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The crystal ball glimmered with an iridescence of days of future past.  The nearby flickering candles threw shadows of  things yet to be upon the orbs crystalline matrix.  The prophet, withered and aged, breathed deeply of the smokey air and continued to gaze deeply into the heart of the crystal.   Deep within his brain, universal connections that bind us all in a web of  wholeness are stimulated by the hypnotic shapes that danced faintly in the ball. 

Time and space are one and all information contained within reality are available to those who can master their intellect and allow the stream of information to be downloaded directly into the brain -- bypassing the rational mind that would block anything received through such unconventional methods.  The prophet sighs in contentment -- because once again his crystal ball has brought him his subscription to Conspiracy Journal, the free weekly e-mail newsletter of everything weird and strange from the past present and future.

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such clavicle shattering stories as:

The Man Who Studies the Spread of Ignorance -
-  The Mass Landing Myth and The Arrival of the Armies of God -
Pursuing Mysterious Winged Things -
AND: A Japanese Ghost who Haunts Bathrooms

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A Treasure Hunters Dream Come True!


Everyone has fantasized about finding buried treasure. It’s a child’s dream and many a grown person’s obsession. Thousands own metal detectors and regularly scan the shore line, creek beds and out of the way mountain crevices looking for that proverbial treasure trove of all time.

In the summer of 2015, a salvage company recovered treasure worth $4.5 million off the coast of Florida, a fortune in gold and jewels that had sunk with a Spanish galleon in 1715. In an amazing case of synchronicity, the vast riches were recovered 300 years to the day – July 31 – after the shipwreck. The CEO of the salvage company told the media at the time that he felt a mysterious “energy” had wanted the treasure found and led them to it on that precise day

But there is more. Inside the pages of this book, the reader will be given the opportunity to unlock the mystery to discovering some fabulous fortune that has lain hidden away for decades, perhaps even centuries. Join Tim Beckley, Sean Casteel, Paul Eno, Dr. Nandor Fodor, Scott Corrales, Preston Dennett and Paul Dale Roberts as they provide guidance in searching for million of dollars or more in gold, diamonds, rare doubloons or old art masterpieces.

But above all else you will learn of the “supernatural treasure hunting connection” that includes the appearance of UFOs, ghosts, spirits of deceased Native Americans and even Bigfoot, all of whom are either guarding vast treasures or have been known to lead deserving souls to the end of a rainbow and vast wealth.

This volume will surely be a prize possession of anyone interested in the connection between UFOs, ghosts, curses and the paranormal. Or anyone just looking for a spooky story that they can relate to.

Shiver me timbers! It’s all here – and a heck of a lot more, matey.

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The Man Who Studies the Spread of Ignorance

In 1979, a secret memo from the tobacco industry was revealed to the public. Called the Smoking and Health Proposal, and written a decade earlier by the Brown & Williamson tobacco company, it revealed many of the tactics employed by big tobacco to counter “anti-cigarette forces”.

In one of the paper’s most revealing sections, it looks at how to market cigarettes to the mass public: “Doubt is our product since it is the best means of competing with the ‘body of fact’ that exists in the mind of the general public. It is also the means of establishing a controversy.”

This revelation piqued the interest of Robert Proctor, a science historian from Stanford University, who started delving into the practices of tobacco firms and how they had spread confusion about whether smoking caused cancer.

Proctor had found that the cigarette industry did not want consumers to know the harms of its product, and it spent billions obscuring the facts of the health effects of smoking. This search led him to create a word for the study of deliberate propagation of ignorance: agnotology.

It comes from agnosis, the neoclassical Greek word for ignorance or ‘not knowing’, and ontology, the branch of metaphysics which deals with the nature of being. Agnotology is the study of wilful acts to spread confusion and deceit, usually to sell a product or win favour.

“I was exploring how powerful industries could promote ignorance to sell their wares. Ignorance is power… and agnotology is about the deliberate creation of ignorance.

“In looking into agnotology, I discovered the secret world of classified science, and thought historians should be giving this more attention.”

The 1969 memo and the tactics used by the tobacco industry became the perfect example of agnotology, Proctor says. “Ignorance is not just the not-yet-known, it’s also a political ploy, a deliberate creation by powerful agents who want you ‘not to know’.”

To help him in his search, Proctor enlisted the help of UC Berkeley linguist Iain Boal, and together they came up with the term – the neologism was coined in 1995, although much of Proctor’s analysis of the phenomenon had occurred in the previous decades.

Balancing act

Agnotology is as important today as it was back when Proctor studied the tobacco industry’s obfuscation of facts about cancer and smoking. For example, politically motivated doubt was sown over US President Barack Obama’s nationality for many months by opponents until he revealed his birth certificate in 2011. In another case, some political commentators in Australia attempted to stoke panic by likening the country’s credit rating to that of Greece, despite readily available public information from ratings agencies showing the two economies are very different.

Proctor explains that ignorance can often be propagated under the guise of balanced debate. For example, the common idea that there will always be two opposing views does not always result in a rational conclusion. This was behind how tobacco firms used science to make their products look harmless, and is used today by climate change deniers to argue against the scientific evidence.

“This ‘balance routine’ has allowed the cigarette men, or climate deniers today, to claim that there are two sides to every story, that ‘experts disagree’ – creating a false picture of the truth, hence ignorance.”

For example, says Proctor, many of the studies linking carcinogens in tobacco were conducted in mice initially, and the tobacco industry responded by saying that studies into mice did not mean that people were at risk, despite adverse health outcomes in many smokers.

A new era of ignorance

“We live in a world of radical ignorance, and the marvel is that any kind of truth cuts through the noise,” says Proctor. Even though knowledge is ‘accessible’, it does not mean it is accessed, he warns.

“Although for most things this is trivial – like, for example, the boiling point of mercury – but for bigger questions of political and philosophical import, the knowledge people have often comes from faith or tradition, or propaganda, more than anywhere else.”

Proctor found that ignorance spreads when firstly, many people do not understand a concept or fact and secondly, when special interest groups – like a commercial firm or a political group – then work hard to create confusion about an issue. In the case of ignorance about tobacco and climate change, a scientifically illiterate society will probably be more susceptible to the tactics used by those wishing to confuse and cloud the truth.

Consider climate change as an example. “The fight is not just over the existence of climate change, it’s over whether God has created the Earth for us to exploit, whether government has the right to regulate industry, whether environmentalists should be empowered, and so on. It’s not just about the facts, it’s about what is imagined to flow from and into such facts,” says Proctor.

Making up our own minds

Another academic studying ignorance is David Dunning, from Cornell University. Dunning warns that the internet is helping propagate ignorance – it is a place where everyone has a chance to be their own expert, he says, which makes them prey for powerful interests wishing to deliberately spread ignorance.

"While some smart people will profit from all the information now just a click away, many will be misled into a false sense of expertise. My worry is not that we are losing the ability to make up our own minds, but that it’s becoming too easy to do so. We should consult with others much more than we imagine. Other people may be imperfect as well, but often their opinions go a long way toward correcting our own imperfections, as our own imperfect expertise helps to correct their errors,” warns Dunning.

Dunning and Proctor also warn that the wilful spread of ignorance is rampant throughout the US presidential primaries on both sides of the political spectrum.

“Donald Trump is the obvious current example in the US, suggesting easy solutions to followers that are either unworkable or unconstitutional,” says Dunning.

So while agnotology may have had its origins in the heyday of the tobacco industry, today the need for both a word and the study of human ignorance is as strong as ever.

Source: BBC


The Physical Reality of UFOs: How to think about it differently
By Eric Ouellet

It came to my attention that Bill Chalker in his blog Theozfiles   proposed a short review of my book Illuminations. In his review, he states that “Dr. Ouellet argues there is no compelling physical evidence for UFOs”.

It is actually incorrect, but I also think this assessment is based mostly on a misunderstanding about the physical reality of UFOs. So, I will address this issue more directly here.

In the book, I do a tour of the knowledge that is available about the physical aspects of UFOs. The key word here is “knowledge”; I am not proposing a tour of the physical “evidence” considered as being linked to UFOs. This is an important distinction. I wanted to get the readers up to speed with what we know (and I underlined that our knowledge is still quite limited at this point in time). I was not proposing a perspective based on where we are at with the speculations linked to the physical reality of UFOs.

That being said, if there is some knowledge about the physical reality of UFOs, then by definition there is a degree of physical reality to UFOs! As well, the book presents a number of case studies where some physical evidence are presented, and accepted as evidence. What more is needed to say that there are physical evidence linked to UFOs? But maybe this was too implicit.

I realize that when anyone is discussing UFOs, this very very word “UFO” implies dealing with a “foreign object”. The “O” (for object) in UFO is definitely setting the tone, and this is why some are preferring the wording “Unexplained Aerial Phenomena” (UAP), as it is actually less “loaded” because it does not imply necessarily an object being present. Then, of course, decades of ETH nuts-and-bolts ufology has not only set the tone but created an unconscious association between “UFO” and “spaceship” (a hard physical object). In other words, the concept of UFO comes with a lot of cognitive baggage, which railroads the way we think about it. We seriously need to break away from such cognitive mold, if we really want to enlarge our understanding of UFOs.

To do so, we need to use different mental categories.

Hynek proposed a useful typology, when it was developed decades ago, covering “Night Lights”, “Day Discs”, “Radar Tracking”, and the “Close Encounters” of the type 1, 2, and 3. Implicit in his typology was, once again, “how close the witness was from the object”. The nuts-and-bolts perspective is actually built-in the typology. Although he added the issue of degree of “strangeness,” it appears to be in the end only a measure of the witnesses’ degree of altered state of consciousness.

So, what would look like a different UFO typology consistent with the parapsychological hypothesis?

First, what needs to be measured from a parapsychological perspective is not how close you are, but how anomalistic the event is. This, in turn, would provide a useful tool to assess how rare and unique an event might be, and therefore helping to guide the search for data (and that’s actually the purpose of any typology).

Based on what is emerging from general research in parapsychology, it seems that the most common form of psi events are synchronicities (meaningful coincidences), then comes various forms of Extra Sensory Perceptions (ESP) (telepathy, premonition, clairvoyance, etc.), and finally, more rare are various forms of Psychokinesis (PK) (telekinesis, healings, teleportation, etc.). Hence, a sound typology would be going from common synchronicity to ESP to PK events. So, here is what I propose, and how the physical aspects of UFO events would fit in.


S1. UFO-related Synchronicity. For example, a perfectly mundane airplane or helicopter could be mistook for a UFO. Yet, two or more separated observers made the same mistake, reporting a UFO with similar descriptions that would not fit the actual “real” object in the sky. In this case, it seems that we would be dealing with a case of synchronicity, misunderstood by both debunkers and ETHers as a random coincidence, and an illusion, respectively. There might have been an optical illusion involved, and yet there might have been a meaningful coincidence involved too. In such a case, it is by interviewing the witnesses about other things going in their life and surrounding (e.g. both witnesses dreaming of UFOs beforehand, bumping by accident into the other witness, etc.) that one can identify if there is indeed a synchronicity. It was what Jung had, mostly, in mind when discussing UFOs in his famous book Flying Saucers: A modern myth of things seen in the skies.

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP):

E2. Shared telepathic hallucination, where there are no object per se in the sky, but two or more witnesses see the same “hallucination”, implying some form of telepathy involved. Berthold Schwartz in UFO Dynamics: Psychiatric and psychic aspects of the UFO syndrome gave interesting examples of such psi-induced shared hallucinations.

E3. Altered states of consciousness and visionary experience, possibly in the context of a shared event with other people or involving some form of ESP experience such as telepathy, premonition, clairvoyance, etc. In such situation, there might be a mundane flying object that gets “mixed up” in the witness’ consciousness. Jenny Randles’ concept of “Oz Factor” covers many of such cases. Some abduction experiences might also be explained in such a way (see Brian Thompson. (1994). “Telepathy: possible telepathic spread of UFO abduction stories”. Paper presented at Alien Discussions: Abduction Study Conference Held at M. I. T. Harvard University).

E4. Altered states of consciousness and visionary experience reinforced by a source of electromagnetism, such as an earthlight or ball of plasma. In such a case, there is something physical in the sky or nearby on the ground, even if it is of a short-live duration, involving some form of ESP experience such as telepathy, premonition, clairvoyance, etc. The Betty and Barney Hill story may possibly be explained in part in that way, as noted in my book Illuminations.
Psychokinesis (PK):

P5. Witnessing an exotic natural phenomena involving a possible psychokinetic event. Paul Devereux’s personal “encounter” with an earthlight that seemed moving as he was thinking about the object, may be a possible example of such a case, as discussed in his book Earthlights. Pierre Viéroudy’s experiment to create a UFO would be in the same category of experience, as reported in his book Ces OVNIs qui annoncent la venue du surhomme. Similarly, the mysterious healing of Dr. X. reported by Jacques Vallée, might be another example of psychokinetic effect. In all those cases, the “physical object” was perceived as a ball of light of some kind.

P6. A much less frequent anomaly would be one involving the psychokinetic movement of an object, or even an apport or teleportation of a physical object behaving like a UFO in the sky or on the ground. These events are very much comparable to some of the most intense poltergeists (or RSPKs), but occurring higher in the sky. Such object could be some form of plasma, but it could be made of other things too. Scott Rogo in The Haunted Universe reported a number of UFO cases that seem to fit this category, including a bunch of planks and other knick-knacks collated out of nowhere to take the shape of a UFO on the ground (again, similar to a bunch of towels and bedsheets taking the shape of a person during a poltergeist event).

It is important to note that these various elements of intensity are not mutually exclusive. For instance, a visionary experience involving a source of electromagnetism could also be involving psychokinetic healing, like in the story of Dr. X. As well, there is no need for a “crescendo” of intensity. UFO experiences can start at the rarest end P6 without “passing through” any other previous stages. And again, this scale is mostly useful in evaluating what would be the rarest form of psi involved in a particular UFO experience. The point here is that the social and psychological intensity required to produce a synchronicity is considered as being less than one causing a psychokinetic effect. Hence, in investigating a case we have a predictive tool to look for data.

The issue of physical traces, such as burning on the ground, matter brought from somewhere else, and radar tracking can be now be put in their proper perspective. Burning on the ground are likely to be caused by some form of plasma. Marks on the ground (as noted in some poltergeists event) can be a matter of psychokinesis. Matter from somewhere else can be either brought by a plasma ball or earthlight or a matter of psychokinesis. Radar tracking can be a matter of psychokinesis interfering with electronic equipment, some form of flying plasma, or psychokinesis of an object. Hence, I do not say there is no compelling physical evidence. What I am saying is that physical evidence are important (and do exist), but they are not of a primary importance; they are side effects of more crucial social and psychological psi-related dynamic

Source: Parasociology


The Mass Landing Myth and The Arrival of the Armies of God
By Sean Casteel

[The following is an excerpt from the newly published book, “Signs and Symbols of the Second Coming, Expanded and Revised Edition,” by Sean Casteel, with additional material by Timothy Green Beckley.]

There exists a prevailing belief among a great many within the UFO community that there will someday come a “mass landing,” a revelation to the entire world of the flying saucer reality we have only seen the briefest hints of so far. We somehow believe we are “owed” a climactic revelation as to the true nature of the flying saucer phenomenon, that we will one day have paid our dues and will receive a payoff in the form of some kind of ultimate truth.

One of the most common ways this idea is expressed is with the phrase “a landing on the White House lawn,” which presumes the U.S. president would be the first person the alien presence would want to communicate with. This is sort of an extension of the old 1950s cliché in which the aliens land and say, “Take me to your leader.” Perhaps the White House landing myth implies that they have eliminated the middleman/informant and gone straight to what Americans in their national pride would like to assume is the leader of the free world.

Another myth this basic concept incorporates is that of a morally indifferent alien force that wants to talk politics at the White House and eventually be interviewed on CNN. Any number of similar scenarios can be imagined while the waiting for some kind of open disclosure of the alien presence by the UFO occupants themselves continues. We wait, without being able to define what we’re waiting for.

But what if we’re waiting for the wrong kind of mass landing? What if the UFO occupants are not morally indifferent at all? What if the ancient astronaut interpreters of the phenomenon are right and the aliens are the gods that created us and at least tried to teach mankind a set of moral codes, a system of ethics that reflected their own “alien” morals and ethics? Perhaps the Old Testament word would be “righteousness,” and the prophets crying out down through the ages for truth and justice were not merely raving in some kind of sacrosanct psychosis but were, as they claimed, pressed into service as a “mouthpiece” or advocate for God?

There has always been a thin line between madness and genuine religious experience. The story of Abraham and his near-sacrifice of his son Isaac is a frequently used example of this problem. Abraham claims to hear a “voice,” which he assumes to be God, telling him to “sacrifice” his son. If Abraham were to walk into a courtroom today and tell a judge his “voices” told him to murder his own child, one would hope he would receive immediate hospitalization. It is typical of the schizophrenic to use what psychiatry would call “religious delusions” to justify any number of violent or otherwise antisocial behaviors.

Yet from childhood we are taught that Abraham was not psychotic and was having a genuine conversation with the true God. We are also taught that God chose at the final instant to take mercy on both Abraham and Isaac, providing a sacrificial animal, seemingly out of nowhere, to substitute for a frightened and confused Isaac. God’s real point had been to test Abraham’s faith, in a manner appropriate to the historical context of the ancient world.

As UFO believers, we too would like some kind of assurance that we are on the right side of that same thin line. While the morals of this country and the world around us may be said to have deteriorated to a depressing, even dangerous degree, there still exists a kind of social contract, law and order, and an agreed upon effort to maintain a level of ethical behavior we can live with comfortably enough to survive.

We think we know what is right and who among us could somehow trust an invading alien army to tell us different? Would these faceless, unknowable flying saucer occupants necessarily have a moral agenda at all? And should they have such an agenda, would they automatically want to impose that on us or even deign to teach it to us?

What to fear and who to trust about that fear? These kind of unanswerable questions inevitably grow wearisome to even the hardiest of UFO speculators. But this book on UFOs and the Second Coming is an attempt to answer some of those questions by blending the prophecies of the Bible with what little is known of the UFO phenomenon. Admittedly, in the marketplace of truth as it exists today, we already have two strikes against us. We are taking up two sharp sticks of something society has seen numerous examples of in the context of insanity – Biblical prophecy and UFOs – and giving ourselves a painful poke in the eye. Many a maniac with an axe to grind has wrapped himself in one or both of these subjects, usually to nauseating effect.

But nevertheless, we persist in this line of inquiry, of careful painstaking research. I have interviewed a group of experts on the subjects of Biblical prophecy and UFOs. Some have made the leap of faith and believe they are two inseparable parts of an overall whole, while other interviewees quoted here tend to carefully avoid expressing a belief in some future violent apocalypse.

For instance, what does the Second Coming mean to ordained minister Dr. Barry Downing? Downing’s impressive academic background in both science and religion, combined with a longtime study of the UFO phenomenon, makes his opinion as “expert” as they come.

Biblical prophecy scholar Gary Stearman discusses how the long awaited Rapture will be timed to events in Israel and explains how UFO waves in that embattled stretch of Earth have always been an expression of God’s unfolding plan in the modern world. One must learn to live with the idea that the Day of the Lord will arrive as a “thief in the night,” catching the entire world off-guard and entering our reality unannounced.

There are also chapters offering the aforementioned less apocalyptic view of the Second Coming. In interviews with religious and UFO scholar Dr. Brenda Denzler and prophecy researcher G.C. Schellhorn, Christ’s return is portrayed as a quieter transformation of humankind’s collective consciousness, a kind of moral rebirth taking place on levels too subtle to be readily apparent to the unenlightened observer. What if Christ and the other prophets can achieve their merciful ends without a “blood and guts” confrontation with the wickedness of the world?

The legendary husband and wife team of Brad and Sherry Steiger are interviewed for separate chapters about their beliefs on the Second Coming. Brad recalls his youthful days in Bible class and explains how his views are now less extreme, less black and white, regarding what we mean when we discuss things like the fearful aspects of the Book of Revelation.

Meanwhile, Sherry also feels her childhood religious beliefs and even time spent in a Lutheran seminary as a young woman did not prepare her for the truths she would later discover. What should be emphasized, she believes, is the commonality between all world faiths and the peaceful, good intentions of the prophets who introduced them to us. Yet she concedes she is troubled by portions of Book of Revelation and believes the Mark of the Beast could easily become a reality. Read her chapter in “Signs and Symbols of the Second Coming” to find out why.

Did the late Dr. Frank Stranges correctly identify the Antichrist? He is among the many who have tried to “name names” in that regard, but in this exclusive interview he explains his reasoning for doing so in some detail, while at the same time decrying the “fear mongers” who use the Second Coming to terrify rather than to inspire. Will the UFOs eventually spread the wisdom and grace of Christianity to the entire universe after carrying out the Second Coming on Earth?

Finally, I touch on the possible use of holograms to stage a false Second Coming and offer a checklist of signs to watch for in the countdown to the Day of the Lord, as provided by Gray Stearman.

Returning to the subject that began this chapter, it is my belief that we should not be waiting for a morally indifferent landing on the White House lawn. Should the mass landing come, it will more likely be from the skies over Armageddon, when the UFOs arrive en masse to combat the armies gathered by the Antichrist. Jesus Christ is often thought of as the teacher who cautioned us to turn the other cheek but he also said he came not to bring peace but the sword. In Revelation, Chapter 19, he is called the Word of God, he from whose mouth issues a sharp sword with which he smites the nations. He is accompanied by the “armies of heaven” who follow behind him on white horses. Would you not agree that all that stands in marked contrast to “moral indifference”?

In a book published by Tim Beckley’s Inner Light Publications, called “Project World Evacuation,” the late contactee, Tuella, lays out in exquisite detail another take on what the Second Coming will include: the promise that some UFOs will assist in the “great exodus” of human souls off this planet. Tuella channeled Ashtar, her name for the alien Space Brother who “spoke” to her and other fellow believers. “You will be hosted by us, fed and housed comfortably in a great mother ship,” Ashtar told her. Another Space Brother entity, called Andromeda Rex, even volunteered information about the food: “It will be as nearly normal to your accustomed foods as we can arrange it. It will include some drinks and foods that are new to you, but we are attempting a cuisine that will be favorable to all, with personal choices where needed.”

It is comforting to know that the Chosen Ones will be well-fed in outer space, but the most joyous aspect of the great adventure will be “in the mingling of beings from all worlds,” when the evacuated earthlings will be introduced to their galaxy and universe.

The exact time of the great evacuation is not known of course, but is contingent on events on Earth. For example, one message given in “Project World Evacuation” declares that, “We will not allow the entire planet to be destroyed. If atomic warfare does become activated, that will be the point of immediate mass evacuation by us of the prepared citizens of the Earth.”

Tuella knows her audience. She is not preaching to the masses but rather to a specialized group prepared to understand her.

“Just as many are called but few are chosen,” Tuella writes, “likewise, many who read this book will neither understand nor receive the information. But those special souls for whom it is intended will rejoice in its guidance and accept its timely and imperative revelation.

“This information is not entertainment,” she continues. “It is comparable to ‘sealed orders’ given to dedicated volunteers on a strategic mission. It is dispersed to them, compiled for them and will be cherished by them. It is neither defended nor justified. It is data recorded as given and passed on to those for whom it is intended.”

There is a vaguely militaristic overtone to some of that passage; the phrases like “sealed orders” and “strategic mission” seem to imply that the Ashtar Command speaking through Tuella is extremely well organized and is definitely playing for keeps. But when you’re talking about the rescue and salvation of yourself and your loved ones, who would have it otherwise?

It is unfortunate that Tuella passed away before she could be interviewed for this book because her input would have been fascinating. Her Space Brother contacts have given her a beautiful blueprint for an alien Rapture complete with information on the living arrangements onboard the ships afterward. As a race, we stand on the cusp of Doom and Salvation, and the mysterious, ubiquitous UFOs will be a crucial element of both.

Get your copy of "Signs and Symbols of the Second Coming, Expanded and Revised Edition" on Amazon.com

Source: Spectral Vision


Pursuing Mysterious Winged Things
By Nick Redfern

In September 2009, I spent approximately a week in and around (a) the town of Winona, Minnesota, and (b) portions of nearby Wisconsin, with a team from the History Channel’s popular cryptozoology-themed series, MonsterQuest. We were there to investigate reports of large winged beasts that, in some respects, sounded not unlike the infamous Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Others, however, were far more of a giant birdlike nature. And several even seemed like a bizarre combination of both. Being there for a week gave me a very good opportunity to dig deeply into some of the sightings, to gain the confidence and trust of the locals, and to see what I could uncover. I’m pleased to say that what I discovered amounted to a great deal.

One of the stories uncovered revolved around a Winona woman who, back in the 1960s, saw a large winged humanoid creature standing – legs spread wide – on a rooftop on the edge of town. Its wings were bat-like, black in color, and spread wide. Its red eyes stared malevolently at her as she watched it from the yard of her house, which was directly next door to the house atop which the man-beast stood.

For a few moments, the terrified woman and beast locked eyes, after which it took to the skies in incredibly fast fashion. Somewhat strangely, it did not take off by flapping its wings, as one might assume or expect. No: it simply spread its wings widely and rose vertically, not unlike a helicopter. The woman was baffled, however, on the matter of how it could do so without utilizing those powerful-looking wings. Interestingly, when, years later, the woman saw the 2001 movie, Jeepers Creepers, she told her family that the thing she saw decades earlier was practically identical in appearance.

Then there was the story that came from the employees of a restaurant in town. Several of the long-term staff recalled how, a few years earlier – which would have placed things around 2005 or 2006 – a truck-driver had come into the restaurant, in what was clearly a shaken state. As they crowded around him, he told them of seeing what he described as a “giant eagle” soaring a certain, large peak that overlooks the town itself. And in doing so, it emitted loud, screech-like sounds. Most odd of all, the truck-driver said that although there were more than a few other people on the road at the time in question, and the sighting occurred during broad daylight, no-one else seemed to see the massive beast. It was as if it manifested for him, and for him alone. And the list of encounters went on and on.

Also on our agenda was a trek to – and up – the nearby, huge, Trempealeau Mountain. There was a very good reason for this: the mountain, which is contained within the Perrot State Park (named after a French explorer, Nicolas Perrot), has longstanding traditions of sightings of huge birds. Not unlike the one reported by the aforementioned truck-driver in the early 2000s.

Many of these stories and legends originated with Native American tribes, who believed the creatures to be the legendary Thunderbirds, which are an integral part of their lore and history. With the MonsterQuest crew filming, we searched the mountain for the best part of a day and night, and – rather intriguingly – did find some large branches that hung over the sometimes-near-vertical edges of the mountain. None of us could deny they would have provided large winged things with perfect points of take-off and to allow them to make use of the thermals to help keep their mighty forms aloft. Whether or not they actually did, however, is quite another matter.

Late at night, we even used full-volume, call-blasting equipment, playing the calls of owls and eagles, as we sought to try and entice our quarry to show itself. It was to no avail. However, the witness testimony, combined with the Native American accounts of centuries past, convinced me that Trempealeau Mountain and its surroundings were, and maybe still are, home to fearsome fliers of the unknown kind.

Source: Mysterious Universe


Shape-Shifting UFOs
By Tim R. Swartz

There is no doubt that UFOs are strange. The fact that they are usually seen silently zipping around in our skies is weird enough; but throw in the fact that many UFOs that appear solid are seen to be constantly changing shape and size, it’s enough to drive any serious UFO researcher to take up butterfly collecting instead.

It is one of the great mysteries of UFOs, how can something that looks so real not behave like a solid object and change shape as rapidly as smoke in the wind? This has led to wild speculations on the true nature of UFOs and allowed skeptics to dismiss the entire phenomenon as simply misinterpreted natural events.

What hard-core skeptics fail to take into consideration is the thousands of diverse UFO sightings that have come in over the years that exhibit the same shape-shifting characteristics. A reported sighting of a weird object that changes shape can be a good way to distinguish a real UFO from one that is fraudulent.

UFOs are seen to come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, ranging from saucers, ovals, cigars, spheres, rocket and triangular shaped. They can suddenly appear and disappear, only to reappear in a completely different location. They can split in two and rejoin again instantly. This has led to all sorts of heated arguments between UFO researchers who have a preferred shape, choosing to throw out cases that don’t meet their criteria. However, if you take into account all of the reports of UFOs seen to morph from one shape into another, then possibly the vast diversity of UFOs is not so difficult to explain after all.

Classic Report of a Morphing UFO

On June 29, 1954, A British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) Stratocruiser Centaurus left New York Idlewild airport bound for London. Just after 9:00pm the aircraft passed 170 miles southwest of Goose Bay, Labrador, flying northeast at 19,000ft. The crew suddenly noticed an object to the west of the plane that was roughly five degrees aft of the port wing at a distance of about five miles. As they drew closer, the crew could see a large pear-shaped UFO flying in formation with six other smaller objects.

Against the sunset these objects appeared dark with the six smaller UFOs changing their positions around the larger craft which seemed to change from its original pear shape to a telephone handset shape and, in the words of Captain Howard: “what looked like a flying arrow – an enormous delta-winged plane turning in to close with us.” The anomalous shape-shifting object seemed to be solid with definite, clearly-defined edges.

As the jetliner drew closer the smaller UFOs formed into a regular line and seemed to merge into the larger object. Then the remaining large UFO appeared to suddenly shrink and vanish right before the eyes of the startled crew.

Captain Howard remarked later: “…they were obviously not aircraft as we know them. All appeared black and I will swear they were solid. There was a big central object that appeared to keep changing shape. The six smaller objects dodged about either in front or behind…”

In another case a Baptist Pastor while traveling with his family in the western part of the U.S. on June 8, 2002, observed a silver aluminum object flying above the mountains.

The Pastor says, “When I first noticed the object it was in the shape of a box and about the size of a small private plane. I tried to show it to my family and I was pointing where to look. Taking my eyes off of it for a moment, it changed to a round bottom cup shape without the handle (the round section being at the top). The sighting lasted about 30 seconds. The craft was not in a hurry really but seemed to be just cruising around. I don’t know how it disappeared. I lost sight of it trying to point it out to my family after looking away for just a second.”

UFO Changes Shape Right Before Witnesses Eyes

On June 5, 2005 a man was stopped at a traffic light on route 422 in Niles, Ohio when he noticed a bright silver, metallic UFO in the clear blue sky in front of his car.

“It was thin, cigar shaped with rounded ends and there was a large spot of sun glare shining from the left (back end). With my arm completely extended, its length would have been about the width across of a quarter.”

About six to seven seconds after he first spotted the unusual object, it seemed to change shape with the front end moving slightly inward so that the object took on more of a boomerang shape with one side shorter than the other. The glare from the sun that had been so bright at the left end moved in a quick flash and settled more in the center of the object and there seemed to be a darker spot right in the middle.

At that point the UFO was seen to ripple and get fuzzy at the edges. After the hazy ripple, it completely vanished leaving the eyewitness wondering what he had just seen.

One odd shape-shifting UFO was actually captured on camera in 1994 at an undisclosed location within the Nellis Air Force Base Bombing and Gunnery Range Complex, Nevada. The videotape is said to have been smuggled out by contractor personnel who had operated tracking stations on the Nellis range. Even though the UFO was photographed by a very good remote controlled fixed mounted camera, it still has that fuzzy, cotton-ball look about it which seems to be common among UFOs.

The Nellis Test Range UFO footage is an excellent example of what seems to be a real UFO caught on tape. This object, tracked by military radar and cameras, flies boldly around in a bright, clear sky seemingly unconcerned that it is being watched and photographed.

The object recorded on videotape flying over the dessert terrain that day appears to be constantly changing shape. At first it appears to be disc-shaped, then it looks somewhat like a small jet with round stubby wings, then it changes into three-balls, all the while the object is never clearly defined. It is as if it is surrounded by fog or mist, keeping it just out of focus. What kind of object are we dealing with that is never still, is always changing shape, and seems to be not quite solid?

As the object slowly spins a projection of some kind can also be seen. There is also a shifting “coal black” region. More often than not, the craft has a morphing, indefinite profile that appears to be self-luminous.

Physicists have speculated that what we see around shape-shifting UFOs may not be the UFO itself, but rather the energy change occurring around the UFO as it moves between dimensions. Apparent “vehicles” that seem to change shape while in the air may not be spacecraft at all, but cross-sections of four-dimensional objects that bisect familiar 3-D reality. For example, a 3-D cross section of a 4-D tube would appear spherical. If the tube was irregular in shape, we would expect it to “change shape” in our three dimensions as it moved, much how a sphere passing through a two-dimensional plane would appear like a rapidly growing disk to any watching flatlanders.

Alan Holt and David Froening at the end of the 1970s worked on an extension of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory involving what they referred to as a “field propulsion” craft. This spacecraft would change color and shape as it entered different stages of flight – this is similar to many UFOs that are reported around the globe.

Have UFOs Inspired Morphing Aircraft Designs?

Rumors have circulated among the UFO community that modern aircraft designs have been influenced by back-engineered extraterrestrial spacecraft. According to the website LiveScience.com, NASA and Department of Defense engineers are trying to create a plane that can morph into new shapes during flight by flexing or twisting, due to being made of new metals that form a kind of “flexible skin.”

Amazing advances are being made in the development of new metal alloys. These alloys have remarkable characteristics, in that they will change shape upon the application of an electric current or magnetic field. They change shape, or morph rapidly and with some considerable force. They are termed “compact hybrid actuators,” alloys that incorporate advanced nano-technology that is designed to enable them to mimic living systems in their versatility and dynamism.

The list of potential applications seems endless, and the U.S. military is funding a variety of related research programs exploring the full range of options. Self-healing wings that flex and react like living organisms, versatile bombers that double as agile jet fighters, and swarms of tiny unmanned aircraft are just a few of the science-fiction-like possibilities that these next-generation technologies could make feasible in the decades ahead.

In his 1997 book “The Day After Roswell”, the late Col. Philip J. Corso described his own experience of examining unusual material alleged to come from the 1947 UFO crash site in New Mexico:

“There was a dull, grayish-silvery foil-like swatch of cloth among these artifacts that you could not fold, bend, tear, or wad up but that bounded right back into its original shape without any creases. It was a metallic fiber with physical characteristics that would later be called ‘supertenacity,’ but when I tried to cut it with scissors, the arms just slid right off without even making a nick in the fibers. If you tried to stretch it, it bounced back, but I noticed that all the threads seemed to be going in one direction. When I tried to stretch it width-wise instead of length-wise, it looked like the fibers had re-orientated themselves to the direction I was pulling in. This couldn’t be cloth, but it obviously wasn’t metal. It was a combination, to my unscientific eye, of a cloth woven with metal strands that had the drape and malleability of a fabric and the strength and resistance of a metal.”

Corso claimed in his book that he “seeded” the alien material to the research departments of Monsanto and Dow. Furthermore, Corso claims that the material had previously been delivered to the Air Material Command at Wright Field. Wright Patterson Air Force Base is famous in UFO circles for its Foreign Technology division, purported to hold extra-terrestrial craft and artifacts. It could be that the new morphing technologies being used in new, top secret aircraft are the results of years of study on the UFO debris captured by the U.S. in the 1940s.

The entire UFO phenomenon is always changing and never clearly defined. When you think that you finally have something definite, the phenomenon changes again and you are back at square one. For more than fifty years, this is what has constantly confounded UFO researchers – when it comes to shape changing UFOs, there appears to be no real truths or answers.

Source: The Paranormal Report


A Japanese Ghost who Haunts Bathrooms

Hanako-san, also known as “Hanako of the Third Toilet”, is the ghost of a young girl who’s said to haunt elementary and middle school bathrooms in Japan. Being an urban legend, the story is bound to differ in whatever school or region you hear it, but the basic gist is that Hanako is a former student who haunts the third stall of the third-floor girls’ bathroom. If a person goes to Hanako’s stall, knocking on the door three times and asking “Hanako-san, are you there?”, they will hear a ghostly voice answer back “Yes, I’m here.”

Now if the person doesn’t rush out of there but proceeds to open the door, they will find a little girl with a bobbed haircut dressed in a red suspender-skirt and a white t-shirt. Hanako usually pulls the person into the stall and kills them, but other versions of the story replace her with a bloody hand that pops out of the toilet and drags the victim down into hell.

In another variation from Iwate Prefecture, the hand is a pale white and emerges from the floor before the victim can open the stall door. A version in Yamagata Prefecture adds the bizarre twist that “Hanako” is actually a giant three-headed lizard that lures is meals by impersonating a little girl’s voice.

Generally, anybody who opens the stall door is doomed, but a couple variations do offer tips that can help you escape from Hanako. In Kanagawa Prefecture, where Hanako is an equal opportunist who haunts the boys’ bathrooms too, a person can prevent Hanako from being summoned by running around the stall’s toilet three times in three seconds. (Hanako seems to be very fond of threes.)

So what exactly turned Hanako into a furious other-worldly killer who will strangle you for opening a door? According to one story, Hanako was an elementary school girl who had come to play at the playground during a holiday. As she played alone, a pedophile spotted her and chased her into the empty school. Hanako ran for her life up to the third-floor, and thinking she was safe in the girls’ bathroom, hid in the third stall there. The man, however, eventually found her and murdered her in the stall.

The other explanations also tend to display Hanako as a helpless victim. Some say that she was an unpopular and miserable girl who locked herself in the stall to get away from some bullies. Once her tormentors went back to class, Hanako either committed suicide or had died after the door got stuck and nobody came to look for her. Another widespread theory suggests that she was killed in a bombing during World War II.

Along with the Slit-Mouthed Woman, Hanako-san today is one of the most popular urban legends in Japan. While it first began to circulate on a national scale in the 1980s, with two movies and some anime appearances in the decade that followed, the story’s roots stretch back at least 40 years earlier. Already around 1948, students at an elementary school in Iwate Prefecture were claiming that a pale ghostly hand could be summoned in the third stall of one of the schools’ bathrooms by calling out “Hanako-san of the third”!

Source: Bizarre and Grotesque

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