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He stays up late into the night - fearful to sleep because of those who watch in the dark. They watch from the sky. The watch from the streets. They watch with the cold, glassy stare of hidden cameras. His communications are not safe. They read all that goes in, and all that goes out. His entertainment is monitored 24 hours a day. They know what TV shows he sees and which web sites on the Internet he visits. But despite all they see and do - nothing can prevent the arrival of his favorite weekly e-mail newsletter of the strange and weird. Yes that's RIGHT! Conspiracy Journal is here once again to reveal all the deep, dark secrets that THEY don't want YOU to know!

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such blood-boiling stories as:

- Budget Crunch Shuts Down SETI -
NSA Document Admits ET Contact -
- Bringing Back Fond Memories Of The Incredible Brian Scott Case -
- Has the "God Particle" Been Detected? -
AND: Steytlerville 'Monster' Strikes Again

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OAHSPE - Raymond A. Palmer Tribute Edition
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OAHSPE: Has been called the wonder book of all ages. Nearly one million words in two volumes with incredible COLOR illustrations.

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Budget Crunch Shuts Down SETI

Interstellar radio has lost one of its most avid listeners.

A collection of sophisticated radio telescopes in California that scan the heavens for extraterrestrial signals has suspended operations because of lack of funding, a spokeswoman said Monday.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute operates the Allen Telescope Array, the field of dish-like scopes some 300 miles north of San Francisco. The telescopes are a joint effort of SETI and University of California-Berkeley's Radio Astronomy Lab and have been funded largely by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who donated more than $25 million to the project.

A state budget crisis and reduced federal dollars have choked the project of funding, said Karen Randall, SETI's director of special projects. SETI put the Allen Telescope Array on hold a week ago -- a situation publicly revealed by Franck Marchis, a principal investigator for SETI who doesn't work on the affected project, on his blog.

SETI CEO Tom Pierson sent an April 22 letter to donors saying the telescope array had been put into "hibernation," Randall said. Pierson's letter stated in part, "Starting this week, the equipment is unavailable for normal observations and is being maintained in a safe state by a significantly reduced staff."

The Allen Telescope Array will resume operations by 2013, when SETI's new round of funding goes into effect, Randall said. The funding will cover the project until 2018, she said. In the meantime, SETI is searching for quick cash.

"Obviously, we want to be prepared for these kinds of things," Randall said of financial obstacles. "We are working on some other angles that have bubbled up that will basically not be so vulnerable to budget cycles."

SETI since last month has been soliciting donations to fund the Allen project. The organization says it needs to raise $5 million. Randall said she hasn't talked with Allen about contributing additional funds.

The Allen radio telescopes aren't the only ones that SETI can use to listen to the universe. SETI also analyzes data gathered by radio telescopes in West Virginia, Puerto Rico and Australia, as well as the Hubble Space Telescope and the Spitzer Space Telescope, although SETI researchers must compete for time on those instruments.

The SETI Institute is based in Mountain View, in California's Silicon Valley. According to its website it employs over 150 scientists, educators and support staff, and gets most of its funding from private donations and non-governmental grants.

Research at the institute is anchored by two centers: The Center for SETI Research, which seeks evidence of extraterrestrial life by looking for some signature of its technology; and the Carl Sagan Center for the Study of Life in the Universe, which examines the origin, evolution and distribution of life forms on Earth and beyond.

It was not immediately clear how the budget crunch at SETI would affect its other astrobiology programs.

The idea for constructing the Allen Telescope Array was conceived in 1997. Four years later, Allen agreed to fund the venture and construction of the initial 42 antennas, located in Northern California's rural Cascade Mountains. SETI has said it plans to eventually grow the number of dishes to 350.

The array's 20-foot-wide telescopes, spread across several acres, don't send messages into space but scan the cosmos for signals of extraterrestrial origin. Unlike previously existing radio telescopes, which scan the sky for limited periods, the Allen Telescope Array probed the universe round the clock.

Each of the 42 dishes is aimed at a different area of the sky, collecting reams of data that are being studied by computers for unusual patterns.

SETI also is known for its most visible staffer, astronomer Jill Tarter, current director of the Center for SETI Research and the real-life inspiration for Jodie Foster's character in the 1997 movie "Contact."

"At SETI, our current mission isn't to broadcast, but rather to listen to the universe and see what else might be out there," she wrote last year in a commentary published on CNN.com. "If signals are detected, everyone on the planet should have a voice in deciding how to respond."

The cutbacks at SETI and UC-Berkeley come at a challenging time for space exploration. NASA is ending its space shuttle program, and the agency faces "tough fiscal times, tough choices" for its 2012 budget, Administrator Charles Bolden said recently.

California's fiscal woes have also reduced the amount of money available to the Berkeley lab, Randall said.

The lab will lay off four people due to a lack of operating revenue, leaving two support staff, said Robert Sanders, a spokesman for the school. The group begun shrinking in 2009 when Berkeley laid off several staff, he said.

Source: CNN


NSA Document Admits ET Contact
By Kevin W. Smith

On October 21, 2004, the NSA approved for release to the public a portion of their NSA Journal Vol. XIV No. 1.  This is a report of a presentation given to the NSA by Dr. Howard Campaigne regarding the decoding of extraterrestrial messages that had been received “form outer space”.  Apparently, these messages had actually been received via the Sputnik satellite, but no one had any idea how to decode them at the time.

At some time, unspecified in the document, Dr. Howard  Campaigne and some other NSA super mathematicians in the crypto department had been given the task of decoding the messages.  There were a total of 29 messages to be decoded—quite an undertaking.

It is curious, to say the least, that this document was cleared for release on October 21, 2004.  Why was that?  Because the NSA did not release it into public information until April 21, 2011.  Though cleared for release, the NSA had been stonewalling it along with hundreds of other NSA documents about contact with UFOs and extraterrestrials until they lost the lawsuit brought by Peter Gersten, a lawyer from Arizona.  When they well and truly lost, the judge’s order had to be carried out, and the documents had to be released.

 Dr. Howard  Campaigne's “Extraterrestrial Signals”

The document, as I stated, is Dr. Campaigne’s presentation to the NSA on the decoding of those messages.  It was actually published by the NSA in their own internal NSA Journal.  Yet, they were also forced to publish a list of search terms from FOIA requests for which they had found no NSA documents.  In that list is “Extraterrestrial Signals”.  The title of this document, which they published themselves is “Key To Extraterrestrial Messages”.

Quite obviously, they conveniently split hairs here in reporting they had no information about “Extraterrestrial Signals”.  They knew for sure they had this document, and that it was about what was being requested in the FOIA request.  They knew it, flaunted the technicality of wording, and continued to stonewall.

Who is Dr. Howard Campaigne?

Dr. Campaigne is one of the top cryptologists on the planet with years and years of service to Naval Security Group, Army Security Agency, National Security Agency, and a couple of other such alphabet organizations.

Howard H. Campaigne started his crypto career for the government  during World War II and has been a key and integral part of our U.S. security and intelligence ever since.  In other words, he is part of a very small, very select group who are considered the cream of the crop in Cryptology.

Dr. Campaigne’s presentation to the NSA on decoding the extraterrestrial messages was not a hypothetical exercise.  I contacted someone who is formerly associated with the NSA and still has TS clearance, and asked him to view the document.  I asked him to give me his take on it.  There was no question about its authenticity since it was published in the NSA Journal, and was released by the NSA on their web site.   What I wanted to know was whether this document had any particular impact or importance (other than its startling revelations) for someone familiar with the inner workings of the NSA.  It did.

My contact told me that he was blown away by the wording of the document.  He said that NSA communications are filled with words like “possibly” , “allegedly”, and “thought to be”.

He said, “This document has none of the normal NSA disclaimer words in it.  They just come out and say ‘we received messages from outer space’ and this is the way to decode those messages.”

I asked, “What does that mean to you?”

His reply was instant.

“Disclosure, pure and simple.  They aren’t making any fanfare about it, but there it is.  They have just made open disclosure.”

But what do the messages say?

Dr. Campaigne focused on a set of information in a couple of the messages that turn out to be some mathematical equations.  They also contain the listing of all the elements in our Periodic Table.  I suppose those equations may make some sense to a physicist or engineer, but do not mean anything to me.  I clearly understand how Dr. Campaigne came to the translation since he explains it very well.  But, as to what the meaning of the equations are, I could not venture a guess.

It is curious, though, that during his presentation Dr. Campaigne mentions there are “words” that they have translated, and some “words” they have not yet begun to understand.  He gives an example of a connective word that he knows is connective (joining two or more statements) but does not yet understand the translation of that word.

Debunkers are scared as hell of the release of this information as it proves beyond any doubt that they are, and always have been, dead wrong.  Their careers as debunkers are finished in light of the revelation of this material.  They are already using the only possible “tool” left to them by saying, “That’s old information.  It’s been out there for years.”

As usual, they are either just uninformed, or outright lying.  It is true the document was cleared for release on October 21, 2004.  It is true that date is from “years”.  But it is also true that it WAS NOT released until April 21, 2011.

"No, Virginia, that information has not been available for years."

Researching this development for my show,  I have found a great deal of other information that constitutes what most people would call open disclosure.

This is truly blockbuster information.  No one from the government has stepped in front of the cameras and come clean about ET reality as yet.   But, here we have the most secret intelligence organization in the U.S.A. , the National Security Agency, disclosing openly that there has been contact with intelligent extraterrestrials.   Not only that, we have decoded their messages.

Want to read the document for yourself?


You will see that  it is the official NSA.GOV website.

Want disclosure? It appears to be here...

Listen to the Kevin Smith show at: http://www.kevinsmithshow.com

Source: UFO Digest


Bringing Back Fond Memories Of The Incredible Brian Scott Case

A review and personal remembrance by Timothy Green Beckley.
Brad and Sherry Steiger's Real Aliens, Space Beings And Creatures From Other Worlds Offers No Quick Fix, Just Hours Of Fascinating Reading.

In order to understand the complex nature of the UFO mystery you cannot approach the phenomenon from a short term point of view.

The best prospectus would be as an alien astronaut hovering far above the earth looking down at its multitude of rivers, streams, inlets and tributaries. Likewise, only a veteran of the "UFO wars" can hope to understand the dozens and dozens of twists and turns that this mystery has confronted us with since the first modern day "flying saucer" sighting by Kenneth Arnold. There is no single -- or simple -- answer to this puzzle, and so the jigsaw eludes us as we continue to move the pieces about on the matrix board someone, or something else, has constructed for us. A neophyte can easily get lost in the maze of reports, landings, abductions, men in black encounters, cattle mutilations, trips to Mars, and government cover-ups. Its overwhelming, time consuming, and seems to lead to nowhere. You need more than a compass let me tell you that from years of experience as editor of UFO Universe and other nationally sold magazines on the topic.

Brad Steiger is that veteran, the General Patton of these "UFO Wars," who from his lofty position of forty plus years of UFO research,  can manage to sort out at least some of the riff from the raff, the hoi from the polloi, and give us various answers that elude the most sincere but undereducated younger UFOlogist. This is best shown throughout the pages of Real Aliens, Space Beings, And Creatures From Other Worlds (Visible Ink, May, 2011)

I must admit in true disclosure fashion that I have been friends with Brad Steiger since we first shook hands at the largest indoor UFO convention every held. Organized by another "ole timer," Jim Moseley managed to gather together over ten thousand of the faithful at the Hotel Commodore in Manhattan to hear some of the most popular UFO researchers of the era (i.e. John Keel, Dr Frank Stranges, Vi Venus, and special guest Roy Thinnes of the popular TV series The Invaders). Since than Steiger and I have consulted and shared information on numerous UFO and paranormal incidents. One of the first we worked on as a team was the case of Brian Scott who had, he claimed, been abducted along with a friend in the Superstition Mountain range outside Phoenix. The case remains unusual in that it was on going for many years and offered a bit more in the way of evidence than your typical UFO abduction episode (if there is such a thing as "typical" in this arena of research). The case also was 'substantial" in that it l involved the participating of a number of high profile parapsychologists from the world of academia.

Let's pass through one of Bob Lazar's worm holes and go back to that point in time when Brad and I were need deep involved with the Bryan Scott abduction as excerpted from the Steiger's most recent work. . .

                                                    *    *    *    *

In February 1976, UFO researcher Timothy Green Beckley conducted an extensive series of interviews with the contactee/abductee Brian Scott. At that time Scott was a thirty-two-year-old draftsman for a Mission Bejo firm and the father of two, who stated that he had been repeatedly taken aboard a strange craft piloted by beings from an alien planet.
Scott's first abduction reportedly occurred in the Arizona desert near Phoenix in 1971, and he claimed that another had just occurred on December 22, 1975, in Garden Grove, California. In between, Scott said, there were three other terrifying sessions with the aliens and repeated visits to his home by balls of light and a transparent being that called itself the Host.
Scott believed that his involvement with the alien beings began on his sixteenth birthday, October 12, 1959. He had been coming home from celebrating when he observed a ball of light hovering over his dog. The ball was oval shaped, semisolid, becoming more solid toward the center. It was six to eight inches in diameter and reddish-orange.
The ball of light came right at his head until it was just a few inches from his face--then it shot straight up. Scott believed that at that time he had received some sort of communication from the ball through thoughts and pictures that were apparently transmitted directly into his mind.
It was more than twelve years later, on the evening of March 14, 1971, that Scott was transported aboard a hovering craft with a purple light emanating from its underside.

Scott had no knowledge of why he had chosen that particular evening to drive into the desert near the Superstition Mountains outside Phoenix. He remembers standing alone, seeing a strange craft fly overhead. Then he felt a "pulsating, pulling feeling" that lifted him upward, into the vehicle.
Incredibly, Scott found that a friend of his was already inside the craft. The two of them were taken into a small room that began to be filled with a fog or a mist. Then they were confronted by four or five "very horrifying" creatures. Scott described them as having gray skin like that of a crocodile or a rhino, with a thicker patch of hide over the front torso.
Scott and his friend were disrobed and then led off in different directions. He was either carried or made to travel without bodily movement. The beings were seven feet tall, according to Scott, and looked like a combination of Earth animals. They had three fingers and a thumb kicked over to one side.
After undergoing a physical examination, he stated that his mind was transported to an alien world where he observed more of the strange creatures walking about a planet of jagged peaks in a misty atmosphere. After the mind trip, he was rejoined with his friend and returned to the ground. The last memory he had of the strange craft was a terrible odor, like "rotten socks, as if someone hadn't taken their shoes off for twenty years."
Scott's next experience also occurred in the desert near Phoenix on March 22, 1973. At that time he began to receive the distinct impression that not only was he under observation by the beings, but that he was being slowly educated by them.
Resultant poltergeistic phenomenon in the home is very often associated with UFO contactee or abductee experiences.  Tim began by asking Scott about the kind of manifestations that had been occurring in his household.
Scott replied, "There are streaks of light. A white light just streaks its way through the house, filters, and then just goes very quickly. Then there is the ball of light itself in the house and outside the house. There have been pure flashes, as if you put a flash cube right up to your eyeball. The light blinds you. You see it for just a few seconds, and then it disappears. There is another object, a rather odd, brown-shaped thing that has from time to time shown up. It dashes around the room in crazy directions, and every time that it does, it creates some damage to the home. All the electricity and all the circuits in the house have melted, frozen, and burned up."

Beckley Quizzes Brian Scott for Details of His Strange Encounters
Tim Beckley: What happened on the day when your wife was sent to the hospital?
Scott: She had been to work, pretty much handling everything that was going on around her. Then I got a call that she wasn't feeling very well. I brought her home, and after about fifteen minutes of sitting there talking with her, she was saying several things, none of which made any sense to me or to her.

She said that she had been in the bathroom and suddenly felt hands all over her body. It was as if someone had broken into the house and molested her. When she calmed down and started making explanations to me about what the hell was wrong with her, it was as if, from her description, the aliens I had seen aboard the craft in 1971 had visited her. This is odd, because she has never even seen any sketches that I made of those entities. 
Beckley:  So this was an actual materialization of the entities in the house? 
Scott: I don't know what it was…
Beckley: But she was so upset that you decided to take her to the hospital?
Scott: Later that evening, it seemed as if she was okay. I was on the phone, and the baby was getting into everything so I couldn't carry on the conversation. I got up and went looking for my wife. I heard a bumping sound and a moan coming from the bathroom.  My wife was on the floor, hyperventilating. 
I got her up and onto a chair in the living room.  I was on my way to call her mother when she just fell flat on her face. I called the paramedics, and while they were on the way, she got up and fell down again. Then she began to become hysterical.

It took four paramedics to hold her down. She was throwing people around as if they were tissue paper. Men were through backward against the furniture.  Finally they loaded her up in the ambulance. I came back in the house, and the baby was not in the playpen. I panicked, because I couldn't find our one-year-old child. I ran back in the house. The dog was yipping at the back door.  We finally found the baby sitting over in a corner of the patio. A one-year-old baby who got out of a playpen!

Tim Beckley asked Scott about the Host:
"There is one entity that comes through that calls itself the Host, whatever that means," Scott attempted to explain. "It speaks in what sounds like some kind of computerized language. The voice seems to come out of me, an inner voice that is not mine. The entity says that I am one with it. It says, 'I am; I am' or 'You are one with me.' When asked if it has a name, it will just come back and say, 'I am; I am.'

"The other night we heard some strange sounds coming from the bedroom. I began to speak in a foreign language that we later found out was Greek. Where that came from, I don't know. I wrote in Greek backward. On top of that, 1 was writing with my left hand, and I am right-handed.

"This voice was talking. We asked who it was, and the name Ashtar came out. Then it began to use the name Ashtar and speak to my wife. It told her things about her past that only she could know. This went on for a while, and then it went on to say it would give her all the money in the world. It only wanted one thing in return--her soul."

Beckley pointed out that it sounded as though diabolical entities might be coming onto the scene, attracted by the extreme vibrations. He also observed that Ashtar sounded very much like lshtar, an ancient Babylonian goddess.
The Host told Brian Scott that it would return on December 24 in the year 2011. He would descend on the spider figure in the Nazca lines. From there he would go to other ancient city sites where Scott and concerned parties were to construct pyramids.

An Extensive Evaluation of Scott's "Alien" Voice Prints:
Beckley also interviewed J. D., an investigator associated with a civilian UFO investigation group. J. D. said that when he was first contacted by Brian Scott he thought the man was totally out of his mind, but as he began to investigate he became more curious and intrigued. He was especially impressed when the voice tapes that he had taken of various entities, which either spoke through Scott or from other areas around the house, appeared to produce prints different from the abductee's normal voice.
Beckley pursued this matter, learning that the mechanical voice of the Host "lacked all harmonics and seemed to be nothing but a series of small ripples."
Beckley knew that even if a person tried to disguise his voice or attempt to imitate another person's voice, the voiceprints would still reveal it as the voice of the deceiver. Each voice is very much like a fingerprint. There are individual characteristics in each voiceprint that designate a particular speaker. To learn that the voiceprint analyses of the various entities' voices were allegedly different fascinated the investigators.
Beckley asked J. D. how he would differentiate between what may have originally been an abduction case and the various types of poltergeistic phenomena that now seemed to prompt Scott's resultant trance state. Were they one and the same? Were they closely related mysteries? Or were they entirely different aspects of a more general phenomenon?

J. D. indicated that he was aware that there had been other cases such as Scott's. The manifestations of balls of light streaking through the homes of contactees and abductees apparently are more frequent than many investigators realize.
J. D. mentioned that one voice, a horrible voice, came through and claimed to be Beelzebub, the Devil. J. D. was convinced that the entity was simply trying to frighten away the investigators.
Beckley commented that the contents of the messages that Scott had relayed to him all seemed to be very sophomoric in content. Although a great deal of material was coming through from the alleged aliens, it did not, in Beckley's opinion, have any substantial value to its content.
Beckley spoke further with a technician who claimed to have analyzed the various voices connected and associated with the Scott case. He, too, indicated that they were quite different from one another. The company for whom the technician worked had wired Scott for twenty-four hours a day for one week. They used a four-channel recorder, recording different frequency spectrums on each channel. They recorded the vibrations of the house on the low-frequency channels, and the static electricity was recorded on the high-frequency channels.
The culmination of the project led them to conclude that Scott was not producing the various voices of his own will. Although the technician did not claim to be the final authority, he commented that some of the frequencies that they recorded were, in his opinion, so low that, generally speaking, a human voice could not produce them.

"Here again," he added, "we are going on the knowledge of standard speech, not necessarily something that is unusual in nature. But for all practical purposes, I am convinced that Scott was not doing this of his own will."
*    *    *   *

Naturally, there is more to the story, but I present this part of the case from the Steiger's latest work as a tease. There are so many stories of this type in Brad and Sherry's latest book that one cannot possibly discuss them all, it being my intention to pluck one UFO incident that I found to be significant in my own UFOlogical career, since we both got involved in the Bryan Scott case at the same time.

REAL ALIENS, SPACE BEINGS AND CREATURES FROM OTHER WORLDS is a visual treat, as well as a profound collection of widely diversified material.  Well produced, well written and nicely illustrated, this is a serious encyclopedic -- but sufficiently entertaining -- work that will keep you pondering the mysteries of the sky for days. Nor will it end up sitting idle on your book shelf gathering dust. It is a reference work you will want to go back to time and time again.
True, there are other "UFO encyclopedias" out there, but they are usually judgmental and stuffy, presented pompously, the authors looking down upon those that might differ in opinion or who might not be familiar with the most obscure -- and perhaps trifle -- aspect of a particular UFO encounter that would not bring us closer to any explanation as to what these flying -- and landed -- objects might be.

Co-authored along with wife Sherry Steiger (publicist to the late Dr J. Allen Hynek), whom I have know for 25 years, the dynamic twosome haven't missed an alien hiding under a bush (or deep inside the earth for that matter). All the "extraterrestrials" of your dreams --OR NIGHTMARES! -- are here for you to ponder and probe just like they have repeatedly done to us humans for hundreds of years.

The Steigers' don't promise any quick fix as far as finding a solution to the UFO mystery goes, but they leave no asteroid unturned in their quest to understand the befuddling nature of the beast at large.

So hop into the pilots seat of your family friendly saucer and get thee to the nearest earthly bookstore and grab this title before some long tentacled Martian does. Or teleport over to Amazon.com and click on the buy link

Timothy - "MR UFO" -- Beckley


Has the "God Particle" Been Detected?

A rumor is floating around the physics community that the world's largest atom smasher may have detected a long-sought subatomic particle called the Higgs boson, also known as the "God particle."

The controversial rumor is based on what appears to be a leaked internal note from physicists at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a 17-mile-long particle accelerator near Geneva, Switzerland. It's not entirely clear at this point if the memo is authentic, or what the data it refers to might mean — but the note already has researchers talking.

The buzz started when an anonymous commenter recently posted an abstract of the note on Columbia University mathematician Peter Woit's blog, Not Even Wrong.

Some physicists say the note may be a hoax, while others believe the "detection" is likely a statistical anomaly that will disappear upon further study. But the find would be a huge particle-physics breakthrough, if it holds up.

"If it were to be real, it would be really exciting," said physicist Sheldon Stone of Syracuse University.

The Higgs boson is predicted to exist by prevailing particle-physics theory, which is known as the Standard Model. Physicists think the Higgs bestows mass on all the other particles — but they have yet to confirm its existence.

Huge atom smashers — like the LHC and the Tevatron, at Fermilab in Illinois — are searching for the Higgs and other subatomic bits of matter. These accelerators slam particles together at enormous speeds, generating a shower of other particles that could include the Higgs or other elemental pieces predicted by theory but yet to be detected. [Wacky Physics: The Coolest Little Particles in Nature]

The leaked note suggests that the LHC's ATLAS particle-detection experiment may have picked up a signature of the elusive Higgs. The signal is consistent, in mass and other characteristics, with what the Higgs is expected to produce, according to the note.

However, some other aspects of the signal don't match predictions.

"Its production rate is much higher than that expected for the Higgs boson in the Standard Model," Stone told SPACE.com in an email interview. So the signal may be evidence of some other particle, Stone added, "which in some sense would be even more interesting, or it could be the result of new physics beyond the Standard Model."

Too soon to tell

Stone was quick to point out that the note is not an official result of the ATLAS research team. Therefore, speculating about its validity or implications is decidedly preliminary.

"It is actually quite illegitimate and unscientific to talk publicly about internal collaboration material before it is approved," Stone said. "So this 'result' is not a result until the collaboration officially releases it."

Other researchers joined Stone in urging patience and caution before getting too excited about the possible discovery.

"Don't worry, Higgs boson! I would never spread scurrilous rumors about you. Unlike some people," Caltech physicist Sean Carroll tweeted today (April 22).

While it's still early, some researchers have already begun to cast doubt on the possible detection. For example, Tommaso Dorigo — a particle physicist at Fermilab and CERN, which operates the LHC — thinks the signal is false and will fade upon closer inspection.

Dorigo — who said he doesn't have access to the full ATLAS memo — gives several reasons for this viewpoint. He points out, for example, that scientists at Fermilab didn't see the putative Higgs signal in their Tevatron data, which covered similar ground as the ATLAS experiment.

Dorigo feels strongly enough, in fact, to put his money where his mouth is.

"I bet $1,000 with whomever has a name and a reputation in particle physics (this is a necessary specification, because I need to be sure that the person taking the bet will honor it) that the signal is not due to Higgs boson decays," he wrote on his blog today. "I am willing to bet that this is NO NEW PARTICLE. Clear enough?"

Source: Yahoo News


Seducers from Inner Space

Randall, what’s wrong?!” Edward blurted, fumbling for a lightswitch on the nightstand. Turning on the lamp, he saw me across the room sitting bolt upright, staring at something.

My conscious recollection of this episode begins with a woman’s face, a disembodied face, hovering in the darkness at the foot of my bed. She had brownish-blonde hair, wide prominent facial features, a mole or dimple on the right side of her chin, and a smile spread almost the entire width of her face. I was sitting up in bed transfixed by the image of her, not knowing if I was asleep or awake, when I heard a voice loudly shout “Hey”, and heard Edward call my name. Instantly, as the lamp came on, the face disappeared in the flood of light.

So began my initiation into an ancient mystery. This first in a series of unsettling experiences occurred in Austin, Texas, where fellow screenwriter Edward Kovach and I had flown for a business meeting with another filmmaker. Our second night in the city, at about 3 a.m. on May 3, 1991, that voice in our motel room pierced the quiet with a shout of “Hey”, awakening both of us.

As we tried to make sense of what happened Edward expressed an opinion that the high-pitched voice was female. Though I have a deep voice and had no memory of having spoken, I felt it could have been me reacting to seeing the face. On a hunch, Edward suggested there might be a connection to his lunch companion later that day, a woman he had never met, an archaeology professor at the University of Texas. Edward had encountered her research partner in Belize the previous year while visiting Mayan ruins.

If the face I had seen that morning matched or resembled Barbara, the archaeologist, Edward asked me to signal him over lunch by saying to her, “haven’t we met somewhere before?”.

When I caught up with Edward and Barbara at a Mexican restaurant they were deeply immersed in conversation about her unusual experiences exploring Mayan caves in Central America. I approached their table just as she was describing eerie blue lights the size of basketballs that she had seen floating inside a cave once used as a burial and ceremonial center. She believed these lights possessed intelligence and could have been spirit faces.

As soon as I sat down her uncanny resemblance to my own nocturnal visitor became apparent. It took a few minutes of absorbing this shock before I could address her with “Haven’t we met somewhere before?”. Edward stiffened in his chair. Barbara spread a wide, familiar smile. “Not that I’m aware”, she replied.

Afterwards, Edward and I speculated whether it was conceivable that Barbara had been remote viewing us that morning. Or perhaps the image had been part of a lucid dream, even a precognitive dream, its meaning enhanced by the coincidence of her resemblance to the image.

The Visitations Intensify

Edward flew back to Los Angeles and I returned to my home in suburban Washington, D.C. Ten days later, once again around 3 a.m., I awakened to see another unfamiliar woman’s face hovering at the end of my bed, right at the level that someone about five-feet-seven-inches in height would be if they were standing over me.

This face appeared angular, with alabaster skin, burgundy-colored hair, and bright green eyes. Her features were out of focus, indistinct as the previous image had been, which suddenly made sense to me since I am nearsighted. The observation that I was viewing the image as I would normally with uncorrected vision registered in me simultaneous with the shock of realizing that I was wide awake.

Keeping my attention riveted on the face, I slowly snaked a hand over and into the bedside table drawer where I kept a pair of glasses. Unfolding the spectacles, I slipped them on and instantly the face’s features came into focus, enabling me to see for the first time how her thin lips were curled into a slight smile.

A surge of adrenaline-fueled thoughts zapped me. Can this be a hallucination? Is this for real? Reflexively I reached over and turned on a lamp. Just as in the previous incident, this light made the face immediately vanish. I jumped out of bed like a man possessed and searched every square foot of my apartment. There was no one there, nor any evidence of anyone having gained entry.

The next day I phoned Edward and his wife, Lisa, and described this latest encounter. They wondered whether Barbara or one of her friends had been out mentally scanning again. I speculated these were projections from my own unconscious, either revealing future acquaintances, or continuing a lucid dreaming cycle which, while I had never experienced anything remotely similar before, might be symptomatic of dramatic forces of change in my psyche. Somehow, none of these explanations felt entirely adequate. My internal skeptic kept working overtime in its usual dismissive fashion, never suspecting that the strangest experience was yet to come.

At the bewitching hour of 3 a.m. on May 25, I felt myself jerked awake by the awareness of heat and intense pressure pinning me to the bed. I was on my back and, except for my eyes, no part of my body would respond to any attempt at movement. No matter how hard I tried to squeeze my fingers into a fist or curl my toes, I felt securely and inexplicably paralyzed. My next sensation was of a presence, invisible to me in the darkness, moving up and down atop the nakedness of my groin.

Thoughts began colliding rapidly in my mind, a carnage fired by competing emotions--curiosity, fear, anger, disbelief--all merging into a confused swirl. Why can’t I move? What is this presence engulfing me? It has a feminine feel to it, gripping me deep within a woman’s sex. This is coercion! This is rape! Suddenly one thought alone possessed me with a grim certainty. If I climax, if I allow myself to release inside this presence, whatever it is, some part of me, perhaps my soul, will be lost.

With ferocious effort I attempted to struggle free, concentrating on moving my arms and legs. The more I struggled the tighter the pressure and paralysis seemed to restrain me. Finally a voice at the core of my being spoke up internally, a quiet whisper, advising me to relax my body and resist mentally. I willed myself the refusal to submit to this presence, this entity, this experience, and I began relaxing my body, first my feet and hands, then each leg and arm, feeling the numbness retreat. In a flash I was free and able to move.

My entire body and the sheet beneath me was soaked in perspiration. I sat up and turned on the lamp. As I expected there was nothing out of the ordinary to be seen. Yet the room felt abnormally hot, absolutely stifling, and this awareness prompted my discovery of the most provocative evidence of all. Above my bed was a thermostat set at a customary 70 degrees, but the gauge indicated that the temperature in the room had shot up to 98 degrees! I dashed into the other two rooms of my apartment and checked the thermostats--each still set at 70 degrees, which also corresponded to the temperature in those rooms. Somehow the temperature in my bedroom alone had skyrocketed 28 degrees above the thermostat setting.

Even though it was after midnight Los Angeles time, I phoned Edward and Lisa and described what I had just seen and felt. I tried to calm myself by speculating out loud to them. Could this temperature anomaly in my bedroom, perhaps caused by a faulty thermostat, have stimulated or intensified the sleep paralysis and vivid imagery of my lucid dream state? Were these three apparitional experiences, so closely bunched together in time, and unlike anything I had ever encountered in my life, simply a confluence of bizarre coincidences?

Edward and Lisa countered that the anomaly of the heat differential could have been a byproduct of something extraordinary-- a spontaneous generation of heat from my own body, or even evidence of a visitation by aliens. They voiced an opinion that the impact had catapulted me into a rationalist’s denial. At that moment, I felt too stunned to offer any rebuttal.

A Search For Answers

During the ensuing months my readings introduced experiences similar to my own, categorized as Incubus and Succubus visitations. Incubi and Succubi are the Latin words for alleged demons which, throughout history and across many cultures, have been reported as engaging in sexual relations with men and women in their sleep. These critters reached the peak of European public exposure in 1484, when the Catholic Pope Innocent VIII issued an edict chastising followers of the faith of both sexes for having been tempted into “intercourse with evil angels, incubi and succubi”. With this declaration the Pope launched an Inquisition of torture and executions to purge Europe of witches--those “wicked women perverted by Satan”-- who supposedly sent the incubi and succubi on their salacious missions.

Other accounts come from Islamic theologians who described these occupants of the “realm of the unseen” as jinns, which in Middle Eastern mythology are a species of demon. As described in the Koran, jinns can shapeshift in order to kidnap humans and fornicate with them. During the 19th century, leaders of the Spiritualist movement in Britain coined the term “elementals” as a label for denizens of the supernatural or imaginal realms, a form of spiritual parasite that was said to prey upon human beings.

To my rational mind the jinns, the elementals, the incubi and the succubi, even Celtic descriptions of faeries and their rituals and behaviors, sounded suspiciously like the alien abduction reports of our present day. This linkage initially came to my attention in Jacques Vallee’s wonderful book, Passport To Magonia, first published three decades ago.

Many researchers have reached a similar conclusion. Are “demons” and “space aliens” one and the same?” ask British researchers Peter Hough, a journalist, and Moyshe Kalman, a psychotherapist, who in 1997 authored The Truth About Alien Abductions. “Comparisons with folklore indicate that they are. Further, the literature clearly illustrates how the root phenomenon adapts to social and individual experiences. This is often referred to as ‘cultural tracking’.”

Faeries and the Inccubi, just as our modern alien abductors, are said to possess the power to paralyze a person with a mere touch or even a glance. All of them, faeries, incubi, and aliens are described as seeking sexual relations with humans to improve their own, or our own, species.

Visionary images do seem to conform to our cultural expectations. Swiss psychologist Carl Jung believed that at the deepest levels of our psyche, where we each tap into the collective unconscious of humanity, we are awash in a sea of symbolic images--archetypes--common to our evolutionary experiences as a species. Our individual egos project onto these symbols our repressed, shadow parts of self.

Bizarre Sleep Disorders

British psychologist Stan Gooch wrote a book, Creatures From Inner Space, in which he described his own sexual encounters with succubi, experiences that he conceded were “actually more satisfying than that with a real woman, because in the paranormal encounter archetypal elements are both involved and invoked”, Gooch decided after much consideration that succubi and other entities are created and projected by the human mind.

A similar account and conclusion comes from Dr. Ronald Siegel, associate research professor at the UCLA School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry. In his 1992 book, Fire In The Brain, Siegel recounted waking at 4:20 a.m. when he heard footsteps and heavy breathing followed by a weight on his chest. He was paralyzed. The more he struggled the less he could move. He felt a cold hand grasp his arm. “Then part of the mattress next to me caved in. Someone climbed onto the bed! The presence shifted its weight and straddled my body...There was a texture of sexual intoxication and terror in the room.”

After this horrific “Old Hag” experience, as Siegel called it, he was able to classify it as sleep paralysis combined with hypnopompic hallucinations. (Hypnogogic is the borderline state when falling alseep; hypnopompic is the transition state when waking up.) Siegel noted how his encounter resembled, in a striking variety of details, author Whitley Strieber’s alien abduction report in his 1987 book, Communion.

According to prevailing physical theories, we normally experience a disconnect between body and brain while we are asleep. This disconnect is a safety mechanism to prevent us from physically acting out our dreams. When this safety mechanism malfunctions, bizarre effects can happen.

Take the case of Mrs. Jeane Dammen of Dodgeville, Wisconsin. Since the age of seven she had been a sleepwalker, and as an adult began driving automobiles while in a dreamstate, sometimes driving up to 50 miles at a time. She would awaken at department stores and friend’s homes with no memory of having traveled there. She never had an auto accident during several decades of sleep driving.

Sleep researchers contend that more than half of all humans have a hypnogogic or hypnopompic sleep hallucination, or experience sleep paralysis, at least once in their life. ”Ordinary, perfectly sane and rational people have these hallucinatory experiences”, says Robert A. Baker, a professor of psychology at the University of Kentucky, and an expert on the phenomenon.

Numerous clinical studies of sleep paralysis have found up to 75 percent of persons surveyed were on their backs when the experience occurred. I found this statistic of particular interest to my own case since I was also on my back during each of my three encounters, though I normally always sleep on my side.

Try as I might, my intuition does not facilitate me fully embracing a traditional psychiatric perspective explaining away all of these phenomena, though I do feel these images and experiences are primarily projections of the unconscious human mind. As evidenced by research into stigmata, our beliefs and unconscious desires can even produce wounds and other physical effects. But the triggers for these events, a partial reason why some of us are more susceptible, may exist independent of our brains.

An Electromagnetic Theory

An idea deserving continued investigation holds that electromagnetic fields, both natural and human-made, interact with some human brains to produce hallucinations, even dramatically staged event scenarios such as alien abductions. The pioneer researcher in this realm, Dr. Michael Persinger of Laurentian University in Ontario, Canada, has been stimulating the temporal lobes of test subjects for more than two decades using pulsed electromagnetic fields, releasing an exotic range of archetypal imagery from human consciousness. (Temporal lobes are found in the brain areas above and around the ears.)

Persinger’s experimental subjects have reported visual phenomena from floating human faces and ghostlike apparitions and angels, to experiences resembling aspects of alien abduction reports. For a 1996 television program, Jay Ingram, a host of the Canadian Discovery Channel, had Persinger bathe his temporal lobes in a pulsed electromagnetic field, resulting in what Ingram described as “faces floating in front of me...all female, on a dark background”. He experienced moments of “rapidly changing dream-like images, but the faces impressed me the most”.

Even more far-reaching electromagnetic theories have been advanced by British authors Paul Devereux and Albert Budden. Devereux’s 1989 book, Earth Lights Revelation, made a compelling case that some UFOs are a product of a mixture of electrical, geological and gaseous processes and conditions, and any nearby human consciousness can be impacted. Budden’s 1998 book, Electric UFOs, expanded that theory to link paranormal experiences, hauntings, and alien abductions as hallucinatory side effects of electromagnetic sensitivity.

Beyond the impressive imagery, however, Persinger’s experiments apparently have failed to reproduce the range of reported external effects that seem dependent on the nature, intensity, and projective power of a person’s conscious or unconscious fears or belief system. After sifting through the theories and apparitional evidence, and returning like a devoted ego to the memory of my own succubi experiences, I remain baffled by one nagging, anomalous detail.

How did the temperature in my room inexplicably shoot up 28 degrees above the thermostat setting during my last of the three encounters? Beyond this personal mystery, larger issues loom. Can human consciousness alter our consensus material reality? Are electromagnetic facilitations of paranormal experience, in the wild, so to speak, meaningful coincidences? Can more elaborate theories, interdimensional portals, for example, help to explain the broad range of paranormal phenomena?

Source: Phenomena


Steytlerville 'Monster' Strikes Again

Johannesburg - A ‘monster’ plaguing the sleepy Karoo town of Steytlerville struck again over the Easter weekend, Eastern Cape police said on Monday.

Another two sightings of the "shape-shifting creature" were reported on Sunday evening, said Warrant Officer Zandisile Nelani .

“Two men were walking near a tavern when they saw another man wearing a black jacket. One of the men, identified only as Nozipho, went up to the stranger and asked him, “What is your problem?” said Nelani.

A dog or a cow?

When the stranger did not respond, Nozipho went closer and saw that the man had no head. The man then turned into a dog that was “very angry” and “as big as a cow”, Nelani said.

He said that as Nozipho and his friend ran away, the monster allegedly turned on another group of people in the same road. “They said it turned into a big monkey, and then it was gone,” Nelani said.

He said that since the monster was spotted near the tavern, people were afraid to go there at night.

Last week police were told by residents that the monster changed shape while one looked at it. One man had reported that it changed from a man wearing a suit into a pig and then into a bat.

There had also been rumours that the monster could fly. Previously, the monster had only been spotted near the church. It had even been seen peering through the windows during a service, but had vanished by the time the congregation came outside.

Nelani said that the community had dubbed the monster “Bawokozi”, meaning ‘brother-in-law’.


Sightings of the monster began over a month ago when it was seen by mourners attending two separate funerals, Nelani said.

He said that the community requested a meeting with police because they were frightened of it. Police agreed to work with residents, but asked them to try to take a photograph of it as evidence.

Nelani said that a photograph had since been taken of the monster resting under a tree.

He said that when the photo was taken the monster had been in human form but when the photo was developed an unknown animal was visible in the picture.

“It is a very strange thing happening in Steytlerville, but no one has been hurt by it,” Nelani said.

Source: News 24, South Africa News

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