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SHHHH - Be Vewy, Vewy qwiet! We's hunting CONSPIRACIES! Yes that's right! Watch out secret government cabals! Look over your shoulders Men-In-Black! Check your altitude variance you silly flying saucer folks! Because once again Conspiracy Journal is here to rip off the veils of intrigue and secrecy from those dedicated to keeping mankind in the dark.

This week Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such chilling tales as:

- 'Bigfoot Face Plant' Press Conference Falls Short -
Implanting Visions: A Prime Directive of UFO Occupants? -
- Legendary Cryptids That Turned out to be Absolutely Real -
- Suspension of Disbelief: Baffling Paranormal Cases -
AND: Alien Infiltration
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Two Golden Age Of Flying Saucer Classics:
Diane - She Came From Venus & Why We Are Here


Here are two complete works in one large size volume, featuring the remarkable stories of two dedicated women who shaped what has become known as, The Golden Age Of Flying Saucers, a period that ran for almost two decades starting in the early 1950s, and mainly centered around those claiming to have established communications with extraterrestrials. Dubbed Contactees, most of these encounters are said to have taken place in the deserts of California and Arizona, and helped fired up the public s fascination with life on other planets, acting as a springboard for our own space program.

Book One: Diane - She Came From Venus:

On the other hand, Dana Howard's contacts seemed to be highly evolved. In fact, the author of the exceedingly hard to find first edition of Diane She Came From Venus speaks of her alien friends with high reverence as if they might be God s angels: All over the world an auspicious new day is dawning. A triumphant spiritual victory is soon to be won. Many earthlings will live to see it emblazoned across the morning skies commingled with the dazzling radiance of the sunrise. With trumpets and fanfare the New Age will be ushered in. When that wonderful day arrives those from ON HIGH will descend earthward. They will help to release all the human family to a new octave in living. And He shall send His angels with a great sound of the trumpet, and they shall gather together. His elect from the four winds. . . (Matt. 24: 31.)

Book Two: Why We Are Here:

Gloria Lee learned to fly before she could drive a car. Married to an aeronautical engineer, she became entranced with the subject of UFOs and became actively engaged in psychic research and the study of esoterica penning a book that was done solely through mental telepathy directed to her from extraterrestrials. Gloria Lee, was specifically trained and developed over a period of four years. Lee admits this may seem incredible to some minds, but it must be remember that some of the Space People are over one million years in advance of our evolution have developed faculties many of us are not even aware exist. Unable to attract the attention of government officials to her contacts, Gloria Lee succumbed after a 66 days hunger strike.

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'Bigfoot Face Plant' Press Conference Falls Short

The much anticipated 'Bigfoot Face Plant' press conference called by the Sanger Paranormal Society on Thursday, June 23rd at 4 pm PDT in Fresno, CA was, in fact, a mere whimper in spite of the hype. It wasn't exactly a Biscardi 'Bigfoot in a freezer' production though the overall Bigfoot community will most likely be dealt a another blow in public opinion thanks to the rudimentary display proffered by the Sanger Paranormal group.

It sincerely pains me to make these comments...Jeffrey Gonzalez is a colleague who has supplied leads and stories to me in the past. But I am troubled by what I witnessed. I feel that I need to be particularly honest when it comes to the search for this cryptid...especially since I had a personal encounter with one of these hominids and know that it does exists. Bigfoot could be a terrestrial creature, a supernatural entity or a multidimensional being...it doesn't really matter. But I know it is real and dwells in some capacity.

The new evidence was touted as "Potentially the Most Convincing Evidence of Bigfoot Since the Patterson Film of 1967". Well...it wasn't. The consensus from Bigfoot researchers I talked to and who watched the press conference is that the creature in question was a California Black Bear. There was no DNA evidence presented because, it was stated, the cost for testing was too high. Gonzalez announced he is seeking donors to supply funds for further examination...though I have been told that at least one research group offered to pay for testing but was turned down by Sanger Paranormal. If this is indeed a fact, then one must wonder if other motives are already in play...for instance; potential investors. This is just speculation but the tone of the press conference sounded very similar to others I have observed.

The media advisory also stated "We have an full upper body impression including half of its face on the passenger side window of a pickup truck. And on the driver's side window, the nostrils, nose and lips of a Bigfoot" Most of the photos were presented at the conference though the better photos were reserved for the media packets...one of which I was able to obtain through another associate.

The Sanger Paranormal team was said to consist of:

1. Is an award winning High School Principal with a Masters Degree, Formerly a Science Teacher and a former investigator for www.BFRO.com.

2. Correctional Officer for 19 years and is Employed at a prison in California. Was featured on a Episode of Monster Quest titled” the Sierra Sasquatch”.

3. Is a employee at AT&T Telephone. Associates Degree in Electronics. Founder of the www.SangerParanormalSociety.com (this is Jeffrey Gonzalez)

Also, a 14 year Forensic Specialist who is friends with 2 of the people mentioned above was called out to come and take photos and swab For DNA.

This forensic specialist, in fact, works for the police department. He may have swabbed for DNA but he is not an expert in zoology...in light of the fact that he made comparisons to animal physiology in his presentation. He attempted to line up the evidence with facial features of a black bear, mountain lion and a gorilla in order to make a point that the smudges were that of a hominid species...though he did not discount that it may also be a bear.

At that point, the credibility of the exhibition started to go south. In fact, the streaming video showed many of the media gathering their equipment and heading for the exits. I stayed online for the remaining portion of the pitch even though it was apparent that there would be no tangible physical or anecdotal evidence.

It will be interesting to read and hear the fallout from this demonstration as it most likely will be remembered as just another chapter in the 'Bigfoot Side Show'.

Source: Phantoms & Monsters


Implanting Visions: A Prime Directive of UFO Occupants?
By Diane Tessman

Once in a while, we humans who are fascinated by the UFO phenomenon, stop to ask ourselves, “What is it that they want?” “What are they doing here?”

Despite films and even television series, there is absolutely no evidence that UFO occupants are here to attack us or enslave us. If the human race is enslaved, it is to its own dependence on a monetary system in order to survive, and to politico-socio systems, which give power to the greediest and most ruthless.

Some believe that a reptilian shape-shifting race runs the world. Everyone has a right to believe what he or she wishes; however, there is no evidence that this reptile race, if it exists, crawled out of one of the UFOs which millions of people have seen in Earth skies since 1947.

The truth is, there is not one account of a UFO attacking Earth. There are a handful of odd disappearances, particularly concerning pilots. On January 7, 1948, Captain Thomas F. Mantell of the Kentucky Air National Guard, piloting a P51 Mustang, crashed and died while pursuing a possible UFO. Mantell was a highly experienced pilot, and rumors flew regarding his last words to ground control, and the odd condition of his body. His death changed the national conversation regarding “flying saucers,” from one of good humor and jokes, to alarm and fear.

Another experienced pilot, Australian Frederick Valentich, disappeared in 1978, after telling ground control that the unidentified object which seemed to be playing games with him was moving at such high speed that he could not identify it, until it hovered and began “orbiting right on top of my plane.” Valentich described “a green light and sort of metallic-like, it’s all shiny on the outside.” His last words were, “It is hovering and it’s not an aircraft.” His body has never been found.

Military pilots such as Mantell and Valentich, have dangerous professions. It’s possible one or both became disoriented when they encountered unusual climate conditions or mirages. In both cases, however, UFOs had been reported from the ground, which is why Mantell and 3 other Mustang pilots, were chasing the UFO. Valentich was on a training mission when he encountered “4 bright lights about 1000 feet above me.” Valentich had an avid interest in UFOs.

We can guess that when these pilots got too close to large alien star craft, their planes started to break up because of some force around the star craft, or that the UFO-star craft purposely nabbed both pilots in a tractor beam. That, of course, is actually an episode of original Star Trek. We do know positively that Mantell’s body was in his crashed plane, whereas Valetich disappeared entirely.

We must conclude that no one knows what happened in either case. However, of all the UFOs buzzing around in Earth skies since 1947, and of all the airplanes, big and small, also flying in Earth skies, two pilots in 1948 and 1978 seem a small toll, if UFOs are malevolently inclined toward humans. It seems likely that plane malfunction or extenuating circumstance was involved in both cases.

Harm done by UFOs to individual humans includes the sunburn effect, more prevalent in the 1950’s and 1960’s, when someone witnessed a UFO close-up and apparently got something like a radiation burn. Of course, alien abductions wherein individual humans are subjected to painful medical procedures are harmful to that individual.

It could be argued that the number of sunburn injuries has lessened because the UFO occupants figured out that humans could get burned by their ships’ propulsion method. Alien abductions are a big unknown; might some abductions be performed by secret agencies within Earth governments, to discredit aliens? It also must be asked, what is the psychological state of some abductees?

Leaving these events as unknowns, and noting that they happened to individual humans, we still can state that no UFO has ever attacked Earth.

In “Battle Los Angeles,” a recent Hollywood film, UFOs staged a full scale attack. This movie is loosely based on an incident on February 25, 1942, when thousands of people witnessed incredible events. However, according to actual eye witness reports and evidence carefully researched by documentary film maker Jose Escamilla , it was the UFOs which were fired upon in a full scale attack by the U.S. military, lodging anti-aircraft shrapnel in Culver City buildings which remained for years. The huge UFO hovered over Culver City for 1½ hours, then flew slowly to Long Beach under heavy fire, next to Seal Beach, then darted back to Culver City where it hung motionless for another half hour before zooming off over the Pacific. It never fired a shot, whether it used bullets or lasers or scalar defenses, it never fired. If ever there was provocation for the UFO to attack, this was it.

The fact is, UFOs have been chased and sometimes fired upon often by the military over the years.

We can conclude that extraterrestrial and/or other-dimensional craft have been in Earth skies at least since the modern UFO era began in 1947, and they have never attacked Earth. So, what are they doing here?

Millions if not billions of humans now believe that UFOs are not from this world. Are UFO occupants simply conditioning us to accept their existence and their presence in Earth skies?

The Internet has facilitated the knowledge of thousands of UFO sightings, many of them caught on video these days. Modern technology is adding to the fact that UFOs exist, and that they are not of this world. Yes, there are hoaxes, there always have been. However, there are UFO flaps all over the globe, from Russia to China to New Zealand to Pennsylvania. Individuals have only to witness one valid UFO for themselves, to become convinced Earth is being visited from “beyond.”

UFO occupants have achieved a deep reservoir of implanted visions within the human mass consciousness; these implanted visions are now our human visions. They are a part of our own mass consciousness.

How many of us saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind? How many of us saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind at least 5 times? (I’m raising my hand).

Steven Spielberg has done other great movies and some not so great, but CE3K took on a presence and force which was downright spooky. It gave us goose bumps and we knew that Roy Neery was us.

How many of us love original Star Trek which is about humans being capable of joining the galactic community as they sail in their human UFO, The Enterprise, to encounter aliens in other UFOs.

This television series which was cancelled after its second year and struggled along in its third season of 1968, knowing it had no future, also had no budget. Alien costumes were made from dinner place mats; a visiting space probe was made from a spaghetti colander. Yet, the list of scientific innovations and inventions that have become reality which Star Trek introduced, is remarkable, from communicators (cell phones), tricorders (GPS systems and all that smart phones offer), to medical scanners (Germany is now using handheld medical scanners to tell the general condition of the patient), to stun force phasers (tasers) to deadly plasma and laser weaponry. About all that has not come to pass is the transporter which turns matter into energy and back to matter again, and the Starship Enterprise itself.

Stars Wars made that crazy alien bar and the Rebel Alliance space ships, not in a galaxy far away, but residents of our own consciousness. Of course great science fiction writers, from Ray Bradbury to Arthur Clarke, might have caught an implanted vision or two. Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, was autistic as a child; who knows what mind-signals he heard and what other dimensions he saw?

If there are future humans in some of the UFOs, then they would have the best reason of all, to implant visions of their world or worlds, in their ancestors’ mass human consciousness. Without these seedling visions firmly implanted, their future would not exist.

Have UFO occupants, whatever their source, knowingly influenced mass media, and in doing so, managed to insert concepts and attitudes into the mass human consciousness? Have aliens changed our human way of thinking, feeling and acting through these implanted visions in films and also, simply through their actual presence in our skies?

When trying to figure out what is the purpose and goal of these beings inside UFOs, it is fairly certain, looking at years of evidence, that their directive is not to attack humans or eat humans for dinner.

They seem to want us to see their vehicles and conclude that we are not alone; we humans, over the years, have been forced to conclude that there is intelligence from other worlds who knows more than we do. That is a bitter pill for humans to swallow; the evidence seems to point to the fact that the UFO occupants are trying to be gentle and slow-going in letting us know this.

It makes sense that implanted visions into the human consciousness would be a method of achieving their goal, which may be to ease the human race into the galactic community. These implanted visions work hand in hand with UFO sightings and experiences in the process of actually evolving the human race from within its own human mass consciousness.

Evolution has to be an internal process, but information, knowledge, experience, can be implanted from the outside, to be assimilated within the species.

Are they helping us evolve from Homo sapiens to Homo cosmos?

This may be nothing new, it may be the way evolution has always happened for we apes who walk erect.

Prophets heard the voice of God and received visions from beyond, thus began the world’s religions. Perhaps implanted visions have not always unfolded as those from beyond had hoped – a subject for another time.

Quantum physics tells us that the phenomenon of consciousness involves subatomic particles; it tells us that telepathy can hypothetically occur instantaneously between two individuals which are light years apart on different worlds. If the quantum physics which we humans have figured out to this point is accurate, it is only the tip of the quantum iceberg. We are just beginning to explore the concept of quantum realities in which parallel universes and multiple dimensions are real.

It seems reasonable to assume that UFO occupants know more about quantum physics than we do (they certainly know more about propulsion than we do).

Implanted visions would probably be within their ability, either through technology or sheer mind power. If an individual suddenly becomes fascinated with the UFO phenomenon or the spiritual ideas received by others who were bitten by the UFO bug years ago, might implanted visions also be at work?

It may be that implanting visions is one of the prime directives of the UFO occupants’ mission statement. An over view of 1947 to the present, points to this, because this is the biggest discernable result of the presence of UFOs in Earth skies.

Visit Diane’s website: earthchangepredictions.com

Contact Diane via e-mail for sample newsletter with predictions and warnings of super-storms, earthquakes, and other Change Times events. dianetessman@hotmail.com

Available from Diane: A book blueprinting the new way of thinking, feeling, acting, and being, as humans prepare for UFO landings, and face to face meetings with UFO occupants! "7 Rays of the Healing Millennium" by Diane Tessman


Legendary Cryptids That Turned out to be Absolutely Real

Alasdair Wilkins — When we think of cryptozoology, we usually think of Bigfoot, the Yeti, and the Loch Ness Monster, creatures that are - let's face it - probably legendary. But some cryptids are real: just ask the platypus, okapi, and giant squid.

Of course, all of those are former cryptids - they've long since been "officially" discovered. But the fact is that all these creatures were not so long ago considered the stuff of myths and hoaxes by serious zoologists, and that something like the platypus was considered just as unlikely as Sasquatch. These are all real creatures that, at least for a moment, blurred the line between zoology and cryptozoology.

The Platypus

You might want to argue that, while the animals on this list were certainly once cryptids, they belong in a different category from the likes of Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, both of which are massively unlikely to exist and clearly the stuff of fringe theory and pseudoscience. And while I would generally agree with that assertion, I'd still have to say - have you looked at a platypus recently? Never has a real animal more completely looked like the work of a hoaxer, and not a particularly imaginative hoaxer at that.

The platypus is a venomous, egg-laying mammal with the bill of a duck, the feet of an otter, and the tail of a beaver. If you were a European naturalist in the 18th or 19th century, wouldn't the sane reaction to receiving the corpse of such a creature from its supposed home in Australia be to say that it was a practical joke? While describing a carcass of the creature for the journal Nature's Miscellany in 1799, the well-respected English zoologist George Shaw began and ended his description with the acknowledgment that this might just be a crazy hoax:

    Of all the Mammalia yet known it seems the most extraordinary in its conformation; exhibiting the perfect resemblance of the beak of a Duck engrafted on the head of a quadruped. So accurate is the similitude that, at first view, it naturally excites the idea of some deceptive preparation by artificial means: the very epidermis, proportion, features, manner of opening, and other particulars of the beak of a shoveler, or other broad-bill species of duck, presenting themselves to the view: nor is it without the most minute and rigid examination that we can persuade ourselves of its being the real beak or snout of a quadruped...

    On a subject so extraordinary as the present, a degree of skepticism is not only pardonable, but laudable; and I ought perhaps to to acknowledge that I almost doubt the testimony of my own eyes with respect to the structure of this animal's beak; yet must confess that I can perceive no appearance of any deceptive preparation; and the edges of the rictus, the insertion, and when tried by the test of maceration in water, so as to render every part completely moveable seem perfectly natural; nor can the most accurate examination of expert anatomists discover any deception in this particular."

Shaw was, it seems, basically convinced that the platypus was real, but he also was obviously trying to cover himself in case it turned out he had been hoodwinked. According to the famous surgeon Robert Knox, Shaw's contemporaries were less charitable, with many writing the thing off as a forgery made by Chinese sailors, who had earlier perpetrated a similar hoax with a supposed mermaid. It wouldn't be until nearly a century after Shaw's time that the platypus's existence was definitively confirmed, and it endures as the ultimate proof that nothing is too ridiculous to be real.

The Okapi

The platypus took a long time to gain zoological acceptance because it was so unlike any other animal and because its Australian habitat was so isolated from the European scientific community, which until the early 20th century had near exclusive domain over which animals were "real" and which were "fake." The okapi, on the other hand, was something rather different. Its central African habitat was well-known to European explorers, and it looked very much like some sort of zebra or donkey (although, as it happens, its closest relative is actually the giraffe). Surely zoologists couldn't have missed something like that during all their expeditions?

And yet it wasn't until 1901 that the okapi was officially described. There are a few reasons for this. Their natural habitat (which today is entirely confined to the Democratic Republic of the Congo) is in incredibly dense forest, and they are generally quiet, solitary animals. No other African animal of even remotely comparable size is quite so completely isolated from human experience, and that's why it evaded detection for so long.

To be fair, the indigenous Africans were definitely aware of its existence before 1901, but even then it appears that their interactions with it were limited, and their knowledge of the okapi came more from hoof marks and tracks than direct contact. Sir Henry Stanley - most famous for asking, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" - provided the first European description of the okapi during his travels in the region in 1890, but he could offer no conclusive evidence of such a beast. It wouldn't be until 1901 that the zoologist and imperial official Sir Harry Johnston, with a lot of help from native inhabitants, was able to get his hands on an okapi skull and a couple skins, and it was with this evidence that the creature's existence as at last confirmed.

The Giant Squid

If you're looking to hide a gigantic, undiscovered beast, then really you need to put it in the ocean (and no, a Scottish lake will not work as a substitute). While some jungles are dense and remote enough to hide something like the okapi, only the ocean depths could hide something of the magnitude of the giant squid. This aquatic monster, along with its even bigger cousin the colossal squid, can grow to well over forty feet long, and yet more than two thousand years elapsed between its first sighting and its confirmation as an actual species.

Reports of the giant squid go all the way back to Aristotle, and the Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder offers a reasonably accurate description of a giant squid in Natural History. In what has to be a first for ancient writers, Pliny actually manages to underestimate the size of the beast, saying it's only about thirty feet long. The giant squid also might be the inspiration for any number of mythological monsters, including the Kraken of Norse mythology, the Scylla of Greek mythology, and the Lusca of Caribbean folklore.

The problem with the giant (and colossal) squid is that the ocean is a very big place, and they don't generally hang out near the surface, which is where humans tend to be (what with all the oxygen). That automatically limits how much humans could know about the creatures, and early zoologists were faced with the unenviable task of distinguishing legitimate reports from wild tales of sea serpents and monsters from the deep. Squid specimens would sometimes wash ashore, but these were rarely complete carcasses, and they tended to rot so quickly that it was difficult to say anything about them with certainty.

In fact, several early squid carcasses were interpreted not as beasts at all, but rather as mermen. In a context like that, where science and superstition so freely intermixed, it's not hard to understand why the squid remained mysterious for so long. The first confirmed discovery of a giant squid carcass came in the 1870s, but it wouldn't be until the past decade that zoologists were able to take photos of a live specimen.

The Trouble With Real Cryptids

There are plenty of other now famous animals that began as cryptids. The komodo dragon of Borneo was not accepted by the European zoological community until 1910, while the mountain gorilla remained unknown until two of them were shot in 1902. Both of these species come from highly isolated areas - one of the mountain gorilla's natural habitats is actually called the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest - and their discoveries probably share credit for inspiring pop culture's most famous depiction of cryptozoology, King Kong.

If we examine these case of real cryptids, a few patterns emerge. These are all creatures that live in extremely isolated parts of the world. These are generally areas that don't just discourage human exploration, but almost make the task fundamentally impossible, like the ocean depths or extremely dense forests. Most of these are either solitary creatures or otherwise display behaviors that make them naturally averse to interacting with humans. While more fantastical cryptids like the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot are generally said to be solitary - there's really no way around that, since we've never seen them - they are supposedly located in fairly well-explored, well-understood areas that would not be able to support a large, undiscovered species.

I hesitate to say that we will never discover any more cryptids on the scale of the giant squid or the okapi, but we're fast running out of places to look. The ocean may well have some reasonably large species that remain undiscovered, but they're likely to be more along the lines of the four foot long coelacanth than the forty foot long giant squid.

Still, all these animals are an important reminder that tons of species begin as the stuff of cryptozoology before passing into the official ranks of zoology. Unless you restrict your definition of cryptozoology to only include the pseudoscientific search for the Yeti or Bigfoot - which we would argue is a pointlessly narrow definition - then what cryptozoology really deals with are animals who are known only through anecdotal evidence and rumored sightings. As all these creatures demonstrate, there are plenty of animals for which the legends were absolutely true.

Source: io9


io9 Offers $2000 Bounty For Authentic Photos Of Cryptids

Annalee Newitz — This summer, io9 is going cryptozoological. We're offering a $2000 bounty to the person who sends us the best authentic photo or video of a "cryptid," or mystery animal. And that's just the beginning of Cryptid Summer.

Illustration of Sasquatch by Rick Spears (get his book about cryptids here!); photograph of the beach by Pichugin Dmitry/Shutterstock.

A cryptid, according to Wikipedia, is "a creature or plant whose existence has been suggested but that is unrecognized by a scientific consensus, and whose existence is moreover often regarded as highly unlikely." Think Bigfoot or the Montauk Monster. Cryptids are often urban legends, but there is a scientific side to these mystery animals, too. New life forms develop all the time, and in very unexpected ways. Many animals would have been considered cryptids until scientists began to study evolution and zoology. Think about Cryptid Summer as an opportunity to explore the strange side of evolution and life science.

The Bounty
io9 will be offering a $2000 bounty for the best photographic or video evidence of a genuine cryptid. In August, we will invite our panel of experts, including zoologists, the team behind excellent cryptid blog Cryptomundo, cryptid expert Loren Coleman, and a photoshop analyst, to judge which pictures are the most authentic. We'll give the bounty to the one that they judge to be the most mysterious yet authentic creature.

How to enter:
Send the picture as a .jpg attached to an email explaining where you took the photo, what you saw, and how the cryptid behaved. If you have a video, we prefer .mov files. Please include your full name and a way we can contact you. Do NOT send photos or video that you didn't personally take. Mail your photo or video to cryptidsummer@io9.com. Deadline to submit is August 5, midnight PST.

Note: We want pictures of living cryptids – no killing or capturing them! If you find a dead cryptid, you may use that picture. But our judges will vastly prefer living ones.

Don't have a cryptid photo or video? We still want to hear your stories.
Help your fellow cryptid hunters this summer by telling them where you saw cryptids, or heard about them showing up. You can post your stories in our Cryptid Summer Forum, or put your sightings upon our community cryptid map here.

While the bounty is out, throughout June and July, we will post updates on the best photos we've gotten, and ask you to vote on which ones you think are most likely to be authentic.

Something For The Fakers, Too
Want to give us your best fake picture of a cryptid? Well, start your engines. In July, we'll ask for your most awesome fake images of cryptids, and readers can vote on the best ones. If yours wins, we'll give you some free books and DVDs.

Source: io9


Suspension of Disbelief: Baffling Paranormal Cases
By Scott Corrales

The location: The Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The year: 1979. The protagonists: two youths involved in the paranormal. The responders: Elements of Spain’s Guardia Civil (state police). The outcome: Mind-bending.

Two fifteen-year-old boys, enthusiasts of flying saucers, contacteeism and the occult in general, had decided to contact “alien intelligences” by means of a Ouija board – the vehicle of choice in such matters, it would seem – and had sustained a prolonged relationship with entities claiming to be captain this or commander that, spouting the same shopworn rhetoric about the environment and spirituality. But things were about to take an unexpected turn in the summer of 1979 as the non-human intelligences purportedly from distant planets upped the ante: were the two young seekers of the truth ready for a close encounter?

One evening, with their fingers on the planchette, the boys were told where and when to report for their meeting: a day in August of ’79, and in one of the most remote and desolate locations on Grand Canary. Out where the buses don’t run, as they say. Armed with courage and decent footwear, the seekers walked the sun-blasted expanses encouraged by the long-awaited meeting with the alien masters.

But there was no one there, as might have been expected. Late in the afternoon, possibly showing signs of heat prostration, one of the young men – unable to move -- asked his companion to go for help, walking the hard distance back to the village of San Nicolás, fifteen kilometers away. Loath to leave his companion, the healthier of the two set off on the three-hour walk, arriving late in the evening. In the early morning hours, the would-be contactee returned to the remote location with a doctor and some of the concerned residents of the tiny island village, hoping it wasn’t too late to offer assistance.

“They found nothing of the fellow but ashes,” writes Atienza, “which Guardia Civil officers had to collect with shovels, as they disintegrated at the slightest touch. The coroner’s verdict was death by intense heatstroke. The survivor was committed to a mental institution a few months later.”

One is unsure as to which is the more monstrous of the two events – the bizarre manner of passing of the stricken contact-seeker, or the coroner’s dismissal of his ashes as “death by acute heatstroke”. Although no UFOs were reported or seen, and one of the pair never came into contact with anything, much like the Barra de Tijuca contactees in the 1950s in Brazil (readers will remember the two men found with strange lead masks), they were summoned to a place by unknown forces. Had both young men fallen sick, perhaps rescuers would’ve found two piles of ashes.

Such a case should appear in all the UFO case histories, but it doesn’t. It isn’t even mentioned in UFO chronicles of the Canary Islands. A call for help was placed to Alfonso Ferrer, author of Las Cronicas del Fin del Mundo, a resident of the Canary Islands who kindly made inquiries into the case on our behalf. He approached José Gregorio González, whose books on Canarian ufology and mutology enjoy a wide readership. Ferrer provided the researcher’s verbatim reply:

“This case is a sort of urban legend, but with a factual background. As far as I know, there were two individuals, and the succinct description given [in Atienza’s book] is correct. The problem consists in locating the survivor, given that the other party died. The survivor was apparently accused of murdering his friend and was not exactly treated with kindness. He did some jail time, but had mental issues, as one can imagine. I was able to contact him a few years ago – we exchanged letters and a few phone calls, but I had the impression that he wasn’t fully healed. I agreed to meet him in Las Palmas on two separate occasions and he never showed up. He has never replied to my calls or correspondence since then – I think that his family realized I was contacting him [about this matter] and decided to intervene. To protect him, I suppose.”

The trail goes cold at this point, and the reader is left to wonder whether it is just another “UFO tall tale” of many that abound in the 60 year history of writings on the subject. We may never find out what happened on the Canary Islands in August 1979, but it is as good a preface as any to other cases in which innocent humans involved with the paranormal have come to an unfortunate end.

On this side of the ocean, and much closer to home, we have the case of Heriberto Garza. The difference in this case is that Garza – an educated man in charge of a ceramics factory – was not actively looking for contact with non-human intelligences. One night, while in the privacy of his home, watching television, he heard an unusual noise in the living room. Fearing that a break-in was in progress, he went to investigate and was startled to find a tall man with distinguished, almost feminine facial features. Taken aback, Garza demanded to know how the figure had entered his apartment. The entity told him in perfect Spanish that it could obviate physical obstacles and go where it pleased--but the reason for its visit was to grant Heriberto Garza "an experience that many would wish to have." His involvement with creatures from an improbable world known as Auko was about to begin.

Garza claimed to have subsequently been taken aboard a spacecraft where he met other beings similar in appearance to his original contact. One alien took his left hand and drew blood from his ring finger before returning him to his apartment, a return trip that he did not remember. He suddenly found himself sitting on an easy chair back home, with the door to the outside hallway open

Strange phenomena began to occur soon after this experience. One morning, while shaving in front of the bathroom mirror, Garza saw his reflection vanish, only to reappear as he heard alien voices ringing in his ears, bearing a message that he was unable to understand. He would soon be subjected to intense telepathic communication with his non-human "friends", the consequences of which led him to seek psychiatric advice.

Mexican researcher Jorge Reichert and Spanish ufologist Salvador Freixedo were the first to involve themselves in the Garza case in 1972, but during a follow-up visit with researcher Ian Norrie, Reichert was perplexed by the change in Heriberto Garza's demeanor. The once-articulate man spoke sluggishly and did not appear to be himself. At one point, Garza said: "I want to show you what is happening to me" and proceeded to unbutton his shirt. The researchers were astounded to see a number of nipples growing randomly across Garza's abdomen, some of them small, others larger and with abundant hair. Reichert and Freixedo concluded that something had been injected into Garza that tampered with his DNA. Detailed study of the case became impossible when the experiencer "disappeared". Visitors to the humble apartment building in Puebla were angrily turned away by Garza's son, whose father appears to have become an early casualty of tampering by uncaring non-human forces.

Two cases in which, it can be argued, no UFO was ever seen and therefore should not be included in “negative effects caused by UFO phenomenon”. But researcher Javier García Blanco gives us a case with not one, but two, unidentified objects.

In the summer of 1980, Luis Gonzalez and his wife Bienvenida, residents of the Spanish village of Mediana (Zaragoza) hopped into their old station wagon at three o’clock in the morning for the long trip to Mercazaragoza, a large wholesaler from which they made regular purchases to stock their small family business. As they left the little town, something was waiting for them.

According to their daughter Ana, her parents left home along the road, and upon reaching a hilltop, found themselves suddenly flanked by two strange objects, which Bienvenida would later describe as “a pair of silver bells, with very strange colors. Inexplicable, but very beautiful.” The couple was terrified, but there was no point in turning back – they continued driving toward Zaragoza with their unwelcome, unworldly escorts. Within a few kilometers, the silvery bells blinked out of existence as if they had never been. The journey continued without further comment and the supernatural occurrence was soon forgotten. But seven years later, the couple would die from a blood disorder that would baffle physicians. Coincidence, or a result of their exposure to unknown radiation emanating from their strange escort that morning on the way to market?

The trustworthiness of sources plays a crucial role when writing about matters of high strangeness, especially when harm to humans is involved. Noted researchers like T. Peter Park and Chris Aubeck have done their level best, in this case, to find the whereabouts of John Macklin, the author whose little compilations of ghostly tales fired the imagination of many young readers in the late 1960s and early 1970s with accounts that had a distinct ring of truth, but with a signal lack of footnotes or sources. I am nonetheless including the following account – taken from Mr. Macklin's A Look Through Secret Doors (Ace Books, 1969) as an example of the mysterious situations that often involve unlucky experiencers and law enforcement.

In May 1951, a young woman named Clarita Villanueva found herself at the center of a paranormal mystery that was supposedly witnessed by hundreds of people one muggy afternoon in Manila, the capital city of The Phillipines. Aside from the dumbfounded onlookers, two trained observers would also have their names attached to this case: Dr. Mariana Lara, a medical officer attached to the Manila Police Department, two officers from the selfsame department, Arsenio Lascon, Mayor of the City of Manila, and prominent journalists of time.

According to Macklin's account, a police cruiser responded to a disturbance near the port of Manila. Upon reaching the waterfront, the officers found many dozens of onlookers clustered around the form of a woman on the ground, screaming at the top of her lungs as she wrestled with an unknown assailant: “Get it off me! Please! I can't stand the pain!”
No one dared to lend the poor soul a hand, unsure if she was insane or possessed by demons. Any forces attacking her were completely invisible to the human eye, yet the police officers were able to make out bite marks and bruises appearing on the woman's arms and neck. Resolutely making their way through the crowd, the law enforcement agents grabbed the writhing, screaming woman and managed to get her into their vehicle for the trip back to the station. But there was nothing anyone at the precinct could do for her, as they suspected Clarita Villanueva was either inebriated or drugged. Dr. Mariana Lara opined that the woman was going through some form of epileptic fit; placing her in a holding cell was the best remedy anyone could think of.

With Clarita safely behind bars, the policemen lent a deaf ear to her pleas for assistance and not being left alone with “whatever” seemed to be accosting her. She eventually passed out and the station went about its normal business – but only for a few minutes: The woman in the holding cell woke up a few minutes later, shouting that “the thing had found her again, and was coming at her through the cell's iron bars.” The terrified woman described her invisible assailant as having the general shape of a male human, but with large, bulging eyes and the sartorial detail of wearing a cape pinned to its shoulders.

The guards entering the cell could only see fresh bite-marks on her arms. At this point they decided to summon not only Dr. Lara, but also place a call to Mayor Lascón for advice. According to Macklin, the assembled authorities concluded that there was an external cause at work, as Ms. Villanueva “could not possibly inflict bite-marks on her own back.”
But even this vote of confidence didn't help Clarita's situation. She was remanded to court the following morning to face charges of disorderly behavior in public. But even in the hallowed halls of justice, the woman wailed that the creature had returned, and even as she did so, her police escort noticed how deep bites manifested on her skin during a brutal attack that lasted five minutes before she dropped to the floor in a dead faint. Another medical specialist pronounced her wounds as “genuine”, adding: “she was not the cause of the bites”.

The local press soon turned the Villanueva mystery into the talk of the town. Mayor Lascón and Dr. Lara swore under oath that they had seen the bite marks forming, especially when the mayor gallantly offered to be at Ms. Villanueva's side aboard the ambulance taking her to the general hospital. The fifteen-minute ride to the medical facility, remarked the mayor later on, “felt like twenty-four hours in hell.”
Once hospitalized, the attacks by the invisible creature drew to a close and Clarita Villanueva was on the road to recovery. Dr. Lara, skeptical of the paranormal, was quoted as saying: “What happened to Clarita Villanueva is a total mystery. She was attacked by something with sharp and invisible fangs. We'll never know what it is, but I'm not at all hesitant to admit that I was never so frightened in all my life.”

Accentuating the positive-- and downplaying the often negative aspects of the unknown – has been a trademark of communities involved with the paranormal (abductees, contactees, ouija board users, etc.) but cases such as the ones presented here suggests that such involvement is less than wholesome. The baffling cases are sent to the bottom of the drawer, waiting for their moment in the sun.

Source: Inexplicata


Alien Infiltration

Robert Dean, a long-time figure within the field of research into all things flying and saucer-shaped, maintains that while working with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in the 1960s, he learned that NATO had conducted a secret study of the UFO issue. More controversially, Dean says that part of the study demonstrated that, at the time in question, NATO had come to the conclusion that we had four different civilizations – cultures, intelligences, if you will – that were present here on Earth and that were secretly visiting us and even interacting with us.

One of the most interesting conclusions of the report, and which struck a particularly strong chord with Dean, was that one of the groups – of the civilizations or cultures that were here on this planet – was identical with us; or rather, that we were identical with them. And that startling revelation, added Dean, made a vast and profound impression on the people involved in the investigations.

In 1994, Dean gave a lecture before an audience at the Civic Theater, Leeds, England, during which he elaborated upon his knowledge of the human-like aliens said to be present in our very own environment. Dean revealed that so similar to us was at least one race of extraterrestrial that “they could sit next to you in an airplane or in a restaurant in a coat and tie or a dress and you would never know. They could be sitting next to you in a theater like this.”

Most alarming of all, however, were the ramifications that all of the above reportedly caused amongst the highest echelons of NATO. “Back in 1964,” stated Dean, “this was a matter of great concern to the admirals and generals at SHAPE Headquarters in Paris. Some of the discussions which went on in the War Room were kind of frightening and some of them were rather amusing. One officer said: ‘My God, man, do you realize that these [aliens] could be walking up and down the corridors of SHAPE Headquarters and we wouldn’t even know who the hell they were?’”

Robert Dean is not alone in making such amazing claims; and neither are they confined to the heart of NATO.

Now well into her eighties, Marion Shaw worked deep within the Pentagon during the 1950s as a secretary with a high-security clearance. While there, she rubbed shoulders with some profoundly significant and well-known figures in the military arena of the day. She also heard a tale or several eerily similar to those related by Robert Dean.

According to Shaw, she was allegedly involved in the preparation of several classified reports on “flying saucer stories,” one of which referred to deep concerns expressed by the military that very human-appearing aliens had infiltrated certain elements of the U.S. Government. No-one seemed quite sure why, however, since there was apparently no concerted effort on the part of the allegedly human-like extraterrestrials to subvert or jeopardize the orderly, day-to-day operations of the U.S. infrastructure. Rather, it seemed, the aliens were there merely to observe – albeit in an overwhelming clandestine fashion.

We would do well to remember that in a world where popular-culture, TV, movies and the Internet have led most people to perceive aliens as small, diminutive creatures with large heads, huge black eyes, and spindly bodies – however outlandish and outrageous it may seem – our presumed other-worldly visitors may actually look just like us.

Who knows? Maybe some of us are actually them…

And, if the stories are true, then perhaps such infiltration is not limited solely to the world of government. Maybe the field of Ufology has, itself – in a fashion utterly unknown to most of us – been infiltrated by human-appearing, cosmic characters, too. Now that would be a revelation!

Source: Mysterious Universe

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