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Once again secret information has made its way over the hidden channels that clandestinely flow throughout the deepest, darkest recesses of the planet.  Information, that at times, have brought down whole governments and sent men to their torturous deaths.  Information that has finally found its way once again to your email box in the form of Conspiracy Journal -- your number one source of all the news fit to be kept secret.

This week Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such larynx-lightening stories as:

9/11 Researcher Found Dead: Wrote Book Implicating Bush Administration In The 9/11 Attacks -
Asteroid to Traverse Earth’s Satellite Zone, NASA Says -
- Researcher Urges U.S. Military Veterans to Divulge Their UFO Sightings at Nuclear Weapons Sites -
- Wolfmen and Warfare -
AND: Pennsylvania Besieged with UFO and Strange Creature Reports
During 2012

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

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Inner Earth People And Outer Space People


Is There A Golden Paradise Inside Our Earth?

Who Pilots The Ships We Call UFOs?

Are They Here To Harm Or Help Us?

Are the Residents Of This Subterranean World Angels or Devils?

Quietly -- without public fanfare -- scientists search for the entrance to the inner earth. Such a discovery could possibly improve all our lives. . . as well as provide an endless source for fossil fuel.

It could be that mankind may not be alone on this planet. Scripture actually speaks of a paradise inside the earth inhabited by giant plants, mythological creatures and even highly advanced human-like beings. Further, UFOs do exist, but only some of them come from outer space. And the ones that do come here from other planets may not be entirely friendly. We may have to learn to protect ourselves from their ungodly influences and desires.

The author, William L. Blessing is a full gospel minister who wants to share vital information with you! Based on Scripture, Rev. Blessing is convinced that there are "three heavens that belong to the earth. The Apostle Paul tells us that he was 'caught up to the tird heaven' and while in theat heaven he 'heard unspeakable words which is not lawful for a man to utter.'" Blessing states that this area of "darkness" is inhabited by a very evil people. Beyond the darkness is the moon and then the asteroid or planetoid ring of inhabited places -- inhabited by the outer space people. Beyond this first heaven is a vaporous ring in which they are great quantities of ice."

According to Blessing, "The Bible teaches us that there are people dwelling in the inside of the earth. For want to a better name I shall call them Inner Earth People. I would estimate the population of the inner earth to be ten billion, or about five times more than those of us who live on the surface.

"There are 200,000,000 pilots in the flying saucer corps in the inner earth. The name of their commander in chief is Apollyon, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath is his name Apollyon."

Blessing states: "They will soon, very soon, invade the surface of the earth. In fact, I believe that the invasion has already begun by an advance reconnaissance force that is flying out and over the surface, mapping the land areas and strategic places where they will strike in their all-out invasion!"

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9/11 Researcher Found Dead: Wrote Book Implicating Bush Administration
In The 9/11 Attacks

A pilot who wrote a conspiracy theory book about 9/11 is dead after he shot his two teenage children and family dog before turning the gun on himself.

Relatives and friends of Phillip Marshall were stunned by the violent crime which took place in Calaveras County on Saturday.

Their bodies were discovered when friends of the teens went to the family home on Sandalwood Drive and looked through the windows, they could see 54-year-old Phillip Marshall lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

Micalia Phillips, 14, and her 17-year-old brother Alex, were also found dead at the home inside the gated Forrest Meadows community.

Sheriff’s Sgt Chris Hewitt says when deputies arrived around 3pm on Saturday, they found the victims dead of apparent gunshot wounds in what they believe is a murder suicide.

The tragedy came as a shock for those living in the small town.

'Alex is a junior, played football. Micaela was a bright bubbly freshman,' Michael Chimente told CBS Sacramento.

Chimente is the principal of Bret Harte High School in nearby Angels Camp, where the two teens attended.

'Our first concern is not only reaching out to the family and giving them the support they need, but also supporting our students,' said Chimente.

Grief counselors were called in to help students deal with the sudden death of their friends and classmates.

A preliminary examination showed that all three were shot once in the head with a handgun.

Hewitt says the mother of the teens and estranged wife of Phillip Marshall, was out of the country at the time.

The former airline pilot's controversial conspiracy book The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror was released last year.

While he was writing it, Marshall believed that his life was in danger because of the allegations involved.

According to Santa Barbara View, during the editing and pre-marketing process of Marshall’s book, he expressed some degree of paranoia because the nonfiction work accused the George W. Bush administration of being in cahoots with the Saudi intelligence community in training the hijackers who died in the planes used in the attacks.

He wrote in a statement last year: 'Think about this. The official version about some ghost (Osama bin Laden) in some cave on the other side of the world defeating our entire military establishment on U.S. soil is absolutely preposterous.

'The true reason the attack was successful is because of an inside military stand-down and a coordinated training operation that prepared the hijackers to fly heavy commercial airliners.

We have dozens of FBI documents to prove that this flight training was conducted in California, Florida and Arizona in the 18 months leading up to the attack.'

Amazon says about Philip Marshall: 'A veteran airline captain and former government "special activities" contract pilot, he has authored three books on Top Secret America, a group presently conducting business as the United States Intelligence Community.

'Marshall has studied and written 30-years worth of covert government special activities and the revolving door of Wall Street tricksters, media moguls, and their well funded politicians.

'He is the leading aviation expert on the September 11th attack.'

Source: The Daily Mail


Asteroid to Traverse Earth’s Satellite Zone, NASA Says
By Jim Snyder

An asteroid half the size of a U.S. football field will pass between Earth and orbiting satellites next week, sparing the human race from the fate suffered by dinosaurs, NASA said.

The 150-foot diameter asteroid, named 2012 DA14, will pass about 17,000 miles above Earth on Feb. 15 -- lower than the orbits of some satellites -- in the closest recorded approach of an object of its size. It will travel at 7.8 kilometers a second (17,400 miles an hour), or about eight times the speed of a rifle shot, NASA scientists said yesterday.

“No Earth impact is possible,” Donald Yeomans, who manages the Near-Earth-Object office at Pasadena, California- based Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said yesterday in a press conference.

The NASA unit monitors relatively small space objects such as DA14 to measure the risks they present to the Earth. Researchers said that studying the asteroid’s close trajectory will help NASA in preparing for a 2016 rocket launch and a planned encounter with the near-Earth object 1999 RQ36 two years later.

Lockheed Martin Corp., based in Bethesda, Maryland, is helping NASA in developing the rocket, which is scheduled to monitor RQ36 and eventually return to Earth in 2023 with samples from the asteroid.

While a strike by an asteroid DA14’s size would do “a lot of regional destruction,” it wouldn’t be catastrophic to the planet’s population, said Lindley Johnson, program executive for NASA’s Near-Earth Object observations program in Washington.

Space Station Safe

Yeomans said the damage from DA14 if it were to hit would rival an impact event in Russia in 1908 that leveled trees over an 820-square-mile territory. The asteroid that is thought to have wiped out the dinosaurs was about 10-kilometers in diameter. DA14 was discovered in February last year.

The NASA scientists said the asteroid would still pass above the orbits of most of the communications satellites circling Earth, and doesn’t pose a threat to the International Space Station, which orbits the planet at about 250 miles.

Amateur astronomers will need a small telescope to see the asteroid, which would appear as a moving pinpoint in the night sky, said Timothy Spahr, the director of the Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The best viewing location for DA14’s closest approach is Indonesia, with sky gazers in Eastern Europe, Australia and Asia also getting good looks at the asteroid.

Low Risk

The NEO program office said that an object of similar size gets this close to Earth once every 40 years, and that an actual collision can be expected only once in 1,200 years.

Some companies and entrepreneurs see asteroids as possible sources for precious metals.

Planetary Resources Inc., based in Seattle and backed by Google Inc. Chief Executive Officer Larry Page and Chairman Eric Schmidt, is working to launch a telescopic space surveyor to identify resource-rich space rocks in the next couple of years.

Other entrepreneurs are participating in a business-backed space race. Robert Bigelow, a Las Vegas hotelier, won a $17.8 million contract for an inflatable room that will be attached to the space station in 2015. Boeing Co., Tesla Motors Inc. Chief Executive Elon Musk and British entrepreneur Richard Branson have started rocket-building ventures.

Source: Bloomberg News


UFOs Observed During French Atomic Testing in Algeria
By Robert Hastings

On January 30, 2013, I issued my latest press release, titled "Researcher Urges U.S. Military Veterans to Divulge Their UFO Sightings at Nuclear Weapons Sites". My hope was/is that persons who had not yet gone on-the-record about their UFO experiences would contact me at ufohastings@aol.com.

The first to do so, Larry Rogers, has provided an unexpected glimpse into UFO activity during the period of French atomic testing in the Sahara desert in the early 1960s. I have twice interviewed Mr. Rogers on the telephone and he has provided his DD214 military service record, which verifies his presence at a U.S. Air Force base in North Africa during that era.

In 1960, Airman 3rd Class Larry W. Rogers was assigned to the USAF's 3926th Air Police Squadron K-9, and stationed at Ben Guerir Air Base, in Morocco. At the time, France had begun to detonate its first atomic devices in neighboring Algeria, then a colony. The detonations took place at the Reggane test site, some 600 miles southeast of the American airbase.

Rogers told me, "I personally never saw the bright flash from any of the tests. What we could see was a sky that was brilliantly colored at sunrise and at sunset, as a result of the sand and other debris that was thrown into the atmosphere. In fact, it seemed like the whole dome of the sky was filled with color for days after each of those tests."

One night, shortly after such a detonation, Rogers and five other members of his squadron were on guard at the north end of the base runway, accompanied by their German Shepard companions. "I cannot even guess the time-frame," he said, "There are no seasons in the Sahara desert and so there was no distinctive weather that I could associate with the event. I'm afraid the date will remain unknown."

At some point, Rogers and the others began to notice a group of small glowing objects hovering in the sky, seemingly above the Atlas Mountains, some 90 miles away on the southeastern horizon. "There were maybe half-a-dozen of them. They were really bright but I don't know if they were lit up themselves or just reflecting the sun. They were high enough in the sky that, even though it was already dark, the sun below the horizon may have caught them in its glare."

Rogers continued, "The objects may have been directly above the mountains, or beyond them, or in front of them. You couldn't tell because of the distance and the darkness. Anyway, they looked strange to us so we called that in to the squadron's command post. A little while later, we saw four or five jet fighters streaking toward the lights. They had been launched from Zaragoza Air Force Base, in Spain, and flew almost directly over our position. They were really loud and you could see the blue-flame of their afterburners."

The guards watched the jets recede into the distance. A few minutes later, Rogers and the others saw them apparently interacting with the mysterious aerial lights. "We could tell when the fighters arrived, or we thought we could, because the UFOs suddenly began moving around really quickly and erratically. They had been nearly motionless earlier but now they zoomed one way or another, with sharp-angled turns, like they were playing tag with the jets. Some of the lights did full circles, like maybe they were flying completely around them. We couldn't believe what we were seeing. It was just amazing." Then he added, "My guess is that the UFOs were not there to observe an atomic test, but were there as a result of a test."

The aerial encounter lasted for perhaps 45 minutes. At that point, the fighters left the area, probably running low on fuel. Presumably, they flew back to their base in Spain. Rogers and his companions, after returning their dogs to the kennels and their weapons to the armory, were unexpectedly told to get into an Air Force sedan. They were then driven to the headquarters building, separated, put into different rooms, and debriefed by two officers in uniform.

"They were playing Good Cop, Bad Cop," Rogers told me. "One of them was calm when he asked me questions, but the other one put the fear of God in me, saying that if I talked about what I saw, I would deeply regret it. I suspect that they were OSI agents but I don't know for sure. I was shown a UFO regulation—I distinctly remember reading 'AFR 200-2' at the top—and ordered to sign a non-disclosure statement. I guess the other guys were as scared as I was because we never talked about the incident among ourselves again."

France conducted 210 nuclear tests between February 13, 1960 and January 27, 1996, either at the remote Algerian site mentioned by Rogers, or in French Polynesia. Four "shots" occurred in the Sahara desert during the period that he was stationed at Ben Guerir Air Base, in neighboring Morocco, including the first French A-bomb, code-named "Gerboise Bleue", on February 13, 1960.

Rogers' sighting occurred shortly after one of those tests, and the UFOs' presence was probably linked to it somehow, even though the unidentified aerial objects were at a rather great distance from the actual detonation site when they were observed by the Air Policemen. Had they been much closer to ground zero only minutes earlier? Or were those presumably aboard the craft monitoring drifting radiation clouds in the region of the Atlas Mountains? All of this is speculation, of course, and we will probably never know the answers.

Source: UFOs and Nukes


Wolfmen and Warfare
By Nick Redfern

In May 2007, I penned an article for my There’s something in the Woods blog titled Do Werewolves Roam the Woods of England? It was a feature prompted by the fact that in that same year, 2007, numerous sightings of a werewolf-type beast were reported in the heart of the Cannock Chase – a large area of forest and heath in the English county of Staffordshire.

But, of note, all the encounters on the Chase occurred within the confines of an old cemetery, and specifically a cemetery housing the remains of German soldiers and airmen who died in prisoner of war camps on British soil during the First and Second World Wars.

Six years on, it remains the most popular post at my blog and prompted one commenter to the article, using the title of Wes, to state that he had encountered a werewolf at a weapons storage area at a British military base – Royal Air Force Alconbury, situated in the county of Cambridgeshire – in the 1970s. The beast, said Wes, had a flat snout, very big eyes, a height of around five feet, and a weight in the order of two hundred pounds. It slowly vanished into the surrounding woods.

Moving on, in January 2010, I spoke at a New York conference called Ghosts of Cooperstown, which was organized by the stars of the SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters series. It was on the Saturday night of the event that an American soldier, who had then recently returned from serving with the military in the Middle East, revealed to an audience in the hotel bar that he had heard tales of large, marauding werewolves roaming by night the mountains of Afghanistan and some of the more ancient parts of Iraq.

The U.S. Army secretly knew that the beasts were out there, he said, but didn’t know how to handle the situation. They even lacked any real understanding of what the creatures were or from where, exactly, they came. And so the military simply chose to take the easiest of all approaches available to them: they outright ignored the reports, or wrote them off as the equivalent of campfire tales told to kids on Halloween.

I asked the man if there was any way I could get his data validated. His replied in the negative, but stressed it was true, all the same. His story might well have been the barest bones of what sounds like a much bigger, and far more significant saga, and it is made all the more intriguing by the fact that deeply similar stories have reached the eyes and ears of author and researcher Linda Godfrey, without doubt the United States’ leading authority on all-things of a werewolf nature.

One of the most intriguing things that Linda Godfrey has learned in her more than twenty years of research into werewolf phenomena in the United States is that, just as appears to be the case in the U.K., Iraq, and Afghanistan, the beasts seem to be unfathomably attracted to locations known for being home to highly active military installations.

Of the various reports that Linda has uncovered, one concerns the Fort Custer Recreation Area, Michigan, which amounts to around three thousand acres of recreation land that fell into the hands of the U.S. Government back in 1917, and which, when known as Camp Custer, was utilized as a training center for Army inductees. Late one particular night in 2000, however, the area had what was quite possibly its strangest visitor of all: a large fox-like animal that had the ability to run on both two legs and four.

But there’s more, too: just like the werewolf-infested cemetery on England’s Cannock Chase that is home to the remains of hundreds of German military personnel from long gone wars, so the old Michigan-based camp once housed more than five hundred Nazi troops during the hostilities of the Second World War, twenty-six of who died on-site and were subsequently buried there.

I freely admit I am utterly baffled as to why there should even be a connection between werewolves, military installations and wartime conflict at all. But, if anyone has any ideas, let me know!

Source: Mysterious Universe


A "National Geographic" Cryptid
By Malcolm Smith
As every schoolboy knows, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 1912 novel, The Lost World was inspired by the tepuis: the 100-odd mesas towering on perpendicular cliffs up to a mile above the jungle in the borderland of Guyana and Venezuela. Of course, even as a schoolboy, when I read the novel (twice), I sensed a problem: huge animals require lots of living room, and a "plateau" only 20 miles wide was far too small for a breeding population of even a single species of dinosaur. No, dinosaurs do not, and cannot, inhabit the cloud-masked, rain-soaked, infertile tops of the tepuis. But that does not mean they are not ecological islands, with populations isolated one from the other and undergoing divergent evolution. You cannot throw a net without finding a species of something or other unknown to science. Therefore, we should take seriously any account of unknown species somewhat larger than the run-of-of-mill.
Take Auyán-tepui, one of the largest of the group, with the distinction of  featuring the world's tallest waterfall, Angel Falls. In 1977 amateur entomologist, Dr Silvano Lorenzoni mentioned leading three expeditions to its summit, and finished his article with the following paragraph:

Moreover, there is one witness who asserts that he has seen three "plesiosaur-like things," about 50 cm. [20 inches] long (with 25 cm. necks) swimming in a river atop the Auyan-tepuy. While this witness can scarcely be called a scientist (he is an adventurer that roams the area digging for diamonds) his statement remains to be one more fascinating piece of information in a jigsaw puzzle that is already taking on a recognizable shape.

Reference: Dr Silvano Lorenzoni (1977). 'Extant dinosaurs: a distinct possibility', Pursuit 10(2): pp 60-61. (This was the official publication of the now defunct Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained.)

Would you believe? This very same witness again turned up - this time in the august pages of the National Geographic.
In 1986, the German explorer-writer, Uwe George joined a helicopter expedition to the top of Auyán-tepui.  But first they called on 75-year-old Alexander Laime, whom they found living alone in a termite-eaten shack on an island in the middle of a major river, surrounded by his subsistence gardens. Here was man who obviously had carved out his own little niche, and let the rest of the world go by. "Publicity hound" is not a description which springs readily to mind. But let Herr George tell his story:
          Alexander is a keen student of wildlife on the tepuis, and he insists that on his 1955 expedition to Auyan he encountered three dinosaur-like lizards. Over tea in a corner of his garden he told us he had come upon them while searching for diamonds in one of the rivers on top of Auyan-tepui.
          "They were sunbathing on a rocky ledge above the river," he said. "At first I thought they were seals, but when I sneaked closer, I saw they were creatures with enormously long necks and ageless reptilian faces. Each had four scale-covered fins instead of legs."
          For proof Alexander rummaged through a pile of papers and came up with some drawings that he had made at the time. To me they resembled plesiosaurs, marine reptiles that became extinct 65 million years ago. [pp 546, 548]

Drawn to scale, they were revealed to be slightly less than three feet long. So what were they? A species of large, long-necked otter was one suggestion. But then one of the scientists in the group pointed out that the rivers up there contain no fish, making it rather difficult for even one otter to survive - let alone three. Also, to the best of my knowledge, otters have furry legs, not scaly fins.
But, you might ask, whatever they were, why haven't they been seen since? After all, there have been many expeditions up Auyán-tepui, and it is even the site of tourist treks. In that case, you have no idea of the sheer ruggedness of the terrain, and the fact that the summit covers 270 square miles. It was not until Herr George's second expedition that they encountered a mountain lion, or puma. What was it doing there? And it had two cubs, so it wasn't just a transient which had scaled the terrible, steep inclines; there was a breeding population. Yet its chief prey, the lowland tapir would never be able to get up there. And yet ...a third expedition discovered tapir tracks in the same general location on the summit.

Reference:  Uwe George (1989) 'Venezuela's Islands in Time' , National Geographic May 1989, pp 526 -561

Source: Malcolms Cryptids


Pennsylvania Besieged with UFO and Strange Creature Reports
During 2012

(Mysterious incidents reported from 50 counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)

By Stan Gordon: www.stangordon.info

The year 2012 was very active with reported sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects and encounters with strange creatures  as well as other mysterious events as reported from residents from across the Keystone state. Pennsylvania has a long history of strange occurrences. The year was filled with observations of triangular, disc, and boomerang shaped objects as well as formations of luminous globes.

Information concerning strange incidents during 2012 came to my attention from 50 counties from across the state of Pennsylvania.  I also received reports from the neighboring states of Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland as well. Many witnesses of UFO sightings, strange animal encounters, or other unusual incidents contact me directly, or report  to other independent researchers or research organizations. Some of these sources include Peter Davenport’s, “National UFO Reporting Center”, www.nuforc.org, the Pennsylvania Chapter of (MUFON) The Mutual UFO Network, www.mufonpa.com, and the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society, www.pabigfootsociety.com, many of whom I am in contact with.

As in past years, sightings of UFOs were responsible for the majority of strange events reported. During the 2012 year, however, there were numerous encounters reported with various types of strange creatures among which also included Bigfoot, giant flying creatures and black panther observations. Many other types of strange events also came to my attention including mystery booms, strange footprints and sounds, odd photographic images, and enigmatic clouds and patterns in the sky.

It has been since 1959 that I have been logging these mysterious events. I started taking calls from the public concerning UFO sightings in 1969, and I continue to receive reports via phone and e-mails concerning current mysterious encounters. Ever since 1965 when I began to conduct on scene investigations of these types of incidents, I realized that the high percentage of UFO observations and other strange events are determined to have a natural or man-made explanation as the source for what occurred.

Many UFO observations are determined to be misidentifications such as bright planets and stars, bright meteors, re-entry of space debris, or advertising search light displays. Some UFO incidents during the last year were launches of sky lanterns or Chinese lanterns. Over the years Bigfoot or other strange animals were also determined to be misidentifications of other animals such as bear and large shaggy dogs, or large native birds. On occasion, hoaxes have been uncovered.

Many incidents reported each year by credible observers are not so easily dismissed. One point of interest concerning UFO cases reported during 2012 was that there were numerous cases where mysterious aerial objects were observed at close range and at low level.  One of the most interesting incidents occurred on I-80 outside of Bloomsburg on the afternoon of July 30th. A motorist reported that a softball sized solid sphere entered his vehicle through the open passenger side window then floated around the interior of his truck before departing. For a full report see: http://www.stangordon.info/wp/2012/08/22/small-sphere-enters-moving-car/

During the early morning hours of April 4th, a 30-40 foot diameter metallic saucer-shaped object with square windows hovered 30 feet above a house in a suburb of Pittsburgh. In another instance, on the evening of May 7th, a man was sitting in the living room of his Washington County home when the room became illuminated from a light shining in the window. The light was emitted from a vertical football shaped object hovering about 100 feet away that also had two unusual light arrays on it. A huge elongated object covered with numerous lights was observed hovering over trees along a major highway near Waynesburg on November 24th. The witness who had been in the military had never seen anything like that before and was quite alarmed.

2012  was also very active with mystery animal encounters. Eric Altman, Director of the (PBS) Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society as well as myself, received a number of reports concerning encounters with Bigfoot from various statewide locations. Reports first came to our attention in January from several counties. The PBS received a report in May from Somerset County where a 7 foot tall hair covered creature was reportedly seen 50 feet away on a dirt road.

On September 13th in Cambria County, the PBS was looking into another encounter where a tall creature covered in black hair and with long arms crossed a road and entered a wooded area. Other possible Bigfoot activity was reported from other locations in the state including Westmoreland and Fayette counties which have a long history of such incidents.

The Keystone state has a long history of sightings of mystery wildcats. The mountain lion has been officially declared extinct in the state for many years, yet alleged sightings of these animals continue yearly. More mysterious are the reported encounters with what some observers describe as “Black Panthers” an animal that most people would associate with leopards or jaguars and which have never frequented this part of the world. During July and August, I interviewed a number of credible observers from various locations in Westmoreland County who claim to have seen such an animal from a distance as close as 30 feet away.  These type of reports have been received for many years from many other locations in the state.

Observers from the state continue to report sightings of “Thunderbirds,” a general term used for describing observations of huge birds with massive wingspans which have been reported for years. Some of the sightings describe a creature more like a giant bat or something that looks prehistoric.  Some of these encounters have also been at close range and very detailed.

In March, a man walking his dog in rural Fayette County heard a whoosing sound and watched a large flying creature moving about 50 feet overhead. The creature was estimated to have a wingspan of about 18 feet, and the creature looked more like a dragon than a bird.  During the early Spring, a driver came across a giant bird blocking a roadway while eating road kill in Armstrong County. The witness watched as the bird opened its wings, flapped them, then flew off. The wingspan was estimated at 12 feet. Other similar accounts were reported across the state.

Other even stranger creature encounters were also reported. Two people in Washington County reported an odd incident during the early morning of April 23rd. A man heard a strange screeching sound coming from outside and after a while awakened his wife to listen to it as well. Upon going to a window, they observed some type of upright dark brown creature standing in a nearby creek.  As the creature turned and looked in their direction, they saw two large round eyes that appeared to be glowing an amber color. As they watched, the creature took one step then ascended into the sky at a 45 degree angle. They never saw any indication of wings.

To report a UFO sighting, Bigfoot encounters or other strange creatures, or anything unusual, contact Stan Gordon at  724-838-7768  (24 hours) or via e-mail at paufo@comcast.net. For more details on the cases mentioned, and for updates on recent sightings, as well as other related events visit Stan Gordon’s “UFO Anomalies Zone” website: www.stangordon.info.

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