4/13/12  #666
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What's the matter? Bad luck got you down? Did a black cat run across your path? Did you walk underneath a ladder? Did you step on a crack? Did a bird fly into your house? Did the clock stop? Did a mirror break? Did you spill some salt? Did you walk out a different door then the one you entered? Did you whistle at the dinner table?

Is it Friday the 13th?

Well don't let bad luck get you down...fight back with another weekly dosage of your favorite bad luck breaker...CONSPIRACY JOURNAL! Here once again to bring you all the news and info that THEY don't want you to know.  BUT WAIT!  This is issue number 666 of Conspiracy Journal...Friday the 13th, number 666, maybe you do have something to be afraid of after all!

This week Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such Paraskevidekatriaphobia tales as:

- Scientists Say Life on Mars Discovered in 1976 -
UFOs and Mind Manipulation -
- Mysterious Sky Sounds Also Baffled Early Explorers -
AND: Woman Evicted from Home Blamed Noise on Poltergeist

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

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Adam Gorightly - "Sex, Drugs and UFOs"

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Scientists Say Life on Mars Discovered in 1976

Researchers put data into sets of numbers, then analyzed the results for complexity.

New analysis of 36-year-old data, resuscitated from printouts, shows that NASA found life on Mars, an international team of mathematicians and scientists conclude in a paper published this week.

Further, NASA doesn't need a human expedition to Mars to nail down the claim, neuropharmacologist and biologist Joseph Miller, with the University of Southern California's Keck School of Medicine said.

"The ultimate proof is to take a video of a Martian bacteria. They should send a microscope — watch the bacteria move," Miller said.

"On the basis of what we've done so far, I'd say I'm 99 percent sure there's life there," he added.

Miller's confidence stems in part from a new study that reanalyzed results from a life-detection experiment conducted by NASA's Viking Mars robots in 1976.

The two robotic Viking spacecraft carried experiments to look for life on Mars. One, called the Labeled Release experiment, added nutrients to samples of martian soil, just as a gardener might add plant food to his garden. The soil quickly gave off a large amount of gas, believed to be mainly carbon dioxide. But NASA decided against a biological cause.

One reason NASA decided the experiments didn't indicate life was that organic material wasn't found in the gas chromatograph - mass spectrometer, a device which detects the chemicals present in a sample. Although it was extremely sensitive, it didn’t find any of the chemicals associated with life.

The second reason was that upon moisturizing the soil, scientists found a rapid development of oxygen, carbon dioxide and some nitrogen. A majority of scientists think an inorganic oxidant created this reaction, and that the Martian soil contains no life.

Researchers crunched raw data collected during runs of the Labeled Release experiment, which looked for signs of microbial metabolism in soil samples scooped up and processed by the two Viking landers. General consensus of scientists has been that the experiment found geological, not biological, activity.

The new study took a different approach. Researchers distilled the Viking Labeled Release data, provided as hard copies by the original researchers, into sets of numbers and analyzed the results for complexity. Since living systems are more complicated than non-biological processes, the idea was to look at the experiment results from a purely numerical perspective.

They found close correlations between the Viking experiment results' complexity and those of terrestrial biological data sets. They say the high degree of order is more characteristic of biological, rather than purely physical, processes.

Critics counter that the method has not yet been proven effective for differentiating between biological and non-biological processes on Earth, so it's premature to draw any conclusions.

"Ideally, to use a technique on data from Mars, one would want to show that the technique has been well-calibrated and well-established on Earth. The need to do so is clear; on Mars we have no way to test the method, while on Earth we can," planetary scientist and astrobiologist Christopher McKay, with NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., told Discovery News.

While not iron-clad, the findings are an additional plank of evidence challenging the popular contention that Viking did not find life, Miller said.

Miller also is reanalyzing the data to see if there are variations when sunlight was blocked by a weeks-long dust storm on Mars, with the idea being that biological systems would have acted differently to the environmental change than geologic ones. Results of the research are expected to be presented in August.

The research is published online in the International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sciences.

Source: MSNBC


U.S. troops to have 'Super Vision' With Electronic Contact lenses

Google wowed the world this week with its Project Glass computer glasses - but the U.S. Army is investing in a technology one step ahead.

The Pentagon has placed an order with Innovega for lenses which focus 3D battlefield information from drones and satellites directly into people's eyeballs.

The tiny 'screens' sit directly on users' eyeballs and work with a pair of lightweight glasses with a built-in translucent screen.

The experience is equivalent to a 240-inch television viewed at a distance of 10 feet, says Innovega's CEO Steve Willey.

'Warfighters need to maintain their full vision while on the battlefield,' says the company. 'At the same time a tremendous amount of data, graphics and video are collected and are required by specific warfighters in the field.

'Some is generated from remote cameras, drones, or satellites. Fully transparent video eyewear that is configured into standard issue field glasses would constitute an important step forward. Innovega is actively in partnership to develop this application.'

Crucially, the devices can be worn while moving about - previous bulky 'VR headsets' have blindfolded their users and can only be used sitting down.

The effect could be similar to the lenses worn by Tom Cruise in Minority Report.

DARPA - the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, thought of as the American military's 'mad scientist' wing - has been funding research on 'soldier mounted displays' for some time, but previous versions have been bulky.

The lenses, made with nano-scale engineering processes,work as a hi-tech focusing device, which allows Innovega's glasses to be considerably less bulky than previous devices.

The lenses themselves require no power, and thus can sit safely on the eyeball.

DARPA projects are often oddball technology, but it also has a history of far-sighted technological leaps.

DARPA invented the first virtual reality devices, and one of the precursors of the modern internet.

DARPA Says, 'Innovega's  iOptiks are contact lenses that enhance normal vision by allowing a wearer to view virtual and augmented reality images without the need for bulky apparatus. '

'Instead of oversized virtual reality helmets, digital images are projected onto tiny full-color displays that are very near the eye.'

These novel contact lenses allow users to focus simultaneously on objects that are close up and far away.'

'Synthetic' Telepathy

In addition to the electronic contact lenses, the U.S. Army is dedicating millions of research dollars into discovering building helmets to allow soldiers to telepathically communicate with one another on the battlefield.

The technology, which seems like something out of a science fiction novel, would use electrodes to pick up code words that soldiers were thinking.

Those codewords would then be transmitted back to a computer where the soldier's position and message- telling, for instance, that it is safe to progress towards a target- which would be transmitted to their peers in the field.

Rumors that army intelligence was determined to use mind control technology to their advantage have been milling around for decades, and have been shrouded in a mix of truth and fiction.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was established in 1958 and was dedicated to expanding the Department of Defense' technology usage, some of which included state-of-the-art, and top secret, research into the mind.

Based largely out of University of California-Irvine, in conjunction with labs in Philadelphia and Maryland, scientists are trying to improve so-called 'synthetic telepathy' so that it could be used in a battlefield.

At this point, they have set their sights on 2017 as the year when their plan may turn into silent action.

So far, 45 per cent of the commands that are transmitted from one volunteer to another- like 'call in helicopter' or 'enemy ahead'- are correct. That statistic is expected to improve.

According to a soldier quoted in Stars and Stripes, the military newspaper, many of those people who will be the ones utilizing the technology are on board.

'These days we learn warfare through video games and shoot with plastic weapons,' the unnamed soldier said.

'One week it's science fiction- the next it's on the front line. If it means I don't have to listen to my sergeant's voice one more day, then bring it on.'

Others, including civil rights activists, take the opposite view, bringing up concerns about a possible infringement on civil liberties if the technology were to be misused.

For the time being, the research is being focused on learning and applying the short military-based codewords, and not individuals private thoughts and deep secrets.

That said, one technology writer said that it was simply a matter of time.

Source: The Daily Mail


UFOs and Mind Manipulation
By Nick Redfern

One of the most significant aspects of countless Contactee-driven encounters is the fact that the experiences at issue occurred in significantly altered states of mind, and while the Contactees were often situated in distinctly isolated locations. Let us examine the evidence. An early Contactee encounter that was brought to the attention of the FBI occurred in August 1947, and involved a “Mr. Jones of Los Angeles.”

According to Jones’ story, around 10.00 a.m. on the day at issue he had hiked into “the mountains” and was “laying on the ground” when he observed about one-half block away from him a large, silver, metal object that was greenish in color. Thereafter, Jones’ mind became dominated by thoughts relative to extraterrestrial concerns about our burgeoning atomic technology. This was a trend that was only set to continue.

Samuel Eaton Thompson’s tale – of a March 28, 1950 encounter with multiple aliens in the woods of Washington State – occurred after he fell tired, and was forced to rest for a while. And Truman Bethurum’s encounters with curvy Captain Aura Rhanes of the planet Clarion began after Bethurum decided to “take a little snooze” while parked on Mormon Mesa in the early hours of a 1952 morning.

Skeptically-minded souls might offer the opinion that Jones, Eaton and Bethurum merely fell asleep and experienced particularly vivid dreams of a UFO-like nature. Such a scenario is not impossible: hypnagogia is a term that was coined in the 1800s by a French scholar named Alfred Maury. However, it has a history that extends long before Maury came on the scene.

References to this strange condition can be found in the writings of the Greek philosopher, Aristotle; in the works of the English Elizabethan occultist, astrologer and herbalist Simon Forman; and in the written output of the Italian renaissance mathematician and physician, Gerolamo Cardano. So, with that said: precisely what is Hypnagogia?

Basically, it’s a term that describes the stage between wakefulness and sleep – a stage in the sleep process that may be dominated by a wide and infinitely varied body of sensory experiences. For example, those in hypnagogic states have reported hearing voices ranging from barely-audible whispers to wild screams.

Others have heard random snatches of speech – largely nonsensical, but occasionally containing unusual fictional names (not unlike some of those used by the Space-Brothers, it could be argued), and others have seen disembodied heads, or what appear to be fully-formed entities in their bedrooms. Humming, roaring, hissing, rushing and buzzing noises are also frequently reported by people experiencing hypnagogia.

It is not out of the question that some claims of Contactee-type encounters could have been due to Hypnagogia. After all, Truman Bethurum’s initial experience atop Mormon Mesa was initiated after he was groggily awoken by “what I can only describe as mumbling;” which is a classic facet of Hypnagogia. But, as is the case with so many aspects of the Contactee enigma, the matter is not so clear-cut.

It appears to be the case that the phenomenon that is responsible for many encounters of the Contactee kind has the ability to induce radically altered states of mind, perception and awareness, including hypnagogia. It may do so to ensure that the witness perceives the phenomena in a fashion that accords with a pre-planned agenda based around communication, manipulation of the mind, and control of the audio-visual senses.

In other words, even if hypnagogia does play a role in the Contactee arena, it may be an induced role, rather than one that always occurs at purely at random and as a result of the internal complexities of the brain.

With that all said, however, what, exactly, is the nature of the phenomenon that seems to affect and alter our state of mind and perception with such apparent ease? That is the paramount question for which we still require a definitive answer, unfortunately…

Source: Mysterious Universe


Rare, Daytime Fireball Seen Over Texas

A rare daytime fireball in Texas, briefly taken as a case of mistaken identity, has now been re-elevated to its original status. A large meteor really did streak across the noon sky in Texas on April 2, bright enough to be visible during the day as it burned up while screaming through Earth's atmosphere.

Thousands of people in and around San Antonio reported seeing the great ball of fire; one eyewitness described it as looking like "a little piece of the sun falling." However, when a local news station attempted to illustrate what a fireball (an especially bright meteor) looks like, it erroneously aired footage of a jet contrail. This led many experts to believe it was actual footage of the event and that, despite the eyewitness accounts, there was never a fireball at all — merely a passing jet glimmering in the sun, and a case of mistaken identity.

However, the American Meteor Society recorded numerous reports of the daytime fireball in Texas at approximately 11:50 a.m. Central Time. According to Bill Cooke, head of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office, these reports describe an actual meteor, not the erroneous and unrelated footage of a jet contrail aired on WOAI News.

"The video was of a jet contrail, but there WAS an actual daytime fireball over Texas on [April 2]. Two different things happening at about the same time, which always leads to confusion," Cooke said.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that there was another daytime fireball on the same day in New Zealand. This is unusual because there are typically only one of two such events on Earth in an entire year, Cooke said. These fireballs would have had to be at least one yard across to burn brightly enough to be visible during the day.

Scientists do not yet understand why fireballs are more common during the spring than other times of year. "I can tell you a lot of the bright and slow fireballs appear to be coming from the direction opposite the sun, but they have not much in common other than that," Cooke said. "You see a lot more ordinary meteors in the fall, but the spring seems to have the big slow movers — the ones that are really impressive."

Cooke and his colleagues are collecting data with a "smart meteor camera network" in order to map the sources of falling space rocks from different parts of the sky and eventually understand more about their origins.

Source: LiveScience


How to Speed Up Evolution? Ask the Aliens!
By Diane Tessman

Science news tells us this morning about Intel’s newly developed mind scanner; simply put, this is software which can “read” what people are thinking. It is 90% accurate. No more military secrets, just put the Admiral into the mind scanning machine! No more secrets to be kept by any of us, for good or for evil. The Klingons and their mind sifter have nothing on Humans, 2012!

Something is out of whack regarding technology, we all sense this. It is moving too fast. It always has moved too fast in relation to our spiritual development, but now it is moving at an alarming rate. There seem to be three possibilities:

1) We have back-engineered captured alien craft.

2) Aliens have given advanced technology to elite human military and corporations. Maybe they gave it to these groups because they seemed to be our only leaders; our leaders might have promised to use this advanced technology for the good of the human race. Of course, our leaders can lie. Or maybe the aliens are just bad guys.

3) Computer knowledge is a Pandora’s Box and the fact is, once humans discovered the basics   of present day computer technology, huge strides can be made in a very short time. Doors simply opened through human ingenuity.

While I’m on the subject of computers, I want to mention that there are websites which support the idea that the Singularity might be a good thing for humanity; these websites seem intelligent and reasonable. I questioned myself to see if I am being reactionary and closed minded regarding the Singularity. One website mentions Dr. Maria Montesorri who was ostracized in her day for her innovative approach to education but today is considered a visionary and innovator in intelligent, enlightened education methods. Perhaps the Singularity offers a similar stride forward in enlightenment.

Humankind certainly could use a more reasonable approach to life, such as: “The institution of war is illogical.”  Or, “Do not destroy the planet on which you stand, it is illogical.”

Personally, I am against the blending humans and computers into one singularity, but your opinion on the subject is up to you. I do plan to remain as open-minded as I can be on the subject. http://www.ufodigest.com/article/humancomputer-singularity-prediction-regarding-aliens

What does this have to do with aliens speeding up evolution?

It seems to me that evolution has two different levels. The first level is our traditional view of evolution, in which one species of fish finally plops out on the shore for a few seconds because she likes the insects. Most of these adventuresome fish die, stranded on shore, but the strongest fish live as they manage to plop back into the sea. Over millions of years, little appendages for maneuvering begin to develop and in another few million years, the fish becomes a creature who lives partially on land.

The second level of evolution occurs when a species, like Homo sapiens, becomes more of a mental species than a physical species. No doubt we are still evolving physically too, but the big emphasis for Homo sapiens is now mental.  It’s not just computers, it’s everything. Humans have been going in this direction since discovering fire. It keeps exponentially multiplying, look at the Industrial Revolution, the Apollo Program, look at fast cars and yes, look at computer development!

So it seems that once a species becomes more mental than physical, aliens who are even more advanced in mental accomplishments, find it easier to meddle, creating a more speeded- up mental evolution.

I’m not saying this increased mental evolution is completely good! If one has to get the fire going by rubbing two sticks together, one may develop more depth, wisdom, and  endurance than someone who programs his computer to turn on his artificial fireplace at 5:30 p.m. before he drives home in his sports car. My grandmother who pushed a car on the Iowa ice and broke her hip as she tried to go out in the winter to get groceries, might be a more worthwhile human being than I am when I order cat food on the Internet in the winter, and UPS delivers it.

However, the aliens are obviously intellectually (mentally) advanced beings, and as we humans know, after a while, one compromises the strength of character built by doing things the primitive way. One gives up and does things the easy way, because meanwhile, life has gotten even more complex, thanks to the same “advanced” technology. There is too much else with which to deal, so rubbing two sticks together to advance our spiritual character, just isn’t a viable option.

I wonder what all of us UFO researchers (official and unofficial), would be fascinated with -- if no UFOs had ever been in the skies?

Because UFOs do exist, are we a coherent group, a force within the morphic field of human consciousness?

It doesn’t seem like it because we are such a varied group. We have all sorts of different opinions as to what UFOs are, where aliens come from, are they good or evil, and much more.

Nonetheless, it is difficult to imagine a world existing without this UFO subject, this knowledge, this discussion and this dispute! Even in our disputes, we are quantum entangling with each other and thus adding a fiber to the web of UFO Knowledge!

Yes, some of us also are adding a fiber to the UFO web of crazy non-knowledge, misinformation and disinformation. It is important to stick to the truth, to not follow the giant egos of gurus, and all that. However, in the end, I wonder if these missteps make much difference? I personally don’t feel they do,  because for one thing, when UFO disclosure does happen, and when aliens actually land, all the craziness will be forgotten or at least, out of date. Also, none of us pay much attention to the other guy anyway, unless he agrees with our pet theory.

However, this does not mean the other guy believes “garbage.” The fringe people and their theories are not automatically “garbage.”  Einstein told us that “We cannot solve problems at the same level at which we created them.”

We can’t have our cake and eat it too. We can’t condemn people who think “outside the box” but at the same time, contend that we humans don’t possibly understand the UFO phenomenon because we do not understand the unknown. Unusual or exotic theories are not all garbage. 

Which is it? “Stick to the facts, mam, just the facts,” or do we crazily, boldly, step outside the box and take a wild guess at what this incredible, insane UFO phenomenon really is?

If we stick to the facts, every UFO sighting boils down to, “A thing flew by.” That’s it.

If someone has a first UFO sighting, it is said he has no place to go because it is all “garbage.” I couldn’t disagree more. I have found fascinating websites on everything from “we are living in a computer simulation” to “inner earth beings fly to the surface skies” to “the singularity will be a good thing,” to “civilizations are alive and well on Mars.” I am sure you know, this is the tip of the iceberg. These thinkers are not thinking “garbage.” If a first time UFO sighter cannot go to these websites, read them and continue his path of exploration with reason and intelligence,  that’s his shortcoming.

Sure there are obnoxious egotists who know “everything” and assume the rest of us should follow them. There is quality and there is non-quality, but the far-out ideas are great, not garbage!  I don’t accept them all, I might not accept any of them as gospel, but I love the search. I am better, more enlightened because I searched!

Let me get to the subject of this article: Either we humans are advancing in our mental evolution very quickly or it is being helped along by the aliens through quantum entanglement and other methods.

How many “outside the box” websites, books, and discussions, are inspired by a hint of alien presence? For myself, I know my 30 years of UFO/alien research, has an alien presence and influence. It is within me and without me. It is a positive alien influence, in my opinion. I know that without this in-put, my writing would not exist.

I am not controlled by my alien friend, I am free to think, to feel, to disagree, to rebel. In fact, I am encouraged to think and feel.  There is an alien guidance, a friendly entanglement.

If one asked a man who feels that we live in a computer simulation, or a woman who feels a connection with beings from inner earth, they would tell you in most cases that there is a presence which/who is there for them.

I feel that as the great force of evolution turns its magnificent power to the mental development of humans with less emphasis on our physical evolution, that mostly positive aliens have joined in speeding up our evolution. For proof, I simply offer the entire UFO/alien phenomenon in our society and in our human consciousness. This phenomenon within us is the main reason they fly by!

This phenomenon is a part of us now. We have all built the fibers of the web. Is it an alien web to trap us or simply a mostly beautiful web of universal advancement and enlightenment? I firmly believe the latter!

I believe we are being helped along in our mental evolution. Why?  Why this tampering by the aliens?

The most obvious answer is that huge earth changes are in our future. Possibly there are disasters on a global scale. Perhaps the Yellowstone Super-Volcano explodes or a nuclear war happens or our poor abused planet simply runs out of life’s energy or becomes so out of balance and erratic that humans can’t live on her anymore. Perhaps a solar flare cooks us all or an asteroid of sufficient size impacts to end all higher life on Earth or throw her out of orbit.

In any catastrophic disaster, some of us feel the aliens would help and we would suddenly be a part of the world they know. We have a better chance of survival if we are on the path to achieving the level of enlightenment and intelligence which many galactic alien races have achieved. Thus, our mental/spiritual evolution has been speeded up beforehand.

Or, perhaps no huge catastrophes will happen but it is simply time for humans to join the galactic community. Our scientific advancements have reached the point where we cannot be ignored or denied. However, before our invitation to join, we are being given a crash course in mental/spiritual evolution by means of the UFO/alien phenomenon. Because of it, many of us have looked into ancient beliefs, developed modern new age philosophies of enlightenment and/or we have learned to think outside the box and enjoy it!

We don’t need to all agree. Our crash course, our speed-up evolution, does not require agreement. It only requires that we go through the exercise. Because of this education, we will never be the same species, our mass consciousness is changed – because of all us UFO “nuts.”

What would you be doing at this moment if not for your fascination with UFOs? It is a part of you. Your speeded-up evolution is moving along nicely.

Join Exo-Trekking, free ‘e” newsletter. It really is outside the box! Info@earthchangepredictions.com

Source: UFO Digest


Mysterious Sky Sounds Also Baffled Early Explorers

Mysterious sky sounds have been heard right across the world in recent times, reaching an apparent crescendo as we tentatively step into the much-anticipated, and often feared, year of 2012. Are these unknown sounds from the heavens a portent of doom from an impending apocalypse? Are they the result of top secret weather manipulation technology or electromagnetic weaponry? Or are their origins more mundane, such as the simple misidentification of everyday modern machinery?

Well, perhaps the answer to the enigma is none of these, as it appears our early explorers were similarly baffled by such strange sounds seemingly emanating from clear night skies.

Accounts from early explorers and settlers of hearing strange sounds of unknown origins in our skies were published in Phenomenal Sounds in the Interior of Australia — Are They Terrestrial or Atmospherical? – a pamphlet by Mr T. Gill from a report of the deliberations of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science, held in Melbourne in December 1913.

‘”I am somewhat diffident in submitting to the geographical section of this association the following particulars, chiefly obtained from explorers’ journals and personally from explorers and old bushmen who have traversed the interior of Australia,” Gill wrote. “I do not presume to offer any explanation as to the cause of the phenomena reported here, but humbly submit the reports and opinions of various travellers on the mysterious sounds which are of frequent occurrence in certain localities, and which bewilder all who have heard them.”

One such story was told to Gill by a gentleman traveller of an encounter he had with the strange sky sounds in southern New South Wales in 1833.

Firing ascended into the air, higher and higher

“On my way to our sheep station, in the year 1833, I passed a night at the residence of Mr Hamilton Hume, at Yass. While we were engaged in conversation in the evening we were surprised to hear the report of musketry, as if a smart fire of about 25 guns were kept up near the place. We hastened out, supposing that the mounted police had come to the spot and were engaged with the bushrangers. The evening was dark, and we could discern nothing, though the firing still continued; but now appeared ascending into the air, higher and higher, till it gradually ceased, as if those who were firing had ascended as they discharged their muskets.

“We remained a short time, listening in awe; wondering what this strange phenomena could portend. All was still. After expressing our astonishment, we withdrew to the doorway, when Mr Hume related a similar happening during an exploration journey which he took with Captain Sturt.”

Captain Sturt wrote about that experience while exploring the Darling with Hume in 1829.

“About 3pm on February 7, Mr Hume and I were occupied tracing a chart upon the ground. The day had been remarkably fine, not a cloud was there in the sky, nor a breath of air to be felt. On a sudden we heard what seemed to be the report of a gun fired in the distance of between five or six miles. It was not the hollow sound of an earthly explosion, or the sharp, cracking noise of thunder, but in every way resembled the discharge of a very large piece of ordnance. On this we all agreed, but no one was certain whence the sound proceeded.

“Both Mr Hume and myself … thought it came from the north-west. I sent one of the men immediately up a tree, but he could observe nothing unusual. The country around him appeared to be equally flat on all sides, and to be thickly wooded. Whatever caused the report, it made a strong impression on all of us, and to this day the singularity of such a sound in such a situation is a matter of mystery to me,” Sturt wrote.

Again, when exploring Central Australia in 1844, Captain Sturt heard similar noises in the far north of the colony.

“When Mr Browne and I were on a recent journey to the north, after having crossed the stony desert, being in between it and Eyre’s Creek, about 9 o’clock in the morning, we distinctly heard the report as of a great gun discharged to the westward, at a distance of about half a mile. On the following morning, nearly at the same time, we again heard the sound, but it now came from a greater distance, and consequently was not so clear.”

Food for speculative minds

Another account of mysterious sky sounds was published in 1853 by Mr James Allen, who witnessed the phenomena first-hand while aboard the Lady Augusta on the Murray River. This account however differs in that these sounds were witnessed in conjunction with a flash of fire.

“I may here mention a very singular phenomenon which appeared at Swan Hill (on the Murray) some two years ago, and which has been so well authenticated, both by the natives and the settlers in the district, as to leave no doubt, as to the occurrence.

“About a month previous to the Christmas of 1851, a small dark cloud was seen to rise above the horizon, towards the north-west. Immediately after its appearance it emitted a flash of fire, succeeded by a rumbling noise like thunder, or the trampling of a large body of horses, but considerably louder, and passed over to the east, dispersing itself like smoke. The day was remarkably bright and clear, with a perfectly unclouded sky.

“Its passage occupied from four to five minutes, and the noise resulting from the discharge of the flash, I am told, was most terrific. The natives were dreadfully alarmed and even to this day have a vivid recollection of the circumstance. This account is not in the least exaggerated, and if the occurrence had not been well authenticated by respectable settlers in the neighbourhood, I should not have described it in my journal. As it is, it will be food for speculative minds, and interest those fond of the marvellous.”

The sounds were distinctly overhead

On 20 December 1919, Broken Hill’s Barrier Miner published Mysterious Noises Are Heard In The Air, Sounds Like Musketry. The article included the following account.

“I was travelling from Wilgena to Port Augusta, with my wife, child, nurse, and man, about the year 1902, in November. The time was about 9am. The man was out after the horses, and the remainder of us were having breakfast. There was not a sign of a cloud. A loud, sharp crack was heard undoubtedly overhead like the report from a field gun. A few seconds later what seemed to be volleys of musketry occurred. After those sounds had proceeded for about a minute I looked at my watch to ascertain how long they would continue. The sounds like musketry – still coming from the sky – gradually went out of hearing to the north-west. It was over four minutes from the time I looked at my watch until the sounds died completely away.

“On the man’s return to camp with the horses he reported that he had heard the same noises, which were also heard, we learnt later, by Mr Yates (a district road inspector), at his camp, 25 miles from ours, to the north-west, at Ashton Hills. They were also heard at Arcoona, about 25 miles to (the north-eastward). There had been partial heavy thunderstorms the day previously, but at the time of the noises the sky was cloudless, and it continued so all day. There was no flash of light or earth tremor.

“I sent a report of the occurrence to Sir Charles Todd at the time. We subsequently had many conversations about the matter … Sir Charles tried to persuade me that the sounds must have come from the earth, and possibly had been due to a land slip. This is out of the question. The sounds were distinctly overhead.”

Invisible armies bombarding one another in the realms of space

The Sydney Morning Herald published yet another account of booming sky sounds on 28 September 1935.

“One night, when camped on the gibber tablelands west of Lake Torrens, in Central Australia, I heard the deep booming of the so-called barisal guns or ‘desert sounds’. So loud were the noises that they set my horses plunging in their hobbles. Concluding that a thunderstorm was approaching, I got up to see what cover I could find. But everywhere the sky was clear and starlit. I heard the sounds again some evenings later, this time, seemingly, from directly overhead – a thunderous rumble followed by a splutter like rifle fire, an irregular “feu de joie” [a salute fired by rifles in quick succession] that trailed away into the far distance. Yet there was no perceptible earth tremble or flash of falling star.

“It was as if the air had suddenly become haunted by invisible armies bombarding one another in the realms of space.”

So, what were those mysterious sky sounds heard throughout outback Australia during the 19th and early 20th centuries? There are some apparent similarities between the reports in that they were often described in terms of gunfire, ascending into the skies, generally experienced under clear, blue skies and heard over large distances. Witnesses, often experienced bushmen and explorers, ruled out thunder as a possible cause and were left baffled.

And Australia isn’t the only country to have experienced these unexplained booming sounds in the skies. In India they are called ‘barisal guns’, in Italy ‘brontidi’ or ‘marinas’, in Japan ‘uminari’ and in the Netherlands and Belgium ‘mistpoeffers’.

Source: Weird Australia


Woman Evicted from Home Blamed Noise on Poltergeist

A young mother has been evicted from her home - after telling neighbours a poltergeist was to blame for throwing all-night parties there.

Leanne Fennell, 20, said a ghost had been playing loud music and throwing empty beer cans into the garden of her home in Hull, East Yorkshire, when residents complained about the noise.

Fennel has now been evicted from her council house after Hull City Council took her to court after she ignored a noise abatement order.

Hull City Council prosecuted Fennell after she ignored a noise abatement notice served earlier this year. Council officers also seized four televisions, four DVD players and a CD player, which will now be destroyed.

One neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said: "She told us a poltergeist would keep switching the music on really loud when she was in bed."

However, another neighbour told of "night after night" of loud parties running into the early hours of the morning.

"Some of the neighbours had a terrible time," they said.

"There was always bottles and bottles of wine and cider just chucked in the garden.

"She had at least four huge bonfires to burn some of the rubbish that was in there.

"Some people complained and then she was warned by the council, but she didn't listen.

"Eventually, it went too far and we'd had enough."

Another neighbour said: "She was playing loud music at all hours. We reported her loads of times.

"It is nice to have some peace and quiet around here now she has gone."

On her Facebook page, Fennell says: "First and most of all I'm a proud mam to a beautiful little girl. I'm not fussy ... but a girl should try look her best 24/7.

"I also sin but I'm not the devil, so with me what you see is what you get. I love to party with my mates, well, the ones who can keep up with me that is."

Loud music was heard coming from Fennell's home on January 13, 16, 18 and 19, after the noise abatement notice had been served by council nuisance officers.

She also ignored warnings to clear rubbish from outside the property.

Fennell was found guilty in her absence of four breaches of the abatement notice banning loud music and raised voices and another requiring her to remove rubbish from the garden.

Hull magistrates ordered her to pay fines of £370 and costs of £500 to Hull City Council.

Last week, the council ran a week of events to encourage people to report neighbourhood nuisance.

Source: This is Hull and East Riding

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