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-  Update: UFO Pilots - Are They Human? -
Phone Calles From Beyond The Grave
AND: The Mysterious Haunted Toilets of Bangladesh

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America's Strange and Supernatural History

Find out what the "Powers That Be" Don't want you to know regarding the truly hidden - occult - history of the United States.

No one would likely dispute the fact that times are stranger in America than ever before, and indications are that things are getting weirder with each passing day. But a look at our hidden – SECRET – history alerts us to the startling fact that our country has been steeped in “high strangeness” since its founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and, provocatively, even before.

It is nevertheless apparent that our proud nation owes a great “debt of ingratitude” to the mysterious, the macabre, the downright bizarre and the unseen realm of the occult. Did the ancient Lemurians, a Pacific Ocean race similar to the fabled Atlanteans to the east, erect the mysterious walls found in the eastern part of the San Francisco Bay area? Writer Olav Phillips explores the enigma first hand.

Sean Casteel provides an overview of historical incidents of cannibalism, stories that go back as far as “The Starving Time” of the Jamestown colony in 1609, and Wm. Michael Mott offers up some of the UFO and creature sightings he has collected from the state of Mississippi.

Publisher/writer Timothy Green Beckley and his friend Circe returned to Sleepy Hollow, New York – of “Headless Horseman” fame – and discovered that paranormal activity is still rampant there, while author Tim Swartz would like suitable explanations for all the supernatural mysteries of his native Indiana.

In a Bonus Section: “The Spiritual Destiny of America” - The future of America as seen through the eyes of prophecy and the occult is revealed. You can feel the chills already, eh? Read “America’s Strange and Supernatural History” and get ready to kick those chills up a notch or two.

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UFO Experiences of the Stars
By Sean Casteel

It is readily apparent that UFOs and their alien occupants are a huge portion of our daily allotment of pop culture influences. It should also be apparent that this is not a case of pop culture exploiting consumer interest in UFOs but represents instead a conscious, deliberate social programming being carried out by the UFO occupants. This distinction may be a subtle one to some, but, for many people working in the UFO community, it is an inescapable one.  

The tightly-bound connection between UFOs and pop culture has been the cause of some concern to government officials in the U.K. In the British newspaper "The Sunday Express," reporter Mark Branagan writes about a study done in the late 1990s.

According to the "Express," "Secret Special Branch files have revealed that the London Metropolitan Police regarded Mulder and Scully, not to mention Captain Kirk and his 'Star Trek' crew, as threats to national security. 'The X-Files' and 'Star Trek' were among a number of classic shows being monitored as part of a probe into the potential menace of UFO groups. Anti-terrorism experts were also concerned about the brainwashing effect of 'Dark Skies,' 'Roswell,' 'Millennium,' and 'The Lawnmower Man' on British viewers. With the clock ticking towards the real Millennium, there were fears that Britain was on the brink of collective UFO madness that would lead to anarchy."

The dossier was compiled after the mass suicide by America's Heaven's Gate doomsday cult, and there were fears something similar might happen in the UK. It was also pointed out that Heaven's Gate drew inspiration from sci-fi programs like those mentioned above, as did the Branch Davidian cult in Waco, Texas. The latter regarded "The Lawnmower Man" as being an interpretation of the Book of Revelation.

"The problem is that growing numbers are not treating this as entertainment and are finding it impossible to divorce fantasy from reality," says the unknown author of the Special Branch report. "Although an American phenomenon, it is being imported into the U.K."

But is alien influence on pop culture really as grim as the Metropolitan Police and Special Branch anti-terrorism experts make out? Publisher and author Timothy Green Beckley thinks not, and, to make his point, he has just released his book "Shirley MacLaine Meets The Pleiadians - Plus The Amazing Flying Saucer Experiences Of Celebrities, Rock Stars And The Rich And Famous." In the interest of full disclosure, I wrote an opening chapter on Shirley MacLaine's interest in and fondness for the UFO occupants, who, as the title suggests, come from the Pleiades star cluster, at least according to Shirley. 

American actress Shirley MacLaine seems to have long ago crossed over into total and unashamedly public belief in UFOs and may be an important part of the overall cultural programming whether she is totally conscious of playing such a role or not. In her 2007 book, "Sage-ing While Age-ing," Shirley wrote about how her interest in UFOs began when she was a young woman in Virginia and heard about the now legendary sightings of flying saucers over the nation's capital.

"It was a Saturday night, in 1952, I know," she writes, "because I recorded it in my diary. A pilot reported seeing a UFO and two Air Force F-94 jets streaked over Washington in hot pursuit. The next morning the banner headline in 'The Washington Post' was 'SAUCER OUTRAN, JET PILOT REVEALS.' 'Life Magazine' did a cover story called 'There is a Case for Interplanetary Saucers. Have We Visitors From Outer Space?' It reviewed ten recent UFO sightings and concluded that they could not be written off as hallucinations, hoaxes or earthly aircraft. An unnamed officer was quoted as saying, 'The higher up you go in the Air Force, the more seriously they take flying saucers.'"

In that same book, Shirley recounts the story of a party given by actor William Holden to which Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy had been invited. This was in the 1950s, when Reagan was still an actor. He and Nancy arrived an hour late, claiming to have seen a UFO while driving to the party. They said they had stopped to observe it. Reagan said the ship landed and an alien emerged who told him telepathically to quit acting and take up politics. Shirley said she heard the story many years later from Lucille Ball, who was a staunch Democrat and wanted Shirley to know that the conservative Republican Reagan must be crazy.

In another case of a politician sighting a UFO, Congressman Dennis Kucinich suffered no small amount of ridicule after seeing a giant triangular craft hover over him for ten minutes as he stood on the balcony of Shirley's home in Graham, Washington. Kucinich was later questioned about the incident during a nationally televised presidential debate in 2007, and it is generally assumed his chances for winning the White House died at that moment despite his attempts at face-saving humor.  
Shirley's approach to the UFO phenomenon is decidedly metaphysical. She believes strongly in reincarnation, for example, and claims to have lived former lives as a medieval warrior, an orphan raised by elephants, a Japanese geisha and a model for post-impressionist painter Toulouse-Lautrec. Even her beloved pet rat terrier, Terry, is a reincarnation of the jackal-headed Egyptian god Anubis. In spite of the laughter and jeers such beliefs engender in the public and the media, Shirley says, "I've never had the urge to please anybody. I'm used to people thinking I'm wacky, so I don't take myself seriously."


As promised by the second part of the title for Tim Beckley's new Global Communications release, there are many other celebrities who have spoken to Beckley about their UFO encounters. In the 1970s and 80s, when Beckley worked as a freelance reporter for pulp tabloids like "The National Enquirer" and "The Star," he frequently tracked down major stars for an interview, often working with his partner-in-crime, journalist Harold Salkin. While Beckley was gathering the usual showbiz-type info, he would always slip in a few questions about a given star's UFO or paranormal experiences.

One major coup for Beckley was his interview with William Shatner in which the actor told about being alone in the Mojave Desert with only a malfunctioning motorcycle standing between him and death in the barren wastes. While Shatner was reluctant to talk about what happened to him that day, Beckley nevertheless elicited a kind of non-comprehending "confession" from Shatner about some unknown presence or force guiding him back to civilization and safety. The section on Shatner includes a word-for-word transcript of their conversation on UFOs and Beckley's later reflections on what Shatner told him.

Other actors who told Beckley of their otherworldly adventures include Cliff Robertson, Glenn Ford, Ruth Warrick, Anthony Hopkins and Charles Bronson. There is also an exclusive interview with Jackie Gleason about his alleged viewing of the frozen corpses of little alien beings, as shown to him by his golfing buddy, President Richard Nixon. The story is related by Bentwaters witness Larry Warren, who visited the "big man" in his Westchester County home and got the nitty-gritty on what Gleason saw directly from the comedian/actor himself.

In spite of the possibility of seeing their reputations forever tainted by "lunatic fringe" beliefs, a great many major Hollywood names were willing to open up and speak frankly with Beckley as he scribbled down their stories of close encounters with the Great Unknown.


Beckley also had many contacts in the rock music scene, including a man named Curtis Knight, who used to perform with the legendary electric guitar virtuoso Jimi Hendrix before Jimi became an acclaimed superstar.

According to Knight, he and Jimi and the rest of the band were in Woodstock, New York, returning from a gig in the winter months of 1965. Their car became trapped in a snowdrift with the snow reaching as high as the vehicle's hood. The windows were rolled up and the heater was going full blast, but Knight still feared they would die from exposure to the cold.

All at once, the road in front of them lit up as a bright, phosphorescent object landed in the snow about 100 feet ahead. It stood on tripod landing gear and looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. Knight wondered if he was hallucinating as he prodded Jimi to wake up. Jimi smiled and stared out into the night at the object but made no comment. Knight was unable to rouse the three other members of the band and feared they might be succumbing to carbon monoxide poisoning from the exhaust fumes and the closed windows.

At that point, a very frightened Knight saw a door open on the ship and an eight-foot-tall entity emerge. The being glided toward the trapped occupants of the van, generating enough heat as he moved to melt the death-dealing snow. Knight recalls feeling that Jimi was communicating telepathically with the alien visitor. Suddenly, the inside of the van warmed up and the snow around the vehicle evaporated, making it possible for the group to make the drive back to Manhattan without further incident.

As in the story William Shatner told Beckley, the alien contact for Jimi and Curtis Knight seemed to be for the purpose of making a lifesaving rescue, as though the future path laid out for these entertainment luminaries was not something to be trifled with by near misses with "accidental" death. 

Hendrix included UFO-themed lyrics in many of his songs and gave a concert on the Hawaiian island of Maui at which he held court with other concertgoers and revealed his fascination with otherworldly matters. The "UFO Fest" is archived on YouTube:


When it came to making journalistic connections with rock stars, Beckley relied a great deal on his friend, Walli Elmlark, who billed herself as the White Witch of New York. The two first met when Beckley was running the New York School of Occult Arts and Sciences in Manhattan in the early 1970s. Walli worked as a writer for "Circus Magazine," a music publication that covered mainly the hard rock portion of the pop spectrum.

It was around this time that rock superstar David Bowie was in his "metaphysical" stage. Bowie would often consult Walli on career moves and more private situations because of her reputation as a highly sensitive psychic. When Bowie spoke to Beckley in the RCA recording studios in Manhattan, Bowie said, "I'm very much interested in science fiction. I've always been fascinated with the idea that life might exist elsewhere in the universe and the possibility that space beings might be traveling to Earth."

The storyline for Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust" character centers on an alien who comes to Earth and becomes a show business sensation in the dying, decadent last days of our planet. Some of his fans believed Bowie's music was of deep significance and had been inspired by the artist's own real-life alien contact. What is not generally known, Beckley tells us, is that Bowie put together a UFO magazine while still a youth in his native England. Along with his magazine chums, Bowie had frequent sightings there as well, sometimes as many as five or six alien craft at a time.

"They would come on a regular basis," Bowie told Beckley, "to the point where we could time them. Sometimes they just stood still, while other times they moved about oh so fast that it was hard to keep a steady eye on them."   

Walli Elmlark also felt a deep connection to Marc Bolan, who, with his band T. Rex, had long topped the charts here and around the world. Walli believed that many popular rock stars were being reincarnated here on Earth at this specific time in history to bring a positive change in our cultural attitudes.

Marc, along with Robert Fripp of King Crimson, Bowie and a techno-music composer called simply Eno, were amazed by Walli's work in the spiritual community and decided a spoken-word album that they could get behind might propel her teachings to a mass audience. Walli traveled to the UK to record the album, which was to be called "The Cosmic Children." The album would include musical interludes by the aforementioned rock music composers. "The Cosmic Children" project was never completed, however, and the original spoken-word tapes are believed to have been destroyed.

"I know Walli used to be particularly enthralled with the 'cosmic charm' of Marc Bolan, who many knew as the 'Wizzard,'" Beckley writes.

"I have had to meet hundreds of 'pop' stars," Walli told Beckley, "but it is a rare name that I can't wait to meet. Marc Bolan was one. I had gotten a very definite impression of what Marc's thinking would be like from listening to his lyrics. They are filled with allusions to wizards, priestesses, planet queens and other varied cosmic complexities."

Walli described the scene when she interviewed Marc, who was doing a whirlwind of promotional interviews at the time. 
"We went into a back room and I sat on the floor next to him," she recalled. "I listened to him try to explain to a large woman that none of us ever really die. Naturally, we believe in reincarnation. He spoke of cosmic awareness, mind power, the fact that he spends a lot of time with gypsies 'because they are not into formal schooling. They KNOW!'"

As Walli's photographer busied himself shooting pictures of Marc, Walli suddenly blurted, "I wish I could go insane or die at times. But I'm not allowed."

"Of course you're not," Marc consoled her. "You are one of the children, you know that."

Walli and Marc looked at each other and their mutual understanding was unmistakable. But the rock star and the White Witch never met again. Walli later took her own life and Marc died in a car accident in 1977 at the age of twenty-nine. 


Beckley is not alone in his belief that rock stardom and alien contact are intertwined in various ways. Prominent Canadian researcher and author Grant Cameron has made a solid reputation in the UFO community by examining U.S. presidents and their public - and sometimes more private - statements and attitudes about possible alien visitation. Lately, Cameron has been speaking and writing about the idea that aliens heavily influenced many of the songs composed in the rock music era. One example he cites is "After the Gold Rush," by Neil Young.

"The lyrics talk about lying in a burned-out basement and having a dream where the sun bursts out during the full moon," Cameron explains. "The lyrics indicate that the world has pillaged the environment and the world is now in trouble - 'Mother Nature on the run.' In Young's song, the silver saucers will then appear and take the chosen ones to another planet - 'a new home in the sun.' There are a number of experiencers who describe a similar Rapture-type event caused by environmental disaster."

Nearly 30 years after Young first released 1970's "After the Gold Rush," singers Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt were set to record their own version of the song for a collaborative album called "Trio Two." Dolly was a little confused about what Young's lyrics were intended to mean, so the women gave the composer a phone call and asked him directly.
"We asked him," Parton said, "flat out, what it meant, and he said, 'Hell, I don't know. I just wrote it. It just depends on what I was taking at the time. I guess every verse has something different I'd taken.'"

Cameron notes that Young was not unique among rock musicians in admitting that he was on drugs when he came up with the lyrics to a given song. But for Cameron, the question remains as to where the alien and environmental references in Young's song came from. The rise in social consciousness that began in the 1960s was all generated by young people and their musical idols, he theorizes, and looking back it appears that many of those key musical icons had UFO experiences.

Those massive cultural changes could not have happened without aliens to guide the process, he feels, and serious study should be given to this kind of UFOlogy in an effort to analyze exactly how the aliens' "plan for humanity" is being implemented through entertainers and pop culture in general.

"The musicians also brought the message of love," Cameron writes, "which seems to be the key message both of the Universe and the UFO occupants. The message seems to be that there is no time, space, gravity, good or bad. There is just fear and love, and we should move towards love." 


Cameron's view of things may seem a little simplistic, even naïve, but it's certainly the message John Lennon delivered when he sang "All You Need Is Love" with his fellow Beatles. And John   wasn't left out when it came to having his own personal UFO contact experience.

As Beckley reports in "Shirley MacLaine Meets The Pleiadians," John was standing on the balcony in all his naked glory when his New York penthouse was buzzed by a vehicle from another world. Beckley made the acquaintance of May Pang, an American-born Asian beauty who worked as Lennon's personal assistant for almost three years. When Lennon and wife Yoko Ono went their separate ways for a time, Pang took up residence with Lennon in Yoko's absence.

"John was always fascinated with the unusual," Pang told Beckley in an interview conducted in her apartment. "He was always caught up in his fate, his destiny. He was trying to understand his greatness and the impact he had on millions growing up in a very confused, almost lost generation."

Pang was happy to fill in the details of John's sighting because she had been right there with him when it happened.

"We had just ordered up some pizza," her story began, "and since it was such a warm evening we decided to step out on the terrace. There were no windows directly facing us from across the street, so John just stepped outside with nothing on in order to catch a cool breeze that was coming in off the East River. I remember I was just inside the bedroom getting dressed when John started shouting for me to come out onto the terrace."

Pang yelled back that she would be right there, but John kept screaming that she was to come that very instant.

"As I walked out onto the terrace," Pang continued, "my eye caught this large, circular object coming towards us. It was shaped like a flattened cone, and on top was a large, brilliant red light, not pulsating as on any of the aircraft we'd see heading for a landing at Newark Airport."

Pang said she and John stood there mesmerized and unbelieving. When the craft came a little closer, the pair could make out a row or circle of white lights that ran around the rim of the ship. The lights flashed on and off and were dazzling to behold. As they watched, spellbound, the UFO moved directly over the next building. Pang says it was the size of a Lear Jet and was so close they could have thrown a rock and hit it quite easily.

The object passed out of sight, but when it returned they were able to set up a telescope, hoping for a closer view. The light was so intense, however, that they were unable to see any further details. John and Pang took a couple of photos but, as is often the case when photographing UFOs, the pictures were "overexposed." The excited couple phoned the "The New York Daily News," who informed them that at least seven other reports had come in that night. When they also called the police, they were told to keep calm. The police also confirmed that other similar reports of the same object had been received.

John spent the rest of the night in a state of awe, saying over and over "I can't believe I've seen a flying saucer." John later made mention of the sighting in the cover art for his 1974 "Walls and Bridges" album. In a song called "Nobody Told Me (There'd Be Days Like This)," John tosses off the line, "There's UFOs over New York, and I ain't too surprised." The song had been left incomplete before he died and was eventually finished and released by Yoko Ono on a posthumous album called "Milk and Honey" in 1984.

"John had always had an interest in UFOs," Pang told Beckley. "He even used to subscribe to a British UFO magazine, 'The Flying Saucer Review.' But after seeing what we saw that night, he became even more fanatical, bringing up the subject all the time."


We get the "coming of the aliens" message from TV, movies and popular culture continually now. From Shirley MacLaine to rock superstars like John Lennon and Neil Young, the list goes on. The aliens' message, as delivered by so many celebrities in so many ways, forecasts the inevitable - and inescapable - appearance on the world scene of an otherworldly force who has given us all plenty of fair warning. 

But in terms of sheer entertainment value, you can't do any better than "Shirley MacLaine Meets The Pleiadians Plus The Amazing Flying Saucer Experiences Of Celebrities, Rock Stars And The Rich and Famous." This article has covered only a brief sampling of what the book has to offer, focusing mainly on rock musicians. But watch this space for more articles from both Timothy Green Beckley and myself on this fascinating look at celebrity UFO contact. UFOs can be said to be a great "equalizer" that leaves even the most jaded pop culture icon in a state of reverence and awe. There's nothing like alien contact to remind us that we're all mere mortals.








Update: UFO Pilots - Are They Human?
By Diane Tessman
Linda Moulton-Howe recently gave a "bombshell interview" to the "Dark Journalist" as a promotional for a "special extended 3 hour episode wherein she reveals some of the most controversial, stunning, eye-opening, and shocking revelations on the alien reality!"

"In this rare and revealing in-depth interview, Linda Moulton Howe explains why after 35 years of alien contact research she has now come to the conclusion that there are not only off-world alien visitors on the planet but also time-traveling human beings from a post-nuclear apocalypse future that are coming back to preserve vital DNA material for the survival of humankind!"

I am using quotation marks here because I am quoting from a sensationalistic advertisement for this interview. http://www.educatinghumanity.com/2015/05/ufo-alien-disclosure-dark-journalist-interview.html?m=1

Since I have championed Future Humans as the possible source of UFO occupants for over 30 years, I read this "big news" with an ironic smile. And as an individual who has been missing a membrane in her mouth for over 64 years, I also find the news that DNA harvesting is and has been underway for years--to be old news. I have no logical explanation for my missing tissue sample; believe me, I have searched.

Here is the "breaking news" in the "Dark Journalist" promotional:

"By examining her research on hundreds of cases in the alien abduction syndrome, she outlines a mysterious and vast program being set up by extraterrestrial intelligence to ensure that human beings survive their own destructive tendencies with an advanced technology DNA harvesting network on a modern day Noah's Ark...(Linda) discloses publicly her own personal contact with a higher intelligence during her investigations of crop circles and their connection to UFOs and the alarming message that they telepathically communicated to her from another dimensional level about earth's future and the dangers that must be averted now so the planet can be saved from World War III!"

I wish to stress that I am not criticizing this promo nor Linda Moulton Howe's latest news, but many of us who have been convinced for many years that UFOs exist, have looked into the possibility that UFOs seem to have arrived in 1947 which marks the beginning of modern UFO era; we have also noted that this was also the year the United States began nuclear testing in the Pacific which solidified the U.S' ongoing, long running use of nuclear weapons. Coincidence? I suppose I simply do not view this news from Ms. Moulton-Howe as "breaking news," but it is good to get the idea "out there" more prominently.

So, Linda also has heard telepathically from UFO occupants that we stand on the brink of World War 3 (nuclear Armageddon) and Earth's future is therefore in jeopardy. I remember discussing with Tuella that both she and I were receiving this same message from UFO occupants back in 1983. Tuella came before me chronologically and many of us have come before Linda Moulton-Howe who is apparently now receiving the same messages.

Again, I am happy she is publicizing to a wider audience the information we received all along. However, there is one difference: It is an obligation of the individual involved to make it clear that this is a subjective opinion. If this individual has a large, respected reputation like Ms. Moulton-Howe, it is her obligation to make it clear that 1) she is standing on the shoulders of others who have given the same warning for years and 2) that even though she is a respected journalist, this new information is highly subjective.

In the UFO field, we need to publically make note of when we are being objective researchers and journalists, and when we are being "space channels." Channeling is often laughed at, perhaps Ms. Moulton-Howe will add to its legitimacy but an unfortunate side effect might be that she emerges as the "bombshell messenger" while the rest of us who received similar telepathic information for decades, remain as "those new age channels who deserve no respect."

The "Dark Journalist" promo concludes, "Linda also explores "never before revealed" details from cases like the RAF Bentwaters/Rendlesham Forest UFO encounter of how an entire house that was closeby to the sighting "vanished into thin air" during the incident, but was covered up by covert intelligence forces. She also discusses how an intel whistle-blower leaked a secret report to her that the CIA had come to the conclusion that crop circles were hidden messages from a struggling humanity in the future laid out in advanced mathematical and geometrical formulas." (This is also not breaking news, it has long been postulated).

I am sure some of you will want to listen to this Dark Journalist interview although I do wish he would simply give his name in this promo which seems a bit "sensationalistic smoke and mirrors." 

Here is my update on the possibility of Future Humans being the pilots of at least some of the UFOs we see in our skies.
For over 30 years, I have searched for the possible source or sources of UFO occupants. What might their origins be? Where are they from? I am firmly convinced that some UFO occupants are of extraterrestrial origin, be they from inside the Solar System, perhaps Europa or Titan, or outside the Solar System. Of course is seems most likely they are from distant planets circling distant stars.

However, I have also looked into other theories of UFO occupants' origins and an intriguing possibility arises. It involves the concept of the probable singularity between Homo sapiens and artificial intelligence in the future. This could be a possible source of UFO occupants; they may be Future Humans, probably with the enhancements of artificial intelligence.

(I capitalize "Future Humans" because I see them as a separate tribe or species from us, and yet they are the humans of their time).

I also must disclose that when I was four years old, during an encounter with UFO occupants, I was told, "We are from your future." I remember this message from them as clearly as if it were yesterday. Also in the spiritual aspect of my work, I have had it confirmed that the messages are from Future Humans; I do, however, try to keep this spiritual aspect of my work separate from my UFO research and writings. 
We are told that by 2045, humankind will join with artificial intelligence; then artificial intelligence will continue to expand, faster than human intelligence. This moment of Singularity will be arguably the most important event in human history, which might be why it is usually capitalized.

In researching the Future Human/UFO theory, two problems are always presented:

Problem #1: Humans are a long way from being advanced enough (intelligent enough), to develop time travel. It might involve creating worm holes, or warping space or some quantum manipulation. After all, today we are still debating the basics of quantum mechanics.

Problem Solved: However, linked into computer intelligence, we can perceive that we humans just might figure out how to traverse time. It might be a matter of sending one's mind into time rather than one's body, or it might mean boarding a silver starship and warping (folding) space. Whatever the specifics, enhanced intelligence should open the time travel doors wide!

Problem #2: If traveling time, backward or forward, means warping space or other incredible means, then humans will not be able to stand the radiation, g-forces, and other hardships. In fact, humans might not be able to go to space much more than they already have, due to the high radiation factor. So those UFO occupants just cannot be Future Humans, so says the argument.

Problem Solved:  The Singularity will make us nearly immortal. Once linked with computer intelligence we will have beat senility; death itself will be a thing of the past. Our mind can be upgraded at any time;  freshly injected nanobots will also knock out cancer and similar diseases.  Any organ will soon be replaceable. We will fast become a race of androids, part organic, part artificial, with the organic part fading as we become artificially immortal. And so, of course we will be able to live through the radiation and other rigors of space. Galaxy, here we come!

There is a lot of evidence that some UFO occupants are Future Humans. For one thing, UFO occupants are obviously very interested in Earth and may well have been here for thousands of years. They have certainly been here since 1947, mostly observing, turning off and on a few nuclear missile codes, capturing a few humans in a "catch and release" program, taking human tissue samples, and taking environmental samples.

They have never attacked us, one army to another. In fact, it seems they patrol our skies through some hidden agenda to protect Earth.

Future Humans should have control of Earth skies. Perhaps they keep less friendly ET races from taking us over? Who would be concerned about Earth herself - humans or ETs?

In 1952, the year of my first encounter aboard some kind of ship, with a man who said he was a Future Human, there was also a UFO landing five miles up the road from my farm where my encounter took place. A farmer was gathering hay when a saucer landed beside the creek, two dwarf-size humans got out and dipped a vessel into the creek, filled it, then walked back to their saucer and took off. This UFO landing was kept a secret for over 60 years because the farmer feared derision from townspeople. I found out about it through his elderly cousin after the farmer died.

Personal knowledge like this, as well as over 30 years of research in the UFO field, has convinced me that some UFOs are manned by humans from some other time. This time must be from AFTER a nuclear holocaust if it ever happens; if a few humans retained technology and continued to develop it, it is apparent that they would then go back in time and warn us; they would take healthy human tissue samples, and similar.  Their own future might even depend on us "pre-nuclears."

And yes, our own physical structure might begin to look like those emaciated, grey/white ETs; there would be both radiation mutation as a consequence of nuclear war and reliance on artificial intelligence would shrink muscle structure anyway. But let's not assume there is to be nuclear war, but simply continue with the idea that we do exist as a species in the future.
"Future" of course becomes a moot point because once we have time travel, we can go back to when-ever we wish. Humans would become citizens of "no-time" and "every-time in history."

Human time travelers are the ultimate practical argument because true ETs would have to have somehow traversed the incredible distances and barriers like super-high radiation in outer space, then discovered tiny Earth and decided to hang around Earth for probably millennia, or at least from 1947.

There is that enticing idea with some evidence that "they" have been here since humans emerged on Earth (whoever "they" is), so if the visitors are true ETs, they must have had the ability to travel the vast distances in space for millions of years. This gives rise to the possibility that Earth is a colony of ETs. But what if it is a human colony? Well, that's what we are!
The human time traveler concept presents a more practical picture. Humans are all over Mother Earth in every layer of time which is laid down. First, the prehistoric time-layer is still right here, in the same exact spot. To the cave men, it was the Eternal Now, just as it is to us today. We never are in the past, we never are in the future, and we only are in "the now."

So, the Eternal Now is a crowded place! The next layer which is laid down upon this infinite moment in time, is the layer of ancient times as humankind began to use its intelligence to expand, invent; curiosity and survival drove us on, and drives us on even today. Layer after layer is laid upon the same spot: Planet Earth, and by the same race of beings: Humans.

What if, with advanced (most likely) quantum technology, humans in the future find a way to drill down through those layers of time, never needing to travel the vast distances of space, and always with inherent passion and "ownership" of their Mother Earth. It is more than an interest; future humans with quantum equipment feel they have the right to Earth too.

Visualize this one spot - Planet Earth - with all her layers of human civilization, all layered on top of each other.  Space does not separate us, only the small matter of time.

Then one day, we find the technology to transport/travel through to those other layers. "Time is simultaneous" and "All time happens at once" becomes absolute truth, not just the ranting of a genius. Do Future Humans realize that we have done this every "time" before? Do we realize that we have seeded ourselves, perhaps endlessly, throughout time? This is one step farther and I am not embracing this as fact, but it is an interesting theory.

The time travelers have perhaps dealt with the "can't meet your grandfather" questions, have found some of these questions are silly, but have planned it out so that the valid paradoxes and problems are "handled adequately." To be frank, we in 2015 are not at the stage of having to worry about specific time traveling problems; we are at the stage of trying to figure out who the hell is in our skies. To me, the answer comes loud and clear, "We are!"

Diane's website: www.earthchangepredictions.com
Diane's email: dianetessman0@gmail.com


Saucers and Special Branch
By Nick Redfern

Certain people in Ufology laughed and were highly skeptical when, in 2006, I wrote a book called On the Trail of the Saucer Spies, in which I mentioned how a retired British police source told me that, back in the 1990s, the British Police Force's Special Branch opened files on two UFO researchers in the UK, namely Matthew Williams and Robin Cole.

Those same certain people should have kept their mouths firmly shut.

The files on Cole and Williams (or, rather, some of the files; others still remain classified to this day) were finally officially released in 2012, showing that Special Branch was indeed watching both men, demonstrating that the data provided to me years ago was accurate.

When, in 2012, the documents were declassified, the National Archives prepared the following statement concerning their contents:

"File DEFE 24/1984/1 (p294) contains a 1996 Parliamentary Question from Martin Redmond MP asking on how many occasions MI6 and GCHQ have monitored UFO investigations. This was interpreted to mean 'have the agencies been keeping watch on UFOlogists.' A background briefing says 'neither agency in fact undertakes such activity, though GCHQ cannot rule out the possibility' they had monitored 'in other contexts individuals who have made a study of UFOs'. The MP was told the government do not comment on the intelligence and security agencies (p298). File DEFE 24/1987/1 (p262-65) reveals that in 1997 Special Branch took an interest in a UFOlogist who became obsessed with rumours of a secret UFO facility beneath RAF Rudloe Manor in Wiltshire. The base had become known as the British equivalent of the secret US military airbase 'Area 51' among conspiracy theorists. An internal note said 'Special Branch…do not believe he poses a specific threat to security, but they are alert to the risk that others may use him as a conduit for their activities.'"

Well, since the summary failed to note the names of the people in question, I will. They were, of course, Cole and Williams - as I had been told during the course of writing On the Trail of the Saucer Spies.

Back in 1997, Robin Cole, of Cheltenham, England - the home to GCHQ (the Government Communications Headquarters) - wrote a fascinating report on the agency's involvement in the UFO phenomenon. And, for those who may not be aware, GCHQ is the UK equivalent of the US National Security Agency.

After Cole's report was published, he was visited by two representatives of the UK's Special Branch. And since the pair announced their visit in advance (via a phone-call), Robin had the good sense to clandestinely and quickly set up his tape-recorder in his living-room and taped the entire conversation, much of which revolved around Special Branch's interest in a UFO researcher and Crop Circle maker named Matthew Williams - who just happens to be the "UFOlogist who became obsessed" with RAF Rudloe Manor, as referenced by National Archives staff above.

Now we see further evidence of Special Branch involvement in the UFO subject.

Not in terms of what UFOs are (or are not), but in relation to things that, in many ways, are far more interesting, thought-provoking, and alternative.

This was precisely the reason for the Cole/Williams surveillance issue too - namely, Special Branch's concerns that both the UFO controversy and the people that investigate it could be used as tools of manipulation by hostile groups with controversial, political agendas.

Source: Nick Redfern's World of Whatever


Can Remote Viewing or Dreaming Predict Stock Market Prices?
By Tara MacIsaac

A crowdfunding campaign is underway for an unusual experiment to be conducted by University of Colorado–Boulder engineering professor Garret Moddel, Dr. Julia Mossbridge of Northwestern University’s psychology department, and an unnamed financial services analyst. They will compare and contrast different methods of stock-market prediction—including remote viewing and precognitive dreaming.

The campaign website explains: “A growing research literature, including our own work, suggests that humans have non-conscious access to information about upcoming events that should otherwise be unpredictable. This seems strange to our conscious minds, because most of us don’t normally experience knowing what the future will bring, except in obvious cases. Previous work suggests that we must use tricks to access this non-conscious information, like asking people to draw pictures of future images that are associated to events (associated remote viewing or ARV), or asking people to dream about the future (precognitive dreaming).”

It was shown in experiments conducted by Stanford University and funded by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), explains Dr. Mossbridge in a video on the website, that: “At a rate above chance, people can be trained to sketch an image or a geographical location they will see in the next day or the next week.”

By drawing similar pictures, Professor Moddel’s students have seemingly been able to predict stock market changes, an ability he hopes to explore further with this study. More investigation is needed to ensure the successful results are above what one would expect according to chance.

The United States government has taken remote viewing seriously, with U.S. intelligence developing remote viewing training programs.

Though the immediate aim of the experiment is to produce reliable guesses about the market shifts over 120 days, the long-term application the project has in view is to help prepare for unfortunate events.

The project’s financing goal is $50,000.

Source: Epoch Times


Phone Calls From Beyond the Grave

The most disturbing phone call you receive tonight may not, in fact, be that telemarketer asking if you use Windows; it may, instead, be a phone call from beyond the grave.

A Final Goodbye

Don’t believe me? Consider the events of September 12, 2008, when a Metrolink commuter train passing through the Chatworth district of Los Angeles collided with a freight train. One of its passenger’s, Charles E. Peck, died on impact at 4:22 p.m. that day, and 25 others also perished in the crash.

However, Peck’s story did not end there. For 11 hours, up until the point when rescue teams recovered his body, Peck’s cell phone dialed out to a number of his family members – his fiancée, his stepmother, his brother, his sister, his son. All they heard when they answered was static, and returning the calls only led to his voicemail.

The calls were, however, able to lead searchers to the location of Peck’s body some 12 hours later, at which point they determined he had died on impact. An hour before they found him, the calls stopped.

Although, strangely enough, they never did locate his cell phone.

Sometimes like in the case of Peck, the family receives a phone call from the phone of the deceased. It could come from a cell or a landline in the deceased’s uninhabited home. Other times just before the terminally ill patient dies they receive a phone call from a long departed loved one. In many instances the numbers had even been disconnected. But they still appeared on caller id.

Every time the living picks up the phone all they hear on the other end is static. There have been instances of those who receive the calls recording them only to find voices in the recording that were not perceptible to the human ear at the time.

Here are two of the tales that I have received, one of each type.

Mark Prebost had lived a good long life and had outlives most of his family and friends. Tragically he had outlived many of his children as well in reaching the ripe old age of 93.

When he was diagnosed with prostate cancer he took it with a grain of salt. He would often say he lived longer than he would ever have thought, but still he would miss his family. He especially loved the parties.

The disease ravaged the elderly man and the pain was severe and constant. His elderly daughter and her children took care of him in his home, rotating the times they stayed with him until the cancer that had spread through his body finally took his life one cold October day. The daughter was relieved since her elderly father had gone through so much pain in the last few months, and even though she did not believe in an afterlife she comforted herself with the fact he was no longer suffering.

His funeral was sparse since he had few friends and relatives left alive. And after the funeral those who did attend went to the daughter’s house for a memorial service and dinner. As the night wore on they kept getting phone calls with dead air. Finally the daughter noticed the caller ID. The calls were coming from her father’s house. There was no one there, she had the keys. They received a few more calls during the evening and she let the answering machine pick them up.

The next day out of curiosity she reviewed the final two phone calls that the machine had recorded. She heard on the tape the faint voice of her father saying, “It’s ok Margie, I’m ok” and “Your Momma is with me, all is good”

Like so many EVPs the speech is faint and hard to hear. But Marge was sure of what she heard. Her father was saying goodbye and letting her know that he still existed in some form. A form that was safe, happy and with the wife that he had loved and lost so many years ago.

It did not look good for Lisa. The teenager had gone through years of treatment but the anguish of the chemotherapy seemed to be all for naught. The leukemia had finally overwhelmed her body and she was in the last days of her short young life.

Her father sat in vigil beside her, holding her hand and wiping her brow as she sweat while the final battle raged within her fragile body.

Her mother had passed a few years earlier in a horrific car crash. In those last days her father sat by powerless as Lisa cried out for her mother. He tried to comfort her but it seemed that his presence, even though ever caring, was not enough.

As the father sat with her on her last night with a nurse by her side the phone rang. He left Lisa a lone with the nurse for a few moments to answer it, but on the other side there was a large amount of static. He thought for a second that through the static he had heard a woman’s voice say something but it was indiscernible. After he turned the phone off he checked the caller ID to see who it was that had called.

The answer stopped him in his tracks.

The phone number was that of his house five years ago. The number had long been disconnected, right after the death of his wife. He tried to call back but got the familiar robotic woman’s voice advising him that the number was indeed no longer in service.

Immediately he was called back into the room by the nurse. His daughter was passing. She died within a few minutes of the mysterious phone call.

A phone call that he still believes was made by his long deceased wife. And upon reflection he is sure the faint words he had heard through the static had said, “She will be safe with me”.

Be Careful

Another ghostly phone call occurred on September 20, 1988, involving the prolific author Dean Koontz. As Katherine Ramsland of Psychology Today shared in 2013, Koontz had been at his office that day when he received an unexpected phone call. When he answered, “a female voice that sounded far away” spoke to him.

But it only spoke three words: “Please, be careful!”

Koontz asked who it was, but received no answer. Instead, the ghostly voice simply repeated its cryptic warning three times before fading to silence.

Koontz sat dumfounded, listening intently to the now-silent phone line, and he wondered. Who could it have been? His number was unlisted, after all, and the voice sounded strangely like his mother’s. But she had been dead for almost two years.

Perhaps his story wouldn’t be worth mentioning here if not for what happened later.

Two days after this call, Dean went to visit his father at the facility where he lived. The staff was dealing with Ray’s behavioral problems, and they had asked Dean to come and talk with him. Ray had punched another resident, a man on a walker, and the nurses were worried.

Dean was unaware that Ray had used some of his small allowance to go buy a yellow-handled fishing knife and had honed it to razor sharpness and oiled the hinge to make it open like a switchblade.

When Dean came into the room, Ray moved fast. He grabbed the knife from a drawer, and Dean had to try to wrestle it away from him. He just managed to avoid being slashed.

There were many witnesses to this altercation, and one of them called the police. Finally Dean got the knife without incident and carried it out into the hall—just as the police arrived.

They drew their guns and ordered him, "Drop the knife!"

Dean was startled. “It’s not me you want,” he insisted. “It’s him in there.” He pointed into his father’s room.

“Drop the knife!” they repeated, still training their weapons on him.

Dean froze. “All of a sudden,” he recalls, “I realized that they were going to shoot me if I didn’t drop the knife. They thought I was the perpetrator. So I dropped it and obeyed them. That was one of the worst moments of my life. My own stupidity almost got me killed.”

Koontz would later include this scene in his 1993 novel, Mr. Murder, when Marty Stillwater, the protagonist, has a similar encounter (though under different circumstances) with the police.

Eventually the police realized that Ray was the dangerous party. They took him to a psychiatric ward where he could be kept for observation.

But Dean thought again about the mysterious phone call. It had made him more vigilant, and as a result, had possibly saved his life. He never again received another such call (although in another novel he did provide a separate phone line for ghosts).


Now, you may be wondering: with these being phone calls, especially with the existence of voicemail, surely some recordings are available. Good thinking. While you can’t trust everything you see or hear on the Internet, there’s always something.

On April 12, 2011, for example, a video was uploaded to YouTube. It contains an alleged ghostly phone message. From the video’s description:

    “My Grandfather passed away on December 23rd, 2010 just a few months ago. I received voice mail notification on my land line phone after one ring, and proceeded to check my voice mail, This is what I got. White noise, and a clear whisper ‘Grand – Pa’.

    …I have had it analyzed by one person who has told me that this voice is not from a living person, that it is unlikely to be a hoax because the voice itself is just too perfect, that there do not appear to be any inhalations, only an exhalation and two syllables, lots of electrical / static or white noise.”

Is this a real voicemail from the dead?
Listen for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lhRe1M-CGM

No Number

Of course, who really uses a phone these days, anyway? Believe it or not, a few messages from the dead have arrived not by phone, but by text message.

In 2008, The Register reported the bizarre tale of a Lancashire man who claimed to be “haunted” by text messages from his deceased wife. They had, after all, buried her with her cell phone. The texts would contain words that she’d often used, but there would be no number. The strange experience did, however, begin with a missed call:

    “Just after Sadie died I came home and I felt like I didn’t want to go in the house. I got a missed call on my mobile, but it didn’t ring. The call was from my own home number, but there was nobody in the house. Then when I went inside there was a smell like cigarettes which Sadie used to smoke and the smell of her perfume.”

And that’s not to mention the strange encounters he and his family had experienced involving what they called The Thing, but perhaps that’s a story for another time.

Strange text messages. Phone calls with nothing but static, or faint voices that seem to fade away. A chilling voicemail. Again, this is the Internet. These are stories. You can’t trust everything you read or see or hear these days.

But you can wonder…

Source: Strange Dimensions


Arkansas's Wild Crypto Zoo

Editors note: The following story was printed in an earlier edition of the Ozark Spectator, and is re-printed in the Charleston Express with permission.

During the past four years The RFP Research Project has received numerous reports from residents of Western Arkansas concerning wild animals they have seen that did not resemble any known native or exotic species.

One such report was received from a life-long resident of Franklin County in early August of this year. On August 17 the writer drove to Ozark to meet the witness. It was a coincident that Lucille Elders' Barnes News column in the Spectator that day mentioned another sighting of an enigmatic animal by a Cravens resident. Ms. Elders herself had seen one of the animals about a year ago, and wrote about the encounter in her column dated September 15, 2004.

The witness the writer had arranged to meet in Ozark is Harley Edgin who lives northeast of Ozark on the north side of Highway 352. The property consists of about 200 acres which is used for cattle ranching. In the fall of 1991 Mr. Edgin and a friend were driving across the property checking on the cattle when they observed two animals standing in the field watching the vehicle. Mr. Edgin stopped the truck, and looked closely at the animals. He and his passenger had initially thought they were seeing two coyotes, but they soon realized they could not identify the animals. The animals sat down on their haunches and nonchalantly watched the vehicle for a few minutes. During that time Mr. Edgin picked up his binoculars and looked intently at both animals for a short time. He then passed the binoculars to his passenger. The animals then ran to a barbed wire fence along the north side of the pasture and stopped beside it. At that time the animals were about 100 yards from the vehicle. The animals stood for a few minutes as the witnesses alternately continued to watch them through the binoculars. After a few minutes the animals turned and ran under the fence and into the woods.

Mr. Edgin stated the animals were unlike any he had ever seen. He said that one animal was about 5 inches shorter than the other, the larger being about 3 feet tall at the top of its shoulder. Both were about the color of a bobcat, with heads that seemed oversized for the bodies. The head and nose were noticeably more like a canine's than a feline's. According to Mr. Edgin the most noticeable feature on the head was the animals' ears. He stated the ears were unusually large for the size of the head. The ears were reportedly mule-like, about 6 inches long, with tufts of hair growing from their tips. He noted that the neck was also thick and muscular. He stated the animals had tails that were catlike, but longer than a bobcat's and shorter than a cougar's. He particularly noted the tails were rounded on the ends, and not pointed like a dog's.

He said the animals possessed massive chests and very muscular front legs. Their back legs were noticeably shorter, causing the back to be sloped like that of a hyena. When the animals ran, he stated they "pushed off" using their front legs, landed on all four feet, and continued their travel in that springing fashion.

Mr. Edgin stated that on three other occasions from 1995 to 1997 he saw one of these same mysterious animals. He said that two of those sighting occurred on a tract of land south of the road from Watalua to the junction of Highway 219. On each occasion Mr Edgin was driving across the open field on that property and had a different passenger each time. Each time the occupants of the vehicle had an unobstructed view of the animal, and it appeared to match in all respects the animals previously seen by Mr. Edgin. During one of those encounters, the passenger saw the animal first and initially thought it was a deer, then decided it was a coyote, and finally decided he could not identify the animal. Mr. Edgin then attempted to run the animal down in the open field with his truck. He stated his truck came within 20 feet of the animal, but he was unable to hit it. After the animal ran away, the passenger was still in awe of what he had seen and quietly told Mr. Edgin, "There ain't nothing right about that thing."

During Mr. Edgins' third encounter with one of the unknown animals on the same property, it was standing in the edge of the woods beside the pasture. He and a passenger watched it for about three or four minutes before it walked into the woods.

Mr. Edgin left and came back with a another friend who brought along a gun. They reportedly found the animal's tracks in loose soil and leaves inside a cedar glade. The three men noted that the animals' front paws left tracks that were generally round like a cat's, and were about three inches in diameter. The back feet left similar but smaller tracks. Mr. Edgin stated the tracks were unusual in the fact that the front paw tracks were about 12 to 14 inches apart in the side-to-side direction, while the rear paw tracks were only about half that distance apart in that direction.

Mr. Edgin's last sighting of the animal occurred in 1996 or 1997 when one of the animals crossed Highway 219 in front of his truck just north of I-40.

Mr. Edgin had previously arranged for the writer to meet with other area residents who have also seen animals they could not identify. The writer spent two days interviewing those witnesses.

The close-up encounter that Geraldine Wyers' described was ominous and frightening. Her detailed observations portrayed an aggressive animal that has been similarly described in reports from Montgomery County Arkansas and from LeFlore and McCurtain Counties in Oklahoma.

Ms. Wyers stated that in mid-summer of 1994 or 1995 she drove alone to a small branch below a stock pond dam on the parcel of land on which Mr. Edgin had previously seen two of the animals. She went to the property to destroy a beaver dam on the branch, and to attempt to kill the beavers that had built it.

She said she parked her pickup truck in the edge of a field within about twenty yards of the beaver dam. When she exited the truck, she left the driver's side door open. She stated she destroyed the beaver dam and went back to the truck to get a .22 caliber, semiautomatic rifle which she loaded with ammunition. As she walked upstream away from the truck to find a place to conceal herself and wait for the beavers to return to the dam site, she heard a strange bird-like sound coming from across the branch. As she slowly walked toward the sound, she began to hear loud moaning sounds. She thought the sounds were coming from some kind of animal in great pain. As she slowly and carefully walked toward the sounds they diminished in volume. When she reached a point about 20 yards from the truck, she saw an animal crouched and watching her from the other side of the branch. She was less than 10 yards from the animal at that time. The bizarre and intimidating appearance of the animal reportedly caused her to freeze in fear. She said the animal's description generally matched those given by Mr. Edgin. She stated the animal's head was in fact massive, but it had canine upper teeth that extended two or three inches outside its mouth, and she saw blood on those teeth. She stated she could clearly see the animal was intently watching her and it was poised as if ready to spring in her direction. She had the distinct impression the animal was in no way afraid of her or the rifle. She was carrying the rifle at her hip in both hands and pointing forward. She momentarily considered drawing the gun to her shoulder and emptying the 19 shot magazine of long rifle bullets into the animal, but she quickly decided the animal was too large and too close for her to ensure she could get off enough shots to kill it before it reached her in a full charge.

She began to carefully, and very slowly, walk backwards toward the truck without taking her eyes off the animal. She was moving her feet a few inches at a time, and it seemed to her she would never reach the safety of the truck. When she finally did reach the truck, she stepped beside the opened door and slowly placed her right foot on the floor board. Only then did she briefly take her eyes off the animal to reach for the door handle. She immediately grabbed it, sat down on the seat, drew her left leg inside the cab and slammed the door shut. The second the door closed she heard and felt the animals impact against the outside of the door. She frantically started the engine and raced through the property to the main entrance gate. She opened the gate and hurriedly drove to Mr. Edgin's home, not remembering whether or not she had closed the gate to prevent the cattle from leaving the pasture. She then found the driver's side door was bent from the animal's impact.

The ferocious appearance and lack of fear of humans which Ms. Wyers observed were also noticed by an Ozark businessman who had a close encounter with one of the animals in Johnson County. The man stated he was in his pickup truck and stopped at a highway intersection north of I-40 when one of the animals walked closely past the driver's side of the truck, around the front of the truck and back down the other side. The animal reportedly stopped just past the end of the truck where it was brightly illuminated by the truck's taillights and brake lights where the driver was able to see it in his passenger side mirror. According to the driver the animal remained at the rear of the truck for nearly a minute, but it would turn its body to shield its eyes from the vehicles that were passing on the highway in front of the truck. This particular witness stated he clearly saw both upper and lower canine teeth outside the mouth of the animal. He said the animal's body and head were massive, and the jaws appeared to be wide and powerful. He stated the top of the animal's head was just below the bottom edge of the window openings as it walked past the truck. His description of the animal generally matched those given by Ms. Wyers and Mr. Edgin, although there was one notable exception. This witness estimated the animal's weight to be close to five hundred pounds. The animals seen by the other witnesses were estimated to weigh about 250 pounds. This witness was, by his own admission, very fearful of the animal, even though he was inside his pickup with the windows up during the encounter.

On a spring day about 1991, an animal similar to the ones described by the witnesses was also seen near the Belt Cemetery north of Ozark by two local women. Ruby Tolton and a relative had gone to the cemetery to do clean-up work when they saw a deer run from the woods into an open field behind the cemetery. When the deer reached the center of the field they saw an animal burst from the woods in hot pursuit. The women were very puzzled because they could not identify the obvious predator. They could plainly see that it was not a dog or coyote, although it appeared to be some type of canine, rather than a bobcat or mountain lion.

A similar animal was seen by an employee of a local utility company when it crossed Highway 219 about three miles north of I-40. The witness stated the animal ran across the road toward the creek on the west side. The man stopped his vehicle and got out of the truck to try to get a better look at the animal. He saw it standing and watching him from about 100 yards away, but the man could not identify the animal. As he watched, the animal sped across the creek, and with apparent ease and obvious agility, scaled the steep bluff on the other side and disappeared into the woods above it.

One of the witnesses vividly recalls driving to a local farm with her small children in the 1980s to pick purple hull peas, and being told by the farmer (now deceased) to park close to the pea patch and to watch her children closely. When she asked why, he told her he had recently seen a large, aggressive animal he could not identify near the pea patch. He said the animal was intimidating and showed no fear of him.

In the Cravens area northwest of Ozark the local residents have also reported seeing an enigmatic quadrupedal animals, although the descriptions of the animals seen in that area are basically the same, the descriptions are significantly different in some respects from those previously recorded.

The most pronounced difference between the descriptions from the two areas is in the length and size of the neck, and the angle of the neck in relation to the body when the animal is standing alert.

Ms. Lucille Elders, her son and another relative who have seen the strange animals in that area at close range report that the animals' necks are disproportional long for the size of the animals' bodies. Ms. Elder's son, who saw one of the animals at night on two occasions, particularly noted that the animal's long neck was held in a very upright, and somewhat awkward looking position when the animal stood watching him. He stated the neck was very thick, and the head was "fat". He estimated the top of the animal's head was about 3 feet from the ground when it was watching him.

One resident of the Cravens area reported that the animal he saw had long ears. The animal seen by Ms. Elder was reported to have "small like ears."

Anecdotal reports from this area indicate the strange animals have been recently seen by other residents. One rancher reportedly saw such and animal resting on a hay bale in his pasture. According to some residents, these animals have been seen in the area for generations.

Based on the variations in the descriptions of the animals seen in Franklin County, it seems there are either two separate types of enigmatic animals in the area, or there is one species that manifests very unusual changes in its appearance while growing to maturity.

The animals will probably never be accurately identified - or properly classified if they are in fact an unknown species - until their DNA profile has been examined by professionals in that field. While DNA can sometimes be obtained from a wild animal without it being killed, the odds are in this case that one of the animals will be shot by a farmer or rancher, or will be run over and killed while crossing I-40. If such an event occurs, and the animal still can't be identified upon close inspection, the preserved carcass would be of great interest to science and to the world in general.

Editors note:

Tal H. Branco is a life-long resident of Arkansas and an avid outdoorsman. He learned to hunt, track and fish while a child living in the forests of South Arkansas. For over 60 years he has lived in central Arkansas. During part of that time he was trained and employed as a law enforcement officer. He received special training in Crime Scene Investigations and in the Collection and Preservation of Evidence. He was later employed for 23 years as a chemical analyst for an international corporation, and in that capacity established and supervised the operation of 5 laboratories in Brazil, 2 of which were located several hundred miles up the Amazon River. During that employment he spend his spare time hunting and fishing with the local Indians. He has hunted and fished in other countries and in numerous areas of the United States.

He has for the past nine years served as a consultant and expert witness in an unrelated field.

In his spare time he has done professional photography for publication, written Outdoor Sports columns for newspapers and a magazine, and authored a book which was recently published by the National Consumer Law Center in Boston.

He has investigated reports of enigmatic, (unclassified), animals for nearly thirty years, and founded The RFP, (Reclusive Forest Primate), Research Project about 15 years ago to gain help in pursuing those investigations. All of the members of the group are unpaid volunteers, and all have had personal encounters with enigmatic animals.

The primary focus of his research has been on the large, hirsute bipedal primate that is commonly called "Bigfoot," or Sasquatch." He also writes a column, "The Reclusive Forest Primate Chronicles," about these animals and their encounters with people in hopes of obtaining information from readers concerning recent sightings so that those sightings can be investigated.

Source: Charleston Express


The Mysterious Haunted Toilets of Bangladesh
By Paul Seaburn

What is it about the toilets in Bangladesh that seems to attract ghosts? Officials at a school in the town of Pabna are trying to rid a restroom of a spirit that has sickened at least ten students. This sounds like the beginnings of what became a much larger paranormal event in 2013 when about 3,500 workers at a garment factory in Gazipur went on strike because there was a ghost in the women’s restroom that made hundreds sick. Is it time to call an exorcist or ask the cafeteria cooks to stop serving so much fiber?

The workers demanded that the ghost be removed from the building. This came after a female worker claimed to have been attacked by a spirit, which she said was living in a toilet in the women’s washroom.

The latest toilet haunting began at Bordanagar Government Primary School in Pabna on May 13, 2105, when an 11-year-old female student became ill in a restroom and was taken to a hospital where she died a day later.

After ten more children who used the toilet got sick, the school was shut down. Locals recalled a legend that a ghost once haunted a palm tree near the school and, believing the same spirit was now in the toilet, arranged for a religious ritual to be held to chase the spirit out. No further incidents have been reported.

The Bangladesh toilet ghosts of 2013 caused more trouble and were more widespread than the recent school spirit. It started with a female worker getting sick in a restroom. Although she didn’t see anything while in the toilet, she blamed a ghost for her illness.

That prompted other workers to blame various illnesses on the ghost (this is starting to sound like a management problem) and this ghost flu eventually spread to other garment factories in the area as hundreds of workers called in haunted. After workers began destroying the restrooms and other parts of the factories, management gave up and brought in religious leaders to perform ceremonies that chased the ghost away.

Bangladesh isn't the only place where ghosts apparently enjoy haunting restrooms.  In August 2013, A school restroom in the town of Bhunya, Swaziland supposedly was haunted by ghosts.

The hauntings, said to be affecting both pupils and teachers alike, resulted in the school being closed while pastors led pupils, teachers and parents in a prayer session in hopes of getting rid of the rude spirit.

During the prayer pupils related how they heard a strange voice in the latrines, which shouted at them for relieving themselves on him. Three girls aged 13, 14 and 16 said that they had gone to the restroom together, with two girls going in  while the third remained by the door.

“While they were inside I heard a voice addressing them and it asked why they were relieving themselves on it. I asked who was in there with them as I didn’t see anyone enter. The shouting became louder and I decided to run away and went to report what had happened to my teacher but he didn’t believe me,” said one girl.

Her friends said immediately they heard the voice they also took to their heels. However they never got to see where the voice was coming from as they were terrified. A few minutes later, another group from another class reported to their teachers that they had a similar encounter while relieving themselves.

The next week the situation worsened when a majority of young girls were verbally attacked by the strange voice.

The matter was reported to the Manzini Regional Education office. The head teacher said he went to Manzini and the REO said he should handle it with the support of parents because as a ministry they do not want to discuss such issues without an input from parents.

Teachers also started hearing the brazen spirit in the restroom which caused such panic that they deserted staff houses.

local police took a hands-off attitude, saying that it was a spiritual matter and outside their jurisdiction. So, officials closed the Mgotjane Primary School while local religious leaders came to conduct prayers, which obviously worked as there were no further reports of toliet hauntings at that school.

Also in 2013, rumors about strange activity in the boy’s toilet on the second floor in a school in Kota Bahru, Malaysia began to circulate. Supposedly there were mysterious lights seen flashing in the toilet at night when nobody was around. The principal decided to prove that there was nothing going on, but ended up being so frightened by something that he ran out "blabbering and trembling."

The teachers who were there did not want to speak about the incident and a Chinese medium was called in to bless the ghost away.

While the snowball effect of so many people at the school and factories becoming frightened and/or ill is generally attributed to mass hysteria, no one has yet explained why these ghosts inhabited toilets in Bangladesh in the first place. I’ve been in some restrooms that looked and smelled like hell. Is there a connection?

Source: Mysterious Universe

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