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- Mars May Not Be Lifeless, Say Scientists -
- Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens Best Known UFO Researcher Has Died -
-  Those Mysterious “Voices”: Where do They Come From? -
Strange Creature Encounter Prompts Lifelong Search -
AND: Tuella’s Ashtar And The Coming Of The UFOs

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Mars May Not Be Lifeless, Say Scientists

Carbon-rich organic molecules, which serve as the building blocks of life, may be present on Mars after all, say scientists - challenging a widely-held notion of the Red Planet as barren.

When Nasa's two Viking landers picked up and examined samples of Martian soil in 1976, scientists found no evidence for carbon-rich molecules or biology.

But after the Phoenix Mars Lander discovered the chlorine-containing chemical perchlorate in the planet's "arctic" region in 2008, scientists decided to re-visit the issue.

They travelled to the Atacama Desert in Chile, where conditions are believed to be similar to those on Mars.

After mixing the soil with perchlorate and heating it, they found that the gases produced were carbon dioxide and traces of chloromethane and dichloromethane - just like the gases released by the chemical reactions after the Viking landers heated the Martian soil more than three decades ago.

They also found that chemical reactions effectively destroyed all organic compounds in the soil.

"Our results suggest that not only organics, but also perchlorate, may have been present in the soil at both Viking landing sites," said the study's lead author, Rafael Navarro-González of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City.

But despite the excitement about the finding, the researchers warn it is too early to conclude that the Red Planet has ever had life.

"This doesn't say anything about the question of whether or not life has existed on Mars, but it could make a big difference in how we look for evidence to answer that question," said Chris McKay of Nasa's Ames Research Center, California.

He explained that organics can come from either biological and non-bio sources - many meteorites that have fallen on Earth have organic material.

Perchlorate, an ion of chlorine and oxygen, could have been present on Mars for billions of years and only manifest itself when heated, destroying all the organics in the soil.
The Atacama desert, Chile The soil of the Atacama desert is believed to resemble that of Mars

When scientists originally examined the data from the Viking probes, they interpreted the chlorine-containing organic compounds as contaminants from cleaning fluids carried on the spacecraft.

It is not yet clear whether the organic molecules are indigenous to the Red Planet or have been brought by meteorites.

This will be one of the goals of upcoming missions to Mars. In 2011, Nasa is planning to kick off its Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission, with the Curiosity rover designed to search for organic material on the planet.

Source: BBC


Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens Best Known UFO Researcher Has Died

UFO research pioneer, Wendelle Stevens (87) passed away on September 7, 2010, at his home in Tucson, Arizona of respiratory failure.

Lt. Colonel (USAF Ret.) Wendelle C. Stevens was born in 1923 in Round Prairie, Minnesota and joined the US Army in 1941. He transferred to the Air Corps in1942 and became a pilot. He alternated his career between pilot and Air Technical Service assignments with the Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) at Wright Field. ATIC is where the Blue Book Office for the study of UFOs was located.

In 1947, he was assigned to Alaska where data collecting equipment onboard B-29s were detecting UFOs. He became interested in the subject and started his collection of UFO photographs. Col. Stevens amassed one of the largest collections of UFO photographs in the world. He served as US Air Attach in South America and retired from the USAF in 1963.

He spent much of his adult life actively investigating UFO cases despite harassment by the government. In December 1997, he received an award for lifetime achievement at the First World UFO Forum in Brazilia, the capital of Brazil.

Wendelle Stevens was the Director of Investigations for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) in Tucson, Arizona. He investigated numerous contact cases, such as the Billy Meier case in Switzerland.

He published more than 22 books concerning UFOs, and was a founder and Director of the International UFO Congress. He recently transferred his extensive photo collection, and library to Open Minds Production.

Photo courtesy of J. Antonio Huneeus http://www.openminds.tv/

Source: Filers Files #37 2010


Those Mysterious “Voices”: Where do They Come From?

It was early April 1967. New York journalist John A. Keel, 37, a former self-described “hard-boiled skeptic” of things of a supernatural flavor, was confronting increasing evidence that his original support for the UFO-ET theory was in need of major revision (not to mention his views pertaining to the paranormal).

Little doubt his initial investigations in and around Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in March and April 1967, came to truly alter his overall perspective on the whole UFO question ver-ry dramatically.

Keel, the author of Jadoo, published back in 1957, a book that he admitted “sneered at the occult”, took a dim view of the reality of anything presumably supernatural. In Jadoo, he recounted his personal explorations and adventures in the Orient, where he repeatedly exposed the magic tricks of fake mystics, fakirs and snake charmers who catered to the superstitious locals and tourists in that part of the world. Keel, after all, was an amateur magician, and the wide-spread belief system of Jadoo, a Hindu word that meant black magic, intrigued him and was the kind of high adventure this self-described cliff-hanging journalist was addicted to. In the fall of 1954 it led Keel out of Egypt, where he had been studying the legendary gali-gali magicians, to exotic India, which was rife with practitioners and believers in Jadoo.

Keel had initiated his UFO investigations full-time in 1966. “I tried to adopt a very scientific approach to ufology, and this meant that I scoffed at the many contactee reports,” Keel wrote in his 1970 book, Operation Trojan Horse. “But as my experiences mounted and investigations broadened, I rapidly changed my views.”

Instead of looking to far off outer space locations for the answers, John Keel began to suspect that we were dealing largely with a terrestrial-based phenomenon. Keel had a number of UFO sightings while in West Virginia, but he wrote that his best one occurred on top of a high hill in Gallipolis Ferry during the wee hours of the morning of April 3, 1967. It was at about 1:35 a.m. when he observed a clearly defined saucer-shaped object, an estimated 20-30 feet across, that was “glowing red with greenish upper surface” and had “red lights or ‘portholes’ around (the) perimeter.” It appeared to land behind some trees a short distance away from his automobile, in which just moments before he had been relaxed and listening to the Long John Nebel radio program being broadcast from New York, while chewing on a candy bar.

The very next afternoon Keel led Macon County Sheriff George Johnson and Deputy Millard Halstead up the hill to where he had had his encounter. They checked the area over with a Geiger counter and looked for any physical trace evidence, but nothing abnormal turned up, although one odd thing did happen. As Sheriff Johnson had been driving up the hill a strange sound issued from his radio, which wasn’t even turned on at the time (and, in fact, turned on with a key, and the key wasn’t in the lock). “It sounded like the voices on a speeded-up phonograph record,” Keel wrote.

In addition, Deputy Halstead stated that five months earlier he had heard that same noise come over his radio. It happened in the McClintic Wildlife Station on Wednesday, November 15, 1966, when he sat in his car with frightened young witnesses to what would become the “Mothman” legend.

Across the Ohio River from Gallipolis Ferry, West Virginia, is Gallipolis, Ohio. One day Keel was introduced by a local journalist named Mary Hyre to a respected, credible woman who insisted on anonymity. She hesitantly described her encounter. It had happened several months earlier, the previous November. It was somewhere around 7 or 8 p.m., she was outside and getting ready to leave her job site and go home when saw a “big cylinder” silently land a mere 20 feet from her. Two normal looking men got out and approached her. They seemed heavily tanned, had pointed noses, pointed chins and high cheekbones. “Their voices were sort of singsongy and high-pitched,” she told Keel. “It was like listening to a phonograph record played at the wrong speed. And they kept asking me for the time. They said ‘What is your time?’ two or three times. Finally they just walked back to the thing and it took off.”

Keel began frequently finding this apparent alien curiosity and confusion about our time in many of his investigations, as well as these strange voices and anomalous radio-related events. On April 14, 1967, at about 9 p.m., a UFO encounter reportedly occurred near Melville, New York, an area that Keel came to investigate quite a bit. In an internet report posted by Mark Rodeghier, it reads: “A motorist saw a glowing object overhead, suddenly his car engine stalled, and a smaller circular metallic object landed beside the road. His car radio, which had been turned off, began to broadcast in a strange language. A tiny metallic robot like figure appeared in the doorway of the object. It then dug up some dirt and placed it inside the craft. The doorway then closed, the object then turned a bright red color and rose into the sky emitting a whirring sound. It appeared to join the large glowing craft overhead.”

Keel described unusual signals and “unidentified voices” reportedly coming out of CB radios and walkie-talkies, adding that “people with all types of walkie-talkies have sworn to me that they’ve picked up sounds ‘like a speeded up phonograph record’ while in the vicinity of reported saucer sightings.”

Keel investigated a pretty high degree of bewildering contactee and MIB activity in the vicinity of Long Island’s now legendary Mount Misery, located near Melville. I visited this strange site myself with a friend back in April 1972, and corresponded with a couple of New York researchers who had been investigating this place back then. One of them, however, reported encountering a mysterious man-like dark figure, 7-8 foot tall, at this location, and even underwent the contactee experience himself, leaving New York to head out west in search of the legendary Lost Dutchman Mine that his entities had promised him that they’d lead him to. He also reported that strange voices came in on his television set. His friend Michael back in Manhattan hasn’t seen him since he left town in his van back in 1971.

Recently L.I.P.I. (Long Island Paranormal Investigators) posted on the internet details of their investigations at Mount Misery. During their on-site investigation a mysterious “voice” spoke with them over their walkie talkie units. They reported: “While normally radio transmissions are not a reliable source this voice remained constant for the entire period and was clearly responding to our verbal (not transmitted) comments and questions! It is highly unlikely any one was around clandestinely observing the group. There is historical precedence for EVPs being heard via radio.”

Indeed there is, and as Keel pointed out long ago, this activity surfaced within the early 1950s contactee community itself. In his book, Our Haunted Planet (1971), Keel described how amateur anthropologist and contactee George Hunt Williamson claimed that back in 1952 he was present when an amateur radio operator was allegedly communicating with “space people.” This radioman would ask a question and an answer would come back. Then without warning he suddenly switched to 160 meters and asked another question and got an immediate response! “Any radioman knows that no power on Earth would have enabled any operator to know where he was switching to!” Williamson pointed out. “Even if Mr. R had told the other operator that he was going to switch to 160 meters, still they would not have found him on that band until after the question had been asked.”

Keel also described how at California’s then popular contactee conclave Giant Rock in 1954, a speaker described how the “space people” could even “read the mind of a radio operator.” He stated: “In one case involving something in the nature of mind reading at a distance, these entities gave the answer to a discussion going on in a room and not taken up or referred to on the radio.”

“Ham operators in flap areas have cautiously reported all kinds of manifestations, including the materialization of entities in their radio shacks,” Keel also wrote. During a trip through the Midwest in 1967, Keel met a Ham radio operator who he stated had been undergoing a long series of strange experiences. The area he lived in had had a lot of UFO activity and this radioman told Keel that he had been hearing unusual guttural voices from his speakers, even when his receiver was turned off! (Is this beginning to sound familiar?)

Early on in my ufological non-career I corresponded back in 1971 with an early contactee who shared, “I am still working with the ‘Space People’ as some choose to call them and am often contacted by them, both in person and by two-way radio. Éas I saidÉwe do use two-way radio from time to time (but) mostly to confirm locales where I am to meet them or their ship.”

The famous electrical genius Nikola Tesla described hearing mysterious, unexplained radio signals in his lab as early as 1899, and heard them for many years afterwards. The initial ones that he received were reportedly more like morse code type transmissions, and then around 1918 he began to hear voices. In 1925, he wrote: “I am hearing more phrases in these transmissions that are definitely in English, French and German. If it were not for the fact that the frequencies I am monitoring are unusable for terrestrial radio stations, I would think that I am listening to people somewhere in the world talking to each other. This cannot be the case as these signals are coming from points in the sky above the earth.”

Author Tim Swartz, in his book, The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, speculated: “The mysterious signals that Tesla received could be linked to what is now known as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). Tesla was one of the first men to experiment with the necessary electronic receiving equipment. The very same equipment, albeit more sophisticated than Tesla had access to, is being used today to receive EVP.”

Going back again to Keel’s Our Haunted Planet, he may have waxed prophetic when he concluded with how incidents of mysterious alien radio signals, even images of “spacemen” on television sets (now a familiar description of the EVP and ITC, Instrumental Transcommunication), all seemed to have been on the increase since 1965. “It sounds like a cliché science fiction plot, but a time may come when a general message to the human race may suddenly spurt from every receiver on Earth in every language,” he wrote. “Wouldn’t that be a kick in the teeth!”

Ouch! Indeed it would! I have recently spoken with my good friends Sandy Nichols and Bret and Gina Oldham, all extensively involved in first-hand EVP work (much of which I’ve been a frequent participant in over the last several months), about how it seems to us as though paranormal activity may be on the increase (or at least it seems to be in the circles in which we’ve been traveling recently). This has brought about conversations in which we wondered if there might indeed be some credence to the speculations of some folks who feel that the “veil between the worlds is growing thinner,” or something along those lines.

In the late Harold Sherman’s 1974 book, You Can Communicate With The Unseen World, he devoted a chapter to the EVP subject. In fact, a noted paranormal researcher, Dr. Walter Uphoff, a professor at the University of Colorado, prepared an extensive summary for Sherman’s book on what was then known about this phenomenon. In his report, Dr. Uphoff naturally referred quite a bit to noted EVP pioneers like Dr. Konstantin Raudive and Frederich Juergenson, but he also made a reference to earlier statements by George Hunt Williamson’s claims back in 1952. (No mention about UFOs though.) He quoted a source that stated: “He collected many cases of voice phenomena from all over the States, including commercial transmitting stations.”

I shared a brief correspondence on this subject with Dr. Uphoff back in 1974. He had traveled to England and Europe and met a number of the researchers and pioneers doing EVP studies, including Dr. Raudive. He wrote: “Enough instances of individuals being addressed by name unmistakably, and identifying themselves by names on the part of ‘the voices’ that in my mind it virtually rules out the possibility that these are ‘stray radio signals’ as some critics suggest. This is not to say that material received by experimenters could not, at least at times, originate from some source such as radio or TV transmissions, but the growing number of experimenters who report voices from so many and diverse places is adding up to a volume of information which cannot be ignored.”

Dr. Uphoff also sent me a summary of data on what was known at that time about all of this, responding to common questions that people asked on this matter. Here was one:

“Why did Juergenson and Raudive (and others) conclude the voices came from another dimension?”

“For several reasons. First they did not sound quite like normal voices. The speed was often 1- to 2 times faster than normal speech and usually there was a certain cadence in the voices. At times, two or more distinct voices would be heard simultaneously as if several entities were attempting to use the ‘mike’ at the same time.”

Could there be a connection with what John Keel was describing years ago with those alien voices that were “like a speeded up phonograph record” and the continuing EVP studies and experimentation that is still ongoing?

On Saturday, August 7th (2010), we again successfully recorded another spirit box session (again with similar results as to what was described in my last column, which occurred on July 3rd). Again I wrote down various words and names on paper, and again the mysterious “voices” accurately read them back to us, several times, over the AM radio frequencies! We had several digital recorders and video cameras going, and six witnesses total.

During that session Bret Oldham asked of Keel, “Say your first and last name.” Then it sounds like someone repeating, “First and last name.” Then seven seconds later you hear a male sounding voice saying, “For a pizza.” Interestingly, we had just enjoyed eating two large home baked pizzas! At another point, I asked, “Could you say your name again, John Keel.” Seven seconds later you hear a drawn out “Keel,” immediately followed by “spirit box.”

“Sometimes I wonder if John Keel and others that pioneered much of this are on the other side ‘helping’ us along on our journey and sort of continuing their work while they are doing it,” Bret pondered in an email just received.

As John Keel wrote at the conclusion of his article Mysterious Voices From Outer Space, published in Saga’s UFO Report (Winter 1975): “Why don’t they contact us? Hell, why don’t we contact them?”

“CQÉCQÉCQÉis there anybody out there?”

Source: Alternative Perceptions Magazine Issue #152 Sept. 2010


The Wolf of Allendale / The Hexham Heads

On December 10, 1904, an unsettling article appeared in the English newspaper, the Hexham Courant....under the heading of Wolf at Large in Allendale:

“Local farmers from the village of Allendale, very near to Hexham, had reported the loss of their livestock, so serious that many sheep were being stabled at night to protect them. A shepherd found two of his flock slaughtered, one with its entrails hanging out, and all that remained of the other was its head and horns. Many of the sheep had been bitten about the neck and the legs - common with an attack made by a wolf.”

“Hysteria soon set in. During the night, lanterns were kept burning to scare away the wolf, and women and children were ordered to keep to the busy roads and be home before dusk. The ‘Hexham Wolf Committee’ was soon set up to organize search parties and hunts to bring down the beast using specialized hunting dogs, the ‘Haydon Hounds’, but even they could not find the wolf. The Wolf Committee took the next step and hired Mr. W. Briddick, a trained tracker. But he was also unsuccessful, despite searching the woods.”

There was growing speculation that the most likely culprit was a grey wolf that had escaped from its owner, Captain Bain of Shotley Bridge, three months earlier. This wolf was on record in the Shotley Bridge police station as being four and a half months old and not much of a threat to either man or beast.

The search for the Wolf of Allendale continued throughout December. On the 29th, it was faced down by two men, but escaped by jumping a high wall. The following day, it was seen attacking a black-faced ewe, running the sheep into a wire.

One afternoon in late December, according to the newspaper, the wolf was encountered by some local boys and a group of women who frightened the animal by screaming in their excitement.

The panic, however, seemed to be brought to a halt early in 1905, when the body of a wolf was found on a railway line in Cumwinton, Cumbria, some 30 miles (48km) west of Hexhamshire. Captain Bain sped to the scene, only to profess the beast far too mature to be the cub he had lost. The Hexham Courant reported on 7 January, 1905 that the wolf found at Cumwinton was not the Wolf of Allendale.

By the end of 1905, reports had diminished sharply and interest began to wane. Soon, the sightings and killings ceased altogether, and the Wolf of Allendale was relegated to local history.

The events in Hexhamshire were not the only peculiar incidents at the time. Charles Fort commented that this period seemed to see an unprecedented level of weirdness that gripped Great Britain. These incidents included strange lights and supernatural forces at work in Wales, teleportation experiences, several hauntings and mysterious fires that killed residents.

Overall, life in Hexhamshire went back to normal and it remain so for several generations...until the Winter of 1972.

In February, 1972 the Robson boys were weeding their parent's garden not 10 minutes walk from where the 'Wolf of Allendale' stalked the woods. The pair soon unearthed two carved stone heads both about the size of tennis balls. A few nights after the discovery, neighbour Ellen Dodd was sitting up late with her daughter when both of them saw what they described as a 'half-man/half-beast' enter the bedroom. Although both mother and daughter screamed in terror, the creature seemed disinterested and walked off down the stairs. It was heard to be 'padding down the stairs as if on its hind legs', and the front door was later found open.

Dr. Anne Ross took an interest in the apparently Celtic carved stone heads and took possession of the Hexham pair. She had several others that were similar and wanted to compare them, believing these were at least 2000 years old. Dr. Ross lived and worked in Southampton at the time, and had heard nothing of the strange goings-on and apparent return of the 'Wolf of Allendale' associated with the carved heads. A few nights later at around 2.00am, she woke from sleep feeling cold and frightened. Looking up she saw a strange figure in the doorway of her bedroom. She later stated:

It was about six feet high, slightly stooping, and it was black, against the white door, and it was half animal and half man. The upper part, I would have said, was a wolf, and the lower part was human and, I would have again said, that it was covered with a kind of black, very dark fur. It went out and I just saw it clearly, and then it disappeared, and something made me run after it, a thing I wouldn't normally have done, but I felt compelled to run after it. I got out of bed and I ran, and I could hear it going down the stairs, then it disappeared towards the back of the house.

Dr. Ross simply dismiss the event as a nightmare, but when she later returned home with her husband, archaeologist Richard Feacham, they found their teenage daughter, Berenice, distraught and in tears. After some coaxing she managed to explain the reason for her state, and Anne suddenly realized that she had not been dreaming the night before. As Berenice later told, she had returned to the empty house at 4.00pm. As it opened the front door she saw a large shape rushing down the stairs toward her. Halfway down, the thing suddenly stopped and vaulted the banisters, landing with a soft thud like a heavy animal with thickly padded feet.

Dr.Ross decided that the stone heads were the source of the problem, and promptly disposed of her whole collection. The Hexham finds were soon passed into the hands of other collectors, including the British Museum, where they were displayed to the public for a short time until reports of eerie occurrences forced them into storage.

Reportedly, the stone heads were examined at Southampton and Newcastle Universities for proof of their age. Chemist Dr. Don Robins noticed that the stone heads contained a large amount of quartz, therefore hypothesizing that they were somehow storing energy. The heads were later buried in an undisclosed location however, this resulted in unusual goings on in the area of the burial. Now the heads seem to have disappeared without a trace. These artifacts have disappeared from public knowledge and their current whereabouts are unknown.

Source: Phantoms and Monsters


Strange Creature Encounter Prompts Lifelong Search

On a warm summer night in 1997, local Bigfoot researcher and part-time gold-mining enthusiast William Allen Barnes was plunged headlong into the world of cryptozoology.

(Barnes dislikes using the term Bigfoot due to its exploitation by those who have tried to capitalize on, or trivialize the phenomenon, preferring to use the term North American ape/hominoid.)

Barnes was camping alone near Greenhorn Creek, southeast of Grass Valley California. He was asleep in a small pup tent with the rain flap up when a loud noise woke him sometime after midnight.

“About 1 or 2, I heard this thing coming down the canyon and I could hear it walking around,” Barnes said. “I figured it was a bear.”

As he listened and tried to catch a glimpse of what was approaching, he began to realize that it might be something completely unfamiliar to him.

“I could see this dark blob and when it got about thirty feet from my car, I noticed how tall it looked above the hood,” he said. “I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, it can't be a bear.' It got to the car, then headed straight toward my tent.”

What happened next is something that Barnes says has haunted him ever since, and fueled his desire to prove the existence of a giant creature most consider well outside the realm of possibility.

“It was looking down on me through the flap in the tent and I had no place to go, no gun and no flashlight,” Barnes said. “My heart was beating so loudly, I could hear it pounding in my ears. When it turned sideways, I saw how thick it was and I realized it had no neck and didn't seem to have a nose. It looked ape-like.”

Eventually, the creature — which Barnes guessed to weigh somewhere between 450 and 500 pounds — seemed to lose interest, turning to walk up a nearby hill and disappearing into the darkness.

“After it left, the adrenaline hit me and I just sat there and shook,” Barnes said. “I got up the next morning and left. It took me four years to go back out there into the canyon by myself, and my gun got bigger every year.”

Since that time, Barnes has driven himself to find out as much as he can about the creature he encountered, while thinking of possible ways that he could prove its existence.

In the last decade, he has joined forces with several other researchers, namely Jason Valenti (SasquatchResearch.net) and William Dranginis (VirginiaBigfootResearch.org), to initiate the Falcon Project to capture motion picture evidence of a hominoid.

The plan is to travel to hominoid hot spots in the U.S. and Canada where multiple sightings have been reported, and to nightly launch a remote-controlled blimp, using thermal imaging, carbon dioxide recognition and high-tech audio equipment to track what is below.

The camera on board will be so powerful that it can zoom in on objects with almost microscopic detail from as high as 2,000 feet and will be able to film from any angle, Barnes said.

“The airship is actually two helium-filled blimps held together by graphite and will float in the same way a catamaran does,” Barnes said. “We'll be searching in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Virginia, Eastern Tennessee around the Smoky Mountains and Florida.”

Barnes estimates the trip could last as long as a year and will cost in the neighborhood of $190,000.

The airship is to be manufactured by a Canadian company and the equipment used to operate and monitor the

Falcon will be housed inside an RV that Barnes and his cohorts will travel in.

The group is still in the process of raising the necessary funds, but Barnes believes the wait will not be much longer.

It would be easy for the casual reader to dismiss the Falcon project, its founder and the creature it seeks to uncover, but remember the coelacanth, a fish thought to be extinct for at least 65 million years, found alive when a specimen was caught in South Africa in 1938.

There have been other documented sightings since then, including discovery of a second species of coelacanths found in Indonesia in 1999.

And think too of explorers like German businessman Heinrich Schliemann, who in 1868 discovered the ancient city of Troy, while the rest of the archaeological world was convinced it was only a legend.

When discussing hominoids with Barnes, it's difficult not to be struck by his earnestness and the missionary-like zeal with which he approaches his subject. He very much appears a true believer propelled by “scientific revelation.”

“We want to film a hominoid over a long period of time, so that scientists can then study its movements,” Barnes said. “I'm not trying to prove something that others don't already know. I'm just trying to film it in its natural habitat.”

For more information about Barnes and the Falcon Project, go to www.Bigfoot24-7.com.

Source: The Union - Nevada County, California


Tuella’s Ashtar And The Coming Of The UFOs
By Sean Casteel

I first heard the word “contactee” when I was interviewing abduction researcher Budd Hopkins in 1989.  For Hopkins, a contactee was beneath contempt, a slap in the face to serious scientific researchers struggling to understand a powerful mystery in plausible, objective terms.  A beautiful blonde man taking a wide-eyed contactee on a trip to Venus all the while warning of impending nuclear annihilation strained belief to such an extent that Hopkins dreaded the thought that his own research would be tarred with the same brush of ridicule and sneering that greeted the contactees.

However, Tim Beckley of Global Communications chooses to differ with that point of view as he tirelessly revives and reprints books that have come to be classics of contactee literature.  This article/review will focus on the work of a woman named Thelma B. Terril, or as she is more frequently called, “Tuella.”  Tuella is best known for channeling various alien entities known collectively as the Ashtar Command.


The existence of the Ashtar Command was first publicly proclaimed by pioneering contactee George Van Tassel.  In a book called "The Lure of the Edge", written by Dr. Brenda Denzler, Van Tassel is called “the most important person for the propagation and perpetuation of the contactee movement.”

“In 1952,” Denzler writes, “Van Tassel announced in his book "I Rode a Flying Saucer" that he had made contact with a variety of beings aboard spaceships circling the earth.  The purpose of their interest in Earth was to help raise humanity’s ‘vibratory’ level and thus redeem us from our savage ways.”

While awaiting the fulfillment of that alien promise, Van Tassel was told to build the Integratron, a large fifty-five foot circular structure that was intended to serve as a combination rejuvenation machine and time machine.  With donations from his followers, the structure was completed near his desert home at Giant Rock, California.

But, according to Denzler, Van Tassel’s most important role in UFO history was undoubtedly as the sponsor of annual contactee conventions at Giant Rock from 1953 until 1977.

“These gatherings provided a way for contactees and their followers to gather and compare stories, sell books, give lectures and form networks.  At the height of the contactee movement in the mid-1950s there were more than 150 flying saucer contact clubs organized in the United States alone.”

The contactee movement’s use of “channeling” would later become a popular form of insight and information for the New Age movement that came after.  Denzler quotes Michael F. Brown on the subject, who says channeling can be defined as, “the use of altered states of consciousness to contact spirits or to experience spiritual energy captured from other times and dimensions.”


While some contactees claimed to have had face-to-face meetings with aliens, other contactees communicated with the space brothers only by using the kind of telepathy made popular by spiritualists and occultists decades earlier.

“George Van Tassel was also primarily a telepathic contactee,” Denzler explains, “who made a distinctive contribution to modern New Age thought.  Among the many space people with whom he reportedly communicated, one in particular has risen to prominence among New Agers and remains a source of wisdom in certain UFO circles, Ashtar.  Today there is a small but significant number of people who claim to channel messages from ‘Ashtar Command,’ and many more who take these messages seriously.”

The Wikipedia online encyclopedia also offers a history of Van Tassel and his contact with Ashtar.  During his weekly channeling sessions at Giant Rock, the Ashtar messages, (which had initially contained a great deal of apocalyptic material, some of which focused on the development of the hydrogen bomb) began to grow more elaborate.  Details began to emerge of the purported existence of an extraterrestrial “government” which claimed to closely monitor activities on Earth and offered “material and spiritual support” to its citizens.

“This concept of an ‘Ashtar Command’ was appropriated for use by a number of prominent early channelers, both inside and outside the Giant Rock community, and was soon being utilized by several in the context of their own personal claimed messages from Ashtar, along with the use of the figure of Ashtar himself, originally developed by Van Tassel,” says the Wikipedia posting.

Van Tassel and several other chanelers began to publish accounts which predicted the imminent arrival of an Ashtar-led UFO armada on Earth, intended to guide and protect mankind.  When the predictions never came to pass, and when differing messages claimed to be directly from Ashtar created considerable confusion, the overall movement went into decline.


It was left to Tuella to revive and re-energize the concept of an Ashtar Command.  Some twenty years later, in the 1970s and 1980s, Tuella wrote a series of books on the subject based on channeled messages received from the Ashtar Command.

“Her work,” Wikipedia says, “shifted the focus from Van Tassel’s extraterrestrial model to a more ‘spiritualized’ approach.  Tuella’s version of the Ashtar narrative tended to play down the necessity of the direct involvement of UFOs in human affairs, with the shift of importance being laid onto purely interior spiritual development as a means of reaching ‘higher dimensions’ and receiving the assistance of Ashtar Command.”

In spite of Tuella’s influence, many channelers continued to insist on a more UFO-based cosmology and maintained that Ashtar was still sending messages about the imminent destruction of Earth and the need for a literal physical evacuation of the planet  to be carried out by the spacecraft of the Ashtar Command.

Which, as it turns out, is a concept Tuella would also make her own.  Eventually, in a book published by Tim Beckley’s Inner Light Publications, called "Project World Evacuation", Tuella lays out in exquisite detail the promise that some UFOs will assist in the “great exodus” of human souls off this planet.  She quotes Ashtar as saying, “You will be hosted by us, fed and housed comfortably in a great mother ship.”  Another entity, called Andromeda Rex, even volunteered information about the food:  “It will be as nearly normal to your accustomed foods as we can arrange it.  It will include some drinks and foods that are new to you, but we are attempting a cuisine that will be favorable to all, with personal choices where needed.”

It is comforting to know that the Chosen Ones will be well-fed in outer space, but the most joyous aspect of the great adventure will be “in the mingling of beings from all worlds,” when the evacuated earthlings will be introduced to their galaxy and universe.

The exact time of the great evacuation is not known of course, but is contingent on events on Earth.  For example, one message given in Project World Evacuation declares that, “We will not allow the entire planet to be destroyed. If atomic warfare does become activated, that will be the point of immediate mass evacuation by us of the prepared citizens of the Earth.”


That statement echoes similar statements made by Jesus in the Gospel.  Jesus says that no man knows the day or the hour of his coming, nor do the angels in heaven.  God the Father alone knows when that will be.  There have been so many unfortunate attempts to predict that moment, attempts made by both Christian believers and contactees that have resulted in disappointment and increased cynicism among believers and skeptics alike.  We are clearly told the moment is not knowable, so it behooves us to quit trying to know it.

Jesus also said that he must return in all his glory “lest no flesh survive.”  In a manner similar to Tuella’s contacts, we are told that divine intervention is a prerequisite for man’s survival.  Man by himself can never negotiate the kind of lasting peace that will ensure his survival, nor can he by himself extricate himself from the environmental decay he has mired himself in.

The fact that the Bible’s prophecies are in tune to Tuella’s channeled material speaks volumes about their having come from the same source.  That source is happily both life-affirming and forward looking.  One must look past the frightening predictions of doom and ruin to see that the real point is the salvation of mankind and not his destruction.


Tuella also knows her audience.  She is not preaching to the masses but rather to a specialized group prepared to understand her.

“Just as many are called but few are chosen,” Tuella writes, “likewise, many who read this book will neither understand nor receive the information.  But those special souls for whom it is intended will rejoice in its guidance and accept its timely and imperative revelation.

“This information is not entertainment,” she continues. “It is comparable to ‘sealed orders’ given to dedicated volunteers on a strategic mission.  It is dispersed to them, compiled for them and will be cherished by them.  It is neither defended nor justified.  It is data recorded as given and passed on to those for whom it is intended.”

There is a vaguely militaristic overtone to some of that passage; the phrases like “sealed orders” and “strategic mission” seem to imply that the Ashtar Command speaking   through Tuella is extremely well organized and is definitely playing for keeps.  But when you’re talking about the rescue and salvation of yourself and your loved ones, who would have it otherwise?

A more recent offering of Tuella’s work as a channeler is Global Communications’ "Master Symbol of the Solar Cross".  The book attempts to introduce the reader to a higher reality by teaching him to understand a series of visual symbols within simple circles and crosses and other geometrical forms there lies our intimate connection to the divine.

In an early section of "Master Symbol of the Solar Cross", Tuella channels the following: “In the ancient history of the people of the planet Terra, sacred symbols were used in teaching all the basic principles of nature.  Everything was taught in the simplest, most comprehensive language of symbols, used as object lessons, that could be understood by anyone.  All were taught in stages, where sight would supply the absence of spoken words.  At every step the student was confronted with symbols of the omnipresent power and wisdom of the Creator.”

Tuella seems to be talking about a system of visual symbols that predate spoken language in people, something more primal and profound than mere words.  I remember reading about Whitley Strieber’s experience of encountering alien symbols during an abduction.  A simple sign, such as Tuella’s solar cross, would be shown to him, and he realized the little graphic symbol contained countless “words,” limitless depths of meaning, but all contained in a few well placed strokes of an alien “pen.”

I’m also reminded of the experience of Becky Andreasson, the daughter of the well-known, devoutly Christian abductee Betty Andreasson Luca.  Becky wrote about a continual educational process in which she believed she was being taught an angelic language, a language perhaps consisting of the same deeply-layered symbols that Tuella is channeling.

It is so encouraging to be able to see the picture that emerges when one combines Tuella’s symbols with the experiences of Strieber and Andreasson.  One can see the faint glimmering of the overall master plan and take heart that in spite of the fact that we’re not at the top of the cosmic chain of command, a superior force really is extending a helping hand and maneuvering to raise us to a level comparable to theirs.  Strieber once said it’s as though we are being prepared to become friends with God, not merely his infantile, disobedient children.

In the Book of Revelation, Chapter 21, verses 3-4, it is written, “Behold, the dwelling of God is with men.  He will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God Himself will be with them, He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

Perhaps the fulfillment of those verses will come at a time when we have learned to converse with God in a language that is worthy of Him, a system of words much more profound than the one we struggle to express ourselves with now. And maybe the symbols explained by Tuella are part of that bridge between mortal groping and eternal heavenly bliss that is a necessary component of true communication with the divine.


Though Tuella was somewhat of a recluse -- especially when she became ill and needed hospitalization -- she did get her channeled messages out to as many of her followers through regular newsletters that talked primarily about End time visions. Publisher Tim Beckley says she was the best and most respected of all the channels who claimed to have been receiving messages from the Ashtar Command.

Beckley says he met Tuella only once and was very impressed with her.

"I was the MC of a space convention in Reno and we spent some time together. We even tossed a few quarters into the slot machines on the casino floor-- neither one of us being 'directed' to win by the space brothers as it turned out.  I have very fond memories of the few days we spent together. I was impressed by her sincerity. She was not a 'fruit cake' or a nutter, nor did it appear that she was 'in this' to make a quick buck.

"A year or two after the Reno conference, I received a phone call from Tuella in which she told me that she had recently had a heart attack and had been hospitalized and realized that she was not long for this earthly coil. She needed someone she 'could trust' to preserve the messages she had purportedly received from members of the Ashtar Command. She was also in need of financial support that would help get her through the final days of her life. I made what for this field was a ‘nice offer’ to obtain the rights to all her works and have kept them in print to this day despite a somewhat thinning market for channeled material."

Beckley is quick to point out that he neither believes nor disbelieves in the messages themselves. "They stand on their own,” he said. Nor can he prove that the messages are really from aliens. But he does believe that Tuella's works offer a legitimate look at both the contactee and channeling movements, which are most definitely an important part of the history of the flying saucer and New Age movements, regardless of the legitimacy of their content.

"People have the right to make up their own minds based on all the facts,” Beckley said. “And these books will help to clarify your belief or disbelief."   

(If you enjoyed this article, please visit Sean Casteel’s website at www.seancasteel.com)

For more information on Tuella's books, please email Timothy Green Beckley at: mrufo8@hotmail.com

Source: UFO Digest

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