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This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such eye-crossing stories as: 

- Did UFO Cause Power Failure at Nuclear Missile Base? -
Why Scientists Should Study Sea Monsters -
- Tall Tales with Witches, Monkey Man, Etc. -
- ‘Michigan Triangle’ May be to Blame for Weird Occurrences -
AND: Pissed-off Elves Bombard Icelandic Town with Rocks

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Alien Space Gods Of Ancient Greece And Rome - Revelations Of The Oracle Of Delphi



British historian W. Raymond Drake is one of the most careful researchers of the "Ancient Astronaut" theory which maintains aliens arrived on earth and interacted with the human race throughout antiquity and in all parts of the globe. Author of a dozen works on the Space Gods phenomenon, Drake's work complements that of Chariots of the Gods? by Erich Von Daniken, his first book appearing in print prior to Von Daniken's international bestseller.

In this work about the ancient Mediterranean's strange relationship with the Sky Gods, Drake utilized over fifty writers of antiquity and scrutinized their main works through a UFO "lens." His astute contributions regarding the Land of the Gods have been expanded upon and updated by contemporary researchers Timothy Beckley and Sean Casteel.

Questions That You Will Find Answered. . .

Did giants from space establish a UFO base atop the picturesque Mount Olympus?

Were they the gods and goddesses of "Mythology" idolized and given names such as Apollo, Hades, Athena, Hermes, Zeus, Artemis and Hestia?

Did the powerful deities of Greece help save Athens from being invaded by the mighty armies of Atlantis in 10,000 BC?

Is there reason to believe that the Greeks and Trojans were inspired to fight for the beauteous Helen, surely a space queen?

Do the great plays and sublime philosophies of the supreme thinkers of the ages show a reverence for the gods' who intervened at Marathron and Salamis, sending flying shields to aid Alexander storming the walls of Tyre?

Did a UFO encountered near Troy save the army of Lucullus from destruction?

Were omens observed in the sky just before the murder of Caesar?

How does one explain the manifestation of mysterious voices and apparitions in the heavens as Hannibal ravaged Italy?

In a marvelous update, recent activities, including encounters with humanoids and men in black-like individuals, are taken into consideration offering proof that the ancient aliens of antiquity are returning to their original haunts and are guaranteed to make open contact soon! 

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Did UFO Cause Power Failure at Nuclear Missile Base?

When Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming lost control of 50 nuclear, inter-continental missiles last October, officials said a communication outage was to blame.

However, three missile technicians stationed at the base have raised fresh questions in the case, amid reports UFO sightings coincided with the incident.

UFO researcher Robert Hastings says eyewitnesses claim the outage also lasted much longer than the Air Force admits.

A power failure on October 23, 2010 meant that one-ninth of America’s nuclear arsenal went offline for three-quarters of an hour.

A U.S. Air Force spokesman said there had been a 'hardware issue' relating to an underground cable linking the control centre with the missiles.

This disrupted ‘communication between the control centre and the missiles, but during that time they were still able to monitor the security of the affected missiles’.

Defence officials insisted there was never any danger of an accidental launch. But the incident was deemed serious enough for Barack Obama to be briefed on it later.

There was no evidence of foul play and the U.S. never lost the capability to launch the missiles, although it could only have done so from an airborne command and control centre, he said.

Another official said there had been similar breakdowns on other bases in the past.

But Robert Hastings says more was involved.

According to Hastings, three missile maintenance technicians have agreed to speak to him on the condition of anonymity, revealing the military has kept UFO sightings that occurred during the power outage under wraps.

The witnesses, he said, reported sightings of 'a large cigar-shaped object high above the missile field'.

Hastings told AOL: 'They said the object was seen in the sky above the field, throughout the weekend, both during the (missile) disruption and the following day.'

His witnesses claim the outage lasted several hours longer than officials reported.

'I have detailed information about the events. The Air Force said this (missile) disruption lasted 59 minutes. It actually lasted the better part of 26 hours,' he said.

'It was intermittent and involved a very specific sequence of these five missile alert facilities going on and offline. I have all of that down to the most minute detail.'

The eyewitnesses agreed that what they saw 'was not a commercial blimp.'

'It had no passenger gondola and no advertising on its hull,' Hastings said.

'Further, its aspect ratio (length to width) was very similar to a WWI Zeppelin: long and thin, and not at all like the squat shape of a corporate blimp.'

The witnesses did not, however, claim the alleged UFO was connected with the outage.

It is not the first time Hastings has reported UFO sightings at nuclear missile sites. He organised a press conference last September, when six former Air Force officers stepped forward to reveal they had seen or had been involved with sightings at missile sites.

They claim that since 1948, aliens have been hovering over UK and U.S. nuclear missile sites and deactivating the weapons - once even landing in a British base.

The men said they were encouraged not to speak to the media about their sightings.

Captain Robert Salas, who was among the six, confirmed: ‘We’re talking about unidentified flying objects, as simple as that.'

However, Lieutenant Colenol John Thomas, director of public affairs for Air Force Global Strike Command headquarters at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, denies there is a policy to silence eyewitnesses to unexplained phenomena at Air Force bases.

'I have no reason to dispute anybody's claims of anything they may seen historically, because those occurrences and reports took place decades into the past and probably will decades into the future,' he told AOL.

'This incident is separate from all of that. We took it very seriously and we're very confident that we understand fully what happened.'

'If people see things that are unusual, they are encouraged to report them,' he said, adding: 'When people join the military, they don't give up their First Amendment rights.'

Source: The Daily Mail


Saucers and Sputnik
By Nick Redfern

Whether by accident or design, following the former Soviet Union’s successful launch of Sputnik 1 in October 1957, there was an immediate and dramatic upswing in the number of UFO encounters reported from within the borders of the USA. While those of a distinctly skeptical nature might very well give much consideration to the possibility that many such reports were merely due to over excitement, Cold War nerves, public hysteria and anxiety, and very understandable concern over the surprise Russian launch, other UFO connected events could not be dismissed with such apparent ease and logic.

A previously classified FBI document dated November 12, 1957, that is now in the public domain, thanks to Freedom of Information Act legislation, makes that fact very clear:

“Within the past two weeks reports have increased tremendously and some of the more serious have been described as follows: An object had landed in Nebraska with six people aboard, the persons had talked to a Nebraska farmer and then sped off into space; a fiery object was seen flashing across the southern skies from Albany, Georgia, to Miami, Florida; a Coast Guard cutter had sighted a huge object flying over the Gulf of Mexico; and persons in the Southwestern states while driving their cars have allegedly seen UFOs that caused the engines in their automobiles to stop.”

The FBI’s special agents continued to diligently collate the strange and unearthly facts pertaining to what seemed to many of its personnel to be a near cosmic invasion, and studiously briefed FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover on the nature of the expanding situation, as well as on the then current response of the U.S. military to the vexing problem presented by the growing UFO presence:

“The Air Force is following these sightings closely and all reports are submitted to the Air Technical and Intelligence Center, at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio where they are evaluated and analyzed. In the event any of the future reports appear to be authentic, the Air Force will immediately notify the Bureau, keeping in mind our particular interest in matters concerning espionage and sabotage.”

It is thought provoking indeed to note that this undeniably dramatic upswing in UFO sightings, and even close encounters with alien entities, occurred in the immediate aftermath of the former Soviet Union’s launch of its Sputnik 1 satellite. Is it possible, perhaps, that the strange denizens of another world, or indeed worlds, were secretly keeping a close watch on humankind’s first attempts to break free of its previous terrestrial moorings? And, if so, was it those initial, hesitant steps outside of our own atmosphere that prompted such a flurry of concerned activity on the part of extraterrestrial visitors from far-away planets?

It may be important, and relevant, to note that by 1957, and over the course of little more than a decade, the Human Race had successfully developed atomic energy, had flattened two Japanese cities with atomic bombs, was working on advanced missile and rocket technology, and had now finally left the moorings of the planet. In other words, it might very well be at this particular time in on our history, more than absolutely any other, when alien visitors from afar might begin to take a serious interest in us, and express deep concerns about us and our actions, too.

Perhaps also, one might be inclined to speculate, advanced aliens civilizations of the type that were possibly secretly watching us in the late 1950s, have undertaken such intense scrutiny and surveillance on countless occasions throughout the Universe. And particularly so when youthful, burgeoning civilizations take that giant and world changing leap from being tied to their own planet, and when propeller driven aircraft dropping bombs on the enemy, are rapidly replaced by intercontinental missiles that have the ability to obliterate whole cities, countries and cultures.

Food for thought? Maybe…

Source: Mysterious Universe


Why Scientists Should Study Sea Monsters

From the Loch Ness Monster to the Kraken, sea monsters still capture the imagination centuries after medieval cartographers doodled them in the blank spots of their maps. But to Charles Paxton, a researcher at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, sea monster sightings are more than fish tales.

Paxton is no wild-eyed cryptozoologist who spends his weekends imagining Bigfoot behind every tree. He's a fisheries ecologist and statistician who believes that, with the right methods, anecdotes about mysterious monsters can become scientific data to tell us about human perception and the odd reports that science can't fully explain.

On July 12, Paxton and other bonafide, peer-reviewed researchers like him will discuss ways to bring cryptozoology into the scientific fold at the Zoological Society of London Communicating Science event "Cryptozoology: Science or Pseudoscience?"

Ahead of the event, Paxton spoke with LiveScience about sea monster sightings, the likelihood of unknown beasts roaming the sea, and why, before you report a sea serpent, you should always make sure you're not looking at a sexually aroused whale.

LiveScience: What drives you to study sea monster sightings?

Paxton: Several reasons. Actually, probably the first is I'm a big kid and I thought it was an interesting set of questions. A more proper scientific reason is that I'm interested in why people believe the things they believe, especially if their beliefs are non-mainstream. And the third reason I got interested is it's important to understand how science tries to relate to anomalous data, data that doesn’t quite fit into our existing paradigms.

LiveScience: You've lumped old sea monster sightings together to study them statistically. What did you find?

Paxton: I was interested in looking at reported distances in sea monster accounts, in seeing whether those reported distances, were they the same as we would expect if the reports were genuinely of random animals popping up around boats. But if you look at the distribution of reported distances of sea monster accounts, they're much closer than you would expect by chance alone.

This implies to me that there's a huge bias in the reporting of sea monster accounts.

LiveScience: What does that bias tell us about the validity of those reports?

Paxton: It means we can probably be more doubtful about one potential explanation for sea monster reports. I expected that when I did the analysis, the reports would be far away. I thought people were reporting monsters because they'd seen familiar things at a distances. But the reported distances are much closer than you'd expect. It's not because these things are a vast distance away, or at least, if witnesses are misinterpreting things, it happens over short distances.

LiveScience: Are any of these historical reports actually plausible?

There's a report by two zoologists actually in the early part of the century published in the Journal of Zoology where they actually reported seeing a serpent-like animal in the South Atlantic. They describe an animal which doesn't quite fit into our current view. That's an intriguing one. [Read: The Creatures of Cryptozoology]

LiveScience: Okay, let's talk about an implausible report. Tell me about the case of the possible whale penis.

Paxton: That's a quite famous sea monster sighting from the 18th century, where people saw a sea monster en route to the Danish colony in Greenland. What they saw was an animal which they described as having a serpent-like tail. We suggested that there could be an alternative explanation and what they were interpreting as a tail could actually have been the penis of the animal.

If you do a search for "whale penis" on the Net, they've got pictures and they do look quite serpentine.

LiveScience: Does it seem like misidentified body parts might explain many sea monster sightings?

Paxton: I think that goes on, yes, but as yet I've got no quantitative evidence of that happening. I'm actually collecting data on that.

I think people make mistakes and it does mean that I'm a little more skeptical of laypeople who report strange things. When you see something in the water, there are lots and lots of large animals it could potentially be, and there's no one in the world who is an expert on all of these animals. Zoologists, when they see an animal, perhaps they'll be looking at the features which will tell them about its affinities, whereas laypeople won't necessarily do that.

LiveScience: Do you think there are likely large, undiscovered marine creatures out there?

Paxton: Yes, but to make something absolutely clear, my position on this is quite an unusual one. I would actually say without any doubt at all that there are unknown animals out there. The reason I say without any doubt at all, if you look at the rate at which we're discovering new species, that hasn't completely flattened out.

The question isn't, "Are there large marine animals?" The question is, "Are they seen by laypeople prior to their discovery?" The answer to that is "Probably not."

LiveScience: Why not?

Paxton: Logically, the animals we've not discovered yet are the ones that are difficult to detect, which means it would be very rare for people to encounter them anyway. We know there are biases in the reporting process, and we know that to have the potential to recognize an unknown animal, you need to have superb expertise. In terms of marine mammals, for example, I can only think of about 10 people in the world who if they saw a marine mammal would be in a position to say, "That's a marine mammal that we've never described."

We can't explain away all the strange reports, but just because I can't explain a report doesn't mean it's an unknown animal. It's got to be a hypothesis of last resort. I think that's a mistake lots of people make, that just because they can't explain it, it must be something unknown. That's quite a jump.

LiveScience: Do you have a favorite sea monster?

Paxton: I quite like the sea monk [a creature with a monk's head and fish body], actually. The idea that there's a monk living in the sea, that's quite bizarre.

I quite like the Kraken as well. It's not what people say it is, actually. People often say that the Kraken is a mythologized giant squid. If you look at the early accounts of the Kraken, they're not like a giant squid at all. It's very similar to a monster which is a fish or whale so large that it sits for so long that trees grow on it. Sailors see it, they come onshore and make a fire, and it jumps to the bottom of the sea and drags the ship down. I think the Kraken is connected to that, because it describes it being like an island.

LiveScience: Is there anything else you want to add?

Paxton: You didn't ask me the one question everyone asks.

LiveScience: What's that?

Paxton: Whether I believe in the Loch Ness Monster. For the record, I don't. I've only been to Loch Ness once, actually. I didn't see anything.

Source: LiveScience


Tales of Monsters From the Deep

A diver conducting an investigation of Geirþjófsfjörður believes he may have found evidence of a sea monster living in the fjord.

Árni Kópsson told Vísir that he sent a deep sea camera into the bottom of the fjord to record what may be in one of the craters recently found there by the Marine Research Institute a few years ago. Apart from fish and shrimp, Árni says he saw something else.

"There was some kind of creature that you couldn't see really well," he said. "Something that was quick to make itself scarce when you got near it."

Þorvaldur Friðriksson, an expert in monsters, who accompanied the trip, says that the purpose of the investigation was to gather evidence for sea monsters in the area. Þorvaldur has collected monster stories from all over the region, which is famously rife with tales of sea monsters.

Not all of these stories are very old, he says. In fact, there have been recent sightings made in the Arnarfjörður area, which is where Geirþjófsfjörður is located.

Þorvaldur considers it likely that at least one sea monster lives in the craters. The craters themselves are about ten to fifteen metres deep, and are located about one hundred metres beneath the surface of the water.

Guðrún Helgadóttir, a geologist at the Marine Research Institute, said that such craters are common around the country. The usual cause of them, she says, is the release of some kind of current or gas. When asked for her thoughts on the theory that the craters at the bottom of Geirþjófsfjörður were created by a sea monster, she responded, "That is of course a very fun explanation."

The Lake Utopia Monster

Located in Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada there is a small lake, called Lake Utopia (45° 10? 48? N, 66° 47? 24? W). This lake is about 7 km long and less than 3 km at its widest point. The northern basin is about 30 metres deep with the average depth being around 11 metres. In comparison, Loch Ness in Scotland (57° 18? 0? N, 4° 27? 0? W) is over 36 km in length, under 3 km at its widest point, and has an average depth of over 130 metres (maximum depth of over 200 metres). However, the two lakes have two things in common. Both are at similar latitudes and both are said to harbour an unknown creature!

Everyone is familiar with Nessie or the Loch Ness Monster, but few people outside the local area of Lake Utopia or in the field of cryptozoology have heard about the Lake Utopia Monster. While Nessie is often described as looking like a plesiosaur, the Lake Utopia Monster, or what the locals call “Old Ned,” has been described as being serpentine or eel-like, or even cetacean-like in appearance, perhaps greater than 13 metres in length.

Stories about its existence by Natives pre-date the arrival of the Europeans but the first documented account appears in 1867. In 1868, many believed the Lake Utopia Monster had been killed! Harper’s Weekly ran an article that a mysterious sea serpent was killed in Passamaquoddy Bay. It was reported to have a dorsal fin and a flat tail like a shark.

An artists drawing that accompanied the article clearly shows a basking shark and the hind limbs were likely claspers from what was likely a male basking shark. It was thought to be trying to cross land and make its way into Lake Utopia. Sightings still continued after this incidence.

Norma Stewart has documented the sightings of this animal for over 25 years, and the last reported sighting was in 2000. Stewart believes the animal travels back and forth between Lake Utopia and the Atlantic Ocean, appearing every 3-5 years, as if on some kind of breeding or feeding cycle. Because of this movement between the ocean and freshwater, she refers to it as a sea monster, that may even be amphibious and have lungs. The fact that the animal may be migratory helps debunk the skeptic argument that the lake could not sustain an animal (or animals) the size of the Old Ned.

How does the animal migrate between a freshwater lake and the ocean if it is not amphibious and has lungs? St. George is a small town close to Lake Utopia. The Magaguadavic River (river of eels) is connected to Lake Utopia through a deep canal and the river flows through St. George to Passamaquoddy Bay and the sea beyond. While the Magaguadavic River is dammed in St. George, it is said Lake Utopia is also connected to the ocean via a system of underground tunnels so it is theoretically possible for a sea creature to by-pass the dam in St. George and move into the freshwater system via these tunnels.

There is no conclusive evidence for the existence of this creature. Some speculate it is an otter, beaver, logs, a ball of freshwater eels, a large fish or some other known animal. Eels do live in the lake but nothing of that size has ever been captured. Theories abound about what it might be but, tor the time being, the mystery of the Lake Utopia Monster remains just that, a mystery.

Reykjavík Grapevine



Tall Tales with Witches, Monkey Man, Etc.

NEW DELHI - Witches, monkey man, Ganesha drinking milk, the deadly munochwa — these are the stuff of urban legends. Legends which have terrorised the imagination of numerous Indians and held them in thrall. Sunday Times unravels these yarns

It's the stuff of pulp fiction. A ‘witch' — some say three ‘witches' — is rumoured to be on the prowl in Delhi, asking for onions. The tale goes that anyone unfortunate enough to give her an onion dies after the witch cuts the onion. What's more, blood pours from it. Those falling for the gag are applying palm prints of turmeric and henna on doors to ward off her evil eye.

GANESHA'S MIRACLE: Welcome to 21st century India — an India where reports of witches, black magic, supernatural beings and superstition still grab eyeballs, leading to mass hysteria and suspending the common sense of people. No wonder the yarn of ‘Ganesha drinking milk' was lapped up not just in India but in distant nations too on September 21, 1995. Scientists tried to explain the phenomenon as capillary action by stone statues but were shouted down by arguments that metal statues too performed the miracle.

 Another melodrama that subsumed people was the 'monkey man' who wore "a metal helmet, had metal claws and glowing red eyes" and terrorised the Capital in May 2001. Many people were reportedly scratched, and two people even died when they leapt from roofs in panic. But no 'monkey man' was ever photographed or captured. The fact that people sleep on roofs in summer, well within the reach of real monkeys, probably contributed to the collective hysteria.

And often, such urban legends have held people spellbound. Years ago, both Mumbai and Kolkata were rocked by the 'stoneman'. Mumbai suffered his attacks twice, in the 1960s and in the mid-80s. The first time, a man was arrested for the murder of 42 people. But that did little to stem the killings which started again in 1985. The mystery murderer of beggars and pavement-dwellers remained elusive. Kolkata's 'stoneman' killed 13 people between 1989-90.

MUNOCHWA WONDER: If Mumbai had the 'stoneman', UP was terrorised by the 'munochwa' between June-July, 2002. This was an unknown object which injured hundreds in Mirzapur, Lucknow, Kanpur and eastern districts of the state. The 'attacks' were variously described as an invasion by UFOs, insects and others. Recently, IIT Kanpur professor Ravindra Arora said the reason behind this was ball lightning, a phenomenon where a cluster of high temperature luminous particles emit an orangish, red colour and wave through the air a few metres above the ground due to electric charge. He said almost 96 per cent of 'munochwa' incidents were reported during or after heavy thunderstorms, often accompanied by rainfall.

Interestingly, Silicon City too has had spooky experiences. In 1996, stories of a female ghost knocking at doors did the rounds in Bangalore. Soon people even put up sign boards asking the ghost to "come tomorrow". Apparently the blood-thirsty ghost was kind enough to spare that victim! Finally, Bangaloreans laid the ghost to rest one day.

Two years later, the city was again gripped by a fear of being injected by the AIDS virus. Sinister messages were stuck on people, saying: "You've been injected with the HIV virus. Welcome to the world of AIDS." There were rumours of people being jabbed with syringes containing the virus. Illusion or reality — a very thin line divides the two.

Source: The Times of India


‘Michigan Triangle’ May be to Blame for Weird Occurrences

Almost 18 percent of the earth’s supply of surface fresh water is contained in the Great Lakes.

Water is essential to life, but great expanses of water can also be a hostile environment. Searching for a lost object just a few hundred feet under water can be a daunting task, requiring special equipment and training. The cold dark depths of any great body are also mysterious, and in some ways frightening, because they conceal the unknown.

Many stories have been written of weird and unexplained happenings in an area off Florida known as the Bermuda Triangle.

It is said that in this area, boats and planes have disappeared in good weather with no evidence ever found as to why they vanished. UFO sightings are supposedly frequent in the area. Many boats have also reported compass failures and unexplained trouble inside the triangle.

But did you know that almost at our very doorstep, another “mysterious triangle” exists? The triangle I am speaking of is known as the Michigan Triangle. The boundaries are said to be from Ludington, Mich., to Benton Harbor, Mich., and then across the lake to Manitowoc and back to Ludington.

Numerous stories have been told of unexplained disappearances, weird happenings, periods when time seems to slow down or speed up and the appearance of strange creatures.              

A well-documented case is the disappearance of Capt. George R. Donner of the lake freighter O.M. McFarland from his cabin while the ship was under way on April 28, 1937. The McFarland had picked up 9,800 tons of coal in Erie, Penn., and then headed west through the lakes bound for Port Washington.

Because it was early in the season, the lakes and the locks in the upper part of the Great Lakes were still choked with ice, which slowed the McFarland’s progress.

Capt. Donner had remained on the bridge many hours guiding his ship through the treacherous ice floes. When at last the ship turned into Lake Michigan, the exhausted captain retired to his cabin, with the instructions that he be called when the ship neared Port Washington.

Some three hours later as the McFarland neared her destination, the second mate went to the captain’s cabin to awaken him as instructed, but the captain was not there. Thinking that Donner had gone to the galley for a late-night snack, the second mate checked the galley and learned that the captain had not been there.

The mate and other sailors began an exhaustive search of the vessel, but to no avail — the captain had disappeared. No clue as to what happened to Donner was ever found.

When Captain Donner vanished from his cabin on the McFarland, it was said that his cabin door was locked from the inside.

Ironically, the day Donner disappeared was his 58th birthday. The captain’s disappearance is as much a mystery today as it ever was.

Believers in the Lake Michigan Triangle point out that the O.M. McFarland was in the triangle when Donner vanished.

A more recent event took place on June 23, 1950, when Northwestern Airlines flight 2501 took off from New York with a crew of 3 and 55 passengers bound for Minneapolis.

Later that night at 11:37 p.m., the large, four-engine DC-4 reported that it was at 3,500 feet over Battle Creek, Mich. Due to bad weather near Chicago, the plane changed its course to a northwesterly direction over Lake Michigan, with an estimated time of arrival over Milwaukee of 11:51 p.m.

From there, the plane simply vanished — nothing of the plane or its 58 occupants was ever seen again.

A massive Coast Guard search turned up only a blanket bearing the airline’s logo. Triangle believers again point out that the tragic loss of flight 2501occurred near the center of the Lake Michigan Triangle.

For hundreds of years, sightings of a strange creature have been reported in Loch Ness in Scotland.

In our Pacific Northwest a land animal that has become known as “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch” has been sighted by many reputable people. In the Himalayan mountains this same animal is known as “Yeti” or the “abominable snowman” after the terrible odor he is said to emit. In 1987 a lighthearted movie called “Harry and the Hendersons” was made about an “abominable snowman.”

But were you aware that just 30 miles north of Sheboygan just such a sighting occurred?

Back in the late 1930s it was reported that about dusk one warm summer evening, two young boys were walking along a railroad right-of-way when they stated they heard a fearsome roar or scream quite unlike anything they had ever heard before. Just a short time later they saw what they described as a large hair-covered man-like creature in the brush nearby.

The boys said the “thing” was light colored but very dirty and walked upright. Not wishing to get to know the frightful oddity any better, the boys rapidly departed the scene.

As for large sea monster type animals, there have been reports of strange creatures seen in Lake Michigan as far back as the early 1800s. The Indians also had many stories in their folk lore of what they referred to as sprit creatures, which they claimed to have sighted in many small lakes around Wisconsin.

One of these strange sighting occurred right here in Sheboygan County; in fact, it was said to have happened at Elkhart Lake in the early 1900s.

As the story goes, a local fisherman put out a set line, which is a long fish line with many hooks which is anchored to the bottom and fastened to a post or tree on shore. In this case the fisherman had fastened his set line to a post that was part of a small pier jutting out into the lake.

After setting his fish line, the fisherman returned home with the intention of returning the next day to pull up the line and retrieve any fish he may have caught.

Early the next morning, the fisherman returned to his set line and as he tried to pull it in, he apparently had caught a very large fish, as he found it very difficult to pull in the line. After great effort was expended he finally was about to pull whatever was on the line close to the dock.

Suddenly the unknown creature gave tremendous pull in the opposite direction. Catching the fisherman off-balance, it flung him head over heels into the lake.

Spitting and sputtering, the astonished angler managed to get his head above water only to be looking straight at a large head rising above the water. The frightened man said the animal had large jaws, which were wide open, and flashing eyes. Somehow the panic-stricken man was able to gain shore and run for his life.

When recounting the story the fisherman often claimed that he barely escaped with his life. As the story got around, it was noted that for that particular summer there was a definite lack of swimmers in the water. It might be further noted that the “sea monster,” or what ever it was, was never seen again.

In the late 1890s several commercial fisherman were setting their nets in Lake Michigan just off Jones Island in the Milwaukee area. Suddenly they stated they saw the head of a large ferocious-looking beast rise above the water.

The fishermen said they were not far away and got a good look at the creature before it submerged. Not long after, several young boys sailing in Milwaukee harbor saw what they at first thought was a large cluster of debris floating in the water. But as they drew closer, they saw what they later described as a large serpent-like animal floating on top of the water. The boys then fled the area, having no desire to investigate the creature at closer quarters.      

There have been many reports of monster like fish or serpents in Lake Michigan over the years; the creatures have been given several names, among them, Michie and Mickey.

Do they really exist? Those who have claimed to have seen them swear that they do.

Next time you take a walk along the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, keep your eyes on the water.

Today’s Tidbit: A young college student sunning herself on a pier on Lake Monona, some 20 or more years ago, felt something tickling her foot. When she looked down, she saw what she described as a sea serpent licking her foot.

Source: The Sheboygan Press


Pissed-off Elves Bombard Icelandic Town with Rocks

The good burghers of the Icelandic town of Bolungarvik have intervened to prevent further action by elves who are evidently unhappy they weren't consulted about the construction of an anti-avalanche barrier.

Bolungarvik recently suffered a bombardment of rocks during "routine dynamiting" on the barrier, with fist-sized missiles causing damage to several properties.

This led locals to suspect the huldufólk (hidden people) had finally got a bit miffed with civil engineering projects, including the construction last year of a road tunnel through a hill.

Icelandic folklore advises caution when venturing into possible huldufólk territory, and disturbing the rocks in which they're believed to live.

Bolungarvik's council rejected calls by "seers" to apologise to the Little People for the disruption, claiming there was a perfectly logical explanation for the dynamite mishap.

The townsfolk responded last week by organising an impromptu appeasement ceremony at the blasting site, offering song and prayers in the hope of restoring peace between humans and huldufólk.

Local musician Benedikt Sigurdsson explained: “I have now been asked by both elves and men to broker a compromise here, and I hope that this song will suffice."

Source: The Register

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