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This week Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such awe-inspiring stories as:

- Are Super-Intelligent Aliens Hiding Within Our Atoms? -
- An Occult History of the Television Set - 
UFO Conspiracies From The Shadowy Side of The Universe - Part 2 -
- Ancient Secrets and Agents of Secrecy -
AND: Family Blames Mermaids For 'Prophet's' Drowning

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Are Super-Intelligent Aliens Hiding Within Our Atoms?

by Paul Gilster

Okay, so that headline sounds pretty off-the-wall, but that's exactly the question put forward by artificial intelligence researcher Hugo de Garis, who wonders whether the advanced artificial intelligences of extremely old alien civilisations might end up harnessing the vast computational power offered by sub-atomic elements, a hypothetical technology he labels 'X-Tech':

    X-Tech provides a potential solution to the Fermi Paradox ("where are all the nonhuman civilizations?") ... maybe they're not out there living on other planets, but rather living inside atoms and particles! Perhaps we should be looking inside “elementary” particles because creatures constructed at these tiny scales would operate hugely faster, at far greater densities, and with vastly superior performance levels. We may need a paradigm shift away from outer space to inner space, from SETI to SIPI -- the Search for Infra Particle Intelligence!

    ...as one scales down, in general, performance levels increase dramatically. Hence one can readily speculate that any nano-based artilect [de Garis's monker for advanced 'artifical intellects'], sooner or later, will not be able to compete with his femto-based cousins, and will probably downgrade itself as well. This logic applies all the way down (to Plank-tech?). Hence we come inevitably to the following dramatic conclusion.

    The hyper intelligences that are billions of years older than we are in our universe (which is about 3 times older than our sun), have probably “downgraded” themselves to achieve hugely greater performance levels. Whole civilizations may be living inside volumes the size of nucleons or smaller.

    When I first had this idea, about a decade ago, I chuckled, but now I take it very seriously, because there seems to be so much logic behind it.

De Garis notes that once this idea is thought about seriously, the current SETI paradigm seems very 'provincial'. "Extra terrestrials (ETs), who might be primitive enough to bother sending radio signals to beings like us," de Garis says, "are NOT the most intelligent specimens in the universe. The really smart ones I suggest are very very tiny."

I have to say, reading about this concept at Centauri Dreams did bring to mind some of the shamanic stories about intelligences hiding within plant DNA, DMT etc. In particular, an experience that Dennis McKenna related where he was given a vision that was "a water molecule’s eye view of the process of photosynthesis", before hearing a voice behind his left shoulder quietly chiding him: "You monkeys only think you’re running things".

Fun speculations to riff on!

Source: The Daily Grail


An Occult History of the Television Set

The origin of the television set was heavily shrouded in both spiritualism and the occult, writes author Stefan Andriopoulos in his new book Ghostly Apparitions. In fact, as its very name implies, the television was first conceived as a technical device for seeing at a distance: like the telephone (speaking at a distance) and telescope (viewing at a distance), the television was intended as an almost magical box through which we could watch distant events unfold, a kind of technological crystal ball.

Andriopoulos's book puts the TV into a long line of other "optical media" that go back at least as far as weird Renaissance experiments involving technologically-induced illusions, such as concave mirrors, magic lanterns, disorienting walls of smoke, and other "ghostly apparitions" and "phantasmagoric projections" created by speciality devices. These were conjuring tricks, sure, but they relied on sophisticated understandings of such basic things as light, shadow, and acoustics, making an audience see—and believe in—an illusion.

What's central to Andriopoulos's argument is that these devices included instruments specifically designed for pursuing supernatural research—for visualizing the invisible and showing the subtle forces at work in everyday life. In his words, these were "devices developed in occult research"—including "televisionlike devices"—invented in the name of spiritualism toward the end of the 19th century that later "played a constitutive role in the emergence of radio and television."

This was, in the author's words, part of "the reciprocal interaction between occultism and the natural sciences that characterized the cultural construction of new technological media in the late nineteenth century," a "two-directional exchange between occultism and technology."

So, while the television itself—the living room object you and I most likely know—might not be a supernatural mechanism, it nonetheless descends from a strange and convoluted line of esoteric experimentation, including early attempts at controlling electromagnetic transmissions, radio waves, and even experiencing various forms of so-called "remote viewing."

The idea of a medium takes on a double meaning here, Andriopoulos explains, as it refers both to the media—in the sense of a professional world of publishing and transmission—and to the medium, in the sense of a person who acts as a psychic or seer.

Indeed, in Andriopoulos's version of television's origin story, the notion of spiritual clairvoyance was very much part of the overall intention of the device.

Clairvoyance—a word that literally means clear vision, but that has now come to refer almost exclusively to the supernatural ability to see things at a distance or before they even happen—offered an easy metaphor for this new mechanism. Television promised clairvoyance in the sense that a TV could allow seeing without interference or noise. It would give viewers a way to tune into and clearly see a broadcast's invisible signals—as if a remote-viewing apparatus with forgotten supernatural intentions is now ensconced in nearly everyone's home.

I'll leave it to curious readers to look for Andriopoulos's book itself—with the caveat that it is quite heavy on German idealism and rather light on real tech history—but it is worth mentioning the fact that at least one other technical aspect of the 20th-century television also followed a very bizarre historical trajectory.

The cathode ray—a vacuum tube technology found in early televisions sets—found an unexpected and extraordinary use in the work of gonzo Norwegian inventor Kristian Birkeland.

Birkeland used cathode rays in his attempt to build a doomed scale model of the solar system.

I genuinely love this story and, although I have written about it elsewhere, it is worth a quick recap here. Birkeland was the first scientist to correctly hypothesize the origins of the Northern Lights, rightly deducing from his own research of electromagnetic phenomena that the aurora borealis was caused by interactions between charged particles from the sun and the earth's own magnetic field. This produced the extraordinary displays of light Birkeland had seen in the planet's far north.

However, as Birkeland fell deeper into an eventually fatal addiction to extreme levels of caffeine and a slow-acting hypnotic drug called Veronal, he became fixated on the weirdly impossible goal of exactly modeling the Northern Lights in miniature.

As author Lucy Jago tells Birkeland's amazing story in her book The Northern Lights, he was intent on producing a kind of astronomical television set: a "televisionlike device," in Andriopoulos's words, whose inner technical workings would model the electromagnetic secrets of the universe.

As Jago describes his project, Birkeland "drew up plans for a new machine unlike anything that had been made before." It resembled "a spacious aquarium," she writes, a shining box that would act as "a window into space."

    The box would be pumped out to create a vacuum and he would use larger globes and a more powerful cathode to produce charged particles. With so much more room he would be able to see effects, obscured in the smaller tubes, that could take his Northern Lights theory one step further–into a complete cosmogony, a theory of the origins of the universe.

It was a multifaceted and extraordinary undertaking. With it, Jago points out, "Birkeland was able to simulate Saturn's rings, comet tails, and the Zodiacal Light. He even experimented with space propulsion using cathode rays. Sophisticated photographs were taken of each simulation, to be included in the next volume of Birkeland's great work, which would discern the electromagnetic nature of the universe and his theories about the formation of the solar system."

However, this "spacious aquarium" was by no means the end of Birkeland's manic (tele)vision.

His ultimate goal—devised while near-death in a hotel room in Egypt—was to construct a vacuum chamber partially excavated into the solid rock of a mountain peak, an insane mixture of tomb, church, and planetarium.

The resulting cathedral-like space—think of it as an immersive, landscape-scale television set carved directly into bedrock—would thus be an artificial cavern inside of which flickering electric mirages of stars, planets, comets, and aurorae would spiral and glow for a hypnotized audience.

Birkeland wrote about this astonishing plan in a letter to a friend. He was clearly excited about what he called a "great idea I have had." It would be—and the emphasis is all his—"a museum for the discovery of the Earth's magnetism, magnetic storms, the nature of sunspots, of planets—their nature and creation."

His description is worth quoting at length; you can almost feel the caffeine. "On a little hill," he scribbled, presumably on hotel stationery, perhaps even with a little image of the pyramids embossed in the letterhead, reminding him of the ambitions of pharaohs, "I will build a dome of granite, the walls will be a meter thick, the floor will be formed of the mountain itself and the top of the dome, fourteen meters in diameter, will be a gilded copper sphere. Can you guess what the dome will cover? When I'm boasting I say to my friends here 'next to God, I have the greatest vacuum chamber in the world.' I will make a vacuum chamber of 1,000 cubic metres and, every Sunday, people will have the opportunity to see a ring of Saturn ten metres in diameter, sunspots like no one else can do better, Zodiacal Light as evocative as the natural one and, finally, auroras... four meters in diametre. The same sphere will serve as Saturn, the sun, and Earth, and will be driven round by a motor."

Every Sunday, as if attending Mass, congregants of this artificial solar system would thus hike into the immersive TV of Birkeland's strange astronomy, hypnotized by its explosive whirls of electromagnetic wonder.

Seen in the context of the occult mechanisms, psychic TVs, and clairvoyant media technologies of Stefan Andriopoulos's book, Birkeland's story reveals just one particularly monumental take on the other-worldly possibilities of televisual media, bypassing the supernatural altogether to focus on something altogether more extreme: a direct visual engagement with nature itself, in all its blazing detail.

Of course, Birkeland's cathode ray model of the solar system might not have conjured ghosts or visualized the spiritual energies that Andriopoulous explores in his book, but it did try to bring the heavens down to earth in the form of a 1,000 cubic meter television set partially hewn from raw granite.

It was the most awesome TV ever attempted, a doomed and never-realized invention that nonetheless puts all of today's visual media to shame.

Source: Gizmodo


UFO Conspiracies From The Shadowy Side of The Universe - Part 2
By Sean Casteel


Another thing difficult for some people to speak out about is government mind control experiments, a subject covered by Tim R. Swartz in an article called “Freedom Lost: Mind Control in the 21st Century.”

Swartz opens with a quote from alleged mind control victim Kai Bashir, who asks, “Do people ever stop to think there may be a dark, hidden plan to control their freedom? Do people stop to think that if there is such a plan, would they ever know it even existed?”

In Bashir’s self-published book, “Mind Control Within The United States,” she reveals the devious, hidden efforts to enslave all humanity through electronic mind control methods. Beginning in her childhood, she experienced strange sensations akin to electric shocks that ran throughout her body that were soon replaced by disturbing thoughts that seemed to originate outside her body, thoughts that were not her “own.” She heard instructions to steal, to lie, to change her beliefs on war, patriotism and religion.

Mind control experiments create an unfortunate Catch-22 situation for their victims. Once a person’s mind has been toyed with or experimented upon, they become so irrational that when they subsequently try to tell their story about the experience, it becomes nearly impossible to believe. They have in fact become “paranoid” and “delusional,” but not as a result of more common forms of mental illness. Admittedly, there are mental illnesses where sufferers imagine that tormentors are “beaming” messages into their brains.

But the fact that those same symptoms can be artificially created through human technology is the real point of Swartz’s article and the current literature on mind control.

Swartz writes: “Can the government, or some secret black project intelligence organization, read your thoughts? Even worse, can they implant thoughts into your head? Would that be the ultimate mind control, if they could control what you actually think and yet you could not even detect it? There is overwhelming evidence to suggest this is the case.”

He briefly mentions the rising tide of mass murderers who blame their crimes on a “voice” in their heads. Is this a naturally occurring sociological phenomenon, or the result of years of research by some secret group into electronic methods of mind control? Obviously Swartz is asking questions not even die-hard conspiracy theorists can answer completely. He does, however, deal with some of the forms mind control can take, methods such as poisoning the food supply with pharmaceuticals and hard drugs, sexual abuse, and something called “electronic and personality imprinting.”

Electronic mind control, according to Swartz, may be the most effective because it is the most easily concealed. We are constantly surrounded and bombarded by electromagnetic energies through cell phones, radio and TV signals, electrical grids and power lines. Electronically focusing a sound to a specific frequency can shatter glass, explode an object, including a person, and affect the nature of energies already present at various locations. Frequencies combined with particular oscillation rates can do things that seem straight out of science fiction.

The technology that led to radio control of the brain began in the 1920s and ‘30s. A pivotal monograph was published in 1934 by two scientists, Dr. Chafee and Dr. Light, called “A Method for Remote Control of Electrical Stimulation of the Nervous System.” Working along the same lines, Spanish scientist Dr. Jose Delgado was able to trigger an electrode implanted in the head of a bull and stop the charging beast in its tracks. By the 1950s, the possibility of doing the same thing to a human being was being openly discussed. Curtis Shafer, an electrical engineer for the Norden-Ketay Corporation, speaking at the National Electronics Conference in Chicago in 1956, told his audience that it might one day be technically feasible to implant an electrode under the scalp of a child a few months after its birth that would permit the control of the subject’s sensory perceptions and muscular activity.

Swartz continues in this vein, providing more of the fascinating history of the steady, inexorable development of mind control technology, including a quote from the aforementioned Dr. Jose Delgado, who said that with knowledge of the brain, “We may transform, we may shape, direct and robotize man. I think the great danger of the future is that we will have robotized human beings who are not aware that they have been robotized.” Delgado also said that through the skillful use of radio waves one could create invisible weapons that when deployed against the mind would be “more dangerous than atomic destruction.”


Publisher and editor Timothy Green Beckley also weighs in with his own article, called “UFOs in the Lake of Fire,” in which he expounds on what has become one of his favorite themes of late, the dark side of UFOlogy. In the article, he recounts the experiences of an acquaintance named William C. Lamb, with whom he conducted what Beckley calls a “mostly one-sided” correspondence. Over time, Beckley had formed the opinion that Lamb was “a bit of a nutter,” British slang for a crackpot.

Lamb told Beckley he knew all about God and Satan firsthand because he had seen Beelzebub with his own eyes. Not as part of a Near-Death or out-of-body experience, but as a component of a UFO landing.

“Lamb had been out hunting in a snowstorm around four or five A.M. in February 1922,” Beckley writes, “when he heard a buzzing sound and saw this huge spherical craft hovering over a nearby field. It was so large and brilliant to his eyes that it blocked out the stars and he found himself mesmerized by its sudden appearance. He watched in awe as a partition opened on the side of the craft and a gigantic creature with wings flew to the ground and landed in the snow. The being was somewhere between seven and eight feet tall and appeared demonic in its facial features and physical form. Lamb said he hid behind a tree and watched as it tracked through the snow, its hooves – yes, I said hooves – melting down to the tundra as it went along. Eventually it came to a sturdy wire fence and managed to just walk through it, burning through the mesh and leaving it looking red hot.”

Beckley says at the time he had every reason to believe Lamb was “totally delusional” and obviously interpreting his UFO encounter through the eyes of orthodox religion. Lamb had even claimed that when the ghoulish figure approached him he had managed to get it to fly off by using the name of Jesus and commanding it to depart.

But Beckley also acknowledges that Lamb’s case is known to others as well, and is even preserved in the Air Force’s Project Blue Book files. As far back as the 1960s, Beckley goes on, the U.S. government and military recognized the occult nature of what was still referred to in many circles as flying saucers.

To further make this point, Beckley makes reference to an interview with British researcher Nick Redfern, author of “Final Events and the Secret Government Group on UFOs and the Afterlife.” Redfern’s book details the history of a hidden think tank within the U.S. government that believes UFOs are not alien in origin but are really a tool of the Devil. The early purpose of the think tank was to learn to exploit the mental powers of what they called “nonhuman entities,” commonly known today as the grey aliens, and perhaps utilize that power as a “mind-weapon.”

As the group’s research progressed, the members came to believe the greys were “highly deceptive,” which led to the conclusion that the greys were quite literally demons from hell. The alleged agenda of the greys was to bring people over to the dark side and set the stage for Armageddon, which would then be made to look like an alien invasion. The greys/demons are essentially energy-based creatures seeking to feed on the energy created by human death and misery, which is similar to what Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa has stated earlier in this article.    

This interview with Nick Redfern can be read in its entirety in another Global Communications book called “Round Trip To Hell In A Flying Saucer,” an anthology of articles and interviews about the dark side of the UFO phenomenon that also features the complete text of a 1955 book by Cecil Michael, from which the later Global   Communications release takes its title. Michael also claims to have met Satan himself while onboard a UFO and to have journeyed with the fiend straight to hell. As the title so reassuringly implies, it was a ROUND trip for Michael, and he did manage to return from the depths of the damned.

So if you think THIS stuff is interesting, you should read the entire “Conspiracy Journal Reader: The Darkest, Deepest Secrets” and discover even more material of an equally chilling and absorbing nature. Besides the contributors mentioned here, well-known writers like Commander X, Scott Corrales, Dr. Steven M. Greer and many others   tackle some of the most thorny and difficult aspects of conspiracy theory. If the overall conspiracy is as well organized and impossible to expose as many have come to believe, it may still be possible to grimly oppose what is happening and survive to tell the tale. And books like “Conspiracy Journal Reader” could prove to be a big help in that heroic struggle.

[To read more by Sean Casteel, visit his website at www.seancasteel.com]

*   *   *   *  *


THE CONSPIRACY JOURNAL READER: THE DARKEST, DEEPEST SECRETS  http://www.amazon.com/Conspiracy-Journal-Reader-Darkest-Deepest/dp/160611168X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1391726039&sr=1-1&keywords=CONSPIRACY+JOURNAL+READER

REALITY OF THE SERPENT RACE AND THE SUBTERRANEAN ORIGIN OF UFOS  http://www.amazon.com/Reality-Serpent-Race-Subterranean-Origin/dp/1892062542/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1391726250&sr=1-1&keywords=REALITY+OF+THE+SERPENT+RACE

MIND STALKERS: MIND CONTROL OF THE MASSES  http://www.amazon.com/Mind-Stalkers-Control-Masses/dp/1606111302/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1391...

ROUND TRIP TO HELL IN A FLYING SAUCER  http://www.amazon.com/Round-Trip-Hell-Flying-Saucer/dp/1606110918/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1391726440&sr=1-1& keywords=ROUND+TRIP+TO+HELL+IN+A+FLYING+SAUCER


Ancient Secrets and Agents of Secrecy
By Nick Redfern

In the 1981 blockbuster movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, which starred Harrison Ford as archaeologist/adventurer Indiana Jones, the Nazi hordes of Adolf Hitler were in hot pursuit of the legendary Ark of the Covenant, a mysterious chest said to have housed the Ten Commandments as allegedly provided to Moses by God on Mount Sinai.

Given that the Ark was supposed to possess powers both awesome and devastating, Hitler’s intention was to harness those same powers, use them against anyone and everyone who might stand in his way, and then take control of the entire world. Fortunately, things did not go Hitler’s way.

After a wild adventure that took him from Peru to the United States and from Egypt to an island in the Aegean Sea, Indiana Jones saved the day, wrestled the Ark out of the clutches of Hitler’s minions, got the girl and all was good. But, it’s the final moments of the movie that are the most memorable.

As Raiders of the Lost Ark told it, after the Nazis were defeated, the Ark of the Covenant was transferred to the United States, where U.S. military intelligence personnel assured a pleased and satisfied Jones that the priceless artifact would be studied carefully by the finest minds and scholars available. That assurance, however, was nothing less than a brazen lie. Instead, something very different happened.

Unbeknownst to Jones, the Ark was not studied. The U.S. Government, perhaps fearful of unleashing the incredible forces the Ark possessed, took what it considered to be the wisest and safest course of action: The Ark was placed into a wooden crate, which was then carefully and firmly sealed, and taken to a huge, secure warehouse away from any and all prying eyes and inquiring minds. The government was intent on keeping the genie firmly in the bottle, so to speak, never again to be released.

Raiders of the Lost Ark was, and more than thirty years after its release still is, a work of highly-entertaining, on-screen fiction. The deep and secret involvement of the U.S. Government in the study of ancient artifacts, religious relics, and numerous archaeological wonders, however, is most assuredly not fiction. As far back as 1947, the Pentagon has dug very deeply, and undercover of overwhelming secrecy, into such controversial areas.

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the origin and final resting place of Noah’s Ark, the incredible question of whether or not the Pyramids of Egypt may have been built via the use of levitation, the reasons for the construction of England’s famous Stonehenge, rumors that ancient nuclear warfare was fought by an advanced civilization in India in the very distant past, a highly thought provoking Mars-Egypt connection, and even the controversy concerning the Mayan prophecies and 2012 are all issues that have attracted the lengthy, and highly secret, attention of the Pentagon’s finest minds for nothing less than decades.

Not surprisingly, this has collectively led to an absolute plethora of very significant questions at an official, classified level, including: Are some of our oldest and most cherished religions actually based upon visitations not from gods, but aliens in the distant past? Was Noah’s Ark not just a huge vessel of the waters designed to survive a mighty flood, but actually a highly advanced spacecraft from another world?

And the questions go on and on: Did the pharaohs of Egypt possess secret, arcane knowledge of how to move massive, multi-ton stones using what, today, we might call anti-gravity? Is there a connection between the Pyramids of Egypt and the very similar structures that have been photographed on the surface of the planet Mars?

From the mysterious depths of ancient Egypt to the standing-stones of old England, from the now long gone cultures of the Maya and the Inca to the heart of India, and from Mars to the Middle East, the Pentagon has spent decades carefully and clandestinely studying the very foundations of our civilization as it exists today, and has come to a shocking, paradigm-changing conclusion: our history is not at all what it appears to be. It’s actually much stranger. Perhaps, “out of this world” would be far a better, and much more appropriate, term to use.

Indeed, the CIA has a file (portions of which remain classified) on Noah’s Ark titled “The Ararat Anomaly.” In 1947, a highly regarded CIA employee, Miles Copeland, became embroiled in a conspiracy-tinged affair involving the Dead Sea Scrolls. Official files were opened on “ancient astronaut” researchers/authors Morris Jessup and Bruce Cathie. None other than Edgar Cayce became a target of what might be termed “official interest.” The reason: his theories on Atlantis, no less. And the list – and the attendant ancient mysteries – goes on and on.

Millennia-old visitations from alleged extraterrestrials, highly advanced and devastating technologies in the hands of early civilizations, mysterious artifacts displaying incredible powers, and aliens perceived as gods are just a few of the controversial issues that have, for years, kept the finest minds in official secretly, and worriedly, focused on times, people and eras long gone.

Source: Mysterious Universe

University Researching Reincarnation
By Tom McKay

Paranormal researchers may bring to mind the Ghostbusters, or maybe the pursuits of Indiana Jones-style adventurers discovering long-lost tombs. From poorly-lit, cluttered studies littered with artifacts and candles to those Ed Hardy-clad bros on Ghost Adventures, the public imagination is fascinated with paranormal studies.

But for some, it's just another scientific question, as it is for the researchers at the University of Virginia's small Division of Perceptual Studies, nestled under the umbrella of the university's School of Medicine. The Atlantic's fascinating profile on the work UVA scientists are performing shows that despite the fantastical nature of the events they investigate, Ghostbusters these researchers are not. While their research is highly unconventional — not to mention mainly viewed skeptically by the larger scientific community — it's also backed by statistics, databases, and a history of generating serviceable if not compelling evidence for paranormal activity. Namely, they claim to have scientifically viable evidence of reincarnation.

The background: Take Dr. Jim Tucker, a certified child psychiatrist who works with children who claim to have memories from past lives.

"The main effort is to document as carefully as possible what the child says and determine how well that matches with a deceased person," he told The Atlantic's Jake Flanagin. "And in the strongest cases, those similarities can be quite compelling."

For example, there's the case of James Leininger, who reported memories of dying in a plane crash during World War II. He correctly named an aircraft carrier in service in the region, as well as a pilot in another craft on the supposed patrol he died on in his previous life. It took Leininger's father five years to track down any information on the recalled memories, while the child himself reportedly began relating the memories at the tender age of two.

Of course, there's all kinds of ways this could have occurred that don't line up with paranormal powers. Leininger could have absorbed the memory elsewhere, or his parents could have fed him information intentionally or otherwise. Dr. Tucker could be falling victim to confirmation bias. But before his retirement in 2002, the man who founded DOPS in 1967, Dr. Ian Stevenson, logged more than 2,500 cases and published them in scholarly databases from 1969 on.

Stevenson himself admitted that "the evidence [for resurrection] is not flawless and it certainly does not compel such a belief. Even the best of it is open to alternative interpretations, and one can only censure those who say there is no evidence whatever." As the Skeptic's Dictionary notes, the worst- and best-case scenarios for Stevenson's work are one and the same: that "evidence does not compel belief and that even the best of it is open to alternative interpretations." In essence, all Stevenson demonstrated (and all DOPS has illustrated since) is that it is false to say there is no evidence of reincarnation.

And his work is plagued by the same problem that afflicts other paranormal researchers. Namely, when Stevenson discovered a case as explainable, a hoax, or unreliable, he didn't count it against his hypothesis. Thus the work of paranormal researchers remains fundamentally questionable yet unchallengeable. Meanwhile, his list of possible explanations seems far-fetched: telepathy with the living or dead, retrocognition or precognition, spiritual possession, or regular reincarnation. Furthermore, other skeptics have said that his work has been colored by translation difficulties and cultural differences, such as when cases occurred in societies with more openness to the idea of reincarnation.

Where a rigorous skeptic might insist on higher standards, Dr. Stevenson told The New York Times "There are very few cases where one would favor an explanation of fraud or self-deception, though there are some."

In the meantime, however, the DOPS is continuing his work.

Source: Policymic


Family Blames Mermaids For 'Prophet's' Drowning

The prophet, Simbarashe Kamupondera, 31, of Nyeredzi Nhatu apostolic sect, met his fate around midday as he was attending to a congregant at the Ruwa River banks when he was swept away by a strong current.

However, the family believes Simbarashe is still alive claiming he was abducted by mermaids known as njuzu in vernacular.

“Simbarashe came to stay with us a month ago. He has been telling us that he had a spirit of a mermaid.

“He also said that a prophet had prayed for a cloth that he gave him to always tie when getting into the waters. Yesterday he bought a new cloth after he had written his name on the old one saying that he could no longer use it.

“He tied it today before he got into the water,” Magma Mutingwende, Simbarashe’s sister-in-law said.

Magma also said that Simbarashe was praying for a female congregant when he was swept away.

The father of two is also said to have frequented the river several times taking a bath and baptising people.

“Vaenda vari mumweya vachinamata nendimi. We realised that he needed help when he started saying come and get but when we tried to swim to where he was, he was submerged in water.

“We believe that he was taken by a mermaid and we are not going to mourn him because we know that he is coming back,” Magma added.

When this news crew arrived, Magma was getting ready to leave the river banks with her two friends who are also congregants of the small apostolic sect as it was getting dark. Her husband Thomas had accompanied the police to the police station.

“We have not told his wife as yet and we know that he is coming back,” Magma added.

Police details at the scene said they were waiting for the Aqua Unit to attend to the scene.

Source: Nhanda Radio

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