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- Faster Than Light Speeds Reconfirmed by New Neutrino Test -
UFOs Camouflaging With Generated Clouds! -
- Fleeting Travels Through Time and Space -
- The Lake Tahoe Monster -
AND: Doctors Baffled by Girl Who Weeps Stones

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Alien Space Gods Of Ancient Greece And Rome - Revelations Of The Oracle Of Delphi



British historian W. Raymond Drake is one of the most careful researchers of the "Ancient Astronaut" theory which maintains aliens arrived on earth and interacted with the human race throughout antiquity and in all parts of the globe. Author of a dozen works on the Space Gods phenomenon, Drake's work complements that of Chariots of the Gods? by Erich Von Daniken, his first book appearing in print prior to Von Daniken's international bestseller.

In this work about the ancient Mediterranean's strange relationship with the Sky Gods, Drake utilized over fifty writers of antiquity and scrutinized their main works through a UFO "lens." His astute contributions regarding the Land of the Gods have been expanded upon and updated by contemporary researchers Timothy Beckley and Sean Casteel.

Questions That You Will Find Answered. . .

Did giants from space establish a UFO base atop the picturesque Mount Olympus?

Were they the gods and goddesses of "Mythology" idolized and given names such as Apollo, Hades, Athena, Hermes, Zeus, Artemis and Hestia?

Did the powerful deities of Greece help save Athens from being invaded by the mighty armies of Atlantis in 10,000 BC?

Is there reason to believe that the Greeks and Trojans were inspired to fight for the beauteous Helen, surely a space queen?

Do the great plays and sublime philosophies of the supreme thinkers of the ages show a reverence for the gods' who intervened at Marathron and Salamis, sending flying shields to aid Alexander storming the walls of Tyre?

Did a UFO encountered near Troy save the army of Lucullus from destruction?

Were omens observed in the sky just before the murder of Caesar?

How does one explain the manifestation of mysterious voices and apparitions in the heavens as Hannibal ravaged Italy?

In a marvelous update, recent activities, including encounters with humanoids and men in black-like individuals, are taken into consideration offering proof that the ancient aliens of antiquity are returning to their original haunts and are guaranteed to make open contact soon! 

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Faster Than Light Speeds Reconfirmed by New Neutrino Test

A new experiment appears to provide further evidence that Einstein may have been wrong when he laid down that nothing could go faster than the speed of light, a theory that underpins modern thinking on how the universe works.

The new evidence, challenging a dogma of science that has stood since Albert Einstein published his theory of relativity in 1905, appeared to confirm that sub-atomic particles called neutrinos could travel fractions of a second faster.

A new experiment at the Gran Sasso laboratory, using a neutrino beam from CERN in Switzerland, 720 km (450 miles) away, was held to check similar findings last September by a team of scientists which were greeted with some skepticism.

Scientists at the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) said in a statement that their new tests aimed to exclude one potential systematic effect that may have affected the original measurement.

"A measurement so delicate and carrying a profound implication on physics requires an extraordinary level of scrutiny," said Fernando Ferroni, president of the INFN.

"The positive outcome of the test makes us more confident in the result, although a final word can only be said by analogous measurements performed elsewhere in the world."

An international team of scientists shocked the scientific world with the original findings in September.

That first finding was recorded when 15,000 neutrino beams were pumped over three years from CERN to Gran Sasso, an underground Italian laboratory near Rome.

Physicists on the experiment, called OPERA after the initials of its formal scientific title, said they had checked and rechecked over many months anything that could have produced a misreading before announcing what they had found.

If confirmed, scientists say the findings could show that Einstein -- father of modern physics -- was wrong when he laid down in his theory of special relativity that the speed of light was a "cosmic constant," and nothing could go faster.

This would force a major rethink of theories about how the cosmos works and even mean it would be possible in theory to send information into the past.

The Italian scientists, whose second set of results were published in online science journal ArXiv, said one potential source of error in the first results was that the pulses of neutrinos sent by CERN were relatively long at around 10 microseconds each, so measuring their exact arrival time at Gran Sasso could have had relatively large errors.

To account for this, the beams sent by CERN in this latest experiment were around three nanoseconds shorter, with large gaps of 524 nanoseconds between them, meaning the scientists at Gran Sasso would time their arrival more accurately.

"In this way, compared to the previous measurement, the neutrinos bunches are narrower and more spaced from each other," the scientists said. "This permits to make a more accurate measure of their velocity at the price of a much lower beam intensity."

Jacques Martino, director of the French National Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics, who worked on the second experiment said that while this test was not a full confirmation, it did remove some of the potential systematic errors that may have occurred in the first one.

"The search is not over," he said in a statement. "There are more checks of systematics currently under discussion."

Source: Fox News


UFOs and Government: Proposing a New Way Forward
By Leslie Kean

In UFO circles, much fuss has been made about a recent response by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) to two petitions on extraterrestrial/human communications, posted on a government website. Phil Larson, who was tasked to respond, has been accused of everything from lying, to cover-ups, to gross incompetence. But the real problem lies with the inappropriate and fundamentally flawed content of the petitions themselves -- not with the government reply to them. The critics seem to have lost sight of what the petitions actually said and did not say, while insulting and lashing out at Larson.

One petition asks the Obama administration to "immediately disclose the government's knowledge of and communications with extraterrestrial beings" and the other to "formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race." The former asks for congressional hearings about "this subject" (communications with ET) while the latter requests the release of documents about "this phenomenon" (an extraterrestrial presence). Thousands of people signed on to the assumptions that extraterrestrial beings have been secretly talking to our government or somehow are involved with the whole human race. Try thinking about these bizarre and murky statements from the perspective of a scientifically-oriented government official. How is he to make sense of such absurd requests?

Neither petition had anything to do with the subject of UFOs, as properly defined; no request for data on UFOs was included. And, chances are, Larson knows very little, if anything, about the evidence for UFOs. Like most government scientists, he likely dismissed the subject long ago as baseless and therefore irrelevant to space policy, and has never looked into it. Consequently, it's entirely logical that Larson would not make the leap from the question of extraterrestrial communications to the issue of physical unidentified flying objects. Did the petitioners not expect that their requests would be taken at face value?

Without asking for acknowledgment of evidence for UFOs, you can't slam Larson for not providing it. He addressed the petitioners' concerns with an update on the current status of the scientific search for extraterrestrial life: "The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public's eye." The "any evidence" here refers specifically to evidence of ET interacting with humans, not to evidence for UFOs. Within the realm of science and logic, his statement happens to be true. Unfortunately, the badly worded petitions asked for the wrong thing -- something obviously impossible for the White House to deliver. And, sadly for all of us, the subsequent attacks on Larson's statement (called "a travesty against the public" by one leading UFO researcher) will not serve to motivate officials to help our cause.

It's important to realize that these two petitions received attention only because they acquired the requisite 5,000 signatures (now the minimum is 25,000) along with hundreds of others. Larson's response does not represent some kind of formal government statement on the UFO issue -- far from it. Larson simply provided an obligatory scientific response to citizens seeking an announcement of contact with extraterrestrials. The significance of his statement should not be blown out of proportion or spun as something that it is not.

I would like to share some comments from government insiders whom I asked to read the petition about an "extraterrestrial presence," since this one garnered the most signatures. Ed Rothschild, principal with the Podesta Group, a leading government relations and public relations firm in Washington, is "a seasoned veteran at strategic communications" with "dynamic experience in both Congress and the public interest community," according to the firm's website. Ed has provided assistance to my group, the Coalition for Freedom of Information, in the past, and is an expert at positioning the UFO issue in Washington. His response to the petition is as follows:

    Those who claim that extraterrestrials are here are simply propagating nonsense -- a non-scientific belief that defies credibility. This is counter-productive and undermines efforts to get serious government attention for the issue of the existence of life beyond our solar system. I can't imagine this silly statement would go anywhere except into government office waste baskets.

    The only way to approach the issue of unexplained aerial phenomena in Washington and expect results is to present the facts and seek a legitimate inquiry into the small percentage of well-documented cases worthy of serious investigation. The approach represented by this petition has been shown many times before to be a failure. Further, those propagating this nonsense choose to make outrageous claims simply to get media attention, rather than focusing on the hard work that science requires.

Nick Pope, who worked for the UK's Ministry of Defense for 21 years and was in charge of the government UFO project in the 1990s, also has serious concerns:

    Any statement that implies the government is lying is going to be counter-productive. When someone accuses you of being part of a cover-up, you can't and don't engage with them. I got this sort of thing all the time at the Ministry of Defense, and no meaningful dialogue was possible with such people. I simply gave them a polite brush-off, and I understand exactly why this is necessary within government. To get results, a constructive request should stress the reasons why the phenomenon is worthy of official investigation.

And what about members of Congress? The best I could do is approach a high level Hill staffer with knowledge of this issue, who wishes to remain anonymous. He works for a member from a relevant committee. "As is often said, politics is the art of the possible. Overly broad statements and fantastical claims of cover ups serve only to poison the well for anyone interested in advancing any subsequent suggestion for research or review of policies. Enthusiasm and conviction is no substitute for reason and evidence."

Scientists are a difficult bunch to convince. Yet theoretical physicist Michio Kaku acknowledged on national television that the strongest UFO cases cannot be explained and appear to defy the laws of physics. But when asked if this confirms that there is extraterrestrial life, Kaku replied "No, we don't have that smoking gun" yet. Astronomer Derrick Pitts was swayed by the same evidence, accepting it because it did not involve "fantastic claims of alien visitation."

Clearly, we can't make the leap from the existence of unknown airborne objects, for which we have proof, to claims of extraterrestrial communications, which can't be proven, if we want to appeal to scientists. Neal Lane, Rice University professor of Physics and Astronomy, was the director of the OSTP under President Clinton. "Implausible explanations for UFOs such as this one, made by enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists, are not effective in approaching government," he explained after reading the petition. "A strong case has already been made for a new U.S. role in cooperative investigations of UFO phenomena, involving U.S. cooperation with other countries in investigating the credible reports and making the results public." That "strong case" is the one I am proposing as an alternative rallying point, because it is steadily gaining the support of many key players who know how government works.

Despite our own personal beliefs about alien spaceships, extraterrestrials, or government cover-ups, we have to adopt a strategy that will work. Our assumptions and conclusions are completely irrelevant -- and can be harmful -- to this process. It is crucial to realize that the vast majority of U.S. officials are both uninformed about and uninterested in UFOs. And if they are open, they are so afraid of ridicule that they have limited capacity to act. We have to educate them by presenting refined, concise, and well-documented official data on the UFO phenomenon. Timing is important, too; unfortunately, an election year is not the time to attempt this.

An effective strategy involves establishing the fact that a UFO, by definition, is simply something unidentified (the acronym does not mean "alien spacecraft"); it helps to use the acronym UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) whenever possible. The agnostic position, the scientifically sound one, acknowledges the accumulated evidence of an extraordinary, physical phenomenon but recognizes that we don't yet know what it is. Secondly, we need to provide a reason that government should care about UAP, such as pointing out that we could be vulnerable to exotic foreign spy planes or drones if we ignore reports; that these objects raise significant air safety issues; that we're losing potentially valuable scientific data about the nature of this recurring phenomenon. Thirdly, we have to invite government to engage in an investigation because we need its expertise, making its participation sound necessary and beneficial, rather than being accusatory.

Specifically, we need a small government office to serve as a U.S. focal point in the investigation of carefully selected cases, in cooperation with the international community. A staffer would have immediate access to all pertinent data and witnesses when investigating a UFO incident, working in conjunction with a qualified civilian oversight board. This proposal has received the support of generals, former and current government and military officials, scientists, and many other VIPs from around the world.

John Podesta, President Clinton's former chief of staff who served as co-chair of Obama's transition team, has been one of the more public proponents of what he calls "a new way forward." Labeling himself a "curious skeptic," he wrote in 2010 that "It is definitely time for government, scientists, and aviation experts to work together in unraveling the questions about UFOs that have so far remained in the dark." He says that the plan for a small U.S. government agency is "an idea worth considering."

Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington witnessed a spectacular UFO event while in office, but felt he had to keep that secret until ten years later. He knows from experience that change in government policy is desperately needed, and in response, he has publicly urged establishing this office, as have those in charge of government agencies investigating UAP in other countries.

I have gathered a powerful coalition of high level government, military and scientific experts who support a rational, scientific approach to the UFO problem, as outlined here. We are all fortunate that such respectable figures have offered advice on how to frame this sensitive issue and work effectively with our government. Doesn't it make sense to take our cues from them? I invite all of those who are serious about UFOs to align themselves with this well-tested, productive approach. Once we have even the smallest change in the official position -- such as acknowledgement that UAP are worthy of investigation -- the door is opened. After that, anything will be possible.
Source: Huffington Post


UFOs Camouflaging With Generated Clouds!
By Diane Tessman

Confronting the Enormous Implications of UFOs Camouflaging With Generated Clouds

The main reason that we tend not to confront the evidence that UFOs camouflage themselves with artificially generated clouds, is that the implications are enormous. We sense that this way lies madness; are we to start questioning the legitimacy of all clouds in the sky? Are we being monitored from behind that low-flying cloud overhead? Heck, I bet they can monitor me from that high cloud as well. Geez, clouds are all over the place this morning, run for your lives!

The military’s capabilities are not blocked by a mere cloud, and so obviously, a UFO behind a cloud is to keep these alien craft hidden from the knowledge of the common people, and not from the government and military. It’s annoying to say the least, and if one is given to being fearful, it is frightening. However, remember, these craft are not firing on us from behind these clouds, nor are they beaming us upwards, right off the ground, through the cloud, and into their dungeons. The UFO occupants may simply be keeping their word to Earth governments that they will not abruptly show themselves to the common people of Earth, but rather will let the knowledge trickle down to the people over the years.

Keeping all this in mind, let’s face it: There is strong evidence that UFOs do cloak themselves with clouds which they apparently generate. It might also be true that dimensional travel produces a cloud of vapor or moisture in traversing from there to here, but the main focus of this article will be the low-flying UFOs which seem to hide themselves behind puffy clouds.

On November 9, 2011, I witnessed five anomalous clouds which, to put it bluntly, seemed to be under intelligent control. I admit, this is a leap from my article about my sighting, the more tentative "Ufologist’s Dilemma: A Fine Fleet of Fortean Clouds" on UFO Digest, but this conclusion seems to be the right one after research and thought on my part. There are many reports that indicate UFOs do indeed generate clouds and mists as camouflage. It is actually very logical; to quote the old saying, "If it had been a snake, it would’ve bitten me."

If you search "UFOs generating clouds" on UFO Digest internal search option, or UFO Casebook search option, you will find a number of articles and reports. My time for research is limited, but if I had the time, I could have found at least twenty-five cases. There is a very recent report from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, involving the Wachovia Building. It happened the same day as my cloud fleet sighting. It is a very strange report! http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/ncbuilding110911.html

One wonders if fairies and other supernatural beings appearing out of the mist, might be connected to the cloud-generating UFOs of today? (subject for another day).

If they can be categorized, I suppose the "everyday" UFO-generated clouds are cumulus clouds. They are low clouds, because the UFO is low – low enough to be seen from the ground, thus generating a UFO report. These clouds most certainly are artificially generated, so perhaps they don’t fit any natural classification of cloud. There are also mists (less dense clouds), reported around UFOs, perhaps the aliens just turned off the cloud machine and a slight mist remained for a while.

In this article, I am not referring to the huge lenticular clouds over Mount Shasta and other mountain tops which look like "mother ships." I am referring now to the puffy, misty clouds reported directly around UFOs; these are the seemingly everyday clouds which hide, or partially hide, the craft involved in sightings.

In Mother Nature, chameleons camouflage themselves for protection from predators. Perhaps the aliens are doing the same thing. Leaving aside the possibility that they are obligated to Earth governments not to openly show themselves to common people all the time or in fleets of more than three if close to the ground (just a guess at the number), it may be that the aliens are concerned about hostile humans firing at them from the ground. A lucky shot might ruin your warp-drive and would certainly cause lots of chaotic gunfire on the ground. This whole scenario would be something the aliens would not want, and that Earth governments would not like.

However, why do the aliens spy on common humans in the first place? Well, because we are there. Or, because we are here.

The aliens are obviously explorers, whether from other-dimensions or other planets circling distant stars. They might be basically good guy explorers or basically bad guy explorers; we who are interested in UFOs, vary on that opinion. I feel they are good guy explorers, although the universe and probably our skies, hold good and bad - universal balance!

At any rate, from the number of UFO sightings and encounters, it is obvious the aliens are very interested in us. They want to know what makes us tick. Does that offend you? Well, don’t you want to know what makes them tick? Insatiable curiosity! Of course, they are in the skies of your planet, they came here. So it might be a little pushy of them to spy on us from their self-manufactured clouds.

However, we as a planetary race are in trouble, the icebergs grow larger, the fresh water supplies grow smaller, the storms become super-storms, the viruses become super-viruses, and our global money system is in shambles, just for starters. If the aliens can help us out of this mess, or perhaps an even bigger, more catastrophic mess up the road, I guess they can spy on us, so as to know who they are saving. Maybe they want to know our habitat and habits so they can provide us with our familiar lifestyles when the Yellowstone Super-Volcano explodes.

Or, maybe the aliens are simply studying us like we study Polar Bears as they desperately swim for a disintegrating ice floe, or the last Cheetah in her decimated habitat, or like we study microbes.

I am not offering the ultimate answer as to why the aliens feel the need for camouflage and I am not proclaiming a new age "aliens will save us" scenario in this article.

I am saying, I don’t think we have come to terms with the evidence which suggests that aliens may well be flying over us, hidden behind clouds. I am not saying that every cloud has a UFO behind it, but I am saying that UFOs may be more prevalent in Earth skies than even Ufologists realize.

If you look back in time, there are angels on clouds, Hindu avatars flying in craft covered by clouds, and even the image that the gods or god live on the clouds. So, a little ancient astronaut "proof" never hurts.

I feel we have not wanted to confront the evidence, which turns up in many UFO sightings:

"The object was covered with what looked like a mist."

"A cloud lighted up from behind, and then I saw the saucer."

"The objects seem to be half-covered with clouds, and I wondered if there was an optical illusion involved."

The UFO/cloud puzzle echoes the larger UFO enigma and the implications are enormous. They could be over your head at any time. Apparently they could do anything to or for you that they want. They must be so advanced as to have the cure for cancer; they must have "free energy" for propulsion, so they could easily solve the world’s energy problems. Some of us feel that if they are so interested in us, it can’t be good, while some of us feel, if they are so interested in us, it can’t be bad. How long have they been here with their handy dandy cloud-creating machines? Can I ride in your starship? Please don’t plant your eggs here. Did I know you in a parallel aspect on Mars? Ah, what a crazy field!

I do believe that cloud cloaking is an easy, natural, logical way of keeping the common people from knowing how many UFOs are here. It allows craft to fly low altitudes, in numbers. It protects those in the ships and those on the ground. The cloud-camouflage is not effective with Earth militaries, so they must allow these cloud-UFOs to fly around. Most of the military would not notice the craft behind the clouds any more than you or I would, but pilots would see them, radar operators could pick them up – that’s unless the clouds have some substance which reflects radar back on itself, but that is just a wild guess.

The fact is, many pilots, military and non-military, do see UFOs. We common people have no idea how many UFOs are caught on radar. And also, the fluffy clouds are more often around low-flying UFOs according to reports; so, clouds may be used for protection from ground-humans, and for low-eavesdropping assignments, and may not be used when the UFOs are at the altitude of military and civilian jet planes.

I am doing a lot of speculating here, but I am trying to make some sense of this; I feel it is time we consider the subject more seriously. If cloud-camouflage is true, and we become more cognizant of it, we might be able to put one small puzzle piece into the larger UFO picture. We will keep doing this until the puzzle is complete, and we know the truth, not because some government or some alien allowed us to know the truth, but because we, the common people, figured it out for ourselves! That’s evolution!

Visit Diane's website: www.earthchangepredictions.com


Fleeting Travels Through Time and Space

A car is suddenly engulfed in a strange mist and its shocked driver gets out, wipes the windscreen, hops back in and drives off … seemingly oblivious to the three witnesses watching in astonishment close by. A family driving to the Barossa Valley passes through a town, just as it must have been way back in the 1800s. A farmer pulls on a pair of second hand khaki trousers and soon finds himself in the jungle witnessing the death of an Australian soldier at the hands of a Japanese sniper.

Someone seems to have thrown a spanner in the works of time and space.

So, what is time anyhow?

We may experience time as linear but is this really a true representation of what time is? We are constantly moving from the present into the future…and when we get there, the future appears ready to greet us, as if it’s been waiting for us to arrive. Does the future already exist – now? And if the future does already exist, then does this mean that the past also exists?

The block universe theory of time suggests just that. According to this theory, time, rather than being linear, is more a four-dimensional block where past, present and future all exist and that all points in time are therefore equally real. In this model, all future events already exist, and somewhere, all past events are happening right now.

Sound hard to swallow? Then consider the following fleeting travels through time and space.

Weird mist engulfs car on the road to Nundle

Jenny Randles, author of Time Storms: Amazing Evidence for Time Warps, Space Rifts and Time Travel, has investigated apparent rifts in the fabric of time. These slips through time are usually brief, and often accompany sudden changes in the surrounding environment such as the appearance of a clinging mist or haze and strange electromagnetic disturbances.

In her book, Randles includes the following account of a car being engulfed in a strange mist early one morning at Nemingha in northern NSW.

“At 5.45am on 22 March 1976, a couple driving home to Murrurundi in New South Wales had a bizarre experience according to a letter they sent to the Northern Daily Leader newspaper a few days later. They had stopped just outside Tamworth at the settlement of Nemingha – a small crossroads consisting of little more than a hotel, a petrol station and a railway halt. They had parked and were consulting a road map, trying to decide the best route to take.

“On the otherwise deserted early morning highway a white car now appeared, coming from the road that led to Tamworth. The couple got out, hoping to flag it down and ask the driver’s advice. However, at that moment, something weird happened. A hazy yellow-green light seemed to fall from nowhere and in moments it engulfed the white car. As if the driver had lost control, the vehicle crossed to the wrong side of the road where it was surrounded by a very localised small patch of white haze or mist. The car coasted to a stop in the middle of the road. It had seemingly lost all power and its lights were off.

“According to the stunned onlookers, after about a minute or two ‘the white haze disappeared. A lady dressed in blue stepped from the car and with a yellow cloth proceeded to wipe the windscreen, which seemed to be covered in a white substance’. After she did so, the car’s lights suddenly returned – apparently without anybody inside to switch them on. The woman looked shocked, threw away the duster, jumped in the car and drove off. Simultaneously, the discarded cloth burst into flames.

“The startled couple had now been joined by a pick-up truck that had stopped beside them. Its driver was staring at the events in amazement, and all three witnesses watched as the white car drove slowly away towards Nundle. Its windscreen wipers were clearing the forward view, whilst the rest of the vehicle was covered by a white layer that had not been there before the strange haze appeared. Unsurprisingly, the couple were concerned and eventually returned home by a round-about route they felt was ‘safer’ than the one from which the mist had arrived.”

So, what happened to the lady dressed in blue driving the white car?

Did she experience a time slip? Was she at that moment existing within the same time and space as the couple and the pick-up driver … or was she somewhere else? It is strange that after experiencing such an unusual event, and getting out of the car to wipe the windscreen, that she would not acknowledge the others on what would be a lonely stretch of road in the early hours of the morning.

Perhaps at the moment the witnesses saw her, the lady dressed in blue was wiping her windscreen at some other moment in time and space?

Driving through the town from another time

In 1995 a family on a regular journey from the north of South Australia down to the Barossa Valley passed through a small town they have passed through many times before. Only this time, something was very different. The following account was reported to paranormal.about.com.

“I was entering a straight level stretch of road from some hills. I could see the small town ahead called Allendale North, which is just outside of Kapunda. Looking ahead, I could see a large group of people milling about the hotel. This interested me as there had only ever been a couple of cars outside the hotel at anytime when I had travelled through.

“As I got closer, I could naturally see this group in closer detail. These people were at a fair of some kind; I assumed that this gathering must have been a reunion of some sort. Every person was dressed in early 1800s style. Very Victorian-era dress sense. I needed to slow down, and recall on my left was a horse and buggy. As I travelled through the group, there was a boy about seven years old holding onto a woman’s hand, who I presumed to be his mother. He watched intently as I approached and drove past. I watched him as he was close to the road. He was dressed in a navy blue sailor outfit with white frills. He had the most penetrating blue eyes. No one else seemed to notice my travel through the group, but his eyes did not leave me…”

“…My wife stirred and asked where we were. I told her and suggested we stop… at which point I looked in the rear view mirror, and saw an empty main street.”

Did this family briefly travel back in time as they passed through the town? And what was the experience of the young boy holding his mother’s hand? Was he the sole witness to some strange vision of the future?

The khaki trousers and a dead Aussie soldier

The following letter by J Truman of Calcarra, Western Australia appeared in the Western Mail on 1 August 1946. The author relates a bizarre experience in which he is apparently transported through space and time after pulling on a pair of second hand khaki army trousers.

“Having served in many parts of the Empire and have seen many strange happenings, beyond my limited comprehension, I have always been partial to khaki, having worn it for more years than I sometimes care to remember. So there was nothing strange in my going into an Army surplus store and purchasing, amongst other goods, a pair of second hand khaki trousers.

“The first time I put them on was a Saturday night, and a feeling came over me which would be hard to describe. I had a restless night and on Sunday morning I put the same trousers on again, picked up my haversack and rifle. As I was walking across the paddocks, the heavy fog seemed to become more intense. Suddenly I found myself in a jungle. In front of me was a young Australian soldier, advancing along the trail, tommy-gun at the ready.

“Then I spotted a Jap sniper in the tallest tree on the right side of the trail taking aim, I yelled a warning to the Aussie but too late he lay dead on the trail.

“My yell frightened sheep and lambs in all directions and I felt a great fool yet it was just as though I had been there with him. I examined the trousers carefully when I arrived back at the homestead, and found what appeared to be blood stains on them. I suppose there is an explanation somewhere but the experience has got me beat.”
J. TRUMAN (Calcarra)

Is the explanation to Truman’s experience a time slip into the recent past? The Second World War had finished just 11 months earlier. There is a curious similarity with other time slip anomalies recorded by Randles, including the case of the lady dressed in blue driving the white car. Truman, while walking through the paddocks, experienced a “heavy fog that became more intense” just before his vision of the past.

Take this link to read more amazing accounts of time slips: Here

Source: Weird Australia


The Lake Tahoe Monster
By Richard Freeman

At 1,645ft-deep Lake Tahoe ranks as the world's 10th deepest lake. By volume it is the 26th largest lake in the world. It is 22 miles long and 12 miles wide, and was formed about 2 million years ago. Eight creeks run into the lake. Its primary outflow is the Truckee River, which runs into Pyramid Lake (also known for monster sightings) and into the Great Basin.

Legends of this creature first began to surface in the mid-1800s when members of the Washoe and Paiute Indian tribes began to tell the white settlers about the "monster" dwelling in the depths of the Tahoe basin.

It has been described by eyewitnesses as being over 15-80ft long with an undulating, serpentine body, thick as a barrel and with smooth, dark skin. In modern times it has been given the nickname Tahoe Tessie.

In the 1950s two off-duty police officers out on the lake reported seeing a large, black hump rise from the water and keep speed with the boat, going over 60 mph.

Rick Osborne of Sacramento, California, and three of his friends saw one of the creatures in 1979:
“Myself, along with 3 others watched a large serpent-like creature feeding/hunting in a school of large trout. It was in the middle of winter of 1979 off the dock at Homewood. It was about as big around as a telephone pole and maybe 30'-60' in length from what we could see of it. It didn't swim like a snake (side to side). It was diving up and splashing down with it's [sic] head/neck? into the school of fish, which were leaping out of the water ahead of it. We were speechless for several minutes afterwards.”

Dan Pursley of Napa, California saw the creature in 1982. He writes...
'In the summer of 1982, my Wife and I had stopped are 22-foot boat to sun ourselves in Lake Tahoe, CA. We were about 400 yards from the shore near Emerald Bay, My wife climbed out to the bow of the boat and held on by holding the windshield behind her. I laid out across the seats. The water was very still and smooth as glass. About five minutes or so later, the boat began rocking as if it was being hit by a boat's wake speeding by. I sat up but saw nothing around that could have caused this disturbance. As I looked at the water around our boat, there were large air bubbles surfacing. I felt this was rather odd as I am an experienced scuba diver and they didn't appear to be bubbles coming from a diver's scuba equipment. Then in the water five feet away from the back end of the boat, I spotted the largest fish tail I ever saw. It was slowly submerging in the water. The whole scene was like a slow motion movie. I jumped up and told my wife to get back in the boat, as we had to leave. She asked, "What happened to you? You look whiter than a ghost." I didn't tell my wife what I saw until we got back to shore, nor did I tell anyone else except a few close family members. In the years that passed, I began looking through every book I could find that had pictures of fish tails. I found nothing that resembled what I saw. Then I began looking through dinosaur books with no luck. Finally, I heard about a catfish society in Nevada that published articles about experiences other people had with unusual fish. I learned that long ago when Indians lived in the area, they would talk about a great fish. Many people believed it was a large Sturgeon. What I saw, however, was no sturgeon. In fact in my opinion, what I saw was nothing like anything that ever existed before. It was longer across then the entire back of my boat. It was 10 to 13 feet across with smooth dark green skin and as the tail submerged in the water, it flipped towards the boat opposite to the way a whale's tail flips. To this day, I cannot understand how something so large could swim so close without hitting my boat and outboard motor. I remained quiet about this incident until now for two reasons: one, it was not worth hearing the scepticism, ridicule and disbelief of others.'

In the 1980s two fishermen reported seeing a 15ft-long (4.6m) serpent pass underneath the surface of the water, near Cave Rock.

Several weeks after, two divers reported finding an underwater cave; a creature shot out, leaving the silt stirred. Where the creature had been there were two large fin-prints.

In 1982 Chris Bebe and Jerry Jones, two sober Reno police officers, were out for a day of water-skiing on the deepest part of the lake when something resembling “the top of a Volkswagen Beetle” paced their boat from roughly 6ft away. It was so massive water was sucked down around it. “I knew that whatever it was, it was alive, and I knew it was bigger than my boat,” officer Chris Beebe said, estimating its length at 18 to 30ft. “My immediate reaction was that I would stop moving so that I didn’t lose any of my feet." Beebe never returned to the lake, and eventually left his job and moved away from Tahoe because of the publicity.

In 1982 Gene St. Denis and a friend were looking out across Lake Tahoe near Cave Rock when they reportedly saw a “blotchy gray creature about 10 to 15 feet in length.” On another occasion St. Denis reported that while swimming over a large hole in the lake bottom, he felt what he described as a large explosion underneath them, followed by what appeared to be a 16ft-long creature swimming away. “We waited for the silt to settle,” said St. Denis, “and found large fin prints where the creature had been.”

In 1984 on 17th June Patsy McKay and Diane Stavarakas saw a 17ft humped animal surface several times.

In 1985 Mike Conway and Virgil Anderson filmed an animal creating a 20-25ft wake at Zeyphr Cove. However, the film, to my knowledge, has never been shown.

In 1991 witness Andrew Navarro saw the creature whilst in a boat off King’s Reach.

He told researcher John Kirk the following…

“I was with a friend and we were on a party boat. There were other people but they were on the other side of the boat so they didn’t see anything. But my friend and I did. The first thing that I saw was water shooting out of the lake, like when a whale blows water out of its blow hole. Then I saw the surface of the water being disturbed by something underneath. This was followed by the hump of a brown creature which came out of the water. It moved round in a circle for a while then it was gone. The movement of the creature was more up and down not side to side like a snake. The sighting lasted for about 3 minutes or so. My first though was that it was a whale, since the creature had to be huge from the size of the hump, but I know that there are no whales in Lake Tahoe. Most of the other people on the boat said it was probably just a fish, but if it was a fish it was as big as a whale. I really don’t remember any more details since I was mostly scared to death, the creature was so close I thought it would eat me.”

In 1992 a witness called Barry from California saw the creature:

“I saw and watched "Tessie" for 30 minutes from the highway on the East side of the lake. I originally saw it swimming while I was driving, not sure what I was seeing, I pulled over to get a better look. It was all black in colour, very much serpentine shaped, like a giant snake. I estimated the length to be 50-60 feet. It just floated in the shallow water maybe 50 to 110 yards off shore like it was sunning itself. Then it made like a snake and swam off to deep water and disappeared. This happened in 1992, and I had a friend with me who saw it also. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would not believe it.”

‘Samantha’ of Incline Village, Nevada saw the creature in 2003:

“About five years ago, my family and I were out boating for the fourth of July. That night as we were watching the fireworks, I heard something swimming next to the boat, and I felt the boat shake from the waves. I looked over and saw a long, serpent like creature swimming by the boat. After I stared at it for a few minutes, it disappeared under water. My mom and step brother saw it as well, and had I not seen it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. I didn’t know of Tahoe Tessie at the time, but now I know that's what it was”

In 2004 an off-duty bartender on the boat Tahoe Queen took a picture of a black hump in the water, which he claims is the top of the creature's head.

In April 2005 Beth Douglas and Ron Talmage, tourists from Sacramento, reported seeing a creature “with three to five humps along its back” in Tahoe.

In October 2007 multiple witnesses saw the creature swimming off City’s Commons Beach. One observer video-taped a dark humped object at the surface.

‘Jack’ of Kings Beach, California, saw the creature in 2008:

“I've lived in Tahoe for over ten years and this last month was the first time I saw anything. I was above Incline Village on a stormy day. There was nothing and no one on the lake, except a periscope-looking object on the lake. Then it dipped underwater and disappeared. I sat there looking at the lake for an hour afterward, with not so much as a ripple on the lake. I thought it was myth and played along; now I'm a believer.”

On April 19th 2009 the aunt of ‘Ingrid’ of Studio City, California, saw the animal:
“My aunt and I witnessed Tessie this morning about 300m offshore at Edgewood Golf Club in S Lake Tahoe. The morning was perfectly still and clear; the lake was glass. There were no waves, barely even lapping on the shore, and the only boat out there was some 5 miles or more away. Suddenly a wake churned up, which caught my attention, and I looked out and saw her - four dark blue humps still against the water. No head or tail though. I want to believe it was Tessie but, like all other sightings probably are, it was the generation of standing surface waves from the collision of air and water currents. They appear still in relation to the surface of the water, and in this case the set was drifting very slowly south to north before it stopped (or sank beneath the surface).”

Holly, of Tahoe City, writes...

'I was born in Truckee and moved to Tahoe City a year ago. During the summer 09 my boyfriend, son and I decided to go to the beach at Kings Beach. On the way there before passing Tahoe Vista I looked down towards the water and saw large humps in the water moving in a circular motion, the water was still with no waves. The humps were dark in colour like a brownish dark green, I didn't see a head or a tail, but I'm sure it wasn't a fish because there were no scales and I have never seen a fish of that size or shape in Tahoe. I would compare the size of the humps to those like a big anaconda. I have lived here forever and been to Lake Tahoe many times and have never seen anything like it. I truly know that there is something in Lake Tahoe that has not yet been identified.'

Dr Charles Goldman, limnologist and director of the Tahoe Research Group at UC Davis, organised conferences in Nevada in 1984 and 2004 to discuss “Unidentified Swimming Objects,” where a number of scientists testified they had seen Tessie. The only person to have been to the bottom of Lake Tahoe, Goldman says his ’79 expedition was “inconclusive” in terms of the monster. His possible explanations include frolicking river otters, mirages, colliding boat wakes and the white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus). The latter is found in the Sacramento and Feather rivers some 75 miles from the lake. It can reach 20ft and weight 1798 lbs. This may explain the whale-like sightings but the serpentine creatures are harder to account for. The serpentine sightings may be a gigantic mutant strain of eel. However, I do not know if eels occur in the Great Basin.

There is a rumour that Jacques Cousteau dived to the bottom of the lake and filmed the creature but did not release the film saying that “The world was not yet ready for what’s down there”. The whole thing seems to be no more than a tall story.
In 1998 the U.S. Geological Survey mapped the entire lake bottom of Lake Tahoe with multibeam sonar. They found nothing unusual. However, it is possible that the creatures, if they exist, are not full time residents but move around the waters of the Great Basin. However, it should be noted that none of these connect with the open sea.

Source: Still on the Track


Doctors Baffled by Girl Who Weeps Stones

A seven-year-old girl from India who weeps stones is baffling doctors who are unable to say what is causing the phenomenon.

Tamil Nesan reported that stones had been discharging from Kura Nitya's right eye for the past 15 days. Nitya, from a village near Hyderabad, has been weeping about 12 to 25 stones a day.

Her parents have approached several ophthalmologists who were unable to diagnose what was causing the problem. According to her grandfather Gopal Reddy, the stones began popping out on Oct 26. 'Initially, we thought it was some divine power and prayed to God for this phenomenon to stop,' he said, adding that they were keeping the stones for medical tests, if required.

Nitya said the lower portion of her right eye swelled minutes before the stones painlessly popped out. Ophthalmologist Dr Kalyan Chakaravarthy said Nitya was medically fit and there was no logical reason for the phenomenon.

Regular readers of Conspiracy Journal know that this sort of fortean phenomena is not that uncommon. In 2006, a thirteen-year-old girl from Hazaribagh, India, made headlines with her strange ailment of crying stones.

It all started in 2004, when Savitri, daughter of a mason, first had this experience. Back then, stones would actually come out of her mouth, ears and nose too when she would weep. Needless to say, it was very painful.

A TV channel offered to have her tested, but doctors at the Diwanchand Metropolis Clinical Laboratory could not offer any ideas on how to test the girl for her unique ailment.

In 1996, a 12-year-old girl from Lebanon, Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani, baffled doctors by producing tiny crystals from her eyes. The girl reportedly was  producing the crystals at an average rate of seven a day. Although the crystals are as sharp as cut glass, Hasnah says she feels no pain and doctors could not explain the phenomenon.

It all began in March when Hasnah was at school. She felt something strange in her left eye - her first piece of crystal, which, understandably, upset her. Back home, she told her family what had happened and, while she was doing so, a second piece of crystal appeared in her eye.

Her father took her to the city of Chtaura to see Dr Araji, an ophthalmologist. She stayed in his clinic for two weeks, and the crystals kept flowing out of her eye. Dr Araji certified that the pieces were real crystals and said he had no scientific explanation of the phenomenon. It could only be understood, he thought, as an act of God.

Woman Secretes Gem-like Stones From Her Toe

Doctors were baffled over Siti Suhana Saadon's extraordinary toe which produced colorful gemstones.

The 23-year-old girl from Alor Gajah, Malaysia had become an overnight sensation when national television in January, 2007 aired the bizarre story of crystal-like stones popping out from beneath her toe nail.

Relatives, friends and strangers have been visiting her to see the crystal-like stones, and her phone has been ringing off the hook. Her mother says that the skin underneath Siti Suhana's toenails would open up, release a stone and then close itself.

The stones normally come out in fives, but recently, only two marble-sized stones, one green and the other like a pearl, have appeared.

About 10 minutes before a stone comes out, Siti Suhana experiences nausea and toothaches. She says that sometimes they even come out when she is asleep, adding that the larger stones have to be dug out.

In October and November, 2006, Siti Suhana sought medical advice for her swollen toes. However, X-rays did not show anything unusual. The first stone - small, whitish and coral-like - appeared in October.

Meanwhile, International Medical University's head of Human Biology Department, Associate Professor John Paul Judson, said Siti Suhana's ability was a biological impossibility.

Professor Judson says that unusual bone growth can develop on toes, but bones will not pop out through the skin. The human body is capable of producing stones, such as calcium stones in the kidneys and the gall bladder, that can look like diamonds and precious gems because of the absorption of the pigments in the gall bladder.

"However, stones coming out of the toes sounds like an urban legend to me," he said.

Source: The Straits Times

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