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The Strange Tale of "Mad" Mollie Fancher -
Loch Ness Monster Sighting By Tourist 'Caught' On Camera
AND: A Ghost in the Window?

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Who Were Those Strange Tall Albino People or Should I Say What Were They?
By Chris Holly

I was sent an email by a woman who lives on the end of  Long Island  New York at Montauk Point. She told me that she often walked her two large dogs on the beach along the Atlantic Ocean coast on the end of Long Island;  The woman told me that she often reads my articles and remembered one I wrote years ago about a strange tall very white odd looking family that lived on Long Island in the 1960s.

This lady told me that while walking her  two large dogs during the months of December and January she witnessed a strange family with a huge strange dog also walking on the beach. She told me they were extremely tall and seemed to be two couples of albinos with about four or five children with them running along the beach as the adults walked the dog. She told me she remembered my article and wanted to know if I had any other reports of this strange family being seen on Long Island.

I contacted the woman who told me she stopped seeing the strange group of tall albino people at the end of February. She told me she found them to be so very odd that she asked the people in the town shops and her friends and neighbors if they had seen the group. The only other person who claimed to have seen them was a older man who would feed the birds along the shore on the beach but he only noticed them once and did not recall ever seeing them again.

I questioned her and found the woman to be concerned about the people as she felt they were something other than human and felt very uncomfortable when walking near  them. She told me her large dogs who were very protective and a bit on the aggressive side would whimper and stick their tales between their legs dragging her away from the group refusing to stay close to the them which ended with her being dragged in a half run down the beach away from the strange group of people by her frightened protective pets.

In all the years (50 years since 1965) since my family and I  encountered the same type of tall albino looking people this was the first time anyone in my area ever talked about seeing them not only on Long Island but anywhere.

Below is the original article I wrote about these strange tall while blue eyed people. I wonder if they are being seen anywhere else in the world and if so who they are and where did they come from and where do they disappear to?

Below the original article about the strange Albino odd tall white people;


The Strange Case of the Albino Family- or Was It?

Years ago  I was sitting on my deck with my mother having lunch when my mother looked over to me and said “ Remember the Albino family that use to live in our area that always shopped at Gertz Department store?”

I hadn’t thought about Gertz Department store which had long ago gone out of business for years much less the Albino family.

My mother went on about how striking they were and how well dressed and groomed they were. My mother commented many times back when she saw them how beautiful the family was and always noticed what they were wearing. I never thought much about it then as I was in my teens but as my mother went on and on about the Albino family I realized how very strange they really were.

The family consisted of two adults and three children. All of them were albinos. I have only seen a few other people who have this albino condition and really did not note the differences in this family and the other albinos I have seen. Talking to my mother about this family I began to realize they were truly unusual people and not like other albinos.

The five members of this family all were 6ft in height including the mother and daughter. The male members stood between 6ft –3 inches to 6ft- 5 inches. They were extremely tall people. When they walked through the department store they stood a head above most of the other shoppers.

Each of them had thick full pure white hair. They were beautiful people with high cheekbones and straight model like features. Their skin was white – pure white. They all had the same color eyes, which were clear, big, and very light blue. They kept to themselves. They would stay together when they shopped and seemed to be quiet polite people.

It wasn’t until years later and I had that conversation with my mother about that family that I realized they were a very different group of people. I thought about the possibility of two beautiful albino people who looked so much alike in height, looks and facial features meeting and marrying. Although this is possible I knew the odds had to be nearly impossible. I then recalled reading an article while in college in the late 1970’s that talked about all the eye problems that went hand and hand with those who were albinos. I also read that eye color for the typical albino runs towards the pinkish reddish tint. I know that there are degrees of the condition which would have a lesser or greater effect on things like eye and skin color (or lack of it) in those who are albinos. I did not read about any who had clear big blue eyes.

I tried to find out if there were blue-eyed albinos that could run in an entire family but came up empty handed in my search. I am not qualified to answer the question to the chance of this happening but feel at best it would be a very rare occurrence.

I thought about this family and had to admit that finding two tall beautiful blue-eyed albinos who married and had three tall beautiful blue-eyed children was either an incredible happening or they were not a family of albinos!

 Years after discussing this family with my mother I came across a few articles on the Inter net that talked aboutthe tall whites. I was scrolling down one of the  pages of the site I was looking at when I came to an artists drawing of the alien species called the tall whites. I was completely taken back as I sat and looked at the same tall people with the same beautiful faces – white hair, blue eyes and high cheek bones as the albino family that use to shop for their clothes and house wares in Gertz department store in Bay Shore , Long Island , New York in the 1960’s.

I will never know if that strange gentle family of tall beautiful people was simply a very rare family of human albinos or if they were a group of entirely different beings?

I often wondered over the past years about that family or group of people. I have tried to search for them a few times but cannot find anything anywhere that would explain this odd group of people. Maybe they just moved away to another state- or planet!

I did learn to not be so ambivalent about things and pay attention to people and my surroundings far more than I once did. I wish I had been more curious at the time. I wish I considered how odd those people were and thought about things instead of just blindly skipping along without considering what was going on around me. I learned many lessons during my life. Being alert to my surrounding can be the most important thing I can do for my safety and that of my family. I will tell you one thing, if I ever see a group of tall white aliens again with those huge light blue eyes- I am going to pay attention!

Copyright © 2008- 2015 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown


The Strange Tale of "Mad" Mollie Fancher
By Sean Casteel

Do alien visitors from a "goblin universe" walk in a haunted realm between the living and the dead? A mysterious Brooklyn woman known as "Mad" Mollie Fancher may  provide some controversial clues.
For those in the UFO community who have made the leaps of faith that started with  Erich von Daniken and Zechariah Sitchin, namely that the gods of our religions were  in fact aliens who led mankind to varying degrees of civilization and technological  development, it logically follows that some forms of religious fanaticism would  spring from that same alien source. There has always been a thin line between religious experience and simple madness, and there is likely also a thin line between alien-inspired fanaticism and mere human-generated religious delusion.

This is all said by way of introduction to a new book from Timothy Green Beckley's Global Communications publishing house. The book is called "'Mad' Mollie: Brooklyn's Supernatural 'Saint,'" and, for the sake of complete disclosure, I wrote some of  its chapters. The new release includes the complete text of a rare and hard-to-find book about Mollie Fancher from the early 20th century, as well as new material that helps set the stage for one of the strangest stories in the history of the paranormal. It is also the first in a new series from Global Communications devoted to "Very Strange People." A second book in the series, "The Bell Witch Project," is already available for purchase as well.

Mollie Fancher was born in Massachusetts in 1848. Her parents moved the family to Brooklyn, New York, in 1850, and Mollie began her education in a private school there a few years later. Mollie's mother died in 1855, and her father remarried and abandoned Mollie and her siblings to be raised by their aunt, Susan Crosby.  

Mollie did well in school and was considered very attractive by the standards of her day. Two months prior to her graduation, she fell ill, suffering from nervous indigestion, generalized weakness and fainting spells. Her doctor prescribed horseback riding to cure her, which was for centuries thought to be a solution for "hysteria" in women. While riding, Mollie was thrown from her horse, hit her head on a curbstone, knocking her unconscious, and broke several ribs.

She might have recovered from the horse accident and led a normal life, but a little over a year later, in 1865, she suffered another traumatic accident. Mollie was engaged to be married and was out shopping for wedding-related items. When she stepped off a streetcar near her home, her dress got caught on the rear of the car and she was dragged a city block before anyone noticed her.

Her suitor broke off their marriage plans, and she was put to bed to heal. She never left her bed, spending the remaining 51 years of her life there as she suffered varied and strange ailments that baffled observers and physicians alike.


As she lay in her bed of trauma and misery, Mollie began to experience trances and spells and violent spasms. She also, quite famously, began to refuse food, claiming to go months, even years, without swallowing a single morsel of anything. In Victorian times, this was a commonly claimed miracle, and many "fasting girls" were celebrated in the news media for their fanatic devotion to Christ as expressed through self-starvation.

The doctors of Mollie's time again called her condition "hysteria," which was a catch-all term for women whose behavior was deemed inappropriate or "unladylike." Some of the strangest stories about Mollie occurred in the nine years from 1866 to 1875. It is claimed that she lay with her arm drawn up over her head, her legs twisted and her eyes closed, yet still managed to write 6,500 letters, sew fine embroidery, keep a diary and make wax flowers - quite an achievement for a bedridden woman with one functioning hand.

Mollie was also said to read writing from great distances, read minds and have the gift of prophecy. In a country obsessed with spirit communication, ghosts and the supernatural, Mollie became something of a celebrity.

But which Mollie would that be? Along with all her other mysterious maladies, Mollie is thought to have been a bona fide case of Multiple Personality Disorder. In 1875, she fell into unconsciousness for a month and then awakened with no memory of the last nine years. None of the works of art she had done looked familiar to her, and she resumed conversations where they had left off nine years before. She began to splinter into several "selves," some cheery and
bright, while others were jealous and vindictive. The personalities would write letters to each other - in different handwriting.

Mollie died on February 15, 1916, at age 67, taking her selves and her secrets with her.


Most people are familiar with the term "anorexia nervosa," an eating disorder in which a person is usually struggling with body image conflicts and/or uses self-starvation as a means of gaining control over their lives. But one may be surprised to learn that there exists a term for what was claimed about Mollie Fancher - "anorexia mirabilis," or "miraculous loss of appetite."

The term comes from the Middle Ages, when women and girls would starve themselves, sometimes to the point of death, in the name of God. Anorexia mirabilis was often combined with other ascetic forms of self-denial, like lifelong virginity, self-flagellation, wearing hair shirts, sleeping on beds of thorns and other assorted penitential practices.

Caroline Walker Bynum, the author of "Holy Feast, Holy Fast," believes that anorexia mirabilis was not simply misdiagnosed anorexia nervosa but was instead a legitimate form of self-expression that existed outside the modern disease paradigm. Anorexia mirabilis should be understood as a distinct medieval form of female religious piety and placed within its proper historical context.

Many women of medieval times refused to ingest anything but the Communion host, which was intended to signify not only their devotion to God and Jesus but also to make a point about the separation of body and spirit. The idea that the body could endure for long periods of time without nourishment demonstrated how much stronger and important the spirit was. Popular opinion was unconcerned that the women claimed to go without food for months or even years; the "impossible" length of their fasting only added to the allure of this specifically female achievement.  

Saint Catherine (1347-1380), of Siena, Italy, rose to become a rare female player in 14th century papal politics. She was also a determined "fasting girl" and would forcibly self-regurgitate when compelled to eat food at all. Her local priest suspected she might have been secretly fed by demons when he observed how bright, energetic and strong she remained even after fasting for unnaturally long periods of time.

"Mad" Mollie's similar claim to defying nature by living without sustenance of any kind can thus be seen as part of a long tradition dating back several centuries. Demonic possession was sometimes suspected in Mollie's case as well, especially because of her multiple personalities and the strange trances that sometimes overcame her.


Another phenomenon claimed by both Mollie and Saint Catherine was stigmata, or mysteriously appearing wounds that replicate the physical injuries Jesus Christ endured on the cross. The stigmata wounds occur spontaneously in some unknown way and are not self-inflicted. The stigmata phenomenon was first reported by Saint Francis of Assisi in the 13th century and is seen most commonly among priests and nuns. The strange signs on the flesh are said to be confirmation of the sufferer's saintly devotion to Christ.

An Italian named Giorgio Bongiovanni's first experience as a stigmatic happened in 1989 in Portugal when he was given a message for humanity and received the first stigmatic piercings in his hands. During this encounter, a luminous being explained to Giorgio that the universe is abundant with intelligent life and that beings are visiting the Earth with highly advanced disc-shaped craft. Since that time, Giorgio has had frequent recurrences of stigmata, sometimes on his left side, where Christ was said to have been pierced by a Roman sword, and on his forehead, in reference to Christ's crown of thorns.

The purpose of his stigmata, Giorgio says, is so the faithful can have a sign to believe in during the traumatic Earth changes to come. The sacred, interdimensional flying saucer entities have told him that mankind will face a period of darkness but those who have obeyed Christ's teachings will be saved.

Which begs the question that began this article: Are certain forms of religious fanaticism divinely inspired by the UFO occupants? Do the aliens send us religious messages by way of miracles like Mollie Fancher's prodigious fasting or Giorgio Bongiovanni's stigmata?


In his introduction to "'Mad' Mollie: Brooklyn's Supernatural 'Saint,'" Tim Beckley writes about the Spiritualist Movement that is said to begin with the Fox sisters in 1848, the year Mollie was born.

The two young girls, fifteen-year-old Maggie and eleven-year-old Katy, huddled under their blankets in raw fear as they were encircled by hellish sounds coming from the darkness of their small rural home in Rochester, New York. They felt the sounds were coming from an intelligent source, so the sisters played a kind of game in an attempt to communicate with whomever or whatever was creating the noises. Snapping their fingers and clapping their hands loudly, they asked the entity to respond accordingly. It replied with a series of knocking sounds that came from the wall just above their beds.

Mrs. Fox, their mother, believed the entity to be a ghost and she decided to test it herself by asking questions. The spirit responded accurately, again by making knocking sounds. After the neighbors were able to confirm that the knocking sounds were indeed intelligent, word soon spread that the Fox sisters could converse with the dead, drawing enormous crowds from all over the country. Soon the Spiritualist Movement was in full swing and mediums in a deep trance were levitating tables and issuing ectoplasm from their bodily orifices. Supernatural manifestations became "as American as apple pie," Beckley writes.

The Fox sisters soon took a backseat to the Bangs sisters, Lizzie and May, who could produce a spirit painting on canvas without touching it. A bucket of paint would rest on the floor near the sisters, and, over the next hour, an image would start to appear on the canvas. They each gripped the canvas in both their hands, making it impossible for them to use any sort of brush or hidden device. In spiritualist jargon, these are called "Precipitated Spirit Paintings."  

Spiritualism is its own kind of religious fanaticism, and it is possible to link it to the alien abduction phenomenon. Abductees sometimes report seeing a deceased relative during an alien encounter, such as seeing the face of one's late grandmother at the foot of one's bed as the standard gray aliens go about their work. "Communion" author Whitley Strieber feels that the alien Visitors walk between the worlds of the living and the dead as easily as we mortals cross a street and that someday all mankind may progress to the point where they have that same privilege. (Some believe the Visitors may reside in what has been referred to as a "Goblin Universe," according to Beckley.) Whatever the afterlife is, it is something the aliens are familiar with, and it would follow that leading certain souls to perform and "speak" at a séance would be within their abilities.  

Beckley also writes about a "goblin" stove said to have begun speaking to residents of a home in Zaragoza, Spain, in 1934. The Palazon family at one time blamed their housemaid for the voice, thinking she had some sort of talent for ventriloquism, in spite of the maid's protests of innocence. The stove began to draw curious crowds, and some felt the devil himself had found a home in the Palazons' kitchen. The voice spoke in "demonic curses" and was able to see and hear what was going on around it.

When the police were called in, the voice spoke to them directly. The voice became angry when it realized the block had been evacuated in response to its presence. The army was called in and a team of architects examined the building from top to bottom, but no explanation was ever found. In a final attempt to eradicate the voice, the building was demolished and a new building now stands on the plot.


Nearly a hundred years after her death, Mollie Fancher remains a mystery sleeping covered in a patchwork quilt of unknowns. Did she live for 51 years without eating? Did she possess clairvoyance and other paranormal gifts? Was she possessed by demons whose evil personalities warred against her own with fierce determination? Was she making a feminist statement in the repressed Victorian era by stubbornly - and miraculously - refusing sustenance of any kind?

And, if there were genuine supernatural events taking place, were the UFO occupants somehow behind them? Is the strangeness surrounding Mollie Fancher so hard to comprehend because it
involves so many elements that are simply "not of this world"?

UFOlogy is a field where it is best that no stone be left unturned, and the study of "Mad"  Mollie is a good case in point.





Source: Spectral Vision


Loch Ness Monster Sighting By Tourist 'Caught' On Camera
By Rhodi Lee

Consuela Ross simply wanted to take some photos of the scenery while walking on the banks of the Loch Ness with her daughter and granddaughter, but the 50-year-old took home more than just images that day.

Ross now claims to have witnessed the Loch Ness monster, fabled to dwell in the depths of the water, as it emerged to the surface to get some air. When a black hump emerged from Britain's biggest loch, however, Ross and her daughter were so mesmerized that despite having a camera on hand, they were only able to record the moment after the mythical beast sank below the surface and moved away, leaving behind a circle of rippled water.

"One of my pictures shows a dark object behind the circle of water and that was it moving away," Ross said. "We were all quite excited by it. I have always been a believer in the monster and for my family to see it was amazing. If we had been a little quicker with our cameras, we would have better images."

The sighting is a relief for monster enthusiasts following reports last year that the Loch Ness monster could well have expired. The Loch's murky waters are said to be haunted by a Scottish beast since 1933. The Nessie first hit the headlines in 1934, with a newspaper publishing a picture of the supposed water beast.

The picture was eventually found to have been staged, but many similar images have come up ever since. Legend has it that the creature, believed to be the last line of plesiosaurs, a prehistoric marine reptile, appears along with tremors on Earth and swirling bubbles.

The 73-year-old Campbell Ross, Connie's husband, said he regrets staying in the car park because he is also a believer of the strange creature living in the loch. He said that he has actually seen something similar about three decades ago.

He was driving back then when he saw a bus transporting tourists stopping by as the tourists looked at something. The retired architect said that a streak could be seen in the water, and this was caused by a black hump that could be seen in the distance.

He said that what his family saw was unusual but until a better visual proof can be produced, he admitted that the mystery of the Loch Ness beast will continue to live on.

Source: Tech Times


Video Shows Mysterious Flash Lighting Up Russian Sky

A huge, eery flash that appeared to shoot up as a beam of light into the night sky has spooked residents of a city in southern Russia.

The pulsing light that briefly bathed the city of Stavropol white and blue on Monday night was caught by a dash cam mounted in a car, the video of which has spread across social media.

The dazzling burst of light seemed to knock out some streetlamps in the city, as seen in another webcam video.

The event has become all the stranger because nobody has so far been able to explain what it was. Local scientists today ruled out that natural phenomena could have caused it.

“This flash cannot have been natural,” Svetlana Solovyova, chief analyst at the Stavropol Meteorological center told local media.

"It wasn't a meteorological event. There wasn't a storm," said Natalya Klimenko, an analyst at the center, told ABC News. "More likely it is something made by a human being.”

Theories quickly rose to fill the gap: the light was part of huge military exercises, which are currently underway across Russia involving 80,000 troops; others believed the inexplicable lights were proof of aliens, pointing to the fact that similar flashes have appeared in at least four other cities.

“It’s a kind of photo-flash,” Sergei Pakhamov, a UFO-ologist, told local state TV. “They were photographing the city.”

A popular kitsch Russian singer in Stavropol giving a concert Monday night was also blamed.

One likely explanation seemed to be the coincidence of the lights with another rare phenomenon: the aurora borealis “Northern Lights” appeared over Moscow on Monday, coming far further south than normal.

The lights, which are normally confined to the Arctic circle, were visible because of a vast magnetic storm which charged particles at a much lower altitude. But scientists have now also ruled out that the blue flashes over Stavropol could be connected.

This is far from the first time bizarre lights and explosions have appeared over Russia, where inexplicable phenomena in the sky have become remarkably frequent occurrences. In 2014, a huge blast turned the sky orange over Siberia; in 2013 a massive meteorite exploded over Chelyabinsk, blowing out almost every window in the city.

Most of these incidents were also caught on dash-board mounted cameras, which have become ubiquitous in Russia, where they are used to ward-off corrupt traffic cops but have also captured the bizarre from cow-crashes to punch-ups.

This time-however a meteorite has been ruled out by scientists, who say it would have been detected by radar.

The strange celestial phenomena -- combined with the many military drills and the confrontation with the West over Ukraine, the burning of one of Moscow’s major monasteries and the unexplained disappearance of Vladimir Putin for 10 days last week -- have all contributed to a peculiar end of days sensation for many Russians. The solar-eclipse scheduled to occur Friday for some caps it.

But the most likely cause of Monday's flashes may be more banal- though still peculiar to Russia. Yuri Varakin, a local meteorologist also at the Stavropol Center, told ABC News that he believed the lights were most likely caused by a special high-powered projector lamp used by airports to measure the height of clouds. He said, the light is turned on in a burst when there is heavy cloud, which causes the widespread illumination. He explained that such devices are no longer found in Europe or the US, where lasers are now used.

An official at Stavropol airport confirmed to ABC News that the device had indeed been used on the night of the flash because there were thick snow-clouds.

But this explanation does not not explain why the flash appeared to knock-out some streetlights. Scientists at the meteorological center say they are continuing to investigate.

Source: ABC News


Sasquatch of the Underworld
By Nick Redfern

One of the most thought-provoking theories for Bigfoot’s overwhelming elusiveness suggests that the creatures spend a great deal of time living in natural caves and caverns, as well as abandoned, old mines. In the early 1900s, a number of stories surfaced in the Oregon press that, upon careful reflection, just might offer a degree of support for this particularly intriguing theory that Bigfoot is very much a creature of the underground.

The reports are made all the more significant because they reference in excess of a decade of sightings of large, hair creature, all in a specific vicinity where underground digging was known to be widespread. In 1900, the Oregon press reported on an amazing story:

“The Sixes mining district in Curry County has for the past 30 years glorified in the exclusive possession of a kangaroo man.’ Recently while Wm. Page and Johnnie McCulloch, who are mining there, went out hunting McCulloch saw the strange animal-man come down a stream to drink. In calling Page’s attention to the strange being it became frightened, and with cat-like agility, which has always been a leading characteristic, with a few bounds was out of sight.”

Despite having been given the extremely odd nickname of the “kangaroo man,” the newspaper’s description of the beast is actually far more Bigfoot-like, as the following extract from the article clearly demonstrates:

“The appearance of this animal is almost enough to terrorize the rugged mountainsides themselves. He is described as having the appearance of a man – a very good looking man – is nine feet in height with low forehead, hair hanging down near his eyes, and his body covered with a prolific growth of hair which nature has provided for his protection. Its hands reach almost to the ground and when its tracks were measured its feet were found to be 18 inches in length with five well formed toes. Whether this is a devil, some strange animal or a wild man is what Messrs. Page and McCulloch would like to know.”

Four years later, in 1904, the creature – or, at least, another, similar one of its kind – was yet again plaguing the mine-filled area. The press enthusiastically reported on the latest development:

“At repeated intervals during the past ten years thrilling stories have come from the rugged Sixes mining district in Coos County, Oregon, near Myrtle Point, regarding a wild man or a queer and terrible monster which walks erect and which has been seen by scores of miners and prospectors. The appearance again of the ‘Wild Man’ of the Sixes has thrown some of the miners into a state of excitement and fear. A report says the wild man has been seen three times since the 10th of last month.

“The first appearance occurred on ‘Thompson Flat.’ Wm. Ward and a young man by the name of Burlison were sitting by the fire of their cabin one night when they heard some­thing walking around the cabin which resembled a man walking and when it came to the corner of the cabin it took hold of the cor­ner and gave the building a vigorous shake and kept up a fright­ful noise all the time — the same that has so many times warned the venturesome miners of the approach of the hairy man and caused them to flee in abject fear.

“Mr. Ward walked to the cabin door and could see the monster plainly as it walked away, and took a shot at it with his rifle, but the bullet went wide of its mark. The last appearance of the animal was at the Harrison cabin only a few days ago. Mr. Ward was at the Harrison cabin this time and again figures in the excitement.

“About five o’clock in the morning the wild man gave the door of the cabin a vigorous shaking which aroused Ward and one of the Harrison boys who took their guns and started in to do the intruder. Ward fired at the man and he answered by sending a four-pound rock at Ward’s head but his aim was a little too high. He then disappeared into the brush.

“Many of the miners avow that the ‘wild man’ is a reality. They have seen him and know whereof they speak. They say he is something after the fashion of a gorilla and unlike anything else that has ever been known; and not only that but he can throw rocks with wonderful force and accuracy. He is about seven feet high, has broad hands and feet and his body is covered by a prolific growth of hair. In short, he looks like the very devil.”

Maybe, in light of all of the above, our quest to learn the truth of Bigfoot should shift from the woods, the forests, and the mountains to somewhere else entirely: the mysterious, dark underworld beneath our very own feet.

Source: Mysterious Universe


A Ghost in the Window?
By Anne O'Conno

TOWNSEND -- A local photographer got a surprise when he took a look at the photographs he had taken at Harbor Pond, Massachusetts, at dusk.

All but one of the images showing the dam and cooperage were what he expected when he got home and uploaded the files. The other picture caught his eye when it flashed on the computer screen.

In only that one image, lights shine through a window of the 18th century cooperage.

Tyler Kimbar, a Townsend photographer, took pictures in a series of three on Sunday, March 12. Each set of three pictures was taken within five seconds. Kimbar intended to combine the different exposures into one composite image to get the best color saturation.

The composite picture taken around 6:50 p.m. shows a dramatic sky over the dam. The cooperage is mostly dark.

In a set taken 10 minutes later, the first and third photos were unremarkable. The middle photo is quite different. Three lights appear in the window nearest the dam. Kimbar referred to those lights as a ghost figure.

"There were no cars going by and nobody was in the building because it was closed," he wrote in an email. "I was also the only car in the parking lot, so I can't explain where the light/figure came from."

No one else who was contacted could explain the lights.

"I have a table that's sitting in front of the window," said Laura Bradley, who opened an antiques co-op in the Cooperage in 2009. "There's no lamp there, no candle, no nothing."

The possibility of a ghost did not surprise or alarm her, but made her curious. "I wish I had somebody who could analyze that for me," she said.

When she first moved into the building, she felt "something." After her clairvoyant agreed there might be a ghost, she contacted "Ghost Hunters," an NBC television series.

Investigators from The Atlantic Paranormal Society jumped on the case. They investigated the cooperage and nearby Reed House in April 2011 and aired the show that fall. During the two days TAPS were in residence, flashlights turned on in the cooperage and they saw a blur at the Reed House, Bradley said.

Bradley remains aware of her surroundings, but does not seem alarmed by the phenomena. "I've always felt like something's there," she said.

The corner where the lights appeared seems to be an active space, she said.

At Halloween, some friends used a Ouija board in that corner. "They said the thing was moving," Bradley said.

However, the store had been busy and there was lots of positive energy so Bradley said she wanted to know nothing more. "I didn't want to do anything to screw up," she said.

A suicide at the Reed House, documented in Richard Smith's book "Dust and Divinity," could be the basis for a ghost story in the building next door to the cooperage. After the death of her child, Hannah, one of the Reed daughters, killed herself while visiting home.

Her sister Harriet discovered Hannah's body hanging in the front hall. She fled, and was never seen again, according to the book.

Both buildings are owned by the Townsend Historical Society.

Jeannie Bartovics, who spends four days a week at the Reed House for her job as site administrator for the society, said no one ever lived at the cooperage.

"I still don't know why any ghost might hang out there," she said.

At one point in the conversation, Bartovics was startled. It was just the furnace going off, she said, not a ghost.

Source: Nashoba Publishing
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