

And an anonymous tipster told NHTSA last month that "the automotive industry has yet to truly anticipate SEUs."

Such radiation "occurs virtually anywhere," said William Price, who spent 20 years at the Jet Propulsion Lab testing for radiation effects on electronics. "It doesn't happen in a certain locale like you would expect in an electromagnetic problem from a radio tower or something else."

Toyota staunchly defends its electronics, saying they were designed for "absolute reliability." Responding to the Free Press, Toyota said its systems "are not the same as typical consumer electronics. The durability, size, susceptibility and specifications of the automotive electronics make them robust against this type of interference."

Testing for the problem would involve putting vehicles in front of a particle accelerator and showering them with radiation, a step that experts said would help resolve the question.

"Nobody wants to come out and say we have issues and we need to test," said Sung Chung, president of the testing firm Eigenix.

The phenomenon was first noted in the 1950s affecting electronics at high altitudes; unlike electromagnetic waves, there are no ways to physically shield circuits from such particles. Airplane and spacecraft makers have long designed their electronics with such radiation in mind, through safeguards such as systems that triple-check data.

Only in the late 1970s did researchers discover that a minuscule portion of such radiation falls to earth. It's not enough to harm humans, but as circuits in computers and cell phones on the ground have shrunk to the width of several dozen atoms, the risk of errors has grown. "Five years ago, it was a problem in very few applications," said Olivier Lauzeral, general manager of IRoC Technologies, which tests chips and software for SEU resistance. "In the past couple of years, we've seen a rise in demand and interest."

In an anonymous e-mail last month to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a tipster said such an error "may be one reasonable explanation for incidents of sudden acceleration," adding that the automotive industry had yet to adapt the techniques used by aircraft firms to prevent problems from SEUs.

NHTSA added the tipster's information to its electronic investigative file on Toyota recalls. The agency declined several requests from the Free Press for comment.

Electronic throttle controls like the ones under scrutiny in Toyotas are widespread in the industry. They're more reliable than mechanical links, they save weight and space, and make other technology, like stability control, possible.

Source: Freep


Cold Fusion Moves Closer To Mainstream Acceptance

The term "cold fusion" originated in 1989 when Martin Fleishmann and Stanley Pons claimed achieving nuclear fusion at room temperature with a simple, inexpensive tabletop device. That claim fomented an international sensation because nuclear fusion holds potential for providing the world with a virtually limitless new source of energy.

A potential new energy source so controversial that people once regarded it as junk science is moving closer to acceptance by the mainstream scientific community. That's the conclusion of the organizer of one of the largest scientific sessions on the topic - "cold fusion" - being held here for the next two days in the Moscone Center during the 239th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

"Years ago, many scientists were afraid to speak about 'cold fusion' to a mainstream audience," said Jan Marwan, Ph.D., the internationally known expert who organized the symposium. Marwan heads the research firm, Dr. Marwan Chemie in Berlin, Germany. Entitled "New Energy Technology," the symposium will include nearly 50 presentations describing the latest discoveries on the topic.

The presentations describe invention of an inexpensive new measuring device that could enable more labs to begin cold fusion research; indications that cold fusion may occur naturally in certain bacteria; progress toward a battery based on cold fusion; and a range of other topics. Marwan noted that many of the presentations suggest that cold fusion is real, with a potential to contribute to energy supplies in the 21st Century.

"Now most of the scientists are no longer afraid and most of the cold fusion researchers are attracted to the ACS meeting," Marwan said.

"I've also noticed that the field is gaining new researchers from universities that had previously not pursued cold fusion research. More and more people are becoming interested in it. There's still some resistance to this field.

"But we just have to keep on as we have done so far, exploring cold fusion step by step, and that will make it a successful alternative energy source. With time and patience, I'm really optimistic we can do this!"

The term "cold fusion" originated in 1989 when Martin Fleishmann and Stanley Pons claimed achieving nuclear fusion at room temperature with a simple, inexpensive tabletop device. That claim fomented an international sensation because nuclear fusion holds potential for providing the world with a virtually limitless new source of energy.

Fuel for fusion comes from ordinary seawater, and estimates indicate that 1 gallon of seawater packs the energy equivalent of 16 gallons of gasoline at 100 percent efficiency for energy production. The claim also ignited scepticism, because conventional wisdom said that achieving fusion required multi-billion-dollar fusion reactors that operate at tens of millions of degrees Fahrenheit.

When other scientists could not reproduce the Pons-Fleishmann results, research on cold fusion fell into disrepute. Humiliated by the scientific establishment, their reputations ruined, Pons and Fleishmann closed their labs, fled the country, and dropped out of sight. The handful of scientists who continued research avoided the term "cold fusion."

Instead, they used the term "low energy nuclear reactions (LENR)." Research papers at the ACS symposium openly refer to "cold fusion" and some describe cold fusion as the "Fleishmann-Pons Effect" in honor of the pioneers, Marwan noted.

"The field is now experiencing a rebirth in research efforts and interest, with evidence suggesting that cold fusion may be a reality." Marwan said. He noted, for instance, that the number of presentations on the topic at ACS National Meetings has quadrupled since 2007.

Among the reports scheduled for the symposium are:

+ Michael McKubre, Ph.D., of SRI International in Menlo Park, Calif., provides an overview of cold fusion research. McKubre will discuss current knowledge in the field and explain why some doubts exist in the broader scientific community. He will also discuss recent experimental work performed at SRI. McKubre will focus on fusion, heat production and nuclear products. [3pm, Monday March 22, Cyril Magnin ]

+ George Miley, Ph.D., reports on progress toward a new type of battery that works through a new cold fusion process and has a longer life than conventional batteries. The battery consists of a special type of electrolytic cell that operates at low temperature. The process involves purposely creating defects in the metal electrode of the cell. Miley is a professor at the University of Illinois in Urbana and director of its Fusion Studies Lab. [11am, Sunday March 21, Cyril Magnin I]

+ Melvin Miles, Ph.D., describes development of the first inexpensive instrument for reliably identifying the hallmark of cold fusion reactions: Production of excess heat from tabletop fusion devices now in use. Current "calorimeters," devices that measure excess heat, tend to be too complicated and inefficient for reliable use. The new calorimeter could boost the quality of research and open the field to scores of new scientists in university, government, and private labs, Miles suggests. He is with Dixie State College in St. George, Utah. [2.30pm, Sunday March 21, Cyril Magnin I]

+ Vladimir Vysotskii, Ph.D., presents surprising experimental evidence that bacteria can undergo a type of cold fusion process and could be used to dispose of nuclear waste. He will describe studies of nuclear transmutation - the transformation of one element into another - of stable and radioactive isotopes in biological systems. Vysotskii is a scientist with Kiev National Shevchenko University in Kiev, Ukraine. [11.20am, Monday March 22, Cyril Magnin I].

+ Tadahiko Mizuno, Ph.D., discusses an unconventional cold fusion device that uses phenanthrene, a substance found in coal and oil, as a reactant. He reports on excess heat production and gamma radiation production from the device. "Overall heat production exceeded any conceivable chemical reaction by two orders of magnitude," Mizuno noted. He is with Hokkaido University in Japan, and wrote the book Nuclear Transmutation: The Reality of Cold Fusion. [3pm, Sunday March 21, Cyril Magnin I]

+ Peter Hagelstein, Ph.D., describes new theoretical models to help explain excess heat production in cold fusion, one of the most controversial aspects of the field. He notes that in a nuclear reaction, one would expect that the energy produced would appear as kinetic energy in the products, but in the Fleischmann-Pons experiment there do not appear energetic particles in amounts consistent with the energy observed. His simple models help explain the observed energy changes, including the type and quantity of energy produced. Hagelstein is with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. [10.20am, Sunday March 21, Cyril Magnin I].

+ Xing Zhong Li, Ph.D., presents research demonstrating that cold fusion can occur without the production of strong nuclear radiation. He is developing a cold fusion reactor that demonstrates this principle. Li is a scientist with Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. [9.10am, Sunday March 21, Cyril Magnin I].

Source: Space Daily


In Search of Alien Glyphs (or are they microwave blasters?)
By Jacques Vallee

In Sept. 1991, I published in a New Age magazine my own hypothesis about the Crop Circles phenomenon. I speculated they involved a military aerial device (not a space-based instrument) for generating such designs using focused microwave beams, such as a "maser." At the time nobody wanted to hear that the beautiful pictures in English corn fields might be crafted by a technical team inside some lab, bouncing signals from a hovering platform and using individual corn stalks as simple pixels to calibrate a lethal device. So my paper was met with dead silence.

More recently, however, New Scientist has run an article titled "Microwaves could defuse bombs from afar" (April 18, 2009 issue). It begins: "The next weapon in the US army's arsenal could be a laser-guided microwave blaster designed to destroy explosives. The weapon, called the Multimode Directed Energy Armament System, uses a high-power laser to ionize the air, creating a plasma channel that acts as a waveguide for the stream of microwaves."

These things are typically revealed 30 years after they are tested, which fits well with the heyday of the crop circle frenzy.

It is interesting--and sobering--that nobody picked up on the New Scientist article either. The New Age folks were too busy deciphering the Alien Glyphs... while the scientific community had been hoodwinked by a few cleverly revealed and widely publicized hoaxes, and had long dismissed the whole thing.

New Scientist went on:

"The device could destroy the electronic fuse of an explosive device or missile, such as a roadside bomb, or immobilize a vehicle by disabling its ignition system.... Further work on the system could also allow it to be used against people, delivering electric shocks. The weapon's range will depend on the laser-generated channel. Previously such channels have been limited to tens of meters, but (the Army) believes it may be possible to extend this to a kilometer or more."

This is consistent with the hypothesis I had presented, of beams from a low-observable dirigible (such as the object an English friend of mine, an Oxford physics professor, saw from his glider in England, which was a perfectly-reflecting cylinder) using corn fields as a convenient calibration target. Why this isn't obvious to the paranormal research community is a complete puzzle to me.

The development is hidden in plain sight, which is the best way to keep something secret, and it is camouflaged sociologically by clever use of misdirection (actual hoaxes, later "revealed" to the world press) and the public's continuing belief in first-order alien communication.

Is there a lesson for us in here somewhere?

Source: Jacques Vallee/Boing Boing


He Wondered What May Lurk Below

By Chris Holly

I have a wonderful friend who is a scientist. He is a brilliant man who is one of our countries best physicists. I learn from my friend constantly and love to talk with him on everything from vacation spots to UFO’s.

Recently I was talking to my friend. We were discussing our families and the weather including the odd behavior of Mother Nature this year. Out of the blue my friend said to me, “I think there are just too many things about UFO’s,aliens in fact all the unknown subjects that do not make sense to me. I think that many things going on are far more sinister and frightening then we could ever imagine.”

I had no idea what he was talking about. I asked him what he thought was sinister and frightening?

I will admit that this friend often talks to me about things I do not fully understand but this time I really had no idea where he was going with this. I told him if he was going to drop a bomb like that one he needed to explain to me what he was talking about. My friend explained to me his thoughts;

“What if our very existence, our everyday life, is a false reality provided for us by a alternate dimensional, an alien group or humans from another era that control us through our governments. What if it is not the worlds governments denial of what is going on with these subjects, but the governments trying to protect us from who or what really is running the show.

What if we are like a big Disney land. The surface is a fabulous place to bring the kids and have a great vacation; however the underground working of the park is a dark mechanical greasy horror being worked by people you would never want near your kids or family? On the surface it is one thing. The truth underneath, however, is a completely different story. “

I thought for a moment about this awful idea. I tried to think up a reason this would not be true. The only thing I came up with was war. I asked him if this was so why would they allow all the war and conflict to take place on the earth’s surface if we are all controlled. Why would they allow that to go on?” My friend said, “Maybe they are the haunted house areas of this planets purpose. Maybe it is for comic relief or a way to weed out the weak among us or a test we failed once before that we are being given another whack at.” That idea made me feel extremely uneasy.

Could we be a huge experiment, or a form of entertainment? Are we a huge laboratory? Are we living false realities controlled by a master group we have no knowledge of? Are we being used by our own kind who somehow advanced to a point where they control our existence from afar and we are pawns in a game we know nothing about? Extremely strange concepts that fit into an extremely strange list of unknowns.

What if we are being visited by our own species who survived a catastrophic event long ago who have been trying to restart this planet and the human race? What if the people of today were seeded from people of long ago who now far advanced watches us and nudge us to survive where they once failed. What if what happened to them will happen again and they are the ones trying to keep the species alive and well. What if those who walked before us lost the ability to live on the surface of the earth and linger below? Could we be looking outward to those who visit, take and experiment on us when all along we should have been looking inward?

Could the healthy humans who live on the surface of our planet today be needed by humans from the past who lost the ability to survive in today’s climate?

I have no idea what the answers are. It does seem however we are lost to the answers of the unknown. We seem fearful of the truth of what was or what could be. I learned long ago to keep my mind open as I do know that one day we will understand the answers to so many of these confusing questions.

I am sure life has existed in this universe for a very long time. I think we need to consider all possibilities when the questions concerning life in the cosmos are examined. We are new to the game of developing intelligent life in this universe. Realizing what a new life form we really are compared to the age of space and time around us makes me understand that we understand little and have miles to go before we can comprehend the truth.

I can only wonder what the answers may be when my friend questions -what may lurk below?

I am left with many questions about this planet and the universe around us. As it stands most of it falls into the unknown. I learned long ago that many of the paranormal events reported are real. I know other beings exist. I just wish I knew the who, what and where of it all. I will continue to seek the answers to these questions. If we keep our minds open and look at all possibilities one day we may have our answers.

Take nothing for granted. Realize there may be many different answers to all these difficult questions. If we combine our minds and fight our fears we will one day understand all that seems so mysterious to us now. Remember before all else always be careful out there, pay attention to your surroundings, and keep looking up!

Source: Chris Holly's Paranormal World


Chile: Luminous Entity Spread Panic Among Bus Passengers

The sighting of a luminous being on the shore of the region of Tarapacá caused panic among passengers of an intercity bus from Iquique to Santiago de Chile.

The brush with the paranormal took place at 5 a.m. on March 1st 2010, when the passenger bus made a stop along Route A-1, linking from Iquique to Tocopila near the Vicente Mena Beach, between Punta Gruesa and Chucumata.

At that point, one of the female passengers began mumbling in her sleep: “They’re there, outside, there’re here,” creating expectation among her fellow bus passengers. She was wakened by one of her traveling companions. Once awake, the woman reacted as she looked outside the bus, seeing a fluorescent cylindrical structure in the sea. She began screaming and and causing alarm among the other passengers.

Collective panic gripped the passengers at this point, who after a few seconds “claimed having seen a top-shaped spacecraft emerging from the sea”, according to researcher Raul Rivera.

When everyone inside the bus calmed down and endeavored to photograph the luminous structures with their cellphones, the consternation and screams made an encore. “A being standing approximately 3 meters tall, thin and with impressive flashes of light, began walking toward the highway,” explained Rivera, stating that the case is being rigorously investigated in Santiago.

Once in Santiago, the experiencers went their separate ways, “making the investigation a difficult undertaking,” according to Enrique Silva, one of the two persons in charge of the process. He says that until now “only eight eyewitness accounts exist – a paltry sum, considering that an inter-city bus generally transports between 30 and 40 passengers.”

The identities of these eight witnesses is being kept in complete secrecy while future eyewitness accounts are sought, and the investigation can truly be finalized.

One of the open issues of this sighting is that neither the bus driver nor his assistant can be found. This has only served to stoke expectations, as some witnesses claim that the driver’s assistant took photos and videos of the encounter.

“There are key witnesses to the case. We cannot say who they are, nor the company to which the bus belongs. I can only say that something happened, as the eyewitness accounts are in agreement. I can say that a strange phenomenon occurred at that site,” Silva states explicitly.

The rigorous nature of the investigation is not only due to the sighting’s complexity or the difficulties involved in finding the final location of the passengers. The researcher in charge of the study adds that “there is an armed organization involved with the sighting, not as the source of the phenomenon, but as key witnesses. Therefore, the information involved, and the investigative process, must be handled with great care.” Silva explains that “we should have results this week or early next week.”

Link: http://www.estrellaiquique.cl/prontus4_nots/site/artic

(Translation (c) 2010 S. Corrales, IHU.)

Source: Scott Corrales, Inexplicata


Child Vampire Hunters Sparked Comic Crackdown

When Pc Alex Deeprose was called to Glasgow's sprawling Southern Necropolis on the evening of 23 September 1954, he expected to be dealing with a simple case of vandalism.

But the bizarre sight that awaited him was to make headlines around the world and cause a moral panic that led to the introduction of strict new censorship laws in the UK.

Hundreds of children aged from four to 14, some of them armed with knives and sharpened sticks, were patrolling inside the historic graveyard. They were, they told the bemused constable, hunting a 7ft tall vampire with iron teeth who had already kidnapped and eaten two local boys.

Fear of the so-called Gorbals Vampire had spread to many of their parents, who begged Pc Deeprose for assurances there was no truth to the rumours. Newspapers at the time reported that the headmaster of a nearby primary school told everyone present that the tale was ridiculous, and police were finally able to disperse the crowd. But the armed mob of child vampire hunters was to return immediately after sunset the following night, and the night after that.

Urban Myth

Ronnie Sanderson, who was an eight-year-old schoolboy in the Gorbals area of the city when the vampire scare was at its height, described how Chinese whispers in the schoolyard escalated into full-blown panic.

He recalled: "It all started in the playground - the word was there was a vampire and everyone was going to head out there after school.

"At three o'clock the school emptied and everyone made a beeline for it. We sat there for ages on the wall waiting and waiting. I wouldn't go in because it was a bit scary for me.

"I think somebody saw someone wandering about and the cry went up: 'There's the vampire!'

"That was it - that was the word to get off that wall quick and get away from it.

"I just remember scampering home to my mother: 'What's the matter with you?' 'I've seen a vampire!' and I got a clout round the ear for my trouble. I didn't really know what a vampire was."

There were no records of any missing children in Glasgow at the time, and media reports of the incident began to search for the origins of the urban myth that had gripped the city.

The blame was quickly laid at the door of American comic books with chilling titles such as Tales From The Crypt and The Vault of Horror, whose graphic images of terrifying monsters were becoming increasingly popular among Scottish youngsters.

Corrupt Comics

These comics, so the theory went, were corrupting the imaginations of children and inflaming them with fear of the unknown. A few dissenting academics pointed out there was no mention of a creature matching the description of the Gorbals Vampire in any of these comics.

There was, however, a monster with iron teeth in the Bible (Daniel 7.7) and in a poem taught in local schools. But their voices were drowned out in the media and political frenzy that was by now demanding action to be taken to prevent even more young minds from being "polluted" by the "terrifying and corrupt" comic books.

The government responded to the clamour by introducing the Children and Young Persons (Harmful Publications) Act 1955 which, for the first time, specifically banned the sale of magazines and comics portraying "incidents of a repulsive or horrible nature" to minors.

Another of those who had gathered at the graveyard as a child, Tam Smith, said the Necropolis provided the perfect stage for a vampire story to take root, with the noise and light from the nearby ironworks casting spooky shadows across the graves in which some 250,000 Glaswegians had been laid to rest.

Mr Smith said it had been common for naughty children in the area to be threatened with the Iron Man - a local equivalent of the Bogeyman - by their exasperated parents.

Holy Grail

Neither Mr Smith or Mr Sanderson had televisions in their homes at the time, and neither had ever seen a horror movie or read a horror comic.

Comic book expert Barry Forshaw said getting their hands on one of the underground American horror comics had been like finding the Holy Grail for schoolyards of British children reared on the squeaky clean fare found every week inside the Beano and Dandy - both of which are produced in Scotland.

The story of the Gorbals Vampire had been a gift to the unlikely alliance of teachers, communists and Christians who had their own individual reasons for crusading against the corrupting influence of American comics, he said.

Mr Forshaw added: "It was a perfect fit. Here was a campaign that was looking for things to justify itself, and then this event happens.

"It is ironic that the moral furore began in Scotland, where the comics could not have been more safe."

Source: BBC

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