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Are you afraid of ghosts and monsters? How about aliens flying down in their space-craft to kidnap you from your bedroom at night?  Or that the Men-In-Black are waiting for you just around the corner?  Do you worry that the government is listening in on your private conversations?  Or worse yet, do you worry that your community will be abandoned to the wolves and looters if a natural disaster strikes?

Well never fear - Conspiracy Journal is Here!  Yes that's right. Conspiracy Journal, your number one source of conspiracies, UFOs, the paranormal and more, is here once again to protect you from THEM, by keeping you informed on all the news and information that you won't  hear on your local 6 o'clock news.

This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such ripping-yarns as:

Top 5 Free Energy Technologies Unfolding Now -
They've Come To Take You Away -
- The Real X-Men -
- Japan Earthquake Victims Haunted By Ghosts -
AND: Fran Drescher: Aliens Abducted Me

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A Conspiracy Reader


Michael X  (for "security" reasons and to protect his family he never liked to reveal  his last name) was in the early days of the flying saucer movement an avatar of the New Age, professing to have met highly advanced, angelic-like beings from the stars who looked  so remarkably human that they could easily pass as earthlings. Through telepathic contact they taught him about science, philosophy and health, which he passed on to a devoted group of followers throughout the West Coast. His self published monographs on various arcane topics were hard to find but highly sought after. 

Normally, his transcriptions concerned themselves with cosmic wisdom and knowledge as spread throughout the ages to a limited number of truth seekers.

One day his life changed when he received a telepathic message from those thought to be his cosmic "guides." They told him to come to a secluded area in the Mojave desert so they could meet with him and give him  physical evidence of their existence which he could show to others, thus proving his encounters to be true and not fantasies or a hoax.

Instead of the usual cordial greetings from his Space Brother friends he had been "set up", as a rifle was pointed at his head and only an "inner voice" saved him from what could only have been a tragic  death.

From that day forth, Michael X. spoke little about his ET contacts, fearing reprisals from  those who had disguised  themselves as benevolent aliens,   but who most probably  were representatives  of the Dark Forces, the Men in Black,  the International Bankers, or  some sinister  Big Business cartel.

We really don't know why Michael X was silenced, but we have put together a Trilogy of Terror which presents some of his more controversial conspiracy works involving the seamier, negative aspects of UFOlogy, from Nazi flying saucers, to reptilians living on and inside the earth, and a dire warning NOT TO RETURN TO THE MOON.

We do not suggest that readers give up their own involvement in researching the mysteries of the sky, but we do utter a simple warning -- BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU TREAD!

This incredible book is now available at the mind-blowing price of only $16 (plus $5.00 shipping). As well, we will throw in a FREE, bonus DVD, THE WEIRD WORLD OF TIM BECKLEY.  At an address in Tucson in 2011, moderator Charla tries to trip up MR UFO with some over the top questions. Find out the latest from the editor of the Conspiracy Journal print edition as he wheels a mighty sword.

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Top 5 Free Energy Technologies Unfolding Now
by Hank Mills

Off the radar of the mainstream media, many futuristic energy technologies are positioning themselves to change the course of human civilization. These breakthroughs herald a fantastic future in which energy scarcity is a thing of the past.

An age of free energy is rapidly approaching. As we speak, multiple companies are preparing the technologies that will make energy abundant, cheap, and extremely low cost. The most exotic of these technologies are poised to bring an end to the age of fossil fuels, by allowing energy to be produced in radically novel ways. All of this is taking place with very little, or even no coverage by the mainstream media. They are sneaking up on the world, with relatively very few people paying attention.

For the past decade, we at PESN have been tracking these game-changing innovations as they develop, and report on them as they move closer to the market place. We have made a "Top 5" list of the most promising of these technologies, and have paid especially close attention to them. Tonight, January 21, 2011, Sterling Allan (the founder of Pure Energy Systems Network) will present the latest updates on these technologies to millions of listeners on the Coast to Coast AM radio program.

Of all the emerging technologies the public should be aware of, the following are the "creme de la creme" that deserve special recognition. From our vantage point, these are the ones with the most potential to make a strong and lasting impact on our civilization. In the remainder of this article, we will describe these technologies, and explain why everyone eager for an energy revolution should follow their progress towards the market place.

Andrea Rossi's E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer)

Perhaps the most relatively well known technology of the top five list is Andrea Rossi's E-Cat or "Energy Catalyzer." This technology could be described as utilizing "cold fusion" or "low energy nuclear reactions" (LENR). It allows for massive amounts of heat to be released from novel nuclear processes, between ordinary nickel powder and hydrogen gas.

An E-Cat system is small, but produces a robust amount of energy. Typically, a system is composed of a small metal tube (although other shapes have been used) that serves as the reactor core. Specially processed nickel powder, hydrogen gas, and a proprietary catalyst is placed inside of this sealed tube. When subjected to a combination of heat and pressure, excess thermal energy is produced. A volume of water or other liquid coolant flows around this reactor core and extracts the heat -- while cooling the core in the process.

From a very small system that can fit on a table top, many kilowatts of thermal energy can be generated. In controlled laboratory tests, it is asserted a reactor core the size of a D-Cell battery can produce a maximum safe output of 10 kilowatts of heat. This thermal energy is produced while using no radioactive materials, producing no nuclear waste, emitting no radiation into the environment, and releasing zero pollution into the environment.

Basically, this technology represents a safe and clean form of nuclear energy, without any of the drawbacks of conventional fission based nuclear power. Even in a worst case scenerio such as a natural disaster, an E-Cat cannot "melt down" and produce a dangerous situation. If an E-Cat starts to overheat due to physical damage or coolant leak, the nickel powder will simply melt into a solid lump, and the nuclear processes will cease.

On Oct. 28th Andrea Rossi allowed his first customer to test a one megawatt plant in Bologna, Italy. The test was a success. In fact, for a period of five and a half hours the E-Cat system produced a constant output of just under half a megawatt of heat, with near zero input power. The customer signed off on the system, and purchased it. Currently, Rossi is working with the first customer -- along with the well known company National Instruments -- to develop more sophisticated control electronics for his systems. Although the plant still resides in Bologna, it is expected to be in the hands of the customer within a couple months.

Recently, Andrea Rossi announced that he is working towards producing a quantity of one million, ten kilowatt E-Cat units for domestic use. These units will both provide heating for the home, and be capable of producing hot water. To efficiently produce the one million units at the lowest price possible, he is engineering an automated plant that utilizes robotics technology. He hopes to start offering the units by the end of 2012 or perhaps early 2013, at a retail cost of around $500 dollars each. Eventually, he hopes to offer kits that will allow these systems to be retrofitted to produce electricity, in addition to heat.

When widely proliferated, the E-Cat technology holds the potential to tremendously reduce, and eventually eliminate the need for fossil fuels. Its huge potential along with its emergence into the market with the 1MW size has earned it the number one spot on our list of the top five technologies.

Solid State Generator or the "Endless Electric Field Generator."

Our number two technology can be described as a "solid state generator", or can be referred to by the nick name we gave it, the "Endless Electric Field Generator." It is being developed by a small company that does not want to be identified at this time. This company has developed a number of technologies, and has acquired a significant patent portfolio.

This technology works by producing a permanent electric field (the opposite of a permanent magnetic field in a permanent magnet) that does not break down. From this permanent electric field, a constant flow of electricity can be produced. Currently, the output of their prototypes is modest, only capable of powering small lights or other loads. However, they are working towards incorporating methods of increasing the surface area of the device, which will boost the current to a higher level (the voltage is already there). A trusted associate, Mark Dansie, visited the company, and has concluded the technology is indeed real, and works.

The future potential of this technology is stunning. According to the company, once the technology is further developed, a device the size of a postage stamp could produce approximately one watt of constant electrical power -- enough to power a cell phone. It would continue producing this power for a minimum of twenty years (perhaps much longer) while consuming no fuel of any kind. Additionally, these devices are produced from non-toxic materials, and would not be harmful even if swallowed.

Eventually, the technology could be scaled up to provide electricity for any application -- mobile phones, computers, electric cars, homes, etc.

Research on the technology continues, and in the future we hope to provide additional updates about its development. Once this hits the market in maybe 18-24 months, it will probably move to #1 in our list.

PlasmERG's Noble Gas Engine

PlasmERG is a company that is building a revolutionary engine that utilizes small charges of inert, noble gases as fuel. John Rohner, the founder of the company, alleges that the engine will be capable of producing a constant output of hundreds of horse power, and hundreds of foot pounds of torque. It will be capable of producing this level of output for months or longer, utilizing only a few dollars worth of fuel.

In addition to utilizing very little fuel, the engine is claimed to emit zero pollution into the environment, run very quietly, and require no cooling system. It can be used to power automobiles, and to turn generators to produce electricity. Also, it said to be capable of replacing electric motors in many applications. Due to its simplicity, it has far fewer components than an internal combustion engine, and should need less maintenance. With this engine in a vehicle, oil changes, radiator flushes, and fuel filter replacements will be a thing of the past -- along with fill ups of fossil fuel!

The inspiration for their "Plasmic Transition Process" engine comes from the "Papp Engine." Joseph Papp, the inventor of the "Papp Engine", was an immigrant who repeatedly tried to commercialize his noble gas engine. The saga spanned several decades and was filled with drama. Although Papp was never successful and died without seeing his technology enter the market place, it now seems PlasmERG (and their partner company Inteligentry) will be launching a much improved version of the engine in the not too distant future -- probably within the first quarter of this year.

Once the engine -- composed of mostly custom made parts -- is tested and proven to perform as claimed, it may move up to #1 on the list of the top five technologies.

Power from CO2 and Fly Ash

The technologies offered by MP BioMass could be considered as slightly less "overtly" exotic than the others on our list. However, they are extremely significant technologies that could benefit our world in many ways. Their technologies hold the potential to manage the waste produced by burning coal, capture CO2 emissions, and in the process produce fuel and energy.

One technological solution that MP Biomass offers is a method of capturing the carbon dioxide from flue gases, to totally eliminate CO2 emissions. This is accomplished via a world-wide patented system that they assert mimics a form of artificial photosynthesis.

Their "nano-membrane pyro-gasification process" not only extracts CO2 from flue gases, but prevents other pollutants from escaping into the atmosphere. The process also captures oxygen (grade 5), and isolates hydrogen from the flue gases. This allows for the production of methanol and electricity, of which a small portion are used to keep the process going. The amount of methanol produced seems impressive, with 551 gallons being produced from each ton of carbon dioxide captured.

The methanol produced by MP BioMass's process is asserted to have a cetane rating of sixty or higher, which equates to high grade, premium fuel, able to run in an automobile without modification.

Another solution offered by MP BioMass is the ability to better manage the huge amounts of fly ash produced by coal burning power plants. They are able to extract the remaining energy content from the fly ash, along with valuable ferrous and non ferrous metals. The process also detoxifies the ash, and would dramatically reduce the quantity of fly ash put into landfills.

The technology of MP BioMass is also proven, and currently in use. It is beyond the prototype stage. Millions and millions of dollars have already been spent developing the technology, and a plant has been operating in Serbia since 2003. The company also has three smaller plants in Italy, which utilize their technology. A ten megawatt plant is planned for upstate New York, and a huge two gigawatt plant has been purchased, which will be built in Saudi Arabia. It is expected to be completed in 2015.

Although MP BioMass may not be offering a technology that will shatter the laws of physics or eliminate the need for fossil fuels, it is capable of providing many clear benefits. I think their technology could help allow for civilization to continue, while we wait for the most truly exotic technologies to emerge.

Many coal power plants facing shut-down because they can't afford the modifications required to be compliant with new emissions standards, could not only stay open, but actually make a profit from those emissions, while cleaning up the environment.


Defkalion is the Greek company that used to be partnered with Andrea Rossi, before he terminated his relationship with them during the middle of 2011. They had hoped to develop and market his revolutionary cold fusion technology around the world, except for the Americas. Now, the company claims to have developed their own nickel-hydrogen technology that is alleged not to utilize Rossi's proprietary industrial secrets.

Unlike Andrea Rossi's technology that has been tested repeatedly -- consistently showing massive excess energy production -- they have never allowed a public test of their technology. For now, they are keeping such things confidential.

If they can provide evidence that they have a working, robust Ni-H technology, they may move higher on the list of the top five technologies. Although they would be competing with Rossi, there is plenty of room on the market for a number of different cold fusion technologies. Simply put, both Defkalion and Rossi could manufacture cold fusion devices for many years, and not meet the demand that will exist.

The main claim they make is that their "Hyperion" technology is superior to the E-Cat technology. This may or may not be the case, and only time will tell if they can back up their statements with evidence. Those who have visited Defkalion (although not seeing proof of working systems) report a top notch lab, professional engineers, and lots of expensive equipment.

One point of concern for some is the possibility (unconfirmed) that they may be utilizing portions of Rossi's technology without his permission. We don't know whether or not this is the case, so for now we have no choice but to hope they are being completely honest. However, if they could provide an explanation of how their technology (for example the catalysts used) is truly different from Rossi's, it would be very reassuring.

Let's hope all of the company's claims turn out to be true. A world with two robust cold fusion technologies would be better than a world with only one.

Source: Pure Energy Systems News


They've Come To Take You Away
By Timothy Green Beckley

Special Book Excerpt From
by Timothy Green Beckley
copyright 2010 – All Rights Reserved

One by one they have given up their research, perhaps even their lives! Forced to go underground because of threats from the shadowy beings known as the Men In Black. Are these sinister individuals simply government agents gone amuck in their harassment of witnesses and investigators who have dedicated their lives delving into the unexplainable mysteries of the universe? Or are they something far more sinister as evidence in this book indicates? Perhaps the MIB are representatives of an extraterrestrial “police force,” whose job it is to keep the gates to a parallel universe closed tightly behind them. Over the years I have collected hundreds of MIB reports. I even appeared on the History Channel’s UFO Hunters with a photo I had taken in Jersey City, NJ in the mid 1960s of one of these out of time and out of place beings.                                                                    

The state of Arizona has always been a hotbed (pardon the expression) of UFO activity. Maybe it has something to do with Wendelle Stevens living there (only kidding Wendelle), but nevertheless I can remember a handful of MIB reports being handed to me.

Take for example the case of a Tucson newsboy, Warren Weisman who was delivering the Daily Star on Feb 19, 1979 at around 6 AM when he saw an odd looking object crash into a parked car at the side of the road.

According to a newspaper account this is his story:

“I was on Winstel Blvd when I saw this ‘falling star’ come from the sky. It was traveling at great speed and landed about a block away. It smashed the back of a white Volkswagen, throwing off its right rear wheel, rolled off the car and knocked over a mailbox on a post nearby.”

The ten year old fifth grader said the object was about the size of a microwave oven, was black, shiny, and had lots of “lava-like” holes all around it. Weisman said the object was smoking when he walked over to it.

As he bent over to examine his unusual find a brown pulled up and says the witness, “A skinny man in a brown suit and white shirt got out of the car. He was an FBI-type. He told me, “Why don’t you go ahead and deliver the rest of the papers?”

As he stood talking to the man, what Warren thinks was a Pima County Sheriff’s car pulled up along side the brown car. “I was afraid that the man in the brown suit was going to pull a gun,” Warren said. He quickly departed from home to tell his mother about what had happened.

Twenty minutes later, he returned to the scene of the “crash” with his mother.

“All we found was the tire and the broken mailbox.” The smashed car and the smoking object had totally vanished without a trace.

Interviewed later, the boy claimed he had put a small chip from the object into his pocket while looking it over. However, when he got hom a little while later it was gone.

“I don’t know what happened to it,” he confessed. “I didn’t  have any holes in my pocket from which it could have fallen to the ground.”

What at first might seem to be a tale story  fabricated by a highly imaginative youth has additional verification in that there were other witnesses to the event.

The Arizona Daily Star says that “three counselors who patrol the area while children deliver newspapers saw it fall but didn’t see where it hat the ground.”

the woman who lives in the house where the mailbox was knocked down, said she and her family assumed someone had hit it with a car. Margaret Pierce said she hadn’t heard anything unusual that morning, but around the time Warren usually delivers the paper to their house “our dogs just started barking and we couldn’t calm them down. They were really upset and that’s not like them at all.”

At the time the UFO group APRO was still active in Tucson and were called upon to make an investigation. As far as is known they never issued a report, and in the meanwhile Warren Weisman remained one frightened individual due to a possible visit by an MIB.


Take for example this report that was posted on the website of the UFO Clearing House. . .

Phoenix, Arizona Men In Black Encounter

Posted on December 20, 2009 at 7:17 PM 

Case Number: 21068

Log Number: US-12202009-0007

Submitted Date: 2009-12-20 16:21 GMT

Event Date: 1988-02-15 21:00 GMT

Status: Assigned


Region: Arizona

Country: US

Longitude: -112.081

Latitude: 33.4979

Shape: Disc

Around 1989 I was working at a restaurant in Scottsdale, Az. I was speaking with a customer and somehow we were on the subject of life on other planets. I recall saying something to the effect of "The odds are that there has to be life on other planets, due to the vast number of planets". Another customer overheard me say this and said "Do you really believe that"? I said "Yes, I do". He said "Next time I come in, I am going to show you something". He had a serious demeanor as he said this. I had no idea what to expect. A few days later he came in and had a brief case with him. This brief case was totally dedicated to this UFO encounter he had experienced. He showed me a map of Arizona, where he had outlined the area that he had encountered a UFO in. It was the Roosevelt Lake area, north of Phoenix. He then pulled out a Polaroid photo he had taken. .

 I stared at that photo for 20 minutes. It is THE most realistic photo of a UFO I have ever seen. And it was VERY close up. The photo was taken from about 50 ft. away. It was taken at night and the ONLY light source was from the UFO itself! It was so apparent that I didn't even ask if he had used a flash. I was obvious he had not, so I just said, unassumingly, "Why didn't you use a flash"? His eyes got huge, and he said "Are you kidding! They would have seen me". The reason you could tell the light was emanating from the craft was because the foliage to the left on the image was illuminated from behind. The foliage was in front of the craft, from the vantage point of the camera. The leaves were black, not green, as would be expected if the light source were from the camera. You could see only the outline of the foliage, not detail, as one would see from a camera flash.

The craft was the classic disc-shaped kind. It was gray and metallic looking. The lower portion of the craft was concealed, due to a cliff overhang that it was hovering behind. I would gauge the craft to be about 60 ft. from side to side. The craft was about 50-60 ft. away from the camera-taker. The most fascinating part on the craft was the light on it. There was an orb, about the size of a basketball, that was circling the middle, most wide part of the craft. The orb was pure white in color, with not a tinge of yellow or blue. The reason you could tell the orb was circling the craft was due to the fact that the camera had captured a tail trailing the orb, as would a tail on a comet. So I tell they guy, after freaking out on the amazing authenticity of his photo, that he has to show this to someone. He said "I plan to. There is a professor/ufologist at ASU that is interested in this". So I see the guy several days later and he said he had taken the photo to the ASU (Arizona State University) guy. He said the ASU professor also said it was the best UFO photo he had ever seen. I see the guy several days later, again, and ask him what the ASU professor guy is doing with the photo and such. He starts acting really weird. He wouldn't answer me. I asked him again. His demeanor was that he was pissed off.

 He said to me "I'm not allowed to talk about it". I said "What? What do you mean?" He said "I'm not allowed to talk about it". He is really agitated. I can't resist, so I said "Oh come on". He said "I'm not allowed to talk about it. Two men from the government showed up at my door and said I am not allowed to mention this again, or I will disappear. They took the photo from the ASU professor and threatened him as well". Since then I have read much info on UFO phenomena. Interestingly, much of what I have read about MIB, is that they appear at someone's door, as a pair of two men, to threaten the experiencer. Mind you, his experience was long before MIB, the movie, came out, and MIB became part of general consciousness. I had never heard of MIB at this point.

The internet had not taken off yet, so he didn't research the MIB phenomena to add credence to his story. He didn't need to anyway, with that photo! It now makes sense to me that these government guys take only the good photos, and leave the junk out there. Thus when the general public views the photos, they assume the whole phenomena are people's imaginations, or pranks. They purposely allow the crappy photos to prevail. If anyone knows who the ASU professor may have been, could you please contact a MUFON representative. I cannot imagine there were many ASU professors/ufologists at the time.


Monday, February 08, 2010

Alien Contact / MIB - Tonopah, Arizona

Tonopah, Arizona - July 1, 2009 - 10:30 PM (report unedited): While in the desert near the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant, the main witness and some friends saw a very large triangle shaped UFO. They were driving down a dirt road and saw a bright flashing light. They had seen objects in the area before and their intentions were to look for UFO’s. According to the witnesses, people that live in this area have been chased in their cars and seen objects on a regular basis. They went off the road behind some mountains, and no sooner had they come around the mountain they saw the large flashing light. All of them were scared but, at the same time, curious.

The main witness friend’s girlfriend was crying and telling them to turn around; they got within 2 to 300 yards from the light. It was the size of three football fields, triangular in shape, and had windows around it. It was about 3 stories tall, and about 30 feet off the ground, they flashed their lights and it flashed back, in the same sequence of flashes. The main witness and his friend, James, got out of the car and walked closer. The closer they got, the better they could make out what was standing in the windows. They could see small big headed aliens, and then 7 to 9 foot tall aliens, they based this on the size of the windows. Some of the windows they could see through, the other windows were dark, but then the dark windows, cleared up one by one, and as they went clear more and more aliens appeared on the windows. James was supposedly videotaping the whole time. The main witness was terrified but excited at the same time.

They walked closer and had to stop because the heat coming from the craft was so intense. The craft hovered and then landed. A large panel at the bottom of the craft opened and two aliens proceeded to walk out. This absolutely terrified the witnesses, but they couldn’t move or talk. The main witness remembers trying to scream and run but they couldn’t move or talk. Two others were in the car honking the horn, and screaming for them to come back, but they couldn’t respond or move.

The aliens walked up to within 20 feet of them. One of them was very thin and tall, about 8-9 feet, the other one was about 3-4 feet tall. The witnesses stood there in amazement, shocked because they couldn’t move or speak. Then calmness came over them and the aliens began speaking to them telepathically, they were saying not to be scared that they were not going to harm them. This “conversation” went on between the 4 of them for 15-20 minutes. They said they were here to help us, so that we would not destroy our planet, and that there was a horrible event coming soon, that it had to be stopped. One of the witnesses asked if it was something like ‘9/11’ and they said that it was bigger and that it would come from the Middle East. The main witness then thought to himself that he had been in this situation before and the tall alien heard his thoughts and repeated his name and said that yes, he had been visited before when he was 6 years old in Deming, New Mexico. He had been in the desert exploring and they had talked to him then. He had blocked that out, but it all suddenly came back, they said they knew they were coming and wanted them to warn people about global warming and what was to come if they didn’t take start taking care of our planet. Visions of disaster then entered their heads, as if to show them what was to come.

The taller alien then walked closer, and held his hand. He was no longer scared, neither was his friend, James. They said that they would see them again soon and to warn people about ‘saving our planet’. Supposedly James was recording the whole time. The aliens then returned to the craft and it was gone in a split second. When the craft left they both felt weak, but managed to make their way back to the car, when they got there the occupants of the car, Heather and Jamie, were not crying anymore they just hugged the witnesses.

For a minute the car would not start and suddenly it just turned on by itself. As they started to drive away three military helicopters appeared and began shining their lights on the witnesses. Then two military Hummers showed up and chased the witnesses. They tried to avoid the Hummers but were told over a speaker to pull over or they would be forced to shoot at them. They pulled over and military personnel surrounded their vehicle.

Two men dressed in black opened the door and asked them to get out. One of them looked familiar to the main witness. He asked the witnesses to get out and both questioned them, while the military personnel searched the car. They asked them what they had seen, how long they had been there and if they had had any contact with the alien ship. One of the soldiers then found the video camera. The men in black reviewed it and told the witnesses they were not to speak of this, they then confiscated the camera and took the main witness with them. The other 3 witnesses asked where they were going and they told them not to worry about it. He left with them and they questioned him further. He kept staring at one of the men since he looked familiar. They then dropped him off on the I-10 highway near Tonopah Joe’s restaurant. There he was later picked up by his friends.

Source: NUFORC

NOTE: this area is in western Maricopa County, Arizona, approximately 50 miles west of downtown Phoenix off Interstate 10. The community of Tonopah is near the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, the largest nuclear power plant in the country. There have been considerable UFO/alien accounts from this general area including rumors that an underground facility is nearby...Lon

* * * * *

Timothy Beckley is a long time UFO historian and author/publisher of hundreds of books on UFOs and the esoteric. He has appeared on Coast To Coast AM  (www.CoastToCoastAM.com) and is the co producer of www.TheParaCast.Com a weekly show on all things offbeat. He is one of the few Americans invited to speak before the House of Lords UFO Committee. He has traveled the world in search of the unexplainable. Currently he is the editor of the Conspiracy Journal and Bizarre Bazaar.

Timothy Beckley’s two classic books on the Men In Black Are Still Available . . .

Curse of the Men In Black – Return of the UFO Terrorists is available as a Kindle e book as well as a large format perfect bound volume on Amazon.com:


Mystery Of The Men In Black – The UFO Silencers



The Real X-Men

They have powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men or women. But unlike the characters of the comic book, these extraordinary people were quite real

THE X-MEN MOVIES were huge hits in the theaters. Based on the enormously popular comic book series, X-Men features a collection of human mutants - both good and evil - who were born with extraordinary and sometimes bizarre powers. With such names as Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Magneto, and Mystique, they bound around making blades spring from their knuckles, conjuring hurricanes from the sky, or manipulating their environment through telekinesis. These characters, creations of legendary comic book author and illustrator Stan Lee, live only in the imagination, on paper, and on film.

Would you believe there are real X-Men? They may not be genetic mutants, in the strictest sense, and they may not be able to threaten or save the world with their strange and fantastic powers of the body and mind, but they are extraordinary... not at all like you and me. Here's our own gallery of real-life super-powered characters.


When storm clouds gather, courageous Lightning Man stands in defiance of nature to draw deadly bolts of electricity from the heavens.

Roy Cleveland Sullivan was a Forest Ranger in Virginia who had an incredible attraction to lightning... or rather it had an attraction to him. Over his 36-year career as a ranger, Sullivan was struck by lightning seven times - and survived each jolt, but not unscathed. When struck for the first time in 1942, he suffered the loss of a nail on his big toe. Twenty-seven years passed before he was struck again, this time by a bolt that singed his eyebrows off. The next year, in 1970, another strike burned Sullivan's left shoulder. Now it looked as though lightning had it out for poor Roy, and people were starting to call him The Human Lightning Rod.

Roy didn't disappoint them. Lightning zapped him again in 1972, setting his hair on fire and convincing him to keep a container of water in his car, just in case. The water came in handy in 1973 when, seemly just to taunt Sullivan, a low-hanging cloud shot a bolt of lightning at his head, blasting him out of his car, setting his hair on fire and knocking off a shoe. The sixth strike in 1976 injured his ankle, and the seventh strike in 1977, got him when he was fishing, and put him in the hospital for treatment of chest and stomach burns. Lightning may not have been able to kill Roy Sullivan, but perhaps the threat of it did. He took his own life in 1983. Two of his lightning-singed ranger hats are on display at Guinness World Exhibit Halls.


With just the power of his mind, he can command animals to do his bidding.

Vladimir Durov was no ordinary animal trainer. As a veteran performer in a Russian circus, he claimed to use a remarkable method for communicating with his canine coworkers - through telepathy. Professor W. Bechterev, head of the institute for the Investigation of the Brain in St. Petersburg, decided to test Durov's claim. Bechterev created a list of tasks that he wanted one of Durov's dogs to perform in a specific order, without any time for training.

After hearing or reading the list of tasks, Durov went to his fox terrier, Pikki, took his head in his hands and stared straight into the little dog's eyes - psychically transferring his thoughts directly into Pikki's brain. Durov released the dog and it immediately went about performing the assigned tasks. Thinking that perhaps Durov was giving the dog subtle clues with his eyes, the test was repeated with a new set of tasks, but this time with Durov blindfolded. Pikki still responded to his psychic commands.


Charged like superconducting human batteries, they roam the countryside thrilling all they meet with the electrifying power at their fingertips.

There have been several documented cases of people who apparently possess inexplicable electromagnetic properties:

    For just a 10-week period in 1846, 14-year-old French girl Angelique Cottin's mere presence made the needles of compasses spin wildly; objects as heavy as furniture would slide away from her if she tried to touch them; objects near her would vibrate unnaturally.
    Jennie Morgan of Sedalia, Missouri could emit highly-charged sparks from her fingertips that were strong enough to knock people unconscious. Animals would shun her.
    After an 18-month undiagnosed illness, Canadian teenager Caroline Clare became so magnetized that metal objects, like forks and knives, stuck to her skin. The force was so powerful that another person was required to pull them off.
    Inga Gaiduchenko, a 14-year-old Soviet student was also highly magnetic. Before members of the Moscow Technological Institute, she showed how spoons and pens stuck to her hands. Even non-metallic objects such as china plates and books were affected.


With her thoughts alone, a steely glance or a subtle gesture, she can move inanimate objects at will.

Nina Kulagina became one of the most famous psychics in the Soviet Union in the 1960s because of her amazing feats of telekinesis or psychokinesis. In films smuggled out of the country, Kulagina was shown to be able to move small objects placed before her on a table. Under close scientific observation, Kulagina would hold her hands a few inches above the objects, and in a few moments they would being to slide across the table top.

Wooden matches, small boxes, cigarettes and Plexiglas would all react to her intense concentration. At times, objects would continue to move even when she took her hands away. In the early 1970s, Kulagina was even recruited by the Soviet government to see if she could somehow help a sick Nikita Khrushchev.


Watch him stretch his body to incredible lengths and handle red-hot flaming embers in his bare hands.

Daniel Dunglas Home was either one of the most incredible psychic mediums of the mid-1800s or one of the era's cleverest magicians. The feats this Scotsman performed at close range astounded the elite and royalty of his day. In one demonstration, he entered his usual trance state and announced he was in touch with a guardian spirit that was "very tall and strong." While being watched by two witnesses who flanked him, Home shot up an additional six inches in height, and it could be clearly seen that his slippered feet were planted flatly on the floor.

Home could also hold burning embers in his bare hands completely without harm, a feat he performed on a number of occasions. Sir William Crookes of the British Society for Psychical Research, once saw Home pick up a hot coal as big as an orange and hold it nonchalantly in both hands. Home even blew on the coal until it became white hot and flames flickered around his bare fingers. Crookes then inspected Home's hands and affirmed that they did not appear to be specially treated in any way - and showed absolutely no sign of blistering, scarring or burning. Crookes remarked, in fact, that Home's hands were as soft and delicate as "a woman's." In yet another performance, Homes floated out of a second-story window, paused, then floated back inside to the utter astonishment of three witnesses on the ground.


There's no hiding evil deeds from the Incredible X-Ray whose penetrating X-ray vision sees all.

Koda Box, a stage performer who billed himself as "The Man with the X-Ray Eyes," astonished audiences in the early 1900s. Box first allowed audience members to completely blind him by putting coins over his eyes and fastening them in place with adhesive tape. His entire head was then bandaged in cloth, assuring everyone that he could see nothing. He then proceeded to read messages that audience participants had written on paper. He could also read books and accurately describe objects held up by members of the audience. With is elaborate blindfold in place, Box once even safely rode a bicycle through the busy traffic of New York's Times Square.


Like super-powerd human scientific instruments, this heroic duo uses their fantastic vision to see microscopic details or great distances.

Two gentlemen might share the title of Microsopo, both having the ability to distinguish vinyl phonograph records merely by looking at the grooves with their unaided eyes! Alvah Mason first demonstrated this talent in the 1930s, and more recently, Arthur Lintgen, a resident of Philadelphia proved to none other than The Amazing Randi that he could do the same thing.

Veronica Seider, a German dentist, apparently had telescopic vision. In several demonstrations she showed that she could identify people from more than a mile distance. Seider also claimed that she could see the individual red, green and blue dots that make up the picture on a color television set.


With the unknown force emanating from his miraculous hands, Medictron has the power to heal all forms of injuries and maladies.

John D. Reese of Youngstown, Ohio never studied medicine. In fact, it wasn't until he was about 30 years old that Reese discovered his remarkable if latent power to heal. One day in 1887, an acquaintance of Mr. Reese had fallen from a ladder and seriously injured his spine - a "severe spinal strain" his physician called it. Reese, for some reason, ran his fingers up and down the man's back, immediately after which the man announced that his pain had ceased entirely. He got up and went back to work.

Reese likewise healed Hans Wagner, a shortstop for the Pittsburgh Pirates, who had been carried from the field with a back injury; he also instantly cured a politician whose hand and wrist became useless to him from so much handshaking. Doctors had told him he needed weeks and weeks of rest. After his encounter with Reese, he has perfectly fine.

# # #

How do we explain the abilities of these astounding individuals? Are they conduits for some unimaginable inter-dimensional power? Are they mere tricksters and hoaxers? Or are they genetic mutants who, like the X-Men, might be forerunners of the future of the human race?

Source: About.paranormal.com


Morphic Resonance, Dogs, and Aliens
By Diane Tessman

Does your dog know when you are headed home, long before you arrive? According to the work of Rupert Sheldrake, she does. Many of us have noticed this astounding ability in our beloved dog.

Sheldrake has performed experiments with cameras on dogs and their humans. The humans are miles away, then sent a phone call instructing them to return home at a random moment, not according to schedule. Film of the dogs shows them waiting anxiously at the door about 20 minutes before "My Precious Human" arrives.

"Morphic resonance" is a term introduced by Sheldrake who has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and is a professor at Cambridge University. He proposes that there is a feedback mechanism between the morphic field and the forms in the morphic unit.

You and your dog have a morphic field between you; in other words, your dog and you have an awareness of each other’s consciousness which, after a while, becomes sufficiently entangled, to produce telepathic communication. Sheldrake feels there is telepathic communication in this morphic field; in fact, Sheldrake validates many "supernatural" feats which, he feels, are perfectly real and natural.

Apparently your dog is more telepathic than you, but this may be because humankind has built this huge "false" reality of buildings, turnpikes, computers, talk shows, and worries about everything from how many calories are in the cinnamon bun to if North Korea, Iran, or the U.S. will press the nuclear button.

We humans know there is something very special in what we share with our dogs, cats, and other life forms of Gaia’s creation. They give us simple joy with their unconditional love. Our morphic field becomes less-choppy when around them.

Sheldrake regards morphic fields as a universal database for both organic (living) and abstract (mental) forms. He feels that these fields resonate when feedback (experience) is added, resulting in a strengthening of that morphic field. In other words, when you and your dog go on a walk together, this experience is added to the morphic field between you and strengthens not only your bond, but your quantumly entangled field. Morphic resonance occurs.

At this point, I have a question: I have done articles on quantum entanglement and on the collective consciousness. Morphic resonance can be connected easily to the collective consciousness, but what of quantum entanglement? Are these the same concepts or different?

I’ll let Sheldrake and theoretical physicists work this out. It seems to me that we need a "unified field theory" here as badly as Einstein did, because I suspect "quantum entanglement" and "morphic resonance" are the same thing; however, I don’t want to state this with certainty and I suspect no one knows at this point.

I do know that my article, "Is Alien Entanglement Actually Quantum Entanglement" received many kind words from e-mail friends and that it is my favorite article, too. I will incorporate the "morphing resonance" and "entanglement" concepts herein, noting I am not a physicist nor a biochemist.

More on Sheldrake’s work: He states that because of shared informational patterns in the collective human unconsciousness, archetypes exist, as first proposed by Carl Jung. According to Sheldrake, morphic fields explain and validate many of Jung’s theories. Sheldrake also feels that Akashic records, the term from the Vedas which represents the "library" of all experiences and memories of the human mind/soul through its physical lifetimes, can be related scientifically to morphic fields. This is because your past (an akashic record) is a metal form at this point, and can relate to similar or related mental forms. Thus, within the large human collective library, you can add a chapter to your own book as each lifetime passes, and it can be accessed through your morphic field.

Sheldrake feels this morphic field is "non-local," and is not located in the brain, but rather in the collective (quantum) field which extends outside of your brain.

In regard to evolution, morphic resonance says that as each species experiences and learns, this is added to its morphic field (which becomes that species’ collective consciousness and unconsciousness), so that the process of evolution is not led by "the physical" as Darwin stated (the giraffe’s neck eventually grows as she reaches for leaves), but rather, that evolution is first and foremost a synergeticaly instigated process which has more to do with collective consciousness and quantum entanglement, than physical beinghood. Experience causes resonance within the morphic collective field, and change happens.

Therefore, maybe it is not your world of cars and computers which makes you seemingly less telepathic than your dog; perhaps dogs developed telepathic ability, or the ability to "read" the morphic field as they evolved, whereas humans did not (not as much). This might be due to human abilities in other areas, such as tool using.

The morphic field theory answers the boggling question of how dogs and cats find their way home over thousands of miles. Sometimes an animal shows up at her humans’ new home, which the animal has never been to before. The link may well be between human and animal, not the animal and its physical (old) home.

Also, I have had an astounding phenomenon happen with both dogs and cats. In my perception, I have absolute proof that this phenomenon has occurred (Note to self: Details to come in another article).

My dog Hannah and I are very close; we love each other immensely. I have other dogs but Hannah, I admit, is my favorite; our morphic field must be very active and beautiful.

I had another dog who was very special, named Sinsee. Oh how I want to tell you about both Sinsee and Hannah specifically, like bragging on one’s child, but suffice to say, I know both of them like I know myself. Sinsee, my golden lab, died at age 15.

At the same time, Hannah was approximately an 8 week old puppy, having been thrown into a dog fighting ring to be used as bait. She survived after 3 months of terrible pain. I saw Hannah when she was brought into the Humane Society, a mass of red flesh. However, she wagged her tail and met my eyes, and I knew she was my recently deceased Sinsee. No, I am not a whacky new ager, I knew and know this to be true.

Hannah and Sinsee share a morphic field with me; I am the "other end" of the field. When Sinsee died, her end of the field was left "dangling." I believe this is the scientific explanation. I can simply say, Sinsee found a new dog suit and re-connected to the morphic field.

Before she died, Sinsee sent me a telepathic message which stupid human here did perceive, "I will come back to you, but as a hardship case." Sure enough, she came back, and as a hardship case, a torn up, bloody, infected mess. I feel Sinsee and my strong morphic field helped the physically badly wounded Hannah survive, and the two souls became one – or always were one. They are Sinsee/Hannah.

So, what do dogs and Sheldrake’s morphic fields have to do with aliens? To me, this opens up a universe of possibilities regarding aliens. If they have this knowledge, and I would assume they do, an alien (let’s just call him Tibus), could enter my morphic field when I am very young. Of course, he could well be my own future lifetime, thus my askashic record could simply be zapping around over and through my head. Maybe some of us are more aware of this than others, so I receive messages from my future self (?). There is no "time" in "morphic resonance!

Truthfully, this akashic possibility (future me), doesn’t seem quite accurate regarding Tibus and me. However, the entangled (shared) consciousness I wrote about in the "Quantum Entanglement" article, which aliens initiate with some humans, no doubt has a morphic field. This field grows dynamically in strength and depth as the human explores cosmic and worldly subjects and experiences a lifetime. The alien then understands the human better.

The alien/human morphic field not only assists the human as she evolves, it also helps the alien evolve, as he learns more about the universe and its life forms. After all, aliens are in a state of evolution as well. (I state here that I am referring to contact with positive aliens only in this article).

If you are an alien orbiting Planet Earth, it also is a very safe way to get to know humans. How do aliens access our morphic field? Perhaps one face to face meeting is necessary (an abduction or an encounter), but perhaps, as in the case of many enlightened humans, it is not necessary, because no "time" and no "distance" is involved in a morphic field, just ask the dog who walked thousands of miles because his morphic field told him, "Precious human is here in my head, go to precious human."

Quantum entanglement, collective consciousness, unconsciousness, morphic fields and morphic resonance, are all topics which we humans are more than capable of perceiving and incorporating into our perception of reality.

As we do this (it is happening even now, and please do not let "old fear" stop this process!), the galactic community is exhaling a sigh of collective relief, "Those humans are finally coming along nicely. Evolving! Glory be!"



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Source: UFO Digest


Japan Earthquake Victims Haunted By Ghosts

More and more victims of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake are reporting that they are suffering from visions of ghosts and other paranormal occurances.

The disaster brought many people face-to-face with death and many believe the apparitions may be a manifestation of their emotional wounds.

As Japan has no governmental office that deals with this kind of issue and many people feel uncomfortable consulting family members, leaders from several different religious organizations in Japan have come together to provide emotional and mental support for the victims.

An elderly couple living in temporary housing in Sendai, the largest city in Tohoku to be impacted by the disaster, went to visit to a local Jo-do Buddhist temple earlier this month. After exchanging greetings with head priest Mizuki Nakamura, the couple confessed they were troubled by something they felt was supernatural and they didn’t know who to turn to for help.

“There’s someone at the temporary housing grounds. We think that something may have happened there,” said the husband.

Mr. Nakamura offered to hold a mass for the dead at the grounds and after completing the ritual the couple thanked him with an expression of relief.

Many victims report seeing more vivid images, such as eyeballs appearing in puddles of water or people walking on the surface of the ocean.

Others say that they’ve been visited by the ghosts of missing family members, begging to find their bodies and give them a proper burial.

However, like the elderly couple in Sendai, many of these people don’t know how to cope with such problems.

The Sendai branch of the United Christ Church (UCC) in Japan currently provides emotional support services regardless of religious affiliation. “The government can’t do anything about it and it’s difficult to discuss the issue with family or other people in the neighborhood,” says Reverend Naoya Kawakami.

Working together the UCC church is head priest Taiou Kaneda of Tsudaiji Temple in Miyagi prefecture, who adds: “Regardless if they are real or not, these people are seeing apparitions. We weren’t prepared to lose all of those lives. Religion must patiently give counsel to these people until they can accept the death of their family and friends, until they can lift their heads up again.”

The two are a part of the Miyagi Prefecture Religious Institution Liaison Council, which provides telephone consultation services with monks and priests of several different Buddhist and Christian sects.

Mr. Kaneda urges anyone to call freely for disaster-related support in general, not just supernatural issues.

At the invitation of the neighborhood council head, Reverend Kawakami and Mr. Kaneda visited a temporary housing settlement in Sendai last September to give a lecture on the issue to residents.

“Many people passed away, so it is natural for you to see their apparitions. Please do not be scared,” spoke Mr. Kaneda. “This can also become an opportunity for you to take a moment and think about life and death for yourself. You should make this a first step towards moving forward in this life.”

In Ishinomaki city, Miyagi Prefecture, Christian priests and Buddhist monks of the same organization held an informal discussion at a Buddhist temple on Christmas day. Organizers believed the location and time made it easier for residents to get together.

And since the Liaison Counsel holds no particular affiliations, people feel much more comfortable discussing their issues with them than they do with government officials.

Mr. Kaneda comments: “There are no sects or churches when we are faced with the wreckage of our own homes and doctrines hold no water before the absurdity of nature.”

Source: Rocket News 24


Man Mystified by 'Shower of Blue Spheres'

A man in Dorset has been left mystified after tiny blue spheres fell from the sky into his garden.

Steve Hornsby from Bournemouth said the 3cm diameter balls came raining down late on Thursday afternoon during a hail storm.

He found about a dozen of the balls in his garden. He said: "[They're] difficult to pick up, I had to get a spoon and flick them into a jam jar."

The Met Office said the jelly-like substance was "not meteorological".

Mr Hornsby, a former aircraft engineer, said: "The sky went a really dark yellow colour.

"As I walked outside to go to the garage there was an instant hail storm for a few seconds and I thought, 'what's that in the grass'?"
'No smell'

Walking around his garden he found many more blue spheres were scattered across the grass.

He said: "The have an exterior shell with a softer inner but have no smell, aren't sticky and do not melt."

Mr Hornsby said he was keeping the balls in his fridge while he tried to find out what they were.

Josie Pegg, an applied science research assistant at Bournemouth University, speculated that the apparently strange phenomena might be "marine invertebrate eggs".

"These have been implicated in previous 'strange goo' incidents," she said. "I'd have thought it's a little early for spawning but I suppose we've had a very mild winter.

"The transmission of eggs on birds' feet is well documented and I guess if a bird was caught out in a storm this could be the cause."

Source: BBC


Fran Drescher: Aliens Abducted Me

Fran Drescher claims that aliens abducted her and left a scar on her hand where they implanted a microchip.

The star of "The Nanny" and the TV Land sitcom "Happily Divorced" tells The Huffington Post that, in her younger years, she was abducted by aliens. And she was not alone: Drescher says her ex-husband, "Happily Divorced" producer and writer Peter Marc Jacobson, was also abducted by other-world beings.

Drescher said that she believes she was abducted by aliens as a teenager when she was in the car with her fathr.

Years later, Fran Drescher met her ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson. Fran claims that Peter told her that he was abducted by aliens as teenager as well, also while driving with his father.

"You know, it's funny, because Peter and I both saw (aliens) before we knew each other, doing the same thing, driving on the road with our dads," Drescher told the website, "in all seriousness."

"We were both in junior high. A few years later, we met, and we realized that we had the same experience. I think that somehow we were programmed to meet," Drescher says. "We both have this scar. It's the exact same scar on the exact same spot."

But Fran tells news that Peter Marc Jacobson denied the chip tale. He told her during her marriage that it’s simply a scar they both had from their youth. Fran said to him, however, “that’s what the aliens programmed us to think… But really, that’s where the chip is.”

In 2010, Fran made the revelation to news that her husband was gay. The couple met at age 15. The two split in 1999. “We love each other dearly … [We] still have a caring, loving relationship. Love is what we’re all about” she told news at the time.

Peter Marc Jacobson was the executive producer of The Nanny from 1993 to 1999 delivering nearly 143 episodes of the hit sitcom. He would last year executive produce Teaste. Jacobson also appeared as an actor in bit parts for Murphy Brown, Booker, Matlock and Beverly Hills 2010.

Fran Drescher is not alone with her claim of close contacts with UFOs. There have been other famous people who have seen UFOs as well.  Here are a list of famous entertainers who said that they had their own close encounters.

Jackie Gleason
Known as “The Great One”, Jackie Gleason was a famous comic that starred in the early television series, The Honeymooners.  In the mid-1960s, he started researching information on UFOs.  He became such a fanatic of the topic, his friend President Richard Nixon invited Gleason (later confirmed by his second wife, Beverly), in 1973, to witness some alien bodies that had crashed in the American southwest (Roswell, New Mexico, anyone?).  The alien tour was held at Homestead Air Force Base in Florida.  According to his wife, Gleason was taken to an unmarked building where he saw four embalmed bodies.  He had no information on bodies other than they were very small with bald heads and large ears. The story originally ran in the National Enquirer - and at the time, no one believed anything that paper wrote.  However, more and more events reported in papers like these are found to be factual and this could also be the case.  Gleason became one of the world’s leading collectors on UFO information and several of his friends confirm that the story was true.

Walter Cronkite
He was the newsman of the twentieth century.  It was from his lips that we learned of the death of John F. Kennedy and man’s first walk on the moon.  Cronkite, who worked for CBS, was so entrenched in middle America, that when he turned against the Vietnam War, President Lyndon Johnson exclaimed, “If I lost Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.” His UFO encounter occurred in the 1950s when he was asked, along with a group of reporters to witness the test of a new Air Force missile.  Just as the missile was about to be launched, a large, flying saucer-like object appeared at the site.  According to Cronkite, he couldn’t hear anything from the object due to the noise from the rocket. The disk, which was grey in color, sent a blue beam of light at the missile and held it in place about 70 feet off of the ground.  Guards and dogs were frozen in mid-step during the five minutes or so that this happened.  The missile exploded and the saucer disappeared.  The guard and the dog returned to normal.  The Air Force explained that what they saw was all part of an experiment to see the reaction UFOs would have on reporters, but Cronkite looked at it as a thinly veiled excuse.  However, the reporters were also told that they weren’t allowed to comment on the events.  Cronkite never said anything until an interview with Bill Knell, a UFO expert, in 1973.  Please note, Bill Knell has had some detractors who claim the entire story was false.  There have been several claims that this was not true, though he made his statements public well before Cronkite’s passing and the newsman did not refute the conversation.

Sammy Hagar
On the Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, Sammy Hagar, the lead singer for Van Halen, reported seeing a UFO in the summer of 1968.  I looked, but I couldn’t find the exact episode.  Although the transcript of the interview is really convoluted with Hagar’s barely perceptible grasp of the English language, he mentions having communication with the aliens and that the event turned his life on end.  According to Hagar, the aliens did some sort of a mind meld with him and he knew they were in some sort of space craft, while he was unable to move and bathed in a white light.  He said in his alien encounter that he was not hurt, but there are aliens out there - called “gray ones” - that do hurt people.  He also commented on the “fact” that there was no other life in our Solar System and that these aliens had come from somewhere else.  What’s scary is that the conversation also involved him talking about a whole lot of nonsense, too.  And this is the guy they replaced David Lee Roth with...???

Jimi Hendrix
Many people may not know, but this guitar legend was a firm believer in UFOs.  According to Hendrix, he had seen several UFOs in his lifetime and he once mentioned to a New York Times reporter that he was from Mars.  OK, well, that’s probably not true, but David Henderson, in his book The Life of Jimi Hendrix (1978) wrote that Hendrix also believed in life on other solar systems and that they had no interest in war with us.  That could be a lot of LSD talking, but Hendrix gave a concert in Maui, Hawaii, just a few weeks before his death on July 30, 1970.  During the concert - which was performed on the rim of a live volcano, several people - including Hendrix - reported seeing UFOs flying overhead.  The radio stations were called and people actually filmed the occurrence.

John Lennon
This founding member of the Beatles claimed to have seen a UFO outside of his window in New York City in 1974.  He was standing naked on his balcony with his assistant and girlfriend, May Pang, when a saucer-shaped object came into view.  According to Pang, they called the police that night to report it and were told to keep calm and that others had seen the same thing. Lennon would often talk about the event and even wrote a lyric in one of his songs about the encounter.

"There's UFO's over New York, and I aint too surprised..." - Nobody Told Me, from the album Milk and Honey (1984)

Lennon also used the encounter as part of his cover art on his Walls and Bridges album (1974) which was released two months after the encounter.

For more UFO encounters of the famous, check out Tim Beckley's book "UFOs Among the Stars" available at amazon.com

Source: Lalate

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