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Why is it so hard to believe that things may not be as they seem?

Behind the frozen smiles and empty eyes lie the decaying dreams of a better world. Where once was a promise of fairness and quiet noble ideals, is replaced with fear that grasps with rabid desperation for fictional pasts, tribal gods and all-to-real prejudices. And freedom, sweet freedom, its desire demands a watchful eye as treason blooms from the root of our forefathers. Fear and security are the new mandate. With fear comes control. From control comes power. This is what we have to offer our bearers of new light. Is this the legacy we want to leave after our lives have disappeared into dust? A bold, free future; or a shattered promise of yesterdays forgotten dreams.

Why is it so hard to believe that things may not be as they seem?

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such mind-blowing stories as:

- Solar Warden: The Secret Space Program -
- Company Aims To Take The World Back To The Moon -
- Time-Traveling UFOnauts? -
- Ghosts of Salem County Insane Asylum -
AND: Man Forced Into Exile After Debunking "Miracle"
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IN the year 1947 Admiral Richard E. Byrd made a flight into the South Polar region of the world. Before he started on the venture, Byrd made a mysterious statement: "I'd like to see that land beyond the Pole. That area beyond the Pole in the center of the great unknown." In the cockpit of his plane was a powerful, two-way radio. When Byrd and his scientific companions took off from their base at the South Pole, they managed to fly 1700 miles beyond it. That's when the radio in Byrd's plane was put into use to report something utterly incredible.

There was a strange great valley below them. For some unknown reason, the valley Byrd saw was not ice-covered as it should have been in the frigid Antarctic. It was green and luxuriant. There were mountains with thick forest of trees on them, there was lush grass and underbrush. Most amazing, a huge animal was observed moving through the underbrush. In a land of ice, snow and almost perpetual "deep-freeze" …here was a stupendous MYSTERY. Byrd had discovered a strange great valley just beyond the South Pole, where the weather temperature, believe it or not, was evidently something like 75 degrees.

Suddenly the press and radio were "hushed up." After the first brief messages leaked through to newspapers, no further confirmation of the big discovery was given. Was it merely a hoax? Some newsman's joke? I think not. I believe that Byrd came upon the location of a great doorway or entrance leading deep into the unknown interior of the Earth! The "Great Door" at the South Pole region.

Having found that, it is believe he guessed no longer. He then KNEW beyond the shadow of a doubt that this secret "Door" must open into the Cavern world. He would go there and find out...see for himself the wonder and everlasting mystery of the unknown INNER Earth.

Here is the long rumored “missing” diary of Admiral Byrd which tells exactly what Bryd and his men discovered. Why have we not been permitted this information? Why is it that some have been warned not to talk about what has been discovered?

TWO BOOKS IN ONE! In addition to the text of Admiral Byrd’s diary is a rare, “long lost” manuscript by William Reed who puts forward his theory that we live on the outside of a hollow globe. Based upon the journals of various seafarers who have explored the regions around the poles, Reed puts forward the following questions: 1. Why is the earth flattened at the poles? 2. Why have the poles never been reached? 3. Why does the sun not appear for so long in winter near the supposed poles? 4. Assuming that the earth is hollow, the interior should be warmer. 5. We must now resort to the compass. Does it refuse to work when drawing near the supposed poles? 6. Meteors are constantly falling near the supposed poles. Why? 7. The next query is concerning the great quantities of dust constantly found in the Arctic Ocean. What causes this dust? 8. What produces the Aurora Borealis? 9. Icebergs are next in order. Where are they formed? And how?? 10. What causes tidal waves? 11. What causes colored snow in the Arctic region? 12. Why are the nights so long in the polar regions? 13. What causes the great ice-pressure in the Arctic Ocean during still tide and calm weather? 14. Why is the ice filled with rock, gravel, and sand?

This is a book that will intrigue and fascinate. It is like nothing you have ever encountered before!

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This weeks guest is Scott Marlowe



Solar Warden: The Secret Space Program
By George Filer

On April 13, the National Archive Records Administration made available almost 250,000 pages of documents from President Reagan's administration. It will take several months for researchers to read through the documents. The released material may yield insight into a curious comment found in President Reagan's Diary.

The entry for Tuesday, June 11, 1985 (page 334) reads:

Lunch with 5 top space scientists.

“It was fascinating. Space truly is the last frontier and some of the developments there in astronomy etc. are like science fiction, except they are real. I learned that our shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300 people.”

The now grounded Space Shuttle held a maximum of eight people and only five were built for space flight. Even if all five took off fully loaded it would be impossible to place and maintain 300 astronauts in orbit. Apparently President Reagan revealed the existence of a highly classified space program that could accommodate hundreds of astronauts in orbit?

Apparently hidden within one of the ten unified combatant commands of the U.S. military, Strategic Command, is a highly classified fleet of aircraft carrier sized antigravity vehicles that operate in outer space.

The United States has organized its military forces into ten unified combatant commands respectively led by a single four star General or Admiral who reports directly to the Secretary of Defense. Only these commanders know of the existence of UFOs and appoint who has a need to know. Six of the unified commands span the globe in terms of different geographical areas. In addition, there are four functional commands where specialized military activities are run by a single “Combatant Commander.” From 1985 to 2002 Space Command was responsible for outer space operations by the U.S. military. In June 2002, Space Command merged with another of the functional commands –General C. Robert "Bob" Kehler is Commander, United States Strategic Command, Offutt Air Force Base, Neb. which is responsible for a range of space, satellite, missile, nuclear and intelligence activities.

Rumors that the U.S. has a highly classified fleet of antigravity vehicles have circulated for years. On March 23, 1993, at an engineering conference in Los Angeles, Dr. Ben Rich former CEO of Lockheed’s Skunkworks, showed a slide with a black disk headed for space and said: "We now have the technology to take ET home".

Corporate and military whistleblowers have come forward to claim firsthand knowledge of classified space vehicles using antigravity technology such as the Aurora and TR-3B. In his book, “ The Hunt for Zero Point ,” Jane's Defense Weekly analyst Nick Cook writes about the Aurora: "there has been speculation since the late 1980s about the existence of a secret replacement for the Blackbird, a mythical plane called the Aurora that supposedly flew twice as fast and on the edges of space" (p. 14). Other whistleblowers such as Edgar Fouche, a former contractor with the Department of Defense, have come forward to claim that the Blackbird's [or SR-71] replacement, the Aurora actually comprises two types of hypersonic aircraft used for space flight. He said : "The Aurora comprises the SR-75 capable of speeds above Mach 5, and acts as a mother ship for the SR-74 that can travel at speeds of Mach 18 or more into space to deliver satellites."

SpaceTriangle.jpg More significant is the large black triangular vehicle, the TR-3B that Fouche claims generates an intense magnetic field that reduces its weight by 89 percent. He says that the TR-3B uses the Biefeld-Brown effect (created by large electrostatic charges) to reduce its weight so that more conventional propulsion systems such as scramjets can give it amazing speeds. This would be well above Mach 18 that he claims is the speed of the SR-74. Fouche claims the TR-3B is 600 feet across which would make it similar in size to an aircraft carrier.

Ted Twietmeyer writes that a Space Command photograph had the following citation: … highlights the team for its exceptional support in keeping the space shuttle, International Space Station and its crews safe from the dangers of orbital debris, spacecraft collisions and other inherent hazards of orbit operations.

 Neither USAF Space Command nor Strategic Command is publicly known to have any kind of space vehicle that would assist the Space Shuttle or International Space Station from orbital dangers.

Normally, both NASA vehicles would require gradual orbital corrections that would take much time and be insufficient to deal with an immediate threat. According to Ted Twietmeyer , the citation is circumstantial evidence for the existence of antigravity vehicles with advanced particle beam weapons that could remove orbital debris from the path of NASA vehicles. These triangles must be armed with particle beam or quantum weaponry, chemical lasers or electrically excited reactor powered lasers and other weaponry. These weapons could also be used to destroy objects in the path of the space station or space shuttle. There were several eyewitness reports of hovering black triangles firing at targets in Iraq during the early days of the war.

There is a massive anti-gravity energy field surrounding these vehicles which interferes with all electronic devices, making it unlikely anyone could ever get images of them. War has historically been the best proving ground for all new weapons. In the UK, the press and media are forbidden under the UK Secrets Act from covering or reporting on sightings of black triangles. That act speaks volumes about whether or not black triangles exist. The TR-3 has been in service since the mid-1990's, and NASA's space program was nothing more than on-going entertainment to distract the public.

Michael E. Salla, PhD writes,

 The idea that a secret space fleet exists that can intervene to assist the Space Shuttle or International Space Station is also supported by the testimony of a former NASA employee Clark McClelland.

On one occasion he claims to have witnessed delta winged antigravity vehicle nearby. The delta shaped vehicle may in fact have been part of a classified Space Fleet attached to U.S. Strategic Command.

Important clues may emerge from the recently released Reagan records about Strategic Command's classified space fleet. More significantly, the public may soon learn about the advanced antigravity technologies that have been secretly developed and used for decades to fly military astronauts into deep space.

The most famous alien comment by Reagan was on September 21, 1987, before the Unite Nations General Assembly:

“In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside of this world. And yet I ask - is not an alien force already among us? "

Reagan’s views about extraterrestrial life were not dismissed by the Kremlin. Gorbachev did eventually respond in a serious way to Reagan’s scenario of an extraterrestrial invasion. In February 1997, Gorbachev responded to Reagan’s comments at their 1985 Geneva Summit.

At our meeting in Geneva, the U.S. President said that if the earth faced an invasion by extraterrestrials, the United States and the Soviet Union would join forces to repel such an invasion. I shall not dispute the hypothesis, although I think it’s early yet to worry about such an intrusion.

Also in May 1990, after Reagan had left office, Gorbachev said: "The phenomenon of UFOs does exist and it must be treated seriously."

The Solar Warden Spacecraft indicates the US and the Soviet Union did join forces against and outside alien threat.

Clark C. McClelland, former NASA ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, in his book “Stargate Chronicles” writes, "On July 16, 1969, the day of the launch of Apollo 11 for the first landing of men on the moon I met Senator Barry M. Goldwater of Arizona who had been the Republican Presidential candidate in 1964." Goldwater asked about sightings during other space missions. I mentioned several during Gemini and Apollo and then I asked him if he had heard anything about a 1956 US Naval aircraft and the huge UFO disc over the Atlantic Ocean? He said he had not.

I said, "Senator, it apparently was also kept secret by the Pentagon. During my initial muster with the US Navy Office Naval Intelligence Unit 6-69 at Patrick AFB, in 1959, I was introduced to several admirals and captains who immediately swore me to secrecy, Bible and all. I was an investigator of UFOs for NICAP, and this was apparently well known since I had presented UFO talks at the Philadelphia Naval Base and was a friend of many NASA Astronauts.
Captain Rudy Bergholz had me run a confidential film that disclosed a huge disc shaped UFO (400 feet in diameter) spotted by a Navy flight crew in a four engine transport traveling west over the Atlantic Ocean towards Gander, Newfoundland for refueling in 1956.

Admiral Delmar S. Fahrney was mentioned in the film as having his own sighting. Goldwater injected a comment, "Yes, I have met Admiral Fahrney, Mac." Captain Bergholz said, "I now had a 'need to know' about UFOs because I was to investigate and verify through the German 'Paper Clip WW II scientists at Cape Canaveral, what they had learned at AMC (Air Material Command) Foreign Technology Division at Wright Field, Ohio"

I later informed Burgholz that I had discovered at least three Paper Clip Scientists that were assigned to Wright Field following their arrival with Dr. Wernher von Braun in 1946. One named Siegfried Knemeyer, a former Third Reich Luftwaffe Pilot and German Air Ministry Director, Dr. Hans Amtmann and Dr.Alexander Lippisch. I suggested to Goldwater all three are still at Wright-Patterson and Senator could try to contact them there."
The Senator quickly replied, "No, not after that experience with General LeMay, Mac!" I said "Senator, you are aware of the military rivalry? He replied, "Yes, I am, I work with the military budgets in the Senate." I continued, "There is a great rivalry between the US military services and since the USAF Foreign Technology Division at Wright Field has captured alien technology the US Navy wanted it shared with ONI”. www.stargate-chronicles.com

Thanks to Frank Chili and Clark C. McClelland

Source: George Filer - "Filers Files" #49 2012


'Time Reversal' Research May Open Doors to Future Tech

Imagine a cell phone charger that recharges your phone remotely without even knowing where it is; a device that targets and destroys tumors, wherever they are in the body; or a security field that can disable electronics, even a listening device hiding in a prosthetic toe, without knowing where it is.

While these applications remain only dreams, researchers at the University of Maryland have come up with a sci-fi seeming technology that one day could make them real. Using a "time-reversal" technique, the team has discovered how to transmit power, sound or images to a "nonlinear object" without knowing the object's exact location or affecting objects around it.

"That's the magic of time reversal," says Steven Anlage, a university physics professor involved in the project. "When you reverse the waveform's direction in space and time, it follows the same path it took coming out and finds its way exactly back to the source."

The time-reversal process is less like living the last five minutes over and more like playing a record backwards, explains Matthew Frazier, a postdoctoral research fellow in the university's physics department. When a signal travels through the air, its waveforms scatter before an antenna picks it up. Recording the received signal and transmitting it backwards reverses the scatter and sends it back as a focused beam in space and time.

"If you go toward a secure building, they won't let you take cell phones," Frazier says, so instead of checking everyone, they could detect the cell phone and send a lot of energy to it to jam it."

What differentiates this research from other time-reversal projects, such as underwater communication, is that it focuses on nonlinear objects such as a cellphone, diode or even a rusty piece of metal --when a waveform bounces off them, the frequency changes.

Most components electrical engineers work with are linear -- capacitors, wire, antennas -- because they do not change the frequency. With nonlinear objects, however, when the altered, nonlinear frequency is recorded, time-reversed and retransmitted, it creates a private communication channel because other objects cannot "understand" the signal.

"Time reversal has been around for 10 to 20 years but it requires some pretty sophisticated technology to make it work," Anlage says. "Technology is now catching up to where we are able to use it in some new and interesting ways."

Not only could this nonlinear characteristic secure a wireless communication line, it could prevent transmitted energy from affecting any object but its target. For example, Frazier says, if scientists find a way to tag tumors with chemicals or nanoparticles that react to microwaves in a nonlinear way, doctors could use the technology to direct destructive heat to the errant cells -- much like ultrasound is used to break down kidney stones. But unlike an ultrasound, that is directed to a specific location, doctors would not need to know where the tumors were and the heat treatment would not affect surrounding cells.

Bouncing Off the Walls

To study the phenomenon, the researchers sent a microwave pulse into an enclosed area where waveforms scattered and bounced around inside, as well as off a nonlinear and a linear port. A transceiver then recorded and time-reversed the frequencies the nonlinear port had altered and broadcast them back into the space. The nonlinear port picked up the time-reversed signal but the linear port did not.

"Everything we have done has been in very controlled conditions in labs," Frazier says. "It will take more research to figure out how to develop treatments," Frazier says. "I'm sure there are other uses we haven't thought of."

The team has submitted an invention disclosure to the university's Office of Technology Commercialization.

Source: Science Daily


Company Aims To Take The World Back To The Moon
By Alex Knapp

It’s been 40 years since a human being last set foot on the Moon, and the Golden Spike Company wants to go back – routinely. The space startup announced their plans at a press conference today. Their plans were unveiled by its Chairman of the Board, Gerry Griffin, and its President and CEO, Dr. Alan Stern.

Those names give the company instant credibility. Gerry Griffin was a Flight Director for the Apollo Missions and is a former Director of the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Stern is a veteran both of aerospace companies and NASA itself, where he was the leader of the space program’s science missions. He even received training for a space shuttle launch, though he didn’t end up flying on a mission.

Before today, the Internet has been buzzing with rumors about the company’s plans, rumors that amused Dr. Stern when I spoke to him on the phone yesterday.

“We’re a startup and we’ve been at this for two years,” he said. “But we don’t have anything built yet but an interesting business plan.”

Stern emphasized to me that they are at a “very early stage” in their plans. But those plans, he feels, are different than other commercial space ventures.

“Instead of saying, ‘what would we design with a clean sheet of paper?’, we asked, ‘what’s existing today that could work?’ We came up with a maximally built plan based on – stuff that’s already built and operating. It’s only when something doesn’t exist that we plan to build from scratch.”

The main thing they have to build is a lander, suits and equipment for the Moon, which they’ll be working with on a team consisting of, among others, Armadillo Aerospace, the United Launch Alliance, and other aerospace companies.  But most of the other technology is already available.

This “maximally pragmatic strategy,” said Stern, is the “direct result of one concept: take a look at what you’ve already got.”

Currently, the company aims to first land on the Moon in 2020, though Stern admitted to me that that’s a best case scenario.  ”There are a lot of things that could slow that down, but that’s as fast as it could happen.”

One major obstacle: the money. The total cost, including development, for the first mission would be around $7-8 billion.

The company wouldn’t disclose how much money they’ve raised to date, but Stern stated that they’ve partnered with some other companies, including “major aerospace companies” to be identified later. They’ve also received some individual sponsorship, including from Hollywood producer Bob Weinstein.

So how are they going to raise the billions they need? Stern stated that the company isn’t expecting to raise the investment all at once. “When Boeing builds a new airliner, they start buy doing the design with their own resources. Then they start going out and getting advance sales. Once they have enough advance sales, then they go to the bank and borrow the balance. That’s the model that we’ll be using.”

Once the technology and flights have been established, Golden Spike plans to market its services primarily to governments as well as corporations and the ultra-wealthy. Each Lunar expedition will carry two astronauts, and the cost per trip would be $1.5 billion, or $750 million for one seat. That’s a price they think governments will pay since there are robotic missions that cost that much.

“That price pays for initial development costs, flight testing, and returns a healthy profit,” Stern told me. “We’ve done a market study, and we think between 15-25 governments will be interested.”

The company would not disclose whether it had made any advance sales, nor would they name any countries that they have talked to. They did hint that they’ve spoken to space agencies in Europe and Asia, and one private individual. However, they wouldn’t go further than that.

As a secondary revenue stream, Golden Spike also intends to make money from media licensing on each trip. Half of those revenues will go to their customers, which helps them defray the costs of the expedition. “The naming rights for Broncos stadium sold for $120 million,” he said in the press conference. “We’ve got landers, capsules, rockets, etc. We’ve modeled the merchandising revenue streams. I can guarantee this will be a money-making business.” Stern also indicated that if their model holds, it would only take 3-4 flights to get into the black.

Not everyone is convinced of this, however. One commercial space industry participant told me that “we do not understand their business model and believe it is very speculative.”

Jeff Foust, a space industry analyst at Futron, told me that the financial challenge is bigger than the technical challenge. “Raising that large a sum of money is something that hasn’t been accomplished in the commercial space sector to date, and other ventures, like Google Lunar X PRIZE teams, have struggled to raise much smaller amounts ($10?s of millions). I don’t want to say it’s impossible, but it will be extremely challenging.”

That said, Foust believes that Golden Spike is aiming at the right customers. “A business model focused on national space agencies does make sense, as the cost of such a mission is likely to be a much better fit in their budgets than it would, at least initially, for a company or individual. Being the second country to have one of its citizens set foot on the Moon (after the U.S.) would be extremely valuable in terms of publicity and prestige alone. That gets their foot in the door to allow them to build up interest from other nations and, perhaps eventually, companies and tourists.”

In the press conference, Stern said that he understood skepticism. In an effort to bolster the credibility for their plans, the company sent a paper describing their plans for peer review to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics’ Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets. That paper has been accepted for publication and is available on the company’s website.

One of the bottom lines for Stern, though, is the symbolism of the project. “I want people to know that it’s American industry that got back to the Moon.”

The big question, though, is whether the company will be able to marshal the resources to do it.

Source: Forbes


Time-Traveling UFOnauts?
By Nick Redfern

Just recently, long-time friend, ufological author, publisher and observer of the saucer scene, Tim Green Beckley, emailed me to say he was working on a new book on the controversial issue of time-travel. Tim asked me: would I be interested in contributing a paper to the book? “Well, of course I would!” I replied. And, now, the book is available to one and all. Its title: Plans for Time Travel Machines That Really Work: How to Move Through Time and Space.

Over the years I have heard more than a few stories, theories and suggestions that, just perhaps, our presumed extraterrestrial visitors may not be quite so extraterrestrial, after all. Maybe they’re us. But not us from now, if you see what I’m getting at. Instead, maybe they are from times still yet to come. Yeah, I know, it’s all a big mind-f**k. But, it’s still a matter worth addressing, no matter how many headaches it gives us!

Without doubt, one of the most intriguing theories that suggests a time-travel component to the UFO puzzle came to me from good mate, and prolific author and researcher, Joshua P. Warren. Josh has developed a very interesting scenario that places one of the most controversial aspects of the subject firmly into a time-surfing context. It’s one of my favorite of all paranormal puzzles: the Men in Black.

In an interview I did with him a couple of years ago, Josh said of the darkly-clad, sinister visitors: “Why do the MIB dress like this? Why do we call them the Men in Black? Well, if a man puts on a black suit, with a black hat and walks down the street in 1910, and you see that man, you would probably notice him. But, would you think there was anything too extraordinary, or too out-of-place about him? No: you probably would not.

“And if you saw a man walking down the street in 2010 wearing a black suit and a black hat, would you notice him? Probably, yes. But, would you think you think there was necessarily anything too extraordinary? No. And that’s why in and around the whole 20th Century, it just so happens that the black suit and the black hat will work for them.”

Thus, in Josh’s notable scenario, the MIB dress in such a fashion to ingeniously allow them to blend in, no matter what era of the past century or so they might be visiting at any given moment. But what of times before, say, the dawning of the twentieth century? How might the MIB have camouflaged themselves back then? Josh has a few ideas about that too:

“If you were to go back into the 1600s or 1700s, there would be a different wardrobe that would work within the broadest range. I don’t know what that wardrobe is, but I feel confident that if I sat down with a historian who was extremely knowledgeable of the fashions from those past periods, and who also understood the concept that I’m talking about, we could probably come up with a dress that the Men in Black may have worn at various points throughout history, in order to give them the widest range to work within at any given time.”

But, if the Men in Black are indeed some form of future-humans, then why are they so interested in the past? Or, rather, our present? Josh muses on the possibility that perhaps rather than being the bad guys that many perceive them to be, the MIB are actually something along the lines of time-cops, whose role it is to ensure that past, present and future are not thrown into flux by reckless time-travelers who soar around the skies of our time in futuristic vehicles that we perceive as alien spacecraft.

Josh says of this scenario: “If you have a situation in which the timelines are being constantly changed in an unauthorized way, by some of these para-temporal travelers, from far in the future, then obviously you’re going to have these Men in Black pop up there to try to get the timeline situation under control. And that’s why, when you take something like what happened at Point Pleasant in the 1960s, we have a variety, a whole spectrum, of paranormal activity and strange creatures, and then the Men in Black suddenly appear.”

Josh concludes: “So, it could be that the Men in Black follow all this stuff around; that’s their job. Not that they are causing these things to happen, but they’re alerted to it when there’s a dangerous timeline issue that needs to be corrected. They’re not necessarily the bad-guys at all; they might be doing damage control, and maybe that includes warning and silencing witnesses to protect the time-travel secret. They might be weird, and they might look weird, but their overall mission may be just to keep order and protect the timelines.”

The MIB as good guys, after all? Now wouldn’t that be a twist?!

Source: Mysterious Universe


Ghosts of Salem County Insane Asylum
By Kelly Roncace

In 1870, Salem County constructed a county insane asylum on what is now Route 45 in Mannington Township, to address a lack of state action to address overcrowding in state-run facilities.

Known as The County Farm, the county almshouse and asylum were located adjacent to each other and housed the county’s “insane” until 1925 when the residents were then moved to the state facility, making room for area’s poor residents to move in.

Later, the building was used by groups and clubs for a few years before being abandoned and boarded up, which is how it has remained for nearly seven years.

However, after a recent paranormal investigation at the asylum with Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society, it seems some of those who spent time in this three-story Italiante cube building never actually left. JUMPS Founder Doug Hogate Jr. asked authorities if the group could get inside the building and was granted permission.

At first, the scariest thing about being inside the asylum was dodging the piles of animal feces and dead insects.

Looking beyond the peeling paint and stained carpets, I could see that this was once a building that was very residential-like, but now is only home to some wild animals who, luckily, must have been out hunting while we explored the three floors.

When investigating a location for paranormal activity, evidence of lingering spirits is not always readily evident. Fortunately, a fellow investigator turned on her digital voice recorder as soon as we entered through the main door to the asylum.

“As soon as this recorder began, an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) was captured,” he said. “Immediately, it sounds like a male voice saying ‘Go down.’ If it is saying ‘go down,’ then the experiences and other evidence we found in the basement become more interesting.”

Having not heard the suggestion to go to the basement upon our arrival, I accompanied two other investigators up to the third floor.

While standing in the middle of the third-floor landing, equipped with my K-2 meter, digital voice recorder and camera, I neither felt nor heard anything out of the ordinary. My K-2 meter remained still and my voice recorder didn’t pick up anything but our conversation which included my statement that, “All this feels like is standing in the dark in a creepy old building.”

Little did I know, the night wouldn’t remain so calm.

Just before wrapping up the investigation, myself, Hogate and two other investigators decided to go down to the basement one more time, with as much equipment as we could take.

We set up a video camera with night-vision, three audio recorders, two K-2 meters, a Mel meter — a device that reads electromagnetic fields and temperature — and a digital thermometer.

During earlier trips to the basement, investigators experienced uneasy feelings, heard movement and witnessed batteries in various objects draining quickly, including my digital camera which shut off entirely, but regained full charge once I was out of the basement.

Once we were settled, we attempted to make contact with anyone who may be in the basement. After a while, the lights on the K-2 meters began reacting to our questions, so we asked the entity to light up the meter on the left for a “yes” answer, and the one on the right for a “no.”

The interaction continued calmly for about 20 minutes until Hogate asked if the spirit was happy we were there. There was no response from either meter.

“Do you want us to leave?” Hogate asked.

Immediately the meters lit up to full capacity and remained glowing with hardly any fluctuation.

I have always said if I was ever investigating and was told to “Get out,” or felt that whatever was present didn’t want me there, I was gone. Therefore, we left.

Later, when I listened to my digital recorder, I discovered that not only were the K-2 meters effected when Hogate asked if we should leave, but the DVR also picked up some clues.

What had previously been a quiet listen, suddenly my recorder came to life with groans, sounds of motion and what sounded like aggravated breathing very close to the microphone.

Hogate, who is braver than I, returned to the basement with another group of investigators, one who interrogated the spirit about age.

“The meter reacted when asked if the ghost was a child,” Hogate said. “Then, the investigator stated that he would start mentioning ages, and instructed that when he said the correct age to make the meters light. Starting with 3, he began slowly counting up, giving the possible child presence a chance to respond. When he reached the age of 6, all the meters began lighting up.”

The team continued the investigation and finally concluded that the presence was possibly a 6-year-old child who was sick — possibly mentally ill — and was left there by his or her parents.

Legend has it that patients were chained up in the six individual rooms that make up the basement.

This could be the reason why most of the evening’s haunting experiences occurred in that creepy dungeon under ground.

To hear more EVPs captured at the Salem County Insane Asylum and for more information, visit www.jumps.2fear.com

Source: South Jersey Times


Man Forced Into Exile After Debunking "Miracle"

An effort to debunk what many considered a miracle has triggered an argument over free speech and religious tolerance in the world's largest democracy.

A man was charged with blasphemy after giving a rational explanation for a statue of Jesus that seemed to weep. It's known to happen all over the world; a religious statue appears to cry, devout Catholics flock to it believe it to be a miracle.

From weeping Mary statues in California, to a tearful Jesus in Israel, usually it's just a matter of personal faith. But now one man in Mumbai is facing jail time for debunking what was thought to be a similar miracle.

In March, water began dripping down a statue of Jesus on the cross at Our Lady of Velankanni in Mumbai. Parishioners collected the so-called Holy Water others drank it hoping it would cure ailments. But rationalist and atheist Sanal Edamaruku investigated, and said it was actually sewage water percolating through the statue, because of a leaky water pipe.

"The priest stopped the prayer for a while for this water to be distributed. And he has been giving this water, the assistant priests have been distributing this water and they brought it to me also. People during this poured from the pot and they were just licking it not knowing what it was," said Edamaruku.

Now he's being charged with blasphemy under Section 295A of the Indian Penal Code, which accuses him of "deliberately hurting religious feelings and attempting malicious acts intended to outrage the religious sentiments."

Edamaruku argues his actions fall under free speech.

"It's against the fundamental right that I have. It's against my own duty. This is a question of human rights," he said.

But the Catholic Christian Secular Forum, which filed the complaint to police, says the law is the law.

"Sanal should realize that his right to expression must not encroach on my right to freedom of faith of belief, of religion which is guaranteed under the Indian constitution," said Joseph Dias, Gen. Secretary of the Catholic Christian Secular Forum.

After being denied anticipatory bail in June, Edamaruku flew to Finland, where he remains in exile. The Catholic Christian Secular Forum says they're willing to withdraw the complaint against Edamaruku, if he apologizes. Edamaruku says he will not.

"The moment I apologize and admit that I've made a mistake, I didn't make any mistake. Rather, they should be thankful to me, at least helping to stop this dirty water being distributed to people further," he said.

Edamaruku has even appealed to India's prime minister to change the century-old blasphemy law, with no success. He wants to see the law abolished because he says it contradicts the country's constitution.

Some believe Edamaruku's actions aren't criminal at all.

"295A requires a deliberate and malicious act. What has this man done? He's a rationalist. He's giving you a rational, non-spiritual, non-hypothetical explanation," said Colin Gonsalves, a human rights lawyer.

This case may come down to India's contradictory laws of blasphemy and free speech, but it may also be a question simply of fact versus faith.

Either way, speaking the truth has come at a high price for Sanal Edmaruku.

Source: KSDK - St. Louis

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