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Our Universe Could Be 'One Bubble in a Frothy Sea of Bubbles' -
10,000-year-old Rock Paintings May Depict Aliens and UFOs -
Argentina: Lights and Mystery in the Valley of the Dinosaurs -
- Research Into Electronic Voice Phenomena -
The Weird Science of Tinfoil Hats

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From the Days of UFOs Past - This Fantastic Book!


George Hunt Williamson – known as “Brother Philip” throughout the highlands of Peru, the jungles of South and Central America, and the arid plains of the Southwest – traveled the longest highway in the world, leading him to discover a vast road into the sky that can be linked to the arrival of visitors from elsewhere in the universe throughout the ages.

Within these pages are the stories of the Hopi Sun Clan, including the legends of the “Giant Star.” The secret of the Stone Tablets of Peru. The Time Spanners. The Beacon of the Gods. The Martian Miniatures. Fossils, Footprints and Fantasy. Evidence for the existence of the “Silent World,” and the reality of the Unholy Six.

Also this is the book that gives:

* Williamson’s behind-the-scenes battle with the FBI and the Silence Group.
His investigation into the mysterious disappearances of Hunrath and Wilkinson, who might have been murdered or abducted by UFOs.

* The accusations of smuggling and his “association” with a sexy flying saucer pilot whom the FBI identified as a “ravishing woman commandant!”

Williamson, sometime in his life, must have come to realize that, in America, if you try to buck the status quo or change the system you can easily be slandered and identified as a dangerous dissident, whether you are called a communist, a fascist, or a neo-Nazi.

Many of the contactees of the early UFO/New Age communities were unduly slandered, as was the man aka “Brother Philip.” It was also suggested that Williamson was a “Mind-Controlled Soldier” of the Soviet Union, a label he found difficult to shake off during his years of battling with the “system.” How he persevered in spite of all this undeserved conflict makes for a story of true UFO heroism.

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Our Universe Could Be 'One Bubble in a Frothy Sea of Bubbles'

The universe could be a bubble amongst a 'frothy sea' of other bubble universes, scientists have claimed.  They hope a new series of experiments could shed new light on the 'multiverse', which says ours is just one universe among many.

Researchers hope it will be a proof of principle and show the multiverse theory can be tested.

Researchers at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada say the theory of multiple universes stems from the idea  of there being a vacuum in the beginning of time.

'The vacuum simmered with energy (variously called dark energy, vacuum energy, the inflation field, or the Higgs field).

'Like water in a pot, this high energy began to evaporate – bubbles formed,' they explain.

Each bubble contained another vacuum, whose energy was lower, but still not nothing. This energy drove the bubbles to expand.

Inevitably, some bubbles bumped into each other. It’s possible some produced secondary bubbles.  Each of these bubbles was a universe.

'In this picture, our universe is one bubble in a frothy sea of bubble universes,' the team say.

The theory arises from the idea of cosmic inflation, that the universe expanded very far very fast after the Big Bang.

While this is the most widely accepted theory of universe formation, it has never been proved - something the researchers
believe they could change.

'We’re trying to find out what the testable predictions of this picture would be, and then going out and looking for them,'
said Perimeter Associate Faculty member Matthew Johnson

The researchers have been considering the rare cases in which our bubble universe might collide with another bubble universe.

'We simulate the whole universe,' he said.

'We start with a multiverse that has two bubbles in it, we collide the bubbles on a computer to figure out what happens,
and then we stick a virtual observer in various places and ask what that observer would see from there.

'Simulating the universe is easy,' he claims.

'We’re simulating things only on the largest scales,' he says.

'All I need is gravity and the stuff that makes these bubbles up.

'We’re now at the point where if you have a favourite model of the multiverse, I can stick it on a computer and tell you  what you should see.'

Johnson says the program has already reached the point where it can rule out certain models of the multiverse.

'We’re now able to say that some models predict something that we should be able to see, and since we don’t in fact see it,  we can rule those models out.'

For instance, collisions of one bubble universe with another would leave what Johnson calls 'a disk on the sky' – a circular bruise in the cosmic microwave background.

That the search for such a disk has so far come up empty makes certain collision-filled models less likely.

It’s the first time, the team writes in their paper, that anyone has produced a direct quantitative set of predictions for the observable signatures of bubble collisions.

The term ‘multiverse’ was invented in December 1960, by Andy Nimmo, then vice chairman of the British Interplanetary Society.

It is based on the theory of eternal inflation, which suggests that shortly after the Big Bang that formed the universe, space-time expanded at different rates in different places.

According to eternal inflation theory, this gave rise to bubble universes that may function with their own separate laws of physics.

The idea of other universes out there may seem strange, but scientists say it can help solve some problems of fundamental physics.

For instance, the long-standing mystery of why nature appears to be fine-tuned for the emergence of life can be explained by the picture of a multiverse.

Some scientists argue that intelligent observers exist only in those rare areas in which the conditions happen to be just right for life to evolve.

The rest of the multiverse remains barren, but no one is there to notice it.

Source: The Daily Mail


10,000-year-old Rock Paintings May Depict Aliens and UFOs

CHARAMA (Chhattisgarh): Chhattisgarh state department of archaeology and culture plans to seek help from NASA and Isro for research on 10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting aliens and UFOs in Charama region in Kanker district in tribal Bastar region, India.

According to archaeologist JR Bhagat, these paintings have depicted aliens like those shown in Hollywood and Bollywood flicks. Located about 130km from Raipur, the caves come under village Chandeli and Gotitola.

"The findings suggest that humans in prehistoric times may have seen or imagined beings from other planets which still create curiosity among people and researchers. Extensive research is needed for further findings. Chhattisgarh presently doesn't have any such expert who could give clarity on the subject," Bhagat told TOI.

There are several beliefs among locals in these villages. While few worship the paintings, others narrate stories they have heard from ancestors about "rohela people" — the small sized ones — who used to land from sky in a round shaped flying object and take away one or two persons of village who never returned.

"The paintings are done in natural colours that have hardly faded despite the years. The strangely carved figures are seen holding weapon-like objects and do not have clear features. Specially, the nose and mouth are missing. In few pictures, they are even shown wearing space suits. We can't refute possibility of imagination by prehistoric men but humans usually fancy such things," the archaeologist said.

He added that it is a co-incidence that such ancient images appear to have sharp resemblance to UFOs shown in alien movies. "The fan-like antenna and three legs of vehicle's stand clearly show a similarity to UFO type craft," he said.

Other archaeologists would also be consulted for further verification.

Source: The Times of India


Argentina: Lights and Mystery in the Valley of the Dinosaurs
From Gaceta OVNI

The Ezequiel Ramos Mexía reservoir is Argentina’s largest artificial lake, created to supply power to the largest hydroelectric undertaking in the history of Patagonia, the Chocón Complex. The waters of the Limay River, which separate the Andean lacustrine region from the provinces of Neuquén and Río Negro, arrive with great turbulence, following a basin that crosses the vast Patagonian desert like a blue line, giving its sky-hued color to the landscape it traverses. The monumental earthen dam, standing 86 meters tall, has transformed the desert to make it attractive to tourism. It couldn’t be any less: the sensation of enormous size that the waters cause on the viewer, in the immensity of the open space, manages to become an unforgettable image with hidden corners of particular beautiful, arduous trails and high points from which it is nearly possible to see the whole world. Among them stands out “Los Gigantes”, sandstone residues of the old landscape, rising from the waters like mighty towers, silent sentinels of the territory and its mysteries. At the shores of the reservoir we find the small village of Chocón, a community that takes advantage of any resources that may feed its peacefulness and social organization.

The Valley of the Dinosaurs

Over 70 million years ago, the formidable geological movement that raised the Andes shook the ground, leaving rich strata filled with fossil remains which in recent decades threatened to overturn the paleontological concepts of the lives, expansion and development of several dinosaur species. They betray the existence of unimaginable colossi, animals so special that they are the cause of a current revision of South American Prehistory, which was very nearly unknown not long ago. Among the unexpected discoveries we find the “Gigantosaurus”, the world’s largest carnivore. Gigantosaurus carolinii is the largest carnivore fossil found to date and bears the name of its discoverer, Rubén Carolini, who began as an amateur paleontologist, propelled to notoriety by his find. Carolini currently pursues his unceasing task, covering the region’s inhospitable and desolate wilderness in his truck, collaborating and starring in a true golden age for paleontology in Argentina, faced with major discoveries. Landscapes, discoveries and local treasures unimaginable to their builders, who did not evaluate them as possible, have endowed the village with the “cult destination” quality that sees tourists arrive to face the prehistoric world that is nowadays a garden in the desert. But not all of its wealth lies herein. As if there were something missing, a major cultural initiative has el Chocón as its center of attention.

A History of Patagonia

Héctor Pérez Morando embraced journalism as his life’s goal. A native of Buenos Aires, he embarked upon a journey in search of new experiences 40 years ago that led him to take up residence in Cipolletti, a city in Rio Negro near the Province of Neuquén. He was the founder of the Tribunas y Polémicas newspaper, among other media, which caused him to glean knowledge – responsibly and in depth – on current events and history in Patagonia. Thus, over an extended period of searching, he collected books, newspapers, reports and essays concerning this southern region. Over time, he secured over 4000 titles, including first editions, original documents ancient chronicles, studies by the first explorers of Patagonia and a varied assortment of data that turned it into the most important initiative of its kind. We read in one of his works: Only recently, in the log of the third voyage of the Rio Negro, we find a definition for this site in Neuquén: “We went along the Chalcun or Chocón. The superstitious magic of that aboriginal human flesh, shattered by spears or lost bolas, or the cold and the snow, according to the authors, would give way to bones bleached by the wind, sun and sand, phosphorescent by night, converted into the “evil light”.

The earliest references on the presence of strange lights in the region go back to the Araucanian traditions and legends, particularly Mapuche ones, collected during anthropological surveys. This is nothing news. During numerous expeditions to the virgin southlands, we find tales not only of violent encounters with the local natives, but also chronicles of encounters with bizarre lights considered by the creoles to be demonic manifestations and aboriginal spirits. Patricio Parente, a young researcher from the Grupo Hemisferios, has this to say: “These are luminous beings that form part of myth and reality alike, as encounter experiences with them do not date from centuries of dozens of years ago, but only months ago, perhaps even last week. This means that we are not looking at legends, but an inexplicable phenomenon that repeats constantly and has given rise to a particular history of strange beings. I call them beings, because their movements suggest a superhuman, super physical nature that goes beyond what we know in nature. They exist and are still seen today under other names, other headings, and they prowl the same places they haunted decades ago, where they have also been seen by policemen, watchmen, settlers and tourists. Therefore, we are facing something real, narrated and interpreted in a variety of ways. There is a remarkable item of information in the native chronicles. They are the first known group in all the Patagonian territory to give rise to an intelligent character, a life of its own that is sustained by the type of movement and behavior displayed before a witness. Similar characteristics have also attracted the attention of science. The lights that fly over el Chocón and adjoining regions were there before the reservoir was built, and perhaps there much before the settlers themselves.”

The Present

Chocón’s Mesozoic landscape is buried in the immensity of vast desolation, but this land shyly conceals other secrets under the layers of ancient memories, reminiscences and legends existing amid the Patagonian winds and the silent nights of the southern hemisphere. The dramatic changes to the landscape in the past 100 years have not affected these intriguing luminous phenomena. We are aware of specific places where they reach peaks of intensity, mysterious places where truck drivers and locals run into unidentified phenomena constantly. Neuquén forms part of a Patagonia that remains unexplored in UFO matters, jealously guarding events that would startle public opinion.

At present, there are no video or photographic records of the events occurring at Chocón, but eyewitness accounts are equally unsettling. Over recent years, several locals claim having had UFO experiences. Overall, these are luminous phenomena that fly over the vicinity of the reservoir, sometimes low enough to shine over its waters. Over several nights in early 2000, shift watchmen at the reservoir saw strange lights to the northeast, following the waters of the Limay River. These lights remained static at first, then moved erratically, and were seen from this point four times during the month of January.

“At times, it was believed that it was Chilean espionage,” says one watchman. Juan Pablo Gómez has looked into this particular focus on UFOS. A situation contemplated by the military until not long ago was the possibility of a military confrontation with Chile. This played a major factor in the strategic situation of the Cordilleran provinces along the vast frontier between both countries. It is not the first time that the maneuvers of unidentified flying objects have been seen as a probable intrusion by Chilean probes. While this has all been handled discreetly, it is nearly a fact – discussed on countless occasions by local military – that UFOs were suspected as enemy incursions. It is likely that alarms may have been sounded on more than one occasion when these luminous bodies flew over such strategic locations as reservoirs, refineries, gas plants and military facilities. Of course, once their degree of high strangeness was determined, there came the realization that it was more than military technology.

The Gendarmerie possesses an extensive list of encounters involving border posts and strategic locations. There is, in fact, a goodly amount of UFO cases involved in the most intimate strategies of our country – cases that have not yet come to light. While some of the numerous sightings recorded from this location over the years may have to do with lights from highways, or aircraft taking off from the city of Neuquén’s own airport (70 kilometers distant in a straight line), some of the maneuvers described are exceedingly strange and capricious, particularly due to the distance at which they were seen.

Arroyito – The Hotspot

The area known as “Arroyito” is always mentioned when geographic coincidences and sightings are mentioned. It is some 27 kilometers to the northeast of the reservoir, along a segment of the Limay River that is bordered by Route 237 on the one side and Route 7 on the south. We can suggest that the area goes from the reservoir to the Arroyito Dam, which is the hottest spot in the territory. Mr. Ferreyra, a retired journalist from the major national newspaper “Clarín”, lived in Junin de los Andes for nearly 35 years and has been in Villa el Chocón for the past 3. In 1978, he witnessed an experience that became publicly known. On August 23 of that year, as conflict with Chile over control of the Beagle Channel was on the rise, and the borders were in a permanent state of alert, Ferreyra was in his car along Route 237 in the company of Ramon Asmar, who would go on to become a national congressman. Near the high voltage lines, some kilometers west of the Arroyito Dam, he saw a light through his windshield that seemed bright enough to go right through the car’s body. Visibly perturbed, he asked Asmar to stop the car for a better look, but Asmar refused to get out. Standing on the road, he was able to see a large sphere at an altitude he was unable to specify. In fact, his companion turned up the volume of the car’s radio when broadcaster Ricardo Villar – a current national congressman – interrupted his show from LU 19, Radio Cipolletti, to report the sighting of a strange shape in the sky reported by hundreds of listeners from the part of the Rio Negro Valley and Neuquén. “I remember it was around ten o’clock at night. I came down with the camera and tape recorder, but never used them in the end, I don’t know why.”

Another light, this time from a car coming from the Bariloche side of the road, approached the site, and as Ferreyra made expansive gestures, the vehicle stopped and three men got out to join him in the unusual sighting. The light vanished after a few minutes. Ferreyra asked the witnesses for their names. One of them provided information, but it later turned out his address was non-existent. Subsequent inquiries on the car’s occupants revealed they were members of army intelligence engaged in research concerning the likelihood of an armed encounter with Chile.

Ruben Carolini and his family witnessed another manifestation around 1985. “I was returning from Neuquén along 237 in my car when around ten or eleven at night, driving past Arroyito, I saw a powerful light that illuminated the desert. I stopped the car immediately, looked toward the wire fence posts along the sides of the road, and the shadows the cast showed that the light was making prolonged, extensive maneuvers in the sky. I looked out the window and could the source was a very bright, teardrop-shaped body resting horizontally. It had a dark core, blue I think, and was no more than 300 meters over the car. Since my family was restless, I kept driving until the light suddenly turned off.”

Carolini also discusses numerous experiences at the reservoir. “While that was the only time I saw anything like it, we know that during its construction, the workers saw UFOs on numerous occasions, not only at night, but in broad daylight as well.” But other remarkable experiences were had by a teacher in Villa del Chocón who prefers to remain anonymous. At least 20 years ago, returning home from the city in her car, she saw a group of lights – approximately 7 – that escorted her from the entrance to the reservoir area to the outskirts of the village. She was so shocked by the experience that since then she has discussed it with her pupils, as if preparing her kids – some of them adults now – how to calmly live through such a situation. She wasn’t wrong.

The Mysterious Valley

Other remarkable experiences occurred in the valley in recent years. In September 1998, gendarmes and local residents witnessed a spherical object with bright beams of light flying serenely over the reservoir from east to west, reflected by the waters of the Ezequiel Ramon Mexia. “It flew as low as a helicopter, but noiselessly,” says Juan Carlos Benitez, owner of the village bar, who went out to the street with some locals to witness the prodigy. There are accounts of UFOs emerging from the waters, getting between vessels that go out at night to fish. In one way or another, the activities of the Unidentifieds is particularly intense and constant, and while its fossil wealth may have boosted Chocón and its environs to fame, the enigma of the lights finds another iteration in that location – another area added to the long list of places afflicted by this mystery. So rich is the information, and so widespread the problem of UFOs in Patagonia, that the library set up by Perez Morando contains information about it in a special binder with journalistic information and eyewitness accounts, and it continues to grow. “Thirty years ago, a married couple had a remarkable experience at the Cipolletti cliffs. The story was such a sensation that I became aware of the extent of people’s interest in these subjects. The Biblioteca Patagónica has a special section on UFOs for that reason.”

While the bones of ancient titans come to light due to excavations in the area, a similar process has begun among us: recovering extraordinary experiences hitherto concealed under layers of prejudice and silence. Information and experience that will someday – like the titans of Neuquén – cause the course of history, and of the present itself, to change.

[Translation © 2014 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Silvia and Andrea Pérez Simondini (Visión OVNI), The NetCentinell, Gaceta OVNI and Guillermo D. Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Source: Inexplicata


Women in Black: Lock the Doors!
By Nick Redfern

Within the world of UFO research, the Men in Black are just about as legendary as they are feared. These pale-faced, ghoulish entities have for decades terrorized into silence both witnesses to, and researchers of, UFO encounters.

Theories for who, or what, the MIB might be are many. They include: extraterrestrials, government agents, demonic creatures, time-travelers from the future, and inter-dimensional beings from realms that co-exist with ours.

While much has been written on the sinister, and occasionally deadly, actions of the MIB, practically nothing, at all, has been penned on the subject of their equally bone-chilling companions: the Women in Black. Make no mistake: the WIB are all too real. And they are as ominous and dangerous as their male counterparts.

They may not have achieved the iconic status of the MIB, but these fearsome females, and their collective role in silencing those that immerse themselves in the UFO puzzle, is all too terrifyingly real. Not only that: the WIB have a long and disturbing history.

The WIB are not the agents of officialdom – not at all. They are something stranger, something occult and supernatural. The story is not one of  “government conspiracy” proportions in the slightest.

Centuries before they plagued and tormented flying saucer seekers, the Women in Black roamed the landscape by night. They silenced those that studied the subject of alchemy, those who claimed encounters with goblins, fairies and pixies, and those who delved into the realm of the occult.

Whereas today’s WIB arrive at homes in shiny – but curiously old-looking – Cadillac cars, in centuries past, this terrible breed invariably appeared atop equally black, glowing-eyed stallions and in later years, in black, horse-drawn carriages.

They were also up to their infernal tricks in the 1920s. A definitive WIB turned up in none other than a piece of publicity-based footage for a Charlie Chaplin movie, The Circus, which was made in 1928. The footage, undeniably real and shown not to have been tampered with, reveals what appears to be an old, short lady, wearing a long black coat and black hat pulled low over her face, while walking through Los Angeles in high heat.

If that was not strange enough, she is holding to her ear what some researchers claim appears to be a cell-phone, and which she talks into as she walks. Weirder still, the Woman in Black sports an enormous pair of black shoes, which look most out of place given her short stature. She also seems to be taking careful steps to avoid her face being seen clearly.

Fifteen years later, a terrifying WIB haunted the Bender family of Connecticut. It so happens that a certain Albert Bender, of that very clan, began the Men in Black mystery. In the early 1950s, Bender was visited and threatened by a trio of fedora-wearing MIB, something which set the scene for the decades of MIB-themed mayhem that followed.

Back in the 1940s, however, the Bender family had a black-garbed woman in its midst that tormented both young and old in the dead of night. Predating Albert Bender’s own experience with the MIB by years, the hideous silencer in black haunted the Benders near-endlessly. For the Bender family, long before the MIB there was a Woman in Black.

In the 1960s, the emotionless, evil-eyed WIB turned up in the small town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, when sightings of the legendary flying monster known as Mothman were at their height. Claiming to be “census-takers,” the WIB practically forced their way into the homes of frightened witnesses to Mothman.

What began as seemingly normal questions about the number of people in the house, average income, and the number of rooms in the relevant property, soon mutated into something very different: Persistent and intrusive questions about strange dreams, unusual telephone interference, and beliefs regarding the world of all-things of a paranormal nature abounded.

One of the WIB that put in an appearance at Point Pleasant claimed to have been the secretary of acclaimed author on all-things paranormal, John Keel, author of The Mothman Prophecies. Just like her male counterparts, she turned up on doorsteps late at night, waiting to be let in, before grilling mystified and scared souls about their UFO and Mothman encounters, and then vanishing into the night after carefully instilling feelings of distinct fear in the interviewees.

Only when dozens of such stories got back to Keel did he realize the sheer, incredible scale of the ruse. Keel summed up the reality of the situation in four, concise words: “I have no secretary.”

Something similar occurred in Britain during the 1980s. A weird wave of encounters with “phantom social-workers” hit the U.K. They were out of the blue events that eerily paralleled the incidents involving WIB-based “census-takers” that manifested in West Virginia in the 1960s.

Just as menacing, sinister and unsettling as their American cousins, these particular WIB began by claiming that reports had reached them of abuse to children in the family home which had to be investigated. Worried parents, several of who had traumatic UFO encounters, and clearly realizing that these creepy characters were anything but social-workers, invariably phoned the police.

The WIB, realizing when they had been rumbled, made hasty exits. Most disturbing of all, there was a near-unanimous belief on the part of the parents that the Women in Black were intent on kidnapping the children for purposes unknown, but surely no good.

In 2005, while roaming around Puerto Rico in 2005 with Canadian film-maker Paul Kimbal to try and seek out the vampire-like Chupacabras, we had the very good fortune to meet and interview a man named Antonio, a pig-farmer who had an unusual experience in 2000 that led to a decidedly strange visit from a Woman in Black/Man in Black duo.

As Antonio told us, one of his animals had been killed, after darkness had fallen, by the now familiar puncture marks to the neck. In this case, however, the animal exhibited three such marks, rather than the usual two. In addition, a number of rabbits kept on the property had been slaughtered in identical fashion.

At the time that all of the carnage was taking place, a considerable commotion was, quite naturally, being made by the rest of Antonio’s animals. As a result, upon hearing this, he rushed wildly out of his house with a machete in his hand, and flung it hard in the direction of the marauding predator. Very strangely, he told us, the makeshift weapon seemed to bounce off something that seemed distinctly metallic in nature.

In fact, Antonio suggested that what the machete had made contact with seemed armor-plated in nature. Due to the overwhelming darkness, however, he had no idea what the creature may have been. But something deadly was most certainly prowling around the property. The machete was later given to Antonio’s cousin for safekeeping. The most confounding aspect of the affair was still to come, however. That’s right: Antonio was about to get a visit of the dark and disturbing kind.

Shortly after the killing of the pig and the rabbits, a man and woman – dressed in typical, official-looking black regalia, on a stifling hot day, no less, and who announced they worked for NASA – arrived at the farm and quickly proceeded to ask Antonio a wealth of questions about what had occurred, what he had seen, and the way in which his animals had met their grisly fates.

When the conversation was over, the pair thanked the bemused farmer, in a fashion utterly befitting them – wholly unemotionally, in other words – and left without uttering another, single word. How the dark duo even knew that the attacks had taken place, and why on earth NASA would be dispatching personnel to his farm to investigate them, Antonio had no idea at all.

One thing that Antonio told us had held back from informing his two mysterious visitors was that on the morning after the attack he had found strange footprints on his property that were spread quite a distance from each other; and he formed the opinion that whatever had made them, had the ability to leap considerable distances, in a fashion similar to that of a Kangaroo – or, perhaps even, he mused, it had the ability to fly.

The above-accounts amount to the mere tip of what is a gigantic, largely overlooked and under-appreciated, iceberg – I know, because I am close to completing a lengthy book on the subject of the WIB.

When paranormal activity occurs, and when UFOs intrude upon the lives of petrified people,  the WIB are ready to strike. They dwell within darkness, surface when the landscape is black and shadowy, and spread terror, malignancy and negativity wherever they walk.

They are the Women in Black. Keep away from them. And keep the doors and windows locked.

Unless it’s Abby from NCIS, then it’s all good…

Source: Mysterious Universe


Research Into Electronic Voice Phenomena
By Tara MacIsaac

Pretty much since the dawn of electronic communication devices, people have reported hearing the voices of spirits through these devices. Since the early 20th century, many have set up recorders in quiet rooms and played back the recordings, hearing what they say sounds like human voices.

Some have even reported receiving communications from the dead via telephone calls, images on televisions and computer screens, and more.

Though many experiments have been carried out with varying degrees of success, the mainstream modern scientific literature on the phenomenon is scarce. Experiments are dismissed by some as flawed in their processes or as failing to yield the degree of certainty required by mainstream science to accept a phenomenon as real. Dr. Imants Barušs at the University of Western Ontario in Canada made a rare move in seriously studying this so-called “electronic voice phenomenon” (EVP), publishing his study in the Journal of Scientific Exploration in 2001.

Though his report is titled, “Failure to Replicate Electronic Voice Phenomenon,” it admits partial success in replication. While Dr. Barušs could not provide the clear, hard proof of EVP he set out to, he was able to detect what sounded like voices, and even some words that his assistant felt may have come from a deceased acquaintance of hers. Barušs replicated EVP in a weak sense, he said, but not a strong one. He raised some interesting points, however, as to the difficulties of studying this subject and established some protocol that could be used for further investigation.

 Ghost Hunting in the Lab

As he prepared to begin his investigation, Barušs met with Mark Macy in Boulder, Calif. Macy had taken photos he said contained spirit images and had also tried to prove the existence of other realms through EVP recordings. Macy gave Barušs some advice on how to proceed, as recounted by Barušs: “He emphasized two things: the more successful experiments have been the result of spiritual purpose so that spiritual integrity is necessary on the part of ITC researchers, and the ability to obtain anomalous voices and images is dependent upon the establishment of a contact field through regular and persistent effort.”

Could an attempt to scientifically verify EVP also have a sufficiently spiritual purpose or integrity behind it? As to establishing a “contact field,” Barušs noted that “the parameters for the development of such a field, other than, presumably, the prerequisite of spirituality and the need for persistence, are unknown.”

Nonetheless, he selected two assistants back at the university in London, Canada, whom he esteemed for their integrity. They set up equipment in a quiet corner of campus, in a room closed off from voices of incarnate beings, to ensure any voices heard would be sufficiently mysterious. They kept the experiment secret to ensure no pranksters could interfere. Taking turns, each would sit in the room and record themselves talking to any spirits that may be listening.

EVP experiments by others have often required a radio tuned between stations or a TV on a blank channel. Barušs and his assistants thus tuned the radio between stations to record. Later, they would play back the tape to listen for any voices aside from their own.

 What They Heard

Barušs described what they heard for most of the recording, which totaled 60 hours: “In addition to static and apparent radio stations breaking through from time to time there was also a buzzing noise, probably caused by interference from the overhead fluorescent lights. There were occasional dramatic fluctuations of the background noise that were similar to fluctuations that I heard during Macy’s demonstration on his equipment that he attributed to an effort on the part of those in spirit to control the radio output.”

The most remarkable result came on Oct. 17, 1997, when it sounded like someone said, “Tell Peter.” Both Barušs and one of his two assistants independently identified the words as “Tell Peter,” describing the voice as female and as speaking at a regular speed. The assistant, Gail, thought the voice sounded like a deceased woman she had known whose husband’s name was Peter.

Another event was a “squawking noise” 13 seconds after one of the researchers asked if any spirits were present. The noise, “with a little imagination could be interpreted as ‘Hello,’” Barušs wrote.

Some EVP has been dismissed as enthusiasts imagining random noise to sound like words. Some have said it is parts of radio broadcasts tuning in and out. Enthusiasts have said, however, that one must simply become accustomed to listening carefully for these kinds of communications before being able to hear them more clearly. The language of the communications has also been said to change depending on the listener, irregardless of the local language broadcast on the radio programs.

 What Would Have Convinced Barušs

Barušs gave a couple of examples of what would have constituted hard evidence that EVP exists.

The late Dr. Konstantin Raudive studied EVP and said the voices would speak to him in his native language, Latvian.

“As I am also a native speaker of Latvian, had clear and meaningful phrases in Latvian showed up on the tapes, if indeed phrases in Latvian spoken by Raudive had showed up on the tapes, given that Raudive has purportedly addressed others in English since his death in 1974 … that would have been an argument in favor of a paranormal origin for the voices,” Barušs wrote.

He would have also been convinced, “if one of the operators had been clearly addressed by name and given information that was unlikely to have been known by anyone else, as has been reported by some EVP researchers.”

Barušs noted that his experiment may not have been sufficiently spiritual if that is indeed a requirement for EVP to manifest. George Meek, an industrialist who invested in an EVP recording machine known as the Spiricom in the 1980s, had said that at least one psychically endowed person must be involved.

EVP could be one of three things, said Barušs. Either it is nothing unusual, a phenomenon created by known psychological factors; or it is the anomalous influence of researchers on electronic equipment (researchers at Princeton University’s Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab have suggested that people may be able to affect electronic devices with their minds); or it really is disincarnate beings influencing the minds or the equipment of the investigators.

Source: Epoch Times

Burning Questions Surround Fiery Deaths

"Among the wonderful phenomena which chemistry presents to us, there are few more remarkable than those of spontaneous human combustion, in which bodies both animate and inanimate emit flames and are sometimes entirely consumed by internal fire."
                                                                          Letters on Natural Magic addressed to Sir Walter Scott  -- Sir David Brewster, 1832
When Charles Dickens wrote his novel Bleak House in 1852 it caused a sensation. Never before had the idea of spontaneous human combustion (SHC) entered the mainstream. George Henry Lewes, a philosopher and critic, harangued Dickens for perpetuating a ridiculous superstition. Dickens fought back arguing that he had researched the subject and knew of about 30 such deaths.

Scotland's first SHC case was in 1829 when an Edinburgh man burst into flames whilst talking to his brother. Despite repeated dowsing with water the flames were only extinguished when both brothers were totally submerged.

The second case allegedly happened in Falkirk when a Gladys Cochrane was found burnt to a cinder in her armchair. The cushion and chair were untouched although all that was left of poor Gladys was ash.

SHC - where a person is burnt to ashes with no obvious trigger - has been, and still is, a contentious phenomenon. In the past 300 years only 200 cases have been documented and whilst science strives to "prove" a rational explanation, there are many who remain convinced that there is more to it than meets the eye.

When Sir David Brewster listed it in his 1832 book Letters on Natural Magic addressed to Sir Walter Scott, he described the death of Grace Pett, the pipe-smoking wife of an Ipswich fisherman who spontaneously combusted in 1744.

Brewster wrote that Pett retired to bed having "drunk plentiful gin". When her daughter opened the kitchen door the next morning, she walked in to a hellish scene:

"The trunk of the unfortunate woman was almost burned to ashes and appeared like a heap of charcoal," wrote Brewster. "There was no fire in the grate and a paper screen on the other side were untouched."

Pett's death epitomises the circumstances of SHC. It often involves drink and no obvious source for the fire, with nearby combustible items left untouched. Furthermore, like all SHC cases, the body had been incinerated and body fat was present around the room.

From earliest times science has reported on these cases. But whilst today it tries to explain, older reports sometimes hint at unease.

On 19 February 1888, a Dr Booth was called out to a hay loft in Aberdeenshire to examine the remains of a 65-year-old man, someone, he notes, "of notoriously intemperate habits." He subsequently wrote up the case in the British Medical Journal.

"I found the charred remains of the man reclining against the stone wall of a hay loft. The body was almost a cinder. " Booth noted that loose hay surrounding the body was untouched and when the body was lifted, it disintegrated. He offered no explanation.

Recently, science has "explained" SHC with the so-called wick effect. Experiments suggest that if a body is set alight and wrapped up, then body fat, burning slowly, can achieve the same effects as SHC. Not everyone is convinced.

Gordon Rutter writes for the Fortean Times and is open-minded about the subject.

"With SHC it's very much 'you pays your money and you takes your choice'," says Rutter. "I have read reports from firemen who have said it's not like a normal fire. By all accounts it is rare, so it is difficult to study."

So just what could causes spontaneous human combustion? Well, as Rutter says, you can take your choice from a number of diverse possibilities:

• Alcohol and cigarettes – blaming the demon drink was very popular in Victorian times when they were never quick to miss an opportunity to moralise. However, whilst a number of cases have involved heavy drinkers, it is not always the case.

• The wick effect – by recreating the circumstances with a pig wrapped in a blanket, scientists reckon they have found the solution. Detractors point out that even after a number of hours in an oven at 600° Fahrenheit, bodies in crematoriums are still not burnt to ashes.

• Faulty digestive system – a bad diet could cost you more than low energy levels and raised cholesterol. It has been posited that a build up of gases in the digestive tract could lead to unstable chemicals spontaneously combusting. This has been offered to explain cases where the individual has been seen to burn from the inside out.

• Ball lightening – weird electrical fields, ball lightening et al have been pulled out, dusted down and put forward as theories. Not many takers though…

• An act of God – or aliens, or any other weird thing that you'd like to imagine.

Because let's face it, if you've decided SHC is more than a tragic accident, then you're probably going to want to seek the explanation from as strange a source as possible.

Source: The Scotsman


The Weird Science of Tinfoil Hats
By Tom Head

In my 8 years as an online civil liberties writer, I’ve heard a lot of conspiracy theories—but I’ve never actually met anyone who claims to wear a tinfoil hat. In theory, they keep out secret mind surveillance/mind control rays. In practice, well…I’ve never actually encountered anyone who falls under the heading of “in practice.” When “Weird Al” Yankovic had fun with the idea recently (in his parody of Lorde’s “Royals”), we all got the reference, and it was clever:

Where did all of this start? Most sources trace the idea to Julian Huxley’s “The Tissue-Culture King,” a dystopian short story published in the August 1927 issue of Amazing Stories, where our narrator avoids falling under the power of a mind control device by disrupting its waves with metal foil:

    “[W]e had discovered that metal was relatively impervious to the telepathic effect, and had prepared for ourselves a sort of tin pulpit, behind which we could stand while conducting experiments. This, combined with caps of metal foil, enormously reduced the effects on ourselves.”

There’s also a comic book example: Magneto, archfoe of the X-Men, shuts out Professor X’s telepathic abilities by wearing a metal helmet. But outside of fiction, you’re not going to find many people who actually wear, or at least admit to wearing, a metal hat to keep out telepathic devices.

Huxley was an accomplished scientist, so we can reasonably presume he was familiar enough with the work of Michael Faraday to postulate that the pulpit and/or foil hat might function as a Faraday cage, diffusing the telepathic waves before they could reach the brain.

The scientific reasoning behind the foil helmet is that it acts as a Faraday cage, an enclosure made up of a conducting material that shields its interior from external electrostatic charges and electromagnetic radiation by distributing them around its exterior and dissipating them. While sometimes these enclosures are actual cages, they come in many forms, and most of us have probably dealt with one type or another. Elevators, the scan rooms that MRI machines sit in, "booster bags" that shoplifters sometimes use to circumvent electronic security tags, cables like USB or TV coaxial cables, and even the typical household microwave all provide shielding as Faraday cages.

That may well have worked for Huxley’s hypothetical device, but it wouldn’t do a good job of deflecting modern-day technology.

In 2005, a group of MIT students, prodded by "a desire to play with some expensive equipment," tested the effectiveness of foil helmets at blocking various radio frequencies. Using two layers of Reynolds aluminum foil, they constructed three helmet designs, dubbed the Classical, the Fez, and the Centurion, and then looked at the strength of the transmissions between a radio-frequency signal generator and a receiver antenna placed on various parts of their subjects' bare and helmet-covered heads.

The helmets shielded their wearers from radio waves over most of the tested spectrum (YouTube user Mrfixitrick likewise demonstrates the blocking power of his foil toque against his wireless modem) but, surprisingly, amplified certain frequencies: those in the 2.6 Ghz ( allocated for mobile communications and broadcast satellites) and 1.2 Ghz (allocated for aeronautical radionavigation and space-to-Earth and space-to-space satellites) bands.

While the MIT guys' tongue-in-cheek conclusion -- "the current helmet craze is likely to have been propagated by the Government, possibly with the involvement of the FCC" -- maybe goes a few steps too far, their study at least shows that foil helmets fail at, and even counteract, their intended purpose. That, or the students are aliens who fabricated these results in an effort to get you to take your perfectly functional helmet off.

Source: Mysterious Universe

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