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Are there unknown forces that seek to control our thoughts and deeds?  Do mysterious intelligences watch and scheme against humanity?  Are there entities that have been with us secretly for thousands of years and have manipulated mankind through religions, politics and war? Find out the shocking answers in the new magazine "Project Alien Mind Control: The New UFO Terror Tactic."  

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such zombie mind controlling tales as:

Former Goverment Officials Call For UFO Disclosure -
-  The Ghosts of Susquehannock Giants -
AND: Could Pokemon Go Help Solve the Loch Ness Mystery?

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

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Project Alien Mind Control
UFO Review Special: The New UFO Terror Tactic


What do you do when the power blackouts keep occurring and the mysterious disappearances and outright kidnappings continue to mount?

According to a small group of astute researchers, the Ultra-Terrestrials will not be destroying our world with laser weapons like in the blockbuster sci-fi movie Independence Day. Evidence indicates they want to capture our souls as well as our minds in order to accomplish their otherworldly “foul deeds.” They have no need to blow our fastest military aircraft out of the sky. Their best weapons are not futuristic military ones. Instead, their top-grade artillery against humanity is a numbing form of “high-tech alien mind control.” Utilizing a series of bizarre techniques, they are able to trick us into accepting their unorthodox and utterly evil belief systems through manipulative “hallucinatory” effects and establish an emotionless reaction to their far from charitable presence on Earth.

According to Montalk.Net, “Mankind is being enslaved by non-human forces who are technologically, psychically and dimensionally superior to us (but not necessarily spiritually, and therein lies our freedom). Through covert mental machinations and hyper-dimensional tricks that employ time travel, they have secretly manipulated and exploited humanity in every way conceivable since the birth of our race, and even our origins are suspect and bear the signs of genetic engineering.”

Project Alien Mind Control is well underway and thousands of individuals and entire towns are being mentally enslaved! It is important for the well-being of the planet that we all join the alien resistance and learn to elude their mind control efforts at all costs.

This is one of the strangest – and most dramatic – dossiers you will likely ever read – the kind that is stamped Top Secret by military authorities because of “national security” and because they know it will have a devastatingly negative effect on society. Many believe that as long as we are in the “Matrix” that we will be unable to avoid their sinister, self-serving mind games.

* * * * * *

A UFO REVIEW SPECIAL – This is the first in a series of regularly issued publications from the UFO REVIEW, which originated in the early 1970s as the world’s only “Official Flying Saucer Newspaper” and which has gone through various incarnations over the decades. Published by Timothy G. Beckley, it is now the solitary “magazine special” printed in English in the U.S. on the subject of unexplainable aerial and paranormal phenomena. Beckley has edited such related newsstand publications as UFO Universe, Unsolved UFO Sightings, and Angels and Aliens, as well as the printed edition of the Conspiracy Journal/Bizarre Bazaar.

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By Timothy G Beckley

Whenever I am on a talk show discussing the dreaded Men in Black, inevitably I am asked the hundred thousand dollar question: Who are the Men in Black? Are they government agents, or radical ETs looking to cause chaos and confusion in an attempt to silence an individual who may have seen or found out too much about the UFO situation at hand.

For many years I stumbled and stuttered out any kind of  answer, even if it was an illogical one, not knowing really what to say or how to hedge my bet as to who - or what - were behind the dozens  of MIB capers that were being called to my attention. The MIB cases that I was hearing about seemed to come in "waves," followed by prolonged dry periods when these denizens of darkness seem to have gone back underground.

Recently the reports started to heat up again!

They were centering on the state of Iowa and were initially bought to my attention by my friends and colleagues, Brad and Sherry Steiger.

Addressing me as "Brother Tim," the missive went something like this: "Facebook and YouTube are crowing over MIBs. The first sighting apparently was made by a R.J. Strong of Port Louisa on or around June 13 (2016) at 2 AM as he was driving near Ogilvie Avenue in Muscatine County. He told the local TV station, KWQC, that some 'weirdo was walking down the center of the paved road in a long, black trench coat.'"

The local Sheriff's office said they had received maybe about six reports of similarly clad individuals either walking down the road or standing perched at the shoulder as if ready to pounce on their pray (passing motorists?).

"My son has experienced this and it's no joke," posted Beatrice Wilson Strong.  "It was really a frightening experience to him."

Likewise, Cassie Pameticky posted on Facebook, "It's happened to a few friends of mine out on [Highway] 22."

This comes on the heels of West Quincy, Iowa, resident Jordan Law, who saw what she thought were two human bodies lying on the side of the road. She pulled over right away and called the police. Then the two "bodies" got up and started running after her.

This incident has been put down as a teenagers' prank, but the Muscatine County Sheriff's Office has taken notice, posting Monday on its Facebook page, "We have had several reports of 'men dressed in black' entering the roadway in rural Muscatine County."

Chicago's Channel 5 News added this report from an eyewitness. "My wife, mother in-law, and I were headed home on Highway 22 at 10:30 PM on June 15th, headed towards Muscatine from Quad Cities, and just past the big hill past Fairport. As we got just past the cabins, there was someone all in white with either white makeup on or a thin white mask lying in the ditch right by the road, and he sat up with his thumb up." The witness said he figured it was a mannequin at first, but when he returned later, it was gone.

It has also been noted that these same individuals have been spotted walking across homeowners' yards, on private property.
The MCSO is now asking anyone who encounters the individuals to "call 911 immediately."

The sheriff's Facebook post has generated several jokes and speculation that harmless pranksters are behind the sightings.

However, the MCSO says on its Facebook page, "We do take this seriously," and investigators are "hoping the public can assist."


Unfortunately, it is almost unprecedented for any local media to carry MIB reports, save for the Mothman flap in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, way back in the 1960s, so in order to get additional details one has to depend upon the Internet or one's own independent sources.

Hardly a day goes by when On Phantoms and Monsters doesn't add a substantial amount of new material pertaining to whatever is trending at the time. The recent MIB reports out of Iowa wasn't any different than, say, the Dogman cases that have updated their site a few days previously.

As an example, this is what Craig C. posted:

"I got an email from a friend about a happening south of Iowa City around Muscatin, Iowa.

 "The occurrence is from last Thursday: June 17th, 2016. Not sure if it's just pranksters or something else, but the following is what I got:

"Last night, around 10:50 PM, 'George' was driving home and experienced something really creepy. He was driving along Highway 22, just before Hon Geneva, when he saw a strange, tall man, dressed all in black step out from the ditch on to the side of the highway. As George passed him, the man stepped out from behind his car, into the middle of his lane, and stopped and watched him drive off. (As George described, the man cocked his head to the side while he watched him drive away and his arms weren't down against his sides, more curved as if he were holding basketballs under his wrists against his hips. Maybe to appear stronger in stature.) He said his face was black too. Maybe painted or a mask, but he could not make out facial features. A bit shaken, he continued driving towards home when a second man (clothed the same way and same demeanor) stepped out from the ditch just before Sweetland Road. At this point, George floored the gas and sped home. When he came in the door he was distraught. Listening to him tell me about his encounter scared me. I reported the men to the sheriff. Alan took George back out to look for the men but never saw them again. The sheriff called and asked to meet with George about this in the last month. There have been sightings of the same thing near Fairport. I am posting this because I want to warn all of you that live along the highway or drive along 22 at night to keep a lookout. Not sure what they are up to, but it's creepy!"

To my way of thinking, it's kind of a crazy, somewhat confusing timeline of the MIB activity. Unless there were a group of them, they seem to have spread out over the landscape pretty far and wide - and for what purpose?
Tim Swartz told me that, in his preparation to appear on Clyde Lewis' "Ground Zero" program, he discovered that there had been some limited UFO activity in Iowa just before the appearance of the MIBs. A report filed with the Mutual UFO Network lists a sighting of a UFO complete with a row of windows. Several "fireballs" were also seen, though no details are displayed on the UFO Hunters site.


But getting back to square one - previewed before the MIB update - what are we to make of the origins for the MIB? Are they earthly? Extraterrestrial? Or somewhere "in-between"? As astute researcher/author Nick Redfern has pointed out, we have considered what would seem like all the various possibilities, "including aliens, government agents, time-travelers, and dimension-hoppers." There is, however, at least one other possible theory that is scarcely considered. And it just so happens to be a theory I purposed to Nick some months previous to his public statement on the subject.

"What if the MIB are not extraterrestrials, time-surfers from the distant future, agents of officialdom, or inter-dimensional creatures? What if, incredibly, they are normal, everyday people, just like me and you? Or, to put it more correctly, what if they are everyday people most of the time? Could it be the case that the MIB are regular individuals who, now and again, become possessed by a paranormal force - a demonic force - some might even suggest - that uses those poor souls as vessels to perform tasks of the terrifying kind?

"To some, it may sound not just controversial, but beyond controversial. But, don't be so quick to write-off just such a possibility. One case in particular suggests that that may be exactly what is going on. And, for the answers to that case we have to turn our attentions to a longtime researcher of the UFO mystery: Timothy Green Beckley. Beckley's research suggests that the Men in Black may actually be regular individuals who have been placed under a form of mind-control, very much akin (in slave-like behavior, at least) to the kind of zombification that appears within Haitian lore."
Thinking back, I had apparently spoken to Nick about a highly frightening, ongoing series of threats by someone I had met at the office of an individual who was at the time publishing a nationally distributed newsstand magazine on UFOs. The magazine had printed several narratives detailing close encounters with the MIB.

I wrote for this publication in the 1970s; it was called "Official UFO." They always published their address in the magazine, so they did get a few crank visitors to their offices. They also published dozens of other, non-UFO type, magazines. One day, while I was there on other publishing business,   there was this gentleman who showed up claiming he was being stalked by the Men in Black. The fellow was disheveled in appearance, rambling wildly, and kept scratching as if he were being repeatedly bitten by insects. I tried my best to ignore him as I knew that something was "just not right" about him.  

Unfortunately, not too long afterward, I actually encountered the man in the street. He seemed to block my path. There was a glazed look in his eyes as if he could go ballistic at any moment. I excused myself as quickly as possible, and thus began a disturbing series of events that lasted across the late 1970s and early 1980s - during which time I received a series of disturbing and chilling phone calls from the man.

They were so chilling and disturbing - never mind threatening, too - that I finally chose to contact the police. It didn't take the NYC police long to find the man; he was living on the streets and sleeping   somewhere in Grand Central Terminal, around Times Square.

I explained that this creepy character must have called fifty times and left crazy, threatening messages that would go on and on - and not only had he threatened me, but also several local politicians and a female DJ who he was stalking on the side. I told the police I had even spoken with his parents (he was a grown man in his forties) - who were in Florida - and they said that although he wasn't always like this, something came over him "now and again." On one occasion he had even held a knife at his brother's throat.

I began to notice this pattern over and over again, how these individuals - usually on the margins of society - were going into trance-like states, only to find their already surly disposition becoming far worse, to the point of hostility. This individual kept saying that he knew the astronomer Dr. Morris K. Jessup who had, of course, committed apparent suicide years before. From what I could see, he was taking on the character of a MIB. He was lock-jawed and zombie-like, repeating his threats over and over.

There is no doubt that he was possessed, under "someone's" spell. Some paranormal force takes hold of the person and they come a literal Man in Black, doing what the "outside force" wants them to do, but without their knowledge of their own behavior in most instances. Afterwards, they might not even remember any of what had occurred. These folks are living on the fringe of our society as it is; they are usually very simple-minded people who can very easily be manipulated and influenced. Someone, say, who might be living in some rundown apartment, is taken over in a sort of enchantment, and then  becomes one of the Men in Black for a period of time. They threaten someone and then they go back to their normal life after the possession ends, unable to recall this schizophrenic episode. But while they are under the control of whatever is doing this, they're not "quite right." It's like being a full-blown zombie, which is the best way I can describe this state or mental condition.  

Putting his stretchable, woolen thinking cap on, Nick Redfern sort of reinforces my position, taking a few elements from the theory I have developed.

"Beckley's description is certainly a highly apt one: George Romero's cannibalistic zombies in Night of the Living Dead - and, indeed in all of Romero's subsequent movies in the still-ongoing Dead series - are utterly driven by two issues: the desire for self-preservation, and an unrelenting need to feed. The MIB are equally and similarly driven; however, their whole goal is to instill fear rather than feed upon flesh and bone. But, just like the reanimated dead of the big-screen, the Men in Black, too, appear to lack anything more than a basic awareness of why, precisely, they are carrying out the actions they dutifully and never-endingly perform. Might that be due to paranormal possession? Demonic possession, perhaps? It may not be wise to dismiss either scenario…"

Going a step further, in the next presented scenario, Redfern shows us that not all MIB are, actually, Men in Black, and that we have to deal with the female side of the phenomenon as well.


Former Goverment Officials Call For UFO Disclosure

BRANTFORD, Canada—Former high-level government officials were among the panelists at a June 25 hearing calling for disclosure of any remaining classified government information on unidentified aerial phenomena (the new preferred term for unidentified flying objects, or UFOs).

Nick Pope, who handled the UAP files for the U.K.’s Ministry of Defence in the early ’90s, testified at the hearing in Brantford, Canada. The Hon. Paul Hellyer, former minister of defense for Canada (1963 to 1967) and deputy prime minister under Pierre Trudeau, also testified.

The other panelists were Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist and UAP researcher; Travis Walton, an alleged abductee whose story was made famous in the 1993 movie, “Fire in the Sky”; Grant Cameron, a Canadian UAP researcher who has examined stacks of documents received through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests; Richard Dolan, a prominent UAP researcher who first delved into U.S. government files on UAPs 22 years ago while writing a doctoral dissertation on the presidency of Harry Truman; and Steve Bassett, the executive director of the Paradigm Research Group, which advocates for disclosure of all government UAP knowledge.

Hellyer said he had heard about UAP sightings while he served as minister of defense, but he was never briefed on any intimate, hidden knowledge of the UAP phenomenon. He began researching UAPs and speaking out about them in 2005, after he had already left public service.

Hellyer said he had heard about UAP sightings when he was minister of defense, but he was never briefed on any intimate, hidden knowledge of the UAP phenomenon.

However, his connections in the government did help his research, he said. At the hearing, he recalled a deathbed interview he conducted with Nickolas Evanoff, an emergency services official in the Canadian government.

Evanoff told Hellyer that American officials had shown him an extraterrestrial spacecraft at Area 51 in the late 1970s. Sworn to secrecy, Evanoff purportedly kept quiet about it until shortly before his death in 2007.

Hellyer firmly believes the Canadian and American governments are hiding important information about UAPs.

While he was minister of defense, he had no interest in the topic and didn’t ask about it, but in retrospect he is not happy that he wasn’t briefed on it. He said in a follow-up email with Epoch Times: “I personally think that ministers of defence should have been fully briefed, but that isn’t the way the system works. High ranking public servants who have been trusted with top secret information often keep it to themselves. I suspect it gives them a sense of power and self-importance when they know more about a subject than their alleged superiors.”

He said he does not know whether his former boss, Pierre Trudeau—or Trudeau’s son, the current Canadian prime minister—had any interest in the UAP subject.

Pope was more conservative than Hellyer in his claims. He’s not so sure the world’s governments are hiding anything major regarding UAPs, though he did admit that the U.K. Ministry of Defence (MoD) publicly downplayed its interest in UAPs.

He said: “We consistently told the U.K.’s Parliament, the media, and the public that UFOs were of ‘no defence significance,’ while in parallel, highly-classified intelligence studies … were being carried out away from public scrutiny.

“That said, despite the secrecy and the downplaying of the MoD’s UFO-related work, I’m not aware of any cover-up or conspiracy in the sense that supporters of such theories mean. In short, if there’s a spaceship hidden away in an air force hangar somewhere, I’m afraid it isn’t in the U.K.”

Most of the thousands of UAP reports in the MoD files could be explained by conventional means, Pope said. But about 5 percent defied conventional explanation and remain unsolved.

The panelists presented various pieces of evidence to support or refute the claim that governments are hiding UAP knowledge. Much of the evidence has already been thoroughly debated by skeptics, believers, and those who fall somewhere in between.

For example, Friedman discussed the witness testimonies he gathered as the first citizen investigator of the purported UAP crash in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. He said these testimonies—particularly the description of the crash debris by Major Jesse Marcel—contradict the official Air Force statement that it was a balloon that crashed.

The hearing discussion turned to the more philosophical topic of how disclosure would impact the world, if governments really are hiding knowledge of extraterrestrials.
What Would Happen If We Knew for Sure ET Exists?

Even if governments were to announce that extraterrestrials have definitely visited Earth, Pope said it wouldn’t necessarily have a big impact: “If you look at opinion polls, which consistently show a sizeable number of people already believe there’s life out there and that we’re being visited and that governments aren’t being straight to us—you don’t really shock people by telling them something they already believe.”

He said that he would be excited by the possibility of technological and scientific advancement. Yet some of the panelists think it is exactly the desire to keep advanced extraterrestrial technology under wraps—for example, energy sources used by UAPs independent of fossil fuels—that motivates the secrecy.

Dolan noted that at the time of the purported Roswell crash, the United States government was loath to give up its atomic technology to the United Nations. With the end of the second world war and the start of the Cold War, advanced technology was not openly shared.

“What we know for absolute fact,” Dolan said, “is that this is a phenomenon that was a serious issue involving sensitive air bases.” He asked the audience members to put themselves in President Harry Truman’s shoes: “Would you tell the world about this? … I think the answer is ‘no.'”

Walton, as an alleged abductee, considered the panic people might feel if the existence of extraterrestrials were announced—if the threat of abduction were to suddenly become real to many people.

“I can acknowledge and conceive that perhaps some of the secrecy is for our own good,” he said. He noted that it could be justified, “not just on the part of the government, but on the part of the aliens themselves.”

He said, “their reason for not landing and making open contact might also have to do with an awareness of what the consequences would be.”

Dolan said: “The problem with secrecy is it could be started for very good reasons. … [but] it develops a life of it’s own, and eventually it is a corrosive, not a helpful, influence on our society.”

Could the UAP issue one day culminate in a “cosmic Watergate” as Friedman described it?

Source: Epoch Times


The Ghosts of Susquehannock Giants

There is actual historic documentation of giants living in America. The journal of Captain John Smith, describes a 1608 incident when he and his crew encountered 60 eight-foot-tall giants of the Susquehannock tribe while traveling up the tributaries on the Chesapeake Bay. The Susquehannocks populated much of Pennsylvania at the time:

    ". . . 60 of those Susquehannocks came to us . . . such great and well-proportioned men are seldome seene, for they seemed like giants to the English . . . these are the strangest people of all those countries both in language and attire; for their language it may well beseeme their proportions, sounding from them as a voyce in a vault. Their attire is the skinnes of beares and woolves, some have cassocks made of beares heades and skinnes . . . The half sleeves coming to the elbows were the heads of beares and the arms through the open mouth . . . one had a head of a Woolf hanging from a chain for a jewell . . . with a club suitable to his greatness sufficient to beat out one's brains. Five of their chiefe wereowances came aboard us . . . (of) the greatest of them his hayre, the one side was long and the other shorn close with a ridge over his crowne like a cocks combe . . . The calfe of whose leg was 3/4 of a yard around and all the rest of his limbes so answerable to that proportion that he seemed the goodliest man we ever beheld! " - From the voyages of Captain John Smith (of Jamestown, Va) - 1607 - 1609

In later years, when roads were being built and farmer's fields tilled, giant bones would occasionally be discovered. Then there were stories about the afterlives of these ancient giants...and it would appear that their spirits took exception to their graves being disturbed.

One of the early ghostly giants occurred in 1900...and witnessed by several residents of the village of Mordansville, in Columbia County. The Bloomsburg Columbian published the following story on September 13, 1900:

    "While two young men were driving across the bridge a few evenings ago (Ed. Note: this would most likely have been the site of the bridge on Robbins Road that once crossed Little Fishing Creek) their horse suddenly stopped, refusing to go forward, and showing every evidence of fright, although they could see nothing... Becoming alarmed they called loudly for assistance and when some of the villagers arrived, carrying lanterns, they declare they saw a large skeleton standing directly in front of the animal... The ghostly visitor was distinctly visible to both the young men in the buggy as well as to the villagers... Since that evening the apparition has been seen by several people, its latest visit being Sunday night, when it appeared to two young girls who... assert positively that they saw the skeleton, which they declare was at least eight feet in height."

One week later, the newspaper continued reporting on this phenomenon in the September 20, 1900 edition of the Bloomsburg Columbian:

    "Mordansville still has its ghost. A resident of that village informs us that it appears almost nightly at one end of the bridge, looks to be about ten feet tall, is clothed in flimsy material of immaculate white, and makes a noise similar to a big wagon. He also says that travel over the bridge after nightfall has greatly decreased."

An excavated burial mound in western Pennsylvania seemed to be haunted by another giant. Apparently the apparition was witnessed by the archaeologists themselves who were working the burial site, which was located in South Huntingdon Township. After the local police were called to the location, word of the local haunting spread throughout the state and nation. The El Paso Herald published the following story on December 28, 1920:

    "Greensburg, Pa., Dec. 28-- The famous mound-builders' mound in South Huntingdon township has suddenly taken on life and the eight-foot inhabitants of olden days, according to the best-informed scientists, lay down to their eternal sleep, have just as suddenly started stalking out at nights... so strong has become the belief that all is not well within the famous mound, which is 300 feet long and 12 feet high, that Dave Kelly, the high constable and custodian of the peace in and about Gratztown, a mile from the mound, has been asked to investigate.

    "First news of the stalking of the ghosts of the ancient mound builders- for that is what the night prowlers are believed to be- came on Halloween night... But when on Armistice night Cy Brown and Sue Smith happened to be passing there and saw the same eight-foot apparition, Cy simply stepped on 'er- that is, on the gas, for he owns an auto, and made haste for the Armistice ball. Cy admits he wasn't scared...but those who saw him start home with Sue that night claim he took a five-mile detour to get home.

    "Some time ago Dr. W.J. Holland and his assistant, from the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, invaded the quietness of the mound-builders' tomb and removed from it one of the eight-foot specimens. Whether this has angered the ancient denizens of the mound is a question the populace hereabouts is unable to determine so far."

You can read more about these native people at Giant Skeletons and Susquehannock History

Source: Phantoms and Monsters


Police Solve Case of Mysterious "Ghost" Bride

The mystery of a female ghost terrorising motorists and scaring locals has been solved after police discovered it was a prank.

Detectives investigated repeated sightings of the female ghost that had been terrifying residents in Tuzla, northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina - and found three children were to blame.

The youngsters had been dressing up in white sheets with a black wig and then sneaking out from their homes after midnight to wander the streets causing panic among locals.

Some reported it was a young woman that they had seen, while others claimed it was a young girl.

The sightings had also been reported in Gracanica, a town located to the west of Tuzla.

The youngsters had reportedly been seen walking along beside the road before dashing off when the headlights lit them up.

They had also been seen climbing on the roofs of houses.

Media reports had linked it to the death of a young woman who had died in a car accident on her wedding day, saying she was unable to rest in peace and was looking for revenge.

And it went viral when the ghost was aired on a local television station.

The video shows what appears to be a woman in a white robe with long black hair covering her face walking on a street in Tuzla before turning right and disappearing in an alley.

Suzana wrote online: 'Can somebody please tell me that this is not true! It looks so scary.'

Martin commented: 'Do you believe now! Here she is.'

And Dani commented: 'Well it looks it is not edited.'

With widespread panic, police agreed to step in and have now settled the mystery.

The trio said they had wanted to create a Facebook sensation. Police gave no details of their ages nor what action they might face.

Source: The Daily Mail

New DNA Testing on 2,000-Year-Old Paracas Skulls
By April Holloway

The elongated skulls of Paracas in Peru caused a stir in 2014 when a geneticist that carried out preliminary DNA testing reported that they have mitochondrial DNA “with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far”. Now a second round of DNA testing has been completed and the results are just as controversial – the skulls tested, which date back as far as 2,000 years, were shown to have European and Middle Eastern Origin. These surprising results change the known history about how the Americas were populated.

Paracas is a desert peninsula located within Pisco Province on the south coast of Peru.  It is here where Peruvian archaeologist, Julio Tello, made an amazing discovery in 1928 – a massive and elaborate graveyard containing tombs filled with the remains of individuals with the largest elongated skulls found anywhere in the world. These have come to be known as the ‘Paracas skulls’. In total, Tello found more than 300 of these elongated skulls, some of which date back around 3,000 years.

Strange Features of the Paracas Skulls

It is well-known that most cases of skull elongation are the result of cranial deformation, head flattening, or head binding, in which the skull is intentionally deformed by applying force over a long period of time. It is usually achieved by binding the head between two pieces of wood, or binding in cloth. However, while cranial deformation changes the shape of the skull, it does not alter other features that are characteristic of a regular human skull.

In a recent interview with Ancient Origins, author and researcher LA Marzulli describes how some of the Paracas skulls are different to ordinary human skulls:

“There is a possibility that it might have been cradle headboarded, but the reason why I don’t think so is because the position of the foramen magnum is back towards the rear of the skull. A normal foramen magnum would be closer to the jaw line…”

Marzulli explained that an archaeologist has written a paper about his study of the position of the foramen magnum in over 1000 skulls. “He states that the Paracas skulls, the position of the foramen magnum is completely different than a normal human being, it is also smaller, which lends itself to our theory that this is not cradle headboarding, this is genetic.”

In addition, Marzulli described how some of the Paracas skulls have a very pronounced zygomatic arch (cheek bone), different eye sockets and no sagittal suture, which is a connective tissue joint between the two parietal bones of the skull.

    "In a normal human skull, there should be a suture which goes from the frontal plate … clear over the dome of the skull separating the parietal plates - the two separate plates – and connecting with the occipital plate in the rear,” said Marzulli. “We see many skulls in Paracas that are completely devoid of a sagittal suture."

There is a disease known as craniosynostosis, which results in the fusing together of the two parietal plates, however, Marzulli said there is no evidence of this disease in the Paracas skulls.

DNA Testing

The late Sr. Juan Navarro, owner and director of the Museo Arqueologico Paracas, which houses a collection of 35 of the Paracas skulls, allowed the taking of samples from three of the elongated skulls for DNA testing, including one infant. Another sample was obtained from a Peruvian skull that had been in the US for 75 years. One of the skulls was dated to around 2,000 years old, while another was 800 years old.

The samples consisted of hair and bone powder, which was extracted by drilling deeply into the foramen magnum. This process, Marzulli explained, is to reduce the risk of contamination. In addition, full protective clothing was worn.

The samples were then sent to three separate labs for testing – one in Canada, and two in the United States. The geneticists were only told that the samples came from an ancient mummy, so as not to create any preconceived ideas.  

Surprising Results

From the samples, only the mitochondrial DNA (DNA from the mother’s side) could be extracted. Out of four hair samples, one of them couldn’t be sequences. The remaining three hair samples all showed a Haplogroup (genetic population group) of H2A, which is found most frequently in Eastern Europe, and at a low frequency in Western Europe. The bone powder from the most elongated skull tested came back as T2B, which originates in Mesopotamia and what is now Syria, essentially the heart of the fertile crescent. “It rewrites history as we know it,” said Marzulli.

“If these results hold,” writes Brien Foerster on his website Hidden Inca Tours, “the history of the migration of people to the Americas is far more complex than we have been told previously.”

If these results are confirmed through further tests, it means that peoples from Europe and the Middle East migrated to the Americas long before it is conventionally believed.

Marzulli said that mainstream academics will probably attack these results by pointing to the fact that he is not a scientist, but he urges any skeptic to replicate the study. “Attack the evidence folks. Go down and get your own samples, pay for a DNA lab and then come back to me with your science… do some science like we’ve done,” he said. The full lab reports of the DNA tests are available in LA Marzulli’s book Nephilim Hybrids.

The results are also consistent with the fact that many of the Paracas skulls still contain traces of red hair, a color that is not natively found in South America, but originates in the Middle East and Europe.

“No academics as far as we can tell can explain why some of the skulls that still have hair are red or even blonde,” writes Brien Foerster, “the idea that this is from time or bleaching has NOW been disproven by 2 hair experts. For the ancient Paracas people, at least, they had blonde to reddish hair that is 30% thinner than NATIVE American hair. It is GENETIC!”

Extra-terrestrial Hypothesis

Due to the unusual shape and features of the Paracas skulls, there has long been speculation that they are extra-terrestrial in origin, and many have hoped that DNA testing would prove that to be the case.

“As regards an “alien” component or ancestry to the skulls, we may never know,” writes Brien Foerster. “The DNA testing programs can only compare sample DNA with those that are known, and those are held in a huge database called Gentech in the US. Further testing with cooperation from Peruvian archaeologists and the Ministry of Culture are now ongoing.”

Nevertheless, LA Marzulli explained that the DNA results fit perfectly with the hypothesis he has held since before any testing was undertaken. That is that the Paracas people are the Nephilim spoken about in Biblical texts, which are described as the sons of gods and daughters of men, in other words a hybrid race which was said to be based in the area of the Levant, the same place that the Paracas DNA traces to.

Whether or not this hypothesis is correct, the results of the DNA tests are dramatic and history changing and further testing may help to unravel the complex history of the Paracas people.

LA Marzulli and colleagues have plans for further testing and are currently working with Peruvian and American archaeologists. They have verbal permission from the head archaeologist of a Peruvian Museum to take more samples. These will then be presented to the Ministry of Culture for final consent before the samples are taking to US labs for testing. This process is expected to take at least a couple of years to complete.

Source: Ancient Origins


Loud Booms Baffle Residents of Sonora, CA
By Catherine Thorbcke

A mysterious booming noise in a small California town has residents baffled, and has sparked many conspiracy theories.

Every weekday, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., a thunderous noise rocks through Sonora, California, according to locals.

The cause of the mysterious booms remains a mystery, with local residents pointing to everything from mining operations to aliens.

Glen White, a local teacher and geologist who has researched the sound extensively, told local ABC affiliate KXTV-TV that he thinks the noise comes from bombs and grenades exploding.

White said he believes the explosions come from an Army depot outside of Hawthorne, Nevada, about a hundred miles away from Sonora. There, a private company disposes and dismantles old munitions, White said.

“They go through old munitions bombs, grenades, then they destroy them,” White explained, and has video footage to back up his claim.

Ken Thomas, a contracting officer for the Hawthorne Army Depot, told ABC News today that they do detonate munitions regularly at the depot when the munitions are past their shelf-life, but he is not convinced that it can be heard in Sonora.

"It doesn't feel right that what we're doing here would be heard 200 miles away when there's a mountain range in between us," Thomas said. "My office is 27 miles from where they detonate the old munitions, I only hear it here maybe one time a month, and just barely and it's like 'Was that a boom?'"

While White thinks he has solved the town's mystery, he told KXTV-TV he remains open to hearing other people's theories, as long as they are backed up by scientific research.

Source: ABC News

Could Pokemon Go Help Solve the Loch Ness Mystery?

The global game craze Pokemon Go and its digital blue creature Lapras is set to help solve the mystery of the Loch Ness monster.

The village of Dores, eight miles west of Inverness, and its Loch Ness sign have become a “pokestop” for hundreds of gamers flocking to the shores of the famous Loch in search of Nintendo generated monsters like Lapras.

But they have also been able to buy a Lapras lookalike from amateur monster hunter Steve Feltham as a souvenir of their electronic enquiries.

Steve today (MON) celebrates 25 years of Nessie hunting. For 15 of those years, he has been selling miniature monsters to fund his quest.

However, he was blissfully unaware that his Nessie was the double of Lapras, and gamers were eagerly snapping up his creation.

He said: “I hadn’t a clue what Pokeman Go was about or that Dores was included in the game.

“I saw all these people playing about with their mobile phones and I wondered what they were doing. Then someone explained to me, showed me Lapras and I did a double take.

“It looked just like my monster model. It is great that the game is creating more interest in the Loch by bringing people here hoping to spot a digital creature – and they may witness the real thing,” added Steve, who is still hoping for his first Nessie sighting.

Pokemon Go was launched in the UK recently.

A smartphone update of the Nintendo Game Boy classic, it encourages players to catch monsters via a combination of GPS and augmented reality.

Gary Campbell, president of the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club, said: “It’s amazing that Steve’s models were created long before Lapras and they should look so alike.

“Now we hope the interest in Pokemon Go might help find Nessie as it will draw more people to the shores of the Loch which will increase the chances of her being spotted.

“The game players will be taking screen shots of the characters at the Loch and this can only help to improve the chances of someone getting a photo of Nessie.

“Maybe Nintendo might even bring out a special Nessie Pokemon which they could place in Nessies Lair,” Gary added.

Source: The Press and Journal

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