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Happy Winter Solstice to all our friends!  
The Winter Solstice marks the beginning of the new life of the sun for the year.  When the sun
rises out of the darkest day of the year, it echoes the birth of the light from the dark void on the
first day of creation.

This week Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such wintery tales as:

Did Giants Exist? -
Methane Gas on Mars May Indicate Life -
Did Google Earth Spot Sea Monster Off the Coast of New Zealand?
AND: Reports of Santa Claus Sightings

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

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America's Strange and Supernatural History

Find out what the "Powers That Be" Don't want you to know regarding the truly hidden - occult - history of the United States.

No one would likely dispute the fact that times are stranger in America than ever before, and indications are that things are getting weirder with each passing day. But a look at our hidden – SECRET – history alerts us to the startling fact that our country has been steeped in “high strangeness” since its founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and, provocatively, even before.

It is nevertheless apparent that our proud nation owes a great “debt of ingratitude” to the mysterious, the macabre, the downright bizarre and the unseen realm of the occult. Did the ancient Lemurians, a Pacific Ocean race similar to the fabled Atlanteans to the east, erect the mysterious walls found in the eastern part of the San Francisco Bay area? Writer Olav Phillips explores the enigma first hand.

Sean Casteel provides an overview of historical incidents of cannibalism, stories that go back as far as “The Starving Time” of the Jamestown colony in 1609, and Wm. Michael Mott offers up some of the UFO and creature sightings he has collected from the state of Mississippi.

Publisher/writer Timothy Green Beckley and his friend Circe returned to Sleepy Hollow, New York – of “Headless Horseman” fame – and discovered that paranormal activity is still rampant there, while author Tim Swartz would like suitable explanations for all the supernatural mysteries of his native Indiana.

In a Bonus Section: “The Spiritual Destiny of America” - The future of America as seen through the eyes of prophecy and the occult is revealed. You can feel the chills already, eh? Read “America’s Strange and Supernatural History” and get ready to kick those chills up a notch or two.

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Did Giants Exist?
By Paul Darin

So much knowledge has been lost throughout the ages—destroyed by war, natural disasters, human ignorance, or simply by the erosion of time. However, with all that has been lost, much remains buried. Perhaps the clues to solving age-old mysteries are right beneath our feet.

In the search for evidence that giant existed, some have looked to the large mounds of the American Midwest, some to the massive and mysterious structures of the Middle East.

Abraham Lincoln stated, inspired by viewing Niagara Falls: “The eyes of that species of extinct giants, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara, as ours do now. Contemporary with the whole race of men, and older than the first man, Niagara is strong, and fresh today as 10,000 years ago.”

The shadows of real giants loom large, some say, in the legends of many cultures. The controversial discoveries of skeletons measuring 7 feet to more than 9 feet tall, along with other artifacts, have suggested to some that truth inspired these legends.

Researchers who explore these possibilities, and often face ridicule from more conventional scientists, say that in the remote past giants with a median height of 7 feet or taller occupied the Earth alongside humans of roughly our size. Moreover, these giants may have had their own culture, civilization, and perhaps even several nations or races of giants may have existed at different times and in different places.

Giants Ubiquitous in Legend

The Bible references giants several times and in many sections. Genesis 6:4 in the King James Bible states: “There were giants in the Earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” In other versions of the Bible, the “giants” are referred to as “Nephilim.”

Goliath, of the famous battle of David and Goliath (Samuel 1:17), was said to be approximately 9 feet and 9 inches tall, according to Bible Gateway. Goliath was the champion of the Philistine army; the young David stunned him with only a sling and stone, slaying Goliath moments later with his own sword.

Ancient Greek mythology tells of titans, the giants of prehistory. The primordial goddess Gaea gave birth to the titans, giants who walked the earth before the Olympians and man. Unfortunately for the titans, the Olympians would eventually overthrow them, banishing them to oblivion or eternally torturous tasks.

Pliny the Elder wrote in his famous “Naturalis Historica,” completed in 77 A.D., that giant skeletons had been found. He cited ancient sources, as did the 1st century Roman historian Titus Flavius Josephus, who mentioned multiple times the existence of giants in an earlier age.

The Mayans also have a giant story. Cabrakan, last of the Earth-giants of Guatemala, was so mighty he could throw mountains. But, alas, he was eventually tricked and poisoned by the Hero Twins, ending his prideful earthquake-causing ways, according to “The Myths of Mexico and Peru,” by Lewis Spence of Ball State University.

Did Early Explorers Find Giants in the New World?

In 1608, explorer John Smith wrote: “The Sasquesahanougs are a Gyant-like people.” He described them: “They measured the calf of the largest man’s leg, and found it three quarters of a yard about, and all the rest of his limbs were in proportion; so that he seemed the stateliest and most goodly personage they had ever beheld. His arrows were five quarters yard long, headed with the splinters of a white chrystal-like stone …”

Hernando de Soto, a 16th century Spanish explorer who delved deep into the territory of what is today the United States, also described men half a yard taller than his tallest men.

Legends of giants are found among the Iroquois, the Osage, the Tuscaroras, the Hurons, the Omahas, and many other Native American peoples.

Giant Skeletons Found?

The mounds of the American Midwest, often related to Native American tribes and cultures, are believed by some to be the sacred burial mounds of giants. A plethora of newspaper clippings and journal articles documenting the discovery of skeletons anywhere from 7 feet to more than 9 feet tall permeate the 19th-century Midwest.

The Smithsonian has said measurements of such skeletons during this time period must have simply been mistaken. Douglas Ross Hamilton contacted the National Museum of Natural History, administered by the Smithsonian Institution, for comment before publishing his book, “A Tradition of Giants.” He wrote: “An example, contained in a personal communication from a Smithsonian staff member just prior to publication of this book, shows the ongoing denial plaguing the National Museum. The individual’s name is withheld by request, and I paraphrase: As it was in the early days of archaeological excavations, skeletons were sometimes measured as they were found. With the possibility of shifting bones, the re-location of the skull and the feet, an individual could (without doubt) be measured many inches (or even feet) longer than they would have been in life …”

Hamilton argued that not all the skeletons had shifted as such and even “by measuring the long bones of the leg coupled with the measure of the shoulder sockets and the size of the skull, there was little doubt of the stature in life.”

In the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Jun 28, 1933, an article announced that more than a dozen skeletons, all more than 7 feet tall had been found in Catahoula parish, Louisiana, and the site had been examined by Smithsonian researchers. The report stated that the find “was regarded as contributing to the theory that the prehistoric mound-builder lived there.”

Hamilton cited “A History of Muskingum County,” written in 1884, which gave an account of giant remains found, apparently cremated after death, in Ohio: “Immediately behind, or west of the altar, were found three skeletons, deeply charred, and covered with ashes, lying faces upward, heads toward the south, measuring, respectively: 8 feet 10 [inches], 9 feet 2 [inches], and 9 feet 4 inches in length. In another grave a female skeleton 8 feet long, and a male skeleton 9 feet 4 inches long.”

In 1879, a 9-foot-8-inch skeleton was purportedly uncovered in a mound in Brewersville, Ind. These remains, however, were destroyed when a flood swept through the area in 1937, destroying the building in which the bones were being stored, according to a presentation by Larry Zimmerman of the Department of Anthropology and Museum Studies at Indiana University, titled “Lost Tribes, Sunken Continents, and Ancient Astronauts: On the Wild Side of Midwestern Archaeology.”

In 1871, in the township of Cayuga, Ontario, Canada, it is said that some 200 giant skeletons were uncovered, many of which were as tall as 9 feet and few of which were shorter than 6 feet. The site was open to any who wanted to take a look, and many flocked there. A comment sent by a reader who identified himself as a medical doctor, J.N. Johnstone, to the local newspaper the Hamilton Spectator, was republished by the New York Times on Sept. 10, 1871 reads: “Hearing of the curiosities found in a grave or pit near Cayuga, and being somewhat of a curiosity seeker, I paid it a visit, and deem myself well repaid for any trouble by what I saw. … The size of some of the bones is truly wonderful, indicating a race of giants in the past.”

A 1936 bulletin, written by G.I. Groves of the North American Indian Relic Collectors’ Association and cited by Hamilton, tells of an interesting excavation at the Spiro Mounds of Oklahoma: “Of the skeletal material, only four or five good specimens were found. One remarkable mummy was 8-1/2 feet in length. He had been cremated to such an extent that the flesh was charred,and remained in that condition throughout the ages.”

The bulletin describes the lack of attention paid to this discovery, stating that the remains were moved to a tent where some locals came to take a peek, “but no museum authorities or archaeologists were interested enough to investigate. After occupying for several weeks the only shelter available, it was moved to the rear of the tent to make room for more valuable relics, and left to the ravages of the elements. In a few weeks, it had disappeared.”

So, if all these bones were found, where are they now? Does the evidence only exist in old newspaper clippings?

To read more about giant bones found all over North America, get your copy of "America's Strange and Supernatural History"  By Tim R. Swartz

Part Two - Next week.

Source: Epoch Times


Methane Gas on Mars May Indicate Life

Life on Mars? Today? The notion may not be so far-fetched after all.

A year after reporting that NASA’s Curiosity rover had found no evidence of methane gas on Mars, all but dashing hopes that organisms might be living there now, scientists reversed themselves on Tuesday.

Curiosity has now recorded a burst of methane that lasted at least two months.

For now, scientists have just two possible explanations for the methane. One is that it is the waste product of certain living microbes.

“It is one of the few hypotheses that we can propose that we must consider as we go forward,” said John P. Grotzinger, the mission’s project scientist.

The scientists also reported that for the first time, they had confirmed the presence of carbon-based organic molecules in a rock sample. The so-called organics are not direct signs of life, past or present, but they lend weight to the possibility that Mars had the ingredients required for life, and may even still have them.

The presence of methane is significant because the gas cannot exist for long. Calculations indicate that sunlight and chemical reactions in the Martian atmosphere would break up the molecules within a few hundred years, so any methane there now must have been created recently.

It could have been created by a geological process known as serpentinization, which requires both heat and liquid water. Or it could be a product of life in the form of microbes known as methanogens, which release methane as a waste product.

Even if the explanation for the methane turns out to be geological, the hydrothermal systems would still be prime locations to search for signs of life.

Scientists have always expected that some tiny amount of methane would be found on Mars. Cosmic dust falling on the planet contains organic compounds that are broken up by ultraviolet light from the sun, producing methane.

But the new findings, which are described in detail in a paper this week in the journal Science, are a 180-degree flip from a year ago, when mission scientists said that Curiosity had found no signs of methane, placing an upper limit of 1.3 parts per billion by volume.

Since then, the scientists refined their measurements, detecting a background level of 0.7 parts per billion. That is half of what was predicted, raising another mystery that somehow methane is also being destroyed.

But in November 2013, two months after the scientists reported the absence of methane on Mars, the rover measured methane levels 10 times as high. “It was an ‘oh my gosh’ moment,” said Christopher R. Webster of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the lead author of the Science paper.

The methane levels stayed high through at least the end of January. They subsequently fell, to less than one part per billion.

An earlier measurement in July had also been high, although it dropped by half a week later, and the margin of error made it unclear what was going on. Curiosity made no methane measurements between July and November 2013.

Sushil K. Atreya of the University of Michigan, a member of the science team, said it was possible that elevated methane levels lasted from July through January. “It could have been over six months,” he said, “but we don’t know that.”

Given its quick appearance and quick disappearance, the newly discovered methane was a relatively small burst, mission scientists suspect.

A decade ago, three teams of scientists reported that they had detected methane in the Martian atmosphere — two using observations from Earth, one using the European Space Agency’s Mars Express orbiter.

All of the measurements were at the edge of the instruments’ capabilities, and the methane appeared to disappear two years later. If true, that meant not only that was something creating methane on Mars, but also that something else was quickly destroying it.

Many Mars scientists decided that a simpler solution to the methane mystery was that the measurements were mistaken, a conclusion bolstered by the absence reported by the Curiosity team last year.

Now, Dr. Grotzinger said, “It’s back on the table.”

Michael J. Mumma of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., who led one of the teams that reported much larger methane plumes in the Mars atmosphere in 2003 based on measurements from Earth — and has found no methane since 2005 — said the new data was “pleasant” after years of doubts from critics.

The new Curiosity measurements “confirmed this startling reality that methane is being released, sporadically, and it is being destroyed quickly,” he said. “Both events are surprising.”

As for the organic molecules, they showed up in a mudstone nicknamed Cumberland that Curiosity drilled in May 2013.

Within Curiosity is a miniature chemistry laboratory that detected significant amounts of the organic molecule chlorobenzene, in much higher concentrations than had been seen in other rocks it had examined.

Scientists spent months analyzing whether the organic compounds came from Cumberland or contamination Curiosity had brought from Earth.

“You don’t want to be faked out,” Dr. Grotzinger said.

The scientists are still unsure whether Cumberland contained chlorobenzene, which is not a naturally occurring compound on Earth, or if that was the end product of chemical reactions involving other organic molecules in the rock as it was heated. But they convinced themselves that the organic carbon is Martian.

“In part, Curiosity was built to explore for organics,” Dr. Grotzinger said, “and we found them.”

Source: NY Times


Did Google Earth Spot Sea Monster Off the Coast of New Zealand?

A giant mystery sea creature is thought to have been spotted in the turquoise waters of one of New Zealand’s most idyllic bays.

A huge unexplained wake can be seen in a Google Earth image of Oke Bay, in the Bay of Islands, an area on the east coast of the Far North District of the country's North Island, captured by satellite at about 11.30am on January 30.

Engineer Pita Witehira, who spotted the wake while on Google Earth researching for his holiday home, told Daily Mail Australia the wake could have been left by a creature around 12 metres in size.

Mr Witehira, from Hamilton, New Zealand, said: ‘The Native Maori would call this a "Taniwha" ('Troll') as it appears not to be a whale and it is far too big to be a shark. It is moving too fast and turning too sharply to be a whale.’

Mr Witehira also ruled out that a boat was the cause of the wake because there is no white froth like normal wakes created by motors.

‘I spotted it about a week ago. We have some property near Oke Bay and I’m about to build a beach chalet up there, I zoomed down and found that,’ he said.

‘It’s way too wide for a shark and way too long… It’s got to have a lot of weight under the water to create that kind of drag.’

Oke Bay has a quite white sand beach and the water stays shallow for around 40 metres ‘with a sudden deep drop into the bay’.

‘There is a lot of undergrowth in the deeper parts of the Bay,’ Mr Witehira explained.

Rather than being some sort of unknown sea creature, Niwa coastal and estuarine physical processes scientist Richard Gorman said there was another explanation. "I don't see any reason to think it's anything other than a wake from a boat about 5m long," he said.

Not all boats left a lot of long-lasting foam in the wake, he said.

Australian researchers drew the same conclusion as Gorman.

Dr William Glamore, from the University of New South Wales' water research laboratory, put the mystery shape down to a small recreational vessel.

And Dr Kevin Parnell, from James Cook University in Queensland, said the waves were consistent with a catamaran travelling about 7 knots.

Source: Daily Mail


Strange creature reported in Carmel, Ohio area
By Ron McGlone, MUFON-Ohio

A resident of the Carmel community near Cincinatti has reported seeing a strange creature along Carmel Road on Friday, Dec. 12.

Ron McGlone, an investigator with Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), said "The witness was driving near Carmel on Dec. 12, 2014, came up over a hill and saw a 7' tall slim, gray creature with muscular legs that walked like its knees were backwards.

"The 60-year-old former Marine (who allegedly saw the creature) also said it didn't seem to have arms. He also included a sketch made shortly after he arrived home.

"I would like to get this information out in your area in hopes that maybe someone else has seen it – or that their giant cross-bred ostrich got loose – or something!"

"We recently bought a place in the Fort Hill area (in southeast Highland County). We first noticed after about 30 days of living here that we suddenly have a perfect circle that stays fresh green, no matter what weather, in our front yard. On Friday night (the 12th), we were driving home. After turning on Carmel Road, which leads to our road, we went around the curve by the Carmel church and then up a small incline and approximately 10 feet over the incline and in front of our truck, the 'alien' ran across the road and into the woods.

"My husband saw it. He is a skeptic – almost 60 years old – and a proud Marine. He wouldn't have admitted to seeing it if he hadn't been in shock. I had him draw it for me when we got to the house. He says it was asphalt gray (our asphalt is gray) and about 7 feet tall, no arms that he could see, but muscular in the legs area; no jawline, and its legs were bent backward and it leaned forward as it ran."

Source: Highland County Press


Cherokee Tales Of 'Little People' Give Clues About Our World

Some modern physics research includes examination of interesting ideas such as unseen dimensions within our universe separated by subtle and discreet boundaries sometimes referred to as “branes.”

The term “multiverse,” a universe with many dimensions, has even been used to describe these kinds of ideas.

In some ways, this way of viewing the universe is similar to the longstanding beliefs in many human cultures that there are unique veils that separate our normal world and other realities, dimensions and beings in nature.

Accounts of seeing things and beings suddenly appear out of thin air are not new. There have been many reports of such phenomena. These incidents sometimes may be described as the appearance of angels or supernatural beings.

Other beings who appear from nowhere are sometimes said to be loved ones who have passed on. In the 1989 movie FIELD OF DREAMS starring Kevin Costner, an entire baseball team emerges through the brane of a field of Iowa corn that separates our world from the afterlife or some other dimension.

There are also old tales of elves, fairies, pixies, leprechauns, trolls and other kinds of “little people” who may be friendly, kind, somewhat hostile, mischievous, secretive or some combination of these.

Some witnesses report seeing saucer-shaped or other types of objects in the sky that seem to appear and disappear – UFOs. And, possibly related to this, some people report encountering beings who are often described as short in stature, who also seem to appear and disappear and are able to affect the minds of humans.

Could these accounts be examples of the movement of people and things between the dimensions in nature and a multiverse?


The Cherokee, like other Native American tribes and indigenous people around the world, have many legends going back centuries about how the world was formed and how the world works.

These ancient Cherokee stories tell of the nature of the animals, plants, trees, mountains, streams and rivers of the land in the Smokey Mountains and the Appalachian Mountain region.

Old Cherokee tales include accounts of “the little people,” the “Yunwi Tsunsdi.” These beings are sometimes described as being spirits, and other times as small human-like people, about two feet to four feet tall.

These little people may have different appearances and, according to legend, they may be of three or four different types. Little people can be kind and helpful, especially to children, and can also play tricks on people. They can also be dangerous if a human intrudes on them, and they have the power to confuse the mind of a human.

The little people have the ability to remain unseen and invisible if they choose and generally avoid being detected by humans. But, at times, they will reveal themselves.

They live close to nature, in the forests and mountains. They have a spiritual aspect to them and they try to teach humans about kindness, joy and respect. The little people like to dance to rhythmic drumming and music.

The 1998 story book CHEROKEE LITTLE PEOPLE: THE SECRETS AND MYSTERIES OF THE YUNWI TSUNSDI, authors Lynn King Lossiah and Ernie Lossiah share old Cherokee tales in which the little people play a part.

As we try to understand our world, nature and the universe, we collectively use a wide range of investigative methods: Science, observation of and interaction with nature, direct experiences of many kinds, spiritual teachings, history, human legends, art, music and other paths.

How does the Cherokee legend of the little people fit in to our research, and what can it teach us?


There is a story that I included in my first novel MISSION INTO LIGHT. In the sequel, LIGHT’S HAND, I provide deeper details about the incident. I will share the basics of it here.

Long ago, deep in the forests of the Smokey Mountains of eastern North America, seven young women and men were hunting for game. They were young hunter-warriors, still in their teens.

They ranged out miles away from their village and had been walking for several hours in search of deer, or any food for their families. They sometimes stop to gather edible and medicinal plants.

As they search for sign of game, they come to a small mountain meadow. In the center of the meadow is a large, silver-colored disc. The object is perhaps the size of ten Cherokee homes.

The seven young hunters hide in the forest near the meadow and stare with awe at the strange object. They all look at each other, speak in low whispers, and agree they should report their find to tribal leaders and senior warriors immediately.

They carefully retreat from the area near the strange disc and run back to their villages where they tell leaders about the object. They also spread the word among various families, being careful not to frighten the children.

The next morning, they guide nearly 50 tribal leaders and warriors toward the site. They act as the scouts and hike for miles with the others. The group walks quietly and with stealth. Suddenly, a hand signal is flashed to the main party from a forward scout. They had reached the edge of the meadow.

The group moves slowly, carefully, silently toward the edge of the clearing. Then they see it. About 75 yards away is a large silver-colored disc, just as the young warriors had described it.

Many of the Cherokee lay on their stomachs behind trees and foliage. Some warriors have weapons ready in the event of danger. The leaders whisper among themselves. What should they do? Is this thing a danger to the people or is it some kind of good medicine?

Suddenly, just to the side of the disc, they see four small figures emerge from the tree line bordering the meadow. The beings look like people, but they are small, with slender bodies and large heads, similar to a child’s.

The Cherokee leaders continue to whisper. They decide that four of them will go forward and try to make contact with these strangers. A peace chief, a medicine woman and two of their bravest warriors are chosen.

Carefully, they stand and slowly emerge from the forest into the meadow. The four little people spot them and are obviously startled. One of the little people quickly seems to go inside the disc. The other three cautiously step toward the Cherokee.

The seven meet halfway between the disc and the forest’s tree line where the rest of the Cherokee remain hidden. Face to face, the Cherokee peace chief raises his right hand in a peaceful sign of greeting. One of the little people does the same. Then they sit in the wild grass of the meadow and begin to make hand sign.

The peace chief tries to convey a welcome to them and asks why they have come to Cherokee land. The little person who seems to be a leader makes hand sign that they have come from a great distance, and he points to the sky.

They continue to talk, and eventually the peace chief, medicine woman and warriors are convinced that the little people are friendly. They motion for the rest of the Cherokee in the woods to come forward. The little leader also motions for the forth little one to leave the silver disc and join them.

Slowly, the Cherokee in hiding join the others in the meadow. They stand and sit around the strange visitors. These little ones have an unusual appearance, not like the other tribes they have had contact with. Theses visitors eyes are large and different, and they wear a type of clothing that is similar in color to the deerskin the Cherokee wore, but the material is clearly not the same.

The visit goes on for several hours and as the afternoon turns to evening, the Cherokee make a camp for the night in the meadow, near the forest’s edge. The little ones go into the silver disc.

The next morning, most of the Cherokee start the journey back to their villages. After all, their families will be worried. Several choose to stay and visit with the little ones and learn more about them.

The little ones explain that they would like to stay in the Cherokee land for a time, to learn about the mountains, rivers, animals and plants. And this they do.

Throughout that summer many Cherokees hike out to visit the little people. They share much knowledge about life in the Cherokee mountains. The little ones also tell them about their land, far away in the night sky.

One day, the little visitors tell the Cherokee that they will be leaving to return to their home. They say the friendship shown to them by the Cherokee will be remembered and that they will try to help them when and how they can.

As that summer passed, then many other summers and seasons, then tens of years and hundreds of years, the story of the little visitors was told around campfires at night. The little children opened their eyes wide. They were told that the little people would try to watch over them, protecting them from harm. And the children looked up into the stars of night sky.


It’s a nice story. A happy ending and everything. Is it true or does it have some truth in it? Maybe. Did the native people of North America and ancient people elsewhere have contact similar to this? Some stories, legends and other indications say yes.

There are also concerns that some visitors from other planets or from other dimensions may not be so friendly. Like the Cherokees' concern in the story above, visitors could be good medicine, or a danger.

And, of course, we humans are often a danger to ourselves, to other living things and to planet Earth. We kill each other, we kill children. We kill other animals for fun and sport. We create bigger and more dangerous weapons. We slowly destroy our land, rivers, oceans, forests and now the climate of the entire planet.

The progress we make through science and other means to understand our world the universe around us is important. Other dimensions, other planets, the existence of other civilizations, the membranes and veils separating our reality from other fields in a multiverse are all worthy endeavors.

One day we might uncover Einstein’s “unified field” and the so-called “zero point.” We might harness this knowledge to help the human race survive and move us forward.

The progress we make going within and understanding ourselves can also be very useful – even crucial. The physics and nature within all of us is important: Our brains, our neurological systems, our bodies, our DNA and genetic history, our hearts, our spirits, our souls. This inner knowledge may also be key.

Maybe one day we will learn enough about ourselves and our world that we will understand the nature of possible multiple dimensions. We might meet other beings who discreetly appear and disappear, and who have much to teach us.

We might live in peace and awe amidst a multiverse where many more beautiful secrets and discoveries await. The Great Spirit may smile upon us and bless us.

We might sit around a campfire and tell our children wonderful stories that make their eyes open wide, as they look up into the stars of the night sky.

Author Steve Hammons can be reached at: ohio52@navyseals.com
website: http://navyseals.com/community/members/Ohio52/

Source: Farshores


Reports of Santa Claus Sightings
By Stephen Wagner

PERHAPS THIS IS a ridiculous question, but: Does Santa Claus really exist? Some would say that the question is silly because of course Santa Claus is a myth. Others would say the question is ridiculous because of course he is real! How can we doubt it?

Over the years, many children and adults have reported sightings of the real Santa Claus - not department store Santas or bell-ringing Salvation Army charity collectors, but the real thing. They even claim seeing the sleigh and reindeer in some cases. Are these illusions seen through the eyes of Christmas excitement and expectation? Or are these cases of genuine Christmas magic?

By Sarah A.

I saw Santa when I was a little more than three years old. It was Christmas Eve and my Aunt Susan was spending the night with us. She got my bed and I had to sleep on the floor. I went to sleep and awoke around 2:30 a.m. to something glowing in the hallway outside my bedroom. When I fully opened my eyes, I could see that Santa was standing in my door with a mystical, magical glow around him. It was silver and gold and glittery. Santa looked right at me and without moving his mouth, he said to me, "Now you know you are supposed to be asleep while I am here, don't you?" I told him that I knew I was supposed to be asleep but how could I? He told me, "Close your eyes and at least pretend."

I was shocked. Even at three years old I knew this could be a dream, but I know I was awake. People have told me maybe it was my father, and maybe it was. How he got the hallway to glow with glitter would be beyond me, but as far as I am concerned, it was 100% the spirit of Santa Claus. I am now 41 years old and still believe that I saw him. I strongly believe in the spirit of Christmas, and hope my two young sons will always believe as well.


I am 14 now, but this happened back in 2000 in my old house in Bristol, England. I was with my mum and dad and my sister. It was about midnight [on Christmas Eve] and I was the only one awake because I was really excited. I could hear these big footsteps in my living room. I was quite scared, and I could also hear bells tingling above me. So I wanted to see what was going on.

I walked down the stairs very slowly and I could see this big man putting presents around my living room. I wanted to say something, but I was too scared to do it because I thought he would be angry. I ran back upstairs and went back to sleep. I was so convinced I saw the real Santa and told everyone in the morning... but no one believed me. - Alex H.

NEW YORK CITY, NY - 2002, 2004 and 2007

It was Christmas Eve of 2002 in New York City. We invited some friends and relatives over for dinner, sort of like a Christmas Eve celebration. After that, I decided to go to my room to watch some television, but there was nothing good to watch. I then found myself pacing back and forth in the hallway. My house is big, so there was no one with me. Everyone was in the living room watching a movie I wasn't interested in.

About seven minutes into my pacing, I saw a tall, fat figure scurry away about 20 feet away from me. It was crouched down, too. It was even wearing some sort of Santa Claus suit. I didn't believe in Santa, but this just freaked me out. There was a strange man in my house!

I quickly ran to where my parents were and told them all about it. They grinned at me and said jokingly, "Maybe it was Santa Claus." I didn't believe that, so I just sat down in the living room with my family and everybody else.

Then it occurred again on Christmas Eve, 2004. I remember it more vividly than the last one. I was lying on the couch in the living room. My parents were in the kitchen having a conversation about a business blog or something. Suddenly, I saw a huge man, about seven or eight feet tall, crawl underneath the tree and just vanish. Before it disappeared, it looked at me and said, "Shh." Very strange, so I went into the kitchen and sat with my parents.

Smaller happenings occurred the following Christmases. I recall one in 2007, it was daylight this time and I just happened to see another tall figure with a Santa hat trudge by me for two seconds, then it was gone. This really happened. - Claxton Kalmbach


I had an experience when I was three years old and still young enough to wear footed pajamas. The year was maybe 1969, Christmas Eve. I wanted to see what Santa had brought me, so I quietly walked down the hallway and looked around the corner to our living room. I saw my parents and someone I didn't know around our Christmas tree. The stranger was an old guy with a white beard and hair with a red suit. I quickly went back to my room as fast as I could with footed pajamas and slid into bed.

I told my mom what happened many years later and she insisted that I was dreaming or that it was my dad. That wasn't possible because my dad was sitting in a chair behind the stranger and my mom was standing right next to my dad! I'm African American, and during that time the tenants in our building were all African American, so Santa stood out! - Joanne


One Christmas Eve about 35 years ago, while I was in my teens, I was in a car with my parents, returning home very late at night. We were talking the whole way about Santa Claus and how great it would be if he really did exist. As we pulled in the driveway of our house - there he was, tiptoeing in the snow in-between two houses across the street! We all laughed when we saw this and remembered the incident for many Christmases thereafter. P.S.: No robberies were reported. - Del


I am 13, now but I saw something when I was seven. It was dark, night time around midnight [on Christmas Eve]. I was in bed, but I wasn't asleep (who could be?). All of a sudden, I saw a red light beaming down into my window. It was so bright, and somehow I knew it was him.

I looked up in the sky, but all I could see was the bright light coming from a small object. I didn't hear a helicopter or anything, but I did hear the unique sound of bells and, of course, the sound of hooves tapping on the roof. These sounds lasted for a few seconds after the light had disappeared, then they were gone. - Jade


I was about 7 and I was looking outside my second-story window, just waiting to see him. I saw something approaching in the distance: it was a huge sleigh and it was flying right over my house! I don't remember seeing any reindeer, but I did see a man dressed in red with a beard. I was so startled, but I kept looking, even sticking my head and half my body outside of the window!

I told my family, but I knew they really didn't believe me. I swear on my life to this day I saw something. I don't know if it was really Santa Claus, but I did see what I described! - Drew


An old friend came to see me a couple of weeks ago. We lost touch years ago, but he managed to trace me and he brought me a Christmas card. After a few minutes, I asked him if he remembered the Christmas Eve about 30 years ago when we were outside our houses. We grew up next to each other.

It must have been around 7.30 p.m., a clear night, when we suddenly heard a bell or bells in the distance getting closer real fast. As we both looked up, there was the reindeer, the sleigh and Santa flying very fast and low over my house. It was brief, but we both ran to tell our families. Of course, everyone laughed, but I tell you it was real!

So when my friend turned up I asked him if he remembered, and he said of course he did... but he didn't like telling people about it now. You can imagine why! - Jimmy


Three Christmases ago, I was coming home from my aunt's, where we have a party. I was crying because one of my cousins told me that Santa wasn't real. Then we came around the corner of my street and there it was - a big red sleigh and reindeer sitting on my roof! And then Santa popped out of my chimney!

I told everyone the next morning to see if they could remember, but they couldn't. But a couple of days ago, my dad went up to the roof to fix the leak... and there were long, straight lines going across the roof. I took a picture and showed it to my baby cousins and told them always believe. - Anonymous


A few years ago I worked at the airport parking lot in a booth collecting parking fees. On Christmas Eve, a car pulled up to the window, the passenger was a very happy, chubby, white bearded guy wearing red pants with red suspenders and a white turtleneck covered in red and green Christmas characters. He sure looked like Santa to me. The rest of the evening I told all my customers that Santa had just flown in. - SKIttySKat


This happened long ago when I was about ten years old. Our house was in the suburbs. I swear that on one Christmas Eve, I was sleeping in my room when I heard my backyard door open, then close, and then a minute later it opened and closed again another three times each, about a minute apart. I thought it must have been my parents bringing in our presents from our garage, although, I don't recall seeing them go past my bedroom to their room. I was hiding under the covers at the time.

On another Christmas Eve, I tried to sneak down to the living room to try and catch Santa, but I chickened out and left. As I was walking back to my bedroom, I passed our front door and the light came on from outside, and I thought I could see the shadow of someone outside. Of course, now that I think about it, it could have just been a passerby or a cat or something. Or maybe - just maybe - it could have been Santa. - Nick


I was five years old, and I was in my room when I heard shuffling in the living room. I got up and peered around the doorway, where I saw a man in a Santa suit standing in front of the Christmas tree. He must have felt my presence because he turned around and looked at me. He didn't look jolly or kind and happy like you would expect Santa Claus to look. He looked kind of eerie, like he was staring into my soul.

Automatically, I ran into my parents' room and hid under the covers. I don't know why I was so scared at the time, but I wrote it off as a dream for a while before I forgot about it completely.

Years later, I remembered it. I thought it could have been a burglar, but when I asked my parents, nothing was ever missing from that apartment. The only time we were ever robbed was when we moved later on. The only explanation I have now is that it was some kind of apparition. - Ana

MEMPHIS, TENN. - 1980s and 2009

I grew up in a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee. In the 1980s, I was 8 or 9 years old. My parents and I were coming home from a Christmas party on Christmas Eve. When we pulled up in the driveway, we saw Santa Claus in a sleigh hovering above our house. All we could hear were sleigh bells. The sleigh was illuminated so that we could see Santa (in full outfit) in the sleigh. I remember seeing reindeer, but I don't know how many there were. Santa waved at us and flew off in the sleigh.

I'll never forget it, and I'll never forget my dad's face of total shock. He was an air traffic controller and when he went back to work after the holidays he asked about it and nothing came up.

In another bizarre twist, on Black Friday in 2009, I was waiting in line at a local Target store and broke out into conversation with another lady in line. We were talking about Christmas shopping, and all of a sudden out of nowhere she mentioned that her brother had seen Santa Claus in his sleigh two years before. I stood with my mouth wide open because I couldn't believe it. Every Christmas Eve I still think about him and look outside to try to get a glimpse. - Mrs. Wages


I was probably around 8 years old when on Christmas Eve around 12 a.m., I had been lying awake in bed for about 30 minutes. I was extremely excited, thinking about the morning and opening presents. Anyway, I start to hear these very faint footsteps approaching. Slowly, a man in boots, carrying a sack looked into my room, my parents' room and then my brother's room. I'm absolutely 100% positive I was awake, too. I could see him fairly well because we had a nightlight on across the hall in our bathroom. I remember hiding my entire face under the covers with a small portion for my eyes to see. He then walked away quietly and he was gone.

Of course I told my parents and brother in the morning about my sighting and, of course, they thought I was crazy. To this day (I'm 28 now), I ask my parents if they had anything to do with this, and they still deny it and say I was dreaming. I strongly believe I saw a spirit or some kind of entity of Santa. - Richard


I heard this story from my husband years ago. He was small, probably around six years old. His family was spending Christmas at the old family homestead. He was in bed when he heard a noise outside and ran to the window to see what it was. What should he see, but a fat, white-bearded man walking through the swirling snow toward the house. He crept downstairs to get a good look at Santa.

How disappointed he was when he discovered it was only his grandfather in his red "union suit" on his way back from the outhouse. - K. Stuart

Source: Paranormal.about.com
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