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Did you ever feel that you were being watched? Did you ever think that you were being followed and closely monitored? Is your mail and e-mail being tampered with and read? Are there unknown forces manipulating our existence? If you answered YES(or even maybe) to any one of these questions then CONSPIRACY JOURNAL is the answer to your woes. Each and every week, Conspiracy Journal wings its way into your e-mail box with the latest news of conspiracies, UFOs, the paranormal, strange creatures and just plain weird stuff. All the things that THEY don't want you to know.

This weeks exciting edition brings you such knuckle-dragging tales as:

French Nuclear Director Says UFO Was Over His Plant -
Fast Radio Burst Detected Coming From Deep Space -
Unidentified Sea Creature Spotted Off Long Island
AND: Cave Paintings and Vampires in India

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America's Strange and Supernatural History

Find out what the "Powers That Be" Don't want you to know regarding the truly hidden - occult - history of the United States.

No one would likely dispute the fact that times are stranger in America than ever before, and indications are that things are getting weirder with each passing day. But a look at our hidden – SECRET – history alerts us to the startling fact that our country has been steeped in “high strangeness” since its founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and, provocatively, even before.

It is nevertheless apparent that our proud nation owes a great “debt of ingratitude” to the mysterious, the macabre, the downright bizarre and the unseen realm of the occult. Did the ancient Lemurians, a Pacific Ocean race similar to the fabled Atlanteans to the east, erect the mysterious walls found in the eastern part of the San Francisco Bay area? Writer Olav Phillips explores the enigma first hand.

Sean Casteel provides an overview of historical incidents of cannibalism, stories that go back as far as “The Starving Time” of the Jamestown colony in 1609, and Wm. Michael Mott offers up some of the UFO and creature sightings he has collected from the state of Mississippi.

Publisher/writer Timothy Green Beckley and his friend Circe returned to Sleepy Hollow, New York – of “Headless Horseman” fame – and discovered that paranormal activity is still rampant there, while author Tim Swartz would like suitable explanations for all the supernatural mysteries of his native Indiana.

In a Bonus Section: “The Spiritual Destiny of America” - The future of America as seen through the eyes of prophecy and the occult is revealed. You can feel the chills already, eh? Read “America’s Strange and Supernatural History” and get ready to kick those chills up a notch or two.

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French Nuclear Director Says UFO Was Over His Plant
By Paul Seaburn

Someone is very interested in our nuclear plants around the world – interested enough to be flying various aircraft over and around them in plain sight. Who is doing this? While the media, government agencies and many people in France – a country with a large nuclear power industry where numerous sightings have occurred recently – believe the crafts are drones flown by nuclear protesters, the director of one of these plants recently said that, in his opinion, the recent one seen over his facility was a UFO.

In the fall of 2014, it was reported that there were anywhere from 13 to 18 incidents of French nuclear power plants being targets of surveillance or suspicious hovering by UFOs. One of them was the Blayais Nuclear Power Plant in southwestern France. In a presentation on the fiscal and security status of his plant, director Pascal Pezzani told the audience that there definitely was something flying over the facility (not the image above) but it was not a drone – it was a UFO. Here’s a Google English translation of his comment from the French news site Sud Quest:

    Here, we have not seen drone. We saw a UFO and there was no impact on the safety of our sites. Our position is clear, when there overflight of the site and we complain we communicate.

So, plant director Pascal Pezzani stated unequivocally that what was seen hovering over his plant was NOT a drone but a UFO. Since he says it was unidentified, that eliminates helicopters, balloons, blimps and hovering jets and leaves …

Unfortunately, director Pezzani’s speculation ends with “UFO.”

There has been a number of unusual objects seen over nuclear power plants recently. A “bright, flashy, platform-like object” was seen hovering over the Arkansas Nuclear One (ANO) water reactor nuclear power plant located near Russellville, Arkansas, on November 8, 2014.

The witness gave this report to MUFON, which included a description of the effect it had on him physically:

    It emitted multi-colored lights as it stay stationary in the sky. For the next following two hours I would check on it periodically. It ascended a flight path over my house and was completely out of view within three minutes. Object had no sound and had a strange electromagnetic-like feeling pulsate through my body as it flew over me.

In late December, 2014, an object flew over a nuclear power plant in Belgium. The power plant is in Doel, about 10 miles from Antwerp. The news site Spiegel Online, says that plant had been shut down four months ago reportedly due to sabotage. No further details have been released.

These UFO sightings over nuclear facilities worldwide have been occurring long before drones became available. While many plants do not hesitate to report them, none seem to want to contact or confront them. Why not?

Source: Mysterious Universe


Fast Radio Burst Detected Coming From Deep Space
By Brian Wu

Astronomers have picked up a mysterious radio signal that could have come from a neutron star, black hole or even an alien civilization.

For the first time, astronomers have been able to pick up and observe a fast radio burst in real time as it moves through space.  Though little is know about these radio bursts, which are short and sharp flashes of radio waves coming from an unknown source, researchers hope that this new live transmission may help them soon be able to pinpoint sources of cosmic transmissions.

The first such fast radio burst was found in 2007 and was discovered only after analyzing older data.  Since that time, a total of seven bursts have been found in the older data.  The latest burst was detected live by astronomer Emily Petroff and her team using the Parkes radio telescope.

John Mulchaey, acting director of the Carnegie Observatories, says that "these events are one of the biggest mysteries in the universe. Until now, astronomers were not able to catch one of these events in the act."

The researchers believe the signal points to a source for the burst that is approximately 5.5 billion light-years away, near the constellation Aquarius.  When it was discovered, researchers tuned twelve more telescopes to help find the source and gather more data about the burst.

"Using the Swift space telescope we can observe light in the X-ray region and we saw two X-ray sources at that position," astrophysicist at the Dark Cosmology Centre, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Daniele Malesani says.

Then the two X-ray sources were observed using the Nordic Optical Telescope on La Palma.

"We observed in visible light and we could see that there were two quasars, that is to say, active black holes. They had nothing to do with the radio wave bursts, but just happen to be located in the same direction," astrophysicist Giorgos Leloudas says.

Astronomers have ruled out possible candidates for the source of the radio wave like long gamma-ray bursts, as well as nearby supernovae.  Giant flares or short, low-energy gamma-ray bursts are still likely contenders, and some even speculate the possibility of extraterrestrial life to be the cause, although this is likely never to be confirmed.

"The fact that we did not see light in other wavelengths eliminates a number of astronomical phenomena that are associated with violent events such as gamma-ray bursts from exploding stars and supernovae, which were otherwise candidates for the burst" Malesani says. "The theories are now that the radio wave burst might be linked to a very compact type of object - such as neutron stars or black holes and the bursts could be connected to collisions or 'star quakes'."

Source: The Science Times


Farmer Wonders if He Found Bones of Chupacabra

A farmer has claimed he has found the remains of a two Chupacabra creatures also known as blood sucking monsters after stumbling across bizarre-looking dead animals in Chile.

Goat farmer Javier Prohens was having lunch with friends when terrified farmhand 54-year-old Bricio Saldivar alerted them to the bodies of the strange creatures on the outskirts of the small town of Monte Patria in the east central Chilean province Limari.

At first the group thought the remains were those of bats but on closer inspection, they became convinced they are from they mythical creatures.

Mr Prohens, 54, said: 'He was clearly scared and said he had been up at the old winery and found two strange bodies.

'When we got there we saw them lying among some hay bales in one of the cellars.

'At first we thought they might be bats, but when we looked closer, we realised they had to be something else as the heads were too big for bats.

'And then someone said they looked like Chupacabras.'

Translated into Spanish as 'goat sucker' Chupacabras are reptile-like mythical creatures with leathery and scaly green-grey skin with sharp pins and quills running down its back.

They are said to be four foot tall and hop like a kangaroo, while living in Central and South American countries.

The name comes from the monster's habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats.

And now the find has sparked fears among other farmers in the nearby area.

Querubin Lebron, 38, said: 'Our livelihoods are built on goat farming. There are lots of goats here.

'Although it's said they only attack animals, who knows it is won't attack our children too.'

In April last year, a couple from Texas claimed they had captured a Chupacabra in their back garden.

However, after an investigation, it was established that the creature was a raccoon suffering from scabies.

Source: The Daily Mail


Magnetic Energy? Perhaps

The nation's energy industry is struggling to recover from Hurricane Katrina. Gas prices are soaring as a result of the catastrophic storm. America's reliance on overseas oil increases every year.

And from his office in the North Bay city of Sebastopol, Mark Goldes envisions a day -- perhaps not so far off -- when none of this will be a problem.

Goldes, 73, is chief executive of a small company called Magnetic Power Inc., which has spent years researching ways to, yes, generate power using magnets.

Within a few months, he says, he might just have a breakthrough to report that could revolutionize where people get fuel.

"We're not yet ready to talk about what's happening in our lab because, honestly, we don't know what's happening," Goldes told me. "All we know is that we're seeing more energy output than input.

"We're still having trouble making it repeatable, but we think that's more an engineering problem than a scientific problem," he said.

Does Goldes realize what's he's saying -- that he's perhaps discovered a clean, inexhaustible energy source?

"That's exactly what it appears to be," he answered.

What Goldes believes he's done is produce power from what physicists call zero-point energy. In simple terms, zero-point energy results from the infinitesimal motion of molecules even when seemingly at rest.

OK, let's throw a whole bunch of caveats at this. First of all, I've spoken with physicists at some of the country's most prestigious institutions, and not one said that what Goldes claims to have accomplished is doable.

Theoretically possible, they acknowledged. But not doable.

"Zero-point energy is so tiny that nobody can feel it," said Hossein Sadeghpour, a physicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. "But when you get to the realm of quantum mechanics, it exists.

"The question is, how do you harness it? I have not seen any meaningful theory or demonstration of that. It's not impossible, but I don't know how you would do it."

Moreover, it's all well and good to make stupendous scientific claims. But until those claims are verified by other scientists, that's all they are.

Remember cold fusion?

"You're right to be skeptical," Goldes responded. "The only way anyone is going to believe this is if they can see it with their own eyes, and we don't yet have working models that are repeatable."

But he said he expects to have something that another lab can inspect and replicate by the end of the year.

On top of that, Goldes said he'll have a prototype next year for a small generator using his magnetic technology that can produce enough power to run kitchen appliances.

Normally, I dismiss such pie-in-the-sky pronouncements (and I receive more than my share). During the California energy crisis, I was contacted repeatedly by some guy who said he'd invented a car engine that runs on ordinary water.

I'm still waiting for it to hit the market.

But Goldes isn't so easy to shrug off. That's because he's also come up with technology called the UltraConductor, which purports to be capable of conducting electricity at room temperature with no resistance, thus vastly improving fuel efficiency.

The research was funded in part by the Department of Defense, which invested $600,000 in the project. The technology also has been replicated elsewhere.

Matt Aldissi, who runs a Florida research firm called Fractal Systems, reproduced Goldes' UltraConductor as part of work on conductivity he was performing for the U.S. Air Force.

He told me that he visited Goldes' Sebastopol lab a few years ago and was impressed by what he saw.

"Is this guy legit? Yes," Aldissi said. "The work he claims to have done, he's done it."

That is, the work on conductivity. Energy from magnets? "I don't know anything about that," Aldissi said.

The magnets are part of creating what's known in physics as the "Casimir effect," in which seemingly motionless molecules are in fact moving around and expending energy.

"For many years the Casimir effect was little more than a theoretical curiosity," says PhysicsWeb, the online arm of Physics World magazine. "But interest in the phenomenon has blossomed in recent years."

Ori Ganor, an associate professor of physics at UC Berkeley, said the Casimir effect makes it theoretically possible to capture power from zero-point energy.

"Physics doesn't rule this out," he said. "But I don't see how it is commercially viable."

Stanley Wojcicki, a Stanford physics professor, said it may be possible to generate small amounts of power from zero-point energy, but not in any sustainable way.

Yet he noted that astonishing breakthroughs can come from unlikely sources.

"Einstein worked in a patent office," Wojcicki observed. "All sorts of people can have brilliant ideas."

Goldes said he's reluctant to provide details of his zero-point-energy technology until he's got a better handle on how it does what he says it does.

"We're seeing energy produced in a way that has to have a source," he said. "The only explanation we see is zero-point energy. There could be another, but we don't see what it could be."

A handful of other companies worldwide are believed also to be pursuing zero-point energy via magnetic systems. One of them, InterStellar Technologies, is run by a former scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.

According to Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine, the Pentagon and at least two large aerospace companies are actively researching zero-point energy as a means of propulsion.

"If their efforts pay off," the magazine reported last year, "ZPE-driven power plants might enable Mach 4 fighters, quiet 1,200-seat hypersonic airliners that fly at 100-mile altitudes as far as 12,000 miles in about 70 minutes and 12.6-hour trips to the moon."

Is it a pipe dream? Goldes doesn't think so.

"You can't build a perpetual-motion machine," he said. "But this is real."

My inclination is to suspect that cheap, limitless energy is probably a crock. Goldes might sincerely buy into this stuff, but there's undoubtedly another explanation for what he claims to have achieved in his lab.

Then again, what if he's right?

Source: SF Chronicle


Unidentified Sea Creature Spotted Off Long Island

NEW YORK — A couple from Long Island on Thursday said they saw a big “serpent-like creature” swimming in the waters of the Great South Bay.

The man, a former correctional officer supervisor who provided his full name but requested to remain anonymous, told Cryptozoology News he and his wife were drinking coffee Christmas morning on their deck next to their house when they saw “movement in the water”.

“The weather was clear. Our pier is 75 feet and the serpent creature was 20 feet from it. It was moving fast through the water,” he said. “I put my binoculars on it for a better look , it was like a huge moray eel.”

The alleged creature was described as 10-foot-long in length with a smooth, brown body with “three humps” and a diameter of “at least a foot”.

“Each hump was at least two feet apart. It had no scales, it was a semi-smooth skin.”

The sighting reportedly lasted about one or two minutes before the animal went deeper into the water.

The witness, who says his wife also believes it was a “serpent-like” creature, claims to have lived in the Great South Bay for over 17 years.

“I know all fish, birds… the bay has moray eels but not that big. I have never seen anything like it in the water here,” he explained.

The couple say they did not take any pictures or video of the purported creature because they were “caught off guard”.

“No time for pictures, as quickly as I watched it, it  quickly disappeared.”

Located between Long Island and Fire Island, the Great South Bay is a 45-mile lagoon populated with mollusks and finfish. It is believed that fertilizers and pesticides are significantly destroying their habitat.

Source: Cryptozoology News


Seductive Ghosts Prowling Remote Highway
By Tim Butters

By their very nature, one does not usually associate ghosts with being sexually active or being troubled by desires of the carnal kind, but a paranormal investigator has made the sensational claim that hitching ghosts could be seducing motorists on a busy road in the UK.

Gavin Davies, the author of Ghost Sex, explained to Wales Online that there is a highway in Swansea, Wales, where he has investigated numerous incidents involving highly-sexed ghosts and unwitting drivers.

Mr. Davies has investigated various cases involving the nomadic ghouls and their unnatural desires, and recalled one case where a Pembrokeshire man was seduced by a visitor from beyond the grave posing as a beautiful woman hitchhiking on the A40.

    “I was approached by a man who did not want to be identified because it could expose him to ridicule, who told me he picked up a hitchhiker who turned out to be a ghost that seduced him.

    “Now, I’m aware that stuff like this is often intended as erotica and people have fantasies about it. And at first I thought it was a wind up call. But this man genuinely believed he was seduced by a paranormal entity.

    “He said that he was driving back from a date that hadn’t gone as planned. He saw a beautiful woman on the side of the road and he picked her up.”

The man Mr. Davies simply refers to as “John” apparently pulled over and accompanied the mysterious lady to a public convenience. He then explained how the ghost seduced “John” in terms too graphic to describe.

John wrote of his encounter with the Jezebel from the other side.

    “I started to smell something strange, at first I thought it was like a cigarette smell. I was choking, and I thought I was going to die. I was crying and everything. I was passing out. I just wanted a policeman to start banging on the window and save me.

    “I pushed her back with all my force and there was not a pretty girl on me but some haggard, disgusting old woman with some kind of awful skin condition. I just screamed and screamed and she just vanished.”

Ghost Sex by Gavin Davies has already sold 3,000 copies online and topped supernatural charts on the Amazon Kindle store, but writing such a book has left the author feeling well and truly spent.

    “Writing this book has taken its toll on me. This is just one account, and many of the others are far more graphic and quite traumatic to research. It is certainly the last time I will write a book about ghost sex.”

Source: The Inquisitr


Cave Paintings and Vampires in India

BHOPAL: Bhimbetka rock shelters with its paleolithic paintings are known the world over as a heritage site, but Kathotia village, 30km from Bhopal, housing one of the world's largest rock paintings wallows in anonymity. And despite being an archaeological minefield, tourists and even locals don't venture into the clusters as the area is spooked, say villagers.

Residents say the site is haunted by blood-sucking vampires who sink their teeth into the rocks and leave behind blood marks every night. The exquisite paintings remained in the shadows mired by rumours of stalking apparitions till a local geophysics expert Shankar Tiwari stumbled upon these paintings in 1975.

The rock clusters are in Sehore district, housed deep inside Ratanpani forests. But the treasure trove continues to remain in the blind spot of state tourism department and conservationists.

Kathotia is home to around 66 rock sheters of Mesolithic or the middle stone age (9000-5500 BC). "The entire 40km stretch is now known as S Belt, named after late Prof Shankar Tiwari, who discovered it," said Narayan Vyas, retired superintending archaeologist of ASI's Bhopal circle. "The oldest painting in these rock-shelters is at least 10,000 years old," he said.

"Comparative analyses of materials show these paintings are of Mesolithic age where laterites were used for paintings by humans," Vyas said. These mainly depict hunting, dancing and animals, he said.

Locals believe red marks on stone are left by vampires. Superstition runs through generations of villagers and nobody treads into these clusters. "Our great grandfathers told us these are marks of vampires," said Laxmi Narayan, resident of Kathotia. "I have never been to those shelters. But I have heard about the blood marks," said Nan Singh, resident of Jhiri village.

However, the scenario is changing with setting up of forest camp in the village by eco-tourism department. A team from Spain and Netherlands had visited the site, he said.

Source: The Times of India
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