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Trust is not easy to come by nowadays. It used to be that you could trust in your neighbor; trust in your job; trust in your church, trust in your country. Now, trust is hard to find. Trust can even be dangerous. You can't trust in your neighbors, because they could be spying on you on behalf of Homeland Security. You can't trust in your job as most companies have left the country for Mexico, India and China. You can't trust in your church as many are now playing politics in order to speed up the apocalypse. And don't get us started about our elected officials – we used to think a sex-scandal was the epitome of bad politics. Oh for the days of a simple sex-scandal.

But there is one thing that you can trust in . . . Conspiracy Journal! Yes that's right. You can always trust that Conspiracy Journal will be there for you each and every week, revealing those deep, dark, dirty secrets that you won't find in your local newspaper, or hear on your nightly news.

This week, Conspiracy Journal brings you such trustworthy stories as:

- China UFO Photos Faked, Incident Still Unexplained -
- Could Puffin Island be Home to Underwater Alien Base? -
-  Physicists Tame Time Travel -
Plants 'Can Think and Remember' -
AND: Are Alien Civilizations 'Tweeting' to Earth?

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As one distressed UFO researcher put it, Ever since organized flying saucer research began, a disturbing number of serious investigators have suffered personal harassment, unusual accidents and even mysterious deaths. In some cases, sinister voices have whispered threats over the telephone and warned certain researchers to terminate specific projects they were focused on.

Recently, an increasing number of civilian UFOlogists have been visited by ominous strangers who have made it physically clear that their orders to discontinue all investigations would be enforced. Official disclaimers have only served to intensify the mystery of the bizarre incidents currently seeding chaos within the rank of civilian UFO investigators and instilling fear among those who witness flying saucer activity.


Featured on the History Channel's UFO Hunters and on Coast to Coast AM, eminent investigator Tim Beckley details dozens of additional bone chilling encounters with the MIB who have become a curse on the rank and file members of the UFO community.

++ Shadowy "Grim Reaper" like figures stalk the streets of a north Iowa town. What are they concealing in the bags they go about hiding in the woods?

++ Radio Talk Show host is ordered by metallic voice over phone (unlisted number!) to "meet them on the Mount". . .known as a haunted place and the site of a number of mysterious deaths and disappearances.

++ A large floating platform the size of 3 football fields hovers near a nuclear power plant. Witnesses observe several small bald headed aliens accompanied by 9 foot giants. Trying to leave the area, their car refuses to start. They are surrounded by military personnel and their vehicle is ransacked. They are told never to speak of the incident OR ELSE!

++ In the cemetery where Charles Fort is buried ominous black vehicles disappear down side roads never to be seen again. They pass by on the gravel pavement going over grates without the sound of tires. The cemetery is also haunted by a big black dog and a couple who fly over the tombstones at dusk in their pajamas!

Are these sinister sindividuals simply government agents gone amuck in their harassment of witnesses and investigators who have dedicated their lives delving into the unexplainable? Or are they something far more sinister as evidence in this volume indicates? Perhaps the MIB are representatives of an extraterrestrial "police force," whose job is to keep the gates to a parallel universe closed tightly behind them.


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China UFO Photos Faked, Incident Still Unexplained

On July 7, 2010, at about 8 PM (standard time; about an hour after sunset), the presence of a "UFO" over the major airport in Hangzhou, China (approximate latitude 30.2 deg, longitude 120.2 degrees), caused the airport to be temporarily shut down. This event eventually made international news.

Photos of the UFO reportedly taken over Hangzhou quickly circulated over the internet. There was even a video that was shown on CNN of the purported UFO. However, it has been determined that none of the photos had anything to do with the Hangzhou Airport incident, and the video was of a Chinese ballistic missile test that had taken place several months earlier. 

News reports of the UFO over a Chinese Airport last week have been separated into two different issues now – the photos versus the event.

The blog Forgetomori reports that: “All of these photos are simply long-exposure photos of aircrafts, but in this case, helicopters. Not only that, they have nothing to do with China and were published on the web long ago.”

Photo analyst Bruce Maccabee states: "The analysis of all four photographs shows that the images are consistent with being the result of taking nighttime, "long" exposure photographs of a helicopter with a searchlight, a flashing beacon, a red 'running light' at its left side and a high intensity searchlight that was pointed into several different downward directions during the exposure time.

"As of this writing there is no clear evidence available to civilian researchers that proves the depicted object was the one that caused the airport shutdown. Instead, the available evidence indicates that the photos are unrelated to the airport shutdown."

Given that the photos may be fake, the Hangzhou event was very much real, yet still unexplained.

Wang Jian, head of air traffic control with Zhejiang branch of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, has now commented about the matter.  “No conclusion has yet been drawn” said Wang noting the investigation is still underway. Eighteen flights were delayed or rerouted at the airport when the event unfolded on July 7, reports CNN.

The airport at issue is Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. Officials confirmed that the object did appear on airport tracking radar. Civil Aviation Administration of China, told the China Daily News that boarding and outgoing flights from Hangzhou were stopped for 60 minutes and that the aircraft spotted had a “military connection.”

Yet beyond those two briefs remarks, CAAC has still yet to issue a complete report about its investigation.

It would seem that there is a good possibility that someone released the faked UFO photos in an attempt to discredit the Hangzhou Airport UFO incident. This would be a case of "guilt by association" in that the UFO photos would be discovered as fake pretty quickly, thus leaving the impression that since the photos were fake, the entire Hangzhou Airport UFO incident must be a hoax as well.

What remains to be seen is who is responsible for the faked photos, and what interest do they have in trying to spread disinformation concerning the still unexplained Hangzhou incident.


Could Puffin Island be Home to Underwater Alien Base?

The truth is out there – and a group of UFOlogists are hoping local people will help them find it.

The UFO Investigations and Research Unit, based in Shrewsbury, have turned their attentions to Anglesey in their quest to gather information on extraterrestrial phenomena.

Phil Hoyle, who runs the unit, said: “We are currently investigating numerous sightings that have taken place around Anglesey and, in particular, near Puffin Island.

Puffin Island is the ninth largest island off the coast of Wales. It is Carboniferous limestone, at its highest point it is 58 metres (190 ft) above sea level having steep cliffs on all sides. It has an area of 0.28 square kilometres (69 acres). The island is privately owned by the Baron Hill estate and landing is not allowed without special permission.

“Many witnesses, some ex-military and professional people, have witnessed unconventional lights entering or leaving the sea around Puffin Island.”

In January, 1974, a number of people claimed to have seen large, structured objects leaving the sea near the island, and similar sightings have been sporadically reported up to the present day, said Mr Hoyle.

“The people who have contacted us have all been unrelated, but have all told us the same thing,” he said.

“We would be very interested to hear from anyone who might have additional information regarding these as yet unexplained sightings.

“Someone might have seen something last week or seen something 50 years ago, but if other people have seen the same thing it will hopefully make them realise that they’re not crazy.”

Victims of abduction near Shrewsbury were told by the humanoid beings who contacted them that they came from a base under the sea near Puffin Island, said Mr Hoyle.

The area has been suggested as the location of Cantre’r Gwaelod, the legendary ancient sunken kingdom.

Anglesey’s ancient past means the island could be a UFO hotspot, said Mr Hoyle.

“There is definitely a link; we’ve found an 80% increase in UFO activity over ancient sites compared to anywhere else, including Anglesey.”

Mr Hoyle said he had visited Anglesey and taken a boat around Puffin Island after hearing of the sightings, but that the investigation was still at an early stage.

In January, the Mail reported a number of sightings of strange objects in the skies over Anglesey, and an incident in 1977 – when pupils at Ysgol Rhosybol saw a strange object hovering overhead – made national headlines.

Source: The Online Mail


Physicists Tame Time Travel by Forbidding You to Kill Your Grandfather

Novelists and screenwriters know that time travel can be accomplished in all sorts of ways: A supercharged DeLorean, Hermione’s small watch and, most recently, a spacetime-bending hot tub have allowed fictional heroes to jump between past and future.

But physicists know that time travel is more than just a compelling plot device — it’s a serious prediction of Einstein’s general relativity equations. In a new study posted online July 15, researchers led by Seth Lloyd at MIT analyze how some of the quirks and peculiarities of real-life time travel might play out. This particular kind of time travel evades some of its most paradoxical predictions, Lloyd says.

Any theory of time travel has to confront the devastating “grandfather paradox,” in which a traveler jumps back in time and kills his grandfather, which prevents his own existence, which then prevents the murder in the first place, and so on.

One model, put forth in the early 1990s by Oxford physicist David Deutsch, can allow inconsistencies between the past a traveler remembers and the past he experiences. So a person could remember killing his grandfather without ever having done it. “It has some weird features that don’t square with what we thought time travel might work out as,” Lloyd says.

In contrast, Lloyd prefers a model of time travel that explicitly forbids these inconsistencies. This version, posted at arXiv.org, is called a post-selected model. By going back and outlawing any events that would later prove paradoxical in the future, this theory gets rid of the uncomfortable idea that a time traveler could prevent his own existence. “In our version of time travel, paradoxical situations are censored,” Lloyd says.

But this dictum against paradoxical events causes possible but unlikely events to happen more frequently. “If you make a slight change in the initial conditions, the paradoxical situation won’t happen. That looks like a good thing, but what it means is that if you’re very near the paradoxical condition, then slight differences will be extremely amplified,” says Charles Bennett of IBM’s Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, New York.

For instance, a bullet-maker would be inordinately more likely to produce a defective bullet if that very bullet was going to be used later to kill a time traveler’s grandfather, or the gun would misfire, or “some little quantum fluctuation has to whisk the bullet away at the last moment,” Lloyd says. In this version of time travel, the grandfather, he says, is “a tough guy to kill.”

This distorted probability close to the paradoxical situation is still strange, says physicist Daniel Gottesman of the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Canada. “The thing is, that when we modify physics in this way, weird things end up happening. And that’s kind of unavoidable,” he says. “You’re dealing with time travel. Maybe you should expect it to be weird.”

In an earlier paper posted in May at arXiv.org, Lloyd and his team present an experiment designed to simulate this post-selection model using photons. Though the team couldn’t send the photons into the past, they could put them in quantum situations similar to those that might be encountered by a time traveler. As the photons got closer and closer to being in self-inconsistent, paradoxical situations, the experiment succeeded with less and less frequency, the team found, hinting that true time travel might work the same way.

The experiments were meant to simulate freaky paths through spacetime called closed timelike curves, which carry anything traveling along them into the past and then back to the future. Einstein’s equations predicted that travelers on a closed timelike curve would eventually end up back where they started. Although predicted to exist on paper, no such paths have been observed in the wild. Some physicists predict that these loops might exist in exotic regions where spacetime is drastically different, such as in the depths of black holes.

Despite its strange predictions, the new model forms “a nice, consistent loop,” says theoretical physicist Todd Brun of the University of Southern California. The new papers make up “a really interesting body of work.”

These days, deciding which theory of time travel is best is largely a matter of taste. Until someone discovers a closed timelike curve in the wild, or figures out how to build a time machine, no one will know the answer, says Brun. “I don’t expect these will be tested anytime soon. These are ideas. They’re fun to play with.”

Source: Wired


Dim All The Lights: UFOs and Blackouts
By Scott Corrales

Summer can be the cruelest season when the mercury soars past the hundred degree mark and the nights are almost just as hot. Without an electric fan or air conditioner, sleep can be reduced to an incessant tossing and turning. The Spanish town of Bollullos (Huelva) was certainly a perfect example of this unrelenting heat in the month of July 1975, when what little relief offered by mechanical cooling devices was interrupted by a sudden, unexpected blackout.

The power outage had occurred at eleven o'clock in the evening, prompting locals to look out their windows for a possible explanation. Three local youths had gone to the movie theater in search of some relief from the heat, only to find their enjoyment interrupted by the blackout. With nothing left to do, the dejected trio returned home, only to have a startling encounter with the unexplained.

Francisco Esquivel, Diego Sanchez and Diego Salas suddenly became aware of a strange yellow ball of light at the edge of the road--the only source of light amid the surrounding darkness. It appeared to be hovering above the power lines.

Cautiously, the driver slowed down to allow his vehicle to coast gently past the unknown object. In a newspaper interview with Spanish journalist J.J. Benítez, Francisco, the driver, said that the object's fuselage shone with a metallic sheen, surrounded by an aura of bright white light. He added that he felt the strange presence was "trying to drive them away" by hurling flashes of light in their direction.

This did nothing to allay his curiosity: Francisco got out of his car to take a closer look. Just as he did so, the high voltage lines began producing a shower of sparks. Fear gripped the driver and his friends, and they sped away from the area even as their car's engine began to sputter and die. Running into town in a panic, they told anyone who listened what they had seen: a UFO had been responsible power outage.

The Great Northeastern Blackout

One of the earliest factual cases of UFO interference with the flow of electricity to our residential areas occurred in November 1953, a football-sized UFO stormed down from the heavens over New Haven, Connecticut. The mini-UFO proceeded to smash through a billboard close to a residential area and head skyward after the impact. Lights all over the neighborhood dimmed as the event took place. Tamaroa, Illinois, also had its lights cut by a giant hovering UFO in 1957. Porto Alegre, Brazil, was plunged into darkness on August 30, 1954, and the city of Rome had lost power on August 3, 1958. In 1962, an UFO touched ground at Eureka, Utah, not far from Stead AFB and left a nearby power substation inoperative for 40 minutes until the object took off.

Was it inconceivable for UFOs, with their apparent interest or thirst for electricity, to affect even larger population centers? On November 9, 1965, twenty-nine million residents of the northeastern United States, and millions more in Canada, were plunged into darkness as electricity was affected by a mysterious source. At five thirty p.m. on that fateful day, thousands of terrified New Yorkers were trapped in subway tunnels and within elevators in the heart of skyscrapers. No one was spared the event, not even military bases.

The blackout spread like an ink stain from the Niagara Falls area to the cities of Buffalo, Rochester, Utica and the smaller communities along the Great Lakes in a matter of minutes. Shortly after, it grew to encompass the states of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont. In a country still in the throes of the Cold War, and with the Cuban Missile Crisis a fresh memory, it was first feared that the blackout heralded nuclear armageddon. An airline pilot allegedly exclaimed that the vision of utter blackness on the ground below him made him think it was "the end of the world."

Radio stations, operating on backup power, were able to keep the frightened population calm, although news items in the broadcasts made reference to "trouble up north" without providing any specifics. A private plane instructor north of Syracuse,NY reported seeing a colossal fireball hovering above the quarter-million volt lines of the Niagara Mohawk Station in Clay, NY. Precisely at that time, operators in the New York City area registered a massive onrush of power to the north, perhaps drawn by the "fireball". The blackout occurred minutes later.

Thousands of witnesses in the darkened cities and countryside would later claimed to have seen strange lights crossing the skies with impunity on that fateful evening. Others reported seeing "fireballs" hovering over power transmission cables, changing in color from blue to orange to green.

The official explanation given at the time was a relay break in the massive Sir Adam Beck Plant No.2, located a few miles to the north of Niagara Falls. According to experts, the break allegedly overloaded the U.S. lines and the load detectors failed to perform according to design -- a fact which was never satisfactorily explained.

The entire Northeastern U.S., plunged into darkness, commanded global attention. Not so the equally mysterious blackouts that followed: New Mexico, Texas and Mexico itself suffered unexplained power losses in later weeks: On December 3rd, Ciudad Juárez in Mexico and the major cities of the American Southwest were left in shadow as Socorro, NM (a UFO mecca), Holloman AFB, White Sands Missile Range and other sensitive installations were rendered inoperative. Blame was placed on a pair of defective units somewhere in New Mexico--however, local witnesses claimed to have seen a glowing object over the power station.

In 1979, author Yurko Bondarchuk accused Canadian prime minister Lester Pearson of covering up the UFO aspect of the Great 1965 Blackout. Bondarchuk cites the explanation offered by Dr. James McDonald that the explanation given about a broken relay as the cause of the power outage was a cover. The prime minister, suggests the author, must have believed that disclosing the real source of the blackout was unwise."UFOs," writes Bondarchuk, "create sudden power surges in transmission lines as the craft flies overhead...in theory, these power surges could produce blackouts of massive proportions." (National Post, 2003)

A Precursor to the 1965 Blackout?

The age of the great UFO-induced blackouts continued throughout those troubled years. A harbinger, perhaps, of would happen later on across the northeastern U.S., were the three separate power failures of September 23, 1965 in the Mexican city of Cuernavaca -- fifty miles away from Mexico City.

The Ultima Hora newspaper indicated that the blackout had been caused by a large luminous flying saucer which crossed the heavens over the city--an inverted soup-bowl device which was seen not only by thousands of citizens but by city mayor Emilio Riva Palacios, who was attending the opening of a film festival with members of his cabinet. The lights went out during the showing, and upon going outside, the city fathers were treated to the sight of the massive object's glow, which reportedly filled the entirety of Cuernavaca valley.

But the force behind all these aerial phenomena appeared to be take a shine to Mexico City itself, with its juxtaposition of massive colonial structures, modern skyscrapers and ancient ruins: it chose the 16th of September, the one hundred fifty-fifth anniversary of Mexico's independence from Spain, to manifest half a dozen luminous objects over the city's skies, casting downtown Mexico City into unbreakable gridlock as drivers left their vehicles to take a better look at the phenomenon. Newspapers reported that aviation authorities had received in excess of five thousand telephone calls from people asking if they had also seen "flying saucers". On September 25, a citizenry weary of craning their necks skyward endured another leisurely display of the unknown as a vast luminous body passed overhead, remaining motionless for a while before shooting out of sight at a terrific speed. Only days later, two smaller objects would buzz the gilded dome of Mexico's Palacio de Bellas Artes, a turn of the century structure that dominates La Alameda park. The early evening sighting was witnessed by a few dozen people waiting at a bus stop; they described the objects as "enormous luminous bodies with intermittent sparkling lights."

By this point in time, some of the world's major newspapers had picked up on Mexico's saucer situation. Paris's Le Figaro reprinted an editorial from Italy's Corriere della Sera on the subject: "Mexico City International Airport has officially recorded, of late, some three thousand cases of mysterious apparitions described in detail. At nightfall, people gather on the terraces and balconies of their homes to search the skies...a clamor of voices can occasionally be heard, saying: "There goes one! Can you see it?" Invariably, what follows is this: traffic is paralyzed on neighboring streets, since drivers also want to partake of the spectacle. The roadways grind to a halt, leading to monstrous traffic jams. After a while, witnesses to tho the event are willing to swear that the presence of platillos voladores causes engines to stall and plunges homes into darkness. Throughout Mexico, the number of blackouts has been inexplicably high..."

Candles and Flashlights

Respected Argentinean author Roberto Banchs mentions the July 4, 1968 blackout that darkened the entire sector of Tigre (province of Buenos Aires). During this incident, a number of witnesses reported seeing a UFO. A woman named Isabel Gómez stated that the object "seemed to emit light. It was the only lighted object at the time." A few months later, the city of Chascomús was plunged into darkness. Mrs. Blanca Davis witnessed a UFO measuring some 7 or 8 meters in diameter hanging motionless in the air, directly above the town square. "When we looked toward the west," she reported, "we saw two [more] discs and another one which gave the impression of being ready to land. Suddenly the UFOs headed toward the lagoon area, from which twenty more objects appeared, flying from north to south at fantastic speeds." Banchs reports that electricity was restored the moment the objects disappeared.

The 1968 wave of UFO sightings, which extended from the Dominican Republic to the island of Puerto Rico, also caused a series of blackouts. On August 11 that year, police officers in the town of Yauco on the island's southern coast were startled to see "a brilliant moon-shaped object which lit up the area completely. The following day, a similar object was seen in the neighboring Dominican Republic by residents of Puerto Plata and Sosúa. According to researcher Sebastián Robiou, the minute that the locals saw the phenomenon approach, they would hurry up to find "candles and flashlights, since electricity always failed whenever the objects flew over their homes."

UFOs and blackouts plagued Argentina again in January 2001, when the La Voz del Interior newspaper ran a story about the harrowing experience suffered by a local motorist named Julio Salguero. At 3:30 a.m. on New Year's Day, Salguero was on his way home in the town of Corralito, cutting across the community of Rio Tercero to save some time.

"We were calmly driving along," said the driver, "when suddenly my wife screamed: "Be careful!" and we saw a light heading straight for us. I hit the brakes. What I could see was a round, very powerful light, like a welding light, over a meter in diameter. It seemed to be heading straight for the car, but it suddenly stopped and backed off. It remained at the hight of the power cables that are now at the side of the road, moving up and down," he explained. "The light lit everything up for a few minutes, without any exaggerations, as if it were broad daylight, due to its intensity. It then rose some 30 meters into the air and suddenly vanished. Neither I nor my family can state which way it went, because we'd be lying. What we saw is that it vanished suddenly, like a light being switched off."

Salguero and his family were startled to hear that the strange object they had seen over the high-voltage lines had deprived the town of Corralito of electricity on a night without storms or high winds, and even more so when they discovered that nearby Rio Tercero had lost power at exactly the same time they had their experience. "As far as I know, no reason for the power outage has been found," he said.

Argentina has not been the only South American nation bedeviled by blackout-causing UFOs: in the Summer 1998 issue of the Samizdat newsletter, Brazilian researcher Oriel Farías told the world about the incredible and still little-known UFO wave that covered northeastern Brazil and which centered on the town of Guarabira. According to Farías, the outstanding characteristic of the '98 flap was the sheer variety of objects reported, ranging from standard disk-shaped craft to massive objects projecting powerful beams of light. "Lengths of 30 meters have been reported, the size of a 20-storey building," he writes.

The Guarabira "invasion" began on March 3, 1998 and was spearheaded by 26 UFOs flying over the city at 6:45 p.m., when the lights went out in Guarabira, and lasting until 3:45 a.m., when power returned to the city. This blackout remains unexplained to this day.

Lights Out in Puerto Rico

UFO and paranormal activity ran almost non-stop throughout the 1990s after a decade of inactivity. Earlier saucer flaps had created their fair share of electromagnetic interference with automobiles and aircraft, and even some widespread power outages

In September 1977, residents of the Colobó sector of Loiza, P.R., were treated to the sight of a UFO flying low over the local beach at around 8:30 p.m.. The object, according to Sebastian Robiou, made an occasional buzzing sound and then "shut off and disappeared". When interviewed, the same residents noted that the lights browned-out in the sector while the UFO was in evidence.

Fifteen years later, residents of the Mayagüez Terrace development ran out of their homes in response to the shouts of students from the nearby university, who were reacting to the sight of a spherical UFO crossing the skies in the general direction of Cerro Las Mesas. The orange-hued sphere materialized after having apparently been the cause of a blackout which affected a considerable part of the city for a few minutes.

Puerto Rico can also boast the distinction of being the only place in the world where a blackout was deliberately caused by the authorities to disprove the presence of the UFO phenomenon in the island's UFO-ridden southwestern corner. Since 1987, reports had pointed to UFO activity in the vicinity of a shallow lagoon known as Laguna Cartagena: all manner of solid craft and intriguing "lights in the sky" had been seen in the area, and in some cases, emerging from and vanishing into the water, leading many to believe that an "alien base" must exist underground in the Lajas Valley.

On October 2, 1991, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) left hundreds of homes without electricity for thirty minutes. Ramón Montalvo, an engineer at the PREPA plant in San Germán, claimed that the unusual lights vanished from the darkened sky "the minute the power was cut off." Lt. Rafael Rodríguez of the Lajas police argued that the blackout proved the lights believed to be UFOs were merely the reflections on the lagoon's surface.

The authorities went to the extreme of placing a series of large reflectors on the crest of nearby Mt. Candelaria. The experiment failed miserably -- no such reflection was seen, despite official claims. Any individual armed with a map would have noticed that the lights on Candelaria, twenty miles away, could not possibly account for the situation being experienced on an almost daily basis by the residents of the Lajas Valley.

In mid-March 1992, residents of the Puerto Rican city of Trujillo Alto were roused from their sleep by an unearthly noise and a spectacular display of blue light. The light changed to other colors of the spectrum in rapid succession as two powerful searchlights scanned the darkened surface from above. Hundreds, if not thousands, of residents were able to see a massive UFO hovering directly over a local power substation. The airborne goliath began drawing electricity from the substation in a stunning visual display that filled onlookers with awe.

Equally awed were the technicians from the local power utility, who reported early the next day to repair the burned out substation: according to estimates, the UFO had caused well over a $250,000 in damages that could not be readily explained, such as the molten transformer terminals and the inoperative automatic breakers which should have prevented such a tremendous loss of current.

They Said It Couldn't Happen Again

Computer screens suddenly went black as the hum of 21st century civilization suddenly stopped to be replaced by an unaccustomed silence. The time was 4:11 p.m. on August 14, 2003.

In a matter of minutes, battery-powered radios would report that a widespread blackout had plunged New York city into darkness for the third time in forty years, and at precisely the worst time of day, as tens of thousands of office workers were getting ready to return home on one of the hottest days of an otherwise unremarkable summer. The problem affected not only the Big Apple, but a wide swath of territory stretching westward: Toronto, Lansing, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Rochester...the litany of affected cities included major urban concentrations and minor villages. Politicians rushed to occupy their places before the cameras to assure the population that the blackout of 2003 was not an act of terrorism and that power would be restored soon.

The blame game started almost immediately, with New Yorkers blaming Canadians, and placing the blame on a "lightning bolt" which had allegedly struck a power stations. The blame then shifted to an alleged fire at a nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania, and so forth. The Great Northeast Blackout of 2003 had affected fifty million people and as of this writing, no official explanation has been put forward.

Is it perhaps naive to ascribe this blackout to the UFO phenomenon, especially as no reliable reports have come in? According to the National UFO Reporting Center, New York state alone reported 703 sightings since the beginning of 2003 (with heavy activity in June and July) so something unusual could conceivably happened. Forty-eight hours after the blackout, it was suggested that a strange "power inversion" along the Lake Erie Loop had caused the blackout, but no explanation had been put forth as to the external force capable of causing the phenomenon. The fact remained that "a huge field of electricity dropped out and drained north," in the words of an Associated Press teletype. Could this have been one of the UFO-induced "massive surges in power" that Yurko Bondarchuk mentioned in his book?

As far as the cause is concerned, it seems as though we will remain in the dark for a long, long time.

Source: Inexplicata-Scott Corrales


Plants 'Can Think and Remember'

Plants are able to "remember" and "react" to information contained in light, according to researchers.

Plants, scientists say, transmit information about light intensity and quality from leaf to leaf in a very similar way to our own nervous systems.

These "electro-chemical signals" are carried by cells that act as "nerves" of the plants.

In their experiment, the scientists showed that light shone on to one leaf caused the whole plant to respond.

And the response, which took the form of light-induced chemical reactions in the leaves, continued in the dark.

This showed, they said, that the plant "remembered" the information encoded in light.

"We shone the light only on the bottom of the plant and we observed changes in the upper part," explained Professor Stanislaw Karpinski from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Poland, who led this research.

He presented the findings at the Society for Experimental Biology's annual meeting in Prague, Czech Republic.

"And the changes proceeded when the light was off... This was a complete surprise."

In previous work, Professor Karpinski found that chemical signals could be passed throughout whole plants - allowing them to respond to and survive changes and stresses in their environment.

But in this new study, he and his colleagues discovered that when light stimulated a chemical reaction in one leaf cell, this caused a "cascade" of events and that this was immediately signalled to the rest of the plant by via specific type of cell called a "bundle sheath cell".

The scientists measured the electrical signals from these cells, which are present in every leaf. They likened the discovery to finding the plants' "nervous system".

What was even more peculiar, Professor Karpinski said, was that the plants' responses changed depending on the colour of the light that was being shone on them.

"There were characteristic [changes] for red, blue and white light," he explained.

He suspected that the plants might use the information encoded in the light to stimulate protective chemical reactions. He and his colleagues examined this more closely by looking at the effect of different colours of light on the plants' immunity to disease.

"When we shone the light for on the plant for one hour and then infected it [with a virus or with bacteria] 24 hours after that light exposure, it resisted the infection," he explained.

"But when we infected the plant before shining the light, it could not build up resistance.

"[So the plant] has a specific memory for the light which builds its immunity against pathogens, and it can adjust to varying light conditions."

He said that plants used information encrypted in the light to immunise themselves against seasonal pathogens.

"Every day or week of the season has… a characteristic light quality," Professor Karpinski explained.

"So the plants perform a sort of biological light computation, using information contained in the light to immunise themselves against diseases that are prevalent during that season."

Professor Christine Foyer, a plant scientist from the University of Leeds, said the study "took our thinking one step forward".

"Plants have to survive stresses, such as drought or cold, and live through it and keep growing," she told BBC News.

"This requires an appraisal of the situation and an appropriate response - that's a form of intelligence.

"What this study has done is link two signalling pathways together... and the electrical signalling pathway is incredibly rapid, so the whole plant could respond immediately to high [levels of] light."

Source: BBC


Are Alien Civilizations 'Tweeting' to Earth?

Sometimes it seems as if the expansion of the social networking phenomenon knows no bounds.

And now scientists say even aliens might not be immune to Twitter.

They could have been using cosmic 'tweets' to contact us for decades, researchers claim - but we have been missing them.

The famous Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank in Macclesfield. Scientists believe that we could be listening out for the wrong signals

While any 'lost in space' messages wouldn't exactly be restricted to 140 characters, as on the website, a study suggests ET is more likely to send out short, directed messages than continuous signals beamed in all directions.

The reason?

Because alien civilisations are likely to strive to limit waste and make their signalling technology efficient.

'This approach is more like Twitter and less like War and Peace,' said Dr James Benford, a physicist and president of Microwave Sciences.
His twin brother Gregory, an astrophysicist at the University of California, added: 'Whatever the life form, evolution selects for economy of resources.

'Transmitting signals across light years would require considerable resources.'

The brothers looked at the search for another life form in the galaxy from the alien's point of view.

They concluded that scientists involved in America's Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, or SETI, may have been taking the wrong approach for five decades.

Writing in the journal Astrobiology, the Benfords said alien signals would not be blasted out in all directions but narrowly directed in the one to ten gigahertz broadband signal range.

SETI's search is like a lighthouse sweeping the galactic plane, say the brothers, but that could leave many days when brief Twitter-like bursts of 'here we are' flashes from alien civilisations go undetected.

The Benfords also said SETI scientists had been looking in the wrong place.

Their strategy involves listening out for unusual bleeps from targeted nearby stars.

But they should be aiming at the centre of the galaxy instead, said the Benfords.

'The stars there are a billion years older than our sun, which suggests a greater possibility of contact with an advanced civilisation than pointing SETI receivers outward to the newer and less crowded edge of our galaxy,' said Gregory Benford.

'The SETI effort is worth continuing, but our common-sense approach seems more likely to a answer those questions,' he added.

Source: The Daily Mail (UK)

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