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In a dark, smoke-filled room, somewhere deep in the bowels of an secret government agency, electronic spies quietly monitor all communications throughout the planet. When key words are detected, programs go into action to trace the source and destination of the targeted communication.  And now, red lights are flashing, tapes are spinning, secret intelligence operatives are scrambling, and the black helicopters are flying.  All because once again, cyberspace is filled with your number one source of information on conspiracies, UFO, the paranormal, and much more - Conspiracy Journal!

This week Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such nail-biting stories as:

- Oxford University to Probe 'Yeti' DNA -
Physicist Says "HAARP Manipulates Time" -
- From Aliens To Tibetan Mystics: Who Are The Walk-Ins? -
- Bigfoot Sightings Common in Ohio -
AND: Goblins Attacks Family, Burn Down Homestead

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Evil Empire of the ETs and the Ultra-Terrestrials


This is the only work that describes in dramatic detail how these “visitors” have affected the personal lives of those caught up in the close encounter and abduction web of treachery and desolation.


Witnesses tell tales of unbelievable aggression: “The creatures were hostile and went into attack modes several times, putting up dense fogs. One time when they stopped, It was like a backwards tornado coming from the mouth of the leader of the ships. It was like a ray that he was sending down a funnel. He did it five times, then he left…”

One Navy Commander with strong CIA ties has stated: “Much if not all of the phenomenon is nefarious. . .a monstrous evil with occasional good.”

According to Dr. Karla Turner there is evidence that the intelligence behind the mysterious discs can control what we think we see. They can appear to us in any number of guises and shapes. They can alter our perception of our surrounds. They can take over our consciousness, disable our control of our bodies, install one of their own entities, and use our bodies as vehicles for their own activities.

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This weeks guest:  JC Johnson



Oxford University to Probe 'Yeti' DNA

Supposed yeti remains are being put under the microscope in a collaboration between Oxford University and the Lausanne Museum of Zoology.

The Oxford-Lausanne Collateral Hominid Project has been created to try and entice people and institutions with collections of cryptozoological material to submit it for analysis. Anyone with a sample of organic remains can submit details of where and when it was collected, among other data.

Once a reasonable database has been collected, the team will select the most interesting samples (hair shafts are particularly desirable, apparently) and ask the owners to submit them for rigorous genetic analysis. The results of these analyses will be published in peer-reviewed journals.

A large number of cultures around the world have variations of the yeti legend, including bigfoot, sasquatch, meh-teh, almasty, migoi and orang pendek. Bryan Sykes from Wolfson College, Oxford, told Wired.co.uk: "Theories as to their species identification vary from surviving collateral hominid species, such as Homo neanderthalensis or Homo floresiensis, to large primates like Gigantopithecus widely thought to be extinct, to as yet unstudied primate species or local subspecies of black and brown bears."

He added: "Mainstream science remains unconvinced by these reports both through lack of testable evidence and the scope for fraudulent claims. However, recent advances in the techniques of genetic analysis of organic remains provide a mechanism for genus and species identification that is unbiased, unambiguous and impervious to falsification. It is possible that a scientific examination of these neglected specimens could tell us more about how Neanderthals and other early hominids interacted and spread around the world."

Source: Wired UK


Physicist Says "HAARP Manipulates Time"

A brilliant physicist published a revolutionary paper citing 30 other scientific papers that reveal HAARP has incredible powers far beyond what most investigators of the high frequency energy technology suspect. Dr. Fran De Aquino asserts a fully functional HAARP network, activated globally, can not only affect weather and geophysical events, but influence space and gravity…even time itself! Now the network is almost complete with the activation of the newest HAARP facilities at the bottom of the world: the desolate and alien Antarctic. Will the masters of HAARP become the masters of time too?

The most dangerous man alive?

Factions of three of the largest governments in the world—the United States of America, the Russian Federation, and the Peoples Republic of China—may be cutting orders to eliminate a man who they see as one of the most dangerous in the world. No, he's not the world's most hunted multi-national terrorist, nor even a mad scientist with a new virus that can wipe out humanity.

The most dangerous man in the world may be Brazilian physicist Dr. Fran De Aquino.

De Aquino hasn't developed a death ray or obtained secret launch codes to the world's nuclear missiles. He's done something potentially much worse: he's spilled the scientific and technological beans of the greatest secret in the world: the ultimate purpose of HAARP.

Allegedly, HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) now has installations criss-crossing the world and extends from pole-to-pole. The Antarctic facilities are near completion.

De Aquino, whose paper High-power ELF radiation generated by modulated HF heating of the ionosphere can cause earthquakes, cyclones and localized heating, lifts the veil hiding the HAARP wizards—and unlike the erstwhile Wizard of Oz, the HAARP wizards have some real power at their disposal.

The physicist's scholarly work—citing 30 other scientific papers, many peer-reviewed—reveals much more than the incredible title the paper promises.

HAARP can manipulate gravity

Most researchers of HAARP suspected for some time that the technology can trigger earthquakes and ignite hurricanes. De Aquino's paper tends to confirm those suspicions, but goes farther.

Utilizing high frequencies, he says, HAARP can modify, even control gravity by blocking gravity waves locally.

De Aquino claims heavy objects can be moved, even transported by creating "gravitational shieldings." But, the scientists stresses, HAARP can do even more.

The ELF technology can generate "Gravitational Shielding Mantles which are made by layers of high-dielectric strength semiconductor sandwiched by two metallic foils and insulation layers. The Gravitational Shielding Mantle can be made so that it is only 1 millimeter in thickness."

De Aquino's contention is actually supported by the experiments of another physicist, Dimitriou Stavros from the TEI-Athens, Deptartment of Electrical Engineering in Greece. Stavros successfully demonstrated an electromagnetic interaction with the gravity field.

From his abstract:

The period of the pendulum oscillations of a suspended electromagnetic resonant circuit formed by quarter-wavelength transmission line sections is found to be affected by electrical parameters of the oscillator driving it. Of particular influence appears to the magntitude of current at resonance, which depends on the effective quality factor (Q) of the RF tank circuit and the input driving power.

HAARP can control space and time

De Aquino's paper shows that when subjected to a uniform ELF electromagnetic field, mass can be transitioned to a different time relative to outside observers. It is done artifically and at will.

The analogy he draws envisions an ocean going vessel. He explains the ship "...is made of steel. When subjected to a uniform ELF electromagnetic field, with intensity and frequency the ship will perform a transition in time to another time. It is important to note that the electromagnetic field, besides being uniform, must remain with the ship during the transition to the new time. If it is not uniform, each part of the ship will perform transitions to different times in the future. In order for the electromagnetic field to remain with the ship, it is necessary that all the parts, which are involved with the generation of the field, stay inside the ship. If persons are inside the ship they will perform transitions to different times in the future because their conductivities and densities are different."

Remarkably, that is almost the exact scenario described by the alleged witness Carl Allende of the Philadelphia Experiment. Now widely regarded as a fabricated story, the early 1940s U.S. Navy experiment allegedly codenamed Project Rainbow never actually took place.

Believers of the story, however, claim that famed inventor and electrical genius Nikola Tesla assisted in the experiment that involved a naval escort vessel named the USS Eldridge. The purpose was to create invisibility, but ended tragically when the ship was spatially transported and parts of it were trapped in temporal anomalies.

It's strongly suspected that much of the HAARP technology is Tesla's work—updated and improved—and built upon the latest 21st Century scientific knowledge.

So, just what will HAARP be used for? Weather wars? Triggering geophysical events? Manipulation of gravity? Warping space-time? Some think the technology is already driving people mad.

The most dangerous man alive, Dr. Fran De Aquino, claims it's all of the above.

Source: Before it's News


From Aliens To Tibetan Mystics: Who Are The Walk-Ins?
By Sean Casteel

Are you a Walk-In? Has the soul you were born with been removed and replaced by a more advanced soul with a mission we can only dimly comprehend? Did you ever have a time in your life when you were severely depressed, only to suddenly be able to tap into a surprising flow of positive energy and newfound optimism?

There are varying definitions of a Walk-In available in occult literature, but perhaps it would be best to start with the concept as laid out by the late Christian psychic Ruth Montgomery, author of a book on Walk-Ins called “Strangers Among Us.” Montgomery wasn’t just another New Age hack. She had a long and prestigious career in mainstream journalism, becoming the first female reporter in the Washington Bureau of “The New York Daily News.” She was also a syndicated columnist for Hearst Headlines and United Press International and wrote of her 25 years covering Washington in a book called “Hail To The Chiefs: My Life And Times With Six Presidents.”

Beginning in 1952, Montgomery sometimes wrote about psychic Jeanne Dixon in her columns – in one of which Dixon accurately predicted the assassination of John F. Kennedy – and wrote a 1965 book on Dixon called “A Gift Of Prophecy” that sold over 3 million copies.   

So we can approach Montgomery’s research and journalism skills with some degree of confidence when she says, “Walk-Ins were souls on the other side who had earned the right, in previous lifetimes, that if they wanted to, could come in and replace a soul that was in desperate need of leaving that body – one who either does not want to maintain it or who is dying and can’t keep it alive.”

For example, as stated above, a person may be suffering from extreme depression or could even be contemplating suicide. The Walk-In steps in to relieve the unhappy person’s earthly trials, and the Walk-Out moves on to the spirit world just like a person who has died. The souls of the Walk-Ins are not “perfect,” in moral terms, but they are greatly spiritually advanced, called “aware” souls. Meanwhile, no blame is attached to the Walk-Out, for it has labored greatly to develop itself but simply cannot conquer the problems with which it is faced.

One advantage to the souls on the other side is that the Walk-In can skip the preliminaries of childhood and adolescence and be immediately good to go in a full-grown adult body and can concentrate solely on his or her mission. Montgomery said she believed the American presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were Walk-Ins, and that yet another presidential Walk-In would take office in the near future.

An anonymous woman posted the story of her own Walk-In experiences on a site called Namaste Consciousness in which she related how having a Walk-In enter her body led her to divorce her husband and move to another state. Her husband at one point tried to have her committed, but she managed to prove her sanity sufficiently to an examining psychologist. The woman was an avid reader of Montgomery’s books, and she quotes the late author thusly:

“Since a Walk-In must never enter a body without the permission of its owner,” Montgomery wrote, “this is not to be confused with those well-publicized cases – such as were described in ‘The Three Faces of Eve,’ ‘The Exorcist,’ et al – in which multiple egos or evil spirits are vying for possession of an inhabited body.

“The motivation for a Walk-In is humanitarian,” Montgomery continued. “He returns to physical being in order to help others help themselves, planting seed-concepts that will grow and flourish for the benefit of mankind. Some of the world’s greatest spiritual and political leaders, scientists and philosophers in ages past are said to have been Walk-Ins.

“Not all Walk-Ins are towering leaders. Many are working quietly among us today, going about their unsung task of helping us to understand ourselves, to seek inner guidance, and to develop a philosophy that will sustain us through the trying times ahead. You may know a Walk-In in your own office or in your community. They seldom reveal themselves, because to do so could imperil the good work for which they are returned to physical being.

“In fact,” the passage concludes, “you yourself may be a Walk-In! Since the memory pattern of the departing entity survives intact, Walk-Ins are sometimes unaware of their altered status for several years after the substitution has been effected.”

While Montgomery carefully explains that this is not the phenomena of multiple personality disorder or demonic possession – it also sounds a little like a benign “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” – perhaps it would be safer to compare it to alien abduction. The work of abduction researchers like the late Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs, among many others, has demonstrated that a person can experience multiple abductions over their lifetimes and not have the slightest waking knowledge of it.

The anonymous writer makes the memory issue a little more believable, saying that the reason for a person not realizing his or her soul has been replaced is that the memories of the original soul are stored in the physical body, in the makeup of the brain and in the DNA of each and every cell. The Walk-In must take a certain amount of time to learn the memories and life patterns of the host body and can’t immediately take up the new mission on Earth without careful preparation.

So one can hypothesize that it is possible to be a Walk-In and an alien abductee, possibly both simultaneously, and have no conscious knowledge of it at all.

The foregoing has been the Western view of Walk-Ins, but there is also the Eastern Mysticism approach to the same phenomenon. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, an occult author still much revered in the many years since his passing, professed to being a Walk-In himself. From his humble origins as a plumber in 1950s England, he claimed to have taken on the soul of a young Buddhist monk who lived in Tibet and studied with innumerable wise masters. His implanted soul remembered a lecture by an elderly lama who explained the concept of “transmigration” in a fascinating bit of historical mythology.

“Long before recorded history began,” the lama said, “giants walked up on the Earth. They were the Gardeners of the Earth, those who came here to supervise the development of life on this planet. The Race of Giants was not very suitable for life on Earth, and so by magical means the Race of Giants shrank until they were the same size as humans. Thus they were able to mingle with humans without being recognized as the Gardeners.

“But it was often necessary for a different senior Gardener to come and carry out special tasks. It took too long to have a boy born to a woman and then wait out the years of his babyhood and childhood and adolescence. So the science of the Gardeners of the Earth had a different system: they grew certain bodies and made sure that those bodies would be compatible with the spirit who would later inhabit them.

“But the Gardeners of the Earth permitted certain men and women to mate so that a child was born to each, and the growth of that child would be most carefully supervised throughout, perhaps, the first fifteen or twenty or thirty years of life. Then there would come a time when a highly placed Gardener would need to come to Earth within a matter of hours, so helpers would place the trained body into a trance, into stasis, or, if you like, into a state of suspended animation.

“Helpers in the astral world would come to the living body, together with the entity who wanted to go to Earth, and with their special knowledge they could detach the Silver Cord and connect in its place the Silver Cord of the entity who was the Gardener of the Earth coming to the Earth. The host would then become the vehicle of the Gardener of the Earth, and the astral body of the host would go away to the astral world just as he would do in the case of a person who had died.

“This is called ‘transmigration,’ the migration of one entity into the body of another. The body taken over is known as the host, and it has been known throughout history. It was practiced extensively in Egypt and it gave rise to what is known as embalming, because in those days in Egypt there were quite a number of bodies kept in a state of suspended animation. They were living but unmoving. They were ready for occupancy by higher entities just as we keep ponies waiting for a monk or lama to mount the animal and ride off somewhere.”

“Oh, my!” exclaimed one boy listening to the lama’s lecture. “I expect friends of the host were mightily surprised when the body awakened and the one they had thought of as their friend in the past was possessed of all knowledge. My! I wouldn’t like to be a host. It must be a terrible feeling to have someone else take over one’s body.”

The teacher laughed and said, “It would certainly be a unique experience. People still do it. Bodies are still prepared, specially raised so that, if the need arises, a different entity can take over a fresh body – if it becomes necessary for the good of the world as a whole.”  

Much of the foregoing statements by Rampa’s lama have their echoes in the UFO and abduction literature that came later. For instance, New England housewife and abductee Betty Luca Andreasson said that the familiar gray aliens called themselves “the Watchers,” and compared themselves to “Gardeners of the Earth.” Abductee Whitley Strieber was shown an alien standing in front of a dresser drawer full of “bodies” that the aliens put on and took off like clothes. So the idea of inserting a different soul or consciousness into an otherwise empty body is part of the same continuum that Rampa’s lecturing lama describes. At another point in his abduction history, Strieber is told by the aliens that they “recycle souls,” which could mean either reincarnation or is perhaps another way of referring to the Walk-In phenomenon.

Meanwhile, Rampa was no stranger to direct contact with the alien presence. In the last book Rampa authored, called “Tibetan Sage,” he encounters a UFO while on a mission with his mentor, the Lama Mingyar Dondup, to rescue a hermit overseeing a small hermitage in the mountains of Tibet. A sudden earthquake topples the hermit to his death and does serious injury to the Lama Mingyar Dondup’s legs, who finds himself trapped under a boulder.

In the process of freeing his mentor, the young Rampa stumbles onto a secret compartment in the mountainside and carries the Lama inside. The compartment houses a flying saucer, which Rampa explores with the Lama and which will come to be the primary setting for the rest of the book.

Much to Rampa’s surprise, the Lama is already familiar with the aliens and the languages they use and even with much of their technology. The ship has lain dormant for a million years, yet everything is still pristinely clean and functional. Some alien occupants are discovered frozen at their control consoles in a state of suspended animation.

There is often a dramatic shift of consciousness associated with a human being actually boarding a UFO called “the Oz Effect.” It is given that name because the extreme contrast between the two environments resembles that moment in the film “The Wizard of Oz” when Dorothy crosses over from the black and white world of Kansas to the Technicolor land of Oz. This is certainly applicable to the changes Rampa undergoes in “Tibetan Sage,” as he views holographic recordings of the formation of the Earth up through the Second World War, all stored in the mythic Hall of Records and accessed onboard the flying saucer. Rampa feels as though he is living and breathing in those previous and even future times, a degree of realism still not attainable by our own current technology. Sadly, most of what he sees involves bloody warfare both among people and between the gods themselves, another testimony to alien truthfulness, with no attempt to paint a rosy picture for Rampa’s benefit.

In a new reprint of Rampa’s book “Beyond The Tenth,” published by Timothy Green Beckley at Global Communications, Rampa deals with the UFO controversy from another angle.

“Moses was found in the bulrushes,” Rampa writes. “But he was placed there by the Gardeners of the Earth, that is, the people who are known as UFO people, to be found. And later in life, Moses ascended into the mountain; Moses did a lot of strange things. But if you reread the relevant chapters, you will find that Moses stepped on a terraced floor. Did he do that on a mountain, or did he step into a flying ship, a UFO? Moses had the Rod of Power. It wasn’t made on Earth, you know, it was made on another world. Moses was in fact another spaceman specially planted on Earth.”

It’s so interesting to see Rampa speaking out for the ancient astronauts theory of UFOs and the Bible, many years before the idea was popularized by researchers who came later, like Erich Von Daniken and Zechariah Sitchin.

A few pages further along, Rampa again discusses UFOs.

“There are people in spaceships,” he writes, “who are watching this world. Watching to see what happens. ‘Well, why do they not come and talk to us like sensible people would?’ you may ask, but the only reply is that they ARE being sensible. Humans try to shoot them and try in any way to harm these UFOs, and if UFOs, or rather the people within them, have the intelligence to cross space, then they have the intelligence to make an apparatus which can listen to Earth radio and Earth television. And if they watch Earth television – well, then they will think they have come to some vast mental home, because what could be more insane than the television programs which are foisted on a suffering public? Television programs which glorify the unclean, which glorify the criminal, which teach sex in the wrong way, in the worst possible way, which teach people that only self-gain and sex matter.”

Rampa compares people’s expectation that the aliens would come and speak to humanity openly as being as silly as asking one of us to dive into a fish tank to discuss things with some worms at the bottom of the tank, or going into a hothouse and speaking to the plants and saying, “Take me to your leader.”

“So the people of space,” he says, “whose one-year-old children would know more than the wisest man on Earth, just watch over this colony.”

Rampa also writes about UFO sightings of his own. While living in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, he was able to see, from his ninth floor apartment, across the river and out to the South Atlantic with no obstacles or obstructions to his view.

“Night after night, my family and I used to watch UFOs coming from the direction of the South Pole straight over our apartment building, and coming lower so that they could alight in the Matto Grosso of Brazil. Night after night, with unvarying regularity, these UFOs came. They were seen not just by us, but by a multitude of people, and in Argentina they are officially recognized as Unknown Flying Objects. The Argentine government is well aware that these things are not the product of hysteria or a fevered imagination. They are aware that UFOs are of surpassing reality.”   

With his combined expertise in Eastern mysticism and occult practices, with the additional factor in the mix of his fervent belief in the UFO and alien phenomena, Rampa’s many books make for interesting reading indeed. While they are to say the least entertaining as a peculiar kind of science fiction, Rampa himself would bristle at the term. In spite of the fantastic nature of what he writes about, Rampa insisted to his dying day it was all hardcore fact, etched in the stone of time to endure forever. And the point of origin for Rampa’s legacy of wisdom is traced back to when the soul of the sincerest of Buddhist monks replaced the soul of an English plumber and took the reading public on an epic journey that has no end, even in the decades since Rampa’s passing.

ViVenus traveled the country
saying she was a friendly ET from
Venus. An original Walk-In, she may
have returned to her home planet as no one has heard
from her in recent years.

There are still others of a similar type, including an attractive young woman who called herself “Vivenus,” and claimed to have come, as her name suggests, from Venus, on a mission of mercy.

Vivenus attends something like a college on Venus to prepare herself for her missionary journey on Earth. After arriving on Earth in a flying saucer, she is given a fleshly covering that is identical to a young American woman who has recently taken her own life because she could not succeed as a singer of love songs. Vivenus slips into her role so perfectly that even the relatives of the woman she replaces can’t tell the difference. The book Vivenus wrote, “Vivenus Starchild” is another story about the Walk-In phenomenon that makes for engrossing reading as she travels the country singing folksongs about positive change but also encounters the many disappointments any Earthling is likely to suffer.

Still another Venusian Walk-In is a woman whose Earthly name is “Sheila” but who has penned an autobiography called “Omnec Onec: Ambassador From Venus,” in which she calls herself by her true alien name.

Omnec Onec was born and raised in a near-perfect Utopian paradise on Venus, but she willingly sacrificed her idyllic life there in order to come to Earth and help a young victim of child abuse work through her punishing karma. It is an act of unselfishness few people on Earth would be capable of and it makes for a great motivating factor in this inspiring story of interplanetary compassion.

“Omnec Onec: Ambassador From Venus” opens with young Omnec landing in the Nevada desert in 1955 and then journeying to Tennessee to take the place of the little girl she came to inhabit the body of and protect.

Other human-looking aliens are here, according to Omnec, operating unseen on Earth as they work to help us through the world-shattering difficulties that lie just ahead of us and to overcome the faults in character that threaten to destroy us from within. Current research into the alien abduction phenomenon has found that the hybrids being created by the alien genetics program have lately begun to be more and more human looking, which adds some real world support to Omnec’s story.

So, returning to the question asked at the beginning of this article, are you, the reader, a Walk-In as well? While one hesitates to heap one mystery on top of another, the most likely answer is that there is no way of knowing for sure.

[If you enjoyed this article, visit Sean Casteel’s “UFO Journalist” website at www.seancasteel.com to read other articles by Casteel or to purchase his books.]

Source: UFO Digest


Gravity Corridors, Alien Moons, and the Creatures Below
By Diane Tessman

In all our exotic theories on the origins of aliens, do we neglect the possibility that they come from within our Solar System?

Scientists in 2012 tend to agree that there is no advanced life in the Solar System except on Earth. However, in recent years scientists have also given us astounding new information on  several of the moons of Saturn and Jupiter, and we have our questions about life on Mars!

Are the scientists wrong to dismiss the possibility of higher life-forms in the huge H2O ocean of Saturn’s 6th largest moon, Enceladus, for instance? We know that the dolphins, porpoises, whales, and other sea mammals of Earth possess a higher form of intelligence – an intelligence which we have yet to fully understand. There is some evidence that aliens may communicate with our sea mammals.  http://www.ufodigest.com/article/strange-sounds-heard-communication-between-ets-whales-and-dolphins

If we do find higher forms of sea life, such as the illustration above, then who is to say that those higher forms did not evolve into a space-going race as the eons progressed? It is difficult to perceive how an Enceladusian microbe might have evolved into a highly intelligent alien who cruises around our skies in a UFO; it is still possible in the unimaginable splendor of the universe, but it is difficult to imagine.

However, an Enceladusian creature might look like the artwork above. Certainly this is not a microbe but a complex sea creature. We can see how she might have branched on her evolutionary path, and become a space going species.

The exciting possibly of finding some form of higher life within our Solar System is that we have a realistic chance of exploring these other worlds; just maybe we can get to them in the next 25 years! A brand new possibility for exploring the Solar System is being developed, but before details on gravity corridors, let’s look at the five most likely worlds in the Solar System which might support higher life-forms:   

1. Enceladus
The sixth-largest moon of Saturn has been called the most promising bet for life thanks to its moderate temperature and the presence of water and simple organic molecules. The surface of the icy moon is thought to be about 99 percent water ice, with a good chance of liquid water beneath. Observations from the Cassini probe’s 2005 flyby of Enceladus suggest the presence of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen — organic molecules thought to be necessary to develop life.  This moon of Saturn has a boiling core of molten rock that could heat the world to warm enough temperatures needed to give rise to life.

2. Europa
Jupiter’s moon Europa also seems a possible stomping ground for aliens due to its potential water and volcanic activity. Though the surface is frozen, many suspect that buried underneath is an ocean of liquid water. Volcanic activity on the moon could provide life-supporting heat, as well as important chemicals needed by living organisms. Europa has water volcanoes spewing far into space. Microbial life could potentially survive near hydrothermal vents on Europa, as it does on Earth.

3. Mars
As far as planets go, by far the front-runner for life is our next-door neighbor, Mars. The red planet is the most Earth-like of solar system planets, with a comparatively similar size and temperature range as our own planet. Large bodies of water ice lie on Mars’ poles, and there’s a reasonable chance of liquid water beneath the surface. The puny atmosphere on the planet is not strong enough to shield the planet against lethal solar radiation, though microbes could potentially exist beneath the surface. Evidence also suggests that Mars may have been even more habitable in the past. We have all gazed at those weird photos from NASA with images which look like artificial buildings, monorail tracks, and monuments. Geologic features imply that liquid water once flowed across the surface, and volcanic activity, now dead, once flourished, recycling chemicals and minerals between the surface and the interior.

4. Titan
Saturn’s largest moon looks suspiciously like it might host or have hosted life, because its thick atmosphere is rich in compounds that often mark the presence of living organisms. For instance, Titan’s air is filled with methane, which is usually destroyed by sunlight. On Earth, life constantly replenishes methane, so it might similarly be responsible for the methane on Titan. Titan is rather cold, however, and if liquid water exists, it must be deep beneath the frozen surface.

5. Io
Jupiter’s moon Io is one of the few solar system moons to support an atmosphere, and it contains complex chemicals promising for life. Volcanism on the moon also makes it warmer than many others — another good sign. Io is still a long shot, though, because its location inside Jupiter’s magnetic field means it is constantly being pelted with lethal radiation. Its violent surface also seems inhospitable, with temperatures often too cold to support life, as well as molten hot spots that are equally deadly.

We have seen on Earth that some life can adjust to relatively large doses of constant radiation as well as the advanced life-forms which thrive in the extreme depths and blackness of our oceans. These are not just microbes but octopuses, crabs, and other complex life-forms.

But, how can we get to the moons of Jupiter and Saturn in a reasonable amount of time to see and perhaps meet the aliens who live there? How can human beings ever travel fast enough?

The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom, recently ran a fascinating article on a new possibility for space travel. Here is the information given in this article of September 11, 2009:

Gravitational corridors could help spacecraft fly across the solar system like ships on ocean currents. Scientists in the United States are trying to map the twisting 'tubes' so they can be used to cut the cost of space travel. Each one acts like a gravitational Gulf Stream, created from the complex interplay of attractive forces between planets and moons.

Depicted by computer graphics, the pathways look like strands of spaghetti that wrap around planetary bodies and snake between them. The pathways connect sites called Lagrange points where gravitational forces balance out.

Professor Shane Ross, from Virginia Tech in the US, said: “Basically the idea is there are low energy pathways winding between planets and moons that would slash the amount of fuel needed to explore the solar system. These are free-fall pathways in space around and between gravitational bodies. Instead of falling down, like you do on Earth, you fall along these tubes. Each of the tubes starts off narrow and small and as it gets further out it gets wider and might also split.”

“I like to think of them as being similar to ocean currents, but they are gravitational currents. If you're in a parking orbit round the Earth, and one of them intersects your trajectory, you just need enough fuel to change your velocity and now you're on a new trajectory that is free.”

“Riding one of the gravitational currents was unlike exploiting the 'slingshot' effect of a planet or moon's gravity, a routine space travel technique,” he explains. “Slingshots don't put you in orbit round a moon, whereas this does.”

Just one U.S. mission so far has made use of the concept. The Genesis spacecraft was launched in 2004 to capture solar wind particles and return them to Earth. Following the gravitational pathways allowed the amount of fuel carried by the probe to be cut 10-fold. The mission ended in failure, but only because a parachute failed on landing.

“The corridors were especially useful for voyaging between a planet's moons,” said Prof Ross, speaking at the British Science Festival at the University of Surrey in Guildford.

“Once you get to another planet that has its own tubes you can use them to explore its moons,” he added. “You could travel between the moons of Jupiter essentially for free. All you need is a little bit of fuel to do course corrections.”

Perhaps someday humans in starships can find the gravity corridors between the Solar System and the Alpha Centuri System. After all, they must exist!

Is this how aliens from far distant star systems travel to Earth? It is a possibility! However, let’s not forget those alien oceans within the Solar System which are huge and deep, apparently, and brimming with the stuff of life: Water!

Leap into Exo-Trekking, it’s free!  www.earthchangepredictions.com

Source: UFO Digest


Bigfoot Sightings Common in Ohio

CAMBRIDGE, Oho - A group of researchers claim that Bigfoot is real, and say there are have been sightings of the creature in Ohio.

Curiosity surrounding the Bigfoot phenomenon has persisted for centuries, 10TV’s Ashleigh Barry reported.

There have been reported encounters to footprints to possible DNA.

There is now even a cable television show dedicated to communicating and finding the creature.

Bigfoot believers, like Doug Waller, say that the evidence speaks for itself.  He recently took part in a hunt for Bigfoot, near Salt Lake State Park in Guernsey County.

“These things don’t really want to be discovered,” Waller said.  “They lived here before the park was built.  This is their home.”

While some would argue that the large creatures only prowl the terrain in the Pacific Northwest, Waller said that Bigfoot has been sighted on dozens of occasions in Ohio.

Gayle Veselenak is convinced that there is a Bigfoot out there and that it is capable of communicating.

“We’ll wait and listen and sometimes you’ll get a response back,” Veselenak said.

She and her son, Matt, used a bat to communicate with the creature.

“There’s something that has to be in here for everybody to hear these noises and have all these people say that they’ve seen him or heard him,” Matt Veselenak said.  “There’s got to be something in these woods.”

Scientists have said that eyewitnesses have only presented circumstantial evidence over the years that make it impossible to confirm whether there really is a Bigfoot out there.

Some swear that an audio recording known as the “Ohio Howl” presents evidence that Bigfoot is real.  A barking dog is heard in the recording and then a siren-like moan is audible, Barry reported.

The recording that was made in Columbiana County, Ohio, was the first documented recording of what is believed to be coming from a large, male Sasquatch.

Residents said that the howls can be heard late at night, echoing off hills on both sides of the Ohio River.

“We’ve heard vocalizations come back at us,” Gayle Veselenak said.  “It’s very eerie because you’re out in the woods in the middle of the night.  The only light you have is your flashlight – that’s the only thing you can see – everything else is completely dark so you don’t know what direction anything is going to happen in.”

Perhaps the most well-known documented video of Bigfoot is the Patterson-Gimlin footage that was shot in 1967, Barry reported.

Peter Byrne, a veteran Bigfoot tracker disagrees with the notion that the video is a hoax.

“We think that footage is real,” Byrne said.  “We really think so.”

Byrne, an Ireland native, is renowned for his abilities to raise millions of dollars in the name of Bigfoot research.  He recently made a guest appearance in Cambridge for a Bigfoot conference that attracted nearly 600 believers.

Byrne said that having hundreds of attendees is proof that skepticism is diminishing.  He is hopeful that one day concrete evidence proves his theory is true.

“Science demands a body on the table,” Byrne said.  “Science demands physical remains on the table, so what we hope for is to find a body of one that has died from natural causes and there's that possibility and then it's all over.  We know that they are there -- or were there -- so that's what I hope for in the future before I move on.”

Scientists and Bigfoot trackers will continue searching for answers, Barry reported.

“A lot of famous big footers have died and still have not had sightings,” Waller said.

“They’re there,” Gayle Veselenak said.

The most recent reported Bigfoot sighting was reported in April in Mount Orab, Ohio, where someone spotted the creature near railroad tracks.

In the last 12 months In Ohio, there have been dozens of Bigfoot sightings and footprints found, Barry reported.

Source: 10TV


Nigeria: The Unknown Visitors

It has been heard over the years of the visit of some creatures that look like humans from outer space to the Earth. Also, many have sworn to have caught glimpses of these creatures. Now beat this... they have visited some parts of Nigeria. Gabriel ewepu writes on this myth or reality.

Ibrahim Shuaibu, a 14-year-old boy living in one of the villages in Northern Nigeria. One late evening, decided to go and check his fishing trap which he set earlier in the day. On reaching the small river, he suddenly noticed that the setting sun was getting closer to his location as he waded in the water feeling for his trap. But within seconds it dawned on him that what he initially perceived to be the sun was rapidly coming almost parallel to him, and this greatly unsettled his young mind. The object was glowing and circular, and smoothly glided like a huge incandescent saucer.

Shuaibu expectedly panicked and began to run out of the shallow river, and the hovering object slowly glided after him in pursuit. It was after he ran out of the banks of the river and to the edge of the small mountain that he breathlessly turned to look back at the strange object; he then saw that the huge saucer had stopped at the edge of the river, and was very calm and steady as if some people were inside the object watching him intently.

This story told by one Ibrahim, is a characteristic encounter with an Unidentified Flying Object [UFO] or flying saucer, popular in the Western world. In fact, polls have shown that one out of every four American believes that UFOs exist and are visiting the earth on a regular basis; and an estimated four million Americans claim to have seen a UFO, with some having encountered the alien beings in the object. The question is sometimes asked as to why UFOs are not seen in Africa. But many informed researchers are quick to give the simple answer; they are seen, all the time and as much as anywhere else.

Professor Oko Offoboche, an Abuja-based metaphycist, IT specialist and researcher, said that the reason why the UFO phenomenon is not visible in this part of the world is because much of Africa's populations still live traditional lives in isolated rural areas, and aliens and UFOs seem to prefer clandestine visitations, and aerial manifestations at local interior locations. According to him, "Most Africans do not have access to the internet, communications networks or media outlets that westerners take for granted. Most do not own mobile phones with or without cameras. As a result, virtually all UFO sightings remain unreported but by no means forgotten by those that experience them."

Also according to checks on the popular blog sites for the paranormal, www.starseeds.net, ufologists and sky watchers have affirmed that some sighting reports do make it to the west and Nigeria is one nation that is known to experience high levels of UFO activity. And in the year 2009, an entry was made of a report to the world's most popular UFO scientific organization for Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), whose job is to log in all UFO sightings around the world. The report was from Lagos, Nigeria, sent in by Adejide Olu, a man who witnessed an UFO in the Nigerian sky. According to him, it happened on May 1, 2008, the previous year.

"My wife and I were both coming [walking] from my brother's place who just relocated to the vicinity close to my place which is Mile 2 area of Lagos. As we were walking, I looked at the sky [which I usually do just as a hobby] then, I saw two objects in the sky moving around. They were oval-disc like in shape and silvery [illuminous] in appearance. I noticed they were darting around but one was more active than the other. Quite surprised at their movement, I realized what we saw were obviously aircraft. To my knowledge, these crafts were unlike any man-made machine as they did not make any sound at least to our hearing.

"It was dark when we eventually got home but to my surprise, my neighbours had also seen it, they didn't really know what they were. But due to my knowledge on it [I have read and seen documentary] I knew they were UFO. At a point, one was relatively stable but the second kept moving, darting around as if on observation mission. There was no public power supply, so the sky was quite clear. I was awed by the reality facing me, all what I have read and seen on documentary seems to be facing me that night. I watched till two minutes after 9 pm before going to bed. I later showed my brother the illustration of UFO in the Longman dictionary, and he agreed that what they saw as similar to the UFO illustration."

On July 2, 2012, a somewhat obscure celebration will take place worldwide - that of World UFO Day, a day that came into existence in the year 2001 in the United States of America, but which has never been celebrated on our shores until this year as advertised by a Nigerian UFO group, www.nigeria-ufo.com. Simply put, the international promoters of the event have said that the World UFO day is a day dedicated to the existence of unearthly/unidentified flying objects, therefore, the day is dedicated to raising awareness about the undoubted existence of UFOs and with the intelligent beings from outer space. They also declare that the day is used to encourage governments to unclassify their knowledge about sightings throughout the history, believing that many governments especially that of the United States of America, are believed to have gained exclusive information about UFOs through their military departments.

Of particular interest is the fact that Nigeria, being a very religious nation has not realised the religious importance of the UFO phenomenon. In July 2009, in the state of New Mexico, USA, Christian preachers and scholars comprising of notable personalities like William Alnor, L.A. Marzulli, Pastor Chris Ward and others, came together in the first Christian Symposium on UFO/Aliens, where they made an official statement on the phenomenon.

In their communiqué, they averred that God did not create any other extraterrestrial life outside of the planet earth, and therefore any being or flying object purported to visit the earth is a manipulation of the satan and the fallen angels; and this is part of the end time grand plan to deceive human beings into accepting satanic agents and false miracles.

But ironically, there are a lot of religions springing up today with beliefs and certain affiliations to UFO and the alien beings that come from them. And many of them are now having their branches in Nigeria here. On March26, 1997, in the United States of America, the California Police Department discovered the bodies of 39 members of the Heaven's Gate religious cult who had committed suicide in order to reach an alien space craft which they believed their souls would board at their death, and the UFO would take their souls to another "level of existence above humans". The cult group, led by Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles, believed in several paths for a person to leave the earth and survive before the "recycling", one of which was hating this world strongly enough; according to Applewhite, in a taped message he did before the mass suicide of which he led, "It was the only way to evacuate this earth... It is also possible that part of our test of faith is our hating this world, even our flesh body, to the extent to be willing to leave it without any proof of the Next Level's existence."

Source: allAfrica.com


Goblins Attacks Family, Burn Down Homestead

Three huts and a house were flattened last Sunday, while people are occasionally being pelted with stones by unseen things, believed to be goblins at a Chisumbanje homestead in Chipinge South, Zimbabwe, where mysterious occurrences are haunting the Sithole Family.

In this true to life tragedy whose scripts reads like a horror movie, the Sithole family had to make do with stones being thrown at them for the past two months, while soil is intermittently tossed into their pots by invisible assailants as they will be preparing food. However, things came to a boil early last week when three huts at the homestead as well as a house suddenly went up in smoke and the family now sleeps in the open, while the few belongings they managed to salvage from the raging fire are heaped outside.

Whenever one young male member of the family, Taso Sithole (16) entered each of the huts and as soon as he came out, that hut would unexpectedly go up in smoke and this happened on all the four structures that were burnt at the homestead. To make matters worse, efforts to put out the fire were rendered futile as the well at the homestead mysteriously ran dry, only for the well to automatically fill up to the brim with water soon after the huts had been razed.

A visibly traumatised Sarah Muyambo (52) said they were not aware of the hand behind the calamity. She, however, admitted that her 29-year-old son was once fingered by some traditional healers as having caused the misfortunes after he had allegedly laid his hands on some money making magical charms!

"It was around 10am when the fire started. All along we were used to being occasionally pelted with stones, while soil would be hurled in our pots as we were cooking sadza. In fact, it has been long since we last prepared a decent meal simple because you would not want to spend a long time preparing a meal, lest soil would be thrown in whatever you will be cooking. My son, we do not even know why the Lord has allowed this to happen to us. So many things have been said by our neighbours and other passers-by, but no one knows the truth yet. As per our tradition, when such things happen, we consulted different traditional healers for possible solutions. On more than one occasion, we were told that my son - Enoth, is responsible. They said he laid his hands on some money-making magical charms and things are now backfiring. When he returned from Bindura we went to one traditional healer with him so that he could hear it from the horse's mouse, but he vehemently denied the allegations."

She added that the family has been left without any option, but to come out in the open and let the world know that they were in serious trouble. She said different Christian groups visited her home and prayed, but nothing has improved yet.

"We are now sleeping in the open. We have no choice. After all, we hardly enjoy peaceful nights because at times we are pelted with stones by some unseen assailants. Today, it happened about three times when all of a sudden we found ourselves scurrying for cover as we were being pelted with stones. Sometimes some big objects like pots mysteriously rise from the ground coming in your direction and you just need to be alert all the time," she said.

In a separate interview, Enoch professed ignorance on the causes of the calamity that has befallen their family. The distraught Enock said he actually came back from Bindura to clear his name.

"I was told while I was in Bindura that I was being fingered by some traditional healers as the person behind the mysterious happenings at our home. That is why I came back to clear my name. I know nothing about it. I have never consulted any traditional healers with the aim of acquiring riches. My hands are clean," he said.

However, some neighbours confirmed that strange things were taking place at the Sithole homestead. Others went on to claim that snake-like creatures wearing sunglasses, a suit and a pair of shoes had been seen at the homestead.

Source: Zimbiaspora

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