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This week, we take a look at such joint-cracking tales as:

- Alien Abductions: Military Manipulation? -
'Wi-fi Refugees' Shelter in West Virginia Mountains -
- Fish Farmer Takes Photo of Loch Ness Monster -
- Highways to High Strangeness -
AND: "Vampire" Woman Bites Fla. Man Asleep in Wheelchair

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Round Trip To Hell In A Flying Saucer:
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It's the dirty little secret of UFOlogy -- something that only a few insiders dare discuss amongst themselves. For example, Lord Hill-Norton, the late five-star Admiral and the former head of the British Ministry of Defence, believed strongly in the existence of UFOs. But he did not see them in a positive light, professing instead in his privately printed UFO Concern Report: "UFOs are essentially a religious matter rather than a military threat and furthermore there is certainly a degree of psychic involvement in almost every case. Quite often, however, such experiences are definitely antithetical to orthodox Christian beliefs."

Journalist and author of "The Mothman Prophecies" (made into a film starring Richard Gere) John A. Keel was adamant when he stated: ". . ..The UFOs do not seem to exist as tangible manufactured objects. They do not conform to the accepted natural laws of our environment. . .The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon."

Other researchers of supernatural phenomena have noted that. . .The casting of magical spells, the performance of occult rituals and a ceremony to conjure up spirits are sometimes attempted by witnesses prior to a UFO appearing in their proximity.


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Alien Abductions: Military Manipulation?
by Nick Redfern

Pretty much everyone, I’m sure, who is acquainted with conspiracy theories will also be aware of at least some of the controversies pertaining to accounts of so-called alien abduction. And, for the most part at least, it all began on the night of September 19, 1961. On that night, Betty and Barney Hill, a married couple from New Hampshire, were driving home from Canada when they were subjected to a terrifying experience. Until their arrival home, there was little to indicate that anything untoward had happened during the course of the journey, however.

After some months of unexplained emotional distress, the couple could take no more, and they sought assistance from Benjamin Simon, a Boston-based psychiatrist and neurologist. Subjected to rigorous time-regression hypnosis, both Betty and Barney recalled what had taken place during that missing two hours. Astonishingly, they provided very close account of encounters with seemingly alien beings who had taken the pair on-board some form of craft, and who had subjected them to a variety of distressing physical examinations.

Since that day, hundreds – perhaps even thousands – of similar accounts have surfaced throughout the world. A turning point came in 1981 with the publication of the late Budd Hopkins’ book Missing Time. Detailing a number of such accounts, Hopkins put forward a theory suggesting that at least one extraterrestrial species was involved in the routine abduction of human beings. Hopkins’ later work revealed a potentially far more sinister link to the abductions: namely, that the aliens were kidnapping people as part of some genetic operation, the goal of which was the production of a half-alien, half-human hybrid race.

There is, however, another aspect to the alien abduction mystery – one that is, in some ways, even more controversial than the extraterrestrial hypothesis. There are those researchers and eye-witnesses (or perhaps “victims” would be a much better term) who believe that alien abductions have nothing to do with the activities of real-life extraterrestrials, but are, in reality, the result of clandestine work undertaken by the U.S. military.

So the theory goes, the military uses the alien abduction motif as a carefully-camouflaged cover to allow for the continued testing of new technologies, such as mind-altering and mind-controlling drugs, and sophisticated hypnotic techniques on unwitting and innocent citizens.

An example of a case of alleged alien abduction that appears to have been part of a sophisticated mind-control operation is described by Alison, a now-forty-year-old woman from Arizona, who lives on a ranch not too far from the town of Sedona. From the age of twenty-seven to thirty-one, Alison was subjected to at least five kidnappings that bore all the hallmarks of the classic alien abduction scenario.

On each occasion, she was in her living-room, either reading or watching TV, when her two pet dogs – Lucy and Summer – began to act in a distressed fashion – pacing around the room and whimpering. At that point, things always became a blur, and Alison would later find herself in a different part of the house with several hours of time having passed. She would always awake feel groggy, and with a pounding headache and dry mouth.

For days after the weird experiences, she would dream of the moment when things would begin to go awry – which always resulted in a complete loss of electricity inside the house, a deep humming noise emanating from outside the large living-room window, and powerful and intensely bright lights enveloping the room.

In her semi-conscious state, Alison would see small shadowy figures scuttling around the room. They would then carry her outside onto a small craft where she was subjected to a gynecological examination and some form of nasal probing. She would then be returned to another part of the house and the aliens would leave. It was only after the aliens had departed that the intense humming noise would cease.

On what Alison believes to have been the fifth abduction, however, the mysterious humming sound abruptly came to a sudden halt, only a few seconds after her cosmic visitors had entered the room. At that point, Alison recalled – significantly, not in a later dream on this occasion but in real time – she began to slowly regain her senses. And, very surprisingly, so did the aliens. In their place was not a group of frail-looking bald-headed, black-eyed “Grays,” but a number of large and burly men wearing what looked like suspiciously like black military fatigues.

According to Alison, one of the men screamed into a small microphone something like: “What’s happened?” The men then suddenly started to back away slowly. And, as Alison began to regain her senses, one of them held his hand up “as if to say ‘stay where you are.’” Alison did as she was told, that is until the man was out of sight and out of the house.

Alison then made her still-slightly-groggy way to the living-room window – just in time to see the group men jump climb aboard not a state-of-the-art extra-terrestrial spacecraft, but instead a very terrestrial-looking black helicopter. At a height of several hundred feet, a powerful lamp was suddenly turned on by someone aboard the helicopter that lit up the dark sky around her property.

Today, Alison has cast aside her ufological beliefs, and firmly believes that as a result of a combination of subliminal hypnosis, mind-altering technologies, and perhaps even non-lethal weaponry designed to temporary disable her nervous system and bodily movement, she was ingeniously made to think she was an alien abductee. But that in reality, she was merely the guinea-pig for the testing of sophisticated weaponry designed to affect and manipulate both mind and body.

There’s no doubt that an alien abduction phenomenon exists. But, the big question is: does it originate up there, down here, or – incredibly – is it a combination of both…?

Source: Mysterious Universe


'Wi-fi Refugees' Shelter in West Virginia Mountains

There are five billion cell phone subscriptions worldwide and advances in wireless technology make it increasingly difficult to escape the influence of mobile devices. But while most Americans seem to embrace continuous connectivity, some believe it's making them physically ill.

Diane Schou is unable to hold back the tears as she describes how she once lived in a shielded cage to protect her from the electromagnetic radiation caused by waves from wireless communication.

"It's a horrible thing to have to be a prisoner," she says. "You become a technological leper because you can't be around people.

"It's not that you would be contagious to them - it's what they're carrying that is harmful to you."

Ms Schou is one of an estimated 5% of Americans who believe they suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), which they say is caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields typically created by mobile phones, wi-fi and other electronic equipment.
Hiding in a cage

Symptoms range from acute headaches, skin burning, muscle twitching and chronic pain.

"My face turns red, I get a headache, my vision changes, and it hurts to think. Last time [I was exposed] I started getting chest pains - and to me that's becoming life-threatening," Ms Schou says.

To alleviate the pain, her husband built an insulated living space known as a Faraday Cage.

He covered a wooden frame with two layers of wire mesh and a door that could be sealed shut to prevent radio waves from entering.

Diane spent much of her time inside it, sleeping on a twin mattress on a plywood base.

"At least I could see my husband on the outside, I could talk to him," she says.

Diane believes her illness was triggered by emissions from a mobile phone mast.

Her symptoms were so severe that she abandoned her family farm in the state of Iowa and moved to Green Bank, West Virginia - a tiny village of 143 residents in the heart of the Allegheny Mountains.
Outlawed wireless technology

Green Bank is part of the US Radio Quiet Zone, where wireless is banned across 13,000 sq miles (33,000 sq km) to prevent transmissions interfering with a number of radio telescopes in the area.

The largest is owned by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and enables scientists to listen to low-level signals from different places in the universe.

Others are operated by the US military and are a critical part of the government's spy network.

As a result of the radio blackout, the Quiet Zone has become a haven for people like Diane, desperate to get away from wireless technology.

"Living here allows me to be more of a normal person. I can be outdoors. I don't have to stay hidden in a Faraday Cage," she says.

"I can see the sunrise, I can see the stars at night, and I can be in the rain.

"Here in Green Bank allows me to be with people. People here do not carry cell phones so I can socialise.

"I can go to church, I can attend some celebrations, I can be with people. I couldn't do that when I had to remain in the Faraday Cage."

But EHS is not medically recognised in the US.
Debated 'condition'

The wireless association, CTIA, says that scientific evidence overwhelmingly shows that wireless devices, with the limits established by government regulators, do not pose a public health risk or cause any adverse health effects.

And the World Health Organization, while acknowledging that the symptoms are genuine and can be severe, says: "EHS has no clear diagnostic criteria and there is no scientific basis to link EHS symptoms to EMF (electromagnetic field) exposure. Further, EHS is not a medical diagnosis, nor is it clear that it represents a single medical problem."

However, new research by scientists at Louisiana State University and published by the International Journal of Neuroscience, claims to show that EHS can be caused by low frequency electromagnetic fields found in the environment.

"The study provides direct evidence that linking human symptoms with environmental factors, in this case EMF," says Dr Andrew Marino, a neurology professor who led the study.

"It's a watershed in that regard. There have been no previous studies that scientifically assess whether electromagnetic fields in the environment could produce human symptoms.

"And the symptoms matter because they are the first steps that show how EMFs produce human disease."

Scientists conducted a number of tests on a 35-year-old physician who had diagnosed herself with EHS.

She was seated on a wooden chair while voltage was applied to metal plates for pulses of 90 seconds to create a series of magnetic fields. The woman was asked to describe her symptoms after each exposure and after random sham exposures when, unknown to her, there was no voltage.

She reported headaches, pain and muscle twitching during the genuine exposures and no symptoms for the majority of the sham exposures.

The scientists concluded that such consistency could not be attributed to chance.

But other experts still disagree that a link exists.
Technological 'ignorance'

Bob Park is a physics professor at the University of Maryland.

He says that the radiation emitted by wi-fi is simply too weak to cause the type of changes in the body's chemistry that could make people sick.

"The bigger problem that we face is that in our society, driven by technological change, people have very little education," he says.

"There are lots of things people need to learn and they're not learning it. The thing that's going to kill them is ignorance."

Seventy-year-old Nichols Fox says she understands such scepticism - it took several years before she became convinced that her debilitating pain and fatigue were caused by electromagnetic radiation emitted by her computer.

"Towards the end of my normal life when I still could watch television I could actually cut my pain off and on with the remote control device," she says. "It was such an enormously clear association there was just no denying it."

Her symptoms are so severe that she has isolated herself almost entirely, living in a remote house surrounded by fields and woods just outside the Quiet Zone. She says even the low-level electromagnetic fields generated there affect her health.

She uses hardly any electricity - her refrigerator operates on gas, light comes from kerosene lamps and a wood-burning stove provides most of her heat.

A thermostat is set to switch on electric heaters if the temperature drops to a level where she is in danger of hypothermia.

"It's so important that people understand that this is a very serious disability, it's a life-changing disability. It leads to an earlier death - I have absolutely no doubt about that and I think it's just unfortunate that this is not recognised," she says.

But even in this secluded part of America, the incursion of wireless technology is relentless. Planning permission has been granted for a cell tower a few miles from her home, and Nichols says she'll have to move.

"I'm getting older and I really don't know where I'm going to go or what I'm going to do," she says. "It's really quite frightening."

Source: BBC


Fish Farmer Takes Photo of Loch Ness Monster

It's been said before and it's being said again .. Nessie is alive under the waves of Loch Ness.

Once more the notoriously shy Loch Ness monster has been reportedly sighted in Scotland's deepest loch. This time close to a commercial fish farm.

Jon Rowe, from nearby Lewiston in Drumnadrochit, took the eerie snaps moments before the mysterious shape slipped beneath the water.

And the stunned fish farmer is convinced that the shapes he saw in the morning light are Nessie.

He said: 'It was a very strange morning. It was misty with a bit of rain and sunny at the same time.

'There was a rainbow so I got my camera out to take a photo and noticed this really large dark shape in the loch with two humps that were barely out of the water.

'My instant reaction was "That's Nessie".'

Mr Rowe has dismissed claims that the shapes he saw in the water were not the legendary beast of the deep said to stalk the atmospheric Highland loch.

He added: 'I have no doubt, I work on the loch everyday and I've never seen anything like it.

'Almost as soon as I took the shot the shape disappeared under the water and out of sight.

The 31-year-old told how he had not believed that a monster swam the depths of Loch Ness until he captured Nessie on film.

'It can't have been a buoy or a mooring as it's in the wrong place and the ropes would be visible in the water.

'A few people have said it was birds diving under the water - but I didn't see any birds fly by. It can't have been birds - the whole thing went down into the loch.

'It was quite spooky but I think it's really interesting.'

The legend of the Loch Ness Monster began in 1933 when its 'existence' was first brought to the world's attention by George Spicer and his wife. They said they saw an unusual animal cross the road in front of them.

Countless subsequent searches of the loch over the years using sonar and other high tech approaches have failed to prove that the monster exists and lives in the loch.

The most frequent speculation surrounding the mythical creature states that it could be from a line of long-surviving plesiosaurs, though this has never been proved.

As a result the Loch Ness Monster remains a modern-day myth and sightings are often dismissed by the scientific community as wishful thinking.

Source: Daily Mail


Charles Hickson, Famous for Pascagoula UFO Abduction, Dies at 80

Charles E. Hickson Sr., the eldest of two men who made global headlines with their account of being snatched from the banks of the Pascagoula River in 1973 by space aliens, died Friday in Ocean Springs. He was 80.

Hickson was still known to occasionally sell his book, "UFO Contact at Pascagoula," outside local businesses. He reportedly told friends and family -- and sometimes total strangers -- that aliens continued to communicate with him via telepathic means.

Hickson, of Gautier, was 42 when he and then-19-year-old Calvin Parker, also of Gautier, reported to Jackson County Sheriff Fred Diamond that they were fishing on Oct. 11, 1973 off a pier at Shaupeter Shipyard when they heard a buzzing noise behind them.

The location is near the former Colle's towing business.

Hickson said they turned and saw a glowing egg-shaped object with blue lights at its front hovering about 40 feet above the river bank. The object was about 30 feet long and 8 feet high.

Frozen with fright, the two men watched as a door opened and three creatures floated above the river towards them, according to reports.

"The beings had legs but did not use them," Hickson told The Mississippi Press in 1973. "They were about 5-feet-tall, had bullet-shaped heads without necks, slits for mouths, and where their noses or ears would be, they had thin, conical objects sticking out, like carrots from a snowman's head. They had no eyes, grey, wrinkled skin, round feet, and claw-like hands."

According to Hickson's account, two of the creatures seized him and another grabbed Parker. "The teenager fainted with fright," Hickson said.

Hickson reported that when the creatures placed their hands under his arms, his body became numb, and he was floated into a brightly lighted room in the space craft.

According to Hickson, he was subjected to some sort of biological examination by what appeared to be a large football-shaped mechanical eye, about 6 to 8 inches in diameter, which seemed to scan his body.

Parker said that he could not recall what had happened to him inside the craft, although later, during sessions of hypnotic regression he offered some hazy details.

The men were released after about 20 minutes and the creatures levitated them, with Hickson's feet dragging along the ground, back to their original positions on the river bank.

Expecting only ridicule if they were to tell anyone what had happened, Hickson and Parker initially decided to keep quiet.

They then decided the government should be informed and they called Kessler Air Force Base in Biloxi.

A sergeant there told them to contact their local sheriff.

Uncertain about the reception their story might get from local law enforcement, the pair drove to The Mississippi Press on Delmas Avenue to speak to a reporter.

When they found the office closed, Hickson and Parker felt they had no alternative but to talk to Diamond.

After listening to their story, sheriff's Capt. Glenn Ryder put Hickson and Parker in a room wired for sound in the belief that if the two men were left alone they would reveal their hoax.

But both men stuck to their story.

Wikipedia has a partial transcript of their conversation:

Parker: "I got to get home and get to bed or get some nerve pills or see the doctor or something. I can't stand it. I'm about to go half crazy."

Hickson: "I tell you, when we're through, I'll get you something to settle you down so you can get some damn sleep."

Parker: "I can't sleep yet like it is. I'm just damn near crazy."

Hickson: "Well, Calvin, when they brought you out, when they brought me out of that thing, damn it I like to never in hell got you straightened out."

His voice rising, Parker said, "My damn arms, my arms, I remember they just froze up and I couldn't move. Just like I stepped on a damn rattlesnake."

"They didn't do me that way", sighed Hickson.

Now both men were talking as if to themselves.

Parker: "I passed out. I expect I never passed out in my whole life."

Hickson: "I've never seen nothing like that before in my life. You can't make people believe.

Parker: I don't want to keep sitting here. I want to see a doctor."

Hickson: "They better wake up and start believing. They better start believing."

Parker: "You see how that damn door come right up?"

Hickson: "I don't know how it opened, son. I don't know."

Parker: "It just laid up and just like that those son-of-bitches, just like that they come out."

Hickson: "I know. You can't believe it. You can't make people believe it."

Parker: "I paralyzed right then. I couldn't move."

Hickson: "They won't believe it. They going to believe it one of these days. Might be too late. I knew all along they was people from other worlds up there. I knew all along. I never thought it would happen to me."

Parker: "You know yourself I don't drink."

Hickson: "I know that, son. When I get to the house I'm going to get me another drink, make me sleep. Look, what we sitting around for. I got to go tell Blanche. What we waiting for?"

Parker: "I got to go to the house. I'm getting sick. I got to get out of here."

Hickson left the room, and Parker was alone.

Parker: "It's hard to believe. Oh God, it's awful. I know there's a God up there."

Hickson and Parker insisted that they be given polygraph tests. The tests suggested their accounts were truthful, according to reports.

Later, Aviation journalist and UFO skeptic Philip J. Klass argued that there was reason to question the reliability of Hickson's exam.

The polygraph test was given to Hickson by a young operator, just out of school, who had not completed his formal training, and not certified by his own school or taken a state licensing examination.

Klass also stated in his account, the lawyer for Hickson and Parker -- who also was acting as their booking agent -- declined to have his clients tested by Capt. Charles Wimberly, chief polygraph operator from the Mobile Police Department.

Instead, according to Klass, the lawyer had had chosen the operator from New Orleans.

A subsequent investigation by Joe Esterhas of Rolling Stone uncovered some additional information, leading to much skepticism about the abduction claim.

The supposed UFO landing and abduction site was in view of two, 24-hour manned Ingalls Shipyard booths, and neither operator saw anything that night.

Also, the site was in range of the shipyard's security cameras, which showed nothing that night.

In his book, which he co-authored with William Mendez, Hickson wrote that aliens contacted him three times following the abduction -- in January 1974 at a local tree farm, in February 1974 at his home and on Mother's Day in 1974 on Miss. 67.

He said the messages were always the same -- "We mean you no harm. You are the chosen one. Your world needs our help."

Source: Gulflive


Mystery Object Likely a Fireball

A brilliant bright light seen streaking in the night sky over the southwestern United States was most likely a fireball — a fragment of an asteroid that entered Earth's atmosphere, a NASA scientist said.

Residents from Phoenix to Las Vegas to Southern California's coastal areas reported to local authorities and media outlets Wednesday that they saw the light move quickly from west to east at around 7:45 p.m. PDT. Many reported the light as bluish-green and others as yellow and orange. Some captured video of the object.

It quickly became a hot topic on a number of social media websites with most asking, "Did you see it? What was that?"

"We can't say 100 percent," said Don Yeomans, manager of NASA's Near-Earth Object Program, "but it's almost certain that the object was a fireball" or very bright meteor."

The bluish-green color suggests the object had some magnesium or nickel in it, Yeomans said. Orange is usually an indication it's entering Earth's atmosphere at several miles per second, a moderate rate of speed.

Veronica McGregor, spokeswoman at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said that the object was probably the size of a baseball or a basketball, based on descriptions reported to police and across the internet.

The fireball was a tiny chunk of an asteroid that became a meteor when it hit the atmosphere, McGregor said. While it probably incinerated before it reached ground, it's not impossible that a pebble-sized meteorite survived the trip.

Fireballs generally go unnoticed because they whiz over oceans and uninhabited regions, according to the American Meteor Society.

Also, the society said, "those that occur at night also stand little chance of being detected due to the relatively low numbers of persons out to notice them."

But they can grab attention when they streak during the evening hours above a highly populated area.

The society says "the brighter the fireball, the more rare is the event."

Many officials initially theorized the object was a meteor.

Lt. Justin Griffin of the Maricopa Sheriff Department in Arizona was trying to guess what the strange light was and said he believes "it was a meteorite travelling from north to south across Maricopa County.

He said the 911 call center received a flood of calls, but there were no reports of impact or damage.

"People are, indeed, reporting they saw a light head from west to east across the sky. We got reports from CHP and the FAA about callers seeing the light. It is reasonable to say that it may be a meteor," Curt Kaplan, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, told CNN affiliate KCAL.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor confirmed that there were no aircraft incidents reported in the Western region.

Source: CBS News

Highways to High Strangeness
By Scott Corrales

We’ve all driven in the dark of night. On our way to college at the start of a school year, off to see relatives, or simply to catch the earliest flight out of a distant airport. Our companions are the radio and a cup of coffee – or the beverage of choice – as we hold on to the wheel and stare through glass at the expanse of road ahead. We do so with certain information in the back of our minds: that there will be exits off the expressway where food or fuel can be secured, rest areas at which we can close our eyes for a few minutes, and the security of calling a towing service if our vehicle should break down.

There are parts of the world, however, where driving is truly an adventure. Highways stretch though the emptiness for hundreds of miles, bereft of services, with only the moon providing the least bit of illumination. Drivers in some of these countries are necessarily mechanics, as the possibility of assistance is slim at best. Even the legendary Pan-American Highway, while fully paved and marked, traverses some of the most unforgiving landscapes on earth, from terrifying mountain heights to vast silent deserts like the Salar de Atacama in northern Chile.

These are the distant roads that beckon to us as we seek the unknown...

Chile: Two Cases, Decades Apart

One of these roads – a 40-mile stretch of asphalt in Northern Chile between Salitrera Victoria and Quillagua - has acquired a reputation as place where strange events befall drivers. The particular location is the aptly named Pampa Soledad (the “pampa of solitude”), a bleak desert environment where the horizon stretches out to infinity and mind reaches even further, conjuring up all manner of possibilities.

On August 16 1974, the last thing on Tito Fernandez’s mind was the unknown. Chile had just undergone the violent overthrow of the Allende regime and the military junta held the country in its clenched fist. Army units fanned out across the country searching for subversives and enforcing martial law. At the time, Fernandez was part of a troupe of itinerant young singers, going from one small town to the next with their show, singing a mixture of pop and folk songs – the kind of thing that was sure to attract negative attention from the regime. A total of five performers were driving to their next gig through the vast emptiness of Pampa Soledad between one thirty in the morning to three in the morning, tired but happy after their successful show at Quillagua.

At one point, the driver and the front seat passenger – humorist Jorge Cruz – became aware of an orange light in the distance, fast approaching their position on the road. Some speculated that the light was that of a locomotive, although no train tracks ran perpendicular to the desert road at any point. Of more concern was the likelihood of a military patrol that would stop the vehicle and challenge them, demanding to see their safe conduct documents.

The performers pulled over and got out of the car to see the orange light, convinced that it was being directed at them from an army spotlight. But after watching its maneuvers, Fernandez became more convinced that it was “one of those UFOs” that people were talking about. So impressed were the young singers that some of them began to pray. This was understandable, as there were now two lights visible – one joining the other down the road and approaching the apprehensive group.

Their apprehension gave way to fear as they quickly boarded the Volvo and sped away down the asphalt, as though an internal combustion engine could somehow provide enough distance between their vehicle and the inexorable lights. One of the performers took a crucifix out her handbag, holding it against the orange lights through the window, hoping to ward off their unwholesome presence. “At this point,” observed Jorge Cruz, “we were all in tears.”

As fate would have it, the terrified quintet saw the lights of an approaching tractor-trailer. Flagging down the driver, they blurted out their experience to him, somewhat incoherently, somehow managing to convey the fact that they were being chased by a set of lights. The bewildered trucker eventually saw them, and at the insistence of the young performers, turned on all of the trailer’s lights and made intermittent flashes with his high beams at the not-so-distant orbs. To everyone’s astonishment, the orbs merged into a single brilliant source of light, matching its pulsations to the deliberate flashes of the tractor-trailers headlights. The trucker, a veteran many years of desert driving, had to admit he’d never seen such a thing before.

Had this desert encounter been restricted to the CE-1 event, it would have probably been forgotten as merely another “high strangeness in the high desert” situation, albeit one with a total of six witnesses. The best, as they say, was still to come.

The merged orange light emitted an overwhelming pulse of light, after which the onlookers were able to see that they were dealing with a structure divided into two hemispheres “like the halves of an orange”, with twin structures holding up each half. Suddenly, Jorge Cruz pointed at an even more distressing revelation: a tall, thin humanoid figure was now visible. Terror seized the group.

Overwhelming fear gave way to self-preservation, the mother of all emotions. Tumbling into their car, the performers wasted no time in speeding away, abandoning the trucker to his fate even as he pleaded not to be left alone to face the unknown entity. But the lights – or the glimpse of a possible occupant – appeared uninterested in the trucker and his cargo: they followed the speeding Volvo as the driver floored the pedal to a hundred thirty kilometers per hour (80 mph). The mad pursuit went on until they were within distance of the Carabineros (state police) station, when the lights abruptly disappeared.

Once inside the station, and having composed themselves, the performers explained their ordeal to the policemen, who listened to them kindly and told them that such experiences were not entirely unheard of in Pampa Soledad. Minutes later, the terrified truck driver pulled into the station, saying that he too was being followed by the unknown sources of light....

Two decades later, another group of travelers would share a similar experience in the desert. Curiously enough, there were also five witnesses to the sighting, as in 1974, and the event occurred at roughly the same time (between one and two o’clock in the morning). It was June 1991, and the new witnesses were aided by a powerful ally -- their video camera.

Nelson Alvarez and his passengers weren’t itinerant performers. Their reason for braving the lonely desert road was a mission of mercy: on June 18, 1991, a three-hour long rainstorm had provoked a massive mudslide (aluvión, in Spanish) resulting in well over ninety deaths and an estimated $70 million USD in losses. Alvarez was one of many citizens bringing much needed supplied to the relief effort.

Driving along the dark road, Alvarez and his passengers became aware of a green light in the distance that appeared to make a beeline toward their car, prompting the driver to step on the brakes as the greenish light headed down the highway. This prompted the driver to give chase at a speed of 170 kilometers per hour(105 mph) – a complete reversal from the situation faced by the performers in 1974. Alvarez woke up his son, urging him to pull the video camera out of its case. Grumpy at having been suddenly stirred from sleep, Alvarez Jr. turned on the camcorder and demanded to know what exactly was he supposed to be recording, as there was nothing but darkness ahead – and what seemed to be a strange headlight.

Captured on tape was the presence of two lights forming a shape roughly akin to bar bells, joined by a shaft. The light maintained an estimated distance of two kilometers from the pursuing van. The voice of young Alvarez can be heard as he calls out the – June 23rd – and the time of the sighting (12:41 a.m.) as it appeared on the videotape. The light remained in the middle of the highway for at least seven minutes. An interesting note is made that the video camera’s battery, having a normal endurance of 45 minutes, lasted only seven minutes before being fully drained.

Argentina: A Persistently Haunted Stretch of Road

“La Recta de Tin-Tin” may sound like ruler used by the French comic book hero, but it is in fact an eighteen kilometer long stretch of road in the Province of Salta, flanked by two mountains – Cerro Negro and Cerro Tin-Tin – at an elevation of nearly eight thousand feet. The almost perfectly straight segment of road is not a product of modern highway engineering, as it existed before European settlers arrived in this section of Argentina. It is believed that the Inca Empire (1480-1535) must have created the road using a series of blazing campfires to create the alignment, but nothing is certain. The fact is that readers of INEXPLICATA have long seen this region mentioned in connection with UFO and other paranormal phenomena.

Walter Aban, mayor of Seclantas, one of the communities linked by this unusual road, shares the belief in the strange events that have characterized the area. "Look, anyone traveling between Salta and Seclantas knows that strange lights appear in the sky from the Recta de Tin-Tin onwards. Are they UFOs? I don't know. But I can assure it's no fantasy."

Aban's words were confirmed by another area mayor, Hector Legoburo of Payogasta. "It's true, the Recta de Tin-Tin is a mysterious place at night. The lights that can be seen crossing the skies overhead are not a product of human engineering. Traveling from Salta to Payogasta I witnessed, I was tailed by a luminous object for a number of minutes. The people with me thought it was the lights of a construction vehicle, but it was impossible for a wheeled machine. And when the glare became brightest, we saw it vanish into the sky. I have no explanation for this."

In 2006, Diario El Tribuno published an article on the UFO reports emerging from the area.

A group of six people driving along National Highway 33 near the Amblavo crossroads claimed seeing “moving lights and flashes in the sky” on Friday, June 6, of that year. Upon reaching the city of Salta, the witnesses headed straight for El Tribuno’s newsroom to share the bewildering experience with staff writers:

"We can't all be wrong. We saw a light that moved and emitted flashes. It surprised us as it emerged from the straight road to Tin Tin and then again from Cuesta del Obispo," said Marcelo Tomas Aranda, an agronomist who works in Cachi and who visits Salta every Friday for the last 14 years.

The witnesses, who traveled aboard a van, agree with the report of a strange incandescent light that appeared up above. "The skies were clear and the moon lit the outline of the mountains. Suddenly, a circular light appeared, four times larger than a star." To Monica Cuevas, a technical secretary, and Adriana Laiseca, a supervisor with the Ministry of Education, the experience took them from total skepticism to questioning things that are said about UFO manifestations in the area.

Horacio Nolasco, the van's driver, travels back and forth from Cachi on a daily basis for years and had never seen anything like it. "It was a very shiny light with a straight-line motion from North to South that vanished between the mountains. We later saw it much closer as we descended halfway down Cuesta del Obispo," he explained.

Cesar Miguel Naranjo is an Ecuadorian national who has lived in Salta for 10 years. He is a parapsychologist and was among the witnesses to the event. "It's a wonderful sensation -- one is left dumbfounded by the knowledge that what is being seen is not a product of the imagination."

The other passenger, Nancy, who works in the Amblayo school, also saw the light but unlike her travel companions, did not wish to get off the vehicle. "The truth is that is frightened me a lot," she admitted.

Even stranger is the case involving a trio of motorcyclists who reported an unknown vehicle to El Tribuno in May 2002 as they made their way back to the city of Cachi along Route 33."We saw an enormous cigar-shaped unidentified flying object measuring some 100 meters in length."

Martin Oliver, Ruben Chihan and Antonio Rodo, young bikers well known throughout the area, claimed that their experience occurred on May 1, 2002 as they headed back from the capital. "We want our names to be included, because for a long time we've been hearing similar stories from fellow residents who out of a sense of shame or sheer cowardice do not want their names printed in the paper.”

"We were finishing the Tin Tin stretch when we saw a strange light from the east, in the vicinity of Payogasta. We stopped our rides and saw it: an enormous cylinder measuring some 100 meters in length, shining like a mirror in the reflected light of the setting sun. It was shaped like a giant cigarette and flew slowly some 200 meters from the ground. We couldn't believe it but it was real. It made no noise whatsoever and appeared to be made of a material similar to polished steel, " the cyclists reported. "Suddenly, it stopped and remained suspended in mid-air. A few seconds later, it began flying at an astonishing speed and lost itself in space."

Was the vast aerial cylinder -- reported by the three motorcycling enthusiasts -- the conveyance employed by a number of alleged humanoids a year later, also on the Tin Tin stretch?

Julio Rafael Espinoza was riding along with six other passengers in a bus on the evening of December 15, 2003. A farmer from the village of La Poma, he was accompanied by his young daughter Tamara, Benito Salva and his father, and four other men. As the bus entered the Tin Tin stretch, four hundred meters from the foothills of Cerro Negro, driver Benito Salva pointed at an unusual sight on the otherwise featureless landscape: “Hey fellas, look at that!”

"It was incredible,” Espinoza would later tell the El Tribuno newspaper. “We could see an object with impressive lights, side by side, spinning in a circle at high speed. Other lights turned up later, joining the first ones at the same spot. It made our jaws drop."

Alarmed but by no means afraid, Benito Salva pulled the bus over and parked it. He and the other passengers were content with looking at the display of lights from the imagined safety of the vehicle, but this wasn’t enough for the farmer from La Poma: Espinoza climbed onto the roof for a better look, but then jumped to the ground and walked toward the unknown display, seemingly unconcerned about his daughter’s safety.

"The landscape was very well-defined in spite of the darkness,” Espinoza continued. “I couldn't go on any further. I was moving away from the road and I was beginning to get scared when my eyes started seeing something that wasn’t readily visible at a distance. There was a device measuring some 100 meters wide resting over some kind of struts or legs that kept it some 10-12 meters off the ground. Some sort of hoses emerged from its middle, with lights on their tips. Suddenly, the lights on the object went out and these strange beings appeared. They walked slowly in single file, they were thin and their glow was so powerful they blinded me. At that moment I hid behind a bramble and I could see when one of them jumped onto a bramble--don't know how he did it--and began pulling pieces off it, as though taking samples."

Twenty minutes elapsed between the time Espinoza had gone off on his solo scouting mission and his return to the bus. "When I told them what I'd seen, they told me that they couldn't see the creatures because they were very far away. However, they saw the luminous phenomenon, which was visible from the roadside," he concluded.

From a strictly numerological standpoint, the number five appears to be a constant in these Chilean and Argentinean sightings. Five witnesses (or six) in these cases, with the added detail the Espinoza’s daughter Tamara was five years old at the time. An intriguing observation, but a feature that we see repeated in an earlier case involving the “trained observers” whose opinion is so valuable in UFO cases. The details on the Corimayo-Flores sighting were kindly provided to us by UFO researcher Guillermo D. Giménez; the original investigation was conducted by Paco Martínez, Patricio Parente, Juan Pablo González of Gaceta OVNI.

On May 9, 2001 – placing it much earlier than the other incidents along the Tin Tin stretch – deputies Ramiro Corimayo and Humberto Flores of the Cachi sheriff’s office were on duty, driving along Route 33 from Cachi past Los Cardones National Park in the company of three others. The interesting feature of the case is that two of the passengers in the police car were detainees (one of them female) being transferred to a detention center, and their personal information was held in strict confidence. The identity and rank of the third officer was also kept confidential.

With Flores at the wheel of the car, they were expected in the city of Salta at seven o’clock in the morning. As they entered the Tin Tin stretch, the deputies became aware of a bright point of light in the distance, described as much larger than a star.

“We drove along Route 33,” said deputy Corimayo, “and once were in the Recta, where [the sign] for the Los Cardones National Park is located, toward the east, more or less around Cerros Tirados, which are some 20-30 kilometers away (12-18 miles), Flores said to me: “Look, it’s a farol (evil light).”

Officer Corimayo detected the luminous dot at Flores’s indication and recalled the oft-mentioned faroles that tend to appear to travelers at night. The considerable mentions of these objects made by people leads them to look at the object fixedly, because neither man had hitherto run into a “Spain: Cars Bedeviled by UFOs

The roughly ten miles that separate the southern reaches of the Americas from Spain have not proven an obstacle to this phenomenon – extraterrestrial to some, interdimensional to others – that displays an unabashed interest in human vehicles and roads.

In November 1985, northwestern Spain’s La Voz de Galicia newspaper reported a brush between an unidentified flying object and a passenger car on a road along the Cecebre Reservoir. The driver, a newspaper layout technician whose name was never released, was driving back to the village of Piadela from his job in the city of La Coruña. As he approached the reservoir, he noticed a “greenish, rectangular vehicle” hovering overhead in the darkness. The object, described as box-like, made a vertical descent some fifty feet away from the astonished driver’s sedan, prompting him to slow down to a complete stop. The rectangular unknown vehicle passed silently over his car and vanished. The witness subsequently experienced symptoms “similar to hypnosis” after the experience.

On January 25, 1996, at during the heated days of the Galician UFO wave in northwestern Spain, Bartolomé Vázquez of the town of As Pontes, filmed a triangular UFO as it was pursued by two Spanish Air Force fighters. He would be treated to the sight of other strange objects in his native skies and undergo a harrowing close encounter: on one occasion, a UFO hovered directly over his vehicle while he traveled along with his wife and children. The unknown craft allegedly damaged the car's roof. Vázquez also claims that his brother had a similar encounter around the same time, but in that incident, "his car's engine died when the UFO flew over it, and all the car doors opened at once..."

Another landmark case involving vehicular interference occurred during the same UFO wave: Andrés Landeira had no idea he was about to become the star of UFO drama on the night of February 26, 1996, when he discovered that his sedan was unable to climb the steep hill which led back to his home in the city of Lugo.

Shifting gears with a perplexed expression on his features, Landeira noticed that the sedan refused to budge. It was only then that he realized that his car was rising into the air.

Panicking, he opened the door, hoping to jump to safety from whatever nameless fate awaited him, but he realized he was well over thirty feet in the air. "I held on to the steering wheel with all my might," Landeira would later tell UFO investigator Manuel Carballal, "I forced my back into the driver's seat and thought I was going to die, being taken to God knows where...Hell! I was really scared."

But the car was not spirited off into the black skies. Landeira observed that whatever had picked him up deposited him back onto the road just slightly ahead of his original position, but sideways. Aside from being badly frightened by the experience, the driver wasn't negatively affected. The only reminder of the event was the car's dashboard clock, which froze at precisely ten minutes before two o'clock in the morning. Andrés was described as a "trustworthy man" by his friends and neighbors, who saw no reason at all to believe that he was being anything but truthful.

On April 13, 1993 a 28-year-old man identified only as Alfonso R.A. from the city of Lérida claimed that "extraterrestrials" had forced him to alter the course of the car he was driving at the time. If that wasn't bad enough, Alfonso R.A. alleged that the ET's "held him against his will" for a total of 8 hours.

The story, carried by the EFE news agency, reported that "a strange impulse" caused the driver to change course from his intended destination toward the village of Fraga. Shortly after this, Alfonso R.A. was "attracted toward a strange light" and felt a penetrating sensation in the back of his neck. "I am convinced", Alfonso told reporters, "That my attackers were aliens and that I remained some eight hours with them."

The alleged abductee had no independent recollection of what transpired during the missing-time event and was found at his home in a semi-comatose state, which a health care professional described as "a serious case of depression."

According to Alfonso's relatives, he left the town of Alcoletge, where he works as a farmer, and headed toward Lérida, where his brother awaited him to do some shopping. He never turned up.

Source: Inexplicata


"Vampire" Woman Bites Fla. Man Asleep in Wheelchair

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - An elderly man is recovering after a Florida woman declared she was a vampire and allegedly bit his face and neck.

69-year-old Milton Ellis told St. Petersburg police he was sleeping in his electronic wheelchair outside of a vacant Hooters restaurant last Wednesday night, and awoke to find 22-year-old Josephine Smith - aka, the vampire - on top of him, reported CBS affiliate WTSP.

Smith allegedly told Ellis, "I'm a vampire, I am going to eat you," and proceeded to bite him, ripping flesh from his lips and face.
Bloodied, Ellis managed to escape to a nearby gas station, where he called police, WTSP reported.

Responding officers found a half-naked Smith covered in blood at the restaurant. She reportedly told officers she had no idea what happened.

Ellis, who also had bite marks on his arm, was taken to the hospital, where he needed stitches.

Police say the two had met earlier at the shopping center beside the former Hooters. Smith, who is from Pensacola, was waiting for a relative to drive down and pick her up and the two decided to hang out together at the closed restaurant while she waited.

Ellis eventually fell asleep, and that's when Smith allegedly attacked.

Smith was arrested and charged with aggravated battery on an elderly person. She had been arrested less than a month ago in Escambia County on drug possession charges.

Source: CBS Crimesider

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