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- The Soviet Navy and UFOs -
- Mysterious Patterns Seen on Australian Weather Radar -
-  Villagers Remember Descendants of a Bigfoot -
UFO Studies Should Be 'Legitimate University Subject' -
AND: Museum Warns: 'Don't Touch the Live Nudes'

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The American Goliah - And Other Fantastic Reports
Of Unknown Giants And Humongous Creatures


A giant of stone of remarkable dimensions was uncovered over a century ago. Here is the full report, including scientific statements that when stood upright the figure stood nearly eleven feet high, and its head nearly double the size of any ordinary human.

Because it was removed from the ground in upstate New York, some confuse it with the much more controversial Cardiff Giant. But this amazing discovery stands by itself among those who dare question its authenticity. But where has the giant disappeared to? Can it still be viewed by the public, or have archaeological knaves whisked it away so it cannot be examined under today's more favorable laboratory conditions?

Here is the original full report as published at the time, plus additional information by today's top Fortean researchers: SOUTH AMERICA'S GIANT UFONAUTS BY SCOTT CORRALES -- News of an alleged three-meter-tall non-human entity shambling toward a roadside in Chile (March 2010) brought back memories of the giant UFO occupants commonly reported in the 1950s, and 60s, usually in Argentina, Brazil and Chile, although cases in Spain and even the USA were reported.

THE CARDIFF GIANT COMES ALIVE! BY RICK REDFERN -- "Believed to be a hoax, I was lecturing near the museum where the giant is still on display. But, there's a very weird story that goes along with the viewing of this infamous artifact that deals with what sounds like a Tulpa-type sighting of the Cardiff Giant - as if the legend had come to life because of belief in it"

ANTHROPOIDS, GIANTS AND MAMMOTHS BY HAROLD T. WILKINS -- Here is evidence that so-called prehistoric monsters and giants were contemporaneous with ancient and perhaps modern man.

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The Soviet Navy and UFOs

The former chief commander of the Soviet Navy has revealed information on UFOs that until recently had been secret. The Soviet Navy had so many encounters with mysterious objects raising from or diving into the ocean that a special analytic group was set to make weekly reports to the naval commander-in-chief.

Vladimir N. Chernavin, 81, was the chief commander of the Soviet Navy and deputy minister of defense of the USSR from 1985 to 1992. He is the recipient of several high Soviet and Russian state honors. The material he presented is peppered with the names of other distinguished Soviet naval officers. Some of those officers have spoken before about their knowledge of UFOs, but others are being publicly associated with the phenomenon for the first time.

Among the information Chernavin revealed are these statistics provided by former naval captain of the first rank Vladimir Azhazha: “Fifty percent of meetings with UFOs are connected with the ocean, and 15 percent with lakes.” Forty-four percent of cases have been recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, 16 percent in the Pacific, 10 percent in the Mediterranean Sea.

Azhazha also recounted an incident in the Pacific Ocean, when a Russian submarine was pursued by six unidentified objects, which emerged from the water and took flight after the submarine surfaced to evade them.

Azhazha is the author of dozens of books and articles on UFOs. He was the captain of the experimental submarine Severyanka in the 1960s and has recounted his experiences with unidentified objects under water before.

Former rear admiral and nuclear submarine commander Yury Beketov is quoted describing events that occurred in the Bermuda Triangle. “We repeatedly observed that the instruments detected the movements of material objects at unimaginable speed, around 230 knots (400 km. per hour [250 m.p.h.]). It’s hard to reach that speed on the surface – only in the air [is it readily possible]… The beings that created those material objects significantly exceed us in development.”

Naval intelligence expert and captain for the first rank Igor Barklay noted that the unidentified objects were most often spotted in deep water near where military forces are concentrated – off the Bahamas, Bermuda, Puerto Rico and the east coast of the United States.

Unexplained activity in Lake Baikal is also recorded. In 1982, divers on a training exercise encountered swimmers in silver outfits with no visible breathing apparatus. They were at a depth of 50 meters (164 feet). Three people died trying to pursue the mysterious swimmers.

The link between UFOs and the ocean has been noted before, Capt. Vladimir Prikhodko commented on the information. He noted that American naval forces have also had experiences with rapidly-moving objects underwater and above it in the Caribbean Sea and elsewhere.

Researcher Paul Stonehill writes that there are numerous Soviet accounts of strange objects beneath the surface of the sea. In the summer of 1982, Mark Shteynberg, along with Lt. Colonel Gennady Zverev, were conducting periodic training of the reconnaissance divers ("frogmen") of the Turkestan and Central Asian military regions.

The training exercises had been taking place at the Issik Kul Lake, a deep-water lake in the Transiliysk Ala Tau area. Quite unexpectedly the officers were paid a visit by Major-General V. Demyanko, commander of the Military Diver Service of the Engineer Forces of the Ministry of Defense. He arrived to inform the local officers of an extraordinary event the had occurred during exercises in Siberia. Frogmen had encountered mysterious underwater swimmers, very human-like, but huge in size (almost three meters in height)! The swimmers were clad in tight-fitting silvery suits, despite icy-cold water temperatures. At the depth of fifty meters, these "swimmers" were not wearing aqualungs, but sphere-like helmets concealing their heads.

Alarmed by these encounters the local military commander decided to capture one of the creatures. With that purpose in mind, a special group of seven Soviet frogmen chased one of the strange swimmers. As the Soviet frogman tried to cover the creature with a net, the entire group was thrown out of the deep waters to the surface by a powerful force. The frogmen were in danger of dying because they needed decompression stops to equalize the pressure in their bodies. All of the members of the ill-fated expedition were stricken by decompression sickness known as the Caisson disease. The only remedial treatment available was to place them in a decompression pressure chamber. Unfortunately, the closest one could handle only two persons. Four frogmen were put in the chamber and three perished, and the rest became invalids.

The Major General rushed to Issik Kul to warn against similar "devil-may-care" actions. Although the Issik Kul Lake is more shallow than the Baikal Lake, both lakes contained similar mysterious creatures. A short time later, the Turkmenistan Military received an order from the Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces. The order consisted of detailed analysis of the Baikal Lake events.

The documents contained bulletins from Engineer Forces listing appearances of underwater creatures in numerous lakes, giant discs and spheres coming in and out of the lakes, and powerful lights emanating from the deep, etc. The documents were highly classified and were used, "to prevent unnecessary encounters." Shteynberg served near the Sarez Lake in the Pamir Mountains. The lake was roughly a kilometer and a half deep. Sophisticated radar "tracking" of US SDI satellites was conducted in this area. The radar repeatedly tracked disc like objects diving and submerging into Sarez Lake, later they surfaced and lifted off.

Professor Korsakov of the Odessa University reported Soviet officers from Sevastopol Naval Base had observed and photographed a UFO ascend from behind a battle cruiser in the Black Sea in the 1950s.

In August 1965, a crew of the steamship RADUGA, while navigating in the Red Sea, saw a fiery sphere dash out from under the water. As the sphere emerged from the sea it created a gigantic pillar of water as it ascended upwards. The pillar collapsed some moments later. The sphere was sixty meters in diameter, and hovered 150 meters above the ship illuminating the sea.

In December 1977, not far from South Georgia Island the crew of the fishing trawler, VASILY KISELEV, observed a doughnut-shaped object rising out of the sea. Its diameter was between 300 and 500 meters causing the trawler's radar to stop operating. The object hovered over the area for three hours, and then suddenly disappeared.

In June of 1984, seaman Alexander G. Globa, from the Soviet tanker GORI was in the Mediterranean, twenty miles from the Straight of Gibraltar. At 16:00, Globa was on duty. With him was Second-in-Command S. Bolotov. They were standing watch at 1600 hours when both men observed a strange polychromatic object. When the object was astern, it stopped suddenly.

S. Bolotov was agog, shaking his binoculars and shouting: "It is a flying saucer, a real saucer, my God, hurry, hurry, look!"

Globa looked through his own binoculars and saw, at a distance over the stern, a flattened out looking that looked like an upside-down frying pan. The UFO was gleaming with a grayish metallic shine.

The lower portion of the craft had a precise round shape of about twenty meters. Around the lower portion of it, Globa also observed "waves" of protuberances on the outside plating. The base of the object's body consisted of two semi-discs, the smaller being on top; they slowly revolved in opposing directions. At the circumference of the lower disc Globa saw numerous shining, bright, bead-like lights. The bottom portion of the UFO appeared completely even and smooth, it's color that of a yolk, and in the middle of it Globa discerned a round nucleus-like stain. At the edge of the UFO's bottom, which was easily visible, was something that looked like a pipe. It glowed with an unnaturally bright, rosy color, like a neon lamp. The top of the middle disc was crowned by a triangular-shaped something. It seemed that it moved in the same direction as the lower disc, but at a much slower pace.

Suddenly, the UFO jumped up several times, as if moved by an invisible wave. Many lights illuminated it's bottom portion. The crew of GORI tried to attract the object's attention using a signal projector. By that time, Captain Sokolovky was on the desk with his men. He and his Second-in-Command were watching the object intensely. However, the UFO's attention was distracted by another ship, approaching at the port side. It was an Arab dry cargo ship, on its way to Greece. The Arabs confirmed that the object hovered over their ship. A minute and a half later the object changed it's flight's trajectory, listed to the right, gained speed and ascended rapidly. The Soviet seamen observed that when it rose through the clouds, appearing and disappearing again, it would occasional shine in the sun's rays. The craft then flared up, like a spark, and was gone instantly.

Source: Mosnews


Mysterious Patterns Seen on Australian Weather Radar

They are the digital-age equivalent of crop circles - mysterious patterns appearing on the Bureau of Meteorology's national radar system without any explanation.

And the random images described as red stars, rings of fire and white doughnuts are sending online conspiracy websites into meltdown.

The anomalies first began on January 15 when an "iced doughnut" appeared over Kalgoorlie in WA.

Satellite imagery showed there was no cloud over the area at the time to explain the unusual phenomenon but farmers' online comments claimed it was "unusually hot" all day.

It was followed by a bizarre red star over Broome on January 22 and a sinister spiral burst over Melbourne described by amateur radar buffs as the Ring Of Fire Fault.

The Bureau, which did not respond to repeated requests for comment, has acknowledged the anomalies on its popular website.

It has since posted a disclaimer above the national loop feed putting the images down to "occasional interference to the radar data".

"The Bureau is currently investigating ways to reduce these interferences," the disclaimer said.

Conspiracy websites, however, have lit up with dozens of breathless theories behind the strange anomalies from alien involvement, secret military testing to government weather modification.

One theory gaining traction online is the belief the US military has expanded its High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

Based at a remote research station in Alaska, the HAARP project involves shooting extremely high frequency radar bursts into the upper reaches of the atmosphere to see what happens after particles of the ionosphere are temporarily excited.

Ostensibly the research is to study the effects of solar flares on radio communications and improve missile detection and navigation systems.

But, unlike the failed cloud seeding experiments of yesteryear, conspiracy theorists claim HAARP is engaged in a sophisticated form of weather modification and that testing is also being done from a secret facility near Exmouth in Western Australia.

UK electrical engineer and crop circle expert Colin Andrews said Australians deserve an explanation.

"Until [the Bureau of Meteorology] make a formal and complete response to all the various strange patterns, one can only speculate about what is taking place," he said.

Mr Andrews urged people concerned by the bizarre radar symbols and strange weather patterns to contact the Bureau of Meteorology or a government representative.

Another theory suggests the anomalies appear before major weather events such as cyclones Olga and Paul and the violent storms which hit Victoria in recent weeks.

Others argue objects in the atmosphere emitting powerful radiation could be behind the mystery.

Source: The Daily Telegraph


The Nessie Files: Governments & Lake Monsters

By Nick Redfern     
No less than 250 million years ago, movements in the Earth’s crust led to the creation of a huge rift across Scotland that, today, is known as the Great Glen. As the centuries passed, the deeper parts of the Glen filled with water, and it now exists in the form of three main lakes, or lochs, to give them their correct title: Loch Oich, Loch Lochy, and Loch Ness.
For more than a century-and-a-half, the three lochs have been connected by the sixty-mile-long Caledonian Canal, which provides passage for small marine vehicles from the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.
By far the largest of the three lochs is Loch Ness. Twenty-three miles in length, almost a mile wide, and 755-feet deep, it contains more water than any other lake in the combined British Isles. Surrounded by trees, mountains, ancient castles, and famous for its deep and dark waters, it is very little wonder indeed that Loch Ness is viewed by many people as being both a magical and a sinister location.
And, as practically anyone and everyone who has ever marveled at the mysteries of our world will be only too well aware, the loch is the alleged home of Nessie – arguably the planet’s most famous long-necked lake-monster.
But precisely what the creatures of Loch Ness really may be is a matter of deep debate and controversy.
Some researchers conclude that a still-living colony of plesiosaurs – carnivorous reptiles that surfaced at the start of the Jurassic period - lurk within the deep waters of Loch Ness. Others believe that the creatures may be giant, monstrous eels. And, of course, there are some who conclude that the stories are nothing more than fabrications, and an ingenious ploy to help boost Scotland’s tourist-based economy. For certain branches of the British Government and military, however, the monsters of Loch Ness have secretly been a favourite topic of investigation for decades.
For example, in the late 1970s, official documents made available to the public in 2005 reveal, the then-Conservative government of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had seriously considered a request to use dolphins in a search for the creatures. If the existence of the monsters could be proven, the official world thought, it would have a very positive bearing upon Scotland’s tourist industry. Amid complaints from the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, however, the plan was never put into action. But still the “Nessie File” remained open.
Then, in the mid-1980s – now-declassified files demonstrate - the government secretly tried to determine if the Loch Ness Monsters were at risk from hunters and poachers. At one point, government officials were seriously considering drafting new legislation to protect the animals, despite the fact that no one could even be sure they existed.
Eventually, the documents show, the government concluded that: “The legislative framework to protect the monster is available; provided she (or he) is identified by scientists whose reputation will carry weight with the British Museum.”
Of course, so far no such identification has been made. Unless someone within the Government knows something we don’t. And perhaps they do. In 1965, additional files show, the British Royal Air Force’s Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre at RAF Brampton analyzed film-footage taken in 1960 that purported to show a Loch Ness Monster and concluded: “One can presumably rule out the idea that it is any sort of submarine vessel for various reasons which leaves the conclusion that it is probably an animate object.”
Perhaps, one day, we will learn more about the British Government’s real-life X-Files on the monsters of Loch Ness.

Source: Mania


Villagers Remember Descendants of a Bigfoot

35 year ago, the skull of the first Bigfoot was excavated for the first time in history. People residing in the area for years still remember meeting it when it was still alive.

Local residents who buried a mother and a son indicated location of their graves. A rubber shoe branded 1888 was removed from the woman’s burial (a mirror at the head indicated it was a female). Approximately the same time Zana, a Bigfoot, died.

The researcher’s heart was beating with anticipation of the unusual find, as never before scientists laid their hands on a Bigfoot, alive or dead.

The excavation was conducted by Igor Burtsev, at the time, a young scientist, and today a leading Russian cryptozoologist. He spent several years trying to obtain the right for graves excavation in the Abkhazian village Tkhina, where Zana used to live. As luck would have it, his old college friend, an Abkhazian, became a local official upon his return to the motherland from Moscow.

“I could not have seen Zana myself, she passed away 50 years before I was born,” says Apollon Dumava, former chair of the local Council. “But my older relatives remembered her. How could you forget her? She was 6.6 feet tall, had long strong arms covered with hair, curvy hips that inspired the desire of local men, large hanging breasts, flat forehead and huge red eyes.

Zana was very strong and easily carried 110 pounds sacks with grain to the water mill with only one hand.

Apollon said his father told him that Zana was caught in a gulch of the Adzyubzha River.

She was hunted down by a local merchant. Zana was incredibly smart and could disappear a second before she would be caught. Yet, the hunter outsmarted her. He left red male underwear at the meadow frequented by the hairy creature. She was caught while trying to put the underwear on her head and hips.

The captive was named Zana (zan means black in Georgian) and placed in a ditch enclosed with a fence made of sharpened logs. She was growling, throwing herself at kids who bothered her with sticks and dirt clods. Only a few years later, when Zana was slightly tamed, she was moved to a woven hut. She slept on the ground in a cave she dug out. She never learned how to use a spoon and a plate so she ate with her hands. She was always naked. She never learned to speak, but recognized her name. Zana could take boots off her owner’s feet. She was also great at imitating the sound of squeaking gate, and it made her very happy every time she did.

Zana was not surrounded by angels. Locals made her drink wine, it did not take her long to get drunk and become sexually aggressive. There were always those willing to entertain themselves with a monster. They say during drunk orgies her owner would establish a prize for the one who “mounts” Zana. The prizes would always find their winners.

When Zana gave birth to her first child, she took it to a creek and washed it in ice cold water. The baby died. The same happened to her second child. After that, the locals decided to take babies from the silly mother. Her next children survived. There were four of them, two boys and two girls. People had no idea who their fathers were. Years later, before a census, children were assigned to a local resident Kamshish Sabekia, who acknowledged “playing” with Zana before he got married.

Locals remember Khwit the most. He was 6.6 feet tall, had grayish skin like his mother’s, thick curly hair and full lips. He had lived in Tkhina all his life and passed away in 1954 before he turned 70. Apollon remembers him well. Like his mother, Khwit did not like children who used to get into his garden to steal grapes and pears. Once Khwit had a fight with his relative and jumped him. Defending himself, his opponent hit him with a mattock and cut his arm along the elbow. The arm had to be amputated. Apollon has a memory of this incredibly strong person plowing his lot with one left arm.

Khwit was a human being, he could speak, got married twice and had two daughters and a son.

I was looking for his daughter in Abkhazia, but she was electrocuted a year earlier. I met with her son, Robert Kukubava, and asked him for permission to take pictures of his family album.

Faces of Khwit and his sister bear resemblance to Zana’s. Khwit’s older daughter Tatyana does not look like her grandmother apart from her eyes. Raisa and her brother Shuliko are undoubtedly Khwit’s children. They have similar lower jaws, protruding cheekbones, full lips and dark skin.

Within the last 30 years Igor Burtsev found nearly all Zana’s descendants. His main goal, however, was to find Zana, or, her skeleton and skull, as well as Khwit’s remnants.

Once, 35 years ago, a female skull was excavated at the Tkhin cemetery. Yet, the anthropological analysis provided evidence that the skull belonged to a black woman who somehow got to the Caucuses.

The skull of Khwit that Burtsev and I were looking at for a long time was only partly human.

Source: Phantoms and Monsters/Pravda


UFO Studies Should Be 'Legitimate University Subject'

The studing of UFOs and other unexplained phenomena from space should be a legitimate university subject, an American professor, Philip Haseley, has claimed.

The New York anthropology professor said the subject should be part of the mainstream as a serious “area of study”.

The Niagara County Community College, a state university in New York, lecturer said due to the high amount of sightings every year, it should follow that students should be able to investigate phenomenon.
"(A sighting) happens to millions of people (around the world)," he said.

"It's about time we looked into this as a worthy area of study.

“It's important that the whole subject be brought out in the open and investigated.”

Prof Haseley, who is also head of the Western New York Mutual UFO Network, an organisation that is focused on UFO research, said there were up to 50 UFO sightings are reported every month across region.

He said the group investigated the sightings in a “scientific manner” using field investigation, radar, astronomy and meteorology.

"To say we are UFO believers basically implies we are taking this on faith, and that's not the case. There's plenty of evidence,” he said.

He dismissed the inevitable suggestions from skeptics that such study would be waste of time.

"We have to deal with skeptics like any other UFO organisation, and we are perfectly willing to be critiqued," he told the Buffalo News in New York.

"We know people who think this is a nonsense subject. And we'll refer you to voluminous literature and facts about UFOs."

Last year there were almost 400 reported sightings to the Ministry of Defence of UFOs throughout Britain – a figure that had tripled from the previous year.

The so-called "X Files" reported to the MoD's UFO desk was the "busiest" year on record.

Source: The Telegraph (UK)


Museum Warns: 'Don't Touch the Live Nudes'

NEW YORK - Museum patrons know that touching the art is a no-no -- and that means live, naked performers as well. Some visitors to a new exhibit at New York City's Museum of Modern Art are being asked to leave because they are touching nude performers.

Several nude models who are featured in Marina Abramovic's new exhibition have complained of being groped by some patrons. The museum has declined to talk about specific incidents, but acknowledged that it has had problems with some visitors touching performers.

"We are well aware of the challenges posed by having nude performers in the galleries," the museum said in a statement. "Any visitor who improperly touches or disturbs any of the performers is escorted from the museum by MoMA security."

One performer, Will Rawls, told The New York Times that a patron brushed his hand chest and back "and then touched my butt."

"As he was passing me he looked me in the eyes and said 'You feel good, man,"' Rawls said.

Rawls said he notified a security guard and later learned that the man's 30-year membership was revoked.

Despite the incidents, all the performers said they enjoyed what they are doing, though some visitors have expressed discomfort.

The exhibition, which opened on March 14, includes nude performers standing in a narrow doorway that visitors can pass through. Elsewhere, a naked woman reclines with a fake skeleton on top of her. Other live performers are clothed.

The Yugoslavian-born Abramovic, 63, is a performance art grande dame who has pushed the limits of physical endurance since the late 1960s. In front of audiences, she has taken medication that made her lose consciousness, and stabbed herself repeatedly in the left hand.

The exhibit is called "Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present" -- and she is. Abramovic sits on silent display while the museum is open. Members of the public are invited to join her, silently, across a small table.

The exhibition presents a view of Abramovic's career over four decades and her work in a variety of mediums, including performance art, installations, sound pieces, video works and photographs.

The exhibit will be on display to May 31.

Source: MSNBC

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