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Perhaps today shall be the day you don't get out of bed.  Why tempt the fates?  Maybe today should be the day you don't drive your car...go to work...make important decisions...or do anything at all.  Perhaps today shall be the day you don't get out of bed.  Cosmic forces conspire against you.  Malignant energies weave their way through the universe to seek you out for their dark missions.  Black cats walk across your path.  Today is Friday the 13th.  Perhaps today shall be the day you don't get out of bed.

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This weeks issue of Conspiracy Journal looks at such Paraskevidekatriaphobia stories as:
Why Does Friday the 13th Scare Us So Much? -
Evidence of Alien Life Collected From Balloon -
- Levitation – The UFO “Fear Factor” Program -
Mysterious Disembodied Voices -
David Attenborough Says Yeti May Be Real
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UFOs - Wicked This Way Comes: The Dark Side Of The Ultra-Terrestrials


Stories of encounters with the supposedly friendly "all-too-cute" ETs are NOT always the norm and represent only one side of the coin. Little Elliot may have befriended Steven Spielberg's cozy, cuddly alien, but all too often our almond-eyed visitors have their own agenda, which frequently puts them at odds with our earthly well-being. They have been known to abduct, dice and slice and put us through a universe of utter torment.

Not only can the Ultra-Terrestrials be damned ornery but they have the power to interfere with both our physical and mental states and put dread into our hearts. Thus the term “UFO Fear Factor.” They can oftentimes wreak havoc on an entire household following what might seem like a benign close encounter but which ends up going well beyond a cosmic one-night stand. The Ultra-Terrestrials possess various characteristics in common with spirits from the dark corridors of demonology and have been known to produce the same sort of phenomena at UFO landing sites as you would find in a haunted house or at a seance.


* Witness grows 5 inches following close encounter! Hair of observer changes color overnight!

* West Virginia man abducted by weird “vegetable”-like Ultra-Terrestrials.

* Valuable objects vanish upon arrival of strange shadow beings in New Jersey home.

* The mystery of the “Crawling Stumps” in Oregon.

* Giants bully youngsters in Brazilian UFO terror attack.

* “Fireballs” cause massive blackout.

* A man named “Fred” (a pseudonym) recalls under hypnosis a horrifying sexual experience involving a half human/half animal creature.

* Dr. Karla Turner, who passed away from breast cancer after she started reporting on the negative aspects of the UFO abduction phenomenon, noted: *** A surprising number of abductees suffer from serious illnesses they didn’t have before their encounters. These have led to surgery, debilitation, and even death from causes the doctors can’t identify. *** Some abductees experience a degeneration of their mental, social and spiritual well-being. Excessive behavior frequently erupts, such as drug abuse, alcoholism, overeating and promiscuity. Strange obsessions develop and cause the disruption of normal life and the destruction of personal relationships.

* Noted author/researcher Brad Steiger offers evidence that many individuals hear the guttural voices of Ultra-terrestrials commanding them to do demonic deeds, such as the case of a self-declared prophet of a new religion linked to the slain bodies of a family of five—all victims of human sacrifice necessary to persuade the “forces” to present the Ohio-based cult with a magical golden sword.

* Some of the human implications of what the Ultra-terrestrial “invasion” represents are so potentially disturbing and disruptive that well-known talk show personality/investigator Peter Robbins declares that he has no doubt that there are “those” who are capable of just about anything in their efforts to keep the subject from us, including possibly being involved in the untimely deaths of certain truth seekers whose lives have been decidedly entangled with the Unknown.


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This Week's Guest: Brian Kannard



Why Does Friday the 13th Scare Us So Much?
By John Roach

The superstition is rooted in Western culture, biblical events, experts say.

It's Friday the 13th, and millions of people are on edge, fearing a calamity with personal or global repercussions-a broken leg, a stock market crash, or the trigger pulled for World War III.

Why all the anxiety? In short, because the fear is ingrained in Western culture, according to experts. (Get more Friday the 13th facts.)

"If nobody bothered to teach us about these negative taboo superstitions like Friday the 13th, we might in fact all be better off," said Stuart Vyse, a professor of psychology at Connecticut College in New London.

People who harbor a Friday the 13th superstition might have triskaidekaphobia, or fear of the number 13, and often pass on their belief to their children, he noted. Popular culture's obsession with the fear-think the Friday the 13th horror films and even this story-helps keep it alive, added Vyse, the author of Believing in Magic: The Psychology of Superstition.

Although superstitions can be arbitrary-a fear of ladders or black cats, for example-"once they are in the culture, we tend to honor them," said Thomas Gilovich, a professor of psychology at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

"You feel like if you are going to ignore it, you are tempting fate," he explained.

Origins Rooted in Religion

The trepidation surrounding Friday the 13th is rooted in religious beliefs surrounding the 13th guest at the Last Supper-Judas, the apostle said to have betrayed Jesus-and the crucifixion of Jesus on a Friday, which was known as hangman's day and was already a source of anxiety, Vyse said.

The two fears merged, resulting "in this sort of double whammy of 13 fallingon an already nervous day," he said.

The taboo against the number 13 spread with Christianity and into non-Christian areas, noted Phillips Stevens, Jr., an associate professor of anthropology at the University of Buffalo in New York."It became extremely widespread through the Euro-American world, embedded in culture, [and] extremely persistent," he said.

More interesting, he noted, is why people associate any Friday the 13th with bad luck. The answer, he said, has to do with what he calls principles of "magical thinking" found in cultures around the world.

One of these principles involves things or actions-if they "resemble other things in any way of resemblance-shape or sound or odor or color-people tend to think those things are related and in a causal way," he explained.

In this framework, there were 13 people present at the Last Supper, so anything connected to the number 13 from then on is bad luck.

Thomas Fernsler, an associate policy scientist in the Mathematics and Science Education Resource Center at the University of Delaware in Newark, said the number 13 suffers because of its position after 12.

According to Fernsler, numerologists consider 12 a "complete" number. There are 12 months in a year, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 gods of Olympus, 12 labors of Hercules, 12 tribes of Israel, and 12 apostles of Jesus. (See "Lost Gospel Revealed; Says Jesus Asked Judas to Betray Him.")

Fernsler said 13's association with bad luck "has to do with just being a little beyond completeness. The number becomes restless or squirmy."

Then there's Friday. Not only was Christ crucified on that day, but some biblical scholars believe Eve tempted Adam with the forbidden fruit on a Friday. Perhaps most significant is a belief that Abel was slain by his brother Cain on Friday the 13th.

Crippling Impact

On Friday the 13th, some people are so crippled by fear that they lock themselves inside; others will have no choice but to grit their teeth and nervously muster through the day.

Nevertheless, many people will refuse to fly, buy a house, or act on a hot stock tip, inactions that noticeably slow economic activity, according to Donald Dossey, a folklore historian and founder of the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina. (Read about animal phobias.)

"It's been estimated that [U.S.] $800 or $900 million is lost in business on this day because people will not fly or do business they normally would do," he said.

To overcome the fear, Vyse said, people should take small steps outside their comfort zone. Those who are afraid to leave the house could consider meeting a close friend at a cozy cafe, for example.

"Try some small thing that they would be reluctant to do under normal circumstances and gradually experience, hopefully, no horrible thing happen when they push through and carry on," he said.

Source: National Geographic


Evidence of Alien Life Collected From Balloon

British scientists believe they have found evidence of alien life after sending a balloon to the edge of space.

The team of scientists sent a balloon 27km into the stratosphere and captured small biological organisms they say can only have come from space.

The group, headed up by astrobiologist Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, claims the 'seeds of life' have been transported between planets by passing meteors.

Professor Wickramasinghe, 74, and his team from the University of Sheffield sent a specially designed balloon into the atmosphere above Chester during the annual Perseid meteor shower.

The balloon was carrying sterile microscope slides which were only exposed to the atmosphere at heights of 27km.

When the balloon fell back down to Earth the scientists discovered microscopic aquatic algae on the microscope slides - which they say can only be alien life forms.

Their findings were published in a paper during the Instruments, Methods, and Missions for Astrobiology conference in San Diego, USA, last month.

Prof Wickramasinghe said: 'Biological entities of this nature have not previously been reported occurring in the stratosphere.

'The entities varied from a presumptive colony of ultra-small bacteria to two unusual individual organisms - part of a diatom frustule and a 200 micron-sized particle mass interlaced with biofilm and biological filaments.'

He said these findings were evidence for the theory of 'cometary panspermia'.

This states that the 'seeds of life' exist all over the Universe and travel through space from one planet to another.

Sceptics believe 'biological entities' captured in the stratosphere could have been carried high into the atmosphere from Earth - and not from space.

But Prof Wickramasinghe said: 'The biological entities found are particles of relatively large size and mass.

'By our current understanding of the means by which such particles can be transferred from Earth to the stratosphere they could not - in the absence of a violent volcanic eruption occurring within a day of the sampling event - make such a journey.

'If there is no mechanism by which these biological entities could be elevated from Earth to the stratosphere then it must have arrived from above the stratosphere and have been incoming to Earth.'

The Sri Lankan-born British mathematician, astronomer and astrobiologist is one of the leading proponents of the theory of cometary panspermia.

Panspermia is Greek for 'seeds everywhere'.

The panspermia theory states that seeds of life can be spread through space from one location to another. and that life on Earth may have originated through this process.

It requires meteors blasted from a planet’s surface serve to act as transfer vehicles for spreading biological material from one planet to another.

In a separate study, scientists have recently found never before seen material inside rock that crashed to Earth in California last year.

The discovery comes from an analysis of the Sutter's Mill meteorite, which lit up the California night sky with a dazzling fireball in April 2012.

Meteor fragments are rich in organic compounds – many of which are found in living organisms on Earth – and the newly discovered molecules could shed light on the origins of life on our planet.

Arizona State University, who undertook the study, claims the molecules likely formed several billion years ago in conditions similar to those on early Earth.

Source: The Daily Mail


Levitation – The UFO “Fear Factor” Program
By Sean Casteel

There are many strange – and frightening – aspects of the UFO enigma that are not widely known and are concealed by the UFO community because of the strangeness or fear factor. Take for example the phenomenon of levitation, which often accompanies a UFO sighting and especially an alien abduction. Stories of abductees being floated – without their consent – through their bedroom window and into a waiting ship, as well as aliens who seem to glide two to three feet off the ground as opposed to walking “normally,” are very common.

This bizarre aspect of UFO contact is highlighted in a new book from Global Communications called “Levitation and Invisibility” by Commander X and Tim R. Swartz. The authors grapple with the subject from both a historical and modern point of view, including many anecdotes that illustrate just how the strange events they describe play out in real world terms.

One will probably not be surprised to hear that levitation has a long history in the affairs of mankind, dating back to ancient India and Catholic saints of the Middle Ages, many of whom were seen to levitate and fly up in the air, most often involuntarily and quite alarmingly.

“Levitation,” Commander X and Swartz write, “can be defined as the paranormal suspension of the human body in midair. For example, ‘simple’ levitations are instances in which a saint or holy man will become buoyant and will suddenly float up into the air, usually against his will. Newton’s law of gravity does not always work. There are some humans who defy the law without meaning to. They apparently have no control over themselves and will float skyward without expending any effort.”

The authors detail the experiences of one Saint Teresa of Avila, who died in 1582. Of her experiences with levitation, she wrote: “It seemed to me, when I tried to make some resistance, as if a great force beneath me lifted me up. I confess that it threw me into great fear, very great indeed, at first. For in seeing one’s body thus lifted up from the earth, though the spirit draws it upwards after itself (and that with great sweetness, if unresisted), the senses are not lost, and I was able to see that I was being lifted up. After the rapture was over, I have to say my body seemed frequently to be buoyant, as if all weight had departed from it, so much so that now and then I scarce knew my feet touched the ground.”

Saint Teresa came to regard a floating episode as an “attack,” as of a recurring illness, and would ask her fellow nuns to hold her down. Frequently, the nun would find herself alone at such a moment and be resigned to soaring through the air. Saint Teresa is famous nowadays for reforming the Carmelite order of nuns and was eventually canonized, presumably because her levitation experiences were later regarded as miracles of God.

One of the nuns that served under her, Sister Anne, told a board of inquiry thirty years after Saint Teresa’s death about a scene the younger nun had witnessed. As Sister

Anne waited for a routine bell to ring at the convent, between 1 and 2 P.M., Saint Teresa entered the room and knelt to pray for about fifteen minutes.

“As I was looking on,” Sister Anne testified, “she was raised about half a yard from the ground without her feet touching it. At this I was terrified, and she, for her part, was trembling all over. So I moved to where she was, and I put my hands under her feet, over which I remained weeping for something like half an hour, while the ecstasy lasted. Then suddenly she sank down and rested on her feet, and turning to me, she asked who I was and ordered me under obedience to say nothing of what I had seen, and I have, in fact, said nothing until the present moment.”

Many other such case histories are provided by Commander X and Swartz, and they make for fascinating reading as one learns how commonplace episodes of levitation have been throughout the world, including Victorian England. True to form for the often occult-related subject matter of Global Communications books, chapters that deal with learning how you, the reader, can aspire to levitating yourself are also part of the overall package. There are paintings and photographs of spiritual adepts levitating at will, functioning as a kind of visual aid and pictorial encouragement for those interested in learning how to fly.

Meanwhile, in the just released Global Communications blockbuster “UFOs: Wicked This Way Comes,” Timothy Green Beckley takes up the task of dealing with levitation – as well as other strange paranormal facets of the phenomenon you seldom hear about – as it applies to more recent UFO contact events.

There is, for instance, the famous alien abduction case of Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, who were fishing together one October night in the 1970s in Pascagoula,

Mississippi, when they were seized and forcibly taken aboard a UFO. The incident received publicity throughout the world. What those media accounts overlooked, according to Beckley, was that a mighty blow had been dealt to our understanding of the law of gravity.

“For Hickson and Parker,” Beckley writes, “had been rendered weightless by their captors. Grabbed on all sides by the ‘web-footed creatures’ before them, they were levitated out to a circular ship waiting for them in the night’s pitch blackness. Such a suspension of the Earth’s gravitational field is impossible to contemplate even in terms of modern-day physics. The technology needed to produce such an effect – if at all possible – is definitely well beyond our limited space-age understanding.”

Beckley also recounts another UFO-related levitation story, this time from Australia, involving a man who preferred to keep his name hidden and is referred to as Mr. X. The story was originally published in a conservative Australian newspaper called the “Mackay Argus.”

Mr. X claims that he was “sucked or drawn” through a windowpane in his kitchen. After first seeing a strange, small, “saucer-shaped face” at the window, he was lifted through the glass by unseen “hands.” The incident, verified by Mr. X’s wife, occurred a few hours after numerous sightings of a bright light in the neighborhood. Mr. X and his wife returned from visiting their neighbors around 10 P.M. and Mr. X went into the kitchen for a glass of water. He told his wife that he didn’t remember much about going through the window except that he was certain he was “sucked out” by some powerful force.

“He screamed,” his wife told the newspaper, “and I came running out of the inside room just in time to see him busting through the glass and going up and out the window in a horizontal position. He was not struggling or thrashing about – just going through like that, straight out.”

When the police arrived a half hour later, the man kept insisting, “You think I’m mad. I’m not. I saw something.” The authorities took him to the local “lockup” for what they believed was his own safety.

“An examination of the scene,” Beckley writes, “showed that the window frame he went through was four feet, six inches from the ground. His leap, which shattered the glass but did not break the frame, would be impossible from a standing position.”

A strange kind of levitation was also a feature of the story of the James family, which Beckley describes in “UFOs: Wicked This Way Comes.” It was the summer of 1967, and 18-year-old Jerry James, his parents and younger sister were driving from Colorado to California on vacation in a pickup truck, behind which they towed a house trailer.

After 18 continuous hours on the road, they pulled over to a service station to stretch their legs and refresh themselves. At that point, they saw a UFO overhead, in the familiar child’s top shape, encircled by a ring of brightly-colored lights. A light beam similar to a searchlight shone down directly onto their trailer. The UFO hovered a few feet over their truck and then noiselessly zoomed off into the distance. The family reacted in disbelief.

The next day, many miles from the previous night’s sighting, a silver-looking vessel floated in from over a nearby mountain peak, coming so close to the James family

that they could see rivets in the metallic gray structure. The mother fainted “dead away.” When they returned to the trailer, something very strange had happened. Everything inside the trailer was in perfect order, even though they had left the beds unmade and the sink area had been strewn with dirty dishes and silverware.

“Everything was as neat as it could be,” Jerry told Beckley, “though not as my Mom would have done it. On the kitchen cabinet we found a small dish with a sprouting carrot that had been placed there during the last 24 hours. But something drastic and truly puzzling had happened to it, for the carrot did not resemble a carrot any longer. It had spread out, as if having grown for weeks in a tempered, professional hothouse. Roots were everywhere, running outside the dish and reaching almost to the floor.”

The family noticed a vile-smelling, green-colored substance on the cabinet and dish. When Jerry touched it with a pencil, it “ate up” the wood and lead in a matter of seconds. En route to consult the police, the truck began to accelerate against the will of its driver, requiring only a fractional depressing of the gas pedal to get the truck and trailer speeding dangerously along. When they reached a gas station and the attendant removed the gas cap, out rushed an odorous, gaseous material that made a hissing noise and smelled like rotten eggs. Later, they discovered that the driver’s seat in their pickup had rotted away and the ignition key glowed in the dark and had gotten “soft and rubbery.”

The police did not believe the James family had encountered aliens from another world, but their insurance company was willing to buy them a new truck.

“They informed us,” Jerry said, “that they had never seen anything quite like it before. What happened really had them stumped – almost as much as it had us frightened.”

Jerry commented later that he is well aware that a good portion of what happened could have been caused by a harmful dose of radioactivity. Yet no one in the family had showed the slightest symptoms of radiation poisoning. If things like the mutated carrot and the glowing, soft ignition key had been caused by simple radiation, it should also have made the family sick enough to require medical treatment. If, on the other hand, the occupants of the two UFOs the family had seen were responsible, it demonstrates that “they” could use the power of levitation to “straighten up” the family’s trailer, affect the gas pedal on the truck and work the other mysterious effects without appearing to physically touch anything.

Another incident Beckley investigated also involved all the members of a family, this time the Boyers (a pseudonym) of rural Somerset, New Jersey. The bizarre happenings centered around the family began in the late summer of 1982, when a UFO was seen hovering over some trees across the street around 5 A.M. by Mr. Boyer. Nothing else occurred right away, but later some poltergeist events commenced, the typical “family under siege” situation normally attributed to spirits of the dead. But the Boyers definitely feel that, in their case, it was an alien presence causing the trouble.

Mrs. Boyer said, “I have reason to believe that an ET resided in our home for over a year, and that we felt his presence, though we might not have realized the identity of our uninvited visitor.”

The first sign that a “guest” was lurking about was the strange behavior of the family’s dogs, which would bark continually through the night and shake uncontrollably. Three of the littlest children in the household were having a picnic and playing outside when one came into the house and said they had all met a man over by the garden fence

who told them, “No more picnic.” The incident was repeated quite a few times, but the adults never sighted the man themselves.

Mrs. Boyer next began to feel like someone would enter her bedroom and push against the bottom of her mattress, and she would also be overcome by the feeling that she wasn’t alone, even though nobody was physically in the room with her. One night, she heard a voice speaking to her, but was unable to distinguish any words. Her daughter said she had heard voices as well, to her terror, sometimes calling to her by name. The family could hear someone walking in their basement, though no one was actually there. Objects would repeatedly fall off the refrigerator or pictures drop from the wall, for no apparent reason. The air conditioner would turn itself on and off, even when the unit was unplugged. An intruder appeared in the house when most of the family was asleep, and when Mrs. Boyer turned on the light to confront him, fearing for the safety of the children, he moved behind the refrigerator and simply disappeared right through the wall.

“Still at other times,” Mrs. Boyer said, “I saw weird white-blue lights in my bedroom at night that were not reflections from the street. The whole house was being turned upside down. Things were missing that would show up in unpredictable places. There would be eerie sounds and a creepy feeling, as if we were never alone.”

Beckley himself grew up in New Jersey and has known the Boyer family all his life. He writes that he can attest to their total sincerity, and that the family’s strange home invasion situation was still ongoing at the time he wrote up their account. While not all of the events described above can be related to levitation, some of it can, such as the falling objects, the disappearance and reappearance of household items, and the strange behavior of the air conditioner, among other things.

The late abduction researcher Budd Hopkins also wrote about levitation as it applied to UFO contact. In his 2003 book, “Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility and Transgenic Beings,” he tells the story of an abductee named Molly, who had had UFO experiences throughout her lifetime. In one incident, which took place when she was a child, “Molly recalled floating out of the bedroom window into a bright beam of light, then levitating, along with her brother, up into the hovering UFO.”

At the time, Molly was four and her brother Danny was six. Their mother, Joan, had just put them to bed for their afternoon naps when something – a sound, a feeling – prompted her to check on the children. They were not in their beds and the window was open. Now panicking, Joan ran downstairs to look for them and found them at the foot of the basement stairs, unharmed, though they had fallen three stories and landed on concrete steps. Joan rushed the children to a doctor, who confirmed that there wasn’t a scratch on them. The children said they had fallen out of the window because they had wanted to see “the airplane.” Under hypnosis, Molly recalled that after floating into the ship with her brother, she was taken to an examination room onboard the craft and met the standard UFO occupants, but she did not remember how they got to the ground afterwards.

“It is highly unlikely,” Hopkins wrote, “for two children to fall three stories onto jagged concrete steps without sustaining even a bruise. As a general rule of thumb, it is assumed that anyone falling three stories has only a 50-percent chance of living through it, and the absence of broken bones, internal injuries or even bruises after such a drop is unthinkable. Molly initially remembered ‘floating’ out the window but had no sense either of falling or hitting the cement steps. And to make an accidental fall even more

unlikely, the cellar steps were seven or eight feet away from the area directly under the window. People, even children, do not fall diagonally, unless they are propelled by some force.

“There are many cases in the abduction literature,” Hopkins continued, “in which individuals are floated out of their second-story bedrooms and later deposited on the ground or even several miles away. It is a familiar pattern. Automobiles and their passengers have been lifted up and put down in the middle of a field or on a different highway, sometimes gently, sometimes heavily.”

Which sort of sums it up neatly, in a way. Those who levitate must come back down at some point, and history – both ancient and contemporary – tells us that that happens sometimes gently, sometimes heavily, on many levels simultaneously.

Beckley has pointed out many times during his career that not all UFOs are by ANY MEANS friendly.

“There is a lot of strangeness we have to learn to deal with,” he said. “A lot of what is going on could be considered frightening, depending upon how easily you scare.” He continued by noting that the UFO association with the paranormal in general cannot be dismissed. “We have to learn to deal with this element and not try to sweep it under the rug,” Beckley contends. “There are many branches of the occult that can be lumped in with UFOlogy – but most investigators, if they know of such a connection, will try to keep it to themselves!”

In any case, you will want to check out these new releases from Global Communications, “Levity and Invisibility” and “UFOs: Wicked This Way Comes” and make up your own mind. Or at least pleasantly add to your confusion.


LEVITATION AND INVISIBILITY http://www.amazon.com/Levitation-Invisibility-Incredible-POWERS-Within/dp/1606111434/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1378605099&sr=1-1&keywords=Levitation+and+invisibility+tim+swartz

UFOS – WICKED THIS WAY COMES: THE DARK SIDE OF THE ULTRA-TERRESTRIALS http://www.amazon.com/UFOs-Wicked-This-Comes-Ultra-Terrestrials/dp/1606111582/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1378531866&sr=1-1&keywords=ufos+-+wicked


(To read more by Sean Casteel, visit his website at www.seancasteel.com)


Chunks of Ice Fall From Sky Over Brooklyn

Theories Are Many Why Softball-Size Pieces Came Down On 80-Degree Day.

Chunks of ice apparently fell from the sky on an 80-degree day in Brooklyn. The question is, where did they come from?

Terry Blasi and Louie Vitale said they were sitting on Blasi’s porch on Wednesday when something the size of a softball crashed through the trees.

“All of a sudden something had come down through the trees really loud and then a loud thump on the ground,” Vitale told TV 10/55?s Dick Brennan on Friday.

The pair raced to the street and found a chunk of ice.

“It must have come through really fast and then thud. It sounded like a bowling ball went through,” Blasi said.

Ice was scattered around the street.

“I said, ‘Holy [expletive]. Where did this come from?’ and we’re all looking up all over the sky,” Vitale said.

A plane is the most likely suspect as the ice landed on East 36th Street, near John F. Kennedy International Airport.

“Usually they say the ice is blue if it comes from an airplane latrine. But this is solid ice. I think it was something high-flying and it fell off,” Blasi said.

Some neighbors offered other theories.

“I hope it’s not from outer space. Those things are radioactive,” a man named Dave said.

Blasi’s family is worried.

“My step-daughter grabbed the baby, panicked, ran, grabbed the baby, said it was extra-terrestrials,” Terry said.

Experts said that if it had come from space the impact would have been much worse.

Blais has preserved the ice in her freezer. The Federal Aviation Administration will look at the evidence on Monday. Until then, neighbors said they plan to take precautions.

“Hard hat, Kevlar. I’m gonna look both ways and then look up, left, right, and up,” Vitale said.

Blasi said she is dying to know what happened.

Source: CBS-New York


Mysterious Disembodied Voices

By Jason Offutt

The cold concrete basement was empty except for the four of us sitting on metal chairs around a cheap table playing cards on a Saturday night. Victor built this house, a relatively new ranch-style home, in a small, quiet town in the Midwest. Nothing other than scrub had been on that spot before this part of town was developed, at least that he knew of. We were alone, that’s why the voice bothered us.

The crisp snap of an opening beer can cracked across the table as I dealt the cards. We’d only been at the card game an hour, when our evening turned into something unexpected. A woman’s voice clearly said, “Victor,” from the far corner of the basement.

We froze.

There was no other furniture in the basement, no unpacked boxes, no electronic devices save for the lights, and the beer fridge, and there was definitely no woman in the corner.

“Did you hear that?” Pat asked.

Everyone nodded. Yes, it had been a voice, a clear feminine voice that said the name of the man who owned the house. The voice not only shouldn’t have been in the basement, it couldn’t have been in the basement. We quickly and quietly finished the game and three of us went to our respective homes, leaving Victor alone with this disembodied voice that knew his name.

What did we hear? A ghost? A time slip? Or something wicked? Regardless, disembodied voices are more common than mainstream people comfortable in their worldview will ever know

Voice under the bridge

An old bridge crosses West Yellow Creek just off Jarboe Road in rural Linn County, Missouri. The gravel road between Brookfield and Marceline used to cross the bridge, built in 1920, until a new bridge went up in 1996. But people in the area still talk about the old bridge, and its ghost.

Paranormal investigator, Ryan Straub of Centralia, Missouri, grew up in nearby Marceline and knows the story well. According to legend, a man was killed there. “There was a man walking home from a party,” Straub said. “He was drinking and was picked up, mugged, and had the crap beat out of him and left to die by the old bridge. He haunts that bridge down there and he can be pretty vengeful.”

Locals say visitors to the old bridge often report feeling like someone is watching them. Straub first investigated the legend of Jarboe Road at about 1 or 2 a.m. June 13, 2003 – a Friday the 13th – during a full moon. When Straub stepped from his vehicle, the area felt strange. “It was extremely quiet,” Straub said. “What’s weird about that is it was summer; locusts and all sorts of noises you can hear. It was almost too quiet. That uneasy calm feeling.”

As Straub approached the bridge, he found he wasn’t alone. “Where that bridge is, there’s not a whole lot around it,” he said. “I was by myself. I kept hearing something telling me to come down under the bridge.” The voice was male and insistent. “It sounded like a younger man. I was 19. It sounded like he was 25 to 30 maybe,” he said. “The average man’s voice sounding like he wanted me to come down there.”

Who the hell’s out here with me? ran through Straub’s head as he felt the hair on his head bristle. “My shock got turned into curiosity,” he said. Straub flicked on his torch and the beam cut through the darkness. He worked his way down the embankment toward the underside of the bridge. “I’m either stupid or crazy or a little bit of both,” he said. “There was no one down there. There was no one in the woods. Something was calling for me, but nothing was down there.”

Words from the Family

The voice came from downstairs, but Alex McFeeters didn’t know why he heard his father’s voice. His father, Craig, wasn’t supposed to be home. “Alex, come down here,” the voice said.

Alex went downstairs; maybe his father had gotten home early. “He said that it sounded like I was sitting in the recliner that I normally am sitting in, and that was where the sound came from,” Craig said. “He was surprised to see that I wasn’t there in the recliner.”

Alex walked around the house, but couldn’t find his father; Craig’s truck wasn’t in the drive. Alex realized something chilling – his dad wasn’t home. “I asked him if he was certain that it was my voice,” Craig said. “He said that it was my voice, it wasn’t someone else’s.”

Craig has heard the disembodied voices of his family for years. “Numerous times I would be in the basement of our old house on the computer and I would hear my wife holler downstairs for me,” he said. “I would go upstairs and no one was home.”

The instances got so real for Craig he would often hear the front door open and close and feet shuffle across the floor. “Then I wouldn’t hear anything more, no footsteps across the floors of the house like they had come on in,” he said. “Then I would go upstairs and no one was home.”

Craig’s wife heard this, too. One day as she sat in the downstairs office, working on the family’s computer, someone called to her. “She heard me open up the door at the top of the steps and holler down for her, calling her name, and then she heard nothing,” Craig said. “After a few minutes she came upstairs, and no one was home. This spooked her a bit.”

Then the voices, always of family members, began shouting out more and more often. “We aren’t hearing someone else coming into the house, or calling for us, we are hearing the actual sounds and voices of people in our family,” Craig said. “I’ve heard my wife, she has heard me, our son heard my voice, so what is going on here?”

The Voice from the Closet

Daniel Natal’s aunt heard him call to her from somewhere in the house. She walked from room to room, searching for him, but couldn’t find him because he wasn’t there. This incident marked the first time a member of Natal’s family heard a disembodied voice, but it would be far from the last. “The second instance was related to me by a cousin who said that he heard me calling him from his upstairs bedroom,” Natal said. Natal’s voice kept saying, “In here. In here.” As Natal’s cousin followed the voice, it led him to his bedroom closet. He opened the closet, but Natal was not there. He found Natal outside playing basketball.

This wasn’t the last time Natal had to deal with disembodied voices. “About six months after the first instances, I received a phone call from a friend in Idaho,” he said. “She informed me, to my dismay, that she had just gotten off the phone with me.” Natal hadn’t talked with this friend in eight months. “She expressed scepticism, thinking I was pulling some prank,” he said. “I was adamant, though. I had not phoned her.”

However, she was just as sure he had.

“But I just got off the phone with you,” she told him.

“Maybe it was someone who sounded like me,” he suggested.

“I think I would have been able to tell the difference after a 20-minute phone-conversation,” she said.

The thought of someone posing as Natal capable of holding a long telephone conversation with a friend shocked and somewhat frightened him. “Whatever was imitating my voice had done so now for an extended period,” Natal said. “That event happened about 10 years ago, but the phenomenon hasn’t stopped.”

And that haunts him. “What the hell is going on? Inter-dimensional lapses? Mischievous imps? Mind-energy projected outward to create doppelgangers?” Natal said. “Whatever it is, it isn’t isolated to telepathy and assumptions of family-members coming home. It’s something far, far more complicated.”

Source: Mysterious Universe


Family Talks About Their Haunted Home
By Becky Wright

Strange things sometimes happen in the Ogden, Utah home of PJ and Lydia Gravis.

A few months ago, in the middle of the night, a door slammed shut for no apparent reason. Another time, a lamp fell over and broke — again for no apparent reason. And while the couple was working on the house one day, the vacuum turned on by itself.

Then, there was the motion-sensor incident.

The couple installed a motion sensor in their bedroom closet, intended to trigger the light when someone enters the closet. They found it takes quite a bit of movement to make it work.

“One night we’d just gone to bed and I look and see, under the closet door, the light goes on. Then it goes off, then a few minutes later it comes on,” Lydia said.

It did it for about three hours, at random intervals.

About a year ago, Lydia’s parents spent the night.

“The next morning, my dad said, ‘Lyd, were you doing dishes at 2 in the morning? Were you walking up and down the stairs?’ ” Lydia Gravis said.

You guessed it — she wasn’t.

Shortly after that, PJ had a ghostly encounter while sleeping in bed.

“I felt somebody, like, grab my foot one night,” said PJ.

When such ghostly things happen, they blame Edmund T. Hulaniski, the first owner of the home — which is on this year’s Weber County Heritage Foundation Historic House Tour.

“Because we had a couple of things happen when we were working on it, we’d go to Edmund Hulaniski’s grave in the Ogden cemetery to try to make peace with the guy, and tell him we’ll take good care of the place,” Lydia said. “He died in the house in 1928.”

A Civil War vet

The peace talks didn’t help, so either the ghost isn’t Hulaniski, or he just doesn’t want to leave his home.

Hulaniski was born in Michigan in 1848. He said he was descended from a Polish king, and that his father was a count driven from Poland by war, according to newspaper articles announcing his death in 1928.

In 1862, when he was 14, Hulaniski enlisted in the Union Army. His Civil War service began with the First New York Marine Artillery. That group was mustered out after heavy losses, and he joined the 2nd Regiment of the Illinois Light Artillery. After a disability discharge, according to the article, he “organized and financed the Three Hundred Twelfth U.S. negro artillery.”

Friends called him “Captain,” because of his military service. He claimed to have been the youngest commissioned officer in the Union army, at age 16.

Voice from the past

In an interview with the Standard-Examiner less than a year before his death, Hulaniski talked about his Civil War experience.

“I was a very young fellow to be warring,” he’s quoted as saying, “but the sound of cannon becomes common-place when you eat and sleep in the midst of it.”

Of his experience with African-American troops he said, “There was a lot of prejudice against the colored soldiers, but in my opinion the blacker the man the better the fighter.”

After the war, Hulaniski studied law and was admitted to the bar at age 21. He moved West as a railroad employee, eventually settling in Ogden, where he served as city, county and district attorney.

The Standard-Examiner reporter, in 1927, asked for Hulaniski’s opinion on several hot topics of the time.

About women bobbing their hair, he said, “I have a hard time telling a girl of 16 from a women of 60 sometimes.”

Women taking up smoking didn’t bother him.

“I saw so many women with corncob pipes in the Kentucky mountains,” he said. “Women have made my front room a rendezvous for smoking, but I told them they’s have to bring their own cigarets.”

Prohibition did bother him, and he wasn’t happy with the Supreme Court’s ruling that the 18th amendment was legal.

“I always liked a good glass of sherry wine during the morning, but it can’t be had any more. And I am afraid of drinking moonshine,” he said.

Hulaniski passed away at the age of 80, after a seven-week illness. A death certificate found by Lydia Gravis lists pulmonary embolism, the blockage of an artery in the lung, as the cause of death.

The viewing was held in his home — the one now owned by PJ and Lydia Gravis.

Source: Standard-Examiner


David Attenborough Says Yeti May Be Real
By Ben Dowell

The respected naturalist and broadcaster thinks the legendary Yeti could really exist and be living in the Himalayan Mountains.

The world-renowned naturalist and broadcaster says he thinks the creature of Himalayan legend – which has a North American cousin known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch – could be much more than a myth.

“I believe the Abominable Snowman may be real. I think there may be something in that," said Attenborough, speaking at a showcase of upcoming programmes on UKTV.

“There are footprints that stretch for hundreds of miles and we know that in the 1930’s a German fossil was found with these huge molars that were four or five times the size of human molars.

“They had to be the molars of a large ape, one that was huge, about 10 or 12 feet tall. It was immense. And it is not impossible that it might exist. If you have walked the Himalayas there are these immense rhododrendron forests that go on for hundreds of square miles which could hold the Yeti."

Attenborough, who was addressing an audience at the Saatchi Gallery to promote a second series of Natural Curiosities on the Eden channel, explained why the existence of the beast had not been proven up until now: “If there are some still alive and you walked near their habitat you can bet that these creatures may be aware of you, but you wouldn’t be aware of them.”

In an interview with Radio Times published today, the 87-year-old naturalist and broadcaster also reveals that even though he had a pacemaker fitted in June, he will never slow down his work commitments.

He says of the medical procedure: “It was no big deal. When you’re in your 80s, your heart gives you a funny five minutes every now and again and they won’t insure you unless you have a cardiologist to say that you can go on a long-haul flight. So I had to have the pacemaker.”

Sir David says he has also had a knee replaced last year – and is equally blasé about that operation.

“If you’ve got a motorcar and its brakes fail, and you have the capacity to replace them, you replace them. And we have the capacity to replace knees, which is wonderful.

“I don’t ever want to stop work. Sure, something’s going to wear out some time and I won’t be able to do it, but while I can – and people want me to, and people look at the result – I’m delighted to work. If I was earning my money by hewing coal I would be very glad indeed to stop. But I’m not; I’m swanning around the world looking at the most fabulously interesting things. Such good fortune.”

Source: The Radio Times

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