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The wind of conspiracy blows across a cold, winter land, wilting all hopes and dreams of freedom. The air of suspicion is thick with rumors and innuendo. All of us are suspect. None of us are trusted.  Be careful what you read at the library for they are watching. Be careful what Internet sites you visit because they know your every move.  Social media, texting, cell phones, they monitor all. Anyway, only a terrorist would disagree with such policies.  It is a brave new world for the rich and powerful, but not so hot for the rest of us.  

This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such winter-vortex tales as:

- Navy Knew the USS Reagan Had Been Contaminated By Radiation -
- Edward Snowden's UFO Leak - Photos Used to Spread Disinformation -
The Deadliest Conspiracy Theory -
- Monsters Beneath Our Feet -
AND: Close Encounters of the Totally Germanic Kind - Who Are These Guys, Really?

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Out Of The Darkness: UFO Revelations And The Arrival Of The Mysterious Planet X



Doomsayers have long predicted the end of humankind and the demise of our planet itself, either over an extended period or possibly in the twinkling of an eye. Such predictions go back centuries and – of course – none of these End Times prophecies have come true. It’s gotten to the point where such foreshadowings are being disdainfully ignored, and rightly so. Literally hundreds of books were written about the end-all date of December 21, 2012, and the arrival of the mysterious Planet X – a date that came and went uneventfully and without a ripple in the cosmic fiber. Earth is still here and many an embarrassed author has had to eat crow.

But are we out of the woods? Is Planet X or some other unknown body rushing out of the darkness, capable of blindsiding us without any advance warning? If so, what is the nature of such an unprovoked “attack” and when is it likely to occur?


Here are literally dozens of predictions regarding the future destiny of Earth …The possible mass landing of spaceships from other worlds and other dimensions. The possibility of an evacuation in the “nick of time.” Situated in various countries around the world are highly sensitive earthlings who are able to “tune in” to the wavelengths of these alien beings and actually act as sort of a “radio receiver” in picking up messages that are being “beamed” from beyond our atmosphere. The predictions of such “channelers” are uncannily similar.

If trials and tribulations lay just ahead, how can they be minimized? Is it possible that at least some of us may avoid such disastrous consequence as continents sink beneath the oceans and volcanic eruptions pollute the air? Though there may be a form of universal judgment day coming, our cosmic counselors have provided us with methods to negotiate the situation so that a minimum of us are impacted.


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Navy Knew the USS Reagan Had Been Contaminated By Radiation

A stunning new report indicates the U.S. Navy knew that sailors from the nuclear-powered USS Ronald Reagan took major radiation hits from the Fukushima atomic power plant after its meltdowns and explosions nearly three years ago.

If true, the revelations cast new light on the $1 billion lawsuit filed by the sailors against Tokyo Electric Power. Many of the sailors are already suffering devastating health impacts, but are being stonewalled by Tepco and the Navy.
The Reagan had joined several other U.S. ships in Operation Tomodachi (“Friendship”) to aid victims of the March 11, 2011 quake and tsunami. Photographic evidence and first-person testimony confirms that on March 12, 2011 the ship was within two miles of Fukushima Dai’ichi as the reactors there began to melt and explode.
In the midst of a snow storm, deck hands were enveloped in a warm cloud that came with a metallic taste. Sailors testify that the Reagan’s 5,500-member crew was told over the ship’s intercom to avoid drinking or bathing in desalinized water drawn from a radioactive sea. The huge carrier quickly ceased its humanitarian efforts and sailed 100 miles out to sea, where newly published internal Navy communications confirm it was still taking serious doses of radioactive fallout.

Senior Chief Michael Sebourn, a radiation-decontamination officer assigned to test the aircraft carrier, said that radiation levels measured 300 times higher than what was considered safe at one point. Meanwhile sailors like Lindsay Cooper have contrasted their initial and subsequent feelings upon seeing and tasting metallic “radioactive snow” caused by freezing Pacific air that mixed with radioactive debris.

“We joked about it: ‘Hey, it’s radioactive snow!” Cooper said. “My thyroid is so out of whack that I can lose 60 to 70 pounds in one month and then gain it back the next. My menstrual cycle lasts for six months at a time, and I cannot get pregnant.

“It’s ruined me.”

Cooper said the Reagan has a multimillion-dollar radiation-detection system, but the crew couldn’t get it activated quickly enough.

“And then we couldn’t go anywhere,” she said. “Japan didn’t want us in port, Korea didn’t want us, Guam turned us away. We floated in the water for two and a half months.”
Scores of sailors from the Reagan and other ships stationed nearby now report a wide range of ailments reminiscent of those documented downwind from atomic bomb tests in the Pacific and Nevada, and at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. A similar metallic taste was described by pilots who dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, and by central Pennsylvanians downwind of Three Mile Island. Some parts of the atolls downwind from the South Pacific bomb tests remain uninhabitable six decades later.

At least 81 sailors—many in their 20s—reported radiation sickness and have filed a lawsuit against Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), which operates the Fukushima Daiichi energy plant.

The men and women accuse TEPCO of downplaying the danger of nuclear radiation on the site. The water contaminated the ship’s supply, which led to crew members drinking, washing their bodies and brushing their teeth with contaminated water. Paul Garner, an attorney representing 51 sailors, said at least half of the 80-plus sailors have some form of cancer.

“We’re seeing leukemia, testicular cancer and unremitting gynecological bleeding requiring transfusions and other intervention,” Garner told New York Post.

Among the 81 plaintiffs in the federal class action are a sailor who was pregnant during the mission, and her “Baby A.G.,” born that October with multiple genetic mutations.
Officially, Tepco and the Navy say the dose levels were safe.
But a stunning new report by an American scholar based in Tokyo confirms that Naval officers communicated about what they knew to be the serious irradiation of the Reagan. Written by Kyle Cunningham and published in Japan Focus, “Mobilizing Nuclear Bias” describes the interplay between the U.S. and Japanese governments as Fukushima devolved into disaster.
Cunningham writes that transcribed conversations obtained through the Freedom of Information Act feature naval officials who acknowledge that even while 100 miles away from Fukushima, the Reagan’s readings “compared to just normal background [are] about 30 times what you would detect just on a normal air sample out to sea.”
On the nuclear-powered carrier “all of our continuous monitors alarmed at the same level, at this value. And then we took portable air samples on the flight deck and got the same value,” the transcript says.

Serious fallout was also apparently found on helicopters coming back from relief missions. One unnamed U.S. government expert is quoted in the Japan Focus article as saying:

At 100 meters away it (the helicopter) was reading 4 sieverts per hour. That is an astronomical number and it told me, what that number means to me, a trained person, is there is no water on the reactor cores and they are just melting down, there is nothing containing the release of radioactivity. It is an unmitigated, unshielded number. (Confidential communication, Sept. 17, 2012).

The transcript then contains discussion of health impacts that could come within a matter of “10 hours. It’s a thyroid issue.”

Tepco and the Navy contend the Reagan did not receive a high enough dose to warrant serious concern. But Japan, South Korea and Guam deemed the carrier too radioactive to enter their ports. Stock photographs show sailors working en masse to scrub the ship down.
Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) conduct a counter-measure wash down on the flight deck to remove potential radiation contamination while operating off the coast of Japan providing humanitarian assistance in support of Operation Tomodachi, March 22, 2011. Picture taken March 22, 2011.

The $4.3 billion boat is now docked in San Diego. Critics question whether it belongs there at all. Attempts to decontaminate U.S. ships irradiated during the Pacific nuclear bombs tests from 1946-1963 proved fruitless. Hundreds of sailors were exposed to heavy doses of radiation, but some ships had to be sunk anyway.
Leaks at the Fukushima site continue to worsen. Despite its denials, Tepco recently admitted it had underestimated certain radiation releases by a factor of 500 percent. A new report indicates that particles of radioactive Cesium 134 from Fukushima have been detected in the ocean off the west coast of North America.
Global concerns continue to rise about Fukushima’s on-going crises with liquid leaks, the troubled removal of radioactive fuel rods, the search for three missing melted cores, organized crime influence at the site and much more. The flow of information has been seriously darkened by the pro-nuclear Abe Administration’s State Secrets Act, which imposes major penalties on those who might report what happens at Fukushima.
But if this new evidence holds true, it means that the Navy knew the Ronald Reagan was being plastered with serious radioactive fallout and it casts the accident in a light even more sinister than previously believed.
The stricken sailors are barred from suing the Navy, and their case against Tepco will depend on a series of complex international challenges.
But one thing is certain: neither they nor the global community have been getting anything near the full truth about Fukushima.

Source: Ecowatch


Edward Snowden's UFO Leak - Photos Used to Spread Disinformation

'They have been explained respectively by skeptics as a hub cap thrown in the air, a deflated Mylar balloon and an out-of-focus seagull taking a poo.’
In fact Watson believes the document is really proof of government attempts at mind control and the slides are part of guidelines for spies on how to spread misinformation via the internet.

‘The main evidence for the cover-up of UFO reports and manipulation of UFO beliefs, as revealed by the documents released by Edward Snowden, is contained in a Powerpoint presentation called, The Art Of Deception: Training For A New Generation Of Online Covert Operations.

‘This was produced by the GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters), British secret intelligence agency and features fifty slides related to using the internet for psychological operations (psy-ops).

'It was produced by a unit called the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) for presentations to the US, National Security Agency (NSA) and other agencies.’

Watson believes that governments know that supposed UFOs can be used to control the minds of citizens, so the fact that Snowden leaked these slides could be a big blow to the agencies that use the presentation to train spies.

‘Government agencies are still aware of the power of the belief in UFOs, and that they are willing to use the internet to exploit these beliefs,’ said Watson.

‘Such deception can be used as a means of covering-up more mundane terrestrial activities (like the testing of secret aircraft or military exercises) or to undermine the credibility of ufologists.

‘The overall point of the presentation is to discuss how the internet and modern media can be used to discredit people and to spread deception.

'Unfortunately, there is no explanatory text with the UFO pictures, so we can only speculate about what point they were being used to make.’

Source: The Daily Mail


The Deadliest Conspiracy Theory
by Thomas N. Hackney

For approximately 20 years beginning in 1950, a non-toxic anti-cancer agent called Krebiozen was administered to 10,000 cancer patients throughout the United States by over 2,000 MD's in good standing. The tests were conducted under FDA regulations for experimental drugs. The patients-ranging from children to octogenarians-were almost all "terminal" or "hopeless," having undergone every conventional therapy available, namely surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Response was 70-90% favorable, even in patients who were literally dying. In the latter cases, dramatic relief of pain and cessation of narcotics was almost always noted, including those of Senators Arthur Vandenberg of Michigan and Brien McMahon of Connecticut. Amazingly, a majority of the patients had partial or complete remissions of various cancers of the brain, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas, and colon. Practically all had widely located metastases, meaning that their cancers had spread to other parts of the body.

Almost from the outset of Krebiozen's introduction in the United States, the American Medical Association (AMA) denounced it and everyone associated with it. In March 1951, barely six weeks after Krebiozen's proponents announced the results of the first 21 clinical trials of Krebiozen, the AMA published a study of its own in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) purportedly showing that Krebiozen is useless in treating cancer. Because of the AMA's enormous power and prestige-practically every doctor in the United States belongs to it-oncologists of that era were afraid of reprisal or expulsion if they defended Krebiozen or used it to treat their patients. 
From 1951 to 1964, when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially banned Krebiozen from interstate commerce, a 13-year medical controversy raged in the U.S. House of Representatives, legislative state hearings, public rallies, and scientific literature. Krebiozen was smeared and blocked by the AMA, the American Cancer Society (ACS), and major press, despite fairly massive clinical evidence showing that Krebiozen was far more effective in the treatment of advanced malignant cancer than anything else.

Krebiozen's proponents charged that the medical establishment had engaged in a "conspiracy" against Krebiozen-pretty wild stuff in the 1950s. Who could believe that the respected AMA would see fit to deprive the public of a promising, proven, and non-toxic treatment for cancer? The very idea seemed ridiculous, except for those personally involved with or receiving Krebiozen.  

The whole question of Krebiozen's efficacy is plainly and definitively seen in the historical record, a record the medical establishment probably hopes the world never revisits. Krebiozen's efficacy, coupled with organized medicine's alleged conspiracy against it, are available in the proceedings of the 88th U.S. Congress and Illinois State Legislature, and in at least two major clinical studies directed by a giant in the medical field at the time, Dr. Andrew C. Ivy. A. C. Ivy, PhD, MD 

The chief medical proponent of Krebiozen in the United States was Dr. Andrew C. Ivy, head of Clinical Science and Vice President of the University of Illinois. Ivy was the author or co-author of some 1,500 medical articles, recipient of eleven major research awards and five honorary doctorates. He served as president of the American Physiological Society, chairman of the AMA Section for Physiology and Pathology, director-at-large of the ACS, executive director of the National Advisory Cancer Council, and scientific director of the Naval Medical Research Institute, to name a few. In 1946, the AMA selected him to represent the United States at the Nuremberg medical trials.
But there was something else about Dr. Ivy that made the entire 13-year Krebiozen controversy possible.: he was a bulldog who never surrendered when he believed he was right, no matter how powerful the opposition or difficult the circumstances. At the age of five, so the story goes, a neighbor's goat, notorious for butting any object that moved, cornered him against a stone wall. Andy's older brother, Marko, noticed his little brother's predicament and watched as Andy neatly sidestepped the goat's charge, then counter-attacked. Using his head as a battering ram, the future researcher struck the goat full in the stomach and beat his tiny fists into the soft underbelly, after which the goat shook his head a few times and took off.  

When Andy was 17, he again demonstrated the same symbiosis of courage and original thinking. He was an expert boxer, standing only a little more than 5' 3" and weighing 132 pounds-and yet he had knocked out almost all of the challengers in his Missouri National Guard regiment. Eventually, he rose to challenge the National Guard state champion who stood six feet tall and weighed 185. There were no weight classifications for the championship, so he was allowed to fight the heavyweights. No one believed he had a chance so little money was put up that night. But Andy had studied his opponent's style carefully and before the opening bell strode to his challenger's corner and told him, "You're a sucker for a right jab after a good feint with a left. In the beginning of the second, I'll knock you out!" Before the astonished champion could think of a rejoinder, Andy returned to his corner. The first round saw the usual careful feeling out. By the end of the second round, the c hampion lay inert on the canvas, the victim of the exact maneuver Andy had predicted.

Ivy went on to discover several of the body's hormones, co-authored a classic volume on peptic ulcer, and launched research projects to find better methods of artificial respiration that would lead to the "arm-lift" method. He became a crusader against organized medicine's vicious quota system that attempted to prevent more than a certain number of Jews, Negroes, Italians, and Catholics from becoming doctors. He strongly criticized the book-memorizing, orthodoxy-idealizing, rote type of medical education it espoused, and encouraged medical students to think and question what they were being taught. Such attitudes had gained him many enemies, but professional enemies never bothered him, as we will soon see.

At 59, Ivy was introduced to Dr. Stevan Durovic and his anti-cancer agent.

Hypothesis and Discovery

Dr. Stevan Durovic discovered Krebiozen in Argentina in 1948, his basic hypothesis being that every living cell contains a regulator of its proliferative activity. He called his blood-derived substance Krebiozen (from the Greek: "that which regulates growth"), which he believed controls the permeability or enzyme systems of the cell, so that in its absence or deficiency, anaerobic oxidation and acidity of the cells is increased and uncontrolled growth occurs. His theory further postulated that Krebiozen is present in every healthy multi-cell organism, but not in sufficient quantities to overcome a heavy invasion of cancer cells proliferating wildly and overwhelming the regulatory agent (Krebiozen) as well as other immunological factors. In such cases, administering Krebiozen bolsters one's own supply of Krebiozen, causing cells in the early stages of malignancy to normalize and those in advanced stages to be killed or damaged.

Durovic had become fascinated by the mystery of cancer during his medical school days at the University of Belgrade. The young researcher wondered if the unique rapid growth properties of molds might apply somehow to the rapid growth of cancer.  In 1933, at the famed Louis Pasteur Institute in Paris, he had studied the molds from which penicillin had been derived by Dr. Alexander Fleming in 1929. As would be true for Krebiozen, the medical establishment refused to pick up on penicillin until the need for it during World War II was overwhelming.

Durovic didn't subscribe to the politically correct, defeatist notion that a cure for cancer was basically impossible because it was actually so many "different" diseases and that all medical science could (or would) ever do was improve upon surgery and cutting and burning by means of X-ray, radium, and chemotherapy.  But Durovic was sure that a defense mechanism was in the body, specifically evolved to regulate the growth of cells and fight off cancers.  Even the most conservative doctors of the time knew about those 1 in 100,000 cases when a cancer suddenly and for no apparent reason just faded away, what the medical fraternity calls spontaneous remission.

When the Nazis attacked his Yugoslavian homeland in 1939, Durovic joined the Royal Yugoslav Army as a medical captain and was taken prisoner, launguishing for 18 months in a prisoner-of-war camp in Italy, dreaming up experiments to find the body mechanism that occasionally, if rarely, comes to a cancer sufferer's rescue.  Durovic's first cousin Helena was married to former King Vittorio Emmanuel of Italy and so was able to arrange an audience with Pope Pius XII, who agreed to intercede with the Italian authorities to have Durovic released. He and his brother Marko were thus able to emigrate to the neutral country of their choice. The United States had just declared war on Japan following Pearl Harbor, so the brothers chose neutral Argentina, where Durovic set up a research laboratory and within eight years had isolated the substance he called Krebiozen. 

Bogus Science

The primary reason Krebiozen was immediately blacklisted had to do with the greed of a few men and the power of one of these men. Under oath, five people alleged that the AMA's treasurer, Dr. J.J. Moore, had communicated to the Durovics through proxies that unless distribution rights to Krebiozen were sold to two Chicago businessmen with whom Dr. Moore was associated, he would wreck Krebiozen and everyone involved with it. The Durovics refused J.J.'s ultimatum/deal, so Dr. Moore caused the damning AMA "Status Report" on Krebiozen to be published in the AMA Journal in 1951.  

According to the "study," of the 100 cancer patients tested with Krebiozen, "ninety-eight failed to show objective evidence of improvement." Taken at face value, the finding was devastating-except for the fact that 73 of the patients selected for the study were so close to death that they were able to receive an average of only three injections of Krebiozen before expiring. Ivy's experience with the drug had shown that 40 doses of Krebiozen (.01 mg) were enough to treat 20 patients for 72 hours. Most of the patients of his colleagues had received an average of 80 doses, and some were still getting them.
In some cases, Krebiozen revived patients who were unconscious and in their last hours of life, but it is hardly to be expected that many would rise from their deathbeds and emerge cancer-free. Yet this was the test to which the AMA committee subjected Krebiozen for the "status report"! Moribund patients are not proper or valid cancer research subjects, the main reason being that there is a point at which the cancer destroys vital organs and leaves the body nothing with which to stage a comeback, even if every cancer cell is destroyed.

These and other revelations were disclosed at the Krebiozen Hearings in 1953 by the Illinois state legislature committee tasked with determining whether a conspiracy existed against Krebiozen. It was revealed that the clinical data in the AMA report on 24 of the patients (24%)-patients of a Dr. William Phillips, a colleague of Dr. Ivy's, not those of the 34-year-old doctor selected by the AMA to conduct part of the study-were faked. The AMA doctor's contribution to the status report was summed up as follows: "In no single case has complete or partial inhibition of the cancerous growth been demonstrated." That the young researcher had never seen these patients nor administered Krebiozen to any of them did not concern the AMA; it accepted his faked data without Dr. Phillips' knowledge or signature. If the AMA had sought Dr. Phillips' corroboration, it might have been disappointed to learn that the actual improvement measured by X-ray-actual measurements of  tumors, and other determinants-had occurred in 18 of the 24 cases!
Further proof of the bogus nature of the AMA report came to light at the Krebiozen hearings when it was learned that 20 of the original 100 "hopeless" AMA test patients were actually still alive and doing quite well, with nothing but their Krebiozen treatments to account for it. Also revealed was that the AMA committee responsible for the report had scrupulously ignored all of the 140 Krebiozen-treated patients whose cases were submitted to it in summer 1951 by 140 Ivy-organized physicians from all over the country. That study showed that 70 percent of the patients-not 7 percent-were subjectively improved (i.e. improved feeling tone, increased mobility, etc.), while 50 percent-not 2 percent-were objectively improved (i.e. exhibited reduced tumor sizes).  

Enter Commodore Barreira

Further proof of a conspiracy against Krebiozen came from Alberto Carlos Barreira: businessman, landowner, Cabinet Minister and Undersecretary of Aviation for the Republic of Argentina. Well recognized in diplomatic and military circles in the United States, he was one of the best known and liked public figures in Argentina. The Commodore had endowed his Air Force with jet aircraft at a time when most South American countries were operating old World War II propeller-driven planes and had written several authoritative books on aviation and received numerous military honors from many countries.

Barreira had befriended the Durovic brothers when they resided in Argentina and had introduced them to influential people, including General Peron himself. When the Durovic's left for the United States, Barreira handled the affairs of their laboratory for a time. He was greatly cheered by early reports from North America that Krebiozen was proving effective in the treatment of cancer, but he was certainly puzzled when subsequent newspaper and radio stories began to denounce Krebiozen as a fraud. Without informing the Durovics, the blond, blue-eyed Air Force chief paid a call on AMA headquarters in Chicago. He asked Dr. Paul Wermer, compiler of the AMA Status Report: "Is Krebiozen good or bad? Is it what Dr. Ivy thinks? Seemingly beneficial? Or is it without value, as your article states?"

Dr Wermer replied, "Really, I can't say, but why don't you talk to Dr. J.J. Moore about it? He has most of the information on that subject." Thinking it odd that the assembler of the AMA's negative report on Krebiozen should have no definite opinion on the subject, he arranged to meet the AMA Treasurer in his office, as advised. He had a plan.

After a few pleasantries, Barreira told Dr. Moore that he was happy to learn that the AMA had finally caught up with the Durovic's, as they had treated him rather shabbily in the past. (Actually, the Commodore was one of their best friends.) Stevan had given invaluable medical assistance to his wife who had suffered from an incurable kidney disease and extended her life years beyond what other doctors thought possible. After achieving an entente cordiale with the crafty treasurer, Barreira then told him that he was in possession of certain papers very compromising to the Durovic's. Moore was very interested.

Feigning an alliance with "J.J.," Barreira worked out the details of a scheme of action. Basically, he would provide his incriminating papers (then in Argentina, he told Dr. Moore), while Dr. Moore would continue to harass Durovic and Ivy and publish (or have published) additional unfavorable articles on Krebiozen. After the Durovics were brought to their knees, Barreira and "J.J." would share the proceeds, given that distribution rights to Krebiozen would be worth millions. (The Lilly Company had already offered $2 million for the rights*.) They would work out the exact division with their business partners, Ed Moore and Ken Brainard. Dr. Moore would meet with some of his associates in Argentina and together they would work out details of their "project."

The meeting with Dr. Moore in Argentina went as planned. Sworn affadavits concerning numerous phone conversations (all secretly recorded) and other meetings were brought brilliantly to bear on the Krebiozen Hearings, revealing an attempt by the AMA Treasurer to wrest control of Krebiozen away from its discoverer. It was also clear that Moore believed Krebiozen was indeed very beneficial, and that the AMA's condemnation of it was nothing more than pressure to force the Durovic's to sell their distriibution rights. The machinations and arm-twisting measures employed by the AMA Treasurer to bring this about were extraordinary, and were revealed in detail by Commodore Barreira at the hearings.

A few of Dr. Moore's phone-recorded statements and assertions stood out. For example: "It has never been seen that the discoverer of a medicine obtains benefits from it; the scientist discovers and the companies derive the benefits, if they exist; otherwise they are formed specially for that."

In another instance, Barreira tells Dr. Moore that he was only interested in the money, to which the treasurer replied: "We are all interested just in the money, and we have to meet together in order to find the way to obtain it, lots of it, and soon." 

At another meeting, Barreira asks Dr. Moore: "Leaving business aside, it would be interesting to know your sincere opinion about Krebiozen." Dr. Moore replied, "There is no doubt that Krebiozen is good; it removes the pain and improves the condition of the patients during the first five or six months; in some cases the patient dies, in others the improvement continues."  The admission stood to reason, after all. Why else would Moore and his associates have been so keen to obtain business control of the substance?


Although Dr. Moore was not convicted of any crime by the Illinois commission, his reputation was perhaps impugned sufficiently to prevent his continued tenure as the AMA treasurer.  One might have thought that such revelations would have put an end to the official disapprobation of Krebiozen, but this is unfortunately not how big power works. To admit that Krebiozen was in fact everything its proponents were saying would have reflected rather badly on the AMA, and this could never do. Powerful institutions rarely admit they are wrong, even when found to be wrong; instead, they circle the wagons and harden their position. Consequently, the attacks on Durovic, Ivy, and Krebiozen were doubled.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) and National Research Council conducted their own studies of Krebiozen only to reach the same conclusion as the AMA. The Council requested supplies of Krebiozen to conduct its study, but only the first 40 ampules were accepted from Dr. Ivy, enough to treat 20 patients for 72 hours. Although he offered to send additional supplies of Krebiozen, the drug requisitioning forms were never returned by the Council, so only the initial 40 ampules were ever made available. After several weeks, the Council announced that its opinion agreed with the AMA status report and was based upon "some cases"-the same fraudulent cases cited in the AMA study. The Council's report was published in the AMA Journal as an "independent" scientifically conducted test.

Most clinics were appalled by the publicity surrounding Krebiozen, but two of the best agreed to undertake a long-term experiment with Krebiozen. The Lankenau Institute for Cancer Research in Philadelphia essentially reported the same findings as Ivy: Krebiozen was effective in "hopeless" cancer patients in about the same ratio as that of Dr. Ivy's group of 200 physicians. Lankenau treated about 40 "hopeless" patients and totally disregarded "subjective" data, meaning they counted only reduction or disappearance of the cancers or their metastases, which is to say destruction of cancer cells as proven under a microscope. In its conclusions, the Institute wrote:

"On biopsy of several of the cases we have seen what we believe to be unmistakable evidence of oncolytic change histologically [cancer destruction microscopically] which coincides with the changes seen clinically. In a few instances we have seen complete disappearance clinically of metastatic lesions."

[Definite objective improvement was observed on 18 of the 40 patients, or 45 percent objective benefit, which paralleled the Ivy findings of 50 percent.]

The second clinic treated 30 "hopeless" patients with Krebiozen, considering both "subjective" and "objective" data. Its report included the following careful remarks: 

"I do not feel that the improvement [following Krebiozen therapy] is due to the natural course of the disease because improvement is not the natural course in a patient with widespread bone metastasis.... [One patient] received no other medication. The pain was reduced, her appetite improved and she gained weight. Several internists observed the blood changes. The patient was out of bed and walking without difficulty on June 29 [two months after administration of Krebiozen]. It has been demonstrated that Krebiozen can raise the hemoglobin and erythrocyte count. It is therefore reasonable that Krebiozen can give symptomatic improvement."

The Big Lie gets bigger

In July 1964, in association with 15 other U.S. Senators, Paul H. Douglas (D-IL) introduced a resolution directing the NCI to "undertake immediately a fair, impartial, and controlled test" of Krebiozen. The FDA and NCI replied with an extraordinary series of moves beginning with a press release dated September 7, 1964. A joint conference of the FDA and NCI was convened on the 25th and 26th, branding Krebiozen as a "hoax" and "quackery" and threatening Drs. Durovic and Ivy with criminal prosecution by the FDA. The threat was based on a spectrographic identification alleging to prove that Krebiozen was nothing more than the common body substance creatine. The NCI, for its part, said it had conducted extensive field investigations into Krebiozen cases, but would not allow anyone to look at its data or findings. The Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) refused to permit Dr. Ivy or anyone else to appear before the anonymous grey eminences ("experts") called  upon to appraise the same data.

The FDA's spectrographic identification was lavishly published in Life magazine in "Answer on Krebiozen: It's Useless-Government Identifies Embattled Pair's Cancer Cure." The entire 13-year medical controversy was now distilled down to a human interest story about the "sharp-eyed" 20-year old chemistry student who happened upon the "true" identity of Krebiozen by comparing its spectrograph with that of creatine.

But like everything else put out about Krebiozen by official medicine over the previous 13 years, the identification was completely false. In response to the FDA-generated publicity, the pro-Krebiozen senators, now numbering 41, engaged two independent chemical laboratories to determine whether Krebiozen and creatine were the same. Sen. Douglas summed up the results as follows:

"First, the so-called identical 'fingerprints' are not identical, but there are significant differences throughout at least half the span of the spectrum. Second, chemical analysis demonstrates that Krebiozen is not creatine. Third, the difference in color demonstrates that Krebiozen is not creatine. Creatine is pure white or colorless to the naked eye. It does not fluoresce under ultra-violet light. But Krebiozen is tan to the naked eye and fluoresces under ultra-violet light. Fourth, Krebiozen contains at least six sugars and nine acids not in creatine..."

Other Senate-appointed experts determined that the FDA had not squarely overlaid the spectrograph over the one of creatine, but had deliberately dropped the creatine graph down about 7-1/2 percentage points below the Krebiozen graph so that the differences between the two substances would appear minimal. They also pointed out that most of the important antibodies found in blood cannot be seen, much less properly analyzed by a spectrograph. The typical Krebiozen dose administered to patients at one time was .01 mg, or 1/100,000th of a gram! This was accomplished by dissolving the active ingredient (Krebiozen) in #1 light mineral oil.

Although the FDA tactic had clearly been designed to convince an unsophisticated lay public that Krebiozen was creatine, the differences between the two chemicals were large enough to drive a truck through. This, however, did nothing to reverse the FDA's charge.  It responded in typical arrogant fashion: "A different interpretation of the infrared spectrogram by your chemists alter in no way the conclusions reached by FDA scientists and non-government consultants [like the 20-year-old student!]... [The independent findings] will not affect the results of the FDA analyses, which are themselves scientifically unimpeachable."

One of Dr. Ivy's main goals for Krebiozen was that it simply receive a double-blind, strictly controlled test by agencies like the NCI, the ACS, and/or the AMA. However, every conceivable device was employed to avoid such tests. The Big Lie has triumphed to the present day, and hardly anyone even knows the word Krebiozen.

Recent cancer research has focused on the body's own natural defense against cancer. Ironically, Krebiozen is almost certainly one of the substances researchers are so feverishly searching for. No other immunological growth regulator has yet been found that incorporates the safe, non-toxic, easy to administer effective qualities of Krebiozen. It is also relatively inexpensive to produce and would be easily affordable. Because it is both cheap to produce and natural (and therefore unpatentable), major pharmaceutical houses have not shown themselves very enthusiastic about Krebiozen.

As a 20-year member of Herbert Bailey's non-profit group "Man's Frontiers," your author in the 1990s contacted dozens of pharmaceutical companies throughout the world about Krebiozen, only to receive various excuses for not being able to take on the project. The old burning, irradiating and chemo-therapeutic methods appear to be, well, lucrative enough. 

A complete history of the conspiracy around Krebiozen can be found in two of Herbert Bailey's books, Krebiozen: Key to Cancer? (Hermitage, 1955) and A Matter of Life or Death (G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1958).  A 96-page monograph by Andrew Ivy called "Observations on Krebiozen in the Management of Cancer" was published in 1956 by the non-medical Chicago publisher, Henry Regnery Company. That no medical publisher would touch the work of one of the most eminent medical researchers in the country is testament to the extraordinary power of the AMA and its ability to put the fear on you. These works, along with the proceedings and debates of the 88th Congressional Record, were the primary sources for this article.

Fast Forward

In the summer of 1991, your author received a package at his NYC stock brokerage office from Herbert Bailey, a long-time friend and associate. It was a kind of call to arms containing documentation, some amazing news, and a plan. In the cover letter he wrote, "I am writing this letter only to those who are familiar with my books and Dr. Ivy's monograph and scores of other research papers on Krebiozen."

The news Herb revealed was two-fold. Sadly, Stevan Durovic-the great, albeit unknown, researcher-had died in Europe, with the world none the wiser. The second news item was a letter he had received from a 90-year-old doctor turned Krebiozen researcher, reporting that he had "completely reversed the AIDS infection of a popular performer" (name undisclosed) using Krebiozen. Wow, that was some news, though not entirely unexpected, since Krebiozen had always been theorized to be the universal immunological cell growth regulator.   

The plan was to raise funds to produce a new batch of Krebiozen, since with Dr. Alexander's off-shore experiment, all remaining ampules had been depleted. Both a well equipped laboratory and horse farm were needed for the project, two items that don't come easily or cheaply. Add to this the technical and scientific expertise to produce and isolate the natural substance.  These essential requirements never materialized.

Of course, the entire project would have needed to take place both in secret and off-shore, because if word of the project ever reached the F.D.A., there would be a FDA SWAT  team at the door in a heartbeat.  Many a promising drug has been shut down and shelved this way.  Indeed, the FDA's main role these days seems to be to bar and prevent any small-fry threat to the monopoly enjoyed by orthodox allopathic medicine and the drug companies that dominate the health field. So if the answer to a disease happens to be relative ly simple, natural (unpatentable), or non-toxic, it is easily blocked with regulations, protocols, and all the expensive hoops. These cost drug companies hundreds of milions of dollars, which not only makes it impossible for small drug companies to exist, but causes many of the drugs that win through the process to be ridiculously expensive.    

Among the very first observations on krebiozen made in the late 1940s were those reported by a vetinerary clinic in Argentina. In addition to destroying cancer cells in old cancerous dogs, it completely cleared their cataracts, as well.

The final chapter of the Krebiozen story is yet to be written.


NASA Search Fails to Find 'Planet X'

NASA's Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) searched through hundreds of millions of objects across our sky but was unable to find any evidence of the hypothesized celestial body in our solar system commonly dubbed "Planet X."

Researchers previously had theorized about the existence of this large, but unseen celestial body, suspected to lie somewhere beyond the orbit of Pluto.

In addition to 'Planet X,' the body had garnered other nicknames, including 'Nemesis' and 'Tyche.'

'The outer solar system probably does not contain a large gas giant planet, or a small, companion star,' said Kevin Luhman of the Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds at Penn State University, University Park, Pa., author of a paper in the Astrophysical Journal describing the results.
However, the team admit their research was not wasted - and say they found several thousand new residents in our sun's 'backyard,' consisting of stars and cool bodies called brown dwarfs.

'Neighboring star systems that have been hiding in plain sight just jump out in the WISE data,' said Ned Wright of the University of California, Los Angeles, the principal investigator of the mission.

The second WISE study, which concentrated on objects beyond our solar system, found 3,525 stars and brown dwarfs within 500 light-years of our sun.

'We're finding objects that were totally overlooked before,' said Davy Kirkpatrick of NASA's Infrared and Processing Analysis Center at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, Calif. Kirkpatrick is lead author of the second paper, also in the Astrophysical Journal.

Some of these 3,525 objects also were found in the Luhman study, which catalogued 762 objects.

Despite the large number of new solar neighbors found by WISE, "Planet X" did not show up.

Previous speculations about this hypothesized body stemmed in part from geological studies that suggested a regular timing associated with mass extinctions on Earth.

The idea was that a large planet or small star hidden in the farthest reaches of our solar system might periodically sweep through bands of outer comets, sending them flying toward our planet.

The Planet X-based mass extinction theories were largely ruled out even prior to the new WISE study.

Other theories based on irregular comet orbits had also postulated a Planet X-type body. The new WISE study now argues against these theories as well.

Both of the WISE searches were able to find objects the other missed, suggesting many other celestial bodies likely await discovery in the WISE data.

'We think there are even more stars out there left to find with WISE.

'We don't know our own sun's backyard as well as you might think,' said Wright.

WISE was put into hibernation upon completing its primary mission in 2011.

In September 2013, it was reactivated, renamed NEOWISE and assigned a new mission to assist NASA's efforts to identify the population of potentially hazardous near-Earth objects.

NEOWISE will also characterize previously known asteroids and comets to better understand their sizes and compositions.

Source: Zee News


Triangle UFOs Fly In The Face Of Logic
By Lee Speigel

Whatever happened to good old circular flying saucers? While accounts of them continue to show up in police reports, newspapers, YouTube, etc., it seems like these days, there are more and more sightings and videos of triangular UFOs -- V-shaped, Dorito-shaped unidentified objects.

The earliest known reports of these unusual triangles can be traced to the Dutch East Indies in the late 1890s, around 10 years prior to the Wright Brothers' first powered airplane flight in 1903. Triangle UFOs were also reported from Scotland and England in 1895.

So who or what was behind the controls of these large, silent, black objects? And who, indeed, is still piloting them today?

"One of the most unusual characteristics of these things is their ability to seemingly divide from one triangle into two, or for these triangles to come together and merge into one. There are a number of reports of that. Coupled with it is the ability for these things to morph or change shape right before the witnesses' eyes," says David Marler, pictured below, who has investigated the history of triangle UFOs for over 20 years.

Marler, author of "Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation" (Richard Dolan Press) is featured in the "Close Encounters" episodes of Science Channel's "Are We Alone?" series.

What initiated Marler's research was a wave of triangle UFOs in 1990 that occurred in Belgium, where military authorities publicly confirmed the sightings and endorsed the fact that strange vehicles were operating in their skies -- extremely similar to flying triangles seen by many police officers in southern Illinois in 2000.

"The similarities were uncanny, both in the way they described the objects as well as how the objects flew," Marler told The Huffington Post. "In southern Illinois, we had neighboring municipalities and towns where law enforcement were in touch with each other, and that mirrored sightings by gendarmes in Belgium [10 years earlier] who were in radio contact and letting neighboring officers know that it was heading in their direction."

Marler notes in his book and his recent presentation at the International UFO Congress in Arizona that the Belgium and Illinois encounters were also identical to those seen by many law enforcement officials -- including this writer back in 1975 -- in Lumberton, N.C.

According to Marler's research, the multiple witness, Lumberton, N.C., UFO wave was the first concentrated, well-documented event of triangular UFOs.

And then there was the famous case of the Phoenix Lights, which took place on the night of March 13, 1997.

Crowds of people reported a gigantic, silent craft moving in the skies around Phoenix before taking off silently at a blazing speed. Among the witnesses were police officers, pilots, military personnel and -- the public found out 10 years after the fact -- Arizona Gov. Fife Symington.

When news of the boomerang-shaped UFO came on television, Symington decided to get into his car and check it out for himself.

"I was expecting to see something in the distance, but was awestruck when this thing went overhead. It was moving steadily and quietly," Symington told The Huffington Post in 2011.

Ten years went by before Symington confessed his own 1997 close encounter.

"I was confronted by good citizens who were really upset with me, and I didn't realize the depth of their anger. It just really bothered my conscience, so I felt I really needed to square with the truth and that's what I did.

"I think, if you hold a high public office, that the minute you start talking about UFOs or extraterrestrials or anything of that nature, the media immediately tees off and ridicules it. I often refer to the media culture in our country as the culture of ridicule.

"So, everybody reaches for their ridicule gun first before they seriously address the issue when it comes to the matter of UFOs. If you're an elected official, you really need to be careful about what you say, because the media can just totally destroy your credibility."

With so many reports of triangle UFOs going back to the 1950s, Marler wonders if military experimental aircraft can account for all of these sightings.

"We have worldwide reports by, not just civilians, but law enforcement and key military people in the Danish, Belgian and Chilean air forces. At some point, you have to step back and state that there's a consistency in the reports, and they're not just military. What they are, I don't know.

"The historical argument clearly demonstrates this is not something man-made."

Source: Huffington Press


Monsters Beneath Our Feet
By Nick Redfern

Over the years, I have collected a number of very weird stories on one particular subject that doesn’t necessarily always get the coverage it deserves – regardless of whether the subject actually has any merit to it or not! It’s the issue of strange, humanoid creatures living deep below the UK, whether in caverns, caves, huge tunnels, and/or old and disused mines. And we’re talking about the modern era: the 20th and 21st centuries.

Yeah, I know: it sounds like something straight out of H.P. Lovecraft. And, perhaps, that’s all it is. The fact is, however, there are more than a few stories out there that suggest – just maybe – there is something to the controversy. And I stress the maybe! We only have to look at the phenomenal interest that the claims of Richard Shaver still provoke to this day, to recognize that the Human Race has a fascination for secrets and tales of the underground kind.

Indeed, it’s almost as if each and every one of us possesses a kind of vague, inherited memory of times long gone when the under-dwellers were all-too-real, and not just perceived as the stuff of legend and folklore. That may also be the reason why Mac Tonnies’ book, The Cryptoterrestrials caught the attention of so many people when it was published back in 2010.

As for the stories I have personally come across, well, they are a strange bunch, to be sure. And here are just three of what amounts to around thirty or thereabouts.

Before his passing in 2007, Frank Wiley, who spent his entire working life in the British Police Force, told me a bizarre and unsettling tale of his personal memories and investigations of a number of very weird killings on the London Underground, always late at night, in a particular period of time that covered 1967 to 1969. The killings, Wiley said, occurred on at least three stations, and were hushed up by the police, under the guise of being the unfortunate results of particularly vicious, late night muggings.

In reality, Wiley explained, the muggings were nothing of the sort at all. They were far, far more horrific in nature. There were, he recalled, seven such deaths during the time period that he was assigned to the investigations. As for the particular cases of which Wiley did have personal awareness, he said the modus-operandi was always exactly the same.

The bodies of the people – a couple of who were commuters and the rest hobos simply looking for shelter on cold, windswept nights – were found, always after at least 10.00 p.m., a significant distance into the tunnels, with arms and/or legs viciously amputated – or possibly even gnawed off. Stomachs were ripped open, innards were torn out, and throats were violently slashed.

A definitive man-eater – or worse still, a whole group of man-eaters – was seemingly prowling around the most shadowy corners of London’s dark underworld after sunset. And it, or they, had only one cold and lethal goal: To seek out fresh flesh with which to nourish their ever-hungry bellies. Wiley’s theory: the killers were nothing less than devolved humans that dwelled in the lower levels of the old tunnels.

It was a great story, except for one thing: it paralleled (to a very suspicious degree) the plotline of a British horror movie made in 1972 and called Death Line. It starred Donald Pleasance and was released in the United States as Raw Meat.

The biggest problem of all is that Wiley didn’t tell his tale until decades after Death Line was released. I often think about Wiley’s claims, and the possibility that something savage lurks deep under London. In a strange and kind of exciting way, I hope it’s true. Without any kind of back-up, however, it remains unresolved and extremely controversial. Moving on…

In 2007, the now-defunct Staffordshire, England, newspaper, the Chase Post, stated: “A tribe of subterranean creatures who surface on Cannock Chase to hunt for food could be behind a rash of ‘werewolf’ and Bigfoot sightings near Stafford. And the mysterious beings could also be responsible for a string of pet disappearances, it has been claimed.”

Newspaper staff continued: “Theories behind the sightings range from a crazed tramp to aliens. But now another paranormal expert has put forward the theory the sub-human beast is not a werewolf at all – but a Stone Age throwback. The investigator, who wishes to remain anonymous, told us: ‘Strange sightings in this area have been made over many years by civilians, military, police, ex-police and scout leaders on patrol. Some incidents have been reported and logged but others not: some people don’t want to be classed as mad.’”

The Chase Post elaborated further: “The strangest rumor has come from a senior local resident who believes the mysterious intruders to be subterranean. He told us: ‘The creatures have made their way to the surface via old earthworks to hunt, for example, local deer.’”

And, on the surface (no pun intended!), the far-fetched tale could have easily been dismissed. However, the Post’s source added: “It’s a fact that there has been significant mining activity under Cannock Chase for centuries.”

That there are extensive old mines below Cannock Chase is absolutely true. But, strange, monstrous beasts living within them? Like the Chase Post, I have heard of such stories, but, so far, they remain exactly that: stories.

I have left until last a bizarre tale, one to which I was exposed in 1997. It involved an anonymously-mailed photo which, in reality (I was soon able to determine), is just a life-sized model that can be found in a certain, famous series of caves in England, and which is meant to offer a bit of “sword and sorcery”-style entertainment for those who visit the caves in question.

But what was interesting was the intricately woven tale that accompanied the picture when it was posted to me. I forget the precise details now, but it all revolved around the claim that intelligent, sword-wielding, dwarfish man-beasts were roaming the many and varied caves that exist deep below the British Isles. The letter ran to two or three pages and was a highly entertaining piece of horrific hokum written in a definitively atmospheric style, and not unlike that of the previously mentioned H.P. Lovecraft.

As I mentioned earlier, I have around thirty such accounts on record – all fascinating, all extremely thought-provoking, but none of which – so far – can be said to prove anything definitively. Unless, that is, you know better…

Source: Mysterious Universe


Close Encounters of the Totally Germanic Kind - Who Are These Guys, Really?
By Olav Phillips

If there is one question I always, and I mean always, get asked at parties is "Are Aliens Real?"  My usual snap response to this question is   to discuss the the Drake Equation and to talk about how lonely and cold the universe would be without other things out there.  They might have four legs and antenna and breathe methane but my answer is always math tells us that aliens are inevitable. 

The next part of the question is usually something to the effect of "But you're a UFO Nut, don't you think those are alien ships?" And that is a very interesting question.

My personal journey into the murky realms of Ufology started a very long time ago.  I must have been about nine years old, and I was laying in bed reading as was my past time before bed.  A practice I still perform as much as is humanly possible and a practice I advocate for all thinking beings.

I don't remember particularly what I was reading but it was probably a pulpy science fiction book, as was my choice for evening reading, when I looked up and saw a massive white light hovering gently, and slightly swaying, in front of my second floor window.  It was particularly bright, but it did scare me pretty badly.  So with a nine year old mind I thought, as do many, if I ignore it this thing will go away and I can proceed merrily along to go to bed.  It did not.  I hid under my blankets but it persisted, just sitting there gently swaying.

I finally got up the courage to get up and run, and I mean run, to the next room where my parents were sleeping.  I burst into their room waking them up.  In a trembling voice I said "Dad, you were in the Air Force right.  You've seen a lot of planes right?" To which he calming responded "Yes I have."  At which point I explained I had something best described at "funky" sitting outside my window.  So he said lets go take a look.  Holding my trembling hand we went across the hall to my room, and it was gone.  I did my best to explain that I had really seen something and even today I have no doubt he believed me, but it was gone and unidentified.  He said it must have been a UFO, a term I was not that aware of.

The next day at school I found my way to our school library and proceeded to checkout every book on the subject, and surprisingly we had some which has always struck me as odd.

For the next two weeks I regaled myself of the likes of Vallee, Adamski, Menger, Leslie and Ruppelt as I searched for an explanation to what I saw that night.  The one that made the most sense at that moment was "Ball Lighting" which while rare did possess the elements of what I saw or maybe it was a spot light?  I'll never know for sure, but that started the journey.

At that time must of what was available to me in the public library system was the notables which I listed above.  Much of the hard core research I was to have access to would come much later. But the preponderance of what I could find was of the contactee variety and even then something struck me as strange.  Never to be swayed I believed all UFOs were piloted by little green men.

As time went on and I became older I started to realize this might not actually be the base.  I started to find tales of military abductions where forms of mind control.  I started to understand deep black projects and the relative importance of the DARPA programs and slowly my belief in the total alien explanation died away.

 But one thing always perplexed me and it still does to this day and then I remembered something I had read about the Betty and Barney Hill case that crystallized in my mind.  I started to question what we were actually seeing up there.

Enough history, get to it…

Ok so here we go.

In much of the contactee writings of the 1950's as well as later work involving contactee style visitations there is a predilection for Venusians and "Nordics" as a source for the visitations.

So I know what Venus is but what on earth is a "Nordic?"

The Wikipedia describes Nordics in this way:

"Nordic aliens are said by self-described contactees and some UFOlogists to be a group of humanoid extraterrestrials who resemble European racial images, or more specifically Nordic-Scandinavians.
Nordics are typically described as six to seven feet tall with long blond hair and blue eyes, and are commonly reported as being male. Their skin is said to range from fair colored to tanned, they are reported to be in excellent physical shape, and they are sometimes described as wearing skintight clothing. During the 1950s, many contactees, especially those in Europe, reported beings fitting this description. Such claims became relatively less common in subsequent decades, as the grey alien supplanted the Nordic in most accounts of extraterrestrial encounters, but Nordic aliens are still occasionally reported. Some sources, such as UFO Contact Center International, refer to Nordic-type aliens as Pleiadians, referring to the Pleiades star cluster."
So effectively Nordics are seen as the blond haired and blue eyed aliens from Venus or the Pleiades.  A description some psychologists have seen as a way of articulating our inherent racially biased fears manifest through alien visitation. 

But what if, just for the sake of argument, the contactees really did meet Nordic looking individuals who claimed not to be aliens but simply from somewhere else, like Venus, and the came across the vastness of space in a flying saucer.  Who else could they be?

There is a small element of the Betty and Barney Hill case which is often glossed over, which may give us some gateway to the true identity of these "Nordic" aliens.  During hypnotic regression Barney Hill , Barney made the observation that the aliens looked like Nazi's and moved with a Nazi like precision.  He also claimed they were dressed in shinny black uniforms with peaked caps, which is very reminiscent of the uniform of the SS. He had also reported hearing them speak something,  which sounded like German.

So is it possible the Hill's were picked up by a UFO staffed by a German crew?  It would appear to be very plausible, but that isn't the half of it.

During the early regressions he also pointed out the presence of a red headed Irishman, not very alien if you ask me but this also points out another element to this story which is generally lost to time. Notably during the early part of World War Two Ireland, apparently where this gentleman hailed from, was neutral but the country did have a large population of very much pro-Nazi or at a minimum Nazi sympathizers in its government as well as active in the IRA.  In fact many of the senior members of the IRA including Sean Russell who went to Berlin to specifically be trained by the Germans in the use of German military equipment.

It is also not widely reported that during the Spanish Civil War the IRA sent two units to aid the fascists. Both the Irish Brigade and Irish Contingent of the International Brigades fought on the fascist side of that bloody conflict.  So it is not necessarily surprising that there would be individuals who were ethnically Irish on board especially if they were high ranking sympathizers.  

It should also be pointed out that this element of the Hill abduction is also not widely reported, and seems to be lost to the mists of time.

One other interesting element of that much of what we know about the source of the vessel comes from a map which Betty Hill had seen and memorized.  Later drawing the map, which was investigated by Marjorie Fish seems to indicate their home as being Zeta Reticuli.  The main issue here is that if the map was indeed seen, and properly drawn it was matched against earth relative view point which would, to me, make the map somewhat suspect.  I do find it interesting there was a star map but I'm not sure that it truly indicates the source of the ship, and frankly could mean anything. 

Imagine it like this, you are an alien who has spent quite sometime to come to the Earth.  Your star maps would be relative to the source not the destination.  If you were to draw a map even in the reverse its orientation would be clouded by the source since your understanding of navigation would be relative to your home.  So the fact that the star map is relative to Earth either means that the occupants were SOL (our sun) centric or the map is a red hearing devised to confuse two individuals who were scared and confused. Meaning this could have potentially been done to fill the narrative for the abductees and help them frame their experience.
But this is not the only report of saucer occupants speaking German.  Legendary contactee George Adamski had reported several times overhearing the Venusians speaking German and later Everett Clarke reported German speaking aliens landing in the field behind his house.  Around the same time Reinhold Schmidt reporting a landing in Nebraska and actually conversed with the  "Nordic" crew in German.

Probably the most famous, or infamous depending on your point of view, case of Nordic interaction was with Billy Meir and his interactions with "Semjase." A name some researchers have pointed to being listed as a fallen angle in the book of Enoch.

Each time the crew was dressed in a similar fashion to known uniforms of the Nazi era, and each time the crews spoke fluent German. Is that a coincidence?  Well there is another part of this story which requires discussion and that is of course the UFO's themselves.

However, the story does not end there its only beginning to expand and they said truth is stranger then fiction.  It just might be!

One of my favorite Ufology stories of that era revolves around a man named Valiant Thor.

According to the story in March, 1957 in Alexandria Virginia one of the highest ranking Venusian leaders came to meet then President Dwight D. Eisenhower and was brought to us by Howard Menger.

So the story goes Valiant Thor, Donn, Jill and Tanyia had come to Earth from Venus to deliver a special message and an offer to help the Earth. To which Eisenhower apparently responded that the people of Earth were not yet ready for the disclosure of aliens and their public presence would plunge the Earth into an "abyss of chaos."

He did however invite Thor to stick around and help out for awhile while he spoke with other leaders to come up with a sort of game plan. To this Eisenhower was given three years to sort it out.  In the mean time Thor and his crew would assist scientists and they did so.

The story goes on from there, but the main points of interest here are the names and several photos taken of the crew including Thor.

The first thing we should do in discussing Valiant Thor is to take a look at his and his companions names.  One would imagine that coming from a foreign land their names would be decided alien in nature.  Instead there is Valiant Thor which represents Brave God of Thunder and his name is a obvious reference to Norse/Nordic mythology, as well as Donn, Jill, and Tanyia all of which are either common enough names or slightly modified from the normal spelling.  What strikes me as odd is that the leaders name is an obvious Norse reference, and something I could see space Nazi's naming their children.  The others?  Fairly common.

Now one could imagine Venusians picking earthly names as to not confuse us little ape decedents, its not unheard of even today when people from another country pick Anglicized names to ease integration into their new homes. But why choose a Nordic derived name? That is very odd.

The UFO's

The term "Flying Saucer" is actually a misnomer.  It is largely attributed to Kenneth Arnold who saw a large formation of odd aircraft flying near him in the Cascades and described them as traveling as though they were saucers skipping across a pond.  What Arnold actually reported was seeing a large formation of arc shaped craft specifically reminiscent but updated version of the Horten HO 229.

Later interactions with Nordics involved the use of more true flying saucers of a classic variety.  What is interesting is that if you compare these saucers to the known German designs of the World War Two era they seem to be a pretty close match, even down to the anti gravity pods on the lower portion of the ships.

What's more interesting is that if you look at the basic contactee era UFO, the German style UFO then compare that to the UFO that Robert Lazar reported in 1989 what you see is evolution and modification which makes me believe the "sportster" style UFO which Lazar reported seeing is a evolutionary step and with modifications to improve upon a older, maybe captured, design.  The anti-gravity amplifiers are still there but hidden inside the under structure of the UFO vs. a 1950's era UFO or a World War Two era design where the pods could be seen.

The other interesting element is that when Lazar boarded the ship he said he cold see a strange kind of writing scrolling across a screen on the front of the room. The script he saw looks alien in artists renditions but could have been some sort of bastardized Runic alphabet written in a kind of cursive.  That is a bit of a stretch but still possible none the less.

The thing about Lazar is that despite being bombarded with claims of being a hoaxer, more then 20 years later he still tells the same story. He has also, on several occasions, produced a W2 tax form and other minutia which seemed to indicate he was present at the site.  So in my estimation he absolutely believes what he is saying, but that's not to say he is absolutely accurate in his appraisal. 

Its my notion that much of what Lazar has told us was told to him in a series of briefings and in briefing documents but, I believe at least, that the information was not completely accurate.  This would make sense, and is a classic disinformation ploy which assumed he would tell other people what he had been told and thus spread an in correct story which could not only muddy the waters but could also be used to discredit him if he went public, which it was attempted to do.

This is a tactic the military and CIA have used before.  In fact during the early A-12 program and later SR-71 program the CIA and military used UFO reports to cover-up covert flights.  I think the same is probably still being done to cover up Aurora flights as well as the numerous government derived flying saucers and space planes which appear to do the sky per my articles on Solar Warden and the secret space program.

UFO's make a convenient cover for covert operations.  They always have and frankly still do. Then again these aircraft, when sighted, are unidentified flying and there are certainly objects.


So are the Nordics Nazi supermen and women from the planet Venus or do I deserve a tin foil hat?  I think a strong argument could be made either way but if we apply Occam's Razor to this problem, and the simplest answer is usually the right one I would say Nazi's from Venus is more likely then Nordics from the Pleiades. The tin foil hat, only time will tell.

We know that the Nazi's were working on  the creation of Aryan super soldiers and have a quite sophisticated selection program.  We know they founded the Lebensborn birth centers to execute this strategy, and if there are space Nazi's it stands to reason that almost 70 years later they might have achieved their goals. So if they came here, those crews would probably be some of the best they had and as a result would demonstrate their success with the Lebensborn.

If we look at Nordic interaction, the uniforms, their physical make up, and the fact they have been overheard speaking German I think one could make a good argument that the Nordics are Space Nazi's.  I know how that sounds, but it makes a lot of sense.  They come here to manipulate, like Valiant Thor, or they come here to monitor, like Adamski or Leslie, but both of those operations would be something you would do.

I always liken it to a television show of my youth.  It was called "Wild Kingdom" and each week Marlin Perkins would show us some fascinating wild animals.  The show usually involved a helicopter and tranquilizer darts, then there was the tagging which allowed the scientists to track the movements of the Elk or Buffalo, whatever.

Substitute a flying saucer for a helicopter, and a implant for the tag what do you have?  Something coming here, abducting people, doing some experiments, and tagging them for tracking and that is something you would want to do either as an alien or as a group of former earth people who left the planet and want to come back.

Do I know that Nordics are Space Nazis?  No concretely but it does make a lot of sense.  So the next time you meet up with a Nordic, if you talk to them regularly, you might want to esquire as to their planet of origin as well as the history of their society because I think the answer you get may shock you.

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