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"It appears that nature has hid at the bottom of our hearts talents and abilities unknown to us. It is only the passions that have the power of bringing them to light, and sometimes give us views more true and more perfect than art could possibly do."

                                                                                         - François de la Rochefoucauld -

his week Conspiracy Journal brings you such hair-pulling tales as:

Don't Seek Out Extraterrestrials, Says Nobel Prize Winner -
- Machines From Elsewhere: Robots and UFOs -
- Richard Dolan's Breakaway Civilization -
- Connection Between Infectious Cattle Disease and Morgellons? -
AND: Man Killed While Attempting Bigfoot Hoax

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Hounds Of The Baskervilles:
From Demon Dogs To Sherlock Holmes:
The True Story Of The Beast!


One nearly scared to death eyewitness proclaimed after the beast loomed in front of him: “It was the biggest bloody ‘dog’ I have ever seen in my life!”

Legends of black dogs and phantom hounds are widespread throughout the United Kingdom as well as in the United States. Though presented in novelized form, Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle based his most popular detective thriller on true accounts of a mysterious black beast with blazing red eyes who is said to have attacked those crossing the moors. Some were lucky to have gotten away with their lives. Perhaps there are others who disappeared and their bodies were not accounted for.

Who can say for certain? In addition to presenting the number one classic detective thriller of all time in its unabridged, fully illustrated, form, this work goes way beyond the boundaries of fiction into the realm of the supernatural. Today’s top paranormal researcher’s delve into stories of the bloody beast who comes in various sizes and apparently even has the ability to shape shift into a more hideous creature when cornered.

As England’s leading cryptozoologist, Nick Redfern, points out, “There is one important factor to remember: Conan Doyle did not invent Britain’s phantom, fiery-eyed hounds. He merely brought them to the attention of the public in spectacularly entertaining style. In reality, the creature had been prowling around the British countryside for centuries; and particularly so Dartmoor – the fictional home of the world’s most famous hound of horror in all its awful glory.”

Here are dozens of accounts of devilish, gruesome, repugnant “monsters” – some of whom stand eight feet tall – who are said to be Satan’s watch dogs protecting the portals to another dimension or realm where no mortal should be made to tread!

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This Weeks Guest: Nick Redfern



Don't Seek Out Extraterrestrials, Says Nobel Prize Winner

Nobel Prize laureate Brian P. Schmidt has said it is probably unwise for human beings to be telling aliens where we are.

"I think it is probably not the smartest thing to tell the aliens where we are, as any encounter with aliens may not be a happy one," said Schmidt during the 28th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) held here from Aug. 21 to 31.

"Aliens may not be something that we need to worry about. It will be so far away and it takes so long to travel from point A to point B in the universe that it won't be a problem. But it will happen when it happens," said Schmidt, who shared the 2011 Nobel Prize in physics with Saul Perlmutter and Adam Riess for providing evidence that the expansion of the universe is accelerating.

Before their discovery, it was commonly thought that the expansion of the universe was slowing down. However, their findings show that dark energy pushes every galaxy apart and the universe will continue to expand at a quicker pace and eventually fade away.

According to his research, it will be harder to reach another planet in an accelerating universe, meaning it is less likely to meet higher intelligent extraterrestrial life in the future.

"The future of the universe seems to be dark. Things are getting faster and faster. In terms of looking for aliens, it's gonna be quite a challenge. It may never happen. Things like us are probably very rare in the universe," he said.

In 2010, Stephen Hawking, one of world's most famous theoretical physicists, said humans should be extremely cautious of extraterrestrial life and attempts to make contact with alien races is "a little too risky."

Schmidt agrees with Hawking and said humans have more things to worry about. "The reality is that the sun is going to give out on us in about 4 billion years, and is becoming very hot. So in the future about 800 million years from now we need to figure out how to deal with that first."

However, what if extraterrestrial civilizations have already discovered planet Earth and are frequent, if not clandestine, visitors?  People have been seeing strange flying objects that seem to defy "normal" explanations throughout history.  This is not to say that UFOs are definitely spaceships from other planets...there could be all sorts of other, albeit equally strange, explanations on what UFOs actually are. Nevertheless, there have been numerous reports of UFOs, and the creatures seen coming out of them, acting in less than friendly ways towards people who have the unfortunate luck of getting to close.

Take for example a 1976 case in Brazil investigated by the late Bob Pratt. A rancher named Luís Barroso set out from the city of Quixadá in the state of Ceará to go to his farm. He was riding in a two-wheel buggy pulled by a donkey. Around 4:00AM, a huge object with lights on it came down from the sky and hovered over Barroso and the donkey. He said a round door opened on the bottom and a beam of hot light hit them both. He passed out and didn’t know what happened after that. He was found later in the morning sitting in the buggy on the side of a highway. Both Barroso and the donkey were in a daze.

The farmer recovered enough to tell his wife what had happened, but by the end of the day Barroso started vomiting and suffering from nausea, diarrhea and headaches. A doctor treated him but the headaches continued for some days. Over the next two months Barroso's wife took him to one doctor after another, twelve in all, but none of them could determine what was wrong with him. Also, none of the doctors believed his story about the UFO, and because of this Barroso just stopped talking about it.

By the time he returned home his speech and his mind had begun to deterio­rate. Three months after the encounter, his hair turned white almost overnight. By the end of six months, he had regressed to the age of a one-year-old child and was never again capable of doing anything. The only person he recognized was his wife, and until the day he died seventeen years later he needed around-the-clock care.

This is just one example of what can happen if one gets too close to a UFO.  So care needs to be taken, whether it be scientists seeking intelligent life in the galactic neighborhood, or those curious about that strange light hovering over a nearby field.  Because close encounters with the unknown have the potential to end tragically for those whose curiosity got the best of them.

Source: Xinhua


British Civil Aviation Authority Interested In Pilots' UFO Sightings
By Lee Speigel

Despite the fact the UK's Ministry of Defense officially ended its UFO investigations in 2009, it appears that the British Civil Aviation Authority decided -- unbeknownst to the public -- to continue collecting reports that involved UFOs with possible flight safety issues.

"They were only interested in sightings that definitely had a bearing on aircraft or flight safety, and were no longer interested in reports from the public, who'd seen things in the sky and reported them to the Civil Aviation Authority," said David Clarke, the official UK National Archives consultant and a journalism lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University.

Clarke told the Huffington Post that the Civil Aviation Authority -- a different government department from the MoD -- kept separate records of UFO cases, "not only by the aircrew, themselves, but also anything unusual that was seen by air traffic controllers on the ground at airports."

Through the filing of Freedom of Information requests, Clarke found that the Royal Air Force specifically requested any UFO reports submitted to the Department of Transport would no longer be forwarded to the MoD.

The RAF specifically states that "members of the public who make such reports are not encouraged to believe an investigation will take place."

It's now known that British air traffic controllers have been receiving UFO reports on almost a regular basis.

Speaking on the BBC Radio's "Today" programme, on Aug. 17, Richard Deakin, the head of the UK's National Air Traffic Control Services, was asked if he or his staff had ever been unable to identify a flying object.

"Well, occasionally, there are objects that are identified that don't conform to normal traffic patterns -- not just from the UK point of view, but from around the world," Deakin responded. "I have to say it's not something that occupies a huge amount of my time."

Deakin added that these sightings occur "typically around one a month."

If that's true, then Clarke's calculations of how many actual UFO sightings were written up as Mandatory Occurrence Reports, or MORS, was substantially higher.

"As far as MOR reports that I got from using the Freedom of Information, from December 2004 to October 2010, their actual database listed 10 instances of UFOs or unidentified aircraft," said Clarke.

"Now [Deakin] is saying they get a report every month," he added. "If that was the case, I'd expect it to be 80 in that six-year period, not 10. So, my question is: Where did all the others go?"

This comes on the heels of the Ministry of Defense's ruling that all UFO investigations in the UK have come to an end. According to the MoD's website:

    The MoD has no opinion on the existence or otherwise of extra-terrestrial life. However, In over fifty years, no UFO report has revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom. The MoD has no specific capability for identifying the nature of such sightings. There is no defence benefit in such investigation. Furthermore, responding to reported UFO sightings diverts MoD resources from tasks that are relevant to defence.

UK pilots have reported a number of chilling near-misses with UFOs.

One incident involved David Hastings, a British pilot who, along with his co-pilot, David Paterson, was flying a Cessna Skymaster plane over the Mojave Desert in America on Sept. 9, 1985.

"We were sitting there enjoying the sunshine when we both suddenly saw this speck out on the horizon at our 12 o'clock position," Hastings told HuffPost.

"This speck suddenly grew extremely quickly until we saw this huge shadow go over the top of us," he recounted. "But the most amazing thing about it was there was no noise and absolutely no movement or turbulence at all. We looked at each other, saying, 'What the hell was that?'"

At that point, both pilots felt that something was in the air off the port (left) side of their plane, but they couldn't see anything there. They agreed that they were able to sense something moving outside.

Hastings walked to the back of the plane, grabbed his camera and returned to the cockpit where he snapped two pictures out the window. All he was able to see in the camera viewfinder was the left wing of the plane and the ground below.

It was only after they returned to San Francisco and got the pictures developed that they knew they'd encountered something extraordinary.

"One picture showed what we expected to see -- the aircraft wing and the ground," said Hastings. "But in the second one, there was this [cigar-shaped] thing. We were both convinced that it was not a manmade object.

"Several pilots have seen UFOs in England, so it didn't surprise me, but I was surprised that we actually got a picture of it."

Hastings recalls that, although he wasn't frightened by the object, he was mostly concerned about the initial encounter with it and the possibility of a mid-air collision. No hoax was ever determined in this case, which remains unexplained to this day.

Why do aviation officials avoid talking about UFOs? In the UK, Clarke suggests it's something that could result in bad publicity.

"Don't forget, this is a commercial operation and the aircrew are very reluctant to file a report because the airline companies don't want them answering questions about things that aren't part of the corporate image."

Source: Huffington Post


Machines From Elsewhere: Robots and UFOs
By Scott Corrales

In 1920, when Karel Capek wrote the three-act play R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots) he probably didn’t realize he would be changing humanity’s conception of what it is to be alive for generations to come, much less had the word “robot” to the world’s collective glossary. Derived from the Slavic term “robota”, meaning the work done by an indentured servant, robots have gone on to become a staple of science-fiction. We take their functions and existence for granted, with our own efforts at robotics ranging from industrial mechanical arms to the new wave of lovely Japanese automata. According to our age group, we look back fondly at either Robbie the Robot or Artoo-Detoo and See-Threepio. Perhaps some even remember seeing the graceful “María” making her appearance for the first time in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis

Only a year after “R.U.R.” appeared on the stage, French director André Deed created one of the first science-fiction movies involving robots: L’uomo Meccanico (The Mechanical Man), depicting a giant humanoid robot created for criminal purposes, but who is checked by another equally sizeable machine, settling their differences inside an Italian opera house. These original “rock’em-sock’em robots” showed audiences that the mechanical men, while emotionless, could serve the cause of good as well as evil.

Rampaging Robots

In an article for SAGA UFO Report (UFO Annual, 1975), Otto Binder wrote: “[Robots represent] a rather rare category of UFOnauts, but one that cannot be ignored. Witnesses often describe these creatures as having stiff movements and also having angular lines quite unlike living human beings. These strange entities range from the uncanny to the eerie.” He goes on to add: “We can logically assume that some worlds do not send their living explorers to Earth, but use robots somewhat like the Russian mobile vehicle on the Moon. But apparently the aliens have perfected observation vehicles in the form of living creatures.” Binder refers to the automated Lunakhod probe, but a more updated example would be our own Curiosity rover on Mars, about to engage on a study of the red planet in 2012.

UFO encounter reports from the late 1960's and the early to mid-1970's often described encounters with robotic entities emerging from UFOs or conducting their activities in areas where UFO activity was common. Researchers at the time conceded that organic ufonauts could, on occasion, entrust certain missions to mechanical creations much in the same way that our planet's space programs launch unmanned probes to destinations within the solar system. The robotic alien, for want of a better term, became one of the four or five "recognized and accepted" types of possible UFO occupant.

Did robots from another planet visit Avon, Connecticut in September 1967? Police officers found themselves responding to frightened calls from the public involving a “shiny-suited robot” in the vicinity of Talcott Mountain. The seemingly mechanical entity appeared to be engaged in some sort of frantic semaphore, trying to stop drivers along Route 44. Descriptions of the entity coincided in aspects such as a cowl or helmet that completely enshrouded the figure’s features, and its stiff movements as it wobbled on the road’s shoulder, trying to stop traffic. Police officers reported to the scene, but were unable to find any trace of the intruder.

In February 1981, Luis Dominguez, proprietor of small food and beverage concern in the village of Fuentecén in Spain had a brush with the unknown that led him to believe that ‘robots” of unknown provenance had visited his small community.

Between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m. on February 13 of that year, Dominguez had closed down his business and was heading home when two red lights caught his attention. Thinking it might be the taillights of car being used to commit burglaries in the wee hours of the morning, he headed in their direction, hoping to take the law into his own hands, but the would-be vigilante was floored by what happened next: the "taillights" rose into the air, made an odd twisting turn to the right, and landed elsewhere in the countryside. By his own admission, the unnatural sight made him break out in goosebumps.

Speeding back home, from where the red lights were still visible, Dominguez, his wife and son watched nervously as the lights engaged in a variety of movements, some of the undulating. Most spectacular of all was a sudden flash or beam of white light fired from the source of the two red ones, illuminating all the homes of Fuentecén as if by a giant klieg lamp.

It was then that Dominguez heard his dog bark. The family pet, ominously named "Satán", was outside the house barking at an object near to fence that encircled the property. Dominguez realized described it as a box-like contraption resembling a washing machine or small refrigerator, taller than the fence by a few inches. It had neither head nor appendages.

The curious object disappeared when Dominguez armed himself with courage and a flashlight and stepped outside for a closer look. However, he made a startling remark to J.J. Benítez: "the dog would bark at it and the object, from the very edge of the fence, would answer it with a very slow "bark" that was slower and muted. It may seem ridiculous, but I swear it's true. We got the sensation that the thing was imitating our dog."

The following day, while returning from school, Jose Francisco Dominguez excitedly told his father that a patch of burned vegetation was now in evidence at the site where the red "taillights" had been seen the night before: in fact, a patch measuring some five square meters of desiccated--rather than burned --grass was found in a field. The case attracted the interest of a number of local newspapers, which in turn prompted government ministries to take an interest in it. Subsequent analysis revealed no traces of radiation at the site.

Willy Rodriguez was an avid fisherman who enjoyed practicing the sport in the waters of the Esla River, not far from the monastery of Santa María de Moreruela in the Spanish province of Zamora. During the quiet hours of an early morning in the spring of 1974, Rodríguez’s two dogs began to bark furiously for no reason. Chiding his animals for spooking away the fish, the man later became aware of a bizarre figure, standing over six feet tall, with its arms held closely to the sides of its body, “like a soldier”, according to his description. In the sunlight, the strange entity looked as though it had been made of silver. Once recovered from the shock, he ordered his dogs to attack the strange metallic form, which simply glided away toward a nearby hill, and then vanished.

While may have questioned his claim, Rodriguez is adamant that the silvery presence he saw in the spring of 1974 “wasn’t a person – it was artificial. I think it was a sort of robot that came out of a flying saucer and answered to its commands,” he told Iker Jiménez and viewers of the Cuarto Milenio television program.

Spain’s own Antonio Ribera made a significant caveat when it came to cases involving humanoid occupants: “We must not exclude the hypothesis of biological robots created by an extremely advanced Science. Such robots would bear no resemblance to the crude robots of our science-fiction, full of nuts and bolts and electronic cells, but would be actual living being.” (FSR, “The Landing at Villares del Saz”). This dovetails, interestingly enough, with the physical appearance robots presented by Karel Capek’s “R.U.R.” – human looking in every way, and capable of emotion.

Robots in Saint Jean du Gord

On August 19, 1972, Mrs. X -- a schoolteacher -- were camping in Southern France near Saint Jean du Gord in the backyard of a friend's house. The location commanded a view of the town and its surrounding hills. At around 2:00 a.m., stirred by the sound of festivities in the town, Mrs. X left the tent for some fresh air and became aware of a very bright light "about the size of an Isetta" (an egg-shaped, two passenger car) located in a parking lot on one of the hillsides. While she wondered what could cause an automobile to glow in such an uncharacteristic manner, she heard the sound of heavy footsteps advancing toward her in the darkness. She would later tell researcher Jean Paul Guguen that strange sound was similar to "a child stomping on dry leaves". Upon turning around, the woman was startled to see a perfectly black shape against the blacker background: a rectangular shape crowned by an oval head, standing some ten feet away.

"It seemed to me that the shape was made of wood, some thirty to forty centimeters thick," she would later tell Guguen. "It was a parallelepiped, with two round circles where its eyes should have been...two round circles some five centimeters in diameter which were all that could be seen of the black mass, turned toward me. I was unable to see its feet or its legs, because they were covered by tall grass."

According to Mrs. X, she felt an overwhelming sense of morbid fear--not arising out of herself, but being projected onto her by the apparition. She added the curious detail that everything surrounding the object appeared "dead", as if it were able to neutralize the very air, grass and trees around it.

Mrs. X ran back into the tent, where her sleeping husband had been aware to the entire proceedings. The husband testified that his wife's features were "deformed by fear" and that she told him she had just seen a "frightful, horrible thing" outside the tent. When asked why he did not venture out of tent to see for himself, he admitted that his courage failed him.

While no other locals corroborated the sighting of the "robot", a nearby homeowner complained of having heard strange footsteps on her back porch at exactly the same time that Mrs. X's encounter with the unknown was taking place.

Geometrical, artificial ufonauts must have had a fondness for France: in 1976, Jean Dolecki was driving his pickup truck along a twilit rural road in St-Jean-de-Royans (Saintonge) when he became aware of a bright white light in the darkening skies above him. In a hurry to make it home, Dolecki ignored the object and continued on his way--before realizing that the object was coming in for a landing. Suspecting a private plane in distress, the motorist pulled over and hoped to get a better look.

In a matter of seconds, he realized that it was neither an airplane, nor a balloon, nor anything he'd ever seen before. The spherical object eventually landed in a nearby field. Much to his amazement, an opening appeared on the side of the luminous object and three "giant robots" -- as Dolecki described them -- emerged from within, having small square heads and spindly tubular arms resembling "fishing rods". After cavorting in the field for approximately ten minutes, the mechanical giants re-entered their craft, which shot away at a fantastic speed.

An article by Jacques Vallée for Flying Saucer Review (“The Pattern Behind UFO Landings”) contains an interesting case that could be perhaps interpreted as a cyborg report rather than a robot: On October 20, 1954, an unnamed witness in the Parravicino d’Erba near the Italian city of Como saw a strange being in a silvery outfit, standing near a tree. The witness was paralyzed by a “flashlight” type device wielded by the unknown entity (a common occurrence in UFO reports) but somehow was able to break this hold by clenching the car keys he held in his hand at the moment. Upon seeing this, the entity rose from the ground making a whirring sound: its lower body appeared to end in a funnel-shaped device with a circular platform “having the same diameter as a bicycle wheel”. Authorities managed to photograph what appeared to be an oily spot on the ground. Had the cyborg sprung a leak as a result of the incident? Four days later, a child in Sainte-Catherine (Rhone) reportedly saw a manlike figure “with clothes that looked like iron” emerge from a craft.

Summoned by Mechanical Men

Argentinean ufologist Roberto Banchs looked into a case involving peasant women from the town of General Pico in the Province of La Pampa on May 24, 1962. The psychological impact on the witness was such that she required hospitalization after the experience.

The anonymous witness was tending her field adjacent to another property belonging to her brother when she saw two “flying saucers” land in a neighboring field. One of these objects disgorged “two horrible giants that shocked her deeply.”

According to sources, the witness’s family reported the incident immediately to the police, who reported promptly to scene of the events. Their survey of the area found “an immense wheel of burned, crushed grass at the sight where the flying saucer had made a soft landing.”

The witness’s brother – who acted as her spokesman in all these reports – told others that the giant entities made “non-human movements, uncoordinated and mechanical” and gestured to his sister, bidding her to come closer. These gestures were described as “strange and nearly incomprehensible”. With the witness unavailable to tell her story, hearsay details would later emerge, such as the giant mechanicals retreating to their saucer when they noticed the woman flailing about in abject terror.

High Strangeness Robots

The following account may remind some readers of Matthew Robbins’ 1987 film Batteries Not Included, in which diminutive alien mechanisms – “the Fix-Its” -- lend assistance to the movie’s harried protagonists. But it is far from being a rough draft for some science fiction project.

Jerry Townsend, a young radio broadcaster, was on his way from Little Falls to Long Prairie, Minnesota, at around 7:40 in the evening on October 23, 1965. As he rounded a bend a few miles outside of Long Prairie, the electrical system in Townsend’s car went dead, forcing him to hit the brakes and coast to a stop. Ahead lay an astonishing sight: a rocket-shaped object standing some twenty to thirty feet tall, resting on fins much like a V-2 rocket or a pulp magazine spaceship. According to the broadcaster – who had left the relative safety of his car for a closer look at the rocket – a trio of diminutive objects “shaped like beer cans” emerged from under the ship, heading toward him. These small robots, six inches high, waddled on two fin-like appendages and appeared to be watching him.

After ascertaining that the 19-year-old radioman was no threat, the objects retreated under the rocket and vanished into it. The craft took off noiselessly, causing Townsend to compare it to “a flashlight being lifted off a table.”

Coral Lorenzen, who included this account in her article “UFO Occupants in the United States” for Flying Saucer Review, noted: “The wrap-up on this case included inquiries to teachers and friends. Townshend got a clean bill of health as far as his reputation for honesty was concerned.” The local sheriff and a police officer visited the scene of the alleged incident and found “three parallel strips of oil-like substance about 4 inches apart and a yard long on the surface of the road.”

Corrboration for the sighting came from a pair of hunters, who reportedly saw a lighted object lifting off into the sky from the area where the mini-bots had startled Jerry Townsend, who perhaps wishes he would have had a witness or two to corroborate his mind-bending experience, as occurred in the following Australian case.

Six young friends had set off in their car to Bents Basin in Wallacia, New South Wales (Australia) on June 4, 1972 never thinking for a minute that they would become part of UFO lore. Finding that their vehicle would not start, the group became aware of a pulsating, red, disc-shaped object resting on a nearby hill, some two hundred yards away. A humming sound, combined with the red pulsations, caused the witnesses to feel ill. Two members of the group who had gone out to search for help returned running, saying that a giant “shadow” was headed their way.

Hiding in the grass, the youths reportedly saw a towering robotic entity – having an estimated height of seven to nine feet -- gliding over the surface. They described the menacing presence as shiny and with “a round, helmeted head, broad shoulders, and arms that came to pointed hands.” (http://thecid.com/ufo/uf19/uf5/195853.htm). As it grew closer, the witnesses reported that it vanished into thin air. An illusion projected by the disc to keep intruders at arms’ length? This fascinating case was investigated by author and researcher Bill Chalker in 1975, who suggests the area surrounding Bents Basin is a major paranormal “hotspot” prone to a wide array of UFO-related experiences (http://www.ufoera.com/articles/new-ufo-reports-australia_1190311261.html).


As our own automated probes venture cautiously into the solar system, delighting scientists with data and the casual observer with amazing photographs, we had no problem envisioning an extraterrestrial civilization engaging in similar behavior. Why expose an organic crew of explorers to the perils of a hazardous, even poisonous, atmosphere without first sending a mechanical advance party?

UFO case histories, particularly those overseas, contain fascinating eyewitness accounts of machines and entities that were classified as “robotic” due to their halting movements or simply the observer’s perception that he or she faced something that wasn’t alive. Are such robotic manifestations by an unseen intelligence simply meant to fit into an acceptable frame of reference – that of the machine man – which has become worldwide, or actual pioneers from a distant solar system?

Source: Inexplicata


Richard Dolan's Breakaway Civilization
By Sean Casteel

Here is a puzzling aspect of UFOlogy all but one of the “heavy hitters” in the field refuse to go anywhere near due to the potential “sneer factor."

It is evident that our own space agency, NASA, or some agency from another earthly country, seems to be wandering around up on the Lunar as well as the Martian surfaces. And furthermore, they seem to be most vigorous in their ongoing efforts, which our government and military are keeping as hush-hush as they possibly can, though to many the proverbial cat has escaped from the bag.

Researcher and long time publisher Timothy Green Beckley of Global Communications published a new book this year called “The Secret Space Program: Who Is Responsible?” that covers many aspects of a topic that just gets increasingly hotter all the time. We have recently witnessed the successful landing of the Curiosity space probe on Mars and await any relevant information it may offer on the possibility of life on the Red Planet, even if it be but a few struggling microbes. Which still begs the question, if proof of some alien life form was found there, what form would the inevitable cover-up take? Could we trust any leaks that told us something intelligent had, at least in ancient times, taken up residency there?

This is the kind of murky area where one turns to an expert for guidance and in this case, we spoke to world-renowned investigator, author and frequent media guest Richard Dolan.

Richard Dolan is one of the most respected figures in the UFO community. In a field crowded by overzealous believers and fringe “contactees,” Dolan has firmly established a reputation as a researcher and author who relies primarily on public and proven sources, or at least sources whose background can be verified in real-world terms. He has written two very influential books on the government cover-up of the UFO phenomenon, “UFOs and the National Security State,” Volumes One and Two, that provide thorough research into the history of the clandestine, black budget response of the US military and intelligence community to the alien presence.

Dolan answered that question by saying there are a couple of reasons.

“First,” he said, “I think that there are a number of anomalous events we know have occurred in Earth orbit and beyond Earth orbit. Those alone are not proof of a secret space program, but I’ll go over why I think this is important evidence. We’ve got 40 years of events recorded by US and Soviet astronauts of objects in orbit that appear to be not our own and that seemed to move intelligently. We’ve got them going back to the 1960s, and there are some very excellent Soviet cosmonaut reports from the 1980s. We have the evidence of what’s known as DSP satellites – that’s Defense Support Program satellites. These are a series of geosynchronous satellites in Earth orbit that have a long record of tracking ‘fast-walkers’ in space. That is, objects that are like a space UFO.

“From the 1973 period up to 1991,” he continued, “there were, if I’m not mistaken, 281 such anomalous events recorded by the DSP satellites. Now, I’m not saying that every one of these recorded anomalous events are ET craft. But a number of them are really bizarre. For example, one that took place around 1984, recorded by satellite, showed an object that approached it to within a certain very close distance and then moved away. In fact, it approached from a point in deep space and then moved on."

We have this information, Dolan said, through almost an accident. A friend of Dolan’s who worked for many years at an aerospace company received mistakenly, but not illegally, a printout of some DSP “fast-walker” events.

“My point is simply this: you’ve got those events and quite a few others that are intriguing, which tells me there is something going on in Earth’s orbit that’s not being officially explained. It would seem to me very logical that just as there would be a covert monitoring of the UFO phenomenon within Earth’s atmosphere and on the ground and so forth, if there are anomalous activities going on in space, then clearly you would want an agency to monitor that as well, to deal with it. And that would necessitate the creation of a very clandestine component to the US space program."

Secondly, Dolan pointed to the fact that there has also been a good history, although not an “airtight” history, of leaks from within the military world. One former Air Force NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) stated that he had the opportunity to review NASA images of the far side of the moon, images that, Dolan said, are normally airbrushed to conceal artificial structures not deemed suitable for release to the public.

“You get the claim quite a few times,” Dolan said, “of NASA airbrushing and doctoring their moon photographs. Again, these are claims. But I look at a number of these claims and they strike me as sincere individuals and, frankly, I have no reason to doubt what they’re saying. There have been at least three or four specific individuals who made these claims about NASA airbrushing their images. So that makes me think that there’s more funny business going on. They’re hiding something important about space."

Another of Dolan’s sources told Dolan that he had been assigned to train remote viewers at Fort Meade, Maryland, to scan the dark side of the moon, presumably looking for evidence of an alien presence there. Dolan says he feels that the US military must have had a good reason for pursuing that line of investigation and that there are capabilities vis-à-vis space that our military has which they’re not telling to the rest of us.


“My own thoughts on Mars are this,” Dolan began. “I have become persuaded over the years that there are things on Mars that seem anomalous to me, that do seem artificial. I will go that far. There are claims by people who are alleged insiders who have gone to Mars and so forth, and I do not credit these claims. Until they’re able to prove something that actually sounds rational or is backed by evidence, I can’t take it seriously.

“Having said that, though,” he continued, “look, it makes perfect sense to me, when you look at the history of apparent UFO crashes and recoveries, and there are a number I think there are good cases for, you have to assume that the national security apparatus isn’t going to just be sitting on their hands looking at this technology forever. Of course they’re going to try to study it and obviously to replicate it. How could they not?"

So that allows 40 to 50 years, according to Dolan, with a lot of black budget money and a lot of secrecy, in which a classified reverse-engineering group could work.

“And if you’ve had any level of success with it,” Dolan went on, “it’s not something you can share with the world. Yet it would be something that would come in very handy for covert missions beyond Earth’s orbit, i.e., a secret space program."

Dolan says he has spoken to people he considers credible who affirm there is a secret program connected with the moon. Concerning Mars, he says he’s never gotten anything that could allow him to say confidently one way or the other, but, he said, he would not be shocked to learn that we had traveled to Mars as a result of recovered alien technology.

“Every conclusion in science,” he added, “is provisional and contingent on more information coming your way."


“One of the ideas I’ve been kicking around for the last few years,” Dolan said, “is that of a ‘breakaway civilization.’ I think that this is something that is real. Now, my theory of it is that it originated really in post-World War II society, but there’s nothing preventing such a thing from having happened earlier. The basic idea of the ‘breakaway civilization’ is simply that you have a secret group, a classified group of people, with access to radically advanced technology, radically advanced science, and they just don’t share it with the rest of the world. One scientific breakthrough leads to another, and that leads to another and so on. So the next thing you know, you’ve got a separate group of humanity that is vastly far beyond the rest of the world."

Dolan said this isn’t necessarily a farfetched notion.

“In our own official world history,” he explained, “you go back 200 years and compare levels of technology from Europe to, say, Central Africa, and you’re talking about two vastly different ways of understanding the world. So really, what is the difficulty in understanding that a classified, secret scientific community would make radical breakthroughs that they wouldn’t share? I don’t think it’s outrageous, and I do think this has happened since World War II. Now, one of the breakthroughs they’ve made is in what we would call ‘antigravity technology.’ Could this have happened in the 19th century? I don’t think that it’s impossible in theory.

“I have speculated privately many times,” he said, “whether there has been a secret breakaway group going back to ancient times. When you look at some of the really puzzling mysteries of our ancient world, whether it’s the Great Pyramid of Giza or Machu Pichu, there are elements of those and other architectural sites that have been left behind that to me at least don’t make a whole lot of sense in the context of human society as it then was supposed to have existed. The Great Pyramid doesn’t make sense to me in terms of 2,500 years ago ancient Egyptian culture. I wonder if this was a human construct at the time, and what human civilization are we talking about here?

“So I leave open the possibility that some great secret would be understood by a very small, elect group of people. They would want to hide this from the rest of the world for obvious reasons – power, and just not wanting to share."


Asked where the Nazis fit into this picture, Dolan replied, “When I started getting into this business about 15 years ago, I certainly had a very poor appreciation of just how sophisticated the research was in this field. I’ve definitely come to a very different opinion now.

“The Nazis were quite sophisticated,” he continued, “in their science of what we would call ‘flying saucer technology.’ We now know this. Here’s the problem, though, with that theory. I don’t think one can state the case that the Nazis explain the entire UFO phenomenon. Not even close."

Dolan said he had visited the Canadian National Archives in Ottawa to review Canadian UFO reports and came across a story written by an elderly man in the 1980s, who wrote about his experience in the Northwest Territory doing aerial mapping for the Canadian government in 1936. According to Dolan, the man had a perfect, crystal clear sighting of “the most beautiful aerial object he had ever seen.” The object was oblong, a little longer than it was wide, and he stood looking up, just amazed at what he was seeing. The object took off and within two seconds was at the horizon. It never at any point made a sound.

A typical, even classic UFO sighting, right? But Dolan’s point was more about when it occurred.

“It is true,” he said, “that in 1936 the Nazis were in power. But it’s also true that in 1936 their science in this field was still in its bare infancy, as far as anyone could tell. Let’s assume that this story is true. That tells me that in 1936 you’ve got a perfectly functioning, incredible UFO in the middle of nowhere in Northern Canada doing, well, what? What the hell was that thing doing there? Someone’s supposed to tell me that’s Nazi technology? Sorry, but no sale. I’m not buying that.

“People who argue that UFOs are strictly Nazi technology need to do a little more research into the phenomenon itself. It goes back much further than the 1930s, that’s for sure. It’s either a very, very clandestine human intelligence that exists as a longstanding secret society – of course we need to find their manufacturing plant and where the hell they’re located – or we’re dealing with nonhumans here that are interacting with Planet Earth. I actually think the latter theory is more likely, but there certainly is a clandestine human power structure. I don’t dispute that.

“But there are just too many witness claims and descriptions of nonhuman entities. I don’t believe these are all just faked or screen memories. I think people are actually seeing entities that are not human."


“I’ve tried to figure this one out myself,” Dolan said. “Who’s really running the show here? At least the human part of it. I scratch my head about that frequently. It’s certainly not the president of the United States. It’s obvious that there is a power structure behind every president. You look at every president of the last almost 50 years and really every one of them got into office because one man named David Rockefeller nodded his head and said, yes, that man’s going in.

“That’s just how it is. Rockefeller was instrumental behind Gerald Ford. He and Zbigniew Brzezinski practically literally lifted Jimmy Carter up from Georgia and plunked him in the White House. Rockefeller was very powerful and prominent in the Reagan administration. He was essentially the political grandfather of George Herbert Walker Bush. Bush was always a protégé of Kissinger, and Kissinger always worked for Rockefeller. Bill Clinton was very much desired by the Rockefeller people. Clinton attended his first Bilderberger meeting in 1991, the year before he got the Democratic nomination. No accident. And on it goes. Who’s one of Obama’s senior aides, advisors? It’s Brzezinski, the Rockefeller man.

“So all of these presidents are backed, not just by David Rockefeller, who obviously is in his mid- to late-90s now, but that clique of financial power that surrounds him. This is the locus of real power in the world today. My supposition is simply that – just as global financial interests are the dominant force behind US foreign policy and US financial policy – so too I believe they are probably the dominant players in managing UFO technology and the secret space program. I believe that, but I can’t prove it."

The most tangible thing Dolan feels he can point to is that special access programs, the primordial black budget programs, in the US, all indicate a preponderance of private power as opposed to public power.

“In other words,” he explained, “the US Department of Defense personnel do not appear to be the key players in these special access programs. Rather, it’s private contractors, like Boeing or Lockheed or General Electric and so forth. They really run the show. What we have is, at the classified level, private money that is more likely calling the shots. That’s how the government has operated for more than a century, and it makes sense to me that the UFO technology issue would become privatized at some point, and the secret, clandestine space program would also be to a large extent privatized. It certainly would help with secrecy. It’s easier to have something proprietary instead of merely classified, if you want to keep a secret, and I think a lot of this has gone into private hands."

While government institutions may still have “their fingers in the pie,” Dolan said, the technology and knowledge that’s truly important is outside the public realm and it’s outside the public purview.


Is NASA part of the cover-up?

“My feeling has been,” Dolan answered, “that NASA is a front for something that’s much more profound behind the scenes. Think of it this way: the United States is never, ever going to relinquish its dominance of space as a platform of operations. After all, it is the domination of space that enables the US military to dominate theaters of war. Without dominating space, the US military honestly isn’t any better than the military of a lot of other nations. But because we dominate space with satellite technology, that is how we allow Stealth fighters and bombers to get the exact information they need that enables them to do precision targeting and bombing and so forth. The militarization of space is an absolute necessity from a national security perspective. There is nothing in the world that will ever make them voluntarily relinquish that."

In recent years, however, NASA has ended manned space missions and has announced a much more stripped down future agenda.

“That’s going to be a completely separate development from the clandestine military component of space,” Dolan said. “So, on that basis alone, I think it’s an obvious given that we have a secret space program. That doesn’t have to include a connection to the UFO/ET phenomenon. But I think it does simply because I’m quite satisfied that there IS a UFO/ET phenomenon and that some of it exists in Earth orbit."


Given that a secret space program exists, what would be its ultimate goal?

“My feeling,” Dolan replied, “would be that it’s a separate thing altogether from basic neo-geopolitical maneuvering. What you would use a secret space program for is to deal with these ‘others,’ as I call them, these other beings, one way or another."

Dolan offered the following story to make his point about keeping certain technology secret: “Back in 1986, when the United States bombed the nation of Libya, is very instructive. Because at that time, the US had operationally, but still secret, the F-117-A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter. Yet the Stealth Fighter was not employed in that Libyan mission. Instead, the US used the F-111. Now, the F-111 is a very fine aircraft, but the fact was that the top of the line fire aircraft was the Stealth fighter, and it wasn’t used on the Libyan mission. The question is, why not?

“The answer, we learn from the military, was simply that the F-117 classification was still secret, and the Libyan mission was not seen as a high enough priority to risk exposing that aircraft yet. The US did not want the rest of the world to know because Stealth technology was just that important. And that should tell us something: that just because you have top of the line technology out there, using it in such a way that it’s out in the open is not always a good thing. The technology can be so valuable that it’s almost counterproductive to use it because then you’re letting the rest of the world know you’ve got it.

“So too with secret space technology and the secret space program. Using flying saucers to fight the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would be counterproductive from their point of view. That’s assuming that they want to win the wars to begin with. But once you use them in battle, you’re alerting other groups that yes, this is possible and you can build a functioning flying saucer. And maybe the US doesn’t want them to know that."

Dolan continued by saying that the capabilities of such technology would obviously be used for the highest level of classified activity that exists, and in his view that’s the ET reality.

“This technology would primarily be used for that,” he said, adding, “in all its nebulous glory. I don’t know all of the interactions that the terrestrial power structure might have with these ‘others.’ But I can imagine that there may have been interactions and that this technology would be considered very important in that regard."


When asked if he had any concluding remarks, Dolan spoke about the need for proof in a field where so much must be taken on faith.

“We’re in a field,” he said, “where there are certain things we know and there are certain things we don’t know. And we always have to remember the difference.

“One thing that I can say we know,” he continued, “is that there is a genuine UFO phenomenon and that this phenomenon has engaged with the United States military for many years. We KNOW this is true because we have a certain number of released US documents that prove it. That prove we have been concerned about UFOs; that we have tried to intercept UFOs; and we have seen them – military personnel – visually and tracked them on radar. All of that and more. That is unarguable and you can take it to the bank.

“Much of the rest is guesswork. And it’s fair to guess. We have to guess. We have to create hypotheses. The only thing that I try to remind myself and others of is that when we’re creating a hypothesis, we need to distinguish that from known fact. We’ve got to be careful how we handle our evidence. I speculate as much as anyone at this point in the game. I’m very happy to speculate. I just want to make it clear to people who read what I have to say or listen to me, that when I come to a conclusion, A, it’s always a provisional conclusion, and B, it’s always based on what I consider to be evidence."

Dolan said he wasn’t totally happy to use secret, inside sources in his work because it put people in the position of having to choose whether to trust him or not based on the claims of a source he could not bring before the public. It’s much better to work efficiently from public, certified sources and carefully assemble one’s hypothesis on that basis.

“We’re in deep waters,” Dolan said. “It’s very easy to lose our footing. It’s very easy to drown. You’ve got to be careful."

[If you enjoyed this article, visit Sean Casteel’s “UFO Journalist” website at www.seancasteel.com.]

Source: UFO Digest

Is There a Connection Between Infectious Cattle Disease and Morgellons?

New evidence shows Morgellons disease has a physiologic (physical not mental) basis. The Morgellons break through started with the research publication, Filament Formation Associated with Spirochetal Infection: a comparative approach to Morgellons Disease by Marianne Middelveen, a Canadian veterinary microbiologist and Raphael Stricker, MD. The CEHF first announced this news last fall when this peer reviewed publication appeared in the November, 2011 issue of Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology.


Why is this important?

In November, 2011, Middelveen and Stricker reported to have found evidence of a veterinary analog to Morgellons (MD). BDD, an infectious disease which has plagued cattle for decades, has fibers/filaments within their tissue and lesions that were recognized as a match to those found in the controversial disease known as Morgellons (MD) in humans. Studies on fibers/filaments from cattle with the bovine hoof disease and those found in MD suffers provided startling evidence challenging the dermatologists’ unfounded assumption that MD is a psychiatric disorder called “Delusions of Parasitosis”. Anyone who suffers from Morgellons knows how real these symptoms are and how disheartening it is to be told it is all in your head. Although the publication stated that the etiology (cause) of MD was not yet known, the findings by Middelveen and Stricker provided corroborative evidence to support a physiological and, perhaps, infectious etiology, lending a new direction for further research.

Second Study Announced by the CEHF on May 16, 2012


Indeed, their second study, Morgellons Disease: A Chemical and Light Microscopic Study, published May, 2012 in the peer reviewed publication, Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research, continued this BDD and MD comparison in greater detail. Researchers were able to conduct a more in-depth analysis of dermatological specimens from three Morgellons patients and biopsies from cattle with proliferative late stage BDD. Examinations were conducted by light microscopy, by chemical experiments and by immunohistological testing.
Results of the Study …

These findings confirmed that filaments/fibers from both bovine and human samples were similar in formation at the cellular level and had the chemical and physical properties of keratin. The composition of MD filaments from humans was confirmed to be keratin by immunohistological staining with antibodies specific for human keratins. Fibers from three human patients were found to be biological in origin and are produced by keratinocytes in epithelial and follicular tissues.

An interesting side note is that researchers Middelveen and Stricker found filaments/fibers associated with MD beneath unbroken skin as well as in lesions, thus, demonstrating they are not self-implanted. This confirms previous research from Dr. Randy Wymore at the OSU-Center for the Investigation of Morgellons Disease.

Why is this important?

The original premise--that MD is physiological is holding up to the test of scientific scrutiny.

Morgellons Study Cited by Faculty of 1000


The quality and importance of this research is highlighted in Faculty of 1000 Award. Faculty of 1000 (F1000) is a global community of over 10,000 experts who select, rate and evaluate the very best articles in biology and medicine. The core mission of the F1000 is to identify and evaluate the most important articles in biology and medical research publications. The organization highlights and brings awareness to significant new research. The selection of Morgellons Disease: A Chemical and Light Microscopic Study places the work in this work in the top 2% of published articles in these fields. It classifies the study as “must read” and is certainly an honor for the entire research team. More information can be accessed at the F1000 website (http://f1000.com/716597867).

Thank You and Congratulations to Our Researchers!!

No one can apply to be considered for this. This research was chosen and recognized on its merits and for the importance it holds worldwide. Everyone at The Charles E. Holman Foundation and from the Morgellons community wish to express our congratulations to Marianne Middelveen, Elizabeth Rasmussen, Douglas Kahn, and Raphael Stricker for this recognition. The award was indeed serendipity.

We now have documented, peer reviewed evidence published, corroborating that Morgellons is not delusions of parasitosis.

MD, like BBD, has a true physical cause. “ … Because BDD is a disease in which spirochetes have been identified as primary etiologic agents, and spirochetal sero-reactivity has been associated with MD, it is reasonable to assume that spirochetal infection plays an important role in MD... Further immunohistological and electron microscopy studies are needed to solve the mystery of Morgellons …” (Middelveen and Stricker). This points the way to the next step in our research.

Source: The Charles E. Holman Foundation


Source Of Loud Booms In California A Mystery

People from all over El Dorado County California say they’re hearing loud booms several times a week, but there are many theories on what is causing them.

“I thought it was thunder,” said one person.

“It’s definitely not thunder; too consistent. I thought it was just mining,” said another person.

“I always considered them to be sonic booms from flying aircrafts for years,” said Loring Brunius, owner of Sierra Rock Diamond Quarry.

People who live near Pleasant Valley say their days have been interrupted by loud booms, shaking the floor beneath them.

“You can feel it in the ground, no question about it. But no one’s been able to figure out why,” said Pleasant Valley resident Peter O’Grady. “I tend to hear somewhere between four to six of these things during the weekdays usually between 11 p.m. and 2 p.m.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom just like that,” said Lorren Gonzales, who lives near Pleasant Valley.

And the rolling foothills of El Dorado County make it difficult for them to even tell where it’s coming from.

We asked the owner of Sierra Rock Diamond Quarry what he knew about it. He says they havent blasted since last year. And any miners or quarry owners would need government permission before they can set off any explosives.

“It’s a federally mandated system, and enforced,” said Brunius.

Some think the booms are from nearby wineries using propane cannons to scare away birds.

“We’ve never done it and I don’t know of any other winery that does,” said Carrie Bendick, a winemaker at Holly’s Hill Winery.

According to USGS, there aren’t enough seismic stations to pinpoint the exact location. Meanwhile, some say the booms have been around so long and happen so often they barely notice them anymore. Still, others want to solve the mystery.

“I would like to know what it is, yeah. And I’d like to know when it’s going to stop too,” said O’Grady.

CBS13 spoke to Fallon Naval Air Station that said any supersonic flight operations they do are only allowed over Dixie Valley, which is hundreds of miles away.

Some think illegal mining could be the source of the sounds, but Brunius doubts that theory. He said if that was the case, the culprit would have been caught by now.

Source: CBS-13


Man Killed While Attempting Bigfoot Hoax

A Montana man who was apparently trying to trigger a Bigfoot sighting by dressing up in a costume and darting out onto a dark stretch of highway was struck and killed by two passing cars, officials said.

Randy Lee Tenley, 44, of Kalispell, Mont., was apparently wearing a Ghillie suit at the time. That's a camouflage outfit -- sometimes used by military snipers or hunters -- designed to resemble dense, thick foliage.

"What we know so far is that we had a couple of guys out, allegedly trying to prompt a sighting of Bigfoot," Montana Highway Patrol Lt. Col. Butch Huseby told the Los Angeles Times. The officer added: "This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. Really."

But it was no doubt a frightening sight for the teenage girl who was driving down a two-lane highway at about 10:30 p.m. Sunday near Flathead Lake in northwestern Montana. That's when Tenley, dressed in the camo, stepped out onto the roadway, officials say.

The girl's car struck Tenley, who was then struck by a second car -- also driven by a teenage girl, Huseby said. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

The incident remains under investigation, including whether the men involved were drinking at the time and whether the drivers were in any way culpable, Huseby said.

He added that the teenage drivers -- assuming they're unfamiliar with military camouflage -- probably had no idea what they were seeing. And they might indeed have thought they were seeing Bigfoot, or Sasquatch.

"For somebody who has never seen [a Ghillie suit], they look absolutely odd. You would not understand what you were looking at," especially in the dark, he said. "It goes from head to toe. You would look at it and think, 'What in the world is that?' "

Tenley was with a buddy at the time, and that friend told authorities what the pair was up to, Huseby said.

Source: LA Times

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