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Gary McKinnon Claims He Found Evidence Of Warships In Space -
-  UFOs: “Elimination of Non-Military Personnel” -
Roman Sword May Have Been Found Near Oak Island -
AND: True Sightings of Santa on Christmas Eve

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Gary McKinnon Claims He Found Evidence Of Warships In Space

A Brit hacker who managed to gain access to top secret NASA computers has astonishingly claimed to have found evidence of U.S. warships stationed in space.

Gary McKinnon, who was wanted by America over the biggest military hack of all time, said that he discovered a secret space programme run by the American Navy.

Speaking to UFO channel RichPlanet TV, the 49-year-old revealed: “I used a program called Landsearch, which could search all the files and folders.

“But I scanned and looked for documents, I found an Excel spreadsheet which said, ‘Non-terrestrial officers’.

“It had ranks and names. It had tabs for ‘material transfer’ between ships.

“I took that to be, they must have a ships based in space – the names started with U.S.S.”

Mr McKinnon managed to gain access to the computers for several months without detection, and caught sight of an image that he believes could have been proof of alien life.

He said: “It was the hemisphere of a planet I assume was Earth.

“It was cloudy, but there was the classic cigar-shape (UFO).”

He added that he “did not feel it was man-made”.

Home Secretary Theresa May blocked the extradition order for Mr McKinnon in 2012 and it was announced later that year that he would not face prosecution in the UK.

Dr Michael Salla writes on the website Exopolitics.org that a new whistleblower has come forward to claim that he spent almost three years serving in a secret Space Fleet run by a multinational organization called the Earth Defense Force.

In exclusive testimony released on ExoNews TV, the whistleblower, who uses the pseudonym, Captain Kaye, said that the Earth Defense Force recruits personnel from the military services of different nations including China, Russia and the U.S. He claims that he was recruited from a covert branch of the U.S. Marine Corps called “Special Section,” after having served previously for 17 years on Mars protecting five human colonies from indigenous Martian life forms.

Captain Kaye’s testimony describes three different types of space fighters and three bombers that he was trained to fly. Training took place on secret moon base called Lunar Operations Command, Saturn’s moon Titan, and in deep space.

The space fighters and bombers had different propulsion systems ranging from fission and fusion nuclear energy, an electro-gravitic system, temporal space drive and more traditional thruster systems. He also reveals the existence of at least five large cigar shaped space carriers that are capable of interstellar flight that house the smaller fighters and bombers. He claims he served on one called “EDF SS Nautilus” which was up to ¾ of a mile long.

Captain Kaye claims that there was strict enforcement of non-communications with Earth during one’s military service, and need-to-know requirements for operations outside the solar system. After completing his 20 year tour of duty, he describes a retirement ceremony on Lunar Operations Command that was presided over by VIPs including former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Parts of Captain Kaye’s testimony is consistent with the claims of other whistleblowers describing a secret space fleet. Most prominent among these is former President Ronald Reagan who alluded to a highly classified space fleet in the June 11, 1985 entry in his diaries where he revealed that “our shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300 people.”

A succession of whistleblowers and aeronautical experts have come forward to reveal various details of advanced antigravity technologies that can, in the words of Ben Rich (former Lockheed Skunkworks CEO) “take ET home.” Captain Kaye is currently seeking documents to verify his incredible experiences, and for now offers his testimony as evidence of a break away human civilization that operates a secret space fleet.

Source: Yahoo News


UFOs: “Elimination of Non-Military Personnel”
by Nick Redfern

As anyone and everyone with knowledge of the UFO phenomenon will be aware, the entire subject is steeped in controversy. But some aspects of the UFO phenomenon are more controversial than others. And then there are those aspects that are really controversial. All of which brings me to today’s article. In 1997 I interviewed the well-known British UFO investigator, Jenny Randles, regarding a strange series of events she found herself in, back in late 1986. It was a very curious saga involving allegedly classified documents, dead aliens, crashed flying saucers, and much more.

It all began in October 1986, when Randles came into contact with a man who had then recently left his employment with the British Army. According to the man, he had in his possession a large stash of still-classified material on UFOs that he had acquired under very controversial circumstances. Well, despite the nature of the story, Randles agreed to meet with the man – named Robert – at a location in the English town of Eccles, which wasn’t at all far from where Randles lived. Also along for the meeting with Robert was Peter Hough, a friend of Randles and a fellow UFO investigator.

The story that Robert told was as remarkable as it was inflammatory. Roughly a year or so earlier, an American individual, employed by the US military and working at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, came across the computerized files while engaged in repairing one particular system at the base. And we’re not talking about just a few pages of material. According to what Robert told Randles and Hough, the number of pages was huge. The man allegedly printed around six hundred pages of material, which wasn’t even anywhere near the overall total.

It turns out that – allegedly – the man in question was friends with Robert’s commanding-officer in the British Army; the two having met on an exchange-program. Fearful about what he had got himself into, the computer-specialist gave the hundreds of pages of material on those aforementioned crashed saucers and alien autopsies to the CO. It wasn’t long before there was disturbing news: the specialist was killed in a car “accident,” supposedly while under the influence of booze.

Back in 1997, when I spoke with Jenny Randles about all this, she told me: “Robert’s CO explained that he was due to take on a new position with the British Army and he needed to offload the UFO files. Was Robert the man for the job?” He certainly was. At first, Robert found the whole thing exciting. High-level secrets concerning Uncle Sam’s collection of deceased ETs, alien technology, and more all dominated Robert’s amazed mind. But, it wasn’t long before reality set in and Robert went from being excited to deeply worried. After all, if the files were the real deal, then he – Robert – was in potential, deep you-know-what. It was this worry that led Robert to approach Randles, with a view to handing the material over to her.

It was a plan that failed to work. One week – or thereabouts – after the meeting between Robert and Randles and Hough took place, Robert got back in touch. He claimed that in the intervening week, what were described as his “former employers” paid him a visit, took him to a military installation in the south of England, and intensely grilled him about those files. Robert claimed he had no choice but to hand over the approximately 600-pages. Failure to do so might backfire on his wife and children, Robert was ominously told. On handing the material over, those same “former employers” informed Robert that the files were nothing but the result of “a prank.”

Many might say that Robert was nothing more than a fantasy-prone character, stringing along Randles and Hough for his own obscure amusement. But, that is likely not the case. Randles, having been on the receiving end of conspiratorial tales in the past, elected to do a bit of digging into Robert. It turns out that when the initial meeting was over, Randles and Hough had the presence of mind to note the license-plate on Robert’s car. They then shared that number with a trusted source in the British Police Force, who agreed to run the number through the Force’s database and see who it belonged to. The outcome was intriguing.

Randles told me: “It turned out that what [Robert] had told us proved to be correct. The name he had given us was his real name. He lived where he said he lived. He had recently been in the Army. And his car had been registered in precisely the same month that his Army career had come to an end.”

And there’s something else, too: one of the documents contained in the vast stash of material was titled “Elimination of Non-Military Personnel.” Randles said to me: “[Robert] said that this was a document discussing the ways in which witnesses who had come into possession of too much information on UFOs were silenced. And although this sounds very much like something out of a spy film, from his detailed discussion of a number of case-histories in the file, the one tactic that was used most often – particularly with people in influential positions – was to offer them high-paid jobs in government departments. They had pretty much determined that, where money was concerned, people usually comply.”

Randles added: “But, there was a discussion of the so-called Men in Black – people going around warning people about national security and intimidating them into silence. However, Robert told us that this tactic was only used on those whose instability was considered to be significant enough that, if they ever told their story publicly, it would not be considered credible.”

Then there was one final tactic: if financial incentives didn’t work, and “instability” wasn’t relevant, there was always termination. Robert stressed to Randles that this last-resort tactic was rarely ever used, primarily because of the dicey and fraught nature of trying to make a murder look like a suicide or an accident.

Was Robert a definitive Walter Mitty? Might he have been telling the absolute truth? Or, was he possibly an unwitting player in some strange mind-game of a psychological-warfare nature? Almost thirty years later, the questions still linger.

Source: Mysterious Universe


The Mysterious Appearance of Peter Bergmann
by Xavier Ortega

In 2009 a man arrived at the seaport town of Sligo, Ireland. He was an elderly man with graying hair, thin-framed prescription glasses, and a black leathered jacket. He appeared peacefully lost in the little footage that would be taken of the visiting stranger from CCTV cameras around the town center.

For the next three days the man known as Peter Bergmann would meticulously erase all evidence of his existence. His lifeless body would soon be discovered in local waters days after his arrival.  Authorities retrieved the body only to find out that Peter Bergmann cut out all labels from his clothes and had no documentation. It was only when they traced him back to the hotel that they realized that Peter Bergmann was not real.

The story begins in Derry, Ireland, where authorities were able to trace Bergmann’s arrival. Sifting through hours of footage from several security cameras, they managed to find the footage that showed Bergmann boarding a bus to Sligo, Ireland. A two hour bus ride to the  south of the country.

The next footage of the elderly man is from the bus’ arrival at a Sligo center hotel.  Here the man checked in under Peter Bergmann and kept a very low profile. He took notice of the several security cameras installed inside and outside the hotel. It was said that he also took a keen look at the city center’s public CCTV cameras that were setup throughout several streets.

For the next three days guests and staff at the hotel recount seeing Bergmann leave the hotel while carrying a purple plastic bag full of unknown things which many thought to be personal belongings. Each day, Bergmann would come back through the lobby empty handed. No plastic bag in sight.

Strangely enough, when the authorities reviewed the hours of footage, they noticed something even stranger about Bergmann. It became apparent to the investigators that the old man had pre-selected his routes to avoid being recorded by the CCTV lenses that keep a constant look throughout Sligo.

They fast forward the tape and another day goes by with Bergmann leaving the hotel with a full bag of his belongings and him coming back empty handed. All while he manages to be seen by security cameras for brief moments at a time.

Where did Bergmann go every day? What was in the bag? The investigators scoured through a plethora of  CCTV footage and nowhere did they find where he had dumped his belongings. Or what routes he took as Bergmann chose streets with the least amount of surveillance.

On his second day in Sligo, Bergmann bought $0.82 worth of stamps and airmail stickers from a postal office. However extensive search yielded no information as to what he did with the stamps and stickers. Did Bergmann send a final correspondence to someone?

On his third and final day at Sligo, Bergmann hailed a taxi and asked to be taken to the quiet and peaceful beach at Rosses Point. According to the driver: ‘He got out and had a look at the area and seemed contented. And got back into the taxi and returned back into Sligo itself. He didn’t really communicate with people. He didn’t mix with people.’

On his last day in Sligo, Bergmann checked out of the hotel and purchased a one-way ticket back to Rosses Point. Footage shows him leaving with the same purple plastic bag he left with every morning as well as two suitcases. The same ones seen during his arrival.

Bergmann arrived at Rosses Point and went to a cafe and purchased a sandwich and a cappuccino. Cameras show the man eating alone in a contemplative state.

Some witnesses then put Bergmann on the beach. Again, alone and looking engulfed in a world of his own. They saw him wading through the water at the beach. He had rolled up his trousers in the ankle-deep water. Someone else saw him later that night, they only stated that the old man waved and nodded at them.

When dawn came, Bergmanns’ lifeless body was discovered by a father and son who were out on a run. They remembered seeing the body of an oddly dressed man who was obviously not from the area.

The inspection of the body revealed that Bergmann had cut or removed the labels from all the articles of clothing he wore. As if to conceal his own measurements. When an autopsy was performed, investigators learned that there was no evidence of salt water drowning. No evidence whatsoever of an kind of foul play. However they did discover that Bergmann was in a stage of advanced prostate cancer and his body was riddled with bone tumors. There was evidence the he had also suffered from multiple heart attacks throughout his life.

As investigators dug and traced all evidence of Bergmann in Sligo, they came to the realization that Bergmann never really existed. No records matched a man named Peter Bergmann.

The only thing that the authorities were sure about was that Peter Bergmann was a person that did not exist in the United States, South America, or anywhere in Europe. It was a made up name, just like the address he used to check into the hotel. It was traced to an empty lot somewhere in Vienna, Austria.

A documentary called ‘The last days of Peter Bergmann’ directed by Ciaran Cassidy and produced by Morgan Busche was made about the mysterious case of Peter Bergmann, It’s received several awards and has been receiving positives reviews throughout. The documentary shows the spliced, short-lived life of Bergmann in Sligo.

Source: Ghost Theory


Roman Sword May Have Been Found Near Oak Island
by April Holloway

Researchers investigating the mysterious Oak Island, located on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, have made a startling announcement regarding the discovery of a Roman ceremonial sword and what is believed to be a Roman shipwreck, radically suggesting that ancient mariners visited North America more than a thousand years before Columbus.

Evidence of the finding, which was exclusively revealed to Johnston Press and published in The Boston Standard, was uncovered by researchers involved in The History Channel’s series Curse of Oak Island, which details the efforts of two brothers from Michigan as they attempt to solve the mystery of the Oak Island treasure and discover historical artifacts believed to be concealed on the island.

J. Hutton Pulitzer, lead researcher and historic investigator, along with academics from the Ancient Artifact Preservation Society, have compiled a paper on the finding, which is scheduled to be published in full in early 2016.

Oak island is home to one of the biggest treasure hunts in history, which began in in 1795, when 18-year old Daniel McGinnis saw lights coming from the island. Out of curiosity, he went searching for the lights and discovered a clearing on the southeastern end of the island. Within the clearing was a circular depression, and nearby a tackle block hung from a tree. McGinnis and several friends returned to the area and began excavating the depression. A few feet beneath the surface, they discovered a layer of flagstone, and the pit walls had markings from a pick. Approximately every ten feet (3 m) they dug, they found a layer of logs. After excavating to thirty feet beneath the surface, McGinnis and his friends abandoned the excavation without ever finding anything of significance.

Reports of the boys’ efforts were published in several printed works. Eight years later, the Onslow Company sailed to the area to try to recover the supposed treasure, that was assumed to lie hidden at the base of the pit. Based on the written accounts of the boys, the Onslow Company attempted an excavation of what was now referred to as the “Money Pit.”  However, they were eventually forced to abandon their efforts due to flooding.

Numerous searches of the pit continued over the next two centuries, but they have been continually plagued with difficulties including collapses and flooding within the pit. The entire island has been searched for treasure, and is continued today by Marty and Rick Lagina, as chronicled on Curse of Oak Island.
Startling Discovery – A Roman Sword

While most treasure hunters have ended up empty handed, a recent revelation points to an incredible, and possibly history-changing, finding.  A shipwreck, believed to be Roman, was found off Oak Island, and within the wreck a well-preserved Roman ceremonial sword was retrieved.

Pulitzer told the Boston Standard that the sword was hauled onto a fishing boat decades ago, but was kept secret because the finder and his son feared they would be punished due to strict laws in Nova Scotia regarding retrieving treasures from shipwrecks.

However, relatives of the finder, who is now deceased, recently came forward to reveal the precious sword to researchers.

Pulitzer carried out tests on the sword, using an XRF analyser, which revealed that the sword contained the same metallic properties, with traces of arsenic and lead, that match other Roman artifacts.

    “The shipwreck is still there and has not been worked,” said Pulitzer [via The Boston Standard]. “We have scanned it, we know exactly where it lays, but it will be a touchy thing for the Nova Scotia government to allow an archaeological team to survey it. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is Roman.”

Evidence to Support Roman Presence

In an attempt to dismiss skeptics, who may suggest the artifact had simply fallen off the side of a boat in more recent times, Pultizer and his team have dug up numerous other pieces of evidence to support the theory that the Romans made it to the New World more than 1,000 years before Christopher Columbus. These include:

*Petroglyphs carved on cave walls and boulders in Nova Scotia by the indigenous Mi’kmaq people, which depict what Pulitzer’s team believe to be Roman soldiers marching with their swords, and Roman ships.
*Fifty words in the Mi’kmaq language that are nautical terms used by mariners from Roman times.

* An invasive species of plant (Berberis Vulgaris) growing on Oak Island and in Halifax, which was once used by Romans to season their food and prevent scurvy on their voyages.

* A Roman legionnaire’s whistle found on Oak Island in 1901.

* A metal ‘boss’ from the center of a Roman shield found in Nova Scotia in the mid-1800s.

* Gold Roman Carthage coins found on the mainland near Oak Island.

* Two carved stones on Oak Island that Pulitzer says displays a language from the ancient Levant.

   "When you put all these things together and you look at the anomalies, it’s not a coincidence,” Pultizer told the Boston Standard. “The plants, the DNA, the artifacts, the language, the ancient drawings - you have something that deserves to be taken seriously.”

Professor Carl Johannessen, formerly of the University of Oregon, who is also involved in the research, says the findings challenge the orthodoxy of 1492 as the date when the New World was ‘discovered’.

While it has long been suggested that other ancient civilizations reached the New World before Columbus, including the Vikings, Chinese, and Greeks, this is the first set of compelling findings to suggest Roman mariners made it North America over a millennium ago.

Pultizer says it is time to rewrite the history books.

However, after this story was released, a number of readers have pointed out that what appears to be the same type of sword is available on eBay and other places that sell replica's of ancient artifacts. Unless the owners of the sword are willing to publically allow experts to examine the sword, its authenticity will remain in doubt.

Source: Ancient Origins


Arcesio Bermúdez, The Man Killed by a UFO

Arcesio Bermudez was a 54-year-old Colombian who apparently succumbed to the powers of the mysterious UFOs, creatures whose existence is unknown, but who are nonetheless real, according to experts.

Ufologist William Chavez claims that the event took place on the evening of July 4, 1969 in the town of Anolaima, municipality of Cundinamarca, when Arcesio's family climbed a hill to do some star gazing, and managed to see a small light that increased its size substantially.

"Mister Arcesio went out to see what was going on. He stared at it and decided to point his flashlight at the unknown entity at that moment," says the specialist.

Chavez claims that the peasant received a magnetic blast, causing him to feel sick hours later, developing signs of hypothermia shortly after. He was sent to a clinic in Bogotá.

After being hospitalized for several days, experiencing intense fever, the Colombian died under circumstances that medical experts could not explain.

The national police and the army conducted an investigation into the death of the man who seemingly came into contact with an unidentified flying object. However, the authorities were never able to clarify the events.


[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Addendum by Scott Corrales:

This small piece of information by Colombia's Radio Blu does not mention the fact that the case received considerable attention at the time, and not just within Colombian borders. An issue of the TIEMPO newspaper dated 18 July 1969 shows members of the APRO research organization, under the direction of Jim and Coral Lorenzen, along with local authorities and eyewitnesses. The text reads: "They do exist because I saw them," replied Marina Isabel Franco, a young witness to the phenomenon. Scientific evidence corroborates that the strange object was indeed seen by many people. There is interest in this exclusive by EL TIEMPO."

The photo caption adds: At the Tocarema Hacienda un Anolaima, where on the evening of 4 July, more than twelve people saw a strange luminous object identified as a "UFO". Members of the scientific delegation of APRO, reporters for EL TIEMPO, some eyewitnesses to the event and their relatives, inspect the site up to which Arcesio Bermudez ran with a flashlight, trying to see the vehicle as close as possible. It flew quickly over the trees, and it has not yet been possible to determine whether it touched the ground, since there are no visible signs that suggest this. The only person who followed it to that site, Mr. Bermudez, died days later. (Photo credit: Alfonso Angel, for EL TIEMPO)."

More details emerged about Mr. Bermudez's sudden illness after his alleged CE-3. Feeling ill within hours of the event, his malady extended for three days until a relative came to collect him and take him to Bogotá for treatment by car. According to his family, Bermúdez was cold to the touch, and that he leaned against his sister's side in the vehicle. Creepier still is the detail that the side of the sister's body "remained cold until the day she died." Bermudez's preternatural chill was such that the nurses at the Bogotá health center were unable to draw blood samples, as his vital fluid had "crystallized"."

Arcesio Bermudez was treated by César Emerald, Secretary of Health in Bogotá at the time. This distinguished physician would recall that his patient was in a state of hypothermia, with no temperature readings. Dr. Emerald was never able to ascertain the root cause of this chill.

The group of APRO investigators seemed to think that Bermudez had died from a massive dose of gamma rays, and requested that the hapless man's cadaver be exhumed - something the family refused to do. Years later, when the remains were about to be transferred, the Bermúdez family discovered to their horror that the body had been spirited away by unknown hands.

A more detailed medical report can be found in the 17 July issue of the "El Espectador" newspaper. Dr. Emerald is quoted as saying: "The patient was very ill. He presented a cardiac condition, third-degree dehydration brought about by vomiting and diarrhea, and it was impossible for me to control his sickness. Nothing could be done for him. It struck me that the patient should be hypothermic, that is to say, that he should have no temperature whatsoever. All I can tell you is that according to his sickness, the patient should've had a temperature reading, but in fact did not have one. I am speaking from a medical standpoint; therefore I cannot associate his death with the presence of the object [UFO] you are telling me about."

Source: Inexplicata


True Sightings of Santa on Christmas Eve
by Stephen Wagner

HE SEES YOU when you’re sleeping... he knows when you're awake. But have you ever seen him? These readers are convinced that they have proof that Santa Claus exists because they've seen him with their own eyes. They believe!

Here are some of the most enchanting Santa sightings as seen through the eyes of children.

By Sarah A.

I saw Santa when I was a little more than three years old. It was Christmas Eve and my Aunt Susan was spending the night with us.

She got my bed and I had to sleep on the floor. I went to sleep and awoke around 2:30 a.m. to something glowing in the hallway outside my bedroom. When I fully opened my eyes, I could see that Santa was standing in my door with a mystical, magical glow around him. It was silver and gold and glittery.

Santa looked right at me and without moving his mouth, he said to me, "Now you know you are supposed to be asleep while I am here, don't you?" I told him that I knew I was supposed to be asleep but how could I? He told me, "Close your eyes and at least pretend."

I was shocked. Even at three years old I knew this could be a dream, but I know I was awake. People have told me maybe it was my father, and maybe it was. How he got the hallway to glow with glitter would be beyond me, but as far as I am concerned, it was 100% the spirit of Santa Claus. I am now 41 years old and still believe that I saw him. I strongly believe in the spirit of Christmas, and hope my two young sons will always believe as well.

By Danielle

It was in the early hours of the morning, around about 2:00 a.m. I suddenly woke up and there was silence all around. I noticed that I left my window wide open, so I went to go and shut it. As I did, I felt tingles down the back my neck and heard what I thought was Santa Claus: a distant "Ho-ho-ho" from a few meters or so away.

And up in the sky was a large, red, glowing ball with eight little brown blobs at the front. From that day on, I have always believed in Santa Claus – and always will.

By Grace

My parents told me there was no Santa when I was 10, but now I'm 11 and I believe in him because I remember a time when I was seven and my family and I went to New York City for Christmas. We were all asleep in the hotel room. Suddenly, my brother (who was 9 at the time) and I woke up and we looked out the window and saw in the cold sky a little red thing with what looked like something pulling it in the sky. Every Christmas from now on I'm going to leave cookies and milk and not tell anybody. Even if it doesn't work, I still think Santa is real.

By Mellenf87

When I was six, I woke up in the night of Christmas Eve to a faint ching-ching-ching-ching and stood at the windowsill in my bedroom. I saw something. If there is one color that's more distinct than the red of blood, it was the red I saw outside in the distance. It made a sudden drop, which proved to me it wasn't an airplane. We all have a feeling of when we are not dreaming. Maybe it is not clear while we are dreaming, but it is clear when we are awake. If someone says they weren't dreaming in a stern sense, then they were not dreaming.

I was definitely not dreaming as I jumped into bed, and within five seconds heard a quiet thump. Someone shyly walked down the hallway with what I called "big footsteps" and leaned over me. Anything that happened after that is fogged. I believed it was Santa Claus and he cast me to sleep.

By Sydney

One night, when I was about three or four years old (I'm 12 now), I woke up in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve. I don't know what time it was, but being the bright, energetic toddler I was, I got up and decided to look out the window, which was just a few feet from my bed. Within moments, I saw Santa in his sleigh with nine reindeer flying in front of him – and he was flying toward my house!

This was no dream! I was shocked and was worried he'd be mad at me if he knew I was awake, so I jumped back into my bed and hid under my covers. I am twelve now and my belief in Santa is really strong, no matter what my friends try to say to me. He exists!

By Anya

I saw Santa twice and St. Nick once (Dec. 6). My dad was gawking out the window and yelled for us to come. Up in the sky was Santa! My parents' faces went blank and white. I was eight at the time. I am now just turned 14 and I saw Santa again when I was 12. I went downstairs to peek, and there he was in front of me.

He then disappeared. I saw St. Nick completely by accident. I was walking to the bathroom, forgetting it was the night. Our stockings were floating in the middle of the hall. They fell to the ground... and that's all I remember because I fell asleep in the hall. To all you doubters: Santa does exist, not just in your heart, but physically. I will always believe.


I was between the ages of six and eight and I always believed in Santa.

But I never really knew for sure. Well, one morning, the way my room was set up I could see straight through my bathroom to my parents’ room. On the side, their door was open, which led to the living room. I was looking straight through the rooms and could see my mom and dad plain as day sleeping.

Then all of a sudden I saw this glimpse of a Christmas hat flop over the side of their bedroom door, as if something or someone was peeking in at me in my room.

It had the little white ball at the end, and that's what caught my eye. It actually scared me, so I hurried and closed my eyes. Then I heard something that sounded like it was walking on my backpack that was lying in my bedroom floor, so I kept my eyes shut and eventually fell back to sleep. To this day it's still so vivid in my mind. I know most people think kids have big imaginations, but I truly believe I saw Santa Claus.

By Day

Once when I was five, I went downstairs (where the Christmas tree was placed) to get a cup of water. I saw a red jacket and a big white beard. I paused and hid behind the banister to see what he was doing. He was holding a bag that looked almost empty, but he still was pulling out tons of presents from it. I looked closer. I saw that there was one cookie left and one sip of milk left. I saw him taking the last cookie and the last sip of milk. And when he was done, there where presents galore. I saw him start to go to the stairs, so I ran up as quiet as I could.

I pretended to sleep while he kissed my siblings and me and tucked us up. I saw his rosy cheeks so I knew it was not my dad. I looked out the window and I saw him and he said, "Day! Be good, just like this year! Merry Christmas and to all a good night." And I heard him say faintly, "Some people believe me, some do not... but whoever hears knows I'm real. Good night! And may you see coal or toys tonight!" That is when I knew he was real!

Source: paranormal.about.com

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