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Like a silent, unwelcome guest, the biting cold pours down from the frozen north - encasing all that it touches in an icy grip of Stygian paralysis. Now is the time when the old ones rise from their dusty abodes, seeking the warmth and vitality of the young and living. But when darkness falls, and the living nightmares of ancient sorrows once again prowl the back roads of the unconscious - comfort can always be found in your latest edition of your favorite weekly e-mail newsletter of the weird and strange - Conspiracy Journal!

This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such chi-flowing tales as:

- Martian Meteorite May Show Evidence of Water and Life -
- Richard Shaver and the Shaver Mystery: the Inspiration for Star Trek?-
Remembrance of UFOs Past -
AND: Human Barbie Doll Converting to 'Breatharianism'

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Out Of The Darkness: UFO Revelations And The Arrival Of The Mysterious Planet X



Doomsayers have long predicted the end of humankind and the demise of our planet itself, either over an extended period or possibly in the twinkling of an eye. Such predictions go back centuries and – of course – none of these End Times prophecies have come true. It’s gotten to the point where such foreshadowings are being disdainfully ignored, and rightly so. Literally hundreds of books were written about the end-all date of December 21, 2012, and the arrival of the mysterious Planet X – a date that came and went uneventfully and without a ripple in the cosmic fiber. Earth is still here and many an embarrassed author has had to eat crow.

But are we out of the woods? Is Planet X or some other unknown body rushing out of the darkness, capable of blindsiding us without any advance warning? If so, what is the nature of such an unprovoked “attack” and when is it likely to occur?


Here are literally dozens of predictions regarding the future destiny of Earth …The possible mass landing of spaceships from other worlds and other dimensions. The possibility of an evacuation in the “nick of time.” Situated in various countries around the world are highly sensitive earthlings who are able to “tune in” to the wavelengths of these alien beings and actually act as sort of a “radio receiver” in picking up messages that are being “beamed” from beyond our atmosphere. The predictions of such “channelers” are uncannily similar.

If trials and tribulations lay just ahead, how can they be minimized? Is it possible that at least some of us may avoid such disastrous consequence as continents sink beneath the oceans and volcanic eruptions pollute the air? Though there may be a form of universal judgment day coming, our cosmic counselors have provided us with methods to negotiate the situation so that a minimum of us are impacted.


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Martian Meteorite May Show Evidence of Water and Life

A team of scientists at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., has found evidence of past water movement throughout a Martian meteorite, reviving debate in the scientific community over life on Mars.

In 1996, a group of scientists at Johnson led by David McKay, Everett Gibson and Kathie Thomas-Keprta published an article in Science announcing the discovery of biogenic evidence in the Allan Hills 84001(ALH84001) meteorite. In this new study, Gibson and his colleagues focused on structures deep within a 30-pound (13.7-kilogram) Martian meteorite known as Yamato 000593 (Y000593).

The team reports that newly discovered different structures and compositional features within the larger Yamato meteorite suggest biological processes might have been at work on Mars hundreds of millions of years ago. The team’s findings have been published in the February issue of the journal Astrobiology.

The lead author, Lauren White, is based at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Co-authors are Gibson, Thomas-Keprta, Simon Clemett and McKay, all based at Johnson. McKay, who led the team that studied the ALH84001 meteorite, died a year ago.

“While robotic missions to Mars continue to shed light on the planet’s history, the only samples from Mars available for study on Earth are Martian meteorites,” said White.

“On Earth, we can utilize multiple analytical techniques to take a more in-depth look into meteorites and shed light on the history of Mars. These samples offer clues to the past habitability of this planet. As more Martian meteorites are discovered, continued research focusing on these samples collectively will offer deeper insight into attributes which are indigenous to ancient Mars. Furthermore, as these meteorite studies are compared to present day robotic observations on Mars, the mysteries of the planet’s seemingly wetter past will be revealed.”

Analyses found that the rock was formed about 1.3 billion years ago from a lava flow on Mars. Around 12 million years ago, an impact occurred on Mars which ejected the meteorite from the surface of Mars. The meteorite traveled through space until it fell in Antarctica about 50,000 years ago.

The rock was found on the Yamato Glacier in Antarctica by the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition in 2000. The meteorite was classified as a nakhlite, a subgroup of Martian meteorites. Martian meteoritic material is distinguished from other meteorites and materials from Earth and the moon by the composition of the oxygen atoms within the silicate minerals and trapped Martian atmospheric gases.

The team found two distinctive sets of features associated with Martian-derived clay. They found tunnel and micro-tunnel structures that thread their way throughout Yamato 000593. The observed micro-tunnels display curved, undulating shapes consistent with bio-alteration textures observed in terrestrial basaltic glasses, previously reported by researchers who study interactions of bacteria with basaltic materials on Earth.

The second set of features consists of nanometer- to-micrometer-sized spherules that are sandwiched between layers within the rock and are distinct from carbonate and the underlying silicate layer. Similar spherical features have been previously seen in the Martian meteorite Nakhla that fell in 1911 in Egypt.

Composition measurements of the Y000593 spherules show that they are significantly enriched in carbon compared to the nearby surrounding iddingsite layers. A striking observation is that these two sets of features in Y000593, recovered from Antarctica after about 50,000 years residence time, are similar to features found in Nakhla, an observed fall collected shortly after landing.

The authors note that they cannot exclude the possibility that the carbon-rich regions in both sets of features may be the product of abiotic mechanisms: however, textural and compositional similarities to features in terrestrial samples, which have been interpreted as biogenic, imply the intriguing possibility that the Martian features were formed by biotic activity.

“The unique features displayed within the Martian meteorite Yamato 000593 are evidence of aqueous alterations as seen in the clay minerals and the presence of carbonaceous matter associated with the clay phases which show that Mars has been a very active body in its past,” said Gibson.

“The planet is revealing the presence of an active water reservoir that may also have a significant carbon component. “The nature and distribution of Martian carbon is one of the major goals of the Mars Exploration Program. Since we have found indigenous carbon in several Mars meteorites, we cannot overstate the importance of having Martian samples available to study in earth-based laboratories. Furthermore, the small sizes of the carbonaceous features within the Yamato 000593 meteorite present major challenges to any analyses attempted by remote techniques on Mars,” Gibson added.

“This is no smoking gun,” said JPL’s White. “We can never eliminate the possibility of contamination in any meteorite. But these features are nonetheless interesting and show that further studies of these meteorites should continue.”

Source: The National UFO Center


Richard Shaver and the Shaver Mystery: the Inspiration for Star Trek?
By W.M. Mott

Richard S. Shaver is remembered as many things: a bizarre “outsider artist”; a UFO theorist; a pulp science fiction writer; and originally, as the originator and founding claimant of the so-called “Shaver Mystery”.

Working mainly with pulp magazine editor Ray Palmer, Shaver created a mythos of “true accounts” that bled over into the science fiction magazines and community.  Claiming to have knowledge of, and first-hand experience with, ancient “alien-like” degenerated humanoids living beneath the crust of our planet, Shaver claimed that the ancient descendants of the people of Atlantis and other ancient civilizations preyed upon our world and humanity today.  He generated elaborate tales of flying saucers beginning in 1943, before they were even called flying saucers, and in fact before Kenneth Arnold’s sighting of the first “officially” described flying saucers over Mt. Ranier in 1947.  Shaver said that he has seen these metallic disk-shaped craft, “stored in the caves”.

Additionally, Richard Shaver held that this antediluvian underworld was divided between deranged, degenerate and depraved humanoids he called “dero” (short for “detrimental robots”) and their adversaries, the “tero”. The tero were essentially still human, though intellectually advanced, and they protected surface humanity to some extent from the depredations of the dero.  This may or may not have been a side-effect of their own never-ending war for survival against the dero, who loved to abduct surface humans and tero alike, for purposes of sadism, torture, sexual abuse, interbreeding and as a food resource.

ChildrenGoingUnderThe “dero” were adept at luring young people, particularly women, beneath the surface for nefarious purposes…

Both of these entity-types were descended from ancient “Atlans” and “Titans” who had been devastated by an ancient nuclear war, which Shaver stated had altered the planetary atmosphere and “turned the sun” into a deadly radioactive killer.  According to Shaver, the sun’s rays became “poisonous”, and just as modern science tells us today, ultraviolet radiation shortened lifespans, aged cells, and brought early death.  To escape this fate, the descendants of the Atlans and Titans remained beneath the surface of our planet.

According to Shaver, the dero and tero both possessed ancient “mech” machinery, which included elaborate mind-control, thought-reading and projection, and hologram-generating devices capable of creating any illusion, including massive apparitions in the skies, UFO sightings, monster sightings, and so on.  They were also largely responsible for insanity, disembodied voices, and other human-harassing phenomena.

Over time hundreds of readers wrote in to Shaver and Palmer at Amazing Stories, and claimed that they, too had had the same experiences and encounters with subterranean non-humans, sub-humans and humans.  Many readers claimed that they had been abducted, tortured or had narrowly escaped such a fate.  They described the same flying craft and ancient machinery, and the subterranean cities and tunnels that Shaver said honeycombed our planet.  This became the infamous “Shaver Mystery” and it truly took on a life of its own, eventually creating a gigantic schism in the science fiction publishing and fandom worlds that threatened to completely tear the whole thing to pieces.

ShaverNephilimThe hard-science (as they perceived themselves) writers and readers became very aggressive toward discrediting Shaver, Palmer and all of their co-claimants and supporters.  At times this resulting in physical fights and altercations at conventions and elsewhere.  Eventually Palmer was driven out of science fiction publishing altogether, and into paranormal and UFO-related fields.  Richard Shaver was marginalized, ridiculed and vilified by the science fiction community for decades, and try as he might, he never really recovered as a writer.  He finished his days writing about his “mystery” and exploring what he believed to be evidence of its veracity, in the form of holographic “rock books” recorded somehow in crystal and solid rock, by the ancient civilization that was the parent culture of the dero and tero.

Shaver_Mags2This entire conflict of world views, claims and opinions resulted in the extreme division that still exists today between the science fiction community and publishing field, and the research and publishing areas of ufology, cryptozoology, and all paranormal and fortean areas in general.  The science fiction world will willingly accept such concepts if presented as elements of fictional work, but is still virulently opposed to any consideration of such areas of inquiry as factual or scientific.  The UFO topic in particular falls into this field of scorned and ridiculed inquiry.

Conversely, the ufological and various fortean research communities are virulently opposed to their topics of interest being associated with something as “imaginary” as science fiction, since the fight for credibility is a constant concern for them.

Little do most people realize just how hypocritical this is, and in fact how profoundly Richard Shaver, and the Shaver Mystery, have influenced science fiction.

Back in 2003, I spent some time watching a Star Trek “chain reaction” marathon on the SCIFI Channel. A rare treat was presented: the original, uncut pilot for the series, called “The Cage.” Later this was broken into two parts and called “The Menagerie,” but originally it stood alone. The original pilot contains much material that the later Menagerie version does not, and I was moved to make some observations which I’ve been thinking about for years, in regard to this original episode and the pulp fiction and Shaver Mystery source material upon which it is based.

Briefly put, the USS Enterprise, under the command of Capt. Christopher Pike, answers a distress call which emanates from the remote planet of Talos IV. As a result of investigating this supposed “crash site” and survivors, Capt. Pike is taken prisoner by a group of super-advanced subterranean humanoids, called “Talosians.” The Talosians, due to their physical frailty, can no longer exist on the surface of their hostile planet, which was ravaged by war in the distant past. They exist in a world of illusion, augmented and initialized by the power of their own huge brains, and apparently enabled by unseen ancient machinery which magnifies the power and seeming reality of the illusion. This latter point is made clear by “Vina,” the captive, shipwrecked human woman whom the Talosians have as captive, and whom they wish to “breed” with Capt. Pike. Vina makes the statement that the “Talosians” are too physically frail to survive on the surface, and exist by means of machinery which they themselves cannot understand or create, but which perpetuates them.

Of course this is all familiar, and greatly predates the Star Trek pilot “The Cage.” Richard Shaver postulated an identical scenario, with his “dero,” “tero,” and their subterranean existence. The dero and tero have their “mech,” one type of which is used to generate physically-real, solid, 3D holograms or illusions. The “Talosians” seem to be a mixture of the dero (occasional torturers and sexual fantasy voyeurs) and tero (Terosians? Not a far leap), being more like the tero in the end, with an interest in “helping” humanity whether we like it or not, through the breeding of a human race to repopulate their own ravaged world.

This concept is an obvious echo of some of Shaver’s fiction concerning the Atlans and Titans. “The Cage” also mirrors other subterranean lore, stretching back for centuries, with the interest in human reproduction, sexual fantasies, manipulation, and so on. Also predating the first Star Trek pilot is the esoteric belief that a subterranean city of hidden “Lemurians” exists beneath Mt. Shasta in Northern California, in a city called “Telos.” These Lemurian descendants are called, of course, “Telosians.” This “Telos” of Mt. Shasta, originally a fictional creation of Claude Doggins or “Maurice Doreal,” is more or less based on both the Shaver Mystery material and on the writings of James Churchward and Helena Blavatsky. This myth was later propagated as truth by the publishing arm of the Rosicrucians, through a variety of volumes and authors.

Although it would in all likelihood be denied, it is evident that Gene Roddenberry based the material for his first Star Trek venture on the “true accounts”, pulp and folk elements of the Shaver Mystery and the Telosian-Shasta mythology of Doreal and others. In short, it is apparent that one of the greatest science-fiction forces of the twentieth century and one of the most powerful scifi popular culture icons of our time, the Star Trek phenomenon, owes its genesis and existence to the pulp-fiction and pseudo-mystical “truth” writers of earlier years, and particularly to the most reviled and ridiculed of them all, Richard S. Shaver.

Without Star Trek, modern-day science fiction would be very, very different, and without Richard Shaver and the Shaver Mystery, Roddenberry’s pilot episode would probably never have come to exist.  ??As Mr. Spock would say, “logic dictates” that these facts are self-evident and verifiable by objective examination.  Or maybe, just maybe, he would just have said… “Interesting”.

This article was originally published, in much shorter form, in 2003.

Source: Mottimorphic

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Agenda 21, the Population Bomb, and the Georgia Guide Stones
By Olav Phillips

For many years one of the staple principles in the conspiracy lexicon was the massive depopulation by the powers that be.  The principle was that the Earth was deemed, by someone, to only adequately support about 500 million people and through attrition (ie starvation, war, and genocide) the powers that be would target that population for an ongoing rate.  As defined in modern conspiracy literature it effectively meant that around 6.5 billion (with a B) people would have to be exterminated by some means.

This motif was perpetuated by the Georgia Guide Stones which clearly outline that the population needs to be at 500 million to co-exist with nature, or something to that effect.  Now what's the importance of that?  Well the Georgia Guide Stones have long been seen as a sort of handbook, carved into stone, as to the near future plans of the power that be. But there is a problem and that is the crux of my article.

No one in the conspiracy meme will argue you with you that a depopulation program exists, in the west. We look out towards Agenda 21, a UN sponsored initiative to create sustainable populations.  The Georgia Guide Stones address it as well, and we've had the provocative statements made by Prince Phillip, who apparently would like to return and be reincarnated as a virus to further snuff out a large population.  Even Bill Gates took the provocative stance of releasing tainted mosquitoes in a conference to drive the point home.  But in all the literature, at least what I've seen, it seems to discuss "humanity" or human populations and I think we need to actually understand what that means.  I know it sounds simple, but I think the truth is far darker then Agenda 21, or any of the conventional machinations of depopulation conspiracy.

See the issue here is that Agenda 21, and the depopulation meme are already at work here in the west.  Forbes published an article in April, 2012 called "Warning Bell for Developed Countries: Declining Birth Rates" with a subtitle of "There will be a shift in power unless birth rates increase in the developed world."  The gist of the article is that in most western developed countries our population rates are now almost static with total fertility rates of 2.1 or 2.0 which apparently is effectively replacement rate. Why birthrates in the west are declining is also an interesting discussion, and branches off into the fact that birth control drugs have been found to taint most of the water supplies in the developed countries, along with anti-depressants and a host of other interesting drugs. Which seems like the depopulation program is underway and is being done via attrition, meaning we make less children then people who die.

So if total fertility rates are declining in the west, where is this massive depopulation going to occur?  The answer is the third world, or is it?

So I was giving this a lot of thought, and if you look at the population growth maps most of the population growth now occurring in the world is occurring in Sub-Sahara Africa and South America.  Now this is interesting because of their proximity to developed country zones of North America, Europe, and Asia.  If you look at the map it becomes really obvious.

So what's the game plan here?  The developed world is self-attriting while the less developed countries are exploding? And it got me to thinking…

When I was younger there was a game many of us used to play called Cyberpunk. It was the 1990's and Cyberpunk was all the rage.  So R. Talsorian games came out with  a rather interesting dystopian game to answer the demand.  Cyberpunk was set in a future a little further then our own, where the network was alive with virtual reality and weapons had become very interesting. It had a kind of Blade Runner motif.  But more importantly (if my memory holds out) large portions of the third world and less developed nations had been taken over, literately, by corporations. So the Ivory Coast for example was no longer the Ivory Coast but instead it was owned by conglomerate XYZ and the citizens of that nation served as production slaves working in vast manufacturing complexes and lived at near starvation level in slums surrounding the plant. Think Soylent Green, and do remember its people.

So it really got me thinking about who is this 500 million?  And the answer I came up with is that all those agendas and plans are really targeted towards reducing the overall population of the west or developed countries to 500 million, and leaving the less developed nations alone to produce billions of worker drones who live in squalid conditions and work for pennies to produce the cultural artifacts for the well developed countries cheaply.   We can already see it in places like China where prison labor produces shoes for pennies on the dollar, which in turn are transported to shops here and we pay $60.00 for. Just think about the markup there.  You have a shoe, produced by a prisoner which probably cost $1.00 to make and you are paying $60.00 for it. But that's the only strategy which makes sense because the reality is that most of that 6.9 billion population exists in less developed countries.  They are under-educated and will work effectively for food and shelter.

Now that doesn't mean that the more developed countries are not targets, but it appears the depopulation program is taking the long view and waiting for the population to naturally correct and if you think about it that is the prudent strategy because it creates a silent war, there is no revolution or angry mobs just less people which is the penultimate goal.

I know it sounds far fetched but if you look at the numbers and the cold logic of it, there is a strategy there.  As I said look at the map and it will begin to become clear, and as nation states are compromised by the IMF in the third world it will become more obvious but it is also the long view and that seems to be the option the powers that be take.  Put the frog in the water and slowly heat it until you boil the frog.

Read more of Olav Phillips stuff at www.conspiracyhq.com/


Traveling the Paranormal Corridors of the World - Part 2
By Sean Casteel


Beckley has also unearthed another book that revolves around the occult traditions of a popular tourist destination, Mexico. He has reprinted and expanded upon a book called “The Magic and Mysteries of Mexico,” by Lewis Spence and originally published in the U.K. in 1943. While the work has some attributes of a more formal anthropological approach than the ones previously mentioned, it is nevertheless an entertaining read.

In a chapter called “The Demonology of Mexico,” Spence opens by saying, “The demonhood of ancient Mexico was, perhaps, the most gruesome which ever haunted any race of men. It took many shapes, and varied somewhat with locality, and it scarcely resembles any recognizable system of demonology, European or Asiatic. Those demons most dreaded were the Tzitzimime, or ‘monsters descending from above,’ who were, indeed, the stars.”

An ancient Mexican myth tells us that at one time the Tzitzimime dwelt in heaven but were expelled from its delights because of their sins. They are represented as taking the shapes of noxious insects, spiders, scorpions and so forth.

“One of the most terrifying figures in this stellar demonology,” Spence writes, “is the goddess Itzpapalotl, who has the attributes both of the butterfly and the dragon, a hideous mingling of the insect and the earth-monster. Another was Yacatecutli, a personification of the merchant’s staff, to whom the peddlers of old Mexico offered nightly sacrifices of their own blood, drawn from their ears and noses, and smeared over a heap of the staves or bamboo walking sticks which they generally carried.”

These demons were creatures of the night, according to Spence, and perhaps the most terrible among them was Tezcatlipoca, also called “the Fiery Mirror” and “He who affrights the People,” a divine master of magicians who took upon himself many fearful shapes and grisly disguises. Perhaps the most menacing of the nocturnal disguises of this god, who wore the star of night upon his forehead, was a species of hawk called the uactli bird. The bird’s cry of “yeccan, yeccan” was thought to foretell a speedy death to him who heard it.

Another shape in which Tezcatlipoca haunted the woods was as the “axe of the night.” As midnight approached, the local people might hear a sound as of an axe being laid to the roots of a tree. Should some courageous wayfarer go to investigate the sound, he was seized upon by Tezcatlipoca, who appeared in the form of a headless corpse, in whose bony breast were “two little doors meeting in the center.”

The Aztecs said it was the opening and closing of these little doors that simulated the sound of a woodcutter at work. A sufficiently brave man might plunge his hand into the “grisly aperture” and take hold of the heart within, which would permit him to ask what price he chose from the demon. But the coward who encountered this awful phantom would quickly die from sheer fear.

Tezcatlipoca was credited with hauntings of all kinds, and especially feared were those forms of him, headless and without feet, which were said to roll along the ground, scattering diseases and maladies as they went.

“The Magic and Mysteries of Mexico” also includes chapters on Mexican witchcraft and astrology as well as chapters on Mayan magical traditions and that ancient culture’s mystical writings. Its author, James Spence, was one of the most prolific authors to write about Atlantis, British mythology and occultism in general, producing more than 50 books, with titles like “Scottish Ghosts and Goblins” and “The Myths of the North American Indians.”


Still another offering from Tim Beckley’s Global Communications is “An Occult Guide to South America: Strange Tales of Witchcraft, Spiritualism, Lost Races and Religious Miracles” by John Wilcock, with updated material by Tim Swartz.

The ancient belief systems of nature worship still flourish in some parts of the world, to include South America. Practices we find bizarre or even utterly repellant, things strange enough to induce what some psychologists and anthropologists call “culture shock,” are presented in Wilcock’s book without judgment and also without an attempt to proselytize for the primitive rites of the indigenous peoples he writes about.

In the newly reprinted book, Wilcock writes about an explorer named Charles W. Domville-Fife, who set off with camera, gun, trinkets and native bearers for the remotest regions of the Amazon he could reach. He visited a tribe called the Apiaca, who drank out of human skulls with the eyes and nose sockets plugged by dirty red clay. The Apiacas believed that the spirits of the dead were reborn in the form of birds and animals, and that the moon was an evil spirit that would drag any Indian who bathed in the river in its pale light down into the murky depths.

Domville-Fife was forced to learn to survive by eating monkeys, tortoises and lizards. He also suffered mosquitoes and was bitten by a vampire bat. While visiting the Cashibo Indians, he was shocked to learn that “the aged are killed and eaten because it is considered better to be devoured by a friend than by birds or beasts of prey. It seems that these natives believed that having eaten the heart, brain, eyes, ears and hands they absorb the good qualities, cunning and spirit of the departed.” However, they do not kill and eat captives of other tribes because they look upon their neighbors as inferior in all respects to themselves and therefore “unworthy to be absorbed.”

 Wilcock also writes of a demon whose legends are common in Argentina. Called “Avacua,” the demon is said to bring sickness and death and is also responsible for entering the moon and breaking it up at the time of the lunar eclipse. The people try to drive the evil spirit away from human bodies and the moon by throwing stones, firing guns, throwing lighted torches into the air and basically creating as much pandemonium as possible. The custom is still in practice among many South American tribes, and is similar to the Hawaiian Kahuna practice of shouting curses and profanities at an offending spirit to frighten it into leaving.

At such times, the people must rely on the community’s shaman or witch doctor, who regards all human ills to have been caused by witchcraft and must be fought by witchcraft as well. The witch doctors would engage their spirits by shouting, grimacing, going into contortions like one possessed, and imitating the roaring of tigers and other terrifying animals. The witch doctors were the arbiters of both good and evil, of life and death, and of the power of the elements. They could cause storms, alter the seas, dry up rivers or flood the fields. They could so enchant a person that he was rendered unable to move, eat, drink or sleep unless the witch doctor commanded. To receive the power to do magic, the witch doctor was required to fast and undergo corporal penitence. He lived naked and alone in cold, faraway places, eating nothing but maize and peppers.

In “An Occult Guide to South America,” Wilcock also provides a great deal of more standard travelogue material, written from the perspective of an experienced modern day explorer. The reader can journey through the major cities of Brazil and Argentina, as well as travel down the mighty Amazon River in search of tribes nearly untouched by the passing of time who continue to worship nature and fear its wrath.

Wilcock has a long and impressive history as a counterculture journalist and author. In 1955, he co-founded the celebrated newspaper “The Village Voice,” and also held positions at “The Witches Almanac” and “The Los Angeles Free Press.” As a world traveler, he has written guidebooks for Mexico, California, Texas, Rome and Florence, as well as “A Guide to Occult Britain,” from which he originates.

To read more by Sean Casteel, visit his website at www.seancasteel.com







Remembrance of UFOs Past
By Brad Steiger

I was eleven-years-old in 1947 when the modern era of UFOs began.  Each night that summer, I scanned the open skies above our Iowa farm and wished upon many stars, hoping that one of them might soar away at enormous speed and reveal itself to be a flying saucer.  I finally had my wish granted in 1966 with a sighting that easily surpassed the most brilliant technological efforts of Hollywood to depict the aeronautical superiority of an advanced extraterrestrial civilization. 

I have never written about it until now.

UFO Research in the 1960s

In the mid-1960s,  the physical "nuts and bolts" theorists had a firm hold on the general public's imagination, and respectability in the UFO community demanded strict adherence to the extraterrestrial hypothesis.  And even though I had come to investigate UFO reports from the field of psychical research, my excitement over the possibility that extraterrestrial civilizations were making contact with our own easily made me susceptible to the prevailing consensus that flying saucers from Outer Space had landed.

In the early summer of 1966, my first UFO book, Strangers from the Skies (Award Books), made the paperback bestseller list two weeks after publication.  Just a few weeks before Strangers from the Skies was published, my study of poltergeist phenomena, Strange Guests (Ace Books) was released, and later that same summer, my biography of the great screen lover Valentino  (Macfadden-Bartell) was published with a nationwide publicity campaign.  It is truthful to say that flying saucers jump-started my career. 

My day job at this time was teaching English and creative writing and serving as faculty advisor for student publications in a Midwestern college.  Prior to that, from 1957 to 1963, I had served in the same capacity at the high school in Clinton, Iowa, one of the “quad cities” on the Mississippi River. 

When I was teaching in Clinton, I had become friends with Warren B. Smith, a successful photographer and trade journal writer.  Yes, the same Warren B. Smith who would later collaborate with me on a number of titles, and would write numerous books of his own in the paranormal and UFO fields, as well as a number of novels and other nonfiction books.  

So it was that one warm night in the summer of 1966, that I and my family were enjoying a cookout with the Smith family in their backyard in Clinton when Warren’s wife, Joan, spotted a peculiar, zig-zagging light in the night sky.

The principal topic of  conversation that evening had been UFOs and the success of Strangers from the Skies. Now it appeared as though a UFO had been eavesdropping and had appeared right on cue.

"That's no meteor or satellite," my wife Marilyn pronounced with earnest conviction as she pointed out the object that was moving rapidly in its erratic course.

"And it is certainly no conventional aircraft," Warren confirmed.     "Look at the way it moves...those right angle turns."

Within another few moments, the UFO performing those aerial acrobatics was joined by another lively light in the sky, then another.  

I remember being so excited that I could barely do more than utter, “This is unbelievable,” over and over.

Our combined family of eight kids, ranging from toddlers to pre-teenagers, were shouting and pointing at the sky as if Santa and his sleigh had appeared.

Warren laughed and teased me that I was finally seeing UFOs after having written a book about them.

This is where I should stress that none of us adults had nothing alcoholic to drink that night.  At that time in my life, I drank nothing stronger than Dr. Pepper.  At the end of a work day, Warren would, on occasion, have a shot of bourbon with a glass of Coca-cola.  Neither of our wives drank alcohol.

After about fifteen minutes of watching the impossible aeronautics above us, Warren suggested that we might get an even better view of the performance if we were to drive down by the river.

I suggested a spot a few miles from the lights of the city, a clearing where I had gone target-shooting when I lived in Clinton.  It was close to the river and surrounded by a thick growth of trees and brush.

It was as if a carefully planned aerial pageant celebrating the agile maneuvers of UFOs awaited us.  After a routine of seemingly impossible flight patterns, four brightly glowing UFOs hovered opposite each other and appeared to shoot lightning bolt-like beams of light at each other. 

Were they exchanging energy or trying to shoot each other down?

The objects did not appear intent on destroying one another, for the crackling-lightning exchange continued for quite some time at a range so close that they could not have missed their target.

After several minutes of  this strange procedure, three of the glowing UFOs descended in what came to be known among researchers as “the falling-leaf motion” downriver.  We watched them closely until the objects dropped below tree level.

Good lord!  The flying saucers apparently had a base here.  Somehow it seemed appropriate that the thick woods near Mississippi would make a good hideaway.

Then, from another area even farther down river, two UFOs began to ascend in that same peculiar falling-leaf movement, only this time they were rising.  Once they had attained a certain altitude, however, the vehicles zoomed off at an astonishing rate of speed.

That appeared to signal the conclusion of their performance.  The four UFOs that remained within the field of vision suddenly moved quickly off to various positions in the night sky and froze, looking now like ordinary stars.

What Had We Just Witnessed?

It seems so naïve to me now, but somehow it didn’t seem at all peculiar that we should receive such a dramatic exhibition of extraterrestrial aeronautics.  After all, thousands of individuals all over the United States, the world, were having sightings of strange lights and craft in the skies.  Hadn’t I just written a book about flying saucers?  Why shouldn’t I have a dramatic sighting?  Why should I not view absolute proof that such objects were soaring across our skies? I had been hoping to see a flying saucer since I was eleven. 

At the time, it didn’t seem to occur to either one of us what the odds would be that we would be discussing UFOs minutes before they appeared in the night sky and put on a dramatic aerial performance for us.  Neither of us argued that the synchronicity of our discussing the subject of flying saucers and then witnessing an incredible display of numerous “spaceships” performing intricate maneuvers for our personal edification would be akin to the odds of a neophyte zoologist discovering a new species of walrus on his first expedition to the arctic.  We did assume that everyone in Clinton and the Quad Cities had surely witnessed the same incredible show that we had, and we expected that the media would be profuse with people reporting the remarkable sightings. 

There were no reports of UFO sightings in any of the media the next day, but I really didn’t notice for I returned to my research completely convinced that extraterrestrial craft were making themselves at home in our terrestrial environs.   The fact that we believed that we had observed such an incredible exhibition was largely due to an acceptance of the new reality that we were being visited by extraterrestrials and that such aerial displays were being witnessed by men and women all over the globe.

Real Encounters, Different Dimensions, and Paraphysical Beings 

I can still vividly recall that remarkable evening in the summer of 1966 ,and in my own mental Imax theater, I can “see” the UFOs moving across the sky with great clarity.  I know what I saw, and my memory of that experience cannot be shaken. 

However, what I had once believed to be a profound demonstration of the power of Visitors from elsewhere in the universe, I now regard as a manifestation of “Cosmic Cinema in the Sky” projected by beings with their own agenda.  I now consider that UFOs are but a part of a greater, more complex reality, one that brings to mind Edgar Allan Poe’s fancy that “all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”   

After a number of years in the field interviewing hundreds of  UFO experiencers, contactees, and abductees throughout the United States and Canada and corresponding with their counterparts in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and several other European nations, I began to see very familiar patterns emerging:

*Throughout humankind’s recorded history, people have reported seeing bright lights soaring across the skies, as well as flying shields, chariots, and sailing vessels.  Readers of the Bible and the holy books of other religions who are advised to watch for “signs in the skies” have not been disappointed.

*Since the beginning of our species’ search for meaning, gods, angels, and assorted divinities have dutifully appeared to tutor us and to gift us with individual mystical experiences.

*For centuries, we have encountered what appears to be a companion species who is obsessive in its fascination of our sexuality and who is apparently interested in creating a hybrid species.  These Hidden Folk, the Fae, the Fairies, also seem to have a program of substituting their children (changelings) for ours.  The abductee phenomena seems so obviously this ages-old Magic Theater with a new cast and new costumes.

*After years of interviewing contactees, those who claim direct communication from the Space Brothers and Sisters, I became disenchanted with their wisdom when it seemed over and over to repeat the centuries’ old admonitions to be kind to one another and all of life and to cherish and care for the welfare of the planet.  I had heard these bromides years before when I sat listening to spirit mediums relay commentary from their ethereal guides.

*Time after time when someone who had reported sighting a low over flight of a UFO to me, he or she later called me to report that their home had been beset by an invisible or shadowy entity that smashed their furniture and pounded on their walls.  Those encounters sounded more to me like the classic poltergeist, the noisy, racketing, throwing ghost of psychical research rather than an outer space invader who had traveled light years only to molest an earthling’s home.

By the time that I wrote Revelation: The Divine Fire (Prentice-Hall, 1973) and Mysteries of Time and Space  (Prentice-Hall, 1974), I had come to doubt that it was extraterrestrial beings who were involved in what we deem the UFO mystery.  Rather than extraterrestrial miracle workers in our skies, I had come to believe that the entities associated with UFOs were as likely to be our fairy godmothers and godfathers as they were our saviors from outer space.

UFOs--Harbingers of The World’s Greatest Mystery

Today,  Sherry and I refer to UFOs as but one aspect of an ageless enigma, a great mystery.   Today, we offer alternative theories for the UFOnauts multidimensional origin and purpose.  I was wrong in calling them “strangers” in our skies. They quite likely have been here even before we stood upright as a species

In our latest  book, Real Encounters, Different Dimensions and Otherworldy Beings, we present the thesis that the aliens, angels, spirit guides, demons, fairies, elves, and gods or goddesses encountered by receptive percipients may actually be the product of a multidimensional intelligence that masks itself in physical forms that are more acceptable to humans than its true image--if image it has. We choose to define and to name this multidimensional intelligence and its multitude of manifestations as the Other.

The many guises of  the Other exist only a frequency away in the background of the unconscious, waiting for some triggering mechanism to bring it into focus.  The so-called “collective unconscious” of modern psychology is nothing less than a subliminal doorway to that immaterial domain which the physicists are so busily mapping on a different level. Once that “doorway” has been opened, an as yet unknown psychic mechanism activates the unconscious mind, the “higher self,” and summons the Other. Once activated, the Other is able to absorb, reflect, and imitate human intelligence, thereby creating a host of entities that are fashioned by the dramatic by-products of our collective unconscious.  Once the Other draws upon a human’s belief construct, it may produce an independent image that can sustain itself on the vagaries of centuries of legend and myth.

The messages relayed by the images that have been created by the Other are always relevant to the time context of human observers, but the symbolism that it employs is always timeless, archetypal, and instantly recognizable by one level of the percipient's consciousness.  Angels, genies, wee people, devils, and gods, it would seem have been popular in all cultures throughout history.

Many of the messages conveyed by the Other seem upon first examination to contain creative symbolic myths rather than literal truths. We maintain that in addition to mystical and spiritual insights, numerous literal truths have been prompted by the Other and that through the ages, the gods, angels, and alien messengers have provoked humankind into ever higher spirals of intellectual and technological maturity, steadily pulling our species into the future.  Throughout human history, the Other has demonstrated the possibility of air flight, radio communication, television, computers, and a host of technological extensions of our five senses.  

 What answers does the Other offer for humankind in what appear to be very turbulent times ahead?  Will it finally reveal its true identity?  Will it disclose our species true origins? And will it ever tell us why it even bothers with us? 

Seeking the answers to those questions is more than enough to keep us highly motivated to continue working in a constantly evolving field of research that seeks to more  accurately define our past and more carefully shape our future.

Source: UFO Digest


Human Barbie Doll Converting to 'Breatharianism'

Ukranian model Valeria Lukyanova, who lives her life as a 'human Barbie' has revealed she doesn't consume food or water anymore.

Some have said she uses plastic surgery and Photoshop to create her doll-like image, but her impossibly thin waist could actually be down to not eating for weeks.

The model, 23, has said she is now converting to 'Breatharianism' - training herself to live off only light and air.

'In recent weeks I have not been hungry at all; I'm hoping it's the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone,' she has said.

The model and singer's new vice, Breatharianism, is a cult that believes food - and possibly water - are not necessary.

A breatharian is said to be someone who never eats or drinks as they can exist on 'cosmic micro-food', according to the International Business Times.

The practice is criticised as potentially lethal pseudoscience, and several practitioners have reportedly died of starvation. None have submitted themselves for comprehensive medical testing.

With her pinched waist, skeletal arms, enormous coloured contact lenses, thick make-up and vacant expression, Valeria believes she has become a living, breathing Barbie - something she sees as the ultimate embodiment of perfection.

She has courted international controversy by turning herself into a human doll, confessing she wishes to be considered 'the most perfect woman on the internet'. Based on the photos on her social media accounts, Valeria is sporting an increasingly thin frame.

This is not the first time that Valeria declared something unusual.

She has said that she is a spiritual teacher and can speak with aliens through light, she thinks that has the ability to time travel and has had out-of-body experiences.

'In recent weeks I have not been hungry at all; I'm hoping it's the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone'

A VICE filmmaker traveled to Ukraine last summer to meet her. Valeria agreed to a documentary which focused on her spiritual and astral theories, and her views on pre-Earth space.

She revealed she believes she is from another planet - possibly Venus, but she isn't quite sure - but is adamant she isn't human. Valeria revealed has visited a psychiatrist about the voices in her head.

If she isn't from another planet, then she thinks it is possible that she is a time traveler who came to earth to save the world from superficiality and negative energy.

"The aim of my life is to come to this planet to help people to realize that is it necessary to move form the role of the 'human consumer' to the role of 'human demi-god,'" Lukyanova explains in documentary about her life. "Everything is love. Love is God. I am you and you are me."

While she says she has become the object of hatred within some internet communities, away from YouTube and Tumblr, Valeria works in new age opera, while being supported by her construction-working husband who also acts as her manager.

Source: The Daily Mail

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