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If you are reading this now...the world did not end.

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such Apocalyptic stories as:

- Operation Delirium-
Secret Dowsers and Government -
- The Top Five Lesser-Known Failed Apocalypses -
- Strange Sightings of Santa Claus -
AND: Rudolph's Nose Was Red For A Reason, Say Scientists
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IN the year 1947 Admiral Richard E. Byrd made a flight into the South Polar region of the world. Before he started on the venture, Byrd made a mysterious statement: "I'd like to see that land beyond the Pole. That area beyond the Pole in the center of the great unknown." In the cockpit of his plane was a powerful, two-way radio. When Byrd and his scientific companions took off from their base at the South Pole, they managed to fly 1700 miles beyond it. That's when the radio in Byrd's plane was put into use to report something utterly incredible.

There was a strange great valley below them. For some unknown reason, the valley Byrd saw was not ice-covered as it should have been in the frigid Antarctic. It was green and luxuriant. There were mountains with thick forest of trees on them, there was lush grass and underbrush. Most amazing, a huge animal was observed moving through the underbrush. In a land of ice, snow and almost perpetual "deep-freeze" …here was a stupendous MYSTERY. Byrd had discovered a strange great valley just beyond the South Pole, where the weather temperature, believe it or not, was evidently something like 75 degrees.

Suddenly the press and radio were "hushed up." After the first brief messages leaked through to newspapers, no further confirmation of the big discovery was given. Was it merely a hoax? Some newsman's joke? I think not. I believe that Byrd came upon the location of a great doorway or entrance leading deep into the unknown interior of the Earth! The "Great Door" at the South Pole region.

Having found that, it is believe he guessed no longer. He then KNEW beyond the shadow of a doubt that this secret "Door" must open into the Cavern world. He would go there and find out...see for himself the wonder and everlasting mystery of the unknown INNER Earth.

Here is the long rumored “missing” diary of Admiral Byrd which tells exactly what Bryd and his men discovered. Why have we not been permitted this information? Why is it that some have been warned not to talk about what has been discovered?

TWO BOOKS IN ONE! In addition to the text of Admiral Byrd’s diary is a rare, “long lost” manuscript by William Reed who puts forward his theory that we live on the outside of a hollow globe. Based upon the journals of various seafarers who have explored the regions around the poles, Reed puts forward the following questions: 1. Why is the earth flattened at the poles? 2. Why have the poles never been reached? 3. Why does the sun not appear for so long in winter near the supposed poles? 4. Assuming that the earth is hollow, the interior should be warmer. 5. We must now resort to the compass. Does it refuse to work when drawing near the supposed poles? 6. Meteors are constantly falling near the supposed poles. Why? 7. The next query is concerning the great quantities of dust constantly found in the Arctic Ocean. What causes this dust? 8. What produces the Aurora Borealis? 9. Icebergs are next in order. Where are they formed? And how?? 10. What causes tidal waves? 11. What causes colored snow in the Arctic region? 12. Why are the nights so long in the polar regions? 13. What causes the great ice-pressure in the Arctic Ocean during still tide and calm weather? 14. Why is the ice filled with rock, gravel, and sand?

This is a book that will intrigue and fascinate. It is like nothing you have ever encountered before!

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Operation Delirium
by Raffi Khatchadourian

Decades after a risky Cold War experiment, a scientist lives with secrets.

Colonel James S. Ketchum dreamed of war without killing. He joined the Army in 1956 and left it in 1976, and in that time he did not fight in Vietnam; he did not invade the Bay of Pigs; he did not guard Western Europe with tanks, or help build nuclear launch sites beneath the Arctic ice. Instead, he became the military’s leading expert in a secret Cold War experiment: to fight enemies with clouds of psychochemicals that temporarily incapacitate the mind—causing, in the words of one ranking officer, a “selective malfunctioning of the human machine.”

For nearly a decade, Ketchum, a psychiatrist, went about his work in the belief that chemicals are more humane instruments of warfare than bullets and shrapnel—or, at least, he told himself such things. To achieve his dream, he worked tirelessly at a secluded Army research facility, testing chemical weapons on hundreds of healthy soldiers, and thinking all along that he was doing good.

Today, Ketchum is eighty-one years old, and the facility where he worked, Edgewood Arsenal, is a crumbling assemblage of buildings attached to a military proving ground on the Chesapeake Bay. The arsenal’s records are boxed and dusting over in the National Archives. Military doctors who helped conduct the experiments have long since moved on, or passed away, and the soldiers who served as their test subjects—in all, nearly five thousand of them—are scattered throughout the country, if they are still alive.

Within the Army, and in the world of medical research, the secret clinical trials are a faint memory. But for some of the surviving test subjects, and for the doctors who tested them, what happened at Edgewood remains deeply unresolved. Were the human experiments there a Dachau-like horror, or were they sound and necessary science?

As veterans of the tests have come forward, their unanswered questions have slowly gathered into a kind of historical undertow, and Ketchum, more than anyone else, has been caught in its pull. In 2006, he self-published a memoir, “Chemical Warfare: Secrets Almost Forgotten,” which defended the research. Next year, a class-action lawsuit brought against the federal government by former test subjects will go to trial, and Ketchum is expected to be the star witness.

The lawsuit’s argument is in line with broader criticisms of Edgewood: that, whether out of military urgency or scientific dabbling, the Army recklessly endangered the lives of its soldiers—naïve men, mostly, who were deceived or pressured into submitting to the risky experiments.

The drugs under review ranged from tear gas and LSD to highly lethal nerve agents, like VX, a substance developed at Edgewood and, later, sought by Saddam Hussein. Ketchum’s specialty was a family of molecules that block a key neurotransmitter, causing delirium. The drugs were known mainly by Army codes, with their true formulas classified. The soldiers were never told what they were given, or what the specific effects might be, and the Army made no effort to track how they did afterward. Edgewood’s most extreme critics raise the spectre of mass injury—a hidden American tragedy.

Ketchum, an unreconstructed advocate of chemical warfare, believes that people who fear gaseous weapons more than guns and mortars are irrational. He cites approvingly the Russian government’s decision, in 2002, to flood a theatre in Moscow with a potent incapacitating drug when Chechen guerrillas seized the building and took eight hundred theatregoers hostage. The gas debilitated the hostage takers, allowing special forces to sweep in and kill them. But many innocent people died, too.

“It’s been looked at by some skeptics as a kind of tragedy,” Ketchum has said. “They say, ‘Look, a hundred and thirty people died.’ Well, I think that a hundred and thirty is better than eight hundred, and it’s also better, as a secondary consideration, not to have to blow up a beautiful theatre.”

Not long ago, while debating critics of Edgewood on a talk-radio show, Ketchum argued that the tests were a sensible response to the threats of the Cold War: “We were in a very tense confrontation with the Soviet Union, and there was information that was sometimes accurate, sometimes inaccurate, that they were procuring large amounts of LSD, possibly for use in a military situation.” The experiments, he has said, were no more problematic in their conduct than civilian drug testing at the time.

But Ketchum is an unpredictable apologist. His default temperament is that of an unbiased scientist, trying to solve a stubborn anomaly that just happens to be his life’s work. He accepts criticism of Edgewood thoughtfully and admits the possibility that he is seeing the experiments through a prism of benign forgetfulness. At the same time, as Edgewood’s sole public defender, he must relive history under an unforgiving spotlight. Ketchum often hears from aging test subjects looking for information about what the Army did to them.

“I need to know everything that happened to me because it could give me some peace and fewer nightmares,” one veteran wrote to him.

In such cases, Ketchum responds with a mixture of defensiveness and empathy.

“Well, Mike,” he wrote to another veteran, “I guess some people find it satisfying to look back and condemn what doctors and others did half a century ago, especially if it lends itself to sensationalized movies, and entitles them to disability pensions.”

Many of his Edgewood colleagues are far less sanguine about what they did; one told me, “I want to see something happen so this doesn’t happen again.” But Ketchum often wins over skeptics.

After many e-mails, Mike told him, “I am certain you did the work for the same reason most of us volunteered. It needed to be done.”

Source: The New Yorker


Secret Dowsers and Government
By Nick Redfern

One of the strangest skills and talents allegedly possessed by humans is water-divining, or dowsing as it is more popularly known. Although the ability of the dowser to locate water by non-conventional means is looked on with suspicion and skepticism in some quarters, for many it is an age-old tradition that remains as absolutely relevant and vital today as it was centuries ago.

Not only that: the skill has attracted the secret attention of some quite unlikely parties, including the US Intelligence community, the government of the former Soviet Union, Adolf Hitler, the British Police Force, and a department of the British Government that played a key role in the battle against the Nazis during the Second World War.

The CIA, for example, has in its archives nothing less than a file on dowsing that is, quite literally, of biblical proportions. And it all revolves around a certain Mount Horeb where, according to the Book of Deuteronomy in the Hebrew Bible, Moses received the Ten Commandments from God. And although some biblical students perceive Mount Horeb and Mount Sinai to be one and the same, a significant number of scholars most certainly do not. Thus, we may never know for sure precisely where Moses allegedly received the legendary commandments.

One of the tales attached to the story of Mount Horeb is that when the Israelites were in the wilderness and perilously short of fresh drinking-water, Moses supposedly climbed the mountain and struck a particular piece of rock, which cracked open and – lo and behold – water came pouring out, thus saving the Israelites from otherwise certain death by dehydration. An early example of dowsing, perhaps?

Certainly, the CIA considered it to be just such a possibility. While it may sound strange to suggest the CIA has taken an interest in dowsing – and chiefly from the era of Moses, no less – this is, incredibly, most certainly the case. And the CIA is not the only official agency to have displayed such interest in matters relative to water-divining.

Moving on, in 1978, staff at the Foreign Technology Division (FTD) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio prepared an extensive paper titled Paraphysics R&D – Warsaw Pact [R&D referring to Research and Development]. Page twenty-three of the document details positive results of both U.S. and Soviet research in the field of dowsing. Notably, a copy of the entire FTD document was sent to the CIA’s Office of Science and Technology (OSI) shortly after its publication.

And, on more than several occasions, as additional Air Force’s files reveal, Adolf Hitler consulted German dowsers as a means to try and determine the most profitable locales where he could get deep, restful sleep in between waging war on the Allies. And speaking of the Allies…

During the Second World War, England’s Warwickshire Police Force secretly used one of its own officers skilled in the art of dowsing to try and locate the bodies of two local men – James Hiatt and Harry Marston – that had been buried under the rubble caused by the bombs of Nazi Germany. We assume that dowsing is something specifically employed to locate underground bodies of water, and certainly not secret searches for dead bodies. Our assumption is wrong. Very wrong, in fact.

A once-classified report of July 1941 that was prepared by a Sergeant J. Hall of Warwickshire Police states: “I was at the scene when I noticed P.C. 319 Terry coming from a nearby thicket fashioning a forked stick with a pen-knife. P.C. Terry commenced to walk over the bomb craters. About 30 seconds later he came to a standstill and I noticed that the forked stick which he was holding had commenced to wriggle very violently and he had great difficulty in holding it. He pointed to a particular portion of heaped soil near to one of the craters and said: ‘They are under there.’”

Sergeant Hall added: “A quarter of an hour later the bodies of both men were recovered.” As the files also reveal, Police Constable Terry had a solid – and growing – reputation in the field of dowsing, and his skills were used on several occasions in matters of a similar, secret nature. For a while, at least, they were. It wasn’t long, however, before that situation changed drastically.

Notably, official files on this particular matter reveal that the British Government’s Ministry of Home Security expressed deep skepticism and concern over the whole affair, and concluded that the Warwickshire Police Force’s use of “spiritualism” and “the mysterious” in such a fashion during wartime was “particularly dangerous.” Clearly, there were those at an official level in the UK that did not wish to see the world of the unknown playing a role in warfare.

From the CIA to Soviet Russia, and from Adolf Hitler to the British Police Force, dowsing is a matter that has attracted profound and secret interest. And maybe that profound and secret interest still continues…

Source: Mysterious Universe


Aliens We Have Heard On High
By Brad Steiger

It seems that every year at the Christmas season some noteworthy scientist or brilliant observer of contemporary culture comes forward with an opinion that the reported actions of  aliens and angels are very similar. On December 2, 2012, The Guardian newspaper carried a provocative headline declaring that neurologist Oliver Sacks had commented that today  people are more likely to see UFOs and aliens when our ancestors would see angels.

Although comparisons between angels and aliens have existed in the UFO community for decades, when such pronouncements come from mainstream “experts” they are hailed by the general public as being completely unique and original, entirely acceptable answers to the superstitions of the religious and the hallucinations of those who report UFO experiences. However, rather than providing an answer to the possible link between aliens and angels that satisfies both the faithful churchgoers and the convinced UFO experiencers, the learned skeptics fail miserably.  The churchgoers are offended by the blasphemous suggestion that the heavenly angels in the Christmas story who herald the birth of the Messiah are aliens, and the UFO contactees are insulted by the dismissive suggestion that their encounters were hallucinatory.

I was eleven-years-old when the event at Roswell occurred in 1947, and the subsequent news reports filled my mind with images of  extraterrestrial aliens arriving from other worlds.  One month later, I suffered a terrible farm accident and a near-death-experience that filled my mind with images of angels from higher dimensions.  It is clear to see how two of the major interests on my life path were set at that young age.

At the time of my accident, my Evangelical Lutheranism severely separated a link between extraterrestrial visitors from other planets and extraterrestrial visitors from a heavenly kingdom.  Today, however, after having authored or co-authored 22 books on UFOs and co-authored with my wife Sherry another 22 books on miracles and angels, I still find it difficult to draw a definitive line of demarcation.  As Sherry and I wrote in the chapter “Aliens in Earth’s Prehistory and Religions” in our Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds, there does appear to be certain ethereal beings who are genuinely concerned about the well-being of us “hairless apes” and who have not materialized on our planet to conquer us, to enslave us, or to make us the main ingredients in their recipe books.

Throughout the course of human history there have always been accounts of mysterious supernatural entities seen riding in fiery chariots, moving within mysterious globes of light, driving strange aerial vehicles, or appearing suddenly m blinding flashes of light.  These beings --humanlike in appearance, yet somehow different--always seemed supernatural compared to the struggling and evolving species of Homo sapiens. These "Others" have been called Angels, Devas, Star People, Light Beings, and, on occasion, demons and devils, as well as gods and overlords. Whatever the name applied, the various activities ascribed to these entities have remained constant through the ages and consistent from culture to culture.

In an analysis of the works of fifty writers of antiquity, W. Raymond Drake, author and scholar, found references to such celestial phenomena as airborne lights, shields, fiery globes, strange ships, and warrior-like "men" with the ability to fly. In addition, he discovered mentions of two or more "moons," two or more "suns," new "stars," falling lights, unknown voices, "gods" descending to Earth, and "men" ascending to the sky.

Drake strongly believed that the old gods of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Scandinavia, and Mexico were not simply manifestations of lightning and thunderbolts. "By some strange twist of the human mind," Drake once mused wryly, "we worship prodigies in old Palestine as manifestations of the Lord, yet scoff at identical phenomena occurring at the same time only a few hundred miles away."

When seen on Earth, angels usually appear youthful, physically attractive, commanding. They are, in fact, described the same way that contemporary UFO contactees describe their "Space Brothers and Sisters." The place of origin for these benevolent beings has been identified as  heaven, other worlds, other galaxies, or other dimensions. But as the philosopher Voltaire once observed, "It is not known precisely where angels dwell--whether in the air, the void, or the planets. It has not been God's pleasure that we should be informed of their abode."  And, we must add, we certainly do not where precisely the UFO entities dwell.

After researching, studying, and traveling throughout North America, Peru, Egypt, Jordan, and Israel pursuing the UFO mystery for over 60 years, I have learned that there can be no dogma in this field of inquiry.  With that attitude of openness to a wide spectrum of possibilities, I offer these examples from our files that appear to demonstrate a possible connection between aliens and angels.

*Ed, a postal employee from Arkansas, said that he would always remember that Christmas night when he was six or seven years old and was awakened in time to look out the bedroom window and see a whirling, bright, silver UFO disappearing in the night sky.

 "I believed that the entities that began appearing to me after the UFO sightings were angels," he said.

 One night, to prove their corporeal, as well as ethereal, existence, he asked them to turn on a desk lamp in his room--a lamp with a particularly stiff switch.  The light came on.

 "When I got a little older, I began to receive mental messages that I was not of this Earth,” Ed said.  “I was told that I had come here to perform a special mission. 

 "These messages came to me in dreams and in reverie states, and they were delivered by silvery and bright beings.  They seemed quite tall to me, and they wore whitish or dark blue tunics.  Some seemed like patriarchal males with longish hair.  The females seemed to have a kind of 'Virgin Mary' feeling to them.”

 *Michael of Seattle was five years old, alone in the wooded area near the family home, when he heard someone call him by his first name.

He turned around to see a tall, slender, silver-haired, pale-skinned man with light blue eyes. At his waist was a belt buckle shaped like a "glittery pyramid."

The strange man opened his arms to the boy, and inside his head Michael heard the being say, "I am pleased with you, my son."

Michael recalled that such a salutation puzzled him. The man was not his father. "Who are you?" he asked the stranger.

The silver-haired entity smiled and told him that in the course of time Michael would come to know him. And then Michael heard inside his head the words that he would always remember and which would puzzle him for many years: “I am all you are, have been. and will become.”

At that moment, Michael remembered that he was distracted by the voice of his father, his Earth father, calling to him.

When he looked back to the stranger, he was astonished to see him fading from sight. "Don't forget me," the entity said. "Always remember me."

Today, at age forty-two, Michael stated firmly that he never has forgotten the being.  From that remarkable day forward, the pale-skinned, silver-haired entity has come to him in his dreams or sometimes by voice only.

“Sometimes, he tells me things that are about to happen to myself, family, or friends,” Michael said. “It always pays to listen to my angel.”

 *Sherri of Brooklyn, New York,  experienced her initial contact with multidimensional beings when she was eighteen.

She was lying in bed one night in that borderline state of consciousness when two entities in dark, hooded robes floated through her closed bedroom door. Sherri  was totally terrified, not only because they had broken into her bedroom in the middle of the night, but  because they seemed so aggressive.

 The two hooded beings pulled at her blanket and asked, "Are you ready?"

 Sherri screamed at them, and they disappeared.

 Her next experience with the beings occurred in her mid-twenties.

 She felt something gently touch my shoulder. Her husband was sound asleep, so Sherri knew it wasn't him.  She clicked on the bed lamp, turned, and saw the "visitors" once again.

As before, they disappeared when Sherri screamed at them, but just before they vanished, she was able to catch a fleeting glimpse of a large pyramid-shaped light hover over their bed.

 Sherri's "ultimate contact" occurred a week later.  At 4:00 A.M., she was awakened by a "visitor" calling her name in a soft  voice.  As she got out of bed, she saw a large glowing object at her window.

 "To my surprise," Sherri said, "I saw two figures peering out at me from inside the object.  It  was so well- illuminated that I actually saw the interior of the craft, and there were other beings inside, moving quickly back and forth.”

 Sherri opened the window of their apartment to get a better look at the figures and their glowing vehicle, but the craft suddenly appeared to transform itself into a flame.  She remember attempting to shout at them to get away from the apartment building before it caught fire, but then she heard a voice inside her head say, “Don’t be afraid. Look at us.  Stay at the window until we leave.  Look...look.…”

 Ten years after the second  visitation, Sherri's assessment of the experience remains firm that it was a mystical one. She believes that night she began to undergo a spiritual transformation. “I became more compassionate toward people,” she said. “I became cosmically oriented toward the evolution of humankind.  I often ponder the purpose for my existence. Sometimes I feel as though I am on the outside looking in at this planet.  The UFO and the visitors altered my state of consciousness."

*Pat, a schoolteacher from Ohio, recalled the summer day when she was eleven and saw two strange, glowing objects hovering above the lake near their home.

"That night something awakened me," she said, "and I saw a shining, silver humanoid being standing at the foot of my bed. I remember at first feeling the sensation of undistilled terror, but that soon changed to awe and wonder as I watched the being disappear."

Pat did not see the entity again until that Christmas when she accompanied her father to take her grandmother home after her holiday visit with the family.

"Dad and I wound up on a dark, winding road," she recalled. "It was icy and slick because of a sleet storm. Dad asked me to roll down the window and to watch to make certain that we didn't slide off the road and down the steep banks."

Pat remembers feeling very frightened, and it was obvious that her father was nervous and concerned for their safety. There was a very real possibility that they could slip over the edge of the highway and crash and freeze to death.

"It was cold, and my face was numb and stinging as I  looked into the darkness from the open car window," Pat said. “Suddenly I saw directly behind us and just above us a brilliant white light with a bluish center. I did not hear a voice, but I was unmistakably getting a message from the light. . . or from something. And I knew somehow that the message was something connected with myself.

"I survived that frightening, freezing night with the deep certainty that the white light had told me, 'I am. '”

Pat said that it was not until many years later that she learned the significance of the I am concept in theology, as exemplified in the experience of Moses when the voice from the burning bush identified itself as I am that I am. But from that childhood Christmas evening onward, Pat has been keenly aware that the message that came to her from the brilliant white light with the bluish center was the assurance that there was within and without the very essence of her being an aspect that exists in the now, in the past, and will do so for all time.

Source: UFO Digest


The Top Five Lesser-Known Failed Apocalypses
By Gabrielle Moss   

The world did not end on 12/21/2012. Frequent, vigorous, nonsensical, and ultimately unsuccessful apocalyptic predictions are a part of our shared cultural heritage; making them is a tradition we're simply carrying forward.

5. Some time in the 1600s: Christopher Columbus

Most of us know Christopher Columbus as a guy who sailed the ocean blue/ genocidal maniac, but he was also fascinated by the apocalypse, and toward the end of his life wrote The Book of Prophecies, which drew apocalyptic theories from the Old and New Testament, as well as his own era, to try to convince King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to sponsor new voyages that would help bring around the end times and the return of Christ. In fact, some claim that his entire voyage to the ‘new world’ was part of an attempt to discover a new route to Jerusalem, the first step toward bringing about the end of days. He died in 1506, convinced the end was quite near.

4. 1999: Charles Berlitz

Charles Berlitz was a Yale magna cum laude and an heir to the Berlitz language school company, and he helped pioneer the recording of foreign language lessons on tape. But who cares about any of that stuff! Berlitz’s real legacy was that he predicted the end of the world. In 1982, he published Doomsday 1999: Countdown to the Apocalypse, which made the case that because of problems like famine, overpopulation, and climate change, the world would end around 1999 (certainly not the most far-out claim on this list). His other books, on topics like the lost city of Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, and Roswell UFOs, are available on Amazon, in case you’re still trying to figure out what to get anyone for Christmas.

3. March 1982: John Gribbin and Stephen Plagemann

In 1974, a book called The Jupiter Effect, written by two actual scientists, predicted that because of planetary alignment, the world would end in March of 1982. The book was a runaway best-seller, and created the annoying "planetary alignment apocalypse” theory, which many confused college freshman who stink of bong water believe to this very day. Gribbin repudiated the book’s theory in 1980 in an article in New Scientist, claiming that in his reasoning, he had been “too clever by half” — but that didn’t stop him from writing, with co-author Plagemann, a sequel called The Jupiter Effect Reconsidered, in 1982. The follow-up linked a number of recent-at-the-time natural disasters — including the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens — with their theories from the first book.

2. May 19, 1780: The people of New England

This was less a failed prediction than a failed ... interpretation. On this extraordinarily overcast day in New England, fog combined with smoke from a forest fire to create what seemed to locals to be a nightfall that lasted all day and through the next. Many thought it meant the world was ending — a theory that went so far as to be discussed during a Connecticut state legislature session. Abraham Davenport, a legislator, comforted his panicking fellow legislators, who wanted to adjourn work for the day, by saying “The day of judgment is either approaching, or it is not. If it is not, there is no cause of an adjournment; if it is, I choose to be found doing my duty. I wish therefore that candles may be brought.” This earned him the honor of being immortalized in verse by the writer John Greenleaf Whittier. Fun game to play: Tell your friends and co-workers that work shouldn’t be canceled on Friday, and see if anyone writes a poem about you!

1. 1806: The Prophet Hen of Leeds

“The Prophet Hen of Leeds” was exactly what it sounds like: a hen that laid eggs with the cryptic, apocalyptic message “Christ is Coming” written on them. The hen attracted huge crowds of visitors, who briefly believed that she really did have some inner apoco-knowledge that could only be expressed via egg. But it was soon revealed that the hen's owner had been etching the messages on the eggs in acid, shoving them back up the hen's egg hole, and acting surprised when they came out again. Oh man, that old trick?!

The only thing we really know about the apocalypse is that if the world ever does end, we’ll never see it coming (that’s either from the Bible or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off). So try to keep calm, carry on, and enjoy your Mayan-themed pizza party — who knows if it’s your last?

Source: The Hairpin


Mystery Animal Attacking Livestock in Kentucky

SHELBY COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - A community of farmers in Shelby County have been terrorized over the past few weeks by a mystery animal.

The creature has been attacking, but not eating, livestock such as goats and calves.

Kevin Cox, a farmer in the area, had already had one animal fall victim to an attack and he said his dogs alerted him of a second, "I heard the goat the dogs going off and I ran out there and I looked and saw the goat laying on the ground."

His goat, Polka-dot, is now missing all of one ear and almost lost both of them.

Cox explained, "I noticed my whole steer bull looking a little different. It was covered in blood. Then my other two bulls come up and they had their ears all chewed up."

Cox is one of a handful of farmers along Ditto Road in Waddy whose animals have been mysteriously attacked. Another farmer had to put down five goats because the injuries were so severe.

Most of the attacks have come at night.

One woman told County officials she and her daughter were briefly followed by an animal that made a sound she called "indescribable."

County officials are investigating and they have recruited the help of the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department. Thursday, crews searched the woods and set traps in hopes of finding  the cause of the attacks.

Meanwhile, Cox said he's doing all he can to protect his animals, "We're trying to find out what it is. I don't know if we ever will."

Shelby County officials are hosting a meeting at the Waddy Ruritan Club this upcoming Monday.

They are looking to make the public aware of the problem and discuss solutions.

Source: WAVE3-TV


Strange Sightings of Santa Claus
By Stephen Wagner

A CHERISHED TRADITION for many children is the belief in Santa Claus, and a relatively common phenomenon is a memory these children -- now adults -- have of actually seeing Santa with their own eyes. Should these sightings be dismissed as childhood fantasies and false memories, or was their belief in Santa so strong that he magically materialized, if even for a brief moment? Whatever the case, in the spirit of the season we kindly ask that you suspend your disbelief for awhile and enjoy these true Santa sightings.

by C.B.

I was about 6 or 7 years old and it was the day before Christmas here in South Africa. It was late in the afternoon and there was nobody outside, just me sitting there looking up at the sky. I started hearing a sound like bells and the "Ho, ho, ho!" sounds. I looked up and I saw the sleigh and Santa himself. It was all shiny around him. My jaw dropped. I couldn't believe it! I stared at it for a long while, but he was going extremely fast. It was not a plane or anything like that. I ran inside the house and I told my mom to come quick. When I got back outside, he was gone.

by Sarah A.

I saw Santa when I was 3. It was Christmas Eve and my Aunt Susan was spending the night with us. She got my bed, so I had to sleep on the floor. I went to sleep and awoke around 2:30 a.m. to something glowing in the hallway outside my bedroom. When I fully opened my eyes, I could see that Santa was standing in my doorway with a mystical, magical glow around him. It was silver and gold and glittery.

Santa looked right at me and without moving his mouth, he said to me, "Now you know you are supposed to be asleep while I am here, don't you?" I told him that I knew I was supposed to be asleep, but how could I? He told me, "Close your eyes and at least pretend." At three years old, even I knew this could be a dream, but I knew I was awake. People have told me maybe it was my father, and maybe it was. How he got the hallway to glow with glitter is beyond me, but as far as I am concerned, it was 100% the spirit of Santa Claus. I am now 41 years old and still believe that I saw him.

by Sam B.

When I was 5, I had an experience with Santa Claus. It was Christmas. At 4 a.m. I awoke to hear rustling in the hall. The door opened and Santa Claus came in! Surprised, I hid under the covers. He walked into the bathroom. Around 10 minutes later, he came out, bent down and shoved two things under my bed. He came over to me and said, "Shhhh." He put out his hand and some kind of "dust" came out. Within seconds, I fell asleep. And to prove I wasn't dreaming, the next morning presents were under my bed for my brother and me! I don't care if people don't believe me, I know I'm telling the truth!

by Sandra B.

This happened to me on Christmas Eve in Florrissant, Missouri around 1967 or 1968 when I was about 6 or 7. Dad and mom and my 6 siblings were asleep. I remember getting up to peek in living room for the goodies. We got a huge chalkboard that year, which was placed in front of the entry to the living room. I saw a very bright light shining in the room behind the chalkboard. I peeked around the side and saw Santa. He was bent over, but stood up straight and puffed on a pipe as I looked on. He was facing away from me looking toward the front door. Well, that was enough for me. I didn't want to get caught being awake. I quietly made my way back to my room and never told anyone about it.

A few years later, my dad told me the "truth" about Santa. I just walked away, dumbfounded, and did not tell him of my experience. I have heard since that after abductions, aliens give us screen memories to protect us from the truth. They erase our memories and give us a false memory as a parting gift. I saw a lot of odd lights in the sky during the previous summer. I also experienced a terrifying night with three of my sisters at the same house. That's another story, but I think an alien was involved!

by lahecht

It was Christmas Eve, 1992 in my hometown in Venezuela. I was home hanging out with my best friend, and at around 9:00 p.m. we decided to go to her house to see if she had any presents. Her parents were out at a fancy Christmas party. We entered her house, and the main hall leads to a door that opens to a big dark living room with a big window on the back that faces the forest.

When we entered the room, there was Santa at the window. With million kilowatts of lighting shining on his face, he stared at us for several seconds that felt like hours. My friend and I held hands and were so scared we didn't know what to do. We were shaking and speechless. All of a sudden, we decided to step forward, and the shining man nodded. He waved at us in a very calm way and flew off. Sparkling stars came out of his feet. We were perplexed. No one believed us.

by loz85

When I was about 8 years old, I saw Father Christmas. I am 27 now with children of my own. We lived in an outer suburb of Perth, Western Australia on about an acre. It was Christmas Eve and summer in Australia. My bed was lined up against the large window and I sat looking out into the sky. From my window I could see our fence with a few bushes in front, and behind the fence on the neighbour's yard was a large dead tree trunk that doves use to nest in. The moon was bright that night.

Suddenly, from the left, I saw Father Christmas on a sleigh. He moved from left to right behind the old dead tree and up over our house, but he didn't land. I believe that he was a spirit as he a had a whitish bluish glow and was kind of transparent, as were the reindeers and sleigh. I will never forget that experience and have told my children about my sighting, so kids believe in Santa!

by Dell

On Christmas Eve, 1982, my husband and I were assembling toys until late. It was around midnight when we were finally done setting everything up. We were sitting on the couch when I heard a sound like hooves on the roof, and then I heard the most beautiful bells I have ever heard -- sounded like crystal. I looked over at my husband to tell him and he said, "Did you hear that?" I said yes as we both jumped up to run outside.

Whatever it was was gone. We lived in the mountains and did not have any close neighbors, and we did not have a TV or radio on that night. It had also lightly snowed that night and there were no tracks of any kind leading up to our house. The next day, my 4-year-old daughter told me that she and her 2-year-old brother had also heard Santa. Not only that, but she said they both saw the sleigh and reindeer leaving our roof and watched them fly away into the distance. Their bedrooms were on the second story and they had large dormer windows to look out of.

by Joanne

The year was maybe 1969 or 1970. I was either 3 or 4 years of age. I remember I hadn't started kindergarten. I woke up during the night of Christmas Eve and quietly walked down the hallway toward the living room. I was quiet because I was wearing my pjs with the feet in them, so I didn't need slippers and made sure that I was close to the wall so not to be seen.

I remember at one point I peeped around the corner of the wall to look at the Christmas tree to see my new toys when I saw Santa still putting gifts under the tree! He had on the red suit, but he was not the heavy man that we see on television, but he was tall and slender with gray hair, not white. I know it wasn't my dad because my family is African American and my parents were actually there in the room with him. I tip-toed quickly back down the hallway, made it to my bed, covered my head with my quilt, and fell asleep.

by g3orgi

You don't have to believe me, but this really did happen. I was at work and in came this tall, older man with a beard. He had on a red and white Hawaiian shirt, tan shorts, and white loafers. He said, "Hello, dear. I'm from out of town." He took out a card and put it down on the counter. When I looked at it, I noticed it was a picture of Santa! But it was this same man dressed as Santa. I looked back up at him and he said, "I need to park my very large RV in front of my son's home. I was just making sure there is no problem with that." I answered him that it was ok. He then said, "Thank you, dear," and left. I grabbed the card, and on the back it said "From Santa." I looked at my coworker. She saw him, too, and when she saw the card she was in shock. He wasn't a creep or weird. He was a very nice man. Now I don't know what to think. I'm 23 and perhaps shouldn't be believing in Santa, but he was so real!

by Rick

About a week before Christmas in 2006, I was at work and not in a Christmas mood. My job sucked and Christmas was right on top of me. Being I was 37 at the time I was a little old to believe in Santa Claus. I had the faith he existed and felt in my heart that he was real, but not physically real until....

I was in our parking lot, dumping trash in the dumpster. Walking on the sidewalk next to me was a chubby old man with long, snow white hair a long white beard, round glasses, wearing a green flannel shirt, blue jeans, and red suspenders . He said, "Hello, Richard" as he passed. I said hi and he kept walking. It wasn't until a few seconds later I realized I didn't know him, but he knew my birth name. We did not wear name tags or anything. He wasn't a customer... but he knew. I watched him as he continued down the street, and as he came to the intersection, he didn't stop and wait for the light to change, it just turned green and he walked out of sight. Weird? Yes, but it changed my mood knowing I wasn't nuts.

by Cristian

I stopped believing in Santa when I was 5 years old. But 5 years later I heard bells, as if there was a horse on my roof. Then I heard my front door open because my house does not have a chimney. I tip-toed to the end of the hall way and saw a fat man in a red and white suit. A few seconds later I said, "This is impossible!" And the fat man turned around and said, "Belief it's all it takes." Then he disappeared and the after I heard bells moving away.

That's all I remember, but I'm never going to forget that Christmas Eve. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina and my parents did not hear anything, and neither did my sister. My parents thought I was crazy after I told them, so I decided to keep it all to myself... until now.

Source: Paranormal.about.com


Rudolph's Nose Was Red For A Reason, Say Scientists

Researchers in the Netherlands found that microcirculation in the nasal mucosa of the animal draws in blood when cold to keep the nose warm during extreme temperatures.

Rudolph the Reindeer's luminous red nose was pure fiction until now.

Researchers in the Netherlands found that microcirculation in the nasal mucosa of the animal draws in blood when cold to keep the nose warm during very low temperatures.

"In colder climates and also when they are higher up in the atmosphere pulling Santa's sleigh, the increase in blood flow in the nose will help keep the [nose's] surface warm," said John Cullen, who was not associated with the study, of the University of Rochester, according to MedPage Today.

The study looked at the deer's nasal circulation and found similarities to the microvasculature in the region with that of humans.

LiveScience said that the difference is that the reindeers have a greater density of microvessels in the nose, which one would assume could bring more blood into the area.

More from GlobalPost: World's funniest comedy? 'Airplane' nets most 'laughs a minute'

This evolutionary feature is likely due to the extreme temperatures it must face in its northern habitats.

The findings were likely not coincidentally timed with the holiday season fast approaching.

"These results highlight the intrinsic physiological properties of Rudolph's legendary luminous red nose, which help to protect it from freezing during sleigh rides and to regulate the temperature of the reindeer's brain, factors essential for flying reindeer pulling Santa Claus' sleigh under extreme temperatures," study author Can Ince of Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, wrote in a statement, according to ABC News.

CNet reported that prior theories posited were that Rudolph had a cold, was intoxicated or had microscopic parasites in his nose.

I think we'll take good circulation over those explanations.

Source: Global Post

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