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Dark forces are oozing their way into the cracks of society. Those who proclaim themselves beloved of God are actually tap-dancing with the devil. Evil is being used to combat evil - with the innocents as pawns of death. We have been convinced that our jobs, education, health care, and freedoms are unimportant and unpatriotic by those who say that they must destroy freedom and Democracy in order to save it. And now, we stand on the brink, knuckle-bumping Satan and thanking him as he pushes us all over the edge and into the abyss.

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- Do Aliens Go Invisible by 'Going Green'? -
Low Intensity Warfare: UFOs vs. Earth? -
- Strange Sounds Globally: Is the Veil Lifting? -
- For Rent, One Haunted Flat -
AND: Nessie 'Sonar Sighting' Wins £1000 Prize

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Do Aliens Go Invisible by 'Going Green'?

Despite what the politicians are telling us, "going green" is a necessity in order to sustain our civilization if we plan to survive as a species for the next few thousand years. Our home planet is the only one that is currently available to us, so it makes sense to pamper and take care of it to the best of our ability.

Oh sure, scientists have made some remarkable discoveries recently that show the galaxy is teaming with all sorts of planets. But none are close enough to be any good if humanity would suddenly have to vacate the Earth in a hurry. And that is where a certain mystery arises.

As we discover more and more planets around other stars, the Fermi Paradox is becoming, well, more paradoxical.

The Fermi Paradox simply asks the question "where are they?" Our Milky Way galaxy is so big and so old -- and we are estimated to be accompanied by at least 100 billion planets -- that aliens should have visited us by now.

Instead, when we peruse the heavens, we are faced with the Great Silence, which is one of the biggest challenges to modern astronomy.

There have been numerous solutions to the Fermi paradox, but none of them are satisfactory.

A few diehards like Harvard astronomer Howard Smith are emphatic that we are completely alone in the universe. As much as I disagree, there isn't a shred of evidence to the contrary. Nevertheless, I do wholeheartedly agree with my colleague Seth Shostack of the SETI Institute who says that it would be a miracle if we didn't find advanced life out there.

Picking up on this idea, Canadian science fiction writer Karl Schroeder has come upon a novel solution to the failure of astronomical observations to solve the Fermi Paradox. He proposes: "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from nature." (This is a takeoff on Arthur C. Clarke's posit: "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.")

In other words, smart aliens have "gone green" and generate no waste products that we could detect. They therefore blend into the galaxy. Therefore, "artificial and natural systems are indistinguishable,” writes Schroeder.

This implies that no astronomical observations could offer convincing evidence for the handiwork of E.T. The principle of Occam’s Razor will insist that we stick with a natural explanation for space phenomena.

This undermines an extraterrestrial search strategy called SETT (Search for Extraterrestrial Technology). The idea is that we might pick up the spectral signature of nuclear fission waste that extraterrestrials dump into their star, or the leakage of tritium from alien fusion powerplants.

However, "green aliens" have reached a Utopian state of being in balance with nature. Short of finding a directed message, or a leaked radio signal, we could be surrounded by advanced societies that are camouflaged within our galaxy. Maybe only ecologically-balanced civilizations survive in the long run.

Another Fermi Paradox solution is that intelligent life might be inherently unstable and destroys itself in any number of doomsday scenarios: nuclear war, bioterrorism, or nanotechnology run amok. But even if that is the case, their technological progenies should survive forever.

This is not science fiction, we have already done this. Long after the human race has gone extinct, there will still be five artifacts drifting though the galaxy: NASA's two Pioneer probes (pictured here), two Voyager probes, and the Pluto-bound New Horizons probe. Imagine, the Pioneer plaque, Voyager record, and Clyde Tombaugh’s (discoverer of Pluto) ashes aboard New Horizons, are the only lasting manifestations of Homo sapiens.

It's a comparatively small step for a society -- say, one only a few hundred years more advanced than us -- to pepper the galaxy with interstellar probes. This approach is vastly cheaper that any attempt to send living explorers to other stars.

The probes could easily be mass-produced at a fraction the cost of building a passenger starship. Once launched, they are self-repairing and immortal -- a concept proposed by mathematician John von Neumann and astrophysicist Freeman Dyson, among others. For economy this approach would favor small devices that through nanotechnology grow and modify themselves for the mission at hand.

One paradox here is the question of why such probes wouldn't mutate, mass produce, and take over the galaxy. We can only surmise that their duplication process is perfect, and there is a built-in "circuit breaker" algorithm that instructs the probes not to self-replicate forever -- like those walking brooms in Paul Dukas' The Sorcerer's Apprentice from Disney's 1940 feature-length animation "Fantasia." And besides, that would be the green thing to do.

What is especially sobering is that this means there should have been a lot of robotic alien visits to our solar system. In a recent paper (PDF) astronomer Keith Wiley of the University of Washington estimates there could be innumerable alien Von Neumann machines scattered among the planets and asteroids. And, Earth certainly would be a prime target of interest.

At this point I’d say it would be a bigger shock if we never find such artifacts, than if we actually do someday.

But if the alien robotic visitors were built with "green technology," finding any trace of them would especially be a needle-in-haystack search. They would blend in with the natural tapestry of the solar system.

Source: Discovery News


The Wow! Signal: Best Clue Yet to Existence of E.T.

An astronomer who has spent three decades hunting for the source of a transmission which is believed by many to be proof of alien life says it may have come from an interstellar 'lighthouse'.

Since 1982, Robert Gray has been on a quest to solve the puzzle of the 'Wow! signal', an enigmatic blip in the read out of a radio telescope - the like of which has never been seen again since.

Mr Gray, who has just published a book about his attempt to rediscover the signal said he believes it could have come from an alien 'lighthouse'.
The 'Wow!' Signal: This is the printout form the Ohio-based radio satellite that received the enigmatic transmission

The 'Wow!' Signal: This is the printout form the Ohio-based radio satellite that received the enigmatic transmission

The 'Wow! signal' was received at 11.16pm on August 15, 1977 - the night before Elvis died - as a radio telescope in Ohio swept its gaze through the constellation of Sagittarius.

It lasted 72 seconds and was earned its name because of the message of disbelief Jerry Ehman, a researcher with the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) programme, scrawled next to the printout recording it.

The characteristics of the signal - a rise and fall in its 'loudness' were exactly what the alien-hunters had been told to look out for.

Eighteen years previously, researchers had put themselves in E.T.'s shoes and tried to work out the best way to attract our attention.

They decided that the most noteworthy signal would be a radio signal at exactly 1,420 MHz. This is the vibration frequency of hydrogen, the most common molecule in the universe.

Everyone agreed that it would be the most widely intelligible way of saying, 'We're here - are you?' When the Wow! Signal came in, its frequency was 1,420 MHz.

But with such a massive area of space to cover, the SETI programme had adopted the strategy of sweeping the sky with their radio receivers, meaning that they could only spend a few seconds looking at each spot.

They worked on the assumption they may find an alien 'beacon' or broadcast that was on all the time, and that all they would have to do is survey the sky to find it.

Mr Gray, an economist by trade, told theatlantic.com that he believes the conventional search for an alien 'beacon' that is always transmitting is misguided.

Such a transmission would require vast amounts of energy to operate, the equivalent of thousands upon thousands of Earth-style power plants.

He said: 'They might use some other cheaper strategy - brief periodic broadcasting, a sweeping lighthouse beam, or other methods.'

He added: 'The people who do SETI, who are often but not always astronomers, have a mindset that it's sensible to look for the really strong signal that is going to be there all of the time.

'Because my education is not in astronomy or engineering, it may be that I bring a kind of practicality to this, especially as it concerns the practicality and economics of what it takes to broadcast a signal like that.'

Source: The Daily Mail


Low Intensity Warfare: UFOs vs. Earth?
By Scott Corrales

[This article originally appeared in Tim Beckley's Unsolved UFO Mysteries magazine in 1994. The electronic file was recently rediscovered during a hard drive scan and we're sharing it with our readers 18 years later! -- SC]

Captain Charles Wendorf's orders were straightforward enough: fly his B-52 Stratofortress to the Saddle Rock Mid-Air Refueling Area to meet a KC-135 tanker. The clear skies over the Mediterranean coast of Spain made Saddle Rock a particularly suitable refueling site. The giant aircraft, an element of the 68th Bomber Squadron out of North Carolina, was in the middle of a long patrol of the Atlantic Ocean, coming as close to the USSR as they dared. But Cold War tension would be the very last factor to affect the B-52's fate.

At 10:22 a.m. on January 17, 1966, at an altitude of thirty thousand feet, Captain Wendorf's nuclear-warhead laden Stratofortress sighted the KC-35 some 15 miles ahead in the refueling zone. The B-52 carefully jockeyed into position behind the tanker to connect with its refueling mast--a complex but efficient operation that did not involve any loss in speed on the bomber's part and in which remarkably small amounts of fuel were lost.

But something went wrong. An unseen force bumped against the bomber's underside, pushing it upward and causing the KC-135's starboard wing to graze the B-52's cockpit. The bomber's crew felt another terrible jolt as their plane rammed into the tanker's fuselage

To observers on the ground witnessing the refueling maneuver, the tanker exploded into a ball of orange flame while both military aircraft disintegrated high above the earth. The long-range bomber's crew managed to jump clear of the explosion and were later rescued by Spanish fishermen after having miraculously survived their high-altitude jump. But four hydrogen bombs now lay at the bottom of the shallow coastal waters, and the efforts to retrieve them before lethal gamma radiation spread throughout the sea made headlines worldwide.

Witnesses to the explosion claimed having seen three objects in the sky at the time of the explosion, although only the downed bomber and the disintegrated tanker should have been in the area. Suspicions arose among the Spanish military elements assisting with the rescue efforts that the USAF's frantic search for the missing warheads was, in fact, a thinly-veiled excuse for finding the elusive third "airplane" -- the UFO which had caused the destruction of its aircraft and then disappeared without a trace.

The USAF had good reasons, perhaps, to worry about a force inimical to its interests somewhere over the Mediterranean: Eight days before the Palomares debacle, a colossal fireball of unknown origin had flown over the Italian cities of Capri and Naples, causing a general blackout. Four years later, in October 1969, two jet fighters would disappear without a trace during NATO exercises held off Crete. The previous year, the French air force had lost two Mystére IV fighter-bombers on routine patrol over Corsica. The result of the military inquest was that both planes were lost due to "undetermined causes".

Incidents such as this one are legion: UFOs--whether interplanetary or interdimensional--have engaged in a sort of "air supremacy" struggle with military aircraft of all nations since the first foo-fighter encounters during the Second World War. Fighters, bombers and transport planes have been intercepted and fired upon by unidentified objects, while others have been destroyed during efforts at getting closer to the mysterious intruders that fly over sovereign airspace with impunity.

The concept of an interplanetary war in our times, a thought which admittedly smacks of the Cold War's "flying saucer" scare, has been seriously invoked by Gen. Douglas MacArthur in the 1950's and by President Ronald Reagan in the 1980's. NATO allegedly prepared a document evaluating the threat posed to existing conventional and military forces in the 1960's, conceding that "we virtually have no defense against their advanced technology." Serious researchers like the late Dr. Olavo Fontes analyzed the possibility that northern Brazil would be occupied by a UFO invasion force in the wake of the attack on the Itaipú garrison in 1965. But the hostility between unidentified objects and human air forces is not limited to our own air force nor to our own times, as can be seen in the following paragraph.

During World War II, both Allied and German aviators had close encounters with unknown aircraft. The following incident appeared in La Nature, a French scientific magazine:

"It took place in Le Mans at the start of the summer of 1941...The Luftwaffe had occupied the old Le Mans airfield at the La Sarthe circuit and was stationing many Messerschmitt 109 fighters--not very fast vehicles, but highly maneuverable ones. The German pilots were kept in constant state of readiness, and I had the opportunity to witness a number of Messerschmitt flight squadron maneuvers in broad daylight.

"The weather was splendid, and as far as I can recall, it was a Sunday. At around 1300 hours, the skies were clear and only a few large cumuli could be seen at quite a distance from each other. Toward that time, the entire city heard the roar of the airplanes flying at full speed, and I was able to ascertain at the time that the cause for alarm appeared to be within one of the large cumulus clouds, which at the time was slowly passing over the airfield. One could see the Messerschmitts flying around the cloud, diving into it, shooting up out of it, or emerging from it sideways before engaging in the same maneuver again. It was a spectacular performance to watch, but it must have been terribly dangerous for the pilots. Was this an exercise ordered by the base commandant or an alert? I never found out, but it was interesting to see the looks of terror on the faces of the German soldiers and officers that
comprised the city garrison as they followed the spectacle from the windows of their homes.

"I was then able to observe how the cloud, whose base upon its arrival was 900 feet high to a maximum height of 3000 feet, began to grow, and when it cleared the airport to move away from the city, had acquired the shape of a very tall pyramid with perfectly clear outlines. Its sharp apex must have been at an altitude of some 10000 feet, judging by its visible height over the horizon and its probable location over the terrain. My vantage point was some 2 miles away from the airfield, and the cloud was some 3 miles away while I watched its apex."

The Korean War produced a number of incidents which became classics of ufology and stressed the inimical nature of whatever appeared to be sharing the skies with our own aircraft.

A B-29 flying over the Korean Peninsula during the 1950-53 conflict had its otherwise uneventful mission interrupted by the sudden appearance of a 20 inch wide glowing disk within the cockpit, which remained immobile and suspended in mid-air to the shock of the flight crew. When one of the airmen approached it with a fire extinguisher, the strange object vanished, only to reappear later on. The bizarre "probe" inspected the bomber's interior before returning to its materialization point and disappearing for good.

A squadron of fighters flew into a cloudbank similar to the one assaulted by the German Messerschmitts during the previous war, but this time, whatever was inside the cloud won: the fighters never emerged from the seemingly innocuous clouds.

The air and ground forces of the former Soviet Union were by no means immune to UFO attacks. In 1961, a giant UFO escorted by a host of lesser craft challenged the grim defenses of the Moscow Anti-Ballistic Missile defense system, one of a kind in the whole world. The commander of the Rybinsk battery opened fire on the intruder, but to the surprise of the assembled misslemen, the projectiles detonated well short of their targets. Now it was the UFOs turn: all the electrical systems of the Rybinsk battery were stalled until the small flotilla of intruders was safely out of its range.

Apparently, the elements of the elite Soviet Rocketry Forces were unable to avoid the temptation of taking potshots at passing UFOs. In 1969, one such detachment was in charge of the nine brigades of SAMs (Surface-to-Air Missiles) which defended the North Vietnamese capital of Hanoi against American bomber raids. The Soviet artillerymen, stationed at some distance from Hanoi proper, observed a battleship-sized discoidal UFO (its diameter was in excess of 1000 feet, according to calculations) approach silently and suddenly, oblivious to the urgent IFF ("Identification Friend-or-Foe") requests transmitted by the ground installations. The battery commander phoned his superiors for instructions, and after a brief delay, was given the order to open fire. Three out of five missile brigades launched a total of ten SAMs against the aeroform, but as had occurred in Rybinsk years before, the salvos detonated well short of the target, to the dismay of the ground personnel.

The UFO fired a needle-thin blue beam against one of the SAM launchers, turning the entire unit, which included three launchers, as well as radar and guidance stations, into a smoking heap of metal. According to the report (which has been classified as a hoax by many researchers), two hundred lives were lost in the process before the UFO resumed its trajectory and vanished from sight.

However, the Petrozavodsk UFO of September 1977 seized the initiative when, at four o'clock on the morning of September 20th, it terrorized the city's inhabitants. The medusa-like craft emitted golden shafts of light that pierced holes in windows and pavements. The intruder returned five or six times within a month.

Another much-publicized incident dealt with the destruction of a Cuban MiG-21 "Fishbed" by a UFO. According to a specialist stationed at Florida's Boca Chica Naval Station, some 90 miles off the Cuban coast, he noticed that a strange object was approaching the island nation at some 600 miles an hour at an altitude of 32,000 feet. Two Cuban MiG's intercepted the object and attempted radio contact. The vehicle was described as a large, featureless sphere. When orders to destroy the object were
issued from the ground, one of the MiG's suddenly exploded and disintegrated (in other retellings of the story, it was "zapped" by the UFO) while the UFO climbed suddenly to 100,000 feet and continued its southward trajectory unchallenged.

Other incidents, like the following, have bordered on the unreal--and in fact, there exists no way of proving its authenticity. Author Luis Anglada Font, a World War II fighter pilot who later devoted himself to UFO research in the early days of the phenomenon, included the following highly dramatic account (as told to him by physicist Raymond Harvey) in one of his books, La Realidad de los Ovnis A Través de los Siglos. The case was allegedly "hushed" by ATIC at Wright Paterson AFB and never included in the Blue Book Files. Anglada simply refers to it as "The Steinbeck Affair."

According to the author, this chilling incident took place sometime in 1953. Steinbeck--no rank given--was a thirty year old aviator who was considered among "the best and brightest" due to his bravery and considerable sang froid. He had been summoned to an unnamed air base near Las Vegas to test a one-of-a-kind fighter prototype: a sky-blue interceptor armed with atomic cannon.

[The narrative involving the pilot "Steinbeck" has been called a fabrication, given the fact that it was never substantiated, Luis Anglada never cited his sources, and "atomic cannon" sound like an outlandish pulp magazine creation. For the sake of maintaining the original article's continuity, it is not being excised -- SC]

A lengthy briefing session ensued, after which the test pilot, technicians and three high-ranking officers went on to inspect the interceptor itself, which was kept in a hangar guarded by an armed infantry platoon. Steinbeck and the officers had to present their credentials to be allowed in.

Once inside, a German engineer met the visitors and proceeded to show off the interceptor. The test pilot climbed into the cockpit and gave the instrumentation a thorough examination. Steinbeck was to fly the plane at four o'clock the following morning and perform a certain number of routine maneuvers before opening fire with his atomic arsenal against an airborne target.

The story relates that Steinbeck and the others met with the press later that evening at the officers' lounge. In conversation, the test pilot revealed that he had studied stenography (!) and that a mechanized steno pad had been installed on the right-hand side of the cockpit so that he could note every single step of the test flight. The steno pad's housing was equipped with a parachute that would land it safely in the event of a malfunction.

All went well the following morning. Steinbeck took to the dark desert sky in the prototype without any incident while the unidentified German technician followed his progress from the control tower. At one point, witnesses in the tower saw the foreign expert blanch as he stared at the radar screen, speaking into the microphone
with a sense of urgency: "Please, come back to base! There are unidentified machines to your right! Land quickly!"

The radar had in fact detected an object that crossed the field at breathtaking speed, followed by others: a total of eight unidentified vehicles were closing in on Steinbeck's prototype, sending the ground control personnel into a frenzy. The entire base was placed on full alert.

Steinbeck allegedly radioed back that the vehicles were surrounding him and that he was going to open fire on them with the interceptor's advanced weaponry. Two bursts from the atomic cannon [sic] were fired against one of the intruders, and moments later, the prototype crashed into the desert sand at high speed some two and a half miles downrange from the control tower.

Rescue crews found a twisted heap of metal along with the test pilot's carbonized remains--the engines and fuel tanks, however, were intact and unexploded; more importantly, the steno pad in its aluminum housing was recovered intact a few hundred feet away from the downed fighter, and it told the astounding tale of how a long, flaming "tube" had been aimed at Steinbeck's plane. The pilot's final desperate shorthand read: "They're attacking, I think they're attacking...God have mercy on me...I'm shooting back."

Anglada's "atomic cannons", the most questionable detail in the account, could refer to small warheads expelled by means of a launcher-like arrangement rather than science-fictionish "blasters". It is a fact that the military experimented with different permutations of nuclear ordnance, ranging from atomic hand grenades and bazookas (like the "Davy Crockett") to huge atomic railguns. If true, the case would represent one of the most significant unprovoked attacks ever recorded.

Heat weapons appear to be the weapon of choice in aerial engagements between UFOs and terrestrial aircraft. One case involving fighters "scrambled" to intercept UFOs ended with the object pursued firing a heat weapon at the fighters which made their wings incredibly hot, forcing them to break off their mission and return to base.

The Walesville, NY incident, which occurred in July of 1954, is perhaps the best known of the heat-weapon attacks: An F-94 Starfire scrambled to investigate a UFO tracked by the radars at Griffins AFB was greeted with a terrific blast of heat issuing from the unknown vehicle. Pilot and navigator bailed out while the fighter rammed into a house, causing five deaths.

Carlos Alejo Rodríguez, a trainer pilot for the Uruguayan Air Force, also found himself at the receiving end of a heat weapon of some sort when he approached a large discoidal UFO flying over the Curubelo Air Force Base. The sudden surge of suffocating heat caused the startled pilot to break off his pursuit and return to the base.

Helicopters have, on occasion, had cause to defend themselves from intruders: In January 1974, the crew of a Marine UH-1E helicopter from the 3rd Marine Aircraft wing flying from Quantico, Va. to Beaufort, S.C. found itself having to stand tall against a silver-white UFO heading on a collision course toward the helo. The pilot engaged in evasive action only to discover that the featureless object was able to match his dodging effortlessly and even pull alongside until it filled the cockpit's view. Disregarding the rules of engagement, the gunner fired tracers point-blank at the UFO with no apparent effect. But to the surprise of all aboard, the huge object peeled away with a slight wobble before receding into the distance.

Lest the reader suspect that these incidents belong to the "heroic past" of UFO research, it is well worth remembering that the most graphic cases of UFO-military aircraft interaction occurred in the late Eighties, when the US Navy lost two F-14 Tomcats while intercepting a giant triangular object over Cabo Rojo, P.R.. The magnitude of the incident apparently forced all military flights over the island to take off with their full complement of missile pods, and prompted PRANG (Puerto Rico National Air Guard) to replace its ageing fleet of Grumman A-7's with F-15's.

The final question is always: does Earth stand a chance against a bona fide extraterrestrial attack? There is evidence that terrestrial air forces have tried to develop deterrents against this unknown threat since the 1950s. It has been suggested that the formation of the USAF's Space Command in 1985 (ostensibly in charge of all satellite operations) was the first step in providing a capability against an attack from space. Upon close inspection, the SDI program (alternatively known as "Star Wars" or the "Peace Shield") applications appear better suited to repel a space-based threat than an atmospheric one. In September 1985, an F-15 launched an 18 ft. long missile dubbed "Tomato Can" at P871, a solar observation satellite, striking it at 30,000 miles per hour and nearly pulverizing it. While "Tomato Can" accomplished its mission without the benefit of a warhead, one can imagine its capability against "hostile unknowns" if endowed with one.

Model kit hobbyists may recall Aurora's "Ragnarok", a prototype of a U.S. Air Force nuclear-powered and laser-equipped interceptor specifically "developed to
protect the earth from any hostile alien invasion". The detailed 1/200 scale kit provided an informative rundown on the ultimate orbital interceptor, which was 255 feet long and with a weight in excess of 330 tons (heavier than a B-52) and capable of achieving its cruising altitude of 200,000 feet in a startling 8 minutes.

The information went on to state that "protection from alien craft" was provided in the shape of five nuclear rockets and an ingenious manned support craft (a descendant of the D-21 reconnaissance drone carried piggyback by the SR-71?) armed with laser weapons capable of piercing two feet of solid steel. The kit's info blurb ended with a price tag of 100 million dollars for each "Ragnarok".

While the model kit may just have been a fanciful take on the aviation developments that followed one another in the 1960s--U-2s, SR-71s, XB-70s--the fact remains that modeling companies have often "scooped" the Air Force's official acknowledgement of the existence of certain craft, as was the case with the F119 "Stealth" Fighter and the B-2 Bomber. Another modelmaker, Testors, recently made the pages of TIME magazine with a disturbing model kit of a UFO, described as "a scale replica of one of the ships, based on descriptions from Bob Lazar." We can certainly feel confident that there are no Ragnaroks lurking in secret warrens under the Nevada desert, but at some point, a design similar to Aurora's must have been on the drawing boards as a viable response to the threat posed by UFOs, despite Project Blue Book's insistence that "no UFO reported, investigated and evaluated by the Air Force has ever given the indication of being a threat to our national security."

Source: Inexplicata


Strange Sounds Globally: Is the Veil Lifting?
by Diane Tessman

My first reaction as I read about the strange sounds being heard across our planet, was, "The veil must be very thin. This is 2012, after all!"

I too recently heard unexplained strange sounds toward the back of my ten acres here in North Iowa, but I’ll save my account for the close of this article. What amazes me is that metaphysics and spiritualism have long referred to "the veil between dimensions or between worlds," and this concept seems to perfectly reflect the M Theory which theoretical physics now postulates quite seriously. Apparently metaphysicians perceived the concept of the "veil" centuries before science revealed a similar concept which they discovered through meticulous research and mathematics.

What has always been stressed by my guide Tibus, is that on up the road of our evolved perception, Spirit and Science do meet and become one larger truth – a more enlightened way to perceive reality.

Looking at the scientific perception, the central idea is that perception from within the visible, four-dimensional universe is restricted to a brane (membrane) inside a higher dimensional space which scientists call, the "bulk". In the bulk model, there are extensive extra dimensions (possibly infinite) which we cannot perceive from within our brane but the other branes may be moving through this bulk too. Interactions with the bulk, and possibly with other branes, can influence our "home brane" and thus introduce effects not seen in more standard cosmological models.

This concept can explain the weakness of gravity compared to the other fundamental forces, a puzzle which has long stumped physicists, including Einstein. In this theory, the other three forces (electromagnetism and the weak and strong nuclear forces), are localized on the brane, but gravity has no such constraint and much of its attractive power "leaks" into the bulk. As a consequence, the force of gravity should appear significantly stronger on small (subatomic) scales, where less gravitational force has "leaked". Various experiments are currently underway to test this, including work at the giant Hadron Collider in Geneva.

So, if our universe sits on a giant membrane (an idea which has come out of string theory), it is like a giant piece of bread, according to Brian Greene, with all the stars and all the galaxies sprinkled across its surface. The math of string theory suggests this picture, along with the possibility that there are other universes, other slices of bread, all constituting a big cosmic loaf.

Spiritualists and their age-old "veil between dimensions" may be slightly less accurate but it is a lot more poetic! And the general concept is the same. String theorists feel that they have found the missing key (which eluded Einstein), within the specifics of M-theory and the string theory which spawned it, so the "veil" and the "bulk between branes" seem to be one and the same.

What happens when branes collide or, as the shaman might put it, when the veil becomes very thin and then becomes non-existent? According to M-theory, membranes exist across all eleven dimensions of the universe. One dimension is time and other ten dimensions are spaces within the bulk which have always existed. Our universe may have formed when two extra-dimensional membranes collided. In this perception, our universe may not be so special since membrane collisions could cause big bangs all the time. The result is a sort of multiverse - universes acting like bubbles that generally cannot interact with one another (but once in a while, do!)

For spiritualism, a huge Change Point occurs when the veil between worlds becomes thin and eventually disappears. Could this be what the Mayans saw happening in 2012?

Optimists feel that once the veil between dimensions is lifted, those beings in both worlds who can adapt to the influx of strange new beings (life forms) and conditions, will be able to survive, eventually flourishing in a new and perhaps better level of consciousness – a new world.

For science, a "big bang" (or at least a huge cosmic cataclysm), occurs when two extra-dimensional branes collide within the bulk, and perhaps end up as a new, blended brane (a new dimension). It seems we arrive at a similar place, whether taking the spiritual path or the scientific path!

About the strange noises heard around the world: Might these be sounds of 2 branes grinding together? Might they be the sound of the veil being lifted, inched upward like an old theater curtain being wound?

I hasten to add that there are other theories which seem saner! One is that the increased electromagnetism from the Sun currently bombarding Earth, is causing these noises. We would expect electromagnetism to be more of an electrical hum than a low roar or growling, but who knows?

Or, tectonic plates could be grinding together or ripping apart – not much more comforting than two colliding branes! Incidentally, those who follow the science fiction series, "Fringe" on Fox television, can relate to parallel universes inadvertently getting tangled up, the veil having disintegrated after one adventurist scientist, accidentally punched a hole in the bulk.

I wonder if our perception of intense electromagnetic effects overhead and grinding tectonic plates, is only what our humble minds can perceive of the actual larger cosmic event of two dimensions (parallel multiverses) beginning to collide? In other words, our minds are filtering agents which only allow into our perception, that which we can understand. We can understand EM effects and tectonic plates, thus the noises they might make, but can we possibly comprehend 2 branes in the bulk about to have a big bang?

I wonder, although I am not convinced, if UFO occupants are beings from the other brane. What if these aliens-of-the-other-brane from within the bulk, know that both of our dimensions are about to collide?

Might they be warning us, on an on-going basis, in a number of strange and not-so-strange ways, all these years?

Or perhaps they test the daily change in the condition of the veil (the bulk), and this explains some of their strange maneuvers.

Or perhaps they are looking into surviving in our brane if theirs is completely destroyed, or taking some of us to their world if ours is destroyed. There are all sorts of good or bad possibilities here.

I believe that we are actually talking about the phenomenon of consciousness and thus perception rather than talking about gigantic, physical cosmic collisions. Electromagnetics and perception are linked; we "run" on Earth’s electromagnetics and also, therefore (I assume), the unique electromagnetics of our home brane. It is the stuff of our perception.

When the veil is lifted (thus when branes collide), I wonder if an alien electromagnetic frequency will stream in. I wonder if the aliens "run" on this alien EM frequency (which is of their home brane), thus have a completely different perception of reality. However, if we can believe quantum physics, they occupy nearly the same space as we do; there apparently is only a tiny bit of bulk (a tiny space of sub-atomic measurement), between branes.

We do know that UFOs have what seems like an alien electromagnetic frequency, affecting our minds and also shifting the magnetic orientation of a car.

So what does this have to do with the strange noises heard around the world? Maybe nothing, maybe everything. It does seem that noises from "somewhere else" or "somewhen else" are leaking through our not-soundproof veil. Perhaps as the veil gets thinner, the sounds come right through from the other brane.

Now, for my own experience: It has been mentioned that people who live in wooded areas or rural areas, are hearing strange animal noises whereas town and city people hear mechanical grinding or rumbling or humming. Well, I live in rural Iowa and what else would I hear than an alien cow!

Yes, indeed, about 2 weeks ago as I was out with the dogs and cats about 3:00 p.m., there was a very loud, almost non-organic (?) bass MOOOO (bass, not tenor). It was behind my old barn, out of sight. There is not a cow within a few miles, I have no livestock. I raced back and there was nothing there. I didn’t hear it again but it was loud, almost as if given over a bullhorn (stop laughing).

Then several days later, I distinctly heard – yes – cow bells! These lasted longer, there were perhaps 6 or 7 separate noises, almost like wind chimes but larger bells than are on chimes. They sounded like the bells on several cows. My dogs reacted, and we raced back to the same general area. There was nothing.

There is a corporate farm field behind my land, and no one, nothing, was in the field; I can see it plainly as it stretches for miles. So, I can only conclude there was a herd of alien cows grazing right by the thin veil, ready to amble on over here as the veil lifts.

UFology has many smiles if you let it. And who knows, the joke might even be accurate.

dianetessman@hotmail.com website: www.earthchangepredictions.com

Drop me an email and demand our popular Exo-Trekking newsletter! Just say, “I want my free Exo-Trekking!”

Source: UFO Digest


For Rent, One Haunted Flat

A TERRIFIED young mum has fled her home after claiming a ghost has been attacking her family. Ashley Summers, 26, says she fears for her children’s lives after a series of unexplained spooky events.

They include mysterious voices, shoes flying across rooms and even a disappearing crucifix.

Desperate Ashley has even turned to spiritualists and a priest to try to rid her home, in Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow, of the ghostly goings-on – but to no avail. She believes the restless spirit is trying to communicate through her four-year-old son David.

Ashley said: “When we first moved into the house everything was fine. Then, around three years ago, my ex-partner told me he heard a gasping voice and he said it swore at him. I didn’t believe him.

“Then David told me he was talking to a man in the room, who he described as being a bald man with an eye injury.

“I ignored him, thinking it was an imaginary friend.

“I am scared it will hurt my sons. The ghost has told David it will not hurt him – just everyone else.”

Ashley claims on one occasion the ghost told David to put a cover over a lightbulb to start a fire. Her older son Lee, eight, removed it but he developed a mysterious heart-shaped burn on his hand the next morning, despite not hurting himself at the time.

Ashley has had the first-floor flat, in Friar’s Croft, blessed by a priest and organised visits from several spiritualists but none of them has been able to help.

They have tried several methods to exorcise the spirit, including leaving a crucifix in the house, but it mysteriously disappeared. Ashley said one spiritualist told her the spirit was feeding off David’s energy, as well as from the fear it created among the adults in the house.

The mum finally decided to flee with her kids a few weeks ago after more strange goings-on.

She added: “We got chased out of the flat.

“When we opened the door it just kept shutting and the ghost was banging all the cupboard doors. We just had to leave.

“Once a shoe came out of nowhere, went flying past me and almost hit my face.”

During another encounter, Ashley felt someone trying to pull the covers off her bed, although there was no one else in the house at the time.

She said: “I could feel pressure while lying in bed. Before I knew it I was pulling my covers to hold on to them, but there was no one there.”

Ashley has since learned the previous tenant had to move out after experiencing similar spooky goings-on.

She said: “The girl who stayed in the flat before had to move out for the same reason.”

Ashley and her kids are set to be handed the keys to a new home, however, she faces a 100per cent hike in her rent just to get away from the haunted flat.

In the meantime, another family has been offered the newly vacated home, but they had second thoughts upon learning of its ghostly reputation.

Jaime McCargow and his mum have been homeless for more than a year after losing their house after Jaime’s sister Kirsty, 15, died from swine flu in 2009.

Initially they were delighted to be offered the smart two-bedroom flat in Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow – until they read Ashley Summers’s spooky claims.

Part-time waiter Jaime, 20, said: “We couldn’t believe it when we found out about the flat being haunted.

“I don’t really get worked up about many things but I can’t believe the housing association are trying to be so sly.

“They obviously knew there was something up but I think they were going to try and move us in before we found out.

“If you are on a homeless waiting list for a house, you can’t actually knock back any property which is offered to you, but my mum has spoken to the council and they are going to try and find us something else in the near future.”

Source: The Daily Record


Giant Alien Makes Big News In Italy

The news of a approx 13 Feet high ET walking along the road in Italy is making big news in Italy.Eyewitness Leonard D'Andrea, on February 11 at 22:30 was driving his car when, while visiting the Napoleon of the new roundabout at Mortlake, was forced to stop.

He said : "I noticed the cars stopped, I queued - says D'Andrea - I thought at the time of an accident. But when I fell, I noticed that there were three cars in front of a strange creature that walked along the road. It was about 4 meters / 13 Feet  high and was silent. "

D'Andrea wanted to tell his father about what he was witnessing, but the phone was not working.

He added : I took the torch and lit the gray creature, noting that her legs were slightly bent forward with the back formed by a sort of very large tendons. "While illuminated, i noted that the head had a round shape and ending in a conical shape.

This creature "walked" on the road, not caring at all the cars stopped and people - reminiscent of Andrea - In front of me was a Mazda with a family.

The mother took the two children hiding behind the seats, while two girls behind me wanted to call 113 but the phone did not go. "

Then the silhouette has fled in the direction of Lestizza, Leonard tried to follow her but without success. Other people who live in the area confirmed that they have seen something "strange".

Source: UFO Blogger/Il Gazzettino


Nessie 'Sonar Sighting' Wins £1000 Prize

A SONAR image of a large mystery object deep below the surface of Loch Ness has netted boat skipper Marcus Atkinson the Best Nessie Sighting of The Year Award — the first time in several years it has been presented by bookmaker William Hill.

The photograph, claimed by at least one seasoned Nessie spotter to the conclusive evidence of a creature, was a late contender in the contest which has been dormant following several lean years of close encounters with the loch’s most famous resident.

However, 2011 proved to be a bumper year with three “good” sightings reported to the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club which first launched the competition in conjunction with the bookmaker in the 1990s.

Although Mr Atkinson’s encounter in Urquhart Bay was not registered at the time with the fan club, it was reported to full-time Nessie hunter Steve Feltham, based at Dores beach. The image depicts something about 1.5 metres wide and 23 metres below the surface.

The entry has now been judged to be the winner by Inverness Courier readers in an online poll along with the views of an expert panel.

Mr Atkinson receives a £1000 cash prize and a free £500 bet while William Hill will also place a £100 bet on the Natural History Museum confirming the existence of Nessie by the end of the year — odds are currently 100/1.

“I am absolutely delighted. It’s fantastic especially as the competition has been revived,” said Mr Atkinson who captured the image on 24th August while on his boat, Ness Express, waiting to pick some customers up from Urquhart Castle.

The quick-thinking skipper grabbed his mobile phone after a long solid echo appeared on the boat’s fish finder screen.

Mr Atkinson, who has spent about 18 years working on the loch, both on pleasure boats and teaching people to sail, remains baffled by the image.

“I think for a lot of ‘sightings’, there is often a logical explanation,” said the 43-year-old who believes some are seals, or stags swimming in the loch.

“Some sightings could have been a freak wave which people have caught in the periphery of their vision, or a dark shape.

“But I have never seen anything returned like this on the fish finder.

“It is a bizarre shape to me. I have shown it to other experienced skippers and none of us know what it was.

“Undoubtedly, there is something in the loch. I think there is truth behind every myth.”

Gary Campbell, president of the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club, described the image as quite exciting.

“From our perspective, it is conclusive proof there is something in the loch unlike some of the other ‘evidence’ which has been produced over the years,” he said. 

Rupert Adams, of William Hill, paid tribute to the winning image.

“Having something which is more specific in showing an object is very exciting for people who have an open mind to the existence of a Loch Ness monster,” he said.

Mr Adams also hopes it will encourage Nessie spotters to take part in an even “bigger and better” competition, the details of which will be announced soon.

Other entries were:

* Runner-up Lewiston fish farm worker Jon Rowe who photographed a large, dark shape in the water while working at Dores fish farm.

* Ayshire holidaymakers William and Joan Jobes who spotted what appeared to be a head bobbing above the water 200 to 300 yards from the shore at Fort Augustus.

* Foyers shop and cafe owner Jan Hargreaves and her husband, Simon, who saw a creature while taking a break from the store.

*Gary Campbell’s verdict on the sonar image which shows something about 1.5 metres wide and 23 metres below his boat:

“This is as good as any sonar image found in the loch. The important thing is that someone else went over the same patch and what was there, had gone.

“When you look at the size of the contact, it rules out any fish or other creatures which would be in the loch. Because of the depth, it rules out seals, deer etc which leaves us with only one conclusion.

“From our perspective, it is conclusive proof there is something in the loch unlike some of the other ‘evidence’ which has been produced over the years.

“This shows something moving and also by the nature of the sonar, it was certainly something alive underneath the boat. It is quite exciting.” 

Source: Inverness Courier

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