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Mystery Illness Strikes 12 Girls from Same School -
Does Confusion Arise as Aliens Read Our Collective Consciousness? -
- Earth's Shadow Denizens -
UFOs and the Kennedy Assassination -
AND: Women Live in Cave to Avoid Electromagnetic Radiation

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Alien Space Gods Of Ancient Greece And Rome - Revelations Of The Oracle Of Delphi



British historian W. Raymond Drake is one of the most careful researchers of the "Ancient Astronaut" theory which maintains aliens arrived on earth and interacted with the human race throughout antiquity and in all parts of the globe. Author of a dozen works on the Space Gods phenomenon, Drake's work complements that of Chariots of the Gods? by Erich Von Daniken, his first book appearing in print prior to Von Daniken's international bestseller.

In this work about the ancient Mediterranean's strange relationship with the Sky Gods, Drake utilized over fifty writers of antiquity and scrutinized their main works through a UFO "lens." His astute contributions regarding the Land of the Gods have been expanded upon and updated by contemporary researchers Timothy Beckley and Sean Casteel.

Questions That You Will Find Answered. . .

Did giants from space establish a UFO base atop the picturesque Mount Olympus?

Were they the gods and goddesses of "Mythology" idolized and given names such as Apollo, Hades, Athena, Hermes, Zeus, Artemis and Hestia?

Did the powerful deities of Greece help save Athens from being invaded by the mighty armies of Atlantis in 10,000 BC?

Is there reason to believe that the Greeks and Trojans were inspired to fight for the beauteous Helen, surely a space queen?

Do the great plays and sublime philosophies of the supreme thinkers of the ages show a reverence for the gods' who intervened at Marathron and Salamis, sending flying shields to aid Alexander storming the walls of Tyre?

Did a UFO encountered near Troy save the army of Lucullus from destruction?

Were omens observed in the sky just before the murder of Caesar?

How does one explain the manifestation of mysterious voices and apparitions in the heavens as Hannibal ravaged Italy?

In a marvelous update, recent activities, including encounters with humanoids and men in black-like individuals, are taken into consideration offering proof that the ancient aliens of antiquity are returning to their original haunts and are guaranteed to make open contact soon! 

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Mystery Illness Strikes 12 Girls from Same School

A mysterious disorder which exhibits symptoms similar to Tourette's syndrome has affected twelve female students at the same high school.

The students, who attend LeRoy High School in New York, are said to all be suffering from verbal outbursts and involuntary twitches.

Tourette's syndrome affects the body's brain and nervous system by causing tics - repeated, uncontrollable movements or involuntary vocal sounds.

Thera Sanchez, a senior on the honor roll at the school, said she has been fighting this affliction since October. She said after waking up from a nap, "I got upset, I couldn't stop stuttering."

During an interview with CNN's Jason Carroll, her symptoms were apparent: She was twitching uncontrollably, flailing her left arm and jerking her head to one side. Sanchez said she also faints and has seizures. The seizures are a result of her pre-existing epilepsy disorder, which had been under control for years.

Lydia Parker, also a senior at the school, is exhibiting similar symptoms. "I took a five-minute nap. I passed out for five minutes and I woke up stuttering," Parker said. She said her symptoms also started in October. Parker has a bruised forehead after banging it on her bedpost during a fainting spell, she said.

Health officials say the symptoms are consistent with "conversion disorder."

Dr. Jennifer McVige, a pediatric neurologist at the DENT Neurologic Institute who is treating many of the students affected, said, "Conversion disorder is a physical manifestation of physiological symptoms where there is traditionally some kind of stress or multiple stressors that provoke a physical reaction within the body." McVige said the symptoms are real. "This is unconscious. It is not done purposefully."

Recently, the school held a forum for concerned parents. About 150 people attended, demanding to know what was wrong with the students.

Dr Greg Young, with the NYS Department of Health, said: 'I can assure you these children have all been seen by professionals that have come up with answers and they are all being treated and they're actually doing pretty well.'

He revealed that tics like this can be caused by a number of factors such as genetics, head trauma, drugs for ADHD and OCD and antihistamines.

Officials at the school hired an independent third party to conduct mold and air quality tests but found no environmental cause for the girls' illnesses. A statement posted on the school's website said, in part, "The medical and environmental investigations have not uncovered any evidence that would link the neurological symptoms to anything in the environment or of an infectious nature."

Sanchez's mother, Melissa Phillips said she does not agree. "I don't think that all physical aspects of this have been exhausted; not enough testing has been done."

Phillips said she found out other girls were exhibiting the same symptoms when she brought her daughter to the hospital. The nurse said Thera was the fourth girl in a week to come in with the same issues. "I was very irate to not know that other girls were going through this."

She also disagreed with McVige's assertion that the girls are improving, saying, "Nothing is getting better, you know, the girls are still getting worse. They have good days and bad days."

McVige is not sure why so many girls at the same school are suffering all at once. "I do know that traditionally when they've (doctors) looked back at different events that occurred in a similar nature, a majority of the time it is girls."

Dr Young assured parents that these cases have been seen nationwide and they come and go in individuals. He said that stress and anxiety can make them worse.

But most parents were left frustrated due to HIPAA (federal health privacy laws) which meant the doctors were limited in telling them what was causing the symptoms.

Because of this and the limited number of cases in the small community, Dr Young said their hands were tied as they cannot comment on children's diagnosis.

This isn't the first time reports have surfaced of multiple students at one high school experiencing twitching symptoms. In 2007, nine female students and one teacher were reported to have the same issues at William Byrd High School in Roanoke, Virginia. The school spent $30,000 testing the school and the surrounding area but found no evidence of any environmental factors that may have contributed to the illnesses.

The school principal, Richard Turner, said after closely interviewing the students, they found six of them were faking the symptoms. The teacher who was affected is now symptom free and still teaching at the school. One student who got better within days, according to Turner, was determined to have had a reaction to medication.

The other two students' symptoms were eventually resolved.

All of them graduated. "We haven't had any other reported incidents since then," Turner said.

The Virginia Department of Health also did an investigation and found no contributing environmental factors and concluded the students' symptoms, though varied, were consistent with a social phenomenon called "mass psychogenic hysteria," which suggests real symptoms but no biological cause.

Thera Sanchez said all she wants is to get better so she can go to college next year. "I don't think this is in my head."

McVige said she wanted to assure the public that this illness will not spread. "I feel we need to put an end to feeling that this is a mystery, that someone is going to catch something contagious." She expressed confidence all the girls will get better, adding they have "an excellent prognosis."

Source: The Daily Mail


Does Confusion Arise as Aliens Read Our Collective Consciousness?
By Diane Tessman

Do UFO occupants “read” our quantum field of the collective human consciousness instead of reading our individual minds when trying to establish contact with us?

I feel that this might explain their often almost nonsensical behavior. We know they must have a high intelligence when we see the technology of their craft. Yet, when it comes to interaction with humans in encounters, they seem “so near and yet so far” from establishing a link with us with which we can feel at ease, and to which we can respond.

Aliens who travel to many different worlds, multiverses, or who travel through time, probably do read the collective consciousness field of the dominant planetary species in order to get a handle on who they will be interacting, at least to some degree. Otherwise, how can explorers have any idea of who is down there?

Yes, they could monitor nuclear installations and other areas of technical concentration to see if their craft are in danger from missiles or weapons below and to know the degree of technical advancement in general. We know the aliens have done this and are still doing it as we read reports from high ranking military officers detailing UFO activity over missile sites and nuclear installations.

This information would contribute to the aliens’ decision as to whether to stay for a short or long time, how much contact with the dominant species would be sought, what kind of contact there might be, and so forth. Possibly if actual civilizations are beginning to coalesce on the planet below, aliens might institute concentrated interaction; this might have happened in ancient Egypt and in other areas of ancient Earth which have possible evidence of “ancient astronaut” interaction.

However, if it is determined there is to be long range contact, just monitoring technical advancement of the native people isn’t going to be enough. Therefore, aliens possibly “read” and research the collective consciousness of the native dominant species – Homo sapiens in Earth’s case.

How can aliens learn the nature of the collective human consciousness when that species below are probably completely unknown to the aliens? Of course, if we consider that some aliens may be humans of the future, and that aliens seem to have been around since our beginning, then perhaps humans are not so unknown to aliens. Still, if we 21st Century humans went back to the 15th Century, for instance, we would have quite a shock, not only culturally but even in basic consciousness. We are an evolving race, always changing.

So it seems that researching the current collective human consciousness would be the next step for the aliens. But how can they do this? Are all aliens psychic? This is a conclusion to which 20th Century humans often jumped, resulting in a lot of mumbo jumbo. However, in the 21st Century, perhaps we humans can perceive a more likely alien method:

We are beginning to realize that we have a consciousness field outside our head as well as inside our head. This field may well be subject to the incredible “rules” of quantum physics; in short, human collective consciousness is a quantum field.

This opens us to all the amazing quantum possibilities: For instance, our mind gives definition and structure to the outside world only when we are perceiving it. Quantum physics has proved that in the sub-molecular world, particles/waves behave differently when we are looking at them than when we are not looking at them. But as in the case of the recent quantum entangling of two diamonds, which are not sub-molecular objects but macro-objects (the diamonds were each about the size of 1/6th of a dime), it is beginning to dawn on us that the large world, as opposed to subatomic world, is also subject to quantum reality and rules (or lack of rules as we perceive “rules”).

“Does a tree which falls in the forest make a noise if no one is around to hear it?” Well, the squirrels and rabbits hear it because they too have quantum collective consciousness. But if no living soul is around to hear the tree crashing to the ground, does it make a noise? There is no perception of the noise.

I assume the aliens have all sorts of scientific quantum instruments of which we are only now beginning to conceive. So, they arrive above said planet, set an orbit, turn on the quantum-registering instruments, and read/research the quantum collective field of consciousness of the species which dominates the new planet.

In time, the aliens decide to bring a few of the native dominant species aboard and take a look at their physical bodies as well as their minds under stress. Will there be any hope of actually meeting this native species on an equal basis?

Or is this native species so primitive, that the planet can simply considered a free world for exploration and alien development? This might be true if all native species of a planet are of the lower animal stage of collective consciousness development. (The debate as to whether the aliens have a right to explore and develop planet is for another day).

Or perhaps a middle state of development exists: There is hope that the dominant species can handle alien life and visitation and even take its place in the galactic community, but it will take a while. The aliens begin to plan stages of making themselves known. To me, this is what was decided regarding humans and Earth.

But there is a fly in the alien ointment: Their instruments and their research registers to the collective human consciousness only. The aliens are not psychics who can read individual minds.

Therefore, when they take a human aboard, they have to assume she will react according to the collective human consciousness model they have constructed. She should be somewhat frightened but also very curious. Instead, this woman might have had a traumatic childhood which lacked stability and perhaps she was abused or molested. This might explain why her abduction was absolutely horrifying. In other words, we humans have personal experiences which also determine our behavior and reactions. So that while we do act like humans (we do not act like swans, wolves, or whales), we also act according to what is personally psychological within us.

According to the collective human consciousness, we are highly curious creatures, therefore we should be able to handle meeting new species. But, if we have had a traumatic childhood, and life has been difficult, we do not react with curiosity but with total fear. Of course another individual who had a rough life, might be more able to handle an alien experience, having been made strong and flexible by life itself. From the aliens’ point of view, there is no way of predicting which human will react in what way. And yes, humans might be more emotional creatures than aliens, it is possible.

The aliens may know we have our inner minds to contend with, they might also have individual experiences which cause them to vary from their collective consciousness. However, there is nothing they can do about reading individual human inner minds, their instruments and abilities only “read” the outer field of collective human consciousness.

And so, a man in a farm house steps out for a smoke. Suddenly, he sees a very low flying craft which is not of this Earth for a number of reasons. How many sightings are like this? Many! The UFO flies closer to the man and he steps back onto the porch, his curiosity has been over taken by fear. The UFO hovers, it wants the human to perceive it, and then it seems to shrug its shoulders, and move off. The aliens may well have taken readings on the man’s quantum reaction with in the collective field. Would he be ready to meet them?

I know I am over-simplifying things, but I do feel there is a basic “slight confusion” between humans and aliens. To the aliens, we act “not quite according to instruments,” and to us humans, the aliens are definitely a bit out of whack.

As I receive in-put from Tibus these many years, he is passionate, eloquent (sometimes!) and absolutely sincere about human evolution and the coming step upward for human awareness (collective consciousness). He urges us not to make war on each other ever again, he urges us to love and protect the other life forms of Earth, he begs us not to destroy the magnificent living world who is our creator, Planet Earth.

However, if a man asks for a psychic answer from Tibus on whether the man’s wife cheated on him with his cousin, Tibus is stumped. Maybe this just reflects on Tibus’ and my lack of “psychic ability.” I do have some psychic ability, as we all do, but as far as Tibus’ knowledge goes, it is as if he is reading the collective human consciousness and the individual’s path within this collective quantum hum.

Yes, we humans can do this, too, we are not stupid - but, fact is, we do not. We seem to be lost in the trees as a species, and cannot see the total forest so as to get ourselves out of it. We are inundated with endless information, trivia, annoyances, responsibilities, problems. It seems as though advancing technology gives us more headaches than it solves. We have an overload of information, no time to process it, no time for clearing our minds and simply being.

When we do have a moment to simply be, we often perceive our collective knowledge and wisdom, and the living intelligence of our planet.

Over the years I have tried to figure out from “where” Tibus is speaking and what manual on human behavior the aliens are referring to. I concluded it is not “psychic” at all; therefore, it is not personal, does not usually include allowing for a bad childhood, a marriage break-up, or struggles with an addicted family member. I don’t think this shows a lack of empathy on the aliens’ part (who knows about their actual empathy?), but it shows they are reading our collective field of consciousness, not zooming in on individual minds.

Perhaps if an alien presence stays with a human most of his or her life, as my “Is Alien Entanglement Actually Quantum Entanglement?” article on UFO Digest supposes, then individual aliens do take human psychology and individual experience into account and do feel empathy for their “human one,” but aliens as whole, as advanced as they are, probably cannot develop instruments to read each individual mind as it “happens” spontaneously. Instead, they consult their quantum instruments regarding the collective human consciousness.

And therein, some confusion arises in both aliens and humans when interaction takes place. Illogical UFO sightings, abductions, and strange encounters ensue, and yet, almost never is the human actually physically harmed – a sign of hope.

The answer to the confusion might be that humans and aliens need to meet face to face and get to actually know each other. It might be very confusing at first, but we humans are collectively very adaptable. Adaptability is considered a sign of intelligence, and so I assume the aliens are adaptable too.

It is time we do this; both aliens and humans - it is time!

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Source: UFO Digest


Earth's Shadow Denizens
By Scott Corrales

On the last day of the year in 1968, an uncle and nephew were driving from the town of Isabela on the island’s north shore to a family get-together in San Juan, and were in very high spirits. They did not know, however, that their otherwise routine journey would become a landmark case in UFO history.

At seven thirty in the evening, both men had reached the city of Vega Baja when their car’s headlights lit up an object on the roadside. Thinking it was a motorist in distress, they slowed down, only to realize that the car was no car, and the figure standing outside was not an unlucky driver on New Year’s Eve: a small entity was standing right next to a light colored object that rose from the ground exactly as both men reacted in alarm. According to the nephew’s description, the diminutive figure had shining eyes “like a cat”, and that it reacted with the same degree of surprise that he and his uncle had experienced. Neither party expected to come across the other, it would seem, on a holiday evening.

While this event is generally acknowledged to be the first UFO landing case in Puerto Rico, incidents involving small humanoids reach back into the island’s history, and are quite common in the lore of the Caribbean and the countries of Mesoamerica and South America.

The “contemporary age” of the UFO phenomenon hadn’t even started when Luis Villafañe was a boy living in the town of Utuado in the mountainous heartland of Puerto Rico. But one morning in 1946, while his mother cooked dinner, Luis saw a small creature, some three feet in height, approach the door to his house. He recalls that the enigmatic being wore coveralls of a brownish hue, had large black eyes, and long fingers that reached down to its knees.

When he alerted his mother and siblings to the unusual presence, they were gripped by a sudden paralysis: the diminutive being regarded them for what seemed to be an eternity before dashing off at high speed into the dense tropical vegetation.

Villafañe states that his mother gave both him and his brothers "a sound whupping", believing that their childish pranks had attracted the attention of un duende--an elf.

A Persistent Belief

Beings of diminutive stature were not confined to the tropics, either: the native Americans living in what is now Connecticut believed in the Makiawisag, who would come into people's houses demanding food. If their demands were not met, these dwarfs would point their fingers and immobilize their targets, proceeding to ransack homes. An antiquarian, F.G. Speck, gathered such stories for presentation in a formal paper.

And the cases go on and on, from one country to another and spanning the centuries. That societies around the globe believe in impish creatures that can be good or bad, if not both, is certainly not new. The connection between these "little people" of human tradition and the UFO phenomenon has been the subject of many authoritative works, Jacques Vallée's Dimensions among them. In our times of saucer-flying "greys" this could hardly be something new, but the fact of the matter is that diminutive hominid creatures continue to appear throughout the world, particularly in Central America and the Caribbean, much in the same way as they did centuries ago.

In the Chiapas region of Mexico we find the chaneques, which are widespread in this jungle region south of the Yucatan. An investigator who spent some time in that part of the country spoke to a number of shy peasant girls, who described how the creatures, standing no taller than a hand, would have a good time playing in the water basin behind their homes: the elusive beings would cause the crockery left to soak in the basin to rattle. The chaneques were aquatic beings, swimming in and out of the basin through its drainpipe. It is also worth remembering that the ancient Mayan ruins of Uxmal, which are in the area, were founded, in legend, by a dwarf born to a witch. The jungles of Central America and the desertic coastal plains of Perú and Chile contain the ruins of structures which could have only served the purposes of diminutive creatures. The aluxoob or “aluches” of the Yucatan Peninsula are considered downright beneficial to the small farmer working his milpa in the water-scarce Yucatan, but others have declared the supposedly mythical entities an outright menace. Tradition describes them as the ultimate pranksters, given to pushing people out of hammocks at night (a very anti-social thing to do), throw rocks against structures and people in the dark of the night, and tormenting dogs, which they hate. The aluxoob can inflict illness, usually in the form of high fevers which are hard to abate. The Mayan farmer who is wise enough to have not forsaken the lore of his forefathers will take care of these entities much in the same way that their Celtic counterparts on the other side of the Atlantic did--by leaving small gifts of food outdoors at night as a peace offering. This will turn the Aluxoob from disagreeable to outright helpful, looking over the farmers crops and home, and even harassing burglars.

The study of elves, fairies and their kin leaped out of the pages of childrens' books and the oral traditions of rural folk into the realm of scientific study in the late 1800s, when Walter Evans-Wentz, who received the first doctorate in comparative religion, published The Fairy Faith in Celtic Country. On the other side of the Atlantic, Arthur Conan Doyle and Lady Augusta Gregory delved into the study of the elusive elves and fairies. Conan Doyle would often go to France to discuss the subject with astronomer/spiritist Camille Flammarion.

The descriptions provided by those who were witnesses to the arrival of small "spacemen" during the early days of the UFO phenomenon reawakened interest in the possibility that dwarfish "aliens" could merely be the creatures we called elves or fairies under a different guise.

What evidence we have that this could be the case is even less than circumstantial, but the testimonies continue to surface: In May of 1991, a few boys in the coastal town of Medianía Alta, P.R., attempted the capture of a "a little green man" during a crab-hunting expedition. Two of the boys indicated that they had chased the green creature until it disappeared into a sewer hole. The boys followed, but their quarry was gone. The creature was described as having "ugly red eyes, a pointy head like an ear of corn, equally pointed ears and thin long arms". One of the boys, Wilhelm Cordero, stated that the creature made sibilant noises and grabbed his arm. That action caused the boys to panic and run away. Other residents of the community had isolated encounters with the tiny "elf", which corroborated the boys' tale. The diminutive creature went as far as attempting to make contact with a child at the local kindergarten.

While advocates of the nuts-and-bolts origin of UFOs lend no credence at all to these reports, the fairy theory, as proposed by a number of authors, might possibly account for incidents involving "missing time" (a component of almost all the traditional fairy stories) and the strange foods and beverages given to abductees (such as the emerald-colored draught given to the Brazilian soldier José Antonio by the dwarves who captured him in a 1969 case). It has also been suggested that the UFO phenomenon as a whole is but an extension of traditional fairy mythology.

Some of these cases involving dwarfish beings border the unreal. In his book Ellos: Los dueños invisibles de este mundo, Spanish investigator Salvador Freixedo discusses the case of "Julio", a man known to him and living in Puerto Rico, whose life has been made a living hell by "imps".

According to the version appearing in Frexiedo’s book, “Julio”, a contactee since childhood, entered a landed UFO where he engaged in play with a human-looking girl. Before leaving, the girl gave him a present (the mythical overtones become evident) that would change his life: a box that produced ugly, simian little creatures, who would appear suddenly and disappear on command. The boy accepted this "fairy gift" and embarked on a path of ruin: he soon discovered that he was unable to put the imps back into their box (or, as the author suggests, the device which summoned them from their dimension into ours). The imps would then run away in a flash, disappearing into the wooded area in which he lived.

Over the years, Julio summoned well over fifty of these creatures to amuse friends and neighbors, some of whom still recall the initial fright they received from the imps. The story becomes even more mind-bending. Julio soon discovered that the imps, unable to return to their "box", turned against him, spying on him from the brush and racing up to touch him when he was outdoors. In his conversations with Freixedo, Julio stated a belief that many of the tragedies that had taken place in his rural area were produced by the imps. He believes that they still lurk to this day in a mountainous region in which he had hidden the box prior to destroying it. A number of unexplained deaths had occured in that vicinity.

In the late 1990s, Freixedo’s wife – Magdalena del Amo-Freixedo – reopened the case and provided some new insight into this high-strangeness event. “Julio” turned out to be Juan Rivera Feliberti, the son of a well-to-do landowner in western Puerto Rico. In 1929, when Feliberti was only nine years old, he decided to build a kite – seen as a rite of passage in those bygone days – and was testing his new contraption when he noticed the kite had become stuck to “something”, and the guideliene was perfectly stiff. “That thing was really big,” Feliberti told the researcher. “It gave off a lot of sparks and was very round. I couldn’t compare it to anything. That’s when they pulled me up to that place.”

According to his own testimony, an unknown force drew him up to the object – not merely to its exterior, but actuall through its seemingly solid surface. The nine-year-old found himself in an unknown environment, scanning the unfamiliar surroundings with more than a touch of trepidation. It was at this point that the original version of the “Julio” narrative dovetails with the new information obtained by Magdalena del Amo: standing before young Feliberti was a girl, who held his kite in her small hands.

“She was slightly shorter than me, like our six-year-old girls, and had bronzed white skin. She held my kite and I was very angry, enough to charge at her and struggle for [the kite], which was mine, but she wouldn’t let go. There was also a very big man, some six feet tall, not fat, but well-built and somewhat blonde. He loooked human, but didn’t do anything. I just wanted my kite back.”

At that point, the young female figure showed him “many toys” that were in her possession, some of them “with colored lights” (certainly not something one would expect to see in rural Puerto Rico in the late 1920s), and asked if he would like to play with her. But the headstrong boy wanted no part of her or the unusual wonders being profferred – just his kite. The girl touched some buttons on a box in front of her and spiral wisps of “smoke” began to form in the air, coalescing into a sort of monkey. She kept producing these creatures, which would then obediently return to their box as wisps of smoke again. The girl asked young Feliberti if he was willing to trade the kite for the object, to which he agreed. The rest of the story played out as in the original “Julio” narrative in Salvador Freixedo’s Ellos.

In September of 1977, Luis Sandoval, who lived on the outskirts of the town of Corozal, Puerto Rico, encountered an improbable creature that would have fit equally well in a modern Ufology book or in a turn of the century fairy text. Sandoval, who lived on a hilltop with his wife, was resting on a neighboring peak one afternoon, taking in a spectacular view ofthe island's northern coast, when he unexpectedly heard a loud report and huge ball of light hurtling down toward him. The light faded away to reveal a little creature with yellowish skin, large black eyes and unpleasant facial features, clad "as if for a wedding" in a grey tuxedo, yellow shirt with a white collar and a green cravat. Its head was covered by a helmet. Sandoval states that the being told him not to be afraid, for it was an "ultraterrestrial being". It then proceeded to check the stunned human's feet, knees and chest with a device resembling a stethoscope. The medical exam continued as the gaily-clad ultraterrestrial auscultated Sandoval's back and placed its hands on his temples and head. When the bizarre exam was over, the being turned around and was once again enveloped in the sphere of light that had brought him there.

The dog that had accompanied Sandoval "howled throughout the incident", a fact which frightened him the most, as he expressed a belief that dogs howl when the dead appear. The animal ran away after the encounter, and was found dead days later by its owner.

Gnomes, dwarves, elves and their cohorts have always been described as wearing colorful garments, and Sandoval's "ultraterrestrial MD" was undoubtedly dressed to kill. In a classic case which took place in Everittstown, NJ in 1957, John Trasco confronted a putty-faced little man who wanted to take his dog. The entity was sternly rebuked ("Get the hell out of here!") and promptly made itself scarce. It was described as wearing "a green suit with shiny buttons, with a green tam-o'-shanter-like cap, and gloves with a shiny object at the tip of each." It vanished in a brilliant egg-shaped object.

Far from Puerto Rico, in the Mexican coastal state of Veracruz, trucker Miguel Angel Garcia, transporting 50 sheets of asbestos and cement, had his own brush with the unknown on May 18, 1973. As he drove along Highway 95 from the towns of La Tinaja to Tierra Blanca, he found a knot of “very small men” standing in the middle of the lanes, flagging him down near the outskirts of the village of Cintalapa.

When he came within a hundred feet of them, he realized that the “small men” weren’t even human, but “chaneques”. The driver then decided to pull over, leave his vehicle, and pursue the small, fleet figures into the woods, coming up emptyhanded. Upon returning to his truck, he found that it was enveloped in blue flames, with even the flame-resistant asbestos burning to ash, according to contemporary newspaper accounts (Mexico’s Novedades tabloid, in June 1973). The losses were estimated at some thirty-five thousand US Dollars.

The Mexico Leyendas website (www.mexicoleyendas.com) includes a verbatim account by the confused truck driver: “I was driving along Kilometer 18 of the road from La Tinaja to Tierra Blanca, approaching the village of Cintalapa, when I suddenly saw a group of people standing in the middle of the road, and that’s why I slowed down. When they were a short distance from me, I could see that they were very small men, not even the size of a dwarf. They were strangely dressed. They looked like goblins or gnomes that had come out to meet me with their arms in the air. Once I got near them, I stopped the truck. It seems that upon descending from the cab, I startled the little men with my presence. They fled in a rush and became lost in the vegetation.

“After a fruitless search, I decided to return , and you can imagine my surprise when I saw the truck engulfed in gigantic blue flames. Even though I couldn’t feel the heat, the flames devoured the truck and its load, even though what I was hauling was cement and asbestos sheeting.” Some varieties of asbestos are flame-resistant to 5000 centigrade (9000 Fahrenheit) so the reported heatless fire Garcia reported was in itself an episode of high-strangeness.

Are these diminutive creatures in any way related to the UFO phenomenon? There is no clear-cut answer. Some of them have been seen emerging from odd vehicles while in other cases there has been no object present. They clearly predate the vast number of sightings of "Greys" which generally began in the late 70's, and their aims appear to be different from those of the latter. Perhaps we are waging a war on two fronts.

Source: Inexplicata


UFOs and the Kennedy Assassination
By Philip Coppens

In 1991, Milton William ‘Bill’ Cooper was one of the trendsetters of what became a whistleblower movement, with a book called “Behold a Pale Horse”. A former member of Naval Intelligence, he offered information about the government’s inner secrets – or so he claimed – including their attitude towards UFOs. Specifically, he claimed that Kennedy was assassinated because he was about to reveal the truth about UFOs – that we had been visited by extra-terrestrial beings and that this was a secret the government had kept for too long.

When Cooper made these claims in the early 1990s, I was investigating the Kennedy assassination myself. Though I had heard about UFOs and had of course seen such movies as “ET” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, I knew little to nothing beyond that. I did know, however, things about the Kennedy assassination and so it was clear to me that I could explore the truth and depth of this whistleblower’s claims based on that knowledge. If his information about the Kennedy assassination was correct, then the same would likely apply to the UFO aspect of his revelation.

Cooper claimed that Kennedy learned portions of a truth about how the CIA was involved in an international narcotics empire. This is quite possible, considering that those most deeply involved in the plots to kill Castro – an operation run by the CIA for many years, without any real effect no matter how inventive some of the scenarios to kill Castro were – had been equally ferociously involved in the drug trade. Kennedy apparently also learned that part of the profits of this trade was used to continue a cover-up about alien crashed disks whose crash sites had been ‘cleaned up’ by the military. In short, there was a section of the US government, which was a rogue operation: though apparently government employees, their money came from international organized crime and because they did not rely on Washington for money, they were out of reach of the Administration. That is what Kennedy found out.

Some of the details of these UFO crashes were more than interesting. Apparently, alien bodies (one possibly alive) had been recovered from these crashed disks. Kennedy forced the CIA to end their involvement in this drug trafficking network and threatened to reveal the truth about the presence of aliens and alien technology to the people within the next year (before the summer of 1964) if they did not comply. He apparently commissioned a plan to implement this decision. MJ-12, which according to Cooper was a group of people that had been installed as ‘supervisor’ over the ‘alien cover-up’, had been confronted with this ultimatum and, again according to Cooper, decided they had to get rid of Kennedy. It would be another few years before I understand that there was no MJ-12, that this had been part of a disinformation campaign against UFO researcher Paul Bennewitz, who had stumbled upon secret communications the government did not want anyone to know about. To make sure he did not learn the truth of the nature of these communications, he was fed a series of lies, claiming the communications were to do with alien intelligences and UFOs.

On page 27 of “Behold a Pale Horse”, Bill Cooper claimed: “On the day that I learned that the Office of Naval Intelligence had participated in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and that it was the Secret Service agent driving the limo that had shot Kennedy in the head, I went AWOL with no intention of ever returning.” It seems no-one ever charged Cooper with this desertion, though.

William Greer

In the early 1990s, I knew little about Cooper, UFOs, and MJ-12. But I did know about the Kennedy assassination. Cooper claimed that the man who killed Kennedy was the driver, Secret Service agent William Greer. He somehow turned around, to shoot the president. When confronted with the fact that the Zapruder film doesn’t show this is how Kennedy was killed, Cooper claimed that the Zapruder film had been doctored. Of course, the theory presented by Cooper failed, as even if the Zapruder film was somehow changed, at no point on the film is there a means to remove such an event. The extent to which the film had supposedly been doctored, simply was impossible. And there are several logistical problems too. For one, Governor Connally sat between the driver and Kennedy, and how he could the shot reach Kennedy as a result? It is a question Cooper never was able to answer.

Cooper came to this conclusion: "When I saw Operation Majority while serving in the Navy I believed the alien threat was real just like everyone else. It was not until I had performed many years of research that I was able to fully understand exactly what it was that I had seen. It was extremely difficult for me to believe that my government and the United States Navy had used me, especially since I had dedicated my life to government and military service. Most government and military personnel cannot and will not believe such an idea." Operation Majority was MJ-12 – more commonly known as Majestic 12. But as it was clear that Cooper was totally wrong on the means through which Kennedy had been murdered, it meant that even if he somehow had stumbled upon the right motive for the assassination, there was no evidence in his claims to prove this. If anything, Cooper’s claims did the UFO possibility a discredit, as Cooper was exposed as a mythmaker. It seemed that he had combined two popular conspiracy theories, the Kennedy assassination and UFOs, and had quickly tied them together.

So what was Cooper’s alleged evidence? Originally, he “claimed to have read documents” about multiple races of alien beings the US government had encountered or signed treaties with, but he never provided the documents or gave any other useful information. For seven years, he spoke about the UFOs to anyone who wanted to listen, then said the government had given him bogus information and that nothing was true. It seems Cooper had found out that the MJ-12 papers were being exposed as a disinformation campaign, and he distanced himself from the entire story. Of course, after seven years of spreading this “information” about, today, Cooper’s claims continue to influence the conspiratorial minds.

But is there a UFO connection to the Kennedy assassination? Cooper’s story is in marked contrast with that of Dorothy Kilgallen. Kilgallen was a major reporter hanging around the Kennedys and she had also been interested in UFOs and crashed disks, particularly the controversial story about a UFO crash in Aztec, New Mexico. Kilgallen identified General George C. Marshall, Secretary of State in 1947, as one of the major key persons behind the cover-up. Cooper, meanwhile, alleges that it was McGeorge Bundy, Kennedy’s Secretary of State, was part of the Alien Study Group.

Having known the Kennedys, she was obviously interested in the President’s assassination and showed her interest when Jack Ruby went on trial. During his trial, she had asked Judge Brown whether she could deliver a message to Ruby from a personal friend, “who could be a singer” – none other than Frank Sinatra, it is assumed. The judge consented Kilgallen and Ruby enjoyed each other’s company for about eight minutes, eight minutes in which none of Ruby’s four body-guarding deputy sheriffs were sitting next to him. The result of her meeting appeared in her column of April 14, 1964, in the “New York Journal American”. Though she apparently did ask some embarrassing questions, she only discussed the true nature of her conversation with Ruby with some close friends. She told them that “this has to be a conspiracy! I’m going to break the real story and have the biggest scoop of the century”.

Dorothy Kilgallen

She never did. In March 1965, Kilgallen fractured her shoulder, officially caused by “a fall”, and was hospitalized twice, once for three weeks. Her doctors declined to comment, but it is possible she was on drugs and alcohol at that time and that the fall was a result of being intoxicated. Of course, whether this was the result of the information she had just received or whether she was a drunk before and hence fabricated wild claims about Kennedy, is another matter. She had told Mark Lane, who tried to defend Oswald in front of the Warren Commission, that her phone was tapped. Recovered from her fracture, she published her last item on the assas¬sination on September 3, 1965, in which she wrote that “even if Marina explained why her late husband looked so different in an official police photo and the widely-printed, full-length picture featured on the cover of Life Magazine, it would cause a sensation”. Perhaps she had found out more about the assassination, she surely hinted she knew more.

On November 8, 1965, her 52 year-old, dead body was found in her home. The first conclusion was that she had died of a heart attack, but this was changed to an overdose of alcohol and pills. Her death certificate, dated November 15, listed “acute ethanol and barbiturate intoxication”, but they couldn’t determine the circumstances in which this had occurred. Detective John Doyle says she had taken a maximum of two Seconal pills. She and her husband, Richard Kollman, had separate bedrooms and she was not found in her own, but in the master bedroom, sitting, not lying, in bed.

Shortly before her death, she said she was going to New Orleans to “open this case”: “They’ve killed the President, the government is not prepared to tell us the truth and I’m going to do everything in my power to find out what really happened.” Two days after her death, her close friend, Mrs. Earl Smith, was also found dead, of “undeterminate causes”. Did someone fear that Kilgallen had said something to her? Possibly.

Even though Kilgallen was very much interested in both the Kennedy assassination and UFOs, at no point in time did she connect the two together, for the likely reason that there is no connection between the two topics. Though there are conspiracies on both subjects, it does not mean that all conspiracies are interrelated, as the likes of Cooper and a few others since have argued. Kennedy was killed for a number of reasons, but UFOs was not one of them, or at the very least, not the main one.

Source: philipcoppens.com


Women Live in Cave to Avoid Electromagnetic Radiation

Two women claiming to suffer from electro-hypersensitivity have resorted to living in a cave in the French Alps. They say they have been made ill by wireless internet and mobile phones.

Anne Cautain and Bernadette Touloumond live the life of hermits in the cave near Saint-Julien-en-Beauchêne in the Haute-Alpes region. The two women have sought refuge there due to their hyper-sensitive reactions to the electro-magnetic radiation caused by waves from wireless communication.

The two have tried to make their cave comfortable, installing two beds and a small table. Yet their candle-lit sanctuary has no heating or electricity.

“This will be my third winter here,” Cautain told the AFP news agency. “Believe me. I would prefer to be in a house, sitting in front of the fireplace.”

The 55-year-old has long suffered from terrible headaches, which she says are a result of her sensitivity to the electro-magnetic radiation.

She had previously lived in a farmhouse in the region but then the installation of mobile phone masts made it impossible to stay there, she told Alpes 1 radio. Her daughter, Laure Cautain, appealed for the creation of so-called “white zones,” areas free from electro-magnetic pollution.

Robin des Toits, a group that campaigns against mobile phone masts, estimates that only a few dozen people in France suffer from this extreme form of electro-sensitivity also known as EHS, but that around 3 percent of the French population are prone to milder forms of the condition.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are inescapable. We are constantly exposed to them, mostly in the form of either extremely low-frequency (ELF) radiation from things like domestic appliances and power lines or radio-frequency (RF) radiation from things like cellular and cordless phones, telecom antennas, and TV and radio transmission towers. Our bodies even produce faint EMFs of their own, from the electrical activity in the brain and heart.

Ionizing radiation -- the kind produced by x-rays, CT scans and nuclear bombs -- can do terrible damage to the body. It is classified as a carcinogen. But ELF and RF are types of non-ionizing radiation, which is thought to be nearly harmless. Non-ionizing radiation isn't powerful enough to break molecular bonds, so it cannot directly cause the cellular damage that leads to disease.

This type of radiation is everywhere. "We are bathed in a sea of non-ionizing radiation," says John Boice, a professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and scientific director of the International Epidemiology Institute, a biomedical research firm in Rockville, Maryland.

This sea, most scientists agree, is harmless. Cellphones are safe and conditions like EHS cannot exist, they argue, because the EMFs involved are too weak to have any health effect. The non-ionizing radiation from cellphones has almost no known influence on the human body. In fact, the only universally recognized effect of non-ionizing radiation is a very minor heating of nearby tissue.

The Federal Communications Commission sets EMF limits for cellphones -- measured as "specific absorption rates" (SARs) -- below which significant heating does not occur.

Symptoms experienced by EHS sufferers, according to many researchers, may be either misdiagnosed or imaginary. Some experts suggest that EHS sufferers perhaps have a psychological disorder, or that their cases may illustrate the "nocebo" effect, in which the expectation that something will make you sick actually does make you sick.

A review published in 2009 in the journal Bioelectromagnetics found no evidence that hypersensitive individuals had an improved ability to detect EMFs, and the study found evidence of the nocebo effect in those same people.

EHS is not officially recognized as a medical condition. “There is no proof of a causal link between exposure to radio frequencies and hypersensitivity,” the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) concluded in a 2009 report.

Dominique Belpomme, professor of oncology at the Paris-Descartes University, argues, however, that clinical studies have proven that electro-magnetic rays can adversely affect health. He said that Cautain and Touloumond could probably be treated for their condition, for example with antihistamines.

Cautain, however, prefers natural methods. She and Touloumond are growing organic marrows, apples and pears in crates that line the entrance to their cave residence.

Despite their extreme solution to their health problems, the two women refuse to consider themselves drop outs.

“When I arrived in this cave I asked myself what had I done to end up here. I couldn’t believe it,” said Touloumond, a former flight attendant, now in her 60s. “I’ve been treated like a crazy woman,” she told AFP. “I’ve lost a lot of friends and my family find it hard to understand.”

Other people have reported heightened health concerns that they attribute to exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Per Segerbäck lives in a modest cottage in a nature reserve some 75 miles northeast of Stockholm. Wolves, moose and brown bears roam freely past his front door. He keeps limited human company, because human technology makes him physically ill. How ill? On a walk last summer, he ran into one of his few neighbors, a man who lives in a cottage about 100 yards away. During their chat, the man's cellphone rang, and Segerbäck, 54, was overcome by nausea. Within seconds, he was unconscious.

Segerbäck suffers from electro-hypersensitivity (EHS), which means he has severe physical reactions to the electromagnetic radiation produced by common consumer technologies, such as computers, televisions and cellphones. Symptoms range from burning or tingling sensations on the skin to dizziness, nausea, headaches, sleep disturbance and memory loss. In extreme cases like Segerbäck's, breathing problems, heart palpitations and loss of consciousness can result.

A cellphone has to be in use -- either making or receiving a call, or searching for a signal, when radiation levels are highest -- for it to have this kind of effect on Segerbäck. Phones that are on but neither sending nor receiving usually don't produce enough radiation to be noticeable. But it's not the sound of the phone that sets him off.

Once, while on a sailboat with friends, he recalls, he was on the front deck when, unknown to him, someone made a call belowdecks. Headache, nausea, unconsciousness. When Segerbäck is within range of an active cellphone (safe distances vary because different makes and models produce different radiation levels), he experiences the feeling that there is "not enough room in my skull for my brain."

Segerbäck was once an elite telecommunications engineer. He worked for Ellemtel, a division of the Swedish telecom giant Ericsson, for more than 20 years, leading an engineering group that designed advanced integrated circuits for prototype telecommunication systems.

He used the newest and most advanced computer and telecom equipment available, the kind of stuff only Ericsson and the Swedish military had access to. He was, as a result, up to his eyeballs in a non-ionizing radiation bath, from computers, fluorescent lights and the telecom antenna located right outside his window.

He noticed his first symptoms -- dizziness, nausea, headaches, burning sensations and red blotches on his skin -- in the late 1980s, a decade into his telecommunications research work. All but two of the 20 or so other members of his group reported similar symptoms, he says, although his were by far the most severe.

His EHS worsened and now, he says, even radar from low-flying aircraft can set it off. Segerbäck is convinced that the perfect storm of EMFs in his office, combined with potentially toxic fumes from his brand-new computer, were responsible for his condition.


For most people talking on a mobile phone, cooking dinner in the microwave or driving in a car is simply part of modern living in 21st century Britain.

But completing any such tasks is impossible for Debbie Bird - because she is allergic to modern technology.

The 39-year-old is so sensitive to the electromagnetic field (emf) or 'smog' created by computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens and even some cars, that she develops a painful skin rash and her eyelids swell to three times their size if she goes near them.

As a consequence, Mrs Bird, a health spa manager, has transformed her home into an EMF-free zone to try and stay healthy.

The walls are all covered in special carbon paint, the windows have a protective film on them and she and her husband, Tony, 45, even sleep under a silver-plated mosquito net to deflect the radiowaves.

'I can no longer do things that I used to take for granted,' Mrs Bird said last night. 'My day-to-day life has been seriously affected by EMF.

'I don't own a microwave. I don't use mobile phones at all. I can't even use a cordless phone. We have a plasma screen TV because the old style one gave out gamma rays, which brought on my reaction.

'I can't even get in my friend's BMW. If I do I immediately start getting a headache and my head starts tingling.

'Even shopping is a problem. I can't go in places like Starbucks where there is Wi-Fi broadband and always have to be aware of my environment.'

Mrs Bird first realised that she was electro-sensitive when she moved with her husband, a writer and environmental consultant, and their eight-year-old daughter, Antonia, to a new apartment in Bowden, near Altrincham, Greater Manchester.

Unbeknown to her, however, her neighbours were all using wireless internet connections and had cordless phones.

'At first I couldn't sleep,' Mrs Bird added. 'Then I started developing a skin reaction. I had a burning sensation down my face, on my forehead and elbows. I looked like I had been severely burnt on my forehead.

'I felt very tired all the time and my eye-lids would swell up to three times their size.'

Debbie's home is a radio-wave free zone. A clear protective film has been put on the windows and the walls have been redecorated with a special carbon paint

Mrs Bird was referred to a skin specialist, but the problem was so severe the couple decided they had no option but to move to a new home, in nearby Hale, Greater Manchester.

They took electromagnetic readings of the property and set about making it safe. The house was completely re-wired, had clear protective film put on the windows and every wall was painted with black carbon paint, which cost £250 per tin, to deflect the harmful rays.

All the couple's bedroom curtains are also silver-plated and they sleep under a silver-plated mosquito net, which also protects against radiation.

Although the renovation was not cheap, Mrs Bird said it was worth it. Her skin rashes have gone and she no longer has trouble sleeping. Officially in the UK, electro-sensitivity (ES) does not exist as a medical condition.

Doctors say there is little scientific evidence to back up a link between EMF and poor health. They claim the symptoms, often attributed to flu or viruses, are psychosomatic.

But campaigners disagree. They reckon around 500 people are already being treated for ES and as many as five per cent of the population could be affected.

Rod Read, director of Electro-Sensitivity UK, said: 'I have seen hundreds of people who exhibit symptoms they directly attribute to the electrical items around them.

'But it is a politically incorrect illness, the Government or electronic companies don't want people thinking their mobile phones or microwaves are dangerous.

'In the past doctors have dismissed symptoms as something like flu, but the pathology is now established. It has a huge detrimental physical effect and stops people living normal lives.'

Source: The Local

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