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It has been going on for centuries.  The dark, secret places have been their meeting rooms.  Behind closed, locked doors they weave their plans.  Like the web from a hideous spider, their connections are complex and far-reaching.  Their nefarious activities seem disjointed and random -- effectively hiding their ultimate goal.  Those who dare oppose them are branded as "conspiracy nuts"  and  ignored.  It is all part of the grand plan.

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such Karmic stories as:

- Diamond Suggests Hidden Ocean Inside Earth -
- Dr. Roger Leir, Researcher of Alleged Alien Implants, Dies -
Out of the Darkness - Prophecies From Space  -
- Woman Can Leave Her Body at Will -
AND: Scientist Says Life After Death is Real

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Out Of The Darkness: UFO Revelations And The Arrival Of The Mysterious Planet X



Doomsayers have long predicted the end of humankind and the demise of our planet itself, either over an extended period or possibly in the twinkling of an eye. Such predictions go back centuries and – of course – none of these End Times prophecies have come true. It’s gotten to the point where such foreshadowings are being disdainfully ignored, and rightly so. Literally hundreds of books were written about the end-all date of December 21, 2012, and the arrival of the mysterious Planet X – a date that came and went uneventfully and without a ripple in the cosmic fiber. Earth is still here and many an embarrassed author has had to eat crow.

But are we out of the woods? Is Planet X or some other unknown body rushing out of the darkness, capable of blindsiding us without any advance warning? If so, what is the nature of such an unprovoked “attack” and when is it likely to occur?


Here are literally dozens of predictions regarding the future destiny of Earth …The possible mass landing of spaceships from other worlds and other dimensions. The possibility of an evacuation in the “nick of time.” Situated in various countries around the world are highly sensitive earthlings who are able to “tune in” to the wavelengths of these alien beings and actually act as sort of a “radio receiver” in picking up messages that are being “beamed” from beyond our atmosphere. The predictions of such “channelers” are uncannily similar.

If trials and tribulations lay just ahead, how can they be minimized? Is it possible that at least some of us may avoid such disastrous consequence as continents sink beneath the oceans and volcanic eruptions pollute the air? Though there may be a form of universal judgment day coming, our cosmic counselors have provided us with methods to negotiate the situation so that a minimum of us are impacted.


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Diamond Suggests Hidden Ocean Inside Earth

A small, battered diamond found in the gravel strewn along a shallow riverbed in Brazil has provided evidence of a vast "wet zone" deep inside the Earth that could hold as much water as all the world's oceans put together.

The water is not sloshing around inside the planet, but is held fast within minerals in what is known as the Earth's transition zone, which stretches from 410 to 660km (250-400 miles) beneath the surface.

"It's not a Jules Verne-style ocean you can sail a boat on," said Graham Pearson, a geologist who studied the stone at the University of Alberta. The water-rich zone could transform scientists' understanding of how some of the Earth's geological features arose.

Tests on the diamond revealed that it contained a water-rich mineral formed in the zone. Researchers believe that the gemstone, which is oblong and about 5mm long, was blasted to the surface from a depth of about 500km by a volcanic eruption of molten rock called kimberlite.

The battle-scarred gem has a delicate metallic sheen, but is pitted and etched from its violent journey, which probably took several days and ended with the stone shooting up through the Earth's crust at a speed of about 70km/h (40mph).

"It's a fairly ugly diamond. It looks like it's been to hell and back," said Pearson, adding that the gem was worth about $20 at most. The stone was found in 2008 by artisan miners working the Juína riverbeds in Mato Grosso in western Brazil.

Most diamonds used in jewellery form at much shallower depths, about 150km down. Those that form in the transition zone are called super-deep diamonds and are distinguished by their battered appearance and low nitrogen content.

Pearson and his team were testing the diamond to find minerals they could use to work out its age. But by chance they discovered a speck of mineral called ringwoodite, a type of olivine that forms under extremely high pressures. The mineral inclusion was too small to see with the eye.

Without the diamond – and the water-rich mineral inside it – scientists had no hope of confirming the make-up of material so deep inside the Earth's interior. "No one is ever going to run a geological field trip to the transition zone 500km beneath the Earth's surface, and no one is ever going to drill down to the transition zone," said Pearson. "It was a total piece of luck that we found this."

For decades, scientists have suspected that ringwoodite made up much of the deep Earth, because olivine is so widespread underground. But no one had ever found any ringwoodite from the Earth's interior that proved the idea beyond doubt. In the transition zone where the diamond and its ringwoodite was formed, the pressure reaches 200,000 atmospheres.

Tests on the mineral found that about 1.5% of its weight is water. "That doesn't sound like much, but when you calculate the vast volumes of ringwoodite thought to exist in the deep Earth, the amount of water might be as high as that contained in all the world's oceans," Pearson told the Guardian. That amounts to more than one billion billion tonnes of water.

At the very least, the scientists say, there must be local wet spots or "oases" in the Earth's interior. "The beauty of this diamond is that it gives us a real sample from those depths," Pearson said. The diamond is described in the latest issue of the journal Nature.

A huge water store in the Earth's mantle might help geologists explain some oddities seen on the planet's surface. Water in the transition zone could dissolve in molten magma and reach the undersides of continental plates, where it would weaken the huge slabs of rock. That could create weak spots prone to volcanoes, and even cause "uplift", where the land rises up.

Hans Keppler, at the University of Bayreuth in Germany, said: "Until now, nobody had ever seen ringwoodite from the Earth's mantle, although geophysicists were sure that it must exist. Most people, including me, never expected to see such a sample."

Source: The Guardian


Dr. Roger Leir, Researcher of Alleged Alien Implants, Dies
By Jack Brewer

Dr. Roger K. Leir has died, according to a March 15 post at the late podiatrist and ufologist's website, 'Alien Scalpel'. The Southern California researcher and author was widely known throughout the UFO community for his surgical removal and study of what some believed to be alien implants from the bodies of alleged alien abductees.

Preliminary reports suggest Leir passed away while awaiting foot surgery related to a 2010 car accident that occurred while returning home from the International MUFON Symposium. He apparently battled a long and unspecified illness as indicated in posts on 'Alien Scalpel', including an April, 2012 post concerning calls for donations and a June, 2012 post about a tribute and fundraiser.

Leir's controversial work was well supported by many, yet strongly criticized by others. He claimed the retrieved alleged implants demonstrated extraordinary qualities, consisted of amazing material and baffled prestigious laboratories.

Others were significantly less impressed, such as Ryan Dube of 'Top Secret Writers'. In an April, 2012 piece, Dube acknowledged some points that added support to Leir's body of work, yet also found it assumptive to conclude the objects in question were extraterrestrial in nature, even if they actually had the qualities as claimed. He also called into question the medical validity of conducting such surgical procedures.

Writer/researcher Robert Sheaffer drew similar conclusions. Sheaffer attended the 2012 tribute and fundraiser, and subsequently published a related post at his blog, 'Bad UFOs'. He cited a number of aspects of the proceedings and assertions commonly presented by Leir and associates that were extremely difficult to accept without substantially more documentation and review. Such assertions included claims of an alien implant that would scrupulously avoid surgical removal and abilities to scan potential alien abductees in order to identify implants, among others.

The post today at 'Alien Scalpel' described Leir as a great family man that will be missed. Those wishing to post condolences and make financial donations may do so at the website.

Source: Examiner


Out of the Darkness - Prophecies From Space 
By Sean Casteel

  • Could some celestial intruder one day penetrate our atmosphere and cause unimaginable damage to Earth, even annihilate mankind completely?
  • We have been subjected for centuries to prophecies of doom that have never been fulfilled. What are we to believe about the many doomsday scenarios in circulation today?
  • Does the dreaded Planet X really exist? From the Sumerians to the Mayas to 20th century prophet Edgar Cayce, Planet X has cast a shadow on visionaries and seers. Why has its coming been foretold across eons of time and by prophets of all cultures?
  • There are also prophets who urge us not to fear final destruction, but to celebrate instead the coming of a New World, to which benevolent Space Brothers will guide us. Will a fearless optimism help us survive?
We currently face a continual danger from outer space, a kind of asteroid called an "Apollo" asteroid. The term is used for a "class of Earth-crossing objects that pose a potential threat of impact," says an article posted on Whitley Strieber's "Unknown Country" website on March 5, 2014.  

"Scientists are currently aware," the article continues, "of 240 Apollo asteroids, but it is thought that there could be at least 2,000 Earth-crossers with diameters of 1 km or larger. If one of these giants hit Earth, it could carve out a crater about 10-20 times its own size."

The article goes on to recount how an Apollo class asteroid exploded over the Russian town of Chelyabinsk on February 15, 2013, causing considerable damage to buildings and injuring 1,500 local residents, though the massive blast did not result in any fatalities. "Near Earth Objects" (NEOs) appear to be entering Earth's atmosphere with alarming frequency and are sometimes discovered only days before they make their close approaches to Earth.

While the dangers posed by Apollo asteroids are very real and easy enough to verify in concrete terms, one must also consider another kind of threat from outer space, that of the legendary Planet X, an astronomical mystery whose existence remains unproven but which nevertheless has generated a great deal of concern among reputable astronomers and become a controversial topic among students of prophecy and portions of the UFO community.

And, as always, the vigilant Timothy Green Beckley of Global Communications has put together a timely book on this increasingly relevant topic. The title is "Out of the Darkness: UFO Revelations and the Arrival of the Mysterious Planet X," authored by the equally mysterious Commander X. (Both the planet and the writer are called by the moniker "X" to indicate they are at present unknown, but no other relationship between their names should be inferred.)

Commander X begins to make his case for the existence of Planet X by referring to an announcement made on March 1, 2008, by scientists at Kobe University in western Japan. The scientists said they believed that another planet, up to two-thirds the size of Earth, is orbiting in the far reaches of our solar system. The researchers based this conclusion on computer simulations and stated it was only a matter of time before the rogue planet would be found.

The mathematics behind this assertion are not explained for the layman in detail, but Commander X does give a brief history of the prior discoveries of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as well as discussing why astronomers often rely on mathematics rather than simply building bigger and better telescopes in their search for what's out there. Astronomers can observe the gravitational effects exerted on known bodies by previously unknown bodies, express that in numbers and calculations, and pretty well determine that something is physically there even though it can't be accounted for visually.

"NASA themselves," Commander X writes, "officially recognized the possibility of Planet X, with an announcement that 'some kind of mystery object is really there - far beyond the outermost planets.' One year later, the newly launched IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) spotted a large mysterious object in the depths of space."

According to the team leader of the Japanese research group, Planet X is very likely extremely cold and covered with ice, icy ammonia and methane. It could possibly have an oblong, elliptical solar orbit and circle the sun every thousand years, with an estimated radius of 17 to 30 billion miles.

There are suggestions, Commander X writes, that Planet X's orbit could be so eccentric, compared to the rest of the solar system, that its approach would go unnoticed until it was significantly close to the sun. Depending on where the Earth was in its orbit, the unexpected close approach of Planet X could have dire consequences. Even more dire consequences, given its huge size by comparison, than any danger posed by the Apollo asteroids described at the beginning of this article.

Great. We have another example of potential doom to worry about, right? Which is actually the next subject Commander X addresses:

"Every generation thinks that they just may be the last generation to walk the planet. People seem to take an almost perverse pleasure in frightening themselves into believing that the 'end of days' is close at hand. Many hope for the end of the world because it fulfills a desire to see divine punishment for those who are considered sinners, unbelievers or unworthy. Others hope for the return of deities and the resurrection of long-passed loved ones. And there are those who simply cannot conceive the world continuing to exist past their own short life span."

Despite the continual predictions of doom and the anxiety they instill in those who believe them, the world continues much as it always has. Still the worry continues. Someone may push the button on the nukes, or a comet will strike us, etc.
"There are just so many things that CAN go wrong," Commander X writes, "that, statistically, the chances are pretty good that something bad WILL occur someday."

Meanwhile, the author goes one, the survivors of whatever that world-ending apocalypse turns out to be can most assuredly be counted on to "shout to the smoldering ashes, 'I told you so!'"

One must conclude that some kind of balance should be struck between rational fear of the future and the hypocritical need to look back and claim it was all inevitable except to the spiritually "blind." A book on a similar form of double-think was published some years ago called "The Black Swan," by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. He pointed out that when something completely unexpected happens, by analogy the birth of a "black swan," it is only in the aftermath that we can see that what had initially surprised us was in fact inevitable all along.

The effort to "get it right" before the fact has occupied so-called prophets since time immemorial. Commander X provides a list of failed prophecies that begins in the time of Jesus and runs through to the December 21, 2012, predictions based on an interpretation of the ancient Mayan calendar. While the numerous prophecies are only briefly described, the list still runs a full ten pages and offers a sobering overview of people who firmly believed they knew the future, often leading their followers to believe the same, only to have those beliefs disproved time and time again. None of this should be seen to reflect negatively on prophetic passages in the Bible or other scriptures, but one must at least exert extreme caution when listening to a fellow mortal interpret those prophecies, especially one who feels he has insight into actual times and dates for the coming apocalypse.

So we have the conundrum, as presented by Commander X. Planet X is most likely a real outer space object, one that only awaits further confirmation from our scientists. It does ostensibly have the power to doom Earth. What can we do, as believers in things paranormal, to rationally, even coolly, anticipate its destructive arrival? Rather than try to answer this question himself, which is admittedly an unanswerable one, the author gives us a history of prior prophets and their prophecies, seers whose visions have been recorded and passed down to us in the present day. It is left for us to grapple on our own, so to speak, to assemble some kind of working model for the future that helps us to  understand the hidden meaning behind Planet X and the other apocalyptic threats we so fear, whether those fears ever prove to be valid or not.

For instance, there is a chapter on the Maya and their belief in prophecy.

"Prophecy played an important part in the lives of the Maya," Commander X tells us, "and occupied a prominent position in their literature. Nor was the Maya prophet without honor in his own country. Foretelling the future was the profession of a special branch of the priesthood, the members of which were called 'chilans.' The word means mouthpiece, spokesman, or interpreter, and it was the chilans who delivered to the people the responses of the gods. The chilans were held in such high esteem that they were carried on men's shoulders when they went abroad."

According to the books left behind by the chilan prophets, the Maya awaited the arrival of a god from the sky, or the heavens, as a final fulfillment of one stage of their calendar. While this "god" can obviously be argued to mean many things, it can also be seen to fit the model of Planet X's world-ending arrival.

There is also a fairly long discussion of the theories of Zechariah Sitchen concerning the planet Nibiru, which is referred to in the ancient cuneiform writings of the Sumerians from some 6,000 years ago. In the cuneiforms, Nibiru is designated by the sign of the cross, which meant "planet of the crossing."

"Scholars were undecided on what planet was supposed to be Nibiru," Commander X writes. "Some said it was Mars, which was described and known to the ancient people. Others said it was Jupiter. Sitchin decided that they were all wrong because the cuneiform scripts' depiction of Nibiru and its position when it nears the sun indicated that it could not be Mars or Jupiter. This could only mean that it is one more planet that comes periodically between Mars and Jupiter; it is sometimes nearer to Mars and sometimes nearer to Jupiter."

Sitchin felt this answer, that there was another unknown planet in the mix, was a breakthrough that caused other mysteries to fall into place, such as the Mesopotamian Epic of Creation on which the first chapters of Genesis are based. The Sumerians wrote that they had received their knowledge of astronomy and mathematics, which in many respects surpassed that of modern times, from beings they called the "Anunnaki." For Sitchin, this was proof that we are not alone in the universe and that a more advanced people than us are in our solar system.

The unknown planet called Nibiru was also known by other ancient societies. Between the Babylonians and the Mesopotamians there were at least three names: "Marduk," "King of the Heavens," and "The Great Heavenly Body." The ancient Hebrews called it the "Winged Globe" due to its long orbit high among the stars. The Egyptians had two names, "Apep" or "Seth." The Greeks called it "Typhon," after a dreaded leader, and "Nemesis." Other ancient peoples have given it names such as "The Celestial Lord Shiva" and "Gung-gung," as well as "The Great Black" and "Red Dragon." The Phoenicians said it was "The Great Phoenix," while the Maya called it "Celestial Quetzalcaotl." To the Romans, it was "Lucifer" and "Wormwood."

The list goes on. "The Red or Blue Star" is from the Hopi Indians. The "Fiery Messenger" is in the Ramala prophecy of the Hindus, while some believe it is the "Great Star" mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Edgar Cayce referred to it in his readings as "His Star," and the early English prophet Mother Shipton called it "The Fiery Dragon."

    The chapter on Sitchin also includes his theories regarding the creation of mankind and the conflict between the gods over how man was to be treated and enlightened, or not enlightened, to various spiritual mysteries.

Tim R. Swartz contributes a chapter on Immanuel Velikovsky, a Russian-born psychiatrist whose book "Worlds In Collision" became a bestseller in spite of efforts by some in the scientific community to undermine its success by boycotting Velikovsky's publisher.

In "Worlds In Collision," Velikovsky argues that the terrifying "gods" of the ancient world were planets, and he tells the story of two near-misses between Venus and Earth.

"Included in the same volume," Swartz writes, "was a large section on the ancient war god, whom Velikovsky identified as the planet Mars. He claimed that for hundreds of years after the Venus catastrophes, Mars moved on an unstable orbit intersecting that of Earth, leading to a series of Earth-disturbing events in the eighth and seventh centuries B.C.E."

A list of other specific hypothesized catastrophes put forward by Velikovsky is included in Swartz's chapter.
Velikovsky believed that certain miracles recorded in the Bible were due to aberrations in the behavior of the planets and did not require the direct hand of God. His ideas continued to be very controversial, and he attracted some exuberant supporters, along with scorn, ridicule and even attempts at censorship from the scientific community.

At the time, the 1950s, the notion proposed by Velikovsky that celestial bodies could influence and cause destruction upon the Earth was considered scientific heresy. Since that time, it has become an accepted fact that a comet may have been responsible for wiping out the dinosaurs. Velikovsky was also proven right about other things, such as his belief that Jupiter periodically becomes unstable and ejects excess mass, as well as emitting non-thermal radio noise. Yet none of this served to vindicate him in the eyes of many orthodox scientists, who countered that he had been right about those things only randomly, or, in other words, by "chance."

While Velikovsky never commented directly on Planet X, he did lay the groundwork for what is now called "catastrophism" and changed the thinking of many. Today, most geologists accept the catastrophic theory, taking the view that Earth's history is a slow, gradual story punctuated by occasional natural catastrophic events that have affected Earth and its inhabitants, Swartz tells us. What Velikovsky teaches us about the past obviously makes the threat of Earth's future collision with Planet X a little more palpable.

Meanwhile, in Diane Tessman's chapter, called "The New Dawn of Consciousness," we are urged not to be ruled by fear when contemplating the coming of Planet X and other looming disasters and "earth changes." Tessman channels an entity called Tibus, who, first of all, does not believe Planet X even exists. However, Tibus counsels us, through Tessman, to view the inevitable destruction as something to celebrate, since it will ultimately lead to the creation of a New Earth that thrives beyond the boundaries of time as we now know it. The fear engendered by many apocalyptic beliefs only serves to permit negative entities to ensnare our minds in needless anxiety and to distract us from the more important mission of evolving spiritually.

Filmmaker Poke Runyon, in his chapter called "The Fallen Angel Samyaza's Prophecy of Doom," reiterates the fact that Planet X has been called by many names. Zechariah Sitchin called it "Nibiru," while Richard Shaver called it "Nord." Runyon's Samyaza entity calls it the "Dark Star," as depicted in Runyon's science fiction film "Beyond Lemuria." Runyon speculates that Planet X is a huge planet with a hot core and may have a few active volcanoes similar to Earth's. Calling it a "stealth planet," Runyon says he relies on the historical and geological record, along with our mythology, as evidence that Planet X does indeed exist.

"Out of the Darkness: UFO Revelations and Planet X" concludes with a chapter by publisher Timothy Green Beckley called "Polar Shift and the Drowning of America" which examines the catastrophic possibilities inherent in a polar shift, as prophesied by Ruth Montgomery, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, Helena Blavatsky and the Hopi Indians. The idea is that Earth may one day flip end over end in space as the result of unchecked growth of the Antarctic icecap.

Beckley also shares prophecies spoken to him by friends and acquaintances who said they had profound, overwhelming visions of New York City and the entire East Coast being completely swallowed by floods and tidal waves whose nightmarish enormity they could not adequately describe. The sheer terror that resulted from these visions is something they still have not overcome completely, and they await the fulfillment of those visions with something like a healthy dread.

But as Beckley assures us in his introduction to the book, we are not facing these egregious disasters all alone. We, the human race, will have the assistance of "Space Brothers," or what might have been called "a heavenly host" in earlier times. Humanity is a battleground for the war between Good and Evil, an idea expressed in Beckley's intro most eloquently by Canadian scientist Wilbur Smith.

"This struggle has been going on from time immemorial," Smith says, "but never in the world's history has the conflict been more intense than it is in this present era of confusion and unrest. This battle for man's mind is being waged on two fronts, the physical and the metaphysical, and the object of the fight is to bring about either the spiritual salvation or destruction of homo sapiens."

Where Planet X fits into that overall picture remains unknown of course. The mysterious celestial body could play a large role in some future doom scenario or it could be another fleeting, needless fear conjured from our own need to project "closure" onto the endless riddle that is the passing of time. Reading "Out of the Darkness" will at least help to sketch in the questions for the reader, and perhaps we should consider that sufficient for now.

[To read more by Sean Casteel, visit his website at www.seancasteel.com]


Out of the Darkness: UFO Revelations and the Arrival of the Mysterious Planet X

Darkness of the Gods and the Coming of Planet X

Coming of the Space Guardians

Project World Evacuation


Masquerading as Aliens
By Nick Redfern

My recent 2-part article – on the subject of the no less than fourteen scenarios that have been advanced for what happened at Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947 – included a section on the late Mac Tonnies’ theory that Roswell may have involved not extraterrestrials, but what Mac termed Cryptoterrestrials. In essence, Mac was pursuing the idea that our presumed alien visitors are, in reality, nothing less than an ancient terrestrial race; one that presents itself as E.T.-based to ensure we remain ignorant of its true origins.

While writing that 2-part Roswell article, I dug out my copy of Mac’s book on this very topic – The Cryptoterrestrials – and sought out the relevant material on Roswell. But, after digesting the relevant section, I decided to re-read the entire book, probably (I think) for the first time since it was published in 2010. And, on doing so, I came to further appreciate the theory and its potential for answering the questions of: what are UFOs, where do they come from, and what does the intelligence behind the phenomenon want from us?

The idea that an ancient race of people – in some fashion, related to us – could live amongst us in complete stealth sounds bizarre and unlikely. Mac’s theorizing, however, makes the possibility seem highly plausible. Of course, the scenario is not without its problems and flaws, so let’s take a look at this engaging angle on the UFO phenomenon.

We’ll start with the undeniable downside. One of the biggest stumbling-blocks with the idea that a race of somewhat human beings could live amongst us for so long is the matter of their ability to successfully remain hidden. Keenly aware of this thorny issue, Mac suggested that perhaps the Cryptoterrestrials live deep underground, or under the ocean beds. He was also very aware of the potential rolling of eyes that can occur during a discussion of such things as “underground cities.”

Mac, however, took a far less sensational approach to the ability of the Cryptoterrestrials to inhabit the lower regions of our planet. Rather than offering up sci-fi/sword-and-sorcery-type scenarios filled with fantastic underground kingdoms, looking like something straight out of ancient Greece or Egypt, Mac suggested something very different.

He postulated that these people lived a significantly impoverished existence, possibly in a series of fortified “bunkers” – ones that were built millennia ago and in which the Cryptoterrestrials didn’t so much thrive, but, instead, just sought and fought to stay alive in the face of two big issues: (a) the growing menace posed by us, the Human Race; and (b) major problems with, as Mac said, “their gene-pool.”

And this latter issue – of the gene-pool – brings us to the matter of so-called “alien abductions.” Some such events, Mac noted, appeared to be staged, played out by the Cryptoterrestrials to solely reinforce the idea that the Grays are extraterrestrial, rather than something else. He pointed, for example, towards their cunning flair for exploiting pop-culture beliefs in aliens (in the Contactee era of the 1950s, in relation to the Betty and Barney Hill affair of 1961, and right into the 2000s).

Mac also noted the undeniable absurdity of the idea that “the aliens are here to steal our DNA.” Indeed, the very notion that our genetic make-up should be so close to that of unearthly creatures from who knows how many light-years away is absurd.

Plus, that we should be so connected – genetically – that so-called “alien/human hybrids” can seemingly be churned out near-endlessly, is also most unlikely, to say the absolute least. As was, Mac stated, the idea that a human male could successfully impregnate a female extraterrestrial in tried and tested fashion. He was, of course, talking about the Antonio Villas Boas case of 1957.

Far more probable, in Mac’s view, the reason why those eerie abductors have so much of an interest in – and a need of – our very own gene-pool, is because we share the same ancient lineage. Yes, we have diverged over countless millennia, but, no, that does not mean we cannot be successfully harvested. Just  Mac’s theory? Of course!

But what’s more likely: that we are somehow genetically compatible with one, or even several, extraterrestrial species (to the extent that actual mating can occur…), or that we are genetically compatible with an Earth-based species that very cleverly presents itself  as extraterrestrial?

Also on the matter 0f “staged” events, Mac made a valid observation: what if the Cryptoterrestrials are not all-powerful, super-advanced entities? This is where Mac got into the idea of how these entities might have a cunning flair for mind-control and the use of hologram-style technology. Mac pondered on the possibility that the famous Rendlesham Forest case of 1980 might have been a perfect example.

In Mac’s mind, certain, famous UFO cases were staged not just to promote the extraterrestrial hypothesis, but also to have us believe the phenomenon is near-omnipotent. Mac mused on the idea that a good flair for trickery, obfuscation, smoke and mirrors, and the ability take control of the human mind, just might allow the Cryptoterrestrials to place us in constants states of awe and wonder when, in reality, these ancient people are not so far ahead of us, after all.

In fact, Mac made the point that, in many respects, the Cryptoterrestrials might well be inferior to us – certainly in their numbers and in terms of their health. And he made an additional, thought-provoking point, too: while many people are open to the idea that ETs are amongst us, most would probably dismiss the notion of a “secret human race” in our midst. In Mac’s hypothesis, this would actually work in the favor of the Cryptoterrestrials. Why? Simple: hardly anyone is looking for them.

As for the most sinister part of Mac’s view of things, it’s the matter of infiltration: the idea that some of the Cryptoterrestrials might be so close to us – physically and genetically – that they actually can move amongst us, virtually unnoticed, and in a fashion that allows them to develop a keen insight into our society, culture, beliefs, trends and much more – all of which might be exploited as means to ensure we never learn the truth of what they are.

Now, I know that many will dismiss Mac’s views as unlikely, impossible to prove, or downright crazy. Mac recognized this too, which is why he was always careful to state that it was a theory and nothing else. I will say this, however: if you haven’t yet read Mac Tonnies’ The Cryptoterrestrials, then you should. It’s a fantastically well-written book, one which challenges us to throw out old beliefs and assumptions,  and, instead, suggests we start digging into new realms – such as those beneath the surface of this very planet…

Source: Mysterious Universe


Larger Voices Calling
by Thomas N. Hackney

The first few weeks after it went down I debated with myself whether to inform the media.  I finally decided against it. They'd only write it off as another UFO, and me as another doom-mongering kook.     

The alien-searching crews at NASA-Ames for their no small part probably didn't even hear of it, the meteorite that cut a perfect bulls-eye on the signal-light of a car in Peekskill, New York. No more perfect target on the planet existed at that time. It was the right signal-light, not the left. Peek-skill, baby, and put that in your pipe and smoke it. "Right, Ames!"  You betcha.

What could it matter if this happened a mere three days before the ten-year, one-hundred million dollar, Congressionally-funded, alien-hunting project was commenced on America's 500th birthday, 12 October, 1992?  That's not science, that's pan-cultural human history, that insufferably soft, sucking bog of human history, the long-forgotten past.  

As probably expected, the mooncalfs at NASA-Ames could only fail to receive their generous signal, "when it fell on them," so to speak.  No, any cosmic rejoinders floated through space at that time would have to conform to carefully pre-defined parameters. Why, the very idea of a meteor being a "warning from the gods", or whatever, was silly, ridiculous.  No, radio-waves only, please.  

So having this as the sole criterion, what better empirical fun could be had by The Ally than to float  by these alien-hunting tyros a thickly articulate non sequitur?  By uncorking a Chevrolet's right signal-light! Oh, it was beautiful, the mother of all eloquent pearls! What's amazing is how the scientific mind resists the truth and refuses to believe the data they're actually receiving when this truth and data conflicts with preconception, but that's science for you.  

So we fast-forward twenty years.  Two "unrelated" asteroids appear on the same day, the day after Valentine's, Feb. 15, 2013 -- one having been spotted and tracked a year earlier, the other  completely unpredicted. HELLO.  

The earlier one, at dawn, averts regional devastation by mere seconds, while injuring (some slight, others not), more than 1,200 Russians after it broke a whole lot of windows.  The later, larger one skipping underneath orbiting satellites, grazing the planet's outer atmosphere. It was probably a tad more in-our-face than the meteor-duo of twenty years earlier, when one performed an impossible bulls-eye on the back side of a parked car, and the other -- 21 comets auguring the 21st C, of course -- impacted the back side of Jupiter creating the most energetic explosions or events of any kind ever seen in the solar system!  HELLO!  I mean, what were the chances?  

So a week ago I e-mailed Dr. Seth Shostak, senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute at Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA:

Thursday, Mar 6, 2014 10:42 PM
Hey Seth,  Long time no hear. Did you hear about the 2012  DA14/Chelyabinsk events, the old one-two, the day after Valentine's last year? Yup, it was "them" again. Ugh, I know. But wasn't it odd, though -- nobody died.  I don't suppose you'd be interested in these details, either. Talk about precision. Talk about "in our face." I'm not sure I like the direction all this seems to be going, but then, who's listening, eh?  All the Best, Tom.

Friday, Mar. 7, 2014 9:15 am, Seth replies:  
There are asteroids that pass by us every week, Tom. Not much of a coincidence, it's just that because of the drama of Chelyabinsk, the media reported the second one. And one of my colleagues down the hall (a meteor expert) went to Chelyabinsk and collected samples in the snow from the asteroid. It was a rock. Believe whatever you want, but ... Cheers, Seth

Fri, March 7, 2014 11:01 am
Seth, My old buddy and former client, Martin Caidin, made the same remark -- "meteors go by or down all the time..." True enough! But Peekskill/Shoemaker and 2012 DA14/Chelyabinsk were not your run of the mill meteor events; they just happen to be the most fully documented, conspicuous, in your face, and publicized space rocks in history -- #1, #2, #3 and #4, but don't ask me to put them in any order.

Friday, Mar. 7, 2014 1:42 pm
I hope you don't believe this, Tom! The statistics are all faulty (ex post facto... ) and of course the idea that meteors are signals from extraterrestrials (in addition to being dumb -- why wouldn't they actually send information?) is something that both insults the hundreds of academics who study these things (and the many more who have in the past) and would be regarded as fantasy if you told them. It's like saying that cumulus clouds are a message from ET.  But I assume you meant this tongue in cheek! Cheers.

Mar. 7, 2014 2:00 pm
Seth, The basic answer to your question is that 1) your outfit is unfit to receive intelligent signals from intellectually superior alien entities; 2) to maintain the embargo and status quo; 3) to retain experimental/observational control; 4) a word-transmitted message would cause massive interference in the natural course of our history/development, the end result of which is very much in question, since self-destruction would be conclusive proof of our unfitness and a natural safeguard to a more civilized galaxy. In other words, direct (full) contact is not allowed by some codex they follow, whereas indirect (semiotic, in this case) contact is apparently permitted.  [I would have like to have added: I can't say much for your hundreds of academics.]

Fri, March 7, 2014 6:01 pm  
Tom, How do you know any of this? It's all alien sociology ... and completely speculative. It's not science.

Sat, March 8, 2014 6:09 am
It's really more than this, or sociology, as you put it. It's politics, philosophy, ethics, history, linguistics, statistics, common sense, and probably a few other things. What is science? Does science "know" anything? No. It knows that most of the time things work a certain way. So it's a tool and a method, that's all. But a tool and method for whom? Rich people, Seth.

If science cannot control & predict something, it's called irrelevant. Considering this, the reason our cosmic visitor(s) or monitor(s) don't fully disclose should be obvious. The modern world is on the brink of self-destruction. Rich people ALWAYS take the rest of us to war whenever their money becomes threatened, by their own greed and corruption. I realize this observation is not "science", but call it what you like (geopolitics, realpolitik), this impending disaster is a major problem thanks in large part to Science. Science without ethics or conscience  is a recipe for self-destruction. It may not happen tomorrow or next week, but it seems inevitable. Our cosmic visitor sees this, too. That soft and unscientific academic area known as History tells us that large rocks in the sky are omens, usually auguring quite disastrous events to come. If SL9 was intelligently designed, what do you think 21 comets "augured?" One guess. And what did this particular stimulus beta-test for? One guess. How "intelligent" are we, really?  

To which, almost thankfully, there was no reply.  Pure silence. NASA Science had once again hung up on an intelligent universe...  

Meanwhile, the human gestalt swam once again into focus, through powerful alien lenses, lenses   that penetrate a sad world and its activities to the core, revealing a bloody horror show -- a world on the brink of nuclear war! This time the drums beat for the Ukraine, the bread basket of Europe and western Asia. A considerable prize. And so the Western drums beat at Russia, a veritable grizzly bear when it comes to its own vital interests.   

What else does The Ally see? It sees the great masses of humanity just doing their jobs (if they have one), making due, while an inhuman Enemy, thinking itself all powerful and omnipresent, plays brinkmanship games; sees in all their vile splendor those that thrive on war, fear and terror, and who use it to have their way with the world, provoking all sides, dividing the people, like they always have; to never let a good crisis go to waste. Our pro-human ally sees very clearly those who feed on mass fear and endless conflict, o n fear for its own sake -- ah, that's what The anti-human Enemy savors.

But what if the gigas of people were to refuse to play the game anymore? What if they refused to follow their military orders, or to run screaming to their hidey-holes and under their little desks? What if the percentages were somehow reversed?  Well, The Enemy wouldn't be in business as usual anymore.  It wouldn't have a chance.   

 - Thomas N. Hackney is the author of the book: The ETi Grail


Woman Can Leave Her Body at Will

People have long been fascinated by out-of-body experiences - are they just tricks of the mind or do they have some sort of spiritual significance?

Now new research has shed light on what it terms as 'extra-corporeal experiences' by studying the brain activity of a Canadian woman who claims she can drift outside her own body at will.

Scientists believe the left side of several areas of the brain associated with kinaesthetic imagery (the perception of the sensation of moving) are responsible for the sensation of being able to leave your body and float above it – and that more people might have similar experiences than thought.

Researchers at the University of Ottawa came across a psychology graduate who admitted she could have voluntary out-of-body experiences before she fell asleep.
The 24-year-old revealed she is able to see herself floating and rotating horizontally in the air above her body and can sometimes watch herself from above while remaining aware of her real body.

However, as she said she feels no emotions when she has the experiences.

‘I feel myself moving, or, more accurately, can make myself feel as if I am moving,’ the student told the researchers, who documented her report in their study.

‘I know perfectly well that I am not actually moving. There is no duality of body and mind when this happens, not really.

'In fact, I am hyper-sensitive to my body at that point, because I am concentrating so hard on the sensation of moving.

‘I am the one moving – me – my body. For example, if I “spin” for long enough, I get dizzy.

‘I do not see myself above my body. Rather, my whole body has moved up. I feel it as being above where I know it actually is.

‘I usually also picture myself as moving up in my mind’s eye, but the mind is not substantive. It does not move unless the body does,’ she said.

Scientists decided to classify her experiences as extra-corporeal experiences (ECE) as strong emotions such as shock, often accompany out-of-body experiences, Popular Science reported.

Andra Smith and Claude Messier used a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanner to examine the student’s brain and believe she is the first person studied to have an ECE on demand without any brain abnormalities.

They discovered that the ECE involved a ‘strong deactivation of the visual cortex’.

But it also ‘activated the left side of several areas associated with kinesthetic imagery’ in the brain, which the scientists think is what cause mental representations of bodily movement.

While the researchers have acknowledged the rarity of finding someone to study who can have ECEs on demand, they believe that outer-body-experiences could be more common than thought.

This idea is based on the fact that the student thought that being able to float outside her body was not unusual.

According to the study: ‘The participant described her experience as one she began performing as a child when bored with “sleep time” at preschool.

She discovered she could elicit the experience of moving above her body and used this as a distraction during the time kids were asked to nap. She continued to perform this experience as she grew up assuming, as mentioned, that “everyone could do it.”’

‘She appeared surprised that not everyone could experience this,’ the researchers wrote in the study, which was published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

The scientists think there is a ‘possibility that this phenomenon may have a significant incidence but [is] unreported because people do not think this is exceptional.’

They also theorised that ‘the ability might be present in infancy but is lost without regular practice.’

Source: The Daily Mail


Scientist Says Life After Death is Real
By Kimberly Ruble

A new book that has just been released which is titled Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the Nature of the Universe has caused quite a stir all across the Internet, due to the fact that its subject matter is completely about the idea of life continuing on after death and going on forever. The author of the book is scientist Dr. Robert Lanza and he has been called the third most significant science researcher alive today by the New York Times.

Lanza is considered to be one of the top professionals in the world in regard to regenerative medication and works as a scientist on cell technology. Before this, Dr. Lanza was known for widespread research in which he studied stem cells. He is also known for performing numerous cloning experiments on endangered animals.

However, he decided to get involved with quantum mechanics and astrophysics. Such a combination has given rise to the theory of biocentrism. That is the idea that states both consciousness and life itself are essential to the universe.  It is consciousness which has created the physical universe and not the opposite way around as has been believed, according to Lanza.

He states that the entire assembly of the universe, and the constants, forces and even laws of the universe seem to be set up for life, suggesting that some sort of intelligence occurred before any matter was created.  He also states that time and space are not things or items, but are instead just tools to help individuals understand the world around them.  Lanza explained that people hold time and space close similar to how turtles carry their shells. But when people throw off their shells (time and space disappear) people still live.

Lanza is also a believer of multiple universes. He thinks that even though a person might pass away in one universe, but in another, it can still be alive and well and continues to exist. This idea means that someone who has died would go not to heaven or hell but end up in a world that was similar to the one that he or she once before had lived in but is now again alive. This continues onward indefinitely.

This very controversial theory that is held by Dr. Lanza actually has many supporters and not just plain mortals who are terrified of death, but also some other very well-known scientists as well. These are both physicists and also astrophysicists who happen to say that the presence of parallel worlds and the prospect of multiple universes is a possible concept. The idea of the multiverse or multi-universe is actually a real scientific concept, which many researchers defend. They state that there are no physical laws in existence that disallow any presence of there being the possibility of parallel worlds.

Dr. Hugh Everett, who worked at Princeton University, stated that at any time the universe can divide into any number of endless parallel instances. The very next moment, these brand-new universes split into yet another branch.. In some of these worlds a person might be watching television, in others he or she could be reading a book or even in others that person may not even exist.

What causes the triggers for such universes are peoples own actions. When certain choices are made, in an instant one universe divides into two that have two various outcomes. It is believed that space has many different orbs that allow the rise to similar orbs, and these make even more orbs, and so it goes on and on to infinity. Throughout the universe, they are apart, never knowing of each other but they all signify parts of the very same universe from which they came.

There is data that shows the universe is not alone. Using information from deep space telescopes, scientists have produced an extremely accurate map of microwave backgrounds. These are considered cosmic relics that have stayed around since the beginning of the birth of the universe. They have also discovered the universe contains much dark matter that is represented by gaps and black holes.

With this, many scientists now think there are many places that the soul could go to after death, when studying the idea of neo-biocentrism. Yet this is if one believes the soul actually exists.  The scientist Dr. Stuart Hameroff, who is a near-death expert, offers a different description of consciousness that can perhaps appeal to rational scientific minds and also personal clairvoyance.

Hameroff believes that consciousness resides inside microtubules of the brain. These are the main areas of quantum processing.  When death occurs, this information is released out of a person’s body, therefore meaning a consciousness is let go as well. Consciousness is believed by these scientists to be an important property of the universe that was present back at the beginning of the universe when the Big Bang occurred.

If such were to be true, then all souls were made from the very fabric of the universe and have existed since the starting of time itself. Human brains would be considered only receivers and amplifiers for the consciousness that is floating around in space and time.

Such accounts of quantum consciousness might start to explain such occurrences such as out of body experiences, near-death experiences, astral projection and possibly reincarnation without the need to bend to any religious philosophy.  The energy of consciousness could possibly be recycled over and over into a new body at some time. While it waited, it could stay out of any physical body on some other kind of reality, and even in some kind of other sort of universe.

All these ideas have come to pass due to the new book Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the Nature of the Universe which has caused quite a stir all across the Internet, due to the fact that its subject matter is completely about the idea of life continuing on after death and going on forever. The author of the book, scientist Dr. Robert Lanza, has been called the third most significant science researcher alive today by the New York Times.

Source: The Liberty Voice

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