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Once again secret information has made its way over the hidden channels that clandestinely flow throughout the deepest, darkest recesses of the planet.  Information, that at times, have brought down whole governments and sent men to their torturous deaths. Information that has finally found its way once again to your email box in the form of Conspiracy Journal!  Your number one source of all the news fit to be kept hidden.

In this weeks Karma-cleansing issue we bring you such stories as:

- Mysterious Triangular Craft Photographed Over Texas -
- Dwarf planet Hints at a Hidden "Super Earth" -
Thunderbirds of the Southwest -
- Mysteries in the Skies of Camelot -
AND: Strange Disappearances and Multidimensional Journeys

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Timothy Green Beckley's Strange Saga: UPDATED EDITION


The CIA used water-boarding techniques on him yet he never broke his code of silence.

The MIB stalked him and yet he didn’t bat an eye (not any one of his three!)

The Dero set up an underground tunnel system in his basement and he uses it to go to work every day.

Tim Beckley - dubbed "Mr. UFO" because only he knows the TRUTH -- has been saving the world from aliens for fifty years. He is the reason they haven't landed on the White House lawn and why you remain safe in your homes.

At the age of ten, Beckley had his first of three UFO sightings. The event stunned him so much that he took out every book on the subject that he could find in the library. He wrote to the local media questioning the policy of silence he was convinced was taking place worldwide.

At fourteen, he was already appearing on national radio and TV, proclaiming the existence of the aliens (whom he now believes to be inter-dimensional to some extent and, as another likely possibility, the product of Nazi wartime technology.)

His bio is so extensive that he would have to run it in several parts.

Beckley started his writing/publishing career in his youth. At age 14, he purchased a mimeograph machine and started putting out “The Interplanetary News Service Report.” Over the years, he has written over 50 books on everything from rock music to the MJ-12 documents. He has been a stringer for the national tabloids, such as the Enquirer, the Star and the Globe, and the editor of over 30 different magazines (most of which never lasted more than a couple of issues). His longest running effort was the newsstand publication UFO UNIVERSE, which went for 11 years. Today he is the president of Inner Light/Global Communications and editor of “The Conspiracy Journal” and “Bizarre Bazaar.” He has been a regular contributor to “Fate Magazine” for over 40 years and more recently to “Open Minds Magazine.”

He is one of the few Americans ever to be invited to speak before closed-door meetings on UFOs presided over by the late Earl of Clancarty at the House of Lords in England. He visited Loch Ness in Scotland while in the UK and went home with the belief that Nessie was somehow connected with the dragons of mythology as well as strange discs engraved on cathedrals and ghostly phenomena. He is also a recognizable figure on the pop culture scene, having produced and starred in several movies under the moniker of Mr. Creepo. He has hung out with the counterculture’s greatest names and promoted rock shows and New Age festivals.

Though his time in the trenches is by no means over yet.

This book, for the most part, contains his early writings. Samples of his column On The Trail Of The Flying Saucers for Ray Palmer’s “Flying Saucers From Other Worlds Magazine” constitute a large part of this work, as well as his top ten articles from the very prestigious but long-defunct newsstand publication “UFO Report,” published up until the mid-1970s. There are also clippings galore about his career and other memorabilia that will have his fans as well as newcomers to his work scratching their heads in wonderment and perhaps letting out with a giggle or two.

One can only wonder how the next juncture of his life will pan out. . .

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Mysterious Triangular Craft Photographed Over Texas

It has baffled aviation experts and UFO spotters alike.

This mysterious triangle shaped craft has been spotted flying high in the sky over Texas.

Yet nobody has been able to identify the mystery craft - or even rule out the possibility it is a UFO.

Aviation Week & Space Technology journalist Bill Sweetman has posted photos taken March 10 by two veteran sky watchers, Steve Douglass and Dean Muskett.

In his blog post of March 28, Sweetman writes that he and two Aviation Week editors agree that the photos depict "something real."

'Classified programs have been exposed in all sorts of ways - for example, the A-12 Blackbird was disclosed under a degree of pressure,' Bill Sweetman of Aviation Week said.

'It's not merely logical to expect that numerous classified aircraft programs exist: it's almost a necessity.'

The team analysed the pictures and believe they are real.

'Three of us here - myself, Graham Warwick and Guy Norris - concur that the photos show something real.

'The photos tell us more about what the mysterious stranger isn't than what it is.

The size is hard to determine, Sweetman says, but its relationship to the contrails suggests it's bigger than the Northrup Grumman X-47B, which has a 62-foot wing span, according to Wikipedia.

'However, the basic shape - while it resembles Boeing's Blended Wing Body studies or the Swift Killer Bee/Northrop Grumman Bat unmanned air system - is different from anything known to have flown at full size.'

Whatever it might be, the aircraft was accompanied by two others, and Douglass picked up some radio traffic suggesting the plane had a pilot, Sweetman's blog post states.

Although it's logical to expect that classified U.S. aircraft programs exist, due to the number that have been revealed in "all sorts of ways," it's uncommon for them to be exposed by civilian photos, Sweetman writes.

In 1956, when the Lockheed U-2 plane was making some of its first spy flights over the Soviet Union from an air base in England, British magazines started receiving "eyewitness accounts and grainy photos" from the public, he writes.

But the only other spy plane photographed before it was declassified was the RQ-170 Sentinel seen at Kandahar in 2007-09, Sweetman's blog states.

Source: The Daily Mail


Dwarf planet Hints at a Hidden "Super Earth"

Astronomers have increased the size of the observable solar system after spotting a 450-km wide object orbiting the sun.

The lump of ice and rock circles the sun at a greater distance than any known object, and never gets closer than 12bn kilometres – 80 times the distance from Earth to the sun.

If its size is confirmed it could qualify as a dwarf planet in the same category as Pluto. Researchers said the discovery proves the existence of the inner Oort cloud, a region of icy bodies that lies far beyond the orbit of Neptune – which at 4.5bn kilometres from the sun is the most remote planet in the solar system.

Until a proper name is decided upon, the body is known only as 2012 VP113. According to the science journal Nature, the team that discovered it call it VP for short, or "Biden", after US vice president Joe Biden.

Its pink tinge comes from radiation damage that alters the make-up of frozen water, methane and carbon dioxide on the surface.

Though exciting in its own right, the discovery raises a more tantalising prospect for many astronomers: that a "Super Earth" up to 10 times the mass of our planet orbits the sun at such a great distance that it has never been seen.

Astronomers found 2012 VP113 by taking snapshots of the night sky an hour or so apart with an instrument called the Dark Energy Camera on the US National Optical Astronomy Observatory telescope in Chile. When they turned the images into a time-lapse movie of the sky, they could see the new body moving against the background of stationary stars.

"This object has the most distant orbit known," Scott Sheppard at the Carnegie Institution of Washington told the Guardian. "It extends the known boundary of the observable solar system."

The object's orbit brings it as close as 12bn kilometres from the sun, and swings out as far as 67bn kilometres. There are comets that come from even farther out, but they pass much closer to our home planet.

The solar system has three distinct regions. Closest to the sun are the rocky planets, such as Venus, Earth and Mars. Farther out are the gas giants, such as Saturn and Jupiter. More distant still, beyond the orbit of Neptune, is a band of icy objects called the Kuiper belt.

In 2003, astronomers found an object beyond the Kuiper belt, which they called Sedna. For more than a decade, the object was a loner, an anomaly in the solar system. But the new body, 2012 VP113, lurks in the same no-man's land of space, leading astronomers to believe there could be thousands of similar bodies waiting to be discovered there.

"People wondered if Sedna was unique, and 10 years on, we have at last found another object that shows it is not. There is probably a large population of objects out there," Sheppard said.

The region of space where Sedna and 2012 VP113 were found is called the inner Oort cloud. Astronomers are unsure how this remote cloud of objects formed, but there are three competing theories. One is that a rogue planet was flung out of the early solar system and dragged the Oort cloud material with it.

Another is that the material was pulled out of the inner solar system by a passing star. The third option has the same job done by planets orbiting stars born in the same cluster as the sun.

"What is exciting about this work is that we know the inner Oort cloud is there. This is the second object we know of, and it's a smoking gun," said Meg Schwamb, a planetary scientist at the Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics at Academica Sinica in Taiwan. By studying the objects, astronomers hope to confirm how the inner Oort cloud formed.

Sheppard found the new object, reported in Nature, with fellow astronomer, Chad Trujillo, who works at the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii. Trujillo was a co-discoverer of Sedna in 2003.

The latest work has already thrown up an intriguing possibility. The angle of the body's orbit and that of Sedna's are strikingly similar, an effect most likely caused by the gravitational tug of another, unseen body. One possibility is a "Super Earth" that traces so large an orbit around the sun that it has never been seen.

"If you took a Super Earth and put it a few hundred astronomical units out, the gravity could shepherd Sedna and this new object into the orbits they have," said Sheppard. An astronomical unit (AU) is around 150m kilometres, or the mean distance from Earth to the sun.

Earlier this month, Nasa's Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (Wise) reported the results from its search for "Planet X", a hypothesised planet far out in the solar system. It found no evidence for a new planet larger than Saturn within 10,000 AU of the sun. But Saturn is 95 times more massive than Earth, so a smaller Super Earth could go undetected in that region.

Source: The Guardian


Black Death Was Not Spread By Rat Fleas, Say Researchers

Archaeologists and forensic scientists who have examined 25 skeletons unearthed in the Clerkenwell area of London a year ago believe they have uncovered the truth about the nature of the Black Death that ravaged Britain and Europe in the mid-14th century.

Analysis of the bodies and of wills registered in London at the time has cast doubt on "facts" that every schoolchild has learned for decades: that the epidemic was caused by a highly contagious strain spread by the fleas on rats.

Now evidence taken from the human remains found in Charterhouse Square, to the north of the City of London, during excavations carried out as part of the construction of the Crossrail train line, have suggested a different cause: only an airborne infection could have spread so fast and killed so quickly.

The Black Death arrived in Britain from central Asia in the autumn of 1348 and by late spring the following year it had killed six out of every 10 people in London. Such a rate of destruction would kill five million now. By extracting the DNA of the disease bacterium, Yersinia pestis, from the largest teeth in some of the skulls retrieved from the square, the scientists were able to compare the strain of bubonic plague preserved there with that which was recently responsible for killing 60 people in Madagascar. To their surprise, the 14th-century strain, the cause of the most lethal catastrophe in recorded history, was no more virulent than today's disease. The DNA codes were an almost perfect match.

According to scientists working at Public Health England in Porton Down, for any plague to spread at such a pace it must have got into the lungs of victims who were malnourished and then been spread by coughs and sneezes. It was therefore a pneumonic plague rather than a bubonic plague. Infection was spread human to human, rather than by rat fleas that bit a sick person and then bit another victim. "As an explanation [rat fleas] for the Black Death in its own right, it simply isn't good enough. It cannot spread fast enough from one household to the next to cause the huge number of cases that we saw during the Black Death epidemics," said Dr Tim Brooks from Porton Down, who will put his theory in a Channel 4 documentary, Secret History: The Return of the Black Death, next Sunday.

To support his argument, Brooks has looked at what happened in Suffolk in 1906 when plague killed a family and then spread to a neighbour who had come to help. The culprit was pneumonic plague, which had settled in the lungs of the victims and was spread through infected breath.

The skeletons at Charterhouse Square reveal that the population of London was also in generally poor health when the disease struck. Crossrail's archaeology contractor, Don Walker, and Jelena Bekvalacs of the Museum of London found evidence of rickets, anaemia, bad teeth and childhood malnutrition.

In support of the case that this was a fast-acting, direct contagion, archaeologist Dr Barney Sloane found that in the medieval City of London all wills had to be registered at the Court of Hustings. These led him to believe that 60% of Londoners were wiped out.

Antibiotics can today prevent the disease from becoming pneumonic. In the spring of 1349, the death rate did not ease until Pentecost on 31 May.

Source: The Guardian


Thunderbirds of the Southwest
By Lon Strickler

Myths and legends about creatures from the Chupacabra to the Jersey Devil to Bigfoot are everywhere, but in southern New Mexico and parts of Texas people say they've seen birds so big they seem prehistoric.

One man claims the rugged landscape near Las Cruces hides a mystery that's haunted him for several years.

Dave Zander has lived near the Doña Ana Mountains for more than 30 years spending almost all his spare time hiking, exploring and fossil hunting in the range between the Robledo and Organ mountains.

He saw something that he's unable to explain and many people find hard to believe.

He recalls the day eleven years ago when he spotted something extraordinary: two creatures perched on a mountain less than a mile away.

"These creatures were so huge they looked like the size of small planes," Dave Zander said. "All of the sudden one of them jumped off dropped off the top of the mountain, came down the front of the mountain and all the sudden these huge wings just spread out.

"I would say the wings were at least a 20-foot wingspan."

Definitely something out of the ordinary.

"Not a normal bird, definitely of a giant variety," Zander continued. "It makes you feel like it could come over and carry you off if it wanted to."

Zander witness a real-life scene out of the movie Jurassic Park?

One ancient bird in the vicinity is an Andean condor living at the Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque. But it's wingspan of 12 feet pales to what Zander described: birds with an unprecedented twenty-foot wingspan, with pink bald heads and all-black bodies, and feathers on their enormous wings.

There is nothing on modern record like it.

"In comparison a 20 foot wingspan would truly be a monster and something undocumented by science," cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard said. "I believe what Dave Zander may have seen are surviving teratorns."

Gerhard has made a career studying prehistoric birds.

"What's interesting the reports of these giant raptor-like birds to continue into modern times," he said. "We seem to have a large concentration of them here in the Southwest particularly in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas as well as New Mexico and parts of Arizona."

Gerhard documented many of these strange reports from all over the globe in the book "Big birds! Modern sightings of flying monsters."

The book includes sightings in different clusters over the past 30 years.

In 1972 in Maxwell in northeastern New Mexico, Ronald Monteleone of Trinidad, Colo., reported what he thought was a pterodactyl flying out of an arroyo.

In Lordsburg in the 1800s locals talked constantly about the sightings of pterosaurs.

And a picture circulated the country in 1890 out of Tombstone, Ariz., but it's never been considered totally legitimate.

"Other eyewitnesses are describing specifically giant feathered dark birds with an enormous wing span," Gerhard said.

Gerhard said his research falls into two different descriptions from witnesses. Some said the birds look like the prehistoric pterodactyl while others, like the creatures described by Zander, resemble the ancient thunderbird from Native American mythology.

You can find thunderbird images atop many totem poles and also carved into the lava rocks of the Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque. Similar images are found in petroglyphs all over North America.

According to legend, the thunderbird is said to have a wingspan the length of two canoes with the ability to deafen people with the sound of its flapping wings.

"It is definitely a real animal, according to the native peoples that lived here," Gerhard said. "It's not necessarily a legendary animal."

However a word of caution comes from folks like Ben Radford, managing editor of the Skeptical Inquirer magazine, which applies scientific reason and evidence to extraordinary claims.

"There is a desire to link modern sightings with these Native American stories but the problem is they're not necessarily the same thing," Radford said.

Radford said believes the eyewitnesses saw something:

"Ultimately a lot of these sightings, whether it's these monsters, these creatures, Chupacabras, what have you, these come down to eyewitness testimony," Radford said. "They're stories, there's nothing wrong with stories, but they're just not good evidence."

Radford has debunked numerous stories about the Loch Ness monster, crop circles and Bigfoot.

He said he relies on evidence.

"You don't have bones, teeth," he continued. "You don't have any hard evidence, so you look to these stories, you look to these myths.

"We know from many scientific experiments people are notoriously unreliable about estimating things."

And in this case, Radford said he thinks Zander and the other witnesses in Texas overestimated the birds' size.

What makes the reports intriguing is that most experts agree scientists have yet to discover every species on the planet and really have no idea what is out there:

"I believe there's a good chance that a number of large prehistoric animals remain undiscovered by modern science." Gerhard said.

Radford readily concedes there are species yet to be discovered, but...

"Do I think there are giant animals and birds and creatures out there?" he said. "No."

For his part, Zander continues to keep his eyes on the skies but hasn't had a repeat visit from the creatures. The one experience has stayed with him.

"I feel honored to have seen the one sighting," he said. "I had if they're still up there still living up there and thriving, I say awesome, more power to them."

Source: Phantoms and Monsters


Mysteries in the Skies of Camelot
UFO's, The Secret Space Program and the Death of an American President
By Olav Philips

It could be argued that on that fateful day in 1963 when sitting president John F. Kennedy was assassinated the nation lost its naivete.  It was on that afternoon that modern conspiracy theory was born, and for the last 50 years the nation has hotly debated the root cause of his death.

Some would argue the mafia did it, or maybe Cubans?  There is also the looming specter of a group of disaffected CIA operatives carrying out a sanctioned hit.  Sanctioned by none other then Lyndon Johnson.  Many people have been implicated in the assassination, but the actual purpose of his killing has still remained elusive, even after all this time.  It will probably always elude the conspiracy practice born around that dark day.

Maybe it was Johnson's lust for the Presidency, but conspiracies are never clean and simple and that seems too easy.   For my money I would imagine that the assassination was carried out for a lot of reasons, and I think E. Howard Hunt's death bed confession gave the public a window into the actual event but I also suspect that there are other contributing factors beyond simple greed and envy.  Although greed and envy, as mortal sins, have driven many people to do desperate things and an assassination would fall into that category.  It could also have been a single lone nut, but given the events after the act I would posit that as being unlikely.

One interesting thing of note, and I suspect a strong candidate for contributing factor is a fairly recently uncovered document Kennedy sent a few days before the Dallas trip to the Director of Central Intelligence regarding not only UFO's but also the opening of a dialogue with the then Soviet Union for joint lunar and space exploration and possibly even more.

In the document Kennedy discusses the fact that he had tasked James Webb, the administrator of NASA, to develop joint operations with the Soviet Union.  He asks the Director to evaluate "High Threat" cases to confirm they are "bonified" vs classified USAF or CIA operations.  He also points out that it is important to make a distinction "knowns and unknowns" so the Soviets would not mistake our seeking a joint space program as an intelligence cover.

However that is not the whole story.  In the final paragraph of the later, dated just 10 days before his death, Kennedy also requests the CIA and NASA form a project to share data on these UFO's as it would "help NASA mission directors in their defensive responsibilities."

It is that last line which got me to start thinking.

Since I was small I, like many, was always lead to believe that NASA was a civilian space organization.  The fact that many of the astronauts were military was ostensively related to their advanced flight training vs. the idea that they were indeed military personnel being placed into orbit. Only later did we find out that NASA was indeed being weaponized.

So there are three fundamental factors here.  The first being that there was indeed, as of 1963, research by the CIA and NASA into "UFOs."  That should come as no surprise to anyone interested in UFO research.  The second factor is the development of joint lunar operations, this was the premise behind the Zvesda lunar proposal. The third was a defensive responsibility of NASA against "unknowns."

The interesting part of this is Kennedy's choice of words.  In no way does he refer to these objects as UFO's, instead opts for the characterization of unknowns which carries the implicate that they may or may not be extraterrestrial in origin.  It does carry the implication that "unknowns" were a known factor.

Additionally there emerged a memo, referred to as "The Burned Memo," released to Timothy Good which seems to indicate the ever present Majestic 12/MJ-12 cabal wanted to suppress Kennedy's investigation into "unknowns" and the memo seeks to find acceptable means to deal with the issue.  It should be pointed out that the burned memo is highly controversial but Majestic 12 research Ryan Wood swears by its authenticity, but at the same time it is consistent with later requests by Bill Clinton into Roswell and UFO's where he was reportedly told that he shouldn't chase the issue any further. 

What happened to Clinton, and the subsequent restatement by Jimmy Carter of his UFO sighting, he now downplays it as a aircraft, seems to demonstrate a level of fear in both of these men.  You might say they were "gotten to" in some way, which could have included a threat. In Kennedy's case, probably because he was unpopular in certain cirlces, the acceptable means requested by the MJ-12 group may have included a suggestion to the right people (Johnson?) that Kennedy be assassinated.

So what is the real story here?  Was someone or some group afraid of allowing Kennedy access to information about aliens?  That is probably unlikely I would suspect.  We can look towards some of Kennedy's decisions to demonstrate that he was not opposed to covert operations, and with the release of the Kennedy tapes the public was invited into the oval office as John and Bobby Kennedy debated with Colby (head of the CIA at the time) supporting a coup against President Diem of South Vietnam.  During those conversation a very cold and calculated John F. Kennedy weighed his options, a conversation which eventually lead to Diem's assassination.

What makes more sense is that if, in releasing that information, he came across a conspiracy so vast that its implications could be nation or world shattering.  In this case the guardians of that information would do, and have done, whatever is necessary to protect their project.  Not only because the information is dangerous but also because of the countless laws they have broken, and people they have murdered to keep the secret.  Kennedy found the secret, and the wheels of conspiracy emerged from their cloaked cover to start the ball in motion.

So what would be so earth shattering?  How about a war in space?! From previous research it is known that starting in the 1950's plans were being drawn up for the militarization of space.  Projects like the MOL (Manned Observation Laboratory), as well as advanced research projects into particle weapons and lasers had begun well before Kennedy had taken office. Names like Chair Heritage, Saipapu, and See-Saw had their starts before the Kennedy administration had even begun.  In fact Project Lunex, the USAF moon base, was proposed to be fully operational by 1961, which is two years before Kennedy was assassinated.

The question is - Were those programs to fight an eventual war in space against the Soviets or were they designed and deployed to fight someone else? The answer to that question lies in the final paragraph where Kennedy refers to the defensive responsibilities of NASA.  It could be surmised that Kennedy was aware that the US military was leveraging NASA capabilities to deploy these missions and systems into space or at least at some level NASA was aware of the projects and missions. 

Based on this I think that while some of these projects were indeed, on the surface, designed to fight the Soviets in a World War III scenario the true nature of these projects was more defensive in orientation against an internal aggressor.  The problem was that from all accounts Kennedy wanted to make projects with the Soviets more transparent, that coupled with his known ability to get answers probably made him a  very dangerous person. It was probably quite threatening to the powers that be.

You might think of the proposed space war as the ultimate dirty war.  If it were to become confirmed and public it would lead to mass panic most likely.  People were fear armed saucers descending from the sky, and have visions of a powerless US military crumbling under the onslaught of some advanced non-earth force. That kind of revelation would also  expose the level of technical advanced the military has made through the years which would also breed distrust.

Conservative estimates place the DARPA programs hidden in Special Access Programs 60 to 100 years in advance of consumer grade technology.  High speed subterranean bullet trains, like the recent proposal by Elon Musk, would pale in comparison to the project proposed in 1972 by RAND to build a coast to coast bullet train not traveling at a mere 500mph but closer to 14,000mph and able to go coast to coast in 40 minutes.

Kennedy's knowledge of these projects would have presented a danger, and as stated previously, his ability to dig for answers would have made him a threat.  In 1963 Kennedy carried considerable political power, and that made him a target.

It's also important to remember when considering this that at the end of the day it doesn't really matter if the threat, which Kennedy referred to as  "high threat cases" is extraterrestrial or of extraterrestrial human origin.  What is more important is that these "unknowns" represented a considerable threat at all.  That statement implies actions were being taken to mitigate the threat, and that is the genesis of the problem.  To expose those technologies and projects existence would not only destabilize the country but also threatening the people running that and as the MJ-12 memo said - that was unacceptable.

So did MJ-12 carry out the hit?  No I suspect not.  That really is not how an organization, parallel shadow government per say, functions.  To organize and assassination and carry it out would probably generate undue scrutiny, or potential scrutiny, on their operations.  What is more likely is that recognizing the threat Kennedy posed they would start to make suggestions and pressure the right people at the right time to do the dirty work for them.

It's all about plausible deniability, and someone like Oswald recruited by a group of disaffected CIA operatives like Frank Sturges or E. Howard Hunt to be the fall guy makes more sense.  Upstream Sturges or Hunt recruited, and convinced by Johnson operatives and given a passive sanction makes for the perfect storm.  A storm ended when Oswald the killed, in police custody by Jack Ruby.  The assassination of Oswald ended the link, and that is how subversive covert actions operate.  Oswald got caught, and Oswald was killed to protect the system which had placed him into that position.

Simply put Kennedy was killed for protection. Protection of information, protection of secret projects and it is how things work.

I think Eisenhower said it best in his farewell speech in 1960, a farewell speech he gave as he stepped aside to Kennedy.

"Until the latest of our world conflicts, the United States had no armaments industry. American makers of plowshares could, with time and as required, make swords as well. But now we can no longer risk emergency improvisation of national defense; we have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry of vast proportions. Added to this, three and a half million men and women are directly engaged in the defense establishment. We annually spend on military security more than the net income of all United States corporations.

This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence -- economic, political, even spiritual -- is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. "

It was with those words that Dwight D. Eisenhower ceded power and the presidency to John F. Kennedy, and it was three short years later that the same military-industrial complex facilitated what happen on that day 50 years ago in Dallas.

So was Kennedy assassinated for his interest in UFOs?  Probably not.  At the end of the day Kennedy was assassinated because he made the wrong people angry, angry about a lot of things including his interest in "unknowns."  That anger bred support for a coup d'état, and that coup d'état forever changed our nation and the secrets were safe once more.


Strange Disappearances and Multidimensional Journeys
By Brad Steiger

Since the publication of our Real Encounters, Different Dimensions, and Otherworldly Beings (Visible Ink, 2013), Sherry and I have received remarkable accounts from individuals who say that they have experienced occasions when they have been seen to have “disappeared” during incidents of missing time and, thankfully, been returned. Others claim to have briefly entered scenes from the past. Still others firmly state that they have interacted with multidimensional beings who have entered our dimension of reality for purposes that as yet appear to be beyond our present capacity to understand.

One of the most popular of my early books was Strange Disappearances (Lancer Books, (1972), which reflected a personal interest that was first ignited in 1949 when at age thirteen I bought Tales of Haunted Houses, a collection of Ambrose Bierce’s newspaper articles that had been published originally by the Neale Publishing Company and was reissued by E. Haldeman- Julius as a title in the famous Little Blue Book line. In the San Francisco of 1876, Bierce had reigned as unchallenged literary king, the best known writer west of the Rockies. Although the title, Tales of Haunted Houses, declared that the book would be about ghosts and hauntings, the majority of the accounts were about mysterious disappearances.

In his eerie account of the "Spook House," Bierce writes that it was located on the road leading from Manchester in eastern Kentucky, to Booneville, twenty miles away. For five years prior to its destruction, the mansion was known as the "Spook House," because the plantation owner, his wife, and their five children had all disappeared one night without a trace.

Whatever strange disintegrating force may have existed on the old plantation, it was able to exercise its power once again on a stormy night in June, 1859, when Col. J. C. McArdle, a lawyer, and Judge Myron Veigh, both of Frankfort, Kentucky, sought shelter within the foreboding walls of the mansion. Judge Veigh never exited from the strange sanctuary.

Col. McArdle's account of his friend's complete and mysterious disappearance appeared in the Frankfort Advocate of August 6, 1876.

According to McArdle, the two men found a room that was "suffused with a faint greenish light." Within the blank stone walls of that room were human corpses. Col. McArdle wrote: "In number they were perhaps eight or ten ... They were of different ages, or rather sizes, from infancy up, and of both sexes… The bodies were in various stages of decay, all greatly shrunken in face and figure. Some were but little more than skeletons."

Judge Veigh ignored Col. McArdle's warning to leave the mansion and walked quickly to the center of the room so that he might closer examine the bodies.

"A strong disagreeable odor" overwhelmed Col. McArdle, and he reeled, felt himself falling. He knew no more until he awakened six weeks later in a hotel at Manchester. He had lain ill with a constant delirium ever since he had been found by strangers several miles away from the house and brought to the hotel.

"No one believed a word of my story," he wrote in the Advocate, "and who can wonder? And who can imagine my grief when, arriving at my home in Frankfort two months later, I learned that Judge Veigh had never been heard of since that night?”

Col. McArdle was never to convince the suspicious family of Judge Veigh that he had not murdered his friend. And search as he might, McArdle never found that eerie room wherein his friend had disappeared forever. According to Bierce's article, Col. McArdle died in Frankfort, Kentucky, on December 13, 1879.


In “The Difficulty of Crossing a Field,” Bierce reported the fate of a planter named Williamson, who lived six miles from Selma, Alabama, who vanished before the eyes of his wife and child, and a neighbor and his son on a morning in July, 1854.

Mr. Armour Wren gave the following account of the matter while under oath in the course of legal proceedings relative to the settlement of the Williamson estate:

"My son's exclamation caused me to look toward the spot where I had seen the deceased (sic) an instant before, but he was not there, nor was he anywhere visible. I cannot say that at the moment I was greatly startled, or realized the gravity of the occurrence, though I thought it singular. My son, however, was greatly astonished and kept repeating his question in different forms until we arrived at the gate.

"As we got out of the carriage at the gate of the field, and while Sam was hanging (sic) the team to the fence, Mrs. Williamson, with her child in her arms and followed by several servants, came running down the walk in great excitement, crying: 'He is gone, he is gone! Oh God! What an awful thing!' and many other such exclamations, which I do not distinctly recollect. I got from them the impression that they related to something more than the mere disappearance of her husband, even if that had occurred before her eyes. Her manner was wild, but not more so, I think, than was natural under the circumstances. I have no reason to think she had at that time lost her mind. I have never since seen nor heard of Mr. Williamson."

James Wren insisted that he had seen Mr. Williamson disappear, but he did not give testimony in court. Mrs. Williamson's manner had become increasingly "wild," and she did come to lose her reason. The courts decided that Williamson was dead, and his estate was distributed according to law.


In “An Unfinished Race, ” Bierce writes of another instance where a man vanished in front of witnesses. On September 3, 1873, an amateur athlete named James Burne Worson made a tavern wager that he could run to Coventry and back to Leamington, Warwickshire (England), a distance of a bit more than forty miles. Worson set out with the gentleman who had bet against him, a line draper, Barham Wise, and Hamerson Burns, a photographer, following in a light cart. Worson jogged along for several miles, boastful of his endurance, scornful of the occasional cheer or jeer from the wagon ahead of him.

Then, as the record has it:

"Suddenly--in the very middle of the roadway, not a dozen yards from them, and with their eyes full upon him--the man seemed to stumble, pitched headlong forward, uttered a terrible cry and vanished! He did not fall to the earth--he vanished before touching it No trace of him was ever discovered." “As might be expected, the authorities were more than a little skeptical of the fantastic account related by the three eye-witnesses, and the men were taken into custody.

"But they were of good standing, had always been considered truthful, were sober at the time of the occurrence, and nothing ever transpired to discredit their sworn account of their extraordinary adventure, concerning the truth of which, nevertheless, public opinion was divided, throughout the United Kingdom," Bierce writes. "If they had something to conceal, their choice of means is certainly one of the most amazing ever made by sane human beings."


In the case of “Charles Ashmore’s Trail,” Bierce writes that on the evening of November 9, 1878, sixteen-year-old Charles Ashmore left the family circle in the farmhouse near Quincy, Illinois, in order to fill the drinking bucket with fresh water from the spring. When he did not return, the family grew uneasy, and Christian Ashmore and his eldest daughter, Martha, took lantern in hand and went in search of the tardy teenager .

A light snow had fallen, obliterating the path, but making the young man's trail conspicuous; each footprint was plainly defined.

Bierce writes in his account of this classic case of a strange disappearance: "After going a little more than half-way--perhaps seventy-five yards--the father, who was in advance, halted, and elevating his lantern stood peering intently into the darkness ahead. The trail of the young man had abruptly ended, and all beyond was smooth, unbroken snow. The last footprints were as conspicuous as any in the line; the very nail-marks were distinctly visible."

Ashmore and his daughter took a wide circle around the tracks so that they might remain undisturbed, then they proceeded to the spring. The spring was covered with ice, hours old. The teenaged Charles had not progressed any further toward the spring than his final tracks indicated. And there were no tracks leading away from that ultimate trail.

Young Charles Ashmore had disappeared without a clue. But Bierce writes that four days later Charles' grief-stricken mother went to the spring for water and returned insisting that she had heard the voice of her son calling to her as she passed the spot where his footsteps had ended. She had wandered about the area, thinking the voice to be coming first from one direction, then from another. She pursued the source of the voice until she had become exhausted with fatigue and emotion.

For months afterward, at irregular intervals of a few days, the voice was heard by the several members of the family, and by others. Bierce concluded his account by stating that "all declared it unmistakably the voice of Charles Ashmore; all agreed that it seemed to come from a great distance, faintly, yet with entire distinctness or articulation; yet none could determine its direction, nor repeat its words. The intervals of silence grew longer and longer, the voice fainter and farther, and by midsummer it was heard no more."


Some researchers have speculated, as I have suggested, that in at least some of the tales summarized above Bierce was writing horror fiction, Edgar Allan Poe-style. However, none of the accounts were presented as short stories, but as journalistic reports.

Bierce followed these accounts with a postscript entitled, "Science to the Front," which purports to share the theory of Dr. Hern of Leipzig, which was expounded in Verschwindend und Seine Theorie, and suggests that it might offer an explanation for the subject of mysterious disappearances. According to Bierce, the theories of Dr. Hern had attracted some attention " particularly among the followers of Hegel, and mathematicians who hold to the actual existence of a so-called non-Euclidean space--that is to say, of space which has more dimensions than length, breadth, and thickness ..... space in which it would be possible to tie a knot in an endless cord and to turn a rubber ball inside out without a solution of its continuity, or, in other words, without breaking or cracking it."

It was Dr. Hern's contention that in the visible world that we call our reality there exist void places, vacua, and something more--''holes, as it were, through which animate and inanimate objects may fall into the invisible world and be seen and heard no more."

Dr. Hern viewed Space as being pervaded by " . . . luminiferous ether, which is a material thing--as much a substance as air or water, though almost infinitely more attenuated." The scientist believed that "all force, all forms of energy must be propagated in this; every process must take place in it which takes place at all."

In an attempt to restate Dr. Hern's theory, Bierce writes: "But let us suppose that cavities exist in this otherwise universal medium, as caverns exist in the earth, or cells in Swiss cheese. In such a cavity there would be absolutely nothing. It would be such a vacuum as cannot be artificially produced; for if we pump the air from a receiver there remains the luminiferous ether. Through one of these cavities light could not pass, for there would be nothing to bear it. Sound could not come from it; nothing could be felt in it. It would not have a single one of the conditions necessary to the action of any of our senses. In such a void, in short, nothing whatever could occur." Bierce would have a great time in an era such as ours that freely discusses quantum mechanic physics, other dimensions, and multiple universes.

While cataloging the new cases that Sherry and I have received after the publication of Real Encounters, Different Dimensions, and Otherworldly Beings, I went back through my files of previous cases of time-slipping through dimensions of time and space.

In February of 1971, shortly after an article of mine on Time Travel had appeared in Saga magazine, I received a letter from a gentleman named Al Kiessig, who claimed the ability to walk through “doorways” between dimensions. In subsequent correspondence, Kiessig, whom I found to be an open and sincere man, shared numerous extraordinary experiences.

It was in Missouri that Kiessig found the "West Door," the door of evil, and the "East Door," the entrance into the Spirit World. According to Kiessig: "At the West Door, the wanderers of the spirit world can leave and enter our world clothed so as to be seen as one of us--and no human eye can detect the difference.

''There are two places, one in Missouri and one in Arkansas, where I walked into this next door neighbor of ours. It is very silent. It looks like our world, but there is no sound, no wind, no sun, even though it looks like the sun is shining.

"In the state of Missouri I found two fields that had doors, or what I call 'vortexes’: No matter where you walked you would come back to your starting place, and if you hit the center of the vortex, then you would come out from a mile to two miles beyond the place you entered in a section that would be unrecognizable to you until you stopped and regained your inner balance. Then the surroundings would gradually become familiar.

"Each door is different, but it is my belief that if one could recognize these door openings, one could pick the door in Arkansas that would permit me to step into your front yard in Iowa. "In the region of the Ozarks, it was nothing for me to see into this other dimension. I could not enter, but I could see into it, as if through a large window; and I could see the people, live people, who entered our world or dimension, using the same mode of transportation so as not to give themselves away as aliens. The question is who are they?

"I have entered these 'doorways' while driving and saved myself hundreds of miles of driving. Unfortunately, the reverse has also happened to me.

"Some of these doors to other dimensions open like an elevator door with no elevator there to step into. Others open into a land of no life. Some take you back into the past, and some take you into the future on this world. Then there are doors that open into chambers that send the body to a distant star.

"This world we know as Earth is not the only world inhabited by people like us. We must keep our minds open wide.

"There is no way that I can prove any of the events stated in this letter,” Kiessig closed in one of his long letters to me. "My word, which is well known hereabouts to be good as gold, must do." Is it possible that some men and women may have a peculiar psychic make-up which permits them to transgress the boundaries between this plane of reality and other dimensions?

Can these men and women be possessed of abilities which enable them to travel to realms of being normally unobtainable to those in the physical body?

As Al Kiessig admitted, he had only his word to substantiate his claims, and even though his friends and neighbors in Arkansas might swear by his promises and his oaths, such testimonials do not stand up well under the critical scrutiny of the scientific testing laboratory.

In the September, 1956, issue of Fate magazine, Miriam Golding related an experience which occurred to her in the fall of 1934 when she stepped out of an elevator into another plane of existence. Miriam and her fiance were riding a crowded elevator in a Chicago music store when she inadvertently got off at the wrong floor and found it impossible to push her way back into the crowded car. Miriam sighed, prepared to await the elevator car's return. Then looking around her, she was astonished to see that she was not in a downtown music store at all, but a large railroad station.

She watched crowds of travelers hurrying about. Railroad announcers gave times of departures and arrivals. People bought tickets, grabbed sandwiches and snacks from lunch counters, idled impatiently in waiting rooms. Miriam approached the Information booth, but stalked away indignantly when the girl seemed to completely ignore her repeated inquiries.

At last Miriam noticed a to-the-street sign and followed its direction into the open air. It seemed to be a beautiful, mid-summer afternoon. A new red brick building was being constructed across the street from the station. Crowds of people jostled by on the streets. But everyone ignored Miriam and she had no idea where she was.

She wandered aimlessly for several minutes until she noticed a teenaged boy standing near the center of the sidewalk, staring in all directions. She approached the blond boy, hardly daring to hope that they might establish contact with one another. Then he noticed her and smiled: "I guess they let you off at the wrong stop, too.”

Miriam immediately understood that however fantastic, the same thing had happened to both of them. Their mutual plight created a bond between them, and they continued together down the broad avenue. The boy explained that he had been playing tennis in Lincoln, Nebraska. He had gone into the locker room to change his shoes, and when he came back out to the courts, he found himself in that same railroad depot. The two of them marveled at whatever strange force could transport a tennis player from Lincoln and a shopper from Chicago to the same unknown train station.

Eventually they found themselves in the open country where, amazingly, Miriam saw her fiance's sister on a sandbar with a number of other girls. They noticed her, too, and they began to call her name and wave at her. Her new friend became very excited. Perhaps the girls formed some kind of connection or link between dimensions. He hurried out of his clothes until he stood only in his tennis shorts.

"It's not far to swim," he told Miriam. "They see us! I know I can make it to them in a few minutes."

The figures of the girls remained on the sandbar, but the teenager, even though he was a strong swimmer, could get no nearer to the girls and the hoped for link between worlds. Exhausted, he returned at last to shore and fell to the sand in complete discouragement. When they looked again at the sandbar, it had disappeared.

Miriam felt despondent. Would she be forever trapped in this other plane of existence? Then she became suddenly enveloped in darkness. She felt as if she were floating through space. With a jolt she found herself on a stool in the music store, a magazine spread out before her. A clock was signaling closing time, and the clerks were directing impatient glances her way. Miriam looked about for her fiance, but she could not see him. She decided to go directly to his home, but this time she would take the stairs and avoid the elevator.

"'When I got to my destination," Miriam Golding wrote, "my fiance opened the door. He certainly looked relieved. He said he'd lost me on the elevator. After step¬ping out on the main floor, he had been unable to locate me. Thinking I had gotten off on some other floor, he had waited for a while, then decided to go home."

Miriam entered the home and was surprised to see her fiance's sister with the same friends she had seen on the sandbar. The sister smiled and teased her that she had seen her in town, "but you were so engrossed in each other you didn't even hear us!"

Where had Miriam Golding been during those strange hours away from conventional reality? What distortion of Time and Space made downtown Chicago appear to be a river and a sandbar? How had the girls been able to serve as a kind of link between dimensions, so that at least some kind of communication, even though false (they saw her with her fiance rather than a blond teenaged boy; she saw them on a sandbar rather than a crowded Chicago street), had been established?

Mr. R. W. Balcom of Live Oak, California, wrote to me concerning a personal experience shared with his wife. According to Balcom, the two of them were traveling to Lake Tahoe during the early morning hours. A few miles east of Placerville on Highway 50, they stopped to eat at a quaint and rustic-styled restaurant, which neither of them had ever noticed on any of their previous trips to the region.

The food was excellent, and the waitress and cook were so friendly that the Balcoms truly meant their promise to stop back again.

They tried to do so on their return drive from Lake Tahoe, but the restaurant was nowhere to be seen.

The Balcoms traveled that route three successive weekends in 1962, searching for the friendly little restaurant with the good food that had simply vanished into nothingness. "Since then we have journeyed over Highway 50 to Lake Tahoe many times," Balcom concludes, "never again finding the little restaurant.”

Frances E. Peterson of Keokuk, Iowa, remembered the Sunday afternoon in 1935, when she, her husband, and their four children were returning from a weekend visit in Missouri. They decided to take a shortcut on a dirt road. They drove down a hill into a valley, then as they reached the rim of the valley, they were astonished to see a well where women in sun bonnets and long, full skirts covered by large aprons were drawing in a wooden pail by a windlass. Other women were carrying the water in pails balanced on wooden yokes across their shoulders. Bearded men, who were tending sheep and gathering wood, wore loose-fitting trousers, smocks, and large black hats. The Petersons had never heard of such a settlement in the area of St. Patrick, Missouri, and as it turned out, no one else had either.

"Many times since then we have looked for this lovely Old World settlement," Mrs. Peterson commented. "We have inquired of old settlers and relatives in the area, but no one knows of such a valley. Did we ride backward in time?" (Fate, April, 1959)

The men and women who have had the experiences cited above may always wonder whether or not they had some kind of collective psychic experience or whether their physical bodies somehow managed to pass into another dimension.

For other individuals the answer be¬comes a bit more clearly stated, although no more clearly defined or explained, for they were left with undeniable physical evidence that they had been confronted with some force as yet beyond the grasp of orthodox science.

Thirteen-year-old Michael Helferty of Picton, Ontario, Canada, was last seen walking along Lake Street toward Ontlet Beach to go swimming on July 30, 1960. Then he disappeared.

By the time he was found sleeping in a nest of grass alongside the Canadian National Railway tracks west of Picton five days later, his frantic parents had posted a five hundred dollar reward for information on his where abouts and police, friends, and volunteer searchers had painstakingly combed the area.

Michael was unaware that any more than a few hours had passed since he set out to go swimming, and he had no memory of where he had been. He showed no signs of exposure, sunburn, hunger, or thirst. He was fresh and alert and not the least bit tired. The Helferty family physician declared him well-nourished, well-cared for, and clean. Strangely enough, his clothes were perfectly dry, even though there had been a heavy dew during the night.

The only thing at all unusual was that Michael was wearing his swim trunks, rather than his underwear, under his trousers. Since he had set out to go swimming with his trunks in his hand, it appears that he at least may have entered the water.

Michael himself found it difficult to believe that he had "lost" five days, and he insisted that he had no knowledge or memory of where he had been.

His father could only shake his head and utter: "It's a mystery, but somebody’s taken care of him, that's for sure."

Michael Helferty swore that he had no conscious memory of where he had spent his strange five-day vacation.

Little Kathy Cramer may have remembered where she disappeared, but she was not telling anyone. The six-year-old girl disappeared from her home on Park Street in Wood's Hole, Massachusetts, about 7:00 P.M. on August 15, 1960. Local police officers, state po¬lice, firemen, a crew of volunteers, and two police blood¬hounds meticulously scoured a two-mile area, while a Coast Guard vessel patrolled the adjacent water front. At 9:00 P.M. two hundred airmen from nearby Otis Air Force Base initiated a search-march for the missing Kathy Cramer.

It goes without saying that the Cramer household was carefully searched before the original alarm concerning Kathy’s absence had been issued. In addition, Falmouth Deputy Police Chief Antone Morgardo and Rev. Wilkin J. Kingwell, rector of St. John's Church in Newtonville, testified that they had carefully explored the house three times. Yet, incredible as it may seem, the six-year-old object of the massive search was found at 3:00 A.M., peace¬fully sleeping on her bed. When gratefully weeping yet stunned and incredulous parents asked Kathy where she had been, the six-year-¬old stubbornly announced that she was not telling.

Stern police officers, solicitous neighbors, coaxing relatives all got the same answer: "I'm not telling'"

Had some kidnapper decided better of his dangerous gambit and returned the child, desperately making a game of it all with her, making her promise not to tell where they had been?

Or had some cosmic, interdimensional being removed the child for a time for some purpose of its own, then brought her back to our plane of reality with a promise not to betray the "Good Fairy's" secret?

There may be a number of other possible explanations, but one that we should consider is that the child herself may have discovered the marvelous, albeit awesome, se¬cret of psychically "crawling" through the cracks and crevices between spheres of existence.

Whether there truly are "holes" and "doorways" between dimensions of reality, whether there may exist kidnappers or interlopers from other planes of being, whether swirling vortexes may snatch up unsuspecting men and women and send them spinning into another Space-Time continuum, remain among the many challenges to be explored in these encounters with the unknown. If any readers have had such encounters or experiences, we would very much like to hear from you: www.bradandsherry.com.

Source: AP Magazine

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