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- Man-made Earthquakes Are Becoming A Real Problem -
Have You Met This Alien? -
- Vampires and Poltergeists -
AND: When Did We First Get the Idea of Alligators in the Sewers?

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The Astounding UFO Secrets of James W. Moseley


You either loved him or hated him – but it was hard to be neutral when speaking about James W. Moseley. Within these pages, Jim Moseley’s closest friends and associates gather one last time for a sendoff like no other . . Journey into the void of the strange and unknown and tag along closely in the footsteps of a man who followed the UFO mystery and the paranormal for well over half a century.

His wit, humor and frequent barbs and sarcasms were well known – and sometimes feared! -- by believers and skeptics alike as he took no prisoners in his quest to get to the bottom of a mystery that has baffled so many for so long.

As editor of “Saucer News” – the premier magazine in the UFO field for many years – to his later satirical newsletter “Saucer Smear,” Jim met and mingled with the best and the worst of the “in crowd.” He admits to a bit of “fun-loving” hoaxing of his own, plus a second career of grave robbing in South America, which partially financed his globe trotting paranormal hijinks – not any endowment from the CIA as some of his most hostile, cynical critics would long contend.

In addition to the musings and gossip of those that he remained closest to in life, Jim (with the help of endeared drinking buddy and ghost writer Gray Barker) fans out across the country to personally investigate some of the most perplexing UFO cases of all time – with periodic stopovers at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, home of the controversial Project Blue Book (long since closed down).

Cases personally pondered over by Moseley in this book include: ** “I Met Two Men From ‘Venus’ -- And They Had No Fingerprints!” ** What Happened To The “Authentic” UFO Film That Vanished Without A Trace? ** Kidnapped By Aliens? – A Most Strange And Unusual Case. ** The Angels Of Oahspe. ** Adamski, Williamson And The Case For The UFO Contactees. ** Behind The Barbed Wire Fence At Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. ** The OSI And The Lubbock Lights. ** ETs And Alien Wreckage - The Strange Story Of An Air Force Whistleblower. ** The Earth Theory And UFOs From The Antarctica.


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This Weeks Guest: Adam Gorightly


Man-made Earthquakes Are Becoming A Real Problem
By Graham Templeton

The concept of a man-made earthquake seems like utter fantasy, the concoction of a Dr. Evil type super-villain. Aren’t earthquakes supposed to be caused by the movement of tectonic plates? It’s odd to imagine that humans could affect such features of the planet. For a long time, people resisted the very idea, but now the evidence is starting to pile up. We’ve seen an incredible spike in earthquake frequency in recent years, and scientists are finally starting to figure out why that is.

The US Geological Survey claims that the rate of earthquakes stronger than magnitude 3.0 in the central and eastern US is roughly five times what it used to be. From 2010 to 2012, that area experienced an average of 100 such earthquakes per year; from 1967 to 2000, the annual average was 21. That could be an aberration since the former number is averaged over so few years, but that’s just the beginning of the story.

It’s been known for a while that there is at least a correlation between certain waste disposal methods and increased numbers of small earthquakes — but actually we’ve been causing earthquakes for much longer than that. Particularly large dams can cause them by suddenly putting a lake’s worth of mass on top of a previously unencumbered bit of the Earth’s crust. Even conventional coal mining and oil extraction can do it, hollowing out formerly sturdy areas and honeycombing large areas with structural weaknesses.

Still, the practice of pumping things down into the earth seems to be much more damaging than the process of bringing other things back up. A new study has linked a series of small earthquakes near Snyder, Texas to the underground injection of CO2 gas. When injected far enough underground the gas will freeze into tiny cracks in the rock — it’s essentially the reverse of hydraulic fracturing.

Between the physical pressure exerted by the gas and the chemical changes it can cause in the rock, it seems gas injection can cause earthquakes of a decent size; though nobody was hurt in the Snyder quakes, the town experienced 93 of them, three of which were powerful enough to be dangerous. Even larger earthquakes have been linked to gas injection as well, like a 4.4 magnitude quake in 2011. Past research has uncovered a more general correlation between many kinds of injection storage (including, importantly, the fluid runoff from the fracking process).

Keep in mind through all of this that while the scientists claim to have evidence that injection directly caused these earthquakes, they also point out that equal amounts of gas and fluid injection elsewhere has not caused earthquakes. The ability of these techniques to shake the ground is likely a product of both the injection and the injection site; while many view this sort of research as an implicit attack on the energy industry or on natural gas in particular, the answer here may be as simple as learning to survey a candidate injection site to avoid quake-prone formations.

Some of what we pump underground are wastes, others products of the carbon capture process. Whether it’s gaseous CO2 or radioactive water, thick hydrocarbon sludge purified out of power planet emissions or sulfuric acid produced in an industrial process, it all has to go somewhere. Carbon capture is just the first in the two-step process of protecting the environment; the second is carbon storage, and up until now storage underground has been the go-to option.

These concerns will have to be taken into account when evaluating any proposed carbon capture technology. Pulling CO2 out of the air is one thing. Just what to do with it then is becoming an equally pressing concern.

Source: Geek


Have You Met This Alien?
By Brad Steiger

Have you encountered this alien?

General Appearance: Humanoid, Fishlike, Amphibian, Reptilian

Height: Approximately 9 feet.

Body Type: The frame of his body seems almost top heavy, with a very deep and large muscular chest and a strongly defined ribcage. The hips seemed oddly shaped, but completely proportioned for his anatomy.

Hair color: Hairless

Color of eyes: The irises appear to change from a bright apple green color that blends into a bright yellow and finally orange, approaching large big black pupils. His eyes have a mirror quality to them.

His eyes are huge and look at once both human and alien. They have milky clear eyelids that remind one of a frog or a fish. They have another set of jet black opaque eyelids that remain open.

Facial features: Curling around his jaw on both sides of the face are hot pink to magenta colored gill like structures in sets of three. The color and hue of these structures deepen to a dark crimson to purple to black.

Skin color: Indigo to deep blue-colored iridescent skin that, from a distance appears almost black. Upon closer inspection his skin appears to be partially translucent in nature. Peering through the first few layers of tissue blood vessels can be seen.

When our book, Real Encounters, Different Dimensions and Otherworldly Beingswas published in October, we included the intriguing, detailed account of a series of UFO abduction encounters experienced by Z. Peterson, a mental health technician at an in-patient psychiatric hospital in Oklahoma, in April 2010. When we appeared on Coast to Coast (October 21), we posted the sketches made of the alien by Peterson. Almost immediately we began to receive emails from individuals who claimed to have experienced encounters with the same alien being.

Peterson told us that in addition to his abduction experiences, he had also encountered the phenomena known as "missing time" and "…on several occasions, a sort of time-warping effect in which I will suddenly notice that what seemed like half a days time has transpired in about two minutes."

In February of 2004, 2:30 a.m., Peterson witnessed his first UFO. He had been awakened by a bright red light shining through his windows and a deep resonant humming sound that vibrated the ground as well as his entire duplex.

"Residing not more than five miles from the Ft. Sill Army post, I assumed that the light could be caused by some low-flying helicopter or else some kind of flare. I have seen both in my time here in Lawton/Ft.Sill. I was leery to venture outside, but absolutely compelled to find out what had made that strange hum as well as the bright red glow. I threw on my robe and slippers and headed to the front door to look outside from the porch." It was then that he saw something that he will never forget. "Hanging up in the sky was a huge glowing jellyfish. Its body appeared to be made of radiant light, and below it flickered strange tendrils of pure white light scattering patchworks patterns on the darkened alleyway ground. Its color was that of lavender to hot pink and parts were bluish as well.

"I can recall actually saying out loud at that point, ‘What in the hell is that big glowing jellyfish doing up there in the sky?’

Even as the last few words left his mouth Peterson could recall feeling as if maybe he was thinking the words rather than being able to finish them audibly. The last thing he knew was the sensation of extreme dizziness and the faint sensation of cold and damp as he passed out into the snow beneath my feet.

He passed off the entire incident as an episode brought on by too much stress and too much sleep deprivation. At the time he was working long hours as a mental health technician at an in-patient psychiatric hospital, working his way through a degree in experimental psychology and biology.

Peterson’s sense of normalcy was shattered once again on March 11, 2010, at 6:35-7:30a.m. He was lying half-awake, half- asleep in bed; his wife, Becca, was lying next to him about four feet to the left (king-size bed). A strangely familiar feeling overtook him. He felt a vibration that turned into a sense of profound numbness, and he felt himself walking down a darkened stone corridor towards a brilliant light.

Thus began his first encounter with the aliens.

"My ability to move was still restricted to some extent, and I felt as if every move I made was being allowed for. This sense of loss of control really angered me.

"Then I heard a voice, calm and smooth in my head. The being was using my own words and concepts to generate perfect human speech telepathically. They said ‘Hello,’ plain as day. I began to reply, and they told me, ‘Relax, it's OK.’ They said it just like I would have said those exact words."

Peterson began to ask what this was all about, and the entities answered telepathically, "This has been arranged."

The very moment that Peterson’s hand made contact with one of theirs, he received a message transmitted through his skin (cell to cell). "The concept was completely foreign to me, just like the telepathy had been, and startled, I jerked back my hand. The message was something like a thought and yet again something like a memory of a concept from childhood. It was like a memory of seeing something or touching something that was so impossibly ancient that somehow it shouldn't exist. Its hard to explain. That's my best attempt."

The entities once explained to Peterson that the dolphin-like shape was one of the forms that their species could take. It was a default setting, so to speak, within their own DNA. They could also change into a pale-white human-like form with a strange looking tale with flukes, which fascinated him. They also explained that their species had evolved into what is known as a "transitional form." They have many qualities with which humanity is familiar, telepathy, shape-shifting, precognition, telekinesis--and one that Peterson found particularly fascinating: They can manipulate water by changing its salinity and electrical charge.

Their own world is largely covered with pure, clean salt water and has many small islands. It is this water that is their life force. It provides them with nutrition that they absorb directly through their skin. Their food is made up of primarily fish and sea life as well as some aquatic vegetation. They have no individual names, and they communicate through a collective mind that transmits through their water much like dolphins use sound in the water to communicate here on Earth. Most of this information was "poured" into him in a fraction of a second through the tactile mode of communication.

In Real Encounters, Different Dimensions and Otherworldly Beings, Z. Peterson shared with us and our readers a lengthy account of what may be a profound illumination or visionary experience or may be a remarkable series of abduction encounters in which his very essence became one with an alien intelligence. Although his abduction experience involved a powerful sexual element, this facet of his encounter was much more like that of a mystical tantric energy exchange than the rough, invasive sexual examination reported by perhaps the majority of abductees.

The number of UFO contactees or abductees who have responded to Z. Peterson’s thoughtful sharing by claiming encounters with the very being whose features Peterson sketched for our book has been rather starting to both the Steigers and to the experiencer. If you have seen, met, or been taken by the entity that Peterson named "Heart of the Deep," we would very much to hear about it: www.bradandsherry.com.

Source: UFO Digest


One in Five Suns Has Habitable World

Astronomers have estimated how many of the 100 billion stars in our galaxy hosts a potentially habitable planet.

Using data from Nasa's Kepler space telescope, they argue that one in five stars like the Sun hosts an Earth-sized world located in the "habitable zone".

This zone is the region around a star where temperatures allow for water - a key ingredient for life - to stay liquid at the surface.

The researchers have published details in the journal PNAS.

"What this means is, when you look up at the thousands of stars in the night sky, the nearest Sun-like star with an Earth-size planet in its habitable zone is probably only 12 light years away and can be seen with the naked eye," said co-author Erik Petigura, from the University of California, Berkeley.

He added: "That is amazing."

His UC Berkeley colleague Andrew Howard said the discovery showed that planets like our own were relatively common throughout the Milky Way galaxy.

Last week, astronomers announced the discovery of an Earth-sized, rocky planet orbiting its star at a hundredth of the distance between the Earth and the Sun. Temperatures on this world would reach between 2,000C and 2,800C, with much of the dayside molten, meaning there would be little chance for life here.

But team members cautioned that even finding Earth-sized planets in the habitable - or "Goldilocks" - zones of their stars was no guarantee these worlds would be hospitable to life.

"Some may have thick atmospheres, making it so hot at the surface that DNA-like molecules would not survive," said another author, Geoff Marcy, professor of astronomy at Berkeley.

But Prof Marcy added: "Others may have rocky surfaces that could harbour liquid water suitable for living organisms.

"We don't know what range of planet types and their environments are suitable for life."

Researchers had previously combed through some 42,000 stars and discovered 600 likely planets. Of these, 10 were both Earth-sized and located at a distance that was just right for liquid water to persist on the surface.

However, the team then corrected for planets that might have been missed by software designed to sift through the Kepler data for planet signatures. This process involved introducing fake planets into the data.

Accounting for these missed worlds, as well as the fact that only a small fraction of planets are oriented so that they cross in front of their host star as seen from Earth, the astronomers were able to estimate that 22% of all Sun-like stars in the Milky Way have Earth-sized planets in the habitable zone.

"For Nasa, this number - that every fifth star has a planet somewhat like Earth - is really important, because successor missions to Kepler will try to take an actual picture of a planet, and the size of the telescope they have to build depends on how close the nearest Earth-size planets are," Andrew Howard said.

"An abundance of planets orbiting nearby stars simplifies such follow-up missions."

Source: BBC


Vampires and Poltergeists

By Richard Sugg

In around 1890, a dead man named Andilaveris was menacing villagers in Messaria, on the Greek island of Kythnos. We are told that ‘sometimes he would even make his way into a house, he would sit down at table, he would eat like a hungry giant and drink like a fish, and then when he had gorged his fill of wine and swallowed all the dainties he pleased, he used to amuse himself by smashing the plates and the glasses, by clattering the pots and the pans, howling horribly all the while like a mad werewolf’.

Andilaveris sounds remarkably like a typical poltergeist: noisy, boisterous, energetic, and destructive. Yet the villagers themselves understood him to be a revenant or vrykolakas: a very close cousin to the vampire. All across vampire territory, from at least 1591 to 1923, people in Greece, Romania, the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland and Germany were terrorised by vampires which behaved like poltergeists. Outbreaks could last for months, and included violent noises, strange lights, apparitions, untraceable smells, severe and sometimes fatal beatings, along with the familiar smashing and disorder in one or more households. Although British cases are rare, one may well have occurred in Drakelow, Staffordshire, around the twelfth century. Here revenants stalked, 'often in the form of bears or dogs or some other animal, and would batter on the doors and walls of the houses and call out to the occupants to come and join them'.

Just what was happening here? Remarkably, it looks as if many such tales were true. Vampires themselves were not real. But fear of them certainly was – so much so that some people’s terror left them temporarily mute or paralysed, and occasionally even killed them. In these last cases, the cause was what has since been termed 'voodoo death' – a kind of terminal shutdown of the body, catalysed by a mixture of intense fear and magical belief. In vampire country, people's collective terror also did something else. Simply: it caused poltergeist phenomena to occur. It was terror which catalysed these uncanny, seemingly impossible phenomena. The incidents themselves were real, even if the supposed cause was not.

It has long been recognised that in numerous well-documented poltergeist incidents the phenomena centre on one human agent. They are usually young, often pubescent. They have very often suffered nervous or emotional trauma, and phenomena can either follow them from one house to another, or stop when they leave the affected place. There is good reason to think that poltergeist phenomena are a kind of safety valve for dangerous personal energies which release, dramatically, after sufficient internal build-up. This impression of an agent who carries poltergeist activity has been seen in Stockwell, London, in 1772, Amherst, Nova Scotia, in 1877-8, in Illinois in 1957, and in the case of Tina Resch, in Ohio in 1984.

What does this tell us about the vampire poltergeist? First, it suggests that for a long time poltergeist outbreaks were caused by supernatural terror, rather than personal trauma. Second, we find that where many ‘ordinary’ poltergeist cases centre on just one agent, vampire poltergeists fed on the collective terror which so viciously spiralled out of control in a small town or village. Thirdly: if this destructive energy really has a human source, we should expect the violence to stop when appropriate rituals have been performed. And this seems to be what happened: when the vampire was burned, staked or decapitated, people expected the problem to stop. And because these rituals calmed their fears, the problem often did go away.

Abundant evidence shows us that vampire fear was very real, although vampires themselves were not. And much of this evidence also suggests that poltergeists are in fact real, having been the underlying constant in tales of vampires, fairies, ghosts, demons and witches. So – if you want to survive, the simple but ironic advice is: do not be afraid…

Source: History Today


The Chicago O’Hare UFO Incident: 7 Years Later, Still No Answers
By Xavier Ortega

I always assumed that most fantastical UFO stories occurred only in the past. The ‘Flatwoods UFO incident‘, ‘The Shag Harbour‘, The Rendlesham Forest incident….

But what occurred one cloudy morning in 2006 at Chicago’s international O’Hare airport could potentially be a modern marvel in Ufology. On November 7th, 2006, an employee noticed a large, dark disc hovering above the runway space. The employee quickly realized that what they were looking at was not normal and should not be floating there in the middle of a busy airspace.

The word spread through the staff’s radios of a mysterious floating object above O’hare International. Pilots, air traffic controllers, employees, and travelers alike bore witness to the hovering UFO. There were reports of pilots peering out their cockpit windows in the runway and staff going outside for a better look of the object. In the midst of all the commotion and without warning, the disc broke away. Shooting straight up through the cloud bank that blanketed the airport, piercing straight through the thickness and leaving a large visible hole punched through the clouds. The UFO had zipped up into the sky at an incredible speed according to the witnesses.

A reporter soon got wind of what had transpired at O’hare and inquiries were made to the United Airlines to follow up with the initial report from their employee. United Airlines denied such a thing occurred and claimed to know nothing of the incident. The reporter from the Chicago Tribune then began making calls to the FAA to see if they had any information.

The Federal Aviation Administration responded just as the airline did and claimed no knowledge of any strange aerial reports during that time. Days passed and rumors began to swirl about a coverup. The airport officials and the FAA both denied any knowledge of the incident and claimed that there had been no reports even through hundreds of those who were traveling at the time continued to talk.

Then, the newspaper came forward and said that they had filed a Freedom of Information Act request and that they had uncovered the coverup. What they got back showed that the United Airlines officials knew about the reports that were filed by their employees and had in turned asked the FAA about the supposed UFO sighting. This incriminate both the airline and the FAA and only fanned the flames of conspiracy. When confronted with the information, the FAA quickly released a statement saying that what many airport employees and travelers had seen that November day was a strange weather phenomenon.

Both United Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) first denied that they had any information on the O’Hare UFO sighting until the Chicago Tribune, who was investigating the report, filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The FAA then ordered an internal review of air-traffic communications tapes to comply with the Tribune FOIA request which subsequently uncovered a call by the United supervisor to an FAA manager in the airport tower concerning the UFO sighting.

The FAA stance concludes that the sighting was caused by a weather phenomenon and that the agency would not be investigating the incident. UFO investigators have pointed out that this stance is a direct contradiction to the FAA’s mandate to investigate possible security breaches at American airports such as in this case; an object witnessed by numerous airport employees and officially reported by at least one of them, hovering in plain sight, over one of the busiest airports in the world.[5][6] Many witnesses interviewed by the Tribune were apparently “upset” that federal officials declined to further investigate the matter. –Source: Wikipedia

So then the million dollar question is: Where are the resulting UFO IMAGES?

With all the camera-packing travelers in one of the most busiest airports in the U.S, we could assume that some evidence exists, right?


Incredible as it sounds, there is no compelling photograph or video footage of this famous UFO incident released. At least not to the public. Those images that are floating around the web claiming to be that of the O’Hare UFO have been labeled as fakes. Only one of them is known throughout the UFO community as a possible real photograph which is shown at the beginning of this article.

According to some rumors, Dan Aykroyd has most of the photos taken that day.

Yes, the actor Dan Aykroyd came forward and claimed that he was in possession of some of the Chicago O’hare photographs and/or film taken by witnesses. But here’s were the story ends. Neither the Chicago Tribune or Aykroyd himself have come forward with any other evidence that could shed light to this modern mystery.

Could it be possible for someone like Dan Aykroyd to ‘buy up’ all the photographs of this supposed UFO?

Why hasn’t he released them to the public?

Dan Aykroyd, are you reading this? Tell us…why?

Source: Ghost Theory


Paranormal Possession and UFOs

By Nick Redfern

When it comes to the matter of who, or what, the dreaded Men in Black may be, the list of possibilities is just about as long as it is controversial. Indeed, the widely (and wildly!) varying theories include aliens, government agents, time-travelers, and dimension-hoppers. There is, however, another theory, one which hardly ever gets any serious consideration. In fact, it’s probably a theory that scarcely ever crosses the minds of most people – even those within the field of Ufology. What might it be? Read on…

What if the MIB are not extraterrestrials, time-surfers from the distant future, agents of officialdom, or inter-dimensional creatures? What if, incredibly, they are normal, every day people, just like me and you? Or, to put it more correctly, what if they are every day people most of the time? Could it be the case that the MIB are regular individuals who, now and again, become possessed by a paranormal force – a demonic force, some might even suggest - that uses those poor souls as vessels to perform tasks of the terrifying kind?

To some, it may sound not just controversial, but beyond controversial. But, don’t be so quick to write-off just such a possibility. One case in particular suggests that may be exactly what is going on. And, for the answers to that case we have to turn our attentions to a long-time researcher of the UFO mystery: Timothy Green Beckley. Beckley’s research suggests  that the Men in Black may actually be regular individuals who have been placed under a form of mind-control, very much akin (in slave-like behavior, at least) to the kind of zombification that appears within Haitian lore.


Several years ago, I interviewed Beckley on this very matter and he had a fascinating story to relate. He began: “There was one case where I might have been threatened by a Man in Black. There was a publication I wrote for in the 1970s called Official UFO. They published their address in the magazine, so they did get a few crank visitors to the offices. One of these was a gentleman who claimed he was being stalked by the Men in Black.”

Not too long afterwards, Beckley actually encountered the man in person. But what began as a regular meeting, soon mutated into something very different. Beckley – across the late 1970s and early 1980s – received a series of disturbing and chilling phone calls from the man. They were so chilling and disturbing – never mind threatening, too – that Beckley finally chose to contact the police. It didn’t take the cops long to find the man: he was living on the streets and sleeping rough somewhere on Grand Central Terminal, New York City.

Beckley told me that the creepy character “…must have called fifty times and left crazy, threatening messages that would go on and on. I spoke with his parents – who were in Florida – and they said that although he wasn’t always like this, something came over him now and again.”

And it’s on this particular matter of “something” that “came over him now and again” that we have to turn to on the matter of the Men in Black. Beckley offers a fascinating scenario:

“With cases like this guy where something came over him, and with the MIB, it’s like a possession, where a paranormal force takes possession of the person and they then become the Man in Black, doing what the force wants them to do, but without their knowledge. Afterwards, they might not even remember any of it.”

He continues: “These people are living on the fringe of society; they are very simple-minded people who can very easily be controlled and influenced. Someone, say, who might be living in some rundown apartment, is taken over in a kind of trance, and then they become one of the Men in Black.”

Beckley concludes: “They threaten someone, and then they go back to their normal life after the possession ends, and they don’t remember it. But while they are under the control of whatever is doing this, they’re not quite right. And like a zombie is the best way I can describe it.”


Beckley’s description is certainly a highly apt one: George Romero’s cannibalistic zombies in Night of the Living Dead – and, indeed in all of Romero’s subsequent movies in the still-on-going Dead series – are utterly driven by two issues: the desire for self-preservation, and an unrelenting need to feed.

The MIB are equally and similarly driven; however, their whole goal is to instill fear, rather than feed upon flesh and bone. But, just like the reanimated dead of the big-screen, the Men in Black, too, appear to lack anything more than a basic awareness of why, precisely, they are carrying out the actions they dutifully and never-endingly perform. Might that be due to paranormal possession? Demonic possession, perhaps? It may not be wise to dismiss either scenario…

Source: Mysterious Universe


When Did We First Get the Idea of Alligators in the Sewers?
By Esther Inglis-Arkell
Mutant alligators slithering through the New York sewers are one of the colorful legends of the city. What got the legend started? And why does one version of it contain pot?

Maybe people considered an alligator an apt manifestation of the predatory city. Maybe they thought it was a dirty, reptilian counterpoint to polished New York. Maybe we like the idea of something that can eat us more than we like the idea of billions of roaches.

People have found alligators in and around the state and city of New York for decades. For the most part they're small alligators. People, being irresponsible jerks, acquire baby alligators as pets and dump them into reservoirs — or just put them out on the street. Nearly all the animals found in the past few decades were only about two-feet-long, and weren't any danger to humans. Then two major outbreaks of cryptid alligator fever broke out, one in the 1930s and one in the 1960s.

In the 1930s, people in New York state were primed to look for stray alligators. In 1932, Westchester County police began a well-publicized alligator hunt after some kids brought in a dead crocodile and reports of seeing plenty more of them swimming around in local rivers. The body they brought in was a crocodile, but it had escaped from a local man's back yard. The wild crocodiles choking the rivers were, it turned out, snakes and lizards mixed with the imagination of children. In 1933, another hunt was on for a group of alligators that escaped from a lagoon park in Newark. They were never found, and likely didn't make it through the winter.

When did we first get the idea of alligators in the sewers?

Then in 1935, people got a real scare. A paper reported that group of teenagers in New York City found a six-foot alligator trying to struggle up out of the sewer. This was something more than a couple of small pets, and the article writer knew it. The account is punctuated with sentences like, "What he saw, in the thickening dusk, almost caused him to topple into the icy cavern. For the jagged surface of the ice blockade below was moving and something black was trying to break through." The boys punctured the story's aura of menace when they decided to help the alligator up, looping some rope around it. When the rescued alligator snapped at them, they promptly killed it with their shovels. But the tale regains some breathlessness when it recounts the general theory, that the alligator had gotten on a ship in the "mysterious everglades" and had struggled off the ship and up the sewer line when it got to New York. It's worth noting that, despite that being the largest alligator yet found, no one yet went hunting for alligators in New York City. No one really thought about alligators in the sewers, at the time.

The idea that New York City was crawling with gators came in the 1960s, just after Robert Daley's The World Beneath the City came out. In the book, Daley recounts a story from Teddy May, the New York superintendent of sewers. Daley claims that some workers, years before, came to him and reported seeing alligators in the sewers. He didn't believe them, and instead ordered an investigation into alcohol consumption on the job. After the investigation turned up nothing, he went to see himself. And found alligators. He ordered a massive gator hunt, and exterminated the alligators with poison, and by flushing the pipes into the sea. Not to cast too much doubt on it, but he didn't mention any of this until 1959. And that the "reports" came to him in 1935, just after headlines appeared about the boys that found and killed the big alligator.

Another book, by Richard Dorson, adds another twist to the legend. Not only did alligators grow to impressive proportions in the sewers, but pot did as well. The alligators were one of the dangers faced, Dorson claimed, by drug runners who went in search of the marijuana plants that sprang up in the sewers as a result of frightened pot heads flushing their seeds down the toilet as the police were banging on the front door.

How much is true? Probably none of it. Few animals could live in such conditions, and alligators prefer the tropics for a reason. Between the disease, the lack of food, and the temperatures, no alligators could survive in the sewer systems for more than a few days in the winter or a few months in the summer. But if there are alligators down there, one thing is for sure — they're stoned.

Source: io9

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