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The dream was real. To live in freedom without the constant worry of that knock at your front door in the middle of the night and being  hauled off to rot in jail without due cause.  We were innocent until proven guilty. To be able to dissent and speak out against injustice or political corruption without being branded a traitor.  To be able to vote for the political party of your choice without fear of harassment from those currently in power.  To have a truly free press without the pressures of government or corporations to hide the truth.  To be allowed to worship, or not to worship without worry of state-sponsored religious zealots demanding you worship only their god.  The dream was Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  That dream has now turned into a nightmare.  Don't let them take the dream away.  Speak out for your freedoms and the freedoms of future generations.  Do it now, because tomorrow will be too late.

This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such heart-pounding tales as:

- Elon Musk Fears Robots Will Make Human's Their Pets -
- The Mystery of the "UFO Repeaters -
Blood Miracles
AND: Policewoman Says She Was Attacked By a Ghost

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Incredible New Book From Conspiracy Journal

UFO Repeaters
Seeing is Believing!


Here are well documented cases of those rare individuals who have experienced an ongoing series of encounters with UFO occupants – and have the uncanny ability to take remarkable photos of their craft on an ongoing basis. – Some showing the aliens themselves!


From the very first UFO sighting, it was assumed that a UFO witness was simply in the “right place at the right time” and that observing another UFO sometime in their life would be like being stuck by lightening more than once.

But this concept is now generally thought to be utterly false – for there is a subset of “very special” individuals who have the uncanny ability to “call down” UFOs at will and to even take repeated photographs of their craft.

UFO expert Tim Beckley asks probing questions like: – Is the UFO Repeater solely responsible for the images on film or video? Do the aliens keep track of their “Chosen Ones” with perhaps an implanted homing device? Or does the repeat witness blindly stumble on to a locale that has become a “hotspot” that draws repeated UFO activity?

This book features some of the individuals who have the described “magical and mental powers” to sustain an ongoing relationship with other-worldly beings.

UFO Repeaters: Seeing Is Believing! The Camera Doesn't Lie” offers a wonderful opportunity to see and ponder dozens of new photos taken by a tiny segment of humanity who the UFO occupants have selected to reveal themselves to on a one to one basis over a long period of time.

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Elon Musk Fears Robots Will Make Human's Their Pets

Robots will use humans as pets once they achieve a subset of artificial intelligence known as 'superintelligence'.

This is according to SpaceX-founder Elon Musk who claims that when computers become smarter than people, they will treat them like 'pet Labradors'.

His comments were made in a recent interview with scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who added that computers could choose to breed docile humans and eradicate the violent ones.  

Elon Musk has already likened artificial intelligence to 'summoning the demon'.

But in his latest interview, Musk said his fears revolve around something known as superintelligence.

This, according to author Nick Bostrom, is 'any intellect that greatly exceed the cognitive performance of humans in virtually all domains of interest.'

'I mean, we won't be like a pet Labrador if we're lucky,' Musk told Tyson, adding that we may become lab pets to them.

Tyson theorised that robots will 'Get rid of the violent ones...And then breed the docile humans'.

Musk also said humanity needs to be careful about what it programs superintelligent robots to do.

He uses the example of asking them to find out what makes people happy.

'It may conclude that all unhappy humans should be terminated,' Musk said.

'Or that we should all be captured with dopamine and serotonin directly injected into our brains to maximise happiness because it's concluded that dopamine and serotonin are what cause happiness, therefore maximise it.'

Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, this week made similar comments during an interview with Paul Smith at Australian Financial Review.

The 64-year-old admitted he can now see some of the predictions coming true and that human-like computers could be a dangerous reality.

He quipped: 'Will we be the gods? Will we be the family pets? Or will we be ants that get stepped on?'

'Computers are going to take over from humans, no question,' he added. 'If we build these devices to take care of everything for us, eventually they'll think faster than us and they'll get rid of the slow humans to run companies more efficiently.

He also directly referenced warnings issued by both Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking about the threat AI has on humanity.

They are part of a group of experts, known collectively as the Future of Life Institute, who recently drafted an open letter saying scientists should seek to head off risks that could wipe out mankind.

The authors said there is a 'broad consensus' that AI research is making good progress and would have a growing impact on society.

But it issued a stark warning that research into the rewards of AI had to be matched with an equal effort to avoid the potential damage it could wreak.

For instance, in the short term, it claims AI may put millions of people out of work.

Earlier this month Tesla boss Mr Musk said he believes humans could be banned from driving in years to come and all cars will, instead, be controlled by robots.

The entrepreneur claimed that computers will one day do a much better job of driving and that humans are simply 'too dangerous' behind the wheel.

In 1965, the eminent statistician I. J. Good proposed that artificial intelligence beyond some threshold level would snowball, creating a cascade of self-improvements: AIs would be smart enough to make themselves smarter, and, having made themselves smarter, would spot still further opportunities for improvement, leaving human abilities far behind.

Good called this process an “intelligence explosion,” while later authors have used the terms “technological singularity” or simply “the Singularity”.

Caleb Scharf, in an article for Scientific America writes that it is currently difficult to find any details on how artificial intelligence could actually come about in the first place, and how it could become a threat.

Hawking has suggested that it might be the capacity of a strong AI to ‘evolve’ much, much faster than biological systems – ultimately gobbling up resources without a care for the likes of us. I think this is a fair conjecture. AI’s threat is not that it will be a sadistic megalomaniac (unless we deliberately, or carelessly make it that way) but that it will follow its own evolutionary imperative.

It’s tempting to suggest that a safeguard would be to build empathy into an AI. But I think that fails in two ways. First, most humans have the capacity for empathy, yet we continue to be nasty, brutish, and brutal to ourselves and to pretty much every other living thing on the planet. The second failure point is that it’s not clear to me that true, strong, AI is something that we can engineer in a pure step-by-step way, we may need to allow it to come into being on its own.

What does that mean? Current efforts in areas such as computational ‘deep-learning‘ involve algorithms constructing their own probabilistic landscapes for sifting through vast amounts of information. The software is not necessarily hard-wired to ‘know’ the rules ahead of time, but rather to find the rules or to be amenable to being guided to the rules – for example in natural language processing. It’s incredible stuff, but it’s not clear that it is a path to AI that has equivalency to the way humans, or any sentient organisms, think. This has been hotly debated by the likes of Noam Chomsky (on the side of skepticism) and Peter Norvig (on the side of enthusiasm). At a deep level it is a face-off between science focused on underlying simplicity, and science that says nature may not swing that way at all.

An alternative route to AI is one that I’ll propose here (and it’s not original). Perhaps the general conditions can be created from which intelligence can emerge. On the face of it this seems fairly ludicrous, like throwing a bunch of spare parts in a box and hoping for a new bicycle to appear. It’s certainly not a way to treat AI as a scientific study. But if intelligence is the emergent – evolutionary – property of the right sort of very, very complex systems, could it happen? Perhaps.

One engineering challenge is that it may take a system of the complexity of a human brain to sustain intelligence, but of course our brains co-evolved with our intelligence. So it’s a bit silly to imagine that you could sit down and design the perfect circumstances for a new type of intelligence to appear, because we don’t know exactly what those circumstances should be.

Except perhaps we are indeed setting up these conditions right now. Machine learning may be a just piece of the behavioral puzzle of AI, but what happens when it lives among the sprawl of the internet? The troves of big and small data, the apps, the algorithms that control data packet transport, the sensors – from GPS to thermostats and traffic monitors – the myriad pieces that talk to each other directly or indirectly.

This is an enormous construction site. Estimates suggest that in 2014 some 7.4 billion mobile devices were online. In terms of anything that can be online – the internet of ‘things’ (from toilets to factories) -  the present estimate is that there are about 15 billion active internet connections today (via a lovely service by Cisco). By 2020 there could be 50 billion.

If this were a disorganized mush of stuff, like the spare parts in a box, I think one would have little hope for anything interesting to happen. But it’s not a mush. It’s increasingly populated by algorithms whose very purpose is to find structures and correlations in this ocean – by employing tricks that are in part inspired by biological intelligence, or at least our impression of it. Code talks to code, data packets zip around seeking optimal routes, software talks to hardware, hardware talks to hardware. Superimposed on this ecosystem are human minds, human decision processes nursing and nurturing the ebb and flow of information. And increasingly, our interactions are themselves driving deep changes in the data ocean as analytics seek to ‘understand’ what we might look for next, as individuals or as a population.

Could something akin to a strong AI emerge from all of this? I don’t know, and neither does anyone else. But it is a situation that has not existed before in 4 billion years of life on this planet, which brings us back to the question of an AI threat.

If this is how a strong AI occurs, the most immediate danger will simply be that a vast swathe of humanity now relies on the ecosystem of the internet. It’s not just how we communicate or find information, it’s how our food supplies are organized, how our pharmacists track our medicines, how our planes, trains, trucks, and cargo ships are scheduled, how our financial systems work. A strong AI emerging here could wreak havoc in the way that a small child can rearrange your sock drawer or chew on the cat’s tail.

As Hawking suggests, the ‘evolution’ of an AI could be rapid. In fact, it could emerge, evolve, and swamp the internet ecosystem in fractions of a second. That in turn raises an interesting possibility – would an emergent AI be so rapidly limited that it effectively stalls, unable to build the virtual connections and structures it needs for long term survival? While that might limit AI, it would be cold comfort for us.

I can’t resist positing a connection to another hoary old problem – the Fermi Paradox. Perhaps the creation of AI is part of the Great Filter that kills off civilizations, but it also self-terminates, which is why even AI has apparently failed to spread across the galaxy during the past 13 billion years…

Source: The Daily Mail


The Mystery of the "UFO Repeaters"
By Sean Casteel


One of the most fascinating – and difficult to analyze – aspects of the UFO phenomenon is the apparent non-randomness of ufo repeaters coversightings and the effects those sightings have on those who witness them. Often a long chain of events begins for the witness after a sighting, events fraught with various synchronicities, time distortions and lingering, newly discovered PSI abilities like telepathy and psychokinesis.

Beginning with Kenneth Arnold’s 1947 sighting, a UFO encounter was considered to be something akin to being struck by lightning: it was completely involuntary and extremely unlikely to happen to someone a second time. But as the contactee movement of the 1950s began to gather strength, a different understanding began to emerge. Some people claimed to have ongoing relationships with the flying saucer occupants, and the otherworldly interlopers were even willing to pose for a few photos as well.

It is precisely that group within the UFO community that the new release from Timothy Green Beckley’s Global Communications publishing house is concerned with. The book is called “UFO Repeaters: Seeing Is Believing! The Camera Doesn’t Lie!” As the title implies, it is chock full of photos by people who were repeatedly given the opportunity to take aim and shoot UFOs with both still and motion picture cameras.

Many of the photos in “UFO Repeaters” are quite dramatic and will elicit gasps of wonderment even from people already jaded by years of studying the subject. No real attempt is made in the book to debate whether the photos are authentic. The late alien abduction research pioneer, Budd Hopkins, once said that we will always have difficulty in assessing the “truth” of a UFO photo because even one that photo analysis experts could not completely debunk would still look like something conjured by Hollywood through the special effects department. Hopkins also said that all we can really be sure of is ourselves, meaning that we should study the UFO phenomenon by picking it up from the human end of the stick.

Which “UFO Repeaters” also manages to accomplish when it tells the personal stories of several of the contactees themselves who became shutterbugs for the flying saucers. How and why these contactees were “chosen” for their mission of revealing the alien presence through the lens of the camera remains unknown, but some elusive factor unites them all.

In his introduction, publisher and author Beckley grapples with that and similar issues. For example, he writes, “Is it the individual – the UFO Repeater – who is solely responsible for the images on the film or video? Do they possess some sort of tracking device – an implant – that the aliens use as a homing apparatus to keep in touch with their representatives? Are some of the images ‘psychic’ in nature? Are they manifested by the Repeaters themselves? Sort of like a poltergeist event? Or perhaps it’s that the locale is a ‘hotspot’ that draws the UFOs in, and anyone could be standing in this location and capture weird images which are indisputably NOT anything within the realm of the ‘normal.’ Perhaps it is a combination of all of the above.”


Stella LansingThe veteran paranormal journalist Tim R. Swartz begins the book by getting down to cases. For example, Stella Lansing of Palmer, Massachusetts, who had the strange ability to “call down” UFOs and photograph them using both still and film cameras. Many of the images were not apparent when Stella took the pictures but instead seemed to spontaneously appear on film. She claimed to have experienced seeing strange little men and creatures, hearing voices speaking out of nowhere, suffering an electric shock administered by a “shimmering figure,” and a craft surfacing from underwater.

It was Beckley himself who gave Stella her first brush with fame when she came to a UFO convention Beckley helped to organize in 1967. She showed Beckley a series of home movies that had captured what he called “eerie, phantom-like phenomena.” One of Stella’s films seemed to show four occupants visible through a window on the spacecraft. Other 8mm films contained clock-like patterns of light that would overlap the frames, something considered to be optically impossible.

Stella talked about her experiences with author Brad Steiger for his book “Gods of Aquarius.”

“I don’t know if they came from another planet,” Stella said, “or if they live right within our dimension, or if they’re interdimensional – or maybe they’re living somewhere on Earth that we haven’t discovered yet. But whatever it is I do, it’s as if I’m programmed in some way to sense the need to take pictures of UFOs. I feel a sudden compulsion to pick up my camera, a sudden urgency to really grab that camera. I sense that maybe I am being ‘told,’ but I don’t even know – I’m not consciously aware. When I snap the shutter, that’s when I get my pictures of UFOs or entities. Something is making me do it without my being aware of it. I’m only aware of it after it’s happened.”

Stella continued to see and photograph UFOs as well as to keep detailed notes even after interest in her work had long since faded. She was always willing to talk about her experiences, but, right up to her death in 2012, she remained mystified by her own strange abilities. Nevertheless, the media always enjoyed telling her story, such as the ever popular TV series “Unsolved Mysteries.” She lives on in this clip available on YouTube by following this link: https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=5WF1LDn8pz8&video_referrer=watch


Four different UFOs filmed by Dorothy Izatt.Swartz also writes about a Canadian woman named Dorthy Izatt who photographed an amazing array of UFOs. What is so incredible about Dorothy’s films are the “one-frame” images that pop up unexpectedly, showing streaks of light and other luminous objects.

“It all started when she saw a bright object hovering in the sky above her house,” Swartz writes. “Dorothy went out onto her balcony with a flashlight and tried signaling the UFO, which, to her amazement, signaled back. When she told her friends about her experience, no one believed her. So she went out and bought a Keystone XL 200 Super-8 movie camera and started filming. The results were more than 600 reels of film that skeptics, right from the very beginning, have said were faked. But, if she is faking them, photo experts have yet to figure out how.”

Dorothy’s films have been seen widely on television shows like “Unsolved Mysteries” and “Sightings.” She calls the UFO occupants “light beings,” not aliens, because “we are aliens, too.”

Dorothy said that, from the very beginning, she could tell when a UFO was near and that she would be compelled to get her camera and film them. She later learned that she was being directed by telepathic communications from the extraterrestrials.

“You talk mind-to-mind,” she explained. “They can pick up your thoughts, and I have the ability to pick up theirs, too. There are all different types of beings. Some are like us. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if they walked among us. Some are different, but down here on this Earth we are all different, too.”

Oddly, some people can see the aliens when she points them out, but others can’t. She feels her own ability to see them is the result of a special sense she possesses. When she wants to make contact, all she has to do is concentrate and they appear. Dorothy says she was born with this “sense” and that she shares it with other members of her family.

“Even though many UFO researchers try to ignore the psychic component of UFOs,” Swartz writes, “the rejection of this key element will only contribute to the continuing confusion that surrounds the phenomenon. Since the 1940s, UFOs have become synonymous with spaceships and extraterrestrials. However, this interpretation is far too simplistic and probably reflects modern social belief structures more than science fact.”


The UFO abduction of Betty and Barney Hill has been well-documented in books such as the “Interrupted Journey,” by journalist John Fuller, and “Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience,” coauthored by Kathleen Marden (Betty’s niece) and longtime UFO researcher Stanton Friedman.

In 1961, the Hills underwent what would become a template for alien abduction that has been repeated for other people countless times in the years since. The couple was taken from their car as they drove from Canada to their home in New Hampshire, brought onboard a landed UFO, medically examined, and then returned to their car with no conscious memory of the strange events that had just taken place. The Hills would not recover their memories until a few years later when a Boston psychiatrist led them through the process of regressive hypnosis. The use of hypnosis to unearth the buried memories of an encounter would become another commonplace aspect of the aftermath of the alien abduction experience.

Although the Hill case is a familiar one to most in the UFO community, what is not so widely-known is that, after the 1961 encounter, Betty and her side of the family experienced not only additional UFO sightings but also unusual harassments in the form of house break-ins, weird telephone calls and paranormal activity. A scientific research team convinced Betty to take part in an experiment to see whether she could reestablish contact with her captors. The goal was to vector in a craft to land in the vicinity of Betty’s home. Betty attempted to reach out to the UFO occupants via verbal and telepathic messages. The UFOs did indeed begin to appear shortly thereafter, followed by a spate of paranormal activity that included household items flying off of shelves, doors opening and closing on their own, and light orbs darting through the air.

Betty wrote that, “These things are happening to Barney and me as well as to most of my relatives, but they have also been witnessed by other people who were present. We do not believe in ghosts but we do believe in space travel and life on other planets. So we wonder if these space travelers might have the ability to be ‘unseen’ to us.”

Many of her admirers do not realize that Betty had a “favorite spot” that she visited frequently in order to try and communicate with and “bring down” those beings that had taken her and Barney away so many years previously. Her efforts resulted in a number of odd photographs that she added to her personal collection of memorabilia but which had skeptics wagging their tongues in annoyed disbelief.


Menger claimed that this photograph showed an extraterrestrial who came to visit him in New Jersey. Howard Menger’s story is the kind you hope is true simply for the reassurance it offers about the nature of the UFO occupants. Howard encountered the kind of beautiful, loving creatures that seem to come right out of a children’s storybook about good spirits taking a young boy on a fantastic adventure in a kind of colorful “wonderland.”

Howard was born in 1922 in Brooklyn, New York. When Howard was ten, his parents moved the family to a spacious, rustic homestead in rural New Jersey. Howard and his brother would explore the nearby pastures and hills, where the paranormal activity soon commenced. On several occasions, the youths maintained, they were cornered by weird objects resembling Buck Rogers-like spacecraft that appeared over the tree line and sent the boys scampering away in fear. At one point, a ten-foot diameter disc landed close to Howard and his brother while another larger object hovered overhead, as if to gauge the boys’ reaction to the landed craft.

Little by little, Howard, being more “sensitive” than his brother, started to venture out into the pastures and meadowlands on his own. He easily made friends with the fauna there, like squirrels and rabbits, and was particularly attracted to specific spot near a slow-running stream that ran in the back of the family home. On a bright, sunny day in 1932, he saw something there that would change his life forever.

“There, sitting on a rock by the brook,” Howard said, “was the most exquisite woman my young eyes had ever beheld! The warm sunlight caught the highlights of her long, golden hair as it cascaded around her face and shoulders. The curves of her lovely body were delicately contoured, revealed through the translucent material of her clothing, which reminded me of the habit that skiers wear.”

In spite of the woman’s sudden and strange appearance out of nowhere, Howard was not frightened. He was instead “overcome by an overwhelming sense of wonderment” that made him freeze in his tracks. He felt a tremendous surge of warmth and love emanating from the woman and he approached her as one would an old friend or loved one.

The woman called him by name and said she had come a long way to see him and speak to him.

“She said she knew where I had come from,” Howard recalled, “and what my purpose would be here on Earth. She and her people had observed me for a long time and in ways I would not quickly understand. When she spoke of her ‘people,’ I still could not understand they were from another planet. I seemed to be encompassed by the very glow, almost visible, that emanated from her presence. I have often tried to describe it as like seeing a Technicolor movie in three dimensions and being a part of the action in the film.”

Again, the mysterious woman called Howard by name and said, “We are contacting our own,” words that Howard said would bring more joy and take on more meaning as he grew older. “It is no fault of yours, Howard, that you cannot understand everything. Do not worry,” she comforted him. Then her face took on an air of sadness, and she spoke of grave changes, destruction and torment that would move as a dark cloud over the country and the world. Before departing, the woman said he would see her again but it might not be for a long time. Howard returned to the same spot again often but the lady never reappeared.

Later, while an adult serving in the army, Howard was on vacation in Mexico when he encountered a man with shoulder-length blond hair sitting in a cab that Howard had just hailed. The blond man spoke to him without moving his lips, telepathically, and told Howard that he had been selected for a series of contacts with the aliens.

The alien warned Howard that his life might be in danger during his military service but it would never be necessary for him to kill anyone. This prophecy later came true when Howard was attacked by a Japanese soldier who came at him with a razor-sharp bayonet, cutting a hole in Howard’s tent in the middle of the night. Howard began firing at the enemy soldier, wounding him, but not mortally.

Howard would bump into his space friends nearly everywhere he went. They looked human enough, but there was just something odd about their appearance – something a bit “off” perhaps – that convinced him these visitors meant what they said when they claimed to be from other planets. They intimated to Howard that he had been selected to become a contactee because he had some of the same benevolent qualities about him that they had.

After the war, Howard returned to New Jersey and his contacts increased. He met them in his home as well as outdoors in several remote rendezvous spots where he had been told to go. On a number of occasions, he carried a camera with him to record some of their aerial activities. He even managed to get some still photos of the beings approaching him, backlit by the brightly illuminated exterior of their ship and creating eerie shadows.

As the years went on, Howard would gain fame as a contactee, perhaps second only to George Adamski, and would write a book called “From Outer Space To You” that remains a classic in its genre. Though controversy continues about whether Howard was part of a government “silence” group intent on muddying the waters regarding the truth about the flying saucer phenomenon, his many photos are still with us, and a goodly selection of those are featured in “UFO Repeaters.”

Coauthor Tim Beckley admits that he is predisposed to believing in Howard’s fanciful stories because “he was such a charming individual . . . the type of guy who doesn’t seem capable of lying to you.” Beckley says he lived down the road from Howard and often heard chatter from others who had “seen and heard things” on and around Howard’s property, despite the fact that they didn’t really hook up with Howard himself. His rural neighbors pretty much kept to themselves but had witnessed enough to be capable of verifying some of the strange happenings said to have transpired in the apple orchard out back of Howard’s Highbridge, New Jersey, home.


Paul VillaLike the legendary Swiss contactee, Billy Meier, Paul Villa was an unassuming gentleman of modest means who happened to capture some striking UFO photos. Paul had no axe to grind and no desire for publicity or fame. As so often happens in the world of UFO encounters, Paul did not find the flying saucer phenomenon; it found him.

Paul told UFO investigators that he would receive a telepathic message telling him to be at a certain location, usually somewhere near his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When he arrived at the designated place, the aliens would essentially “pose” for him while he took photos with a Japanese-made camera and standard Kodak film.

The result of those efforts is a beautiful series of full color photos depicting the flying saucers in all their glory. According to UFO researcher Wendelle Stevens, Paul’s photos are quite sharp compared to most photos of that era, which was the 1960s through the 1970s. The image size of the saucers is large enough to show good detail and the fact that Paul’s truck is in the foreground of some of the photos provides a known object with which to compare the size of the saucer and to judge its distance away from the camera.

Paul was born in 1916 of Native American/Spanish descent. He did not complete the tenth grade but had a good working knowledge of mathematics, physics, electricity and mechanics and was particularly gifted at detecting defects in engines and generators.

In 1953, while he was employed by the Department of Water and Power in Los Angeles, Paul encountered a man about seven feet tall who called him by name and could read his mind as well as knowing a great many facts about Paul’s past. The spaceman invited Paul to come aboard a metallic-looking, disc-shaped object floating on the water nearby and Paul agreed to go.

One of the small "scout craft" that Villa photographed preparing to land.For Paul, the aliens were entirely human-looking, though more uniformly attractive than Earth people and definitely more refined in face and form. They took Paul on a tour of the saucer and said they are here on a friendly mission to help Earth people. As his contact experiences continued through the years, Paul was eventually invited to photograph the ships. The aliens flew their craft slowly and hovered as Paul snapped away. In the mid-1960s, the photos began to draw the interest of flying saucer organizations, who debated the pictures’ authenticity and even at times tried to prove Paul to be a fraud.

The photos Paul took are breathtaking to look at and do appear to show genuine flying saucers set against lovely desert scenery. There are varying types of ships from photo to photo, which is consistent with UFO witness accounts since the 1940s and has led some analysts to think we are being visited by several different alien races and civilizations.

The notoriety that came with being chosen to take the photos did not make life easy for Paul, however. When he stopped at a local tavern one evening on his way home from work and sat sipping a beer, a stranger walked up and drew Paul’s blood with a punch in nose. His assailant called Paul crazy for “talking to spacemen.” On top of that, unwelcome curiosity seekers would descend on his family home and take “souvenirs” with them when they left. All the various forms of harassment necessitated relocating his family on several occasions.

Paul died in 1980 at age 64. Some of his photos were never made public, including a series that was reportedly taken on another planet. We may never know everything the UFO occupants revealed to Paul, but the idea that there is further photographic evidence of his to be seen is certainly a tantalizing one.


The mysterious face that appeared spontaneously on one of Stella Lansing's photographs. “UFO Repeaters” also includes photos by and the personal histories of other people who were selected to photograph flying saucers and, on occasion, their occupants. Ellen Crystall, Ed Walters, Joe Ferriere, Marc Brinkerhoff – the list goes on – were all at one time “brought into the fold,” so to speak, and produced a continual stream of photos that implies that there is some kind of mutual trust and, in some cases, an apparently loving relationship with the beings flying the ships at work here.

Why are these Repeaters granted this kind of privileged status with the UFO occupants? Why do the aliens seem to cancel the “terror factor” in certain cases and instead establish a caring, compassionate bond with some experiencers that continues throughout the mortal’s entire life? The vagaries of how these alien choices are made continue to elude us.

But, in the meantime, Global Communications can offer you this: a book that takes the stories behind these photographs and the people that took them basically at face value. There is no reason to doubt the photos’ authenticity, and many have long ago passed muster with photo analysis experts who were forced to concede that – whether or not there really IS an alien presence – the photos themselves were not the result of tampering or tricks.

The aliens have chosen to reveal their existence in many ways since Kenneth Arnold’s 1947 sighting started the ball rolling in the modern era. If this is so, why would occasional genuine photos not be part of that overall mix? Why would the UFO occupants withhold that kind of verification if they were willing to provide so many other forms of proof and confirmation?

But we are just beginning our tale of cosmic wonderment and will commence forthwith in our next installment to continue revealing the truth about the UFO Repeaters and their sincere efforts to document the reality of the unknown through the eye of the camera.

As the book’s title enthuses: Seeing is believing!

Source: Spectral Vision


UFOs: Microwaved to Death?
By Nick Redfern

Next month, April 2015, will mark the 50th anniversary of a British UFO encounter that, while not exactly having become lost to the fog of time, is certainly no longer addressed to any significant degree. It’s a classic Contactee-style event that is made all the more controversial by the possibility that it may actually have had nothing to do with UFOs, after all. It may well have been a staged event, one in which the witness was led to believe he had a UFO sighting. If that has caught your attention, read on.

The story revolves around a man named Ernest Arthur Bryant, a resident of an old village in the English county of Devon called Scoriton. Or, as some prefer to spell it, Scorriton. As for Devon, it’s an ancient and mysterious land, and which is made famous by the fact that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle set his classic Sherlock Holmes novel The Hound of the Baskervilles in Devon’s Dartmoor National Park.

On April 24, 1965, Bryant (who served with the British Commandos in World War Two) saw something amazing hovering over a field close to his home: a flying saucer. Bryant stared, shocked and amazed for a few moments, and then made his cautious way to the field. As he did so, and seemingly in response to his actions, the circular-shaped craft gently touched to the ground.

As Bryant arrived, a group of three, human-like beings attired in shiny, silver suits motioned him not to come any closer. He did as he was told. Bryant looked on, stunned, and noticed that the beings had overly long foreheads, seemed to have problems breathing in the Earth’s atmosphere, and, somewhat oddly, had no thumbs. One of the beings then moved towards Bryant and reeled off typical, absurd, Space Brother-themed spiel. The entity claimed his name was “Yamski” and that he and his comrades hailed from Venus, no less.

The alien then made a comment along the lines of, “If only Des were here.” Or, suggested Bryant, it may have been “Les,” rather than “Des.” This, along with the “Yamski” name is all very interesting, since only one day before the encounter, the world’s most famous Contactee, George Adamski, died. Plus, Adamski’s co-author on his Flying Saucers Have Landed book was Desmond Leslie.

Also in typical Contactee/Space Brother style, Bryant was given a “tour” of the UFO – which was, allegedly, split into three sections. The aliens then made a cryptic statement suggesting they would contact Bryant again. As Bryant watched from a safe distance, the UFO then rose into the sky and vanished from sight.

Although Bryant was determined to keep the incident under wraps, it didn’t stay like that for long: both the local media and UFO researchers were soon on the case. Flying Saucer investigator Norman Oliver looked into the matter deeply and, in 1967, Eileen Buckle penned an entire book on the affair, titled The Scoriton Mystery. Bryant’s story would, in all likelihood, have remained as just another Contactee case were it not for one, notable and very strange thing.

In the late 1970s, UFO researcher Rich Reynolds was contacted by a man named Bosco Nedelcovic, who suggested that Bryant’s encounter had very little to do with aliens, and much more to do with secret experimentation of a very down to earth nature. Nedelcovic (who worked for the U.S. Department of State’s Agency for International Development, and who also had ties to the CIA) claimed that Bryant was the victim of a form of sophisticated mind-control, somewhat akin to the kind of work undertaken by the CIA’s MKUltra program.

Nedelcovic told Reynolds of a number of bogus “UFO episodes” in both the US and the UK, in which individuals were led to believe they had UFO encounters when, in fact, they experienced something very different. Nedelcovic alluded to how these events involved “visual displays, radar displacement, and artifact droppings.” One of those events, said Nedelcovic, was the Bryant case.

Nedelcovic also revealed how the operation proceeded, and which involved “experimental drugs used to induce specific hallucinatory material” as well as “microwave transmissions.” On this latter point, Reynolds was told by Nedelcovic that “the injudicious use of microwave technology” led to a disastrous outcome for Bryant. As history has shown, Bryant died in 1967, from the effects of a brain tumor.

Interestingly, in his 1969 book, UFO: Flying Saucers Over Britain? author Robert Chapman noted: “There remains a possibility” that Bryant “might have had the UFO sighting planted in his mind through hypnotism.” Chapman noted that there was “no evidence” to warrant such a belief, yet it is interesting that he even chose to bring up the matter in the first place – given that this was pretty much exactly what Bosco Nedelcovic was asserting a decade or so later.

All of the above suggests there is far more to the UFO encounter and tragic death of Bryant than meets the eye. And, with the 50th anniversary of the incident now fast-approaching, it would be the ideal time for someone to (A) readdress the Bryant case and the claims of Bosco Nedelcovic, and (B) undertake a new, in-depth study of  this tragic, controversial, and fatal affair.

The truth just might be even stranger than an alien visitation.

Source: Mysterious Universe


Blood Miracles
By David Weatherly
Recently, Pope Francis was in Naples, Italy for a public ceremony.  During his appearance, he held a relic connected to the patron saint of Naples, Saint Januarius.  The relic, a glass vial, contains the dried blood of the saint, and, after being kissed by the pope, the blood was shown to have liquefied—half way.

The Archbishop of Naples, Crescenzio Sepe, proudly displayed the relic to the crowd and proclaimed: “The blood has half liquefied, which shows that Saint Januarius loves our pope and Naples.”

Pope Francis, well known for his quips, responded: “The bishop just announced that the blood half-liquified.  We can see the saint only half loves us.”

Recent headlines about this incident imply that it’s something new, possibly connected to the current pope, but this is actually an old story.  In fact, the liquefaction of the saint’s blood has been going on for six centuries.

The saint was a Roman bishop, decapitated during the persecution of Christians under the emperor Diocletian in 305 AD.

Ceremonies to display the saint Januarius relic are held on a regular basis, with throngs of worshipers praying and waiting for the liquefaction of the blood.  Legend says that on the occasions that the blood remains solid, disaster soon follows.  The faithful point to examples of this from the past, including widespread famine in 1559, the cholera outbreak of 1833 and bombing raids by allied aircraft in 1944, all of which occurred after the saint’s blood remained solid.

The collection of blood was a common practice during periods of the persecution of Christians.  Believers would soak cloths or articles of clothing in the blood of martyrs, or if possible, gather the blood in vials that would later be buried with the martyr’s body.  When later Christians discovered these items, they would give them special recognition as powerful relics.
Once removed from the body, blood soon coagulates, spoils and dries.  When the liquefaction of the blood of saint Januarius occurs, the vial of coagulated blood is seen to liquefy and often, bubble and froth, at which point the cardinal announces:

“The miracle has happened.”

The church is usually packed beyond capacity for these events.

In the past, the ceremony was held up to 18 times a year, but in more recent times, that number has been reduced down to 3 times per year, including the saint’s feast day.

Skeptics often proclaim that the blood simply liquefies due to the heat from nearby candles, or possibly the hands of the priest but the event has occurred in a wide range of temperatures and each time, the speed of the liquefaction is different. There have also been times when the blood remained solid under identical conditions.

Further adding to the mystery of the blood, it seems to change in volume.  At times, it fills only half of the vial, while on other occasions, it completely fills the container.  Additionally, both its color and viscosity have been known to vary during the ceremonies.  Then there’s the issue of the blood’s weight.  In experiments conducted in 1902 and 1904, the blood was found to vary in weight, increasing as much as 25 grams defying the laws of nature.  The 1902 experiments were also used to confirm that the substance in the vial is indeed blood.

The relic of saint Januarius is not completely unique.  In Italy alone, there are almost 200 blood samples from various saints.  Many of these sample are said to liquefy on religious holidays and during times of veneration.

The blood of St. Lorenzo (d. 258) rests in a small flask in the right wing of the church of St. Maria in Amaseno. Lorenzo was martyred on August 10, 258 under the order of the Emperor Valerian (d. 260), and although he was condemned to be burned to death on a grill, some of his blood was caught and preserved by his fellow Christians. Each year on the anniversary of his martyrdom, the vial is brought near the altar and locked in a glass cabinet. There, in full view of the assembled worshippers at St. Maria, the transformation of the centuries-old clotted blood to liquid occurs.

One theory claims that they blood relics respond to vibration form movement and the attention of the priest continually checking on the liquefaction process.  However, some blood relics are locked in cases and merely observed as the process unfolds.

One interesting theory posed to explain the varied reactions of the blood is that the human substance responds to the focus, prayers and willpower of the gathered worshipers, an act of mind affecting matter.

Over the years, countless scientist have attempted to reproduce or explain the reaction of blood relics, but so far, no “rational” explanation has been presented.  Religious believers could care less about the science, as long as the blood continues to give the all clear and not indicate pending disaster.

It should be noted that, despite his humorous comment, by the end of the current pope’s visit, the saint’s blood was said to have completely liquefied.

Source: Two Crows Paranormal


The Cell Phone Stalker

Maybe it’s just a long-running prank, but the reign of terror endured by three Fircrest families buries the needle on the creepy meter.

For four months, the Kuykendalls, the Prices and the McKays say, they’ve been harassed and threatened by mysterious cell phone stalkers who track their every move and occasionally lurk by their homes late at night, screaming and banging on walls.

Police can’t seem to stop them. The late-night visitors vanish before officers arrive. The families say investigators have a hard time believing the stalkers can control cell phones without touching them and suspect an elaborate hoax. Complaints to their phone companies do no good – the families say they’ve been told what the stalkers are doing is impossible.

It doesn’t feel impossible to Heather Kuykendall and her sister, Darci Price, who’ve saved and recorded scores of threatening voice mails, uttered in throaty, juvenile rasps stolen from bad horror films.

Price and Kuykendall have given the callers a name: “Restricted.” That’s the word that shows up on their caller ID windows: on the land lines at home, and on every one of their cell phones.

Their messages, left at all hours, threaten death – to the families, their children and their pets.

“They tell us that they see us,” Kuykendall said Tuesday. “They tell us that they know everything we’re doing.”

It’s gotten so bad the sisters’ parents have offered a $1,000 reward to anyone who identifies the culprits.

The stalkers know what the family is eating, when adults leave the house, when they go to baseball games. They know the color of shirt Courtney Kuykendall, 16, is wearing. When Heather Kuykendall recently installed a new lock on the door of the house, she got a voice mail. During an interview with The News Tribune on Tuesday, she played the recording.

The stalkers taunted her, telling her they knew the code. In another message, they threatened shootings at the schools Kuykendall’s children attend.

“I’m warning you,” one guttural message says. “Don’t send them to school. If you do, say goodbye.”

Somehow, the callers have gained control of the family cell phones, Price and Kuykendall say. Messages received by the sisters include snatches of conversation overheard on cell-phone mikes, replayed and transmitted via voice mail. Phone records show many of the messages coming from Courtney’s phone, even when she’s not using it – even when it’s turned off.

Price and Kuykendall say the stalkers knew when they visited Fircrest police and sent a voice-mail message that included a portion of their conversation with a detective.

The harassment seems to center on Courtney, but it extends to her parents, her aunt Darcy and Courtney’s friends, including Taylor McKay, who lives across the street in Fircrest. Her mother, Andrea McKay, has received messages similar to those left at the Kuykendall household and cell phone bills approaching $1,000 for one month. She described one recent call: She was slicing limes in the kitchen. The stalkers left a message, saying they preferred lemons.

“Taylor and Courtney seem to be the hub of the harassment, and different people have branched off from there,” Andrea McKay said. “I don’t know how they’re doing it. They were able to get Taylor’s phone number through Courtney’s phone, and every contact was exposed.”

McKay, a teacher in the Peninsula School District, said she and Taylor recently explained the threats to the principal at Gig Harbor High School, which Taylor attends. A Gig Harbor police officer sat in on the conversation, she said.

While the four people talked, Taylor’s and Andrea’s phones, which were switched off, sat on a table. While mother and daughter spoke, Taylor’s phone switched on and sent a text message to her mother’s phone, Andrea said.

The Kuykendalls and Prices report similar experiences. Richard Price, Darcy’s husband, is a 26-year military officer, assigned to McChord Air Force Base. On a recent trip to the base, the stalkers sent him a message.

“McChord needs us,” the voice said.

Mari Manley, 16, one of Courtney’s close friends, is another victim of the harassment. She tried to avoid the calls by ignoring her phone. Late one night, she heard the phone making an unfamiliar noise. Her ringtone had changed.

“Answer your phone,” a guttural voice said. Manley saved the ringtone, and played it during an interview Tuesday.

The families and their friends have adopted a new routine: They block the cameras on their phones with tape. They take out the batteries to stop the calls. The Prices and Kuykendalls returned all their corrupted phones to their wireless company and replaced them with new ones. The threatening messages kept coming.

Fircrest Police Chief John Cheesman is familiar with the case and knows the families. His department is working the case with the Tacoma Police Department and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office, he said. The agencies filed a search warrant for the phone records, but they didn’t reveal much. Many of the calls and text messages trace back to Courtney’s phone, which the family believes has been electronically hijacked.

Cell phone technology allows remote monitoring of calls, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Known as a “roving bug,” it works whether a phone is on or off. FBI agents tracking organized crime have used it to monitor meetings among mobsters. Global positioning systems, installed in many cell phones, also make it possible to pinpoint a phone’s location within a few feet.

According to James M. Atkinson, a Massachusetts-based expert in counterintelligence who has advised the U.S. Congress on security issues, it’s not that hard to take remote control of a wireless phone. “You do not have to have a strong technical background for someone to do this,” he said Tuesday. “They probably have a technically gifted kid who probably is in their neighborhood.”

Courtney Kuykendall says she has no idea who the stalkers are, though she knows police are suspicious. She believes someone followed her at school – a man in a hooded sweatshirt with a beard.

“They’re accusing my daughter of threatening her own family,” Heather Kuykendall said.

“Why would I do that?” Courtney said. “Why would I do that to people I care about? Why would I harass my own family?”

Unfortunately this strange story was never solved...at least there were no resolutions reported by the local media.  Was it a hoax, or some sort of elaborate hacking?  Considering what we  now know about how U.S. intelligence groups have been spying on U.S. citizens through their cell phones,  it is not inplausable to consider that the harrassment these families suffered could have come from some government agency, or possibly even a third-party contractor who got some sort of thrill by scaring innocent people.  We can speculate endlessly on what really happened, but the truth of the matter is that we will probably never know.

Source:  The News Tribune


Policewoman Says She Was Attacked By a Ghost

A trainee police officer claims she was attacked by a ghost which grabbed and scratched her during a night shift.

The supposed attack took place in a room where other cadets have also reported spooky encounters.

One claims to have seen the figures of a woman and a girl covered in blood.

Maria Fernanda, 25, was on midnight guard duty at the Police Training Academy in Buenos Aires, Argentina when she claims to have heard a scratching sound coming from one of the lecture rooms.

When she called her boss he told her to wait outside while he checked.

But seeing nothing unusual inside he told her not to worry and went back to his office.

Freaked out Fernanda said: "No sooner had my boss gone than I heard the noise again.

"I pulled my service revolver out and went in and then I saw this black shadow flying across the room towards me.

"Before I could react it grabbed me and I screamed and ran full pelt to the bathroom where I locked myself in.

"I then noticed there was blood on my face, arms and chest and realised it had scratched me."

Fernanda immediately reported the incident to her superiors who began an investigation.

A police spokesman for the academy said: "This is not the first report we have had of strange sightings in that part of the building.

"Another cadet also reported seeing a black shadow while another said she had seen a woman and a girl covered in blood.

"In one of the bunk beds she found some blood stains and claw marks and others have reported seeing ghostly figures disappear.

"But this is the first time one of our cadets has been physically assaulted.

"We are looking into it."

Source: Mirror
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