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Like a silent, unwelcome guest, the biting cold pours down from the frozen north - encasing all that it touches in an icy grip of stygian paralysis. Now is the time when the old ones rise from their dusty abodes, seeking the warmth and vitality of the young and living. But when darkness falls, and the living nightmares of ancient sorrows once again prowl the backroads of the unconscious - comfort can always be found in your latest edition of your favorite weekly e-mail newsletter of the weird and strange - Conspiracy Journal!

This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such chi-flowing tales as:

- Giant Asteroid to Have Close Encounter with Earth -
Italian Cold Fusion Machine Passes Another Test -
- Aliens, 7 Billion Humans, and Our Depleted Planet -
- The Haunted Painting -
AND: Ohio Woman Says Photo Show "Intimate Ghosts" in Her House

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

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Oxford educated Shakespearean scribe Stuart Robb spent over 30 years before his death caught up in the great controversy as to who really penned Shakespeare's works. Christopher Marlowe, Edward de Vere and Sir Francis Bacon have all been considered "suspects."

The arguments are many but include: o Shakespeare's lack of education and breeding, as well as the fact that his parents were illiterate. The plays were of such a magnitude that only an individual with a university education could have written them.

o Is it possible the "real" Shakespeare could not even sign his own name, as six different signatures when compared, do not match and are virtually illegible scribbling.

o No renderings of the playwright were done before his death which was the case of almost everyone in the theater.

Upon his death, the parish registry listed him as a "Gent," NOT an actor or dramatist, and a sack of grain was etched upon his headstone.

THE REVEALING OF SECRETS IS NOT FOR WORLDLY USE, BUT FOR THE EASE OF A MAN'S HEART In November 1623, the First Folio of the plays of Shakespeare, were published. The folio is one of the most closely studied works of English literature, yet it raises more unanswered questions, as more than one life long student of Shakespeare points out. One month earlier Francis Beacon, one of the leading figures of the English Renaissance, had published a "code book" which are said to reveal the untold -- highly explosive- story of the hidden marriage of Elizabeth.


This two audio CD set narrated by the feisty Stuart Robb along with our complete "Confidential" Dossier by Sean Casteel exposes one of the greatest conspiracies and hoaxes of all time which have left Shakespearean fans scratching their heads. Why such a hoax? And more important -- why has it been covered up, and why are scholars afraid to tell the truth?

This Fall (2011) movie goers will watch this epic controversy unfold upon the big screen starring Vanessa Redgrave and Rhys Ifans in a film titled ANONYMOUS released by Columbia Pictures.

This Audio CD set and book are now available for the SPECIAL PRICE OF ONLY $17.00
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Giant Asteroid to Have Close Encounter with Earth

An asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier is set to pass closer to Earth than the moon - the nearest anything this big has come to our planet in 35 years.

The space rock has been classed as a 'potentially hazardous object' because it will shave our planet .8 lunar distances away on Tuesday, November 8.

Experts have calculated that if something of that size were to hit Earth it would cause a 4,000 megaton blast, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake, and if it hit water a 70-foot high tsunami would spread within 60 miles of the crash site.

The last time a rock this big passed so close was in 1976, but it was missed by everybody, including NASA.

NASA's Near-Earth Object manager Don Yeomans said this week that they are to carefully study 2005 YU55, which will be 200,000 miles away, because it will give 'clues as to what it was like when our solar system was forming.'

'Without objects of this type, we probably wouldn't be here,' he added.

It will not be visible to the naked eye, but amateur astronomers could see it if they use a telescope at least 6in in diameter as it approaches from a sunward direction.

Encounters of objects this large, this close to our planet, will not happen again until 2028 when an asteroid will pass near Earth to within .6 lunar distances.

NASA will use its super-sensitive Goldstone radar antennas in California’s Mojave Desert, usually used to study quasars, as well as map planets and comets.

Scientists say they can reconstruct the shape of the asteroid with a resolution as fine as 13 feet using their instruments and plan to do similar studies at Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.

2005 YU55 was 'imaged' in Puerto Rico on April 19 last year.

The data collected has allowed the Near-Earth Object Program Office at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to refine the space rock's orbit, enabling scientists to rule out any possibility of an Earth impact for the next 100 years.

A NASA spokesman said: 'We hope to obtain images that should reveal a wealth of detail about the asteroid's surface features, shape, dimensions and other physical properties.'

Barbara Wilson, a scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory added: 'While near-Earth objects of this size have flown within a lunar distance in the past, we did not have the foreknowledge and technology to take advantage of the opportunity.

'When it flies past, it should be a great opportunity for science instruments on the ground to get a good look.'

Source: The Daily Mail


Italian Cold Fusion Machine Passes Another Test

Italian physicist and inventor Andrea Rossi has conducted a public demonstration of his "cold fusion" machine, the E-Cat, at the University of Bologna, showing that a small amount of input energy drives an unexplained reaction between atoms of hydrogen and nickel that leads to a large outpouring of energy, more than 10 times what was put in.

Nearly a century ago, in the 1920s, Austrian scientists Friedrich Paneth and Kurt Peters hypothesized a form of nuclear reaction that doesn’t produce radiation. And since then, the theory of cold fusion -- or "low-energy nuclear reaction," as its champions now call it -- has popped in and out the public's eyes, notably hitting the cover of Time magazine in 1989.

The first successful cold fusion experiment was reported two decades ago, but the process has forever been met with heavy skepticism. It's a seemingly impossible process in which two types of atoms, typically a light element and a heavier metal, seem to fuse together, releasing pure heat that can be converted into electricity. The process is an attractive energy solution for two reasons: Unlike in nuclear fission, the reaction doesn't give off dangerous radiation. Unlike the fusion processes that take place in the sun, cold fusion doesn't require extremely high temperatures.

But the experimentalists who have supposedly demonstrated cold fusion over the years have been unable to explain the underlying mechanism that drives the miraculous reaction they claim to observe, and so the scientific community has largely turned its back on this line of research. Most physicists — as well as the United States Department of Energy (DoE), academic journals, and the U.S. Patent Office — consider cold fusion machines to be hoaxes, because they say physics rules out the possibility of room-temperature nuclear fusion.

Life's Little Mysteries reported on the E-Cat machine back in April, when Rossi and fellow physicist Sergio Focardi successfully demonstrated the device for a group of Swedish physicists. At the time, we explained that the Italian physicists are two of a handful of researchers around the world who have kept the cold fusion fire burning. These cold fusion devotees believe that there is a little-understood physical process occurring in their machines that produces a safe, clean and endlessly renewable form of energy.

The physicists who were invited to the demonstration in April gave the E-Cat a solid thumbs-up. It produced too much excess heat to have been originating from a chemical process, they wrote in their report, adding that, "The only alternative explanation is that there is some kind of a nuclear process that gives rise to the measured energy production."

For those who are not familiar with Andrea Rossi's E-Cat technology, his cold fusion reactors utilize tiny amounts of nickel, hydrogen, and a proprietary catalyst to produce copious amounts of energy -- in the form of heat. A reactor with an internal volume smaller than a D-Cell battery, can produce a maximum of ten kilowatts (kilowatts, not watts) of output. Such a reactor can continually operate for over six months without any additional nickel or catalyst being added to the system. Hydrogen will be consumed by the system and must be replenished, but at a very slow rate (potentially far less than a gram a day).

To activate or "turn on" a reactor, a combination of heat (from electrical resistors) and hydrogen pressure must be utilized. Once the reactor core has been filled with pressurized hydrogen, the resistors are turned on. The power to these resistors is gradually increased, until the temperature inside of the reactor is high enough that nuclear reactions start to take place.

At this point, a decision can be made to allow the reactor to operate with a constant input from the resistors, or to turn off the resistors and allow the system to "self sustain." If the operator desires the system to self sustain, the resistors are turned off, and a radio frequency generator is activated. This radio frequency generator (that consumes around 50-100 watts) somehow stabilizes the rate of nuclear reactions that are taking place.

There are additional important features of the E-Cat technology that should be noted.

    The fuels (nickel and hydrogen) and the proprietary catalyst used by the E-Cat are cheap. The fuel cost for an E-Cat is almost zero for all practical purposes.

    The fuels and catalyst used in the reactor core of an E-Cat are very abundant in the Earth's crust, and are commonly available. Due the fact that only tiny quantities are consumed, there is no chance of the Earth running out of these elements.

    The technology utilizes no radioactive materials, unlike conventional fission based reactors -- that use uranium or plutonium.

    No nuclear waste is produced by an E-Cat system. This is a vitally important feature of the technology, due the fact huge quantities of hazardous waste is produced by conventional fission based nuclear power plants.

    Minimal radiation is emitted from the reactor core. The little radiation that is generated can be easily shielded with a couple centimeters of lead. Zero radiation is emitted to the environment outside of the system.

In the intervening months, Rossi has built a large version of his device that combines many smaller cold fusion modules. At the demo in October, after an initial energy input of 400 watts into each module, each one then produced a sustained, continuous output of 10 kilowatts (470 kW altogether) for three to four hours.

Rossi has not published any details about the inner workings of the E-Cat because the device is not patent-protected, but other cold fusion researchers have theories as to how the process works. Peter Hagelstein, an MIT professor of electrical engineering and computer science and one of the most mainstream proponents of cold fusion research, thinks the process may involve vibrational energy in the metal's lattice driving nuclear transitions that lead to fusion.

There are several close connections between the E-Cat and other recent experimental results, Hagelstein said, noting that the excess power seems to respond to lattice spacing in both experiments, vacancies within the lattice (e.g., spots where the nickel atoms are missing) seem to be important in both, the excess power seems to increase with operating temperature in relevant operating regimes and other connections.

"There is not sufficient reliable information available about the E-cat for a rational opinion to be made yet, in my view," Hagelstein told Life's Little Mysteries, a sister site to LiveScience. But because of these consistencies, "I am of the view that Rossi's claims probably should be taken seriously until such time as we have sufficient information that provides confirmation or refutation."

Over the past year a few different models of E-Cat reactor (the metal tube that contains the Ni-H nuclear reactions), and modules (the containers that house the reactors) have been demonstrated. All of these E-Cat models have been successfully tested, and proven to work. However, there have been changes in the design of both the reactors, and the modules. This had led to some confusion about which model of reactor and module would be utilized in the test of the one megawatt plant.

The modules utilized in the test of the one megawatt plant were large metal boxes of a rectangular shape. Inside of each module, is a "wafer" with a multitude of metal fins. Inside of this wafer there are three reactor cores, with a volume of 50 cubic centimeters each. The fins of the wafer help to more effectively transfer the heat produced by the reactor, to the water that fills the module.

At the test of the one megawatt plant, conducted on October 28, 2011, 107 modules (each with three internal reactor cores), were placed inside, and on top of a metal shipping container. These modules were connected both in parallel and series. Water is supplied to the modules via two pumps. These pumps draw water from two large, open vats of water. The amount of water pumped into the reactors is measured via flow rate meters, and the temperature of the water is measured with a calibrated thermocouple.

The temperature of the steam at the output of the plant is measured via a calibrated thermocouple, placed very close to where the steam exits the shipping container. In addition, a small container is present to capture and store any steam that has condensed back into liquid water. The quantity of such liquid water collected during the test was minimal (five liters), but was subtracted from the quantity of water considered to have been vaporized.

The hot steam produced by the plant was sent through one or more heat dissipaters, and was condensed back into liquid water. This water was then recycled, by being pumped back into the vats or containers, from which the input water is pumped.

It is obvious that electrical power was needed to operate the plant, and all of the various systems that were present - the E-Cat modules themselves, the pumps, the fans, the computer control systems, data recorders, etc. The largest portion of the electrical power consumed was produced by a large, on-site electrical generator, and a much smaller portion came from the local power grid. An electrical generator had to be used to produce this power, because the wiring setup of the factory only allowed for a maximum draw of ten kilowatts.

One very important feature of this test is that there was a backup system for everything, just in case of a failure. There was a second electrical generator that would automatically turn on if the first one failed, four water pumps were present in case one of the two required pumps malfunctioned, two control panels were present in case of a computer problem, and the heat dissipaters were designed with four times the capacity required for the test. Rossi put all of these backup systems in place to reduce the chance that something might go wrong during the test. This is a sign of a serious and dedicated inventor, who is determined to have a successful test of his product.

The Results

The results of this test were clear and obvious. A vast amount of excess energy -- apparently from a cold fusion reaction -- was produced.

At approximately 10:30, AM the test began. At this time, the resistors used to heat the reactor cores in each module, were switched on. Also, the pumps, fans, sensors, controls, and computer equipment were all turned on, and active.

The input power to the resistors (which consumed the lions share of power during this time period), was 10 kilowatts, to begin with. The input power was slowly increased, until the output temperature was 99 C. At that moment, the input energy was increased to maximum, until the water began to vaporize. To begin self sustain mode, the resistors were turned off completely, and one or more radio frequency generators (used to stabilize and/or enhance the reactions) were turned on. Despite the fact the radio frequency generators did consume electricity, the amount of power they consumed was miniscule -- around 50-100 watts.

According to Rossi's statement here, before self sustain mode started, 400 kilowatt-hours of power was consumed, and 300 kilowatt-hours were produced. This conflicts with a statement he made via email, stating that only 300 kilowatt hours were consumed. To be conservative, for this report, the figure of 400 kilowatt hours will be used.

(To avoid such discrepancies, it would have been helpful if the input power data set -- showing the electrical input verses time -- had been released. Instead, we have to rely on the figures Rossi provides, from the report signed off by the costumer's consulting engineer who ran the test. I firmly expect the input figures Rossi and the consultant have provided to be correct. However, an excel file with all of the measurements taken would be very helpful, and allow for a more precise analysis.)

During self sustain mode, the actual input power contributing to heat production can be considered as nearly zero. Electrical power was used to keep the pumps, control systems, sensors, and fans running. However, the fans only helped dissipate the heat (steam) coming from the output, and the mechanical action of the pumps would have contributed almost nothing to the production of heat. The actual amount of power used to support all these systems during self sustain mode was 66 (sixty six) kilowatt hours.

Self sustain mode continued for approximately 5.5 (five and one half) hours, beginning at around 12:30 pm. During this time period, 2,635.033 (two thousand six hundred and thirty five) kilowatt hours of output - in the form of heat - was produced. In other words, an average constant production of 479 kilowatts for five and a half hours. This is a huge amount of power, and the fact that it was produced with virtually zero input power validates the E-Cat technology beyond any reasonable doubt, whatsoever.

The energy output figures were calculated by determining the energy required to vaporize or phase change (transform from water to steam) the volume of water that was being pumped through the one megawatt plant. The equation used to calculate this was included in the official report that was released at the end of the test...

[Total Energy Produced: (steam kg x 627.5) + (100 - input water T) x kg of water heated x 1.14 = 2,635 kwh]

What is also very significant, is that the temperature of the output did not decrease over the course of the five and a half hours, when there was virtually no input power. At times, it even increased slightly! There is no possible way, according to the basic laws of physics, that a system could continually output such a quantity of heat with no input. Unless of course, there is a truly novel, nuclear process taking place inside of the reactor cores, producing massive quantities of heat.

There is actually no sign that the reaction was fading or decreasing in intensity after five and a half hours of self sustaining operation. If the decision had been made (which probably was not made due to a lack of time), it could very well have operated for many additional hours in self sustain mode.

Rossi has formed a company, Leonardo Corp., which will produce and — he hopes — sell E-Cat machines.

In the meantime, Hagelstein and other cold fusion researchers urge the skeptical scientific community to give cold fusion devices such as the E-Cat a closer look. "Are physicists generally, and DoE in particular, so sure that excess power in such experiments is impossible that the very large number of experimental results which show an excess heat effect clearly should continue to be ignored?" he asked.

(Photo courtesy Focus.it)

Source: LiveScience


W.R. Drake, The British Researcher Who Preceded Von Daniken with
Alien Tales from the Ancient World

By Sean Casteel

* W. Raymond Drake is little known these days, but his research into the ancient astronauts theory knows few equals. Read how the late British historian broke new ground in understanding the mysterious origins and development of humankind.

* Do you think ancient astronauts are only relevant to our past? Learn some of the connections between the gods of old and our present day UFO phenomenon.

* Prophecies from the Hopis and Incas are being fulfilled right before our eyes. How did the indigenous natives know the future?

* W. Raymond Drake's work preceded that of Erich von Daniken and Zechariah Sitchin. Own the new reprints of two of Drake's classic works and see how it all began!

One of the most popular shows on cable television these days is a weekly program on the History Channel. "Ancient Aliens" is partially the brainchild of the man with the wild hair: the editor of the publication "Legendary Times," Giorgio Tsoukalos. He is   also the U.S. representative for the writer and researcher who started it all in terms of public awareness, Erich von Daniken.

Indeed, when one hears the words "ancient astronauts" or "ancient aliens," most people think immediately of von Daniken and his breakthrough bestseller "Chariots of the Gods?" first published in the U.S. in 1968. While we do not seek to undervalue von Daniken's work, it is still important for the student of the ancient astronauts theory to also factor in the work of W. Raymond Drake, the late British historian who was researching and publishing on the notion that the gods of old were visitors from outer space many years before von Daniken began to make his name for work along very similar lines.   
So who was W.R. Drake? For one thing, he was a disciple of Charles Fort and followed in that famed researcher's footsteps by studying in exquisite detail the writings of ancient chroniclers of the times when man had no technology of his own to speak of and so greeted the UFOs and their occupants as gods come down from heaven. In his book about the ancient Mediterranean's strange relationship with the sky people, Drake utilized over fifty writers of antiquity and scrutinized their works through a UFO "lens." He spent many years digging through huge archives of material, looking for anomalies that could support his theories of space aliens impacting human history. As Drake himself said, "I aspired to collect as many facts as possible from ancient literature to chronicle for the past what Charles Fort has so brilliantly done for the present century."

Drake wrote a dozen books on the Space Gods phenomenon, and Global Communications has recently reprinted and re-titled two of them, adding a good deal of updated material . The new books are "Alien Space Gods of Ancient Greece and Rome - Revelations of the Oracle of Delphi" and "Ancient Secrets of Mysterious America." The contact between man and the visitors from space has left evidence of itself behind throughout the world and influenced every race and tribe on Earth, but these two new books being offered here deal specifically with, as the titles imply, the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean  region and the Americas.  

But the new offerings from Global Communications provide more than just a reprinting of Drake's classic works. Publisher Timothy Green Beckley has also gathered a roster of writers to input new and updated material on the stories of the ancients as well as research that has taken place in the years since Drake's death in 1989.

In "Alien Space Gods of Ancient Greece and Rome - Revelations of the Oracle of Delphi," Beckley tells the story of his personal journey to see the Oracle's ancient domicile in modern day Greece. With his good friend Penny Melis, a gifted psychic, Beckley, winded but determined, climbs the treacherous path to be right there on the scene of where the Oracle inhaled her magical vapors and babbled stories of the future for her priestly attendants to translate. The question becomes, was the Oracle an instrument of the aliens in her time? Was she something we might call a "trance channeler" today? Is there a genuine relationship between ancient methods of prophecy and the prophets of the New Age movement? A single source of information that bridges all time and space?

In any case, that's the wide-ranging idea. We must look not only to the past to see the contact between the aliens and earlier, more primitive cultures. We must also see how that same alien contact extends into our own present times and will affect our future as well.

Which brings us to my contribution to "Alien Space Gods of Ancient Greece and Rome." I began my chapter by talking about W.R. Drake and his contention that the gods of antiquity were not just illusionary but were instead real flesh and blood beings who emerged from the skies and made themselves right at home, as if they owned the place, which perhaps they did. The chapter also deals with UFO cases in the Greece and Rome of the present era, the point being to illustrate the parallel relationship between the gods of antiquity and the UFO phenomena of today.

This is the primary idea that is so urgent to bring forth, that we are not simply adrift in a sea of chaos and uncertainty but are instead standing on the cusp of a great deliverance. The ancient gods have not deserted us, but are as present and ubiquitous as ever, simply waiting their time to reveal themselves and offer us salvation.


But that salvation will not come without a price. As the "Ancient Secrets Of Mysterious America" book so clearly states, the indigenous peoples of the Americas knew full well that the times they are a'changing. I wrote a chapter for the book on the Americas in which I discuss the Incan word "pachacuti" in an interview with author Judith Bluestone Polich.

"They called the time preceding a world age shift 'pachacuti,'" she told me. "Now, 'pacha' means all of the physical manifestations, and 'cuti' means to turn upside down. So a really tumultuous time, a time of overturning of time/space reality, always preceded a world shift. Sometimes that would take the form of catastrophic physical events in which the threads to the past were broken and so a new understanding of reality emerged. Other times it might be more of a psychic event, something that happened at a deeper, structural level, that caused reality to shift. So certainly we're in a time of pachacuti right now, a time of very rapid change, a change of our understanding of reality."

There are other prophets from among the indigenous Americans who tell a similar story. According to author and researcher Gary David, the Hopis of the American Southwest prophesied many future events that have since come true. Those events include the coming of the Internet, a device which allows people to communicate through "spider webs," a reference to the World Wide Web.

The Hopis also predicted women's liberation, saying a time would come when women would begin to dress as men. That's something the Hopi women would never do. They always, quite conservatively, wore only long dresses. Another prophecy said that man would at some time live in the sky, which has been fulfilled by the space station and the astronauts who dwell there. They also predict a Biblical-proportioned and very bloody apocalypse, similar to what is foretold in the Book of Revelation, which David says is a curious thing because the Hopis were among the least "Christianized" of the Native American tribes, preferring to keep to their own native ways in spite of the efforts of European missionaries.


My chapter also tells the story of the "Star Child," a misshapen, child-sized skull found in Mexico in the late 20th century. The skull is structured to hold more cubic centimeters of brain than a normal human skull, and has other anomalous features as well. Its current caretaker is an expert on hominoids named Lloyd Pye, and he believes the skull may be evidence of the interbreeding between aliens and human females, a phenomenon mentioned in the Bible and also in the myths of Greece and Rome and other civilizations. Pye's story is a fascinating one and dovetails neatly with the idea of the gods returning to claim what is theirs.

Another researcher, Angela Sangster, contributed a chapter on the Kachina masks worn by some Native Americans in many of their ceremonial dances. The masks are intended to pay tribute to the gods from the sky that have intervened on their people's behalf down through the ages, rescuing the hapless natives from floods, drought and famine and keeping a watchful eye over their civilization even now.

Joshua Shapiro, known as the Crystal Skull Explorer, explains how the centuries old crystal skulls found throughout Mexico and other locales south of the border are crucially important to our understanding of the ancient people and their interaction with the aliens. The skulls could not have been "carved" using the primitive tools and skills of the people there and were most likely, at least at first, given as a gift to the people by the aliens. Today, the skulls continue to emit a palpable psychic energy that is felt by "sensitives" and even, at times, the uninitiated.

Many of the skulls are on display in museums throughout the world and a great many are in the hands of private collectors. Shapiro recounts the personal stories of some of the people who came to own one of the skulls, demonstrating that there is a predetermined "reason" someone has a skull come into his or her life. Fate somehow decrees that a skull find its owner, and the event is in no way a random one. Shapiro owns a few skulls himself, and the book includes a bonus section of photos of the skulls along with some commentary from Beckley detailing the UFO/Crystal Skull connection.

Publisher Beckley comments on a recent UFO sightings flap in New York City that got considerable press coverage, but notes that the media did not mention a possible link between the sightings and the appearance of several Mayan elders who were in Manhattan visiting representative countries of the United Nations. They had journeyed from their homelands with 13 crystal skulls to focus on the phenomenon known as "2012." They declared that, while the world would not end as many doomsday seers predicted, a wave of renewed spiritual values could help move our planet into a Golden Age of Enlightenment. These elders came with their skulls to energize the populace. Some 500 truth seekers from the local Edgar Cayce society attended a seminar the day before the mass UFO sightings and within two blocks - something the public and press remain unaware of.

And then there is contributor Brent Raynes, who talks about a personal mystical encounter he had after participating in a Native American "Sweat Lodge" ceremony. He feels he had a vision of the interconnectedness of the gods of old and our modern-era UFOs, among other things.

So that sums up the new material contained in the two W.R. Drake reprints. The thrust of the additional work is to help establish for the reader a continuum that links the ancient gods to our times in a joyful yet sober way. We are not alone, meaning we have help out there. The same gods who taught the ways of civilization to primitive man will also deliver that civilization from our inept misuse of it and our self-destructive ways. We as a race are not without hope, and whether we are rescued by a modern incarnation of the Greek god Zeus or a wrathful Jesus Christ, the end result of salvation will be the same.

In short, if you enjoy the television show "Ancient Aliens" and the works of von Daniken, you will want to explore these two books by W. Raymond Drake and fellow ancient astronaut authorities. Drake is a skillful writer and researcher and his exhaustively detailed examination of the alien presence in the world of ancient man knows few equals. Nothing escapes his scrutinizing eyes as he fixes his gaze upon the evidence left to our era to examine. Read Drake for the sweep of history he moves over, and read him also to find your own place in the cosmic dance of mankind through the veils of time and space.

Get your copy of "Alien Space Gods of Ancient Greece and Rome" at the Conspiracy Journal Bookshop. 

If you enjoyed this article, read more articles and interviews at Sean Casteel’s “UFO Journalist” website at www.seancasteel.com  


Aliens, 7 Billion Humans, and Our Depleted Planet
By Diane Tessman

When I look at a clear, sharp photo of a UFO, one of those strange, brilliantly lighted craft, I wonder what so many of us wonder, “What is their power source? What energy or energies are they using?” Meanwhile, back on the planet, Homo sapiens have hit the 7 billion mark, and counting. We desperately need a new clean energy source.

Drilling for the messy, toxic stuff called oil, causes environmental damage at best, and life-ending massive spills at worst. Obtaining control of oil fields, or trying to, causes ugly, horrific wars which bring decades if not centuries of suffering by people and other life-forms as well as devastation of the land. Just take a look at Iraq.

Other current sources of energy such as coal are worse than oil. Natural gas has raised the worrisome specter of fracking, which causes thousands of small quakes and gobbles up the water table right when our planet is also running out of fresh, useable water.

Solar energy, geothermic energy, wind energy: These are all championed by the green movement, but they all have practical problems, and they don’t offer an energy source for 7 billion people. They are for an elite few at this point.

We all know the account of Nikola Tesla and his free energy discovery. Is this one of the forms of energy which some aliens use? If so, we humans have a good claim on it, or at least we should be helped by it, because Tesla was human or so he seemed to be. Of course, maybe the aliens discovered free energy before Tesla did.

At any rate, there the UFOs are, over our heads with some amazing form of power. And we are down here, with a climate made dangerously unstable by carbon emissions causing the atmosphere to heat up. Here we are with terrible wars and mini-wars with “oil” as the root motivator of this curse.

Now, about our 7 billion population, rising, moment by moment, day by day:

We have depleted all of Earth’s resources which we desperately depend on, and still we keep propagating. Hundreds of millions of humans are already hungry, living in miserable circumstances, and even starving. As we slowly smother ourselves to death, we first kill the natural environment and Earth’s wondrous diversity of species. How many species are in trouble, and how many face actual extinction? We have lost all count. We are developing every beautiful green corner of Earth and putting up cheap houses, cement, and corporate businesses.

Oh, but humans are special, I see. The Bible says that God has given to humans, dominion over Earth and the creatures of Earth.

What if the aliens’ Bible says that God has given dominion over the creatures of the galaxy, to them?

Perhaps not coincidentally, many of the same people who still claim there is no radical global climate change are the same people who say humans have dominion over all other life, and over the planet herself.

Some people feel that the aliens are us in some manner, shape or form, through some quirk of creation by the mass human consciousness, or by definition of what quantum physics is, or through some anomaly of space/time – perhaps Future Us.

I hope the aliens are not us! If they were us, they might have the inclination to thin out our numbers, like human hunters thin out deer in the brutal “deer harvest,” as if the deer were stalks of corn instead of intelligent creatures. If there were a human harvest by aliens, our numbers would be going down by the millions or billions, instead of zooming upward.

Some people think the aliens abduct humans and do not let them go. I have never seen proof of this. There are certainly groups of abductees, but now they are back with us. Yes, people go missing but there seem to be enough serial killers, angry non-custodial parents, killers within families, and people, even teenagers, who just leave and want to start a new life, to explain most disappearances. Even if aliens do “keep” a few humans, they are not taking great numbers of us for a human harvest; after all, we just hit 7 billion! Also, the aliens have never manifested on the horizon of Manhattan and mowed down everyone on 42nd Street. They have not zapped entire bases of our Marines and soldiers.

Back to the human religious belief that humans have dominion over Earth and her life-forms and resources. The most enormous challenge in accepting the existence of aliens is that we humans must make up our minds on this deeply intense and pivotal question:

Are we special? Or are we just another species of the many species on Planet Earth? If we are simply one of Earth’s creations, but have this unique intelligence, then we have a huge responsibility to protect Earth, her other life-forms, and her resources.

It is right before our eyes: There are aliens right over our heads who have human-like intelligence, only they have a whole lot more of it than we do! Their intelligence is obviously much higher than ours. Yikes!

Can those who believe humans are God’s most favored species, still justify this religious opinion?

Or must we finally realize that we are but one tiny speck in the universal arena of life-forms?

If there is a breakaway civilization of humans who have the aliens’ clean, powerful energy and perhaps have gone to Mars and beyond, we the common human people, have been deemed throwaways as we continue to over-populate and use up the resources of our planet. We destroy the world on which we stand, more and more each year. Do the elite of the breakaway civilization value Earth so little? Have they found other worlds which can possibly take the place of Earth, even for them and their rich life styles?

This gets into the stuff of science fiction or at least, science speculation. I would wonder if the aliens gave breakaway elite humans the advanced technology they use or if it was stolen from crashed saucers.

My point: Are the aliens happy dealing with these elite humans who would sell their own species down the river to oblivion?

I see some indication that the aliens are not happy just dealing with the military and perhaps with breakaway human elitists: Why are there so many sightings over the highways of the common people? Why are aliens appearing over 4th of July firework displays and Nascar-like air shows? Why are they often photographed and videoed over neighborhoods of the common, working class people across the planet and over major cities?

There is no doubt there is some kind of non-interference directive regarding the general human populace but for several reasons, the aliens seem to be discarding it, at least to a degree. We common people now have access to relatively advanced technology and so we have the capability to understand the aliens better. Meanwhile, our political systems are falling apart, our society itself has unraveled, and our world is badly damaged. Even the fish supply has dwindled dramatically. Climate chaos ruins crops. Saline water rises and creeps into fresh water supplies as fresh water glaciers melt.

How important is that non-interference directive? Do the aliens want to end up trying to deal with only the military and a few wealthy elitists? Have they grown unhappy with this?

Maybe I am just searching for a miracle, because “7 billion humans” is just horrendous for the poor old planet which we all depend on. Maybe I am just searching for a miracle because I see how evil the quest for oil is, and how hopeless the search for a clean energy source seems to be. We all just keep pumping gas into our old cars, I do too.

I don’t know how to feed the starving third world, or how to give all of them (and ourselves), condoms, or how to save the tiger. I send $20.00 now and then but these days, I need it myself.

However, hey, those UFOs ARE up there! Right over our heads! Those craft do fly with some kind of absolutely amazing energy source! And they really seem interested now in us, the common people below.

Maybe the aliens are planning a human harvest, like the deer harvest, so we 7 billion will have our numbers lessened. However, I do not think the evidence points to that. Abductions can be frightening but not deadly.

Outside of that, there is little to suggest that aliens feel they are the most special beings in the universe who can harvest other beings, unlike some humans who still maintain they are God’s chosen and therefore have the right to over-populate, plunder, deplete, and destroy.

The aliens should be evolved enough to know that they are one tiny speck amongst the life-forms in the universe, no more special than any other sacred speck. Indications are, the aliens do know this. They are not God’s chosen, either. We are all just sailing through the vast blackness of space on small, oval rocks or in tiny, vulnerable ships.

It is time the aliens turn away from “the elite” and the military brass, because the best of humans are we the people!

Visit Diane's website: www.earthchangepredictions.com


The Haunted Painting

Can inanimate objects be haunted? Can a spirit attach itself to a particular thing and then cause unexplained events to occur around it?

I received an interesting story from a reader, Laura P., whose avocation is painting. An accomplished painter, Laura has sold many of her works to individuals and businesses around the US. One painting in particular, however, is unlike any other that Laura has ever done. Its subject matter, to begin with, is most unusual: it is based on a paranormal photograph - a photograph that may have captured the image of a headless ghost.

Could this ghost have attached itself to Laura's painting? Read her story... and you decide.

In 1994, James Kidd, a commercial photographer, had placed one of his photos on display at a gallery in Tombstone, Arizona where I was showing some of my oil paintings. The photo was the old stagecoach stop at Tombstone. He first took a photo of the stagecoach stop and an old stagecoach, and then he didn't wind his camera so he could get a double exposure photo with another old wagon in the foreground.

When the picture was developed, however, it revealed something unexpected. Standing on a log to the left of the wagon is a figure that the photographer did not see when he took the picture. Upon close inspection, the figure appears to be a headless man! The figure's coat, pants and boots are quite plain and easy to see. But he has no head. The photographer says the photo has been examined by Kodak and other experts to prove that he did not doctor it in any way. [The original photo can be seen at Ghosts of Tombstone.]

I couldn't get over that photo and asked him if I could do an oil painting of it. (I do most of my paintings from photos I've taken.) He said I could. Back home in Sierra Vista, Arizona, I began work on a 16 x 20-inch oil painting based on the photo.

When I was about half way through completing the painting, I started getting a strange feeling. I began to ask myself: Why on earth did I want to paint this picture? And maybe I should never have started it. But I did finish it. And then some very strange, unexplained things began to happen around my home - seemingly centered around that painting.

I do not believe in ghosts, but I cannot for the life of me explain how or why these strange things have happened. I cannot attribute every one of these events directly to the painting, but they have all taken place since it has been in my house - and are totally unexplained.


Office Havoc. I took the framed painting with some others for a display in a business location. We hung the ghost painting on the wall behind an office desk. Three days later, people from the office called and asked me to come pick up the ghost painting. Every morning, they claimed, the painting was crooked. They would straighten it, and the next morning it would be crooked again. Also, appointments were inexplicably messed up and papers went missing. They were actually afraid of it. I took the painting back.

Mysterious Leak. In 1995, my husband and I moved into a brand new home in Tennessee. We wondered if these ghostly goings-on would stop. But they didn't. Oddly, the roof on the garage of this new home had a leak when it rained. The roofers came out three times to repair it, and although they worked on it they said they could not find the cause of the leak. It didn't make any sense. Nothing they did stopped the darn leak. Finally, my husband asked me where the ghost painting was. It was leaning against the wall between the living room and garage. We moved the painting... and the garage roof never leaked again.

Spilled Salt. One evening I was preparing dinner. We had an island bar and that is where I set the table. I picked up the salt and pepper shakers, which were two little canning jars with handles, and set them on the bar. I went to the door and called to my husband that dinner was ready. When I got back to the bar, salt was spilled all over it and on the floor. The salt shaker, standing upright, was still where I had set it down. We have no animals or children in the house to blame for the spill. It is completely unexplained.

Telekinetic Starfish. My husband and I were sitting in the garage talking to the little neighbor girl who had come over to visit. On the garage wall were three large dried starfish. They were hanging securely on roofing nails. The garage door was open, but there was no wind blowing or air movement. Suddenly, the largest starfish came sailing off the wall and landed on the concrete floor. It sailed across the floor about six to seven feet.

Broken Gate. A heavy gate that would have been hard to remove, came off its post for no apparent reason. All the hardware was completely intact.

The Chipped Glass. This event really scared me because it could have injured me. We had been doing some yard work and went into the garage to rest where it was cool. My husband said he would mix us some drinks. He returned with the drinks in thick gold-colored glasses with ice cubes. We finished our drinks, and he said he was going to have another and I said I would too. So he mixed them in the house and brought them out. I had taken one or two sips from my drink when I looked down to see that a large chunk of glass had been broken off the top of the glass.

It was perfectly fine the first time I drank from it. Right away I thought my husband had knocked it on something, but he swore he hadn't. We looked all over the garage floor for the piece of glass, but found nothing. We went into the house where my husband fixed the drinks and got down on the floor with flashlights and looked. Nothing. I poured the rest of the drink through a strainer to see if the chunk of glass had fallen in, but there was nothing. The missing piece was too large to swallow without me noticing it, but I still had this sick feeling in my stomach. We never found the missing piece of glass.

The Disbeliever. I have always taken photos of the paintings I have done. People ask to see the photos of my paintings and most always say they don't want to touch the photo of the ghost painting. The gals at the beauty shop wanted me to bring my pictures in, and one woman started bragging that she did not believe in ghosts and that it was silly of them to avoid touching the picture. "Just let me see it," she said. She took the photo, looked at it closely and just laughed. That night at her house, a clock that had been on the wall for 40 years, fell down and broke into a hundred pieces.

The Hazy Figure Plays a Hand. Our neighbor wanted to show his mother-in-law the photos of my paintings and took them home with him. They left the pictures laying on the table and started playing a three-handed card game in which a dummy hand must be dealt. When they picked up the dummy hand, every card of the dummy hand was in one suit. That scared them to death, he told me. He got up and went outside to move his water sprinkler, and to this day he still swears that he could see a white hazy figure of a person come around the corner. He came running back to my house with the pictures and said he never wanted to touch them again.

Knock Knock. The last thing this ghost did was knock on our front door. My husband and I both heard it at the same time. But our two German Shepherds did not hear the knock. Nobody was at the door.

Currently, the painting is hanging in our house. A few people have asked to buy the painting, but I am afraid to sell it. What would an unhappy ghost do in their lives?

I still don't actually believe in ghosts... Yet if I had it to do over, I would not have created this painting.

Coincidences? Overactive imaginations? Or is it just possible that some unknown energy surrounds the portrait of the headless ghost?

Anyone want to buy a painting?

Source: paranormal.about.com

Great Water Monsters and Mer-Folk

Water-dwelling beasties abound in Scotland. Monsters and mermaids frolic and swim in our lochs and seas from the Highlands to Lowlands. Some are shy, while others seem to bask in the limelight.

The one thing that connects them is that they've all been spotted. They've all been recorded and noted. And, furthermore, there are people out there who believe they exist.

No review of Scottish beasties could start anywhere else but with the Loch Ness Monster, or "Nessie" to her friends (and there are many of them). She has appeared in legend since the sixth century, but the building of a new road around the loch - just southwest of Inverness - in the 1930's brought her international fame. Sightings of this long, humped lady have been frequent ever since she was famously sighted in 1934 by a London surgeon who had the foresight to snap off a couple of photos – and the sense to sell them to a daily paper.

Nessie's less well-known cousin is "Morag", who is said to inhabit Loch Morar, northwest of Fort William along the west coast near Mallaig. There have been fewer sightings around Loch Morar, being altogether more remote than Loch Ness. Yet when she has been seen, descriptions are very similar to Nessie.

Take the most famous sighting of Morag. It was 1969 when two local people - Duncan McDonell and William Simpson - were fishing in the loch. Suddenly they saw a long creature approaching their boat at great speed. It rammed them, and fearing they were to be capsized, the terrified fisher-folk started shooting. The beast disappeared into the depths of the loch but left them with the impression that it was between 20 and 30 feet long and had three humps. Sound familiar? Well it does to Neil Bass a biologist and member of the Loch Morar Investigation Team who spotted a "hump-shaped black object" and is convinced it's another Nessie.

Across Scotland there are monsters aplenty lurking in deep, dark water. So, just what's going on? Is it collective hysteria or is there really something down there? There have been a number of theories put forward to explain the animals' existence but the current top five claim they are either:

• A zeuglodon – put forward by biologist Roy P Mackal who thinks the monsters are a type of giant prehistoric snake-like creature thought to have become extinct about 20 million years ago.

• A plesiosaur – very similar to the above. Just substitute the word plesiosaur (a water-dinosaur) for zeuglodon.

• A log – what more is there to say, except that there are plenty of trees in Scotland.

• A sturgeon – biologist Adrian Shine thinks these creatures are nothing more exciting than a great, ginormous sturgeon - a freak-fish if you like.

• A bona fide monster – yes, yes, well, all right, it's possible.

Another creature currently living in Scotland's lochs is the kelpie, or water-horse. These watery quadrupeds wait by lochs for unsuspecting mortals. Should you ever mount a kelpie, then prepare for a watery doom, as the kelpie will canter into deep water and drown you. They can also take on human form, so should you spot a brooding man by the side of a loch with seaweed instead of hair, then you'd be well advised to run away. Fast.

The kelpie is transposed in the Highlands into the Each Uisge (sea horse), who lives in seas or lochs. If you see one, do not approach. Their fur is like Velcro and once you lay so much as a pinkie on its hide … then it's off to the deep with you. There he will devour you from top to toe, leaving only your liver to wash up on the shore as a warning to others that the Each Uisge has struck again.

Kelpies are not the only watery beasties living in Scotland. We are also awash with tales of finned people and mermaids. Finned people have often been sighted in Orkney close to their home at Eynhallow village. They are dark and swarthy with long fins, which they can cunningly disguise to look like cloaks. They are also rather modern, in that they are twinned with the underwater city of Finfolkhaheen – where they go to spend the winter.

Finmen often harass local fishermen and are known to abduct local men to provide husbands for their finwomen who had a vested interest in finding a mortal husband. If they did not, they have to settle for marrying a local finman and degenerating from a beautiful woman into an ugly crone. Marriage to a mortal man ensures their lovely looks last forever.

Similar to finpeople are mermaids, who have been bewitching mortals with their beautiful singing voices and exquisite beauty for hundreds of years.

If documentation is proof of existence then you could be fairly assured of the presence of fish-folk in our midst. The Aberdeen Chronicle is particularly fond of mermaid sightings, but stories have appeared in the London Times as late as 1809.
From the archive

What is interesting with all the reports is the consistency of the description. The mermaid is always young, beautiful, with soft white skin and long dark hair. Surprisingly the person reporting the sighting is not an old drunk who has left his glasses in the pub, but is often an upstanding and respected member of the community.

If you're beginning to think that there might be something in these fishy-stories, then you'll need to explain why it is that the mermaid is often to be found speaking Latin or singing hymns. Presumably she's been well educated at the "Underwater Church Academy" for young mermaids.

    * The last reported sighting of a mermaid in Scotland was in 1947 on the isle of Muck when an 80-year-old fisherman saw a mermaid combing her hair.

    * The most famous sighting was in 1900 by Alexander Gunn, who insisted he saw a mermaid in Sandwood Bay. He died in 1944 still believing in what he saw.

Source: The Scotsman


Ohio Woman Says Photo Show "Intimate Ghosts" in Her House

They're known to haunt houses or scare people, but are ghosts getting busy inside a northeast Ohio home? The proof may be in a picture.

According to Dianne Carlisle, there is some afterlife hanky-panky going on inside her Euclid home. "It look like, like ghosts having sex in my living room! They are having sex, you can see the lady's high heeled shoes!"

Dianne swears it's true and she has pictures of the dirty deed, if you believe. The photos were snapped by her granddaughter, Kimora, 4, while she was playing with Dianne's cell phone in the living room. According to Dianne, an apparition is visible showing some ghostly relations.

"I never seen anything like this," said Dianne. "I mean, ghosts still have feelings? [They're] having sex?"

In the past, Dianne has experienced visits from the beyond. Several years ago, in fact, she claims to have seen a little girl that also appeared before her daughter, De'Onna Burnett. "I'm not playing with no ghosts, like, it was just standing there watching me," said De'Onna.

Another time, Dianne was looking at a new hairstyle in the mirror when she snapped a picture of the back of her head. She claims to see a figure in the photo that wasn't present at the time. But what is most disturbing, is a message left on Dianne's voicemail. She claims it's a message from her deceased sister. "She said 'I love you'," said Dianne.

So far, Dianne's visitors have been kind. "I think so," said Dianne. "But I hope they don't want to take me with them either!"

She just has one request, keep it G-rated, please.

Source: Fox 8 Cleveland

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