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Greetings one and all from your number one source of all things weird and strange. It is time once again to put all else aside and find out what is REALLY going on in the world this week. Time once again for news and interesting stories that you may not find in your daily newspaper or on the 6 o'clock news.

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This week Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such hair-raising stories as:
'Black Glass' Could Be First Comet Chunk Found on Earth -
MIB: Alive And Kicking -
- UFOS: Do Some Come From Inner Earth "Paradise"? - PART II -
- Pascagoula 'UFO Abductee' Still Haunted -
Scholar Claims Jesus Was a Roman Hoax

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From MR. UFO - Timothy Green Beckley

The Case For UFO Crashes: From Urban Legend to Reality



Access has been denied for over 50 years to even the likes of the late Senator Barry Goldwater, who has said: “I have never gained access to the so-called Blue Room at Wright-Patterson, so I have no idea what is in it. I have no idea who controls the flow of need-to-know information because, frankly, I was told in such an emphatic way that it was none of my business that I’ve never tried to make it my business since.”


Learn the significance of the MAJESTIC 12 and Presidential Briefing Papers and view previously classified CIA, FBI and State Department documents pertaining to this explosive subject – a subject that calls for high-level Congressional hearings. A possible connection has been uncovered in newly declassified documents sent to researchers by “unknown sources” within the Shadow Government. Is there proof that an organization known as the Interplanetary Phenomena Unit is involved in the recovery of extraterrestrial spacecraft and their occupants?


Here are dozens of unpublished Crashed Saucer stories uncovered by the author during the course of his research, including:

* The night a UFO came crashing down over an Ohio shopping mall. . . * A bizarre tale of an “alien artifact” uncovered by a jogger and displayed in the lobby of a Florida movie theater before it was mysteriously removed and vanished completely. . . * An unbelievable eye witness account of a UFO that fell inside New York City’s bustling Central Park after being shot at by the military. . . * The astounding tale of a UFO pilot who was taken alive from a downed spaceship which rested at the end of an Air Force Base runway in New Jersey. The being later died, . . * Controversial “alien body” photos of an entity known as “Tomato Man,” photos which have never been satisfactorily explained. . . * A seemingly documented account of a UFO that came tumbling out of the sky inside the former USSR, an event that was observed by so many that it could not be satisfactorily hushed up even by the Communist regime. . . * A mysterious professor who seemed to have the “inside track” on a real alien autopsy long before a British movie studio faked a similar event. . .



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'Black Glass' Could Be First Comet Chunk Found on Earth

A charred black pebble found in the Egyptian desert may be a piece of a comet that shattered near Earth about 28 million years ago. If so, the stone would offer a first close-up glimpse of rock that formed at the very edges of the solar system.

The 30-gram stone was discovered by Egyptian geologist Aly Barakat in December 1996 in a part of the Sahara desert near the border with Libya. The 6000-square-kilometre region is famous for being strewn with fragments of pale green glass, thought to have formed millions of years ago during a meteorite strike. Ancient Egyptians used a piece of this Libyan desert glass to make a scarab for King Tutankhamen's burial jewellery.

Barakat thought the darker stone might be a kind of black diamond called carbonado, so he sent a sample to Marco Andreoli at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.

Years of analysis revealed that the rock may be something even rarer: the first large-scale piece of a comet. Until now, scientists had found only grains of cometary material in Earth's atmosphere and in carbon-rich dust in Antarctic ice. NASA's Stardust spacecraft also returned a few dust grains from comet Wild 2 in 2006.

"We can study material from the outermost solar system for the first time," says Jan Kramers, a member of Andreoli's team at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. "This is actually quite exciting."

Space Diamonds
Kramers and his colleagues subjected a 1-gram sample of the stone to a barrage of tests to determine its composition. They found that the rock has a high ratio of oxygen to carbon – an unearthly mix similar to that seen in the Wild 2 samples and Antarctic dust fragments. They also found that the black rock contains chunks of diamond, which could have formed when its carbon was compressed by the high pressure of an impact.

"People think of comets as a dirty snowball made of ice that evaporates in the sunshine," says Kramers. "But the heat-resistant part of comets is carbon, and if you compress it, heat it up and subject it to shock, you get some kind of glassy carbon. This appears consistent."

The team then heated other fragments of the rock to 1800?C to release gases trapped inside. They detected the noble gases neon, krypton, xenon and argon. The argon isotope ratios confirmed that the rock is not originally from Earth. The other isotope ratios look nothing like those found in known meteorites, all of which came from asteroids, rocky objects that formed inside the orbit of Jupiter.

The team thinks that a comet hit our atmosphere and exploded over the desert, akin to what happened over the Tunguska region of Siberia in 1908Movie Camera. The explosion heated and compressed the sand to create the Libyan desert glass. The black stone is a piece from the comet's solid core, which absorbed noble gases from our atmosphere on its way down and turned its carbon into diamond on impact.

"You have Libyan desert glass, which is basically molten Earth surface material, and you have a piece which is basically a shocked fragment of cometary core in the same area, so you start putting 2 and 2 together," says Kramers.

"It is definitely a strange object, different from any meteorite we have sampled so far," says Ingo Leya at the University of Bern in Switzerland, who was not involved in the analysis. But while Leya agrees that the rock probably comes from space, he is not yet convinced it is a sample of a comet. "The problem is, we have little cometary material as a standard to compare with. Therefore it is difficult to firmly conclude or exclude that this meteorite comes from a comet."

The European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft is heading for a rendezvous with comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (Chury) in 2014. It will deploy a small lander that will examine that comet's core up close, perhaps helping to settle the matter. In the meantime, Kramers hopes to find more samples of the Egyptian stone for study.

"It's a very inaccessible part of the Sahara, but there must be more material lying around," he says. "To go there and try to find more, you have to spend a lot of money, but not as much as to go and capture a comet in outer space."

Source: New Scientist


MIB: Alive And Kicking
By Nick Redfern

Recently, I lectured at the Philadelphia-based conference of the Pennsylvania chapter of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network. It was an excellent gig, thanks to organizer John Ventre and the team. The presenters included MUFON member Fred Saluga, who spoke about the UFO-Cryptozoology connection, and Bill Weber, who detailed a very intriguing radar-visual-based UFO event. Tom Carey shared with the audience his findings on the Roswell affair, while Bill Birnes and Pat Uskert entertained everyone with a behind-the-scenes look at their TV show, UFO Hunters.

Travis Walton discussed his book Fire in the Sky and John Ventre asked the thought-provoking questions regarding UFOs: “Do you know? Should you know?” Antonio Paris dug deep into 21st Century Ufology, Anthony Sanchez shared his findings on the “Dulce Underground Alien Base” saga, Jon Maberry gave an excellent presentation on UFOs and pop-culture, and Richard Lang  focused on UFO methodology. And then there was me.

John Ventre asked me if I would deliver a presentation based around my book, The Real Men in Black, which I was cool with. As is always the case when I lecture on the subject of the MIB, I always make it very clear that the real Men in Black are actually nothing like their on-screen versions portrayed by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Rather, the real-world MIB are very creepy, weird, sickly-looking creatures that look part-zombie, part-vampire and part-anemic.

Not only that,  and as I also pointed out in my lecture, whereas most people assume the MIB only ever target and terrorize people in Ufology, that’s very far from the truth. As I told the audience, there have been MIB encounters at Loch Ness, Scotland, involving cryptozoologists and eye-witnesses to the monsters of the loch.

I have several cases on file where people using Ouija-boards received visits of the MIB kind. There are demonic parallels. There is the time-travel theory to explain the MIB and their weird antics. And there are even Women in Black – a subject on which, right now, I’m writing a full-length book.

In other words, the MIB puzzle is a wide and varied one that extends far outside of the confines of Ufology. Well, as is usually the case when I do a lecture, write a book, or take part in a radio-show, people contact me to ask questions or to make observations. They also, very often, share personal stories. And, with regard to the latter, that was most certainly the case regarding the Men in Black.

I know from speaking to people – and this goes for both witnesses and the UFO research community – that there is often an assumption that the Men in Black are something of the past, something that revolved around the likes of Albert Bender’s MIB-based experiences of the early 1950s and the Men in Black links to the Mothman affair of the 1960s. But, that’s very far from being accurate. Indeed, the MIB have never really gone away at all. Rather, they are simply extremely good at hiding under the radar.

But, for those dark-suited visitors, there is one fatal flaw in their sinister and covert activity. It’s when their cover is blown and the witnesses decide to come clean and reveal their experiences – even in the wake of chilling, MIB intimidation. And that’s exactly what happened over the course of the weekend – both before and after my lecture on the MIB. I’m used to getting MIB reports on a regular basis, but at the MUFON gig the reports came tumbling out.

And guess what? While one or two of the reports could certainly have been the result of visits from – or surveillance by – people at an official level, the majority of the 15 or so accounts I received were of the classic Men in Black type. That’s to say the pale-faced, scrawny, staring-eyed, Fedora-hat-wearing kind. And almost all of them dated from as late as the last decade or so.

There were two cases involving old-style black cars of a type that would have been right at home in some old B&W gangster movie of the 1950s. And to my amazement, I got no less than three accounts of the Women in Black variety. Interestingly, of the testimony provided to me, two of the witnesses described MIB confrontations that utterly lacked any UFO links whatsoever, but that revolved around the domain of the occult.

Collectively, this tells me several important things: (a) the MIB have not gone away; (b) they haven’t even bothered to upgrade, or change, their modus operandi or fashion sense (or lack of it); (c) they are as curiously out of time as they always have been; and (d) they are still keeping careful and clandestine watch on matters of a paranormal nature that extend far beyond the mystery of UFOs.

We may be no closer to really knowing who or what the MIB are, or from where they originate, but they are still out there, still knocking on doors late at night, and still provoking fear and dread whenever they appear.

Source: Mysterious Universe


UFOS: Do Some Come From Inner Earth "Paradise"? - PART II

Rampa’s “My Visit To Agharta” includes previously unpublished material taken from manuscripts found in the personal effects of a bookseller in New York who befriended Rampa and published some of his earlier work. The book takes its title from its first section, in which Rampa tells an incredible yet curiously believable story about a journey to the Inner Earth, accompanied by a Tibetan lama named Mingyar Dondup. Along the way, they manage to rescue a young woman who has been kidnapped and tortured by demonic dwellers in the underground tunnels that lead to Agharta. The woman’s fate is not unique, we are told. Thousands disappear that way every year, making up the statistics of missing persons who are never heard from again.

But the real purpose of the sojourn into the depths below is to reach Agharta itself, which turns out to be a garden paradise at the center of the Earth as well as at the center of every other habitable planet in the universe simultaneously. There Rampa and his friend the lama take part in a kind of convention of wise men and saints, both human and alien, and witness a demonstration of the power of the light that sustains life throughout eternity. This sun-like body in Rampa’s Agharta is the same as Olaf Jansen’s “Smoky God,” a reference to the slightly dimmed orb to which the underground dwellers offer worship and praise.

In a section of the book called “Ancient Aircraft of the Gods,” Rampa writes about the highly advanced flying machines of India as described in the ancient text called “Mahabharata,” ships that flew on “an enormous ray which was as brilliant as the sun and made a noise like the thunder of a storm.” Rampa says the ships used to shoot up and down the tunnels that connected the inner and surface worlds, but they now lay mostly unused except for occasional trips through hidden exits to the surface.

“Like the flying saucer sightings aboveground,” Rampa laments, “the tunnel sightings are mostly considered folklore. Nevertheless, it would not surprise me if the deepest recesses of the planet still hold those who know how to use the ancient technologies of the old ones.”

While Rampa’s story is admittedly difficult to take literally, it still works beautifully as a well-crafted bit of modern mythology, and Rampa’s sincere, wide-eyed telling of the tale is so infectiously positive and uplifting that you end up feeling much better whether you believe it to be factual or not. In any case, he offers further testimony regarding the Inner Earth paradise and the earthly origin of flying saucers and must be taken seriously in those terms.

It is perhaps a universal human desire to find paradise on Earth, to collectively return to the Garden of Eden with the multiple sins of the multitudes forgiven. Perhaps this land of perfection and bliss we seek is indeed quite real, waiting for us beneath our feet and not somewhere out among the lonely stars.


Trust me when I tell you that all the stories and folklore about our “paradise” inside the Earth do NOT go far enough in their attempts to lay down the facts about this world within a world. There are many dangers beneath our surface, says California researcher Richard Toronto.

And Richard Toronto should know because Richard Toronto is a certified voyeur.

He has been spying on at least two individuals for more than a decade and he undoubtedly has the scoop on everything they have ever done and said.

Rich is a fan of the Shaver Mystery. He has a vast collection of memorabilia attesting to this fact. He knows everything there is to know about Richard S. Shaver and the underworld denizens called the Deros. He is also an acknowledged expert on the late publisher/editor/theorist Raymond A Palmer (RAP for short) who first published Shaver’s stories in a sci-fi journal during the mid-1940s. “Amazing Stories” had a solid readership for a pulp magazine, but when Shaver’s tales were added to the digest its circulation increased two-fold as many readers added their two cents’ worth, proclaiming that Shaver was right and that they had also heard voices – voices that told them to do terrible things, from killing and committing arson to fostering wars and global conflict.

Shaver said this inner world was ancient. That this conflict had been going on since time immemorial. That the Dero had the use of weird telepathic machinery by which they could control our thoughts and command us to do dastardly deeds against our will.

Toronto follows Shaver and Palmer home from the publisher’s office and takes a peek into their private lives. The Air Force once said Ray Palmer “created” the flying saucer mystery, which may be an oversimplification, but he did hire Kenneth Arnold, the “first” flying saucer observer, to track down rumors of a crashed UFO, only to have a run-in with sinister forces who seemed to know what he was thinking.

In short, if you think you know about the Shaver Mystery and the Inner Earth, you are unfortunately mistaken. Though both gentlemen are now deceased, here are numerous insights from Shaver and Palmer’s closest associates, family and friends.

SHAVEROLOGY – A SHAVER MYSTERY HOME COMPANION is a must-read for those who thought they knew all there was to know about a subject that has been the center of extreme controversy for many decades. Here is a direct link to the book on Amazon:

Shaverology: A Shaver Mystery Home Companion

[To read more by Sean Casteel, visit his website at www.seancasteel.com]

Recommended Reading:




Source: UFO Digest


The Man-Birds of Chile
By Osvaldo Murray

(From Revista Revelación, Santiago de Chile, May 1996 pages 10-13)

There are some incredible stories, and this is one of them. So incredible that not even I believe it, but the facts are there and I am not going to change them, no matter how skeptical one may be.

The start of this story kicked off – as a sort of byproduct of terror – of an equally incredible story: the death of a young woman in what the Catholic Church described as demonic possession.

And I believe it in the sum total of the fantastic, despite the fact that I myself have photographed beings of light, flying low over the mountains that enclose the northeastern section of Santiago de Chile. The scene of the events is the town of Juanita Aguirre, whose northern border is Huechuraba Street, running parallel to the Americo Vespucio Beltway, running along the edges of a string of hills in which the word fantasy is paltry when it comes to describing what goes on in those hills. Reporting on the case of the possessed girl, I heard the story about a man-bird, something I’d read about in stories from the last century in London and in the 1950s in the United States. I’d never heard about it in Chile. Perhaps one could find a certain, albeit distant, kinship with the Chupacabras, which we made known in our earlier edition.

But this matter of the flying man was something new to me, at least in the town of Juanita Aguirre. The fact is that I published the story and was about to forget all about it when a second person involved in the case of the possession victim told me a similar story several months later. That’s when the subject fluttered around in my head, but not going beyond that.

Things took a different turn in February of this year: a young bank employee was rendered speechless for 15 minutes after seeing a white, transparent and gleaming fly over his head at no more than ten meters in the air…this happened right beside my house.

It was then that I dusted off the previous stories, made some investigations and reached the conclusion that while the hills are the scenario for some unquestionably extraterrestrial reality, a mystery as old as UFOs surrounds Juanita Aguirre, one which I find deserving of in-depth research by a scientific organization and by some self-appointed “researchers” who only tarnish enigmas of this caliber, causing men of science to flee in the opposite direction, fearful of being mistaken with the clumsy tomfoolery that has surrounded the deepest mystery challenging humankind, due to the abundance of charlatans bestowing degrees upon themselves that no one conferred.

What is curious is that while no one publishes these stories in a serious manner, no one speaks out, no one recalls a thing. All it takes is for the event to come to light for people to lose their fear of ridicule and the journalist is literally smothered with new disclosures.

The first time I heard of the flying man in the town of Juanita Aguirre was during an interview with Luis.

From this interview I reproduce the section corresponding to the man-bird:

“When the Holy Father visited Chile, I was assigned by my work to the city of Puerto Montt, where I remained for fifteen days. During my stay, I got in touch with a friend of the Institution to which I belonged, asking him to check in on my family every so often, whenever he could, to see if they needed anything. I still didn’t have a phone at the time. One night, my friend came to my house and since my wife had already gone to bed, they spoke through the window. My eldest daughter was also present.”
“They discussed my posting to the south and my friend asked she needed anything or if she had any messages to give me. Should anything happen, my colleague told her, tell me immediately and I’ll relay to Lucho down in Puerto Montt.”

“Right in the middle of the conversation, my friend turned around suddenly, prompted by that sixth sense people have, and he saw something very strange on top of a tree in my back yard. He told my wife: ‘Nancy, look at the huge bird in the tree!’ A gigantic, black bird, so large that my friend told my wife: ‘Nancy, lock everything up and go to bed!’. He got in his car and went home immediately. Upon arriving, he told his wife everything that had happened, and then went to bed disturbed by what he’d seen.”
“He told me everything later, and my wife corroborated it. It was an immense creature, gigantic, black. When my wife told me the story, which my friend had already told me, I tried to calm her down and give her some courage, but she was never able to forget that terrifying sight.”

In Broad Daylight

Ms. Lucía, a tarot card reader, told me about a man-bird she’d seen in broad daylight while she was out with her husband. In this second account, which came up without any mention of the event of the previous day during the interview, she told me that man-bird situation went far beyond popular imagination. It is very hard to think that people confabulate to make up stories to ensnare unwary journalists, especially when the unwary journalist has taken hundreds of photos of the lights prowling the hills and which you can see as an accompaniment to this report.

Ms. Lucía’s story, textually transcribed from the recording, states”

“In November 1993 we were in the backyard of our home and there was something like a condor directly above us, its wings outstretched. It began to glide over us in circles. Then the bird flew up, very quickly. It’s the strangest thing that’s happened to us.”

Q: At what time did this happen?
A: Around 4:00 in the afternoon.
Q: Are you aware of condors, or have you at least seen them at the zoo?
A: Of course…I do know them!
Q: Was it the size of a condor or larger?
A: I would say larger. It looked enormous, despite the altitude. It caught our attention, because the bird did glide around for a long time, true, but it always kept its wings outstretched. Suddenly, it took off at an incredible speed.”
Q: Could it have been a condor, or could it not have been a condor?
A: No. I would say not. It was a black bird, one that was able to glide for a long time with outstretched wings, but at some point it has to make a certain movement to remain airborne. What we saw didn’t do that at any time.
Q: In other words, it might not have been a bird.
A: I sincerely think that it could have been anything but a bird. I didn’t think so for a minute and I discussed it with my husband. I told him: ‘Unless I’m mistaken, some extraterrestrials paid us a visit then took off.”
Q: Did anyone else see it.
A: Just us.
Q: How long was it over your house?
A: It was over us! We were standing in the middle of the back yard, toward the rear, where the grassy part is. The weather was clear and it was a weekend. My husband was home.
Q: It didn’t land on any trees?
A: Not at all. The only thing it did was fly circles up there.
Well, up that point it was a second story about man-birds and nothing more. But now I had two such stories.
One day I spoke to a local businessman who sells vegetables to the town. Showing me a copy of the magazine in which the story about the possessed girl was published, he told me: “That giant black bird is an old story here in Juanita Aguirre. Many have seen it. I myself have seen it on top of the tree facing my business.” I took the anecdote in stride and placed it in my box of unconfirmed oddities.

In Front of My House (a bit much, isn’t it?)

Two sisters – nubile young girls – live beside my house. And of course, one of them was someone’s girlfriend (now wife). One day I heard about something incredible, something along the lines of an exaggeration, as the reporter who collects stories about man-birds has had one of them walk across his roof. But more in step with the beings of light that haunt the nearby hills and not the black birds that frighten us by day and night (that’s a relief!).

The protagonist of the story is the lucky boyfriend of one of my neighbor girls. I barely know him. The following interview took place thanks to his “future father-in-law”:

Q: Do you have any objections to telling me the story and giving me your name?
A: My name is Mario, I’m 26 and I work at a bank.
Q: When and at what time did this event occur?
A: More or less in late January 1996, on a Friday, around ten o’clock in the evening. I was in my girlfriend’s house at Pasaje Ferrada, near Huechuraba, in the town of Juanita Aguirre. I was in the back yard with my girlfriend and my sister-in-law (to be).”
Q: Did they see the phenomenon?
A: No, they didn’t see it, because their backs were facing what happened. I was facing them, looking northward, and they were facing me. Therefore this happened behind them. “This thing” emerged as if from the rooftops of the houses across the street, crossed the entire sector and landed on the tree behind the house where I was.”
Q: What distance do you think this “thing” covered, in a straight line?
A: A good number of meters. I saw it fly between one hundred and two hundred meters, maximum.
Mario goes over his memories and with the journalist, calculates the segment covered by the extraordinary vision in the observer’s visual field. They agree that the flight of the glowing being was no more than 80 meters before vanishing.
Q: Now please describe it as best you can.
A: I’ll never forget it. From the start, it looked like a person, not a bird, no way. I suppose it was a bird, due to the size. It was dressed in white, like a sort of tunic. And it didn’t beat its wings, didn’t move anything at all.”
Q: You said “didn’t beat its wings.” Did it have wings?
A: No. But it was as though it had some…well, one supposes it had wings if it was flying, but a person doesn’t fly. And I’m sure it was a person.
Q: You think it wore a tunic?
A: One imagines it was a tunic.
Q: Could you see a face, a head?
A: Yes, it had a head. I couldn’t see it face, due to the distance separating us. But it had a body, legs, arms, everything.
Q: Did it wear pants?
A: The tunic covered it completely.
Q: Could you see its feet?
A: No, no, no. But it went by slowly, not quickly.
Q: At what height was it flying, do you think?
A: Five meters.
Q: The trees on the corner are around six or seven meters tall, let me remind you.
A: Then it was at ten meters, but very low. After seeing it, I was unable to speak for about fifteen minutes. I was so startled. I’d never seen or imagined anything like it.
Q: Did this being seem to look at you?
A: I don’t know. I don’t think so. I saw it heading straight toward the tree.”
Q: How was it flying, vertically (standing up) or on its side?
A: On its side.
Q: What color was it, aside from white? Was there a certain luminosity to its tunic?
A: Yes, it shined, as if glowing. There was a somewhat bluish glow.
Q: Did the edges of the suit or tunic have a different color?
A: Yes, it wasn’t completely white.
Q: Could you please explain that better.
A: It looked white in the middle, but not white on the sides. It’s so hard to explain what one saw.
Q: What color was it?
A: I don’t know, I can’t explain.
Q: Is there a chance that you mistook it for something else, for example – though it sounds silly – a large kite?
A: No, not at all. I’m entirely certain about what I saw, and what I saw was nothing known.
Q: Did it make any noise?
A: Nothing, no noise, nothing at all. That it could have been a plane or anything like it…no chance.
Q: Did it fly like Superman?
A: Exactly the same.
Q: With its arms outstretched?
A: No, with its arms alongside the body. It made no movement.
Q: Could it have lacked hands and arms?
A: It could have not had them, but one imagines it would.
Q: But, did it have a head?
A: Yes, it had a head.
Q: What was its head like? Like a human being’s?
A: Like a human being’s. And I say it was a human being.
Q: Was it covered by a hat or something?
A: No, it looked black. The only thing that looked black was the head. It was entirely white everywhere else. There was nothing noticeable about the head, except that it was black.
Q: But was there something there instead of a head?
A: Of course, there was a head.
Q: Where did it stop?
A: On the tree. (The witness makes reference to a poplar tree some 80 meters distant from his back yard, more or less, located at the corner of Independencia and Pasaje Quito streets).
Q: Where did it cross?
A: From the front, as it from the top of that house on Pasaje Ferrada, passing over my girlfriend’s house to the poplar tree (the witness explains that it appears to have emerged from a tall cherry tree in front of the house, glancing over the rooftop and flying overhead).
Q: You saw it take off from the tree?
A: No, that’s why I’m telling you that it must have emerged from one of the two houses in the front. It came straight toward us and headed over there, toward the poplar.
Q: The girls who were with you…did they notice anything about what was happening?
A: They only realized when they saw I was speechless.
Q: What was your reaction?
A: Completely blank. Unable to make a move. I couldn’t speak. That’s when my girlfriend shook me to make me react, to see what was going on.
Q: Did they ever know what was happening to you?
A: They never knew, because it all happened behind their backs.
Q: And when you were able to react, what did you tell them?
A: I began to speak in spurts; I told them what had happened, gathered them and we went into the house immediately.
Q: How long do you think you witnessed the transit of this extraordinary being?
A: Some ten seconds, flying slowly.
Q: If you could imagine it standing up, how tall would it be?
A: Standing up? One meter seventy. Of course, it was at a distance. But having it close at hand, it must have been much taller.
Q: You saw it land on the tree?
A: It lost itself in the tree. It got into the tree and never reappeared.

This interview was carried out with the top of the poplar tree in full view. I asked the witness to change positions, with the poplar now entirely in view. Then I asked him:

Q: Could it have gone past the tree, or did it stay there?
A: It vanished as it reached the tree. I stared at it, hoping for another glimpse, but I didn’t see it again. It was only later that I regained speech.
Q: Over three months have transpired since that extraordinary event. Have you drawn any conclusions from it?
A: It frightened me. Frightened me to see it. I think it is looking for something. No idea what it might be, but it’s after something.

[Translation © 2013, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology]

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Pascagoula 'UFO Abductee' Still Haunted

Charles Hickson never regretted the notoriety that came his way after he told authorities he encountered an unidentified flying object and its occupants 40 years ago on the banks of the Pascagoula River. Until his death in 2011, Hickson told his story to anyone who would listen.

But Calvin Parker Jr., the other man present for one of the most high-profile UFO cases in American history, has never come to terms with what he still says was a visit with gray, crab-clawed creatures from somewhere else. He says the encounter on Oct. 11, 1973, turned his life upside down.

"This is something I really didn't want to happen," Parker told The Associated Press as the 40th anniversary of the encounter approached.

Parker was unnerved by initial crush of unwelcome attention, with newsmen and UFO enthusiasts overrunning Walker Shipyard, where he and Hickson worked. He tried to dodge the spotlight for decades, moving frequently before returning to Mississippi's Gulf Coast in recent years.

The incident made headlines, sparked a wave of UFO sightings nationwide and became one of the most widely examined cases on record. Skeptics ranged from the deputies who first interviewed the men to an author who sought to poke holes in the story, and Parker himself has had conflicting thoughts about whether he was visited by aliens or demons.

Parker, now 58, was 18 when he went fishing with Hickson on a tranquil Thursday night after work.

As they dangled their lines without much luck, the two said a UFO with blue lights swooped down. They told of a zipping noise made by the object.

Hickson, then 42, said three creatures with leathery gray skin and crab-like claws - he thought they were robots - took them by the forearms and levitated them aboard the craft. He said something that looked like a large floating eye appeared to examine him.

Parker says he was conscious but paralyzed.

"They gave a thorough, I mean a thorough, examination to me just like any doctor would," he said.

And then they were back on the shore, where it all began. The UFO was gone and Parker said they tried to collect themselves. Hickson needed three shots of liquor from a bottle in his car to calm his nerves before deciding to report what happened.

At the Jackson County Sheriff's Department, deputies initially suspected both men were drunk.

Then-Capt. Glenn Ryder, who still works for the sheriff's office, said he laughed at the report, but met with the men. Parker and Hickson stuck to their story.

After the formal interview, deputies left Hickson and Parker together in a room with a hidden tape recorder, hoping to catch them in a lie.

"Me and the other investigator got up and left to let them talk, to see if they were going to say, `Well, we got them fooled,' but they didn't," Ryder said. "They were really concerned."

On the tape, Hickson tells Parker, "It scared me to death too, son. You can't get over it in a lifetime. Jesus Christ have mercy."

"I don't know what happened to them," Ryder said. "I wasn't there with them, but I know you don't fake fear, and they were fearful. They were fearful."

The next afternoon, the story was splashed across the front pages of newspapers in Pascagoula and Gulfport. Overnight, Pascagoula became a magnet for news reporters and UFO investigators.

Widespread interest in UFOs began in the 1940s with an incident at Roswell N.M., in which UFO enthusiasts believe the government got its hands on a crashed UFO and alien bodies. The government spent decades denying it.

In the 1960s, interest flared anew with a series of reports, including the purported alien abduction of New Hampshire couple Betty and Barney Hill in 1961. The widespread attention to the Pascagoula encounter set off a new round of reports.

In south Mississippi, hundreds of reports overwhelmed authorities in the two weeks after the Hickson-Parker encounter.

There were hoaxes and humor too. A Long Beach, Miss., taxi driver told police a being with pincers tapped on his window, a story he admitted days later was fake.

A Mobile, Ala., television station said it would record a UFO appearance predicted by a psychic between Mobile and nearby Pascagoula. Roughly 1,000 cars converged on the spot, where nothing happened.

An Ocean Springs alderman proposed an ordinance making it illegal to operate a UFO at more than twice the speed of light on U.S. 90, the coast's main drag. Mayor Tom Stennis voted against the ordinance, joking he didn't want to discourage tourism.

UFO skeptic Philip Klass believed Hickson and Parker's report was a hoax. In his book "UFOs Explained," he noted Hickson changed some details of his story and claimed a polygraph operator whose test Hickson passed wasn't up to the task. Parker later passed a lie detector test himself.

Hickson would go on to appear on talk shows, give lectures and interviews, and self-publish a book in 1983 titled "UFO Contact at Pascagoula." He reported three more encounters in 1974, and said the aliens communicated to him that they were peaceful.

"The only thing he wanted to do was let everybody know we were not alone," said Eddie Hickson, his son. "He didn't care if you believed him or not. If you wanted to listen, by gum, he'd tell you."

"He could never understand why he was chosen," the younger Hickson added. "But he never once told me that he wished it had never happened. Never."

Parker said the intrusions by curiosity seekers have become less frequent over the years, but have never really let up. "You don't never have no privacy," he said.

Parker married later in 1973 and eventually took oil industry and out-of-state construction jobs to escape the attention.

"By the time you get somewhere and they figure out who you were, I'd just go," he said. "I'd just go find another job somewhere."

Parker attended some UFO conventions, and was once hypnotized by Budd Hopkins, a noted UFO investigator. He briefly tried to capitalize on his story in 1993 by starting a Louisiana company called UFO Investigations where he and partners would produce television segments on the subject.

Parker moved to Moss Point in 2006 and in 2010 suffered a stroke that limited him physically. He's on disability aid now, but sometimes boats by the site of the encounter when he goes fishing. He said that just recently he met a woman at a gas station who already knew who he was.

"I'm always recognized," he said.

There's no historical marker on the river bank noting the encounter, and stores don't sell UFO souvenirs. But local people remember - though often with skepticism and jokes.

For his part, Parker said he's had conflicting thoughts over the years about that night in 1973. At one point, he wasn't even sure the creatures were aliens. They might have been demons, he said.

"I'm a firm believer in God and where there's good, there's bad," Parker said.

Source: Fox News


Scholar Claims Jesus Was a Roman Hoax

A historical scholar claims to have found evidence proving that the story of Jesus as described in the New Testament is a fiction, and that historical claims about Jesus were actually created by Roman aristocrats to control the poor.

According to a news story in The Independent:
“Joseph Atwill, who is the author of a book entitled ‘Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus’, asserts that Christianity did not begin as a religion, but was actually a sophisticated government propaganda exercise used to pacify the subjects of the Roman Empire.”

Atwill’s take on Jesus is of course not new. In 1844 Karl Marx famously declared religion as the opiate of the masses. History is filled with skeptics, freethinkers, atheists, agnostics and other doubters who have questioned religious doctrine and dogma.

Atwill’s claims are based on what he described as important and revealing parallels between a first-person account of first-century Judea (an ancient Roman province now part of Israel and Palestine) and the New Testament.

“What seems to have eluded many scholars is that the sequence of events and locations of Jesus ministry are more or less the same as the sequence of events and locations of the military campaign of (Emperor) Titus Flavius as described by Josephus,” Atwill wrote in a blog on his web site.

Atwill believes that the story of Jesus was actually copied and created from the biography of the Roman emperor.

Evidence for a Historical Jesus?

While Atwill’s thesis is intriguing, there are reasons to be skeptical.

“The reality is we are unlikely ever to know the ‘facts’ about Jesus,” says Ronald A. Lindsay, a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Inquiry, a non-profit educational organization. Lindsay authored an essay on the evidence for Jesus in the book “Sources of the Jesus Tradition.”

“There are too many different stories about him, all of which have some serious credibility problems and which are inconsistent with one another,” Lindsay told Discovery News. “For the objective historian, he will always remain a shadowy figure, with little substantive biographical content. On the one hand, we have many who will take things on faith, accepting some subset of the stories as unquestionably true. On the other hand, there are those who insist that Jesus is an invented figure, a myth or a hoax. I think both of these extremes are almost equally implausible.”

Biblical scholars, as well as lay Christians, have long sought hard evidence of events and miracles described in the Bible, ranging from Noah’s Ark to the Shroud of Turin, with little success. New claims about proof of Jesus surface every few years.

People Claiming to Be Jesus

For example, in 2003 a relics dealer claimed to have discovered a limestone mortuary box that held the remains of Jesus’ brother. The inscription read, “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus.”

The find made international news and spawned several documentaries, including one titled “The Lost Tomb of Jesus,” which aired on the Discovery Channel. Further investigation by the Israeli Antiquities Authority concluded that though the ossuary box was authentic, the inscription on it had been faked.

And just last year an historian at Harvard Divinity School claimed to have found documentary evidence in the form of a fragment of Coptic writing on papyrus that Jesus was married; a later analysis by Biblical scholars suggested the writing was hoaxed.

Over and over, these “discoveries” typically turn out to be far more hype than fact and are trotted out as teasers to promote a new book, TV series or film. And, of course, Dan Brown made millions from his own fictional, conspiracy-laden versions of Jesus’ story — though his premise is claimed by a few writers to be based on fact.

Though Atwill’s claims have yet to be verified by other historians, whatever their consensus it will certainly not resolve the matter. The likelihood that any sort of real, definitive proof about Jesus will suddenly be discovered two millennia after he died (assuming, of course, that he existed) is vanishingly remote. Then again, that’s why religions are based on faith.

Source: Discovery

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