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This weeks issue of Conspiracy Journal looks at such neck-biting tales as:

- Cold Fusion Research Promises to Change the World -
Could an Electromagnetic Pulse Send us Back to the Dark Ages? -
- Tsunamis and Sky Beasts -
- UFOs, What in the World are they Doing? -
AND: Yeti Hunters to Track Down '30-Strong Siberian Tribe'

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Round Trip To Hell In A Flying Saucer:
UFO Parasites - Alien Soul Suckers -
Invaders From Demonic Realms






It's the dirty little secret of UFOlogy -- something that only a few insiders dare discuss amongst themselves. For example, Lord Hill-Norton, the late five-star Admiral and the former head of the British Ministry of Defence, believed strongly in the existence of UFOs. But he did not see them in a positive light, professing instead in his privately printed UFO Concern Report: "UFOs are essentially a religious matter rather than a military threat and furthermore there is certainly a degree of psychic involvement in almost every case. Quite often, however, such experiences are definitely antithetical to orthodox Christian beliefs."

Journalist and author of "The Mothman Prophecies" (made into a film starring Richard Gere) John A. Keel was adamant when he stated: ". . ..The UFOs do not seem to exist as tangible manufactured objects. They do not conform to the accepted natural laws of our environment. . .The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon."

Other researchers of supernatural phenomena have noted that. . .The casting of magical spells, the performance of occult rituals and a ceremony to conjure up spirits are sometimes attempted by witnesses prior to a UFO appearing in their proximity.


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Cold Fusion Research Promises to Change the World

Is Andrea Rossi the messiah -- or just a very naughty boy?

Rossi, an Italian inventor, claims to have come up with the Holy Grail of power generation, an "Energy Catalyser" or E-Cat, which produces limitless energy. He has already carried out laboratory demonstrations in front of scientists and the Italian media, and in October he plans to unveil a one-megawatt power plant in the US. If it works, the E-Cat is the biggest thing since atomic power, bringing an inexhaustible supply of cheap energy. It looks much too good to be true and many dismiss it as an obvious scam, but Rossi has powerful support from some surprising quarters.

The E-Cat is deceptively simple: hydrogen is passed over a special catalyst based on nickel in a container about a litre in size, and enough heat is produced to boil water. A demonstration in January appeared to show a several kilowatts of output from a four hundred watt input. The catalyst is secret, but Rossi says it can be produced at low cost. The two questions that matter: does it really work? And what are the implications if it does?

The E-Cat is the latest incarnation of cold fusion, an area long shunned by respectable scientists. In 1989, researchers Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann claimed to have produced a small amount of energy by nuclear fusion on a lab bench via electrolysis. This was unprecedented and appeared to contradict accepted science, as fusion only occurs at temperatures of millions of degrees in the Sun and stars. Other scientists failed to replicate this cold fusion, and the whole field was soon labelled bad science at best. Few journals will cover it these days. In science terms, an interest cold fusion is up there with astrology and alchemy.

A few scientists do still work in this field, notably at the US Naval Research Laboratory. Occasional papers are published claiming positive results in the area of "Low Energy Nuclear Reactions" and "excess heat generation". Nobody calls it cold fusion, and this is an area led by experiment rather than theory. But some scientists are breaking cover.

Frank Acland has been following Rossi's work closely, and has a website, E-Cat World, tackling the latest developments. He reels off a list of scientists who have examined the E-Cat for themselves and verified what was happening.

"They have all gone on the record to say that they believe that there is a nuclear reaction taking place, " says Acland, "that the levels of energy output the E-Cat produces could not come from a chemical reaction."

The demonstrations appear to show a lot more heat is coming out of apparatus than goes in. Two Swedish scientists from NyTeknik magazine ruled out any hidden power source and concluded: "The only alternative explanation is that there is some kind of a nuclear process that gives rise to the measured energy production." Unlike the Pons and Fleishman experiments, where the excess heat was tiny, this is on a massive scale. Rossi even claims to have been heating a factory using E-Cats. It's a big effect -- or a big hoax.

Rossi's heavyweight supporters include 1973 physics Nobel prize winner Brian Josephson. Josephson also supports telepathy research. Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist at Nasa's Langley Research Centre, appears to be a believer in the E-Cat, commenting in a recent interview with Electric Vehicle World that the science was being worked out and, "I think this will go forward fairly rapidly now". However, Nasa scientists are still at the stage of exploring whether there is valid physics behind the E-Cat rather than actually buying them.

Darpa, the Pentagon's advanced science wing, has also been involved in this field. Budget documents reveal a longstanding interest in low energy nuclear reactions, and the plan for 2012 includes the line "Establish scalability and scaling parameters in excess heat generation processes in collaboration with the Italian Department of Energy."

Ex-Darpa chief Tony Tether told New Energy Times that "If it is a hoax, it's a damned good one."

Inventors often complain that their technology could change the world if investors would just give them a few million to produce it. Rossi will get his chance. The one-megawatt device Rossi plans to soon demonstrate is made by combining 300 small E-Cats.

What will it mean if it does work? The E-cat will provide a lightweight source of cheap energy, without any CO2 emissions. (And unlike nuclear fission, there is also no radioactive waste.) This could turn the world upside-down, and trigger a new industrial revolution which would shift away from fossil fuels and into an era of clean, plentiful energy.

The simplest application would use the steam or hot water from an E-Cat for heating. An E-Cat could heat your home so you would never need gas, oil or coal again. It could be scaled to heat offices, factories, or other buildings. Rossi eventually hopes to make 300,000 E-Cat modules a year.

The E-Cat could also bring back the steam engine. The steam car powered by an E-Cat could replace the electric car as green transport. The idea is not as peculiar as it might sound; steam cars have a long pedigree, and speed record for this type of vehicle is held by the British Steam Car team who achieved an impressive 149 mph in 2009. It might not make the sort of noise beloved of Jeremy Clarkson, but you'd never have to stop at a petrol station again, just top up with water at intervals.

Electricity generation is more challenging. Rossi says the E-Cat only runs at about 500 degrees for safety reasons; modern power plants run at higher temperatures, which are more efficient. Rossi says he is working on the problem, and reckons that E-Cats could produce electricity for about 2,000 Euros per kilowatt initially, with costs falling dramatically when economies of scale kick in. Combined heat and power units would be most economical, and domestic E-Cats could see people selling to the grid rather than buying from it. Energy prices would plummet, and it could create a new type of economy.

"Many people go to work every day to have enough money to fuel their cars, pay the light and heat bills, and to pay for goods whose cost is largely made up of the energy required to produce and transport it," says Acland. "If energy prices go down across the board, theoretically goods will become much cheaper, and people won't need to work in the same way that they do now just to survive."

Because it does not produce carbon dioxide, the E-Cat solves the CO2 emission problem at a stroke. Transport, manufacturing and heating will all switch over to E-Cat because of the lower costs, and fossil fuels would become a thing of the past. Britain's reliance on imported gas would end, and oil imports would all but cease, being confined to a few niche applications. Oil companies, and oil-based economies, would collapse.

It's an appealing vision -- unless you happen to be working in one of the sectors that would be affected -- but until later this month we can't tell if it's for real. Skeptics point to the lack of published science, and the way that Rossi keeps details of his special catalyst secret. They also point to his past involvement in Petroldragon, a company involved in converting organic waste into fuel, which collapsed in the 1990's amidst allegations of dumping toxic waste. (Rossi maintains that he was the victim in this complex case).

And the E-Cat development has thrown up its own scandal. Until August of this year, Rossi was planning his big launch in Greece, and an E-Cat factory was being built in Xanthi. But the deal has somehow fallen through for unexplained reasons, vaguely blamed on pressure from "international energy interests" who may be threatened by the invention.

The megawatt E-Cat will be unveiled in America. Rossi has licensed the technology to a start-up called Ampenergo. Though new, the company has credentials; one of its founders is Robert Gentile, Assistant Secretary of Energy for Fossil Energy at the US Department of Energy (DOE) in the 90's.

Rossi claims the demonstration will be attended by high-level scientists and science journalists, unlike previous occasions which have had little mainstream coverage. They have not so much attacked his claims as ignored them.

Surprisingly enough, Rossi's most severe critic is Steven Krivit, editor of the New Energy Times. Krivit has had years of experience at looking at all sorts cold fusion devices which have been claimed to produce power. His team have carried out a very thorough analysis of Rossi's demonstrations and they have their doubts.

"According to my analysis, his claim has no scientific credibility," Krivit told Wired.co.uk. The device he claimed to heat a factory in Bondeno seems to exist only on paper."

Krivit's analysis looks at the amount of steam that actually comes out of the device and the way it is measured. He concludes that the E-Cat does not have nearly the output he suggests, and may not even be producing excess energy.

Krivit's answer to the question of whether Rossi's demonstrations support his claims is: "Definitely no."

There is some irony at work here: we apparently have a number of mainstream scientists backing an outlandish project which investors are putting money into, while the most vocal critic comes from the world of cold fusion.

Who's right? The only way to find out will be to watch out for what Rossi does later this month.

Source: Wired.UK


Could an Electromagnetic Pulse Send us Back to the Dark Ages?

The electromagnetic pulse. It's the big, bad boogeyman of the electronic age where we depend on a constant stream of communication and connection. Everything stops – instantly. EMPs are often used in pop culture (particularly any time Magneto wants to take over the planet) to caused widespread destruction and to control a population by plunging them into a new Dark Age. What's the likelihood of such an event happening? Would an EMP do any damage at all? Let's take a look.

What is an EMP and what causes them?

An EMP is a sudden burst of electromagnetic radiation that follows a nuclear detonation. EMPs are not exclusively caused by nuclear weapons, but ones large enough to cause wide-scale disruptive are most likely to occur by from nuclear rather than typical chemical-based explosions. EMPs come in three different forms, classified as E1, E2, and E3.

E1 pulses are by far the most devastating, and result from gamma radiation emitted from a nuclear detonation that removes electrons from the surrounding air. These electrons careen into the Earth's magnetic field and are forced down towards the planet. This process creates a very strong pulse aimed directly at the surface that carries enough strength to exceed the breakdown voltages of many electronic devices. It is very important to note that E1 pulses are only produced by a detonation that is significantly high enough in altitude in which electrons can interact with the Earth's magnetic field.

E2 pulses are also caused by gamma radiation and follow within in a fraction of a second of an E1 pulse, and are akin to those produced by lightning bolts (so they would be protected by typical surge protectors). The final pulse, an E3, is different in nature from the previous two in that it results from a shifting of the Earth's magnetic field, and would continue until the magnetic field re-settled, similar to what occurs with a solar flare.

It's all in the altitude

If a nuclear weapon is detonated at significant altitude (30 plus miles above the surface), an E1 would be followed in quick succession by an E2 and E3, with the results of the extremely devastating E1 pulse possibly removing the protection in place for the others. The altitude necessary would mean that an EMP was the desired detonation after-event. If the detonation happens at ground level or several kilometers above ground, no E1 pulse will occur, but the E2 and E3 pulses will still follow the detonation.

With the E1 portion of the pulse being the most significant contributor to an EMP attack, the payload of the nuclear weapon is less significant than the altitude of the detonation if a country or organization desired to conduct an EMP attack. In testimony to the House National Security Committee in 1997, Gary Smith, the director of Applied Physics Lab at Johns Hopkins University, spoke on the radius of devastation that would occur from a high altitude EMP. The testimony stated that a detonation at 300 miles above the surface of the Earth would result in an E1 pulse that would cover an area the size of the United States along with most of Canada and Mexico.

EMP testing during the Cold War

There have been at least two series of EMP tests, Operation Fishbowl carried out by the United States over Hawaii and the K Project carried by the USSR over the skies of Kazakhstan. Both tests used high altitude nuclear detonations to create a limited E1 pulse and measured the subsequent damage, as this was a major fear in the early 1960s while both countries were in the shadow on the Cold War. Both tests resulted in the disruption in electrical systems, with hundreds of streetlights in Hawaii being blown, civilian telecommunications disrupted, and military monitoring equipment sent off scale in the process of detonating the Starfish Prime portion of Operation Fishbowl.

The U.S. Government seems to think we are currently unprepared

The United States EMP Commission was formed in 2006 to survey civilian reaction to an EMP disturbance. The commission found civilian infrastructure to be woefully lacking, including healthcare systems, along with a poor vision on the military's protection against an EMP attack in the years after the Cold War.

In 2010, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory commissioned a 168 page document that would anticipate the events of an E1 pulse, The Early-Time (E1) High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) and Its Impact on the U.S. Power Grid. In addition to pointing out weakness after weakness in infrastructure and connectivity of the U.S. power grid. These weakness included the purveyance of unmanned substations and poorly sheltered (if sheltered at all) control cables, which would serve to further carry the negative effects of an EMP. The document has the following ominous statement:

    A major concern is simply that we have not really experienced such an event yet (an E1 HEMP attack), and there is not a good way to simulate such an attack on a widely distributed network.

Verdict: We'll be camping for a while

This is a tough one, as even our government admits they don't really know what would happen and they think we are woefully unprepared. I just don't find this to be a heartwarming notion. Civilization may not be sent to the Dark Ages, but there would almost certainly be significant, wide scale disruptions in power and communications until our power infrastructure could be restored. I would argue that we would certainly be living in a mid-1800s world for several days, if not weeks, with little knowledge of what was going on in the rest of the country and world. That's a scary thought – be prepared for an extended camping trip, with lots of hot dogs, pulp and ink books, and being unable to use your iPhone as a flashlight.

Source: io9/Keith Veronese


Tsunamis and Sky Beasts
By Brent Swancer

On March 11, 2011, a huge earthquake occurred off Tohoku Japan, which in turn unleashed a massive tsunami that battered the Japanese coast. The ensuing devastation left thousands dead or homeless, and damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant, leading to one of the worst nuclear disasters the world has seen since Chernobyl.

Almost immediately, a steady progression of images of carnage began to spread out to televisions all over the world. We saw the unstoppable wall of water obliterating all in its path, whole towns leveled, houses and ships thrown about like toys in a bathtub, nuclear reactors spewing ominous clouds of smoke, and unthinkable human suffering. Right there before our eyes was nature’s might laid bare in all its terrible splendor for all to look upon with shock and awe.

In the months after this tragic event, the country scrambled to repair the damage and lockdown nuclear reactors that threatened critical meltdown. As the world looked on with horror, a strange pattern of phenomena also began to emerge from the crisis, mostly hidden from the mainstream media eye. Some people were seeing not only the damage wrought by the tsunami, but also something strange that they could not explain.

The days after the Japanese tsunami disaster saw a deluge of various reports of strange, unexplained objects in the skies above the earthquake stricken areas. These reports of unidentified objects understandably caused quite a bit of buzz among UFO enthusiasts, and speculation abounded across the internet of aliens observing or by some estimates even causing the disaster.

However, were these accounts of anomalous flying objects truly caused by aliens, or did they derive from something else entirely? I find myself wondering, could the flood of UFO reports after the tsunami at least in part have its roots in something more cryptozoological in nature? Is there a biological answer to this strange flap of sightings? It seems to me that it is worth considering that perhaps it is not aliens we should be looking at, but rather what has proven to be one of the more bizarre and little discussed types of flying cryptids.

For centuries, reports have surfaced of strange creatures inhabiting the skies above us. Atmospheric beasts, or atmospheric life-forms, as they are often called, are said to be organisms that live their entire lives floating high in the atmosphere undetected by humans.  These creatures are most often described as having bodies that are semi-solid, or almost insubstantial, with some reports even claiming that they are able to adjust their density from almost immaterial and invisible to more solid, depending on as yet unknown factors.

The appearance of these atmospheric beasts varies wildly. Accounts have variously described them as amorphous and cloud-like behemoths, finned squid-like creatures, floating jellyfish, translucent, vaporous blobs, amoeba-like organisms, and even dragons. The sizes of atmospheric beasts likewise run the gamut from tiny and bird-like, to gargantuan monsters hundreds of feet long.

Although these enigmatic creatures are said to typically lurk too high in the atmosphere or to be too insubstantial to see with the naked eye, there are instances when one might become observable for some reason. Indeed, sightings of atmospheric beasts, although rare, do pop up from time to time. There has been a substantial amount of reports over the years describing unusual flying monsters that do not fit into the typical mold of thunderbirds or other flying cryptids. These atmospheric life forms have even allegedly been photographed on occasion.

In addition, the possibility of these denizens of the sky has caused speculation that they may in fact even be the direct cause of many UFO sightings.  Large ones, it is hypothesized, could be seen and reported as UFOS. There has even been some conjecture that what appear to be artificial lights reported on some UFOs could in reality be a form of bioluminescence.

The idea of these hypothetical atmospheric life forms as an explanation for at least some UFO reports is not new. The famed cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson himself was fascinated by the idea of giant animals swimming through the air above us, and wrote a good deal about them. Among Sanderson’s various hypotheses and musings concerning atmospheric beasts was the notion that many UFO reports may be in fact attributable to these sky dwelling creatures.

Indeed, when one looks at some of the photos taken of mysterious objects in the sky, it is easy to get a sense that we are perhaps looking at something biological in nature rather than artificial.

UFO author Trevor James Constable also noted in his 1975 book The Cosmic Pulse of Life, that the UFO phenomena may well be caused by the presence of some kind of goliath beasts inhabiting the skies. He further speculated that 20th century radar might disturb such creatures, causing them to become more solid and visible to the naked eye, or to drop down to lower altitudes where they would be more readily sighted.

This bit of speculation leads to the interesting notion that these creatures, if they do indeed exist, may perhaps use some sort of navigation system to maintain their bearings and find their way.  This is not such a far out possibility, as many known organisms utilize such systems. If such atmospheric organisms did in fact use some sort of navigation system, then they would possibly become disoriented when this system was disrupted, much as sonar does to some whales. If this is the case, then it would in turn lead us directly back to the tsunami disaster in Japan.

The thing is that earthquakes and tsunamis influence more than just the Earth and the seas. When the powerful earthquake hit Japan on March 11, it not only jolted the Earth, but also shook the skies above. When earthquakes and tsunamis occur, they generate surface motion that in turn can trigger waves that can shoot up all the way to one of the highest parts of the upper atmosphere, to what is known as the ionosphere. These events are known as seismotravelling ionospheric disturbances.

Recent research done in Japan has shown that the March 11 earthquake generated the largest such atmospheric disturbance ever recorded. It was an estimated three times more powerful than the next largest, which was recorded during the 2004 Sumatran earthquake.  The March 11 disturbance created waves of large amounts of electrically charged particles travelling 720 to 800 kph (450 to 500 mph) that reached up to around 350km (220 miles) above the Earth.

One effect of these disturbances is their ability to disrupt radio and other signals, which is in fact one of the ways scientists use to measure them.  If atmospheric beasts do exist high above us, and if in fact they do use some sort of navigation system that can be disrupted by things such as radar, then what might such a large, earthquake induced atmospheric disturbance do to them?

It should be noted that the March 11 Japanese earthquake and tsunami was not the only such disaster to be accompanied by a rash of sightings of strange things in the sky. The second largest such atmospheric disturbance, the Sumatran earthquake and tsunami of 2004, also was accompanied by a large amount of  UFO sightings. Is there the possibility that the earthquake induced atmospheric waves deriving from these disasters are somehow disrupting sensitive navigation systems of some sort of atmospheric life-form and thus bringing them down from their typical habitats?

For now we do not know if these creatures exist, so it is hard to say what is going on. One might even marvel at how something as seemingly farfetched as these proposed atmospheric organisms could even fit into our current understanding of biology. Yet the same could have once been said of other unique organisms and ecosystems we have discovered that did not fit into any known model at the time.

There was a time when the idea of thriving organisms in the cold, black, crushing pressure of the deep sea seemed just as weird. Sulphur loving deep sea vent organisms that thrive in an extreme ecosystem almost completely independent of sunlight and photosynthesis seemed at one time just as outlandish and bizarre. Indeed sometimes truth can be as strange as fiction, if not stranger.

At this point, this is of course all speculation, but whenever I read something about the apparent spike in UFO sightings following the March 11 Japanese earthquake and tsunami, I find it interesting to speculate on these possible cryptozoological implications. I cannot help but think that in this case, perhaps we don’t need to look at strange, otherworldly explanations for these phenomena, but rather the strange things that we might find right here on our own planet.

It may be worth looking at the possibility of unknown animals that in this instance lurk not within far away, unexplored forests and swamps, or the remote, murky depths of the lakes and oceans of the world, but rather in the vast skies above our heads right at this very moment.

Source: Cryptomundo


Monster Hot-Spots - Where Creatures Lurk
By Nick Redfern     

It is one thing to receive reports of a strange creature – whether Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or the Chupacabra – seen in one particular locale. But it’s quite another thing entirely to get multiple reports of several different unidentified beasts from one clearly delineated area! And, yet, within the field of Cryptozoology, that’s precisely what we see on numerous occasions.
Take, for example, England’s Cannock Chase – a sprawling and dense mass of heath and woodland situated in the county of Staffordshire. For years, an absolute menagerie of unknown animals and out-of-place critters has been seen roaming the Chase. The list is as long as it is impressively weird, and includes Bigfoot-type entities, marauding werewolves, large and exotic cats of the puma variety, giant snakes, oversized birds and much more.
Then there’s Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk – near England’s east-coast. In December 1980, the forest was the site of what – today – is considered by many to be Britain’s most famous UFO encounter. Over the course of several nights in the latter part of the month, numerous military personnel reported seeing UFOs, strange lights, and even alien-type entities deep in the woods. A major cover-up was put into place to hide the startling truth of the affair, claim numerous UFO researchers.
But, that’s not all: Rendlesham is also the reputed home of a Sasquatch-style creature known as the Shug Monkey. Big cats have been reported prowling the woods for years. As have ghostly, glowing-eyed, black dogs. And centuries ago in the waters off the very nearby town of Orford, a hair-covered, crazed creature – half man and half animal - was said to have been captured and tamed.
And let’s take a trip to Loch Ness, Scotland. You thought Nessie was the strangest thing haunting those old dark waters? Nope! Big black cats – similar to those seen in the aforementioned Cannock Chase and Rendlesham Forest - consider the woods surrounding the loch to be their home too. Legend also tells of shape-shifting monsters known as Kelpies skulking around the area.
There are even reports of large animals seen in the waters of the loch that sound nothing like the image of Nessie that most people have – namely, that of a long-necked, humped animal with flippers.
Moving across the Atlantic Ocean, the huge Big Thicket woods in Texas are home to ape-men, wild men of the woods, and – yet again – big-cats. The Big Thicket is also home to something known as the Ghost-Light: a spooky, ethereal ball of bright floating light that - by night - surfs the old roads that run through and around the Big Thicket.
And the curious list goes on and on. All of this, of course, begs a very important question? Why do certain areas of our globe seem to act as full-blown “hot-spots” for weird beasts of wildly varying types? Some researchers suggest that the areas themselves are as significant as the creatures that lurk within them.
A number of theorists have suggested the idea – and, granted, an idea is all it can be perceived as right now – that certain parts of our planet act as portals or “doorways” to other realms of existence (extra-dimensions, in other words), through which all of these strange creatures come as the mood takes them.
Sounds controversial? Yes! Many might say such a scenario sounds just too controversial. And maybe they’re right.
On the other hand, if such portals do exist – and one day science proves their existence – this may well go some way towards explaining why certain parts of the Earth appear to be true magnets of the monstrous kind.

Source: Mania


UFOs, What in the World are they Doing?
By Diane Tessman

Yesterday I read Roger Marsh’s MUFON reports of the huge boomerang-shaped UFO which hovered over I-70 and Highway 291, in the area where these two highways intersect, in Missouri. This craft had multiple independent observers and they agreed closely with each other as to what they observed.

The gigantic UFO is reported to have had numerous bright lights which were “almost blinding, like stadium lights” There were only a few lights from a rear view, and they were square, not in a straight line but at different angles. Underneath, the craft was a perfect V shape. The craft was utterly silent.

The UFO hovered very low, over I-70 and when it did move away, it apparently moved at a slow speed. It seemed that as it moved away, it split into three craft or else “expanded itself” and became so enormous as to look like three separate craft.

These are fascinating reports! The one published photo is strange and not really like the descriptions; the illustration which an observer drew, is more similar to descriptions. At any rate, there is no reason to doubt any of the multiple independent observers.

Therefore, I arrive at my question: What in the galaxy did these UFO occupants think they were doing?

The first possible answer: They had a really good reason for this mission which I simply do not know and possibly, could not comprehend.

I admit, that’s a possibility. However, let’s look at what I can comprehend:

Why fly a gigantic, possibly even cumbersome (slow) craft, extremely low over an interstate? Maybe the craft could go really fast but the fact is, it moved slowly. It was as low as “500 feet,” and several observers said it was as low as “200 feet, almost could touch it.”

Why hover over slow moving traffic? Apparently there was an accident on Highway 291 which had slowed traffic. One observer said he saw people in other cars looking up at this strange craft, and traffic was moving very slowly. We therefore ask, was the UFO trying to help someone in the car accident?

Or, did the UFO cause the car accident, either on purpose or by accident?

This “light and dark” question tends to focus on the basic nature of the occupants of this craft. However, the car accident might have had nothing to do with the UFO.

Were the UFO occupants studying the interstate highways of human beings? Were they trying to figure out how to drive a car? Were they questioning why humans get themselves into big car-jams?

It seems that UFO occupants should have studied questions of this nature by now; the modern UFO era started in 1947, and cars with humans driving them who end up in traffic jams, have been around all this time.

Frankly, I just can’t imagine the head of Intergalactic Operations saying, “Crew members, go hover really low over a busy interstate highway, and please take our huge, lumbering craft with blinding ‘stadium’ lights, and split into 3 parts as you amble off”

Perhaps the crew aboard this huge craft didn’t take orders from anybody and were just sightseeing. Maybe they just arrived from a distant galaxy and had never seen a traffic jam before. Now I’m just making things up. Back to the facts:

My favorite explanation: The UFO occupants wanted to be seen by a whole bunch of humans, and that seemed like an opportune situation.

No other reason – just that, “It is time that we are seen by as many humans as possible.”

There must be some reason for the immense surge in sightings (excluding tricky video and other hoaxes). It seems that for years, “they” were mostly on specific missions known only to them, but recently, what in the world can they all be doing? They are all over the place!

Are there that many specific, intricate missions (good or bad intentioned), which they need to be doing over crowded human venues?

In recent months, they have appeared over many major cities, over fireworks displays, air shows, and crowded football stadiums. It seems they are zooming around as much as they can, with the specific assignment, “Be sure as many humans see you as possible.”

Why is this happening?

Are the aliens trying to force governments to disclose alien existence to the human masses? It is logical that if enough people see a UFO, the certain knowledge of alien existence and visitation enters the mass human consciousness. The People of Earth will know and the governments and military can no longer keep the truth from the populace. In fact, The People of Earth already know.

In the past, only some humans “believed,” and some did not. With the huge rise in the number of sightings, more and more people have realized that UFO disclosure is mandatory.

After all, once you see an alien craft, you are never the same again. New worlds open up, new hopes, new fears, and eventually, a higher consciousness opens for you. So maybe this goes beyond the aliens trying to force UFO disclosure; perhaps all these public appearances by saucers, triangles, boomerangs, and orbs, are an effort to actually raise the level of human consciousness, worldwide. Perhaps the human species itself is receiving help from aliens in its mental and spiritual evolution.

Is this new? UFOs have always been around, often at pivotal spiritual milestones for humans.

And the final question regarding why UFOs seem to be showing up at venues with large numbers of humans these days:

Are they preparing us for landings?

“First, you see us clearly. Large numbers of you see our craft so that there is no doubt that this is an alien craft. Get used to it, and then we land.”


website: http://www.earthchangepredictions.com


Yeti Hunters to Track Down '30-Strong Siberian Tribe'

Its legend has long haunted the icy wastes of the Himalayas and Siberia.

Yet for all the mysterious sightings and strange footprints in the snow, the Yeti has proved remarkably elusive to those seeking solid evidence of its existence.

Now, however, the Abominable Snowman has an international team of scientists on its trail in a Russian region which one expert claims is home to around 30 of the creatures.

An expedition and conference – the largest of its kind since 1958 – will this week bring together scientists from Russia and the U.S. who have even agreed to share  secret Cold War evidence in the effort to prove the humanoid beasts exist.

It follows a rise in apparent Yeti sightings in the Kemerovo region 3,000 miles – and four time zones – east of Moscow.

One of the most recent was reported by 82-year-old Raisa Sudochakova, who claims her dogs howled in fear and ran when they saw the Yeti.

She said: ‘It was still a tall creature, but not giant. It was covered with long brown-grey hair, like a bear. It wasn’t a bear – I have lived all my life in Siberia and wouldn’t make that mistake. This creature walked like a human, or almost like a human.’

Experts speculated she may have seen a young Yeti, as other sightings have suggested the creatures are about 7ft.

This week’s expedition will begin with experts from six nations gathering at the International Centre of Hominology in Tashtagol.

Igor Burtsev, the centre’s director, believes around 30 Yetis live in the Kuzbass coal mining area of Kemerovo, where villagers say they steal sheep and hens. He claims they are Neanderthals who have survived to this day.

The event comes after the most recent expedition to find the Yeti failed, despite the efforts of Russian heavyweight boxing champion Nikolai Valuyev, known as the ‘Beast from the East’.

‘Valuyev did not manage to meet the Yeti itself but on the way he discovered traces such as broken tree branches,’ said a local government spokesman.

‘By the time they reached the Azass cave, the expedition saw gigantic footprints.’

Not surprisingly, there has been a degree of scepticism over the latest hunt – not least from those who reckon it’s just an attempt to boost tourism in Kemerovo.

Source: The Daily Mail

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