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He stays up late into the night - fearful to sleep because of those who watch in the dark. They watch from the sky. The watch from the streets. They watch with the cold, glassy stare of hidden cameras. His communications are not safe. They read all that goes in, and all that goes out. His entertainment is monitored 24 hours a day. They know what TV shows he sees and which web sites on the Internet he visits. But despite all they see and do - nothing can prevent the arrival of his favorite weekly e-mail newsletter of the strange and weird. Yes that's RIGHT! Conspiracy Journal is here once again to reveal all the deep, dark secrets that THEY don't want YOU to know!

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Nikola Tesla's Incredible Predictions For Our Connected World -
UFOs: Great Cases in Plain Sight! -
America’s Spiritual Destiny
AND: Experts Seek Key to Monster Vegetables

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For centuries, man has sought to reach out to God’s servants and messengers in a real-world, palpable way that leaves no room for spiritual doubt. In the time of Queen Elizabeth I in England, world famous occultist Dr. John Dee and his helper, Edward Kelley, developed a system for contacting angels that came to be called “Enochian Magick.” Dee’s system has survived the centuries and been passed down to us.

“ANGEL SPELLS – THE ENOCHIAN OCCULT WORKBOOK OF CHARMS, SEALS, TALISMANS AND CIPHERS” offers the reader a history lesson on Dee’s method for contacting angels, including its origins in the Jewish and Christian mystical traditions. The book includes an exclusive interview with author Aaron Leitch, who still practices Dee’s methods over 400 years later.

For those not quite ready to dive into the more complex aspects of Enochian Angel magick, simpler – but just as effective – methods are taught here by psychic Maria D’Andrea, who provides step-by-step instructions to petition specific angels for help with any problem, large or small. A dozen talismans created my Ms D' Andrea are provided each corresponding with a different Arch Angel.

And as a bonus supplement, we have included Bishop Allen Greenfield’s classic work, “SECRET CIPHER OF THE UFONAUTS,” to assist in contacting angelic aliens in their own language and to aid in decoding what they have spoken to us!

This fascinating work includes all the talismans and symbols and ciphers you need to set up your own angel alter so that you may proceed with contacting the celestial kingdom in an organized effort.

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Nikola Tesla's Incredible Predictions For Our Connected World
By Matt Novak

We might complain that it's 2015 and we're still waiting on our hoverboards. But if Nikola Tesla were alive today, he'd probably wonder where the hell our fuel-free, super fast airplanes were. And who could blame him? Fuel-free planes aside, he actually predicted a lot of 21st century technologies quite accurately.

The January 30, 1926 issue of Collier's magazine included an interview with the legendary inventor. In it, Tesla relayed his amazing predictions for the future — a world of flying machines, wireless power, and female superiority. Some of the predictions were spot on. Others, not so much.
Tesla on TV and portable phones

At the beginning of 1926, when this interview with Tesla was published, television was barely making its first baby steps. But Tesla was already looking into the distant world of videophones, broadcast TV, and worldwide mobile communication.

Tesla explained:

    When wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain, which in fact it is, all things being particles of a real and rhythmic whole. We shall be able to communicate with one another instantly, irrespective of distance. Not only this, but through television and telephony we shall see and hear one another as perfectly as though we were face to face, despite intervening distances of thousands of miles; and the instruments through which we shall be able to do his will be amazingly simple compared with our present telephone. A man will be able to carry one in his vest pocket.

We shall be able to witness and hear events—the inauguration of a President, the playing of a world series game, the havoc of an earthquake or the terror of a battle—just as though we were present.When the wireless transmission of power is made commercial, transport and transmission will be revolutionized. Already motion pictures have been transmitted by wireless over a short distance. Later the distance will be illimitable, and by later I mean only a few years hence. Pictures are transmitted over wires—they were telegraphed successfully through the point system thirty years ago. When wireless transmission of power becomes general, these methods will be as crude as is the steam locomotive compared with the electric train.

Wireless transmission of power was of particular interest to Tesla, but it's his predictions around mobile phone technology that have proved most prescient here in the early 21st century.

Tesla on flying machines

Tesla was incredibly optimistic about the future of flying machines from the perspective of 1926.

    Perhaps the most valuable application of wireless energy will be the propulsion of flying machines, which will carry no fuel and will be free from any limitations of the present airplanes and dirigibles. We shall ride from New York to Europe in a few hours. International boundaries will be largely obliterated and a great step will be made toward the unification and harmonious existence of the various races inhabiting the globe. Wireless will not only make possible the supply of energy to region, however inaccessible, but it will be effective politically by harmonizing international interests; it will create understanding instead of differences.

The idea of zipping from New York to London in just a few hours would remain a fantasy until the jet age, but we're still waiting on airplanes that "carry no fuel," as he predicted.

Tesla on wireless power and printing newspapers in the home

Tesla was way ahead of his time in so many ways. And since he and Hugo Gernsback were friends, one can draw a direct line between some of the ideas that Tesla had and the fascinating predictions that would show up in Gernsback's many tech and sci-fi magazines. One perfect example is that of the wireless newspaper:

    Present wireless receiving apparatus will be scrapped for much simpler machines; static and all forms of interference will be eliminated, so that innumerable transmitters and receivers may be operated without interference. It is more than probable that the household's daily newspaper will be printed 'wirelessly' in the home during the night. Domestic management—the problems of heat, light and household mechanics—will be freed from all labor through beneficent wireless power.

Tesla was predicting wireless newspapers in the 1920s, but the folks at companies like RCA would actually get test runs of wireless newspaper printing in the home by the 1930s. Aside from being incredibly noisy and slow, the things actually worked.

Tesla on female superiority, for better and worse

Nikola Tesla proclaimed in the article that one day soon women would rise to be superior to men. But he didn't exactly mean that as a positive thing. In fact, within the context of his beliefs at the time, he was downright terrified that women would become "victims" of their own success.

From Collier's:

    It is clear to any trained observer and even to the sociologically untrained, that a new attitude toward sex discrimination has come over the world through the centuries, receiving an abrupt stimulus just before and after the World War.

This struggle of the human female toward sex equality will end in a new sex order, with the female as superior. The modern woman, who anticipates in merely superficial phenomena the advancement of her sex, is but a surface symptom of something deeper and more potent fermenting in the bosom of the race. It is not in the shallow physical imitation of men that women will assert first their equality and later their superiority, but in the awakening of the intellect of women.Through countless generations, from the very beginning, the social subservience of women resulted naturally in the partial atrophy or at least the hereditary suspension of mental qualities which we now know the female sex to be endowed with no less than men.But the female mind has demonstrated a capacity for all the mental acquirements and achievements of men, and as generations ensue that capacity will be expanded; the average woman will be as well educated as the average man, and then better educated, for the dormant faculties of her brain will be stimulated to an activity that will be all the more intense and powerful because of centuries of repose. Woman will ignore precedent and startle civilization with their progress.The acquisition of new fields of endeavor by women, their gradual usurpation of leadership, will dull and finally dissipate feminine sensibilities, will choke the maternal instinct, so that marriage and motherhood may become abhorrent and human civilization draw closer and closer to the perfect civilization of the bee."

Nikola Tesla had a complicated relationship with women. By many accounts he didn't know how best to communicate with them. He even had one secretary fired because he believed she was too fat. He told her as much.

Tesla on eugenics and the perfection of humanity

At the end of the Collier's article we see hints of Tesla's ideas around eugenics that would pervade the later part of his life.

    Imagination falters at the prospect of human analogy to this mysterious and superbly dedicated civilization of the bee; but when we consider how the human instinct for race perpetuation dominates life in its normal and exaggerated and perverse manifestations, there is ironic justice in the possibility that this instinct, with the continuing intellectual advance of women, may be finally expressed after the manner of the bee, though it will take centuries to break down the habits and customs of peoples that bar the way to such a simply and scientifically ordered civilization.

We have seen a beginning of this in the United States. In Wisconsin the sterilization of confirmed criminals and pre-marriage examination of males is required by law, while the doctrine of eugenics is now boldly preached where a few decades ago its advocacy was a statutory offense.Old men have dreamed dreams and young men have seen visions from the beginning of time. We of today can only sit and wonder when a scientist has his say.

Tesla's advocacy of forced sterilization and government approval of marriage partners wasn't that bizarre in some circles, but they're certainly an aspect of Tesla's belief system that many people here in the 21st century would like to forget.

Tesla was a brilliant inventor and visionary thinker. He was a complex man with ideas about women and eugenics that may have been fashionable to some at the time, but cause modern thinkers to recoil. Same as it never was, I suppose.

Source: Paleofuture


UFOs: Great Cases in Plain Sight!
By Nick Redfern

Time and again, I hear UFO researchers say that all of the “good” UFO reports filed by military personnel are being withheld from public scrutiny and consumption. By who? By “the government,” of course! It goes without saying that cases such as Roswell continue to intrigue the research community because it’s pretty clear we haven’t been told the full story. But, to claim that we do not get to see any good, solid, reports from government, military and intelligence agencies is just plain wrong.

I need to stress that it’s certainly not all – or even anywhere near the majority of - UFO researchers who make such claims. But, I can’t tell you how many times I have been told – by some of the more paranoid elements of Ufology – that nothing of any significance ever surfaces through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

To put it bluntly, that statement is full of crap. There are countless, very good reports of UFO activity that have reached the eyes and ears of officialdom, and which have also been placed into the public domain, via FOIA. You just need to know where to find them!

Take, for example, the FBI: at their website, The Vault, the Bureau has taken the time to post thousands of pages of UFO and UFO-related files for one and all to read and download in PDF format. The records cover such issues as UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, the MJ12 documents saga, crashed flying saucers, and much more.

Collectively, the papers tell a fascinating story of official, FBI interest in such matters. They are also filled with countless reports of UFO encounters filed by extremely reliable individuals. All you have to do is spend a few hours digging through the material and you’ll locate it.

As just one example of hundreds that can be found at The Vault, let’s take a trip back to 1949. In the early summer of that year, the FBI was the recipient of  number of notable UFO reports from the U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). One particular document, of June 23, 1949, describes the encounter of a pilot who had served with the Navy during World War Two, and who was described as being:

    “…married and has three children. He has a BS and BA degree from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California; has also had two years of law at the University of Southern California. Source is thirty years of age, but appears to have a background of experience few men his age possess.”

Want credibility in a declassified UFO file? That is credibility in a declassified UFO file! The report continues in notable fashion, and to the extent that I will present it uninterrupted:

sunset panorama of sandstone cliffs at kolob plateau in zion nat

    “On Friday, 27 May 1949, source was flying his own SMJ-type aircraft from Red Bluff, California, to Buras, Oregon, a distance of 305 miles. He left Red Bluff at 1332 and arrived at Burne at 1458 PST. At 1423 PST, Friday, 27 May 1949, source observed the sun reflecting on an object or objects at a considerable distance ahead, a few points to the starboard. He continued to watch the course taken by the reflecting material expecting it to materialize into conventional aircraft as the distances lessened between him and the object or objects.

    “As the object reached the long bluffs which run for  number of miles along the east side of some dry lakes he saw that instead of a single object there were several, which seemed to be flying in formation. At this point the objects appeared to have changed their course so that they were paralleling his course and were following the bluff’s rim at about 1,000 to 1,500 feet below source’s altitude, at a distance which he estimates to have been 5 1/2  to 7 1/2 miles. Source is certain that it could not have been as far as 10 miles since the bluffs were less than 10 miles away and he could see the objects outlined against the bluffs.

    “The objects that source saw are described by him as follows: Size of each object: Considerably smaller than a fighter plane, probably less than 20 feet in length. All of the separate objects appeared the same in size.

    “Shape of object: There was no break in the outline. Source is certain he would have recognized conventional aircraft. They had a solid configuration, and no great thickness. They were elongated, oval, perhaps twice as long as wide, perhaps five times as long as thick. They could possibly have been egg-shaped, and could conceivably have been perfectly oval. The objects seemed definitely solid objects as there was nothing ethereal about them. Source is confident they were traveling at least as fast as source’s own plane (212 MPH).”

With the details of the case, itself, now in hand, let’s look at what else the files say about the pilot (whose name is deleted on the available records): “Source holds Naval Aviators certificate plus a senior pilot’s rating in the Ferry Wing of the Naval Air Transport Command. He also holds a commercial license, single and multi-engine, and flight instructor ratings.

    “His flight time began in 1934 and now totals over 5,000 hours… from March 1942 to September 1943 he was a flight instructor for the Army Air Force… from September 1943 to January 1944 he flew for the Superior Oil Company of California…”

The official conclusion of the investigation: “…the explanation of source’s sighting of the strange flying object remains a question mark.”

So, what we have here is a case involving an expert pilot, one who had flown a wide variety of aircraft, who had served in the military, who held BS and BA degrees, and who was absolutely sure he saw a squadron of oval- or egg-shaped, aerial craft of unknown origin in the skies of the United States. It’s a case that remained wholly unexplained, that practically screams “Credibility!” and which has been released under FOIA legislation.

As I said at the beginning of this article, there are people out there (I know, for sure, as they have droned and droned on at me on many occasions…) who will tell you that all the high quality material is withheld. It clearly isn’t all withheld. The case above – as I noted, just one of countless such reports at The Vault – is clear evidence that high quality, credible military reports do make it into the public domain. And they do so on many occasions.

Are there cases where we don’t know the full story? Yes. For example, my own father was involved in several UFO encounters in September 1952, while employed as a radar mechanic with the British Royal Air Force. This was during the course of what was known in the UK as “National Service” (or “The Draft” in the United States). The files on those events have never surfaced. But, if people tell you that “the government hides all the good stuff” it’s simply not true. You just need to know where to look for it: such as at The Vault, which is an excellent resource for UFO reports of the very credible kind.

Source: Mysterious Universe


America’s Spiritual Destiny
By Sean Casteel

I have written here previously about a new book from Tim Beckley’s Inner Light/Global Communications publishing house called “America’s Strange and Supernatural History,” which recounts numerous little known paranormal and simply weird moments in the life of this nation. Everything from the “survival cannibalism” that took place one savage winter in the American colony of Jamestown to the mid-20th century crime spree of a disgruntled chemistry student, dubbed the “Mad Gasser,” who used an aerosol anesthetic as a weapon to the 18th century shapeshifting, werewolf-type transformations of those foolish enough to have broken Lent seven years in a row in the French enclave of Vincennes, Indiana, are part of the heritage of the United States.

The bulk of the first section of “America’s Strange and Supernatural History” was written by Tim R. Swartz, but also includes the contributions of Wm. Michael Mott, Olav Phillips, Tim Beckley and, in the interest of full disclosure, myself.

It is the second section of the new release that concerns us here: a reprint of the rare – but often referred to – “Prophecies of the Presidents: The Spiritual Destiny of America Revealed” by the aforementioned Tim Beckley and his late coauthor, Arthur Crockett. The authors make us aware that not only did our former presidents have contacts with the divine, they were also cognizant of their predestined place in history and readily accepted guidance and help from above.


The presidents have also had their share of UFO contact along with matters more directly occult. The fact that Jimmy Carter saw a UFO in October 1969 and stated so publicly in 1973 is generally known among UFO enthusiasts, as is Carter’s unfulfilled campaign promise to unlock the government’s secret files and open the subject to public scrutiny. But “Prophecies of the Presidents” actually reprints the official report that Carter filed with the now-defunct National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) as well as quoting comments from Carter’s press secretary, Jody Powell, who told reporters: “I remember Jimmy saying that he did in fact see a strange light, or object, at night in the sky which did not appear to be a star or plane or anything he could explain. If that’s your definition of an unidentified flying object, then I suppose that’s correct. I don’t think it’s had any great impact on him one way or the other. I would venture to say that he probably has seen stranger and more unexplainable things than that during his time in government.”

Perhaps less well known is the story of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s meeting with beings from outer space said to have taken place on February 20, 1954. Beckley and Crockett say the story has been confirmed for them by a member of the British Parliament of their acquaintance, among others. Eisenhower was vacationing in Palm Springs when he was summoned to Murdoc Airfield by high-ranking military officials. Murdoc was later renamed Edwards Air Force Base and served as the landing field for the space shuttle. Eisenhower canceled a scheduled news conference to go to Murdoc with the official explanation being that he was at the dentist.

Eisenhower and a handful of U.S. officials watched as five alien craft landed and the aliens disembarked, appearing something like humans but by our standards “misshapen.” The aliens asked Eisenhower to begin a public education program about them for the American people and eventually the entire Earth. Eisenhower allegedly replied that the world was not ready for such an announcement and the aliens agreed to contact only isolated individuals until the people of Earth got used to the idea of their presence.

After demonstrating some of the capabilities of their spacecraft – and making the entire presidential contingent quite nervous by showing that they could become invisible at will – the aliens boarded their ship and departed. It is a generally accepted theory that we are currently experiencing a cultural conditioning program intended to help us gradually accept the fact that aliens are real and already among us, as the aliens requested that day at Murdoc.

Although Robert F. Kennedy never became president, he was a politician with enormous clout and influence whose political star was very much in the ascendancy when he was assassinated in 1968. The reader may not be aware that he had a definite belief in UFOs. In a personal letter to publisher Gray Barker of the Saucerian Press, Kennedy noted that he was a card carrying member of the Amalgamated Flying Saucers Club of America and indicated that he accepted the stories of those who claimed to have encountered aliens from other planets.

Kennedy wrote: “Like many other people in our country, I am interested in the UFO phenomenon. I watch with great interest all reports of Unidentified Flying Objects and I hope someday we will know more about this intriguing subject. Dr. Harlow Shapely, the prominent astronomer, has stated that there is a probability that there is life in the universe. I favor more research regarding this matter and I hope that, once and for all, we can determine the true facts about flying saucers.”

What is important about stories like these, especially the Carter and RFK stories, is that they place the UFO phenomenon in a real-world setting where our leaders grapple with the unknown the same way we do and also burn with a curiosity they long to see satisfied. We are comforted that UFOs are not just a fixation of the fringe elements of society but are of genuine concern to even our most highly placed officials.


Before that fascinating sojourn into presidential UFO lore, Beckley and Crockett begin by declaring that America has an Presidents back cover artimportant role to play in the coming New Age, what the authors call “an age of reason and enlightenment which is soon to engulf the entire planet we live on.” Nothing in human history happens by chance, they believe, and so God intended the U.S. to help lead the entire world in the direction of freedom, love and perfect balance for all mankind.

“There is every reason,” the authors write, “to believe that many of our Founding Fathers were reincarnated philosophers from Greece and Rome (and perhaps other planets) who originally lived in the time of Atlantis and had reentered physical shells in order to help reshape the history of the planet for centuries to come. Their main objective was to steer humans on the proper course and to see that this great nation got off on the right foot.”

Reading this for the first time, I was struck by what an ingenious combination of various ancient spiritual ideas this concept was. When the authors speak of the Founding Fathers voluntarily being reincarnated to the physical plane to help guide America’s birth, one is reminded of the Buddhist concept of the Bodhisattva, enlightened spirits who forego nirvana and willingly incarnate to happily share in the miseries of the world. Meanwhile, the authors’ belief that our leaders are not selected by mere chance recalls the words of Saint Paul from the book of Romans, Chapter 13:1: “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.”


Having mixed for us this heady cocktail of spiritual optimism and patriotic fervor, the authors next tell the story of George Washington, whom they say was supernaturally implanted with an indomitable faith in this country that saw him through the darkest parts of the Revolutionary War. Later in his life, Washington wrote a letter to the governor of Connecticut in which he stated that it was “almost possible to trace the finger of Divine Providence through those dark and mysterious days which led the colonists to assemble in convention, thereby laying the foundation for prosperity when we had too much reason to fear that misery and confusion were coming too rapidly upon us.”

There had been moments in the war when Washington could be seen to openly weep, especially during the difficult winter of 1777, when his forces had suffered severe reverses on the battlefield and were close to starvation and freezing to death. He made a daily habit of going into a thicket, out of sight of his troops, to drop to his knees in prayer and ask for aid and comfort from God.

One day Washington gave strict orders that he not be disturbed in his headquarters so that he could draft an important dispatch without interruption. At one point he looked up and was startled to see a lovely young woman standing before him. She was by far the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, yet she had violated his privacy, so he asked her why she was there. After he had repeated the question four times, with no reply, he began to feel strange sensations and found himself unable to rise to his feet in the normal way of a gentleman greeting a lady. The room began to glow and Washington wondered if he was now dying.

Finally, the woman raised her arm to the east and said, “Son of the Republic, look and learn.” There followed a series of visions in which Washington was shown that the American nation would one day spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Another vision seemed to forewarn Washington about the Civil War to be fought less than a century hence. A third vision prophesied an invasion of America by the combined forces of Europe, Asia and Africa, which the authors link to the book of Revelation, Chapter 9:13-16. Those verses speak of troops that will be 200 million in number and wage war in the Last Days. Washington’s visions concluded with the promise that America will emerge victorious from that future conflict and that her union will stand as long as there are stars in the sky.


Washington is said to have appeared in a vision to Union General George B. McClellan at a point in the Civil War when the prospects for a northern victory seemed bleak. Washington warned McClellan that Confederate troops were set to descend on the nation’s capital and score a decisive victory.

“General McClellan,” Washington’s voice spoke with amazing clarity, “do you sleep at your post? Rouse you, or ere it can be prevented, the foe will be in Washington! You have been betrayed, and, had God not willed it otherwise, ere the sun of tomorrow had set, the Confederate flag would wave above the Capital and your own grave. But note what you see. Your time is short.”

As Washington spoke, McClellan beheld a “living map” which showed all the various troop positions. He took up a pen and copied down everything he saw. When Washington was assured that McClellan understood the military situation, he then spoke to the general about the 20th century, when other perils would beset the country even as America took its place as a leader among the nations of the world. McClellan would later write that the country would become “a Messenger of Succor and Peace from the Great Ruler, who has all nations in his keeping.”


But not all the messages from the next world are so cheery and hopeful. “The Prophecies of the Presidents” also deals with information obtained through 19th century mediums like Lucy Brown, quite renowned in her day. She, too, felt she was in contact with the spirit of George Washington, who “predicted fascist dictatorship and its threat to America’s destiny,” according to Beckley and Crockett.

“Clouds in the horizon that are looming up to overcast the future of America,” Washington allegedly spoke through Brown, “becoming very dense, dark and foreboding ill, will burst in an unexpected moment upon the heads of her people. The mutterings of discontent, engendered by a sort of incipient, despotic rule, mild, perhaps, at present in its hold over the masses, and swelling into vaster proportions and power, is breeding discontent and disharmonies in the ranks of all classes of minds who labor diligently for a subsistence and gain a small and inadequate pittance of their hourly needs and daily bread.”

This economic unrest among the working classes is due to the “widespread and desolating schemes of the robbers of the people of their rightful inheritance to life, land, home and pursuit of happiness.” This financial chicanery does not go unnoticed by the hosts of spirits who dwell above the mortal sphere and can see into the secret workings of the minds and motives of the oppressors.

After Washington spoke, Thomas Jefferson added to the indictment by saying, “If the American people ever allow the banks to control the issue of currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

President James Madison spoke even more frankly: “We are free today, substantially, but the day will come when our republic will come to impossibility because its wealth will be concentrated in the hands of a few. When that day comes, then we must rely upon the wisdom of the best elements in the country to readjust the laws of the nation to the changed conditions.”

Abraham Lincoln confessed that he trembled for the safety of future America because, “As a result of war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow. The money power will endeavor to prolong its reign by working on the prejudices of the people until all the wealth is aggregated into a few hands and the public is destroyed.”

It was presumably a later medium that channeled Woodrow Wilson, who grimly charged that, “The masters of the government of the United States are the combined capitalists and manufacturers of the United States. The government of the United States at present is a foster child of the special interests. It is not allowed to have a will of its own. The government, which was designed for the people, has gotten into the hands of bosses and their employers, the special interests. An invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy. America is not a place of which it can be said, as it used to be, that a man may choose his own calling and pursue it as far as his abilities enable him to pursue it. American industry is not free as it once was free; American enterprise is not free.”


I have quoted this section of “Prophecies of the Presidents” so carefully and extensively because it strikes me as being genuinely prophetic. The spirit voices of this small grouping of American chief executives are addressing what would in fact become a major issue for dissent in this country, as expressed by the Occupy Wall Street movement that began in September 2011. The movement’s unforgettable slogan, “We are the 99 Percent,” neatly summarizes the present condition of social and economic inequality suffered by the American people that has resulted from the greed, corruption and undue influence of corporations on government.

In 2012 and 2014, the media uncovered proof that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security had monitored Occupy Wall Street through its Joint Terrorism Task Force despite labeling it a peaceful movement. Declassified documents showed extensive surveillance and infiltration of OWS-related groups across the country. Perhaps the wary suspicion of the two law enforcement agencies was also fueled by corrupt corporations seeking to guard their financial empires from a change in the national temperament.

Whether or not the “messages” spoken through the mediums were truly sent from the departed souls of some of our late presidents, or even if Beckley and Crockett made them up from whole cloth, they were nevertheless FULFILLED. One should realize that “Prophecies of the Presidents” was initially published in 1992, a full 19 years before the Occupy Wall Street movement first entered New York’s Zuccotti Park.

Someone somewhere did indeed see the future and managed to get it written down in Beckley and Crockett’s book. Some unknown power wanted it etched in stone and on the record. To me, that’s a little uncanny. But, given my many years of writing for Tim Beckley, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. He has always seemed to occupy some kind of publishing netherworld unto himself where books like “American’s Strange and Supernatural History” with its “Prophecies of the Presidents” bonus reprint just come with the territory.


Source: Spectral Visions


UFOs Spotted Over Nuclear Plants in France and Belgium
By Alejandro Rojas

The French government is on high alert due to a large amount of UFO sightings over nuclear power plants since October, 2014. The latest sighting in France was just last week, and witnesses in Belgium spotted one in December. Most media outlets suspect that the objects are drones, but not all of the witnesses are convinced. If they are drones, the authorities say they do not know who they belong to.

According to Austrian news site ORF.at, there were 18 separate occasions UFOs were seen flying over nuclear power plants in France between early October and early November. They say authorities suspect it is the coordinated effort of an unknown group.

ORF.at says the sightings have sparked a debate over nuclear power plant security. Greenpeace has accused the French government of downplaying the danger of these unknown over flights.

The latest incident was announced on January 3, 2015. The nuclear power plant in Nogent-sur-Seine, southeast of Paris, says two security guards saw “two flying objects.”

In late December, an object flew over a nuclear power plant in Belgium. The power plant is in Doel, about 10 miles from Antwerp. The news site Spiegel Online, says that plant had been shut down four months ago reportedly due to sabotage. No further details have been released.

According to Speigel Online, Greenpeace again raised concerns that the plants “are not adequately protected from attacks by drones.”

In November, the UK news site The Independent wrote that three young men were arrested in central France attempting to fly a drone over a nuclear plant. They said the three were “model aircraft enthusiasts.” However, these three were suspected of conducting copycat drone flights. Apparently their drones were simple toys, not like the sophisticated craft believed to be involved with most of the UFO incursions.

According to The Independent, “A campaign of harassment by anti-nuclear campaigners is considered the most likely explanation.” Meanwhile, they say the French government remains on high alert.

Grewi.de, a website on “frontier-science and the paranormal” ran by Andreas Muller, posted an article this week with witness testimony from civilians who have seen some of these UFOs. According to Muller, the testimony was printed in the latest issue of a Swiss magazine called Mysteries. Writer Robert Fleischer found witnesses at forum-ovni-ufologie.com, a popular French UFO forum.

Fleischer wrote (translated by Google Translate):

    On November 10, 2014 observed three users of this forum in a parking lot close to the NPP Cattenom also a strange object in the night sky The man -. We call him Jaques – mid 50’s and early retirement, he is very careful in the assessment. of what he has seen and his friends. ‘We have a vigil kept, because we finally so wanted to see and photograph a thing,’ said Jacques.

    They had already spent two hours in the cold, the sky was cloudless. ‘At about 23.30 clock one of my friends turned us saw a light that was coming from the south on us. The light seemed rather like a neon tube. It was absolutely silent. The exact amount we were difficult to assess, but I have kept my thumb with an outstretched arm up and could see that the light was almost as long as my thumb.’

    The light object and pulled evenly its orbit and finally disappeared in the north without fly over the nuclear power plant directly. A short time later, a car stopped next to the gendarmerie observers in the parking lot. ‘These were security officers from the nuclear plant. They wanted to know what we’re doing and demanded our papers.’

    The day after received Jaques and his friends a call from the police in Hettange-Grande and were invited to a hearing. ‘For two hours we were interviewed separately, about the appearance of light, about ourselves. Then we were allowed to go. They take it very seriously.’ It was only later learned Jaques that at the time of his sighting of an alarm in the NPP Cattenom was triggered.

Fleischer also interviewed witnesses who saw a UFO on October 30, 2014, over a nuclear plant in Golfech. He writes (translated by Google Translate):

    When the lights but then became stronger, the men attacked the binoculars. One minute remains the object of heaven, above the village of Donzac, in close proximity to nuclear power. It hovers just above the cooling towers. Then it starts to rotate. It appears a second light on the object that flashes quickly. One of the observers believe that the object taking shots.

    Now the light comes on to the witnesses, then remains stehen- about 20 seconds. ‘It was not hear any noise. On a hill to our right we could hear a tractor, but of this flying object was made no noise.’ The man believes he has something like wings on the object at the ends of light yellow and blue lights. On the underside of a bright red light. ‘The contours seemed very blurry, dark gray,’ he recalls. The apparatus continues its flight direction and eventually disappears from the field of view of an observer.

Muller writes that Fleischer is skeptical of the drone explanation, given the descriptions by witnesses. Fleischer suspects there is more to it than French authorities are willing to admit.

Source: Open Minds


Kazakh Villagers Relocated Because of Mystery "Sleep Illness"

Kazakh authorities have begun relocating the residents of a small village that has been plagued for nearly two years by the spread of a mysterious illness marked by random bouts of days-long slumber.

Since spring 2013, more than 100 people have contracted the disease since the first case was recorded. Residents of the northern Kazakh villages of Kalachi and neighboring Krasnogorsk have complained of a mysterious "sleeping illness," but health workers have been unable to decisively pin down the cause of the symptoms. Doctors have been referring to the illness as "encephalopathy of unknown etiology," or a brain disorder with no known origin.

Those afflicted fall asleep at random, usually for days at a time, and then suffer from hallucinations and memory loss upon waking, according to Kazakh media reports. The people in these sleeping communities have somewhat become used to the strange situation. Some residents even keep bags packed, in case they are rushed to hospital. Strangely, some families seem prone to the illness while the sleep attacks pass others by.

One woman called Lyubov Belkova was selling clothes as usual at her local market stall, and suddenly keeled over.

Other women rushed to her asking what was going on, and then rapidly called an ambulance. The doctor thought she had suffered a stroke, and yet - two months later, a woman working alongside Lubov at the market fell asleep in identical fashion. Then Lyubov Belkova dozed off again. Sooner or later, all five women who were selling things at the small market on the road from Krasnogorsk to Kalachi fell asleep in the same way.

So did their security guard. By the end of it, as journalist Uliana Skoibeda recounted in Komsomolskaya Pravda, pensioner Lyubov Belkova slept in this way seven times, her daughter Natalia Mikhel twice and her 15 year old granddaughter Diana once.

Marina Felk, 50, a milkmaid in Kalachi, said: "I was milking cows, as usual, early in the morning, and fell asleep. I remember nothing at all, only that when I came round I was in a hospital ward, and the nurses smiled and me, and said: 'Welcome back sleeping princess, you've finally woken up'".

"What else do I remember? Nothing. I slept for two days and two nights.

"The women tin my ward said that I tried to wake up several times, saying urgently needed to milk my cows."

Alexey Gom, 30, came to visit his mother-in-law in Kalachi, some 400 kilometres north west of capital Astana, 230 km from the Russian border, and was also hit by the sleep plague.

"I came with my wife to visit my mother-in-law," he explained. "In the morning, I wanted to finish my work. I switched on my laptop, opened the pages that I needed to finish reading - and that was it...it felt like somebody pressed a button to switch me off.

"I woke up in the hospital, with my wife and mother-in-law by my bedside. The doctor found nothing wrong with me after a series of tests he performed. I slept for more than 30 hours. But it never happened to me before, never in my life, or to anyone from my family."

Two children who have suffered the sleep epidemic were struck by hallucinations.

Misha Plyukhin told how he saw light bulbs and horses flying around him, and then saw his mother with eight eyes and a trunk. Then he recalled snakes and worms in his beds, eating his arms.

Rudolf Boyarinos saw something too, but he does not remember. His relatives say four of them had to calm him when he shouted 'monsters!'.

The boys are back at school but seem to struggle to cope with their studies while adults report headaches and memory loss.

The baffling illness attracted attention recently when a Russian national was struck down while visiting the village of Kalachi.

Novosibirsk resident Aliya Kurukhtina, 59, had travelled to Kalachi to be with her family and celebrate New Year when she suddenly fell ill.

Having unexpectedly fallen asleep, and showing other symptoms of the mystery condition, she was taken to the local hospital on the evening of January 1. Doctors gave her a diagnosis of the brain disorder 'encephalopathy of unknown aetiology', but it is thought she is a victim of the unexplained illness that affecting the town.

Four other women were treated on the same evening for the same symptoms of the condition. Finally, Kurukhtina, along with three other Kazakh citizens, were airlifted from Kalachi — to which the outbreak of the illness seems to be confined — to the Kazakh capital Astana for treatment.

Since Dec. 20, more than 30 people have fallen ill with the mysterious affliction, prompting authorities to begin relocating residents, Interfax-Kazakhstan reported.

The regional administration responsible for the village of Kalachi announced that it had handed over the keys of a new apartment to one family so far, and plans to move another 40 families out of the village by the end of January, according to Interfax-Kazakhstan.

More than 100 of Kalachi's total 680 residents have been affected by the illness, and popular speculation has run rampant on its cause, with theories including mass psychosis, poisoning, insect bites, and even an alien invasion.

Last week, the Kazakh Health Ministry said it believed "vapors" that build up during the heating season in poorly ventilated houses could be to blame.

"On the basis of results from the working group, a preliminary conclusion has been made on the possible connection between the symptoms and high concentrations of vapors that have built up during the heating season in basements and poorly ventilated living spaces. Tests conducted in the homes of patients are evidence of this," the ministry said in a statement, according to Diapazon.kz.

Tests are still being conducted to rule out any possible radiation from a Soviet-era uranium mine in the area, as well as any possible tainted water in the village.

Source: The Moscow Times


Chicago Apartment Bombarded By Mysterious Chunks of Ice

Large pieces of ice slammed down into a Chicago man's apartment causing destruction, including a massive hole in his ceiling.

The ice dropped into John Connors' apartment around 12pm his cat Oscar was inside, WLS reported.

'If I would have been home, I would have been killed,' Connors told the television station.

Connors' neighbor Doris Patiz heard noises, telling WLS 'I heard this terrible blast and I thought it had to be a house that had blown up with gas or something.'

Connors himself told the television station of his shock when coming into his apartment.

'I walked in and it looked like a bomb had exploded up in here,' he said.

He also said that he 'looked up and there was like sky, and clouds, and the planes going by and all that.'

Though ice dropped into Connors' living room, another piece fell into his bedroom, which is separated by approximately 20 feet, the television station reported.

Connors told The Chicago Sun-Times that on Thursday evening Oscar was 'pretty freaked out.' The newspaper reported that Oscar was not injured.  

Lake View Patch reported that pal Brian McNally said a piece of ice plummeting from above called a megacryometeor could have been responsible.

A megacryometeor is a large chunk of ice that forms in the atmosphere, not unlike a large hail storm.  But the strange phenomenon of ice chunks dropping from the sky for no apparent reason appears to be happening throughout the world. Two years ago a huge chunk of ice was found in a farmer’s field in the Hrira region of Morocco. First believed to be of extraterrestrial origin, this piece of comet turned out to be a megacryometeor.

Alder Planetarium's Mark Hammergren told the local news website 'An extraterrestrial origin has never been proven for any of these cases, ever.'

Another theory floated by pilot Scott Batzel to Lake View Patch is that the ice dropped because on a plane flying overhead.

Batzel told the website 'There’s a slight possibility the ice-ball fell from an airplane. It’s not a common occurrence but it does happen from time to time. It’s very likely that many arriving airplanes were operating in that vicinity Tuesday.'

Batzel also said 'Some airplanes use potable water to flush the lavatory toilets. Normally the flushed waste is collected in a storage tank but if the tank was leaking, ice could have built up on the outside of the plane and eventually broke free.'

There is a long history of mysterious falls of huge chunks of ice from the sky.  Martinez-Frias pioneered research on megacryometeors in January 2000, after ice chunks weighing up to 6.6 pounds rained on Spain out of cloudless skies for 10 days.

At first, scientists thought the phenomenon was unique to Spain. But they have accumulated strong evidence that megacryometeors are a global event.

Ice balls have punched holes in the roofs of houses, smashed through car windshields and whizzed right past people's heads. In 2002, an ice chunk that witnesses described as "half the size of a car" ripped through the roof of an automobile dealership in Lawrenceville, Ga.

In September 2013, chunks of ice fell from the sky on an 80-degree day in Brooklyn. Terry Blasi and Louie Vitale said they were sitting on Blasi’s porch on Wednesday when something the size of a softball crashed through the trees.

“All of a sudden something had come down through the trees really loud and then a loud thump on the ground,” Vitale said.

The pair raced to the street and found a chunk of ice.

“It must have come through really fast and then thud. It sounded like a bowling ball went through,” Blasi said.

 In June 1985, a 1500-pound sheet of ice mysteriously dropped from the sky and smashed into a backyard fence in Hartford, Connecticut. David H. Menke, directory of the Copernican Observatory and Planetarium, said the ice was probably 6 feet long, 8 inches thick and moving at about 200 mph.
It's unusual in the fact that it fell from the sky," said Craig Robinson, curator at the planetarium. "That does not happen often."

A 13year-old boy was in his backyard with a friend when the ice came "whirling" from the sky and smashed into the fence about 10 feet away from them.

A large chunk of ice fell from the sky and made a basketball-sized hole in the San Francisco home of Rong Zhang in June 2012.

Mrs Zhang told the San Francisco Chronicle they heard a loud crash on the roof which shook the house and then found the pieces of white ice lying on the yard.

Mrs Zhang said: 'We were inside the house, and we heard a big sound - boom. And our house shaked [sic]. So we don't know what's going on. So we run outside.'

Source: The Daily Mail


Experts Seek Key to Monster Vegetables

Crops of oversize organic vegetables grown by a Scottish couple are being studied by scientists.

Cameron and Moira Thomson have produced onions the size of footballs and strawberries the size of apples on what was a boggy hillside near Blairgowrie.

Mr Thomson said the secret of their success had been remineralising their ground with simple rock dust.

Scientists from Glasgow University have begun a three-year study of the Thomsons' pioneering work.

The former art teachers have spent 20 years experimenting with remineralisation.

In 1997 they set up a charitable trust, the Sustainable Ecological Earth Regeneration (Seer) Centre and planted 64 trial plots of land to carry out research into organic gardening.

The plots were spread with crushed-up volcanic rock and the crops harvested in July. Experts have now started a three-year examination of their work.

Mr Thomson, 56, said that their land at Enochdhu had been transformed from "infertile, poorly-drained upland grazing".

At first, people thought they were "cranks" but the couple have spent years "ploughing on".

In 2003, the Thomsons planted a trial patch of potatoes between June and July, normally too late in the season, but despite predictions there was a bumper crop.

He said: "We got massive spuds out of there, bigger than mangos.

"They had less water in them and last so much longer than anything you would ever have seen before. We were eating them almost a year later."

He added: "People see giant vegetables and think 'how can they be organic?'"

The project has received more than £150,000 in Scottish Executive funding to help trial the application of rock dust in agricultural systems and to maintain its staff and gardens.

Rock dust was spread over the crop trials and left for microbes and worms to naturally fertilise the land and replenish it with up to 75 minerals and trace mineral elements.

The Thomsons source the dust for free from the Collace quarry, with Tayside Contracts, who service roads in Perth and Kinross, Tayside and Angus, agreeing to provide them with as much as they require.

Mrs Thomson, 42, said: "Rock dust is the perfect way at getting the earth back to full health."

The Thomsons have found a successful formula in their Rocksoil blend. Compost is mixed with rock dust in specific quantities and it lasts for years. For the first 12 years they simply planted into the Rocksoil mixture and added no more rock dust, taking bumper crops year after year. Even though it didn't seem to need it, they've recently added more rock dust, just because they recommend it be added every 5 to 10 years.

In another experiment, the Thomsons discovered the potency of the rock dust by itself, even without compost-enriched soil. Within a greenhouse, they divided up two areas separated by a cement and brick path, with a deep rubble infill to prohibit the passage of worms between the trial areas. One side contained compost and rock dust, while the other contained poor soil and rock dust. Both sides grew equally giant tomatoes!

Source: BBC News
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