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This week Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such Auld Lang Syne tales as:

- Cash-Landrum, Gone With the Wind -
- It's Official - Argentinean Air Force Will Research UFOs -
- Mount Everest's Sherpas Ring Warning Bell on Climate Change -
It's Tesla's World, We're Just Reinventing it -
AND: Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Releases its Top 10 Strange
Stories of 2010

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As one distressed UFO researcher put it, Ever since organized flying saucer research began, a disturbing number of serious investigators have suffered personal harassment, unusual accidents and even mysterious deaths. In some cases, sinister voices have whispered threats over the telephone and warned certain researchers to terminate specific projects they were focused on.

Recently, an increasing number of civilian UFOlogists have been visited by ominous strangers who have made it physically clear that their orders to discontinue all investigations would be enforced. Official disclaimers have only served to intensify the mystery of the bizarre incidents currently seeding chaos within the rank of civilian UFO investigators and instilling fear among those who witness flying saucer activity.


Featured on the History Channel's UFO Hunters and on Coast to Coast AM, eminent investigator Tim Beckley details dozens of additional bone chilling encounters with the MIB who have become a curse on the rank and file members of the UFO community.

++ Shadowy "Grim Reaper" like figures stalk the streets of a north Iowa town. What are they concealing in the bags they go about hiding in the woods?

++ Radio Talk Show host is ordered by metallic voice over phone (unlisted number!) to "meet them on the Mount". . .known as a haunted place and the site of a number of mysterious deaths and disappearances.

++ A large floating platform the size of 3 football fields hovers near a nuclear power plant. Witnesses observe several small bald headed aliens accompanied by 9 foot giants. Trying to leave the area, their car refuses to start. They are surrounded by military personnel and their vehicle is ransacked. They are told never to speak of the incident OR ELSE!

++ In the cemetery where Charles Fort is buried ominous black vehicles disappear down side roads never to be seen again. They pass by on the gravel pavement going over grates without the sound of tires. The cemetery is also haunted by a big black dog and a couple who fly over the tombstones at dusk in their pajamas!

Are these sinister individuals simply government agents gone amuck in their harassment of witnesses and investigators who have dedicated their lives delving into the unexplainable? Or are they something far more sinister as evidence in this volume indicates? Perhaps the MIB are representatives of an extraterrestrial "police force," whose job is to keep the gates to a parallel universe closed tightly behind them.


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Cash-Landrum, Gone With the Wind

“Nobody should have to suffer like that,” says John Schuessler of the mystery that has haunted him for 30 years. “I do connect (their deaths) to that event. Their lives were never the same. They were ill from that day forward.”

But the former project manager for shuttle flight operations at Johnson Space Center did his best to figure out what happened along a remote stretch of highway outside Houston on Dec. 29, 1980. In fact, during a medical briefing Schuessler prepared for Laurance Rockefeller a dozen years later as the billionaire philanthropist attempted to nudge the Clinton administration toward UFO transparency, two radiation experts felt compelled to add their voices to the record. “They said we needed a national warning system to let people know just how serious this is.”

Thirty years ago, 51-year-old motorist Betty Cash and two passengers — 57-year-old Vickie Landrum and her grandson Colby, 7 — were startled around 9 p.m. by an enormous, glowing, diamond-shaped object straddling rural Highway 1485. Blocking her path, the spectacle brought the Oldsmobile Cutlass to a halt and compelled an awestruck Cash to get out for a better look. Vickie partially exited the passenger side but had to contend with her terrified grandson, who tried wrestling her back in.

As the UFO ascended and cleared the treeline, the three counted 23 helicopters, some with military markings, some of which they later identified as twin-rotor CH-47 Chinooks. To varying degrees, all three would report symptoms consistent with radiation exposure — blisters, hair loss, burns, nausea. Cash would require hospitalization. Other witnesses to the choppers and/or the UFO would come forward, and the U.S. Army was forced to defend itself from a $20 million lawsuit alleging the military was responsible for the victims’ injuries.

Driving the investigation was Schuessler, MUFON’s former International Director who navigated a tricky path between his work for NASA and his curiosity over The Great Taboo. He was evidently successful, because he was rewarded with a NASA Public Service Medal for his contributions to spaceflight prior to retirement.

Schuessler organized a multidisciplinary team that was able to discover additional eyewitnesses, scorch marks on nearby trees, and the fact that the stretch of highway in question was quickly repaved without leaving a paper trail of work orders from the county or the state. Not even Army Inspector General Lt. Col. George Sarran could challenge the veracity of the victims.

“Ms. Landrum and Ms. Cash were credible,” Sarran wrote in his summary. “The policeman and his wife were also credible witnesses. There was no perception that anyone was trying to exaggerate the truth.”

But a federal judge tossed the lawsuit in 1986 after Sarran’s report convinced him that Army assets were not involved.

“Poor ol’ Sarran,” Schuessler says from his home in Littleton, Colorado. “It wasn’t his fault; he did the best he could do. He didn’t have a top secret clearance so he wasn’t able to check into classified operations that may have been going on. And my understanding is, he was new to the job and this was the first field investigation he’d conducted.”

Schuessler’s real empathy is reserved for the victims. Throughout her painful ordeal, Betty — a restaurant owner with a sweet disposition whom De Void interviewed on numerous occasions — remained devoutly shocked that Uncle Sam would lie to her. She died in 1998. Vickie died in 2007. “The last time I saw her, it was upsetting to see, to look at what the burns had done to her arms,” Schuessler recalls. “She was having a horrible time of it.

“Vickie would get taunted about how bad she looked. Somebody even told her she shouldn’t come to church looking like that. It broke her heart.”

Colby Landrum still lives in the vicinity of that life-altering event, but De Void was unable to reach him for comment.

Schuessler doubts he’ll ever learn what happened, but “I concluded it wasn’t one of ours. We still don’t have the technology to hoist the kind of vehicle the witnesses described, which we estimated was at least 90 feet tall. If it had been a military project, the helicopters would’ve probably been there from the beginning. But everyone who saw them said it looked like they were trying to catch up to it.”

The only thing you can take to the bank is the obvious: They got away with it.

Source: Billy Cox


It's Official - Argentinean Air Force Will Research UFOs

Information about the upcoming formation of a group of analysts within the Argentinean Air Force emerged recently, and was well received by the country’s experts. “This is the news that all researchers of the UFO phenomenon expected, and it fills us with satisfaction to hear that this will come about,” said expert Silvia Perez Simondini of the Vision OVNI group, who is working to bring about in Argentina a goal that is common to other countries in the Latin American region, which have already declassified their files.

“To this end, we created CEFORA (Commission for the Study of UFOS in the Argentinean Republic) to bring about the declassification that has already been achieved in many countries. The news about this commission gives us hope that it is a beginning, and that Argentina may also achieve it. It must be done with a critical attitude, and this is the most reasonable to our understanding. This way, we shall have the certainty of a serious and responsible scientific investigation,” Simondini maintains.

She likewise indicated that “the struggle over the years by so many researchers may be rewarded by seeing a dream fulfilled, and we hope that this commission is formed, can accept and analyze the work that has been made with great effort by the will and vocation of those who have pursued the phenomenon for so long.”

Another first line researcher, Mercedes Casas, explained “it is aimed, of course, at investigating this phenomenon in the most serious way possible and from a completely rational perspective.” She added: “I cannot deny that I am greatly satisfied at seeing the forward behavior of our Air Force, which will certainly mark the road d to be followed by other countries. Since 1978, when the case always meant so much to me, the collision of an object against Cerro El Zaire in Tarija (Bolivia), and which was looked for in the early days by the Argentinean Gendarmerie, as it was believed the collision had occurred within our borders, our official agencies have displayed an interest in knowing more about this phenomenon. In those years, the national gendarmerie, based in Salta, had classified the event as an “unidentified flying object case.”

Casas also said “over the years, there was an infinity of cases in which our forces were involved. CEFORA was created precisely for this, an effort to declassify files on UFOs in which official agencies took part.” She also added: “We’re on the right track. This news item, expected by so many researchers for so long, opens the door on a way of looking at this phenomenon with greater openness and seriousness, investigating in a scientific and responsible manner.”

“There are news items that, while expected, one imagines will not be astonishing, and merely a confirmation of something that is undeniable and inevitable. But reality shows that no matter how convinced we are that something will happen sooner or later, when it finally is confirmed, it shakes one to the core, releasing astonishment, joy and above all, hope. This is what happened to me with the news about the Argentinean Air Force creating a commission for the study of anomalous phenomena in our skies,” said Raul Avellaneda.

The researcher explained that “this announcement by the Argentinean Air Force has something special about it, and that it will be supported on men of science with a critical sense, something that true researchers have always promoted and demanded: a task developed with specialists in different fields of science and above all, far from mysticism, speculation and superstition.”

“In this field,” Avellaneda concluded, “the task rests on a triad: the Air Force as the custodian of our skies, science as the only method of seriously explaining the facts, and specialized researchers with a necessary outreach to the community. Above them, the decision by the powers of the State to place our country – once and for all – in the place it deserves for serious, responsible research, and above all, an interrelationship between officialdom and the citizenry.”

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo G.A.B.I.E)

Source: Scott Corrales/Diario Popular On-Line/UFO Digest


Mount Everest's Sherpas Ring Warning Bell on Climate Change

When sherpas ring the warning bell on climate change the world should listen: Mount Everest is becoming increasingly dangerous to climb because global warming is melting glacier ice along its slopes, according to Apa, a Nepalese Sherpa who grew up in the foothills to Mount Everest, reached the 29,035-foot (8,850-metre) summit on Saturday for the 20th time, breaking his own previous world record for 19 ascents.Rising temperatures have melted much of the ice on the steep trail to the summit and climbers are struggling to get traction on the exposed rock surface.

A recent report by scientists at University College London said the Himalayan glaciers are retreating faster than many others around the world, at rates ranging from 10 to 60 metres per year. Professor Steve Edwards, an earth scientist who coauthored the report, titled "The Waters of the Third Pole," said the effects of glacial melting posed a real risk to climbers.

“The general trend shows that the Himalayan glaciers as a whole are melting faster than many others. It is probably the fastest rate of melting in the world,” he said.

“The result is that in the summer months there is going to be a lot of slush on the ice fields. There is also the risk of glacial outburst floods, where the meltwater tops the bank of sediment left behind by the glacier during a period of intense melting and crashes down the river valley, destroying everything in its path.”

The melting ice has also exposed deep crevasses which climbers could fall into, and experts have warned that people scaling the mountain risk being swept away by “outburst floods” from rising volumes of glacial meltwater.

After returning to Kathmandu on Tuesday, Apa said: "The rising temperature on the mountains has melted much ice and snow on the trail to the summit. It is difficult for climbers to use their crampons on the rocky surfaces." He said there was hardly any exposed rock on the trail to the summit when he first climbed Everest in 1989, but now the slopes are dotted with bare rocks.

Climbing-mount-everest-10 The world’s highest mountain is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, with a procession of novice climbers scaling the summit with the help of highly expert Sherpas like Apa. But experts have warned that many amateur climbers may not be aware of the risks they face in tackling Everest.

Source: The Daily Galaxy


Was Tesla a UFO Contactee?
By Sean Casteel

In the more than 60 years since his death, Nikola Tesla has never ceased to be a fascinating, mysterious figure dwelling somewhere outside the borders of history as it is understood by the unseeing masses. While we as a 21st century civilization continue to reap the benefits of his outsized genius, Tesla has yet to be given the recognition he deserves as a major architect of the relatively technologically comfortable age we live in.

Still, there are those of us who do give Tesla his due, belatedly but sincerely. This article will deal with an aspect of Tesla’s genius that has gotten short shrift even from those of us who revere his name: UFO contact.

And that theory is nowhere better espoused than in "The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla" by Tim R. Swartz. Swartz’s bestselling classic has recently been updated and reissued by Global Communications and is worth a new look whether you’ve read the first edition or not.

I interviewed Tim Swartz a few years ago for one of Tim Beckley’s now defunct newsstand magazines, and Swartz laid out some historical background of Tesla’s earliest beginnings.

"Tesla was born in Yugoslavia," Swartz said, "in what is now Croatia, at midnight between July 9 and July 10 in 1856. He had that spark of genius right from the very beginning. There are a couple of people, I think, throughout our history, that you could classify as a ‘super genius.’ That’s the best word I can think of. Most people would agree that Einstein was one of our greatest geniuses. Maybe Leonardo da Vinci. And Nikola Tesla should fit right up there with those guys, because he just seemed to have this mind that was open to the universe.

"I suppose that’s a rather esoteric way of looking at it," he continued, "but he had the ability to visualize his ideas to such a point that he could actually ‘see’ what he was visualizing in three dimensions. As he put it, ‘It seemed to hang in the air right in front of my eyes.’"

Nowadays, Tesla is best known to the general public as the inventor of the AC motor.

"Our entire system of electricity," Swartz explained, "works with AC current. In Tesla’s day, Thomas Edison had come up with a system to deliver electricity to houses and buildings based on the DC current, direct currents. DC current works fine, but it can’t be sent over any great distance. Probably every half mile to a mile you would have to have a station that would step the power back up again and send it on for another half a mile or so. A very inefficient system, and really only good for close areas, like New York City. That’s where Edison had initially done some wiring."

Tesla, by contrast, created a motor based on alternating current, which can travel hundreds of miles before it has to be retransmitted. This was a revolution for its time. Tesla came up with a working version of an AC motor and was the first to build, at Niagara Falls, a massive power generating station that supplied electricity to New York City.

"It was cheap, clean, efficient, and it actually worked," Swartz said. "That’s probably Tesla’s greatest claim to fame."

Tesla followed up that achievement by inventing radio. Though popularly credit for radio is given to Marconi, the Supreme Court declared some years after Tesla had died that Tesla’s patented radio devices had preceded Marconi’s and that Tesla is officially the father of radio. Tesla also created the first remote control device, which he demonstrated by directing a small battery-powered toy boat through various maneuvers on a lake as newspaper reporters looked on. He also designed a torpedo for use in warfare that was remotely controlled.

It was while working on a radio receiver designed to monitor thunderstorms that Tesla stumbled onto something quite extraordinary.

"Tesla thought that possibly he had received a radio signal from outer space," Swartz said, "that could conceivably be from extraterrestrials. Which is a pretty amazing concept for his time. People in that era speculated that there could be life on Mars, but nobody suggested it too seriously. Tesla was conducting experiments in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 1899, with a pretty good-sized radio receiver, because he was fascinated by the way lightning played in thunderstorms. He was trying to come up with a way to harness the power from thunderstorms.

"And one evening," Swartz continued, "he received what he called ‘regular signals.’ You know, like beep, beep, beep. Not the usual static you hear from thunderstorms and lightning. He wondered at the time if he wasn’t listening to ‘one planet greeting another,’ as he put it. From that point on, it became somewhat of an obsession of his, to build better and better radio receivers to try to see if he could repeat what he heard. He got to the point where he claimed that he was actually receiving voice transmissions. He said it sounded just like people talking back and forth to each other. He made notes saying that he was actually hearing intelligent beings from another planet talking to each other, although he didn’t know what language they were speaking. But he still felt he understood them."

An interesting point that should be made here is that at the time Tesla was hearing these alien voices through his primitive radio equipment, 1899, the country had just experienced the great Airship Wave of the late 1800s. No less a UFO expert than researcher and historian Dr. David Jacobs believes that is when true UFO contact first began, in the skies over America, when people familiar only with hot air balloons as real life flying devices began to see metal ships that flew over their homes and farmland, abducting the occasional cow and speaking to bewildered farmers in languages beyond their understanding. While one hesitates to abandon the more familiar Ancient Astronauts theory that says alien contact began with mankind’s birth in prehistoric times, Jacobs’ belief does tend to support what Tesla claims happened to him.

This also begs the question: Did aliens have some kind of part in leading Tesla to create what he did? It is argued in the controversial book "The Day After Roswell," by the late Colonel Philip Corso and his collaborator Bill Birnes, that recovered alien technology was reverse engineered and used to lay the groundwork for numerous inventions, including fiber optics and much else in the way of technology we take for granted today. One sometimes wonders if the aliens more likely are implanting the seeds for, or even directly "inspiring," through some process of implanted thoughts, some of the marvels of the current age.

In any case, there is likely some kind of overlap here between Tesla’s voice contact and the inventions that came later, though it is of course impossible to prove. Tesla felt the voices were slowly preparing mankind for conquest and domination. In "The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla," Swartz goes on to recount the spine-tingling chronology of Tesla’s battle with these aliens he believed to be an enemy race, all set against a background of industrial espionage and governmental secrecy that would make for a crackerjack science fiction tale were it not for the fact that the events are alleged to be completely real.

Tesla later went public with his claim that he was receiving extraterrestrial voice transmissions and was subjected to the usual humiliating ridicule that greets UFO witnesses today when they try to speak openly of their experiences. But he remained firm in his conviction that the voices were genuine and posed a terrifying threat to life on Earth as we know it.

Global Communications publisher Tim Beckley provided more input on the connection between Tesla and UFOs.

"There are many who believe," Beckley said, "that Tesla was actually a ‘star child’ of sorts, that he was born on another planet and left on the doorstep of his adoptive parents. This speculative theory was first offered in a long out-of-print book by Margaret Storm and a later tome by Commander X titled ‘Nikola Tesla: Free Energy and the White Dove.’

"The idea that Tesla was born off-planet," Beckley continued, "seems to have originated with a gentleman named Otis T. Carr. A Baltimore MD and inventor, Carr claims that he worked side-by-side with Tesla for years and that he discovered bits and pieces of the great inventor’s life that no one else knew about, including the fact that Tesla wasn’t originally from ‘here.’"

According to Beckley, Carr later went on to invent a saucer-shaped device that he said for a mere $14 million would take us to Mars or somewhere else nearby in the solar system.

"Carr was a controversial figure in his own right," Beckley added, "but no one has been able to prove that he didn’t work with Tesla in Manhattan, where Tesla was living in the New Yorker Hotel near Herald Square. We do know that Tesla was fascinated with the possibility of life on other planets."

Beckley reiterated Swartz’s statements regarding Tesla’s attempts to establish contact with the aliens via radio.

"And he might have been successful in reaching out to the stars," Beckley said. "Furthermore, Tesla is said to have even developed a ‘Tesla Scope’ that anyone could use to make contact with extraterrestrials. The device was on display in Canada for several years before its owner passed away."

Now a few words about the title of Swartz’s book. Tesla died in 1943, in poverty and relative obscurity. As he moved from hotel to hotel, staying one step ahead of his debts, he often left behind whole suitcases full of notes and diagrams for unfinished inventions. Legend has it that after he died, the federal government stepped in and confiscated the material, believing it contained designs for new weapons devices and therefore was relevant to national security.

But apparently a few things slipped through the fingers of the government. At a 1976 auction in Newark, New Jersey, a collector named Dale Alfrey bought four boxes of papers for around $25. Alfrey at first thought he had purchased the notes of a science fiction writer and had no idea of the importance of what the boxes contained. Twenty years would pass before Alfrey began to actually read the material and to try to preserve the badly mildewing papers by scanning them into his computer. While he was absorbed in this effort, he was visited by a trio of Men-In-Black who looked to him like "undertakers." They offered to buy the papers from Alfrey, who replied that they weren’t for sale.

After further discussion, which included some disturbing threats from the MIBs, the three visitors turned in unison and walked away. Alfrey felt himself to be regaining consciousness after being in a kind of trance. When he rushed back inside, the papers were gone, and so was the hard drive to his computer. He never completely recovered from the experience with the MIBs, but he did retain enough of what he had read of Tesla’s lost journals to be sufficient for Swartz’s book. Meanwhile, newspaper accounts from the time of Tesla’s death related that a dozen large boxes of Tesla’s notes may still be unaccounted for, perhaps waiting to be rediscovered and give up their secrets in our time.

This newly revised and expanded second edition of "The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla" by Tim R. Swartz also contains new chapters on Time Travel, Alternative Energy, and Nazi flying discs, all of which help to expand the range and depth of the legacy Tesla has left to us to assist in our 21st century groping for technological mastery of our world. If we ever learn to travel in time or to take our energy directly from the forces animating the universe or even to slip the surly bonds of Earth in a disc-shaped craft of human design, our debt to Nikola Tesla can only increase.

Take this link to order your copy of The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla.

[To read more by Sean Casteel, visit his website at www.seancasteel.com]

Source: UFO Digest


It's Tesla's World, We're Just Reinventing it

By Amelia Crater

Well, it’s bright, but merry? If you like to bask in the glow of a firestorm, I suppose so. Besides, we should probably get used to global warming-caused landscape combustibility and the air scented with sulfur instead of pine scent in Christmases yet to come.

In fact, two evilish elves–Nimbus and Darpa–are already rehearsing for that Apocalyptic Christmas Carol. They’re not really elves, of course, but they’re definitely mischief makers. Nimbus is the brainchild–or should I say brainstorm–of DARPA, the research and development arm of the U.S Defense Department, which is currently…

“soliciting innovative research and development (R&D) proposals on the underlying physics of lightning. Proposed research should investigate innovative approaches that enable revolutionary and fundamental advances in atmospheric and ionospheric science relating to lightning.”

In other words, the military research agency wants to “‘harness control over ‘the natural mechanism of lightning initiation’ by coming up with a way to launch man-made lightning bolts, and prevent or redirect natural lightning strikes — and their accompanying destruction. “

So instead of attempting to heal the climate, our military geniuses are actively trying to turn it into a weapon to use against us. And this is nothing new. Applied Energetics (formerly Ionatron) most certainly will be submitting a proposal for Nimbus since they are already “developing gigantic lightning guns that will be able to stall a car from afar. Initially, they were focused on zapping people, but have since shifted their focus to harnessing lightning to shorting out vehicles and IEDs.”

In fact, the military has been hard at work channeling the powers of Zeus for more than a decade. You can read all about it in the 1996 report to the Air Force “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025“, which described itself in ‘96 as so entirely hypothetical it should be considered fictional, and is now being fully-funded. Here’s a brief excerpt:
    “As indicated, the technical hurdles for storm developers in support of military operations are obviously greater than enhancing precipitation or dispersing fog as described earlier. One area of storm research that would significantly benefit the military operations is lightning modification. Most research efforts are being conducted to develop techniques to lessen the occurrence or hazards associated with lightning. This is important research for military operations and resource protection, but some offensive military benefit could be obtained by doing research on increasing the potential and intensity of lightning. Concepts to explore include increasing the basic efficiency of the thunderstorm stimulating the triggering mechanism that initiates the bolt and triggering lightning such as that which struck Apollo 12 in 1968. Possible mechanisms to investigate would be ways to modify the electropotential characteristics and certain targets to induce lightning strikes on the desired targets as the storm passes over their location.”

The puzzling thing about these (mis)adventures, aside from the fact that they seem both asinine and fraught with deadly peril for mankind, is that good old St. Nikola Tesla, whose inventions allowed the miracle of the burning bush seen above, harnessed the power of lightning a century ago. At the time, everyone thought he was mad (which made it so much easier to steal his ideas and either patent them or suppress them for their own fun and profit). Now, everyone knows he was a genius, but are forced to reinvent his technological miracles since no one bothered to ask him how to do it before he died (penniless, btw).

     "Tesla Electrostatic Propulsion – In Tesla’s Wardencliffe design, the top capacitance was chosen such that it could contain the entire charge developed in the secondary. Instead of breaking out to produce lightning bolts, the entire charge was discharged back through the secondary and into the ground. The effect was that he was producing a controlled lightning strike on the Earth. This would cause a very large wave to propagate around the Earth to the antipode, and reflect back to the power station. When the wave came back to the power station another controlled lightning bolt was coming down the secondary to add energy to the first wave, and so on. Eventually Tesla would have created standing waves on the Earth."

These standing wave spikes would bring electrons very high into the atmosphere, and likely cause lightning discharges to increase at the location of the standing waves. This in turn would have affected the weather and possibly the climate.

Tesla further remarked that he could make these standing waves appear at any place on the Earth by building and controlling other power stations and using a type of triangulation system. In theory,Tesla could make the standing waves all peak in one particular place, causing who knows what kind of effects?

Anyway, unless I’m struck down by you-know-what, my Christmas wish is that the secrets Tesla took to the grave stay in the grave (we don’t need the military getting hold of the thing that creates earthquakes either). A Merry Christmas to all! And don’t forget to turn off the Christmas tree lights before you go to bed. It’s just safer that way.

Source: Mysterious Universe

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Releases its Top 10 Strange Stories of 2010

Ripley's Believe It or Not! : searches the globe for the ultimate in unusual oddities, strange stories and terrific true tales. After reading and reviewing hundreds of stories from headlines around the world in 2010, the experts and weird-ologists at Ripley’s are releasing their Top 10 Strange Stories of 2010. They range from the bizarre to the unbelievable – but all are true!

- Bearded Woman Finds Son: Vivian Wheeler was born with hypertrichosis (werewolf syndrome) and as a hermaphrodite (both male and female reproductive organs) and was told she couldn’t have children. But at 29, she gave birth to a boy, who was promptly taken away from her by her boyfriend and put up for adoption. In 2010, after years of searching, Richard Lorenc found his mother and they were re-united.

- Ripley the Dog: The living, breathing big pile of fur found in a ditch in Houma, La., turned out to be a one-year-old poodle. As he was being shaved, the vet decided to name the pooch Ripley, because “Believe It or Not!, there is a dog under here.” The before and after photos garnered world-wide attention and less than 6 weeks after being discovered, Ripley was well enough to be adopted. Believe It or Not!

- Longest High School Football Game Ever: A high-school football game in Texas turned into an endurance battle as Jacksonville beat Nacogdoches in 12 overtimes, 84-81, breaking the old record of nine extra frames. The game ended at 12:54 a.m., after the young boys battled for more than five hours.

- Spray-on Clothes: Forget about all the medical breakthroughs in 2010, for surely it will become known as the year that scientists developed an instant, sprayable, non-woven fabric that can be sprayed onto a nude body to form clothes that not only cover, but can be taken off, washed, and worn again.

- Deep Fried Beer: In a competition at the Texas State Fair, Mark Zable unveiled Fried Beer. In a patented process, he puts beer into a doughy pocket and deep fries it. The quick fry hardens the crust, but the beer remains a fully potent brew. Those who sampled it were carded!

- Dead Body in a Car for 10 Months: Shortly after a homeless woman in California was befriended by a motorist, she died unexpectedly. The driver, not knowing what to do with the body, drove it around for 10 months, next to a box of baking soda to help negate the smell. The corpse was discovered by police who smelled the stench, looked in the car and saw a leg poking out from under a pile of clothes.

- Man Shot in Head Finds out 5 Years Later: A man living in Germany walked around and functioned normally for five years without noticing he had been shot in the head. The .22 caliber bullet was found when the man went to the doctor to have what he thought was a cyst removed. All he could remember was that it probably happened in 2005 at a New Year’s Eve Party and that he was “very drunk.”

- Dog Chews off Man’s Toe: A 48-year-old Michigan man credited his dog Kiko with saving his life by chewing off his diseased big toe as he lay passed out in a drunken daze. The terrier gnawed off his right big toe which turned out to be badly infected due to Type 2 Diabetes. The dog ate off the diseased tissue and left the rest untouched.

- Woman Tries to be the Fattest: A 42-year old, mother of two wants to become the world's heaviest living woman. Donna Simpson currently weighs more than 600 pounds and her desire is to top 1,000 pounds. She works as a model on a website called supersizedbombshells.com, where the curious pay to watch videos of her eating or walking. She spends nearly $750 per month in groceries for herself and admits that she is as hungry for attention as she is for the junk food she eats every day.

- Cat Predicts Death: Oscar the cat lives at a nursing and rehabilitation center in Providence, R.I. He roams the halls, is generally unsociable, and spends little time with anyone who has more than a few hours to live. He rarely errs in his predictions and this year extended his predicting streak to 50. He senses death and cuddles with the elderly patients until they pass.

About Ripley Entertainment; Ripley Entertainment Inc. ( www.ripleys.com ), keepers of the venerable Ripley’s Believe It or Not! brand, is a global leader in location-based entertainment, entertaining more than 13 million annually at its 80-plus attractions in 11 countries. In addition to its 32 Believe It or Not! Odditoriums, the Orlando, Florida-based company has publishing, licensing and broadcast divisions, best-selling books and the popular syndicated cartoon strip, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, that still runs daily in 42 countries. Ripley Entertainment is a Jim Pattison Company, the third-largest privately held company in Canada.

Source: PR-Inside

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