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Italian Village Once Again Plagued By Strange Fires -
New Fusion Reactor Might Change Humanity Forever -
Loud Boom and Debris Field Over Louisiana Unexplained -
AND: "Flying Man" Buzzes Jet Over England

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Italian Village Once Again Plagued By Strange Fires

Starting in 2004, the residents of the Sicilian village of Canneto di Caronia were plagued by hundreds of mysterious, unexplained fires that seem to erupt out of nowhere. The bizarre phenomenon included spontaneous combustion of mattresses, beds, cars, and devices like fridges and mobile phones, even when switched off.

Now, ten years later, the inexplicable fires have returned to Canneto di Caronia. On September 30th, a series of fires were reported throughout the otherwise peaceful settlement. First, a chair covered in cellophane caught fire for no apparent reason. Hours later, someone else called the fire department to report a stack of folded clothes had burst into flames, and then an entrepreneur who was getting ready to drive away in his car but returned to get something he had forgotten from the house, found his vehicle burning. A book and a sofa were also found scorched for no apparent reason in different areas of the town.

It all began in January 2004, when, without any apparent cause, appliances (including a cooker and a vacuum cleaner) in several houses began to catch fire. Wedding presents, random pieces of furniture, and even a water pipe erupted into flames. In response, the local electric company, Enel, tried cutting off the power supply to Canneto, but that made no difference.

The mayor of Canneto ordered some of the 38 residents to leave their homes after 18 episodes of spontaneous combustions were recorded in 48 hours. A television set was said to have caught fire five times. Calogero Beringhelli told The Times that he believes the fires were being started by "unknown electromagnetic radiation" of unknown origin.

Sicily's council member for health and safety Vittorio Alfieri said in an interview that the fires were caused by "an entity" that transfers "from one house to another".

"A house on the ground floor caught fire then it was the turn of objects on the first floor. Consequently, the fire moved to the nearby house. It was like it was moving," Alfieri explained.

Even with the arrival of volcanologists from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, and a team of experts from the Italian Navy, no viable solution was found. The episodes attracted the attention of geologists, physicists and volcanologists for several years. All scientific theories including arson were ruled out by experts who descended on the village. One startled scientist was interviewed after he detailed how he saw an electrical cable bursting into flames despite being unplugged.

A leaked interim report published by an Italian newspaper in 2007 signed by the Civil Protection Department concluded that the cause was "aliens" as the fire were "caused by a high power electromagnetic emissions which were not man-made and reached a power of between 12 and 15 gigawatts". The case, however, was dismissed after one year a following a further investigation which inferred that the fires were indeed arson cases caused by humans.

Naturally, the villagers are blaming supernatural entities like UFOs, poltergeists, or other demonic forces, and a few of them even suggested calling in a priest to conduct an exorcism. Months went by, and a period of calm followed, when most of the villagers returned to their homes.

Since that time, other bizarre events have taken place - there were unexplained leaks from water pipes of three different houses, a vanity mirror in a bathroom caught fire three times in 35 hours, and an entire plantation of eggplants developed rainbow-like colors, making them unfit to be sold.

Air conditioners have spontaneously melted, car glasses have imploded, hard drives have been erased, automatic gates started opening and closing randomly, and animals have died mysteriously.

Since the resurgance of the fires in 2014, media reports state that the locals have once again been evacuated, while a small team of fire fighters have been assigned to control the small fires.

Several fantastical theories exist – some have even gone as far as claiming that this could all be the work of a single individual who suffered strong emotional distress at a young age (a lot like Stephen King’s Carrie), and is now attracting the curiosity of UFOs. Well, there’s no limit to human imagination, and unless a real scientific explanation emerges, each theory is just going to be wilder than the next.

Source: Oddity Central


New Fusion Reactor Might Change Humanity Forever
By Jesus Diaz

This is an invention that might change civilization as we know it: A compact fusion reactor developed by Skunk Works, the stealth experimental technology division of Lockheed Martin. It's the size of a jet engine and it can power airplanes, spaceships, and cities. Skunk Works claims it will be operative in 10 years.

Aviation Week had exclusive access to their secret laboratories and talked to Dr. Thomas McGuire, the leader of Skunk Work's Revolutionary Technology division. And revolutionary it is, indeed: Instead of using the same design that everyone else is using—the Soviet-derived tokamak, a torus in which magnetic fields confine the fusion reaction with a huge energy cost and thus little energy production capabilities—Skunk Works' Compact Fusion Reactor has a radically different approach to anything people have tried before.

The key to the Skunk Works system is their tube-like design, which allows them to bypass one of the limitations of classic fusion reactor designs, which are very limited in the amount of plasma they can hold, which makes them huge in size—like the gigantic International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor. According to McGuire:

    [The traditional tokamak designes] can only hold so much plasma, and we call that the beta limit. [Their plasma ratio is] 5% or so of the confining pressure. [...] We should be able to go to 100% or beyond.

This architecture allows it to be 10 times smaller at the same power output of something like the ITER, which is expected to generate 500 MW in the 2020s. This is crucial for the use of fusion in all kind of applications, not only in giant, expensive power plants.

Skunk Works is convinced that their system—which will be the size of a jet engine—will be able to power everything, from spaceships to airplanes to vessels—and of course scale up to a much larger size. At the size of the ITER, it will be able to produce 10 times more energy, McGuire claims:

    It's one of the reasons we think it is feasible for development and future economics. Ten times smaller is the key. But on the physics side, it still has to work, and one of the reasons we think our physics will work is that we've been able to make an inherently stable configuration. In our case, it is always in balance. So if you have less pressure, the plasma will be smaller and will always sit in this magnetic well.

But we all know that the road to the dream of clean, unlimited energy is paved with failed inventions. The situation here seems different. First, Lockheed Martin is not a crazy dude working in a garage. It's one of the world's largest aerospace and military companies.

McGuire knows that they are just starting now, but he claims the design is sound and they will advance quickly until its final implementation in just a decade:

    We would like to get to a prototype in five generations. If we can meet our plan of doing a design-build-test generation every year, that will put us at about five years, and we've already shown we can do that in the lab. So it wouldn't be at full power, like a working concept reactor, but basically just showing that all the physics works.

Five years after that, they expect to have a fully operative model ready to go into full-scale production, capable of generating 100MW—enough to power a large cargo ship or a 80,000-home city—and measure 23 x 42 feet, so you "could put it on a semi-trailer, similar to a small gas turbine, put it on a pad, hook it up and can be running in a few weeks."

Source: Sploid


Mysteries from Another Dimension
By Andrew May
The idea of “other dimensions” is an appealing one. It’s been called on to explain everything from ghosts and paranormal phenomena to UFOs and even Bigfoot. It’s implicit in science fiction concepts such as hyperspace or subspace, which make faster-than-light travel possible. Esoteric teachers often invoke higher dimensions to explain mystical concepts and experiences. Even mainstream scientists talk about “other dimensions” when discussing advanced topics such as relativity and string theory. Despite the huge divergence in the way the concept is used, all these disciplines – science, esoterica, science fiction and the paranormal – can trace their interest in other dimensions to a common origin in the 19th century.

It seems self-evident that we live in a three-dimensional world. A box has three dimensions – length, width and height. Each of those dimensions is at right-angles to the other two. It’s impossible to imagine a fourth dimension at right angles to these three (or at least, it’s impossible for most of us – a few people claim they can do it). On the other hand, it’s easy to picture fewer than three dimensions – if you draw a square on a flat sheet of paper then it has just two dimensions.

You can fold the piece of paper diagonally, so that the two opposite corners – a long way apart in two-dimensional space – are now almost touching. What was previously a long journey from one corner to another becomes a short journey through the third dimension. The science-fictional idea of hyperspace is a logical extension of this – if you could fold or warp three-dimensional space in higher dimensions then you could turn a long journey between the stars into a short one.

The first reference to curved or warped space occurs not in science fiction, but in a work of mainstream science. It was put forward in 1872 by a German astronomer named Karl Zöllner as a possible explanation of a longstanding mystery known as Olbers’ Paradox. If the universe is infinite in extent, why is it dark at night? Zöllner’s explanation for the apparent paradox is that the three-dimensional space occupied by the universe is curved in the fourth dimension. Thus distant stars “disappear over the horizon” just as ships disappear over the horizon on the curved surface of the Earth (this isn’t quite the way modern cosmologists would explain Olbers’ Paradox, although it may be a contributing factor).

Although Zöllner first arrived at the idea of the fourth dimension in a scientific context, he went on to take it in a more mystical direction. He was a great admirer of the English scientist William Crookes, an outspoken proponent of spiritualism. Zöllner went even further than Crookes, by suggesting that spirits live and move in four-dimensional space. What we perceive as ghosts are merely their three-dimensional “shadows”.

With the help of an American psychic named Henry Slade, Zöllner carried out a series of experiments to demonstrate that spirits could accomplish tasks that would be physically impossible without access to the fourth dimension. He published his results in 1878 in a book, dedicated to William Crookes, called Transcendental Physics (available to read online). This was one of the first systematic attempts to study the paranormal using scientific methods – although the modern consensus is that Slade was a fraud, who fooled Zöllner using sleight-of-hand methods.

In one of Zöllner’s “spirit” experiments, leather bands became knotted in a way that would be impossible to accomplish (without trickery) in three-dimensional space.

The concept of the fourth dimension was developed in yet another direction by Charles Howard Hinton. He wasn’t a scientist or a mystic, but a mathematician – albeit a somewhat unorthodox one. He believed that striving to visualize four dimensional objects (which as I said earlier, is all but impossible for most people) was an effective way to expand the mental faculties – a kind of yoga for the mind. Hinton invented various shapes for his students to visualize, including a four-dimensional hypercube which he called a tesseract. His most important work on the subject was a book called A New Era of Thought, published in 1888 (again, the complete book is available to read online). Several people are supposed to have driven themselves insane trying to visualize Hinton’s tesseracts!

As far as mainstream science is concerned, the fourth dimension became firmly established early in the 20th century with the development of Einstein’s theory of relativity. This introduced the concept of a four-dimensional space-time continuum, which combines the three dimensions of space with a fourth dimension representing time. Although the idea of time as the fourth dimension wasn’t a new one, the novelty of Einstein’s theory lies in the fact that time was no longer independent of the other three dimensions. An object moving close to the speed of light becomes compressed in length and “dilated” in time.

In his general theory of relativity, published in 1916, Einstein was able to explain the phenomenon of gravity in terms of four-dimensional space-time. General Relativity was far from being a “theory of everything”, however – for example it could not explain electromagnetic forces. During the 1920s, two scientists named Theodor Kaluza and Oskar Klein proposed a theory involving five dimensions that would unify gravitation and electromagnetism. That was a step forward, but it was still unable to explain things like nuclear forces. Modern “theories of everything” need even more dimensions: the present record is held by M-theory, which invokes no fewer than eleven dimensions.

Source: Mysterious Universe


Loud Boom and Debris Field Over Louisiana Unexplained
By Carolyn Roy
SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The National Weather Service in Shreveport says they picked up a debris field on radar Monday afternoon at the same time many people around the ArkLaTex reported hearing a loud boom.

According to Senior Forecaster Marty Mayeaux, the radar image appears similar to the debris field that was seen as a result of the explosion at Camp Minden in October 2012. Only this time, it appeared to originate in an area south of Wallace Lake in extreme northern DeSoto Parish, east of I-49.

Mayeaux says it showed debris was indicated rising 1,000 to 1,500 feet into the air, and that it drifted eastward toward Bienville Parish.

There was no precipitation in the area at the time, as the storms that moved through Monday were well into eastern Louisiana by 4:30 in the afternoon.

After the storms passed, winds were coming out of the northwest. In contrast, the debris field can be seen moving east before getting higher into the atmosphere and turning slightly northeast.

Mayeaux says the debris field was visible through at least 6 p.m. Monday night.

Debris fields picked up on radar consist of solid particles, yet there have been no reports of any explosions in the area of the debris field or in any of the surrounding parishes. There have also been no reports of any debris falling in the area, or any sightings of smoke or flashes of light.

The "boom," described by some as possibly a sonic boom, was heard just before 4:30 p.m. by many and reportedly felt by some. Numerous reports to the KSLA News 12 newsroom came in from Marshall to Greenwood, Keithville, Bossier City and beyond. Callers described walls shaking and windows rattling. While there were no reports of significant damage, some said the reverberation shifted or even knocked items off of shelves.

KSLA News 12 staffers at the station on Fairfield Ave. heard and felt the blast as well.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) says there was no seismic activity recorded in the area on Monday.

Mayeaux says he doesn't know why someone in the area of the debris field would not have reported seeing something. Based on the time frame and the fact that the radar scans every 6 minutes, he believes something had to have smoldered for 10 to 15 minutes in order for the debris to rise to the height that it did and remain on the radar for as long as it did.

And yet, Mayeaux says, "whatever happened that radar detected, it didn't elicit a response (from people in the area)."

DeSoto Parish Sheriff Rodney Arbuckle tells KSLA News 12 that oil and gas operations in the area were checked on Tuesday and no evidence of any explosions were found. Arbuckle says they may take a look around the area from the air on Wednesday if the weather cooperates.

Webster Parish Sheriff Gary Sexton says there have been no reports of anything amiss Monday at Camp Minden, where explosives are stored in blast-resistant bunkers.

Greg Andrews with the Shreveport-Bossier Astronomical Society thinks that there may be an "extraterrestrial" source of the mysterious boom.

"The best answer is that it must have to be some type of meteor that for some odd reason we didn't see, and it exploded in our atmosphere," he said.

Source: KSLA


The Earth's Magnetic Field Could Flip Within Our Lifetime
By Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan

Earth's magnetic field is constantly shifting, and roughly every 200,000 to 300,000 years it flips north and south completely. We're currently overdue for a switcheroo—and scientists now say it could happen in a time as short as 100 years, potentially altering life in unexpected ways.

It was long thought that these reversals took as many as 7,000 years to completely switch, according to a 2004 study funded by the National Science Foundation. But over the past few years, other scientists have suggested that the shifts have occurred at speeds previously unimagined. And a brand-new study published in the Geophysical Journal International by a team of scientists from Europe and the U.S. sheds even more light on these speedy changes—suggesting that the last 180-degree flip only took about 100 years.

How did they discern changes in the magnetic field that date back hundreds of thousands of years? By testing layers of ash deposited by volcanic eruptions over the course of 10,000 years, found in a lakebed near Rome. According to a release from Berkeley, the magnetic field directions are "frozen" into these layers of ash, which could be reliably dated to find out when the reversals occurred and how long they took to complete. "We don't know whether the next reversal will occur as suddenly as this one did, but we also don't know that it won't," said Berkely's Paul Renne, one of the study's authors.

We've known for a long time that the Earth's magnetic field is shifting, We know, for example, that the North Pole has moved 600 miles in the last 200 or so years. We also know that, as observed by three ESA satellites this summer, the Earth's magnetic field is weakening in some areas and strengthening in others. We also know that the shifting currents are already necessitating some changes in our human world: Airports that name their runways after compass directions have recently been forced to rename and repaint due to the shift.

So it's no surprise that a flip may be imminent—more so that a true, full reversal could happen so quickly. And, as the study suggests, how it could actually change the way we live on Earth. For example, a weakened field means less protection for humans against harmful rays that cause cancer, meaning that the cancer rate would likely increase. And the infrastructural impact of a flipped field could be massive, too, causing problems with the electricity grid and other sensitive systems.

For us short-lived humans, these changes are normally unthinkably geologic in scale. It's fascinating to learn that though we likely won't be witness to a shift of this magnitude, it's within the realm of possibility that some other homo sapiens might.

Source: Gizmodo


Monsters on the Rio Grande

Most peoples of the world have myths and legends of monsters and other fanciful creatures that spring from humanity's fertile imagination. For a thousand years before Columbus, Europeans busily assembled a reservoir of lore about oneeyed beasts, dragons, giants, amazons and headless monsters that breathed through their stomachs.

These weird ideas and legends were quickly transferred to America. On many of the earliest maps, engravers included images of sea monsters and land dragons in those spaces still unexplored.

The Spaniards who settled New Mexico at the beginning of the colonial era brought with them their Old World notions of monsters and mythical beings.

For example, when Juan de Oñate led an expedition from the upper Rio Grande westward to Arizona in 1604, he was accompanied by Father Francisco de Escobar. The priest was an expert in Indian languages.

In speaking to natives along the Colorado River, he claimed they told him of curious beings who lived beyond the horizon, “monstrous and never seen in our time.”

Among them were humanlike creatures with large ears that dragged on the ground; others born with but a single leg and foot; a tribe of people that slept standing up; and another tribe that slept under water. These clearly were not Indian notions, but the friar's projection of European myths.

There exists a rare book written in French and published in Paris in 1784 containing engravings of monsters that are supposed to inhabit New Mexico. In its pages are several images of “harpies,” which are birds or animals with human heads and horns.

Author of this bizarre volume was a prince of the French royal household who later ascended to the throne as Louis XVIII. In the book credits, he gave himself the imaginative titles of Count of Barcelona and Viceroy of New Mexico.

In the folk culture along the Rio Grande, one finds persistent tales of a fabled monster known as the basilisk, or in Spanish, el basilisco. The legend originated in North Africa, was carried to Spain by the Moors and later transferred to the colonies in America.

The basilisk is variously described as a large lizard, serpent or dragon. In all cases, its breath or its look, when falling upon a human, is said to be fatal.

In Spanish myth, the creature is born from an egg laid by a rooster. But in our own Southwest, it is said to spring directly from the hen without benefit of an egg. As to the deadly effect of the monster's eye, the Rio Grande version of the story follows belief in other parts of the Hispanic world.

If the basilisk sees someone first, that person dies. But if the situation is reversed and the creature is caught unaware and observed by a human first, then it dies.

A basilisk once found a home in a magpie's nest in a tree that grew beside the Albuquerqueto-El Paso wagon road. Many an unsuspecting traveler was killed by its deadly gaze. Finally, a mirror was placed near the nest. The beast looked at its own reflection and perished.

The same story, with slight variations, occurs in such widely separated places as Spain, Guatemala and Chile.

Another common tale in New Mexico concerned a monster snake. This was a legend that arose from American Indians.

The oldest version comes from Pecos Pueblo. Lt. James Abert wrote in 1846 about a giant snake god that had once been kept in an underground kiva and fed infants for nourishment.

His large appetite contributed to the extinction of the pueblo by the late 1830s.

Of this beast, Santa Fe trader Josiah Gregg reported: “Once I met a New Mexican rancher who asserted that upon entering Pecos Pueblo one winter's morning, he saw the huge trail of the reptile in the snow, as large as that of an ox being dragged.”

The Indians of Taos Pueblo are also reputed to have possessed in the 19th century a giant rattlesnake that dined on their babies during important feast days. At the time of the 1847 uprising, American military forces attacked the pueblo.

In the midst of the battles, the “snake god” was seen to be in danger. So a brave Indian placed it under blankets in a handcart and rushed it to safety through a hail of bullets. But in the process, the rescuer was shot to pieces.

Source: The New Mexican


"Flying Man" Buzzes Jet Over England

Pilots on a holiday jet were left stunned when a 'flying man' whizzed past their aircraft at 3,500 feet.

The mystery man flew within 100 metres of the plane and left the pilots baffled as to how he was moving through the air, as neither could see a canopy suspending him.

There was also no sign of him on the radar and further checks failed to reveal any paragliders, parachutists or balloonists in the area at the time.

He appeared from nowhere as the Airbus 320 passed Macclesfield while it was coming in to land at Manchester Airport and has been dubbed the 'Superman of Macclesfield'.

The Airprox Board, which looks in to near misses, said: 'They first sighted the object a few hundred metres in the 11 o'clock position 200 to 300ft above.

"It passed down the left-hand side of the aircraft at 100 to 200m.

"The crew only saw it fleetingly, there was no time to take avoiding action and they based their assumptions on it being a person under a canopy. But neither can remember seeing a canopy."

The official report in to the incident on Friday June 13 admitted it was "unfortunate and frustrating as there was no way of corroborating what they had reported."

It added that the flight crew "couldn't be certain that it wasn't a person-shaped balloon."

Aviation expert Chris Yates said: "It is a complete and utter mystery."

Source: Daily Mail

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