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This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such joint-cracking tales as:

- Rescuers Heard Mysterious Voice at Deadly Car Crash -
Edison Planned to Build Device to Record Voices of Spirits -
Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness
AND: Argentina: Woman Nearly Battered to Death by "Imp"

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Revealing The Bizarre Powers of Harry Houdini
The Paranormal World of Sherlock Holmes

Was Harry Houdini a closet Psychic? Clairvoyant? Or Spirit Medium?  His friend Sir Arthur Conan Doyle insisted he had the evidence that the world's greatest escape artist was not the skeptic he made himself out to be.

At his burial some curious and suggestive words were used by the presiding rabbi: "HOUDINI POSSESSED A WONDROUS POWER THAT HE NEVER UNDERSTOOD AND WHICH HE NEVER REVEALED TO ANYONE IN LIFE!

The creator of Sherlock Holes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Harry Houdini were strange bedfellows. Doyle was a contemporary of the world's greatest magician and escape artist, who continually battled his friend over the legitimacy of life after death, and the reality of spiritualism. Doyle was a "true believer," while Houdini made it his "mission" to denounce just about all things preternatural. . .

Doyle was convinced - from what he personally witnessed and what others confided to him - that Houdini could read minds, dematerialize, possessed supernatural strength, and was guided by angelic forces which shielded him from harm even during the most dangerous of escape performances which likely would have caused death to others. Doyle stated that Houdini had once remarked, "There are some of my feats which my own wife does not know the secret of." And a famous Chinese conjurer who had seen Houdini perform added, "This is not a trick, it is a gift."

Sadly, many of Houdini's feats died with him, even though they would have been an invaluable asset. "What can cover all these facts," states Doyle, "save that there was some element in his power which was peculiar to himself, that could only point to a psychic element -- in a word, that he was a medium."

Here, is both sides of the story -- in the actual words of the famed Sherlock Holmes originator and Houdini himself, who went out of his way to create the impression that fakes and phonies were afoot everywhere in the "shady world" of table tapping, levitating trumpets, spirit photography, slate writing, as well as the materialization of ectoplasmic forms in the darkening shadows of the séance room.

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Rescuers Heard Mysterious Voice at Deadly Car Crash

Three police officers and two firemen outside Salt Lake City, Utah, say they heard a mysterious voice asking for help before they knew a toddler was in a submerged car for 13 hours.

Officers Tyler Beddoes, Jared Warner and Bryan Dewitt, who responded to the incident in the Spanish Fork River Saturday, say they heard an adult voice say, "Help me," Spanish Fork Police officer Lt. Matt Johnson told ABC News.

Johnson said the two firefighters, Paul Tomadakis and Lee Mecham, also heard the voice before realizing there was a toddler in the car.

"To me, it was plain as day," Warner told KSL.com. "I remember hearing a voice that didn't sound like a child, just saying, 'Help me.'"

The partially submerged car was upside-down when it was discovered at around 12:30 p.m. Saturday in the Spanish Fork River, about 50 miles south of Salt Lake City, the Spanish Fork Public Safety Department said. Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck, 25, did not survive, but her 18-month-old daughter, Lily, is now in stable condition, the Spanish Fork City Police Department told ABC News.

The police officers and firemen declined to comment to ABC News.

"There were some individuals on top of the bridge, but all three stated [the voice] came from the vehicle," Johnson said. "It prompted us to lift the car between the three officers and firemen. They physically lifted the car from the side, and they located the infant in the car seat at that time."

Johnson said the police don't believe the voice came from Groesbeck.

"Due to the trauma she sustained, we suspect she was deceased upon impact. I don’t believe she survived the impact of the car crash. There was massive trauma," Johnson said.

“The only people in there were the deceased mother and the child,” Officer Bryan Dewitt told the paper.

Sharon Hill, the editor of Doubtful News, a site that collects and analyzes news stories about weird and unexplained events,  explained how this incident fits into pop culture narratives.

“The appearance of mysterious stranger who helps car crash victims, or the apparent sighting or sign suggesting the intervention of a guardian angel are very common cultural stories,” Hill said.

“These types of colorful flourishes to the event are a result of the person relating the story interpreting it in a comforting way,” she said. “It’s nice to think miracles happen, and we interpret the event in the framework of our beliefs but often that’s not what happened but instead how we’d like to remember the stressful, chaotic situation. When people are spared from a plane crash or are revived from a near-death scare, it affirms their faith in the supernatural and they often are eager to share that affirmation.”

Hill also notes that the guardian angel aspect of the story is odd for several reasons including that “the mysterious voice did not actually save the child since rescuers were already on the scene and checking for survivors. What saved this child was the car seat, the person who called emergency services, and the rescuers who got her out.”

Officer Tyler Beddoes said he doesn't care what the skeptics are saying, no one involved in the rescue can explain what happened, but have no doubt they heard the voice.

"It wasn't just something that was just in our heads. To me it was plain as day cause I remember hearing a voice," Beddoes told the Deseret News. "I think it was Dewitt who said, 'We're trying. We're trying our best to get in there.' How do you explain that? I don't know," he said.

Beddoes said the family has thanked him and the other officers for helping to save little Lily. As he recalls the events of those chaotic moments, on a frigid but sunny day, Beddoes still can't believe the girl survived — and still can't make sense of that undeniable voice coming from the car.

"We all got together and we all heard the same type of thing," Beddoes said. "We just can't grasp what we were hearing."

Source: ABC News


Edison Planned to Build Device to Record Voices of Spirits
By Paul Seaburn

A long-lost chapter of the memoir of Thomas Edison has been found and published in France and it contains details of the great inventor’s plans to build a device to record the voices of the newly departed.

Edison’s original memoir is called “Diary And Sundry Observations” and was published in 1948, 16 years after his death. The first edition of the book contained a last chapter called “Spiritualism,” a collection of essays in which Edison talks about his beliefs in an afterlife and a way to communicate with the dead.

    "I believe, rightly or wrongly, that life is undestructable … I am inclined to believe that our personality hereafter will be able to affect matter. If this reasoning be correct, then, if we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be affected, or moved, or manipulated – whichever term you want to use – by our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument, when made available, ought to record something … I have been at work for sometime building an apparatus to see if it is possible for personalities which have left this earth to communicate with us."

Edison worked on what has come to be called the “Telephone to the Dead” during the last ten years of his life. Part of the work involved amplifying the sounds from his phonograph in hopes the background noise would contain spirit voices. As an insurance policy, he made a deal with He also made a deal with engineer William Walter Dinwiddie that whoever died first would attempt to leave a message on the machine. The device has never been found and his family had the chapter removed from all subsequent editions of the book.

Until now. In cooperation with Philippe Baudouin, a French radio presenter and philosopher, a French publisher is releasing the entire text with the missing chapter included in a book titled “Le Royaume de l’Au-dela” (The Kingdom of the Afterlife). Baudouin summarized Edison’s quest in this way:

    "(Edison) imagined being able to record the voice of another being, to be able to make audible that which isn’t — the voice of the dead."

Some skeptics have said the entire "Edison's Phone for the Dead" was either a hoax made up long after Edison had died, or that his comments were satirical in nature. Either way, this new revelation will no doubt resurrect this controversy.

Was Edison on the brink of what would truly have been his greatest invention? Crank up your phonograph and see if he’s left you a message.

Source: Mysterious Universe


Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness
By Dr. Frank Lipman

Interview with Dr. Larry Dossey about his new book 'One Mind'

I am honored to interview Dr Larry Dossey about his new book, One Mind.

Larry is is one of the fathers of the holistic medicine movement and a mentor of mine.

Dr Lipman: What is your book about?

Larry Dossey MD: It’s about the nature of our mind.  I show that our mind is not confined to our brain or body, as we’ve been taught, but it extends infinitely outside them.  Our minds have no boundaries or limits, so they merge with all other minds to form what I call the One Mind.  This greater mind appears to be boundless in time, so it’s immortal and eternal.  It’s also a source of great wisdom and creativity. This picture is based on many lines of evidence as well as a variety of people’s experiences, which I explore at length in the book.

So, basically the book is about the size of our mind — whether it is small, medium, large, extra large, or even infinite in extent.

It’s about how our individual minds are not just individual, but connected in the One Mind.

It’s about our relationships — how our minds are connected with one another and with all of life on earth, and why this is crucial for our survival.

I’m saying that you, your spouse, children, siblings, your lover, your ancestors, your descendants, even your mother-in-law and your dog and cat, are all members of a larger consciousness:  the One Mind.

During the 20th century, we took the mind apart.  I’m putting it back together.

We’ve been taught that our mind is fragmented, that it is divided into the preconscious, the sub-conscious, the unconscious, and the collective unconscious. This book looks through the other end of the telescope.  It shows that our individual minds are part of a greater whole, a dimension of consciousness that encompasses all minds — past, present, and future, human as well as non-human.

Dr Lipman: Why is this important?

Larry Dossey MD: This realization is our best hope for our survival on earth.   Only by realizing, at the deepest emotional level, our connections with one another and the earth itself can we summon the courage necessary to make the tough choices that are required in order to survive.  So this book is about staying alive — saving the earth and our own skins.

Alice Walker said, “Anything we love can be saved” — including, I suggest, the earth itself, ourselves, our children, and generations yet unborn. The One Mind facilitates our connectedness and oneness with all else, therefore our love for all else.  The One mind helps us re-sacralize the world.

How do we know the One Mind exists?  Hints of our One Mind are all around us.  This is not mere philosophy.  From time to time, we all experience events that make sense only if we are connected with one another mentally.

The love of a mother for her baby is a study in oneness, in which boundaries and isolation are overcome.  Anyone who has been deeply in love experiences the same thing:  a fusion of two people in which the concept of “the other” is set aside.  The recent explosion of interest in genealogy, the study of one’s family origins, can be seen as attempt to restore connections and a yearning for oneness.

Moreover, people often exchange thoughts, emotions, and even physical sensations at a distance.  This is particularly common between people who are emotionally close.  The classic example is a mother who “just knows” that her child is in danger, even though far away — as if the mother and child have a common mind, a common consciousness.

Another example:  People often acquire knowledge of things in ways that that are inexplicable.  For example, the great inventor Thomas Edison once said, “I have never created anything.  I get impressions from the Universe at large and work them out.”

Another example:  Savants, who are often profoundly mentally handicapped, cannot read, and are incapable of learning, demonstrate detailed information they could not possibly have learned.   Where does it come from?  I suggest they connect with a reservoir of wisdom that is the One Mind.

People frequently have detailed dreams of future events, which I devoted an entire book to, The Power of Premonitions.

Near-death experiences are a portal to the One Mind. Ten million Americans have experienced an NDE.  The hallmark of the experience is a sense of oneness with all there is — an awareness that is so profound that their life is transformed after recovery.

I discuss a huge variety of experiences of this kind.  There simply is no way happenings such as these can be explained by our conventional view that our mind is confined to our brain, that we acquire information only through the physical senses, and that our minds are separate from all other minds.  Some larger view of consciousness is required — what I’m calling the One Mind.

The evidence shows that our mind is not limited to our brain and body.  And if it is not limited or confined to specific places in space, then our individual minds must in some way come together — again, I suggest, in the One Mind.

The benefits are enormous. If our individual minds don’t have boundaries and mix with all other minds, this means we have access to all possible wisdom and creativity.  And since the One Mind is infinite not just in space but also in time, it must be, in some sense, immortal.  So the One-Mind view provides us indirect assurance of the survival of bodily death.

Dr Lipman: Where did you come up with this idea?

Larry Dossey MD: The concept of the One Mind has been around for a long time.  We can trace it back 3,000 years to the philosophy of ancient India, where it was called the Akashic Records.  It is echoed in the Hindu concept of the union of the human and the divine:  tat tvam asi of “thou art that.”

Many traditions honor the experience of the One Mind.  It has been variously called satori in Zen, samadhi in Yoga, fana in Sufism, and Christ consciousness in Christianity.  Other terms include cosmic consciousness, illumination, awakening, enlightenment, and so on.   The experience of the One Mind, however it is named, involves a direct apprehension of the universe and all in it as being One with no real dividing lines or divisions in it.  Everything is connected with everything else.  Partition and separation are illusions.   As psychologist Lawrence LeShan wrote, “There is no separation between entities, neither by time nor by space.  The whole universe is perceived as ‘a one without a second.” This experience carries with it the sense that one has apprehended ineluctable Truth. (Source:  Lawrence LeShan, Landscapes of the Mind. Guilford, CT:  Eirini Press;  2012: 91).

There are allusions to the idea in the New Testament.  St. Paul spoke of “the peace of God that passes all understanding.”   As mythologist Joseph Campbell put it, Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is within. Who is in heaven? God. This means, Campbell said, that God is within each person — infinite, boundless, immortal, one.

The American transcendentalists advocated a One-Mind concept — Emerson’s idea of the Over-soul.

The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung’s idea of the collective unconscious is a version of the One Mind.

William James, the founder of American psychology, was a proponent of a single, collective mind.

Many great scientists in a variety of fields have endorsed the idea. It has surfaced in modern physics in the writings of Nobel Prize winner Erwin Schrödinger, whose wave equations lie at the heart of quantum physics.  The eminent physicist David Bohm also strongly supported the idea of a single, over-arching mind that includes all individual minds.

So the idea of the One Mind began millennia ago and persists to the present day, and it is supported by some of the outstanding figures in modern science and psychology.

Dr Lipman: You’re a physician. Does this have anything to do with your interest in the One Mind?

Larry Dossey MD: Yes, definitely.  During my early career as an internist, I experienced several events that turned my views of consciousness upside down and inside out.  I found these experiences unnerving.

I was a typical believer that mind and brain were essentially the same.  But when I began experiencing precognitive dreams, gaining information from the future before the event happened, I began to question the dogma that says these events can’t happen.  It wasn’t just me; my patients, as well as nurses and other doctors, shared similar experiences with me.

In the late 1980s, experiments began to be published in medical journals assessing the impact of healing intentions and prayers on the clinical course of patients in distant hospitals and coronary care units.  Similar experiments were done non-humans and with organs and cells.  These experiments strongly implied that our mind is not confined to our brain.  Our intentions, thoughts, and wishes can reach out beyond the body and make a difference in “the world out there.”

Several evaluations of this field have been published, called systematic or meta-analyses.  This is a way of combining the results of many studies in order to take an overall look at a particular field .  Many of these analyses have been published in peer-reviewed journals.  Most of them are positive, indicating that these effects are real.  Still, they have not penetrated our awareness as they should.

It is vital to realize — and this is almost always ignored by skeptics — that scores of these experiments deal with effects not just in humans but in animals, plants, microbes, and even chemical reactions.  Why important?  Skeptics generally say that if a person responds to, say, the healing intentions of a distant individual, it is merely a placebo effect — the result of positive thinking, suggestion, or expectation.  But if an animal, plant, microbes, or biochemical reactions are affected, the distant effect cannot be dismissed as a placebo even because, as far as we know, animals, plants, microbes, and chemicals don’t think positively.  They don’t have placebo responses.  So these non-human studies strongly suggest that the remote, distant, consciousness-mediated healing effects and similar nonlocal phenomena are real, and that we are not fooling ourselves.

These various experiments point toward the One Mind.  They show that some aspect of our consciousness operates outside the human brain and body, and cannot be confined or limited, but is nonlocal or limitless.  And if limitless, the mind has no boundaries and must come together with all other minds.

Other studies called “presentiment” experiments or experiments in “anticipatory awareness,” show that we can acquire information from the future, before an event even happens.

Putting this evidence together, a nonlocal picture of consciousness emerges, which means that our minds are not localized or confined to particular points in space or time.  And if our minds are unbounded, they must in some dimension come together to form a single mind, a single entity:  the One Mind.

Dr Lipman: This sounds pretty radical, don’t you think?

Larry Dossey MD: I used to think so, but not anymore. New ideas in science, art, music, math, education, etc. often sound radical when first proposed. This is especially true where consciousness is concerned.  As one skeptical scientist said about nonlocal, unbounded consciousness, “This is the sort of thing I would not believe, even if it were true.”

Physicist Max Planck, the main founder of quantum physics, faced this resistance.  He said that the older generation of scientists would die off and younger, more open-minded individuals would take their place.  Planck’s view has been paraphrased as, “Science changes funeral by funeral.”

Radical change in any field is nearly always resisted.

It’s the same way in science.  Many skeptics seem to think our conventional concepts of consciousness are set in stone — or the brain.

But new views of consciousness have continually arisen historically.  In the twentieth century we saw a flurry of new ideas about consciousness  — the unconscious, the pre-conscious, the sub-conscious, and the collective unconscious.  The One Mind is a version of the collective conscious, which was glimpsed by the great psychologist Carl Jung, psychologist William James, and many others.  But we have something Jung and James did not have:  a great deal of empirical evidence supporting the idea.

Dr Lipman: What difference in your own life has awareness of the One Mind made?

Larry Dossey MD: Awareness of the One Mind has contributed enormously to my peace, tranquility, and joy.

You see, I’m an introvert by nature, inclined toward aloneness.  Awareness of my place in the One Mind has helped me overcome my innate tendency for isolation. I feel I’ve found a more authentic place in the Universe. It’s rather like coming home and realizing that you never left.  It’s a sense of belonging, of finding your natural fit in the great scheme of things.

The great human dread of death goes out the window.  As a physician, this is important to me, because I believe the fear of death and annihilation has caused more suffering throughout human history than all the physical diseases combined.  The One Mind reduces that fear and the suffering that goes with it. Why? The One Mind mandates immortality by way of our infinitude in space and time.

One-Mind awareness has affected the way I relate to other people.  I’ve become much less competitive, more giving, more supportive, more understanding of other people’s difficulties and problems, and more interactive with others. (I still have a way to go!)

One-Mind awareness helps me see how I can make a difference.  In today’s world, we can feel overwhelmed by the challenges we face.  What difference can my efforts as a single individual possibly make? The One Mind increases our sense of adequacy and what is possible, because through it we have access to all wisdom and knowledge. We realize we don’t need to know and do everything individually, because we are a part of the Great Connect. We are never alone.  We are an infinite team, not a lone wolf.  The pressure eases.  A lightness of mind and spirit arises, and perhaps a sense of humor.  Now that is different!

Source: Dr. Frank Lipman


Ghostly Figure Appears in Teenager's Selfie

An Irish woman got quite the scare when her friends noticed a ghostly visitor with her in the background of one of her Snapchat photos recently. The young woman took a photo with her nephew and behind them is the ghost of a girl, MTV news reported yesterday.

Bethany Harvey of Northern Ireland took a photo of with her nephew and in the selfie is a strange pair of legs in the background. In the photo, Harvey can be seen with her nephew as her sister photobombs them. In the background, what appears to be a young girl in a purple dress can be seen with her hands in her lap.

"A friend of mine came to my house that night and pointed out what looks to be a woman with her hands folded on her knees in the background, baring in mind the picture was taken facing the living room door. Although we can't see the face of the figure the rest of it is as clear as day. There was nobody else in the living room at the time, except for the ghost girl in the purple dress," she said.

Harvey claims that she was in the house with her sister and her nephew when she took the photo. She took the pic from her cell phone to upload onto Snapchat. Although nothing out of the ordinary happened the night when she took the image, Harvey says she has had strange things happen in the living room before.

"A lot of creepy things have happened in the house, I don't go into the living room in the dark anymore because I fear I might see something," Harvey said.

According to Harvey, she is afraid to go into the living room now. She is terrified to come in contact with the spirit.

Strange figures appearing in photographs is nothing new.  However, with cellphone cameras now so predominant, it is no surprise that "ghosts" are being photographed more than ever before.

Shortly before her death, Peaches Geldof took a picture of herself and her son Astala and was puzzled by a out-of-place hand that appeared next to her face.

"The presence I feel isn't malignant or angry, rather maternal and friendly - the house has a lovely atmosphere," she said. "Maybe she's just making her presence known because she loves having babies around."

In October, 2014, two young women, Victoria Greeves, 22, and Kayley Atkinson, 23, took a picture of themselves in the ‘virtually empty’ Slug and Lettuce pub and were horrified to see a spooky figure standing beind them in the photo.

"It is so clear, and it looks like what can only be described as a Victorian woman, laughing behind us," said Victoria.

The radio station  Lite Rock 105 in Rhode Island made public a creepy picture of what appears to be the ghost of an older woman behind the daughter of one of its employees in August 2009. The photo was taken by a babysitter, a teenager named Kasey,was babysitting her niece, Penny (age 22 months) and snapped several pictures of the little girl with her cellphone. A couple days later, Kasey was going through the images and noticed there was someone behind her niece in one of the photos, despite the fact they were alone in the house at the time.

Source: Examiner


The Medium Taped Some Messages
Voices from beyond the grave come to rest in Manitoba.

WINNIPEG -- Winston Churchill sounds sleepy. Or maybe he's been drinking. Or perhaps his voice was a bit distorted as it travelled all the way from the afterlife, through a British psychic, onto a cassette tape and across the Atlantic in a battered suitcase.

The voice, which vaguely resembles a lugubrious version of the former British prime minister's, is just one among thousands that arrived at the University of Manitoba's archives this week.

The university already has a reputation for collecting paranormal artifacts. It even has a research fund dedicated to the purchase of such material.

Jim Ellis, a retired Canadian pilot living in England, shipped several suitcases and trunks containing an estimated 1,700 to 2,000 audio tapes, along with 300 books and reams of typewritten notes.

The material documents three decades of meetings with Leslie Flint, who was among the last surviving practitioners of independent direct-voice mediumship, a technique by which psychics claimed to speak with the disembodied voices of the dead.

Such séances had been wildly popular during the 1920s and 1930s, and Mr. Flint's client list was rumoured to include Hollywood starlets and British royalty. But by the time Mr. Ellis met Mr. Flint in 1971, the renowned psychic's business was dwindling.

"I realize of course it's not easy for you to appreciate or understand," the purported voice of Mr. Churchill says. "Not being able to see the person concerned, sometimes it must be really disconcerting."

Rather than reacting with skepticism or fear, Mr. Ellis was strangely attracted to Mr. Flint's gifts.

"I learned that there's another world, another level of consciousness we all live on," Mr. Ellis, now 83, said from his home in London.

The former member of the Royal Air Force spent much of his retirement sitting in the living room of a large house in London that Mr. Flint used as a meeting place. (The house had belonged to one of Mr. Flint's clients, and he inherited the property when she died.)

With the drapes drawn and the lights out, Mr. Ellis said, the rotund psychic would sit motionless in his jacket and tie, concentrating on spirits. Mr. Ellis said he never saw Mr. Flint move at all, although he says the voices were generally louder when it was dark.

"The voices seemed to come from the air, from no place at all," Mr. Ellis said.

An endless variety of characters spoke to the gatherings: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Marilyn Monroe, Rudolph Valentino, even Archimedes.

Some of them brought messages about their lives, such as Ms. Monroe's assertion that she hadn't committed suicide but, in fact, swallowed too many sleeping pills by accident. But mostly the spirits talked about the afterlife, Mr. Ellis said, describing a parallel world in which people can walk through walls and travel by teleportation.

Although his client roster shrank, Mr. Flint was still holding regular gatherings until a few years before his death in 1994.

Records about his life might have been lost or forgotten, if not for a recent resurgence of interest in studying the paranormal.

"Fifteen years ago, I can't see anybody following up on this," said Shelley Sweeney, head archivist for the University of Manitoba.

Research into life after death gained popularity after many people suffered through the First World War, Ms. Sweeney said, and similar concern now about death might be playing a role in rekindling interest in Mr. Flint.

"It's really gaining in popularity again. Maybe it has something to do with people's fear, whether it's global terrorism or wars."
Source: The Globe and Mail


Argentina: Woman Nearly Battered to Death by "Imp"

SAENZ PEÑA (Agencia)-While the generalized commotion over the appearance of an Aguara Guazú was still fresh in the public's mind, after relating it to the legendary "Lobizon", a woman and neighbors from Barrio Santa Teresita reported that a strange being "short and black, like a dwarf" had appeared. It was linked to the legendary "Pombero", but the possibility that it could be a product of black magic was not dismissed out of hand, according to the protagonists of this case.
The only person who managed to see this alleged "Pombero" is Liliana Nieves, 26, who was allegedly assaulted by the entity. She described it as small man, completely black, that "battered her and wanted to drag her away". Until yesterday, this woman was confined in the mental ward of the 4 de Junio Hospital.
The story gains credibility because over 10 eyewitnesses agree on the events which commenced on Tuesday night, repeated on Thursday and were expected to reoccur on Saturday night. And they are all the more interesting because they occurred in a neighborhood considered tranquil by its residents.
According to numerous statements collected by NORTE, the beginning of the story must be traced to last Tuesday, when a shower of stones fell over the home located at 31 and 0000 street in Santa Teresita. No one could see who was throwing them. "She," --meaning Liliana Nieves -- "saw something ripping out mandarin and tomato plants in the back yard. She said a person ran out. This was on Tuesday. Her husband and another man who was with her gave chase," said Norma Cordoba, Liliana's sister in law, who lives on the same property as the battered woman.
"While the two of us were alone, a brick hit the roof. She told me come here, there's another one, and a shadow shot out toward the back of the property. It kept throwing stones at the roof until 4 in the morning, when I had a breakdown. They took me to the hospital because I broke down."
Nothing happened on Wednesday evening. Just when the family started to think Tuesday's ordeal was just a prank,  the events repeated on Thursday night, but with more serious consequences.
"Liliana and her husband were sitting the patio and I was in bed. Stones were hitting the roof again, and when I went out, all of my neighbors were up, because they'd heard the ruckus. The stones kept falling on my house and neighboring houses alike. All the lights were on, all of the people were in the back yard, and the stones keep falling."
The neighbors' houses are joined by a common patio filled with trees whose branches reach the ground. The alleged attack took place in back of the dwellings, and residents claim that the shower of stones came from the same area, but no assailant could be seen. "She [Liliana] went back to see who was throwing the stones. And she wouldn't come back. And we called out to her, until another man found her spread on the ground with a blow to her face, part of her eye and mouth. It's all broken [sic]."
"She says that it was a man this tall," the woman indicates the height of her waistline, "who covered her mouth, dragged her to the bushes and beat her. He let her go when he heard neighbors calling her name, when they searched for her," said the battered woman's sister in law.
"Later, when they brought her in, she fell to the floor. She asked her brother and the neighbors to remove what ever was grabbing on to her feet. They would stand her up and she would fall down as if her feet were being pulled out from under her. No one could see anything, and they rained machete-blows around her. She was desperate saying that someone was there."
The woman remained in this frenzied state until the police arrived to take her to the hospital where she remains in the Psychiatric Ward.
"She said that [it] would come back every so often, saying it wanted to take her away," according to Mario Obregon, the young woman's brother. "I would stand in front of her and would try to defend her as best I could, but I couldn't see "it", and she would see it even more. Then a neighbor came with a crucifix to pray, and the thing came back even more. Liliana said it would grab her even more fiercely."
"This was the scene that impressed neighbors the most, because it seemed that a strange and invisible force was pushing the woman and tried to drag her away. She said it was a little man, all black, that she could see and who looked like an imp. We took her outside, because it said that it wanted to take her away and beat her."
Midday yesterday, deacon Dionisio Castagna of the San José Parish visited the locals, spoke to them and prayed with them, agreeing to bless their homes. The clergyman didn't question whether the event was true or not, but asked them to strengthen their faith in God and reaffirm family ties.

The police reported yesterday that around 02:00 on Friday--curiously, at the same time that the Aguara Guazu appeared in the downtown streets -- they received a report from neighbors claiming that a woman had been the victim of a brick attack. Police personnel reported there and "witnessed brick shards at the site".
An hour later, the police returned to the site and undertook an operation led by deputy sheriff Aldo Fernandez, who found an unusually large number of peolpe who claimed that the woman in question "was lifted and thrown against the wall, but we could not see who was throwing her. She was bruised and had to be hospitalized."

Source: El Norte Digital - February 22, 2004

Translation (C) 2004. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi
INEXPLICATA - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology 

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