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The crystal ball glimmered with an iridescence of days of future past.  The nearby flickering candles threw shadows of  things yet to be upon the orbs crystalline matrix.  The prophet, withered and aged, breathed deeply of the smokey air and continued to gaze deeply into the heart of the crystal.   Deep within his brain, universal connections that bind us all in a web of  wholeness are stimulated by the hypnotic shapes that danced faintly in the ball. 

Time and space are one and all information contained within reality are available to those who can master their intellect and allow the stream of information to be downloaded directly into the brain -- bypassing the rational mind that would block anything received through such unconventional methods.  The prophet sighs in contentment -- because once again his crystal ball has brought him his subscription to Conspiracy Journal, the free weekly e-mail newsletter of everything weird and strange from the past present and future.

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such bone-chilling tales as:

- Undiscovered Planet May Be at Edge of Solar System -
"UFO" Nearly Causes Mid-Air Collision Above Denver -
- Are Angels Real? -
AND: Mysterious Rocks Burst into Flame Inside Woman's Pocket

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

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Evil Empire of the ETs and the Ultra-Terrestrials


This is the only work that describes in dramatic detail how these “visitors” have affected the personal lives of those caught up in the close encounter and abduction web of treachery and desolation.


Witnesses tell tales of unbelievable aggression: “The creatures were hostile and went into attack modes several times, putting up dense fogs. One time when they stopped, It was like a backwards tornado coming from the mouth of the leader of the ships. It was like a ray that he was sending down a funnel. He did it five times, then he left…”

One Navy Commander with strong CIA ties has stated: “Much if not all of the phenomenon is nefarious. . .a monstrous evil with occasional good.”

According to Dr. Karla Turner there is evidence that the intelligence behind the mysterious discs can control what we think we see. They can appear to us in any number of guises and shapes. They can alter our perception of our surrounds. They can take over our consciousness, disable our control of our bodies, install one of their own entities, and use our bodies as vehicles for their own activities.

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This weeks guest: Brent Raynes



Undiscovered Planet May Be at Edge of Solar System

An as yet undiscovered planet might be orbiting at the dark fringes of the solar system, according to new research.

Too far out to be easily spotted by telescopes, the potential unseen planet appears to be making its presence felt by disturbing the orbits of so-called Kuiper belt objects, said Rodney Gomes, an astronomer at the National Observatory of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro.

Kuiper belt objects are small icy bodies—including some dwarf planets—that lie beyond the orbit of Neptune.

Once considered the ninth planet in our system, the dwarf planet Pluto, for example, is one of the largest Kuiper belt objects, at about 1,400 miles (2,300 kilometers) wide. Dozens of the other objects are hundreds of miles across, and more are being discovered every year.

(See "Three New 'Plutos'? Possible Dwarf Planets Found.")

What's intriguing, Gomes said, is that, according to his new calculations, about a half dozen Kuiper belt objects—including the remote body known as Sedna—are in strange orbits compared to where they should be, based on existing solar system models. (Related: "Pluto Neighbor Gets Downsized.")

The objects' unexpected orbits have a few possible explanations, said Gomes, who presented his findings Tuesday at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Timberline Lodge, Oregon.

"But I think the easiest one is a planetary-mass solar companion"—a planet that orbits very far out from the sun but that's massive enough to be having gravitational effects on Kuiper belt objects.

Mystery Planet a Captured Rogue?

For the new work, Gomes analyzed the orbits of 92 Kuiper belt objects, then compared his results to computer models of how the bodies should be distributed, with and without an additional planet.

If there's no distant world, Gomes concludes, the models don't produce the highly elongated orbits we see for six of the objects.

How big exactly the planetary body might be isn't clear, but there are a lot of possibilities, Gomes added.

Based on his calculations, Gomes thinks a Neptune-size world, about four times bigger than Earth, orbiting 140 billion miles (225 billion kilometers) away from the sun—about 1,500 times farther than Earth—would do the trick.

But so would a Mars-size object—roughly half Earth's size—in a highly elongated orbit that would occasionally bring the body sweeping to within 5 billion miles (8 billion kilometers) of the sun.

Gomes speculates that the mystery object could be a rogue planet that was kicked out of its own star system and later captured by the sun's gravity. (See "'Nomad' Planets More Common Than Thought, May Orbit Black Holes.")

Or the putative planet could have formed closer to our sun, only to be cast outward by gravitational encounters with other planets.

However, actually finding such a world would be a challenge.

To begin with, the planet might be pretty dim. Also, Gomes's simulations don't give astronomers any clue as to where to point their telescopes—"it can be anywhere," he said.

No Smoking Gun

Other astronomers are intrigued but say they'll want a lot more proof before they're willing to agree that the solar system—again—has nine planets. (Also see "Record Nine-Planet Star System Discovered?")

"Obviously, finding another planet in the solar system is a big deal," said Rory Barnes, an astronomer at the University of Washington. But, he added, "I don't think he really has any evidence that suggests it is out there."

Instead, he added, Gomes "has laid out a way to determine how such a planet could sculpt parts of our solar system. So while, yes, the evidence doesn't exist yet, I thought the bigger point was that he showed us that there are ways to find that evidence."

Douglas Hamilton, an astronomer from the University of Maryland, agrees that the new findings are far from definitive.

"What he showed in his probability arguments is that it's slightly more likely. He doesn't have a smoking gun yet."

And Hal Levison, an astronomer at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, says he isn't sure what to make of Gomes's finding.

"It seems surprising to me that a [solar] companion as small as Neptune could have the effect he sees," Levison said.

But "I know Rodney, and I'm sure he did the calculations right."

Source: National Geographic


"UFO" Nearly Causes Mid-Air Collision Above Denver

Aviation authorities are scratching their heads over a mysterious flying object in the skies above Colorado that almost caused a mid-air crash.

The object was sighted by a commercial jet pilot, who claimed to air traffic controllers that some kind of flying craft got too close for comfort on Monday.

In a transmission that appeared on LiveATC.net, the operator of the Cessna Citation 525 CJ1 says: 'A remote controlled aircraft, or what?

'Something just went by the other way ... About 20 to 30 seconds ago. It was like a large remote-controlled aircraft.'

A spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration, Mike Fergus, told 9News that it is working to get some answers, and that if the pilot’s story is true, such an object can be extremely dangerous.

Mr Fergus said: 'The threat is there from a collision standpoint. We'll do as much as we can here to try to track back what time it was.

'Probably talk with some remote-control clubs, that type of thing.'

In an emailed statement to USA Today, the agency said: 'The FAA is investigating the incident and will try to positively identify the object the Citation pilot reported, where it came from and who was operating it.'

Greg Feith, a former NTSB investigator and an aviation analyst for 9News, told the station that proximity of the object is an issue, because 'now we have something in controlled airspace that poses a danger.'

Mr Feith said that the object could have been either a military or police drone or a large radio-controlled craft - like the pilot suggested.

He also posed the idea that in the pilot’s haste, he may have mistaken the object for a large bird.

Any one of those objects has the ability to bring down a plane in mid-air.

In a followup the the above earlier statements, the Federal Aviation Administration has found no evidence of unidentified aircraft or objects in its inquiry into the pilots claim. In reaching its conclusion, the FAA reviewed radar and audio communications, and no other pilots reported seeing an unidentified aircraft, according to an agency statement.

9News reported the Citation was about 8,000 feet above sea level, or about 2,800 feet above the ground, at the time the pilot reported the seeing the object.

The pilot's name was not immediately available and it's not clear how many people were on the plane.

No damage or injuries have been reported.

Source: Daily Mail (UK)


UFO Crash/Retrievals in Chile
By Raul Núñez

[Stories of saucer crashes and retrievals are not the exclusive province of the American Southwest. The Pacific coast of South America has some interesting cases to offer, as we can see from Raul Núñez's "UFO Crash/Retrivals in Chile. Mr. Núñez is the director of his country's branch of the Instituto de Investigaciones Espaciales (IEEE) and a frequent contributor to Inexplicata. This article appeared in Issue #9 of the INEXPLICATA journal -- SC]

On October 7, 1998 at 15:45 hours, residents of Paihuano, a small village in Valle de Elquí (Chile) underwent an extraordinary experience which keep its 2,500 residents on the edge of their seats. A flying object described as having a metallic color and measuring some 15 meters across remained motionless over the Las Mollacas hill, from which the entire town could be seen.

The object began to rise and abruptly made a sudden turn that split it in two before the awestruck witnesses. One part of the object fell on hill's peak and the other behind it. Accounts collected on the field by this correspondent among the many persons who witnessed the uncanny event lead us to consider the following events: a) the object witnessed was metallic (silvery); b) the sun's rays reflected off its structure, aiding its visibility; c) Its shape was elongated; d) it remained on the summit of the hill throughout the afternoon of Wednesday the 7th, Thursday the 8th and Friday the 9th, when it was removed by personnel in uniform; e) all of the townsfolk, including mayor Lorenzo Torres, witnessed the event; f) earthquakes were registered after the object fell to the ground; g) electric blackouts covered the entire region; h) radio and TV broadcasts throughout Paihuano, Pisco Elquí and Monte Grande (two neighboring towns) were disrupted.

In view of the alarm caused by the event, a detachment of Carabineros (Chilean militarized police) looked at the object through binoculars and made an effort to reach the area on horseback after confirming the events described by the locals. The rocky soil, composed of sedimentary stone, made getting to the top an arduous affair--it is known that several efforts were made to reach the top and that one of the animals died during the operation. Furthermore, communications between the police forces and their base were successfully intercepted: the law enforcement agents stated that they had found nothing on the summit, but that "comments would be made after the descent."

This transmission was sent by means of "Condor One", the special code employed by local police only in very special cases, and it is the first and only instance of the Carabineros taking part in this matter. 24 hours later, this unit was relieved military personnel dispatched to the area to take charge of the investigation. Independent researchers carried out a survey among the local population to confirm in detail all of the information on what transpired as of the moment that the military forces cordoned off the area.

A Military Operation

Military personnel did not restrict its investigation to the residents of Paihuano--it extended the operation to cover the neighboring towns of Pisco Elquí and Monte Grande, aside from "combing" nearby hills to expel the local muleteers. This correspondent's investigation, conducted jointly with military analyst and local researcher Roderick Bowen, was able to ascertain that local hotels reported an increase in the demand for lodging by U.S citizens who in all instances claimed to be tourists.

On Friday, October 9, several eyewitnesses described the arrival of trucks bearing uniformed personnel. Residents of the sector nearest the hill, including the goatherds who customarily make use of secondary alternative routes, were issued orders to refrain from ascending the hill and to stay away from the location.

A goatherd who was in the rear of Las Mollacas, and who will not state his name for fear of reprisals, claims having seen the arrival of unmarked helicopters. These vehicles worked tirelessly from midnight until the early hours of Friday the 9th to hoist the object on metallic nets. It was subsequently installed in containers which were dragged to the positions occupied by large trucks belonging to the armed forces.

Researcher Patricio Díaz, who lives in the area, managed to collect several accounts from locals who described the nocturnal operations of these unmarked choppers as they lit vast part of the hill and recovered the strange object on its summit, which shined intensely throughout Thursday the 8th before the startled eyes of Paihuano's residents. Omar Prieto, manager of the "Gabriela Mistral" tourist resort in the town of Pisco Elquí, stated the following: "I had the chance to see it with my own eyes. It was something like the wing of an airplane, everyone could see it. It remained on the hill for 2 1/2 days. After that, it disappeared during the night and there was no further information. Soldiers and members of the Carabineros kept us from going up the hill. Strange things are always going on here, such as blackouts or TV interference. We don't know why."

The site used by the military as their base is known as "La Palmilla" and is located on the slopes of the hill. The tread marks left behind by heavy trucks were in evidence the day after the object was collected, and intense activity was also reported behind the hill. One witness claimed that there was a large cleft, measuring some 5 meters long and some 40 centimeters deep, surrounded by bootprints and heavy vehicle tracks. This account was confirmed hours later by researchers Patricio Díaz, Luis Sánchez Perry, Miguel Jordán and Roderick Bowen, members of ESIO (Equipo Superior de Investigaciones Ovnilógicas), who visited the area to conduct field research.

As of Monday the 12th, persons climbing to the summit of Las Mollacas find stones painted the color of aluminum, clearly giving the appearance of being some sort of premeditated disinformation effort. Surprising hypotheses were aired to explain the strange glare--abandoned beverage bottles, or an optical effect caused by sunlight.

Significant Reactions

The El Tololo astronomical observatory stated unequivocally that the phenomenon had been caused by an out-of-control weather balloon which had fallen in Las Mollacas. However, Gustavo Rodríguez of the Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil and Secretary of the Comité de Estudios de Fenómenos Aéreos Anómalos (CEFAA) made it clear that there was no information regarding the launching of a weather balloon in the area, since all activities of this sort require 48 hours advanced notice.

Strangest of all is that El Tololo assumed powers it didn't have, even going beyond the competence of the CEFAA, while this Air Force-dependent agency recused itself and did not even initiate an investigation into the area, at least not officially. During the interview granted to this correspondent, General Ricardo Bermudez, CEFAA's director, stated that his agency simply had no faith in the events occurred at Paihuano. However, an interesting bit of information emerged in a subsequent conversation with Mario Dusuel, a psychiatric consultant for CEFAA who had visited the area along with geophysicist Carlos Leiva. Apparently, these persons collected the testimony of a muleteer who had been visited by a captain in the Chilean Air Force who questioned him about the object's fall. Now then, if CEFAA officially recused itself in this case, why then did it covertly send some of its best-qualified members to the area?

Incident at Quebrada de Huchumi

Valle de Elquí is a special place. Its soil is rich in minerals and even has uranium deposits which are often related to the UFO phenomenon. On June 15, 1998, only four months prior to the Paihuano incident, an object which had crashed into the snow in the region known as Quebrada de Huchumi was detected, some 20 kilometers from Cerro Tololo. The crash was accompanied by a deafening noise. Windows on many local homes shattered to pieces while an intense, lightning-like flash gave witnesses the impression that "night had turned into day."

The spectacular luminous phenomenon reached the localities of El Indio and Ovalle, located at a distance of some 200 kilometers away. Sudden storms were also detected. Eyewitnesses speak in terms of the panic created: a local taxi driver named Juan Veliz, who carried four passengers along the road from Paihuano to Vicuña, felt powerless in the face of the fear that gripped his passengers. "I'm a highly skeptical person," Veliz told researchers. "But that night last June, my passengers were made very nervous by a great light that flooded the entire valley. It's as if it had suddenly become daylight. I couldn't stop them from getting out of the vehicle in the middle of the road to pray. The fact is that I see lights chasing me constantly when I drive at night. These lights pop out from behind the mountains and I get the impression tha they respond to something that's intelligence. I've lived in this valley all my life and many people have seen the same things I have..."

On this occasion, the Quebrada de Huchumi area was also afflicted by a considerable amount of "official" activity. According to eyewitness accounts, the object was recovered and transferred to Vicuña aboard large, containerized military trucks, in exactly the same way seen months later at Paihuano.

This region is constantly visited by "flying lights" reminiscent of the so-called "Foo Fighters". Only scant days before this researcher arrived in the city of La Serena, that city's lighthouse was "buzzed" by strange lights for some twenty minutes. Local residents are familiar with these phenomena due to their frequency.

Everything points to the fact that the authorities are trying to cover up events which have sometimes escaped from their hands. Too many people witnessed the object on the summit of Las Mollacas hill. Moreover, the fear of reprisals is still palpable when interviewing witnesses. Nevertheless, there are photos of the helicopters busy at work in the region and recordings of communications between the military personnel involved in the recovery operations. All of this material is zealously guarded to avoid complicating the lives of persons living in the area and who have kindly provided their assistance with this investigation. Many of them hold positions in public administration and even political appointments.

An Alien Spaceship?

In the light of these events, it is well worth asking if we are facing the prospect of crashed alien vessels or the collision of secret military prototypes. We must keep in mind that these events coincided with the UNITAS Exercises held jointly by the Chilean and U.S. military.

Some researchers have expressed the belief that it is precisely when said joint exercises are held that UFO activity reaches its highest point in Chile. But there are also considerable accounts which support the suspicion that -- in the cases in question -- crashed alien artifacts could be involved. Thus, for example, the research conducted in Vicuña includes the statements made by a hospital worker who claimed having seen some strange bags during the recovery of the remains of the Las Mollecas object. According to his account, said bags are similar to the body bags employed in collecting corpses.

Are we dealing with a secret military operation or a UFO crash? The numerous accounts regarding the activities conducted to "recover the thing that fell" cannot be ignored.

(Translation (c) 2001, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. This article originally appeared in Año Cero No.06-119)

Source: Inexplicata


Kodak Facility Housed Underground Nuclear Reactor

A Kodak industrial facility in Rochester, N.Y., was home to a little-known nuclear reactor containing weapons-grade uranium, the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper reported.

The research reactor -- which was the size of a refrigerator -- was housed in a bunker underneath one of the buildings at the former Kodak Park site, the newspaper reported.

Kodak used it to check chemicals and other materials for impurities, as well as testing imaging techniques.

Although the reactor was not a secret, it was unclear if Kodak informed police and fire departments of its existence. Local authorities were also unaware of its existence.

The reactor contained more than 3lbs (1.36kg) of highly enriched uranium -- the same material used to construct nuclear weapons. The uranium was removed in November 2007 in protective containers, the report said.

Company spokesman Christopher Veronda said he could find no record that Kodak ever publicly announced the reactor.

Albert Filo, a former Kodak research scientist who worked with the device for nearly 20 years, told the newspaper, "It was a known entity, but it was not well-publicized."

Information on nuclear power plants has been restricted since the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Kodak employed the device to carry out research into neutrons -- subatomic particles that can create an image of a material without damaging it.

In 1974, it acquired a neutron flux multiplier -- which multiplies the neutrons flowing from the core of the reactor.

Access to the chamber was restricted, and no one was allowed into the room while the reactor was in operation.

Veronda said, "This device presented no radiation risk to the public or employees. Radiation from the operation was not detectable outside of the facility."

Source: Fox News


Newly Uncovered Maya Calendar Shows World Goes On After 2012

The ancient Mayans were masters of time, keepers of good calendars.

And now we have one of their timekeepers’ workrooms to prove it.

In a striking find, archaeologists in Guatemala report the discovery of a small building whose walls display not only a stunningly preserved mural of a brightly adorned Mayan king, but also calendars that destroy any notion that the Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012.

These deep-time calendars can be used to count thousands of years into the past and future, countering pop-culture and New Age ideas that Mayan calendars ended on Dec. 21, 2012, (or Dec. 23, depending on who’s counting), thereby predicting the end of the world.

The newly found calendars, which track the motion of the moon, Venus and Mars, provide an unprecedented glimpse into how these storied sky-gazers — who dominated Central America for nearly 1,000 years — kept such accurate track of months, seasons and years.

“What they’re trying to do is understand the large cycles of cosmic time,” said William Saturno, the Boston University archaeologist who led the expedition. “This is the space they’re doing it in. It’s like looking into da Vinci’s workshop.”

Before the new find, the best-preserved Mayan calendars were inscribed in bark-paged books called codices, the most famous being the Dresden Codex. But those pages hail from several hundred years later than the newly found calendars.

Saturno said researchers have long assumed that the Mayans had worked out the cycles of the moons and planets much earlier, but no evidence of such work had ever been found.

But in 2010, an undergraduate student working with Saturno, Max Chamberlain, stumbled onto the house as the team began to excavate at a Mayan city, Xultun, which, despite being known since 1915, had never been professionally excavated. Over the decades, looters had dug deep trenches to access buildings. One day at lunch, Chamberlain announced his intention to find paintings by crawling through the trenches.

Saturno scoffed. The buildings were too shallow — any paint on their walls would surely be long gone, erased by water, dirt, insects and encroaching tree roots.

But sure enough, Chamberlain stumbled onto a wall, open to a trench, showing two red lines.

A quick excavation revealed the back wall of the building — replete with a mural of a resplendent Mayan king, in bright blue, adorned with feathers and jewelry.

Saturno’s team brushed off the wall and “ta-da!” he said. “A Technicolor, fantastically preserved mural. I don’t know how it survived.” Saturno immediately e-mailed contacts at the National Geographic Society, which agreed to fund a full excavation of the building.

The mural is the first Mayan painting found in a small building instead of a large public space. And it’s also the oldest known preserved Mayan painting.

Next to the king, a scribe holds a writing instrument. Three mysterious figures wearing black also march across the wall. One of them is named “older brother obsidian.” Mayan experts have no idea whom these mysterious figures might represent.

Once the team uncovered several columns of red and black dots and dashes — the Mayans’ numbering system — the meaning of these figures was almost immediately evident to David Stuart, one of the world’s foremost experts in Mayan hieroglyphics. It was a lunar table, showing a 4,784-day cycle of the moon’s phases.

The table is broken into 27 columns, each representing six lunar months. Each column is topped by the face of one of three moon gods — a jaguar, a skull and a woman. These three repeat. So by consulting the table, a priest, say, could tell which moon god would preside over a particular date.

“It’s really cool because it shows us the tools the ancient astronomers and priests were using to do their calculations,” Stuart said.

On another wall sits a smaller set of four columns of figures. These took a bit more puzzling. But eventually Saturno’s team figured it out: This second table was filled with huge numbers relating to how long it takes Mars and Venus to cross the sky and come back again. This calendar spans some 7,000 years — heading much farther into the future than the supposed doomsday date.

“Like a lot of ancient cultures, they were able with naked-eye astronomy to calculate the paths of the planets,” Stuart said. “We tend to forget that before telescopes, people were able to analyze the movement of planets in a lot of detail — and figure out exactly, to the day, the length of a Venus year and a Mars year.”

Heather McKillop, a Mayan expert at Louisiana State University who was not involved in the research, called the Xultun murals “stunning new evidence of the ancient origins of Maya astronomical record keeping, best known from later documents.”

Tulane University’s Marc Zender, another Mayan expert not involved in the work, said that “it’s about as exciting as discovering lost manuscripts of a famous mathematician like Archimedes. It’s an amazing privileged glimpse over their shoulders.”

Saturno said the building had been filled in by the Mayans, heaped with dirt and rubble. “They just backed themselves out the door and left,” he said; no one knows why. But the fill probably helped preserve the paintings.

With the virtually unexplored city of Xultun containing hundreds of buildings stretching across at least 16 square miles of jungle, Saturno guesses that plenty of other surprises await excavation. “It might take another two decades,” he said.

He expects the world to still exist then and said he’d bet anyone a million dollars that it will. The Mayan calendar does start a new “long cycle,” later this year, but he equated that with the odometer on a car rolling over from 99,999 miles to zero: “You go, ‘Yay,’ but the car just doesn’t disappear.”

Source: Washington Post


Are Angels real?

Are They Our Personal Protectors?
What is Their Association with UFOs?
By Sean Casteel and Timothy Green Beckley

They are known as The Watchers. The Protectors. Heavenly Benefactors. Or simply  God’s Angels. And each one of us is said to have one or more personal “Guardian Angels” sent to observe, guide, and remove us from harm’s way. They are invisible, but yet we are lead to believe they are never far from our side.  In fact, if we are to accept as factual the Scriptures, the Creator has given us the power to command Angels to do our bidding. . .and they CANNOT refuse!

Ok let me say first off – and anyone who knows me can verify this – I am not a religious person in any way, means or form. Seldom go to church. Don’t watch televangelists, and haven’t picked up a Bible unless it’s to check out some reference to what might have been an ancient UFO sighting described in the Holy Book.  I did visit the Vatican and produced a 90 minute documentary  SECRETS OF THE VATICAN.

Let me explain that I am not an atheist, but I am prone to wanting to examine the evidence and demand proof from scholars, not religious rhetoric. To me, some of the Good Book is just absurd. But I am interested in the supernatural and in miracles, and in visions, and the Bible is a great reference, a fabulous study of a great deal of paranormal activity. And Angels, of course, are as supernatural as you can get.

To prove that we practice “individuality”  at the Conspiracy Journal/Bizarre Bazarre which I publish, not everyone on our staff is of like mind. Associate and the author/co-author of numerous books for Inner Light/Global Communications, California-based Sean Casteel expresses his Christianity openly. While he does not have any actual degrees in Biblical studies, he is about as well-versed on the Bible as a layman is likely to get. In addition, he has cultivated friendships with several Christian clergy and even fundamentalists. He is one of the few researchers to have a close Christian connection that he manages to relate to UFOs, though most of his writings are of a secular nature, not being one to proselytize.

Recently, Sean and I worked on a book together that has caused a certain degree of controversy, it being a topic that is a bit out of the scope of what I normally would tackle to either research or write on. Round Trip To Hell In A Flying Saucer pertains to what I call “the dark side of UFOlogy,” i.e. demonic influences, blood rituals, animal and human mutilations, the Nazi tie-in, the shape shifting powers of aliens as well as the morphing of their craft, the Jinn, and a host of other horrifying, shadowy aspects that seem to go hand and hand with the sightings, encounters and abductions. Some UFO witnesses, it turns out, are literally pulled down to hell after what they have experienced. UFOlogists, for the most part not wishing to deal with the possible “Satanic influences,” have avoided this area of investigation like the plague. Its UFOlogy’s “dirty little secret,” but one Sean and I were not willing to sweep under the rug. So, with the help of a number of other luminaries in the field such as Nick Redfern, Chris O’Brien, Allen Greenfield, Tim Swartz, and Scott Corrales, among others, we tackled the subject head on, offering up some pretty starting and frightening conclusions as to what sinister force might be behind this phenomenon.

From the outset of our laboring to edit this material together in a comprehensive manner, Sean was concerned that we might be giving only one side of the story – that we hadn’t told the entire tale. He felt that if some of the UFOs are occupied by “demons,” there have to be others coming here of good will that are of a highly evolved spiritual nature. These beings, whether of a flesh and blood consistency or of a pure etheric serenity in form, are what apparently are referred to in the Bible as Angels that would be part of God’s Heavenly forces.


During the time I have been involved in UFO research and in publishing books on what I like to term “alternative studies,” several people have asked me if I have ever had an abduction experience or feel that I am being guided to do this work since hardly anyone else can claim they have made a career since the age of 14 out of publishing such diverse, almost inspired, books and magazines, resulting in printing hundreds of titles which would probably otherwise never have seen the light of day. Well, the only missing time I can recall was in first grade when I tripped over my own two feet while playing a game of kickball in the school playground and ended up in the hospital with a loss of memory and my late sister looking down over me when I came to. I could have been lifted out of my body in some astral way then, but let’s not go that far. Early on, at the age of three or four, I did have a “near death” experience of sorts which I haven’t related previously and which may have involved a guardian angel or some other corporal being.

My father was raised in Kentucky, in the small town of Shelbyville, located about 30 or 35 miles from Louisville. It’s the home of the king of fried chicken, Colonel Sanders .My   parents met and married in Kentucky, but soon relocated back to my mom’s home state of New Jersey. My mother had asthma and other allergies, which were relieved by a yearly trip to Kentucky in the family Oldsmobile. Naturally, I went along on the trip, which lasted three or four days, nestled in the back seat with my blanket and toys. One time, as the family “legend” goes, it was getting really late and there were still a few hours of driving to do. My father was at the wheel and wanted to continue right through to their destination. But it was getting increasingly foggy and my mother insisted he pull over to the side of the road right away so as not to meet any unseen traffic.

The next morning, when the sun came up and cut through the fog, it turns out the vehicle we were in was on the cusp of going over the side of a mountain cliff. If they had driven another two feet, I would not be here today to tell you this story or to be the publisher of so many works on spiritual and paranormal subjects. Of course, I can’t prove it, but with all the other things that have happened in my life, there is a good possibility that angels and UFOs are related. I do believe that they are inter-dimensional beings and come from another realm. So it’s quite possible that my life was actually saved by an “angelic being” of some type so that I could carry out my life’s work, which might in turn benefit their overall mission. I guess it wasn’t my turn to go. Someone is sort of sitting “up there,” to see that we don’t end up dying before our allotted time.


Of course it’s all well and good that Angels are assisting us in our personal lives, as well as protecting the planet from Satan’s ravages.  Sometimes they come in the whispering of the wind, wielding their fiery swords. At other times they may enter our world using craft known to us as UFOs or flying saucers. Many of the old religious paintings show beings surrounded in light, thus the concept of Angels having halos. Adding wings was a good indication that they flew about one way or another. They were said to look just like you and me, but were always bathed in a golden aura.

One of the things most people don’t fully realize is that God created Angels to do our bidding. It’s not a sin to push them to help you out. But one of the primary things is that you know HOW to contact them and WHEN it is the best time. 

My late friend, William Alexander Oribello, is one of the most advanced spiritists to have ever served the planet. His works, such as Candle Burning With The Psalms, God Spells and Master Book Of Spiritual Power, have provided a great deal of enlightenment and satisfaction to those who have diligently studied his study guides. Because of the continued demand for his work, we have updated and considerably expanded a previous edition of ANGELS OF THE LORD – CALLING UPON YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL FOR GUIDANCE AND PROTECTION.  In this rejuvenated edition, Oribello discusses not only his own ongoing relationship with Angels that started visiting him, materializing on the street and in his bedroom at an early age, but how with a few simple rituals which include burning different colored candles and knowing what is the best time of day to attempt to communicate, makes them highly receptive to our demands. Your Guardian Angel MUST assist you – he has been created by God to do so and nothing else!
ANGELS OF THE LORD tells you how to make use of your own angels and so much more.


But I defer to Sean Casteel to assist in putting together this edition as he is the “expert” on matters of this nature. In fact, I was inquisitive myself, so I recently conducted a mini interview on the subject of Angels to expand on my own knowledge and am hereby sharing his responses with you.

BECKLEY: When we were putting together Round Trip To Hell In A Flying Saucer you mentioned how you felt that we should provide evidence for the "other side of the coin," to tell people that not all UFOs are operated by negative beings, but that some of them harbor positive forces and angelic beings. Do you think we have completed our task with Angels Of The Lord And why do you feel this was so essential when there have been hordes of books about angels before this one

CASTEEL: I guess I felt that we needed to make a personal statement about angelic, righteous UFOs to sort of shine a little light into all the darkness involved in our work on Round Trip To Hell In A Flying Saucer. I freely admit that there are hordes of books that argue for angelic UFOs, but I also wanted to reaffirm my own angel karma, so to speak, so that the benevolent Watchers would know for sure where I stood on the issue.   BECKLEY: You are one of the few fulltime UFOlogists who seem to allow for bringing religious concepts into their writing. It’s a subject that most researchers shy away from, with the exception of the Reverend Barry Downing and Professor G.C. Schellhorn.  Why do you think this is And what are your general feelings about UFOs that lead you to conclude that we should venture down this path, a path which is certainly outside of the boundaries of a normal scientific investigation

CASTEEL: To answer that question is sort of a complicated undertaking. Let’s just say that I had a profound conversion to Christianity shortly after I suffered a near fatal industrial accident over 30 years ago, and I’ve perceived the world in religious terms ever since. And even though I didn’t begin studying UFOlogy until many years after that, I was always open to things like Erich Von Daniken’s “Chariots of the Gods” approach to human history, that aliens were the gods of our more technological age, what the ancient Jews used to call Elohim or God in a kind of collective sense. It took a while to put everything together, but reading Whitley Strieber’s “Communion” back in 1989 sort of put the last brick in place. As to why this is such a minority opinion, that’s a question I don’t really know how to answer. It seems to be the obvious one to me and maybe it will appear to be obvious to everyone eventually.  BECKLEY: What personal experiences have you had in the UFO arena

CASTEEL: I sighted a pair of ships over my apartment house in 1982. They were a shiny, metallic kind of green and gold and totally silent except for a faint sound of wind as they moved through the air. But no kind of engine or propulsion sound at all. I’ve also got some “screen memories” of very strange moments in my life, where I do think there was a kind of telepathic contact happening. But I don’t have any memories of seeing grays or Nordics face to face or anything like that.  

BECKLEY: Have you had any negative experiences that would draw you closer to a Christian path in life

CASTEEL: Yeah, like I said, I had a near fatal industrial accident and was actually baptized while I was in the hospital recuperating. I had a lot of the typical teenage angst and depression as well around that same time, so converting to Christianity was kind of a response to all that, a lifeline to another way of seeing the world.

BECKLEY: Have you had any angelic experiences Why are you so convinced these Messengers of God really exist CASTEEL: I think I have angelic experiences every day. I definitely believe someone angelic is there helping me cope with day to day existence, keeping me from going around the bend with anxiety or depression or whatever. I think I can feel them sometimes correcting my thinking and keeping me straight. I can also literally feel a sense of peace and love, a truly physical sense of well-being that I believe is spiritually separate from my consciousness and is not just something my mind is conjuring up. 

BECKLEY: What exactly are angels Are they flesh and blood What do they look like Can we touch them In the Bible they are said to enter homes and eat alongside of humans. Don't their wings get in the way CASTEEL: I think those questions are impossible to answer really. I don’t think anyone truly knows whether angels are flesh and blood and can be touched like any physical creature or what they look like. I do think it’s good to be hospitable, however. As the Bible says, some have entertained angels unaware.

BECKLEY: Have there been incidents where angels might have changed the course of history or at least influenced it

CASTEEL: In Angels Of The Lord, there’s a section that deals with a prophetic vision that was experienced by George Washington. Washington would pray often, with tears running down his face, asking for God to help him cope with the poor condition of his soldiers and for victory in battle. At one point, he saw a beautiful female as he sat at his table preparing a dispatch. He asked her who she was then found himself unable to speak. The figure addressed him as “Son of the Republic,” then showed him a series of visions of America being settled from one coast to the other with beautiful towns and cities and defeating a vast array of enemies from throughout the world. It’s a fascinating part of the book.  

There’s also the story of the Angels of Mons told in the book, which took place in France in August of 1914, in a famous battle of World War I. The British forces were greatly outnumbered by the Germans, and it was a terrible time of retreat and utter weariness on the part of the British. A British soldier later reported seeing a strange light over the battlefield with a shape in the center that looked like spread wings. The soldier said that all those present with him also saw the light, which they watched for forty-five minutes. A yellowish mist was seen rising up before the Germans, which revealed a tall man with yellow hair and golden armor on a white horse brandishing a sword. Instantly the Germans turned and retreated in panic and confusion. The intervention of the Angel of Mons turned the tide of battle and gave new strength to the British war effort.

BECKLEY: How are people able to communicate with their personal angel

CASTEEL: That’s a question that everyone must answer for themselves. I think the kind of communication you’re talking about is different for everybody. Contact with angels comes in all kinds of forms and through all kinds of methods of communication. One simply has to be open to the possibility, to show enough faith that contact with angels can really happen in the real world. An angel will manifest in many different ways, depending on what the given situation calls for. Often an angel is there helping you before you even realize you need help at all.

[If you enjoyed this article, please visit Sean Casteel’s UFO Journalist website at www.seancasteel.com  Several of his books are available for purchase there, as well as at Amazon.com]

Source: UFO Digest


Mysterious Rocks Burst into Flame Inside Woman's Pocket

A California mother is recovering from second- and third-degree burns after colored rocks her family collected from a southern California beach unexpectedly caught fire while in her shorts pocket.

"We were talking about who was going to pick up the babysitter," Lyn Hiner said today on "Good Morning America." "And all of a sudden something hot on my leg just sort of started to bother me so I started thinking it was a bug bite, so I started slapping it and the next thing I know my pants were on fire."

The harmless-looking, green- and orange-colored rocks, which Hiner's daughters found Saturday on San Onofre State Beach in southern California, are now the subject of an intense scientific investigation.

Hiner, 43, had put the rocks in her pocket after they left the beach. As she and her husband, Rob Hiner, were preparing to go out later that evening, the rocks suddenly erupted in her pants.

Rob Hiner, who appeared on "GMA" alongside his wife at the Santa Ana, Calif., burn center where she is being treated, said the couple had no idea what was happening.

"It was just this bright intense flame," he said. "We didn't know what it was. Our first response was just to try to pat it out.

"But, In trying to pat it out, it wasn't going out so the next thing was just to try and drop and roll and eventually we just tried to tear her shorts off and got them off of her," he said.

Fire authorities responded to smoke alarms in the couple's home that were set off because the flames in Lyn Hiner's pockets were so intense.

"There were actual flames coming off of her cargo shorts," Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Marc Stone told ABC News. "The husband was outside with a garden hose, actually trying to cool her leg down."

The couple were eventually taken to the Grossman Burn Center, where Lyn Hiner continues to recover from the severe burns on her hands and leg.

"I've never seen anything like this," her doctor, Dr. Andrea Dunkelman, said today on "GMA." "She has third-degree burns, which means that it's been burned all the way through her skin to her underlying tissue, her fat. We treated her by placing skin grafts from her thigh to that area."

Lynn's husband, Rob, suffered burns on his hands in the incident while trying to come to his wife's aid.

"We're exhausted but we're overwhelmed with love and support," Rob Hiner said. "We're just grateful. We're grateful that things weren't worse and God just continues to provide for us in this situation."

Scientists investigating the mysterious explosion say there were seven rocks in total that the Hiner children took from the beach. Field tests found traces of phosphorus -- the flammable orange chemical used in matches -- on the rocks.

"It'll burn right through flesh, bone and skin. I've never heard of anything like this before," Dr. Michio Kaku, author of "Physics of the Future," an examination of science in the coming century, said.

The beach where the rocks were collected is near Camp Pendleton Marine base. But Marine officials say there's no evidence any military materials were involved.

San Diego State University geologist Pat Abbott says this was not Mother Nature's fault.

"I know the orange is not part of the rock," Abbott said. "It's not natural. It's human made."

Source: ABC News

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