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Why is it so hard to believe that things may not be as they seem? Behind the frozen smiles and empty eyes lie the decaying dreams of a better world. Where once was a promise of fairness and quiet noble ideals, is replaced with fear that grasps with rabid desperation for fictional pasts, tribal gods and all-to-real prejudices. And freedom, sweet freedom, its desire demands a watchful eye as treason blooms from the root of our forefathers. Fear and security are the new mandate. With fear comes control. From control comes power. This is what we have to offer our bearers of new light. Is this the legacy we want to leave after our lives have disappeared into dust; A bold, free future, or a shattered promise of yesterdays forgotten dreams?

Why is it so hard to believe that things may not be as they seem?

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such stomach-churning tales as:

- Scientists Find Evidence of Parallel Universes -
Israel Shoots "UFO" Out of Sky -
- Boy Who Weeps Blood Continues to Baffle Doctors -
Son Says Famous Loch Ness Monster Film Was Real -
AND: Man Kicked Off Nature Preserve Trying to Bait Bigfoot

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

~ And Now, On With The Show! ~


Occult Journeys Through South America

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South American folklore has its share of unique and fantastic myths and legends. There are incredible tales of magicians and their weird magical arts, strange creatures, ghosts and other unexplainable mysteries. The first explorers that entered what is now South America were dazzled by the endless tropical rain forests, the strange and diverse wildlife, and the indigenous peoples and their mysterious ways. Even today, South America offers unique perspectives and influences on the paranormal that are not found elsewhere on the planet.

The people of South America live in a world steeped in ancient traditions that enhance their lives with rich tapestry of mystical beliefs. In modern Latin America, Catholicism is the predominate religion. However, especially in Brazil, Espiritismo (Spiritism) has become extremely prevalent since its beginning in the mid 19th century. Spiritism like Spiritualism, believes in the survival of the human personality after death and that mediums are able to communicate with the spirits. Followers of Spiritism believe in an afterlife. But unlike Spiritualism, Spiritists believe that the soul with reincarnate after a period of time.

Join John Wilcock in his mystical journey, noted occult and paranormal researcher Tim R. Swartz recounts stories of demons and sinister spirits, creatures from out of this world, living dinosaurs and giants in the Earth. If you are an armchair you will enjoy this work such as well as some one who is planning on heading for the grandeur's of South America. This is a travelers guide to the strange and unknown you should not be without.

About the Author
The author provides a fascinating overview of some of the occult beliefs and rituals of South America. Wilcock is an old hand at traversing the globe and sharing his insights with his readers. He has written guidebooks for Mexico, California, Texas, Rome, Florence and many other touristy locales. He has also authored a book called "A Guide To Occult Britain," as well as serving as a researcher for Albert Goldman's "The Lives of John Lennon," a biography of Jim Morrison and a biography of Rupert Murdoch. . . Wilcock also has impressive credentials as a columnist and editor. He was a cofounder in 1955 of the celebrated newspaper "The Village Voice," for which he wrote a regular column called "The Village Square." As an editor, WIlcock held the reins of "The Witches Almanac," "The East Village Other," and the "Lost Angeles Free Press." In 2010, Wilcock's book on Andy Warhol "The Autobiograph and Sex Life of Andy Warhol," was published to no small acclaim.

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Scientists Find Evidence of Parallel Universes

Scientists say that they have found evidence that our universe was 'jostled' by other parallel universes in the distant past.

The incredible claim emerged after they studied patterns in the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB) – the after-effects of the Big Bang.

They say they may have found evidence that four circular patterns found in the CMB are 'cosmic bruises' where our universe has crashed into other universes at least four times.

The findings are based on the complex theory of eternal inflation for our universe. This theory holds that out universe if only one bubble in a larger cosmos and that other universes,which will have different physics to our own, all exist at the same time.

This is also know as the the multiverse theory.

Where these universe bubbles crash against each other they leave signature traces in the background radiation, some scientists believe.

The findings, by Stephen Feeney from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at University College London, are likely to be controversial.

A number of cosmologists have already written in response to the paper that it is too easy to jump to conclusions about what can be seen in the CMB.

The team behind the paper accept that 'it is rather easy to find all sorts of statistically unlikely properties in a large dataset like the CMB'.

But they add: 'If a bubble collision is verified by future data, then we will gain an insight not only into our own universe but a multiverse beyond.'

The paper, published online yesterday, comes just a month after a similar study of the background radiation claimed to have discovered evidence that the universe existed before the Big Bang.

Most scientists believe the universe was created in the Big Bang around 13.7 billion years ago. Stars and galaxies started to form around 300 million years later. Our Sun was born around five billion years ago, while life first appeared on the Earth around 3.7 billion years ago.

The CMB dates back to 300,000 years after the Big Bang and has now cooled to around -270 degrees Celsius.

A paper posted online on the website arXiv.org by respected scientists Professor Roger Penrose from Oxford University and Professor Vahe Gurzadyan from Yerevan State University, Armenia, suggested the universe could be much older han previously thought.

Penrose and Gurzadyan argue that evidence unearthed by Nasa’s Wilkinson Microwave Anisotophy Probe in the CMB shows imprints in the radiation that are older than the Big Bang.

They say they have discovered 12 examples of concentric circles, some of which have five rings, meaning the same object has had five massive events in its history.

The rings appear around galaxy clusters in which the variation in the background radiation appears to be strangely low.

The research appears to cast aside the widely-held 'inflationary' theory of the origins of the universe, that it began with the Big Bang, and will continue to expand until a point in the future, when it will end.

They believe the circles are imprints of extremely violent gravitational radiation waves generated by supermassive black hole collisions in a previous aeon before the last big bang.

Source: The Daily Mail


Israel Shoots "UFO" Out of Sky

The Israeli Air Force fired several times and shot down a UFO on Dec. 17 in the Negev Desert just above the Dimona nuclear plant. The unidentified flying object was seen in the no-fly zone.

The air force jets gathered and shot it immediately out of the sky. At this point, the UFO hasn’t been sufficiently identified. Early speculation says that it may have been a weather or party balloon.

"There have been unconfirmed media reports that it was a motor-driven object. The air force reacted according to procedure when the object was spotted, the IDF said.", CNN reports.

Officials are searching to find debris from the object in hopes of studying it to determine its purpose and source. As of yet, no evidence of the aircraft has been discovered.

Whatever the outcome, Israel officials are very concerned. Incidents such as these are dangerous in times when tensions run high in the Middle East. These events prompt conspiracy theorists, researchers, and UFO enthusiasts toward outlandish accusations and speculation.

Israeli National News (INN) released that the object entered Israeli airspace from Jordan, towards the southern Dead Sea. INN also says the object was “thought to be a balloon”, and that the Israeli Air Force verified said balloon was unmanned before it was sky down.

Mark Pilkington commented on his blog, Mirage Men - http://miragemen.wordpress.com/2010/12/17/ufo-shot-down-over-israel/ "Historically UFOs have always been drawn to nuclear facilities, a tradition began in the USA in the late 1940s and continues in the Middle East today, with UFOs sporadically seen over Iran’s burgeoning nuclear facilities. As an aside, Wikipedia has some interesting details of illnesses and alleged human experimentation at the almost 50-year old Dimona site."

Source: Shalomlife


Boy Who Weeps Blood Continues to Baffle Doctors

Calvino Inman, 17, has been suffering from the mysterious condition for two years and doctors remain clueless as to how to stem the flow of bleeding, which can last up to an hour at a time.

Mr Inman, from Knoxville, Tennessee, is shown undergoing tests to investigate whether a medical issue such as a tumour, tear duct problems, or a genetic defect is causing the bleeding.

He said: 'People still call me possessed. The bleeding happens all the time, at school, at home and in the night.

‘I don’t usually know when they’re going to happen but sometimes it burns as it’s coming out.

‘Sometimes I don’t even know it’s happened until people start staring at me.

'But afterwards I feel like someone is hitting the left side of my head with a hammer.

‘I can’t sleep at night. I just lie there awake with the light out for hours.’

His anxious mother, Tammy Mynatt, said: 'We feel like the doctors have run out of ideas.

‘We’ve been to see about 15 specialists from New York to Memphis to Atlanta. It’s so frustrating to see my boy suffer like this.;

The distraught 35-year-old is now appealing to overseas doctors to help.

‘I just pray that someone out there knows how to help him,’ she added.

Inman's case is so bizarre that it has been featured on the Learning Channel (TLC) documentary "The Boy With Bloody Tears". The program also studies the bizarre case of the mother of three from Patna, India, whose tears of blood also leave her extremely weak and ill.

Rashida Begum, 27, began crying blood from her eyes three years ago, after a severe bout of vomiting and painful headaches.

Her doting husband Mohammed Aslam, 40, who married her against the wishes of his family, cares for her at their home, and helps look after their children Mohammed Adil, 10, Tehseen, eight, and five-year-old Asifa.

As Miss Begum’s mystery illness intensified her husband was forced to quit his £5 a day job to care for his wife.

He said: ‘I just want her to be OK, I want our kids to study, I want all this to go away and I want us to be normal again.

‘We have tried everything, we have been to every doctor in Patna. We even spent 40 days praying at a shrine.’

But the documentary offers new hope for Miss Begum as she is referred to experts at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi.

After numerous tests the doctors finally believe they have uncovered the mystery which links Miss Begum’s strange bleeding to her painful and disabling stomach problem.

'I'm so grateful to the doctors for trying to help me,' she said. 'I cannot cope with the terrible bleeding any longer.'

Meanwhile, back in Tennessee Inman's doctor is exploring links to other unexplained bleeding cases in the U.S..

Dr John Fleming, of the Hamilton Eye Institute in Memphis, said: 'We usually find a reason for the bleeding, such as a growth or an infected tear duct.

'We have seen individuals who suffer from bleeding for months and years and then it suddenly stops.'

Source: The Daily Mail


Tiny Numbers and Letters Found in the Eyes of the Mona Lisa

Intrigue is usually focused on her enigmatic smile.

But the Mona Lisa was at the centre of a new mystery yesterday after art detectives took a fresh look at the masterpiece – and noticed something in her eyes.

Hidden in the dark paint of her pupils are tiny letters and numbers, placed there by the artist Leonardo da Vinci and revealed only now thanks to high-­magnification techniques.

Experts say the barely distinguishable letters and numbers represent something of a real-life Da Vinci code.

The revelation could have come straight from the pages of Dan Brown’s best-seller The Da Vinci Code, in which the Mona Lisa is said to contain hidden clues about the Holy Grail.

Silvano Vinceti, president of Italy’s National Committee for Cultural Heritage, which spotted the symbols, said: ‘To the naked eye the symbols are not visible but with a magnifying glass they can clearly be seen.

‘In the right eye appear to be the letters LV which could well stand for his name, Leonardo da Vinci, while in the left eye there are also symbols but they are not as defined.

‘It is very difficult to make them out clearly but they appear to be the letters CE, or it could be the letter B.

‘In the arch of the bridge in the background the number 72 can be seen or it could be an L and the number 2.

‘You have to remember the ­picture is almost 500 years old so it is not as sharp and clear as when first painted.

‘From the preliminary investigations we have carried out we are confident they are not a mistake and were put there by the artist.’

The search was initiated by another Dan Brown-style plot device after a fellow committee member discovered a musty book in an antique shop ­referring to symbols in the Mona Lisa’s eyes.

Mr Vinceti added: ‘Da Vinci put a special emphasis on the Mona Lisa and we know that in the last years of his life he took the painting with him everywhere.

'We also know that da Vinci was very esoteric and used symbols in his work to give out messages.

‘Who knows, they may even ­possibly be a love message to the ­figure in the painting.’

Mr Vinceti is a member of a group which is seeking permission to exhume da Vinci’s remains from his tomb at Amboise Castle in France’s Loire Valley.

They want to see if the artist’s skull is there so that they can try and recreate his face and establish if the Mona Lisa – owned by the French government and on display in The Louvre – is in fact a twist on a self-portrait of the artist as some believe.

Source: The Daily Mail


Son Says Famous Loch Ness Monster Film Was Real

A retired detective whose father captured one of the most famous images of the Loch Ness monster has reopened the debate over the beast's existence by claiming he has seen it twice.

Simon Dinsdale, a retired police detective from Essex, insists that the two minute film recorded 50 years ago by his father, a famous Nessie-hunter, is genuine.

The footage, shot by Tim Dinsdale in 1960, is one of the best-known images put forward as evidence by those who insist on the existence of the mysterious creature.

Now the insistence of those who believe in Nessie that the film is genuine has been lent new weight after Mr Dinsdale claimed he had seen the monster with his own eyes on two occasions.

Mr Dinsdale Sr, an aeronautical engineer in the RAF who died in 1987, was one of the world's leading Nessie-hunters, making 56 expeditions to Loch Ness and writing a number of books on the subject.

When his footage was sent to the RAF for analysis, experts determined that the mysterious shape seen moving around in the water was neither a boat nor a submarine, but an "unknown inanimate object".

Simon, his son, is determined to convince the public the video is authentic and discussed his belief in the mysterious monster in an interview with the BBC, to be broadcast on Monday.

He said: "I saw this immense, extraordinary object, it looked like the back of a huge animal.

"It stood two or three feet (0.6m to 0.9m) out of the water, four or five feet (1.2m to 1.5m) across, reddish brown and had a blotch on the left flank which I could see very clearly.

"And then it started to move – a most electrifying moment."

Mr Dinsdale Jr, who spent his career examining evidence and was involved in tracking down serial killer Steve Wright in Ipswich, is adamant the film can not be a hoax.

He said: "I'm experienced at looking at evidence and I can tell you that on the balance of probabilities there is something large and unknown living in this loch."

Speculation over the possible existence of an enormous monster living underwater in the Loch began in 1933 when George Spicer reported the first modern sighting of the beast.

Mr Spicer claimed he and his wife saw "a most extraordinary form of animal" some 4ft (1m) high and 25ft (8m) long crossing the road 20 years from the loch.

Many people over the years have claimed to have conclusive evidence that the monster exists, only to find their arguments rejected by the public at large.

The most famous was a photograph published in 1934, supposedly taken by Dr Robert Kenneth Wilson, showed a head and long neck apparently belonging to a large animal in the middle of the lake.

It was the subject of feverish debate for 60 years before finally being exposed as a hoax in 1994, when Christian Spurling confessed to having fitted a toy submarine with a false head before photographing it and passing the picture to Dr Wilson.

Source: Telegraph


The Weird World of Psychic Pets

Cats who know exactly when they are going to be taken to the vets. Dogs who sense their owners' whereabouts  -  even if they are miles away. And birds who seem to mourn the deaths of those around them... our pets and other animals have always been intuitive  -  but do they really have a mysterious sixth sense?

A new book by Britain's leading clinical authority on near-death experiences, Dr Peter Fenwick, and his wife Elizabeth, a counsellor, examines the remarkable cases of psychic animals. . .

There is nothing new about the idea that animals can acquire information from an extra sense that we humans have now lost  -  if we ever had it at all.

Most pet owners can probably quote some example of a cat or dog behaving like a mind-reader.

Dogs often behave as if they know when their owner is setting off for home, though the owner may be many miles away, and may wait by the door for them to arrive.

Cats are notorious for being able to sense when a visit to the vet is in the offing.

One academic, Rupert Sheldrake, author of Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, contacted 65 veterinary offices in London and asked if they had any problem with cat owners keeping their appointments.

Not only had 64 noticed such problems, but some were no longer making appointments for cat owners, explaining: 'Cat appointments don't work.'

It isn't simply that the cats notice their owner approaching with a cat basket  -  the animals actually hide as soon as they sense that their owner is beginning to think: 'I'd better start looking for Puss now if we're to make it to the vets on time . . .'

Similarly, an awareness of death is certainly not restricted to us humans. The enormous interest generated by the case of the intuitive American cat, Oscar, indicates the fascination prescient pet behaviour holds.

Oscar lives in a nursing home and has an uncanny ability to sense when a resident is about to die. When a patient is near death, Oscar nearly always appears and hops on the bed.

The staff have come to recognise and respect Oscar's instincts, and send for the relatives of any patient he has chosen to curl up beside.

But they have no explanation for it. Oscar shows no interest in patients who are simply in poor shape, or who still have a few days to live.

Oscar, a hospice cat has an uncanny knack for predicting when nursing home patients are going to die

One theory says a cat's acute sensitivity to smell might enable it to detect some subtle change in metabolism around the time of death, but no one has been able to explain why any moggy should show an interest in the approach of the Grim Reaper.

Given this, it is perhaps not surprising so many people have told us of deathbed-related cat and dog incidents.

Ann Liddell described the odd behaviour of her Newfoundland dog on the night her mother died.

'At about 4.30am he started to bark  -  not his usual sharp warning bark, but howling. I knew instantly that my mother had died, and soon after we got the call from the hospital to confirm this.'

Michael Finch's mother was dying of cancer. One night Michael left the hospital and returned home to let the dog out.

'I will never forget this as long as I live. At 10.45pm, the dog began to howl like a wolf. It was spine-chilling. I just knew this was because Mum had died.

For five minutes he howled uncontrollably and then took to bed.

'The dog was a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and had never made such a deep, wild and rasping sound. When my father and sister returned later, they confirmed Mum had died at 10.45 pm.'

Susan Burman told how when her husband was on his deathbed, their cat curled up by his feet. As he took his dying breath, the fur on the cat's back stuck out as if by static electricity.

We were told by a carer of a very similar reaction by a resident's cat which normally slept on his bed.

The cat happened to come into the room at the moment the resident died, and a nurse who was present reported: 'It shrieked and sped around the room a couple of times  -  and then shot out of the room as though it didn't want to be there.

The cat sensed the spirits had finally come for the resident.'

An even stranger story is that of the Cox's cat. It concerns one of our oldest friends, Brian, a biochemist working in a university research department  -  a person, you might think, not given to imagining things, or jumping to conclusions.

For some years before she died, Brian's elderly aunt would visit regularly. Each time she came she would spend most of her time sitting in one particular chair, and the cat (gratified, as cats usually are, to find a member of the household willing to sit still in one particular place for some considerable time) would spend most of its time sitting on her knee.

The aunt always insisted that when she died, Brian should ensure that she was buried beside her husband  -  otherwise, she said, she would haunt her nephew. Some months later, she died.

Between the day she died and the day of her funeral, the cat behaved strangely. On going into the sitting room, its hackles rose and its fur stood on end.

It avoided the aunt's chair and hid behind the sofa. After the funeral, when the aunt had indeed been buried beside her husband, the cat's behaviour returned to normal.

Far from reacting like Oscar the cat  -  who never lost his composure in the face of death (and indeed seemed to seek death out)  -  most of the animals we have been told about seem to have been very disturbed.

Dogs bark or howl, and cats' fur stands on end. Perhaps they are experiencing the presence of the dying, or have an awareness of death  -  but there is no question of them finding it comforting.

Birds, however, are traditionally associated with death  -  usually as harbingers of doom  -  and several accounts sent to us concerned bird sightings.

In two cases shortly after the death, a small bird would fly into the house and perch, apparently unconcerned, on a piece of furniture before flying out again.

Not all that unusual, admittedly  -  but for the bird to appear unperturbed is certainly strange. It's more usual for a bird that has flown into a house to fly around, beating itself against the windows in a panic to escape.

Everyone involved in each of these cases felt the bird's visit was intimately related to the death. Alison Hole, a nurse, wrote to us describing the moments after the death of one of her patients.

The heaviness in the atmosphere of a room after a death, and the feeling that 'something' lingers on after a death and must be released, has also been mentioned by several other correspondents.

Alison reported: 'Walking across the room was slow as the atmosphere was heavy and the floor was like walking through tar.

Once I opened the window, the atmosphere in the room cleared and I noticed a white bird the other side of the window.

'While it is normal for birds to nest or rest on the hospital window ledges, this was around 4am in the winter. It was dark and too early for dawn  -  and this was not a seagull. I never saw another pale bird in the area.'

The following story describes bird behaviour that is way beyond what one would expect of a normal bird in normal circumstances.

Oliver Robinson's owl made its appearance some time after the death it was associated with, so it falls into the category of after-death communication rather than deathbed coincidence.

But the extraordinary behaviour of the owl, together with the feelings it engendered in Oliver's mother, made the temptation to include it here irresistible.

The first appearance of the owl was on one warm April morning, some months after the death of Oliver's grandmother. Oliver's mother here describes what happened.

'There was a terrific commotion outside the kitchen, caused by our garden birds. When I went out to see what all the fuss was about, the birds were dive-bombing an owl which sat on one of the lower branches of the oak tree.

'It seemed strange that an owl was out in the middle of the day, and although the small birds were trying to frighten it away, it just sat quietly in the tree.

'As the day warmed up I opened the French windows on the south side of the house. When I stepped out into the garden, there was a great flapping of wings and the owl flew down and landed in front of me on the grass.

'It was a large tawny owl about 12in high. It looked up at me with big brown eyes and mewed. It seemed very tame.

'During the day, every time I went outside, the owl would come down and stand in front of me. It was almost as if it was trying to say something. The big brown eyes looked so human and reminded me of my mother, also brown-haired, who had died the previous summer.'

The feathered visitor's strange behaviour didn't end there.

Oliver's mother continues: 'When my husband and children came home I told them about the owl but thought no more about it.

'We always sleep with our top windows open, and that night there was a lot of scuffling and rustling at the window. The owl came down to sit on the window  -  behaviour my husband didn't like at all.

'The next morning, I opened the kitchen windows. No sooner had I opened the large window over the sink, than there was a great flurry of wings and the owl flew right into the kitchen.

'It seemed best for the children and my husband to go out and close the doors while I opened the outside door, hoping to coax it outside, but it seemed to be quite at home in the kitchen.

'It flew down to the other end, and sat on the curtain rail watching me. It had a tremendous wing-span and it was remarkable that nothing was knocked over. Eventually it flew out of the window and sat on the back porch.

'When we went out to the car later that morning, it came straight down and perched on the flowerpot I was carrying. As we drove out, it sat on the gatepost watching us.

'It came down to our window again that night and to the porch the next day, but not down to my feet. After a few days it disappeared. Every now and then I would hear the sound of it nearby.'

The ability to fly has always been regarded as a magical power, the stuff of dreams.

Perhaps that is why birds have always been regarded as having an element of the supernatural and why, in so many myths and legends, they provide a link between the human world and the supernatural or divine, associated with both birth and death.

In some cultures, the human soul is believed to arrive on Earth in bird form, and in many societies, birds are seen as carriers or symbols of the human soul, flying heavenwards after death, or as guardians who guide the soul to the afterlife.

Perhaps these perplexing modern bird stories indicate the possible origin of these myths  -  or maybe they are a demonstration that these are more than simply legends.

Source: The Daily Mail


Man Kicked Off Nature Preserve Trying to Bait Bigfoot

Police found a man from Lancaster, Texas in a nature preserve 75 miles east of Dallas, Texas trying to lure Bigfoot to his black Toyota sedan.

Mineola Police Capt. Jack Newman says that he responded to a trespassing call Tuesday morning to find the man camped out in his car along the Sabine River, with bait on the roof of the car he said was meant to draw the reclusive forest giant out of hiding.

"He had some pieces of orange and a piece of steak and some nuts right on the top of his car," Newman says. Next to a tree about 20 yards away, he says, the man had scattered a few more orange pieces. "I don't know if he'd been trying to coax him over to the car or what."

"He'd heard something about Bigfoot down around the Sabine River," Newman says, though as far as he knows, the biggest wildlife draws around the preserve are deer and wild hogs. Fanning the flames of mystery, Newman says he can't release the name of the man, who he says left the scene when asked. "He didn't know he wasn't supposed to be in there," Newman says.

A report from KMOO radio in Mineola, though, says there have been fresh rumors of a Bigfoot sighting on private property near the preserve. One possible explanation: the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy held its annual conference in nearby Tyler in late October, though as Noah Bailey pointed out after hearing me on the phone this afternoon, Mineola has been a hotbed of Sasquatch activity for years.

Buster Green, a Mineola Nature Preserve caretaker who works for the city, says he spotted the man Tuesday morning and spoke to the would-be hunter briefly before calling police. "He was rolled up there sleeping in his vehicle when I come by," he says. Green says the man had a camera in his car; KMOO reports he was otherwise unarmed. "He said he'd come down here on kind of a whim," Green says.

"He was a big boy. He's over six-foot, 230-ish," Green says. "He didn't need nothing to be hunting Bigfoot. He could've gone down there with just a switch."

Source: The Dallas Observer

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