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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such creature-feature stories as:

- More Evidence That the Moon Contributes to Earthquakes -  
 -  Black-Eyed Kids: Who Are They? WHAT Are They? -
- New Photo of "Loch Ness Monster" Called Best Yet -
AND: 50% Chance We Live in a "Matrix Reality"

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Cryptid Creatures From Dark Domains
Dogmen, Devil Hounds, Phantom Canines And Real Werewolves


Here Is Proof That These Strange Canines Exist And Could Be Hiding In Plain Sight In Your Neighborhood!

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Legends of black dogs and phantom hounds are widespread throughout the United States as well as in the United Kingdom. Though presented as a work of fiction, Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle based his most popular detective thriller, "The Hound of the Baskervilles," on true accounts of a mysterious black beast with blazing red eyes who is said to have attacked those crossing the moors. Some victims were lucky to have gotten away with their lives. Perhaps there are others who disappeared and whose bodies were not accounted for. Today's top paranormal researchers delve into stories of the bloody beast, who comes in various sizes and apparently even has the ability to shape-shift into an even more hideous creature when cornered, as described by England's leading cryptozoologist Nick Redfern in this stunning new work.

There also is the latest research from Pennsylvania's foremost Dogmen researcher Butch Witkowski, who finds himself in the middle of an unprecedented wave of "bipedal canine" appearances to hunters and campers. These Dogmen are upright creatures, standing over seven-feet-tall and said to have a muscular physique similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger. The strange hairy frame is topped by the face of a hideous, snarling dog who breathes out dread and fear to all those who cross its path.

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More Evidence That the Moon Contributes to Earthquakes
By Rebecca Boyle

An almost-full, half-pie, waxing moon hanging lopsided in the night sky has long been a symbol of things to come. Now scientists have a new symbolism for the lunar phase we call first quarter: a looming risk of earthquakes.

The moon is (mostly) responsible for Earth’s tides, which are strongest when the sun and moon are aligned, during a full moon or a new moon. It’s small, the moon, but so close that its gravity stretches and compresses the water across the globe, into high and low tides called spring and neap tide, respectively. It pulls on the Earth’s crust, too, but only a tiny bit, especially compared to the breath-like rise and fall of an ocean.

Still, scientists have wondered for years whether the moon might play a role in earthquakes, which are essentially movements of the Earth’s crust atop its mantle. It would make sense that the moon’s gravity could tug at a fault in the crust, especially one that is already close to failing and slipping. But going back to the 1800s, nobody had demonstrated firm evidence for this. A new study gets closer to drawing this link.

Studying data from the past two decades, Satoshi Ide and colleagues from the University of Tokyo measured the timing of high tides and reconstructed the amplitude of the moon’s pull at those times, focusing on the two weeks prior to large earthquakes. They measured the amplitude of the tides against the timing of those quakes, and found some of the largest and most devastating earthquakes in recent memory happened when the Earth’s crust was under the highest tidal stress.

Ide and colleagues noticed the Dec. 26, 2004 Sumatran earthquake, most notable for its horrendous, deadly tsunami, occurred near the time of full moon and spring tide. So did the Feb. 27, 2010 temblor in Maule, Chile. These quakes both happened close to the peak of tidal stress, when the moon and sun teamed up to exert the greatest gravitational influence over Earth. The March 11, 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake in Japan, which caused that country’s devastating tsunami, occurred during the neap tide, but the tidal stress was high at that time.

The study couldn’t find any correlation between the tides and small earthquakes, but previous research has suggested there’s a link there, too. Nicholas Van Der Elst, a seismologist with the US Geological Survey, published a study in July that looked at low-frequency earthquakes in the notorious San Andreas fault, and found they were more likely to occur during the moon’s waxing phase—which we’re in at the moment—when the tide increases in size at the fastest rate.

The mechanisms underlying this connection are not clear, however. The moon’s pull causes tidal disruptions that are orders of magnitude lower than those experienced in an earthquake. And not every change in tide comes with an attendant earthquake. Part of the problem is that scientists still don’t know exactly what causes a major earthquake. But one theory holds that they begin as smaller fractures that build up via a cascading process.

“We know from studying rock friction in the laboratory that the fault does not go from locked up to sliding in an instant. It can take hours, days, or even longer for the fault to really come un-glued, even when the stress has exceeded the supposed strength,” says Van Der Elst.

The deep tremors that can lead to major earthquakes can be very sensitive to tidal stress changes, according to Ide and colleagues. “The probability of a tiny rock failure expanding to a gigantic rupture increases with increasing tidal stress levels,” they say.

In other words, during a new moon or full moon, a small increase in tidal stress might be enough to encourage a very small fracture into a major earthquake.

But that’s only if the research holds up, as seismologists continue to pore over larger data sets. Ide and colleagues point out that at least three other quakes in November 2006, January 2007 and September 2007, were not correlated with times of large tidal stress. “What about the next few earthquakes? We will have to wait and see,” says Van Der Elst.

For decades, researchers have claimed to have found a correlation between the moon and earthquakes on Earth. However, scientists generally mocked the notion stating that the moons influence could not be strong enough to set off quakes. The late geologist Jim Berkland made numerous earthquake predictions (not all of them correct) based on what he called he "Seismic Window Theory" as "correlating gravitational stresses with earthquakes" - referring to the tidal stresses in the Earth resulting from the gravitational pull of the moon, especially at lunar perigee, when the moon is closest to the Earth.

Former science teacher David Nabhan claims there is a pattern as to when earthquakes occur, saying that earthquake often happened at dusk or dawn.

"I realized this sort of conscience doesn’t happen in science. These dawn and dusk quakes during new and full moons are the paradigm on the west coast," he said.

"All six great quakes that have struck in Los Angeles that have killed people since the 30s, all of them, dawn or dusk quakes."

Nabhan says that it is the "conjoined lunar and solar gravitational tides," that causes the quakes.

Not all large earthquakes are caused by the moon’s movements. But some of them might be, and so we’d do well to pay closer attention to the subtle yet powerful ways in which the moon exerts its influence on our planet, especially in regions prone to earthquakes. Scientists may have use for ancient omens yet.

Source: The Atlantic


Mars Had Surface Water For Billions of Years

We already know at one point the dry, arid planet Mars was covered in vast oceans - but our understanding of when this ended has just completely changed.

It used to be thought the red planet's 'wet era' happened around 4 billion years ago, when the first single-celled life was developing on Earth.

Now, new evidence shows the planet was covered in networks of lakes and streams for a billion years after that.

This means the red planet could have hosted microbial life for a billion years longer than we thought.

Nasa researchers made the discovery by dating 22 impact craters on the planet.

'We discovered valleys that carried water into lake basins,' said Sharon Wilson from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

'Several lake basins filled and overflowed, indicating there was a considerable amount of water on the landscape during this time.'

Ms Wilson and colleagues found evidence of these features in Mars' northern Arabia Terra region, by studying images from cameras on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

They also used data from Nasa's Mars Global Surveyor and the European Space Agency's Mars Express.

'One of the lakes in this region was comparable in volume to Lake Tahoe,' Ms Wilson said, referring to a California-Nevada lake that holds about 45 cubic miles (188 cubic km) of water.

'This particular Martian lake was fed by an inlet valley on its southern edge and overflowed along its northern margin, carrying water downstream into a very large, water-filled basin we nicknamed "Heart Lake".'

The chain of lakes and valleys in the Heart Lake valley system extend for about 90 miles (about 150 km).

Heart Lake held about 670 cubic miles of water (2,790 cubic km), more than in Lake Ontario of North America's Great Lakes.

The study, published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, Planets, maps the extent of stream-flow in 'fresh shallow valleys' and their associated former lakes.

In order to work out how old the lakes were, the researchers estimated the age of 22 impact craters in the area.

The researchers worked out whether or not the valleys carved into the blankets of surrounding debris ejected from the craters, which told them whether the valleys were older or younger than the craters.

The conclusion was the wet period on Mars likely occurred between two and three billion years ago.

This is long after it is generally thought most of Mars' original atmosphere had been lost and most of the remaining water on the planet had frozen.

The valleys indicate it was a cold planet, with the lakes and streams fed by melting snow.

'The rate at which water flowed through these valleys is consistent with runoff from melting snow,' Wilson said.

'These weren't rushing rivers. They have simple drainage patterns and did not form deep or complex systems like the ancient valley networks from early Mars.'

'A key goal for Mars exploration is to understand when and where liquid water was present in sufficient volume to alter the Martian surface and perhaps provide habitable environments,' said Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter scientist Rich Zurek, from Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.

'This paper presents evidence for episodes of water modifying the surface on early Mars for possibly several hundred million years later than previously thought, with some implication that the water was emplaced by snow, not rain.'

The findings are likely to prompt more studies into how conditions warmed enough on the frozen planet to allow an interval with flowing water.

One possibility could be an extreme change in the planet's tilt, with more direct illumination of polar ice.

Source: The Daily Mail


Black-Eyed Kids: Who Are They? WHAT Are They?
By Sharon Day

Black-eyed children have been the talk of many para groups and curious readers who wonder - just what is going on here?

I cannot tell you if black-eyed kids exist, but I can say that there have been a lot of witness accounts and they seem to have many features that ring familiar among them. Sometimes, when I have not had a personal encounter with a subject, it's best for me to just say "if this happened, how did it happen?"

What are black-eyed children? Well, some say it started as an urban legend, but with steadily more and more reports of seeing them. This reminds me of the shadow people phenomena. It was not widely spoken of until more modern times, but those who have seen them are in great numbers! You have to eventually begin to take these reports under study.

Black-eyed children follow a scenario: They are children, with no whites to their eyes, pure black eyes, and pale skin. They are often soul-less in personality (think of Men in Black).

BEKs approach adults in public places or even knock at your door and ask to be let in or ask for assistance, but the adult feels uneasy and as if there is something not right about the child. The child tries to avert his or her eyes so you don't see them. And, they are sometimes said to possess some level of mind control or mesmerizing qualities.

Perhaps the best way to look at this phenomena is to listen to a witness encounter and then knock around some possible explanations.

A man was going to camp alone in Michigan for some quiet time away from his busy life. He stopped at a rest stop bathroom before he was going to head out on the trail. What he encountered changed his mind quickly.

He entered the bathroom to hear some kids murmuring. When they looked up, he was shocked -

"The god damn kids have completely black eyes. No whites to their eyes at all...This is a pretty small bathroom and they were not more than three feet away. At first I can’t do or say anything. I am literally frozen with fear. The water runs over my hands, but I can’t feel it. I’m so deep inside my head at this moment that all I can hear are my thoughts, which were something like `Ahhhhhh!.' All joking aside, I was petrified...It was only when one of the kids, a brown haired boy that I would guess was around twelve took a step toward me that my fight or flight instincts took over control from my fear. I turned off the water, why I bothered I don’t know habit I guess, and moved a step back from the kids and toward the door. Seemingly sensing my fear the boy didn’t take another step toward me. Instead he stopped, on retrospect I can guess he was trying to keep from frightening me too much – didn’t work kid! `Can you help us?' That’s what the boy said when one of us finally spoke...."

The man said he couldn't and rushed to his car to drive off and away from a feeling of utter threat and dread.

This feeling of dread is a continued theme among BEKs and also in the presence of shadow people. Considering the human body is a fair barometer of "weirdness," "paranormal activity," and "threat," these two beings producing similar reactions is telling.

 Possible explanations

Alien: Understandably, when something seems otherworldly, aliens become the "catch-all" explanation. But why would an alien need to masquerade as a child who is asking for assistance? If an alien could do such shapeshifting, why would they pretend to be children? Why not imitate your wife and walk right in the door?

There are some holes in the idea of them being an alien, the greatest being motivation. Why? What could they accomplish in a child form? No one has reported an end goal of the interactions.

Spirit of a murdered child: In this explanation, the fact that they are children makes sense. We would equate a ghost of a child to be child-sized. We would not necessarily equate them with being able to hitch rides, tug on someone's jacket to get attention, or hang out in places a dead child's spirit would not hang out (like the rest stop story above).

They do ask for assistance or want entry into a car or home, but they do not seem to be in any distress and they often come in pairs or groups, which is a most odd behavior for a specter.

As these beings repeat questions and seem almost automated, they do not show signs of having ever been human, just an automaton.

Demon: The black figures, odd size, and feels they elicit make people jump to the demon explanation immediately. They do not seem to have a deadly agenda, just an unsettling one. A demon would surely get right to the point of its intentions if such a thing exists. The fact that these little people are insistent but rather passive does not show a lot of signs of true threat, only implied because they are so odd.

Shadow person: I will throw this one out there. There is another 3-4 foot tall being that is purely black among us - shadow people. Shadow people seem to curiously want to watch us but freak out when we see them. What if one donned a human skin appearance? The only thing on them that would remain black is in the eye sockets. They could move among us without suspicion or detection as something "other." And would carry that sense of dread and doom we have when we run into shadow people or BEKs. Well, it's a consideration....

Ultimately, like many other unexplained activities, we can't even prove that BEKs exist, so all we can do is suppose - if they do exist, what are they? The study of their behaviors and detailed witness encounters help give us many clues to understanding.

Source: Ghost Hunting Theories


Reports of "White Eyed Kids" Now Coming In
By Cliff

You may be familiar with “Black Eyed Children” or “Black Eyed Kids” (BEK), how they operate and the results of encounters with them.  But there is a phenomenon that is being reported along with them and that is encounters with “White Eyed Kids”.  While not as common, it seems that a few people have reported seeing them and their methods of operation seem to differ slightly from the BEKs.

This report was filed on Reddit by a now deleted account in 2013.

    I live with my brother and his girlfriend in a fairly small Southern town. Our work schedules are at odds with each other, which means that usually one of us is home alone at any given time, with little overlap. That suits me, as I’m pretty solitary and wired to make my own fun.

    Despite that, a couple days ago (Saturday, 22 June) I was sitting at home, both of them were at work, and I found myself bored out of my mind at around 3 PM. After unsuccessfully flipping through TV channels, I decided to hop in my truck and cruise around for a bit. Driving put me at ease and is usually something I do late at night. The quiet, the lack of activity in the streets…there’s something about it that’s calming to me.

    I never really have any particular direction on my joy rides, though I found myself in the old part of town. I figured that was fortuitous timing since I was down to my last cigarette and there’s a tobacco shop around there that carries my brand (Dunhill). I looked at my watch and saw that it was 4:45 or so; about time to get home and start prepping dinner for my brother and his lady. Enough time to stop for those cigarettes. Once there I parked the truck around the corner, went in, bought my smokes, and left. I hopped back in the truck, cursing myself for leaving the window up when it was so goddamn hot outside.

    As soon as I was inside, a sudden light tapping on the window startled me. I turned to look out the driver-side window to see a kid, maybe 8 or 9 years old standing right about a foot from the door, staring at me.

    “Yeah kid?” I asked. He stood motionless and expressionless for a few seconds after I asked the question before saying, “Mister, can you roll your window down?” My hand started to reach for the crank, but I stopped myself. That pit in my stomach was starting to feel wrong.

    I shook my head and asked, “What do you need, kid?” Another few seconds before the kid replied, “Mister, I think I’m lost.” I started to realize that besides this kid’s mouth moving, he hasn’t budged at all since knocking on my window. No change in facial expression, nothing.

Playing the sympathy card is definitely standard operating procedure for Black Eyed Kids, as is the lack of any unnecessary movement. Watch a child for a moment, if they are awake, they are never stock still.  For a child to knock on a stranger’s window (an odd thing to do anyway) and then stand like a statue is definitely unnatural.

    “Where are your parents?” I realized that my voice was starting to quaver. What the fuck? I’m a veteran. I’m not easily intimidated, and this is just a child. He said, “I can’t find them. Can you drive me home? Please take me home. Just unlock the doors and I’ll get in.”

Again, we see the request of an action to let them in or an acceptance of them into your life in some way. I still can’t shake the similarities to the old stories of vampires and how they couldn’t come in unless they were invited. Perhaps there is some underlying order to the universe that says true evil can’t enter your life unless willingly invited.

    At this point, I feel like something’s up. I look away from the kid for the first time to make sure I’d put my keys in the ignition. Check. I glanced over my right shoulder, wondering if this kid was bait for some kind of robbery, but there weren’t even cars behind me for about a block, let alone people standing nearby. I’m psyching myself out. This kid needs some help, I told myself.

    So I looked back at the kid and my blood ran cold. Why hadn’t I noticed before? The kid has no pupils. Fuck, he doesn’t even have irises. It’s just white. Not like he’s blind, where the pupils are milky. Just fucking stark white eyes. Shit. He still hasn’t moved a muscle. Then I noticed his skin. Pale, almost translucent.

    I quickly turned the ignition, and my stomach dropped like I’d made a big mistake. As soon as that thing standing outside my truck heard the engine fire, he scowled, and started knocking on the window. Not the light tapping from before, but hard. “Mister, just let me in your truck and take me home. It’s okay.” I don’t know how, but I could feel his voice more than hear it, where previously what he was saying was hard to make out.

    I threw the truck into drive and peeled out of there, glancing in the rear view only once I’d cleared a full block. The kid still had barely moved, and only turned his head to face me. “What the fuck,” I kept yelling to myself. I couldn’t say anything else. I just kept driving at probably 15 MPH over the limit, and I’m pretty sure I blew through a couple stop signs.

    It wasn’t until I actually pulled into my driveway that I realized I was even heading towards home. I put the truck in park and took a few breaths to calm myself. After I got my bearings, I looked outside and realized that it was dark out. Late twilight, almost night. I looked at my watch, which read 7:01. I was no more than five miles away from that tobacco shop, but it took me almost two and a half hours to get home. When did I lose that time?

    It took me another 20 minutes to get up the courage to step out of the truck and go inside the house. When I did, I went straight to my room, grabbed my Glock, and went around the house making sure all the doors were locked. My brother and his girlfriend wouldn’t be off work until 8:30, so I had to make sure the house was empty. It was, after all. I just can’t shake the feeling that I’m being watched. I spent Sunday drinking and keeping my Glock close by, and this morning I called in sick to work. Last night I told my brother what happened, and he thinks I overreacted. But I know what I saw.

It sounds like the writer didn’t get into too much trouble from his experience. Others that have gotten too big of a dose of the presence of BEKs have definitely had some negative side effects.

In a later post, the writer follows up on what happened in the days after his encounter.

    I still haven’t seen the kid, though I was sure I would as soon as I stepped out of my house. I’d just spent the past couple days totally paralyzed, but by this morning my courage was bolstered.

    My workday was nothing special. I’m in the IT department of a small, regional hospital, and today was nothing out of the ordinary. As usual, just calls from doctors who act like they’ve never touched a computer in their lives. It wasn’t until I left work that anything out of the ordinary happened.

    There’s a two-story parking complex attached to the hospital by a skyway, and every other entrance in and out of the complex is guarded. I admit that I felt nervous at the idea of approaching my truck again, though I kept beating myself up about being such a pussy. I’m an atheist. Even if it is a kid with fucked up eyes, what the hell can he do? Even if he’s bait for some kind of car robbery, I’m more than capable of handling a couple of guys. Especially today, since I put the Glock in my glove compartment.

    Then I saw the hand prints. Two god damn kid-sized hand prints on the driver side door, and two on the windshield. Greasy, nasty fuckin’ hand prints. I looked around the truck, down the parking aisle, nothing. So I unlocked the truck, stepped in, closed and locked the door behind me, then pulled the pistol out of the glove box. I started to put the key in the ignition, but I didn’t feel quite right about that. I wondered, *that little fucker was all over my truck. What if he did something to it?”

    So I got back out, holstered the Glock (I’d worn the holster, but can’t bring the pistol into the hospital), and popped the hood. I’m not much of a mechanic, so I didn’t exactly know what to look for. I guess I wanted to make sure everything looked normal. Reasonably satisfied (not that I’d really recognize sabotage at a glance, anyway), I got back in the truck and locked the door as it was closing. I turned the ignition, and no problems there. Once I put it in gear, I drove slowly and brake-checked, just to make sure the brake line wasn’t fucked with.

    The drive home was unnerving. As soon as I pulled out of the parking garage the sky just dropped. Fucking monsoon levels of rain. I hate Summer storms while I’m driving. That, and I had to pass by a playground a couple blocks away from the hospital. Almost unavoidable if I wanted to get on the highway. There’s always a few kids out there, even in rain storms. Kids love getting muddy, I guess. However, I did see a kid just…standing on the sidewalk, facing the playground. Gave me the chills.

    I got home just fine, though. The house was empty, as usual. As soon as the rain let up, I took my camera outside, hoping to take a photo of the hand prints, but they’d washed off. Of course.

    I’m getting sick of this shit.

Having any kind of physical evidence of an encounter with a BEK or White Eyed Kid is pretty rare, but also shows that they do more than just just knock.  They are watching and really want in. Why they want in and what happens is still up for debate, but with the number of missing people in the country every day, I’m not going to rule out that at least a few fall prey to supernatural phenomenon.

Lastly, in the comments to his post, he answers a few of the questions people had of him.

    Well, I don’t know about “controlled,” but I was ready to roll down the window when that thing asked me to. I guess I’m glad my instincts kicked in and I refused. I didn’t really start feeling that something was off, initially.

    I’m pretty distrusting of most people, and I don’t usually help strangers out.

    Edit: I missed your last sentence initially. As I said, the kid was about 8 or 9, I’d guess. Very skinny, and I can’t exactly figure out his height, except that he had to just barely look up at me as I was sitting in my truck (an S10). For the life of me I can’t remember what color hair he had.

Most people would agree that mammals are wired to trust other mammalian children. Regardless of species and familial affiliation (with some exception) we generally treat infants/children as something that is not dangerous and relatively innocent. Demons would know this and use it to their advantage.

Think of all the haunting cases where the innocent child that someone encounters actually turns out to be a demon slowly luring them into their world.  I suspect that in the case of BEK and WEK, this is the same situation.

Source: Pararational.com


New Photo of "Loch Ness Monster" Called Best Yet
By Sara C Nelson

A picture snapped by an amateur photographer in Scotland could be one of the most convincing Loch Ness Monster sightings to date.

Ian Bremner, 58, a worker in a whiskey warehouse, was driving around the Highlands in search of red deer - but stumbled instead across the remarkable sight of what appears to be Nessie swimming in the calm waters of Loch Ness.

The father-of-four spends most of his weekends in the region taking photographs of the stunning natural beauty.

But it was not until he got back to his home in Invergordon that he noticed three mysterious humps emerging from the water in one of the frames.

 The picture appears to show a silvery creature swimming away from the lens with a snouted face and two humps visible in the water.

Bremner shot the image on the banks of the loch on Saturday afternoon.

He said: “It’s a part of the world that always makes you second guess what you’re seeing.

“When you’re up there you’re constantly looking in the water to see if you can spot anything in there.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen Nessie in the loch. I would be amazing if I was the first one to find her.

“I’m normally a bit of a sceptic when it comes to Nessie and I think it’s just something for the tourists but I’m starting to think there is something out there.

“When I saw it on my screen I said: ‘What the hell is that?’

“If you’re fishing there it’s the sort of place where you can get a tingle up your spine and second guess what you’re seeing.

“You start seeing things even when you know fine there’s nothing there.”

Bremner believes his image fits with the description of Nessie as a long, serpent-like creature, which has reportedly been dwelling in the lake since 1933.

Encounters from that year also tell of a 10ft long limbless creature crossing the road leaving behind a slimy trail of undergrowth.

And in 2001 a pair of fishermen spotted a dark 6ft long “blob” sticking its head out of the water and remain adamant that it was not a seal.

There have been five other reported sightings of the monster this year, which including Bremner’s latest, is the highest number since 2002.

Some of Bremner’s friends however, think his picture actually shows three seals playing in the water.

Bremner concedes: “I suppose it could be seals - but I’m not so sure. The more I think about it, the more I think it could be Nessie.”

Over the years there have been 1081 recorded sightings of the Loch Ness Monster lurking in the water.

Despite there being no conclusive evidence of the famed beast, the mystery and interest surrounding Nessie is worth an estimated £60 million to the Scottish economy, with hundreds of thousands of visitors travelling to Loch Ness every year in the hope of catching a glimpse of the mysterious creature.

Source: Huffington Post


Five Monsters You've Never Heard Of

From jungle walruses to gigantic worms, these nightmarish creatures are lurking

BIGFOOT, NESSIE, MOTHMAN, even the dinosaur-like mokele-mbembe have become as familiar to us as wooly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers. The difference is that the first group might still be hanging around out there somewhere.

There are many other crypto-creatures whose names might not be so familiar to you, however. And as we go through our list, you’ll notice that most of them share a trait in common: they have been reported by native tribes in remote, mostly unexplored parts of the world. This fact raises these possibilities as to the reality of their existence:

    * They are merely folklore of the tribespeople.
    * They are modern-day creatures known to science, but as yet unidentified.
    * They are species as yet unknown to science.
    * They are species known to science but thought to be extinct, such as creatures from the dinosaur era.

It’s that last possibility that whets our appetite, of course, because it certainly is feasible that a prehistoric animal could have survived in these dense, tropical areas, protected from human civilization.

The only way to find out which of these possibilities is true for any of these creatures is to mount expeditions to these isolated pockets of jungle and swamp and document evidence. Such expeditions have taken place, in some cases, but came up empty-handed. (Naturally, if they were successful, these creatures wouldn’t be listed in 5 Monsters You Never Heard Of – they’d be big news.)


If it existed at all, this swamp-dwelling monster may have only recently died out. Local tribes of the Apa Tani Valley and the Jiro Valley in northern Assam, India, claimed to have seen this large, crocodile-like monster many times over the years. They described it as measuring between 11 and 13 feet long with a long snout, four limbs, and 5-foot-long tail. Unlike a crocodile, however, the buru did not have scales, but rather was smooth with blue and white coloration. Natives testified that it would occasionally lift its head out of the water and let out a bellow that could be heard over great distances.

After many run-ins with the creature, the natives deliberately set out to destroy the creature by draining its swamp habitat. The last one may have died sometime in the early 1940s, although some natives believe it only retreated underground. An expedition sponsored by London’s Daily Mail in 1948 proved fruitless, although it came away convinced that the natives were quite sincere in their belief in its existence.

Cryptozoologist Dr. Karl Shukar, after examining all the available evidence, surmised that the buru might have been a species of giant lungfish.


A walrus-like creature in the heart of Africa? Such is the description of the dingonek by John Alfred Jordan, an explorer who actually shot at this unidentified monster in the River Maggori in Kenya in 1907. Jordan claimed this scale-covered creature was a big as 18 feet long and had reptilian claws, a spotted back, long tail, and a big head out of which grew large, curved, walrus-like tusks.

Natives of the area further described it as having a scorpion-like tail and reported that it would kill any hippos, crocodiles, or human fisherman that dared encroach on its territory.

This sounds like a fantasy creature, but consider this: At the Brackfontein Ridge in South Africa is a cave painting of an unknown creature that fits the description of the dingonek, right down to its walrus-like tusks.


Emela-ntouka literally means “elephant killer,” aptly named by natives of the Republic of Congo who have seen this swamp-dwelling monster attack and disembowel elephants that cross its path. The instrument of this disembowelment is a large, ivory or bone horn on the animal’s head, leading to speculation that the emela-ntoouka might be a surviving relative of the triceratops or styracosaurus.

This is a nasty, vicious creature, according to the natives, who further described it as having a red-brown color, massive legs, and the ability to hide totally submerged beneath the water. Interestingly, its attack on elephants seems only to be defensive or territorial, since the monsters don’t eat the elephants. They seem to be plant-eaters.


Pterodactyl-like flying monsters are said to have been sighted in modern-day Southwestern United States. The kongamato is the African version of this dinosaur-era holdover, reportedly seen in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Although not as large as pterodactyls known from fossils – 4- to 7-foot wingspans compared to as large as 33-foot wingspans – the kongamato resembles the prehistoric creature in virtually every other respect: a long, tapered jaw filled with sharp teeth, bat-like membranous wings, and an overall lizard-like appearance.

Some researchers think the kongamato could in fact be a large species of bat. However, in 1923, explorer Frank Melland heard of this creature while traveling through Zambia. Intrigued, he showed illustrations of a pterodactyl to the locals, and "every native present immediately and unhesitatingly picked out and identified it as a kongamato."


Let us leave the African continent now and travel to South America, where there have been reports not of a dinosaur-like creature but (perhaps more disturbingly) of a giant worm. Witnesses in Uruguay and southern Brazil describe the monster as looking like a gigantic armor-plated slug. Imagine a black slug as big as 14 feet long with a snout like a pig’s and two tentacles poking out of its head. Some reports have it as long as 75 feet! Normally living underground, the minhocão occasionally surfaces, leaving deep trenched in its wake.

Most scientists think its length has been exaggerated and suggest that the minhocão could either be: an unknown species of horned viper; a glyptodont, a giant relative of the armadillo, thought to be extinct; or an outsized caecilian, a subterranean worm-like amphibian.

Those are good guesses. But we know what the minhocão really is. Like the other creatures profiled in this article, they are the living, breathing monsters that hide in the damp, dark shadowy corners of our planet.

Source: Paranormal.about.com


50% Chance We Live in a "Matrix Reality"

Top bank analysts claim there’s a 50% chance our world is a computer simulation and we're all plugged into a Matrix-style virtual reality.

And they also reckon if it's true - then there's no way we'll ever find out about it.

The Bank of America's Merrill Lynch made the astonishing claim in a research note citing comments by top scientists, astrophysicists and philosophers.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk is one of those who is almost certain our world is run by artificial intelligence developed by a future civilization.

His mind-bending theory is backed up by the bank's analysts who said in a report our world could actually be a simulation created by a future civilisation.

It said: “Many scientists, philosophers, and business leaders believe that there is a 20-50% probability that humans are already living in a computer-simulated virtual world.

“In April 2016, researchers gathered at the American Museum of Natural History to debate this notion.

“The argument is that we are already approaching photorealistic 3D simulations that millions of people can simultaneously participate in."

Part of the theory includes reasoning that if we are living in a futuristic virtual reality - then we'll never know about it.

The research note added: “It is conceivable that with advancements in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and computing power, members of future civilisations could have decided to run a simulation of their ancestors."

"Unless we are now living in a simulation, our descendants will almost certainly never run an ancestor-simulation."

Speaking earlier this year, Musk told an audience at Code Conference 2016 in California: "If you assume any rate of improvement at all, then the games will become indistinguishable from reality, just indistinguishable."

And, when pressed on the topic, he continued to muse on why we should be grateful for being jacked into the Matrix.

"If civilisation stops advancing, then that may be due to some calamitous event that stops civilisation," he said.

The wide-ranging interview also included Musk's belief that we are already merging with technology because of our dependence on modern electronic gadgets.

However, he suggested we go further and become full cyborgs with the invention of something he termed a "neural lace".

It would mean giving the brain a new electronic layer that would work with artificial intelligence to instantly access online information. It would also stop us from becoming overrun by our advancing AI overlords.

"Under any rate of advancement in AI we will be left behind by a lot," he said.

"The benign situation with ultra-intelligent AI is that we would be so far below in intelligence we’d be like a pet, or a house cat. I don’t love the idea of being a house cat.”

Superficially, the simulation argument bears some resemblance to the one made by René Descartes, in the seventeenth century, that there could be an undetectable “evil demon” shaping our perceptions.

For more than a century, futurists and sci-fi writers have imagined that, someday, human beings will use technology to become “posthuman,” transcending the limits of the human condition. But, is there the possibility that the entire universe could be a simulation?

Google's machine-intelligence guru Ray Kurzweil has suggested that "maybe our whole universe is a science experiment of some junior high-school student in another universe".

There could be several ways that the Universe around us might not be the real one.

Cosmologist Alan Guth of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has suggested that our entire Universe might be real yet still a kind of lab experiment. The idea is that our Universe was created by some super-intelligence, much as biologists breed colonies of micro-organisms.

There is nothing in principle that rules out the possibility of manufacturing a universe in an artificial Big Bang, filled with real matter and energy, says Guth.

Nor would it destroy the universe in which it was made. The new universe would create its own bubble of space-time, separate from that in which it was hatched. This bubble would quickly pinch off from the parent universe and lose contact with it.

This scenario does not then really change anything. Our Universe might have been born in some super-beings' equivalent of a test tube, but it is just as physically "real" as if it had been born "naturally".

However, there is a second scenario. It is this one that has garnered all the attention, because it seems to undermine our very concept of reality.

Musk and other like-minded folk are suggesting that we are entirely simulated beings. We could be nothing more than strings of information manipulated in some gigantic computer, like the characters in a video game.

Even our brains are simulated, and are responding to simulated sensory inputs. In this view, there is no Matrix to "escape from". This is where we live, and is our only chance of "living" at all.

Considering the complex computer simulations that have been created for games and scientific research, it doesn't take a huge stretch of the imagination to consider that some other intelligence elsewhere in the Universe has already reached the point where an entire Universe could be simulated.

If so, it makes sense for any conscious beings like ourselves to assume that we are actually in such a simulation, and not in the one world from which the virtual realities are run. The probability is just so much greater.

Source: Mirror

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