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- Oldest Human DNA Reveals Mysterious Branch of Humanity -
The Hazards of Psychic Backlash -
Panther Sightings Cross Mississippi -
AND: Does Remodeling Stir up Spirits?

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Oldest Human DNA Reveals Mysterious Branch of Humanity
By April Holloway

A new landmark study has revealed the oldest known human DNA ever to be found, dating back approximately 400,000 years – substantially older than the previous earliest human DNA from a 100,000-year-old Neanderthal.  Initial analysis on the DNA reveals a complex and confusing interbreeding of species which took place in our ancient past, and scientists are still scratching their heads over exactly what kind of species the DNA belonged to.

The genetic material came from the bone of a hominin found in Sima de los Huesos, the “bone pit”, which is a cave site in Northern Spain that has yielded the world’s largest assembly of hominin fossils from the Middle Pleistocene, consisting of at last 28 skeletons.

Until now, it has not been possible to study the DNA of these unique hominins, however, scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology were able to use novel techniques to extract the DNA and have determined an almost complete mitochondrial genome sequence of a 400,000-year-old representative of the Homo genus.

The researchers then compared the DNA with Neanderthals, Denisovans, present-day humans and apes, and found that the individual shared a common ancestor with the Denisovans, a relatively newfound relative of humans who are thought to have lived in the vast expanse from Siberia to Southeast Asia. This was unexpected since the skeletal remains carry Neanderthal-derived features. In addition, this fossil was uncovered in Europe and not eastern Asia where it was believed the Denisovans lived.

"This opens up completely new possibilities in our understanding of the evolution of modern humans, Neanderthals and Denisovans," said study lead author Matthias Meyer, a molecular biologist.

The researchers suggest a number of possible explanations for these findings. First, this specimen may have been a close relative of the Denisovans. However, this seems unlikely because it would mean they lived alongside Neanderthals without having close genetic ties to them.

Second, the Sima de los Huesos humans may be related to the ancestors of both Neanderthals and Denisovans, but they would then have to explain how two very different DNA lineages stemmed from one group, one leading to Denisovans, the other to Neanderthals.

Third, the humans found at the Sima de los Huesos may be a lineage distinct from both Neanderthals and Denisovans that later perhaps contributed DNA to Denisovans. However, this suggests the group was distinct from Neanderthals but also independently evolved several Neanderthal-like features.

Fourth, the investigators suggest a currently unknown species brought Denisovan-like DNA into the Pit of Bones region, and possibly also to the Denisovans in Asia. This is the second study this month which has found evidence of a species currently unknown to science which bred with ancient human ancestors.

"The story of human evolution is not as simple as we would have liked to think," Meyer said. "This result is a big question mark. In some sense, we know less about the origins of Neanderthals and Denisovans than we knew before."

The scientists detailed their findings in the Dec. 5 issue of the journal Nature.

Source: Ancient Origins


The Life and Death of Colin Wilson (1931-2013)
By Andrew Collins

The world was saddened by the announcement this week that Nelson Mandela has died at the age of 95, and rightly so for during his life he did more to raise the human spirit than whole nations of politicians. May he rest in peace. However, the mortal nature of human existence was also brought home to me today by the sad news that long-time friend and colleague Colin Wilson has departed this world.

Colin was a prolific writer, penning over seventy books across a period of nearly six decades. With the publication of his first book, “The Outsider” in 1957, Colin's life changed dramatically, for when it became a surprise bestseller he was thrust into the media spotlight, and hailed as a leading light in the new trend of "angry young men" of British literature. It took its toll on him, and as a consequence he left the city behind and headed for the quieter, and somewhat more evocative, world of Cornwall in southwest England, where he remained for the rest of the life with his dedicated wife Joy and family.

Colin continued to write powerful books of fiction, including “Ritual in the Dark,” “Mind Parasites” and “The Space Vampires”. However, it quickly emerged that one of his main interests in life was its mysteries and enigmas, and in the 1970s Colin wrote various non-fiction books that shaped the way we understand our psychic interaction with the unseen world through classics such as "Poltergeist," "Mysteries," and "The Occult", which still sell today. Yet he did not confine his writing talents to the world of strange, for he also penned dozens of books on everything from criminology to politics and sexuality. He even got round to writing a popular tome entitled "The Book of Booze", which I still see at book fairs occasionally.

In the 1990s Colin became one of the best loved and truly inspired geniuses of the ancient mysteries movement, writing books such as "From Atlantis to the Sphinx", "Alien Dawn" and "The Atlantis Blueprint". What Colin had the knack of doing was finding, through some bizarre synchronicity (such as a book falling off a bookshelf at exactly the right moment), that some inspired writer or researcher was on to something important that fitted exactly with what he was writing at that exact time. He would then bring together the entire tale of discovery to create a perfect overview of a particular subject. He did this with the research of Rose and Rand Flem-ath, with their Atlantis was Antarctica theory; Charles Hapgood, with his maps of the ancient sea kings, and claim that civilization is 100,000 years old; Maurice Chatelaine, with his Nineveh constant, and, of course, Robert Schoch, with his "the Sphinx is thousands of years older than the archaeologists tell us " revelation.

Colin was also a massive supporter of one of the most overlooked geniuses of our time, the writer Stan Gooch. In books such as "City of Dreams" Gooch provided a compelling case for the Neanderthals being far more intelligent, technologically advanced and caring than anyone had dared imagine. It was these ideas that Colin ended up championing in his book “Atlantis and the Kingdom of the Neanderthals”, published in 2006.

Colin was also an old friend of the Questing Conference and its earlier incarnation the Psychic Questing Conference. He certainly appeared in 1999, 2000, 2003, 2005, and from what I recall he was there also in the early 1990s. The reason why he was booked so often is that without any slides he had the knack of almost enchanting audiences with stories from his life, which came together to create a totally believable vision of the world that was at complete odds with the consensus reality we adhere to so dearly.

Some of the strongest memories I shall take away with me from Colin's life were the trips down to his home in Gorran Haven, Cornwall. On arrival we would be piled off in a car to his local pub where he would entertain a small group of like-minded writers, artists and researchers. All night, from around 6pm onwards, bottles of wine would flow like water, and then would come the trays of sandwiches. No matter how much you insisted on paying for at least one of the bottles of wine Colin would have none of it. He seemed to have this conviction that it was his duty to keep the creative juices flowing of the country’s next generation of geniuses, and wine was the key to doing this on a social level.

These gatherings, like something out of the 1950s, came to an end when illness overtook Colin in the early 2000s. I remember sitting with him and Joy in a pub in Camden the night before a Questing Conference. He picked up Joy’s glass of wine and just took a sip, saying that at least he could still enjoy the taste, without having to actually drink alcohol any more.

It was always a pleasure to have Colin speak on stage, and I was seriously thinking of getting him to return for the next joint Questing Conference/Megalithomania Origins event in 2014. Sadly we will not be doing that now.

With his easy-to-read books and fascinating lectures Colin Wilson has been raising our awareness of the mysteries of life for nearly five decades. The world is a better place for it. My thoughts go out at this time to his wife Joy, his family and friends, who will, like me, be missing him dearly. May he rest in peace, and his legacy live on. I shall be raising a glass of good quality red wine to you at the earliest convenience.

Here's a link to Colin's appearance at the Questing Conference in 2000:



The Hazards of Psychic Backlash
By Nick Redfern

While it is certainly true that undertaking research into the collective world of the unknown can be illuminating, stimulating and exciting, it can also be downright hazardous. Sometimes, when a person becomes immersed in an investigation to a very deep and significant degree, the phenomenon under the microscope appears to realize that it is being watched and responds in violent, and sometimes even deadly, fashion. Welcome (if that’s the right word to use) to the world of what is known as psychic backlash.

A classic example comes from a good friend of mine, Jon Downes, the director of the UK-based Center for Fortean Zoology. For years, Jon deeply investigated the mystery of the Owlman of Cornwall, England – surely the closest thing the nation has to the infamous Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, USA. But there was something deeply sinister about the winged, glowing-eyed Owlman. Every time Jon dug deep into the heart of the enigma, things would go wrong – as in big time.

And here’s Jon to explain more. On the subject of psychic backlash, he says: “This is a series of inexplicable and horrific outbreaks of bad luck that can overtake the hapless seeker after monstrous truth on his way to his goal.”

Jon adds, on the matter of his book, The Owlman and Others: “I never believed in it until, during the months that I was working on this book, two of my pet cats died suddenly, two computers blew up, as did two cars, and my wife left me. I also encountered psychic backlash while investigating the links between crop circles and animal mutilations.”

Notably, when Jon walked away from the Owlman mystery, the backlash vanished. Unfortunately, Jon didn’t stay away from the Owlman puzzle. And when he once again immersed himself in the mystery, guess what came back…?

Jon explains further: “I for one should have known better. The psychic backlash that I had managed to dispel a year before returned several-fold and things at the CFZ were getting particularly bizarre. We had outbreaks of poltergeist activity as well as a horrible run of bad luck and I determined that not only was I going to have to do something to end it all, but that this time I would have no further involvement with the Owlman or any of his kin.”

Indeed, having written and (in 2006) updated his The Owlman and Others book, Jon finally walked away from the world of the mysterious monster – for good. It was a lesson learned, but in a most traumatic fashion.
Albert K Bender

Then there is psychic backlash of the Men in Black variety. There’s absolutely no doubt that there would be no MIB phenomenon without Albert Bender of Bridgeport, Connecticut. In the early 1950s, Bender established a UFO research group called the International Flying Saucer Bureau. All went well for several months and the IFSB’s in-house journal went from strength to strength. Until, that is, Bender was hit by a backlash.

When his research was at its height, Bender had a series of chilling encounters with three, semi-spectral, shining-eyed MIB characters that literally materialized before him. When Bender failed (initially, at least) to heed their warnings to walk away from the UFO subject, his life began to suffer – as did his health. Bender was hit by pummeling, disabling migraines. He felt sick and physically weak. Paranoia set in. He developed a sudden, out of the blue, and inexplicable fear of developing cancer.

For Bender, it wasn’t long before enough was well and truly enough. He quit his UFO studies, closed down the IFSB, and got married. As for the MIB, it was at that point they departed. When Bender left the UFOs alone, so the phenomenon left him alone.

Moving on to the 1990s, there is the very unsettling saga of Ray Boeche, an Anglican priest and a former state-director for MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network. In 1991, Boeche met (at Lincoln, Nebraska) with two US Department of Defense physicists working on a project to try and contact what were termed “Non-Human Entities,” or NHEs. While the initial assumption on the part of the DoD team-members was that the NHEs were extraterrestrial, that view soon changed. And radically so, too.

Eventually, the project personnel concluded that far from being the aliens they purported to be, the NHEs were demonic – as in literally demonic. In other words, the DoD team concluded that the UFO phenomenon itself was born out of satanic deception, rather than alien visitation. It’s a story that I tell at length in my book Final Events. But there is something else, too.

When the DoD scientists immersed themselves in the world of the NHEs, bad things began to occur. As Boeche told me, regardless of how benevolent or beneficial any of the contact they had with these entities seemed to be, it always ended up being tainted, for lack of a better term, with something that ultimately turned out to be bad. There was ultimately nothing positive from the interaction with the NHEs. Indeed, certain experimentation reportedly ended in death for some of those involved in the program.

When I interviewed Boeche a few years ago, he told me: “I have always thought that one of the most important things that John Keel ever said was that if you have kids or teenagers, this is not something to encourage them to get involved with. Keel was a pretty died-in-the-wool atheist. But he understood that, at some level, there’s something, in some sense transcendent over us, that can, if nothing else, ‘mess’ with us. And it can cause a lot of damage.”

You have been warned. In the world of the paranormal, it’s wise to tread very, very carefully…

Source: Mysterious Universe


Panther Sightings Cross Mississippi
By Jacob Kittilstad

Thousands of stories. Thousands of supposed sightings. Do big cats, specifically panthers, stalk the forests of Mississippi?

State officials say there is not enough evidence to support whatever that whatever-they-are actually exist.

Some people have seen tracks in the mud. Others swear their animals have been spooked.

But most common encounter are with the calls.

"It sounds like a woman screaming," Dan Wilkes said on a rainy day in Rosewood.

Wilkes says he's a believer. He says he saw a panther with brown coloring in Warren County about 15 years ago.

He estimates it's body was five feet long with a tail adding another four feet to its length.

"Big cat. At first I thought it was a deer. And Then I got a better look at it as it was running down the treeline," Wilkes said.

"I was sitting in a combine and had a good vantage point and this big cat, probably 50 yards from us, took off and ran to our left. It stretched out," Wilkes said.

Ricky Hall, who lives right outside of Vicksburg, has a photo of an animal that was captured on his trail cam. It shows a large cat in broad daylight walking around a mudding hole.

"We got a farmer across the street there. He's got cows out there. And the way the picture's showing from where it's set up it's like it's coming from that way," Wilkes said

"It's pretty good size. It's bigger than a dog. It's got some big feet, little short pointed ears. And it looks like its tail's got a few stripes on it," Wilkes said.

"But it's dark," Wilkes said.

But the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) has a different view.

A statement from Jim Walker, an agency spokesperson, says "...most physical evidence sent to the MDWFP is later identified as remains of large feral cats or other animals. Our biologists have not confirmed any panthers or cougars are in Mississippi"."

Despite the state's stance, Brown says the picture still has him nervous.

"They said they'll attack so I wouldn't let my kids go back down there," Brown said

Wilkes also disagrees. Although his sighting was 15 years ago he says he will never forget what was before his eyes.

"At first I'm like 'Wow, this is what I'm seeing'. You know, it's not a deer. It's not a bobcat. You go through the list mentally and within the first half-second. And you know without a doubt it's a large cat," Wilkes said.

"Everybody accepts it. Everybody knows it. Especially in the Northeastern part of Warren County. Deeper in the woods, so to speak," Wilkes said.

Source: WHLT-22


Mystery of Dimes Appearing From Nowhere
By Fred Lundgren

Einstein said, "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

People who've experienced paranormal activity of any type are most likely to agree with Einstein's observations. One the most common is the phenomena of dimes that seem to appear out of thin air.

Stories about dimes appearing mysteriously are common around the world, even in places where dimes are not used as money.

Scientists dismiss these stories because personal experiences are often contaminated with something called "cognitive bias." An example is to unknowingly drop a dime on the floor and later conclude it appeared there magically.

The need for scientific proof of this phenomena diminishes with the frequency of occurrences, and especially if it happens in your home. If you see it happen, doubt gets replaced with wonderment. To make any sense of this, we must turn away from the logical and toward the metaphysical.

The dimes pictured below have miraculously appeared to us over the past ten years. The outer heart shaped group of dimes were discovered by my wife or me and the those inside were discovered by our younger daughter.

These dimes started appearing shortly after the untimely death of my father-in-law. "Dee" was a successful businessman and 32nd Degree Mason who enjoyed some interesting hobbies such as the study of Astral Flight, past life regression hypnosis and reincarnation.

Shortly before his death, my wife began to fear that her dad would not be with us much longer and one day she tearfully admonished him saying, "Dee, don't you dare die but if you do, give me a sign that you are with me, but please don't scare me.

Since his passing, dimes have mysteriously appeared in our home, not just once or twice, but literally dozens of times.

Either the Lundgren family is selectively negligent with the way we handle dimes, or dimes are appearing from thin air. We are convinced of the latter.

In some cases, we discover dimes in unusual places which could certainly be explained, except their appearance always foretells an event that has a significant monetary or life changing component.

These appearances have accompanied everything from radio station ad sales to insurance settlements and even loan closings. Basically dimes start appearing when something positive occurs about money and wealth. At some point, it ceased to be a coincidence.

On the first of these occasions in 2004, my wife was carrying groceries into the kitchen and noticed a dime on floor. She stepped over it and began storing the perishables. A few moments later, a second dime literally fell out of nowhere, only inches from the first dime. These dimes were far away from appliances, tables, chairs and light fixtures. When my wife turned at the sound of the second dime falling, she noticed Swede E. Bear, our female toy poodle frozen in place, staring at the coins, as if she could see something invisible to our human eyes.

We also have reason to believe these "dimes from somewhere" can signify positive changes in relationships.

Recently, our daughter began questioning her decision to begin dating again after terminating a long term relationship. She accepted the new gentleman's invitation and decided to meet him for dinner at a restaurant. She stopped on the way to fill her car with gas and when she opened the gas cap cover, a dime flew out.

She interpreted the phenomena as her grandfather's way of saying "I approve."

It's also important to note that other strange things happen around our house which preceded the death of my father-in-law.

Shortly after moving to our home in 1997, we realized we were not alone. Almost every night we heard the heavy footsteps of someone walking back and forth in the second floor hallway.

One night, our younger daughter saw the ghostly apparition from the waist down, dressed in what appeared to be a Civil War uniform. The encounter lasted only two seconds and no one has seen him since, but we long ago surrendered to his nightly vigilance. Now, when we hear the footsteps, we say, "It's probably just the ghost."

Our invisible tenant also likes to have fun at our expense by hiding objects and making us look for them, and later we find them back in the exact spot where they were last seen. This is particularly frustrating to my wife who has a phobia about losing items, which evidently makes the game more fun for "Casper."

Do these experiences prove or disprove anything? I dare not say, but they are only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more I want to share, from my experience with life saving precognition, to seeing evidence of time line shifting (alternate universe concept) to changing reality by the power of intent.

For the moment, I will avoid delving into those subjects in order to save any modicum of credibility I have remaining.

I'm certain the skeptics will spare no time or ink in their rush to debunk our experiences so, with that bit of prophesy in tow, I will close by associating myself with the words of British author and biologist John Haldane who, in 1927 wrote:

"My own suspicion is that the universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose."

Source: Huffington Post


Does Remodeling Stir up Spirits?
By Kelly Roncace

Just as dust lies on the floor of a long-abandoned house, the energy of those who once lived in that house could be absorbed into the building’s walls.

This energy can be awakened by disturbances such as new owners who begin remodeling and changing what the spirits still think of as their home. The paranormal field is filled with stories of hauntings that come about suddenly when home or business owners begin to demolish, construct or change the layout of a structure.

In April, a wrecking crew began tearing down the old French Worsted Co. building in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

The construction crew — made up of big, tough, rugged fellas — got so spooked on that site that they refused to continue the demolition.

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management hydrologist Sofia Kaczor said the men were legitimately frightened and “the work stopped.”

According to members of the wrecking crew and on-lookers, one of the cranes being used to demolish the building would go “haywire” every time it got close to tearing away part of the building.

Kim Baccaire, daughter of John Baccaire — the crane operator, took a photo which she said shows what looks like apparitions in a window of the building.

Another incident involved a large beam that fell and seemed to aim itself directly at the crane’s cab, missing John Baccaire by mere inches.

Kim Baccaire called on Andrew Lake, a paranormal investigator, who agreed to come to the site. He brought along two mediums to assist in the investigation.

The trio entered the building and “had a conversation with the spirits,” explaining that the deceased needed to move on because the building couldn’t be saved.

After their visit, the activity stopped and demolition continued without incident.

Doug Hogate Jr., CEO and founder of Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society, said in his opinion, spirits may get upset that their home is being changed.

“Imagine being at your house and someone comes in and starts tearing walls down and remodeling,” Hogate said. “They could be thinking, ‘This is my house. What are you doing to my house?’”

One investigation Hogate remembers that could have been caused by construction was at Johnson Hall in Salem.

“They said a lot of activity stirred up while they were remodeling the first floor,” he said.

JUMPS investigated the building three times and recorded the most activity on the first floor just as construction was being completed.

“That’s a prime example,” Hogate said.

There are other explanations of why remodeling could conjure up strange activity in a home, such as replacing plaster walls with more modern drywall which is a much weaker sound barrier and even exposing molds that could contain toxins which could effect a person’s perception.

But is it also possible that a spirit who has resided undetected in a certain building for hundreds of years could become more active in an effort to express his or her disapproval of the changes?

The next time you replace a window or build a partition, keep an eye out for someone who may want you to leave the room as it was.

Source: nj.com

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