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 - UFOs Tampering With Nukes is "Smoking Gun" of Government Cover-Up -
Artificial Telepathy to Create Pentagon’s Telepathic Soldiers -
Crowdfunding Puts Spark of Life in Tesla's Old Lab-
AND: Spooky True Accounts of Pregnant Paranormal Activity
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From MR. UFO - Timothy Green Beckley

The Case For UFO Crashes: From Urban Legend to Reality



Access has been denied for over 50 years to even the likes of the late Senator Barry Goldwater, who has said: “I have never gained access to the so-called Blue Room at Wright-Patterson, so I have no idea what is in it. I have no idea who controls the flow of need-to-know information because, frankly, I was told in such an emphatic way that it was none of my business that I’ve never tried to make it my business since.”


Learn the significance of the MAJESTIC 12 and Presidential Briefing Papers and view previously classified CIA, FBI and State Department documents pertaining to this explosive subject – a subject that calls for high-level Congressional hearings. A possible connection has been uncovered in newly declassified documents sent to researchers by “unknown sources” within the Shadow Government. Is there proof that an organization known as the Interplanetary Phenomena Unit is involved in the recovery of extraterrestrial spacecraft and their occupants?


Here are dozens of unpublished Crashed Saucer stories uncovered by the author during the course of his research, including:

* The night a UFO came crashing down over an Ohio shopping mall. . . * A bizarre tale of an “alien artifact” uncovered by a jogger and displayed in the lobby of a Florida movie theater before it was mysteriously removed and vanished completely. . . * An unbelievable eye witness account of a UFO that fell inside New York City’s bustling Central Park after being shot at by the military. . . * The astounding tale of a UFO pilot who was taken alive from a downed spaceship which rested at the end of an Air Force Base runway in New Jersey. The being later died, . . * Controversial “alien body” photos of an entity known as “Tomato Man,” photos which have never been satisfactorily explained. . . * A seemingly documented account of a UFO that came tumbling out of the sky inside the former USSR, an event that was observed by so many that it could not be satisfactorily hushed up even by the Communist regime. . . * A mysterious professor who seemed to have the “inside track” on a real alien autopsy long before a British movie studio faked a similar event. . .



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Former Senator Says: UFOs Tampering With Nukes is "Smoking Gun" of
Government Cover-Up

In an interview with ABC News/Yahoo! News last Friday, former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel (D-Alaska) said statements by U.S. Air Force nuclear missile launch officers--regarding mysterious aerial objects interfering with the functionality of American ICBMs--make clear that top government officials are lying to the public when they claim to have no knowledge of national security-related UFO incidents.

Gravel first gained national recognition in 1971, by placing the still-classified Pentagon Papers--which documented U.S. government malfeasance during the Vietnam War--into the public record.

Gravel said the revelations by former/retired Captains Robert Salas, Bruce Fenstermacher, and David Schindele, as well as retired Security Policeman Sgt. David Scott, are "the smoking gun of the whole issue" of government secrecy on UFOs.

On September 27, 2010, Captain Salas co-hosted the "UFOs and Nukes" press conference with noted researcher Robert Hastings, during which seven USAF veterans revealed ongoing UFO activity at U.S. nuclear weapons sites during the Cold War era. That media event was extensively and favorably covered by hundreds of news organizations worldwide, including CNN, which streamed the proceedings live.

The full-length video of the press conference appears at http://www.ufohastings.com/.

The latest testimony--about UFOs knocking ICBMs offline--was heard by Senator Gravel and five other former members of congress at the "Citizen Hearing on Disclosure" organized by Stephen Bassett at the National Press Club last week.

Hastings decided not to participate in that event, saying, "It's unfortunate that Bassett chose to mingle the highly credible testimony of the missile launch officers, and the missile security guard, with questionable claims made by some of the other witnesses at the hearing. That is counter-productive if one is attempting to educate the public about the UFO reality and undercuts the legitimacy of the Disclosure process that he supposedly wants to bring about."

Hastings has interviewed over 140 U.S. military veterans regarding their involvement in nukes-related UFO incidents over the years. His summary of their tape recorded accounts may be found in UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, which is available at his website, www.ufohastings.com, for $23.95. (Scalpers resell it at Amazon for $85 and up.)

"An advanced, outside third party has been tampering with American and Russian nukes," Hastings says.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


Artificial Telepathy to Create Pentagon’s Telepathic Soldiers

As voice-activated technologies have become reality, including the recent use by Google Glass’ software, what about telling machines to do what we want simply by telepathically thinking about it?

Telepathy has long been considered an aspect of psychic phenomena or a super power. Telepathy has commonly been defined as a sort of information transmission from one person to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction.

The term was at first introduced in 1882 by the classical scholar Frederic W. H. Myers, a founder of the Society for Psychical Research, and has remained more popular than the earlier expression thought-transference – Trevor Hamilton (2009), "Immortal Longings: F.W.H. Myers and the Victorian Search for Life after Death".

Jan Dalkvist says scientific consensus, however, does not view telepathy as a real phenomenon. Many studies seeking to detect, understand, and utilize telepathy have been done, but according to the prevailing view among scientists, telepathy lacks replicable results from well-controlled experiments.

“Within the scientific community however, the claim that psi anomalies exist or may exist is in general regarded with skepticism. One reason for this difference between the scientist and the non scientist is that the former relies on his own experiences and anecdotal reports of psi phenomena, whereas the scientist at least officially requires replicable results from well controlled experiments to believe in such phenomena - results which according to the prevailing view among scientists, do not exist.” – Jan Dalkvist (1994), Telepathic Group Communication of Emotions as a Function of Belief in Telepathy, Dept. of Psychology, Stockholm University, October 5, 2011

The origin of the telepathic concept (not telepathy itself) can be tracked to the late 19th century’s Western civilization, says Roger Luckhurst in his book “The Invention of Telepathy”, Oxford, June 2002. As the physical sciences made significant advances, he said, scientific concepts were applied to mental phenomena with the hope that this would help understand paranormal phenomena. The modern concept of telepathy emerged in this historical context.

Reviewing the book, Telepathy had become a disputed phenomenon amongst physical scientists in 1901, and was discussed largely by eminent scientists including, Sigmund Freud, Thomas Huxley, and Oscar Wilde.

Medical Education Network (Meducation) says the notion of telepathy is similar to two psychological concepts of delusions of thought insertion/removal and psychological symbiosis, which might explain how some people have come up with the idea of telepathy. Insertion/removal is a symptom of psychosis, particularly of schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. Psychiatric patients who experience this symptom falsely believe that some of their thoughts are not their own and that others (e.g., other people, aliens, or conspiring intelligence agencies) are putting thoughts into their minds (thought insertion). Some patients feel as if thoughts are being taken out of their minds or deleted (thought removal). Psychological symbiosis entails the belief that in the early psychological experience of the child (during earliest infancy), the child is unable to tell the difference between his or her own mind, on one hand, and his or her experience of the mother (parent), on the other hand. This state of mind is called psychological symbiosis; with development, it ends, but, purportedly, aspects of it can still be detected in the psychological functioning of the adult.

Brain-to-brain communication implied in the scientific concept of telepathy has been attracting brain-control scientists. As voice-activated technologies have become reality, including the recent use by Google Glass’ software, what about telling machines to do what we want simply by telepathically thinking about it – adopting the telepathy concept?

Also known as synthetic telepathy, the technology is based on reading electrical activity in the brain using an electroencephalograph, or EEG. Similar technology is being marketed as a way to control video games by thought. April last year, a Dailymail report said a team of UC Irvine scientists has been awarded a $4 million grant from the U.S. Army Research Office to study the neuroscientific and signal-processing foundations of synthetic telepathy. “I think that this will eventually become just another way of communicating,” said Mike D’Zmura, from the University of California, Irvine and the lead scientist on the project.

“It will take a lot of research, and a lot of time, but there are also a lot of commercial applications, not just military applications,” he said.

Dailymail said they had set their sights on 2017 as the year when their plan may turn into silent action, and 45 per cent of the commands that were transmitted from one volunteer to another, like “call in helicopter” or “enemy ahead”, are correct, and that statistic was expected to improve. The U.S. Army was dedicating millions of research dollars into discovering building helmets to allow soldiers to telepathically communicate with one another on the battlefield. The technology, which seems like something out of a science fiction novel, would use electrodes to pick up code words that soldiers were thinking. Those codewords would then be transmitted back to a computer where the soldier's position and message – telling, for instance, that it is safe to progress towards a target – which would be transmitted to their peers in the field.

While the money may come from the Army and its first use could be for covert operations, D’Zmura thinks that thought-based communication will find more use in the civilian realm. “The eventual application I see is for students sitting in the back of the lecture hall not paying attention because they are texting,” said D’Zmura. “Instead, students could be back there, just thinking to each other.” EEG-based gaming devices are large and fairly conspicuous, but D’Zmura thinks that eventually they could be incorporated into a baseball hat or a hood.

Telling how it works, PhysOrg said a brain-computer interface uses a noninvasive brain imaging technology like electroencephalography to let people communicate thoughts to each other. For example, a soldier would “think” a message to be transmitted and a computer-based speech recognition system would decode the EEG signals. The decoded thoughts, in essence translated brain waves, are transmitted using a system that points in the direction of the intended target.

While the research was being focused on learning and applying the short military-based codewords, and not individual’s private thoughts and deep secrets, civil rights activists took the opposite view, bringing up concerns about a possible infringement on civil liberties if the technology were to be misused – says the Dailymail. Critics said the device will eventually be the source of disaster as in fact it’s a mind-reading machine. Nsearch said public sale of the artificial telepathy technology would inevitably result in the stealing of bank account numbers, PIN numbers, passwords, trade secrets, etc., which in turn would inevitably translate into actual theft. The damage to the economy could be catastrophic, and the sudden disappearance of privacy – all privacy – might literally cause society as we know it to melt down.

“Such new technology comes with a lack of awareness from the public of what this technology is capable of and a lack of legislation on its uses,” said Mind Power World. It said the technology in its most benign form, such as advertising, still toys around with the umbrella conspiracy of mind control, forcing thoughts into people’s minds without their consent. On even worse applications, a person can be made to think that they are going crazy if they are suddenly inundated with thoughts and compulsions that they cannot verify the origins of.

Source: The Digital Journal


Mystery Reptiles: Mysterious Beasts
By Chris Woodyard

Mystery reptiles is a category, which, more than any other, seems to inspire hoaxers to practically burst into song.  So, as always, caveat lector.  There are several glaring omissions here:  Although some of these creatures are described as snakes, I’ve left out generic snakes because giant snake stories follow well-worn, tedious paths.  For a selection of Snaix, please see my other post here. I’ve also left out dragons, flying snakes (another post another day, perhaps, although they too, have a wearying sameness.), toads-in-rocks, and those popular lizards so often found in people’s stomachs. Once again I offer the disclaimer that I am not a herpetologist or a reptile-ologist. If not a hoax, these creatures may simply be out of their normal habitat.


Bath, Me., Man Finds a Strange Creature in River.

Bath, Me., Sept. 30. Michael Welch picked up in the Kennebec River this morning something which they term a mermaid. Whether it is a real mermaid or what it is nobody seems to know. They do know, however, that is something that they never saw before.

It is of dark brown color with a small head apparently human, about the size of a good-sized fist, with a pipe-stem neck and well-developed chest, also arms, while the rest of its body is of alligator formation. It is the strangest exhibition ever shown in the city and scores of people flocked to the store of Charles T. Jackson during the forenoon to see it.

There is no life in the object and Mr. Welch and his companion first paid no attention to it. Later they went to it as they rowed across the river and discovering that it was a freak of some sort, brought it ashore. Boston [MA] Journal 1 October 1909: p. 12


Cecil, Ga., Aug. 25 Some of our fishermen have discovered a hideous monster in a large pool out near Little River. Whether it is a snake, a sea serpent or the devil himself, they are unable to decide. Buck Pace of Barney was the first to see it, and afterward others saw it. Lee Rountree actually shot at it. The thing is described as having the form of a snake as large around as a man’s thigh, black, with a red stripe along the back, a head as large as a dog’s with a tongue three inches wide, with which it actually squirts water at any intruder. The length of the brute is estimated at all the way from fifteen to thirty feet. It has been proposed to dynamite the pool, but this has not yet been done. Macon [GA] Telegraph 26 August 1903: p. 4


Strange Reptile-Fish Captured and is Held in Tub at Home

Not to be outdone by any magazine writer living, Tampa comes to bat with a live specimen of the mysterious fish or reptile described in The Tribune Wednesday morning in an article republished from Adventure Magazine.

Mrs. Frank L. Booher, living at 412 South Albany Avenue, telephoned to The Tribune Wednesday that at her home could be seen a specimen of the reptile or fish described by the correspondent of the magazine as having been caught in a mill pond in Louisiana a quarter of a century ago.

The creature, Mrs. Booher said, was caught by her small son in the mud of a little creek near their home. The boy brought his trophy home alive and it is still alive in a tub of water at the Booher home.

The creature is described as about twenty-four inches long, with a flat head, dark, slimy appearing body, gills and two small legs located under and near the gills.

Any naturalist in Tampa or vicinity who wants to inspect the creature is welcome to do so, said Mrs. Booher, who is anxious to find out what it really is. Tampa [FL] Tribune 24 July 1924: p. 5

Alligators were a frequent theme and they showed up in some odd places.

A brakeman named Hughes, running on the Saginaw, Tuscola & Huron railroad, reports seeing at Sebewaing an alligator 20 feet in length. Residents of the village on the bay cannot account for the presence of the strange saurian. Bay City [MI] Times 28 August 1889: p. 4


Strange Creature Has Devoured Nearly All Farmer Clark’s Pigs and Calves.

Grand Rapids, Aug. 16. W.H. Clark, a farmer living about 12 miles northwest of the Rapids, near Deer Lake, was in town this morning and told a strange story. During the spring and summer he has lost no less than a dozen shoats and several spring calves. Until a few days ago he did not know what kind of an animal was devouring the stock. When he first missed a calf or two he blamed bears or wolves, but after the killing continued until nearly the whole of his herd was missing, he decided to investigate.

Worked a Ruse.

Of a morning his stock was turned into a pasture to graze near the lake, and it was here the calves would disappear. He had set traps for the beast but without results. When he watched nothing could be seen of any intruder, so he decided to steal a march on the beast. In a robe made of a calf hide when the stock was turned out one morning he wobbled down to the lake and scarcely had reached the edge of the water when a huge creature stuck its nose up out of the water, slowly crept out of its retreat and made for a calf.

Describes Animal.

The next morning armed with a rifle Clark went on watch determined to put the thing out of existence, but not a sign could be seen of it.

He describes it as resembling an alligator other than its fore feet are much longer. It is about 15 feet long and the tail protrudes behind like that of the alligator. It is a species never before seen in this locality. Duluth [MN] News-Tribune 17 August 1906: p. 3

There was a certain fascination with animals who had been buried alive or sealed up in a hiding place, only to emerge living from their tomb, as in the many tales of toads in rocks. This next story seems suggested by those creatures.


Strange Animal is Unearthed Five Feet Below Surface of Dry Pond

Jordan, Ky., Aug. 28. While digging out an old pond near here, J.R. Bones unearthed a big reptile which no one has been able to identify. It is fourteen feet long and almost five feet in circumference around the neck. The peculiar part of it is that the strange animal was found imbedded in clay five feet below the surface and yet was alive. It was brought into town but did not live long. It resembles some sort of lizard. Tampa [FL] Tribune 29 August 1914: p. 11 

A variation on the “toad-in-a-rock_ story, a “lizard-in-an-iceberg.”  Didn’t someone make a 1950s horror movie out of this premise? One of those “oh, if only it was true” tales.

Carcass of Giant Lizard-like Animal Found in Alaska

Cardova, Alaska, Nov 25. (AP) Reports received form Valdez today said the carcass of a giant lizard-like creature with fur in perfect condition had been found on Glacier Island near here.

The strange creature reported to be 42 feet long, including a tail measuring 26 feet was believed to have been preserved since pre-historic times by being encased in ice in the upper reaches of the Columbia Glacier. The ice was believed to have worked its way gradually to the sea. The head was reported to be 6 feet long and the body 20 feet in length. Mansfield [OH] News 2 July 1902

The basilisk, or king of the serpents, known for its deadly glance, was said to arise when a snake’s egg was hatched by a rooster. The cockatrice was a creature generated when a hen’s egg was hatched by a snake, as we see in the following stories. It is a little surprising to find the legend living on in late-19th-century America, although obviously snakes have an affinity for hen houses and eggs, which might be misunderstood by the superstitious.

A Snake-Rooster.

Some time ago a farmer’s son in this vicinity caught a young water-snake, and conceived the idea of forming a sort of happy family by placing the reptile and a newly-hatched chicken in company, with a view to ascertaining whether or not they would live contentedly together. Strange to say, they soon became inseparable, and attracted the attention of all the neighborhood. The most curious feature of the case was to follow, however. The snake grew and the chickens grew, and in time the latter laid her eggs and began to hatch. Before many days elapsed the chicken was observed sitting on three eggs and the snake near by was curled around one. The sight of a snake constantly encircling a hen’s egg was so rare a sight that the result was awaited with great interest. Finally the eggs were hatched. The eggs on which the hen sat produced chickens, but from the egg over which the reptile kept watch came an exceedingly curious freak of nature. It consists of a rooster’s body and claws, with a perfect snake’s head. The head is sunken into the neck somewhat, and is stuck out something after the fashion of a turtle’s head. The creature has a forked tongue like any snake, and issues forth a rumbling sound. This phenomenon is confined in a coop along with the hen and the snake, and the hen neglects her regular brood for the snake and the snake rooster. The latter has to be kept caged, and it is very savage, and has already killed some eight or ten chickens. People who have heard of the creature come from all parts of the country to look at it, and the young owner has an idea that it may be a small fortune for him should a showman chance to see it.  Marlton (N.J.) Letter.Marion [OH] Daily Star 22 March 1882

The Rhode Island Egg in Penn’s State.

Mrs. Eli Holsinger, residing near Baker’s Summit, was opening some eggs, last week, to prepare them for use, when from one of the eggs opened, something about three inches long jumped out of it, which considerably frightened her. The strange creature was closely examined and found to be some thing in the form of a small light-colored snake, with head and eyes resembling that dreadful reptile. What the thing was is a mystery. Altoona Tribune. Cleveland [OH] Leader 23 August 1886: p. 6

From the title, we would expect this next story to be another jolly snake tale–the 19th-century equivalent of a “fish story.” Yet, after the introduction, the events seemed almost plausible, until one starts looking at the numbers, which I confess I glossed over as missprints or because I was engrossed in the narrative.


An Authentic Tale of a Monster in Warren County.

Remarkable Capers of the Reptile

A Whole Neighborhood Alarmed.

Waynesville, Ohio, May 29. Although this is an old settled neighborhood, and the primitive snakes in the main, have long since disappeared; except the black, garter and rattlesnake and occasionally some of other species, we are once in a while greeted with the report of some monster of this uncanny tribe.

For several years it has been reported that the track of one above the town, of unusual size, had, on different occasions, been seen in the dust, where it had crossed the pike. This report made the timid fearful, while the generality of the people did not seem to fear or care anything about it; and it has been reserved until yesterday to develop one of the most remarkable specimens ever seen, in or out of snake season, and the story thereof is so well authenticated that the more incredulous of the neighborhood on big snake stories are forced at last to lend an attentive ear.

About one mile north of this place is a little village called Crosswicks, in which several colored families reside. Among the rest is John Lynch, who has two boys, Ed. And Joe, aged respectively thirteen and eleven years [actually the ages are reversed.] These boys were at a small creek on the south side of the village fishing, yesterday. After sitting on the bank a short time they heard quite a stir among some old reeds, grass and brush behind them, and on looking round they saw a huge monster approaching them rapidly. They screamed and, paralyzed almost with horror, started to run, when the snake, or whatever it might be—for they never saw aught like it before; came close up to the older one, and suddenly throwing out two long arms, or forelegs, seized the boy in its slimy embrace, simultaneously producing two more legs, about four feet long, from some mysterious hiding place in its body, and dragged the boy some one hundred yards down the creek to a large sycamore, twenty-six feet in diameter at the base, hollow, and with a large opening on one side. Through this aperture the monster attempted to enter with the boy who by this time was almost dead with fright and unable to make any resistance.

Three men—viz., Rev. Jacob Horn, George Peterson and Allen Jordan—were quarrying stone a short distance above where the boys were fishing, and hearing their screams and seeing their creature yanking one off, hurried in an attempt to rescue the child. They reached the tree just as the snake, who, failing in its first attempt to drag the boy into his den, became alarmed, probably by the cries made by its pursuers, unfastened its horrible fangs and dropped the more than half dead child to the earth. The little fellow was picked up and carried home, and Dr. L.C. Lukens, of Waynesville, summoned to attend him.

In the afternoon about sixty men, armed with clubs, dog, axes, &c., gathered around the sycamore-tree and concluded to cut it down and destroy its fearful tenant. They began cutting, when, becoming alarmed for his safety, the formidable snake leaped from the aperture, threw out its fore and hind legs, erected itself about twelve or fourteen feet, and, with the velocity of a race horse, crossed the creek and ran up a small hill, climbed over a rail fence, breaking it down, and, continuing north a mile, followed by the pursuers, until he reached a hole in a large hill under a heavy ledge of rocks. Some of the men and dogs were so terrified at the beast’s first appearance that they only thought of getting out of the way. But the braver portion followed until the frightful thing made good his retreat underneath the ground.

It will be watched for and killed if possible. It is described as being from thirty to forty feet long, sixteen inches in diameter, and the legs four feet long and covered with scales the same as the body. Feet about twelve inches long and shaped like a lizard’s, of black and white color, with large yellow spots. Head about sixteen inches wide, with a long, black forked tongue and the mouth inside deep red. The hind legs appeared to be used to give it an erect position, and its propelling power is in its tail.

Dr. Lukens said this morning that the boy, his patient, was badly bruised and scratched, horribly frightened, and that he lay in convulsions and spasms until three o’clock this morning, when he fell asleep, but frequently wakened with fright and terror, yet the Doctor thinks he will recover in a few days.

The foregoing is vouched for by the persons whose names are given above, and many more can be given if necessary the material points having been furnished your correspondent by Judge J.W. Keys, one of our oldest and most influential citizens. Cincinnati [OH] Enquirer 29 May 1882: p. 2

The story was picked up by the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Judge Keys was a well-respected Justice of the Peace and a former mayor of Waynesville. He died in December of 1882, but was apparently quite sharp to the end of his life. I found the Lynch family all present and correct in the 1880 census; Dr. L.C. Lukens was a genuine and reputable Waynesville physician. I found it puzzling. Why would such prominent people lend their names to a newspaper hoax? Or was the hoax generated by the Cincinnati Enquirer writer to mock the provincial village of Waynesville?

Some friends have suggested that perhaps the prominent gentlemen all belonged to the same fraternal organization and that it was an inside joke. There was an organization called “Snaix,” the Military Order of the Serpent, for Spanish American War veterans, but that is too late to be a factor in this particular hoax..

Or perhaps the Cincinnati Enquirer just liked big reptile stories, as in this next elaborately descriptive tale.

GOLD SCALES: This Strange Monster Wore, And When It Moved They Made Music. Startling Experience of Three Men in a Pennsylvania

Jerrold Thompson, Aaron Jobbings and Charles Engel, of Nicetown, had an experience yesterday which they will remember as long as they live. They started from their homes early in the morning for the purpose of walking over to the Falls of Schuylkill, intending to take a train there for Norristown, where they were to join some friends and go chesnutting in the upper part of Montgomery County.

After leaving Germantown Avenue the young men cut across the fields to the Port Richmond branch of the Reading Railroad along which they walked until opposite the Old Oaks Cemetery property, when their attention was attracted to a peculiar ringing noise, accompanied by a muffled hissing. Pausing for a few moments they concluded that the sounds came from the direction of a clump of trees a short distance north from the railroad.

Jobbings climbed up the embankment and advanced several paces toward the trees when his hat was seen to


And throwing up his arms he cried out, “Christopher Columbus!” then fell backward upon the top of the embankment in a dead faint. Thompson and Engel hurried to his assistance, and after working about ten minutes succeeded in reviving him. On recovering, his first words were: ”Did you see it?” and after a short pause he informed his companions of what he had seen, and the three, after each getting a stout stick, began a search for the “what was it.”

They again heard the ringing sound, and in another minute saw a veritable monster crawl up into a clump of grass that stands several inches above the marshy ground.

The thing they beheld was as long as a fence rail and was about a foot in diameter through the thickest part of its body. Its head had the resemblance of a horse’s head, with nostrils more like those of an ox. From between its eyes and extending to the top of the head and or a short distance down its body was a growth of bristle-like hair that stood up like the clipped mane of a mule. Back from where the hair ended was on either side a web-like protuberance nearly a foot in length and much the shape of an elephant’s ear.


The monster’s body was covered with heart-shaped scales, the point of the heart curling or pointing outward. At every movement they gave out a metallic ring which sounded like a small sleigh bell, though more silvery. The color of the monster was a beautiful bronze green with a row of purple on either side which blended gradually to almost a pure white on its under parts. Its tail was like that of a fish.

The men, after viewing it for some time, flung their sticks at it, when it raised up its head like a horse in rearing and moved rapidly away through the tall grasses toward the old Tucker mansion, the men following at a respectful distance for the purpose of seeing where it would go. They followed it to near the house, when it cut down the hillside and disappeared in the culvert that passes under the Germantown and Chestnut Hill branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

After searching for half an hour the men walked to the Falls, where they told what they had seen to several men at the railroad station, one of whom is well versed in the history of that section and he accounted for the monster as follows:


“Twenty-five years ago, when McMakin’s dam had not been filled in, there was a large snake that inhabited a hole in the base of the large rock that then stood on the upper part of the dam. This snake, though not so large saw the one seen by the Nicetown men, is probably the same. It was seen in 1875 by a party of men who were mowing the grass from Old Oaks Cemetery, one of the mowers having struck it accidentally with the heel of his scythe. Neither he nor his fellow workmen waited to investigate, but fled from the field.

“John H. Richards a well-known naturalist, tried to capture the McMakin dam snake for Profs. Agassiz and Spencer F. Baird, of the Smithsonian Institution. Richards spent much time in trying to entrap the snake, and on one occasion succeeded in smoking it out of the crevice of the rock, when it crawled into a large net, but his anxiety got the better of his judgment. In drawing the net to the top of the rock, he was too hasty, for the net broke by catching on a sharp part of the rock, and the snake dropped into the water.

“Richards often spoke of the snake, and said it had probably escaped from some traveling show. Before his death, in 1881, he saw the rock blasted away, and deep down in the crevice was found dried sections of the molted skin, which were preserved among his collection of curious.” A number of men have arranged to join the Nicetown men in searching for the snake or whatever it might be. Should it be taken alive it will be presented to the Zoological Society. Cincinnati [OH] Enquirer 22 October 1892: p. 15

Was the author of the next story inspired by the Warren County monster? Or was there a stray Komodo dragon or giant Monitor Lizard roaming the neighborhood?


The Peculiar Object Seen by William Winters.

Zanesville, Ohio, June 12. William Winters went into the woods near her a few days ago, and discovered the head of a monstrous beast or reptile, he could not tell which, looming up above the bushes. It at once started toward him with its mouth open until the jaws appeared to be twelve inches apart, displaying a red, forked, poisonous tongue and ivory teeth two inches long. The beast or serpent, or whatever it was, whistled and roared in a frightful manner and came plunging on toward him with green, glaring eyeballs protruding from a massive head at least twelve inches broad, and a mouth sufficiently large almost to swallow his whole body. Winters became frightened and ran for his gun, upon reaching which he turned and fired one barrel into the monster, which turned its direction. He watched its half serpentine, half leaping movements for a few moments. Then it ran up a large poplar and entered a hole, and Winters hurried home and informed not only his own family but a number of neighbors of the strange, alarming sight he had seen, and a posse of them, armed with axe and gun, went to the scene. They determined to cut the tree down, and while two of them did the chopping the remainder stood guard with their guns leveled on the hole where the beast or serpent entered. Their labor was in vain, however, as a thorough examination of the tree after it had been felled disclosed the fact that the monster had escaped before they arrived. Mr. Winters says that the beast or reptile he saw was from 8 to 12 feet long, with a body as large as a telephone pole. It had legs about 4 inches long, a brown body that was hairless and a head shaped like a shark. The neighborhood is much alarmed about the presence of this strange production of nature and will spare no means to capture it. New Haven [CT] Register 12 June 1883: p. 2

Once again, there was a genuine William Winters and his son of the same name in the 1880 census, in Muskingum County. But the story does not seem to appear in any Ohio papers.

I finish my series with a story of a composite creature (as we previously saw in the post on mystery fish). There are insider references to local politics as well as some long-lost newspaper rivalry. This was written before the Golden Age of Mysterious Reptilians Found Only in Newspapers (c. 1865-1890) but still carries a whiff of Snark.

A Strange Reptile

Mr. J.H. Shinneberger called on us the other day and gave us the particulars of the capture of a singular reptile, about the 26th of March last, in the Big Ditch, between Yellow River and Woods Lake, some account of which was published in the Democrat of the 30th of April. Mr. S. assures us there was no mistake about the capture of his snakeship, notwithstanding the doubts expressed by the Democrat; “and though he was not trapping either for Wolves or Democrats, both, it appeared, took the bait.”

The lizzard, snake, alligator, or whatever it was, Mr. S. says, was about 9 ½ inches in diameter and 9 feet 2 inches long, as near as he could measure it with a two foot mark on his axe-handle. It had feet and skin like a lizzard, and head like an otter, with fins the size of a duck’s wing on each side forward of its fore-legs; on its back was also a fin, commencing about 18 inches back of its fore-legs, rising gradually to the height of about 10 inches, and then tapering off to the tip of its tail. [Once again, the numbers don’t really add up. Does he mean 9 ½ inches across the body, as opposed to diameter?) It made a noise somewhat like a young calf when caught and when he approached it for the purpose of killing it, it blew, not sand, but a fluid, at him, the smell of which caused him to vomit violently, almost immediately; and that he could smell the same fumes in his hair and whiskers for some weeks after. The reason it could not be found by those who went to hunt it was,--supposing it to be a very poisonous reptile, as he could not skin it, on account of its offensive smell, and being fearful the hogs would eat it and poison themselves, he rolled it into the ditch. It floated down a short distance and lodged and remained there until he left the neighborhood a few days after.

It was probably a young alligator. Marshall County Republican [Plymouth, IN] 25 June 1857: p. 1

I am disappointed that I could not find more genuinely mysterious creatures, but I suppose it is helpful to be aware of the patterns of journalistic hoaxes. Any large reptiles dragging children into hollow trees in your yard? Chriswoodyard8 AT gmail.com

Source: Haunted Ohio


Crowdfunding Puts Spark of Life in Tesla's Old Lab

The old, neglected lab of Nikola Tesla, arguably the closest real-world example of the archetype of the brilliant but eccentric scientist, has been purchased by a non-profit group, with the aim turning it into a museum and science learning center.

Tesla patented the logic gate (which makes modern computing possible) in 1898, and pioneered both the alternating current that ferries electricity over long distances and into our homes, and radio technology, which gives us not only Top 40 and talk, but also WiFi.

On the darker side, he thought it was possible to control the weather, and attempted to build a particle beam weapon he said would be able to destroy fleets of airplanes from hundreds of miles away and “cause armies to drop dead in their tracks.”

Despite his more frightening ideas, his concepts and inventions have made huge contributions to our everyday lives. Yet his legacy has been overshadowed by rivals like Thomas Edison and Guglielmo Marconi.

Edison’s laboratory and residence in West Orange, N.J., has been preserved as a museum and a national historic park for half a century. Meanwhile, Tesla’s Wardenclyffe lab on Long Island sits empty, unsecured, and in need of repair.

But the fortune of Tesla’s lab, and perhaps his legacy, are seemingly about to change. A nonprofit group, Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, which has been attempting to save the site for the past 17 years, raised $1.37 million in 2012 with the help of crowdfunding site Indiegog.com and popular Internet cartoonist and author Matthew Inman.

On May 2, at a news conference held at the New Yorker Hotel, where Tesla lived the last decade of his life (and where he died, alone and in debt), the Tesla Science Center announced that they had purchased the Wardenclyffe site.

Jane Alcorn, president of the group, told attendees that the 16-acre laboratory site had been purchased from New Jersey-based Agfa Corp.  for an undisclosed sum.

The event also honored several donors to the crowdfunding campaign that made the purchase possible, as well as friends of the organization who have worked to save the site and buoy Tesla’s legacy over the past two decades.

But while the purchase of Wardenclyffe is done, don’t expect the group’s planned museum and science center to open its doors any time soon.

“Over the next months and years,” Alcorn said at the news conference, “we will be doing whatever we can to clean up the property, restore the laboratory, and begin to make a science learning center and museum worthy of Tesla and his legacy.”

The first step, Alcorn told TechNewsDaily, is to secure the property, which has been vandalized recently. After that, the group will need to secure more funding.

“Obviously we’ll need many millions more, not just the $1.37 million [already raised],” said Alcorn, “but amounts significantly larger than that to create the museum and science center.”

Alcorn says the planning process has already begun “to a certain degree,” but that no designers or architects have been hired yet. However, site planning seems to be on the group’s short-term agenda. Alcorn says that’s how the project’s budget will be set. “Depending on what we decide we need to do, then we’ll know how much money we need to raise,” he said.

One obvious restoration idea would be to rebuild Tesla’s iconic, 187-foot wireless transmission tower. It stood on the site from 1901 until 1917, when it was destroyed by order of the U.S. government, for fear it was being used by German spies.

Alcorn says a scaled-down replica tower may be a possibility, but a full-size replacement is unlikely, especially on the exact site of the original. She said the tower’s foundation area is extremely deteriorated and has been cemented and capped due to environmental concerns.

She speculated that a tower could be built somewhere else on the property, but that it’s not a priority because the group would need to raise millions more to build it, and that zoning would likely be another major difficulty.

Still, with the optimism that comes after raising more than a million dollars in a viral fundraising campaign and fulfilling a 17-year goal to save Tesla’s lab from ruin, Alcorn and her organization don’t seem willing to rule anything out.

“One never knows what the future will bring,” Alcorn said. “I won’t say never.  I just have to say not now.”

Conspiracy Journal is proud to note our contribution in helping Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe achieve their goal.

Source: Tech News Daily


How Plants Respond to Positive Vibes
By Alan Boyle

Studies show that basil gives a boost to chili peppers, while fennel is a real bummer. The effect has been seen even when the plants are sealed off from each other with sheets of black plastic. So does that mean that the plants are "talking" to each other through subtle vibrations? That's the kind of talk that sparks a debate — not between the plants, but between humans.

The latest study, reported in the open-access journal BMC Ecology, looked at potential communication between basil plants and chili pepper seeds. It's one of a series of experiments conducted by Monica Gagliano and Michael Renton of the University of Western Australia.

"Our results show that plants are able to positively influence growth of seeds by some as-yet unknown mechanism," Gagliano said in a news release from BioMed Central, the journal's publisher. "Bad neighbors, such as fennel, prevent chili seed germination in the same way."

Fennel plants release chemicals into the air and soil that are detrimental to most other plants, including chili peppers. Last year, Gagliano and her colleagues set up mini-gardens to study the interaction between the plants more closely. They were surprised to find that chili seeds germinated more quickly when the fennel plant was sealed off with plastic to block the transfer of those nasty chemicals. It was almost as if the baby chilis sensed that a villainous plant was nearby, and grew up faster so they'd have a better chance of fending off the fennel.

The new study looks at the flip side of plant interaction: Unlike fennel, basil is a "good neighbor" for chili plants because basil plants release chemicals that discourage weed growth. Gagliano and her colleagues found that to be the case for chili seedlings. The seeds germinated at a higher rate, even if the basil plant was sealed off with the black plastic. That led Gagliano and Renton to conclude that the seeds could still sense the presence of a friendly plant when they couldn't get the standard chemical signals.

How could this be?

"We believe that the answer may involve acoustic signals generated using nanomechanical oscillations from inside the cell which allow rapid communication between nearby plants," Gagliano said in the news release.

That surmise seems to fit with other findings on plant communication. Corn roots, for example, give off regular clicking sounds in the range of 220Hz (which corresponds to an A below middle C). Gagliano and her colleagues found that when young corn roots are suspended in water, they tend to lean toward the source of a continuous 220Hz tone transmitted through the water. The researchers suggested that acoustic signals could knit plants into an underground network of friends and foes.

But as Gagliano points out, no one has yet identified the precise mechanism by which one plant hears what another plant is saying. That's one of the reasons why other researchers haven't wholeheartedly embraced the idea that plants are talking to each other.

"Although the idea of plants communicating by sound is intriguing, there is still a long way to go before we know whether, and if so to whom, the woods sing!" the University of Leiden's Carel ten Cate wrote last December in the journal Behavioral Ecology.

Duke University's Dan Johnson, who is studying how trees respond to drought, said it's "too early to tell" whether plants truly respond to each other's sounds.

"We have been detecting these acoustic signals for almost 50 years," Johnson told NBC News. "The idea of using those signals for communication is incredibly interesting, and there is potentially some growing support for it. But we're a good ways away from strong support for acoustic signaling between plants. ... I'm glad that somebody's working on it, but I think it's too early to say."

Source: Cosmic Log - MSNBC News


Spooky True Accounts of Pregnant Paranormal Activity

Do you believe in paranormal activity? If so, do you believe it increases during pregnancy? Some say the unborn are in a transitional phase between the spirit world and the physical world and may have guardians nearby. Others believe all the senses are heightened, including the sixth sense.

Me, I tend to be pretty skeptical about these things. My feeling is that pregnancy is a time when hormones, biology, and brain chemistry are out of whack, and sleep disturbances and intense forgetfulness are just par for the course. Things that go bump in the night when there's a bump on your belly? Nahhhh, that stuff's just made up to sell more horror movies. *waves hand dismissively*
Of course, my paranormal pooh-poohing lasted about halfway through this list of creepy tales from moms who are convinced they experienced something outside the range of scientific explanation during their pregnancies. I don't believe in ghosts ... but I can't lie, these stories gave me the willies.

    Ever since I've been pregnant, I've been having terrible dreams like many other pregnant women. However, I have been waking up every night between 3-4 a.m., often feeling uneasy with a sense that I'm being watched. Yea, I know it sounds silly. (...) I had a dream last night that I was awakened in the middle of the night to a demon (half-human, half-goat), licking my feet. I woke up ... and saw nothing there. -- Manda

    Four months into the pregnancy, I decide to start on the spare bedroom, turning it into a nursery. My first concern was that it was always cold in there. I had seals put on the window and heavy blinds, hoping it was just some breeze coming in -- but it made no difference. I think it was around this time that the rest of the house was starting to come alive as well. Doors on the cupboards would be open when I walk in the kitchen, bedroom wardrobes would be open and even clothes off the hangers inside. The TV would turn on when I would be outside. -- Megsy

    Since I learned I was pregnant, is that I have a constant feeling of being followed and being watched. It's a very odd feeling I have never really experienced seriously. It happens mostly in the hallway of my house, where all the rooms connect. -- Apophysis

    I am currently pregnant and recently started hearing whispering in my ear. When I was pregnant with my eldest son I would hear voices all the time. The voices would wake me up and it always seemed like someone left a radio or TV on in the other room but that was never the case. This morning I heard a loud shhhh-ing in my ear. -- Wend

    We have been having some strange occurrences going on around here, specifically the strong scent of flowers out of nowhere and Sadie (our Chihuahua) going ballistic and staring at nothing, well at least nothing that we can see anyways. It has happened several times in the last few months. Almost every night between 3-4 a.m., Sadie starts staring at different parts of the house (one spot on different nights) and starts barking wildly. The only thing that I can think of that has changed is that my wife is pregnant ... -- weller

    Not trying to sound crazy, but since I've become pregnant, my cats have gone nuts and both my husband and I have been hearing strange noises in our home and last night it scared the hell out of us. We were both laying in bed sleeping last night and around 3:40 a.m. we heard a loud high pitched whining noise coming from the living room. My husband was spooked and went investigating around the house and found nothing. I was too scared to leave the room! We have no appliances or cell phones or anything that could make a noise like that. Just weird odd noises that we can't explain. We've lived here five years and have never had any occurrences until I became pregnant. -- Maf07

    I am pregnant with my second child. During my first pregnancy I was forever being woken up at 3 a.m. to TVs, radios, and toys, being turned on by themselves. After I had my daughter it all stopped. Now I am pregnant again small things are happening to make me think it is starting again. The other day I got chills on my arm in the shape of fingers and last night right before I fell asleep something flicked my hand. -- Julien

    As my pregnancy moved further along, the more activity I noticed. Most nights, I would be startled awake, yelling from what I assume were nightmares, but eventually these nightmares took a more distinct form. I started to wake up during the night and see strange figures pacing around my bed. One night in particular, a long, flowing, white figure, with black, empty, swirling eyes, entered our room from the living room and drift toward my side of the bed. Out of fear, I turned toward my boyfriend, who was fast asleep. As I lay there with my eyes plastered open, wondering what to do next, the figure glided slowly around the bed and toward my boyfriend before vanishing in midair. -- Meg

    I was about three months pregnant at the time (...) I had just turned off the light, and my eyes did their usual 'wander randomly at things in my room' which helps me fall to sleep. But this night, my gaze was drawn to the center of the room, about two feet from where I lay, and there I saw (or thought I saw) a patch of air that seemed thicker and darker than the rest. I am quite curious by nature, so I stared at it more intently, and then realized it was in a humanoid shape. I felt myself suddenly overcome by fear, and I moved quickly to flick on my lamp. (...) My partner and I saw the figure countless other times, always standing immobile in the centre of the room, and to my recollection always accompanied by feelings ranging from 'creeped out' to absolutely petrified, though there was never much of a feeling of it during the day. -- Firice

Source: The Stir

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