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Swedish Tech Company Begins Microchipping Staff -
Telekinesis Experiments in U.S. Air Force-Commissioned Report -
USAF UFO Blue Book Files Forced To Be Taken Down
AND: London's Magical History Uncorked From 'Witch Bottle'

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America's Strange and Supernatural History

Find out what the "Powers That Be" Don't want you to know regarding the truly hidden - occult - history of the United States.

No one would likely dispute the fact that times are stranger in America than ever before, and indications are that things are getting weirder with each passing day. But a look at our hidden – SECRET – history alerts us to the startling fact that our country has been steeped in “high strangeness” since its founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and, provocatively, even before.

It is nevertheless apparent that our proud nation owes a great “debt of ingratitude” to the mysterious, the macabre, the downright bizarre and the unseen realm of the occult. Did the ancient Lemurians, a Pacific Ocean race similar to the fabled Atlanteans to the east, erect the mysterious walls found in the eastern part of the San Francisco Bay area? Writer Olav Phillips explores the enigma first hand.

Sean Casteel provides an overview of historical incidents of cannibalism, stories that go back as far as “The Starving Time” of the Jamestown colony in 1609, and Wm. Michael Mott offers up some of the UFO and creature sightings he has collected from the state of Mississippi.

Publisher/writer Timothy Green Beckley and his friend Circe returned to Sleepy Hollow, New York – of “Headless Horseman” fame – and discovered that paranormal activity is still rampant there, while author Tim Swartz would like suitable explanations for all the supernatural mysteries of his native Indiana.

In a Bonus Section: “The Spiritual Destiny of America” - The future of America as seen through the eyes of prophecy and the occult is revealed. You can feel the chills already, eh? Read “America’s Strange and Supernatural History” and get ready to kick those chills up a notch or two.

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Swedish Tech Company Begins Microchipping Staff

Want to gain entry to your office, get on a bus, or perhaps buy a sandwich? We're all getting used to swiping a card to do all these things. But at Epicenter, a new hi-tech office block in Sweden, they are trying a different approach.

A tiny RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip, as small as a rice grain, implanted in your hand will allow you to open doors, make purchases, manage a photocopier or connect to your phone with just a wave of your hand.

Felicio de Costa, whose company is one of the tenants, arrives at the front door and holds his hand against it to gain entry. Inside he does the same thing to get into the office space he rents, and he can also wave his hand to operate the photocopier.

Hannes Sjoblad, head of the group, who routinely uses his implanted electronic business card, believes that people are ready to get more "intimate" with technology, while boundaries between human and machine are gradually fading away.

"We already interact with technology all the time. Today it's a bit messy — we need pin codes and passwords. Wouldn't it be easy to just touch with your hand? That's really intuitive," says Hannes Sjoblad, the Swedish bio-hacker.

While currently microchips are providing the experimenters with a security interface, that allow the users to open doors without keys, operate a copier machine or to connect to a smartphone and unblock it, the potential  benefits of  the technology are enormous, the bio-hacker claims.

"I believe we have just started discovering the things we can do with this," Mr. Sjoblad says.

The bio-hacker stresses that the primary goal of the Swedish Biohacking Group is to prepare people for the day when "big corporations" and "big governments" will make chipping obligatory.

"We want to be able to understand this technology before big corporates and big government come to us and say everyone should get chipped — the tax authority chip, the Google or Facebook chip," he elaborates, adding that people will be able to understand how the technology is implemented and have knowledge of  about microchip implants.

Indeed, a number of Western corporations, including Google, BioStamp, Proteus and others are currently developing microchips, various devices and sensors that can be placed on or inside a human body. The devices are designed to collect information about their users, monitoring a wide range of body functions.

Some people are hailing the technology, saying that chips will soon replace wearable devices, while others are highly dubious about chipping. The question remains, whether we are ready to get chipped.

BBC reporter Rory Cellan-Jones offered himself as a guinea pig.

A “rather fearsome looking tattooist” inserted Cellan-Jones’ chip by first, massaging the skin between his thumb and index finger, then rubbing in some disinfectant. Cellan-Jones was told to take a deep breath while the chip was inserted. “There was a moment of pain – not much worse than any injection,” followed by the tattooist sticking a “plaster” (adhesive bandage) over the reporter’s hand.

"When I tested my chip, I found that it was not all that intuitive - I had to twist my hand into an unnatural position to make the photocopier work. And while some of the people around the building were looking forward to being chipped, others were distinctly dubious. "Absolutely not," said one young man when I asked him if he'd sign up. An older woman was more positive about the potential of the technology but saw little point in being chipped just to get through a door."

Source: BBC


Telekinesis Experiments in U.S. Air Force-Commissioned Report
By Tara MacIsaac

Studies have shown that people can use their minds (or some other unexplained means) to bend metal, transport objects from inside a sealed container to outside the container, and perform other amazing feats.

Scientific experiments involving teleportation and other telekinetic abilities are reviewed in a research paper commissioned by the U.S. Air Force and written by astrophysicist Dr. Eric W. Davis in 2004, titled simply “Teleportation Physics Study.”

Telekinesis or Psychokinesis (PK) refers to moving objects from one place to another without using physical contact. It also means re-shaping of objects using the mind's energies, such as bending a spoon, or key, by just holding it and focusing. The term 'Psychokinesis' comes from the Greek words psyche meaning life or soul and kineisis meaning to move.

Physical energy is created by electromagnetic impulses. Universal life force energy, or psychic energy, is called Chi. [Chee] In telekinesis one taps into Chi energy then combines it with physical energy.  Teleportation is a form of telekinesis in which the objects are moved some distance instantaneously.

There have been anecdotal reports of such apparent phenomena throughout history in various cultures. For example, poltergeist activity is typically characterized by objects being moved without apparent explanation, though some people claim that this is accounted for as unintentional PK by children going through puberty.

As with all psi phenomena, there is wide disagreement and controversy within the sciences and even within the field of parapsychology as to the very existence of psychokinesis and the validity or interpretation of PK-related experiments.
Here we explore a few standout experiments reviewed in the report.

Now-retired Col. J. B. Alexander commended aerospace engineer Jack Houck for “capturing [a] PK [psychokinetic] phenomenon and transitioning it into an observable form,” according to Dr. Davis.

Houck taught people to bend spoons or forks with their minds. Demonstrations were held under the observation of numerous government science advisors and senior military officials, Davis said. They were held at the Pentagon, and the metal was bent without any evident physical force.

Gifted Chinese Children Perform Teleportation?

In the 1980s a spate of children in China were purportedly found to have special abilities. Some of these children were tested, under the supervision of China’s official National Defense Science Commission. According to studies published in scientific journals at the time, these children successfully moved small objects through physical barriers and through space without touching them.

A second round of experiments was published in the Chinese Journal of Somatic Science in 1990, and was carried out by the Aerospace Medicine Engineering Institute in Beijing. High-speed photography and videography was used to monitor the movement of the objects.

The Chinese researchers reported that this monitoring “recorded test specimens physically ‘melding’ or blending with the walls of sealed containers, and in a different series of experiments the test specimens would simply disappear from inside the container only to reappear at another location,” wrote Davis.

Davis described these experiments as having repeated success and as being conducted under “exceptionally well controlled conditions (both blind and double-blind).”

Why the Air Force Cares About Psychokinetics

The ability to control matter with the mind could be a powerful weapon in war. Dr. Robert Jahn, dean emeritus of Princeton University’s School of Engineering, conducted many experiments showing that mind can affect matter.

He attended a meeting on psychokinesis at the Naval Research Laboratory in the 1980s, Davis said, and “warned that foreign adversaries could exploit micro- or macro-PK to induce U.S. military fighter pilots to lose control of their aircraft and crash.”

A remote viewing program run by the U.S. government for decades was ended by President Bill Clinton in 1994 and declassified in 1995.

Major Ed Dames was part of this program, and now teaches classes on remote viewing. His website gives an example of the effects this ability has had: “Dames identified and confirmed the existence of an entirely new Soviet offensive weapon, and then personally briefed senior officials of the National Intelligence Agencies regarding the significance of this new Soviet capability.”

During the 1950s-1960s, the Soviets conducted and presented research to various worldwide audiences in Psychokinesis, including levitation. One case was Nina Kulagina, a Leningrad housewife who demonstrated PK abilities to Western scientists. They witnessed the leviation and movements of various stationary objects, the changing of course of objects already in motion and the change of the rate of beating to a removed frog's heart.

Source: Epoch Times


How A Series of UFO Encounters Changed the Life of Radio DJ
and Journalist Bryce Bond

By Sean Casteel

UK Sightings Hot Spot Draws Celebrities Like David Bowie and Mick Jagger at Height of UFO Flap

The story of how the new reprint of the late Bryce Bond’s book “UFOs: Key To Inner Perfection” came about is almost as interesting as the book itself. It started in late 2014 when Inner Light/Global Communications CEO Timothy Green Beckley received an all-too-rare order for Bryce’s book on the impact that UFO contact had had on his philosophical and metaphysical perceptions of himself and humanity in general.

In his introduction to the recent updated and expanded edition, Beckley writes of how he first met Bryce in the mid-1960s. At the time, Beckley, along with his partner in crime, the late Jim Moseley, was organizing small meetings for a flying saucer club in midtown Manhattan. Bryce was working as a deejay at New York radio station WTFM, where he eschewed rock and roll and played mainly standards like Frank Sinatra. Bryce had a mild interest in UFOs and would announce news of the flying saucer club meetings on the air free of charge.

During one of their brief conversations, with “Old Blue Eyes” crooning in the background, Bryce told Beckley he was going to England soon for a vacation. Bryce asked Beckley if he knew of any suggestions about what to do there, things that were off the beaten track and not just the usual “touristy” fare.

Beckley had just published a book by British journalist Arthur Shuttlewood called “UFO Prophecy” that dealt with an enormous wave of sightings then taking place in a small hamlet called Warminster, located on the Salisbury Plain a stone’s throw from Stonehenge.

Eventually thousands of ordinary witnesses would observe “The Thing,” which one of the more mysterious Warminster UFOs had been dubbed by the local press. Several celebrities also made their way to the top of Warminster landmark Cradle Hill to see what they might see, including Mick Jagger and David Bowie. The national media hopped on the Warminster UFO bandwagon for a while and produced a number of television documentaries, including this rare classic, which can be found archived on YouTube:

Beckley dashed off a letter of introduction for Bryce and air-mailed it to Shuttlewood.

“The next thing I heard,” Beckley writes, “was that the two gentlemen had gotten along rather famously and that Bryce had become, in essence, Shuttlewood’s sky-watching buddy. Word came back to me from several sources that Bryce had not only seen a UFO but that he had felt the psychic energies given off by standing inside a crop circle, one of the early ones at that, and that he had had several unexplainable experiences which are detailed throughout the pages of this book.”

Bryce’s experiences in Warminster over the years included several “missing time” episodes and he was also brought onboard a landed space pod for a brief sojourn among the crew members. As Shuttlewood told it, there was an incident in which Bryce was absent from the group of sky-watchers for a period of hours. But, upon his return, Bryce stated that he felt he’d been gone a much shorter time.

Beckley writes that such an experience might shake up almost anyone, but Bryce’s response was one of elation, of suddenly being high on life. Almost immediately upon returning to New York, he quit his job at WTFM, saying he could no longer do anything as superficial as spin Frank Sinatra records. Bryce had to be free to help others and save humanity.

Bryce began to lecture at Beckley’s New York School of Occult Arts and Sciences, became an instructor for Silva Mind Control and a well-known faith healer in the area.

“UFOs had changed his life,” Beckley writes, “as they have for many other individuals – both positively and negatively. Sometime later, Bryce began working on a book he called ‘Keys to Inner Perfection’ which he asked me to publish and which I did. There was nothing really significant about UFOs in the book, but I felt that what Bryce had to say was important enough to print a small edition of 2,000 copies.”

That first book is reprinted in the new Inner Light/Global Communications release. It reads like a sort of “alien-inspired” self-help book in which Bryce tries to teach the open-minded reader to realign one’s consciousness with the cosmos. Which admittedly is not easy to do, even with help from the flying saucer occupants. He also preaches the always worthy sentiments of unselfishness and unconditional love for one’s fellow man and the world in general.

“Unfortunately,” Beckley writes, “Bryce Bond never lived to see his book published. He passed away less than a month before the cartons arrived at our warehouse from the printer. I was always sad about this fact as I knew Bryce had put his heart and soul into preparing this publication.”

The book sold moderately well over the next couple of decades, but some of that small initial press run were consumed by bad weather and hungry rodents who had infested Beckley’s warehouse. When Beckley received the aforementioned order with only the one copy on his shelves, he decided to return the customer’s money and tell the person they were going to reissue the book. Beckley then handed the book over to William Kern, one of his graphics people, to have it scanned.

Then, as “luck” would have it, Beckley was going through his extensive files and came across a dusty black binder. He realized it was a partially-edited, typewritten manuscript by none other than Bryce on his experiences in the U.K. Beckley vaguely remembered that Bryce had given him the book around the time he had submitted the “Keys To Inner Perfection” manuscript and asked Beckley to publish it at a later date if he could. The pages were now brittle and had changed color from white to a brownish-yellow.

This newly discovered, detailed account of the UFO encounters that had led to “Keys To Inner Perfection” would add more depth and meaning to the reprinting project. It was now apparent that UFOs had impacted Bryce’s life more than he had let on.

“Frankly,” Beckley writes, “I can’t help but believe that somehow Bryce was behind all this. As he looked down from some lofty place in space or a heavenly realm, I am sure he wanted others to discover the glory of his transformation experiences so they might experience their own. I think Bryce put me up to doing this because his complete story was never really told. I realized the work needed to be updated and a ‘final’ version published.”

The “lost” manuscript is a gripping narrative of what happened to Bryce as he took his leap of faith and visited the paranormal-soaked world of the small British hamlet.

“Warminster, at this time of night,” Bryce writes, “even for a Saturday, was somewhat deserted. Only a few people ambled along the narrow streets. I felt that I had eyes on me all the way. It was a most unusual feeling. The small narrow streets, with high brick walls, sky overcast, and the town strangely quiet — maybe a prelude to what I was about to experience that night! After walking a short distance through narrow archways and flower-lined paths, I was amazed how lovely it smelled and how clean it was. On the hill, some of the group had their telescopes set up on tripods; others had binoculars and cameras ready.

“The thing that really struck me was how friendly everyone was. A good portion are very curious, another percentage are thrill-seekers, and the remainder, well, they just enjoyed being there with this warm, loving group of spiritual individuals, sharing stories and conversations . . . UFOs have been here for eons of years. History is filled with reports of strange glowing craft, of landings and contactees. But due to negative programming regarding these ancients, and fear of the unknown being magnified out of all proportion from mouth to mouth, it spread right into modern times. Only in these times we blame television and motion pictures for doing the damage: creating near mass-panic in the mind, showing these UFOs as hostile, coming down from the heavens to devour, murder and rape — and to gobble us up!

“This travesty of beings who are thousands or even millions of years ahead of us in technology, intelligence and spiritual intent. . . . What the masses do not understand, they fear. When they fear, they shoot and run. There are numerous reports that UFOs were shot at, out of panic — even by the military. Put yourselves in their shoes and think: What would you do if you went to their planet, or dimension, or universe, or another period in time? We drove over to Starr Hill, another ancient burial ground area. This sector is where the Romans built upon, with a few of the remnants still in evidence. The location was down in a valley, wheat fields all around and high hills. The sky started to clear, filled with thousands of beautiful stars and still no UFOs . . .

“It was getting awfully late and still I had not interviewed Arthur Shuttlewood. My voice was getting weaker, my head clogged up due to the cool dampness. I got his attention and we crawled into one of the nearby cars to keep warm while I interviewed him. He was telling me that, only a few nights ago, three large entities about eight feet in height were seen down in a little hollow, to which he pointed. While in their presence, people felt a great warmth exuded from them; they were engulfed by it and the scent of roses and violets was very strong. All of a sudden, while Arthur was speaking, his conversation went to a peculiar light that just appeared in the field in front of us. He was somewhat blasé about the whole thing . . .

“Arthur then said quietly: ‘I’m very glad you are here tonight, Bryce. There in front of us is a UFO. Notice the triangle shape and colored lights going around? That is a very good sign.’ It then started to lift off in a weird pattern — then just disappeared. I was flabbergasted! It was so close. While describing that one on tape for American listeners, another one popped up about 25 degrees along the horizon. This one was very brilliant white, while the other was a blaze of colored lights. The intensity increased as it raised itself very slowly, did a little dance in the sky, then took off and disappeared. But before it did, Arthur jumped from the car, borrowed a flashlight from someone and sent Morse code to it. It in turn sent back the same signal that Arthur flashed out. Then it flew off. This was the highlight of my British trip: a close sighting; yet I honestly felt spiritually close to the lights in the field.”

Bryce had begun interviewing other watchers as to what they witnessed when he suddenly felt called away once more.

“I turned off the recorder and made a mad dash out into the field, went into a light trance state and asked higher intelligence to make contact again. Leaving the group, I made my way down to the hollow, where two nights before three entities were seen. Again I went into a light trance state for what seemed to be a few minutes only . . . I was awakened by my friends, who thought I had gone. I must have been there for about an hour. I truly do not know what transpired while I was there or in trance. I told my friends I would return shortly and they went back to where the others were standing. I then made my way slowly back to the parked cars and people. Now here is a strange thing: the wheat in the field next to me as I walked back up the dirt road was about waist high . . .

“I walked along the road very close to the fence. Suddenly I heard a noise — like something crushing the wheat down. There was no breeze blowing that night. I looked over. The moon had just come out, shining very brightly — and there, before my eyes, a large depression was being formed. The wheat was being crushed down in a counterclockwise position. It too was shaped like a triangle and measured about twenty feet from point to point. I stood there a few moments and experienced a tremendous tingling sensation — the same sweet smell — being engulfed by warm air. Not fully understanding what had happened, I walked up the road to get Arthur, my host.

“Speaking of the field, Arthur pointed out some landing impressions in the section fronting the farm barn: a circle about thirty feet in circumference, with another depression spotted, but this one in a long cigar shape. All the depressions, recently made and noticed, were in a counterclockwise fashion. After all this, I was very happy and thankful. My mission had been a success.”

Bryce never wavers in his belief that he has contacted something compassionate and loving in the fields near Warminster. Later in the new book, he writes, “None of us seemed to feel fear. Perhaps we didn’t have time for fear, or perhaps it just didn’t exist in this dimension of consciousness and contact. Perhaps these beings created a state of Samadhi, the experience of ultimate union with the source of creation, called God, higher consciousness, the Supreme; whatever the name, the feeling of total oneness is the same. Somehow we had been guided to this destination at this specific time to make contact with these extraterrestrial intelligences and to share in the extraordinary experience together.”

This shared sensation of bliss – absent any sort of fear – is not always the case for UFO witnesses. Many sighting and abduction reports tend to be all about the terror of encountering a phenomenon that is nonhuman, supremely intelligent, and able to hold us helplessly spellbound even as it defies what we believe are the natural laws of space and time.

But the way in which Bryce and Shuttlewood and the rest of the group were having such a pleasant time of it is also not without precedent, as in the contactee accounts that began to proliferate in the 1950s. One recalls the Betty Andreasson Luca case, beginning in 1967, in which a New England housewife and other members of her family were regularly abducted over many years by what Betty continues to feel are benevolent aliens preparing the way for the Second Coming of Jesus.

Bryce quotes Arthur Shuttlewood thusly on the subject: “I think the UFO intelligence is essentially of God. But man must sink his ego before he can get the truth.”

Beckley has also added the elegiac recollections of two of Bryce’s old friends to “UFOs: Key To Inner Perfection.” One of those friends is Marc Brinkerhoff, who contributes a pencil drawing he made for Bryce depicting his late friend’s face-to-face encounter with both a gray alien and a human-looking, female alien. The event had taken place during a later trip to Warminster by Bryce in 1974, and Marc provides a brief but relatively detailed account of the meeting between Bryce and the friendly UFO occupants.

Psychic Shawn Robbins writes about discovering Bryce’s dedicated interest to UFOs one day when they were conversing about Jimmy Carter’s famous sighting experience in 1969 as he was campaigning for the governorship of Georgia. Bryce opened up and told Shawn that he’d been in a kind of mental contact with UFOs for many years, but Shawn felt that he was trying to establish a psychic bond with the aliens through her as well. After all his years of encounters with the UFO occupants, Bryce somehow still felt like an “outsider” even as he struggled to communicate the reality of the alien presence to the people. Shawn believes that mission was accomplished by Bryce’s books.

Bryce died in January 1992 at the age of 63 from a brain aneurism. He had been due to give a short lecture on metaphysics and healing at the United Nations that day, and when the always punctual and reliable Bryce didn’t show up on time nor answer his phone, Marc decided it was time to call the police. Bryce was discovered collapsed in his home and taken to a New York City hospital, where he was kept on life support for several days. Marc claims to have had an out-of-the-body meeting with Bryce in which Bryce appeared youthful and vigorous but concerned about what was happening to his body. Shortly after this otherworldly encounter, Bryce was taken off life support and passed away.

Perhaps Timothy Green Beckley is right when he says the publication of “UFOs: Keys To Inner Perfection” may have been guided by Bryce Bond from some heavenly location. The various components of the new book have come together after the passage of many years and now form something like a completed puzzle. The final pieces were the newly discovered manuscript and the testimonies of those who knew and loved Bryce. One can only hope that, after meeting the aliens and preaching unconditional love, Bryce has found it for himself and is still able to lead others to it.



Source: Spectral Vision


The “Vanishing Triangle” Ireland’s Most Eerie Mysteries
By Micah Hanks

“It is far easier to be sensible in cities than in many country places I could tell you of. When one walks on those grey roads at evening by the scented elder-bushes of the white cottages, watching the faint mountains gathering the clouds upon their heads, one all too readily discovers, beyond the thin cobweb veil of the senses, those creatures, the goblins, hurrying from the white square stone door to the north, or from the Heart Lake in the south.” – William Butler Yeats, “Kidnappers”

The women were all young, and the best efforts of police to find clues about their disappearances came up empty.

There were six women officially–nine by some counts–who went missing beginning in 1993. Rewards, some for as much as €10,000, were offered to those willing to come forward with any substantial information about the disappearances, but none bore any fruit. In the aftermath, the region where the disappearances occurred–all of them still unexplained today–would be marked with a name commemorating the odd and unsettling mystery that occurred here.

It is known today as Ireland’s “Vanishing Triangle”.

“She was always reaching out and touching someone,” said John McCarrick, the father of Annie McCarrick, the first of the girls to go missing. “She would never have gone a day without talking to someone. We were very, very concerned.” Annie had failed to show up at a dinner party she had planned to host, and days earlier, the New York native, attending school in Dublin, had not been present to accept a check from her job on payday.

Annie was last seen, according to some, in a small pub call Johnny Fox’s, just outside Enniskerry, County Dublin. Annie had no boyfriend at the time, according to those who knew her, but those who had seen her at Johnny Fox’s swore that she had been in the company of a man that evening… it would be the last evening that anyone saw Annie alive.

The same year Annie McCarrick vanished, 40-year-old Eva Brennan went missing also, after leaving here parent’s home one night. The following January, Imelda Keenan, the youngest of the victims to-date, disappeared near Lomarard Street in Waterford. Keenan was followed by Josephine Dollard, a 21-year-old who went missing in 1995 after hitch-hiking from Dublin to her home in Kilkenny. She was last seen using a pay phone along what would be her final, and incomplete, journey.

Continuing the trend toward younger women, two 18-year-olds, Ciara Breen and Deirdre Jacob, 18, both went missing in 1998. The case of Miss Jacob, a student teacher at the time of her disappearance, remains one of the most puzzling of all the cases in the Vanishing Triangle, as there had been numerous witnesses who claimed to see her just yards from her parent’s home on the evening she vanished. Motorists saw the girl approaching her parent’s driveway, and security cameras managed to document her travels as she followed a familiar path she had known her entire life.

“Neighbors saw her about 200 yards from her home,” according to Geraldine Niland, an author and chronicler of missing women in Ireland. “And then, suddenly, she was gone. She literally was standing at the side of the road, about to cross over into her home, and then, she was gone.” Jacob vanished in broad daylight.

The final two women, both named Fiona, would disappear in 1996 an 1998; Miss Fiona Pender, 25, had been seven months pregnant when she vanished. Fiona Sinnott, age 19, had last been seen at a pub, much like Annie McCarrick just five years earlier.

While numerous theories exist linking the various disappearances, perhaps the most popular among them involves the idea that a serial killer may have been involved. Others argue that unusual daylight disappearances, like that of Deirdre Jacob, are more difficult to explain.

Ireland has a long history of mysterious disappearances, some of which extend well beyond the confines of the everyday. William Butler Yeats, though famed for his poetry, Yeats documented in his 1893 The Celtic Twilight a rather strange series of fabled kidnappings, which were attributed by legend to the “fae” or fairy folk. According to such legends, even those carried away into the haunted hills were sometimes allowed to revisit their families, albeit once, after a period of seven years:

    “Sometimes those who are carried off are allowed after many years–seven usually–a final glimpse of their friends. Many years ago a woman vanished suddenly from a Sligo garden where she was walking with her husband. When her son, who was then a baby, had grown up he received word in some way, not handed down, that his mother was glamoured by faeries, and imprisoned for the time in a house in Glasgow and longing to see him. Glasgow in those days of sailing-ships seemed to the peasant mind almost over the edge of the known world, yet he, being a dutiful son, started away. For a long time he walked the streets of Glasgow; at last down in a cellar he saw his mother working. She was happy, she said, and had the best of good eating, and would he not eat? and therewith laid all kinds of food on the table; but he, knowing well that she was trying to cast on him the glamour by giving him faery food, that she might keep him with her, refused and came home to his people in Sligo.”

The legends of these “faery kidnappings” involved a great stone doorway, located toward the southern end of Ben Bulben, a sheer stony mountain nearest the Seaport town of Sligo:

    “A little north of the town of Sligo, on the southern side of Ben Bulben, some hundreds of feet above the plain, is a small white square in the limestone. No mortal has ever touched it with his hand; no sheep or goat has ever browsed grass beside it. There is no more inaccessible place upon the earth, and few more encircled by awe to the deep considering. It is the door of faery-land.”

Yeats noted the prolific history of strange kidnappings, adding that, “There is hardly a valley or mountainside where folk cannot tell you of some one pillaged from amongst them,” emphasizing that, “Many near the white stone door in Ben Bulben have been stolen away.”

The mythologies related in Yeats’ prose are not to be taken as literal explanation behind Ireland’s mysterious disappearances, of course. Yet when pondering the seemingly inexplicable circumstances surrounding those who simply vanish into thin air, one almost cannot help but wonder, at times, if there weren’t some supernatural link that could be attributed; modern researchers of uncanny claims note that parallels exist in equal measure between inexplicable kidnappings and the faery lore of yesteryear… perhaps the legends have some basis–however remote–in fact, after all.

The disappearances of the Vanishing Triangle challenged the strength of communities around Dublin, and today a monument exists at Kilkenny Castle, in tribute to those who have vanished while wandering home alone along Ireland’s country roads.

Source: Mysterious Universe


USAF UFO Blue Book Files Forced To Be Taken Down
By Alejandro Rojas

The news was ablaze with the story of files regarding the U.S. Air Force’s investigation into the UFO phenomenon being posted online at The Black Vault website. Most news outlets neglected to report that these files were not new to the internet, but that what was new was that they were in a PDF format, and much more accessible than they had been previously.

Regardless, interest in the files soared, and many local media outlets combed the files for UFO cases in their neck of the woods. This spawned many stories about UFO sightings the U.S. Air Force took an interest in when they were officially investigating UFOs from the late 40s to the late 60s.

However, now, unfortunately, the files at The Back Vault have been forced to be taken down. Fold3, a site that posts military files and is a subsidiary to Ancestery.com, has claimed they have a digital copyright over the files.

John Greenewald, owner of The Black Vault, has sent out this statement:

The Black Vault’s Statement on the Project Blue Book Files

January 29th, 2015 – It is with great frustration to announce, that Ancestry.com, and their subsidiary Fold3, has laid down a claim to copyright on the Project Blue Book material – which has long been labeled as “public domain” by the National Archives & Records Administration (NARA).   Ancestry.com is claiming ownership to the digital version of this material – despite me having records that Fold3 doesn’t even have in their archive and I received under the FOIA starting back in 1996.  They simply claimed it was 100% theirs and I was forced to remove it.

Because of my attempt with properly crediting Fold3 with a DIRECT LINK to their site as partial credit for some of the material, they used that show of proper credit by me to issue a copyright claim under the Digital Copyright Millennium Act (DCMA). Anyone who knows anything about the law can attest; you are “guilty until proven innocent” so this was the beginning of the end. I never hid from Fold3 as a source, and even brought them up in some media interviews I did take part in, which were all cut out. No one cared about that part of the story – this new archive was what they wanted to report on because it was simple, straight forward, easy and free. And people loved it.

Based on an evidence-less claim I was forced to remove the entire site.  That’s right, there was ZERO evidence submitted to my web hosting provider of ownership or copyright or license, but rather, they simply placed the accusation which is all it takes.

In good faith, I took the site down in hopes a compromise could be reached. They already had credit given on the front page of the site for some of the material, and that link alone resulted in a 12%+ increase in their entire statistics since they posted records in 2007, and my link multiplied their weekly hits by 10x, yes ten times, in only 5 days (statistics are posted on their page, so I am not guessing on those statistics but rather took notes).

I stated there was much more information here than is cited to Fold3, but they didn’t care.  I offered giving them a full 100% “share of voice” banner ad to advertise Fold3 (in addition to the link already driving them traffic), or to sell ads with no profit share to me, and they didn’t care. I asked if they would work with me on any capacity, because CLEARLY interest was being generated by my audience (and obviously not by theirs) but they didn’t care.

In the end – they offered I become a member of their affiliate program – and offer a link to them in exchange for a portion of sales generated. ie: You have to sign up with them, pay a membership, and they give me a percentage.  I quickly declined.

This is public record material, and it should remain so. To lay ‘exclusive’ claim to it in the digital world, when both sites (my site and theirs) offer it for free – is ludicrous and a waste of time and money for everyone.

But at the end of the day, I am proud to have brought attention to information that although has been available for quite some time – the public at large never knew it existed.  

Did some media outlets misreport? Yes, and if this page was still up, there was a message on the front page setting the record straight.

But, call it corporate greed, a legal loophole, or a grey area in the copyright law, all of that is gone in the name of getting your personal information, and your credit card, by a corporation that has a wallet much thicker than mine. I’ll let you decide what the right label is to put on this entire mess.

Does all of this upset you? Me too!  And I invite you to express your thoughts to Ancestry.com, Fold3, and anyone else you’d like to express your disappointment:

355 South 520 West
Suite 250
Lindon, UT 84042
Ph 1-800-613-0181

Ancestry Inc. Corporate Headquarters
360 West 4800 North
Provo, UT 84604
Ph 801-705-7000
Fx 801-705-7001

In 18+ years, I’ve never seen anything like this, and it is a sad day for the world of public domain, public information, public record and the idea of “Freedom of Information”.

I have vowed from day 1, never to fall into the pit of desire of placing a price tag on PUBLIC information. It’s a shame I am very much alone in that belief.


John Greenewald, Jr.
The Black Vault

Source: Open Minds


London's Magical History Uncorked From 'Witch Bottle'

A rare insight into the folk beliefs of 17th-century Britons has been gleaned from the analysis of a sealed "witch bottle" unearthed in Greenwich, London, in 2004.

Witch bottles were commonly buried to ward off spells during the late 16th and 17th centuries, but it is very rare to find one still sealed.

"So many have been dug up and their contents washed away down the sink," says Alan Massey, a retired chemist formerly at the University of Loughborough, UK, who has examined so-called "magical" artifacts and was asked to analyse the contents of the bottle. "This is the first one that has been opened scientifically."

During the 17th century, British people often blamed witches for any ill health or misfortune they suffered, says Massey. "The idea of the witch bottle was to throw the spell back on the witch," he says. "The urine and the bulb of the bottle represented the waterworks of the witch, and the theory was that the nails and the bent pins would aggravate the witch when she passed water and torment her so badly that she would take the spell back off you."

The salt-glazed jar was discovered 1.5 metres below ground by archaeologists from The Maritime Trust, a Greenwich-based charity that preserves historic sailing vessels. When it was shaken, the bottle splashed and rattled, and an X-ray showed pins and nails stuck in the neck, suggesting that it had been buried upside down.

Further computed tomography scans showed it to be half-filled with liquid, which later analysis showed to be human urine. The bottle also contained bent nails and pins, a nail-pierced leather "heart", fingernail clippings, navel fluff and hair. The presence of iron sulphide in the mixture also suggests that sulphur or brimstone had been added.

"Prior to this point, all we really knew about what was in witch bottles was what we read from documents from the 17th century," says Brian Hoggard, an independent expert on British witchcraft who helped analyse the bottle. These texts suggest "recipes" for filling a witch bottle, but don't tell us what actually went into them.

Sulphur is not mentioned in any recipe Massey has seen, although a previously discovered bottle seemed to contain the remains of some matches, he says. "If you think about where sulphur came from in those days, it spewed out of volcanic fumaroles from the underworld. It would have been the ideal thing to [kill] your witch, if you wished to."

Further analysis of the urine showed that it also contained cotinine, a metabolite of nicotine, suggesting that it came from a smoker, while the nail clippings appear quite manicured, suggesting that a person of some social standing created the bottle.

"It's confirming what 17th-century documents tell us about these bottles, how they were used and how you make them," says Owen Davies, a witchcraft expert at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield, UK. "The whole rationale for these bottles was sympathetic magic – so you put something intimate to the bewitched person in the bottle and then you put in bent pins and other unpleasant objects which are going to poison and cause great pain to the witch."

Source: New Scientist
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