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 Spying on the Saucer Seekers -
From Venus With Love: Helpful Aliens In Human Form -
- Christmas Magic -
- UFOs and the 12-Sided Hall of Mirrors -
AND: Santa is a Legend, Not a Lie

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Mr. UFO on The Paracast

Tim Beckley (Mr. UFO) was on last Sunday's (Dec. 18) The Paracast with hosts Gene Steinberg and Christopher O’Brien. Beckley presented his usual collection of the amazing paranormal events he's researched. There is also a great report of strange events near the burial place of Charles Fort in New York State with Claudia Cunningham.

You can listen to this mp3 right now at The Paracast.

The Paracast — The Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio - Sunday, 7:00 PM–10:00 PM Eastern Time on GCN Radio (4:00 PM–7:00 PM Pacific, 6:00 PM–9:00 PM Central, and Monday at 00:00 UTC).  www.theparacast.com


ViVenus Starchild and Flying Saucer Revelations



Here is a real flying saucer classic - two volumes in one from the all important Golden Age of Flying Saucers in when many of the UFO contactees of the 1950s and 60s were claiming to have actually meet space beings (commonly called the Space Brothers) and in some cases to have actually gone for trips inside cigar and disc-shaped craft to other planets.

It's a part of UFO research the public seldom ever hears about -- that human-looking, "Nordic-like" aliens are living among us, having become part of our society with or without the knowledge of their neighbors.

It was in this atmosphere of cosmic awakening that a woman named Vivenus emerged with a message of hope and universal love. Vivenus claimed to be a resident of the planet (believe it or not!). She arrived, she said, on earth at 10 PM on September 24, 1960. A flying saucer (or "swoop" as they call them on her home planet) let her out in Central Park and she took control of her earthly double who was about to take her own life.


In this book you will learn how people on Venus live for thousands of years; How everyone on Earth has a twin on Venus; How the Venusians have developed their mental powers to create a paradise on their planet; How Earth and its inhabitants have strayed from God's path, and how we can also make Earth a paradise.


His real name was Michael Barton, though he wrote over 25 confidential monographs under the moniker of Michael X. All we really know is that Michael was a simple businessman who had a friend whose life was saved from cancer after having a close encounter. A former skeptic, Barton began to question his sensibilities as he spoke with many of the UFO contactees he met at places like Giant Rock in the Mojave Desert, to exchange stories of meeting beautiful, benevolent, angelic-like beings from outer space.

In this rare reprinted section Michael X reveals the SECRET ORIGIN OF HUMANKIND. The author asks: "Did you ever wonder about how you came to be on this planet? Where did you...and the other billions of human inhabitants of this Earth come from in the first place? What are the real facts?"

"You're going to be astounded and amazed when you find out the whole story of man's secret origin! You'll probably say to yourself 'Why wasn't this information brought to my attention before?' and, 'Why wasn't I taught this kind of knowledge in school, so I could have been making good use of it all these years?' Why? Why? Why?"

This book will take you on an adventure like you have never been on before.

PLUS! If you order right now, you will receive a free CD of the 1966 album "From Worlds Afar" by British contactee Mollie Thompson. This amazing album from the early "UFO contactee" era is something you must have in your collection.

Vivenus Starchild is available now at the special price of $12 plus $5.00 shipping. So don't miss out on this fantastic deal, order now before it is too late!

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Spying on the Saucer Seekers
by Nick Redfern

I’m often asked: Do government agencies really spy on certain elements of the UFO research community? The answer to that question is an undeniable “Yes!” A classic example is that of one of the premier collectors of data on alleged crashed UFO reports, the late Leonard Stringfield, who was a high-profile figure within the American UFO research community from the mid-1950s right up until his death forty years later.

The author of two books on UFO encounters, as well as numerous “Status Reports” on his crashed UFO data, Stringfield first attracted official attention in 1954 – from the FBI, no less – whose now-declassified documentation on Stringfield makes it very clear that the man himself suspected more than fifty years ago that his UFO activities were the subject of an official monitoring operation.

According to the FBI: “A source of unknown reliability, an acquaintance of Leonard H. Stringfield, who is the Director of the captioned organization Civilian Research Interplanetary Flying Objects, in October 1954 advised that Stringfield is the Director of the organization and is assisted by his wife, and that Stringfield writes and publishes monthly the multi-lithographed ‘Newsletter’ of the organization. He uses the ‘Newsletter’ to report news pertaining to the sightings of flying saucers and he claims the ‘Newsletter’ now has a worldwide circulation of about 4,000 copies.”

The FBI continued: “The same source furnished a copy of the ‘Newsletter’ [that] reports that Stringfield had a private talk with Lieutenant Colonel John O’Mara, Deputy Commander, Intelligence, United States Air Force, on September 21, 1954, and that in essence Colonel O’Mara told Stringfield that flying saucers do exist and that past contradictions were unfortunate. Stringfield has stated that he believes his home telephone is being monitored, presumably by the Air Force, and that he therefore makes his phone calls to Lieutenant O’Mara at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base from his office.

Stringfield, in talking about the possibility that the US Air Force might stop his operations, made a statement to the effect, ‘The Air Force can’t do anything to me. I’m claiming saucers are interplanetary.’”

As far as official surveillance of Stringfield in later years was concerned, researcher Bill Moore – a researcher who had widely acknowledged links with the U.S. Intelligence community in the 1980s and who co-authored with Charles Berlitz the first book on the Roswell “crashed UFO” controversy of 1947, The Roswell Incident - stated in the September 30 1989 issue of Focus the following:

“Drawing from my own knowledge and experience, I can summarize the individuals who were the subject of intelligence community interest between 1980 and 1984. It is important to remember here that in some cases, I was not personally involved, but rather only aware of these goings-on through conversations with others…”

Moore continued: “Stringfield remained the subject of some interest through 1983, after which I heard very little about him. The [counter-intelligence] people seemed to know a lot about Len and his sources. The impression I got was that someone else much closer to him than I, was keeping tabs on his activities, but of course, I never knew for certain.”

In 1991, Stringfield himself wrote: “I have other sources today who seem to know that I am currently a subject of interest to the intelligence community. If I could draw any conclusions from the travails of my past experiences, then I am also being subjected to both good information and disinformation…”

Leonard Stringfield died in December 1994, never really knowing if the data provided by his whistle-blower sources on crashed UFOs was genuine or carefully-orchestrated disinformation. But, that he was being watched by someone, specifically because of his saucer-based activities, does seem very likely.

Source: Mysterious Universe


From Venus With Love: Helpful Aliens In Human Form
by Sean Casteel

 We are all familiar with the notion of contactees, people who’ve encountered benevolent aliens with a message to spread on Earth about the dangers of our self-destructive ways, our nukes and our impending doom through the misuse of our planet’s environment. We’re equally familiar with alien abductees or “experiencers,” people who have been taken against their will by gray aliens and subjected to invasive medical procedures as well as telepathic testing and interrogation.

But there is another form of alien contact that has so far been ignored or, if it has been acknowledged, ridiculed to the point of absurdity: the claim made by some very human-looking individuals that they are themselves aliens from another planet here to bring a message of love and hope. Global Communications offers a pair of books written by women claiming to be from Venus, sent on a mission to save us from ourselves.

One of the books is now available as a Kindle book on Amazon, taken from a small-circulation paperback first published in 1982 that is now long out of print. The book is called “Vivenus: Starchild,” written by a woman who was given the name “Vivenus,” perhaps as a play on the abbreviation of “Vivian” coupled with an easy reference to her planet of origin.

Vivenus introduces herself and her book thusly: “Dear Friend in Light, as you read this, let the light grow brighter within you.

“Please understand that what I shall share here I must translate into the Earth tongue. I must – against the natural grain of me – name and label and classify in words the life I lived at home. I must seem to bottle and confine beauty as though it could be [so contained.] It is a strange task, and I pray I can achieve it.

“We are free at home – not stopped by the policemen of words. We do not name beauty, but become one with it. And we do not question joy, but just enjoy it.

“We have not ‘time.’ We live in the eternal now, so it will be difficult to pinpoint events and memories and celebrations. But divine love will give to me what I need, if you will keep in your mind all along these pages that Venus is a wordless world, a silent world. When we communicate at home, it is not by sound but by feeling. And if memory restores some ‘conversations’ in this writing, understand it was not actually in words but in feeling that I must put into words.

“I shall describe scenery, places, souls and moments in my Venusian life, and it will surprise me if I can do it, because at home I never had to put into words what was in my heart. What we do at home is flow in feelings, which turns into a state of being called love.

“The ‘things’ on Venus are not really ‘things’ as they seem to be on Earth. We make what we make, for the most part, with our minds. No sounds of hammers pounding nails. We envision our house, and the house is there. We can envision its being built ‘brick by brick’ or we can see it all at once, perfect and complete.

“My name is Viv. Full name is Vivenus. This is my soul name, the one I was given for my mission on Earth. And I was given this name on the planet Venus where I was born.

“I cannot prove my origin. I cannot prove that what I share with you is true about my heavenly home. I cannot even prove that I exist at all. Perhaps I am but a figment of your imagination. What is proof is an illusion of the mind. What is faith is of the heart, and thus is real. If I do exist, then I am from Venus. I have no credentials, but one: my heart that does not stop loving you, oh, child of Earth.

“Before I came to the Earth plane, when I was at home on Venus, I had a vision of all of you. I felt that the Earth would welcome – if not me – then the truths I would discover to help them find the peace and inner contentment, independent of what happens on the outside. But now I know my vision was a mirage. The Earth seems satisfied to resign itself to depression, despair, and dead ends. Does this planet Earth need me from Venus? Did it ever need me? I still don’t know.”   

As one can easily see, there is a kind of poetry contained within the heartfelt prose of Vivenus, and she also offers snatches of lyrics and short poems throughout the text. The narrative of her life begins with her childhood on Venus, a place where, as she has explained, no one uses language to communicate and where one simply wills things to appear. For instance, if a Venusian wanted to make a painting, they would conjure a canvas out of nothing and then mentally transfer the image from their mind onto the canvas and voila, there is the painting.

But the most important aspect of life on Venus is love. Feelings are the only true reality, and the mind and its use of language to describe the world simply isn’t needed. That depth of feeling is what Vivenus hopes to impart to Earth, whose people suffer from a collective depression sent by enemy forces of darkness that lurk in our skies ever ready to amplify the pain we have largely brought on ourselves.

Why don’t we see life on Venus? Why do we think of it as a dead planet, too hot to harbor physical life of any kind? Vivenus answers that the Venusians vibrate at a level too high for our naked eyes or optical instruments to see. They are so advanced spiritually that they are basically invisible to us.

Vivenus attends something like a college on Venus to prepare herself for her missionary journey to Earth. Her older brothers fly her to Earth in a flying saucer, what Venusians call a “swoop,” named for its swooping motion as it travels. She is given a fleshly covering that is identical to a young American woman who has recently taken her own life because of her failure to succeed as a singer of love songs. Vivenus slips into her role so perfectly that even the relatives of the young woman she replaces can’t tell the difference. It’s a variation of the “walk-in” motif that has been kicked around the past several decades, in which an alien chooses to enter the body of an everyday mortal and work through that person to create positive change in the world.

After teaching herself to play guitar well enough to accompany her singing, Vivenus composes songs of love that embody the doctrine that the heart is all there is and that perfect love is available outside the confines of human language to those who seek it  in purity and compassion. She may be a little whacky to some, but one must admit her intentions are good. But all does not go well for Vivenus. After spending some time on Earth, she begins to fall prey to the same hardships as we Earthlings.

“The more I tried,” she writes, “the more I failed. The more I cared, the more indifference was shown to me. I found out what a lie was and what deception is. And I began hurting inside just as the girl before me. My determination to sing for the world turned into desperation. My struggles to stay afloat and keep a shelter angered my soul, for this struggle to survive on Earth was intruding on my mission.”

She learns to fear and to mistrust, and becomes familiar with the pain that comes from being rejected by friends. But she overcomes her depression by being reminded of her mission and being “shown” the plan for her future. She decides to reveal her true identity as a Venuisan and begins to speak publicly to large crowds, starting in New York and moving westward. She writes down her feelings in a series of books, and holds weekly meetings for those interested in her story as well as publishing a twelve-page journal called “Feelings.”

Vivenus concludes by saying that when she began her mission, she hoped to reach everyone on Earth with her teachings about perfect love, but as it turned out, she was able to share it only with a few people. There still exist news clippings of her 1980 campaign to have God listed as a write-in candidate for president in the race between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. Some of the local election boards, including the one in Oakland, California, stated that that was fine, as long as God was at least thirty-five years of age and born on American soil. Vivenus had even written a campaign song for God’s candidacy called “It’s Not Odd To Vote For God.”

Timothy Green Beckley, the publisher of “Vivenus: Starchild,” said he long ago lost contact with Vivenus and doesn’t know if she’s alive and well or if she even remembers her life touring the country on a mission from the universe. We can only wish her well somewhere “out there.”

Like “Vivenus: Starchild,” the story told in “Omnec Onec: Ambassador From Venus” is not easy to categorize. It also doesn’t fit the mold of the typical contactee account of face-to-face meetings with benevolent aliens, nor is it like the later and more familiar abductee accounts of being swept into a ship full of grays.

What we have instead is a fascinating autobiography of a young woman born and raised in a near perfect Utopian paradise on Venus who willingly sacrifices her idyllic life there in order to come to Earth and help a young female victim of child abuse work through her punishing karma. It is an act of unselfishness few people on Earth would be capable of, and it makes for a great motivating factor in this inspiring story of interplanetary compassion.

The book opens with young Omnec Onec, called by the Venusian name given the author on her home planet (her Earthly name is Sheila), landing in the Nevada desert in 1955 and then journeying to Tennessee to take the place of the little girl she came to inhabit the body of and protect.

Along the way, we get an in-depth education in Venusian metaphysics told with the kind of attention to detail and narrative precision that makes it hard to dismiss as simple New Age raving. The beauty of the Venusian landscape, which exists at a higher vibration than Earthly mortals can see or hear, is described in breathtaking, exquisite language that carries the reader into everyday life on another planet with a practiced ease that goes well beyond any notion of science-fiction fakery.

There is also the part of the story involving the dysfunctional Earth family that Omnec Onec has traveled to be a part of. It is an emotionally powerful tale to say the least. The sentiment aroused by the Venusian transplant’s going with her mortal cousins to see the science fiction classic “The Thing From Outer Space,” for example, displays an eager willingness to join suffering humanity and bear some of its burdens. There is the obvious irony of the benevolent alien seeing a Hollywood depiction of a hostile one, but Omnec also talks about learning to wear makeup and the same yearning to grow up felt by all adolescents, even though she is already hundreds of years old in Venusian time.

Other human-looking aliens are already here, according to Omnec, operating unseen on Earth as they work to help us through the world-shattering difficulties that lie just ahead of us and to overcome the faults in character that threaten to destroy us from within. Current research into the alien abduction phenomenon has found that the hybrids being created by the alien genetics program have lately begun to be more and more human-looking, which adds some real world support to Omnec’s story.

Something else interesting is the fact that Omnec actually looks the part. There are photos of her on the cover and elsewhere inside the book that show a beautiful young woman with ice-blonde hair peering confidently into the camera. One can only wonder if her Nordic good looks are indeed a product of something out of this world.

We are much in debt to Inner Light/Global Communications for this recent reissue of Omnec’s book. Copies of the original hardback sell for hundreds of dollars, but this edition is available for a mere $29.95. In the interest of total disclosure, I did some copyediting on the book but made no changes of any kind. I simply made sure that the original text was completely intact after the publisher encountered some problems with the printing process. This is word-for-word what Omnec wrote originally, with every last asterisk in place.

Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens (Ret.) contributes not only some very helpful introductory material but also adds some concluding remarks that place the story in a present day context. A section of beautiful paintings by artist Gilbert William, who also claims a Venusian heritage, fills up the book’s last pages.

So if you have an interest in metaphysics or alternative versions of alien contact or simply want to read an engrossing story that eludes the simple confines of fact and fantasy, “Vivenus: Starchild” and “Omnec Onec: Ambassador From Venus” are here now at a bargain price.

Readers interested in obtaining a rare reprint of the book by ViVenus should note that the printed version contains an extra bonus section written by Michael X titled Flying Saucer Revelations. Michael X was a well known figure during the UFO contactee era and was a welcome speaker at the annual Giant Rock Flying Saucer Conventions held in the Joshua Tree region  of the southern California desert.

Take this link to order your copy of Vivenus: Starchild.

- If you enjoyed this article/review, then visit Sean Casteel’s “UFO Journalist” website at www.seancasteel.com to read more of his articles and interviews with people like Whitley Strieber, Stanton Friedman and Raymond Fowler.

Source: UFO Digest


Christmas Magic
By Stephen Wagner

CHRISTMAS HAS ALWAYS seemed like a magical time, especially for children, full of excitement, hope, and the possibility of miracles becoming reality. Many people believe they really have experienced miraculous phenomena around this holiday. The following stories were sent in by readers just like you, and they affirm that they are true - just as they remember them taking place. Are they childhood fantasies turned "real" by the peculiar mechanizations of time and mind? Or does Christmas magic really happen?


"It was around Christmas time, maybe 1995 or '96, at my aunt's house on a reservation in North Dakota," says V. Page. "Some of my family was in the living room watching television, the kids were playing in the rooms or sleeping, and my uncle, aunt and I were sitting at the table putting a puzzle together. My cousin who worked at a casino would come home around midnight or 1 a.m. This night, as she pulled up and was walking toward the house, she looked in the window and saw me sitting at the table, my uncle sitting across from me - and someone standing to the left of me and someone standing in the corner. She continued to walk in the house, thinking nothing of it.

"When she got in she said her hellos, put her stuff away and came and joined us at the table. As we were sitting there talking, she looked at me and asked who was standing next to me a few minutes ago and who was in the corner. I told her no one, but she insisted there was someone standing next me. 'It looked like your mom, and she was playing with your hair,' she told me. She said this person was running her hand on my hair, like a mother does to a child.

"It kinda freaked me out, being I was probably only 12 or 13 at the time. She swears that someone was standing over me, rubbing my head and watching me put the puzzle together with my aunt and uncle, and that there was another person standing behind this person. All of my family was accounted for. We got around to thinking it was probably her mom she saw. She passed away on her birthday a week before Christmas back in 1992. However, we didn't figured out who the person standing in the corner could have been. Now, around Christmas time, something strange always happens, and we just think it's her visiting us."


"In 1960, I was five years old," Sandy says. "I lived in the beautiful Berkshire Hills in Massachusetts. Our telephone was hung fairly high on the wall - too high for me to reach without help. It was late in the morning on Christmas day. My dad and my brother had gone out to shovel snow, my mother was in the shower and I was playing with my new Chatty Cathy doll.

"I wanted to call my grandmother to tell her about all my wonderful Christmas presents, but I knew that I would have to wait for my mother to get out of the shower because I could not reach the telephone. I was becoming increasingly impatient. I decided to pretend to call my grandmother on the toy telephone that I had gotten for Christmas. Back then, where I lived, there were no dial phones; all calls were operator assisted, and when I picked up the receiver on my toy telephone, I distinctly heard an operator say, 'What number please?'

"I was shocked, but I told her my grandmother's number, which I still remember to this day. I heard the phone begin to ring, and soon my grandmother, with her heavy Italian accent, was saying hello. I immediately began telling her all about my Chatty Cathy doll, but she wanted to know where my mother was. I explained that my mother was in the shower, and my dad and brother were outside. She knew that I could not use the telephone by myself, and asked me how I climbed up to use the phone high up on the wall. I explained that I had called her on my toy telephone. She laughed heartily before telling me to have my mother call when she got out of the shower.

"When my mother got out of the shower, I tried to tell her that I had really talked to Grandma on my toy phone, and that she wanted my mother to call her. My mother laughed like my grandmother did, but since I kept insisting that she call Grandma, she finally did. When she discovered that I really had talked to my grandmother, I got in big trouble. My mother insisted that I had somehow dangerously climbed the wall to use the phone. I insisted that I had called Grandma on my toy phone, and I got in bigger trouble for lying.

"I spent the rest of Christmas morning in my room, supposedly thinking about my dangerous antics, and lying to my grandmother and mother. I was frustrated about that, but I couldn't help but smile over the fact that I had somehow called my grandmother on my toy telephone that Christmas morning. It had to be magic."


"This incident happened on New Years Day, 2008 in Vancouver, B.C, Canada," says Angela. "My grandmother passed away suddenly from natural causes on Christmas Eve, which shocked and crushed us. My family is Buddhist, so for the past few days, we've visited a temple and meditated in her honour. My mom purchased this small, radio-like box that repeatedly plays a meditation, and she has left that on in my grandmother's room throughout the day for the last little bit.

"Monday, December 31, was the one week anniversary of my grandmother's death, and according to Chinese traditions, the deceased return home to visit their loved ones. As usual, my parents had the box playing throughout the day and turned it off before they went to bed. Here's where it gets weird.

"The next morning, on New Years Day, my mom woke up around 9 a.m. to use the bathroom, and she distinctly heard a soft song of meditation, just like the one heard from the box. She asked my dad if he had left it on the night before, and he said no. Thinking she had imagined it, she went back to sleep.

"Around 10 a.m., my dad woke up and heard the same soft sounds of meditation. He started wondering if he had indeed forgotten to turn off the box and went into my grandmother's room to check, only to find it off! How can you explain both of my parents hearing the meditation? We've eliminated the possibilities of it coming from our neighbour's house or TV. My boyfriend believes that it was my grandmother's way of letting us know that she is still around and that she is alright. It is a little spooky, but I find comfort in my grandmother letting us know she's around through meditation."


"This experience took place on Christmas Eve, 1976, in Gresham, Oregon," says Jason Q. "Although this story may seem 'beyond belief', I assure you, it is very true. It is proof (to me, anyway) that miracles do still occur. When I was five years old, I witnessed what I believe to be a miracle one Christmas Eve. My dad had just taken a job in Grants Pass, Oregon, which left my mom and me alone for the first time on Christmas. It was difficult not having my dad there that Christmas, as we had always been together for the previous Christmases.

"I was sleeping in my mom's room that Christmas Eve when we heard something out on the roof. Of course, being a young boy at that time, I thought it was Santa, but my mom thought it may be a burglar. She told me to stay in bed as she got up and cautiously went to the window. I was both excited and a little afraid, since she was so afraid. Although I thought it could be Santa, I also knew that it may be an intruder. My mom just stood there and stared, not saying anything. I asked her what was out there, and she just stared out the window. As she came back to the bed with a mesmerized look on her face, I jumped out of bed and ran to the window. What I saw was Santa, his sleigh and reindeer flying off our roof into the sky - just like you'd see on a Christmas card.

"My mom and I didn't talk about that night or what either of us saw. I thought it was normal, and she thought she was 'losing it'. She called her dad that night and told him what we had seen, and he told her that my dad leaving must have caused her to be hitting the bottle. He really thought she was losing it. He was really concerned for her sanity.

"Years later, when I was in high school, we had to tell a Christmas story in our German class. I told the one that I just shared with you. My friends laughed at me, not believing my story. I never heard the end of it after I told them I was serious. They really didn't know what to think of me after that.

"It gets even stranger. When I was leaving the classroom that day, a kid (who I didn't know) came up to me and said, 'You know, that was a great Christmas story. If one trulybelieves, he may at one time in his life experience what you experienced.' That kid then left, and I never saw him again. Who was he? An angel? A messenger? I don't know. Anyway, when I got home that day, I had to ask my mom what she had seen that Christmas Eve. Again, we had never talked about it, so I didn't really know what she saw that night. I knew what I saw, but I didn't know what she saw. All I could remember was how quiet she was that night, and how mesmerized she was. I wanted to know what she saw, to in fact see if I had imagined everything, as so many young kids do.

"My mom went on to tell me that it was a very difficult Christmas not having my dad around, but a miraculous one with what had occurred. When I asked my mom what she had seen that evening, she just kind of looked down almost in embarrassment. She then looked at me and said, 'I hope you don't think I'm nuts, but I saw Santa's sleigh and reindeer leaving our roof, taking off up into the sky. The snow-covered roof had animal prints and disturbed snow, where the sleigh had been sitting.' She smiled, and asked what I saw that evening, with tears in her eyes. I told her that I saw the sleigh and reindeer up in the sky. The timing of what we saw fits perfectly. I got up from the bed just as she was leaving the window. She saw the sleigh and reindeer taking off up into the sky, just before I saw what I saw. I even heard bells in the sky that night, and my mom told me that she did as well. We heard and saw the exact same thing, which was truly a Christmas miracle that year, when we really needed one!

"So, was it really Santa that night that my mom and I saw? Or was it a miracle that God had sent us, for us to see, especially due to how difficult that Christmas was? I believe it was both - a miracle and Santa. I truly believe that the God who created the universe and its billions of planets has absolutely no limitations, and therefore would have no problem giving to us that miracle that evening. He also hears our prayers. Like that kid in my German class told me, 'If you believe, you may experience this very miracle.' Or you may experience a miracle that is very personal to only you, which only God and you know. Keep on believing! Miracles do happen if one believes in them."

Source: paranormal.about.com


UFOs and the 12-Sided Hall of Mirrors
by Diane Tessman

Most cosmologists think the universe is infinite and that the fabric of Space/Time is stretched out, with "indents" in which the planets, stars, and other celestial objects "sit." However, what if the universe is not flat, just as the Earth turned out to be not flat? Jean-Pierre Luminet of the Paris Observatory has found that the universe may well be finite, 12 sided, and a hall of mirrors.

If this is true, how do UFOs and their occupants fit into it? Of course, no one knows for sure, and the theory itself is being challenged. Hoped-for evidence that Luminet is correct, has not manifested, but it is an idea which bears some thought. It can even be spiritually energizing.

A brief background on what gave rise to this 12 sided universe/hall of mirrors theory: The Wilkinson Microwave Anisotrophy Probe (WMAP) satellite has produced an incredibly detailed picture of cosmic microwave background, the ubiquitous cold light that the universe gave off in its infancy. The sizes of the hot and cold spots in the microwave background revealed age and composition of the cosmos; however, on the very largest scales, there weren’t as many temperature fluctuations as expected – which might mean, the universe is finite, not infinite.

Physicists and mathematicians have shown a dodecahedral universe is a slightly curved space, and can explain the anomaly of the lack of temperature fluctuations on the largest scale. Opposite "faces" of the dodecahedron are associated and are actually the same thing, so the Starship Enterprise zooming out one side of the universe, winds up flying right back into the other side of the universe.

The "hall of mirrors" concept - if we look out to one side of the dodecahedron, we see not a boundary, but our own universe all over again, as seen from the other side. It’s like a hall of mirrors except that instead of seeing your face, you see the back of your head and the images would be partially rotated, according to Luminet.

If you’re having trouble with this, you’re not alone! It might help to think of a bagel-universe, a piece of dough pulled out around itself, so side meets side, and top meets bottom. Of course the concept "hologram" also comes to mind. However, all illustrations are pathetically simplistic, there are strange twists in this theory which might defy words.

Remember the old video game "Asteroids?" Your asteroid would leave the right side of the screen and come in the left side? A creature living in this video game would have the illusion of living in infinite space, at least until it left the shackles of Earth and realized things were repeating themselves out in the universe.

Is it an illusion that we are living in a universe with 200 billion galaxies and 200 billion stars in each galaxy? (These are the latest estimates from mainstream scientists). When we look through our telescopes, do we in fact see the same objects repeatedly? Each time they would be partially rotated, so they would not be recognized.

However, one reason main-streamers doubt this theory is that not one duplicate star has been found. Of course, our technology is limited and searching the cosmos takes lots of time anyway.

A hypersphere is a 3 dimensional surface of a 4 dimensional ball. This is a cornerstone of the Hall of Mirrors theory. Again if you want to look into this further, "hypersphere" is a concept to follow in your quest.

Let’s get back to UFOs and their occupants:

First, let’s consider, "Are we in a simulated super-computer reality?" I wrote an article on this recently. Somehow, this finite 12-sided universe could fit into the virtual reality theory quite nicely. I suppose we simulated intelligences might well exist in a dodecahedron-designed program along with the simulated aliens.

The UFO occupants and us really need to meet the beings who run the 12 sided program!

Another possibility: The dodecahedron universe makes travel between this star system and that star system much shorter! We have wondered if the aliens travel through wormholes or blackholes, or somehow warp the fabric of inifnite space, like ants crawling through the center of an old photograph record instead of going around the sides. But if the universe is really much smaller, travel time is cut dramatically.

On top of this, if one component of the 12 sided universe, is the same as the opposite component of the 12 sided universe, the UFO beings might simply be the beings who live on the opposite Earth. Therefore, they are humanoid but slightly different than humans. Their technology is alien and advanced to us, but we can imagine how their technology works, it is within our realm of mind-capability; therefore, the Starship Enterprise does not exist on our Earth, but might it exist on their Earth? That Earth’s technology might be only a hundred years ahead of us.

Ah, I know what you are saying: If the mirror reflection is our Earth, then it is us, not humanoid aliens, who live on Earth.

Well, who knows? But I am guessing that there is something quantum in this too. The multiverse concept might have to exist within the 12 sided universe theory. So, the UFO beings exist in a different "quantum atmosphere" but they are us from that Earth; we are merely about a hundred years ahead of ourselves from this Earth.

I have received messages from my guide Tibus for many years now. One of his most important messages is that on up the road of human evolution, Science and Spirit meet, to become one perception. Once this evolutionary step happens, it will end human conflict and war. We will be, basically, smarter. We will be basically, more of spirit, too.

As it is now, we humans are dominantly right-minded or left-minded. The left-mind person sees a rainbow and thinks of the water droplets caught in the prism which the sun exposes. The right-mind person sees a rainbow and considers it a sign of hope, even wondering if a leprechaun is waiting at the end of it.

In fact, both perceptions of reality are true, right down to the leprechaun.

Tibus says, there is no contradiction, because when the whole mind is used, perception, thus reality, itself changes. We see a new reality which is grander than the sum of those two parts.

Quantum physics tells us that our perception does enter into creating the reality itself.

The UFO phenomenon is a spendid example of science and spirit colliding and thus getting almost no where. Scientists say they will be the only ones to find the answer; newagers and spiritually-oriented folk, say they know the answer. Scientists want to rule out anyone who claims alien contact if it did not happen in "real time," and require that it was frightening, medical, and negative. Spiritually oriented people say they have been amazingly guided throughout life by UFO occupants and that they have incredible knowledge and unconditional love for us.

Granted, there are many types of aliens, apparently. However, I doubt we humans will fully comprehend what the UFO phenomenon is, until we approach it in a whole mind way. Be intelligent, be logical, but do not rule out a phenomenon which is also spiritual and mystical. Do not proclaim all the spiritual, positive contacts are to get attention or are reported by sick minds, or are imagination run rampant. And the positive folk must realize that some people have had terrible experiences with aliens.

So what does this have to do with a 12 sided universe?

It somehow helps "Science,Practical,Skeptical reality" meet "Spiritual,Mystical, Magickal reality." If it turns out there is another Earth across the dodecahedron (which is in fact us, in some manner, shape, or form), then certainly we can use this as a lesson to allow the two sides of our own mind to evolve into perceiving as a whole mind.

No contradiction! Our mind is also a hall of mirrors.

The 12-sided universe theory might or might not be accurate. It does lend itself to explaining how UFOs get to Earth without, apparently, traveling for 22 million light years. It also suggests some of those UFO occupants might be us from "the other Earth."

The satellites which we are sending into orbit with telescopes and advanced abilities aboard, are revealing mind-boggling data on the universe in which we live. There are more "super-earths" turning up than scientists possibly imagined.

A "super-earth" is a planet larger than Earth in a distant star system, which is in just right for life to evolve. These "fairly large" planets have the Goldilocks advantage, "just the right place in the star system and just the right attributes" for life itself – just like Earth. In fact, this kind of planet seems to be the most popular, which absolutely astounds scientists. They had no idea--!

If most of these planets have life, and exist in a docecahedron hall of mirrors, well, all bets are off! It almost makes me wonder why there are not even more UFOs in our skies!

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Italian Study Claims Turin Shroud is Christ's Authentic Burial Robe

A new study has emerged that suggests that one of Christianity's most prized but mysterious relics – the Turin Shroud – is not a medieval forgery but could be the authentic burial robe of Christ.

Italian scientists have conducted a series of advanced experiments which, they claim, show that the marks on the shroud – purportedly left by the imprint of Christ's body – could not possibly have been faked with technology that was available in the medieval period.

The research will be an early Christmas present for shroud believers, but is likely to be greeted with scepticism by those who doubt that the sepia-coloured, 14ft-long cloth dates from Christ's crucifixion 2,000 years ago.

Sceptics have long claimed that the shroud is a medieval forgery, and radiocarbon testing conducted by laboratories in Oxford, Zurich and Arizona in 1988 appeared to back up the theory, suggesting that it dated from between 1260 and 1390.

But those tests were in turn disputed on the basis that they were skewed by contamination by fibres from cloth that was used to repair the relic when it was damaged by fire in the Middle Ages.

The new study is the latest intriguing piece of a puzzle which has baffled scientists for centuries and spawned an entire industry of research, books and documentaries.

"The double image (front and back) of a scourged and crucified man, barely visible on the linen cloth of the Shroud of Turin, has many physical and chemical characteristics that are so particular that the staining ... is impossible to obtain in a laboratory," concluded experts from Italy's National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Development.

The scientists set out to "identify the physical and chemical processes capable of generating a colour similar to that of the image on the Shroud." They concluded that the exact shade, texture and depth of the imprints on the cloth could only be produced with the aid of ultraviolet lasers – technology that was clearly not available in medieval times.

The scientists used extremely brief pulses of ultraviolet light to replicate the kind of marks found on the burial cloth.

They concluded that the iconic image of the bearded man must therefore have been created by "some form of electromagnetic energy (such as a flash of light at short wavelength)." Although they stopped short of offering a non-scientific explanation for the phenomenon, their findings will be embraced by those who believe that the marks on the shroud were miraculously created at the moment of Christ's Resurrection.

"We are not at the conclusion, we are composing pieces of a fascinating and complex scientific puzzle," the team wrote in their report.

Prof Paolo Di Lazzaro, the head of the team, said: "When one talks about a flash of light being able to colour a piece of linen in the same way as the shroud, discussion inevitably touches on things like miracles and resurrection." "But as scientists, we were concerned only with verifiable scientific processes. We hope our results can open up a philosophical and theological debate but we will leave the conclusions to the experts, and ultimately to the conscience of individuals."

The research, conducted in laboratories in Frascati, a town outside Rome famous for its white wine, backs up the outcome of tests by a group of 31 American scientists between 1978 and 1981.

The Americans – who called themselves the Shroud of Turin Research Project or STURP – conducted 120 hours of X-rays and ultraviolet light tests on the linen cloth.

They concluded that the marks were not made by paints, pigments or dyes and that the image was not "the product of an artist", but that at the same time it could not be explained by modern science.

"There are no chemical or physical methods known which can account for the totality of the image, nor can any combination of physical, chemical, biological or medical circumstances explain the image adequately."

The US team – which included nuclear physicists, thermal chemists, biophysicists and forensic pathologists – concluded: "The image is an ongoing mystery." One of Christianity's greatest objects of veneration, the shroud appears to show the imprint of a man with long hair and a beard whose body bears wounds consistent with having been crucified.

Each year it lures millions of pilgrims to Turin Cathedral, where it is kept in a specially designed, climate-controlled case.

Scientists have never been able to explain how the image of a man's body, complete with nail wounds to his wrists and feet, pinpricks from thorns around his forehead and a spear wound to his chest, could have formed on the cloth.

The Vatican has never said whether it believes the shroud to be authentic or not, although Pope Benedict XVI has said that the enigmatic image imprinted on the cloth "reminds us always" of Christ's suffering.

Source: The Telegraph


Consider How You Treat the "Unknown Visitor"
By Mary Mitchell

Recently, I accompanied a friend as her guest to an event at a private home. It's fair to say that the others there treated me dismissively at best.

My garb was appropriate and understated. So was my demeanour. I was the out-of-town visitor, unknown, and quite possibly not worth anyone's time. Perhaps I was being overly sensitive. Frankly, I did not enjoy the frosty experience.

Yet I could not help reflect on the episode, especially since the holiday season is filled with guests and visitors - some known and some not at all.

My Hungarian grandmother used to say, "No matter who a person is, or what his station might be, he is a guest in my home and will be treated graciously, respectfully, and warmly." That principle was non-negotiable, yet obviously would not apply to intruders.

When I recounted my story to Gary Trantham, a physician and Jungian scholar, he pointed out that the myth of the Unknown Visitor pervades practically every culture and that my grandmother's instruction echoed the Ukrainian adage, "Guest in the house - God in the house," which is spoken even today.

Dr. Trantham reminded me that, while mostly everybody knows the story of Mary and Joseph being turned away at the inn and giving birth to the baby Jesus in a manger, the theme of the Unknown Visitor can be traced much further back.

Ancient Greeks told of gods Zeus and Hermes disguising themselves to test human beings. Similar tales exist in Chinese folklore, Indian tradition, Nordic mythology, Russian folk tales and North African/Muslim cultures.

"There are common denominators of the Unknown Visitor," Trantham said.

The Unknown Visitor first appears very humble and lowly, yet turns out to be a god or an angel. The rejection they suffer has adverse consequences for those who turn them away. Sincere hospitality results in blessings and abundance for those who embrace them.

Indeed, some cultures are on the alert and even look for the Unknown Visitor as an opportunity for future blessings. In the world of Islam, the Unknown Visitor is called Khidr. I can bear personal witness to this:

As a young woman attached to an international banking institution, I arrived in Cairo for a lengthy assignment there. The hotel lost my reservation, and I sat stunned and scared in the lobby, bereft of status and position.

A nearby gentleman who was waiting for his appointment saw my distress, asked about it, and immediately offered to take me and my then husband to his home for the night.

We accepted. The man returned us to our hotel the next morning, refreshed and fed, and able to cope with our housing crisis. I promised myself there and then to pay the kindness forward.

Such musing brings me to the present. It's easy to sit here and pontificate about how the holidays should be welcoming times. Most of us welcome known visitors to our homes, people we like and enjoy.

Yet what about the unknown guests, the ones we do not know and do not necessarily like? That list can include new family members, colleagues, neighbours, to name a few.

As I write, I am humbled to admit that in my Unknown Visitor role described at this column's start, I felt somewhat snubbed and self-righteous.

I needed to look in the mirror and see that I just as easily could be the one giving the frosty hospitality. I needed an attitude adjustment.

Thus, I appreciate Dr. Trantham's wisdom about the Unknown Visitor: "It's a way of being in this world...seeing beneath the surface."

In Tennessee Williams' landmark play, "A Streetcar Named Desire", Blanche DuBois famously said: "Whoever you are - I have always depended on the kindness of strangers".

Wouldn't it make for a better world if strangers, whoever they may be, could come to depend on the kindness of their hosts?

Source: Reuters


Santa Claus is a Legend, Not a Lie
by Jeff Belanger

My friend Al told me he was struggling with telling his four-year-old daughter about Santa Claus. “It’s the only lie I’ve ever told her,” he said. I too have a four-year-old daughter and am currently in the thick of Santa Fever at my house, where we’ve been lauding Père Noël for the last three Christmases. He’s a legend I’m honored to propagate.

I study legends for a living. Monsters, ghosts, extraterrestrials, and ancient mysteries swirl around me like smoke from a smoldering campfire. If there’s one thing that’s certain: it’s that all legends have a solid foundation in someone’s reality. From there the story grows and evolves; it becomes part of a collective human experience. Legends are real. The point can’t be argued.

When I say “Bigfoot,” an image is instantly conjured in your mind. You no doubt picture a tall, hairy, upright-walking creature who lurks in the forest. There are Halloween costumes that feature this biped, he even shills beef jerky in TV commercials. Can there be any doubt as to the veracity of this legend? Whether there is an actual ape-like creature wandering the forests of the world can be debated forever. But the legend itself cannot.

Belief makes reality.

The only reason that $20 bill in your pocket is worth more than the $1 bill is belief. Faith. We believe our government will back up these bank notes so they’re worth something. If we collectively lose that belief, our monetary system will collapse.

Of all the legends in America, there can be none as prominent, or as real, as that of St. Nick. If I were to walk into a crowded restaurant anywhere in the United States holding an image of a big man with white hair and a white beard wearing a red suit and asked each diner, “Who is this?” I would have trouble finding a single person who wouldn’t answer, “Santa Claus.”

Before there was the hoopla, the guy in the red suit at the mall, the shopping frenzy, the Christmas trees, and the holiday lights, there was a man—a regular man who was the foundation of something extraordinary.

Nicholas lived in the land of Myra (which is modern-day Turkey) around 300 A.D. He was the only child of a wealthy family and was orphaned at a young age. The boy grew up in a monastery and entered priesthood by age 17. A true philanthropist, and inspired by a person named Jesus who lived long ago, Nicholas gave away his wealth throughout his life. He left gifts for children in their shoes, he was known to toss small sacks of gold through open windows, and to lavish affection upon the poor.

The Catholic Church canonized him shortly after his death, making him St. Nicholas. A real person inspired Catholics to make him into a saint. When the Church established Christmas on December 25th to coincide near the Pagan holiday of Yule, incorporating Nicholas and his spirit of generosity into the Christmas season was a natural fit for the Church. The legend of that saint grew, evolved, and spread through a natural folklore process.

Over the centuries, Nicholas’s story was passed around, he was copy-catted by others who took joy in giving away money and toys to poor children. As the centuries passed, his legend grew to mythic proportions and took on supernatural attributes.

The Dutch people called this figure “Sinter Klaas,” and brought him over to New York when they arrived in the seventeenth century. They celebrated this saint on December 5th or 6th (depending on what country you lived in). Washington Irving wrote about this figure in his History of New York where he described the arrival of the Saint on horseback, but it was a poem penned by Clement Clarke Moore in 1823 that defined Santa Claus, his sled, the reindeer, what he looks like, and his chimney-arrival behavior. That poem is called “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” better known as “The Night Before Christmas.”

In 1860 a Harper’s magazine illustrator named Thomas Nast depicted Santa as a big round man who had a workshop at the North Pole and a list of all the good and bad children. In 1931 the Coca Cola Company made the figure of Santa in a red suit with white fur trim a cultural icon as part of their advertising campaign.

The first time a child meets Santa Claus, it’s like meeting the world’s biggest celebrity. Most of us never forget the racing heartbeats, the giddy excitement, or maybe even the fear of meeting this omniscient, supernatural being who can either make your dreams come true by laying your most desired toy under the Christmas tree, or crush you with lumps of coal and sticks in your stocking.

As we get older, our ideas of Santa morph and evolve until many of us actually become Father Christmas—either at the office holiday party or when we have children of our own. The Santa experience offers genuine miracles on both sides of the fluffy white beard in a world where most mysteries are dying off at an alarming rate.

Since Santa went mainstream in the nineteenth century, he’s has been deified, lampooned, imitated, commercialized, scorned, and overexposed. But through all the murk and mess, Santa’s magic still shines through like Rudolph’s nose through the fiercest blizzard. We created Santa. All of us. Each Christmas he’s born again. We teach our own children about Santa because, even if only for the first few years, it’s right to believe in magic.

From the children’s perspective, it’s so wonderfully simple: On December 24th, before they go to bed they leave milk and cookies out for Santa. They glance at the empty space under the Christmas tree, and run off to try and sleep; giddy with anticipation. The next morning there is tangible evidence of the supernatural visitation: The cookies are mostly eaten, the milk is mostly drunk, and behold the wrapped presents under the tree!

I don’t care if you’re Christian or not. I’m a paranormal guy. I believe in possession. In Judaism there’s the concept of the “Dybbuk,” which is a type of spirit possession. This possession can be a bad thing: like if you’re inclined to drink too much or do drugs, a spirit that did that in life may cling to you and push you over the edge; or it can be a good thing: you’re trying to get healthy and exercise and a spirit who did that in life may be drawn to you to help. We get possessed by good ideas, gut instincts, and inspiration all of the time. We also get inspired by great legends… like Santa Claus.

Santa’s legend and story has spread throughout the world. Each Christmas we get inspired… nay, possessed by this good spirit. I’m thrilled my daughter is eagerly awaiting St. Nick visiting our house. I want her to know the magic this figure holds.

By carrying on these traditions which were based on a real man, I become a part of the legend. I write myself into the story. I write my daughter into the story in the hopes that one day she too will become possessed by the spirit of Christmas. That she will be reminded to behave because someone is out there watching, that she will feel the urge to give to charities a little more, that she will know there’s still magic in the world.

Believe in Santa, Al. His legend is real. He’s real. He’s you. He’s me. He’s a bit of all of us. And next year he’ll be back, because we’ll never stop needing him.

Source: jeffbelanger.com

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