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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such cochlea-crushing stories as:

 - Fracking Poses a Risk to Our Water Supply -
- Police: Psychic Found Body Of Murdered 11-Year-Old Boy -
- Dr. Barry Taff: A Veteran Of The Psychic Wars -
23 of the Creepiest Things Ever Said by Kids
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The original DWELLER ON TWO PLANETS is said to be one of the most important texts of the 19th Century. For over a hundred years it has been passed around among those seeking the true Spiritual Path to life. Many have said it has impacted them greatly. Actress Shirley MacLaine had little interest in the occult when she went browsing in a Hong King bookstore only to have this work literally fall into her hands. It led to many changes in her life and a metaphysical best seller of her own, Out On A Limb.

Young author/channel Frederick S. Oliver spins a tale so compelling and so spiritually uplifting that it is doubtful that it was written by him alone as a human being. The reader will immediately see that this book contains such a wealth of detail about Atlantis and the spiritual realms that it could not be conjured from the imagination of an eighteen year old while working as a simple fencer mender for his father who raised cattle near their home along the base of the mysterious and legendary Mount Shasta in Northern California.

Oliver foreshadows much of what would come after him, like the feminist movement of the 20th Century, the coming of UFOs with their external multicolored revolving lights and the interiors of the craft lit by some unseen source, details verified repeatedly by modern day alien abductees and UFO contactees. In fact, many of the illustrations in this book of cigar-shaped craft look remarkably similar to the ships said to have been photographed by George Adamski and others many decades later. Oliver, while in the channeling state, of an Atlantian and ancient Tibetan soul also predicts television, and cell phones in a time that predated even rudimentary radio.

Says Sean Casteel who updated this major work into modern grammar and phraseology: “The moral dynamics of the story will hold you spellbound, as the sins of one man’s incarnation in Atlantis are repaid in his life as a gold miner in the American West. The story of the latter’s initiation into a deeply secret gathering of spiritual adepts and how it leads to adventures in other dimension will open your eyes to mysteries you never knew existed. . .This book is truly a message from the other side, and contains within it countless solutions to the many enigmas we contemplate today, and will restore your faith in the coming of a New Age promised land.”

In addition to the “modernized text” you will join researcher Nick Redfern, Tim Beckley and Paul Dale Roberts as they reveal the many mystical secrets of Mount Shasta, a widely regarded transformational vortex. Learn of inner earth entrances, Count Saint Germain the man who lives forever, the existence of Bigfoot on Mount Shasta, as well as ghostly stories that will captivate you.

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Tim Beckley (Mr. UFO) on Beyond The Paranormal

Great interview recently with Paul and Ben Eno host of Beyond The Paranormal -- Topic: THE DREADED MEN IN BLACK (ONCE AGAIN WE GOT CUT OFF THE AIR MYSTERIOUSLY!) ...Here is your personal link. Enjoy!



Fracking Poses a Risk to Our Water Supply
By Richard Schiffman

The recent boom in fracking has turned America into the Saudi Arabia of natural gas, almost overnight.

Proponents say that this burgeoning industry has ensured U.S. energy independence for years to come, and created a more climate-friendly alternative to dirtier-burning fuels like coal and gas. It has arguably also hastened the demise of the coal industry, as power plants switch in large numbers to the cheaper gas, resulting in U.S. CO2 emissions sinking to their lowest levels in nearly two decades. And with less smog-producing particulates and deadly mercury in the air, we can hope that respiratory illnesses like asthma may begin to decline.

But fracking poses its own risks. While our air has been getting cleaner, opponents argue that America’s water has been getting dirtier as the result of the hydraulic fracturing of shale. Fracking uses lots of water—up to seven million gallons for every well drilled—which is mixed together with sand and a witch’s brew of industrial chemicals, then blasted a mile into the earth to the shale formations where the natural gas is located. This high pressure stream shatters the rock and releases the gas, which geysers up to the surface to be recovered.

But what exactly happens to the water which is shot into the earth? A study published today in the journal Science says that we don’t entirely know the answer to this yet—and what we don’t know may harm us.

The missing half

What we do know is that about half of the fracking fluid gushes back up to the surface. “People focus on what exactly are the chemicals that we are putting into frack fluid,” said Radisav Vidic, the lead author of the study and a professor at the University of Pittsburg, in a Science podcast. “But a more significant problem is what comes out—because the quality of what comes out is many, many times worse than the quality of the water that was injected into the well.”

That’s because the frack water picks up contaminants underground—a variety of salts, benzene, heavy metals, organic compounds and radioactive substances such as radium-226, which is found in high levels in the Marcellus Shale formation that is being fracked from West Virginia to Pennsylvania.

Vidic says that disposing of this briny and highly contaminated water can be a problem. Either it is re-injected deep into wells in the earth where, theoretically, it remains for perpetuity; or it is purified in a waste treatment facility and then either recycled or discharged into a river.

If all of this goes smoothly, our water supply remains pristine. But the study warns that accidents can, and do, happen. In one well-publicized incident, improperly treated fracking fluids were discharged into the Monongahela River, which provides drinking water for most of Pittsburgh, forcing 325,000 residents of the region to switch to bottled water for several weeks.

Another potential problem area is the roughly half of the water used in fracking which does not migrate back to the surface through the drilling shaft, but remains interred underground. Ideally, Vidic says, this contaminated water will never come in contact with the groundwater, which sits in the aquifer thousands of feet above it. But he adds that there is a lot that we still don’t know about how water moves underground.

A leaky system

Gas companies argue that the frack fluid is prevented from fouling the groundwater by the thick cap of bedrock which sits between it and the aquifer. However, the Pennsylvania researchers point out that geological formations are not watertight. There can be networks of fractures in the rock which permit toxic fracking fluids to flow back up towards the surface under certain circumstances.

This flow underground might account for some of the reports of tainted water in wells near gas drilling sites. But there are also other ways that fracking fluids can get into our water; for example, through cracks in well casings, well blowouts, and surface spills from trucks or containment ponds. Anthony Ingraffea at Cornell University found that there was an 8.9 percent failure rate among wells in the Pennsylvania Marcellus region in 2012, and he predicts that leaks and other problems will become increasingly common as the wells age.

What kind of impacts might these leaks have? There have been numerous anecdotal reports of illnesses in people living near fracking wells, but not yet any long-term epidemiological studies. One stumbling block is that the chemical mix added to the fracking fluid is a mystery. Many of the scores of industrial chemicals being used are not currently regulated by the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act, says the Science study, due to a loophole introduced by former Vice President Dick Cheney which exempts natural gas drilling from certain provisions of the environmental law. Drillers have so far refused to reveal their formulas, claiming this is proprietary information.

But Vidic and his colleagues say that companies need to disclose the exact composition of the injection fluid—information which is critical for scientists and regulators in their efforts to ensure water quality. The researchers also point out that states including Pennsylvania are not yet consistently collecting the kinds of hard data about surface water and well water quality which would allow us to assess the impact that fracking is having.

Until this monitoring takes place, they argue, fracking’s effect on our water supply is anybody’s guess.

Source: Discover


Police: Psychic Found Body Of Murdered 11-Year-Old Boy

An Orange County California psychic who describes herself as “an intuitive” says she led police to the body of 11-year-old Terry Smith, who was missing for four days before the search was called off this week.

Human remains were found on the property where Smith’s family lived in Menifee, Calif., and a 16-year-old family member was arrested on suspicion of murder, authorities said Wednesday. A source of NBC4 Southern California's identified the suspect as Terry’s half-brother.

Hundreds of volunteers searched more than 50 square miles of semirural Menifee in scorching heat, looking for Terry, who had last been seen on the night of July 7.

On Tuesday, Pam Ragland said she had a feeling that she knew where Terry was, and she went to the scene of the search that night, later finding the top of a head emerging from the dirt near a tree behind the Smith home.

The area had been repeatedly searched. On Friday morning, Sgt. Lisa McConnell of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that Ragland had found the body in the Smith backyard.

The operator of a business meant to help clients “erase addictions” and embrace change that employs a technique called “Quantum Thought Shifting,” Ragland said she has visions. Speaking with NBC4 on Thursday, Ragland said she helped with the search for two hikers who were missing in Orange County for several days earlier this year.

Watching the news Tuesday about the continuing search for Terry Smith, Ragland said she thought “something’s not right.”

“I got this flash and I saw the boy laying under a tree. I thought he was sleeping,” Ragland told NBC4. “There was a dirt road, and I saw this distinctive building.”

She said she called her daughter, whom she described as “also intuitive,” and asked her to try to “talk” to Terry. Then she called the Sheriff’s Department’s tip line.

She said authorities asked her to come down to the scene; Ragland arrived with her two children on Tuesday evening. During the drive, Ragland said she had another vision – of “city lights” and the word “no.” When she arrived at the search area, she saw the view she had seen in a vision.

“It’s literally like a vision in your head, like you’re looking at something,” she said.

A searcher said the city lights represented the area they planned to explore. Ragland said, “No, he’s not there.”

She looked around and said she believed Terry was “behind the store,” referring to the Menifee Market, adjacent to the Smith home and the location where volunteer searchers had gathered.

“I had this knowing that he was in a certain direction,” Ragland said.

An off-duty firefighter named Dave offered to drive Ragland around to search, she said. During the drive, she spotted an open shed that resembled what she had seen in her initial vision. It was near the Smith family home.

The firefighter, Ragland said, convinced the Smith family to let them on to the property. There, they saw a single tree like the one Ragland had seen in her vision.

“Then I smelled something. Something that smelled dead,” she recalled.

Her children saw a “lump” in the ground inside a fence near the tree.

“I said, ‘That’s not a dead animal.’ It was a head. What we were seeing was the top of his head, his hair,” she said. “He had obviously been there for a while.”

Ragland and the firefighter called authorities. Later, on Wednesday, acting Menifee Police Chief John Hill said the remains found at the location matched the description of Terry Smith.

“I felt devastated because I thought we were going to help this family find a live child,” Ragland said.

Source: NBC Los Angeles


They Saw Him Disappear!
By Melinda Carly

Modern science, specifically quantum physics, believes in parallel dimensions. For example, the ocean is separated from the world above. The fish cannot see us, though we can see them. If human beings were to enter that world, we would be the equivalent to extraterrestrials invading their terrestrial environment, if only for a brief second. In that light, quantum physics theorizes that there are alternative, phantom dimensions separated from our own by a thin veil. What is beyond that veil? Well, obviously spirits, angels, demons.  That veiled world is the reason that people sometimes feel dead loved ones around them. Or, perhaps, the reason why Orion Williamson’s family could not see him when he was crying for help, even though they heard his voice. That’s not a theory the book posits, but one that I posit, and can’t help positing when I read the story.

See, in July of 1854, Williamson’s wife, son, and two other witnesses who were staring at him saw him vanish. Puff…In front of them! A party of 300 men were sent to comb the area for Williamson and expert investigators, including geologists, were hired to dig up the field so they can find irregularities with the landscape and especially the soil. The search party couldn’t locate Williamson and the experts’ findings were inconclusive…or at least it showed no irregularities. The only clue to his whereabouts was the cry I mentioned before.  What I didn’t mention, was that it was coming from the region where he disappeared. Eventually, though, his cry for help waned, until it disappeared altogether. The search for the hapless farmer also came to a halt when the search for him became futile.

But the mystery didn’t end there. Writer Ambrose Bierce also disappeared while he was sleuthing the area for answers to Williamson’s whereabouts. Perhaps in a mixed state of fortune, he unfortunately found what he was looking for…what they were all looking for. Perhaps both Williamson and Bierce were killed in a “universal ether,” that German scientist Dr. Maximilian Hern believed existed in that area. According to Hern, the ether can destroyed anything or anyone in an instant. But that doesn’t explain why both Williamson’s son and wife heard his cry for help after he disappeared. I, myself, wonder if Williamson could have been stuck in another dimension.  Perhaps that portal which opened for the Englishman in Bristol Hotel, opened up for Williamson as well, but managed to swallow him.  Whatever the case may be, the story goes more in depth in “Unexplained Disappearances.”

Eskimo Village in Canada Completely Gone

Can you imagine walking into a city and finding the entire population of 2000 inhabitants having disappeared off the face of the earth? Well, that’s what happened when Joe LaBelle walked into the normally bustling Lake Anjikuni finishing village in Canada in 1930. But he had a glimmer of hope when he saw a flickering fire in the distance, so he went to investigate it. What he discovered was a large pot of blackened stew, but what he didn’t discover were footprints leading away from the village to the pot of stew.

He summoned the help of the Royal Canadian Mountain Police, but their search results were almost inconclusive. So were the results of a huge search party. But they were inevitably successful in finding remains…that of sleigh dogs which were buried under 12 feet of snow. Even more eerie, were the empty Eskimo ancestral graves.  It was surmised that whoever or whatever took the villagers, also dug up the graves, which were surrounded in iron strong ice, and therefore impossible to break by natural means. Indeed, it would have taken superhuman strength or a really strong saw. Perhaps the blue flickering light on the horizon held all the answers for the onlooking Mounties. 

An Australian Pilot Disappears

On October 21, 1978,  20 year old pilot Frederick Valentich planned to fly from Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne Australia to King Island. It is considered the most disturbing case in UFO history, though I bet they can find another one if they search real hard. His flight began at 6: 19 P.M. in good weather and perfect visibility. But by 7:06 P.M., he radioed Melbourne Flight Service because he was being harassed by an unknown craft with four lights and having engine trouble to boot. He asked if there were other planes in the vicinity, but Melbourne Flight Service responded in the negative.

Matters got worse, of course, as an unidentified flying cylindrical object, started to play a cat and mouse game with him.  After discussing his objective to go to King Island with Melbourne Flight Service, he stopped speaking, and no one heard from him again. Furthermore, his plane didn’t arrive at its destination at 7:28 P.M. When the Royal Air Force went looking for Valentich and his plane, they couldn’t find a sign of him or the plane anywhere.

Several explanations for his disappearance, some of them lame, were offered. A more rational, though not plausible, excuse was that he mistook Otway Lighthouse for a UFO (as if it could navigate above and below him like he described). Less likely was a sudden spurt of freak weather. And the most ludicrous explanation of them all, though a very popular explanation used by military officials when explaining UFOs, was that the plane was brought down by a balloon. The UFO was a balloon, more specifically, helium balloons with filled with drugs.  It’s worth noting that his disappearance coincides with the biggest UFO flap in Australian history.

Mysterious Disappearances: They Never Came Back can be found at Amazon.com

Source: Mysterious Disappearances


Dr. Barry Taff: A Veteran Of The Psychic Wars
By Sean Casteel and John Weigle

Dr. Barry Taff has been on the forefront of the academic study of psychic phenomena for decades and has long documented the connection between psi events and UFOs. His own psychic experiences began in childhood, and he has no doubt of the reality of some form of coupling between human consciousness and a field of energy that we do not as yet understand.

Taff spoke on March 9, 2013, at a meeting of the Close Encounter Research Organization, which earlier this year added the word “international” to its name and is seeking to branch out worldwide in the dissemination of UFO and alien abduction information. The meeting was held in Thousand Oaks, California, a city located just north of Los Angeles.

Taff opened his lecture by reciting part of a poem by T.S. Elliot that Taff felt eloquently expressed the fluid nature of time and the human mind:

“Time present and time past,” the poem reads, in part, “Are both perhaps present in time future. And time future contained in time past. If all time is eternally present, All time is unredeemable. What might have been is an abstraction, Remaining a perpetual possibility.”

Taff moved on to declare, “There is no paranormal. It’s normal.” He said that long-term memories are not stored in our brains, they’re kept in a remote source outside of us, which relates to the T.S. Elliot poem and his grappling with the nature of memory and time.

From there, Taff began to recount his own history of psychic experiences, beginning with an incident that happened when he was ten years old. In grade school, a young girl approached him and he asked her what the weird bag was that she was wearing. He didn’t know at that age that such a bag was used after a colostomy. The young girl screamed and told the principal, who called Taff into his office and asked if he had looked under the girl’s dress or sneaked into the girls’ bathroom. Taff told the principal he had x-ray vision and pointed out that he could see that the principal had unhealed keloid scar tissue himself. The principal then called Taff’s parents, and they said, “Don’t ask.” 

Taff joked that if he had a dollar for every one of his psychic experiences, he would be a whole lot wealthier.

As a child, Taff predicted the assassination of John Kennedy to his parents a couple of years before the event. His parents insisted on making a bet in the belief that young Taff would be proven wrong. They didn’t speak to Taff for ten days, he said, after the prediction came true.

In 1968, Taff was visiting a girlfriend at her house when he decided he wanted some iced tea, which his girlfriend didn’t keep around. At that same moment, Taff’s father saw Taff enter the house, go to the refrigerator and drink iced tea from the pitcher. But Taff had never left his girlfriend’s house. Although his parents never drank iced tea, the pitcher was partially empty the next morning, as though someone had drank from it prior to Taff’s seeing the pitcher of tea the next day.

It was difficult to photograph Taff as a child, he said, and once, when he and a colleague were visiting a TV show producer, a photograph was taken of Taff and his colleague in which the other person showed up perfectly but where Taff had been standing the photo showed only a flash of light.

With this strange history behind him, Taff became a researcher of psychic phenomena in an academic setting, eventually earning a doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering from UCLA in 1975. From 1970 to 1987, he was involved in the study of remote viewing.

“What we saw blew us away,” he said.

When using the techniques of remote viewing, according to Taff, both past and future information are available, and it is possible to see information from a great distance. The evidence suggests that our brain, consciousness and space-time work in the same way. As part of the testing of remote viewing, Taff and his associates were given remote viewing “targets” and when they reported what they saw, they provided   information on Trident submarines. The tape recordings made of the remote viewing experiments were later confiscated by representatives of an unnamed intelligence agency because of the classified details contained therein. Taff and his group later performed additional work for intelligence agencies with mixed results. 

Unfortunately, Taff said, when understanding the implications of remote viewing and the nature of time, one is forced to conclude that there is no such thing as free will. He offered a story by way of example. In college, he was working with a girl in the psych lab when he had a dream of her going home and being involved in a car accident. In the dream, he saw a driver he thought was himself, so he broke off the relationship in the hope that he could change the future. The girl got involved with another man, and he was the driver in the accident that occurred. Nothing could alter the fulfillment of the precognitive dream, and thus the will of the participants was not free.

“I’ve lost a lot of friends and colleagues because of my work in this field,” Taff lamented, because they were frightened or put off by what he said or things that occurred in his presence.

Taff’s work on the case that became the novel “The Entity” brought him some degree of fame. In August 1974, he and some of his colleagues in parapsychology met a woman who said her house was haunted and that she had been repeatedly raped by ghosts. Taff wrote a big “P” on her report form, meaning he considered it a psychiatric case. Then the woman’s neighbors started seeing things. A skillet flew out of a cupboard. The bedroom felt like it was refrigerated, but it wasn’t. There was an odor of decaying matter. A green light double the size of Taff’s fist appeared and slowly turned into the form of an upper torso. When it disappeared, two of Taff’s assistants passed out.

The team later sealed off the rooms to prevent any light from coming in and prepared a grid on the walls so they could pinpoint any strange things that happened. They shot hundreds of frames of film that showed nothing unusual, but everyone saw things in the room during the filming. The team members wrote down their observations before conferring together and found that their stories matched when they discussed them.

Taff helped write the eventual novel “The Entity,” saying that not everything in the book actually happened. He appears as the slightly fictionalized character “Gene Kraft.” A movie starring Barbara Hershey and Ron Silver was released in 1983. A capsule recounting of the plot is included in “Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide” that reads, in part, “A woman is raped repeatedly by a giant, invisible mass. Her psychiatrist thinks it’s all in the mind until parapsychologists set a trap for the critter.”

There is an article posted on Taff’s website at http://barrytaff.net entitled “The Psi-UFO Connection: What On Earth Is Going On?” In it, Taff writes of a rather fascinating yet obscure relationship between paranormal experiences and UFO encounters.

“Why is it that many CE-III’s and IV’s have paranormal fallout following the event?” he asks. “Why is it that certain people who have frequent paranormal experiences are more likely to experience a UFO encounter?”

Taff goes on to say that it is obviously not scientifically valid to try to explain one phenomenon by recourse to the other, but there is a “longitudinal continuity” between the two kinds of events that may one day help to explain them both.

In his lecture to CERO International, he offered the case history of Judy, another woman with whom he was romantically involved. There is a more detailed version of the story in the aforementioned article on his website.

“I met a beautiful girl on Valentine’s Day (1977) while investigating a case in the mid-Wilshire district of Los Angeles,” Taff writes. “This girl was so physically stunning to me that it was impossible to stop staring at her.”

The case he was investigating was a very weak one and no follow up work was done. But he and Judy ended up in a very intense relationship. As time passed, there were repeated episodes of RSPK (Recurrent Spontaneous Psycho-Kinesis) activity culminating in “a large glowing sphere of light emerging from the lumbar region of her back” while Taff was giving her a massage. The clocks in Judy’s condo would all frequently “desynchronize” and run at different speeds.

“All of this paranormal activity was kind of an added bonus to being in a relationship with her,” Taff writes. “At least I thought it was. Boy, was I wrong.”

Taff writes that they both felt it was a perfect relationship and that Judy turned out to be a gifted psychic who also worked with the psi training groups at the UCLA lab as well as on missing persons cases. Taff expected that he and Judy would be engaged within six months, but “fate had something else in mind.” He began to have repeated precognitive dreams in which he was given the message that their romance would end on July 22, 1977. The reasons for the split were never provided in the dreams.

He never told Judy about the dreams because she might misinterpret what he said as expressing a desire to leave her. The dreams stopped, and his happiness was restored. When July 22 came around, he had almost forgotten the dreams entirely. He awoke to find Judy beside him in bed, sobbing and shivering under the covers. She asked Taff why he hadn’t helped her the previous night.

When Taff asked her what she meant, she told him that she “had awakened to find the room brilliantly lit, but the lights were not on. She was levitated up out of the bed, eventually finding herself in a round, metallic-walled room where she was strapped to a metallic table around her wrists, neck, ankles and abdomen. There were tiny men who had skin like a snake or reptile and a face without ears or noses, with large black eyes, who were poking and prodding her everywhere, but especially in every bodily orifice.”

Judy could hear the little men speaking though their lipless mouths were not moving.

“They kept saying that they weren’t going to hurt her, even though that’s exactly what they were doing. The next thing she remembered was waking up in bed with me soundly sleeping next to her.”

Taff writes that he asked her if she knew anything about UFO abductions, which she did not. Although she was very interested in the paranormal, UFOs held no interest for her. Taff finally coaxed her out from beneath the covers and was shocked to find that Judy had bruises at her neck, waist, wrists, abdomen and ankles – consistent with her claim that she had been restrained on the metallic table. And she was bleeding from every orifice, bearing out her story that she had been poked and prodded in those same locations.

Judy subsequently had a complete breakdown, “becoming almost totally delusional with overt signs of dissociation. She never sought any help from anyone and she never, even marginally, recovered. She became a religious zealot, but of a very unusual type. Needless to say, our relationship ended on that day, just as my dream had predicted. From occasional contact with her over the subsequent years, she claims to have been re-abducted many times. It’s one thing to lose a potential mate, but not to something like this.”

At the CERO International lecture, Taff touched on another case that he also writes about in the same online article. He received a phone call in the mid-1970s from a local television network executive who complained about poltergeist activity in his home. Over time, he reported occasional luminous anomalies, disembodied voices, banging noises and problems with electrical items in the house. Both the executive and his family seemed “quite grounded, normal, stable and well-adjusted.” Eventually the man’s calls ceased. Then one night, while the man and his wife were on a road trip in northern California, they saw what they thought was a small, burning plane about to crash into the hills to their right.

“They drove up to where they assumed the plane had crashed,” Taff writes, “and after rounding a bend, they ran into a very unexpected sight. A shocking and terrifying visage to say the least. Sitting on the ground in front of them was a classic flying saucer, maybe 30 to 50 feet in diameter. And if that wasn’t difficult to enough to absorb, there were several diminutive humanoids in tight-fitting flight suits moving around the area around the saucer, as if looking for something. The beings were about four feet tall with grayish-brown skin, large, black almond-shaped eyes with no apparent nose or outer ears. Classic grays in every respect.”

Suddenly, several of the humanoids became aware of the man and his wife sitting in their car observing the scene. One of the creatures pointed a tubular-shaped object at the couple that emitted a bright light. The next thing the pair remembered was being back on the highway many miles away and several hours later.

After experiencing this classic abduction scenario, the two began to have   disturbing dreams about their missing time, most of which they were reluctant to discuss with anyone. They sought psychological counseling but were assumed by mental health workers to have both had a psychotic break, for which medication was recommended. The abduction experience was little known in the mid-1970s, so this response from the mental health community is not surprising, Taff writes.

The man and his wife began to experience strong emotional mood swings, indicative of dramatically altered personalities. They eventually divorced, with the husband becoming particularly volatile and erratic, which led to his leaving his lucrative job in television in a newfound state of anxiety, anger and bitterness. What had begun as poltergeist activity had progressed to an alien UFO abduction and left great misery in its wake.

“We’re dealing with something far more advanced than we are,” Taff added during his lecture, “and technology that is like magic to us.”

But change is not the goal in physical science, he said, pointing to the fact that hardly anyone in mainstream science takes these issues seriously. There exists an inverse correlation between belief and whether new ideas will work, he said. What the scientists say won’t work will and what they say will work won’t. Imagine what would happen if a vehicle was unveiled tomorrow that used an entirely new form of energy. We need what Taff called “a change in the way we perceive normality.”

UFOs are the most classified information the government has, he continued. Add gray aliens to the mix of our own racial and ethnic problems, and one can imagine the results. We should not fear an alien invasion so much as the problems we’ve created for ourselves.

Both psychic phenomena and UFO contact involve an energy of a type we don’t understand, Taff said toward the end of his lecture. Most people are not sensitive to it and can live a long time without ever having any experiences with it. Others are sensitive to it.

“It’s there,” Taff said. “It’s real. We are always a (central) part of the equation.”

[Dr. Barry Taff is the author of the book “Aliens Above, Ghosts Below.” The website for CERO International is at www.cerointernational.com 

[To read more by Sean Casteel, visit his website at www.seancasteel.com]

Source: UFO Digest

Pig-man? It’s the Army Telling Porkies!

After ten years, an author has tracked down the 'truth' about the beast of Cannock Chase. Lee Brickley, aged 25, from Cannock, has written a book about the pig man on Cannock Chase.

It's a chilling rhyme, with a veiled warning, that has been recited by children of a mining community for over 70 years.

“When night falls, enter the woods at your peril, “For inside lurks something worse than the devil.

“Avoid at all costs the gathering place, where at midnight the pig-man roams on Cannock Chase.”

Since the 1940s, the pig-man – half-man, half-swine – has allegedly been spotted trotting through the Staffordshire beauty spot, a haven for paranormal activity, his haunting squeals echoing across the heather at dusk.

And one man has dedicated a decade of his life to discovering if there’s substance to the Black Country myth – or if the pig-man’s just all pork, sorry, talk.

Brickley has gathered eye-witness accounts for his debut book, UFOs, Werewolves and The Pig-Man: a veritable A to Z of The Chase’s weird and wonderful. It’s a crackling read.

And he thinks he’s found it following a recent email from the grandson of a former soldier. The human hog was a tale manufactured by military top brass to keep the public away from sensitive wartime installations.

The whistleblower, who has asked not to be found, said: “He told me when he was stationed on Cannock Chase, he and some others had been tasked with spreading rumours around the local area about a human/pig hybrid on the loose in the woods.

“He said this was a known military tactic for keeping civilians away from army occupied areas.”

Yet the pig-man is still being seen, with Lee receiving reports on a weekly basis, belying claims the army was simply telling porkies. If he’s not real, then there’s an extremely ugly individual out there.

‘Claire’ is the latest to encounter the half-man, half-ham creature.

In an email to the author she said: “Kneeling down in the dirt was what looked like a man, wearing trousers, a blazer, but no shirt. His face was totally deformed and I can almost certainly say he had a snout.”

‘John and Anne’ were forced to flee the bacon beast.

They wrote to Lee: “The thing was seven feet tall. From the neck down it looked like a man, even wearing clothes, but its head was far too big for a human and it had an elongated face with a snout-like nose.

“When I pointed it out to my wife, she became terrified, so we started walking more quickly towards our car. That’s when we started to hear this really high-pitched squealing noise...”

Lee is keeping an open mind over the pig-man, but maintains he has seen UFOs and ghosts.

“I think the majority of UFO sightings are nuts and bolts crafts,” he said. “Presuming they are not from outer space, they are earthly, secret military crafts.”

He excitedly read an email from one believer. “Holy cow!” it gushed. “I have seen the pig-man, but he was more man-like. PS: I do remember being in deep space at the helm of a space ship once.”

“Well, she’s seen something,” reasoned Lee, almost apologetically.

Possibly a psychiatrist, Lee.

UFOs, Werewolves and the Pig-Man: Exposing England’s Strangest Location – Cannock Chase, is available on Amazon.

Source: Birmingham Mail


Archaeologists Unearth 'Vampire Graves' on Polish Building Site

Archaeologists have unearthed what they believe to be a vampire burial ground on a building site in Poland.

The team of historians discovered graves containing four skeletons with their heads removed and placed between their legs near the southern town of Gliwice.

Decapitating a suspected vampire was common practice in medieval times because it was thought to be the only way to ensure the dead stay dead.

The exact fate of the skeletons is yet unclear, but the archaeologists noted that, apart from being headless, there was no trace of any earthly possessions, such as jewellery, belts or buckles.

'It's very difficult to tell when these burials were carried out,' archaeologist Dr Jacek Pierzak told the Dziennik Zachodni newspaper.

The remains have been sent for further testing but initial estimations suggest they died sometime around the 16th century.

It comes a year after archaeologists in Bulgaria claimed to have discovered two ‘vampire’ corpses in excavations near a monastery in the Black Sea town of Sozopol, both more than 800 years old and pierced through the chest with heavy iron rods.

Bulgaria’s national museum chief Bozidhar Dimitrov said as many as 100 such ‘vampire corpses’ have been found in the country in recent years.

‘They illustrate a practice which was common in some Bulgarian villages up until the first decade of the 20th century,’ he explained.

Even today, the vampire remains a very real threat in the minds of villagers in some of the most remote communities of Eastern Europe, where garlic and crucifixes are readily wielded, and where bodies are exhumed so that a stake can be driven through their heart.

The notion of blood-sucking vampires preying on the flesh of the living goes back thousands of years and was common in many ancient cultures, where tales of these reviled creatures of the dead abounded.

Archaeologists recently found 3,000 Czech graves, for example, where bodies had been weighed down with rocks to prevent the dead emerging from their tombs.

The advent of Christianity only fuelled the vampire legends, for they were considered the antithesis of Christ — spirits that rose from the dead bodies of evil people.
Put a brick in it: In some cases, the dead were buried with a brick wedged in their mouths to stop them rising up to eat those who had perished from the plague

Such vampires would stalk the streets in search of others to join their unholy pastime of sucking the lifeblood from humans and animals to survive.

In medieval times, when the Church was all-powerful and the threat of eternal damnation encouraged superstition among a peasantry already blighted by the Black Death, the fear of vampires was omnipresent. In some cases, the dead were buried with a brick wedged in their mouths to stop them rising up to eat those who had perished from the plague.

Records show that in the 12th Century on the Scottish Borders, a woman claimed she was being terrorised by a dead priest who had been buried at Melrose Abbey only days earlier.

When the monks uncovered the tomb, they claimed to have found the corpse bleeding fresh blood. The corpse of the priest, well known for having neglected his religious duties, was burned.

But vampiric folklore largely flourished in Eastern European countries and Greece, where they did not have a tradition of believing in witches. And just as with witches in England, Germany and America, the vampire became a scapegoat for a community’s ills.

The ‘civilised’ world came to learn of vampires in the 18th century as Western empires expanded and their peoples travelled to remote parts of Central and Eastern Europe.

With the spread of Austria’s empire, for example, the West became aware of the story of the remote village of Kisilova (believed to be modern-day Kisiljevo in Hungary) after it had been annexed by the Austrians.

Source: The Daily Mail


Did Mothman visit the UK in 1963?
By Nick Redfern

Okay, I might be just a little bit premature in announcing this, but what the heck. A few months isn’t that long to wait, at all. Plus, by revealing the data now, and splashing the story on Mysterious Universe, I figured it might possibly generate new leads – and perhaps even prompt old eyewitnesses to come forward. You may very well ask: eyewitnesses to what? Nothing less than the 50th anniversary of a Mothman-style encounter that occurred in Kent, England.

But here’s the very interesting thing: the encounter occurred several years before the eerie, shining-eyed beast of Point Pleasant, West Virginia was on anyone’s radar. More intriguing is the fact that the description of the beast was eerily Mothman-like. The very same winged beast, but in a completely different part of the planet? Who knows? What I do know, however, is that in November of this year, the case in question will be celebrating its half a century. And, as far I’m concerned, it should not pass without comment or celebration!

For those reasons, I wanted to bring it to your attention right now, in the specific event that doing so may very possibly open new doors, and even re-open older ones, to what really went down on the night that a bunch of friends encountered something terrifying and monstrous. Neil Arnold, a well-known Kent-based cryptozoologist, researcher and author of many acclaimed books on mystery animals, has dug into the now-renowned event, which took place at Sandling Park, Hythe, Kent on November 16, 1963.

Neil’s book, The Mystery Animals of the British Isles: Kent, includes the story of the Hythe Mothman, and it’s an excellent book that I most definitely recommend to anyone and everyone with an interest in not just cryptozoology in general, but unknown winged things in particular. But what about the night in question? What was the story? Let’s take a look at what we know.

The area, known as Sandling Park, was certainly shrouded in overwhelming darkness at the time of the beastly event. But it was hardly the sort of place where one would expect to encounter nothing less than a fully fledged monster. Amazingly, however, that’s what apparently happened.

John Flaxton, aged 17 on the night that all hell broke loose, was accompanied by three friends, including 18-year old Mervyn Hutchinson. As they walked along a lane running by the park – after returning from a local Friday night dance – the group of friends became aware of a bright object moving overhead, which they at first took to be nothing stranger than a star. How wrong they were.

The teenagers were amazed, and more than a bit scared, by the object’s presence, as they watched it hover and then drop out of sight behind a group of trees. The boys decided to leave the area with haste, but the light soon loomed into view again. It hovered around ten feet from the ground, and at an approximate distance of two hundred feet, then once again went out of sight.

“It was a bright and gold oval”, one of the boys reported. “And when we moved, it moved. When we stopped, it stopped.” That was not necessarily a good sign!

Suddenly, the boys heard the snapping of twigs from a nearby thicket, and out from the wooded area shuffled a creature of horrendous appearance. “It was the size of a human,” reported Mervyn Hutchinson. “But it didn’t seem to have any head. There were wings on its back, like bat wings.” The group fled, perhaps understandably not wanting to hang around and see what developed next.

Matters didn’t end there, however. Five night later, one Keith Croucher saw an unusual object float across a nearby football field. Forty-eight-hours after that, a John McGoldrick, accompanied by a friend, checked out the location and stumbled upon unusual impressions in the ground, which gave every indication that something solid and significant had landed there.

Neil Arnold has this to say about the matter: “Local UFO experts believed that the case was nothing more than a misinterpretation of natural phenomena, but Flaxton recalled: ‘I felt cold all over.’”

Sounds familiar? Mothman fans may very well be nodding their heads in agreement by now!

And, as Neil Arnold also notes: “Three giant footprints were also found in the vicinity which were said to have measured two-feet long and nine inches across. On 11 December, various newspaper reporters accompanied McGoldrick to the area and found that the woods were illuminated by an eerie, glowing light. No-one investigated any further and the case faded as mysteriously as it had emerged.”

To this date, the saga of the Mothman of Hythe, Kent remains precisely that: a mystery. Unless, that is, you’re one of the original witnesses, reading these words, and still recalling those events of 50 years ago. If you are, then get in touch! Some of us would very much like to know what happened in Sandling Park, Hythe, Kent on the night of November 16, 1963. If any further details are available,  and additional light can be shed on the matter, the build up to the 50th anniversary would be an ideal time for the truth to finally come tumbling out.

Source: Mysterious Universe


23 of the Creepiest Things Ever Said by Kids

1. My daughter said to me the other day, “when I was your age I used to take you to the beach, and vacation. We used to go out to eat and read. But, I’m not your age anymore, I’m little all over again and now you’re the big one.”
2. My 3-year-old son walked in on me in the shower and stared, then said, “Mom…wash your boobs…”
3. “Mommy, did you know one night I woke up and came into your room and instead of waking you up I just sat in the chair and watched you, you didn’t even know I was there!”
4. When my twins were about 2.5, I went to tuck them in for the night and Kayden looks at me and says “Can you please tell the man at the end of my bed to go away?” to which Kiera added, “He’s scaring me.”
5. “I could just hug you forever and ever until you die and turn into bones and then I’ll still be hugging you.” Then, when she saw that I was giving her a crazy look, she started laughing, which made her fart.
6. A kid from when I was a pre-school teacher. I was changing the diaper of one of the little boys in my toddler class. Now this kid was almost completely non-verbal, so imagine my expression when he turned his head to look at me, touched my belly and said, “You’re going to have a baby boy.” Like CLEAR AS DAY. I shook it off and laughed, until 3 weeks later when I took a pee test after missing my period and got a big pink plus sign. Yeah. My baby boy is now 5 years old. Still freaks me the eff out!
7. My son wanted my niece to play down in the basement with him but she didn’t like it down there. She thought it was creepy but we never said that in front of him, she just tried to redirect him and suggested playing upstairs instead. He grabs her hand and says, “It’s ok, Brooke, they won’t bother you” and proceeds down the steps. We all went, “Who is THEY?!”
8. “Mommy who’s the man by my window when we sleep?”

9. My four year old son climbed up into my lap, said that he loved me and then announced that when he “got big” he was going to marry me. My husband said, “you can’t marry mommy when you grow up, she’s already married to me.” Connor looked him straight in the eyes and calmly said, “well you’re going to die soon and she needs a husband” then patted him on the forearm, promptly kissed me on the cheek, said “I love you mommy” and hopped down.
10. When we told my BF’s son that I was pregnant (I was six months), he looked at me and said “no you’re not.” We assured him that yes I was and he was going to be a big brother… He looked me in the eye and said “anything can happen, mommy had a friend who fell down the stairs at 8 months and her baby died…” Creepiest thing he could have said. We lived in a second story apartment with steep stairs.
11. “Mom, did you know dad has long finger? He keeps it in his underwear.”
12. My 4 year old son says to my 13 year old daughter when we were talking about how much we love each other: “Emma, I’m going to explode my love all over your face!”
13. My son was in a coma at five with severe brain trauma. His Uncle Daryl died during this time. They were very close. We never told my son – just couldn’t. On the way home from the last hospital, my five year old said from the passenger seat, “It was so cold, and I called out for so long. No one came to help me. Why didn’t anyone help me?” He sounded just like Daryl. I almost wrecked. Daryl had died after falling into the Mississippi very late one night. He was heard calling for help for at least fifteen minutes before he succumbed to the cold and the current. The fog was too thick and no one could get to him in time. My son was in the coma when it happened.
14. “There’s a clown in my closet and he tried to grab me.”
15. When getting ready to watch a movie, my Godson asked for some cockporn.
16. “When you die mum I’m going to bury you in the backyard so I can water you and then you will wake up again.”

17. My six year old said that when our oldest cat dies, he wants to put his head in a jar so he can look at him every day.
18. One day while I was watching my 6 yea old niece I asked her what she wanted to eat for lunch. Her reply: “the neighbor and her cat”.
19. We were driving home one night and my 3 year old pointed out a building and said “I used to work there.” Turns out it was a building that my (deceased) father in law worked at 40+ years ago. When my husband asked her what she did when she worked there, she described the job that he used to do.
20. My daughter used to have an imaginary friend named “Grandmother.” I always thought that was odd, but then one day she piped up while we were in the car and said “Momma, Grandmother wants you to remember the flowers in the bedroom.” My cousin, sister and I used to play with these silk flowers in my grandma’s spare bedroom, and when she passed away, I took them as a memento.
21. A friend took her daughter to the cemetery to put flowers on a relative’s grave. On the way out, when she was buckling her into her car seat, she said, “Don’t close the door yet, Mommy. They’re not all in yet.” My friend was too creeped out to ask who “they” were.
22. My grandma had only one leg (the other was amputated before I was born bc of cancer). She died when I was 14 years old, so obviously my daughter never met her. My daughter was 2 and we were looking through an old photo album. There was a picture of my grandma with my mother when she was a little girl. My daughter pointed to the picture and said “look! That lady has two legs again!”
23. “Mommy did you know that sometimes at night I fly around? My body doesn’t fly around but I do. It’s like I leave my body and can go places. I can fly really far away and see people I miss. I flew and watched you sleep the other night.”




Source: Single Dad Laughing
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