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- Air Force Wants Neuroweapons to Overwhelm Minds -
- Do Extraterrestrials Have A Soul? -
- Space Ghosts from the Future: “Ghost Rockets” Then and Now -
The Frequency Theory of the Paranormal -
AND: The Oddest Disease

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Air Force Wants Neuroweapons to Overwhelm Minds

It sounds like something a wild-eyed basement-dweller would come up with, after he complained about the fit of his tinfoil hat. But military bureaucrats really are asking scientists to help them “degrade enemy performance” by attacking the brain’s “chemical pathway[s].” Let the conspiracy theories begin.

Late last month, the Air Force Research Laboratory’s 711th Human Performance Wing revamped a call for research proposals examining “Advances in Bioscience for Airmen Performance.” It’s a six-year, $49 million effort to deploy extreme neuroscience and biotechnology in the service of warfare.

One suggested research thrust is to use “external stimulant technology to enable the airman to maintain focus on aerospace tasks and to receive and process greater amounts of operationally relevant information.” (Something other than modafinil, I guess.) Another asks scientists to look into “fus[ing] multiple human sensing modalities” to develop the “capability for Special Operations Forces to rapidly identify human-borne threats.” No, this is not a page from The Men Who Stare at Goats.

But perhaps the oddest, and most disturbing, of the program’s many suggested directions is the one that notes: “Conversely, the chemical pathway area could include methods to degrade enemy performance and artificially overwhelm enemy cognitive capabilities.” That’s right: the Air Force wants a way to fry foes’ minds — or at least make ‘em a little dumber.

It’s the kind of official statement that’s seized on by anyone who is sure that the CIA planted a microchip in his head, or thinks that the Air Force is controlling minds with an antenna array in Alaska. The same could be said about the 711th’s call to “develo[p] technologies to anticipate, find, fix, track, identify, characterize human intent and physiological status anywhere and at anytime.”

The ideas may sound wild. They are wild. But the notions aren’t completely out of the military-industrial mainstream. For years, armed forces and intelligence community researchers have toyed with ways of manipulating minds. During the Cold War, the CIA and the military allegedly plied the unwitting with dozens of psychoactive drugs, in a series of zany (and sometimes dangerous) mind-control experiments. More recently, the Pentagon’s most revered scientific advisory board warned in 2008 that adversaries could develop enhancements to their “cognitive capabilities … and thus create a threat to national security.” The National Research Council and Defense Intelligence Agency followed suit, pushing for pharma-based tactics to weaken enemy forces. In recent months, the Pentagon has funded projects to optimize troop’s minds, prevent injuries, preemptively assess vulnerability to traumatic stress, and even conduct “remote control of brain activity using ultrasound.”

The Air Force is warning potential researchers that this project “may require top secret clearance.” They’ll also need a high tolerance for seemingly loony theories — sparked by the military itself.

Source: Wired



Do Extraterrestrials Have A Soul?

The galaxy could be filled with dozens of planets capable of supporting life, according to a new study. But finding ET would force many of us to think the theologically unthinkable, argues David Whitehouse.

It is one of the deepest mysteries. Are we alone in the Universe? As we contemplate its majesty from our vantage point of a small, rocky planet circling an ordinary star in a backwater of our very average galaxy, we wonder if intelligent beings born under the light of a different sun also do the same.

Last week a team of US scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, reported in the journal Science that nearly one in four stars like the Sun could have Earth-sized planets capable of supporting alien life. And last month the UN made a little-known Malaysian astrophysicist head of its Office for Outer Space Affairs, to which is designated the task of talking to extraterrestrials if first contact is made. While the Royal Society held a two-day meeting to to work out a "scientific and societal agenda" on extraterrestrial life.

Yet despite this preparation and increasing evidence that other planets could, in theory, support alien life, we have barely searched the stars for it. We know radio signals can travel interstellar distances on little power. So we have used our radio telescopes, like the giant dish at Arecibo in Puerto Rico, to sift through the cosmic static in the hope of finding a signal that stands out as artificial. This way we have probed perhaps a few thousand stars out to a distance of about 100 light years (a light year is 6 million, million miles). So far we have found nothing, which is unsurprising as we do not know how much life there is out there, if any, and our galaxy has some 400 billion stars and stretches 100,000 light years. New dedicated arrays of radio telescopes are coming online to join the search that will enable us to probe deeper. Our cosmic quest is just beginning.

Theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking warned earlier this year that is it ok to search but "a little too risky" for mankind to beam our own messages into space as some have done, arguing that in the absence of any information about what's out there we should be careful. A few retort that we have already alerted local space to our presence because our TV and radio spills out among the stars. Others disagree: our leakage signals will be extraordinary difficult to detect and fade much sooner than was once thought. Best keep quiet.

But what happens if the search is successful and an astronomer picks up the artificial radio signal winking at us from some distant star? Initially we would probably have only very limited information about who sent it, and what they are like. But even so, the very existence of the signal would be profound, telling us one great truth that we are not alone, answering an age-old question and raising many more.

Some believe our civilisation will be shaken to the core by the news. Psychiatrist Carl Jung said that finding a far-more advanced civilisation would leave us "without dreams". Others have said that it will cause a fuss for a while and then, given the vast distance of space between us, it will fade and we will get on with things as normal. That may be the case for most of us, but there are some aspects of society that will never be the same.

We will have to do some readjustment to truly appreciate their alienness. They would be intelligent but without our human mentality. They could have power beyond our imagination, be immortal and almost omnipotent, transcending our history, our morals and our religions. They would not see the universe the way we do, and that would be fascinating to contemplate. As the American physicist Robert Oppenheimer said: "In another world the basic questions may have been asked differently."

When we find aliens, and if we are able to exchange information I would, at first, not be so interested in their scientific discoveries, as much as in what makes them different to us. How did they evolve? What do they look like? How do they organise their society? Do they have morals and a sense of right and wrong? Most of all, do they consider themselves to have souls? Do they have a God? Some religions have seriously considered the implications of finding intelligence in space, others have worked hard to avoid the issue altogether. The fact is it raises troubling questions that strike at the very foundations of some faiths, in particular Christianity.

Islam will welcome them. The Koran actually mentions life from outer space, and some Muslims have said it is the height of conceit to suppose that God created the vastness of the universe just for us to enjoy when we will never see the vast majority of it. Buddhists and Hindus with their philosophy of oneness and unity will have no problem accepting them as part of a cosmic brotherhood of consciousness.

It is Christianity that will find it hardest to adapt. There is a hard line of Christian thought that would deny aliens, however advanced, wise and serene they may appear to be, the same status as us. There is God and the angels, they say, who are spiritual beings without form, there are humans who have a soul and there are the animals. Aliens, because they are not human, are animals and therefore do not have the moral status we have.

Some scholars think aliens have souls. The Vatican astronomer Fr Guy Consolmagno believes they do: "Any entity – no matter how many tentacles it has – has a soul." He also adds that he, for one, would baptise an alien into the Catholic faith if they asked first, implying that once baptised they would be spiritually the same as humans as all souls are equal before God. Indeed, some say that if we found aliens, it would be the Church's duty to convert them, in the same way the Church travelled to the New World to save heathens.

The problem is that in Christian theology mankind and the Earth is privileged. Christians have a personal God and a personal relationship with Jesus. They believe that out of the immensity of space and time, God, the creator of everything, has singled out humans to be saved and has sent his son to redeem us. The question is, therefore, has God done the same for the aliens? Opinion is divided on this troublesome issue.

Padre José Gabriel Funes, director of the Vatican Observatory, said in 2008, "the extraterrestrial is my brother." He believes that in a cosmos with possibly billions of intelligent lifeforms, only humans have been saved and that God's son only came here, in a unique and unrepeatable event. Jesus did not suffer on other worlds. However knowledgeable the aliens may be and however seemingly good and wise they have become, they had not been visited by God's son, who did not die to redeem them. According to Fr Funes, for the aliens to have fellowship with God there will have to be another way. The Catholic commentator Joseph Breig wrote in 1960 that there can be only one incarnation, one mother of God, and only one race into which God has poured his image and likeness.

But from time to time a heretical thought emerges in this hesitant debate. Could God's son have visited other civilisations in space and redeemed them? In 1913 the poet Alice Meynell wondered in what guise the Christ trod the Pleiades, asking if there were a million gospels and a million forms of Jesus amongst the stars.

Whatever the theological status of aliens, the lesson from the cosmos is that we had better get used to being irretrievably lonely. We can search the length and breadth of time and space, search for almost an eternity if we wish, and we will never find another human. We could find remarkable lifeforms, philosopher-kings of space, creatures that have moved beyond the constraints of their biology, vast empires and incredible inventions. We could share in their accumulated wisdom and become demi-gods ourselves. But will we find men? No. Even in our miniscule corner of the cosmos there are far more stars than people.

One day we may converse with an alien. A future Pope and it may discuss questions of faith. But before that takes place, the search itself forces us to finally confront uncomfortable questions about our beliefs. If we are made "in the image and likeness of God", are creatures from the depths of space and who bear us no biological relationship, also made in his image?

Source: The Independent


LHC Researchers 'Set to Create a Mini-Big Bang'

Researchers at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) are getting set to create the Big Bang on a miniature scale.

Since 2009, the world's highest-energy particle accelerator has been smashing together protons, in a bid to shed light on the fundamental nature of matter.

But now the huge machine will be colliding lead ions instead. The experiments are planned for early November and will run for four weeks.

The LHC is housed in a 27km-long tunnel on the Franco-Swiss border and is managed by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (Cern).

The collider consists of four different experiments and one of them, ALICE, has been specifically designed to smash together lead ions.

The goal of these collisions is to investigate what the infant Universe looked like. Colliding protons at high energies was aimed at other aspects of physics, such as finding the elusive Higgs boson particle and signs of new physical laws, such as a framework called supersymmetry.

Cern's spokesman James Gillies told BBC News that besides ALICE, the ATLAS and Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiments will also be temporarily colliding ions.

He said the tests could provide an insight into the conditions of the Universe some 13.7 billion years ago, just after the Big Bang.

They will look at the Universe fractions of a second after a tiny but very dense ball of energy exploded to create the cosmos as we know it today.

Scientists believe that it was back then that a special state of matter existed, different from the matter the Universe is formed of now.

"Matter exists in various states: you can take a material like water and if you deep freeze it, it'll be solid, and if you put it on a table, it'll turn into a liquid, and if you put it into a kettle, it'll turn into a gas," said Dr Gillies.

"It's all the same stuff, but those are different states of matter. And if you take materials into laboratories, you can pull the electrons off the atoms and you have another state of matter which is called plasma."

But at the very beginning of the Universe, there might have been yet another state of matter. Physicists have dubbed this "stuff" the quark-gluon plasma.

"And this is the state of matter you have if you're able to effectively melt the nuclear matter that makes up atoms today, releasing the things that are inside, which are quarks and gluons," Dr Gillies explained.

If the researchers at the LHC are able to recreate that state of matter and study it, they could get important clues about how it "evolved into the kind of matter that can make up you and me".

One of the scientists who will be taking a part in the experiment is David Evans from the University of Birmingham, UK.

"Although the tiny fireballs will only exist for a fleeting moment (less than a trillionth of a trillionth of a second) the temperatures will reach over ten trillion degrees, a million times hotter than the centre of the Sun," said Dr Evans.

"At the temperatures generated, even protons and neutrons, which make up the nuclei of the atoms, will melt, resulting in a hot, dense soup of quarks and gluons."

The researcher said that the temperatures and densities that the collider will aim to create will be the highest ever produced in an experiment.

Source: BBC


Space Ghosts from the Future: “Ghost Rockets” Then and Now

During the 1940s, particularly toward the end of World War II, odd lights in the sky and so-called “Foo Fighters” were already becoming the stuff of legend among military pilots. However, there were a number of other odd aerial objects seen by non-military personnel around the time, which became widely known under names that included “Ghost Rockets” and various other terms used to describe phantom aircraft. These objects were seen for the most part in countries like Norway, Finland and Sweden, and though their descriptive monikers may stem from that fragile period of conflict during the greatest war to occur between the nations of the world, they have far from ceased to be seen even in the modern era.

Though “Ghost Rockets,” “Foo Fighters” and “Phantom Aircraft” lost to the war of words against the more popular term “UFO” now in use, there are still a variety of reports that occur today that involve objects which, by virtue of their descriptions, might warrant being called something more akin to a rocket rather than a saucer or spaceship. One recent example of this was related to me by a man named ‘Tyler’ from Weaverville, North Carolina, who shared a story with me about a strange object he watched emerging from a valley in a neighboring county while attending a musical event several months ago.

It was late in the afternoon, and Tyler had stepped outside the building where the event had been taking place when he became aware of movement in the distance, out of the corner of his eye. Turning to look, he was amazed to see a long, cigar-shaped object as it climbed upward into the air, apparently having flown out of a valley several miles away. The object had a light at either end, although Tyler felt that the light on the bottom had been flames or heat from whatever had propelled the device upward, giving it the appearance of a missile hurtling toward space. There were, of course, no military bases or other government sites known to exist anywhere nearby; so what was the curious object Tyler had observed?

Reports of similar objects have occurred many times since World War II. On June 30, 1950, two Nevada-based publications, the Goldfield News and Beatty Bulletin, ran stories that dealt with a sighting of an alleged Ghost Rocket, with the excerpt below having appeared in the latter of these (note that the article initially tries to group this report along with similar reports of flying saucers from around the same time):

    The possibility that two Beatty residents may have actually seen a flying disc was being discussed excitedly here this week. The witnesses are W. H. (Brownie) Brown and Claude Looney.

    “We were traveling up into Cherry creek on a fishing trip, about 90 miles east of Warm Springs, when we saw a strange light in the sky to the north,” Brownie related. He described it as “a spiral affair, almost like a corkscrew.”

    It was apparently caused by some object flying at a tremendous altitude, the vapor trail of which “lit up the whole northern sky.”

It is interesting to note the spiral-shaped flight path of the object, as well as its vapor trail, since many modern reports of UFOs that have been blamed on missile launches (having recently taken place in Norway and Australia), and describe similar swirling phenomenon. Photographs taken of the various “UFOs” have shown what has variously been described as a “swirling vortex” and a “lollipop-type swirl” left behind these objects as they flew.

The object in the article excerpt above was reported by hundreds of witnesses between southern California, as well as neighboring states that included Nevada, Arizona and Utah, in 1950. The pool of witnesses presented an impressive bunch as well, ranging from experienced commercial airline pilots and their passengers, to civilian pilots and military personnel. It comes as no surprise, perhaps, that the odd, spiraling object was seen only hours prior to the onset of the Korean War. Had some intelligence agency gotten wind of trouble, and started firing rocket-propelled weapons in advance?

A similar incident occurred earlier this year over Harbour Mille, Newfoundland, when “a missile-like object emitting either flames or heavy smoke” was photographed traveling at high speed over Canada. Shortly after the incident, I wrote here at The Gralien Report that “a few key witnesses suggested that Royal Canadian Mounted Police officials may have advised that a missile launch had taken place.” An official, Sgt. Wayne Edgecombe, would soon come forward, asserting “that these were only rumors.” Curiously, officials would soon after claim they had “gotten to the bottom” of the mystery, with very little follow-up information on the incident provided to the media. Was this yet another peculiar “Ghost Rocket,” or is someone engaging in war games, without public knowledge? In all likelihood, the prevalence of reports involving weird rocketry in various locales points to experimental craft from various government agencies; however, this assumption isn’t always so easily justified.

For instance, a variety of sightings of strange rocket-like craft took place in Sweden shortly after the war which remain unexplained. One notable occurrence took place in July of 1946, when a strange, missile-like object was seen gliding into Lake Kolmjarv in Northern Sweden. Upon entry, the object apparently exploded, evidenced by water plants which were found scattered along the lake’s shores as investigators arrived on the scene afterward. As noted by Anders Liljegren and Clas Svahn in their essay “Ghost Rockets and Phantom Aircraft* “, the object was never identified, according to Eric Malmberg, a former committee member and an authority on the so-called “Ghost Rockets”:

    If the observations are correct, many details suggest that it was some kind of cruise missile that was fired on Sweden. But nobody had that kind of sophisticated technology in 1946.

True, it had been speculated of the object that entered Lake Kolmjarv that a “magnesium alloy” or other lightweight experimental substance must have been used in the body of the craft, since no debris was recovered after the explosion. Can this account for any electronic circuitry which one would have expected to find? If the technology needed to create such a craft hadn’t existed in 1946, who might have been responsible for the objects seen over Europe at the time? It almost seems as though these mystery rockets represented some strange, futuristic legion of “space ghosts” which, using even the wildest, most advanced technology imaginable at the time, would have only barely fit in alongside conventional aeronautics of the day. Even then, such devices would still have been an extraordinary feat to build, engineered at the hands of only the most foward-thinking futurists.

Speaking of the future, let’s bring this to the present: could similar mysteries surround modern reports of “spiraling space ghosts” seen today? Or, perhaps, are these craft merely a representation of the evolution of experimental weaponry over the decades, which always seems to be one step ahead of the knowledge base of the general public?

Source: The Gralien Report


The Frequency Theory of the Paranormal

ESP...Ghosts...hauntings...time and reality shifts...reincarnation...precognition and prophecy. They are all facets of what we call paranormal phenomena. And if you are a regular reader of this website, odds are you’re fairly convinced that there’s something to them. There are just too many reports from people who have experienced them to be dismissed or ignored. They a part – although a little-understood part – of our reality.

But what causes them? How do they work? What is the mechanism that allows for the manifestation of a spirit or the ability to correctly predict a future event? Are they all part of the same phenomenon?

No one really knows for certain what the answers to those questions are. But if the sheer number of experiences tells us that they are real, there must be a mechanism that allows them to take place.
So perhaps we can consider a theory.

We are all energy

We can begin with the scientific reality that we are all made up of energy. In fact, everything is. Your body, your computer, your desk, the air, the solar system, the universe and everything in it is made up of nothing more than energy that manifests in different forms. Although string theory seems to be losing favor among many scientists, it states, if I understand it correctly, that everything consists of vibrating strings of energy, and it is how these strings vibrate that determines what it is: a hydrogen atom, a hydra, a hydrant or a human.

Let’s consider humans. It is my contention (and I’m sure not mine alone) that each human has her or her own unique vibrational frequency. And I’m not just talking about our physical makeup; more importantly this refers to our consciousness. Each conscious mind has a unique frequency. (This may not be a literal frequency as we understand the frequency of radio waves, for example, but the term can be used as an analog for what our unique signatures are.)

In this “frequency theory,” each of our individual frequencies is part of the great cosmic whole of frequencies. Our individual frequencies all share the same “air space.” In this way, we are all directly connected to the universe and to each other.

Perhaps we can think of it in terms of a great symphony that has a limitless range of notes (or frequencies, since that is what musical notes are). The universe and all it contains is the symphony, and each conscious mind is a unique note in that symphony. In fact, every thing is a unique note in the symphony, but let’s focus on the human experience.

Frequency theory of the paranormal

Now let’s look at how this might explain a host of paranormal phenomena:

Extrasensory perception (ESP). How can some people know what others are thinking? How do we sense someone is staring at us? How can we know the phone is going to ring and who it is calling?... and all of the other mysteries of ESP? Perhaps on those occasions we are able to pick up on the frequencies those people and events are producing. In other words, even though we all possess our own unique frequencies, we may on occasion be able to sense or detect the frequencies of others. Like musical notes, our frequencies are harmonizing with their frequencies on these occasions, if only temporarily. For most people, this happens spontaneously, without our thinking about it – and rarely. It’s not something we can control. (Yet.)

Psychics may be people whose frequencies are able to harmonize more easily or more readily with a wide range of other frequencies. In this way, they can “know” what other conscious minds are experiencing, have experienced in the past and will experience in the future. How can they know the future? Again using our musical analogy, the symphony already exists in its entirely, from beginning to end. The psychic is able to “tune in” to notes that exist further on in the symphony. A psychic investigating a murder case in the past can “see” the notes that were played out in that dramatic section of the score.

This can also explain the well-documented psychic connections between parent and child, and between identical twins. A parent and child each have unique vibrational frequencies, but their frequencies may be similar enough that they are more easily harmonized.
Since a child literally is created directly from the energy of the parent, perhaps we can assume that their frequencies are similar, in the same way that their physical traits are similar. This is how it is possible for a parent to know that her child has been injured or in danger, even though they many be many hundreds of miles apart.

We have all heard the case studies of twins who also can remotely sense each others’ physical and emotional experiences. Twins, although unique, may have energy frequencies that are so similar that their consciousness can transcend time and space to sometimes know what the other is feeling or experiencing.

Time and space are irrelevant with regard to these frequencies and their ability to communicate with one another.

Precognition and prophecy. Just as the psychic can sense future notes of the symphony, the prophet or seer is able to tune in to the frequencies of future events. Then why aren’t these prophets always right, clear and accurate? Perhaps because the tuning isn’t perfect; the channel is not crystal clear, and the prophet can only get a sense of what those future events will be… or might be.

Ghosts. Most people believe that our consciousness survives the death of our bodies. Our frequencies – or spirits, who we really are, our personalities – survive physical death. We are much more than our bodies. Our physical makeup on this planet is only a small aspect of the totality of our conscious minds in the universe. In the cosmic symphony, our bodies are only the notations on the paper; our consciousness is the music that transcends those notations. Upon death, the frequency of your consciousness (let’s call it your spirit) separates from the body. In some cases – usually in cases of traumatic or violent death, many ghost researchers agree – the spirit lingers or becomes trapped in the surrounding frequencies of the physical life it once possessed, unable to move on. Perhaps they are unaware that their physical and spiritual aspects have separated. They don’t know they are dead.

In other cases, however, these spirits do know they their consciousness has transcended, and they deliberately return. A grandmother’s spirit materializes to her distraught granddaughter to comfort her and assure her that she is well and happy in another world. It happens all the time. Separated from the body, the spirit is able to shift its frequency to materialize in the physical world for a last goodbye. Likewise, a spirit might also be able to manipulate certain frequencies to leave messages on voice recorders in the form of electronic voice phenomena (EVP).

Hauntings. Hauntings are different than ghosts. A haunting is like a recording on an environment: the sound of phantom footsteps trodding up and down a stairway, for example. In this case, perhaps it is possible that the stairway (consisting of its own frequencies) is able to absorb, “remember” or harmonize with the frequencies generated by the repeated act of someone’s energy going up and down those stairs. Under certain conditions, that memory is released and we experience it in the form of a haunting.

Divination. The use of various divination tools, such as dowsing rods, crystal balls, even Ouija boards might also be explained. These tools may not have any power in and of themselves, but they allow the user to focus or direct his consciousness to tune in to the frequencies of hidden water, in the case of dowsing rods, of a future event, in the case of a crystal ball, or a message from the spirit world, in the case of a Ouija board. For this reason, I don’t believe there is anything magic about dowsing rods, nor anything inherently evil about a Ouija board. They are tools only of our intentions.

Remote viewing. Remote viewing works in a similar way to ESP. However, unlike a psychic who seems to receive her information passively and spontaneously, the remote viewer aggressively seeks remote information through a set of established protocols.
While the psychic is like an open-band receiver, able to pick up frequencies that come to her, the remote viewer focuses her concentration to consciously tune in to the specific energy frequencies of a person, thing or event.

Creative visualization. Many people are convinced that we create our own reality, much of the time unconsciously. Through meditation and other means, however, we can focus our will to consciously make manifest the things we desire. Mediation and the other tools of creative visualization may allow our frequencies to harmonize with the frequencies of the greater universe to produce desired outcomes. In this way, our notes are working within the cosmic symphony to create our own custom musical phrases.

Reincarnation. Many people recall past lives. Are they, in their current incarnations, tuning in to the frequencies of their former incarnations? Are the frequencies of the two incarnations similar enough to allow this recall?

Time and reality shifts. On rare occasions, people have experienced various forms of time or reality shifts. On a road trip, hundreds of miles are covered in an impossibly short time. Tourists come across a shop or even an entire village that, upon return, is found to have existed not in this time, but many years past. Others claim to have stepped into what looked like a future world. Some experience missing time. What is happening here? Again, the cosmic symphony already exists from first stanza to last. In this time and reality, we are only playing out our notes in our particular stanza of the symphony. In some instances, however, the frequencies go out of phase and our notes find themselves harmonizing with the notes in some past or future stanza of the symphony.

Is there proof?

Is there any way to prove this frequency theory? Probably not. Not with our extremely limited knowledge of how human consciousness works. For all our technological advancements in the last few hundred years, we are still primitives when it comes to understanding the human mind and spirit. It’s going to take some kind of revolution – or evolution – of thought to come to grips with it.

I suspect we have only a microscopic inkling of the true nature of consciousness and reality. It may take us many, many generations to explore their vastness. But perhaps by continuing to ponder and probe the phenomena we now call “paranormal,” we have a beginning.

Source: paranormal.about.com


The Oddest Disease

There are a few diseases and conditions known to exist that are so strange, they might as well have been conceived in a bizarre medical thriller on the silver screen, rather than even the most deranged mind of any mad scientist in an underground military test lab.

One might be the infamous Morgellon’s Disease, which began appearing around the southern United States a few years ago, described by the Centers for Disease Control as an “unexplained dermopathy” characterized by a range of bizarre symptoms that include feelings of crawling, biting, and stinging, as well as the physical appearance of weird, colored “fibers” growing on or out from under the skin. In short, yuck.

As strange as Morgellon’s sounds, there are claims sometimes made of far stranger afflictions in various parts of the world. Take, for instance, the recent scare that occurred among workers in a work camp near Aarey Colony, Goregaon, who panicked when they suddenly felt their masculinity was diminishing; in a physical sense.

The website Mid-Day reports with more on “Koro,” one of the most unique afflictions to ever strike a man’s… er, manhood:  

    "Several labourers living in a work camp near Aarey Colony in Goregaon have been spending sleepless nights since Saturday after they found that the size of their genitals have been gradually reducing and getting inside the lower abdomen. The panicked sit in a bathtub and family members pour water on them to cure them."

The condition known as Koro, meaning “turtle’s head,” is fairly common in Malay-Indonesian cultures, but is largely the result of a psychological condition where men begin to obsess over their genitalia. In short, it is generally believed to stem from mental duress arising over other concerns.

Other instances of “folk devilry” related to sexual-panics of this sort have been recorded. Paul Deane, in his book Sex and the Supernatural, notes a number of these instances, including a 1996 occurrence where three men were hanged in Cameroon after being accused of magically stealing the penises of villagers in their locale. Singapore, Nigeria, and Cameroon all had similar circumstances take place as well, generally attributing the thievery of sexual organs to black magic and witchery in the various locales (with the exception to Singapore, which believed tainted pork had been the culprit).

Much like Carl Jung felt that UFOs were the result of people’s Cold War tensions being projected symbolically into the skies (author’s note: in retrospect, this now seems unlikely at best), it seems that much the same could be taking place with panics associated with the theft of sexual organs, particularly among men. Could this sensation/condition result from a general sense of emasculation–mental or otherwise–due to concerns and inward fears that begin to manifest otherwise? It seems likely… almost as likely as the fact that various instances of magical “sexual theft” will no doubt continue, especially as long as people in any given locale can find something to worry about.

Source: Mysterious Universe

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